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File: 1487716345975.jpg (555.83 KB, 750x1100, kfashion1.jpg)

No. 55477

Can we talk about Korean fashion?

I've recently taken a huge liking to K-fashion despite much of it being quite strange. I love the over-sized tops and flowy skirts and interesting patterns, and that it's modest while still being cute and interesting.

- What are your thoughts on K-fashion?
- Can a white girl ever pull it off?
- Do you have to have a certain body type?
- What are good online shops to buy from?
- Any tips you have, please throw them out here!

No. 55478

File: 1487716423735.jpg (451.71 KB, 750x1100, kfashion2.jpg)

Dumping some examples.

No. 55479

File: 1487716449397.jpg (144.91 KB, 750x1100, kfashion3.jpg)

No. 55480

File: 1487716500561.jpg (365.85 KB, 750x1100, kfashion4.jpg)

No. 55481

File: 1487716749520.jpg (378.99 KB, 750x1100, kfashion5.jpg)

No. 55483

File: 1487716972993.jpg (645.96 KB, 750x1100, kfashion6.jpg)

No. 55486

This is all pretty cute and I'd love to pull this style off but I'm far too manfaced unfortunately :\ I think white girls could totally pull it off, it comes down to your physical features more than your skin color imo.

No. 55487

File: 1487720642628.jpg (80.71 KB, 540x540, tumblr_okovhmhryB1ts36hho1_540…)

I love K-fashion. I love the more sporty/casual feel to it, I love the mix of shapes and textures, I love that the beauty is focused on a more 'natural' finish. I think white girls can pull it off. Obviously being thin makes anything easy, but tbh I don't think it's a requirement. If you're short/tall and you're picky about structure and where things fall on you, you can achieve the same look.Actually I've got a few things in a style I like from western stores. I'm always nervous to order online especially from asia, but I've been thinking of getting a few oversized crop tops and skirts w/shorts. I bought sneakers with a two inch bottom so I can get some height, and be less midgety.

No. 55488

File: 1487720674292.jpg (40.54 KB, 400x400, tumblr_ohdfbgbq431vxq7w3o4_400…)

No. 55489

File: 1487721455147.jpg (321.86 KB, 750x1100, kfashion9.jpg)


yay! someone that gets it! I see cuties who wear k-fashion every day where I recently moved to. It's both heart melting but also makes me insanely jealous. Any shops you can recommended for having K-fashion esque things? I've heard H&M is sometimes good, which makes sense. ASOS as well.

The only Korean shop that I actually know about is StyleNanda.

No. 55490

File: 1487721890885.png (322.75 KB, 1190x1426, tumblr_ojq1ggMlET1tdjy6po1_128…)

>What are your thoughts on K-fashion?
It's cute, form-able, very basic and natural to my liking.

>Can a white girl ever pull it off?

Yes and no. I say this because if you put a whit girl in "Korean" clothing it'll just look like a model representing some clothing line like H&M or American Appeal etc. The only reason it's kfashion because it's pretty Korean people in regular clothes.

>Do you have to have a certain body type?

not necessarily but you can't be obese.

>What are good online shops to buy from?

Yesstyle (best option on getting all korean brands)

No. 55491

>The only reason it's kfashion because it's pretty Korean people in regular clothes.

I'm not entirely sure if I agree with this. I mean, it's definitely possible to make something K-fashion esque out of clothing found in a western shop. But from what I've seen, the shape of the clothing and the way they mix and match things is quite different than what I typically see with western styles.

No. 55492

File: 1487722369555.jpg (383.98 KB, 750x1100, kfashion7.jpg)


I've heard a lot of horror stories about that site. Have you tried it?

No. 55493

oh yeah totally, I guess I was trying to say that it's super possible to dress in kfashion as long as the elements are there and not too…westerny.

I only bought facial items not clothes. I do,however have a excel list of kfashion sites that can ship internationally or not

No. 55494

Ohhh, mind sharing that list?

No. 55495

File: 1487723148980.png (218.43 KB, 540x525, tumblr_olq8wlYNo71uavenxo1_540…)

I got a few skirts from H&M that are box pleated or circle cuts. They're considered mini, but because H&M doesn't have a petite section these skirts end just around my fingertips when relaxed.

Shirts are harder. Good fabric and cut is essential, and in the west that means $$$ because all basic t-shirts/tanks are skintight here. I haven't found good shirts yet besides oversized t-shirts made from a thinner material that can be tucked into skirts without bulging.

The only pants I got were a boyfriend-cut with a drop crotch to be more baggy, and I roll the cuffs up and wear them with my platform white sneakers. They were also kinda expensive, but it was buy one get one 50% at American Apparel lol.

I've been eyeing Yesstyle super hard, but the mixed reviews and availability is making me hesitate. Also, sizing. By their sizes I'm between a medium and large, but I'm not sure if one would be too tight or too loose. Even reviews are all over the place, I guess it depends on where someone carries their weight.

I love the looks because they're feminine and figure flattering but don't scream "look at this hot body who wants to fuck it right now?"

No. 55498

gah! what's with all of the clothing being one-size?

No. 55502

Korean women tend to be far more similar in size as a group than white countries. It's not common to be tall or bigger than a western size xs/s.

No. 55505

File: 1487732966416.jpg (201.36 KB, 876x635, tumblr_oiumabdZ3Q1ts20myo1_128…)

I used to buy from Yesstyle a lot but stopped after customs fucked me over for it too much kek.
For the quality of the clothes, you are looking at a REALLY mixed bag. I've gotten incredibly cute and quality things and supper shitty ones.
For reference, i'm 171 cm and most stuff was shorter than described on me, even mid-skirts fell only a little under my butt, so be careful if you are tall.
The sizing is atrocious and not very true in a lot of cases, you can count up to around +10 cm difference with some clothes measurements. And skirts and dresses are shorter than stated (got once a tight dress that was shorter than most shirts i own lmao) and with smaller bust space.
The colors sometimes do not match, i got a few "white" sweaters that came in a yellow-ish tone, even the ones from "good" korean shops.
Most stuff comes with loose threads and buttons, even gotten stuff with holes.
All the shoes suck donkey dick and will destroy your feet.
Accesory quality tends to be horrible.
Some pieces are not as show in photos. (Instead of a short sleeveshirt you get a long sleeve shirt, "lace" printed on instead of actual lace, completely different texture, etc.)
The korean clothes are severely overpriced, over 60 dollar differences with the korean store prices.
I do like a lot of the pieces i got, but between customs and how bad some of the quality was, i just dropped it and I do not think i would reccomend it, but it's been over 2 years since i last shopped there so idk how it is now.

I did hear some good things about MIXXMIX tho, anyone got any experience with the store?

No. 55511

Bought several times from Mixxmix. When in doubt, size up, as their stuff can run small. The items I recommenced most are the skorts, particularly from Heartclub.

A shame they raised their free shipping minimum from $150 to $200 now. Also,I noticed the prices on various items has gone up as they become more popular.

No. 55529

File: 1487750220139.jpeg (64.06 KB, 359x1079, image.jpeg)

I think anyone can pull off K-fashion anon, and the clothes don't even have to be from Korea. I think what's appealing about it (to me) is the combination of loose and fitted clothing, combined with finished hair and makeup.

I'm personally obsessed with Iranian and Pakistani "modern" fashion (pic related is an outfit I like). I think the appeal is, again, that it is feminine and put together. And even though I've never even been to the Middle East, it's easy to incorporate a similar style with clothing from America, China, and Italy (where most of my wardrobe comes from). In my case, I just go for designer bags, almond toe heels, and try to closely coordinate colors…and a sparkly scarf or t-shirt can add perfect touch of bling in my opinion. But again, I've never even set foot in these countries…so my advice is to focus more on coordination of your wardrobe more than buying "Korean fashion" pieces.

No. 55530

File: 1487750362419.jpeg (73.32 KB, 564x852, image.jpeg)

Btw here's a pic of Iranian fashion I like too (ignore the fact this lady is posing in the middle of the street lol). Without the headscarf, you can probably see how the outfit could easily be purchased somewhere like LA!

No. 55533

was everything you ordered as pictured? apart from sizing? I'm short as fuck so I don't think that would be too much of a problem hopefully

No. 55534

Aww, this is so cute. I love the modesty and wholesomeness of these outfits lmao

It's a breath of fresh air compared to the Western styles out nowadays

No. 55537

>can you be white and pull it off
yes, it's unlike jfashion where white people can rarely pull it off. it's more similar to western fashion than jfashion is. if you have the right face, it works
>do you have to have a certain body type
I guess a nice body would help but you don't have to be quite as thin as your average kpop idol. plus there are a lot of chunky weebs that don't let that stop them from wearing lolita and gyaru
>good online shops
eBay is better than you'd expect and is one of the only sites I've found with a lot of kfashion

No. 55543

That coat is so gorgeous. I would sell a baby to get it.

No. 55550

Ive been in Korea and k-fashion doesnt exist lol
they all wear the same shit ''basic bitches'' would wear in western countries

No. 55554

Oh wow, you're right the prices have gone up quite a bit since i last visited it, damn.
Thanks for the sizing tip!
How's the overall quality of the clothing?

Any ebay shops you'd reccomend to buy from?
I get most of my k-beauty there but all my experiences with clothing have been quite atrocious.

No. 55561

TBH I see K-Fashion as very similar to Western normcore/that athleticore shit that is big right now.

It's plain sneakers with a t-shirt and then some weird pant/jacket combo. It's really aesthetically pretty and can be original but what I find so boring is that when one item is big, every fucking k-fashionista wears it and when its out of fashion you never see it again.

Last year it was the all-white birkenstocks and baseball caps.

This season its loose jeans either ripped at the ankle or folded with an extremely exaggerated cuff (like the cuff goes up to mid-thigh). I haven't noticed anything else big yet, but the jean thing will be the big trend this summer.

No. 55563

File: 1487791362145.jpg (282.15 KB, 913x1261, tumblr_o4un86SmWf1tpu1gmo4_128…)

I like k-fashion and even have purchased from some Korean sites that ship overseas, but there isn't anything special about it. It's mostly normie stuff. Forever21 is owned by Koreans and you can find similar stuff there. It only seems special because of the styling and photography of the shoots.

No. 55567


Yea agree. K-fashion was "K-fashion" 7 years ago, which is when J-fashion was popular. The trend in Korea now is just like the Western, athleisure + 90s vaporwaveshit vibe. I like it though, thanks to that I learn how to look casual + effortless.

Honestly try picturing white models wearing stylenanda outfit… It looks like unif / lazyoaf meets oversized pieces.

Which means I think you could pull it off.

No. 55572

File: 1487806680038.jpg (163.74 KB, 1405x2000, ZatFa9ufmZGTbEYQCdzYeB16RGYycO…)

Recently Lazy Oaf just collaborated with Esther Loves You, who also collaborates a lot with Korean brands like Chuu. The difference is negligible, except Chuu is cheaper than Lazy Oaf.

Pic related is from the Lazy Oaf collab

No. 55573

File: 1487806705141.jpg (21.41 KB, 236x365, 1c40b9ba794725719646269abbd720…)

And here is one from their Korean collaborations.

No. 55603

Yeah, I know what you mean. It doesn't necessarily look bad, but I don't like that it's a mix of effort to be fashionable + no effort to be creative. Maybe it's because I think of Koreans as way too obsessed with trends and I'm using Jfash as a comparison point, but it looks like the sort of fashion worn by people who only care about being 'fashionable' and don't actually have any personal style or interest in clothes outside of trends.

On the other hand I think korean hair and makeup is leagues ahead of everywhere else.

No. 55606

>fashion for the sake of trend
I really loved the 'look' of those trends, but because I live in a cold country, whenever I saw someone wearing those clothes online from my country it just disgusted me because you knew they just put the clothes on for a photo, but then put on lots of layers after they had posted it. Most trends on instagram etc can't translate to my climate, anyone wearing them outside of summer looks like a stupid try hard.

As much as I love the way the internet has opened up fashion to global collaboration, I wish there could be more focus on localised trends. I want to see people looking warm while looking cool, but instead what I see is people wearing trends imported from warmer climates but then under lots of ugly layers of non-matching winter wear. Sage because kind of OT to korea

No. 55616

File: 1487852137310.jpg (75.87 KB, 396x600, tumblr_oky0a948xv1qzkisto3_400…)

How cold is cold? I live in canada so a lot of the 'leggings and boots' looks are not even close to warm enough. I got for a casual athletic look so I can wear sweatpants. Even then though, at a certain temperature you can't really be fashionable, it's about staying warm first and foremost. It's sad but there are definitely days where I have to wear the warmest shit I own, and they don't look amazing together. They look okay, they're not garish colours, but they don't look super cute or anything.


I don't actually see koreans being as obsessed with clothing trends as other countries, what's in style for them has been largely the same depending on context - work, casual, ect. It works for me because I have no personal style or anything, I'm not that interested in it.

No. 55627

File: 1487863345626.jpg (89.1 KB, 860x800, 0020822231.jpg)

I've heard really good things about the online shop "SthSweet". They're like Yesstyle where they carry popular k-fashion brands, and they ship worldwide. Except sthsweet seems to be a lil cheaper, and def more reliable. They carry things from Chuu as well, I love their stuff.

I agree so much on finding good shirts. They're either too tight, or if they ARE loose, they have some stupid design on them. I think f21 has just recently started selling boxy oversized t-shirts so I'm gonna snag those.

No. 55648

I definitely feel you on the cold weather thing. I live in a city that is extremely popular with young Korean tourists right now (you can tell they're Korean because they all have the same goddamn aesthetic lel) and our winter just broke like 2 days ago so it was well into the negatives for a solid two months (-25 C in early Jan) and yet none of them ever wore anything thicker than those long 'wool' trenches. Hell, most of the time the girls were in sweaters and long skirts while even the locals were wearing coats on coats and the Koreans looked fucking miserable. They looked great and I'm sure the hundreds of photos they took looked super cute but holy fuck. One girls lips were pretty much blue.

Also Asian tourists in general are exclusively the ones who keep this fancy sock store in my city open which is hilarious. Each pair is like $15 so no one in their right mind buys them but Asians (Chinese, Koreans and Japanese mostly) go in and spend hundreds on essentially H&M tier patterned socks.

No. 55653

Yeah,the pictures are pretty darn accurate. Only time I've regretted a purchase and had to resell was because it was a tad too short and or too tight for comfort, so careful with skirts. I've had no problem with tops. And consider your height an advantage then. You won't have to worry as much about the length of bottoms, unless a review states otherwise.
Yeah, bummed about that. I recommend waiting on their site wide sales. As long as the original price meets $200, you'll get the free shipping even if your total is lower. The quality has been as expected, pretty good. Better than most mall stores. Haven't had any quality issues. Just be sure to measure the lengths of items to make sure they'll sit well.

No. 55668

File: 1487894166817.png (1.83 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170223-235550.png)

Lol ok

No. 55669

File: 1487894502270.jpg (462.95 KB, 1275x771, serveimage.jpg)

Found your problem.

No. 55672

…Which means it costs even more in dollars?

No. 55678

You're a moron.

No. 55680

But she's right. It would cost around double of that in dollars.

No. 55681

£50 is around $68. You're the moron here.

No. 55685

Are you so fucking stupid that do you not know who the guy in the pic is?

It's a brexit joke for fucks sakes. How retarded are you?

No. 55691

I can vouch for SthSweet, and when you factor in shipping, they are cheaper than YesStyle. Once the order ships to you, it'll be there in two days. It's the fastest shipping I've ever gotten from a site. I've heard it can take months to receive packages from YesStyle.

No. 55706

>I don't actually see koreans being as obsessed with clothing trends as other countries
Even they know they are overly trend oriented

I mean, like I said, they don't look bad so if you say you're not particularly interested in fashion it's definitely one of the better choices.

No. 55711

We know who he is, it's just a really shitty joke

No. 55713

Lol did the pound fall that much

Still pretty steep for shitty taobao pj's. And these are supposed to be on a huge discount kek.

No. 55714

File: 1487946952242.png (1.74 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170224-143508.png)

It's literally not though. Do you work for them or something????

I can get these shitty floral dresses off ebay with free shipping for like 8 quid tops. Maybe less.

No. 55721

I'm a completely different anon who never mentioned them prior to my above comment, so no. You can order from the eBay shops if you really want too, just keep in mind that what you receive may not look like the photo. I'm also not a Brit, and you're purposefully screenshotting prices of their more expensive items.

No. 55751

difference between ordering from ebay and this is that you wont be getting actual Chuu brand, what you're looking at there ofc is expensive bc its not some shitty cheaply made knock off brand and its from chuu which is similar to style nanda

No. 55791

Anyone bought from Chuu? How's the quality? They have some cute things I might catch on sale

No. 56000

ahaha, every one of their product shots looks like it could be for a "90s girl" halloween costume set.

No. 56092

File: 1488678892375.jpg (210.98 KB, 940x1706, redskirt.jpg)

Opinions on this skirt?

No. 56103

It's going to look good in very limited circumstances.

No. 56105


No. 56152

personally agree with >>56105, but 90s-early 00's hooker has been coming back recently, so i'd say go for it if you like it lol

No. 56184

Would be cute with opaque black or navy tights

No. 56203

haha why exactly is it hookerish? the material? It's not particularly short or anything.

No. 56217

Both the color and the material imo

No. 56307

Wow gooks are just as pathetic as they were 50 years ago when they were living in mud huts.

If there's one thing they should have taken away from the Korean war it should have been self identity and breaking away from the fascist communist-driven uniformity of the North. It's just shitty to see this kind of stuff from them of all nations.

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