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No. 56321

Did anyone used to be on vampire freaks?

It was an absolute hell hole of perverts and underage girls.

Any stories?

I was used at age 14/15 by a popular member who lied to me and used me for money and would've had sex with me. He said he was 19 but was actually 25. I was young and dumb and had a very lonely high school time. I fell for it. Gave him money, Fortunately didn't lose my virginity to said paedo. But he did have sexual contact with me. He knew I was a minor, I didn't know he was 10 years older.

No. 56326

Girl he would've been a pedo at 19 too

No. 56334

I had one, was a cringefest for everyone involved

No. 56335

Talked to a fucken creep who was into scat and literally asked "would you be my personal toilet"

Fucken off from that site shortly after

No. 56345

I tried to get into it when I was still an emo kid, but everyone always tried to be the bigger snowflake and 1up everyone else on how "tragic" their life is.

Pnce I made a profile with the name "BrickWall" and a profile picture of a brick wall. Never stated a gender or anything and some guy STILL tried to hit on me and asked stuff like "does that wall have any holes? ;)" lol

No. 56356

I use to be in that cesspool a few years back.
I remember meeting someone called Chibi Mitzy who seemed sane enough until she became a special gender swaping cosplayer. Her dreams where unrealistic, like wanting to be a korean back up dancer. When she got a little attention for her cosplaying she started calling her close friends fans, treating everyone like shit. Things escalated when she abused her GF at the time and the chick fled. She lied to her buddies saying she lived in poverty to get free shit but was actually upper middle class, her family giving her everything she asked for. Lying about her step dad sexually assaulting her. Trying to scam people again saying one of her family members was dying of cancer and got butt hurt when people called her out on it. Kicker was when her and her cosplay group in Utah where beating up other cosplayers in the same fandom or harassing girls who were "threatening"

aaah just one of the horrors I met from that site. There were so many cows there

No. 58161

I remember being 13 on there and a lot of inboxes about sex from 20 - 30 year old men.

No. 60550

I used to be in this cunt corner from 9 when my neighbor showed it to me to 13. im 19 now.
"""Dated""" one of the featured members who went by something like xxafraidoftherapyxx. i got a lot of stalkerish inboxes/comments from way older men and some creepy lesbians. I was borderline efamous and would insult girls who had a popular profile just to cause drama. Would post really edgy and useless journal entries or whatever theyre called. Kept getting banned and got hacked so I deleted everything and got so paranoid that I avoided using the internet for like 3 years.

No. 60620

I remember trying to get into the site because of a friend but she was allowed to cut and dye her hair and get piercings in middle school. But while she got hit on constantly by cute guys and bragged about it none of our other friend group got any attention so we all abandoned the site, especially because Myspace was better (lol).

Knowing what I know about that girl now I'm grateful I didn't get the same kind of attention because now she's a crack whore (No, literally) because there was a lot about her homelife we didn't know back then. Should've seen the red flags when she told me about how her parents gave her and her friends weed for their sleepover…We were like 12.

No. 60623


No. 61128


No. 61135

I hooked up with many insecure straight girls thanks to vf. It was a good time to be a lesbian.

No. 61136

same. it was kind of amazing

No. 61397


Man i'm kinda sad I didn't get taken advantage of by sexy lesbians. Would've been better than my first gay experience.

No. 61417

I was 14 when I first signed up, and I went on bc I thought I looked ~super goffick~ since I owned a few things from Hot Topic and scowled in my pictures. Then I ganked peoples' music lists and would take their ideas and put them into my own profile just because I was so rural, young and dumb to have developed my own tastes.

Remember shit lists?
I was particularly sensitive whenever I'd wind up on someone's after an argument, or for just no god damn reason. I'd stalk the shit out of that person and find a reason to hate them back, just for spiting me lol.

No. 61425

when i was 13, i commented under a pic of an adult goth "ur hot xoxo"
he responded that he's flattered and that he's glad the goth scene gets new young members but isn't interested. this could've gone so much worse, i'm really glad he was a decent person.
never stepped a foot on that site ever again because i was too fucking embarassed lol

once i downrated an emo kid and i didn't see that he was premium. he got buttmad and had 10 other premium members powerbomb me so i was banned for a day. i was so fucking mad. kek

No. 61458

Aww :) that's such a nice response though haha. Are you still into alternative fashions?

No. 64293

It was usually Arabs/Pakistanis or Turks asking me about sex and asking for my Skype/MSN details.
Serious creepers on there.
I remember being faked a lot on there though alongside several other well known sites and lesser known ones because muh "emo/scene queen" bullshit that just sprang up out of the blue circa 2006 - 2016 out of the blue.
No I didn't do that bullshit site modelling either.
Shit sucked. I never understood anyone actively looking for that absolute headache of a nightmare either exclaiming "people want to be me!"
I can't tell you of the horrible shit people do with your identity.
It still happens on the odd occasion but it just sucks since male and females have used it to catfish people for relationships, I being accused of being a fake and having countless profiles terminated, then they go and pretend I committed suicide on there and elsewhere online it am homeless/ going to beat someone up so they better watch out and this shit.
A complete shitshow.
I had to delete just about every social media platform despite watermarks.
Just sucks having your shit taken so people can feel this ridiculous "popularity" shit that fades within a matter of years.
You gain nothing in the end.

Sage for rage rant but relevant since it started on this cancerous website.

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