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No. 361303

Just like the Nigel brag thread, but for lesbians and other women dating women. Brag about your girlfriends/wives

I’ll start: my wife smells so good. She uses a new shampoo and body wash that smells like vanilla rose, I want to bury my face in her hair and just stay there

No. 361324

God I wish I could post in here

No. 361343

If you date me then we can both post

No. 376171

File: 1706477548481.jpg (89.47 KB, 1024x1008, 24662245.jpg)

Damn, I want a cute gf.
One that will work out with me and partake in bl/gl activities and play games with me.

No. 376172

I feel this. It's even harder now that every nerdy girl has pronouns now. Where the fuck do I find a weeby autist gf who likes to play games and sperg about shipping. Life is agony and suffering.

No. 376174

Surely there must be someone out there if we both exist and think like that.
I'll keep hoping!

No. 376175

has anyone had any luck with meeting someone through lolcow? or is that a bad idea?

No. 376177

bad idea

No. 376207

>Sweetest woman ever
>Has a big heart, loves a lot of things intensely and passionately
>Creative, determined, sees goals and endeavors all the way through
>Is a manhating lesbian
>Nerdy, enjoys gaming, makes OCs with me, shares my fandoms and we gush about our faves together
>Emotionally driven and sensitive which compliments my more logical/rational outlook
>Beautiful, adorable, and has a perfect body. Soft, curvy, and naturally warm. I'm always cold so we balance each other out when we hug/touch
>Woowoo spiritual believer which contrasts my skepticism; I genuinely love this about her, it makes for interesting conversations
>Basically my opposite in all the aspects that allow for perspective shifts and growth opportunity
>Shares my dream of being a lesbian power couple
>Calls me just her type, is always complimenting me
>Loves eating pussy, is great in bed
I love her. Can't wait to make her my wife.

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