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No. 50868

I thought a dance discussion thread might be fun!

Do any of you like to dance as a hobby?
What sort of dancing?
Fav YT dance cover channels?

+ dancing is great exercise, so maybe this thread can help inspire some fitness.

I'm currently a bit obsessed with Kpop dance covers.

No. 50869

>tfw no one to dance with

No. 50870

I used to really like Weveyas dance covers, until they became unnecessarily sexy- don't get me wrong, I thought it was cool they did sexier versions of boy group dances(which I would learn to do), but wiggling after the dance is over with unzipped shorts and thong way too high just seem weird to me

No. 50871

File: 1464891660720.jpg (135.04 KB, 2000x2000, Zumba-2.jpg)

At my gym they have a bunch of Zumba classes and I've found it's a super fun way to exercise! I feel like I'm just flailing around most of the time while some girls look like they were born to Zumba, but I still enjoy it.

One day I will have beautiful dancer physique.

No. 50872

YES. I used to love waveya, I still like their covers but they're just over-the-top usually.

Vid related is one of my fav waveya covers because they're just being silly and having fun.

No. 50873


No. 50874

i want to start ballet as a beginner but im 22 and i feel like ill look like an idiot

No. 50875

I am in love with belly dancing but the nearest lessons are like an hour from where I live, ugh.

No. 50876

Maybe try watching tutorials online?

No. 50877

I just look at a dance I like that doesn't require multiple people and spend a little time learning it each day. I dance all alone in my room for fun because no way in hell would I ever be good enough, or have the courage, to do it in front of people outsidr my family. I feel like I'd just look flat out weird.

I like lots of fast dances and I wanna learn slow ballroom type stuff but the only places for here offer hip hop so if I ever move cities I'll look for a place that teaches ballroom dancing.

No. 50878

I've heard by several people that they finding learning ballet as an adult to be better. There is no shame in learning at 22 anon, that's still fairly young and plenty of time to expand. Go for it!

No. 50879

I used to try to learn to Melbourne shuffle when no one was home. I practiced for 3 years and I still suck. Now I just like to flail around to techno.

No. 50880

I love the choreography for this music video, it's so much fun. I'm starting to really enjoy dance, I wish I didn't have 2 left feet so I could join a studio for lessons.

No. 50881

Agreed! I'm in college and I just picked up ballet as an elective. I felt like a total idiot when I put on the leotard and couldn't move like a real ballerina (think taylor swift in the swan scene of shake it off), but I'm starting to figure it out. The small improvements I see every week are really rewarding (which I never would have been cognizant of as a child). Hopefully I can do pointe work as an adult.

No. 50882

Oooh I love dancing! And yes, same as OP, I'm obsessed with K-Pop dances, J-Pop also, but just a little bit. I still K-Pop MVs are a bit ridiculous, but their dances are fun to watch and follow. Personally, I like these recently :

CLC - Pepe (the video I attached)

Be careful with the neck part, I did that a bit too hard, and my neck was sore up until the next day, lol

My favorite K-Pop choreography is always by SHINee or f(x). Pretty hard to follow at first and tires you up realy fast, but it's worth it, in my opinion.

No. 50883

k-pop dances are lame compared to actual street dancing tbh. It's all the editing that makes them not look like ass.

No. 50884

True that, mute any kpop video that doesn't have speed/slow edits and only look at one person. There's a reason why people don't dance like this outside of a choreographed show or recording studio.

No. 50885

Well you definitely can't compare K-Pop to street dancing, they are different. Street dancing is harder and more complicated indeed, while K-Pop are choreographed with consideration that the idols have to sing while dancing it imho, that's why they don't look as hard.

No. 50886

>the idols have to sing while dancing it
Why not just lip sync? Are the koreans actually particular about that?

>that's why they don't look as hard.

Wait, so you think if they weren't singing at the same time they'd be just as good as professional dancers?!

No. 50887

About lip sync, afaik, Koreans are pretty judgmental about that on their idols, more than the Japanese.

>if they weren't singing at the same time they'd be just as good as professional dancers?!

Imho, it depends on the person. If he/she's like, the dancer of their K-Pop group, yeah, maybe they'd be just as good as pro dancers if they danced outside of their singles. But then again, that's just me.

No. 50888

>If he/she's like, the dancer of their K-Pop group, yeah, maybe they'd be just as good as pro dancers if they danced outside of their singles.
Intredasting. Care to post some videos?

No. 50889

All I can think right now is SNSD Hyoyeon, she's the main dancer of the group. This is her earliest dance video, pre-SNSD, if I'm not mistaken.

No. 50890

Oh gosh this is so cute, thanks for showing!
Yeah I can see SHINee dances being a bitch.

>but it's worth it, in my opinion.

Mhmm I can't wait until I actually have a dance down properly, gonna feel nice.

No. 50891

No. 50892

Does anyone watch dance moms?

No. 50893

No. 60829

File: 1495055956656.jpg (40.52 KB, 317x450, 803e800e095cc05675af430306a082…)

Sorry to kinda necro a thread but holy shit same, anon. I'm a massive fan of Prince and his first wife was a belly dancer.
I don't think lessons are too far from where I live but I'm just a little shy I suppose, if I did go I'd have to go with a friend.
I'd love to learn to dance with a sword on my head like Mayte did aaaa

No. 60835

Anyone else do an adult ballet class? How much do the teachers correct your technique?

I just started an adult ballet class recently and the teacher makes general comments on technique but not specific ones to individuals. I did ballet when I was younger and my teacher nitpicking is the reason it's still quite ingrained 10 years later, I think it's a pretty essential part of it. I see other girls in the class making obvious mistakes and they don't get corrected, and it makes me worry I'm doing the same. I do understand that it's meant to be fun, we're not future pros taking exams or anything and it might be too confrontational for beginners, but still. I feel like maybe I should ask directly but I don't think it'd be appropriate for her to pick on one student either (even if they ask for it).

No. 60861

You have to go to an intensive or masterclass with very limited participants if you want that much correction. It's rare for teachers to over-correct adults, not only is it unfair for casual dancers but it may turn them off from continuing to spend money on classes.

No. 60883


I used to be really interested in this show but the awkward relationships in trailers made me nope out

No. 61465

Exactly what >>60861 said, although I'm sure that it's still worth letting the teacher know that you personally welcome critique.
People who weren't raised on a diet of shame, fed to them by nagging ballet teachers, don't understand us anon. I was part of a casual dance group recently and people got really offended when I pointed out how someone clearly knew the steps perfectly but wasn't dancing with confidence.

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