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File: 1484212528452.jpg (41.22 KB, 354x640, be133adb0970c0d2fbf81392c5487f…)

No. 43584

Post hair related advice, tips, questions etc.
Couldn't find the old one in the catalog.

No. 43585

>oval face
>thin hair
>large forehead
>somewhat small face

Basically I want bangs but I'm afraid the top of my head will look like it has a baldspot. I'm also not sure for what type of bangs to for.

No. 43586


We're onto you kiki

No. 43587

For anons with undercuts, do you maintain it yourself or go to the salon? I think buying a shaver would be more economical but I'm afraid of screwing it up.

No. 43588

File: 1484233007897.jpg (31.55 KB, 500x500, _6aaca991.jpg)

I'm not exactly sure what a "shaver" is, but if it's pic related I'd say go for it. They have these different types of endings which can prevent you from going too short.

No. 43589

Depends where the undercut is. I had one on the side (is it just a sidecut or undercut too? IDK) and I trimmed it myself with two mirrors and lots of patience. Pin all of the other hair back very tight and smooth, go slow and keep checking with an extra mirror. They're bastards to grow back though, I had a love-hate relationship with mine until I just let it grow out. Now I want one on the lower back of my head.

No. 43590

I need a good heat protectant. Any good brands or recipes?

No. 43591

So I bleached my hair to hell and back, and I want to dye my hair brown. But my hair is a damaged and it feels like straw, no matter how much product I use, how little heat I use, etc. I already cut it a bit, so I don't have many options. I need some advice.

No. 43592

I spent a lot of money on keratin treatments and other products after I dyed my hair back to brown from being blonde. None of them really worked so I chopped it all off and got extensions. The extensions were only there for a few months until it got to a short bob. It was worth it and fun to have long Rapunzel hair.

Sorry if this advice is useless, I feel your pain

No. 43593

When I got my hair bleached the first time (they actually did it 3 times, because the hair was black) I started using diy hair masks. One that really helped was egg, milk and honey. Sounds gross and smells like it but it helped somewhat to get the moisture back.
Whatever you use, just keep using it, it takes a while for the hair to repair itself.

No. 43594

There really isn't a way to completely cure or fix damage on hair, since it's already dead when it grows out of the skin. Products with silicone can fill the gaps in the hair and make it seem smoother and thicker, but some people just don't like silicone in their hair. I abused my hair until it literally burned off about an inch, I've tried everything for about a month but still I'm getting the damaged ends cut off. Treatments can fix some of the hair so you don't need to cut off as much, but there is no real miracle fix. I've been using ton of conditioner (no silicone), oil before washing, washing my hair 1-2 times per week, making sure to eat healthy and I've let it be natural, no heat, blowdrying or any styling/coloring products. It has made it better but I still have to cut off quite a bit. I'm never bleaching my hair again, especially not 4 times in one summer. Very stupid thing to do, learn from my mistakes and burned hair.

No. 43595

What hairstyles are good for people with fiveheads? I've had some sort of bangs my whole life and I'm tired of them.
I look like I'm balding around my hairline and temples even though the rest of my hair is thick. Am I just stuck with bangs?

No. 43596

With or without hold?
For just a plain protectant, Tigi/Catwalk makes a good one that doesn't leave much of a product-y feeling afterwards. Wella's Eimi styling line also has a decent one. My favorite stylers are from the Colorproof line (everything from them has heat protection), but it can be a hard brand to find + expensive.

If you're looking for something with a good hold, especially if you have fine hair that hates holding curls, I suggest Redken's #22 Hot Sets

Try Olaplex. If you can get the #1 and #2 treatments from a stylist and then get the Take Home #3, it should help significantly.

No. 43597

Apologies for sage getting stuck in the name field for some reason

No. 43598

Cut off as much as you can, honestly. Especially split ends! Otherwise they'll damage your healthy hair and you'll never have long, healthy hair. It'll grow back anyway.
Also make sure to get a reddish brown when you dye it otherwise you'll end up with a greenish brunette.

No. 43599

I have long hair with no bangs and i recently purchased the bedhead wave artist ceramic waver because it was on sale and I'm tired of just wearing straight hair to work. My natural hair is kinda wavy but I figured this would just make it look more polished. Anyone have this product? What do yall think of it? I'm going to test it out today since it's my day off

No. 43600

My hair is actually hot pink right now, I forgot to mention lmao

No. 43601

File: 1485351055833.jpg (83.41 KB, 636x900, 2016-Medium-Length-Hairstyles-…)

I want to cut my hair but I'm not sure what to get. My problem is that I have thin hair and a large forehead and finding something that would look nice isn't easy. Most of the stuff I find online seem to be short "mom" haircuts, '00 hair styles or complex braids/ponytails and I really don't have too much time in the morning to style since I have to walk to work

No. 43602

I'm 100% the same, anon… Kiki forehead, Kiki thin hair. I'm not balding like her but it's bad anyway… Sigh.
I don't have a "proper" haircut, it's basically the basic long hair with side swept bangs. The only suggestion I have is this: i started applying a tiny bit of hair mousse into my bangs before blow-drying and it has helped me a lot. It looks a ton better. You can apply it to your entire hair, of course.

No. 43603

Thanks, I'll try. Just got to get the right amount so it won't end up being greasy. It's also the reason why I'm unsure about bangs - I have oily skin so I end up breaking out on my forehead. :/

Guess we really lost the lottery there.

No. 43604

Oh yeah, definitely. I always have problems with oily skin during summer and my bangs get horrible, and my massive forehead looks shiny and bigger. I feel you, anon. I do. ): You're not alone.
Best of luck with your hair.

No. 43605

I have really super thick horse broken frizzy hair I've tried wens anti frizz gel but it doesn't and I'm desperate
I need tips

No. 43606

Put dry shampoo into your hair as soon as you're done drying it. Dry shampoo is a miracle for anyone with bangs.

No. 43607

Just used color oops on my dyed black hair that I had for about 2 years. Going to bleach it here on Friday but reading stuff like >>43591 freaks me out. I'm only bleaching it enough so it'll at least get dirty blonde (seeing as right now my hair is half orange and half dark brown) then I'll go again in a week or 2. Plus my hair is pretty soft and healthy rn due to lots of deep conditioning.

No. 43608

I'm bleaching anon. When I bleached my hair the first time, the damage was minimal since I let my hair soak in coconut oil for about 2 hours before I bleached it. The coconut oil acts like a barrier for the extensive damage. Try not bleaching everything in one sitting, and don't use anything more than 20 if not 30 developer; anything more WILL fuck up your hair entirely. When in doubt, go to a professional. My hair went from being about 30 inches to 14 inches, mainly because I cut off that much to save whatever was left. Ironically enough, what damaged my hair was color oops after I dyed it for a job. Worst mistake. Just a tip for anyone, if you're ever in a position where your hair is at risk, buy a wig. It'll save you so much time, damage, and effort. I used to be so careful about my hair and how I kept it, and after awhile, I was like fuck it. Hair grows back, so there's never really a need to stress. Keep us updated on how your hair goes!

No. 43609

OCD has ruined my hair because I've picked at it too much and ripped hair right out of the follicles a lot over the years, not to mention stress has my hair falling out every day. It's not in huge clumps but I definitely notice hair falling out a lot more than it used to.

I have tried biotin supplements but it only seemed to help everything that wasn't my hair. Am I just completely fucked? I feel so ugly because I can't do anything to my hair without exposing bald spots (the prominent ones being on the very top of my head, and either side of the top-back of my head). I also have thin and fine air which just makes me feel like a balding old lady. It's gross. Please tell me there's something I can do to remedy this.

No. 43610

This is me. I have long hair now but it's shit. Bleach blonde, messed it up by deciding to do upkeep at home with 40 vol to get my roots lifted in one shot. Big mistake. I lose hair constantly, it's thin now and I've been growing it out for over 6 months. Somehow, I've never learned my lesson from having bleach blonde hair the handful of times I've had it.

No. 54618

anyone here have straight-across bangs and wavy hair? ideally i'd like my hair to be straight, because I have a problem where my bangs would curl slightly to one side, making me look like i have less bang hair on one side of my forehead. I try to straighten it but It doesnt work out. Any tips on straightening/styling blunt, wispy bangs?

No. 54621

File: 1486171836920.png (47.17 KB, 620x387, 8974CA1D-32F8-4AE5-9CCC-F9498C…)

I've been growing my hair out from a pixie cut for like 8 months and it grew out so fucking ugly i had to go get it cut again to even it out because it was like 8 different lengths and all she could really do was a bob but my hair is really straight so it just lays there and i look like a weeb or something now but at least dont look like fucking joe dirt
Any tips on helping my hair grow faster/healthier? Ive been using coconut milk serum after showers and my hair is really soft and nice but i havent noticed any difference in growth

No. 54622

Vitamin b! All hair will grow though. Also nails.

No. 54626

I have curly hair and straight bangs. I constantly have to straighten them.
Buy a serum that helps keep your hair straight. The one I own is Straight Talking from Mark Hill. It's pretty good. I put it on after I wash and dry my hair, and when I straighten it, it comes out pretty straight. To hold the straight, I'd recommend a little bit of pomade to hold it together.

No. 54647

I have thick hair that I want to grow out super long, but I feel like long hair overwhelms my face and frame. Am I stuck with medium/short hair or is there something I can do?

No. 54659

Does anyone get stressed then have urges to shave or cut pieces of their hair? I use to pull but cutting makes me feel so much better.
Anyway should I shave half of my head? I'm growing out my natural hair color and I think it might be a cool experience as well. Has anyone tried it before? I think it looks stupid sometimes, but the experience seems liberating ya know?

No. 54665

Do it on your vagina instead. Less compromise.

No. 54667

I don't know how to stop constantly touching and finger combing my hair. It's falling out and shedding on everything: my bed, my clothes, it's disgusting but I can't help it.

No. 54704

you shed around 100 hairs a day no matter what you do. try getting these all out when you are getting ready by using a boar bristle brush.

No. 54721

Maybe I didn't notice it in the past, but what's happening seems excessive. It's falling out in my hands but I can't stop doing it. It's comparable to nail biting, I guess. A bad habit

No. 54723

Try a ponytail maybe anon? A side one maybe. You could still comb through your hair but not at the root so if you come across a knot, you won't rip the root out.

No. 54729

Just touching it or pulling it out?
Asking because trichotillomania is a thing. But I think I know what you mean. Keep something around that will keep your hands busy, that's what I usually do so I don't touch my face or hair.

No. 54759

I'm going to start wearing a satin night cap to retain my hairstyle and hopefully help stop breakage. I bought one from Sally's but it seems kind of low quality. Do any Anons use these? Do you prefer using a wrap? Any hints?

No. 54760

I wear one because I'm black with longish curly hair. I use square silk scarves.
The bonnets always gave me a headache, and the rectangular stretchy ones allow you to tighten too much and pull the hair.
really be careful about not putting any pressure on your hairline.

No. 54876

Basically, quite some time ago I used to dye my hair with henna (lush, so no metallic salts), I stopped using it and just used dark brown box colour, recently I used a colour remover which was pretty good, gone a light brown/ginger except for the last three inches which are only slightly lighter, I've been to the hairdresser to have it lightened, they've done a strand test and said it lifted fine, but I'm worried about the whole head as I haven't mentioned about the ends being dyed with henna as usually hairdressers won't touch it, anyone know if my hair will melt off or go green? Sorry for the rant

No. 54920

Touching it, rearranging it, combing out knots, but not sure if it's trichotillomania. I also pick at my face. What do you do to keep your hands busy? I feel like that would take care of both issues vs just wearing a ponytail for the one.

No. 54946

Writing, drawing, just holding stuff and touching it, using my phone, a round rock in the pocket, etc.

No. 54963

Hi anon,

Which lush henna did you use? Since there are no metallics salts, it won't react to bleach and make your hair smoke off. They do however mix henna with indigo to get different shades of red and brown.

If you used anything darker than a light bright pure copper (the colour of natural henna) there's a chance that indigo is in your hair. This can be a problem because it doesn't lift as well as pure henna and as you get lighter you could find your hair coming up stained dirty blue/green under the henna.

If your hair is just straight henna'd with no indigo then you can bleach no problem but it might have an orange cast that's hard to tone out compared to the roots - also the quality and thickness of your hair might decrease as a result of breaking down the henna (henna thickens and protects the strand as you know - it can be jarring when you lose that thickness!)
But if you're fine with that, then go for it! Good luck anon.

Side note - if anyone else is thinking of henna-ing their hair I would definitely recommend using 100% BAQ henna over the Lush stuff - you get better control over what goes in your hair, it's cheaper, it's simpler to bleach or dye over, and you tend to get a more even/rich result too :)

No. 54972

Anon, you babe! Thanks for your great answer. I used the brun one, which does unfortunately have indigo, I haven't dyed it with henna for about six months so I don't know if that makes any difference! Very anxious but I'll see how it goes

No. 54988

Just to add, the hue also depends on the henna. Jamila (there are posts online on how to tell real Jamila apart from counterfeits) takes longer to release dye and usually runs orange, Red Raj is a true burgundy red, there's articles about that also. If you're after a specific shade it's good to know that.

No. 55002

File: 1486910475096.jpg (31.37 KB, 500x500, large677678.jpg)

I'm getting this haircut tm (not a first, I've had this cut before). Only difference is that it's going to be shorter in the back, and longer in the front. I'm having trouble getting volume in my hair, it tends to either be stripey or super static. I've tried mousse, blowdrying and brushing with my head upside down, sprays…but nothing works. In the few occasions that it does work, it only lasts for like 2 hours, then the volume is gone.

Am I using things wrong, or what can I do?

No. 55005

Maybe ask for layers underneath the main, visible hair. You can also try volumizing hairspray

No. 55114

Very glad to be of help, I know lots of useless shit about henna but not much else lol. Keep us updated!

No. 55234

>>55114 Been to the hairdressers it lifted really well, got a nice golden blonde, only down side is one small random part has a slight green hue to it, currently sitting with tomato sauce on it trying to get rid of it! It's in really good condition, not melted or frazzled

No. 55253

I got a bob and now I look like coconut head or like I have a mushroom cap. The chick put a few short layers in my hair, but it's just so fucking thick. Idk what to do other than just let it grow out… how 2 grow hair fast?

No. 55427

I have curly (3A) frizzy hair I cannot get under control with anything else but styling foam.
The problem is that I hate how my hair feels with it. Do any anons know any tips to deal with frizz?

No. 55429

No. 55436

DO you have a good haircut? Curly hair is hard to cut, because it goes against every fiber of a hairdressers being to cut the way it needs to be done. If it was straight hair, you'd basically end up with a badly/choppy layered bowl cut. I haven't been able to find a hairdresser I really like yet, I'm considering going in and asking they cut my hair dry.

No. 55578

Thank you for the advice! I had never heard of the Curly Girl Method, but now that I know about it I'm willing to give it a try. I'm still trying to figure out what would work for me, because going no-poo and washing only once a week sounds a little scary to me. I work out and sweat a lot, and my job requires I look nice and processional.

I currently have a layered haircut. I honestly don't even know what to ask for when going to a salon. But I'll lool this up too and I'll surely try it. If it doesn't work I'll have to wear my hair in a bun until it grows back lol

No. 55587

Same exact thing happened to me two months ago. I find that the inversion method actually helps even though I thought it would be nonsense. Until the layers do actually grow out though, I'm just sticking to ponytails/braids while missing my long hair, sigh

No. 55822

Is there a way to make my hair softer? I've got asian hair and it's always to thick and stiff. It's impossible to have an updo that doesn't get frizzy.

No. 55827

File: 1488114552211.jpg (51.91 KB, 360x433, 07-totalbeauty-logo7-new-hairc…)

I'm growing out my hair for the summer and it's currently boob length. My hair gets extremely fluffy and unevenly curly everywhere because I have very thick hair and no layers. I want a layered haircut that isn't too short. Should I get layers that are dramatically different lengths and choppy to negate the fluffiness? Or does this only work when you have straight hair? (pic related)

No. 55854

Is pic related how your hair currently looks, or what you are looking for it to look like? I have naturally thick, wavy/lightly curly dry hair BUT use keratin hair treatments. The hair in the photo is similar to mine before brushing it in the mornings if I didn't straighten the day before. Keratin is my "secret" if that's the look you are going for.

No. 55858

Opinions on growing out hair that's been color treated/bleached?

My hair is currently about an inch below my armpits. About a year ago I bleached it and I've been growing it out ever since (no coloring, no bleach heat protectant ect.) I like the dark ash blonde I have growing in. But I feel like it clashes with the weird faded blonde that's the rest of my hair.

My question is, should I risk the money to try to color match the rest of my hair to my natural color so it will be easier to grow out? Or just let it grow naturally and avoid the damage/possible mess-ups that could occur with a color change.

For reference, my hair looks very similar to the image >>55827

No. 55866

Let it grow out, but it would be best to cut all of the bleached hair off. Even if it isn't especially damaged, it's weaker than your virgin hair.

No. 55870

I'm not going to chop off twelve inches of my hair lol but thanks

No. 55872


I don't think they meant all at once. Just cut like a inch every couple months and before you know it you'd have grown out the bleached hair.

I did this with my damaged hair for a while, but I got tired of small cuts so eventually I just chopped the rest off.

No. 55883

Dye doesn't usually damage hair like bleach. Just dye your hair to your natural color anon.

No. 55886

File: 1488238394979.jpg (822.31 KB, 2048x2048, 8423E3E4-6299-4ED9-BBCA-46448E…)

I've had blackbrown-black hair for approx 8 years (naturally blonde) and I want to eventually go to a ashy brown. I dye my roots once every 2nd month(very rarely use heat shit etc) so it's in pretty good shape considering the circumstances.

I will probably go to a salon to get it professionally done, but do you guys have any tips for what I can do before/in between the dye-jobs to make the process faster and better?

No. 56143

I have really fine and soft hair, but it isn't thin, and it gets horrifically greasy within 2 days. I've done a lot of those stupid "healthy hair DIY" masks and it just doesn't help with my grease.
I also can't style my hair for shit since it just falls out of ponytail holders and it can't hold a curl at all.
I just want to shave it all off.

No. 56146

Have you tried out the root touch-up dyes? I know they're marketed more towards graying hair but I don't see why it wouldn't work just as well for blond hair in between salon visits.

No. 56147

Use a good conditioner, some hair masks maybe etc.

No. 56155

Probably if you used one of those dye removers it would take most of the color out (especially if you're natural blonde), meaning the hairdresser wouldn't have to bleach it out, and you would end up with the same color and much less damage. I got my hair from blue-black to natural auburn with only two boxes and it felt great. Those things STINK though, they have lots of sulfur.
Otherwise do everything you can to preserve the health of your hair like:
sleep in a hair net
get a silk pillowcase
don't cook it in the sun
trim ends regularly, and keep them braided and away from the general environment
when you use a hair mask, pat hair dry with a t shirt, apply mask, then cover it with a shower cap to let it soak in. if you don't have a shower cap i just use cling film

No. 56156

Sound like you could use a scalp toner anon. I was reading on an Asian beauty reddit people started using a face toner for oily skin on their scalp, and it made their hair so much less greasy. Which makes sense since scalp is skin, so maybe try treating your scalp as if you had really oily face skin. As for DIY things you could try diluted witch hazel in a spray bottle.

No. 56164

Different anon, but does that stuff really work?
I have thin af hair and am scared of putting anything on my head like that. But I guess it's better and less damaging than bleach?

No. 56174

Going platinum at the salon right now. From virgin medium brown hair. So excited!

No. 56189

That could work, I mean if it doesn't help my scalp I can always just use it as a regular toner.
My next issue is that my hair is straight and fine so it doesn't hold shape but adding products weighs it down. Any advice for this?

No. 56193

How did it go anon? I love platinum hair, but don't think I'd do great at upkeep lol

No. 56202

File: 1488948296366.jpg (126.45 KB, 736x510, bangs or fringe.jpg)

any black women with weave/extensions/sew ins lurking? i want to do something like pic related, i get my hair done next monday.. i've done bangs before with my natural hair and i loved it, but i'm worried about this for some reason lol, it's my first time attempt it with a sew in.

i wish you luck in all of your hair endeavors, farmers!

No. 56205

Question for anons: Have any of you naturally gone from a dark hair color to a lighter one?

My hair used to be dark brown, and suddenly in my late twenties it's coming in dark-medium blonde. I took a photo yesterday and compared it to a similar photo from 2 years ago, and my hair is drastically lighter. I'm pretty happy about it, but I only ever heard of blonde hair turning brown, not the other way around. I'm not sure if this is a precursor to going prematurely grey or is a result of vitamins/keratin treatments. Any anons have experience with this?

No. 56208

Hey anon, I don't have a weave but my mother has had one for the past 10 years or so. You shouldn't be nervous! Weaves usually look really good imo, BUT be wary about doing them too much – they pull your root hair and can cause balding.

No. 56213

It went great, i have a pixie cut so it took not that long. My hair is still soft too. :) worst part was the toner after bleaching, for some reason that really burned the first 5 minutes.

No. 56218

wow, for the past ten years? how's her natural hair holding up, is there a lot of damage? also thank you anon for your response, I'll try to be less nervous lol!

No. 56353

I have curly hair, an oval face and a giant fucking forehead (thanks mom). I want to cut my hair, but are there any style options for my hair type that can also sorta minimize my forehead? Kinda lost…

No. 56357

Straighten your bangs.

No. 56642

File: 1489825266743.png (624.41 KB, 766x644, Untitled.png)

i need major hair help. it's damp in these pics so it's usually curlier when dry and even longer when i straighten it. though thin, i have quite a lot of it.

i've been growing it out for years and while i love it it's just not practical. i work in hospitality so it has to be pulled back. i usually do a top bun (which makes me look like i'm balding) or a long braid down the back. i'm sick of both of those and the top knot hurts my hairline and i feel like it's making my forehead even bigger lol.

as you can see i have a massive forehead and square face. the obvious answer is bangs but my problem with that is what kind? i can't really do blunt bangs because that would be too much work and they would just frizz up in my sweat on my face when i work.

ideally i'd like some bangs or at least front pieces i can pull out to frame my face. but idk if i have too much hair or what but any pony i try just hurts my head and gets all over the place. maybe i'm just not good at styling it.

i'm also afraid it's kaka levels of limp and gross, so there's that

sorry for novel. sen dhelp

No. 56644

File: 1489831861734.png (946.98 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170318-060654.png)


Long side bangs. I have a big forehead and can guarantee you they help a lot.

Why do so many farmers have massive foreheads just like Kiki and Kota, wtf

No. 56645

Your hair seems fine, don't beat yourself up so much over it. Have you tried some side swept bangs, and in case it gets in your face either hold them with bobby pins or behind your ear?

No. 56648

What can I do for my disaster of hair? They're naturally shapeless (not straight, not curly, just an uneven mess) and if it was this alone I'd be like "Okay, I can just straighten it or something", but no.
It's frizzy as fuck, like, I straighten it and it only takes a bit of humidity in my own home to make the frizz monster come back. My hair also look dull and damaged, even though they're not dyed nor stressed out with treatments/heat.
I know it may seem a basic, almost dumb question, but please send me advice. Some anti-frizz product that works, DIY masks, anything that works. For example, I noticed that when I get out of my hairdresser my hair look nice, soft, bright and all good things. So it's a matter of products, I think.

No. 56652

What kind of hair products do you use anon? High quality shampoo/conditioner, leave in serums, sprays, and ionic brushes/hair dryers etc will make all the difference.

No. 56653

btw to add to this, I used to have dull, damaged looking, frizzy, wavy/curly hair that would snarl all the time etc. Started using sulfate/paraban free shampoo and conditioner (either for smoothing hair or with keratin), do monthly keratin treatments, use keratin serums and finishing oils. Also chucked my old hair supplies and replaced with ionic/tourmaline ceramic. My hair has never looked healthier, and it naturally went from dark/medium brown to medium blonde too. Hope this helps anon!

No. 56655

Thank you! I'm using drugstore shampoo/conditioner/hair mask, nothing special. I'm already using ionic and tourmaline supplies, though.
I'm super jelly because my sister uses that stuff too and her hair looks healthy and perfect.

No. 56658

i think that is the best bet. ty.

lol i know it is super weird that a lot of us have big foreheads, idk, maybe that's why we hate on them so much for it lmao

ty, i just have been feeling insecure about it lately. i think i will try the bangs

i'm the anon above with the long hair and while it looks shit in that picture (it was damp) it's actually really healthy despite it's long length. BUT it's a pain in the ass to maintain.

a lot of people recommend sulfate/silicone free but i tried those for like 2 years and they made my hair worse so keep in mind your hair type and that those may not work for everyone.

what i do is: wash only once or twice a week with shampoo, the rest of the time wash with water and follow with conditioner on the ends(or dont wet at all). dry shampoo will be your friend.

whenever you can, like if you get home in the afternoon and aren't leaving the house til the next day, put a hair mask in and leave in overnight or til that night. it can be DIY like olive or coconut oil or a drugstore mask or nice salon mask. i've used em all and tbh i don't think the salon ones are worth it. anyway, just keep that in for at least a few hours, wash out, and follow with condtiioner.

also, when you condition, leave a little bit in. don't rinse out all the way.

dry hair with a microfibre towel (i like the turbie twist thing) and don't rub it. air dry whenever possible. i also follow with treatment sprays when my hair is wet after a shower.

it is a lot of work tbh but it's made it so that the damage is gone.

honestly it sounds like a big part of the issue for you is environment (humidity) so i would definitely use a styling product with silicones to seal the cuticle and a gentle hairspray. that should help a bit, along with keeping it healthy as possible.

No. 56659

File: 1489887877516.jpg (171.05 KB, 948x1476, hair.jpg)

No worries anon. I went for most my life with shitty hair without realizing what a difference product makes. I used to use dollar store shampoo and conditioner and it just made things worse. OGX shampoos and conditioners are a cheap way to go sulfate/paraban free if you are interested although as >>56658 said it all depends on your hair.

Before starting keratin treatments (reallyyyy cheap to perform at home if you trust yourself to be careful aka not pour on your scalp/follow instructions), I read all these horror stories of people going bald or burning their hair. I was scared, but for me keratin is just what my hair needs! I have long hair around the same length as >>56658 and also wash 2-3 times per week, but blow dry/straighten or curl almost every day. It's in 10x better condition than before I started doing all this stuff so I'd recommend perhaps giving her method a try first and then if it doesn't work, trying mine.

For reference, here's what my hair looks like now after straightening (not my pic obviously, but only takes 5 minutes to straighten like this with the keratin products I use)

No. 56660

File: 1489888021374.jpg (8.63 KB, 189x260, before hair.jpg)

Here's what my hair used to look like (color, texture etc – the keratin lightened my hair, as I said and since it needs to be redone on all your hair, it creates an ombre effect), so you can compare it to >>56642 and your own hair to see maybe which treatment might work best for you. Hope this helps and good luck anon!

No. 56662

I have very similar hair and I have to admit it's a nightmare situation.

The first thing you have to decide is whether you want to have straight hair or to nurture your natural curls/waves, since both need/use very different care equipment.

I'm a lazy asshole so my go to is either forking over the money for the 7 month keratin treatments so my hair is pin straight with no heat, which I don't do regularly. Or I focus on developing my waves and do a no fuss system of washing once a week (I have a slow oil production so I can get away with it) and in the shower use regular shampoo but I try to get a nice argan oil conditioner and I slather that on, like I go through x3 the amount of conditioner I go through compared to shampoo. Then I leave it in for a long time and wash it out. As soon as I get out I dry my hair a little with a towel and immediately comb it. I also try to use a nourishing serum while combing, either coconut oil or I test out random brands (John Frieda frizz ease is my favourite serum to put in). Then I separate my bangs and put them in a roller, and braid the rest in two pigtails and let it dry overnight (I only wash my hair at night). Some days I take it farther and will pin the braids to my head or do pin curls and wrap everything in a scarf so that the serum I used really works and I end up with really shiny and wavy pretty hair the next day. Oh and I take the curler out of my bangs when they get dry (usually 20 mins out of the shower) and let them settle overnight so it isn't crazy 80s bangs. I try to use heat as little as possible and it really does look nice and luscious like beach waves. Oh and I only brush my hair every 2/3 days.

If you want to emphasize your curls and waves, you basically have to do a similar washing style, but then try to comb the hair in the shower. Then when you get out dry your hair with a cotton shirt and get a good curling mousse (currently trying to find a good brand for me). You can also add a serum for curly hair before or after the mousse to keep moisture in. Do all of this bending over while scrunching your hair. You will notice wavy larger strands of hair starting to form. Those are your natural curl patterns and you have to make sure not to separate them so they don't become frizzy messes. Add some more mousse/serum to those wave strands by lightly running over them, you want to manipulate them as little as possible. Then just go about and let your hair air dry. This works better for me during the day because then my head doesn't flatten the curls at night. Depending on your mousse you might end up with normal curls or crunchy ones. Those need to be worked out a bit so they aren't gross sticky curls with product. But you end up with really pretty wavy curly hair with lots of volume.

No. 56664

Oh and if you decide to try the curly method, don't touch a comb/brush outside of shower time. It will comb out your curls into s frizzy lions mane.

No. 56666

Not that anon but I've tried "not touching a brush," but I get hardcore knots underneath my hair if I let it go all day without a brush. I try to go until bedtime without brushing or combing but I will literally have mats under my hair. (My hair is very thick, wavy and fine.) Any remedies for this?

No. 56676

Your hair sounds like mine. You can use a detangling comb in the shower while the conditioner (preferably one with a lot of slip) is still in it. That helps, but I would still get the giant knots that would take a ton of detangling spray to undo.

No. 56685

The anon who talked about the no-brushing here;
I used to get really bad knots and tbh I chopped off my hair (it was thigh length) to shoulder length because most of my knots were caused by just damaged hair due to lack of care. I haven't gotten them since. Oh and a big contributor to my damage/knots was that I was really self conscious of my hair so it was always in a low ponytail and I got the knots from the area around the hair tie, so maybe you're doing something similar that is contributing?

Or if yours just happen you just can't do the no brush method. It'll be annoying but everyone is different and you're just someone who has to brush your hair, nothing wrong with that. I would say try getting a brush or comb that is veriy uninvasive, and you might just have to spend a long time drying and straightening your hair once or a couple of times a week so you can brush it while it is straightened.

No. 56691

I wouldn't do this, doing that to your hair while it's wet is way more damaging. Use a leave in conditioner and brush it dry instead.

As for a solution for doing no-brush, I don't really know of one. I have fine, straight hair so i can pretty much go no-brush as long as my hair isn't damaged.

No. 56697

Thank you all, I'm going to try your methods :) Any product/brand advice is more than welcome.
Also >>56642 your hair looks way better than mine, you seem to have some nice volume and texture, while I noticed that even though my hair seems all big when it's frizzy (like in >>56660 but sometimes even worse) it actually is kinda fine and has little to no volume (not Kiki/Kota tier, but not thick either).

No. 56698

Most people have huge foreheads, actually. Just go outside or on IG and stare at people enough- you'll notice it.

No. 56724

File: 1490006686511.jpg (103.86 KB, 640x853, 9d14cbe8303b982a85f1a230a44672…)

Guys, I really don't know whether to cut my hair or not.

At the moment it comes down past my bellybutton to my hip bones and I've always liked my long hair but lately I've kinda become bored with it. I have a lot of it, but it's fine and dead straight so I often have trouble getting it as voluminous as I want.

I'm thinking of getting something like pic related, but I'm really afraid it will look flat and gross. I dig the voluminous, textured look.
My hair has been long for years so I'm also scared of regretting it if it ends up looking like shit. I've done that a lot in the past just cutting my bangs.

I don't really know how to describe my face shape. Like a soft square maybe? My jaw kind of comes out slightly wide but I have high cheekbones that stick out so my forehead/jaw/cheekbones aren't all aligned straight. My chin is pretty small and not pointed either.
All I know is straight bangs look awful on me and make my face look huge.

No. 56725

Shorter hair tends to be better for fine hair. Not super short if you don't want, but definitely not super long. The weight of your hair will pull it down and make it lay flatter against your scalp. It's easier to texturise and volumise shorter hair because you're up against less weight.

Once your hair hits your collarbones shoulders, there's no real difference in how flattering it is on your face if it's the same style. Layered hip-length hair will be as flattering as layered chest-length hair.

My advice would be to go shorter but maybe compromise and cut it to chest length with subtle layers. You'll get rid of some of the weight and get an opportunity to see how this changes styling but you won't have a hugely different style that you'll hate. If you're feeling brave, go for it though!

To add some texture or volume, try wax instead of gel, a salt spray or blow dry some volume into it. Don't wash it everyday and don't weight it down with too much product or product that's too heavy.

No. 56727

>hits your collarbones shoulders
Meant to just say collarbones, sorry

No. 56732

Thank you for replying!

I think cutting to chest length is a good idea. I even like how chin length looks in the same style as the picture I attached, but I wouldn't go that far, at least not just yet.
But I've lived with long, heavy hair for so long and I'm so over it looking flat all the time! If it needs to be chopped off to get some bounce and fullness back into it, then so be it. I figure if Marzia/PewDiePie's gf can do it and look great, then hopefully there's a chance for me.
Thanks for the advice!

No. 56734

I have huge, curly copper red hair. I've been saving it since i was about 14 and its down to my chest now at 21. I really want to get bangs but due to the curly nature of my hair I'm not sure if it'll look good. Any advice?

No. 56742

A friend of mine has long curly hair too, and when she was a teen she used to have bangs. It did look awful, because she straightened her bangs (obviously) but not the rest of her hair, so I just let you imagine how it did look like.
If you really want bangs you could consider a permanent hair straightening? It usually lasts like 6 months.

No. 56745

How curly is it? Some girls with the curly/straight bang hair look nice but as >>56742 if it's too curly it looks really dated and 80s.

No. 56746

>>56745 thanks for replying!
Usually i comb it out for more volume/making it frizzy instead for curly, but throughout the day it turns into small corkscrew curls close to the tips. I'm mostly afraid of my bangs becoming gross and curly by the end of the day, not a good look for me. Is there any way to prevent this from happening?

No. 56747

File: 1490027745740.jpg (129.26 KB, 480x640, 219551b461e064e77ff3f2dbc79aac…)

I think curly, natural bangs are adorable! Just be careful not to cut them too short.

No. 56755

It's much less damaging to gently untangle curly or wavy hair with conditioner in it than to brute force it when it's dry. Like you said, you have straight fine hair, which needs a different technique.

No. 56762

combing out curly ​hair dry is one of the worse things you can do

No. 56770

No. 56773

File: 1490063598038.jpg (48.28 KB, 564x507, IMG_3806.JPG)

I kinda want the Aeon Flux haircut now but it's a constant struggle since I've been wanting to grow my hair out for the longest time. Would the style work in this day and age?

No. 56776

File: 1490064828648.png (138.74 KB, 500x609, can i speak to your manager.pn…)

it's a stones throw away from pic related.

No. 56777

Looks a little outdated tbh

No. 56793

If you really want it and think you can maintain it, go for it anon. It'll grow out eventually or you can get it cut later if you want.

Also might depend on how you dress because >>56776

No. 56819

File: 1490132917528.jpg (115.1 KB, 1000x779, hair color after.jpg)

Any idea what shade of blonde this is anons (the picture on the right)? Thanks in advance!

No. 56830

It's about a 7 or an 8 i'd say, but if you'd like hair like that, just bring the pic to your hairdresser, they'll help you figure out if it's an option for you.

No. 56832

looks way outdated and suburban soccer mom. it looks ugly anyway you'd regret it

No. 56834

That's a light golden brown. Definitely a 5-6.

No. 56863

Does anyone else have hair that's primarily a light wave (or straight) with small parts that are super wavy?
The hair that's around my ears is extremely wavy, almost ringlets. It's hidden under the top layer of hair but it shows through a little and it's strange to say the least.

No. 56864

I also always let my hair air-dry.

Sage for samefag

No. 56883

My hair is naturally near black with square face and a wid forehead, for years I've been happy having soft full bangs and I've been dyeing my hair a cherry red for several years now

However, it's incredibly frizzy and I always feel downgraded compared to a lot of girl's hair I see. Any tips to figure out how I can have nicer hair?

No. 56894

Stop dying it, duh.

No. 56906


even before I dyed it, it had always been quite frizzy. Also I don't like having black hair and pale skin, I feel like it drains the rest of my face!

No. 56919

Curlyanon here, sorry for not responding until now! Wow, that is literally the same type/color of hair i have. Might give it a try!

No. 56964

Can you describe the type of frizz a little more? Or find a similar picture?

Is it dry? Straight, crinkled? Fly aways? Advice would probably be dependent on what your definition of frizzy is.

No. 56988

I have the same hair type, long dark fine and flat hair, and also a soft square face! and I got this hair cut maybe two years ago and I loved it. I used a flat iron most days for texture and sea salt spray. It did make me more conscious of my face though mostly because i had it a little too short, I think, that was my only regret. go for it but don't get it cut any higher than the bottom of your face!

Also feeling how light your head is after years of having long hair is mindblowing 10/10

No. 56996

File: 1490401404517.png (159.16 KB, 127x521, ewewew.png)

No. 56997

File: 1490401445693.png (58.28 KB, 397x100, ewewew222.png)


I fucked up my hair big time didn't I

but in my 20s I want to reverse this

before dyeing, if I had photos you'd notice this too but it's always had some frizz, white hair and all sorts

No. 56999

if your hair is naturally near black then all the bleach its taken to get your color this light has probably just killed it - esp if naturally it was really dry/frizzy to begin with. it looks like there's a ton of breakage which you cant do anything about really. the only way itll actually be healthy is if you chop it off and grow it out again, but if you want the hair you have now to just -look- healthier just wash with cold water, use a moisturizing shampoo/conditioner, do the occasional hair mask and use some kind of hair lotion/leave in conditioner and an oil after each wash.

No. 57002


I'm really scared to go back to black, I've always felt like my natural hair has swamped me and I wear a lot of black so it's made me feel like a nun

Are there alternatives so I can have lighter hair?

No. 57003

you don't have to go back completely to black, but adding any kind of pigment (dying it something darker) back into your hair after stripping it (bleaching) will help, even if its just a couple shades darker, plus in general darker hair hides damage better. All the hair on your head more than likely wont ever be all that healthy, so your best bet if you want to keep it would be to focus on making it look good + babying it to prevent further damage. if you want to continue having light hair i suggest either 1. going to a professional to have them lighten your roots for you (and dye your hair if they offer the color you want) or 2. if youre doing it yourself do it in like 2-3 steps over the course of a couple weeks/months. ive also heard of people putting coconut oil in their hair before bleaching to help minimize damage. a couple extra tips on babying damaged hair would be to dry it in a cotton teeshirt after your shower(softer on hair), dont brush it when when wet, dont wear it in tight updos and avoid heat styling like the plague. i have like 7 inches of hair right now thats probably in a similar health condition to yours and doing all that + what i listed in >>56999
makes it look a thousand times better

No. 57004

Just go to a professional. I guarantee anything else you do from here short of buzzing it off will not make things better, if not make it worse. Your hair looks completely fried and box dye is the worst thing you could do to it right now.

No. 57008

File: 1490415462282.png (208.7 KB, 1140x932, IMG_4621.PNG)

Ok, so here's my advice:
-OLAPLEX, seriously, if you can find a salon near you, a professional Olaplex treatment will help immensely. If you don't have the money for that, see if you can at least get a hold of the #3 treatment. (Make sure to apply it on damp and DIRTY hair for at least 4 hours). I honestly thought this shit was a scam until I tried it. It's not gonna make you feel more moisturizer btw, but it'll help reseal the cuticles.

-Invest in a nice, moisturizing, gentle shampoo. Conditioners and oils and leave ins are great, but you'll lose their effects if you're using a subpar shampoo. I really recommend Loma, Moroccan Oil, and Colorproof.

-Learn to blow dry properly with a round brush. I know everyone always says to avoid heat, but honestly once you damage it you're never going to be able to hide that damage without a little styling. Full stop. Use a good leave in cream with heat protection and maybe a light hold. Dry with a paddle brush until mostly dry, detangle, clip into sections and work through piece by piece with the round brush. To prolong the style, sleep in braids or loose ponys and try to use a satin pillow case.

Pic related: I went from dark brown, to white, to various blondes, to auburn and managed to keep my hair's integrity. These things really helped me.

No. 57015


you three are saviors, this thread is so helpful, thank you so much. But where do I start now? Like what do I do first out of these things? also 57008 I'm amazed at how unfrazzled your blonde looks, this is incredible

So box dyes are bad, again, what to do first?

No. 57020


Like do I bleach my hair first, let it grow out first, etc

No. 57033

Your hair looks gorgeous! Is there a difference between Olaplex and say, a Japanese straight perm or Keratin treatment? Also would Olaplex work on very thick hair? My natural hair is thick, as in even starting from the scalp it poofs up from all the volume lol. Keratin treatment didn't help me much for reference. Thanks in advance!

No. 57036

Well you don't want to bleach it out anymore, it's already pretty wrecked. Like the other anon said honestly your best bet is to get to a professional regularly and see what they can do for you to salvage your hair and make it look as good as possible until the damage grows out and continue having them do your dye job beyond that as well, because it's just going to look better than box dye. If you can't afford professional help, condition as much as possible, avoid shampooing except when dirty/greasy, and use leave-in conditioner afterwards. Try to avoid heat as much as you can. Deep condition/mask once or twice a week.

As for going dark to hide the damage - again, box dye is just adding more damage to your hair. If you're really strapped for cash try going to a cosmetology hair school, they're much cheaper and since going dark is pretty standard, they're not going to mess up your hair.

No. 57042

Love your hair in the 2nd (right) pic anon.

Not >>57008
but I believe Olaplex is generally used to help prevent damage when bleaching hair (used during and after bleaching). Japanese straight perm makes hair stick straight (forever) and keratin smooths hair (removes frizz and makes hair healthier, but washes out over time).

I researched Olaplex, but never tried it because of the price, but if you are going to bleach your hair regularly or more than 2 shades from your natural color, it's probably a good investment.

Your hair looks really damaged, but not much more than mine used to be. Like you, my hair was naturally dry and frizzy even if I didn't dye or bleach it.

anon and just use keratin treatments (do it myself) and "nicer" hair products (basically anything without sulfates/parabens and with keratin or something smoothing). I didn't have to cut all my hair off like some people suggest. The keratin cured my hair amazingly, and as a plus it grows in a dark/medium blonde color now (from dark brown)…AND it comes in oily, when it used to be dry my entire life. You might want to trim the ends of your hair to prevent split ends moving further up the strands, but again, you can just do that yourself with a professional pair of hair scissors.

If you don't want to have to pay salon prices for everything and keep dying your own hair, I am with you (no idea how you feel about this, but sounds like you enjoy dying your own hair like I do). I stopped going to salons completely because they always fucked up my hair (even the expensive ones). Bleaching your own hair (properly) will be a lot less damaging than most salons imo.

Like >>57008 recommended, definitely try the Olaplex if you can afford it. If not, then you can use coconut oil (saturate hair 2 hours before bleaching, then apply bleach OVER the coconut oil in your hair). This can come out a little brassy, but it seems you already like warmer hair tones, so shouldn't be an issue. Likewise, if you want to be extra gentle with your hair, then try getting highlights every few weeks until you lighten to a color you like. THEN dye it that pink/red color. Make sure not to wash your hair for like 3 days prior to bleaching too. BTW, when giving yourself highlights, there is really no reason to go platinum and then tone down if you'll be dying your hair a warm tone anyway. Just lighten to a tone that would be nice for dying a red/pink color (obviously the lighter the hair, the brighter the color). Good luck!!

No. 57043

Olaplex is a treatment to help repair damage. It won't straighten or smooth your hair if it's naturally curly or wavy. Essentially what it's doing is reconnecting broken bonds in the hair without heat or extra damage. The professional steps are sometimes mixed into due and bleach mixtures to help keep the integrity of the hair while the chemical process is going on.

So if your frizz is from damage the Olaplex can help because of its repairitive properties. Otherwise if the frizz is just "natural" it's probably just a sign of dehydration and improper curl maintenance. Thick or thin hair isn't really an issue with this treatment.

No. 57046


Is there any way I can be red against my natural near black hair without damaging it further?

No. 57188

I have dark brown natural hair, and it's currently been box black dyed maybe 5 or six times. Like blue black.

I love it but hope I can go to a soft almost natural dark copper one day. I would get it done professionally. Is that even possible? To go from box blue black to soft red? :/

(A year ago I cut off all my hair into a pixie as it was unbelievably fried from bleaching. I'm really scared of that)

No. 57193

The best way is to just stop dying it, and let it grow. Maybe try to dye it a loghter color (if you intend on cutting off that part eventually anyway). I had box black long hair, dyed it brighter at the salon, and then just let it grow. It looked bad the first few months of aftergrow, but it was so worth it. I'm happy to say 100% of my hair color now is my own! My hair has never been this healthy either.

No. 57201

Yeah lol, and in my bangs. I've been married to my straightener for those bits for 15 years now. I love waves and ringlets but not like randomly here and there, so when I want to go wavy I rather use a curling wand/iron.

No. 57261

My bob is growing out and I have a shitty onigiri head hairstyle now. What do

No. 57289

im with you anon. patience is a virtue. and keep trimming the back to avoid a mullet until it's all one length.

No. 57382

Anyone tried going rose gold with a box dye/ home DIY? Any suggestions for products?

No. 57488

anyone else fucking balding? My hair has thinned out so much and now I'm developing a bald spot in the middle of my hairline. What can I do? Does any of that rogaine crap actually work? I'm afraid I won't be able to hide my bald spot for much longer.

No. 57497

I need recommendations for medium-length hairstyles to make me feel more confident and hide my weak jaw/chin while I seriously try to lose weight. I have thin/fine hair by the way so I don't have much to work with.

I'm only a couple lbs overweight but a lot of fat has gone to my face/neck area so much where it looks like my jaw fuses into my neck. It makes me feel disgusting. On days where I wear my hair up I contour as much as I can to create the illusion of a jawline, but I don't want to be wearing heavy makeup every day. I'd like to get used to having my hair down more.

No. 57543

File: 1491202159483.png (292.95 KB, 429x546, Screen-Shot-2015-02-21-at-8.16…)

Not really balding but with thin hair and high hairline…well…
Honestly anon you might want to go to a professional with such a problem and see what even the cause is?

How about a lob? Adding a bit of waves/curles/volume helps to make your hair seem less thin and you could easily hide your face/neck area

No. 57586

Advice about handling naturally dark/near black hair please?

I wonder, how do so many ladies in asian countries have the Harajuku level light hair? Is their bleaching method different to western hairdressers?

I've bleached and dyed my hair but have decided it's time for a serious revamp and idk where to start- do I approach a hairdresser, what should I expect?

I don't want to have black hair, ideally I want to be lighter. I've seen lots of women with bleached but still good condition hair, please help

No. 57606

As someone who used to have naturally dark hair (my hair grows in lighter now), I used to bleach it blonde and it was always healthy. UNTIL the hair salons started changing the way they bleached my hair. Suddenly my hair was fried and I had to cut it all off.

I noticed the difference is that they used to lift my hair to the desired color, and then wash it out. Now it seems impossible to find a place that does this: they make your hair literally white and then tone it darker. Of course this means my hair is over-processed afterward. My hair not only used to look natural (because the tone matched my natural tone, only lighter), but it was also soft. I'd recommend just bleaching your own hair with some olaplex to be honest. Watch some videos on youtube, it's pretty easy to do. I stopped going to hair salons completely and now do all my own hair treatments, and my hair looks wayyy better than it does when I leave the "professionals"

I'm not sure what the bleaching method is in Asia to bring black hair blonde. Maybe someone else can answer this though.

No. 57698

I'm getting a hair straightener sometime in the upcoming months and was wondering what hair care products are useful while dealing with heat?

I don't plan on using it daily, maybe once a month or less. But if you guys have any tips, especially "I wish I knew this sooner/when I started" that'd be great. Is there anything in products I should avoid or look for?

No. 57709

Has anyone got any product recommendations for co-washing? Or any good no sulfate shampoo & silicone free conditioner? I've heard the "Yes To" range is pretty good but I'm unsure.

No. 57718

An asian friend of mine came home from japan with some insane highlights once, he said that the bleach over there was different and that it required shorter development time on the hair, I'd google it!

No. 57724

I have very long hair, thick and quite nice hair I think and I pretty much just use whatever shampoo is on special at wal-mart. Like my long thick hair is literally my "brand" at this point, is the kind of shampoo you use really that much of a big deak?

No. 57726

For some of us it is - it could make it dry, more oily, weigh it down etc. So yes.

No. 57727

I like SexyHair brand for sulfate/paraben free (not sure if silicone free though).

No. 57728

You can use a heat protectant spray. Honestly, if you are only going to be using it like once a month or less I doubt you have anything to worry about. Also, don't use on wet hair and make sure to get a decent brand.

One suggestion most people probably don't think of is to buy heat protection ear covers. I use these when I do my hair to prevent accidentally burning my ears lol (I straighten my hair a lot).

No. 57733

Thank you anon! (:

No. 57779

File: 1491552162874.jpg (175.44 KB, 600x800, brunette-to-pastel-4.jpg)

Hope you guys don't mind that I have some questions, I'm a noob at this.
So I have dark brown hair and am a total hair virgin, I've always had my natural hair color and never really tried extensions or anything (most I did was dreadlocks and curls)
But I'm a sucker for the pastel look (awful, I know) and I think it would be a shame to bleach my virgin hair completely so I was looking into the ombre coloring thing.
Would it be best to do this with extensions or ask my hair dresser to bleach and dye it this way? Wich method would look better and/or be easier? Will extensions give the same effect or will it look extremely fake? And is it true that you have to dye your hair every week if you want to keep the pastel in? Also, if I ever wanted to go back to my natural hair color, would it still be hard to do like with full bleaching/dying?

No. 58769

File: 1492958601721.jpg (242.59 KB, 2896x2896, 20170423_223923.jpg)

i really want thick eyebrows but i'm a little skeptical of the castor oil and aloe vera gel mixture has anyone one of you tried it? i'd really like to know if it really worked on you guys :(

No. 58781

if it really worked there were no more bald guys. no substance is ever making you to grow hair in places that your genetics didnt choose.

No. 58818

Girl don't get any of that shit, get yourself some careprost it's generic Latisse (thus much cheaper!) It grew out my brows and lashes real well :)

No. 58820

File: 1493001305327.jpg (15.84 KB, 214x317, MV5BMjA3NDg1ODM3Ml5BMl5BanBnXk…)

My hair is super thin, like Kiki's and I also have her massive fucking forehead. It's also wavy and gets tangled constantly. I don't know how to style it, but right now it looks atrocious. I want a cute bob but because my hair is wavy I think I would need to style it everyday to make it look good. What do I do? Help?

No. 58833

I use castor oil for quite some time. Daily for about 2 months maybe, now just occassionally. It definitely darkens your hair, so if you're a (dark) blonde like me, it's worth using just for that. It strenghtens the hair, its life span is longer - no weak lashes falling out when removing makeup, for example. Speaking about eyebrows, hair's growing faster, got darker, but they're not fuller.
Bretman's eyebrows got so miraculously full because he had them full before; he just abused plucking.

No. 58834

How do you even apply that stuff on your lashes without it getting into your eyes and shit?

No. 58835

File: 1493027449148.jpg (46.71 KB, 500x750, da11c7b69d5cfab87188e56c45251f…)

Maybe something like this?
Bangs to hide the forehead and layers so your hair doesn't look that thin

You can also ask your hairdresser on what would look good on you

No. 58850


I agree, ask your hairdresser. I have thin hair but not a large forehead and got a 'blunt bob' and it looks amazing without styling it because I have wavy hair. But my hairdresser knew what they were doing, so do your research and go to a good one.

No. 58858

I just smear it on my lashes with my finger lol. I've been using cleaned mascara wand but now I'm too lazy, and the oil actually improves the state of my under eyes skin. So I find it quite beneficial that it's everywhere near the eye area
It doesn't get into your eyes if you're using right amount, it stays on lashes. If you use too much, it drips and possibly hits your eyes. So just don't use too much.

No. 58939

File: 1493132336312.jpg (15.09 KB, 500x556, Short-Pixie-with-Long-Bangs.jp…)

this one is especially for hair stylist anons (if any) and anons with curly hair:

i have 2C curly-wavy hair with fine individual strands, but i do have a good amount of hair on my head. it's prone to frizz, but it doesn't curl so much when it's shorter or a few days after it's washed.

do you think i can pull off a long-banged pixie cut (pic related) with this kind of hair? if so, what should the hairdresser do when cutting my hair so that it's not a mop of curls on top of my head? would it be too high-maintenance and need constant straightening? please advise.

No. 59165

File: 1493317750386.jpg (18.35 KB, 400x400, 2238061.jpg)

I was thinking of buying this heat protectant spray. Anyone know how good it is? Alternatively, any recs for a good heat protectant spray (if this one isn't?)

No. 59168

File: 1493319730194.png (1.06 MB, 679x1024, 1493096592943.png)

What kind of blonde is this one?

No. 59170

File: 1493320327428.jpg (59.43 KB, 496x606, 6f4d0dcc04f434371cda6c9100d4fc…)

It's a wig and the filter makes it a bit hard to guess, but I'd say golden blonde

No. 59195

I just started accutane and I'm getting some pretty bad dandruff, Ive had it before but it mostly went away and now it's back and idk what to do

No. 59197

File: 1493336389085.jpg (55.67 KB, 768x768, 3665340ee32383a9d05caddf239f61…)

Pic related has been a lifesaver for me.

No. 59208

How drying is this?

No. 59386

It won't dry out your scalp. If you use it every day, it might dry out your hair a little. I usually shampoo every other day, and use dry shampoo on non-shampooing days.

No. 59412

I have thick long wavy brown hair. It is a pain in my ass. I am either considering dying it a diff color to kill it or thin it out but I hate the shape when my hair is in layers. I just can't keep up with the maintenance. It takes an hour to straighten. Anyone ever dyed their hair to thin it out ? Any product I use just makes my hair greasy

No. 59413

have you considered getting a straight perm?

No. 59414

I have not, I will look into it now thanks! Never heard of it, is it like a Brazilian blowout?

No. 59448

Not the one you're replying to but it's an actual chemical treatment to relax hair. Obviously your new growth will still be wavy but your length will be straight.

No. 59464

i know this is such a googlable question but lads what hairstyle is actually good on a very round moonface?? i've switched from microbangs to pinning my hair back but my face just looks massive and idk

No. 59489


I like shoulder length hair with a long, sweepy fringe, with a side part. Middle part just makes me look like a beach ball.

No. 59501

Side-swept bangs with hair following closely along the jawline so it frames your face.

t. fellow moonchan

No. 59536

i was browsing the trans thread in /ot/ and noticed my hairline was sorta close to some of them [to clarify, i'm biologically female lel]. i don't actually have the balding look but my hairline is kinda high up around my temples, and i got some baby hair but it doesn't really grow out. if i got rid of that baby hair i'd probably look a little balding though. my question is, is this just unfortunate genetics or am i causing this somehow? could sleeping on my side cause this? i don't tie it up and don't use products so idk

No. 59539

It's probably genetics anon.

No. 59573

same problem here. in the process of working out which hairstyles suit me, whilst being thankful that I dont have a teresa giudice 2head

No. 59676

Anyone have any tips for french braiding hair on your own head? I can french braid on other people but my fingers get in the way when i do it on my own head. A mirror doesn't help because i have problems with depth perception.

I want french braided pigtails ;; it'd be perfect for the gym

No. 59684

File: 1493966991257.jpg (52.12 KB, 736x413, IMG_2127.JPG)

I know it's just as easy to google this shit, but I trust yalls first hand experiences first hand.

I've had black/black brown hair (box dyed) hair for few years now and I want to go up a few shades to a mid brown with ashy tones. I'm torn between spending a shitload of money or if I should just do it myself needing to chop off a few cm's.

A dye job at salon here for long hair is 200euro each session.

No. 59984

Has anyone here had their change texture for seemingly no reason? When I was a child, my hair used to be tight ringlet curls then when I was a teenager, got looser to the point of waves, and now it's completely pin straight. I don't know why but I'm curious if it's happened to anyone else.

No. 59989

Can anyone recommend a really good treatment, either bought or home made, for me? I have really thick hair and I recently took up swimming, all the chlorine is making my hair feel really dried out and just not smooth and silky like it should. I've always had my hair in a really great condition so I don't want to lose that.

No. 59993

Yeah, mine was curly until my mum cut it short. Now it's straight.

No. 60002

It's not too uncommon. Hair texture can change as you grow, esp in teens. I know someone who went from straight hair to heavy curls in their teens.

It can also be because of hair length (longer hair is heavier and the curls may seem less 'dense').

Dying your hair can also change your hair texture, but the hair that grows out after isn't affected by that though.

No. 60003

Yes, it's just hormones. My hair has progressively gotten curlier over the years, which is great because I always hated having straight hair. My mother's went from straight to thick tight curls over her pregnancy with me.

No. 60066

File: 1494275120983.jpg (58.49 KB, 560x700, sfvcbccdgz.jpg)

I wanted to get bangs recently.
I was thinking about these see-through ones but my hair stylist told me my wavy hair might be too thin and it might look bad, do you think that's legit? Maybe pic related would work better? Or maybe it being thin doesn't matter at all…?

Also, will the bangs + a bit of side hair (pic related) make my face look less chubbier? I look fine when my hair covers a bit of my face, but when I tie it all in a ponytail I look round as a circle.

pls help a weeb out, I just want to look cute but I don't know how

No. 60067

File: 1494276146714.jpg (42.93 KB, 500x616, 2998b96e96c525be46b3dbc67a7020…)

short sideswept bangs would probably be cute. pls don't ever show your stylist anime pics, tho ffs.

No. 60068

File: 1494276917254.jpg (78.74 KB, 736x725, d79071e3001e1164858b80c258d1da…)

Thank you! But my hair is less wavy so I'm not sure if it will work out on me…? It looks more pic related

(and I wouldn't do that, I'm not that crazy lol)

No. 60081

I second short side swept bangs. I have very fine hair with loose waves too. It's too thin to pull off straight bangs but they look thick when pushed to the side. From my experience, side swept bangs with some face framing pieces will make you look like you have way more hair than you actually do and possibly slim out your face. I have an egg head and a man jaw and it does wonders for me. I do have to straighten my bangs every day since they flip out weird but it's worth the few minutes of my time imo.

No. 60344

File: 1494572616356.jpg (4.7 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_1589.JPG)

in october i decided to shave my head all off because it was very damaged. ive let it grown out now, and its pretty long, but not long enough to put it all in a ponytail. i have a round face, kinda chubby and i havent really done anything with my hair besides just slicking it back, any advice on what haircut i should get? i kinda wanna get a haircut like pic related, but with shorter bangs but i dont know if itll suit me

No. 60346

if you already have a round, kinda chubby face, i dont think this haircut is a good idea at all. it makes the girl in the picture look like a round mushroom so i cant imagine it would look too splendid on you.

imo you should grow your hair long which would be more flattering for your face shape.

No. 60351

File: 1494588175929.jpg (117.1 KB, 620x717, IMG_2380.JPG)

The circled red is what my hair is, and the circled blue is what I want.

I've wanted to be blonde for a while, but I HATE dark roots with a passion, and I have fine hair and I'm so scared of my hair being fried if I go blonde. Im willing to go to a good salon, but I'm worried even a good salon can't avoid frying my hair.

Also, my eyebrows are very dark.
Have any other anons had a blackish to blonde change, and how did it go? I'm not planning on doing a box job, because it seems like a guaranteed way to destroy my hair.

No. 60353

Not blonde but something similar

I went from black (box dyed, 5-7 years) to brown (kind of a golden brown like your pic, but wanted red but that's not really important). My hair is almost Kiki tire thin and it past boob length. The whole process took around 6 hours and a bit less than half of my hair was cut off.
Since I used box dye, it was a bit lighter on some part and darker on others lol. Some parts actually turned blonde, like the lower part on the back of my head. The hair itself was kind of coarse, rough, dry feeling but they gave me a really good, moisturizing hair mask that fixed it within a few months.

If you don't dye your hair you should have it waaay easier than me and maybe even go blonde in one sitting. But expect maybe two because of damage or whatever. Just take good care of your hair after bleaching and you should be fine.

No. 60355

I've wanted to get straight bangs for a while, but I'm not sure the hairstyle would really fit my face. I have a very circular face, and not really a big forehead. Plus I feel like it would make me look weeby, but my hair is just so boring and I want to do something with it. Will post face shape if needed, I'm just not sure what to do.

No. 60358

Use an app and see how you like it

No. 60364

>I feel like it would make me look weeby
lmao why?

No. 60368

You could slowly lighten your hair using highlights if you are worried about damage.

Your hair is naturally very dark, so you are going to have dark roots, no way around that.

With that said, I also have fine hair that lightens quickly and lighten it a couple shades. Even good salons fry my hair. I'd personally recommend DIY kits, that's what I do now. It's the easiest way to avoid your hair frying if you can trust yourself, because once your hair is fried it's fried. You can mask the damage, but never truly repair your hair.

No. 60369

You could try side swept bangs if you don't have bangs already anon!

No. 60373

File: 1494618418327.jpeg (5.25 KB, 245x206, da yolandihair.jpeg)

So I've been wanting to get a radical haircut for quite some time and I'm really in love with Yolandi's hair at the same time I find it sort of embarrassing and try-hard. Maybe I'm just going through an identity crisis. Thoughts? You kind of have to diy that shit right? Who asks a hairdresser for that? Any of you done crazy diy cuts before?

No. 60374

Anon pls no.
If you have a job this is going to be terrible (unless you own a wig) and it will be a nightmare to grow out.
Not to mention it only fits with a certain aesthetic, not "average" clothing

Unless you own a wig and a wardrobe that fits, don't. Go for a sidecut or somethig similar.

I understand wanting something extreme tbh, I'm stuck in a position like that, but you have to think the whole thing through. Good luck

No. 60375

Yeah I have to agree with >>60374
I love Yolandi but she also has the wardrobe and shit for this.

No. 60377

Yeah, your answers are reasonable and all but the thing is I'm only considering this because I don't feel reasonable at all right now. I was on the verge of shaving it all off when I was in a "fuck it all" mood so. Idk I've been numb/depressed for so long I'm starting to want to wreck everything and give up shit that used to mean something to me, like my hair. I'm just kind of nuts right now but I look boring as fuck and it doesn't feel right. It's probably extended puberty or sth.

No. 60378

dont do it. you're going to give yourself a hard time in all areas of your life and be a laughing stock which WILL get to you eventually especially if you already have mood problems. yolandi's kind of a celebrity so it's just not the same. it looks like a "im 16 and in an awkward phase" haircut on a normal person.

theres tons of ways to look "interesting" without destroying your hair in one of the worst ways possible. you'll most likely regret it afterwards and feel even worse. imagine growing that shit out when you're older.

dont take it out on yourself. if you feel destructive and fidgety go punch a pillow or kick some ass in a video game. hell, buy those glitter slimes on etsy and play with them if you have to take your mind of things.

No. 60379

I get that, I shaved my head clean once in the middle of a breakdown (yeah, yeah, give me those Britney jokes) and regretted it for about a year afterwards. If anything, I'd say just dye it or get it cut enough to be a change but not a major one. Or, better yet, take a bath and get some sleep and think about it again in the morning. That always works for me when I want to do something drastic.

No. 60386

Do you guys have any suggestions for a compromise cut? I'm just intrigued by shitty haircuts right now but I don't want to fuck myself over.

No. 60387

File: 1494627484694.jpg (38.96 KB, 448x590, 73eb6906c6fa6c82f6a2bba7fca7c6…)

Does anyone here have any experience growing out their hair?

I got a bad cut and it's been my kind of wake up call to realize that I just want long hair without the maintenance of bangs and short cuts.

My hair now is about armpit length with choppy bangs that I have to pin back. I want to get it down to at least waist length, which will probably take about two years, right?

My current plan is to not use any heat styling unless it's a very special occasion, or just a short blast from the blow dryer during the winter when it's too cold to walk around with wet hair. I'm also not going to color or bleach it, of course. I'm planning on washing it only about three times a week, and use oil treatments and masks on my hair regularly. I'm also taking vitamins and making sure my diet is healthy, as well as staying hydrated and exercising.

Is my plan solid? Have you ever tried to grow your hair out? How did it go? Was it easier after the awkward stage? Thanks guys.

No. 60388

When I grew my hair out I just didn't do anything. No trims, no heat styling, lots of protective ponytails and braids.

No. 60389

Oh and I wash about once or twice a week.

No. 60396

File: 1494635190148.jpg (226.56 KB, 500x750, d4d3fa5b5fea88680b03550571f05d…)

A toned down chelsea cut maybe - or just the choppy bangs? I saw this too and I like it but idk if you would. Yolandi just has a lot going on with her hair, like the shaved part, but if you really want her hair, I say cut it. It grows back eventually and my mom always told me that bad haircuts build character haha.

No. 60397

File: 1494635257193.jpg (78.64 KB, 736x1040, 4e676a9c4d04f5ad06281ed05d6e8e…)

I saw this one too, I like the length but maybe the bangs could be a little longer. This one really reminds me of Yolandi but idk.

No. 60400

Your pics is cute but not what I'm going for. Your mom seems like a wise woman. Might heed her advice. lol

No. 60401

That one is kinda cute but it actually looks less clean than Yolandi's to me. Yolandi has like half of her head buzzed with a long guard, right? I might be wrong but Y doesn't actually have proper micro bangs, right? It's just a long buzz cut that's then cut into that U-shape (and buzzed super short on the sides). Not even sure I figured her cut out properly tbh.

No. 60404

>>60387 I am in a similar boat.

I'm about to grow my pixie out. I have had my hair short for a few years. I went platinum a few months ago but it made me want to do a 180 and try to grow all natural and healthy. I already know growing out a pixie is mullet hell but my hair grows pretty quick. Is biotin legit or bullshit? More hair growing tips please

No. 60425

Is it true that you should shampoo twice? Once to clean your hair and again to let the shampoo to take effect?

No. 60426

Yes that's the proper way to wash your hair! It also won't get greasy as fast as when you wash it only once.

No. 60428

I've always been told once is the way to do it (and only to wash your scalp, not the rest), but my hair is so thick and greasy I have to do it twice and can't use conditioner anywhere other than the rattiest bits of my ends.

No. 60440

File: 1494699345525.jpeg (42.94 KB, 564x564, ce1e38461c3f60d9985fa1a7e4a364…)

So I looked for Yolandi inspired haircuts that are less extreme and I found this pic. I don't like it, it looks kind of half assed. I think what I like about Yolandi's cut is that it's actually buzzed. She doesn't really have bangs, the buzzcut is just trimmet into that round shape in the front, right?

No. 60441

pretty sure yolandi's is buzzed with a long comb, yeah.

No. 60442

No, that's marketing so you waste more shampoo. Maybe if you use a ton of gunk in your hair, otherwise that's not necessary.

No. 60445

you'll hear different opinions on that but imo no. Only when you need to get rid of heavy grease or wash off all of builded up proteins and such.
Actually, it's not necessary to wash your HAIR with shampoo too often. It's drying and ripping off good protective stuff (sorry for my lack of proper wording). Just shampoo your scalp, and when you wash it off, your hair gets washed a bit too. For example, I wet my hair, put on a mask or conditioner, wash my scalp with a shampoo WITHOUT washing off my mask/conditioner so it protects my hair from the shampoo. Then I wash it all and use my favourite conditioner again.
My hair has never looked better, tbh

No. 60451

I've had a really greasy hair type my whole life, regardless of good diet and hygiene. I have to wash my hair daily, it gets greasy enough to be publicly unacceptable by day two. No, dry shampoos do not make it look any better. Any ways to fix this?

No. 60452

Right. I see all these girls trying to get the look and they just get micro bangs with an undercut and it just doesn't look right. I'd be scared as fuck to buzz half of my hair off ngl. I'm probably too chicken to DIY this. Wish I had an edgy friend to fuck my hair up for me and take the responsibility off my shoulders. lol

No. 60453

I don't think there's much you can do, it's mostly down to genetics. It's the same for me and it's one of the reasons why I've fallen out of love with my long hair. All the washing and drying gets annoying.

No. 60454

Accutane will permanently decrease your sebum production and people who have to wash their hair daily typically only need to wash it every 2-3 days after.

No. 60455

You're right, I didn't think of that. I know what it does for acne but I didn't consider the effect it would have on the scalp. Haven't tried it myself because of side effects and shit but the other anon might want to give it a shot.

No. 60464

are you recommending accurate just to have less greasy hair? that shot will fuck you up and it's not even legal to prescribe in most countries. it can literally make you sterile, among other things. unless every inch of your skin is covered in horrific cystic acne there is no reason to take that poison.

apologies for rant but we studied the horrible effects of accutane in aesthetics school lol

No. 60486

Anon, take it into consideration carefully and try going for it in steps. Try bettie bangs instead (A shorter style of bang than usual that isn't as drastic as Yolandi's).

You also picked the worst pic of Yolandi you could've possibly grabbed for your example, ouch.

Just google image bettie bangs or bettie page herself. I suggest taking them longer at first and gradually move them up and see how you feel.

All in all remember: Your hair WILL grow back but the shorter you take it, the longer it will take to return. Take it slowly.

I personally just cut some short styled bettie bangs and I love them but i can only wear my hair a couple of ways when I'm lazy or i look retarded. It's a very high maintenance style if you don't have the facial structure to pull it off bare-faced/messyhaired (I do not).

Luckily my hair grows fast so it'll be a more normal (and thus, easier to hide when i'm lazy as fuck) in a few weeks but i also am basically hikkikomori status so it's kind of irrelevant anyway.

If you HAVE to leave your house often, don't take the risk anon.

Don't take the risk if you don't have any idea of how to cut your bangs or you'll probably fuck them up. If you find a good stylist they'll do what you want.

No. 60487

I think going with any drastic bangs is usually a safe bet. It's easy enough to hide them (Pinning them back, headband, whatever you choose, or even changing your hair part can hide it for awhile. Did that with my sidecut when i stupidly tried that out) and your bangs will usually appear to grow faster than the rest of your head so it's not as agonizing as an all over cut if you hate it.

No. 60492

I wasn't recommending anything. I was making a factual statement.

No. 60494

Jesus I knew that shit had side effects but now I want to read up on it more. Not that I considered it but damn I didn't know it was that brutal

No. 60495

I don't think the pic is bad. It's a candid one that's not photoshopped and the hair isn't styled so much.
Also Betty bangs aren't what she's got, half her hair is cut short, she doesn't just have bangs starting at the crown or sth. Bangs would be a compromise though, instead of going full mullet from 0 to 100.

My bone structure is pretty good, I think I could pull it off. I've just been sporting really boring hair my entire life so it's going to be jarring no matter what.
Funny you mention your hiki tendencies because we're in the same boat there. I'm no NEAT but what I do allows me to stay indoors for months sometimes so maybe I can fuck up my hair idk. I feel like I've got to do it once in my life.

I'm curious about what your hair looks like but if it's so distinctive you might not want to post a pic? lol

I've concluded that I'm not hardcore enough to DIY this so if I decide to do it I'll find myself a hairdresser.

No. 60497

Accutane was fucking amazing for my hair. It didn't last though, maybe it permanently decreased the oil production a little but when I was actually on it I could go nearly a fortnight without my hair getting greasy.

Source? It causes birth defects but only if you're pregnant, and you have to get regular blood tests to ensure that you aren't. Never heard about the sterility thing.

Honestly, accutane was the best thing I ever did for my self esteem and appearance. The only regret I have is waiting so long because I listened to paranoia about supposed horrific side effects and was too scared to try it. Cystic acne doesn't have to cover 'every inch of your skin' to make you miserable, people who are dealing with it shouldn't be afraid to try accutane with a derm monitoring their usage.

No. 60500

File: 1494762658642.jpg (87.6 KB, 500x650, IMG_5495.JPG)

Yeah her hair is shaved short on top to create her bangs, with slightly longer layers on top. You could do it home with someone elses help or go to a highend salon but its likely they will just give you mircobangs instead of shaving, and it could come out looking too 'clean'

No. 60506

Yeah that's what I feared about getting it done at a salon. They take the shit to seriously and make it all accurate and neat. I guess if I want a that looks like I don't give a fuck I need to actually not give a fuck. Maybe I'm too square. Who wants to be my cool friend who fucks up my hair for me?

No. 60507

You could try and at least do the bangs by yourself to start, I feel like that would be easier without someone's help. I've been doing my own hair for years after I went to a salon to get an edgy scene haircut in my teens and just came out way too polished like you said there comes a time to stop giving a fuck and just go for it! If it goes wrong just wear a wig and grow it out, it's just hair and like >>60396 's mother says, bad haircuts build character!

No. 60509

Does anyone have pictures/videos of hair that's buzzed with the longest guard? I have never buzzed anything other than my pubes and I'm scared shitless of just going for it on my head.

No. 60510

I like your attitude. I've been cutting my own hair for years now too but I just always have it kind of long and I just cut off my ponytail and do some layers now and then. Never dared anything edgy.

No. 60512

I want microbangs and think they'll work for me. I love the way "kawaii full bangs" look, but my forehead is really short, so when I had them once, they squished my face. Looked terrible. Microbangs would give a similar cute effect, without squishing my face maybe. Should I go for it?

No. 60513

I should also mention I have a widow's peak.

No. 60515

I had a look around and I found this, its not a cutting tutorial just a girl with a similar cut styling her hair but you get a good 360 look at how yolandi's hair would be, might help a bit

Do it anon! they grow out fast anyway so if you don't like you wont have to put up with it for long

No. 60516

That's actually the closest to Yolandi's I've seen. The dreads are pretty gross but it's helpful to get a good look of the top of the haircut. Also helps to see how that grows out in her newer videos. Girl needs to lose some weight, though.

No. 60520

I still haven't figured out exactly what the best way to cut this would be. Maybe tie back the entire lenght at the crown, behind the ears? And then just go over the front with clippers with the longest guard? Ugh maybe I should just buzz the hair at the temples first before doing anything else to see if I can handle it.

No. 60521

Any other girls with curly/kinky hair that straighten? How do you keep that shit from looking stiff or weird?

No. 60526

Every time I straighten a piece of hair I immediately brush it out after. That's the only thing that works for me

No. 60541

File: 1494789539101.jpg (112.78 KB, 879x533, hair.JPG)

could someone please explain to me how far into my hair I should cut to be able to get those "side pieces" like this girl has?

I have a fat face and they really help hide that but I'm not so sure how much I should cut or where. Right now I have straight across long ish bangs, could someone help explain where the pieces should "start" from in my hair.

No. 60547

Those are quite obviously clip in bangs anon, her real hair is tied back and the bangs and side pieces are clipped onto it.
If you want them for real I suggest playing around with it by tucking different amounts of hair behind your ears and see what you like best, then just cut them shorter

No. 60548

I meant pulling pieces out from behind your ears, after tucking it all away, sage for me being dumb

No. 60549


oh sorry, I didn't know that. I've seen people with them in their "real" hair so I assumed hers was real too.

do you think I should start from the front of my face hair to give a slimming effect? like my bang area or just pull more from the back like you said

No. 60555

It's called a hime cut, and you want to be REALLY careful with that. It typically rounds the face, and the longer ones hide your jaw, it doesn't make your face look slimmer.

You want to avoid anything that hits cheek to jaw if you want to make your face look slimmer. If you REALLY want them I guess start with a layer that starts just past your chin.

No. 60596

File: 1494865681073.jpeg (8.51 KB, 236x246, c617b113ef3b309db10b7c1d76aba3…)

Can I tell the hairdresser I want the hair of a trashy little boy?

No. 60597

You want a mullet?

No. 60598


No. 60599

Stop obsessing over Die Antwoord.

No. 60601

I'm only obsessed with the hair & style. I don't even like their music. Help.

No. 60602

Flip a coin. Heads, you do it. Tails, you don't.

No. 60603

I think theres 2 or 3 anons itt wanting yolandi's hairstyle right now, its becoming a bit confusing

No. 60610

Two at least, I'm one of them.

No. 60650

What are ya'll's experience with biotin for faster hair growth?

No. 60653

I'll bet ten bucks one of them is Millie

No. 60656

I'll bet they all came from pull and aspire to look just like millie. trash music and dumb as fuck style especially for a normal person who doesn't have yolandi's nice face shape, jawline, and fit body.

No. 60684

Yall are obsessive cows and I guarantee you'll look like a special needs redneck with her haircut.

No. 60686

As long as I look like an attractive special needs redneck.

No. 60692

That Yolandi girl has a petite fit body with an hourglass figure (31-21-32) with a gorgeous WHR of .66 , However for some reason I don't particularly envy or feel attracted to it. I prefer someone like Salma Hayek…

No. 60697

Same because my body is pretty much exactly like Yolandi's. I'm happy with it but I don't find it particularly sexy. Salma Hayek is super hot to me as well, good example. Don't know how often I've watched that Snake dance scene. Totally my type.

No. 60698

But I'd say Yolandi's bust to hip ratio isn't as even. She's got more hip than boobs. More like a skinny pear shape. It's really all about shoulder width to hip imho. That's what makes you look nicely proportioned.

No. 60700

If anyone knows of some Instagram bitches with the Yolandi haircut or a similar one, post them.

Make fun of it all you want but it's actually a pretty cool cut if you can't decide whether to go short or long.

No. 60701

File: 1494975110715.png (455.27 KB, 719x712, tumblr_okwo5xHplS1vplegoo1_128…)

No. 60703

That isn't going to happen. Stop acting like an obsessive child and grow up.

No. 60737

File: 1495001759555.png (244.62 KB, 598x348, 1085415.png)

You guys should totally go for it!

No. 60739

Your opinion is very important to us, dear

No. 60747

jesus lol

No. 60759

That's not how that meme works :(

So getting off the topic of Yolandi's hair because, christ anons just do it, it grows back….

What kind of vitamins do you guys take, if any, to promote hair growth?
I got some from nature's bounty for free (gummies) but didn't really notice anything and finished them up already.

I see those bright blue ones posted all around social media but are they hyped up garbage like drinkable collagen or are they the real deal?

I just want long pretty hair ;;

No. 60768

Collagen stuff doesn't work but I found that Biotin and Vitamin D helps a lot. Lots of women if not most in the northern hemisphere have Vitamin D deficiency. Get yours checked. Women need more of that than men and if you wear sunscreen all the time our don't go in the sun much you're likely lacking it.

No. 60771

I take a multivitamin already but should I/can i take a vitamin D tablet on top of it?
I have some reggie biotin it's just not gummie so i forget to take them lol. They're shaped and taste exactly like my lactase pills for when i accidentally eat cheese (restaurants fuck up. A lot. and it's not always obvious until you take a bite or two.)

No. 60796

I'd get my vitamin D checked. When I did it showed that I had extremely low levels and that can really fuck you up in the long run. I got some really high dosed ones to boost my levels and now I regularly take smaller doses. I might be imagining it but it seems to have helped with my depression too.

No. 60836

Who gray hair here? I'm not even 30 yet but I have a handful and hate having to maintain it all the time. Since I have naturally dark hair it stands out quite a bit too. I kind of wish it would all just go white at once so I can pretend I'm on the silver hair bandwagon.

No. 60847

I'd use it as an excuse to just bleach my entire hair and once it's fried and horrible shave it all off.

No. 60871

27 and I can see some peeking out when my roots grow. I guess I'm not stopping dyeing anytime soon…

No. 60877


Same age and every once and a while I'll suddenly notice a grey hair that's like 5 inches long…..

I give myself all-over blonde highlights so luckily I haven't noticed any grey hairs lately lol

No. 60890

I've been looking around for tips to keeping hair colors to stick around, I pay around $200 or more to get my hair done at a nice place as I have the most inconvenient hair, so I'd like to know more.

So far I wash my hair with cold water only, have color protecting cleansing conditioner that I don't leave on too long, don't use any heat either. Is there anymore I can do to keep it from fading? Or should I just give up and go back to my natural hair?
>tfw you pay way too much to upkeep your hair
>getting anything fun done at a salon takes at LEAST 3+ hours
>hair cuts take about a full hour

There's a point when your hair is just too thick and mine has passed that by 100x. It looks pretty yeah, but I put a crap ton of time and effort to keep it that way. I've just learned about diffusers for curly hair and I've upset I've never heard of it before. My hair isn't as heavily curled as most that use it but it works perfectly with my hair.
Does anyone else know this feel? Almost all my family has thin straight hair besides me. I've had people come up to me and just touch my hair without asking basically my whole life, I've even had some people be rude to me because she thought I lied to her about not wearing extensions.

Wow sorry for how long this turned out to be, I'm high af from painkillers.

No. 60963

>That's not how that meme works :(
What is this, 9gag?

No. 60975

OT but what is the shade of that girl's hair? It looks really nice

No. 60988

Know when companies or commercials use a meme and they completely fuck it up and it's the cringiest thing ever? That's you, when you use a meme wrong. It makes you look like a newfag retard.
I've never had trouble with natural colors staying in my hair so I want some clarification, do you mean unnatural colors at all? What color if it's natural?

I read once somewhere color-protecting shampoos/conditioners can actually make the situation worse, but this likely varies by brand. What brand do you use?

That said, all color fades eventually, even natural colors. For unnatural colors, the color you choose can have a big impact on how fast/slow it fades, and the brand of haircolor can impact this too (do you know what brand your stylist uses?)

Also $200 sounds like way too much but i also have always been a cheapass and just done my hair myself (So i've lived through all of the shittiest mistakes from too-short bangs to ugly colors to bad bleach jobs)
It'll depend on the brand but i usually see that being labeled as auburn.

No. 61195

I have the same problem, only I don't have OCD and didn't pick out my hair. My hair has always been in the thin side and very fine, plus I have a high forehead (my asshole brother once said it looked like a receding hairline when I was getting my hair dyed), but I rarely dyed back then, and never now.

Anyway, around 2011 or 2012, I started getting hair fall far more frequently than I'd ever had before. I used to part my hair down the middle, but after a while, so much scalp began to show, that I had to start parting it off to the side more. I went to my doctor at the time, and he said it was stress. At the time, it may have been stress that helped aggravate it. But five years later, and my hair isn't nearly back to the fullness it was when I was younger.

I've looked around online at possible causes. Trying biotin didn't seem to work, and only made me break out more often. I began to find stuff linking antidepressants to hair loss in women, and I'm wondering if that is the root cause of the problem. I got my psychiatrist to switch me from Prozac to another antidepressant, but I don't think the newer one is helping with the hair loss. I'm almost tempted to go off the meds entirely, and see if it helps bring growth back, but I know I'll get more depressed if I do.

I feel fucked, basically. I don't know if a dermatologist can help or what. Not to mention I don't know how much a session with a dermatologist will cost.

No. 61301

>muh maymay
9gag confirmed

No. 61321

Anyone growing out their bangs? How do you do it?

No. 61396

Does 9gag even exist anymore?
Can you stop derailing just to show off how not retarded you are?

Cause it's not working

Yes. I cut mine too short so i've been dealing with it a few ways
>Avoiding leaving the house
>Hats (Sometimes too hot for that) just tuck whatever you have up there. Works with thick headbands too
>Bobbypin it to the side (mine are too short on the under layer)
>Spray em to the side
>Just style them properly and live with it
>Remember they'll grow back.
>Avoid the mirror as much as you can (You'll notice the difference in length more)

But there's nothing really besides trying to hide them or make them look better until they're long enough to get cut into the shape you want, or otherwise just left to the side to grow out to the rest of your hair length.

I mostly just shove mine to the side.

If they're the right length fauxhawking can work but that doesn't look good on everyone (Makes me look dykey but some look super cute with it)

No. 61402

What do you guys think of ladies in their mid-late twenties with some unnatural color in their hair?
Would it make you think something good/bad of them right off the bat?
Also, do people seem to treat you differently because of the "radical" color?

I never did it as a teen/young adult and sort of wanted to try pink or purple on the bottom of my blonde hair while I still work a job in which it doesn't matter. I am usually mistaken for much younger if that helps, and I do live in quite a "liberal" area (there seem to be quite a few old ladies with mostly blue hilights and such that I see fairly often) but it has a small population. Idk something is still holding me back

No. 61407

I see so many women with offbeat colors of all ages. Hell, I even know a woman in her late 50's that has purple and blue streaking through her salt and pepper hair. Looks pretty good actually. I think the vibrant and pastel colors are fine as long as you use a color that looks good on you. What gets me are the gross tumblr haircuts that usually follow.

No. 61430

Totally agree with this, but have to add the other thing that ruins it is not bothering with maintenance - either letting it fade unevenly or having bad roots.

No. 61691

I have wavy hair that I never straighten. what can I do to reduce frizziness and flyaways?

No. 61702

>What do you guys think of ladies in their mid-late twenties with some unnatural color in their hair?

Can't take them seriously.

Wash it only twice a week, and maybe use a leave in conditioner?

No. 61716

File: 1495807910570.jpeg (10.36 KB, 234x260, image.jpeg)

Right now it is purple and pink ombre, it's been almost 2 months now and the purple seems to be sticking so far which is nice.

I use pic related, my hair is really strange and most shampoos/conditioners make my hair unmanageable.
My stylist I think uses aveda? I think that's what it's called. Yeah I can see how it seems expensive but I've been to around 5 different solans I stuck with for good amount of times in my life and all were the same price, it's more due to how long the appointments are, I have to be the last appointment because depending on what I do it can take up to 4 hours to do my whole head. Normal haircuts takes 1 hour at minimum, even when I cut it above my shoulders. I've had a lot of pissed off stylists because they didn't listen when I said how long it takes over the phone and they didn't schedule right. The girl I'm with now scheduled my first appointment for 30 mins and by the end I had 2 other people from the salon help blow drying my hair at once to finish it off since her other client showed up.
It's just extremely thick to the point it really is inconvenient, it gives me migraines sometimes due to the weight.

The worst is I've had my hair perm straightened twice, both took around 6 hours sitting in the salon. I sometimes think of chopping it again but now i finally just got it back down to my waist after 3-4 years

No. 61728

age doesn't matter to me, it's the care that's important. if you're 10 or 100 and your hair looks like shit than i cannot take you seriously. i know i know, don't judge on appearance anon, well dying your hair is for your appearance so fucking do it well.

No. 61749

Anybody use henna and indigo on their hair?

No. 61846

really the main thing is, does it suit your style? if your style is very vanilla, it might look ridiculous; see the trend of (for lack of better word) preppy girls putting pink streaks in their hair. if you're already alt-leaning, it'll automatically look better.

other things to consider; brightly coloured hair is more of an accessory than normal coloured hair is. if you wear a lot of colours, your hair might clash. like, when i did my hair super bright red, it was so hard to find a red lipstick that looked good on me because it had to go with my hair, my skintone, and my outfit. imo this is i think why goths look best with brightly coloured hair; when you're wearing all black all the time, it's a pop of colour for contrast

people will treat you a little differently from a glance, yeah, but for me it's fun to show people that their first impressions are totally wrong. i also have piercings and tattoos, though, so i'm going to get those looks no matter what colour my hair is

overall tho, if it's something you've always been wanting to do, do it! it's not irreversible. if you really hate it or get a lot of flack for it, dye it back.

No. 61848

I've never dyed my hair before. I'm a brunette and I was considering getting my hair dyed black. Is there anything I should know before? I want it to look natural, not that cheap, blue-black. Should I go to a salon, or could I just box-dye it?

No. 61849

salon not necessary for something that simple, but do yourself a favor and at least go to a beauty supply like sally's for the dye. don't use the box shit from walgreens/walmart. if you dont have a local store, sallys has a website and amazon carries many of the same products. do a tiny bit of reading first and get the separate pieces yourself.

No. 61851

Blue black could look good, depending on your skin's undertone, though. If you're warm toned, just go with a red based black instead.

No. 61855

I am an olive yellowy tone - typical Mediterranean skin. I just want it to look like I was born with that colour.

No. 61857

File: 1496008433867.jpg (621.75 KB, 1000x667, Slider_1_-_Kim_Kardashian.jpg)

Yeah, then red based black would be perfect for you most likely.

No. 61918

I have grown out bangs that are shoulder length and I part to the side. But they keep getting in my face and I'm always tucking it behind my ears.
If there anything I can do to made them stay or should I just cut them into bangs again?

No. 61921

i used to cut my own bangs a lot but at one point i had way too much hair in my bangs so i grew it out to shoulder length

the rest of my hair was hip length but i was tired of the choppiness so i cut it all the same length
last week i gave in and got side bangs by a hairdresser and i feel way cuter w/ bangs lemme just say

No. 61923

Thanks for the advice, I ended up taking the plunge and cutting side swept bangs. It looks nice and gets the hair out of my face.

No. 61954

File: 1496182633426.jpg (224.08 KB, 900x1200, DAHrYEuWAAACuUk.jpg)

I have had my hair down for YEARS and need to learn how to do hairdos

I struggle the most with those donut/space buns but wish to wear those the most, I'm cack handed and don't understand how bobby pins work either. Any tutorials?

Also here's my hair down if anyone wants to suggest updos and thingsI can do to feel less boring!

No. 61958


No. 61959


Who's Josie? My name isn't Josie sadly, that's a nice name and I've always disliked mine!

No. 61960

Hey anon, they have tools you can use for making hair buns. Just search "hair bun tool" on eBay.

I'd suggest dying your hair a consistent color and getting a keratin treatment. Your hair doesn't look that damaged, but straightening it (you can just use a round brush if you don't want further damage) will probably help make it look more neat.

No. 61962


Thank you! is it better to use a hair bun tool? I see tutorials on Youtube with how to do it with tricks but don't know how to get really good, or how to use bobby pin…

Treatment is next on my list, and I will do that more and see if it helps

No. 61972

do you guys think brightly dyed hair is immature etc.? I've had my hair every colour under the sun, it's been brown now for a while and i'm fighting the urge to dye it super aqua teal. my style is pretty normal and comfy with the odd punk-y element thrown in.

No. 61974

File: 1496191792722.jpg (30.2 KB, 386x500, 8712b1c392bae4e2e0329409e93c57…)

imo i find girls prettier w/ simple hairstyles
so a ponytail or a one top bun makes anyone look a lil more preppy and put together
makes for a nice feminine silhouette

braids and ornate buns/hairstyles don't look so hot unless you have massive amounts of hair/ extensions
and ur taking a photograph
I would focus more on making your hair look silkier// like something someone would want to run their hands throu

No. 61975

i only find bright warm colored hair to be an eyesore
aqua teal sounds wonderful, i think blue hair works on anybody

No. 61976

>wavy side down
>and for buns feel free to put as many pins u want for security/ but hair placement takes practice

No. 61978

Unnatural colors are very polarizing in my experience, most people either really like them or don't - so you're going to get varied responses to your question. I personally don't think any hair color is inherently immature and done well, any can look nice. I say go for it.

You can use the old sock bun trick but I never have, I've just seen lots of girls do it. There's plenty of tutorials on Youtube, some of which are really easy to follow.

No. 61989

To me, it screams immature or underage. I wouldn't do it for multiple reasons. I too have dyed my hair every colour under the sun - when I was 13 with nothing better to do. I'm 20 and am STILL growing it out from all the bleaching and dying since then.

Regardless, most people aren't going to think highly of you at all if you're worried about that sort of thing which you obviously are since you asked.

No. 61999


my hair is hip length grown out from collarbone length after 4-5 years and I did the same thing. Lots of people make a big deal about "hair growth" tricks but really as long as you are generally healthy your hair is going to keep growing at it's own pace. Nothing will make it grow faster. Just never cut it and don't abuse it to prevent it breaking off and it'll grow long.

No. 62000

Has anyone with thick curvy/wavy hair tried those heated hair straightening brushes? All the videos i've seen have shown it working well but all the girls seem to have mostly sleek hair and just use it to take out slight dents.

No. 62003

I've used one! I have wavy/curly hair I get thinned out. It basically straightened but my hair was kinda poofy. It didn't make it sleek or flat like a straightener does.

No. 62011

I have curly wavy hair like the other anon who replied. The straightening brushes work pretty decently, but smooth the hair rather than make it stick straight. It's great for using after straightening.

No. 62015

Dying hair from black to ashy brown with blonde highlights in 2 weeks. Had black for a long fucking time so this is a big deal for me. How long should I wait between the salon visits? (Gonna be 2)

No. 62017

What's your natural color?

No. 62020

My hair is fucking ruined from going pink.
actually, it wasn't pink that was the problem- i had it for about two years. i decided i wanted to go blonde, and instead of stopping and telling me they couldn't do it, the salon ruined my hair. i ended up having to dye it black and cut it above my shoulders. my hair was brittle and falling out, and when damp it felt like noodles.
i was so depressed with how i looked, ie dned up getting extensions. yes, i know, they're bad for your hair- but you can't imagine how horrible i looked. i just want my hair to grow out. and it is! i've had my extensions for almost a year, but my hair grows slow.

today i went to my hair stylist (a different one than the bleach lady) to get my extensions redone. somehow, six inches of my weave disappeared. i was sat there for 4 hours, but i wasn't facing the mirror so i didn't see it. my extensions are so short now, it looks almost like my hair before i got them. they're less thick too. i have no idea what happened. i should've said something while i was there but i was so in shock and trying to convince myself that maybe when i style it myself it'll look better.
so now im depressed about my hair again. i don't regret having pink hair, but i regret ever trying to go blonde- that's what ruined my hair. fuck. i just wish my hair was long again!!

No. 62024


How do I focus on making it look silkier? ponytails look a bit frizzy on me


any tips for placement?

I shall look into that, thank you!

No. 62133

File: 1496385101434.jpg (38.91 KB, 400x400, 2253320.jpg)

Does anyone have any experience with hair chalk? Does it come off easily? Does it make your clothes dirty?
I want to try lilac but I don't want to bleach my hair.

No. 62138

Never used it but I'd say it depends on the texture of the product. If it's really a powder then it most likely won't be visible at all on brown or darker colored hair.

No. 62139


you can use it on damp hair for more color payoff and seal it with hair spray to some degree, but it does get everywhere.

No. 62329

Gets everywhere, can stain everything, might make your hair look crunchy, but I've seen women curl their hair to hide the crunchiness.

No. 62449

I used the lilac one once because I wanted to try purple hair without committing to it. I would never buy it again, even for halloween.

>not enough for a full head of hair

>probably would need 3-4 to cover full hair
>not counting the underside
>literally just looks like you put coloured chalk in your hair
>dust gets everywhere when using it
>dyes hands & scalp
>coloured powder floats off of you all day
>down onto your face
>into your eyes
>the purple is too light
>doesn't work on brown hair
>like literally didn't even look noticeable at all

1/10. Don't waste your money.

No. 62475

well that's a no go then, thanks for warning me, girls

No. 62498

I have frizzy, medium length curly-ish hair. When I was younger, I had really nice curls, but now my hair is dry, flat and dead. My curls are weak. I've tried changing my shampoo and conditioner but it just feels like I lost my curls and all I have left is a frizzy mess. Anyone have advice?

No. 62501

sounds like you could have beach waves which are trendy if you argan oil your shit up

No. 62504

have you /g/irls tried biotin? i was told that it helps hair growth and to keep your hair healthy. i don't know, google tells me that it can break you out too so i'm not sure if i should buy it. has anyone itt tried it?

No. 62508

I tried biotin! It made my skin slightly better than usual, but not enough that it was super noticeable. Only noticed because it's like, my skin and I see it up close every single day haha. As for my hair, didn't really notice much of a difference either. Wasn't sold, I'm afraid!

No. 62513

thanks, anon! how is it used and would it be available at pharmacy's and such?

No. 62545

Have you tried coconut oil? A little bit of it usually keeps my curls from drying out and sometimes tames the frizz. Deep conditioners and hair masques a couple times a month can help too.

I've used biotin for awhile now! It honestly helped so much and my hair/nails actually grow and are pretty strong. But beware, it can make your body hair grow faster and more coarse as well.

No. 62546


Sage for samefagging but I also think you should look into curl defining products. If you have waves, there's tons of serums/mists/sprays/mousses that are lightweight and meant specifically for wavy hair. Won't weigh your hair down either.

No. 62564

i'll try those, thanks!

No. 62593

I cut my own bangs and they're way too wide. They go all the way to my ears and it kind of looks like a half bowlcut. What do I do??

No. 62622


go to an actual hairdresser.

No. 62646

File: 1497119581445.jpg (92.52 KB, 564x704, d42931c3e73229ecca6cc8b8c99ec5…)

Hey, I've never dyed my hair before but I'm thinking about getting pic related so I hoped you guys could answer some of my questions:

I've read that unnatural colors only last a few showers: Once they're "gone" will it look just blond or will it still have the color but more faded? I'm asking bc I've heard getting your hair dyed is quite expensive and if it's only gonna last like a week or two then that wouldn't be worth it to me. I kinda like the faded (like in the pic) look more, so will a hue like this stay longer?

No. 62656


no, actually darker colors will stay longer, but never fade into metallic-pastel tones like this . pic related will yellow out after 2 washes, 1 if you're using hot water. you can always refresh it in the shower with dye mixed into hair conditioner, but you'll lose the color nuance if you have any.

i recommend getting a good semi-permanent dye in a bright, strong color like fuschsia, forest green, dark blue etc., keeping it in your hair 4-5 hours, washing it off with cool water and not washing your hair for one week after dying your hair, if you can manage it. afterwards washing your hair with cold water will help the color stay longer.

No. 63043

I have thick but straight hair and while it does look thick midway and down, it lies very flat on my head/nearer the roots. Anyone have any advice that doesn't involve teasing it?

No. 63045

File: 1497574094786.jpg (110.03 KB, 570x677, High-Ponytail-Hairstyles_43.jp…)

top knot it up, get ready for a few min, then let it down and style it

No. 63051

File: 1497580405331.png (248.05 KB, 500x387, bonet.png)

So I've never dyed my hair before and I've always had a fancy to just go black. I already have dark brown hair that's pretty thick and curly, and when curled it falls slightly past my shoulders. I do tend to blow out and flat iron my hair at least once a month at times, if that makes a difference. My gut is telling me that I need to go to a pro to get it done because the last thing I want to do is ruin my hair. However, am I breaking the bank for no reason if I go to a salon, especially since I'm going darker with no intention of going light?

No. 63053

You could also go to a school of beauty (or whatever they are called)
Bleached my hair there recently only 20 bucks and the result was as good as any other professional.
So if you are concerned about the money try that out. They also have their teachers there all the time and they make sure that the person doing your hair is capable of doing it.

No. 63082

I'm going to piggyback this to reassure you (further). I'm a cosmetology student and at my school, the teachers keep an incredibly watchful eye. In addition to this, absolutely everything we do has to be okay'd before we can move on to the next step. After the service is complete, the teacher takes one last look, then you're on your way!

No. 63087

I want to dye my hair burgundy or chocolate cherry. But I'm wondering if wearing unnatural color too outdated at the moment? I feel like I should wait at least a year for it to regain some novelty.

No. 63114


burgundy is worn regularly by older ladies in the incredibly conservative third world hellhole that i live. chocholate cherry is basically a brownish deep red. it's a basic bitch color. they lost their "novelty" long ago and neither of them are considered particularly outlandish.

No. 63134

I'm a lot like you, naturally thick, shoulder-length dark brown hair (although mine is wavy, not curly) and I recently dyed my hair black at home. It turned out great. You really don't need to go to a professional, although I'm a poorfag who hates salons so perhaps I'm biased.

It sounds intimidating dying your hair by yourself, but it's quite easy, at least to do one solid color. Plus, since your hair is already dark, any mistakes will be quite forgiving. Just watch a couple of YouTube videos if you're nervous about doing something wrong.

Good luck with your hair, though. I think black hair looks amazing and I never regret doing it on myself!

No. 63145

File: 1497648122935.jpg (64.69 KB, 525x700, b08a8d59eaac4f9d192d08557b314e…)

This, every middle-aged lady and rich granny in Greece has mahogany/cherry cola/reddish-brown/auburn hair with pic related hairstyle

No. 63153

The horror stories that stylists talk about when it comes to box dying and people's hair melting gives me nightmares.

No. 63157


Tried this today and it helped! Thanks!!

No. 63174

I've dyed my hair at home countless times without issue, either those people are stupid as hell or those stories are fabricated so that people would get their hair did at the hairdresser's more, or both

No. 63179

Any suggestions for best brands for a blue black or jet black color tht is longterm?

No. 63213

File: 1497687988693.jpg (63.5 KB, 500x700, fcdb1fdc09bcc73d67eda1fb41f06b…)

Never underestimate how stupid people are anon.

I know someone who had her dark hair bleached then dyed in the bright blonde like pic related and it literally fell out in chunks after a week.

No. 64302

My hair is really flat. It's thick so I feel like it weighs down…not to mention my hair is recovering from a stylist who destroyed my hair. Anyways, I'm looking for a volumizing spray that doesn't have the greasy feel of a hair spray. Something light and doesn't change the feel of my hair.
Does anyone have any recommendation? So far, I found Rusk spray and it sounds promising.

No. 64308

Feria dyes are great for unnatural colours, but I've heard mixed reviews about the red one.

I personally use Garnier Olia or L'Oréal Preference, but those only come in natural colours. The Olia line has a really natural looking auburn dye if anyone's looking.

No. 67682

File: 1505692586817.jpg (13 KB, 250x250, this_shit_is_magic.jpg)

Fuck you guys I just did the most amazing hair mask.

Just a mixture of: Conditioner, tons of raw honey, and a splash of lemon juice. Applied to wet hair for 30 minutes with a plastic bag/ shower cap cover. Rinsed with completely cold water.

My hair has never been so soft and shiny. It's mostly the raw honey that does it, being a humectant it draws the moisture from the air and into your hair.

No. 67686

File: 1505698486548.png (540.49 KB, 895x394, 21691271_10214035609789436_517…)

Some noobie Q's for anons who have colored their hair:
- How did you choose your color?
- Home dye or salon?
- How much time and money do you spend on upkeep?
- Anything you learnt that you wish you know before dying it?

No. 67689

when I was going through my emo phase, I dyed and bleached my hair a loooottt, none of it fell out surprisingly, or even got fried, I would sometimes dye it 4 times in one day then blow dry and flat iron it, the most that happened was my ends got fried, which was treated by a 3 dollar hair mask then later chopped off because I wanted a cute wavy bob

I still to this day don't understand how my hair wasn't fried, I don't even like dying my hair anymore

No. 67872

File: 1506012883873.jpg (175.46 KB, 827x302, 2017-09-21 09.50.12.jpg)

I have a cowlick and I'm unsure which side I should part my hair on.
I usually part my hair on the right side so my fringe goes left but it usually ends up falling in my face.
I don't want to use products (I let my hair air dry and just leave it) but I am growing out my fringe because I'm sick of it. Help.

No. 67875

Left, obviously

No. 67877

I've never had fried hair either. Just dead ends or stringy. And I have dark hair and usually dye it black so when I want a new color I have to bleach it a few times. I think most people with dead ass hair bleach it constantly with a 40 volume when they don't need to and let that shit sit around for too long, multiple times. If you're not a complete retard, you will be ok.

No. 67893

I've had my hair fried countless times, by hair stylists.

My hair lifts very, very quickly because the strands are so thin, but the majority of hair stylists are SLOW as hell. For some reason, many of them work on my left side and then finally when they get to my right side my left side is white. Likewise, despite stating I want highlights framing my face, my bangs and hair around my face is always left 2 shades darker than the rest of my hair by most of these people. I've tried cheap salons and expensive ones.

I lighten my own hair now. In fact, I also cut/smooth/olaplex etc etc. my own hair too and the results are much better than at the majority of salons I've been to. I'm not perfect yet, but at least my hair suits me better now and I save a lot of money. I get split ends (I heat style regularly), but at least my hair isn't straw…something I dealt with too many times through the years.

No. 67928

I've always had bad experiences with highlights/bleaching/dying at salons tbh.

No. 67935

File: 1506109646295.jpg (44.7 KB, 474x484, 0564800308a52b31e980f7f2ed2df3…)

what do you guys think of very ashy brown hair? I'm a dark brunette (like, nearly black but not quite) and I'm thinking about switching to this color for life tbh. i think it's the best one for me after trying out so many and finally concluding that this is what i've been after. Although i'm pretty sure I'm going to have to bleach my hair and re-dye it every time I want to do my roots. like like a bit of a hassle, but i guess all women with bleached hair do it anyway.

I've watched a few korean videos of them dying their hair cool tones and I guess that's what you gotta do, otherwise you'll end up with a warm tone.

No. 68210

File: 1506478670729.jpg (37.72 KB, 358x769, 58a9693dbdb960e5ff303ab69fb4e1…)

Blonde expert anons please help.

I've been dying my hair since I was 11. I was blonde as a kid and ended up with medium or light brown hair. I was dying my hair black for years and was always told that when I had my hair blonde it looked best. I'm told dark hair makes me look sick and corpse like.

I have my natural hair color now and am looking to go blonde. Is there a box dye (I know some anons will cringe at the thought) or something at Sally's you would recommend to go to a dark or medium blonde? I'm going gradually up a few shades till I get to a level 8 or 9. My shade now is about a level 5. Similar to the swatch in the pic at level 5.

No. 68212

Oh it's actually a thing that a lot stylists are taught to bleach the fuck out of your hair, and don't grasp that different colors can be achieved without going white/piss yellow first. I usually dye my own hair too

No. 68214

look into the Wella dyes, they have a lot of decent blondes. last I looked they were somewhere between $3 and $5 at Sally's and then you just buy developer separately.

No. 68222

File: 1506515668419.jpg (34.44 KB, 355x355, 51DRKOa-k L._SY355_.jpg)

I've heard good things about Wella dyes.

I have naturally #5 hair too, and lighten it to around #8 using at home highlighting kits (pic related – I've used a couple kinds and it doesn't matter much as it's just a thick bleach). These are better than at a stylist if you are happy with the undertone of your hair, and just want a lighter color. A lot of people like ashy tones like >>67935 so if your undertone is ashy, it will be a lighter ashy blonde. If your undertone is warm like mine, you can keep it or "tone" afterward or using Wella.

No. 68235


I'd recommend lightening to a level 5 and dying with a demi-permanent from wella. If you don't achieve a cool enough tone from just the dye, I think it's ion that makes an ash booster that'll up the cool tones. You only need the tiniest bit unless you really want navy blue hair. I made that mistake (on a test strand thank god) while I was trying to go from red to ash blonde.

No. 68246

Any tips on removing henna from hair?
I realise what a grave error it has been less than a month later
My hair is snapping off from it drying my hair out so much (yes currently conditioning and waiting for length to snip off those ends)

No. 68249

Hey anon, if you visit the long hair community forum they should definitely have the solution to pulling henna out. They have a whole category dedicated to henna.

No. 68389

English farmers, what are the best high Street/affordable shampoos and conditioners for hair care and repair?

No. 68434

hey! i've been using garnier olia (nr. 5.0) for the last year or two and i have a few questions for you since i'm retarded

do you always just color your roots? i always dye my whole hair despite everyone telling me not to. i just don't think i'm capable of dyeing roots only and not end up patchy

also if i wanted to switch to a warmer colour, which should i choose? not really brighter, just warmer, but not too red or anything. and do i just dye it over my current hair or do i need to do something with it first in the saloon?

sorry for entry level shit, i've been dying my hair for 10 years and i still can't do it right

No. 68435

try b&m for discount tigi stuff. i like the oatmeal and honey catwalk shampoo and conditioner for damaged hair, my friend swears by the colour goddess one (and it smells a lot like lush's honey bar shampoo to boot - delicious).


this anon is right though

No. 68548

even at a discount you can't really that its budget.
You can't really expect miracles from cheap high street shampoos but I've found the garnier ultimate blends to be decent for the price. What I like to do is go into tk max and google reviews for the shampoos and conditioners I see and seeing if anything gets a good right up. DamnIlove that shop

No. 68869

How do I get my bangs like Venus here?


I've always had full thick ones and forehead pinned back bangs is too much so I really like that it's a bit of both!

what would I ask for or cut?

No. 69918

I've had bangs/a fringe since age 10 and I've never successfully grown them out as they always fall into my face and generally look awkward after a while. I'll always end up cutting them again after a few months since they bug me so much.
Well, now they're just hitting below my nose (again) and I'm going crazy.
I've grown my hair from a pixie cut to a lob but for some reason I can't grow out my fringe for the life of me. It seems like no matter how I part my hair they'll just fall into my face, and clipping them back all the time looks awkward.
Farmers who've successfully grown out a fringe, how did you cope? Do I just have to suck it up and clip it back daily? How can I get it to stop falling into my face and look halfway decent? It's driving me crazy but I REALLY don't want them anymore…

No. 70460

File: 1511214389360.jpg (116.91 KB, 736x981, 6i4h4h38.jpg)

Can someone help me?

I'm getting my hair colored like pic related (only more vibrant– I'll have my hair bleached first) in a couple weeks and I'm stoked. I've had colored streaks in my hair before, but I've never had anything as dramatic as this. When I had only one streak of color, I was able to tie off that portion of my hair in a plastic bag to prevent the color from fading in the shower; I could still wash my hair every two days, but I'd wash the colored portion maybe once or twice a week.

Other than using the appropriate color-friendly shampoo, is there a way that I can prolong the vibrancy of my hair? Can I section off the ends somehow and only wash my scalp?

Sorry for hair retard but thanks for the help, friendly anons~

No. 70462

Apply color-safe shampoo only to the scalp, and use cold water.

No. 70472

Will do. Thanks so much for your advice.

No. 70571

I recently went from a level ~2 brown hair to a level ~9 bleached and then dyed guy tang "rose gold" but it looks like a brassy reddish to me.. what did she do wrong and how can I fix it? I told her I wanted an ashy pink color. She said she could create it with this rose gold dye. I got neither and I'm unhappy. Halp.

No. 70635

Guy Tang has a video called "Rose Gold Hair Tutorial" with his Mydentity line… The rose gold does look dark in the video and what you'd probably expect from a rose gold. It kind of sounds like she's inexperienced because everyone knows you cannot get ashy from gold.

What she did wrong was using the wrong color. Like I said above, you cannot get an ashy pink with rose gold. Rose Gold is warm. If you want it fixed try getting a colorist who knows the difference between warm and ashy hair.

In conclusion, look around and consult a colorist to fix it and knows her shit. You were the customer and it's your hair. If you said "ashy pink" she went right around and did the opposite of what you wanted.

No. 70734

Damn. Thanks anon

No. 70993

Due to extreme stress and repeated physical and emotional trauma, my hair started falling out about a year ago. It got to the point where it was literally coming off in thick clumps whenever I touched it. Like hundreds of strands at a time, repeatedly, just coming out in my fingers. It gradually stopped getting worse about a month ago as my situation improved; now it still falls out some, but the intensity is less so.

But now my hair is brittle, dull, very frizzy, and the actual strands are thin and weak. I have slight bald spots visible over all my head you can see if I pull my hair back. The body and volume is so diminished that my curls now fall in about eight tiny little wispy clumps. It takes wrapping a new hairband three times to make a loose ponytail now. It hasn't grown in months.

This has seriously destroyed my entire sense of worth. My hair was my absolute favourite trait and what really made me stand out. I would get multiple compliments about it daily from random people. It was objectively very nice and unique. Now no one even looks at me when I go out and I know it's because of my fucking hair. I'm a vain person and it just kills me.

I'm tentatively hopeful that it isn't falling out as much now, but at 22, I'm terrified that it is never going to be anything like it was. Biotin or oils don't do anything in this case, the fanciest hair products don't help me. I tried, but the more fussing I do to it, the worse it gets. I read hair loss due to trauma can be irreversible and that there's nothing to do about it but wait and see. But I can't even stand looking in the mirror. I feel like that quote from the English dub of Howl's Moving Castle, 'What's the point in living if I can't be beautiful.'

Mainly I'm just venting. But I guess I'm asking if anyone has ever experienced something like this – hair loss due to trauma – and if you recovered from it, how long it took, etc.

No. 71005

Hi anon, I'm sorry to hear about all of that, I truly feel for you. I've experienced the same thing recently and it has been a slow progress ever since. After I was done freaking out about it, I decided to do something about it but stress about the hair less because it only makes it worse. I made a hair oil mix from castor oil and Indian gooseberry oil (you can use castor oil alone if you want) these two helped my hair before it was falling and made my eyelashes and eye brows grow and get thicker so I'm confident it'll help with my hair and could help with yours too. I apply it to the roots of my hair and use it as a mask on the rest of my hair the night before washing it. I also only wear my hair in protective hairstyles now, no ponytails or anything involving a hairband because it just causes more hair loss. I mainly wear it in just a braid. I had bald spots as a child and my mother used to rub garlic on them and it grew the hair back like sorcery. I haven't tried it yet but I might do it before showering for a couple of times and report back with results.

For now anon you could try clip in extentions or a wig to help your self esteem until your hair is good again. Keep eating well and taking vitamins, I've had hair loss due to stress and trauma twice now and it always came back. Don't give up and don't think about it too much. Also, maybe you could find something else to focus your vanity on for now? I'm sure you have features you overlooked when you had beautiful hair. Best of luck, anon.

No. 71007

Sorry anon, I have no idea how you feel but I can imagine that would crush me. My hair is probs where all my self esteem lies. I’d recommend eating iron and biotin vitamin supplements and perhaps invest in some nice lace front wigs. Wigs are more mainstream these days and it’s actually really nice to not be bothered fixing your hair and just throw a wig on.

No. 71008

Oh I missed biotin didn’t work, perhaps look over your diet?

No. 71096

How can I transform my mid part into bangs?

No. 71154

File: 1512494813027.jpg (92.84 KB, 500x600, Mila-Kunis.jpg)

hi all,

looking for a bit of colour advice, since i have like a weird blind spot as to what suits me.

i'd like to go dark, as in black or espresso - but i never quite get the shade right.

my hair at the moment is really warm darkish auburn. it looks ok, but washes me out a bit since my natural hair is a little cooler.

with my natural colouring, i always seem to get dark colours wrong and end up looking grubby and dirty rather than pale and "creamy" if that makes sense?
i'm very pale but i think i might be olive toned - my eyes are olive green, too. pic related to give an idea of this.

can anybody relate or share some hair colour recommendations? what level and shade do i need to go for that will enhance my colouring rather than making me look grubby? thanks in advance

No. 71159

Is there any way to prevent split ends? I just recently got a haircut which got rid of all my split ends and my hair finally feels healthy but I wanted to know if there was a way to prevent them from even coming?

No. 71163

Anything damaging really. Chemical processes or teasing can contribute. Do not let your ends "fairy tail" which is basically getting so thin that it ends up tapered. Get your ends microtrimmed, which is basically removing a very small amount of hair length. Only every 2-3 months.

When I had virgin hair it was long enough to pick up some pieces and search for strands that were split. I call that process search and destroy. Use very sharp scissors too meant for cutting hair and find individual strands you can cut that are split. I would often not find a split end for maybe 2 months because it worked really well not doing anything damaging.

Heatless styles can be your best friend anon.

No. 71164

Same anon here but I never use any chemicals or use heat on my hair except a hot shower and I would get a ton of split ends but I'll def try that "search and destroy" treatment! Thank you!!

No. 71172

File: 1512523290951.jpg (276.31 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171205-191944.jpg)

Anybody have any experience with overtone? I'm looking into it to help maintain my color longer but I want to know if the price is worth it.

No. 71223

I hate my hair but don't know how to fix it. It's thick (as in there's a large volume of hair) but fine (as in hairs are gossamer thin).

>goes big when I blowdry it but goes flat after 3 minutes

>goes lank when I airdry it
>tangles horribly
>holds NO style at all, including basic things like high ponytails as it just slips out
>Looks greasy after a couple of days but when I wash it it feels like straw
>natural growth pattern appears to be flat until it hits my jaw, then do some 70s-style flicky shit

I shaved my head just over a year ago, it's been lightened once and dyed once (both professionally) in that time. I wash it every few days and brush it every day. I'm sick of looking like I make no effort all the time because I've constantly got lank shapeless messy hair. halp hair anons?!

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