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No. 55038

I found a pregnancy thread, but its mostly straight farmers- what about the lesbian ones? My wife and I are about to get my pregnant which is the worst and best thing ever so what do other gay moms think

No. 55057

You're gonna get a son and he will be a loser who doesn't know how to be a man because you force-fed him episodes of The L Word instead of teaching him actual manly skills

No. 55058

File: 1487042955473.jpg (41.72 KB, 369x324, 30584-4.jpg)

Bait but the only thing my son would have to fear is being a fucking weeaboo

No. 55059

Oh wow, honestly I don't have kids so I don't have advice to share congratulations in advance, that is really fucking neat.

No. 55077

Well arent you two just so different and special. Why not just post in the pregnancy thread regardless of who the fucks in it instead of cluttering the board with "LOOK AT MEEEEEEEEE"

No. 55264

that sounds amazing op i'm kinda jealous

how was the process like? who'se having the baby?

No. 55269

since I love to talk about it and you asked: basically for like two weeks, my wife takes shots in her abdomen (about 3/4) each night to get lots of fucking eggs growing. Then they put her under twilight aneshesia and stick a huge needle into her ovaries and suck out the eggs. We're paying for PGS (which picks the gender and checks for genetic defects) so they mix her egg with the donor sperm and for like three weeks it's frozen and checked. Then they unfreeze it and shove a needle up my vadge and put it in me- then for two months I shove a huge needle in my butt to help baby along.
We're using her eggs and a donor since my family is fucked in terms of mental illness and we found a donor who legit is the male version of me, weeabo and theater nerd included. My wife doesnt and cant get pregnant and I want too so it works out!

No. 55285

Do you want a boy or a girl?

No. 55293

and older boy and younger girl since we both had older siblings and I liked having a 'built in friend.' sometimes I imagine my kids playing pokemon and its super awesome.

No. 55304

My wife and I will adopt when the time comes because we both think pregnancy is gross and ruins the body.

But if it's your cup of tea, congrats for the baby. Was the treatment expensive?

No. 55305

our entire process is covered by insurance so we only pay for donor which is a drop in the bucket for us.

I work out enough that Im not worried about my body but the entire giving birth thing both grosses me out and is fascinating- however I watch surgery videos for fun so

No. 55398

This. Like, there is already a thread. You bumped off something just for this? Jeesh.

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