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No. 56050

What's pham opinion of so called "slut shaming" do you believe it's deserved or even real? Have you ever been slut shamed? share your experience/opinions on the topic.

Imo it is a real thing and is pretty unfair for some but it also is almost justified for example dressing too provocatively in an office setting or a hospital, though I believe women have more freedoms with dressing than men with greater creative options e.g skirts, lose fitting tops and crop tops, shorts etc. this same freedom can lead to outfits not matching the setting. There are no double standards for men as they lack this creative oppurtunity to dress I believe. I am anti-feminist and a critic of the sufferigist movement and almost all waves of feminism though I do believe slut shaming is too real. I have been slut shamed many times and felt it was unjustified what about farmers?

No. 56052

It is real and happens everyday. I think I dress pretty prudish tbh so that never happened to me in terms of outfits. I was raised in a super strict household so sometimes I slut shame in silence, you know? I wish i could change that but it's become part of my personality over the years. I always keep it to myself though, even among friends.

What bothers me is that, most of the time, girls who complain the most about slut shaming are the first to slut shame others, call them bitches and whores. I'll never understand that. Maybe it's not like that in your circle of friends and colleagues, but that's what I've seen in my life.

No. 56056

>I am anti-feminist and a critic of the sufferigist movement and almost all waves of feminism though I do believe slut shaming is too real.

No. 56058

you guys ever click a link and then realize you're a fucking dumbass and close it immediately.

No. 56066

The fuck is this shit

Whats funny about that faggot other than the obviously autistic vocabulary.

No. 56070

Slut shaming is real and happens more to cute and fit girls with nice bodies. If you've never been slut shamed you're probably a plain faced hambeast or skelly. Clothes which look very innocent on flat or fat chicks can be considered very figure accentuating on girls with good bodies.

No. 56073

Does this experience count as slu-shaming?

>me in jr high

>I rode the bus with this "popular" girl who hated me for seemingly no reason
>swear I never had any interactions with her, but she talked shit on me a lot?
>one day, she walks behind me to get off the bus to go to class
>says something out loud about the way I walk with my ass sticking out so guys will notice me
>tfw I actually have lordosis
>have been self conscious of walking weird ever since

I begged my mom to take me to a chiropractor or something after that.

No. 56074


No. 56076

Not really, I've been accused of similarly ridiculous things in secondary school.

I have lordosis too anon, luckily I've heard it can be corrected with exercises. I've also got a big nose and my mother used to laugh at me because 'the first thing that comes into the room is your nose and your ass follows last, lmao'.

As for slut-shaming, I do think it's a real thing but I usually just throw it back in their face (only happened once at the pool since I tend to dress like a Carmelite nun) and tell them they'll never get to fuck me anyway.

No. 56077

It's a real thing, but it's kind of overblown.

People who're mad at you for having sex with someone and insult you over it definitely exist, same with people who make stupid judgements over who someone obviously must be based on nothing but a fashion choice.

But I think it gets overblown a lot, and relatively reasonable stuff gets labelled as it. There's nothing wrong with not wanting a partner (of either gender, of course) who's been into casual sex in the past if that's not who you are, because that's just you going "Okay, well, we're not compatible that way and I wouldn't be happy with that aspect", yet you do see articles chucking tantrums over that sort of stuff sometimes, or over similar (author got mad a relationship didn't work out because she has a really spotty dating history with heaps of short term partners).

Same with if someone is legitimately being kind of trashy and going out to pubs and bars and hooking up with someone new every single weekend, it's not slut shaming to think that's kind of gross, that's just your opinion.

It's not as simple as it gets presented I don't think.

I also do think that guys experience it to some level as well, if not in every social group. A guy who acts really trashy a lot of the time will get shat on for it too (people who take their shirts off for no fucking reason in inappropriate places to show off), and a lot of people from what I've seen don't like the guys who go around and just try to hook up constantly with whoever will have them, same as the girls who just hookup constantly get looked down on.

No. 56086

I personally don't think there is anything wrong with being against slutty behavior (although shaming someone for it isn't much better). Too many STDs, unplanned pregnancies, etc. Just 50-60 years ago, even having a child out of wedlock would get a woman disowned. I personally think that's a bit overkill, but don't think promiscuity should be considered socially acceptable or even promoted by the media. Having normal sexual relations is fine to me but jumping from one bed to the next just isn't right kek

As far as dressing slutty, I used to dress like a slut. It took me a long time to admit that. I was young and dumb. Because of my dress, people assumed I was a slut in turn. I wouldn't say I was ever "slut shamed", but I'd have men follow me whistling and women pointing out that I should cover up (ie. "Your skirt is hiking up and I can see your ass" or "aren't you cold?"). People often didn't believe I was a virgin or (later) had only been with one person.

It's not fair that girls with slender bodies with small curves can wear short skirts and short shorts and look "cute" while those of us with thicker or curvier bodies will look slutty in the same outfits. Buuuut it is what it is. I used to wear skirts in length from slut to cheeky (going by OP's picture), but now go for flirty and below (maxi). I still like my heels and what not, but simply cover up more. I no longer get followed by creeps and haven't had anyone point out that I "need to cover up" since. In retrospect, I prefer how I dress now as I can see I used to be treated like an "object" in many ways. Now I'm treated as a person, and I feel I respect myself more by not showing everything off.

Would I ever slut shame? No, but I do sometimes worry when I see young girls wearing short shorts and a crop top while walking alone on the street. Having dressed that way once, I know the negative attention can be dangerous. It would be great if instead of slut shaming, people would promote being more careful with sexual relations instead.

No. 56096

>but don't think promiscuity should be considered socially acceptable

Why not? It doesn't harm anyone as long as you're safe. It's like homosexuality, nobody is forcing you to engage in such acts. There's nothing morally reprehensible about casual sex.

No. 56097

By promiscuity most people don't mean just having casual sex every once in a while, it implies having lots of it and often.

No. 56100

You don't need to be dressed provocativily to be called slut or whore and be blamed for whatever shit you get from men harrassing you.

I have been catcalled, groped and made unpleasant advances in -18C outside (-64F) with full clothes on.

No. 56102

Your question is kind of vague. are you talking about women being harassed for their choice in clothes, or for having sex? Because you will be harassed for whatever style of clothing, and in whatever style of clothing, regardless of sexual history. I think 'slut-shaming' refers specifically to a woman being shamed for having an uninhibited sex life.

No. 56108

File: 1488730180968.gif (1.3 MB, 540x304, tumblr_o87jsjsiOV1td5qjgo1_540…)

>I am anti-feminist and a critic of the sufferigist movement and almost all waves of feminism
>Though, I use one of feminism's arguments when it's convenient to me, because please men don't harrass me!!
But anon, since you believe that women are inferior shouldn't you just accept everything a man wants to do with your body? You're not his equal, after all…

No. 56606

File: 1489742688463.jpg (69.74 KB, 702x1024, 30d.jpg)

I don't believe women are inferior when did I ever say that? Being a critic of sufferigists and modern feminism does not equal meninist red pill bullshit anon women have had equalities for a while now and the case seems to be that more women are sexist to each other and slut shame moreso than men, perhaps I should have specified that I am against "Sufferagettes" not the "sufferigists" who for the most part were involved in peaceful protest not arson and retarded attacks that proved nothing.

Now slut shaming is a ridiculously first world problem as much as cat calling and other stupid shit insults but I still see it more often these days so perhaps my views will change. I do think women in general are more likely to be influenced by emotion over logic however which results in paranoia and people reading too deeply into innocuous shit.

sage because thread is kill.

No. 57758

I think slut-shaming (in regards to clothing) is a simplistic term for the fact that what you wear does communicate something to others. Oftentimes, it's not the message the wearer intends to send. I do know that men tend to think of women who are wearing less-revealing clothing as less sexually available than women wearing more-revealing clothing. What's appropriate is so contextual, though, so I understand it is tricky to figure out, and that it is frustrating when others get a message from your clothing that you never meant to send. Older men who aren't perverts do prefer women who cover up, not because otherwise they would ogle the women, but because they prefer not to have to make it obvious that they are averting their eyes just to have a normal interaction. If that's the case, it seems like they just avoid having unnecessary interaction, because any talking makes them feel creepy.

No. 57923

Men are more under pressure to hook up with girls, they have to have sex somewhat frequently or people consider less of them

No. 57974

File: 1491923197561.png (15.35 KB, 522x68, domoarigatoumrroboto.png)

You sound like a special snowflake that used to hang out around altright-y guys under the belief that proclaiming yourself an "antifeminist" would've saved you from being judged and called a whore by said guys.
Or maybe just a weak robot bait.
Also, here
You can use these commas. Your posts are confused and messy just the way they are, no need to kill us with lack of punctuation.

No. 57980


This one sounds like is fully American and also assumes the rest of the world or have the same cultural connotations or live in shit holes of a third world country. Of course, I may be wrong, but I can't help but suspect it is. About the right to vote, imo should only be allowed to those who have certain qualifications, like a higher education or at least being intelligent. In order to prevent mass conflict, those who cannot vote should have the right to choose in less important aspects to engage them in public opinion. Putting an end to the suffragette movement is just so plain stupid, when the majority of men I've came to know are kind of stupid and also so easy to manipulate. There are some not-that-bright ladies out there too, but lets be honest, stupidity goes beyond gender.

Back on topic. It's funny how I've been more slut-shamed by men than by women. If it's about sex life, dudes are the first ones to point the finger and label women as if there were two types: sluts are there to fuck and not-sluts are there to marry. When it's about clothing, is the same. One day I bought some cute pair of lace shorts, they look amazing on skinny ladies… problem is that I have some curves. In my country is common to have curves though. The shorts weren't in a sense revealing, but catched lots of male attention. Some guys tend to think that women dressing up are seeking for their attention and approval, and when it's not the case they chimp out and call you names. Mind you, I'm harassed every fucking single day of my life, even in casual clothes, like so many women out there, though that day was the most awful in that sense and only because I was wearing some lacey pair of shorts, that weren't that short to begin with.

To end this post, those women that drag others down are more likely to call themselves "anti-feminists". Maybe you aren't one of those, one cannot generalize only because every anti-feminist chick I know in real life are the first ones to say «how stupid, emotional and superficial women are» only to pander to males, just because they want to feel special.

No. 58247

With regards to clothing, anything showing the buttcheeks is just too slutty for casual, day to day clothing imo.

No one harasses a girl in t shirts and jeans for being slutty unless she acts slutty. And I'm not talking about street harassment, but like seeing some random girl on the street and judging her as slutty.

I think when something is socially acceptable, no one really thinks of the bad things might happen. Which, for things like promiscuity, could be very real issues like the STI flare ups we see in certain communities, damage via sexual peer pressure, unwanted pregnancies, etc.

As far as I've seen, most people think promiscuity is a-ok with just birth control and some condoms. And given the resurgence of syphilis in places like California, clearly that's not the case.

No. 58248

Also i believe in the kpop rule of thumb for showing skin: show off arms/chest/shoulders or legs/midriff/ass but not both at the same time

No. 58250

That's not a K-pop rule of thumb that's a general rule of thumb you fucking koreaboo lmao

No. 58280

Show no more than 40% of skin.

No. 58284

No, the right to vote should apply to anyone who pays taxes. That includes CEOS and the McD's dishwasher. You contribute, you get a say. Period.

No. 59445

i think slut shaming is a good thing. society and love are built on a monogamous marital relationship

No. 59673

I hate the wide-spread mentality about it. I think it's gross. But i also still do it, even if it's only in my head.

First let's get this off the table: Most slutshamers on anon boards are usually fattychans that are jealous. It's just a fact since if you point it out they usually shut the fuck up.

But sometimes you see a girl who's legitimately just being skanky for attention rather than her aesthetic just HAPPENING to be conventionally considered slutty and that's off putting to me.

Like I know a girl who's almost 30, obsessed with calling herself a kitten, trying to be an aspiring model (but she's really out of shape and hasn't made much effort to change…always posting really fattening foods like daily).
Like it's one thing to do all that, but the fact that I got MANY unsolicited mass-sent sexy pictures of her within a week of meeting her was what made me kinda judge her a little.

It's one thing if you just happen to dress to show off your body but she doesn't have the kind of bodytype I personally like (She's not ugly by any means but not in shape enough to mass-send her naked ass to people she barely knows) and the cat fetishing is really weird to me.

The worst was when i asked her nicely to stop spamming me with pictures (like 5 a day on snapchat) and just post them to her story instead she just gave me an "ok…" like I did something wrong not wanting to see her almost-nudes daily.

She's really into the EDM scene though which are all molly kids and they're all kinda loose anyway so maybe it's just a different kind of subculture i don't understand. I dunno.

My rule though is this: Unless it pops up on an anonymous message board (because no one should take anything said by pussyshits like us TOO seriously) i keep my comments to myself (the exception is say, this post, since i'm only describing a nameless, faceless person and not trying to send people after her to laugh at her too).

I'm a hypocrite basically. The way I see it, EVERYONE talks about SOMEONE behind their back at some point. People have talked about me, i've talked about others. To me, if it doesn't make it back to the person, people can say what they want. I'd rather live in ignorance and let people just gossip where i can't see it.

It's when it turns into a bullying problem that i don't like it (unless it's, yknow, a lolcow but in those cases it's less slut shaming and more "Why the fuck would you SAY that" shaming).

Also while SJWs have ruined the current form of feminism, when it was a re-starting movement in like 2011ish it wasn't nearly that bad. It was more like "Equality for everyone with a really shitty name leading it." Kinda like how some people for BLM claim it's for ALL races despite it being mainly about black peeps.

But the core issues aren't something you should disagree with
>if you're human, you deserve to be treated like one
>no one should dictate what you can and can't do with your own body as long as it doesn't harm anyone (let's ignore the abortion argument though that's its own can of worms)
>shit like that

I don't identify as a feminist anymore either though because of what tumblr has turned everything into. I just strive to be a good person instead and when shit comes to vote and i have a chance to put in my vote and potentially change it for the better, I do it. That's about all anyone can do right now because both the alt-right and alt-left are full of fullblown retards right now.

No. 131618

If you stick your hand in a fire you're gona get burned. If you sleep around ALOT and take advantage of your assets well expect that its going to annoy some people. Whether its jealousy, envy or just straight puritanical beliefs. As OP stated there are some places where the way you act or project yourself through your clothing, attitude or behaviour can be a bad thing.

Are lots of girls unfairly labelled sluts? Hell yeah. Are girls just bigger culprits of slut shaming, hell yeah. Are alot of girls ignorant or straight up choose to ignore the fact their behaviour can be insulting to others? Hell yeah.

No. 131631

I'm not slut shaming by any means, but here's my 2 cents. I think women who dress inappropriately do ask for attention, but it doesn't necessarily means they are "available". There's this need for attention in them that may be a symptom of a mental illness/disorder, either way it's not healthy. The same goes for casual sex, it just screams "emotionally unstable".

No. 131666

I no longer slut shame.
I just think to myself when I see a woman with a short outfit "Her dress is up to waterline, that bitch is clearly borderline."
I don't know whether thinking someone is mentally ill is worst than thinking they're promiscuous but maybe it goes hand in hand.
I'm not gay but when I see women dress promiscuously, I like to stare at what they're presenting. I'm not gay but since it's refreshing (I don't watch porn or anything and I grew up extremely conservative) so it's hard to hate it.
Also, I cat-call guys at the beach.
Maybe I'm just lonely.

No. 131669

lonely and gay.
not today, satan.

No. 131683

No. 131685

i thought the same thing.

No. 131755

are you retarded?

No. 131780

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