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File: 1697760859838.jpg (105.41 KB, 607x873, willy-wonka-gene-wilder (1)~2.…)

No. 353833

Post men who are unconventionally attractive, gross, unattractive, average, ugly, creepy/weird, or shameful for their reputation.

Previous thread: >>>/g/331213

No. 353852

File: 1697769844177.gif (1.61 MB, 540x300, ea8ae6b1fa09ca0489eb0a0ba6917f…)

Poor JDManon didn't make it in time. Here is your grandpa to cheer you up, nonna.

No. 353853

Kramer is hot and i am not ashamed!

No. 353859

File: 1697773729604.jpg (116.02 KB, 1020x1020, tumblr_3383d0d688f01ca65562d7a…)

Holding it out for all you Stoklasa nonnies

No. 353863

The most hideous thing I've ever seen ever in life

No. 353864

Hozier and Mark Zuckerberg mixed

No. 353866

the RLM crew in a nutshell

No. 353871

File: 1697785093851.jpeg (144.91 KB, 866x1390, IMG_3056.jpeg)

rat bf

No. 353877

File: 1697792667520.gif (8.27 MB, 480x214, brodylook2.gif)

Dunno why but I'm a big sucker for Roy when he acts as the "trying-not-to-look-nervous" Brody.

No. 353882

File: 1697794112299.gif (4.6 MB, 400x333, IMG_0643.gif)

KEK I’m not the one who wants to fuck her own grandpa pls. I’m the (slightly) less unhinged JDMnonna. Thank u for the gif tho ♥ I got to see my gym crush lookalike yesterday aaaaaaaa

No. 353893

File: 1697797435362.gif (2.01 MB, 498x278, D5507906-B830-42C4-A265-62279E…)

These retard

No. 353895

nta but I'm happy for your nonna, and you have extra motivation to go to the gym kek

No. 353907

Kek that’s for sure. I’m already into fitness but now I’m REALLY into it. His arms are so nice I wish I could take a creep shot and post them on LC lmao

No. 353924

KEK I was just messing with you ♥ you inspire me to go to the gym and hope I find my crush lookalike too. So far most are just balding men.

No. 353927

File: 1697807839714.jpg (196.91 KB, 928x712, rssp57MaUuc.jpg)

I didn’t pay much attention to him in the French connection, but in jaws he was indeed really cute as a police chief. I would have listened to his warnings…
Did you know they didn't want to cast Scheider because they doubted he would pull off the role since he was seen as 'character actor' after the French connection?

Anyway, here's the still photo from "scarecrow". I wonder whether the director intended to cast someone relatively attractive as a rapist.
I'm so ashamed that, having watched this scene so many times, I am getting a bit turned on by it. what a brainrot

No. 353947

File: 1697815057159.gif (1.85 MB, 500x280, IMG_1844.gif)

Hehe I hope you can find a lookalike gym crush too!!! Sadly most men at the gym are just balding, or broccoli heads kek. I can’t believe my Faux JDM actually exists. Although I did overhear him saying he is in a bowling league so he’s a dork clearly TOPKEK

No. 353949

Fuck yeessssss.
>I didn’t pay much attention to him in the French connection
I didn't either and then my dad showed me "All That Jazz", that REALLY woke me up lol
Yeah, he kept getting cast as tough, "icy" police-types, or lawyers. Also the dude from Scarecrow, Riley, is also the bad guy in The Seven-Ups!
Al Pacino nearly getting forced into giving him a blowjob is hot

No. 353951

File: 1697818923560.jpg (62.57 KB, 640x779, john-hurt-10-rillington-place-…)

Oh god why this as OP

No. 353954

>john hurt
based where my hurtnonas at?

No. 353959

THATS WHAT HE LOOKED LIKE YOUNG?!?$?!?!?:$:929 I’m exploding

No. 353960

File: 1697821945779.jpg (49.54 KB, 475x480, 39f687f5f1072524b5d2536405c63a…)

Welcome to the Unconventional Attraction thread

No. 353969

File: 1697825393683.jpeg (44.29 KB, 680x491, 1af.jpeg)

Didnt know mike was HOT?!

No. 353971

File: 1697826999382.jpg (121.38 KB, 1100x619, 170127210357-john-hurt-01-supe…)

He looks so fucking fragile

No. 353972

I will never look at him the same again. I will always think about anon crushing on her grandad

No. 353974

File: 1697828262229.jpeg (72.85 KB, 470x700, IMG_8455.jpeg)

he is heartbreakingly beautiful and he has such sad soulful eyes. aside from being a fantastic actor he was a gorgeous twink and looked good post wall as well

No. 353975

fuck he used to be so cute. Honestly Mike's decline is both a tragic tale about how hard men hit the wall, and also a PSA about how alcohol ruins your skin and body kek.

No. 353980

File: 1697830200419.png (954.6 KB, 1280x688, IMG_8459.png)

I am very attracted to Donald Sutherland.

No. 353981

yes I know he looks a bit like josef fritzl

No. 353983

File: 1697830905543.png (1.36 KB, 337x24, Donald.png)

kek nonna i was wondering which Donald i'll see after clicking: Donald Trump or Donald Duck

No. 353986

She almost ruined my endless love for him. Almost. (Nothing can truly stop my thirst he’s like my biological 100% match or something IG) I hate that I almost asked her to show me her grandpa so I could see if it was really true kek

No. 353990

File: 1697833040819.gif (1003.09 KB, 500x266, gene-wilder-young-frankenstein…)

He had a lot of fans besides just myself in the last thread, so I went with it.

No. 353991

KEK which one would be worse? probably trump

No. 353992

nta and I agree that he's hot…

No. 353993

My uncle looks exactly like him kek he’s single too I wish I could hook u nonnas up

No. 353994

Oh god I thought we were gonna get another incest crush confession

No. 353998

File: 1697836163609.jpg (3.26 MB, 4096x4096, InCollage_20231020_131954073.j…)

These two got me hooked on british tv. Also british men are so hot in general to me

No. 354020

File: 1697846247106.png (1.29 MB, 1217x698, neil pits.png)

I want so smell his amrpits

No. 354022

No fuckin joke, I once read an article about some producer on the Dick Cavett show who says she slept with him. https://nypost.com/2013/03/03/my-swingin-life-as-a-sexy-60s-tv-babe/
"“I had just seen ‘Joanna,’ and I read about Donald Sutherland, and when I first saw him for our pre-interview at The Plaza hotel, I thought he was glorious,” she said.

Before they parted, the Canadian actor took her hand and told her she was “nubile.”

That evening, he called her at home.

“I have experienced pure joy only once in my life, and it was with him. I was 31 years old, and I knew, finally, what it was like to lie with a man whose mind I respected and whose wit I adored. I lay beside this lovely, shy giant and felt totally and absolutely satisfied as a woman,” she said."

No. 354023

I'm trying so hard to purge myself from any desire for him, but it's been hard. His arms…

No. 354026

File: 1697848036909.jpg (18.91 KB, 400x400, b9977d7613adbf22bd0308e1d93b12…)

>I'm trying so hard to purge myself from any desire for him

No. 354029

I’m so feral for this guy

No. 354034

Because of his weird BDSM thing and there is a something off about him that just tells me he is an degenerate. I wished I didn't care, but I just cannot shake the feeling he may be a creep.

No. 354039

File: 1697853960791.jpg (409.18 KB, 1110x1480, img_4617.jpg)

Well, at least in my fantasies he's normal…
Meanwhile, more armpits

No. 354042

File: 1697854629207.jpeg (308.54 KB, 1600x1200, Dmw2c-9WwAIEq01.jpeg)

Me on the left after shitting on trannies in front of him

No. 354043

These types eat pussy like tehy are starving such a guilty pleasure

No. 354046

I had and still have a huge crush on Neil from inbetweeners, something about dumb moids activates my protective instinct.

No. 354047

Any moid who uses words like ‘nubile’ about women just screams pedophile to me kek.

No. 354050

This guy is kinda cute but he also looks like an online child groomer especially in this grainy screenshot

No. 354069

File: 1697863219247.jpg (57.32 KB, 500x548, Sergeant Oddball.jpg)

Yes, i thought Trump is too bad, so i expected to see the duck.
But also i gotta appreciate your choice, nonna, i'm a big fan of long faces and blue eyes like this. He's kinda adorable.

No. 354072

File: 1697868176489.jpeg (192.04 KB, 1079x1079, IMG_8071.jpeg)

If he wasn’t a Nazi I’d ride his bomb any time

No. 354074

File: 1697869234804.jpeg (151.61 KB, 1000x1376, 6014D183-383F-4B67-8687-1CECFA…)

Oh my god the voice of Benson from Regular Show is such a cutie

No. 354079

Wait what bdsm thing? I don’t really know anything about him other than him being a VA/actor

No. 354082

kek I didn't mean to put your thirst down, he is still hot. His arms are glorious.
It was briefly mentioned in the last thread >>352031

No. 354089

wtf I'm not alone with this one? have a massive thing for peter sellers (esp in this role) and I cannot for the life of me understand why

No. 354094

wanna fall in love with him? the (infamous) sex scene in don't look now has him be a very… generous lover

No. 354098

Always with the negative waves!

No. 354103

File: 1697883868186.gif (1.73 MB, 500x250, IMG_0348.gif)

I’m on a work trip/vacation for the weekend so I worked out Thursday instead of Friday and JDM Gym Daddy™️ was there at the usual time and he was like “whatcha doin here on your off day, (cute nickname he started calling me)? You gotta rest those muscles sometimes, honey.” And I told him I’m gonna be gone for the weekend and he was like VISIBLY DISAPPOINTED, MADE SURE I WOULD BE BACK MONDAY, and then when I said I would he gave me that GRIN and was like “Well I’m real glad I got to see you before you left,” and he very very pointedly gave me an up and down bc my gym fit was Very Cute. My life is like a fanfic and tbh after how shitty it’s been from last year to about two months ago, I feel like this is my redemption arc even if it’s just a gym flirtation with a guy who looks like JDM lmao.

No. 354130

File: 1697905455801.png (1.3 MB, 1200x800, uncle roger.png)

When his regular voice comes out

No. 354131

based, he's gotten kind of lame with all the collabs lately but i still think his real personality is qt

also find it funny that his name is really nigel given what that means in board slang

No. 354132

Anon I hope he’s actually cute cause to me I’m just reading creepy old scrote flirts with young lady

No. 354134

KEK that is extremely valid and I genuinely appreciate your concern sweet nonniella but I promise if he did not look like JDM I would not be even remotely entertaining the flirting.

No. 354167

Nonna…PLEASE just ask him on a date I am 100% serious

No. 354172

File: 1697928983853.jpeg (82.74 KB, 472x640, IMG_6202.jpeg)

UGH I WANT TO I normally am very forward with men and women alike if I’m interested (my friends tell me I’m a smooth operator kek) but he just flusters me bc he looks like picrel but with a salt and pepper stubble and more defined arms. I kinda want him to ask ME on a date but I also feel like he won’t because there’s this vibe of him seeming taken aback and like, surprised/charmed when I flirt with him. The other day I told him to stop showing off leaving the chest press pinned at 270 because it makes me feel wimpy only doing 85 and he gave me this look that was so like…boyish and bashful and it was sososo cute. His dimples are unreal. I know this is NOT the thread for this but the advice thread nonnas are as brutal as the conventional attractions thread ones so double kek. If I do ask him it’s just gonna be to go get a beer at a local dive bc that’s my vibe and it seems like it might be his too hehe OK I’m gonna drink my work comped wine and stew on this now

No. 354178

Ask him the ultimate litmus test: if he'll let you peg him

No. 354181

TOPKEK NONNA I strongly, strongly doubt it (and hope to god he’s not one of those) but that is a two or three beers deep question lmao. He does give eats pussy like a state fair pie eating champ vibes tho which is promising…

No. 354189

where is that new savile-anon i want to pick your mind on why you think he’s a would

No. 354204

File: 1697946288813.jpeg (386.92 KB, 750x933, 3F3B4487-4674-4EC8-ACC6-92DF1E…)

btw jim jones is another controversial would

No. 354214

I was the savile anon and idk I just really like that phenotype on men tbh (long bony face and nose) even though it’s scumbag physiognomy usually

No. 354218

Its a mental illness called Hybristophilia

No. 354219

File: 1697963279947.gif (3.66 MB, 640x360, piero.gif)


No. 354220

Do you like Richard Harris and Rutger Haier too, anon? Check them when younger

No. 354221

Hyb is when you’re attracted to a man BECAUSE of his crimes, and I’m not like that, I find Savile and Ramirez physically attractive but not because they’re criminals or pedophiles, their actions disgust me.

No. 354241


No. 354242


No. 354244

NTA but Joe Dempsie kek he was Chris on Skins and someone on GoT but I didn’t watch that

No. 354255

Yes, this thread was made for people like Ramirez. I'd post pics but I'm at work right now

No. 354257

File: 1697986825133.jpeg (714.99 KB, 1280x1655, B0790A7E-4634-4D3C-B823-A20775…)

i’m OG savile-anon and I’m not attracted to someone like Ramirez because i don’t really see the appeal of some homeless serial killer, what appeals to me about savile was his power and eccentricity. I’m more into dictators and cult leaders than guys who randomly kill, so i dunno if that counts as hybristophilia. i also have a strong attraction to steve jobs so i think i just like powerful weirdos
nta i’ve always had a thing for rutger hauer so yes
this thread needs to go back to its roots (posting the most degenerate men imaginable rather than just mid guys)

No. 354258

Serious question, do you like that Keith Raniere NXIVM cult creep guy too or is he not your weirdo with power type?

No. 354259

File: 1697988323103.jpeg (707.41 KB, 1024x1536, D16A4D1E-BBA9-4B6B-B662-78F0A3…)

kind of, but he’s kinda like an even midder david foster wallace. david koresh had the same style and looked much better

No. 354260

I am fascinated by you tbh the way you seem to be able to disconnect mentally from the horrible things these men did because you are physically attracted to them. Esp people like Savile and Koresh, though you did say before you hate and are disgusted by the things they did. I can’t see positive physical attributes on people when I know they’ve done horrible things even if they’re like a perfect 10/10 my brain just puts a hideous filter over them kek

No. 354261

tbh, it’s probably because i’m not into being sexually submissive, idk why but i want to degrade and objectify and punish these men. I think it’s a totally different psychology to be in love with them and think they did nothing wrong, which imo is true hybristophilia

No. 354266

If you’re in love with them and know they did something wrong, does that still count as hybristophilia?

No. 354271

i think so yeah, i come across a lot of women into dahmer (who was gay but that’s besides the point). I don’t feel sorry or in love with the men i talk about

No. 354275

File: 1697994145315.gif (3.55 MB, 371x498, CBDABCFC-D6A5-4ADA-BE39-54128A…)

I’m not OG Savile anon but yeah I love Richie, he was beautiful. If anything I just feel sad for him because his family were a bunch of fucked up psychopaths and he was moulded into the way he was by his terrible upbringing, sad. Also not like OG Savilenona I don’t care about powerful moids cuz I feel like all moids obsessed with power are trying to compensate for their small weewees. I respect her preferences tho.

No. 354276

Dahmer is weirdly overrated to me. I don’t think he was good looking at all and apart from his weird human experiments I feel like he was an incredibly dull and boring guy. But each to their own.

No. 354281

File: 1697994627635.jpeg (92.29 KB, 1000x750, 4D8959E8-787E-4466-A9CE-23B95D…)

I also think Paul Bernardo was a huge cutie, even though he was such a terrible person. I think it’s because he was such an openly grandiose cringe narc (his rapping always makes me kek) that you can’t really hold it against him, dude had zero self awareness. He’s probably one of the most evil men on the planet though, I’ve read the intimate details of his crimes and they’re really disturbing, way more than the media really ever went into. I also find his cockiness during interviews really attractive, but it’s probably because I’m a bpd chan and overt narcissists always draw me in like a fly to shit. I still fantasize about having a stupid narc doofus husband like him, but without the murder and rape parts.

No. 354282

They were both mid tbh.

No. 354283

File: 1697994922158.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1620x1500, D3D0E7EE-1458-47F6-8A6D-D156CC…)

Men in my country are really ugly so that’s probably why he seems good looking to me. I find men with narrow palates, slightly jacked snaggleteeth, and pointy joker type mouth corners like his very attractive for some reason. I think they looksmaxxed a bit by bleaching their hair and tanning and stuff otherwise they probably would have looked like a very generic couple.

No. 354284

Oh and yeah I also like kind of rat looking men and he basically looked like a sandy color rat, so that’s probably part of it too, sorry I’m weird kek.

No. 354285

You’re going to hell for this one nonna smh kek

No. 354286

I know, I’m sorry. I just really wanna bully him sexually tbh.

No. 354287

File: 1697995199426.jpg (52.99 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault-143421994.jpg)

i have been trying to tell this to people for ages. i see you nonna
god i wish that were me

No. 354288

Ramirez objectively could have been very handsome even pretty but his crimes just. I can’t. Plus his rotten teeth. But I do see the physical appeal of him for sure. He had very attractive features. Idk how much was nature/nurture but it can’t have helped that he was brought up around that one psychotic moid. No excuses tho.

No. 354289

Yeah his breath must have stank like shit. Gross. But there’s just something about those eyes and cheekbones. I wish I wasn’t so insanely attracted to evil narcissists who make me feel lightheaded and want to ravish them. My only ex was a good looking overt narcissist and he ruined my life, so I just have to keep it to semi-fantasy now about unattainable moids and stay away from real men altogether. Sigh.

No. 354290

I liked Danny Elfman but I heard he’s in a cult(?) and he also kept his wife as a prisoner in his home for years and forbid her to talk to anyone (apparently he’s also a predator who used to date rape women) so I dont like him anymore. Why are Hollyweird scrotes the absolute worst. Even the okay seeming ones are always even worse than the shameless shithead ones.

No. 354291

File: 1697995822416.jpeg (54.29 KB, 490x736, BDCF0C67-1E88-4A58-BC28-1AE4EB…)

I thought John Cusack was absolutely adorable but apparently he abused Neve Campbell for years and would also daterape women during his time in college so…(he looks like shit now and can’t get decent roles anymore anyway lol, karma)

No. 354293

Can you share where did you find it? I used to he neutral about him, knew his music from some movies but this year I learned about him sexually harassing some woman (was allegedly settled by paying her money, still makes me disgusted by him). Something that he was creepy towards her and showed her photos of his sperm (?). Not his wife obviously, some woman he met via professional connections, maybe their worked in shared environment.

No. 354295

UGH of course he abused Neve Campbell. She is so excruciatingly beautiful to me and seems to have a kind soul. Perfect target for an ugly incel looking narc. He always always always gave me “nice guy” vibes. What’s the source on the date rape thing tho? That’s horrifying.

No. 354302

File: 1697998782553.jpeg (162 KB, 512x793, 14DEDC24-4880-4B53-9D53-FB5FDB…)

ramirez had the bone structure to be a model if he could fix his teeth, but that was never going to happen since he was broke and insane

and yes, power is the ultimate aphrodisiac to a man, but savile came from literal dirt poor origins and was probably going to work in a mine his entire life if he didn’t make it big. That’s why he really went crazy with the amount of abuse he did, because he knew that he would only now be protected since he was famous. He also collected a lot of collateral on higher ups. I always thought that he had such an interesting villain concept, i’m surprised more characters aren’t based on him.

No. 354308

File: 1698000439704.jpeg (25.4 KB, 221x228, IMG_5654.jpeg)

If we’re posting people who’ve done shitty things…

No. 354310

A lot of nonces seemed to learn to blackmail people early on. Epstein did it, Errol Flynn’s house was apparently bugged too and he would spy on women using the bathroom and watch young girls getting changed.

No. 354311

I always thought it was a huge red flag that he’s dated so many women yet the relationships were usually very short lived with abrupt endings. He must have been doing some shitty things to those women. Also his tweets and stuff just make him come across like an angry incel.

No. 354330

File: 1698003936407.jpeg (375.59 KB, 1920x1080, IMG_1614.jpeg)

If we’re allowing controversial picks

No. 354355

File: 1698008263683.png (535.05 KB, 640x348, IMG_2155.png)

For me it’s Ed Kemper. Freakishly tall, mommy issues, calm voice and demeanor that puts everyone at ease.

No. 354356

Nonna I hate myself for agreeing with you. Young Kemper was the type of guy I would have pursued had I been like a student when he was. I feel horrible even thinking that bc of what he did to his grandparents as a teen and then to his mother and those young women/girls as an adult, but physically he was cute/handsome and the height plus being bulky rather than weirdly toothpick thin like a lot of 6’8 guys is very appealing. Sage for needing to be cleansed.

No. 354357

Samefag I think that’s why I find Eddy Burback attractive. Similar phenotype and he’s also tall. Shame.

No. 354358

Part of me is annoyed that the thread reverted back to unhinged hybristophilia under a Gene Wilder OP, because he doesn't deserve that, but it's also really funny when you consider Willy Wonka as a character.

No. 354361

File: 1698008950527.jpeg (16.04 KB, 464x261, 5C37F144-F80C-46F9-A69D-54B666…)

savile was just the evil pedo/necro version of wonka. the character was originally supposed to be a british eccentric like peter sellers, and that’s who dahl wanted cast, so i wonder if savile was actually in the running.

No. 354362

I’m just sitting here w my hands in my pockets waiting for the right moment to JDM post again…bet his old ass suddenly looks p good right now to you non serial killer/pedo thirsters kek. Someone post Dave Foley again or something, neutralize the vibe!

No. 354367

I had a male friend who reminds me so much of him physically and mentally
He even has a domineering mother…

No. 354370

>Dave Foley
Cutie. I love his voice. I think I’ve posted this before but my family’s veterinarian looks and sounds exactly like him and I just stare at him the whole time not able to focus on anything he’s actually saying.

No. 354372

Same and frankly I kinda fuckin' wish we had a separate thread for them already. Sucks the air out of the room, so to speak.

No. 354374

File: 1698011646681.jpeg (22.43 KB, 400x320, IMG_6218.jpeg)

I remember that!! I am envious of your IRL Dave Foley kek. God he was the prettiest man to ever do comedy drag for sketches back in the day.

No. 354375

File: 1698011719792.jpeg (208.45 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_2230.jpeg)

I’ll never be over it. Normally I hate men in drag but he just…pulled it off so well. I also appreciated how he didn’t do like a cartoony high pitched voice, just softened the tone.

No. 354377

not a hybristofag but to be fair posting fucked up men was the original purpose of these threads years ago until the title change

No. 354378

File: 1698012556545.jpeg (62.12 KB, 600x902, C1624DCC-FA77-477F-9EEA-699B80…)

to neutralize the vibe and also comedian thirst post

i have a huge thing for john belushi

No. 354398

File: 1698024732799.gif (9.17 MB, 540x420, IMG_6211.gif)

Tomorrow is gym day……….╰(⊙‿⊙✿)ノ(╰(⊙‿⊙✿)ノ)

No. 354400

I feel the same way, I think he was so hot when he was young.

No. 354417

if this doesnt kill your libido i dont know what else could

No. 354422

oh fuck this is my youtube channel lol

No. 354438

He sounds like such a pathetic little creep I love it

No. 354442

Never saw the appeal of Kemper he’s so ugly and autistic kek

No. 354452

File: 1698053049127.jpg (62.87 KB, 600x338, 12d99b9df1962673-600x338.jpg)

Ah, yes. He's a classic. Looks so fucking… Well, hurt.
This was probably the weirdest non-erotic scene I got the most turned on by in my life.

No. 354453

is it actually?

No. 354455

anon I was gonna post Kane but hesitated because I felt fucked up about it
his acting is insanely good, he really looks in pain. he is cute while doing it

No. 354456

I mean its not explicitly erotic but there are tons of sexual undertones to it. Pic related is basically tantamount to sitting on his face.

No. 354471

File: 1698061601597.gif (4.1 MB, 540x420, IMG_6209.gif)

ITS GYM DAY ! ! ! Also spoilered for more weird no1curr but JDM Gym Daddy does arms/upper body MWF and apparently hits legs T/TH so I always see him on upper body day and today will be that and his arms hnggggg gonna wear my new leggings and flaunt my cute butt in front of him ok I need to calm down and get ready for work bye nonnas

No. 354474

anon are you posting your grandad again?

No. 354476

kekk poor grandpa nonna i feel kind of bad for her. hope she's enjoying the other anon's thirstposting though.

No. 354477

File: 1698062575003.jpg (60.01 KB, 564x846, temuera morrison.jpg)

The fanfiction.net 13 year old girl levels of reverse harem fantasies I have since technically, there are millions of versions of him in the Star Wars universe, is shameful…

No. 354478

lmao you figured out his schedule. Have fun nonna

I wish I could post my unconventional attraction crush so nonnas could shit on me but he's too small of a public figure

No. 354492

She’s in the back of my mind every time I post him tbh. Not enough to make me stop tho! Kek

No. 354493

File: 1698067397624.png (252.12 KB, 401x444, reader.png)

Yes. I also like how observant, talkative, and intelligent he is. His maturity and silent dominance is appealing too. You can tell that in another life, he is that distant, demanding professor who is also kind towards his students. Social and liked in the academic setting, but can't talk to women and is a thirty years old virgin.

No. 354496

File: 1698068672119.jpeg (61.03 KB, 600x818, IMG_6225.jpeg)

I just think about this pic and shamefully wonder how big his dick was. I’m not a hybristophag at ALL but if I didn’t know who he was or what he did, I would.

No. 354501

File: 1698069525091.gif (3.53 MB, 498x280, neil-newbon-casualty78486.gif)

Why couldn't you just be a wholesome hot nerd, Neil. Fuck.
I care and don't you dare not update us. Good luck JDManon, I strive to be buff and hot like you. Went to the gym yesterday and an old man farted near me. What I would do to have a cute celebrity lookalike in my gym and not those walking curses.

No. 354514

File: 1698075137829.gif (169.25 KB, 220x170, IMG_0854.gif)

Hehe ok I will ♥. And I both lol’d and winced at the old man farting near you at the gym they are so cursed wtf lmao. Imagine just letting it rip in a gym without a care, old people are wild. Manifesting a hottie to step into your gym, nonna. We all deserve it. Picrel is how I hope Gym JDM reacts to my fit today kek

No. 354525

Omg right? I love that about both them they are goofy and silly and so non threatening without being effeminate.

No. 354527

LMAO that guy raped over 30 women??? And killed 2??? Hahaha retard

No. 354542

File: 1698086480821.gif (1.98 MB, 268x380, IMG_0412.gif)

He just walked in and gave me this LOOK and we’re wearing the same color shirts today it’s fate I’m scream

No. 354544

shoot your shot nonnie make your dreams reality

No. 354568

File: 1698091909875.gif (1.95 MB, 360x230, IMG_0570.gif)

……………guess which thirsty nonna got herself a date for Friday………..it is me, the thirstiest JDM posting nonna, and I didn’t even have to make the move. He asked me if I like (local dive spot that I do like and even better it’s so close to my home I can walk there in like 7 min) and then asked what I’m doing Friday and it was so hard not to be like YOU HOPEFULLY bc I’m not a first date lay anyway but I just want to scream in my car when I’m done working out. His name even starts with a J this week is off to a good start ladies!!!!!!! he just left and I’m doing another circuit bc I need to burn off all my crazy now. Also he like playfully tugged the end of my ponytail to tell me he was leaving bc I was on the hamstring curl with my headphones on. I know some people might be put off by that but it’s the vibe and I LIKED IT A LOT. AAAAAA

No. 354571

You're so lucky, nonnie. Have fun! Reading your posts always puts a smile on my face ♥

No. 354572

I am so happy for you, nonna! I hope it goes well.

No. 354575

I heard the facehuggers were based around the male psychological fear of vaginas

No. 354581

NONNIE HERE LIVING THE DREAM. when will I have an ao3 story irl? why can't the guy I find attractive acknowledge my existence reeeee

No. 354589

File: 1698097225265.jpg (302.45 KB, 1080x977, IMG_20231023_164055.jpg)

We can pretend he is tbh I still hope the bdsm part on his side is just being a masochist who likes to dress quirky sometimes
Cute man cries from laughter after remembering a poodle with an extremely long tongue he saw the other day. What a nerd! (also: arms)

No. 354590

File: 1698097314562.jpg (303.95 KB, 1080x621, IMG_20231023_164204.jpg)

Silly man gets lobotomized because he trusted his chat too much. His character loses her last remaining brain cell!

No. 354594

File: 1698098193691.gif (1.81 MB, 500x214, IMG_0445.gif)

Thank you, and thank you to everynonna who has put up w my JDM sperging kek maybe this will put an end to that in one way or another. Either we will hit it off or he will be a dud and I’ll have to go to the gym at a different time forevermore. I’m excited for Wednesday too now because it will build the tension to see him at the gym. Also he just texted me should I tease him and say I wasn’t sure an old geezer like him knew how or?? ok for real I’m going away it’s time to shower and walk my dog GOOD BYE

No. 354603

Oh god, let's hold hands and be delusional together sister, those arms are worth it.

No. 354635

She's living the dream because most of us here have crushes on dudes who have been dead for 20+ years.

No. 354646

File: 1698135125328.jpg (160.24 KB, 499x750, billy butcherson.jpg)

Hear me out

No. 354651

I need to stop falling for the most mid moids on earth! it's pissing me off!

No. 354662

Nonna…I get it.

No. 354793

>>354646 I had the most intense burning crush on him for like one October when I was 16.

No. 354794

NONNIE I LITERALLY GASPED IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU I love reading the chronicles of JDM gym daddy

No. 354798

YES NONNIE I'm following this like it's a soap opera kek. So glad he made the first move too. It must be so exciting.

No. 354810

File: 1698182172732.gif (981.29 KB, 268x167, IMG_0210.gif)

NONNAS I’ve been so giddy since yesterday lmao. Gifrel is hopefully me Friday night kek He’s been texting me at a nice rate since yesterday; not too much (he is older after all anyway) but enough that we’ve been having some fun getting to know you convo. He’s 49, a widow and speaks so tenderly and highly of his late wife which is a green flag to me, he has two kids who are a little younger than my age (kekkkk) and he was shocked and v happy when I told him I’m 30 and not 24 like he guessed. He is a better conversationalist than I expected and he’s very flirty but not inappropriate so far. Tomorrow’s workout is going to be funnnnnnnn I have insane butterflies thinking about it. He said, and I quote, “your freckles drive me crazy”. Sigh… I HOPE EVERYONE IS HAVING A GR8 WEEK!!!

No. 354811

File: 1698183267640.jpg (92.37 KB, 680x680, f5753870a40ccef114a6cb88e7f485…)

>He's 49

No. 354816

You’re gagging that I find an older guy hot while there were nonnas lusting over violent rapist murderer and pedo Paul Bernardo upthread and nobody made a peep really kek (I’m just teasing nonna it’s ok that we have different opinions on attractive unconventional scrotes, you’re allowed to be grossed out & I’m not offended.)

No. 354817

They're disgusting too but that's obvious and at least they don't fuck geriatric scrotes irl (unless…)

No. 354818

This post made me think anon was like 19 or something. She's literally a grown ass woman anon

No. 354821

Girl no

No. 354822

Kek thank you nonna. Tbh I never went for an older guy before, not more than a couple years. This is a special circumstance bc of the JDM likeness and his extremely sexy arms

No. 354824

Yeah a grown ass woman sperging over fucking a man like a teenager and going off topic. Also an almost 20 year age difference will always be huge, doesn't matter how old she is. Also the fact he originally thought she was 24 years old and still flirted with her makes it even more gross.
Anyway, you're free to ruin your own life. But maybe you should continue this geriatric saga in the relationship thread or something instead of here, you became off topic a long time ago.(infighting)

No. 354825

You seem really upset, but you’re right it is OT for this thread. I shan’t be back ♥ it’s been fun nonnas

No. 354827

And you don't think what you're doing right now is OT and derailing to infight? This site is so boring now.

No. 354829

File: 1698185165179.png (360.9 KB, 512x512, Z7HeRxU.png)

>grown ass woman sperging over fucking a man like a teenager
You just described most of /g/, congratulations.

No. 354834

File: 1698185440542.gif (9.47 MB, 540x549, E8597D12-BA04-4CF1-9C69-BAD5AE…)

Update somewhere else pls I am INVESTED
Yeah she’s giddy and excited because she has a crush. You sound really bitter and slow

No. 354835

I would say that's not the same. Sperging over a real life scrote who's literally 49 and lusts after what he assumes is a 24 year old (someone literally his child's age kek) is somehow more cringe than lusting after idealized version of a man like your husbando. I didn't know I would had to explain why it's a shitty idea to get with a scrote who's 20 years older than you, on lolcow, of all sites

No. 354837

The truth is bitter

No. 354843

You are such a killjoy. Whether or not it lasts long, just let her have her fun.

No. 354848

In every other thread women would shit on her for going out with a scrote 20 years her senior, how is this place any different? We're not bound by reality here? Making old scrotes believe they should and can get younger women is suddenly fine? Before that I thought the guy was younger and I was kinda happy for her, but now it's just gross

No. 354852

Don't like it? DON'T INTERACT, dumbass

No. 354853

Can you guys just stop fighting about it now? I already said I wouldn’t talk about it again, I feel bad it caused some nonnas to be so viciously angry and now the thread actually is derailed. I get the sentiment as to why, and I should have known better than to post about it, I was just having some fun with it. Again sorry and I promise I will b quiet ♥

No. 354856

Stop behaving like it's tumblr

No. 354860

YOU stop behaving like it's tumblr, calling out people people and playing moral police, why the hell are you joining a thread just to complain about anons actually using it like its supposed to? dumbass

No. 354862

>complain about anons actually using it like its supposed to
Wow I didn't know this thread was for posting about the activities in your private life!

No. 354876

File: 1698190750400.jpeg (34.6 KB, 640x427, FF959DF5-1EAB-48FE-A8D2-E59174…)

should we create a separate thread for the hybristos or keep them contained here with JDM anon?

No. 354880

I don't see the point. There will be only a handful of posts in the separate place, and the unconventional threads will lack the variety and guilty crushes

No. 354882

There's a slight difference between "I find this ugly guy hot" and "I find this ugly pedophile and rapist hot". Degenerates should be kept with degenerates.

No. 354884

Please stop posting anything to do with this freak, he raped little boys and girls and women’s corpses in the morgue, seriously fuck off.

No. 354886

File: 1698193413933.jpg (20.99 KB, 474x266, th-4079952806.jpg)

Gotta Love how the thread went hystro and then every started fighting kek. Contributing this one to the hystro portion since i missed that bit
Such a cute retard. Reading about thay thing he'd do where hed yank at the steering while his friend was driving was was kinda hot. Then i remember he killed people…

No. 354887

Incels be like
>he has good facial symmetry
>high cheekbones
>positive canthal tilt
>thick hair and deep set eyes
>good jawline
>women only want zombie Chad, fucking typical

No. 354891

>shameful for their reputation
It's literally in the op

No. 354894

In my book, "shameful" is something like being a serial cheater or something. Not raping little kids and corpses.

No. 354897

the very first threads were created because other anons found those types (criminals or men who have done crimes in general) attractive for whatever reason, carreyfag being one of the early examples. I'm not even a regular but that's exactly why "shameful for their reputation" is in the OP. Maybe some rules should be changed? idk

No. 354906

>catering to retards
Yeah the rules should be changed kek

No. 354907

Okay? talk with the other anons about it then, see what they think about it

No. 354910

There should be a separate thread for hybristophiles, to be honest most of them are just edgy tifs going through a teenage phase, tumblr used to have a massive true crime community full of femsimps and 90% of them were teenage girls with gender dysphoria, it’s just a phase and hopefully most will grow out of it, but unfortunately since tumblr clamped down on true crime posting they’ve all flocked here

No. 354913

Maybe there could be like, Unconventional Attractions: Light for the normal uglies or weird/unique looking (and yes, old kek) dudes and then Unconventional Attractions: Dark (or Degenerate if you like) for the hybristophiles.

No. 354917

Sounds good to me, are you gonna make it?

No. 354923

ok i’ll make a hybristo/degenerate attractions for the containment. also that’s not him, that’s an actor playing him which imo is on the level of being attracted to evan peters playing dahmer
this is true, i thought i was FTM for a while but i’m just a retarded sadomasochist. I like comedians as my choice of men, who tend to be degenerates

No. 354939

File: 1698200357852.gif (1.41 MB, 255x249, 64567757.gif)

So this thread is just gonna be JDMnonnas personal blog?

No. 354940

i respect him too much to post his face but there's this tiktoker @jonaspinkman and i've been going feral for this man. he's very female gaze coded

No. 354942

Bruh I already said I wasn’t gonna post about any of that anymore, you don’t need to try and start something now hours later kek come on.

No. 354943

Don't really care about your adventures JDMnonna but I'm seriously starting to think your that grandpafucker weirdo

No. 354944

Yeah idg why anons are acting shocked now when these threads were originally called "men you're ashamed to fuck" (but then got a title change for whatever reason) and always had fucked up degenerates, criminals, etc posted since that was the point.

No. 354946

File: 1698203160876.jpeg (71.59 KB, 880x495, QkBLxE3.jpeg)

This dork ANCAP…

No. 354949

I don’t mind the thread having both uglies and degenerates. I like it best that way.

No. 354962

File: 1698210835457.jpg (37.33 KB, 1200x675, AXITMLCIJBHRNOX3WI6WHFB35M.jpg)

nonny….ÑOÑÑY for me, it's him

No. 354975

File: 1698221262679.png (1.51 MB, 1686x1080, drinkup.png)

>mfw the thread goes to shit

No. 354991

Well I still wish you a good time nona even if others itt are sperging because of the age gap. Since I'm late to the party because I'm a Eurofag I'm not going to add anything else before the infighting starts again.
Just wanted to say that it made me kek thinking about this gym daddy not knowing that nona is blogposting about him on lolcow of all places. Anyways I guess the JDM updates are over now, such a shame.
I second the degenerate unconventional attractions thread, I think the serial killer posts are kind of off-putting lmao but I let the majority decide. Don't want the thread to die because it got split up too much.

No. 355020

File: 1698237196044.gif (6.42 MB, 540x320, IMG_8322.gif)

Strangeloveposting again because I still want to love his bomb. I want him to fondle me with his gloved hand. In the mineshaft.

No. 355023

NONNA… you get it! The insane scientist type has to be my favorite. I don't know if i want to be subjected to their perverse curiosity or go pest control mode on them. I have to rewatch Strangelove now kek

No. 355025

File: 1698239239373.jpg (421.05 KB, 2880x2880, Sevenups.jpg)

>my dad showed me "All That Jazz", that REALLY woke me up lol
Oh, the movie was an absolute delight. And Roy did an outstanding work, really - perfect balance of charming, pathetic and slimy. It's a shame he wasn't given an Oscar for it.
>Also the dude from Scarecrow, Riley, is also the bad guy in The Seven-Ups!
Yeah, ik. I started watching it because of him but enjoyed Scheider, too. Two for the price of one + this impressive car chase scene.
>Al Pacino nearly getting forced into giving him a blowjob is hot
Thank you, I don't feel like such a freak now lmao. It really was, tho… I mean the height difference + blond/dark hair contrast were so striking that it awoke something terrible in me. damn I want to believe that they filmed more things for this scene but cut it all out

No. 355029

File: 1698240321219.jpg (468.95 KB, 1280x1587, tumblr_pp405hdnwM1svlz2ko1_128…)

Group portrait! (God, this movie has some of the most terrible fashion choices)
Nonna, what do you think of him in "Being there"? Won't say that I find Peter Sellers hot, but he was quite funny and lovely as autistic gardener

No. 355031

I see what you find attractive but I’m very wary of this phenotype because it’s the ‘budding troon’ phenotype imo

No. 355075

File: 1698259113920.gif (518 KB, 500x300, IMG_8334.gif)

There really is no better trope. TFW no mad scientist bf :(
It is without question that Sellers was an indomitable talent, and he seems to radiate a gentle charm through the screen despite his myriad troubles off of it. I haven’t seen Being There yet though so I can’t comment on it. As far as attraction goes: that’s exclusive to the good Doctor himself. If only he was real (and not a Nazi) I’d devour him, I don’t give a damn if he’s like 40 and paraplegic kek. He’s brilliant, bespectacled, commanding, completely zany, German, dresses formally and knows how to smoke a cigarette…<3 Not to mention with a name like Strangelove, you know on top of everything else that he has to be a freak. Yeow!

No. 355137

AYRT, agreed 10000%. Roy's little cutoff gray sweatshirt thing with the much sexier black turtleneck underneath was… real bad. Whoever was the costume designer/manager should've been slapped. Shit, the guy who played Riley gets a cooler outfit at the end that makes him look like Revolver Ocelot. (Also "Being There" was a great movie but I couldn't tell if they were fucking with us, the audience, at the end or not. The end credits with him doing outtakes and cracking up over the "now get this honky" part made me die.)

No. 355171

File: 1698313333469.jpg (573.07 KB, 1536x2048, neerd.jpg)

He's going to be at Comic con London this weekend, I wish I could be there waaaahh

No. 355196

File: 1698330354874.png (Spoiler Image,2.43 MB, 1920x1080, Donnie.png)

VERY late reply, but i finally watched it, nonna. It was not bad kekek except i hated it when the woman licked his armpit and kissed his foot For nonnies who want to watch - it's around 30-minute point in the film. Pretty peaceful scene.

No. 355197

Samefag, love this character of his a lot more kekek will be using "Negative waves!" phrase from now on, so iconic

No. 355257

I'm sorry anon, I really wish you could go. As for me, I think it's best I stay very far away from him because I wouldn't be able to contain myself kek

No. 355282

Who is this guy? Is he like the new Jerma?

No. 355285

He's a motion capture and voice actor, know mostly as Astarion in Baldur's Gate 3, Heisenberg in Reseident Evil Village and Kamski in Detroit Become Human. A genuine nerd.
Also I think he was hotter than Jerma when he was young. Well actually I think he still is hotter. Cute laugh too. He's a guilty pleasure though because although he seems like a very warm and sweet person there's some potential degenerate stuff as there are signs he might be involved in S/M scene, but how exactly nobody knows kek. Female BG3 fans developed a parasocial obsession with him to the point of asking him to do porn lines on streams which makes him visibly uncomfortable and results in bans. Others project their own trauma onto him (and Astarion) because he has a Medusa tattoo (a symbol of SA and rape survivors) and he admitted he was a victim of SA in the past
I like to ignore all of this and just go "oh a cute moid brain goes brrrr"

No. 355288

What is so attractive about mommy issues to you? And by that I mean an abusive or absent mother. I agree with you, but I cannot put my finger on it. Wanting to replace the mother? Because they are desperate for affection from a woman they never got?

No. 355291

File: 1698360211194.png (338.2 KB, 895x585, image.png)

I used to really not like this guy back in the day. I used to hate his stupid Wisconsin accent, his sense of humor, his delivery, and the fact he replaced one of my favorite actors ever. I started watching his show again over the last few weeks, I hate how much I’ve been crushing on him recently.

No. 355297

AYRT, apparently Apocalypse Now swiped the Ride of the Valkyries bit from the tank blasting loud music in this movie. (Also the theme song for the movie is kinda catchy.)

No. 355299

Awww nonna bring it in kek ♥ I’m a midwesterner and I didn’t love him when I got into the show but he really grew on me. He’s dorky and he is funny, and i think it’s cute his IRL wife was on the show and writing for it too. They’re still married actually. I love the Mike/Kevin/Bill seasons the best.

No. 355306

File: 1698363353629.jpeg (853.03 KB, 1284x1231, IMG_9227.jpeg)

I’m a Joel stan till I die but god Mike is adorable. He’s really grown on me. I think his accent is really cute now. His whole character is kind of ditzy in a really endearing way that I don’t think I appreciated enough on my first watch through.

No. 355308

Kek yes he’s def ditzy, like a…a working man’s himbo. Joel is perfection tho I can’t argue, it was he that drew me in to the show initially.

No. 355309

Who are you, I only just now saw this post! We can sperg a our Jaws and Roy and shit!

No. 355313

Nta but I'm not super into Joel but I know that if he was real I'd be so nervous around him lol he's cute.

No. 355322

File: 1698368026457.png (6.11 MB, 2778x1284, IMG_9792.png)

Yeah exactly, you get me. I don’t know what about that is appealing, but it is. He’s one of those guys I hate to admit I like so much.

Joel was my childhood crush… he’s just adorable. I don’t care that he’s old now, I still would.

No. 355357

I just found out he did an ad for Evony (aka that online game with the skimpy women saying "come play, my lord") back in the day. Now I'm just imagining him doing the ad in the same skimpy shit talking to anon that way.

No. 355361

File: 1698381447714.jpg (14.78 KB, 285x285, GX36n6ie_400x400.jpg)

him counts? he popped up in my youtube recs since the last 2 days again and I think he is kinda cute…?


oh argie nonnie hii

No. 355376

File: 1698398286925.png (1.85 MB, 1200x900, mynameisearl.png)

All of them but if I had to choose I'd go with Joy over any of the men

No. 355508

Mike was really cute when he first showed up in MST3K. No shame

No. 355510

I think both are huge pieces of shit who should burn in hell for all eternity but I would say that they’re both above average in terms of true crime figures. Same reason why Ted Bundy gets commented a lot on his looks. He’s not THAT attractive but compared to most serial killers (who are doughy, pasty white guys), he actually looks handsome.
Ew are you my mom? She admitted to having a crush on Erik during the trial lmao. At least he isn’t the bald one.

No. 355596

Not to defend Astarion simps, because I find most of the insufferable at this point, but he already had weird people in his stream ever since Heiseneberg. Other than that you summarized him pretty well. He has a nice voice and a nice body imo. Did people care for him as Nikolai?

No. 355606

I just feel like they’ve made it worse, it doesn’t help that larian has clearly pushed the insanity but engaging with the weirdos and encouraging them. It sounds weird but it makes him uglier to me or at least makes me feel embarrassed to like astarion and Neil (I don’t see them as the same person) because people are so unhinged and you can tell that he does like playing astarion and engaging with fans but some of the stuff is just too much.

No. 355678

File: 1698533881505.png (7.4 MB, 2778x1284, IMG_0454.png)

if i saw him at a con like this……

No. 355718

File: 1698560722993.jpeg (400.73 KB, 730x1020, 0115F391-AC6D-4F71-8F80-9F4EAB…)

other savileanon what do you think of his butt

No. 355751

File: 1698592883788.jpg (73.05 KB, 540x720, a750a6118b37011189c0585070efcf…)


No. 355752

File: 1698593027819.jpg (114.54 KB, 500x669, 37374484833733.jpg)

Bruh he's so tall and big…

No. 355755

>people itt are lusting after an ugly pedo
you are the reason moid's standars are so high and they feel entitled to pussy. At least when moid's lust after criminals they are hot, like jodi arias.

No. 355758

i asked what you think of his ass not his morals

No. 355776

what ass? motherfucker is concave

No. 355802

He forgot butt's day

No. 355822

File: 1698625523805.jpeg (618.6 KB, 1160x1357, IMG_0772.jpeg)

He should wear black leather gloves more…

No. 355828

File: 1698628516380.jpg (155.55 KB, 1500x1244, coogan.JPG)

why didn’t coogan wear something like this as savile in the show?

No. 355835

It’s disgusting that I know what episode this is just from this pic tfw you have an autistic attachment to watching MST3K in winter depression to help fall asleep/combat obsessive negative thoughts kekkk

No. 355866

I’ve noticed that scrotes with an absent/abusive mother tend to be more independent. they usually cook for themselves or do their own laundry without having to be prompted to.

No. 355881

lmao I was the first one to make a post on Wonka/Gene, imagine my surprise seeing this thread pic.

No. 355907

File: 1698683899309.jpeg (181.95 KB, 1280x960, IMG_3036.jpeg)

I hate how hot I find his smarmy academic persona

No. 355927

File: 1698693418399.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1284x1656, IMG_0342.jpeg)

Don’t feel bad about it, that’s basically why I kept watching the show years ago. I can remember what most episodes are from mostly from the color of the background. If you think that’s bad you should see my screenshot library

No. 355931

he is ugly yeah, but it's funny that you picked such unflattering picture as well.

No. 355966

File: 1698715925951.jpeg (196.71 KB, 1020x550, IMG_3433.jpeg)

I have the biggest crush on 80s-90s james spader who was pretty conventionally attractive but i’m still ashamed because he’s hideous now kek

No. 355969

This is very very relatable to me. He was VERY attractive in his prime, but he hit the wall with a force nobody could expect. It’s hard for me to reconcile present day him with peak him, simply because he looks like he SHOULD have aged well but just didn’t.

No. 355971

File: 1698719028384.jpg (21.13 KB, 563x561, c497f0de456508c3cf125b067f0c24…)

he looks like young christoph waltz and he aged well

No. 355973

Anon are you me? I don’t know how many more times I can watch Prince of Space kek.

No. 355999

He just reminds me of a turtle.

No. 356000

Well obviously, they have to learn to cook for themselves as kids otherwise they’d starve to death kek.

No. 356019

immaculate taste. Blond men are my guilty pleasure.

No. 356025

I love him on secretary. He was balding already but he acts like so autistic in that movie, it kinda turns me on.

No. 356027

I agree with this a lot. I know that movie is wild but I also love how absolutely autistic he is in it kek

No. 356056

>and he aged well
he became bald unfortunately

No. 356065

I think she meant Waltz aged well, he did. Spader aged terribly unfortunately.

No. 356077

his autisticness is what turns me on about him, he has such a nice voice too

No. 356080

was just now looking at stargate clips and thinking about him. A while back someone here or in the conventional handsome guy thread said white palace(1990) was gross/creepy because of the age gap portrayed, but come on! it was cute. spader as a young yuppie with susan sarandon playing an older woman. Also thanks whoever said I should watch crash.

No. 356448

File: 1698963199306.png (2.11 MB, 1116x1386, theo_solomon.png)

I feel like he deserves to be in the conventionally attractive thread but since nonas there have ruthlessly high standards plus Neil was posted in this thread already, I guess I'll go ahead as well kek
I started watching the BG3 actors' D&D session on Youtube and my eyes got glued to Wyll's voice actor Theo Solomon. WHY didn't I know he looked like that??? He's so pretty and has such gentle eyes. I'm dying, I already loved his voice and character from the game but this is too much
I better not go look up anything about him so I won't be crushed by any degenerate, creepy scrote behavior like the sweet Neil/Astarion nonas previously. Why can't moids be like fictional men?

No. 356453

I've also noticed how good he looked in that D&D session! He had a very nice laugh and seemed a bit shy at times. After Neil I think I'll just admire from a distance like usual, just to be safe. Reposting to add that I think Theo is conventionally attractive, Neil is a bit older and more uncanny looking kek, but I understand why you would post him, nonnas are merciless in the other thread kek. I think he would be average to some, though I see him as attractive.

No. 356463

He's just some guy, I would personally rip you a new one if you had done so.

No. 356478

File: 1698968606664.mp4 (10.49 MB, 1920x808, The.Ninth.Configuration.1980.m…)

No1curr and I'm a wierdo but the Riley actor played not once but TWICE the role of a scumbag who firstly bullies/beats a youngish-looking cute guy and then attempts to rape him.
I understand him having been typecasted as a "bad guy" because of the fucked-up scarred face but this seems just so specific? What kind of impression you must have made lmao

Btw, Scott Wilson is kinda cute in the movie. I love them maniac-depressed lapsed Catholic, guilt-plagued and haunted by the fear of ultimate loneliness in the face of unfathomable universe.

No. 356508

He doesn't really fit either thread, not ugly or gross enough for this thread, but not a male model either. Truly a matter of personal preference.

No. 356598

not usually into black guys but he’s very cute and soulful looking

No. 356599

Neither of them are blonde kek

No. 356618

idk they'd be blond in my language. either way i like em light haired

No. 356625

>Post men who are unconventionally attractive, gross, unattractive, average, ugly, creepy/weird, or shameful for their reputation.

No. 356630

This threads criteria is so funny to me

No. 356661

File: 1699023305094.jpg (45.37 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Even looking at his younger pictures he used to have such dorky hair and everything. But I'm also very attracted to that precisely because it is dorky. Jesus save us, we're retarded

No. 356664

My god anons I know this is the unconventional thread but have some standards before throwing that word around for the most basic man in the universe

No. 356740

nta but you said it yourself, this is the right thread. let her call her old man gorgeous.

No. 356741

File: 1699052291505.jpg (57.18 KB, 426x600, actor-inaki-godoy-265253_large…)

i still want him. i would gladly pluck his unibrow

No. 356743

File: 1699054251303.gif (1.62 MB, 500x281, ba95eb78a16d2567966f5aca788f8e…)

where is that cute JDM-Nonna? Today I had a team meeting with a guy I will be working with for two days (sadly only two days) and well, I found another clone, kek. He is taller, but the moment I saw him I had to think of you, JDMnonna and I hope you and Gym JDM still have an amazing time. if I would care for hookups or relationships, I would try to flirt with my JDM clone, he has the right height and the right age, kek

No. 356752

File: 1699058525756.jpeg (92.19 KB, 1200x600, IMG_6200.jpeg)

I’m still here, just laying low and posting/commenting on other unconventional attractions kek that’s so sweet you saw a clone and thought of me!! Enjoy the eye candy while you are working with him. Gym JDM is VERY well thank you ♥ hehhh

No. 356765

File: 1699063397517.png (1.55 MB, 1768x1538, 955655793ef5883cd44cfd09c60ebc…)

Still not over this creepy nerd.

KEKKK, pluck it, please.
nta but I failed you nonna, I didn't go to the gym since your last post. Being fit is fucking hard, damn.

No. 356770

File: 1699064300097.png (1.89 MB, 884x1077, baby neil.png)

this lizard has a very glowy skin

No. 356798

File: 1699075851356.jpeg (34.8 KB, 1000x750, IMG_6703.jpeg)

Don’t kill me nonnas. I just think his high pitched screaming and little temper tantrums are cute. He makes me laugh too when my depression flares up and I’m grateful for that.

No. 356808

It’s a good question. I can’t really put my finger on it either, but I think you’re right with your guesses. There is just something so fundamentally damaged about guys with mommy issues. They are so messed up and vulnerable at their core. I’m not sure if I want to help them or hurt them further.

No. 356845

i've been trying to resist but he's too charming nonnas. i don't even seek him out, my source is just lc posts, lol. i like this lizard man.

No. 356849

File: 1699108448217.jpeg (60.81 KB, 600x450, IMG_1186.jpeg)

Watched Hollyoaks bc of him and liked it like fr

No. 356861

File: 1699112588353.gif (1.82 MB, 216x300, IMG_3921.gif)

Eric Idle in drag. Yuo wouldn’t get it…

No. 357037

He’s so uncanny valley to me and I love it. He’s the right amount of ugly for my tastes

No. 357051

File: 1699175266750.gif (1000.16 KB, 245x200, 6emZ.gif)

I do, nonna, I do. He has such a soft gentle face that female clothing unironically suits him well and he doesn't look funny like the others.
However, I have always been more into Palin. I really think both of them in their youth were conventionally attractive

No. 357099

File: 1699200798913.gif (3.86 MB, 640x394, neil-newbon-actor.gif)

yeah tall lizard man with big arms is exactly my type…

No. 357102

File: 1699202595041.jpg (26.54 KB, 500x500, bill-skarsgard-189601_500.jpg)

No. 357103

File: 1699202688362.jpg (90.84 KB, 900x900, tom.jpg)

No. 357106

File: 1699202850258.jpeg (67.12 KB, 736x536, IMG_3434.jpeg)

No. 357112

File: 1699204300055.jpg (27.77 KB, 600x450, adrienbrody2.jpg)

I had a big crush on Adrien Brody when I was younger and I still think he's hot. Even if he gets considered ugly for having a big nose by most people.

No. 357115

File: 1699204761290.jpg (54.44 KB, 860x507, 5687491109_d75a743aa2_k-860x50…)

for a moment I thought this was a portuguese comedian, they could be brothers

No. 357123

>I still think he's hot
even after seeing that one infamous pic posted in celebricows? you know the one..

No. 357124

File: 1699207361350.gif (881.65 KB, 498x278, IMG_0410.gif)

Richard is my ultimate guilty crush, not even a hybristophile or anything but he was s fucking hot appearance wise, like 100% could’ve been a model if he picked a different path. IMO he 100% proves the fact that how you’ve been raised can turn you into a psycho. Dad used to beat him and was a wife beating freak, saw his cousin shoot and kill his wife in front of him when he was like 12, cousin showed him pictures of raped and mutilated women and children from when he served in the Vietnam war when Richard was just a kid, got molested by a babysitter when he was little. Yeah, he was a pos who did disgusting and indefensible things, but it’s no wonder he turned out how he did. I just feel so guilty bc I’ve always thought he was so beautiful looking, particularly when he had his hair this length and it was thick and curly. Shame he turned out like he did. (Also Ezra miller should’ve played him and I’m still always mad about that)

No. 357125

File: 1699207905047.jpeg (37.39 KB, 500x537, IMG_0412.jpeg)

Picrel he could’ve been so perfect as Richard. Helps that he’s an absolute batshit psychopath too

No. 357126

File: 1699207994986.jpg (54.64 KB, 600x793, 1a65e2f4ca77a2c1691bda9d3928ff…)

perfect casting

No. 357127

>no wonder he turned out how he did
Many women go through worse things than he did as children and they never turn out as fucked up as men

No. 357129

Uh, no? Shadman is the perfect lookalike

No. 357131

File: 1699209697815.jpeg (89.79 KB, 1024x614, 6A6845AD-ECB9-44EE-8BD4-010F41…)

speaking of savile, i always thought that mackenzie crook kinda resembled him and would’ve done a good job, rhys ifans was also in the running

No. 357139

Not trying to be rude but is he legit cross-eyed? Like half the pics I see of him has one eye in a different direction I'm confused

No. 357144

File: 1699215402498.gif (1.06 MB, 500x289, 258216da0088c994219a666014a7fe…)

he can do weird stuff with his eyes, non of the pennywise eye crossing and moving was CGI

No. 357153

Nta, which one?

No. 357155

the one where his 19 year old gf was washing his ass. it's too gross i don't wanna repost it again kek

No. 357158

kek what the fuck? I blinked and missed that post thankfully

No. 357164

is that not the opposite of cross eyed?

No. 357174

I can’t tell if these are those 2 guys from Always Sunny or not kek.

No. 357179

File: 1699228737430.jpg (258.04 KB, 1080x1350, inakigo_1699222016882.jpg)

i wonder why i'm so obsessed with him? he's so cute and funny to me, nonas, but few people see it. maybe i just really like bubbly men who never shut up.

No. 357184

File: 1699230614598.png (1.04 MB, 1231x598, pits of neil.png)

I love when he shows his shaved armpits on stream
I can't stand his blabbering about trans rights and trannies being valid, he literally said "uwu my kid is so smart, she told me the other day that trans people were here since forever simply because they were humans, they were here forever, just look at two-spirits guys, wow". And "if people accept something as normal it becomes normal guys". Yeah sure, just like with pedophilia, which was the core feature of the proto queer ideologists like Foucault and it will be the final conclusion to modern queer ideology, wonder what he's going to say then? He's hot but this bullshit makes me so angry I want to step on him and gag him. Just shup up, play video games and look cute and say dumb jokes about McButts and the Roman empire

No. 357185

he sounds insufferable, but at least he shaves his armpits, i guess

No. 357235

I mean there's also tons of men who go through the same but don't turn out to be Richard Ramirez

No. 357241

I don’t know why but I have this inkling he’s a cross dresser or will probably Troon out eventually he doesn’t stfu about trans people and he just has that nerd to Troon pipeline aura about him

No. 357242

Long hair him is peak. He needs to bring back the longer hair

No. 357244

he's probably just a pornsick dude who's into futas/trannies

No. 357245

File: 1699271435698.gif (2.03 MB, 304x304, Tumblr_l_39694825251827.gif)

I also don't get why he calls himself "co-parenting single parent" when he was recently remarried, like in june. Because his current wife isn't the mom of his child I guess? That still sounds weird and makes parasocial tiktok fans even more delulu because they think he's free and they have a chance with him
>he just has that nerd to Troon pipeline aura about him
KEK. At 45 he's past the average age of trooning out so I hope it won't get him. Still a big chance for cross dressing and jerking off to trap porn
I love longer/fluffy hair on him, hope he will grow it back

No. 357266

File: 1699289701054.gif (3.88 MB, 498x280, 11861CB1-AD1D-46B9-9387-A7859A…)

His peak was in Hollyoaks, he looked so hot and without this bunch of tattoos. Even me, as a lesbian woman, drool over him

No. 357268

File: 1699290600173.gif (1.85 MB, 268x300, 17e7f9f3eaec8ba406ea14ad654e8a…)

You're right, Roles like Kevin and Robert were so perfect for him, God he was so yummy in wnttak

No. 357273

File: 1699291783660.jpeg (113.83 KB, 500x628, IMG_1226.jpeg)

I don’t know if he’s unconventional or not, but my crush on him since 2013 hasn’t ended still

No. 357279

File: 1699293582438.jpeg (117.43 KB, 1200x1023, IMG_0421.jpeg)

Nooooooooo nonnie cause Ezra genuinely was the most beautiful moid in the planet but he had to be a fucking weirdo scrote, genuinely can’t have the best of both worlds. I was fully obsessed with him as Kevin I used to watch the movie all the time and I would genuinely start moaning uncontrollably whenever he came onscreen, like that’s how fucking gorgeous he was. Especially the scene when he’s masturbating like nngnngngngngngngngnnhh fuck omg. Like if I had to design a guy in my head it would look exactly like him. He was so fucking hot with his little slutty crop top acting like a psychopath, suited him so well. Honestly think he was one of the most beautiful moids to ever exist on this planet, his face, hair, and body were just perfection. Shame he’s an absolute freak tho.

No. 357281

File: 1699294092223.jpeg (75.4 KB, 500x700, IMG_0422.jpeg)

Absolute stunning perfection he was soooooooooo perfect for the role and so fucking hot I could actually eat him he looks so yummy throughout the movie. Anyway my other crush is Rodrick Heffley so you can probably gauge my type kek

No. 357293

Oh this guy is so yummy, I want to bite him. He even looks slightly like my husbando, with that intense gaze and everything

No. 357296

File: 1699300078988.jpg (44.97 KB, 563x704, SEXOOO.jpg)

ayrt that scene was so insane the first time I saw the movie and it came up I audibly gasped and went "oh my" and now everytime I rewatch the movie I just have to play it twice. I want to put his psycho ass in a cage and rattle it to get him angry then release him so he jumps on me like a rabid animal, I don't want to fix him I want to make him worse.

No. 357310

File: 1699311429827.gif (7.44 MB, 498x278, 499590fe547009599cedb49a31d6b1…)

PEAK toxic psycho boyfriend. Why there's no men with such distinct facial features around me, only balding potatoes or effeminate e-boys? There's such small amount of appealing men that I will probably die a virgo, lusing after 2D and 3D husbandos on my death bed

No. 357313

He's so pretty

No. 357314

File: 1699312409727.gif (497.03 KB, 450x258, IMG_3720.gif)

oh my god hello fellow ezrafags I thought all of us were banished from here kek

No. 357318

Most beautiful scrote ever. Otherworldly. Love that he was just playing himself too. God I just want to eat him like fuck………… how can you be that fucking beautiful absolute perfection. So hot. Fuck I can never get over this. Watching him is like satisfying your craving of beautiful males cause it’s so rarely seen. If only they all looked like this. The way he acts is hot too sorry idc

No. 357323

No unconventional male attraction thread is really complete without us
You should never be sorry for being right nona, Be loud and proud

No. 357324


Ezra is an unhinged, dangerous loon. Nonas, please for the love of god, find a better scrote to simp for.

No. 357325

File: 1699318649966.jpeg (241.03 KB, 735x941, 51C10992-9DFA-4EC5-8A09-C0F651…)

This is literally the unconventionally attractive thread so why do you have to discriminate us here?

No. 357326

File: 1699319017352.jpg (60.32 KB, 563x720, 617be2ca8a2c9459e4999ec474f36f…)

I'm sorry nonna that is precisely what makes him unconventionally attractive (to me at least)

No. 357328

Ezrafags are so embarrassing. They are half-assed hybristophiles who can't even simp for a competent criminal

No. 357330

I’m menstruating rn and just need to have his babies. I need to have his babies. I need to spread on this beautiful gene even if I run away and hide from him and never let him know he has children. I need his cum omfg. I need I’m going feral

No. 357332

File: 1699322169753.jpg (352.54 KB, 1080x1350, inakigo_1699222019204.jpg)

ezrafags scare me

No. 357334

File: 1699323947255.mp4 (2.71 MB, 576x1024, 6179f7df0cea1e21a152bb635781ce…)

Neil talking about his enormous buttocks

No. 357337

File: 1699324603610.png (803.37 KB, 1423x748, roycohenandtate2.png)

I'm just lucky Roy's character narrowly avoided this fate, then, kek. Incidentally, watched Cohen and Tate a few days ago, best part of the film was Roy striking this pose, heh.

No. 357348

File: 1699329780458.gif (5.26 MB, 498x278, 8F48BB50-2D55-4927-90AF-9EC5D7…)

His laugh at the end is much better than his Astarion-like one…please bring Simon Walker back

No. 357378

File: 1699356386895.gif (493.9 KB, 450x253, IMG_3721.gif)

No. 357392

File: 1699367062689.jpg (36.94 KB, 500x676, 473a02fc485698c1fec258b6ee86b6…)

special pics incoming just for you fellow ezrafag

No. 357393

File: 1699367087408.jpg (61.05 KB, 500x622, 053d250289e23cd655e4c5ee36446e…)

No. 357394

File: 1699367200507.jpg (24.6 KB, 453x604, 5b5ed9a81a79ba8eb1661dc5b8f870…)

No. 357395

File: 1699367423789.gif (1.39 MB, 250x250, IMG_3723.gif)

Thanks for this anon

No. 357397

I can’t get over him. He is so fucking beautiful Jesus Christ. I want to eat his ribcage so bad, fuckkldkfsjflksdfs. If I saw him irl at that age I would have just fainted I think. Zoe Kravitz really won with that one, queen. Imagine dating a young, beautiful, hot, psycho moid who was like 4 years younger than you. My actual dream. Ngl if Ezra asked me to join his cult I would’ve said yes kek(kldkfsjflksdfs)

No. 357407

follow your dreams, nona. become his handmaiden or so. i believe in you

No. 357414

File: 1699378814203.gif (967.55 KB, 500x300, IMG_3724.gif)

Kek anon were you here during the celebricow threads where he was the hot topic because he was running around Hawaii terrorising the locals? God that was so fun.

I wish he stayed like how he did in WNTTAK forever

No. 357415

i will also be his handmaiden

No. 357417

File: 1699380336632.png (1.02 MB, 1920x1080, 1671067613604.png)

>I'm just lucky Roy's character narrowly avoided this fate
I don't think he is the type that gets this kind of attention and treatment lmao. Yk, not a twinkish younger fella I found third such role kekekek but thanks god this time everything is consensual
>best part of the film was Roy striking this pose
That's good but, unfortunately, for me nothing can beat this scene from "marathon man." They definitely knew what they were doing and I'm thankful for that the director is a homo, so no surprise,
our only hope since women were not allowed in the boys' cool movie-making club back then

No. 357438

You all need to start reading the OP.

No. 357447

File: 1699390792529.gif (1.87 MB, 210x210, IMG_3725.gif)

No. 357499

File: 1699404224882.jpg (199.76 KB, 1880x1272, blunt rotation.jpg)

The man from Confidence Man, in all his musty Ausiness. (All of them too though).

No. 357503

Ezrafags need their own containment thread. At least the Dourifags and Danofags did that.

No. 357504

File: 1699405801009.gif (1.15 MB, 600x338, tumblr_pb54ybMRKj1xwitwmo8_640…)

It's not fair

No. 357505

where my fellow oneyfags?

No. 357507

File: 1699406655094.gif (874.91 KB, 220x199, 1652898789812.gif)

God he's so hot i can't do this anymore

No. 357508

Right here nona. I was so happy to see him upload a new slightly artistic

No. 357510

File: 1699408026442.gif (647.55 KB, 500x271, Tumblr_l_36338637202626.gif)

Ikr. Now when I'm on my period it's even worse

No. 357521

Joy is so mean and I find it hot as fuck
I would definitely do Randy and Earl. I love the nasty moustache

No. 357522

File: 1699415810317.jpeg (296.04 KB, 1080x1351, D6C78658-49E6-455C-A7DC-409545…)

I check the irl husbandofag thread just to see if anyone bumped it with zach and chris pics all the time. Halloween was a godsend for oneyfags, I’m so glad they’re not hiding their faces as much as before

No. 357524

Same!! I want Zach and maybe Cusack to guest star in one.

Chris is so tall, I want him so bad

No. 357526

File: 1699418320626.jpeg (242.87 KB, 641x1080, 5F9AE178-AE53-449D-B82F-B7A52E…)

I knowww I wanna climb Chris like a tree with that Cloud costume on

No. 357531

File: 1699422673263.png (392.5 KB, 394x626, ville callio.png)

autistic, shy game dev with a weird voice. if he wasn't scandinavian i wouldn't care. as it stands, i heard him roll an "R" and i wanted to move to finland and force my way into his house

No. 357541

Hereeee. I love those boys so much. Zach is my fave, but I love Chris and Michael and Jeff and Cory
Chris is so cute

No. 357548

One was made but anons got angry and it got deleted

No. 357560

File: 1699458187370.jpeg (364.84 KB, 1080x920, 5CD34D35-DED1-40AA-B80F-4711DA…)

Most of the oneyplays group is cute and the autism just makes it better. holy fuck I thought I was the only one that was thinking about Cory and all of his spergy glory being endearing

No. 357565

File: 1699472913386.png (466.16 KB, 286x962, theslut.png)

Always here nonna, wake word will always call me I semi-check the irl husbando to see if anyone's there I was gonna post about Halloween but I thought everyone had disappeared
Same, been getting a lot of good Zach content, very happy girl
God when I saw him as Cloud, especially holding the sword, my god…

No. 357576

>that file name kek
Chris posted some videos of him playing the piano. I can post them in the irl husbando thread when I get the chance.

No. 357581

File: 1699479861864.jpeg (31.14 KB, 400x516, IMG_0427.jpeg)

I need this unhinged slut in my mouth now

No. 357582

Great to see some oneyplays appreciation in the thread!

No. 357596

File: 1699483753633.png (180.72 KB, 381x363, dfghfh.png)

That lizard has an arms of a fckn gorilla. Just want him to push me against the wall with them. Hate that hideous hairstyle tho

No. 357599

File: 1699485201105.mp4 (1.04 MB, 1024x576, Snaptik.app_727074323095275447…)

I want to fuck him while looking him deep in the eyes and saying "trans women will never be women"

No. 357600

This was genuinely the only era of his life where he looked good.

No. 357605

Fucking kek anon, let's both show him what real women look like

No. 357608

[spoiler]god, how I’d love to sticky tape 19 year old him over his face whilst fucking him and reminding him of how beautiful was[spoiler]

No. 357609

what's da song?

No. 357614

File: 1699495622755.png (2.13 MB, 1280x720, lCj1qQv.png)

I just posted about him in the confessions thread a few days ago! Incredibly, strangely endearing for sure. I’d love to sperg about Sonic and FNAF with him. I love the look he’s giving in this pic. Also Jontron a cute as well.
Forever longing to know what he sounds like in bed. I need to hear his genuine uncontrollable moans and see the embarrassed look on his cute goblin face.

No. 357615

File: 1699495821775.gif (2.49 MB, 498x280, neil-newbon-smiling.gif)

He needs to let his hair grow again, the longer hair was his peak. I avoid his streams because some shit he says is obnoxious, but god I would just duck tape his mouth and fuck him mindlessly

No. 357616

File: 1699495940925.jpeg (192.99 KB, 1080x885, z.jpeg)

Yeah, I'm glad Michael is getting some appreciation too, I think his voice is cute and he has longer hair now

No. 357618

Yes! I was so happy when he and Zach started working together. I always loved his stuff and wondered why he never really seemed to collab with any of the other online animator guys. So happy for him. And his voice is like candy to me, I am a total sucker for obnoxiously Australian accents. Did you watch the newest Helluva Boss? He made it worth it. I love it when he does the really aggressive, fake-nice, unhinged type characters.

No. 357620

He needs to grow the hair out. His arms make me feral.

No. 357624

Yep!(funny enough someone posted Mammon in the fictional husbando thread). He was easily the best part of the episode and is one of the very few characters that I like.

No. 357625

>Forever longing to know what he sounds like in bed.
This but with Chris.He seems shyer than Zach(at least in public)and I find that adorable.

No. 357626

Kek at the footballer-style "protecting my nuts" position

No. 357656

File: 1699513675680.jpg (378.53 KB, 2048x1461, roymarathonmanfilming.jpg)

Oh fuck yeah. Also, spoiler alert, butthe part where Janey inspects his injured hand in the hospital (like the way he holds it) made me squint hard at that scene. I thought I was just being a loser fujo. Turns out, in the novel, Janey and Roy's character were fucking all along. It's a big shocker when Janey introduces himself to Babe as "Janey" because up until then, you're led to believe he's a woman.
Anyway. God bless John Schlesinger for this. Also Roy and the guy who played the assassin staged this fight themselves. So maybe Roy wanted to show off a bit of physique, too. I sure ain't complaining, heh.

No. 357664

Or the standard "shy awkward kid not knowing what to do" pose

No. 357679

File: 1699523973721.jpg (101.01 KB, 1080x1773, 372831354_275886058558315_4865…)

mine isn't super unconventional but holy shit i've been obsessed with malcolm mcdowell's performance as alex delarge lately. want to give this smug, horrible, awful piece of shit his comeuppance. the whole second half of the movie is essentially torture porn and is extremely kino for that.

also rlm anons here based as fuck. would wreck present-day alcoholic mike's shit too lol. i love his gloomy voice. jay too, but he's more conventionally attractive.

No. 357682

File: 1699525586913.gif (932.3 KB, 245x140, IMG_3743.gif)

No. 357683

File: 1699525652487.jpeg (122.31 KB, 1080x1349, IMG_3744.jpeg)

No. 357684

File: 1699525769255.gif (1019.56 KB, 500x354, IMG_3745.gif)

No. 357698

File: 1699535452394.jpg (26.2 KB, 450x666, 864f717a10eb183e182b52d34861f9…)

He was also gorgeous in Madame Bovary as Leon Dupuis

No. 357699

File: 1699535778491.gif (1.91 MB, 250x250, IMG_3749.gif)

I loved him in that film so much. God

No. 357700

File: 1699535907375.gif (1.87 MB, 410x281, IMG_3582.gif)

I want him to yell at me like this

No. 357701

File: 1699536223785.gif (Spoiler Image,1.76 MB, 245x245, d43f37a3aa80a69653589748c735d1…)

Same I want to smack him around and fuck the shit out of him while he yells at me all of his schizotalk
I also only watched trainwreck for the awkward sex scene with him gifrel

No. 357702

File: 1699539914578.gif (Spoiler Image,1.18 MB, 268x200, tumblr_ozxw1a9UY41qetpq0o1_r2_…)

KEK anon I did the same. I just skipped to that one clip.

No. 357703

File: 1699539977442.gif (1002.44 KB, 245x200, tumblr_27f523c9ac5319d65730d74…)

like this?

No. 357705

File: 1699540156787.jpeg (109.14 KB, 437x640, IMG_4007.jpeg)

heee hee!!

No. 357706

keek keek!

No. 357707

File: 1699540232670.jpg (55.59 KB, 1000x667, ezra_miller.jpg)

No. 357709

File: 1699540717702.gif (434.35 KB, 300x286, dcbd0a785703082438fd8e839a3659…)

maybe put a dog collar on him and some handcuffs too

No. 357710

This one pains me so much, the ass washing pic was really cringey but him basically saying what Polanski did was nbd made me swear him off.

No. 357711

File: 1699540944475.gif (335.43 KB, 500x282, tumblr_mtwycgwCWO1rcdt8so1_500…)

No. 357712

what is the ass washing thing I have saw other anons reference too

No. 357715

We need that Ezrafag containment thread again.

No. 357716

File: 1699543337365.jpeg (Spoiler Image,58.22 KB, 471x567, 54EEB3AB-F2FF-4023-AF1D-5DAA22…)


No. 357717

thanks for that

No. 357718

wtf kekkk

No. 357719

File: 1699543551691.gif (1.59 MB, 400x400, ezra-miller-angry.gif)

there was an uproar about it last time. also I think there are only about 3 of us

No. 357720

File: 1699543676609.jpeg (80.8 KB, 459x594, A60361E6-C746-408C-AB6F-554A53…)

Yes yes yesssss. Mmmm need him. I’m so open to him yelling at me or me beating him into submission I love the idea of both. Anything for this dream boy. He genuinely has no imperfections at all. His entire face and body and hair is perfect, I couldn’t improve anything. Always crazy to me how he’s a white boy though, he looks like an irl final fantasy type eurasian and his parents aren’t even hot and both look white. Where the fuck did this beauty come from? Also ezrafags I’m so open to us having our own thread or discord server where we can worship this moid

No. 357721

File: 1699543861364.png (1.2 MB, 1340x844, Screenshot 2023-11-09 at 15.31…)

I actually thought he was half asian/half white because he does look like Joji in some pics

No. 357722

File: 1699543992890.jpeg (61.31 KB, 492x492, 0FAAEC99-FCE4-4E32-98D9-4CCC94…)

I need him basically

No. 357723

File: 1699544018299.gif (1.45 MB, 332x498, ezra-miller-annoyed.gif)

> I’m so open to him yelling at me or me beating him into submission

No. 357724

File: 1699544049038.jpg (19.99 KB, 320x369, papaezru.jpg)

I would have gladly go sperg there but the other farmers understandably do not like us ezrafags
there might be like 3 of us but we are like a special ed kid, Retarded and very loud
reminds me of picrel

No. 357725

File: 1699544151402.jpg (63.25 KB, 575x1024, CoBfWRsWgAAjRHD.jpg)

uncanny resemblance. people thought they were cousins because George tweeted this

No. 357726

Why is this so funny kek. Also george is like his ugly cousin

No. 357728

No. 357729

File: 1699544916197.png (146.88 KB, 936x326, Screenshot 2023-11-09 at 15.49…)

kek and he also tweeted this

No. 357730

What the fuck I thought he was too

No the fuck he doesn't. Joji looks puffy and alcoholic Ezra looks like the American psycho self-care routine.

No. 357732

File: 1699545072090.jpg (32.9 KB, 612x612, 7ea4eaa5c3a4039d03c87eb9d41ffa…)

> mfw

No. 357736

>He genuinely has no imperfections
I was pretty taken aback by his nasally voice the first time I heard it, but other than that and his craziness yeah he fine
Unbelievably hot

No. 357738

File: 1699546780596.gif (1.33 MB, 360x260, 6aaa491e25a7909846e373a60696c2…)

ntayrt I like his voice I think it's cute
Look at him all beat up nonna don't you want to kiss it better and then slap him again?

No. 357739

File: 1699547618591.gif (412.61 KB, 500x267, tumblr_mmzcx07jNl1qkv7r8o1_500…)

> I was pretty taken aback by his nasally voice
anon me too but his face is irresistible

No. 357740

This is so perfectly described anon. Thank you. And the fact that Ezra wouldn’t have even had a self care routine, he just looked like that naturally. Blessed

No. 357741

Same I think his voice is cute/hot. Especially when it’s condescending like in wnttak

No. 357743

File: 1699548035711.gif (766.71 KB, 350x250, cee1c1b450d102a12cd35898d17ac5…)

> Blessed

No. 357744

File: 1699548168060.gif (999.94 KB, 500x250, 500full-we-need-to-talk-about-…)

his voice was perfect for that role. I wish he would talk condescendingly to me like that irl

No. 357745

File: 1699548372189.gif (1.87 MB, 250x250, 79fae384475e0ac27ac8e0d2b551dd…)

cute gif nona

No. 357750

File: 1699552132030.jpeg (115.32 KB, 750x919, meowmeow.jpeg)

I recall posting about a moaning comp in a thread probably about a year ago now KEK, either old one of unconventional or the current irl husbando. Out of context & really good "joke" ones.
Agreed not ravenous for him but he's so cute
I think shy subby Chris is to die for, especially in context of all the shit Chris says on sleepy cabin

No. 357752

He was legitimately hot after the first nosejob, before his plastic surgery addiction spiraled out of control.

No. 357755

he was drop dead sexy during the thriller era tbh. the pic nonna posted is a good one too.
shame about…well…yknow…there's a reason he's posted in this thread lmao

No. 357774

Not to blogpost but 2012 Ezra with the thick chin length hair and facial hair reminds me soooo much of this guy I met in a club a few years ago and he was half Japanese/Italian and he looked exactly like that Ezra, unfortunately though he said I was too young for him so I didn’t get his number or anything rip

No. 357777

File: 1699556294824.gif (1.98 MB, 260x260, IMG_3752.gif)

Omg anon I am sad for you.

No. 357792

Chris sexually harassing Jeff on SleepyCast makes me embarrassingly turned on.

No. 357794

idk but hearing chris say he would never do anal was sort of cute, especially compared to the usual degenerates he hangs out with

No. 357795

File: 1699564996301.gif (950.78 KB, 640x490, oneyy.gif)

He looks like a serf but I don't care, I want to cradle him while he whimpers.

No. 357796

File: 1699565357302.jpeg (107.82 KB, 736x736, IMG_2230.jpeg)

Big dumb Irish boy

No. 357799

File: 1699566585421.jpeg (230.04 KB, 1000x1000, IMG_0429.jpeg)

Look at him and his sociopathic eyes and smirk….. So irresistible… Please hold me hostage in ur farm baby…..

No. 357800

File: 1699566647102.jpeg (115.47 KB, 591x591, IMG_0424.jpeg)

Baby boy pls let me choke u out pls

No. 357805

File: 1699568449160.jpg (51.81 KB, 538x538, a8241e7cadc1468c623d0a939520bd…)

God I wish that was me

No. 357808

File: 1699569072530.gif (776.02 KB, 220x361, ezra-miller-smile.gif)

me too anon

No. 357809

File: 1699569141751.jpg (72.31 KB, 750x500, ezra-miller-750x500.jpg)

save me

No. 357812

File: 1699569615727.webp (35.19 KB, 640x384, IMG_0426.webp)

Nonas we need our own discord server or sumn where we can just thirst over him I am begging

No. 357816

File: 1699570909786.png (727.74 KB, 750x1334, image_2023-11-09_230057471.png)

I wanna finish my fics so bad for him, feed us Chris nonnas so good, but I am so slow and have negative motivation kek the thought that he used to jelk for hours drives me insane
Every time I see this pic he's so kissable

No. 357818

This looks like an open casket viewing lmao

No. 357819

what the hell? where did you hear him speaking? I found out through his instagram that pyrocynical interviewed him, and Ville just kept answering "I don't know", but I haven't found an actual recording of their conversation. I assumed it was too boring to post or he had to delete it for some reason

No. 357821

I made one when the Hawaii saga happened and there were many ezrafags but it got removed and some anons were angry in the replies kek

No. 357822

File: 1699571708682.gif (1.97 MB, 260x260, tumblr_o5b5vqpI7n1u8h1ydo4_400…)

No. 357823

Oh my goddddddddddd I want to eat him so bad. I want to make him have sex with me at gun point then bite into his face bad neck. His skin looks so soft and delicious

No. 357829

File: 1699576927511.jpeg (254.99 KB, 1080x1472, EB612398-6389-40F9-8942-B26332…)

Everything about Chris just contradicts the image he puts out and its so cute. I need to write a sub Chris fic where I tease him in a karaoke room like picrel for hours and have him moan into the mic

No. 357840

File: 1699585278257.jpeg (46.44 KB, 390x522, BAFDEACA-9748-41B6-87E9-CAFA06…)

Imagine him being ur toy boy like holy fuck I wish that were me

No. 357852

Someone in one of the old threads mentioned that Chris likes to make eye contact and that makes it all the better.

No. 357853

Well, I think it's time you guys got your own thread again.

No. 357856

Yeah he likes eye contact during BJs.

No. 357857

get a fucking containment thread for this mongrel immediately. i know its one anon shitting up the entire thread too.

No. 357858

I say we call her hungry-chan, for obvious reasons.

No. 357860

File: 1699593054659.jpg (140.28 KB, 791x791, emilysteaparty_1699579228636.j…)

i'm tired of ezrafags. they give off bad vibes

No. 357864

Seconded, stop shitting up the thread.

No. 357866

File: 1699598832004.jpg (167.63 KB, 1035x762, chris shadman.jpg)

oneytards as well

No. 357887

That just shows Oney is an idiot not really malicious, psychononnie.

No. 357895

They’re males what do you expect kek? This is coming from an oneyfag but no matter what irl husbando you choose to sperg out about there’s always something bad about them. That’s the con of liking a real person, no moid is free and with how fucked their morals are they probably don’t consider themselves to be terrible either.

No. 357901

Us ezrafags have a right to post in the unconventional attractions thread!! He fits perfect here

No. 357902

File: 1699620309965.gif (675.78 KB, 500x264, IMG_3758.gif)

I think there are about 3 of us

No. 357904

PLEASE do nonna, such a hot idea
>I don't look at the stuff he draws
>shad has had my back since the day I've known him
They've probably been friends since they where teens on Newgrounds, he's not the type to drop his friends over something a little dodgy. Also it's been 5 years, I kinda doubt they're still in regular contact

No. 357914

stop asslicking moids and start holding them accountable. shits worse than everything ezra has ever done

No. 357915

>shits worse than everything ezra has ever done
Pls step outside and have breath nonnie.

No. 357916

File: 1699627057554.jpg (190.32 KB, 1080x1080, emilysteaparty_1699579232135.j…)

how about we start loving moids that are liked by other women and are unproblematic

No. 357917

well, ezra is a fucked up mentally ill scrote, oney is an enabler

No. 357920

Enabling is bad but not worse than physically assaulting women…
the thread will be empty at that point kek. all hollywood (and e-celeb) moids are problematic by default. that's what these threads are for anyway. this luffy guy will probably be outed for something within 5 years

No. 357924

File: 1699628689944.gif (1.81 MB, 248x248, IMG_3759.gif)

When he ‘choked’ the fan? that was such an over reaction.

No. 357925

File: 1699628734032.jpg (53.58 KB, 736x736, 4413409e367a0b9ff109c60643b78f…)

what do you mean? he has never done anything wrong in his life. (i'm going to lose it if he ends up having a scandal)

No. 357927

>downplaying the choking incident
This is why I hate ezrafags. At least own up to what he did (but then they'll start denying his other crimes like last time)

No. 357931

ATTENTION Neil fuckers, you can watch Golden joystick awards live her, it started now, Neil will be presenting on stage and also hoping for him to win an award for voice acting

No. 357935

Shit I'm literally shaking rn. I wonder if neil wearing a suit today…

No. 357937

Didn't Ezra physically assault people? Actually directly hurt them? Chris is just a moid with moid flaws (coomer, sticking with shitty people because "bros are bros")

No. 357938

The winning train for BG3 begins I see. Also
>all the chat is talking about is BG3, Neil, Astarion and "honk"

No. 357939

>Why not whitewash the unconventional thread of its entire point?

No. 357940

Samefag almost forgot the chair throwing incident as well, which also happened towards a woman like all his other assaults.

No. 357942

File: 1699634092419.jpg (65.45 KB, 564x1055, f70edfc720ef71f17a4eb2f75c3c0a…)


I made a discord server for us 3 Ezrafags so we stop clogging up the thread for the other nonnas, Add me @realgraverobber and I'll invite you to it.

No. 357945

Reeee I saw him in the crowd standing and clapping he looks so hot, can't waint till he gets on stage

No. 357946

Ah no suit for me… But he is so hot

No. 357947

File: 1699634534174.mp4 (340.73 KB, 720x720, emilysteaparty_1699579923239.m…)

well, i'm only here because nonas in the attractive moids thread claim luffy is ugly

No. 357948

Yeah he looks even more like a lizard shape shifter in that lighting

No. 357949

No. 357953

I'm more than willing to have this thread separate into splinter threads. One for the serial killer/school shooter anons, one for the anons who just like guys who aren't "traditionally" handsome.

No. 357954

I don’t get the newfags that come here and clutch pearls when its obvious that no XY is good and we’re all here just to fantasize about a personality on a screen while picking out the few nice qualities they have. Its obvious they weren’t here before when we used to have hybristo threads and had Epstein and Saville nonnas ITT

No. 357955

am I blid or is Neil sitting alone at his table? Hmmm

No. 357957

what are you talking about retard

No. 357960

> Epstein and Saville nonnas
got less backlash than ezrafags kek

No. 357961

to be fair the saville anons started getting more backlash the more they posted

No. 357969

File: 1699643930419.jpeg (183.02 KB, 500x696, 7297CE46-F670-442E-AB6A-339446…)

BLESS YOU NONNA. I was the begging anon btw. Will add u when I get home (will be a new discord btw bc I haven’t had one in ages)

No. 358001

So proud of Neil and Larian Studios. His speech was very touching. It was so cute of Lady Dimitrescu's VA to give him that big hug. Everyone looked bad under that shitty lighting but I don't care, he's hot no matter what. Lizard man wins.

No. 358055

That's a good idea nonna! there was a subby Chris fic on ao3 but unfortunately it was deleted, while it wasn't the best written it was still something.

No. 358058

Isn’t Ezra conventionally attractive? I’m not even an Ezrafag but I can admit he’s a handsome man (at least before the tranny shit) I mean even my mom was thirsting over him years ago in WNTTAK

No. 358070

as the thread op says:
>creepy/weird, or shameful for their reputation
so he technically belongs here

No. 358077

Oh okay

No. 358079

Hes partly Khazarian Jewish. Khazaria in Ukraine was part of the Mongolian empire for years. So some Jews descended from that area have Asiatic features. I can think of quite a few others too.

No. 358088

Lurk more retardnonna

No. 358095

File: 1699673053825.jpg (141.08 KB, 565x791, 1428r9t9w.jpg)

No. 358119

File: 1699678222793.jpg (211.06 KB, 2160x3840, 20231111_054922.jpg)

so sad that i have to post him in this thread with his sharp jawline and angelic dark locks

No. 358124

unconventional? he's hot except the gummy smile but it's not super bad

No. 358127

he's uglier than luffy actor

No. 358128

that is some seriously weird taste. the luffy actor is hideous and looks like every mexican guy at walmart kek

No. 358133

take that back

No. 358155

He belongs here more than any other scrote posted itt

No. 358184

File: 1699724811091.gif (1.71 MB, 498x278, 3423ce72d60f5c07aeec887506f6de…)

I'm so happy for them. Now it's time to win everything at GOTY awards and make my soytendo coworker fans seethe. Also Neil said he already has some new interesting project so I can't wait for his next role

No. 358186

File: 1699725613635.gif (9.02 MB, 600x253, open_season.gif)

>Also Roy and the guy who played the assassin staged this fight themselves
It's pretty impressive huh. The scene is very intense, brutal and gripping. I like that it doesn't last long thus is more realistic because irl hitmen wouldn't have those ass-long 'spectacular' action-movie fights. I can imagine this dialogue tho lmao:
- Fellas, that's just great, good work. Let's roll the cameras.
- Oh, btw I'd like to do the whole fight nearly naked, only in the wight tight underware.
- W-w-why? What does it add to the scene, Roy?
- For no reason, really. Merely aesthetics, yk.

Anyway, I'm happy for you that you can enjoy your 3d husbando in movies with high resolution and quality sound

No. 358187

File: 1699726699099.jpeg (517.29 KB, 1242x745, IMG_7556.jpeg)

back again because fuck nonas i'm down bad for him. i'm not normally into blonde men at all. nothing about him is my type, i normally like dark-haired brooding dudes. weird.
i think he was cute well into the 80s too imo, but even nowadays he's not ugly persay.
but in a clockwork orange…he's so…abuseable. what a perfect punching bag of a character. the way he cries and moans at certain parts of the movie activate my cute aggression like nothing else can. hearing his stupid nadsat babble broken up by sobs of anguish was a quarter life sexual awakening. please tell me someone else understands because i think i'm going to lose my mind.

No. 358235

File: 1699740016612.jpg (84.21 KB, 672x635, 18951239_10155564167107384_238…)

where my proggy nonas at

No. 358236

This guy is conventionally attractive imo

No. 358242

File: 1699740825053.png (135.5 KB, 245x245, breag.png)


No. 358246

File: 1699741413590.jpg (46.54 KB, 500x739, ff3f0ff3b2921af01ca164996a6d4d…)

a woman of culture

No. 358247

I have to hide these posts I hate prog rock and all the moids in it with a passion

No. 358275

Them troglodytes make good music

No. 358284

File: 1699750967989.jpeg (71.48 KB, 500x750, IMG_6726.jpeg)

i love downturned eyes

No. 358310

Nonnas really need to start attaching names to pics.

No. 358314

Nearly every guy posted here has already been named and posted a hundred times.

No. 358329

I think you can just ask, nonnie. There's always the image search, too. Personally, I'm too embarrassed even to mention a name because who would need the name of the dead b-movies actor lmao

No. 358339

File: 1699794727837.png (542.84 KB, 593x601, IMG_3771.png)

Ezra Miller

No. 358341

File: 1699799624058.jpeg (45.73 KB, 498x615, IMG_7365.jpeg)

hello nonnie this is young Dave Mustaine from Megadeth, in the other thread everybody says he’s ugly so I guess he belongs here kek

No. 358342

Whoever said he's ugly is fucking wrong

No. 358343

He was so hot

No. 358344

KEK the poor nintendofags. The glory is well deserved and we will be celebrating again soon. Neil is so talented, I bet he has his pick of roles now that he's gotten so famous. I can't wait for his next project either. He looks so good in your gif nonny, thanks for that.

No. 358351

File: 1699803068438.png (698.4 KB, 836x960, ooohgirlroy.png)

>Oh, btw I'd like to do the whole fight nearly naked, only in the wight tight underware.
>W-w-why? What does it add to the scene, Roy?
>For no reason, really. Merely aesthetics, yk.
KEK, hey, hey, I ain't complainin'. I think there actually is a vid on Youtube about the making of the movie, and Roy briefly discussed it. Also, totally unrelated, but he looks just as good fully-clothed, and in military uniform!

No. 358361

File: 1699806623881.jpg (16.76 KB, 236x323, 0ee55c622ac51c625b70f1b6bc4f6a…)

His hair is so fucking beautiful, it's still looking decent in his old age too. I thought of all the thrashers he was the hottest. Well, him and Tom Araya kek. Dave is a serious hot guy while Tom is a goober hot guy.

No. 358372

He’s a mega babe in his prime what a lion’s mane of hair. I like his rosy cheeks too idk why

No. 358374

hottest pic itt

No. 358383

Can't help wondering what he's like in bed. Not saying I have to experience it firsthand I'm saying I would even read a report about it just to have this curiosity sated.

No. 358453

File: 1699826701024.mp4 (829.64 KB, 576x1246, 6a9f41345f674bfef27307445b98d4…)

>dissociative maladaptive husbandofagging
>when the real life circumstances around your crush and his/her own personality traits make you so cringe you have to completely erase that part from your fantasy and only take his/her body and create your own image of that person in your own fantasy, with different personality traits, work, environment etc.
I'm getting progressively more annoyed with him and his fanbase to the point of having really abusive thoughts about hurting snowflakes. I think life with him irl would've been insufferable, unless the majority of the bullshit he says is just virtue signalling and not his actual views, but at that point it's doubtful. I hate men and I hate snowflakes.

No. 358456

Why though? There's so many hotter metal guys in the scene.

No. 358529

File: 1699864027087.jpeg (148.99 KB, 1300x1074, IMG_7555.jpeg)

his name is malcolm mcdowell, nona.
this guy is closer to my usual type. haven't really seen him before now, but that's a really hot picture. i love long, full hair on guys.

No. 358536

File: 1699870013043.jpg (38.2 KB, 775x969, tumblr_8d4129f6ce9779f7b5ef8e1…)

Ever since I saw this pic of Bela Lugosi I haven't known peace.

No. 358545

agreed! the scene of his arrest where he gets beaten and spat on is one of my favourites, he's so cute huddled up in the corner with blood all over his face

No. 358560

File: 1699883370967.gif (3.21 MB, 500x347, holyfuckingshitbro.gif)

a woman of culture, i see. my fav scene is picrel, but it's really hard to pick as the second half of the movie is just alex in various (deserved) shameful situations.
bela lugosi cute as fuck in general but he looks like a handsome butch here and i can't unsee it.

No. 358561

saw this on the front page, just came to say "hot"

No. 358580

File: 1699891062183.jpg (104.01 KB, 650x366, 28694id_133_medium.jpg)

got a soft spot for blond men

David Hemmings in blow-up (1966) for that one nona.

No. 358586

That's literally just any English bloke

No. 358595

File: 1699895210921.jpg (51.12 KB, 898x701, 137133.jpg)

nonnas keep saying this guy looks like a lizard but I don't see it. He looks more like a goat or maybe a llama to me.

No. 358602

I need to fuck the pirate version of ville valo

No. 358623

he looks like my neighbour

No. 358661

Aaay someone remembered me from that thread long ago, I still haven't finished watching Blow-Up HA

No. 358671

Finally a bela Nona

No. 358685

File: 1699938148835.gif (5.28 MB, 540x400, 4EDC98CB-8B99-4CFF-A55E-DDDBE2…)

Alain Delon was so attractive but so evil

No. 358705

File: 1699951242438.png (817.05 KB, 807x1090, piero 23.png)

wish there were more cute pics of him its not fair

No. 358709

He's literally the face of the Conventionally Attractive Thread right now

No. 358712

this thread is for attraction we’re ashamed of, the description says men who are creepy/weird or shameful for their reputation which he objectively is

No. 358713

I don't know anything about him other than his looks. Why is he evil?

No. 358719

He abused his wife Nathalie to the point where he broke eight of her ribs and broke her nose on two separate occasions. And that’s just what the public knows about, I’m sure there’s more abuse that’s still hidden. After years of abuse she began having an affair with her bodyguard (which as a quick side-note, I think it’s interesting how she went to the person who’s job it was to protect her and keep her safe) and when Alain found out about it he either killed the bodyguard or had some of his mafia acquaintances kill him, but the bodyguard was found murdered in their home. He has 3 sons, but only raised 2 of them. The eldest was raised by Alain’s mother because he refused to accept that the boy was his and the boy’s mom didn’t want to raise him. Alain never claimed the son as his despite the fact that his own mother raised his son for him for 18 years. His 2nd son, Anthony, says that his father physically abused him by beating him with belts and a whip, and used to make him stay in a dog cage for hours as a regular punishment. He said Alain is a narcissist and anthony seems to be the scapegoat of the family. His youngest son is also named Alain, and he started a fashion brand called “alain delon” and his father sued him over it and said his son was stealing from him by using his name for attention. He literally named his son after himself so suing his son for using his own name is just silly. He’s also misogynistic and homophobic and supports the national front, and he publicly admitted that he has hit women before (not just his wife) and said it’s ok because he’s “never broken a woman”

No. 358722

Holy shit, you weren't kidding when you said he is evil. Idk if you were the one who posted him recently but I actually thought he was super good looking (And looked like my husbando) and spent the weekend saving pictures of him. I looked him up after your reply and he is so vile. It's truly a shame because he was stunning.

No. 358727

Least unpleasant French scrote kek

No. 358728

I’m not into him, he always reminds me of Onision or something kek. All ‘fake brooding boys with blue eyes and dark hair’ all blend into one person for me. It’s such a cliché look and the scrotes with this look always think they’re gods gift, I can’t get attracted to it, corny asf.

No. 358735

wow nonny you just put perfectly into words what makes this exact phenotype so unappealing to me

No. 358740

File: 1699982829272.jpeg (39.1 KB, 350x559, IMG_6791.jpeg)


No. 358746

File: 1699983568429.jpg (112.28 KB, 787x623, open-season-lobby.jpg)

Why filthy abusive arrogant French scumbag if you can have cute blond Irish

No. 358762

File: 1699990772821.png (782.81 KB, 1934x1068, Screenshot 2023-11-14 at 19.38…)

Why a cute blond Irish when you can have a psychotic American of Jewish descent

No. 358766

File: 1699991791730.gif (632.08 KB, 500x200, tumblr_inline_ohdeeiVMV41rifr4…)

I volunteer

No. 358770

Racially ambiguous schizo Jewboy wins every time for me, ngl.

No. 358784

Dorian Electra?

No. 358787

No. 358788

File: 1699997876573.gif (1.79 MB, 200x280, IMG_3797.gif)

Perfect description

No. 358815

new banner background

No. 358852

I thought you guys were gonna clear out of here?

No. 358896

is this ezra? he actually looks good here

No. 358910

File: 1700048476290.jpg (23.33 KB, 236x382, 269e8e71b78ce1c7f928dd5ba090ce…)

I want him, nonas… I'll never know peace.

No. 358935

The difference for me though is that Delon has genuine charisma. For all his flaws, he's both good looking and can actually act. Theres a difference between seeing pics and actually watching him perform in say Rocco and His Brothers or Purple Noon (his peak era). Onision and most of those other types of scrotes could never pull it off.

No. 358951


Me too still and I don't know why because I know about the controversey.

No. 358953

>he looks like a handsome butch here
Damn he really does tfw no vampire butch gf

No. 358967

File: 1700080855041.gif (1.99 MB, 180x252, IMG_3810.gif)

Yeah this is him in Madame Bovary

No. 358975

better die a virgo than a cancer

No. 358981

File: 1700083338405.jpg (46.16 KB, 855x932, 1000000815.jpg)

Ghhh i went so into Neil that i became actually jealous. And I can't stand when he streams with blueowlzmedic. Can't stand her fucking laughter. Even her voice. So fucking annoying and loud. Like i know she wants to fuck him so bad i can feel it my bones. I saw her reaction to astarion's horny lines and Neil's cameo for her and she is just the same as all the other fangirlies. But she is like his BeStIe and i hate it for some reason. I feel nothing towards his wife but this woman undoes me so so much. Guess i need to "touch some grass" or smth…

No. 358989

File: 1700088890004.jpeg (24.6 KB, 170x220, 6E3E7EDE-6141-433F-9F47-4DF0E5…)

No. 359002

File: 1700092640800.mp4 (1.58 MB, 576x576, 1b2a6a6afb6ae95fb213292bcfce7e…)

He went with blue to disneyland. I agree her laughter is annoying af. What do you think are the chances that he actually fucked her?

No. 359003

He looks like a pedo and she looks like his daughter or barely legal gf. This is gross.

No. 359011

File: 1700093831259.jpg (Spoiler Image,641.84 KB, 1073x1322, IMG_20231116_011723.jpg)

Maybe she uses some filters in this video but if you saw her photos or other videos she definitely doesn't look "barely legal" imo

No. 359014

She literally looks like a chubby 14 year old lesbian, thats fucking gross dude, he looks old enough to be her dad.

No. 359018

She looks 30 to me but maybe it's because I'm also a babyfaced individual and many people who are my age look old to me

No. 359019

Idk it's hard to say without seeing how they interact irl. i feel like he might have kissed her and she almost passed away kek. or he touched her intimately. something like that. is it even possible to simp like that for the man who actually fucked you?

No. 359020

she mentioned that she played Skyrim on the day it came out and it was her 25th birthday. so she's 37 I think?

No. 359025

I opened this before knowing the context and she registered as a woman in her late twenties,
/early thirties, I think her being on the chubby side is confusing anons, her features aren't young to me

No. 359027

This feels like a Vogue interview at first…

No. 359050

File: 1700108929951.gif (1.9 MB, 325x404, A2148173-0866-48F4-9D8B-8BA1A0…)

No. 359070

If that's the case props to her (genes) for making her look like some cherubby 15 y/o

No. 359082

She literally looks 30 kek

No. 359125

File: 1700155357104.gif (4.94 MB, 500x389, cillian murphy red eye.gif)

I'll second this, since so many here think he's ugly.

No. 359128

he was so hot in red eye, I loved the bathroom scene so much

No. 359143

File: 1700162708535.gif (5.89 MB, 500x389, cillian murphy red eye 2.gif)

Me too.

No. 359182

File: 1700172178019.jpg (102.64 KB, 950x942, F_EagtNW8AEDtE5.jpg)

I'm somehow attracted to Jordan from Big Brother UK even though he's gay and kind of a player (poor Henry, he's going to get his heart broken after they leave the house)

No. 359203

OK, ezra annons are here justifiably. But Cillian Murphy? Really? He's just old now, but there's nothing unconventional about him in his youth. Ffs, he's literally being posted in the attractive guys thread. Pls, leave me a place where I can ignore that I'm for some fucked up reasons only attracted to objectively ugly moids

No. 359207

She really doesn’t, besides the tattoos.

No. 359208

File: 1700175005176.gif (1.1 MB, 244x244, nod-ezra-miller.gif)

thanks anon

No. 359209

File: 1700175093386.gif (785.72 KB, 300x281, 672bb3bbf1afe0f4f680b0dad18a0e…)

No. 359216

>there's nothing unconventional about him in his youth
tell that to the rest of the site

No. 359227

He is cute in that photo, he's begging to be topped

No. 359266

File: 1700181413517.png (3.05 MB, 2320x1740, CD553B0B-ED03-43D5-8053-7BE319…)

I’m not usually into black men but I have a huge soft spot for high IQ black men and nerdy n*ggas. I wish more of them existed irl. Pharrel has always been very cute to me. I like how he kinda looks like an alien and is really into star trek, cosmology and other nerd crap, but is also cool and has nice style. I find his features very attractive, and I like skinnier men, idk he just looks very appealing and exotic to me. His peak was this era imo.

No. 359268

File: 1700181515070.jpeg (179.99 KB, 600x600, 1B26344F-FA5B-4BA8-990C-009034…)

I also heard him namedrop one of my favorite, rather obscure books. Which made me really happy and now I think we’re soulmates.

No. 359269

File: 1700181829800.jpeg (110.66 KB, 1024x759, 918D6DAC-8B30-4986-B282-3F0B2B…)

He’s also ageing somewhat decently, and seems to have less scandals than most scrotes of his fame level. I also like the fact he’s very hardworking and very passionate about music and fashion.

People say he looks like a fish, but I think he’s very cute. I’d like to get to know him irl and I wanna talk about so much cool stuff with him.

No. 359296

My mom was so horny for him in this movie it was kinda disturbing but also kinda based

No. 359299

He would be average as fuck if he didn’t have bright blue eyes. They halo him so hard.

No. 359300

Please stop hating other women just because your creepy scrote is hanging out with them.

No. 359308

File: 1700184567495.jpeg (62.44 KB, 643x509, IMG_1425.jpeg)

I’ve posted him in the attractive men thread and someone said he’s not conventionally attractive. Whenever he gets mentioned on ot anons carry on about how ugly he is kek. To a lot of people he looks too feminine or uncanny like an android or wax figure. Picrel is him looking like a creepy but hot old robot

No. 359309

File: 1700184580462.jpeg (31.08 KB, 640x721, FAA02777-9918-49FF-9CEF-17A3D9…)

Someone edited him to have brown eyes afaik and he looks so average. This is why I actually prefer moids with brown eyes because you can judge their attractiveness more realistically and objectively.

With blue eyed moids a lot of the time they’re actually kinda ugly but their nice eye color is propping up the rest of their features.

No. 359313

File: 1700184766413.jpeg (38.92 KB, 636x636, 8019DD1B-687A-4199-A284-B35C13…)

But do you still find him attractive with dark eyes?

No. 359319

Yeah his contacts in that movie made him look less intimidating and uncanny, not less attractive in my opinion. He also looks more masculine to me with dark eyes.

No. 359321

Doublepost but these pictures aren’t the best example because in that movie he was making weird facial expressions to make his lips seem thinner

No. 359324

This is cope for not finding him as attractive with brown eyes lol. It’s okay to admit you don’t find him attractive with brown eyes nona. Yes he does look less attractive. We’re all shallow here. No need to virtue signal.

No. 359330

He looks like Tom Holland

No. 359332

File: 1700186177939.jpg (75.7 KB, 735x904, 48c0a47356064dd5da98872e328de5…)

I hate most people, not just certain women, also I hate him too for being a fucking virtue signalling snowflake (despite being physically attracted to him) and I think it would be painful to be around him because I would have to constantly police my language. U mad?

No. 359335

I said I don’t find him less attractive with brown eyes though, I prefer brown eyes over blue eyes

No. 359337

>I hate everyone equally!!!

No. 359345

I never said that. I hate most people for different reasons, not "equally"

No. 359365

Real pick me hours

No. 359367

I'm not the one sucking dicks of 3D pigs like most of you

No. 359369

File: 1700193192068.jpg (31.09 KB, 471x536, cillian murphy oppenheimer.jpg)

It's not an edit, it's a movie where he wears contacts. And I think his facial features are very attractive even without the blue eyes (though he obviously looks better with them imo and they are his best features, I'll be honest I love blue eyes). I still think he's attractive with brown eyes, but it's hard to compare because in that movie he plays a mentally ill weirdo and constantly makes stupid faces (plus I think he lost a bit of weight which looks bad on him), as evidenced in your pictures.

Also he belongs here as per the site because nearly everyone is claiming that he's ugly now. He has admittedly aged terribly and looked like a ghoul in Oppenheimer.

No. 359371

Dw nonnie, I support your hatred of her kek. I dropped in on one of her streams once and never again. She def seems attracted to him and it was uncomfortable to watch.

No. 359382

wtf I love Cillian Murphy now, what movie is this?

No. 359384

Please no more cilianposting I can’t take it anymore nonas, this thread is just becoming the cilian ‘is he hot or ugly’ debate thread and I’m tired of it, I already had to sit through red eye in high school twice when it came out and I’ve been doing my best to avoid this Irish bug for years since, please don’t subject me to any more of this bug eyed ant man I’m at my wits end it’s even worse than the Ezra spam

No. 359386

>the cilian ‘is he hot or ugly’ debate thread
that's basically every thread he gets posted in kek. but considering how often this happens in so many threads he might as well have his own containment.

No. 359393


No. 359394

Close your eyes and ignore, no one wants a containment thread

No. 359399

File: 1700197468279.jpeg (346.45 KB, 881x714, B0A933A3-3D94-413D-8167-08FBCF…)

i’m still here bitch

No. 359406

File: 1700203956153.jpeg (Spoiler Image,56.62 KB, 436x600, IMG_7404.jpeg)

>>358342 i know right.
Picrel is only for the eyes of these nice nonas kek. He’s interesting because he can be a hottie, cutie and also uggo.

No. 359410

I don't like a single one of his songs, but I get it nonna.

No. 359411

I genuinely can't fathom how anyone can be attracted to Saville beyond hybristophilia. If you saw him walking down the street, no idea about him or his reputation, you'd still instinctively cross to the other side.

No. 359417

I think he’s cute. I like his music too.

No. 359419

File: 1700218596269.png (629.7 KB, 694x567, IMG_9588.png)

Return of the king

No. 359433

Same he was so ugly lol

No. 359444

File: 1700232888822.png (Spoiler Image,3.9 MB, 1280x1920, GQUK2020.png)

based mom
Also reminder to the Ezrafags here we have a discord server where we can sperg about things like picrel

No. 359445

I grant ezrafags amnesty

No. 359446

Anon, you weirdo!! Did you watch the tv show?

No. 359460

Not even an Ezrafag but that's something, hope he's done a St. Sebastian photoshoot at some point.

No. 359462

I agree nona, he's very attractive

No. 359483

File: 1700245653608.gif (8.17 MB, 500x417, barry keoghan.gif)

I don't know why I find him attractive but I particularly like his voice. Someone in some other thread used him as an example saying that Hollywood will basically cast anyone so long as his eyes are blue enough and I guess I'll fall for it every single time since I'm also a Cillianfag.

No. 359485

yes, coogan was great as him
if i saw a quirky british man with a bob haircut i would faint because those type of men don’t exist anymore

No. 359507

No he's just gorgeous in every way

No. 359511

He is a really good actor and that could be part of the reason you might find him attractive.

No. 359515

File: 1700260174514.jpeg (35.21 KB, 399x600, 3dec4109-e170-49d3-879d-f0fccf…)

His body proportions look a bit off but I still think he's cute

No. 359518

File: 1700262133896.jpg (57.5 KB, 1000x460, barry keoghan green knight axe…)

Beautiful taste.

That absolutely adds to it. Plus so far I love a lot of the movies he's in, except for the capeshit.

No. 359523

This is so hot it made me blush and tingle

No. 359529

I like his eyes because they’re very unusual and kind of Asian looking. Makes him look Russian or something. But his nose is too big.

No. 359533

he's way hotter here

No. 359534

File: 1700266958951.mp4 (1.06 MB, 576x576, c419f91fe2a24c6921b22cf97afdf7…)

This slut will be the death of me

No. 359538

same… his eyes are so pretty and he has such a captivating aura.

No. 359544

File: 1700271338097.png (544.25 KB, 752x535, tumblr_040782980e301af257be848…)

I just want this manlet to eat me out is that too much to ask?

No. 359546

Holy fuck i’ll never admit to anyone but I found him such a cute creep in the killing of a sacred deer.

No. 359550

You are discosting

No. 359551

I said it, he would not have a career if his eyes weren't blue.

No. 359553

File: 1700274244884.jpeg (26.72 KB, 640x449, d15930d32f89dce470c5852b8b6b9b…)

My villain billionaire daddy

No. 359555

File: 1700274987929.gif (2.01 MB, 386x203, tumblr_1c1c30794c5f16db0c03b08…)

Haters gonna hate

Anyways, he has this intense slutty vibe, you just know he gives good head

No. 359559

Yeah, that's definitely a hatefuck kind of guy

No. 359560

To me he looks like a whiny guy who’d say your pussy stinks

No. 359562

Just wanted to write the same thing

No. 359563

File: 1700277272426.jpeg (725.48 KB, 1125x1533, F4DFDC05-E88D-41FA-BE13-4DB3F6…)

this is what the average middle aged man looks like now, savile was doing better as a psychopathic british man in the 70s

No. 359567

Theyre only attracted to him because of the crimes he committed, which is fucked up considering that he raped kids. Any anon who claims he was attractive is a pseudo hybristophile or a self hating stupid cunt.

No. 359569

Could be a bored out troll too

No. 359595

Fr. It physically hurts that I'll never be able to fuck him and I've never felt like this before

No. 359601

he’s shorter than me I want to take him by surprise and pin him against a wall and lift him to my eye level and start biting his neck while he tries to squirm but he’s probably so weak and easy to handle and he would whimper in a stupid voice

No. 359603

File: 1700295255477.jpeg (74.71 KB, 1087x890, IMG_9445.jpeg)

this guy can either look haggard or model esque in a photo but if I could get him to do the ghost voice that’s enough for me though i prefer to make him wear the mask and eye paint, his eyes were the ones that were mocapped after all

No. 359614

he's fucking hot as hell get him out of this thread you bitch

No. 359615

>That spoiler
Hot and based. I want to bully him too

No. 359619

File: 1700305169210.jpeg (90.61 KB, 640x847, IMG_1394.jpeg)

Is he an unconventional attraction? Every time he gets mentioned at least one person says that he’s hideous

No. 359623

File: 1700308072821.mp4 (698.98 KB, 768x576, 2b3ea18f5546d27eb210b13530602d…)

He's so cute

No. 359625

who is he? he feels familiar but don‘t know where to put him. i think he is sexy on this pic, but i can tell some people would say he has an ugly fish face.

No. 359630

File: 1700312572771.jpeg (72.65 KB, 439x582, IMG_1581.jpeg)

It’s Tom Hardy when he was young, and fish face is exactly what he always gets called kek

No. 359632

I have a crush on Jerome Flynn. The dude that played Bronn on Game of Thrones.

No. 359633

File: 1700313526653.jpg (33.34 KB, 563x624, 395e0e895385934ea723674dd1da28…)

hell yeah nonnie

No. 359644

>Savile was doing better
He absolutely was not

No. 359655

File: 1700325385836.jpg (208.58 KB, 1080x1515, 1685722868751.jpg)

Real talk why is this thread full of such bad vibes? Like, every two post there is an infight or anons shitting on the posters unprovoked, not everyone is posting criminals so what's the point? Why engage with content you clearly dislike?

No. 359657

he kind of looks like a beefy reviewbrah here (not in a bad way kek)

No. 359665

Goku is my forever husbando.

No. 359673

File: 1700334182848.gif (972.13 KB, 500x281, 74FAE411-3B55-4BF0-848B-B7DD2C…)

Now they're calling young Tom Hardy ugly.This is insane, fr. Post at least his old version, when he became all haggard and botched (like a true Brit man lmao)

No. 359675

File: 1700335607937.gif (9.92 MB, 540x300, erotic.gif)

I found him cute as nightcrawler but couldn't find a decent gif of him so found this instead. I love how unusual he looks and I just find him very striking - his ass needs to be in a del toro film stat.

Plus I cackled when it's revealed he killed bandersnatch cummerband via anthrax in this

No. 359690

There's always baiters in every thread, it's annoying but it's bound to happen in any ib.

No. 359705

he has an adorable sense of humor. what a hottie.
this very gif of tom hardy used to be the attractive men threadpic. it seems anons love to flip-flop on the topic of mens' attractiveness.

No. 359711

File: 1700345793064.gif (16.07 MB, 579x450, ihateithere.gif)

>it seems anons love to flip-flop on the topic of mens' attractiveness
I think anons shouldn't be discouraged to post their conventional crashes in the appropriate thread just because one other anon there shamed them for it. Can't please them all. I sometimes have a feeling that nonnas in that thread are really only into 2d men for so ruthlessly they criticise almost any posted men lol.

Meanwhile, I'm still dying here to gently stroke this hair… someone should shoot me already.

No. 359713

A lot are ruthless about 2D too kek
I don't find him attractive, but he can be very charming.

No. 359716

How dare you put young Tom hardy itt. A gif of him was literally used as the thread pic for one of the attractive men threads, this one: >>359673

No. 359717

File: 1700347384980.jpeg (197.91 KB, 960x960, IMG_3830.jpeg)

The king of these threads

No. 359728

You really need a containment thread, I'm tired of seeing your medicore pedo fave everytime I open this site.

No. 359729

File: 1700350520233.jpg (304.5 KB, 1080x708, IMG_20231119_003058.jpg)

Neil was doing another live signing on twitch and someone nicked "sunshine" requested a spicy line about "rearranging their organs". People have no shame when sending this shit to actual actors kek. But his face was so funny when he read that. Also he was wearing eye liner.

No. 359732

Ezrafags already have a containment discord but aren't using it for whatever reason

No. 359733

KEK anon forgive me

No. 359740

Our Khazarian Kang

No. 359746

File: 1700354170188.jpg (50.91 KB, 563x1000, 1640869740259.jpg)

I have a weird headcanon marriage where 2013-2018 Bladee is my bf and we are elves and we live together in an enchanted forest. I talk to him in my head a lot and genuinely believe we can communicate telepathically irl.

No. 359749

File: 1700354425989.gif (6.47 MB, 400x224, 9eFNY6.gif)

In another version of my headcanon relationship with him he is a teenage Russian gopnik boy who died from sniffing glue and watches over me since then like a guardian angel. Basically like L4E.

No. 359754

Ezranonnies getting too uppity in this thread

No. 359766

File: 1700360360501.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1035x1293, IMG_3535.jpeg)

I’d fuck all of SBC’s characters but ali g is especially cute to me

No. 359769

I stopped liking him when I found out he sexually harasses and tries to humiliate all his female costars even when the cameras are off

No. 359771

The way you phrased this has me rolling

No. 359772

nta but how come lol

No. 359773

that’s pretty much his whole schtick. i know he’s playing a character but it’s obvious he’s not a good person irl either lol.

No. 359774

i prefer the ezrafags to the antmanfags

No. 359775

he is ugly…he looks like some chav who takes roids.

No. 359776

No. 359777

Is there a single moid celebrity who isn’t a terrible person? Even the ones who seem nice to their fans and give money to charity are always scumbags irl it seems.

No. 359780

Paul Rudd?

No. 359782

No the irish one

No. 359790

File: 1700366065391.gif (605.33 KB, 300x126, can't deal with it.gif)

Do you mean Cillian Murphy? It's kind of bullshit that Ezrafags, who even had their own containment threads, can spam him itt but there's bitching over like five Cillian Murphy pics when he's considered ugly all over this site.

No. 359794

Both of you need to fuck off to your containment threads or Discords, pedo Ezra's face is actually repulsive and not worth the constant spamming and Antman got thirsted over to death by normies and 50-something women watching Peaky Blinders.

No. 359798

I know men can wear eyeliner but I’m telling you all he’s definitely going to be a late bloomer troon or he’s a closet cross dresser, he goes to bdsm events and is a gamer/geek those circles are rife with effeminate men with degen fetishes

No. 359800

I can fix him

No. 359801

Wtf. Never realized this was cillian until now

No. 359802

Ezra is not a pedo

No. 359805

Didn’t he like groom and kidnap that one 13-year-old Native American activist girl?

No. 359806

Sure but did anything sexual even happen? And technically she wanted to run away with him even tho obviously he was an adult and should have known better, but he is schizophrenic

No. 359809

There was some article in one of the older celebricows threads about him having sex with her on a mattress. Even besides that why else would an adult man kidnap a child, there's no other reason. He also hosted some club for teenagers.

No. 359812

>Insider also spoke with someone who alleged they saw Miller having sex with Takota in December 2021. Tokata denied both claims to Insider, calling the latter “so very false.”
Make of it what you will.

No. 359814

Idk her parents allege that he tried to sleep in the same bed as her when she was 14. Then another mom with a 12-year-old daughter said
>Miller “showed an inappropriate interest” in her child—commending their maturity, asking for their Instagram handle, and offering to pay for them to attend design school.
>In another encounter, the actor allegedly offered to buy the child horses.
>On June 15, the now 12-year-old’s mother was granted a temporary harassment-protection order against Miller.

No. 359824

File: 1700376647202.jpeg (25.05 KB, 446x688, IMG_7416.jpeg)

The other dude from Modern Talking. Men should be banned from cutting hair, getting fat and ageing. He’s German so yeah.

No. 359826

File: 1700378415256.jpeg (Spoiler Image,363.17 KB, 880x575, IMG_0963.jpeg)

He looked so ghoulish in the later seasons of peaky blinders

No. 359828

That scene was fucking perfect, though admittably I have a medical fetish.

No. 359830

File: 1700379591956.jpeg (356.99 KB, 835x646, IMG_0960.jpeg)

I loved watching him get his ass beat in that show, and it just kept happening kek. He gets beaten and thrown around in a lot of his roles for some reason, I wonder if he has a fetish for it, or is just trying to oblige us

No. 359832

That’s just the reality of moids and celebrities. Just assume that yeah, could be at least a 50% chance he’s a shit person or has shit beliefs so you don’t get disappointed. It’s up to you if you would want to keep liking them. If you put Pedro Pascal in front of me I would still lose my brain functions and go ravenous even if he is a TRA. He’s shameful taste here kek, every where else everyone and their mother hopped on the forced bandwagon, I blame Disney or something.

No. 359833

I mean, based on how many sex scenes there were in Peaky Blinders, I'm pretty sure the creators of the show at least knew what they were doing. I personally didn't care for the sex scenes too much, but I love seeing moids get their ass beat so I guess the show was just catering to a lot of different tastes kek

No. 359848

Oops nvm, kinda misread what you said

No. 359853

He isn’t a pedo. The girl denied all of it too. And all of the other serious allegations were debunked minus throwing chairs and dancing and being a menace in Hawaii and choking a fan etc

No. 359854

Let people post who they want or close the thread retard

No. 359859

This is LC, they rather take a bullet than stop interacting with content they dislike. This thread will be forever filled by retards who are unable to literally just fuck off

No. 359873

This was mentioned like 3 times already ITT ezrafags had a containment thread but anons got offended so it was closed

No. 359874

I am not a Erzafag but saying he is repulsive is insane to me. He is extremely good looking. He is a piece of shit for sure, but saying he is ugly is just not true.
You are being so generous kek I think it's 80%.

No. 359875

not going to, I’m here to look at unconventionally attractive men and read unhinged thirst posts, not look at your busted retard ♥

No. 359876

he’s not repulsive, but he is normie tumblrina’s crush from 2013. boring and undesirable

No. 359877

Yeah I made it and anons got angry so I deleted it
Then browse quietly ♥

No. 359878

Example: >>359444

No. 359879

File: 1700405731564.jpeg (23.59 KB, 400x500, IMG_3831.jpeg)

> he is normie tumblrina’s crush
He has certainly lost that status now, they cancelled him down to hell

No. 359880

> he is a TRA. He’s shameful taste here
Very true anon, I feel the same as you. Him being so openly supportive of trannies makes him part of itt

No. 359886

>Implying a lot of other men itt don't fit your description

No. 359888

what books did he mention and what is your favourite one?

No. 359890

looks so much better, not like an alien and more like a classic actor from 1940.

No. 359894

Nta but I don't recall >>359814 being debunked and the teenage club thing. Wasn't the kidnapping "debunk" just dakota reading off some scripted message clearly written by Ezra anyway?

No. 359897

i feel like i'm in opposite land, he looks 5000000 times more hideous in that pic. he looks like fucking tom holland like how can he get even worse
>more like a classic actor from 1940.
actors from that time were never so lipless, lifeless, and overall ugly. this must be a hallucination

No. 359902

File: 1700414113721.gif (1.17 MB, 312x272, 3Ax.gif)

Is not like he's my dream man, but he certainly fits my type somewhat. I like his blue hair and snarky attitude, besides wanting to fuck him, I just think we could be good friends though the sexual tension would be too high to ignore at some point
Holy fucking shit, he's gorgeous

No. 359904

File: 1700414543369.jpg (164.26 KB, 1280x918, tumblr_okwxl2KvE01ug2yvmo1_128…)

anon are you me… picrel makes me lose it

No. 359905

I agree with you, I don't get why people find him attractive with dark eyes. It doesn't help that the movie tried to ugly him up and he's making a stupid face, but the dark contacts emphasize his bug eyes, which the blue eyes actually distract from. He looks way better with his natural color, and the "classic actor" thing comes from his face shape and jaw, not his eyes being dark.

No. 359906

My tinfoil is that the ezrafags are also the militant skelly moid lovers

No. 359908

I'm an ezrafag and idk what that is

No. 359910

File: 1700416802857.jpg (134.79 KB, 706x1000, InterviewMagazinePhotoshoot201…)

dunno about the rest of the ezrafags but personally I think he was cute before but body-wise definitely better and hotter when he buffed up for playing the flash like in picrel
she means the retards who like anakuns and the second they see a healthy looking man they call him fat and/or roidpig

No. 359912

File: 1700417094372.jpeg (275.88 KB, 735x922, 942564F7-7A48-4AC3-9DDD-9B1864…)

As an ezrafag and skelly moid lover, yes

No. 359913

god that pic is so hot

No. 359914

based kevin

No. 359918

File: 1700419139736.jpg (23.81 KB, 500x267, tumblr_m5rmkwXdmB1qkh9hko1_500…)

I think Ezra is objectivelly good looking, that means he has good facial proportions, jaw etc., but for some reason I feel literally nothing when I look at him. Same with Brad Pitt. Zero sexual arousal and zero visual pleasure from looking at them. Maybe that's what it means when somebody just isn't your type? Idk

No. 359919

Based. I was about to post him too lol

No. 359920

File: 1700419521530.png (373.07 KB, 603x460, chrome_x8joRjdABf.png)

I find it incredibly attractive when he screams.

No. 359939

I want him to spit in my mouth

No. 359943

Same lmao I'm a hoe for him

No. 359955

This man is one walking contradiction for me. He is both ugly and hot, creepy yet seemingly sweet, and magnetic while still making me uncomfortable. I’m already disillusioned with his fan base but I swear to god if he troons out or something comes out about him being a creep I’m going to be so embarrassed to have ever admitted to liking him in any way. The signs are there nonnies let us pray for the best outcome. also I think I found his wife’s Etsy account and it only further proves the bdsm stuff lmao

No. 359967

File: 1700432070771.jpg (57.44 KB, 500x331, tumblr_m3aposOipm1qmm8b2o4_500…)

Kek I've seen her Etsy too. I just want to punch him but also hug him and fuck him and on the outside I look completely normal, it's funny
Here's some young Neil

No. 359969

Oh hello

No. 359972

The way I want to abuse this man…

No. 359974

This is the ideal male form

No. 359975

His skin is flawless even now. Looks so smooth and soft. I wanna lick every inch of him…

No. 359976

The pre-wall peak male form

No. 359979

Yeah his skin looked delicious and he had just the perfect muscle definition for me, combined with his height (almost 6'2) that makes the perfect male body

No. 359982

File: 1700433828035.png (545.5 KB, 1080x1293, cathgamingnerd.png)

>>359749 This made me laugh real hard, thank you nonnie. Also based pick

A recent one of mine is the 'Gaming Catholic Nerd'. He went viral for picrel a while ago and he hasn't left my mind since. I think it's the high pitched voice and weak autist man energy. He reminds me of sheldon, i want to eat him whole

No. 359992

File: 1700435848750.gif (Spoiler Image,3.07 MB, 498x455, neil-newbon-mlem.gif)

I am genuinely curious about her etsy account now.

No. 359996

Based as fuck nonny

No. 359997

File: 1700436093360.jpg (Spoiler Image,68.03 KB, 640x640, iap_640x640.3462221740_p6xkxuu…)

I mean it's that kind of… stuff

No. 360004

I feel the same. Ezra does nothing for me but I want to eat Neil up.
Anon you said it better than I ever could. I wish I didn't find him so attractive. He has a sweet energy despite everything else surrounding him screaming creepy degenerate. I don't foresee him trooning out, though. He's too old and seems comfortable with his masculinity.
I was not prepared for this, anon. Thank you for blessing this thread.

No. 360005

Not just the type, I think it's also about the fact that Neil has something behind his eyes. Meanwhile when I look at Ezra, there's nothing, just void. Like I'm looking at an empty vessel with no soul inside kek

No. 360007

File: 1700438277767.jpeg (253.42 KB, 1080x1350, IMG_3852.jpeg)

No. 360008

File: 1700438336030.png (982.92 KB, 628x946, IMG_3853.png)

He does everything for me

No. 360012

I NEED to lick it, oh my god

No. 360013

Ezrafags fuck off to discord

No. 360015

File: 1700440909495.png (332.37 KB, 460x309, IMG_5916.png)

Tomorrow is Mike Nelson Monday

No. 360023

File: 1700442220093.jpeg (151.91 KB, 481x600, IMG_7622.jpeg)

raymond radiguet (1903-23) jean cocteau’s literary protege and maybe lover

No. 360026

Who is that?

No. 360029

Neil Newbon, posted quite a lot here in the recent time, same here >>359967

No. 360051

File: 1700458818369.gif (2 MB, 500x362, C2D5A6C0-B0D5-4B92-9514-94A686…)

still annoys me that Buster Keaton doesn’t get the same hype as Charlie Chaplin still gets to this day with normies

No. 360066


No. 360067

Why are anons horny for a violent man that would have them running here crying about abuse the second they met him?

No. 360068

File: 1700464922931.png (1.97 MB, 1242x1924, 9FBA7D58-6C77-4944-8E0E-E38D6A…)

No. 360071

Oh come on already. Let them be horny on peace. It's on their conscious, and ugly, stupid, horrible moids is literally the purpose of this thread. Just ignore and post your moids.
ezra at least is good-looking, it was worse when anons posted hideous school shooters

No. 360128

> Just ignore and post your moids
Some anons want any excuse to sperg that’s why

No. 360136

Some of his stunts are still remembered nonnie, a lot of those were iconic. I recently listened to a podcast reference his collapsing house stunt

No. 360140

File: 1700498872294.gif (11.38 MB, 640x480, IMG_3863.gif)

Charlie Chaplin will forever be more iconic, memorable, and a household name. Oh and a bong too. Based.

No. 360157

File: 1700503083039.jpg (164.6 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Unfortunately I need him to finger me

No. 360166

he married a teenager when he was in his fifties

No. 360168

Ntayrt but Buster dated a 19 year old when he was 42. They're all like that sadly.

No. 360285

It was a good mike nelson monday.

No. 360286

Okay, I’ll bite. Who is this?

No. 360294

NTA he’s a disgusting creep too then, but Charlie Chaplin married a 15 year old actress after he got her pregnant, he met her when she was a little kid and started grooming her when she was 12.

No. 360304

I remember coming across an x reader fic involving him on tumblr a while back kek. I think it was called 'you is my bitch' or something lol

No. 360321

File: 1700566604901.png (Spoiler Image,488.4 KB, 525x528, self harm.png)

he's so smug and annoying that I want to fuck him. This look in particular, I couldn't do the blue hair. I don't find him attractive it's a mental hatefuck thing. Feels like this is the most embarrassing example in the thread, don't chew me out I know it's bad. That terf Lav spilled the details about their sexual escapades on stream recently while they were having a heated argument kek

No. 360322

>wanting to fuck an ugly cuck
You're right, that's self harm

No. 360323

KEK at least I'm self aware, right? I genuinely loathe him and find everything about him extremely aggravating so I'm not sure why I want to fuck him. Take me out back and just end my shit nona, I need euthanasia

No. 360325

File: 1700567257903.gif (919.45 KB, 200x200, IMG_3872.gif)

Kek anon that’s hilarious

No. 360342

File: 1700574093032.gif (13.29 MB, 566x422, 1000000858.gif)

Speaking of perfect male body. GODS i can't take it anymore i just can't

No. 360356


No. 360359

Nonna please stop saying "SEXO" everytime you post, it's making you recognizable and trackable, don't do it so often

No. 360360

What is this from?

No. 360371

No. 360381

File: 1700588216095.gif (3.11 MB, 600x338, tumblr_pb54ybMRKj1xwitwmo4_640…)

DAMN Neil didn't lie when he said he had a big ass for a british guy >>357334

Anon I can't make weird horny sounds at work…

No. 360389

File: 1700589333912.jpg (99 KB, 653x860, karins_tiekas_ar_solcu.jpg)

Latvia's minister of foreign affairs

No. 360394

I'm pretty sure he's gay.

No. 360398

File: 1700592729348.gif (773.39 KB, 220x275, cat-bite.gif)

Fuck he's so, so hooooooot

No. 360407

File: 1700596264848.png (311.01 KB, 700x386, tcgs_130_phonesex.png)

late but aw hell yeah pimp!!!!

No. 360420

thank you for this video nonnie. he's so tall and beautiful… he looks magnificent with his hair down when he's being angsty at the end. i'm so jealous of this girl lmao

No. 360553

File: 1700692112816.jpg (97.43 KB, 529x816, 01AS-VB4P.jpg)

Found some pictures of young Tim Downie (Gale's voice actor in Baldur's Gate 3) and he was a cutie. His voice is so fucking hot and he's such a bookworm and cinephile, I love when he talks about his favourite stuff. I could listen to him talking for hours about anything basically. He gives me such dad vibes. So Gale-coded but in real life kek. I just want to smooch him

No. 360554

Aww, he even had Gale's hair. Very cute.

No. 360558

I think about him all the time kek. He gives off such cozy dad vibes for sure and seems super intelligent. Love him in this picture. I just want to curl up on a couch with him and drink tea and read books. He seems super sweet. Played the game for Astarion and stayed for Gale and Tim Downie. I’ve never understood people who fawn over actors until I saw him talk. I’d shoot my shot for sure I have no shame when it comes to him.

No. 360561

The Astarion to Gale pipeline is real. Astarion was my fantasy but Gale is someone I would go for in real life and he's my end game. I greatly misjudged him as a "nice guy" type, but he's genuinely sweet, soft, kind, romantic and a husband material also submissive and breedable, I love when he gets on his knees. Only white flags. It's sad that the bug that makes him horny for you no matter how you behave towards him made some people hate him at the start.
Tim seems like a sweetheart too and at least he's not a BDSM freak kek The breathlessness and the yearning in his voice when he delivers certain lines, like "With you I forget my goddess" is just so… Or when you refuse to have astral projection sex with Gale and just go with the normal one and say he doesn't have to impress you because you're no deity and he says "Yes you are, I would know" sends me. Imagine having him next to you and just normally using this voice to whisper sweet nothings
>I’d shoot my shot for sure I have no shame when it comes to him.
Glad I'm not the only one here

No. 360571

Sigh nonas you romanticize moids too much. There is no such thing as a wholesome cozy nice guy moid, English moids are experts at playing the coy sweet gentleman role but they’re all manipulative two timing scumbags underneath, let me assure you. He probably watches porn and has cheated on or mistreated his love before. Please don’t project your wholesome fantasies onto scrotes irl because you’re gonna get hurt.

No. 360573

Agreed on everything also glad I’m not alone in my shamelessness. Astarion is definitely a fun fantasy but Gale is 100% a keeper. He doesn’t deserve the hate he gets. At least people can appreciate Tim’s irl personality. Wish I could hug him.

No. 360576

His daughter is my age but that doesn't stop me

No. 360579

File: 1700705761818.png (246.96 KB, 291x405, Meemo.png)

Ovulating brain played spin the wheel again and landed on this guy

No. 360581

File: 1700706093050.jpeg (127.59 KB, 1080x852, Chris-Zach.jpeg)

I want them both

No. 360583

Well on tiktok he gives likes to thristy comments like "I need this man biblically" etc. so the least we know is that he likes the online attention from younger women kek but that would be literally every moid on earth and you're delusional if you think otherwise or that brits are somewhat worse in that regard. Doesn't mean he cheats on his wife irl, but who knows
He doesn't seem like one of those posh british men I want to punch in the face, like the cabbagepatch guy for example, and he has a hot voice and cute hobbies so my mind goes brrr

No. 360586

NTAYRT but your post had me cackling nona. Ily.

No. 360604

leprechaun x vampire

No. 360714

File: 1700762969975.jpg (139.9 KB, 1000x563, mrwrench.jpg)

Thanks for reminding me to rewatch Fargo.

No. 360719

nta gonna do the same and I like this guy, too

No. 360733

No. 360764

File: 1700778611594.jpeg (249.39 KB, 1280x720, IMG_3584.jpeg)

I love this movie, mostly for him

No. 360768

80s Spader goes in the attractive thread, he was gorgeous

No. 360769

ive heard people say he looks like a worm or chameleon so I posted him here kek

No. 360788

Assert your dominance nonna. Young Spader is worthy of the attractive thread. Some anons think that just because he's bald and old now it disqualifies him. Nah, it doesn't mean he wasn't beautiful before.

No. 360845

File: 1700826004053.jpg (102.49 KB, 648x839, Balarke_Face.jpg)

Balarke. I love twig fucks

No. 360877

File: 1700845649890.jpg (186.92 KB, 600x900, Terry's_Bill.jpg)

I could have fixed him

No. 360916

No. 360924

File: 1700865905057.jpg (50.98 KB, 320x240, tve82261-1832-20040422-0.jpg)

Oh hey…

No. 360932

I used to think he was so cute… and he was….

No. 361077

File: 1700928740834.jpg (168.57 KB, 872x1514, 90slinus.jpg)

Watching documentaries about Linux for a project and would approach 90s Linus.

No. 361125

File: 1700939359718.jpg (79.76 KB, 750x1000, bg,f8f8f8-flat,750x,075,f-pad,…)

Ugh he was such a sexy little retard

No. 361147

He looks like young Sam Hyde mixed with Patrick Bateman. Sexy

No. 361159

I can't verbalise what this image did to me when this was posted. I need both of them at the same time 24/7 365 days for the rest of eternity.

No. 361162

File: 1700958738624.jpg (50.89 KB, 471x266, 170950546-godfather-quotes-fre…)

There was something really gentle about his face

No. 361198

File: 1700971272783.jpg (43.21 KB, 1024x576, _109539303_ecf5d021-6279-4af5-…)

I'm sorry

No. 361217

No. 361251

Don't be. Cute moid, fantastic blond curls, good jawline, pretty lips. It's not bad, anon.unless it's a serial rapist or something but I don't need yo know it
I remember reading in some "dog day afternoon" interview that Lumet casted him (despite the character was supposed to be very young) because Cazale had such profound sadness about him. It shows in "godfather" and "dog day afternoon", tbh.

No. 361268

File: 1701013653624.jpg (175.9 KB, 800x993, 800px-Edward_Steichen_-_Brancu…)

No. 361289

Why isn't this guy more famous? He's so sexy, he should be playing sexy villain in every movie

No. 361298

ethel cain

No. 361304

Probably didn't want to do buttsex with someone important

No. 361305

Maybe now he'll be the sexy villain in every game

No. 361311

Say it with your chest.

No. 361468

File: 1701117223984.jpg (57.79 KB, 563x640, be8446fd56cd313dbaa5dbf5251353…)

which thread do you nonnies thinks his belongs too. based on looks only

No. 361475

I think we can all agree he belongs here. No shame, he is very attractive to many I'm sure, but he's similar to those fashion models with a really exaggerated feature or whatever.

No. 361479

bill whatshisname? he's been posted in both attraction threads but it's probably safer here. strangly enough when he used to get posted in conventional attractions he didn't receive much pushback despite looking less conventional than the other men posted

No. 361588

File: 1701175682605.jpg (152.58 KB, 540x638, aYrcyyB.jpg)

I'd like to say conventional, only because he looks so much alike to one of my historical (male) attractions in picrel

No. 361598

He is much more conventional than Bill. One glance and I'm already in love with him.

No. 361633

File: 1701198348586.jpg (9.51 KB, 245x249, 6fGcENA.jpg)

He's an absolute dream (picrel). I looked up Bill (Skarsgård?) and I agree that he's (to put it nicely) a bit less conventional kek

No. 361634

File: 1701198526024.jpg (68.73 KB, 386x800, dkFnk0N.jpg)

Even as an older man (40s-50s [but not when he's too old])

No. 361639

File: 1701199386611.gif (15.94 MB, 465x338, ezgif-1-e96b66a538.gif)

That feeling when the best movie role is a discounted Colonel Kurtz from "Apocalypse Now."

No. 361640

File: 1701199519671.gif (19.51 MB, 600x338, ezgif-1-db9e2c4e40.gif)


No. 361642

File: 1701199791684.gif (5.73 MB, 540x540, ezgif.com-gif-maker.gif)

he was fucking hot

No. 361649

I'm gonna be sick

No. 361657

File: 1701204117924.jpeg (432.66 KB, 750x543, ED3F2AD5-892F-4AED-BE13-B03A04…)

This scene and this scene ONLY. Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs in the Goodbye Horses scene. He looks so good. The scalp giving the illusion of a full head of hair when the actor was balding in the movie did him justice. Gosh aside from the weird freak AGP shit in the entire scene he looks so beautiful.

No. 361658

File: 1701204833331.jpeg (349.94 KB, 750x433, A1440A02-DDE3-4217-9029-30E2F0…)

What do you think about him in Breakfast on Pluto (2005)? If you haven’t watched it, he plays a tranny and crossdresses for the films role. He said he enjoyed the role a lot. Picrel is him dressed as a woman for the movie’s role

No. 361661

File: 1701204976284.jpeg (159.27 KB, 587x425, 12203BA5-C878-4084-8722-FABDA1…)

2/2 Cillian in BOP

No. 361683

Would you tug on his nipple piercing?

No. 361690

I thought I was the only one lmaooo he looks like a sexy 70s rockstar

No. 361702

Oh pig you're freaking vile

No. 361704

If I didn't know the movie I wouldn't even bat an eye at this screenshot, he just looks like a glam rocker – although you can see the skin flap around the hair which is a sign something is amiss.
Maybe you just need to see more long haired men dancing with their nipples out, cause this one is a psycho. I feel like you deserve better.

No. 361706

File: 1701225459711.jpg (59.87 KB, 697x1200, 073825f150ea7ab754bc52691f9aa1…)

Shitty pervert moid but he was such a darling when he was young. His face features wouldn't be deemed appealing on their own, but he nevertheless managed to look cute.

No. 361711

File: 1701228246769.jpg (62.59 KB, 480x640, EjqiM1tX0AA9cLW.jpg)

The guy on the right in picrel haunts me. It was taken at a somethingawful meet ,i think they were described as a gay couple (not sure though). Something about his posture and bashfulness just gets me.

No. 361713

I'm on the same shit you're on, nona. I will remember this image. He is qt

No. 361719

I think he’s endearing

No. 361720

Who is this?

No. 361724

Genuinely where did you hear any of this? I cant find any sources and I was actually wanting to post him

No. 361725

Nta but one of those things was mentioned here >>341027 tho idk the site name

No. 361728

File: 1701242284919.jpeg (206.79 KB, 1125x483, 3833B27E-1383-4355-88E7-D9EB79…)

let’s be real, when young he wasn’t that hideous

No. 361730

The YouTuber eddievr. He got married recently and I am happy for him but I still think he’s cute. I just like guys with big noses idk

No. 361732

Is it even possible to find guys like this still in a modern age that aren’t shitty?

No. 361738

File: 1701252930838.jpg (114.15 KB, 592x711, 6hnPJ3ePlos.jpg)

Always here to support pacino anons. Idc he was the most gorgeous man alive in the 70s.
>Shitty pervert moid
Do you refer to the geriatric pregnancy? Because other than this shit show I cannot remember something particularly nasty about him well maybe that he has never married, but I don't think it's so awful. I'm pretty sure that he's messed up in the head and has some mommy issues

No. 361746

I love his little nightmares playthroughs so much. Out of the friend group I think juicy is the best looking Kek

No. 361753

he's a cutie. more info on the meeting? when was this taken

No. 361755

File: 1701262754492.jpg (15.68 KB, 597x330, 1696626554~2.jpg)

I refuse to elaborate

No. 361762

File: 1701265666065.png (521.85 KB, 847x644, Screenshot 2023-11-29 054721.p…)

looks like tim heidecker lost a bunch of weight, woof

No. 361793

He acts like he needs to pee really badly, coke?

You don't need to elaborate on having exquisite taste.

No. 361794

His horror play thrus are always fun watches.
Juicy is cute but he’s one of the stereotypical blue eyed, brown haired skater kids to me.

No. 361796

File: 1701279482729.gif (1.78 MB, 268x350, tumblr_pt7n84PE7H1s535xbo3_400…)

Yeah he is a sleazy old moid that keeps having kids with women old enough to be his grandkid but I guess it's not that bad, just a tad nasty lol. I still adore his portrayal of Michael.

No. 361825

File: 1701290896558.gif (9.39 MB, 540x540, tumblr_78bfa2fac70ab3513208809…)

No, your disgust is absolutely justified. And that's why we should appreciate moids ONLY for their looks and not fall for "but he's so comfy and kind, totally bf material."
Though I'm guilty of "I can fix him" moments lmao

No. 361829

File: 1701291675958.jpg (30.48 KB, 548x480, 1696626474.jpg)

Well thank you, I knew someone would understand

No. 361838

File: 1701292672955.jpg (178.5 KB, 718x640, images (1) (10).jpg)

With Apollonia. The Sicily arc was beautiful and Al looked so cute even with his raccoon eye.

No. 361850

File: 1701296519990.png (909.52 KB, 762x878, image.png)

Alex from I did a thing on youtube, I also love all the gay shit in his vids

No. 361889

File: 1701314334926.jpg (24.62 KB, 679x452, saville.jpg)

God, he's so dreamy. He's hella funny too, I can't stop myself from smiling anytime I watch clips of him… the butterflies won't go away <3.(<3)

No. 361895

File: 1701317973815.jpeg (35.52 KB, 736x553, IMG_4634.jpeg)

matt dillion specifically as his serial killer character in the house that jack built

No. 361903

File: 1701327660234.jpeg (293.78 KB, 1125x489, 6B7A41D9-B1A0-44DB-9B21-B5A2FC…)

girl. stop stealing my shtick.

No. 361908

A man made this post

No. 361910

completely agreed nona, only watched the Godfather earlier this year and wanted to be her so bad except for the explosion

No. 361915

Damn, I remember watching The Godfather before but don't remember him looking this fine.

No. 361922

Please fucking stop you troon freak.

No. 362048

I saw some clips of the 10th oscar special but…honestly he just looks old with the weight off. He looked better chubby

No. 362059

ew kill it with fire

No. 362094

File: 1701422528216.jpg (41.9 KB, 563x572, tumblr_c9fd8a463193126896d5294…)

He was super cute in the first Godfather. Mix of him playing Michael as a reserved and level-headed and really good lighting/cinematography.
I'm still amazed how vastly different his characters are in "Scarecrow" and "Godfather" though the movies were filmed with like only one year gap

No. 362104

He has very nicely balanced, nicely carved out harmonious features.

No. 362132

File: 1701442256119.png (257.84 KB, 262x475, 44461C82-4FD7-4DE5-A300-E9FCEB…)

Need nerdy nigga bf. Aaron McGruder, Boondocks creator, is my crush.

No. 362134

Sage 4 no contribution but my mom used to have this exact phone kek, also based taste nonnie.

No. 362141

oh fuck yes, his think-ass form is kinda hot

No. 362142

goddamnit. *thick

No. 362143

File: 1701446399640.png (764.36 KB, 994x920, tu4whpu9hew.png)


No. 362158

Huh he is 50?!
I thought he was early 40s

No. 362174

Actually gorgeous.

No. 362179

Peak male physique. Also shows that he knows his place by lying on the floor.

No. 362188

File: 1701462852036.jpg (736.95 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2023-12-01-18-36-19…)

Katya used to be kinda fine. When he's not doing misogynist blackface.

No. 362193

he stays in shape which is nice but I can see druggie on his face (for anyone who is reading this I’m not just making it up he’s open about his past addictions)

No. 362195

Well I like druggie faces because body fat on men enrages me

No. 362196

KEK okay I can support that

No. 362213

extremely based nona and I agree

No. 362216

he's experiencing twink death.

No. 362228

File: 1701485159223.jpg (126.34 KB, 1024x576, toro y moi.jpg)

Same here. Adding in Toro y Moi because they strike me as somewhat similar.

No. 362245

File: 1701504196933.jpeg (370.29 KB, 1242x1495, 0EA54F09-2BF4-40DE-980F-10D0E1…)

There’s something off putting about this man that makes him so sexy to me. I love when men are the right amount of ugly.

No. 362249


No. 362250

Black weeb moids are so cute lol.

No. 362251

It’s a shame because he had quite nice features but now looks extremely walled, bald and booty bumped too much meth.

No. 362253

holy shit nonnie are you me? his hands are a bit of a turn off but i can live with that

No. 362255

He looks like if a bug came to life

No. 362259

Bugs are alive nonnie

No. 362267

File: 1701517350535.gif (5.43 MB, 300x400, scarecrow.gif)

Indeed + enormous beautiful hands and nice thighs.

No. 362273

No. 362278

File: 1701527858782.jpeg (97.41 KB, 634x673, IMG_0510.jpeg)

>ywn have a nerdy, charming, witty moid with a sexy voice, sings like frank sinatra and adopts cats
Kill me

No. 362301

I think his droopy eyes are cute and I like his voice. I also find it's easy to like these really good character actors.

No. 362308

File: 1701547801670.jpg (47.94 KB, 500x750, ui8e4sgZAwMPi3hzEO53jyBJF9B.jp…)

I fancy him so much I bet he fuckssssss

No. 362319

File: 1701552079047.jpg (Spoiler Image,324.54 KB, 960x1200, willem-dafoe-on-the-left-behin…)

i wish willem dafoe was real, i love his brow bone crease and his cheekbones and his muppet mouth and his um insectoid looking eyelids

No. 362343

He looks like he’s eats pussy like it’s his last meal

No. 362377

Do you say it because he looks malnourished and has a big/wide mouth or is it something else anon?

No. 362384

File: 1701579964016.jpeg (494.87 KB, 1125x1463, IMG_9138.jpeg)

Christoph Waltz is so incredibly attractive, he’s not unconventional IMO at all but I’m not even going to tread in the other thread. When he was younger he resembled a young James Spader but clearly aged better. Mostly the attraction is the way he presents himself, the charisma is so natural and alluring.

No. 362394

File: 1701593789920.jpg (Spoiler Image,52.25 KB, 650x1151, HES_87280_3c40002b607b41fe8042…)

No. 362397

My friend told me that apparently Willem Dafoe needed a penis double for a film because he was too big.

No. 362404

I think he’s one of those men to me I find hot when they were a bit younger and I still find them hot now too.

No. 362423

gorgeous then and gorgeous now. I need him to rail me
you're so right.

No. 362561

He’s cute but a manlet

No. 362569

what did she mean by this

No. 362622

File: 1701665433123.png (1.11 MB, 1358x911, christopher_moltisanti_soprano…)

I could have saved him.

i would even have read his screenplay

No. 362628

File: 1701666055904.jpeg (811.34 KB, 1363x2048, AF9E56C8-EEB1-48C9-81B6-07285E…)

Speaking of black nerds, me and my Pakistani girlfriend met him in 2011. He was very sweet.

No. 362631

File: 1701666238152.jpeg (1013.71 KB, 2230x2815, 6A36A5B3-59B5-47B3-BBF3-5E6799…)

>tfw no nerdy black cartoonist bf

No. 362634

File: 1701666425633.jpg (147.53 KB, 638x638, KSP_SPA_FR20_KN-4993.jpg)

Charles Milesi, racecar driver. I love gingers.

No. 362640


No. 362645

He stopped being a nerd ages ago and hates women of his own race.

No. 362647

>title of thread
Go back to lsa please.

No. 362649

When did he say he hates black women???

No. 362654

Watch his show Atlanta, you'll see

No. 362656

i am so viscerally disgusted by male gingers and idk why

No. 362664

Let nonas post in peace.

No. 362666

sage your shit and accept the fact that people are gonna say stuff about your crushes in here sometimes, newfag

No. 362668

You weren’t saying anything about Savile

No. 362676

So he didn’t actually say he hates bw in real life? Okay.

No. 362678

If you think a moid portraying black women as some evil stereotype who's jealous of white women is "sweet" idk what to tell you

No. 362679

Samefag, race is specifically bought up during that scene as well so it's not like one individual character. It's also obvious in his songs.

No. 362680

>black man marries a half Asian half white woman
>he hates black women!!!
As a black woman im begging you to stfu, you’re making us look bitter and mad, I guarantee you’re not even a black woman anyway. Idiot.

No. 362681

Reminder not to respond to racebait/ragebait it’s the same Israeli moid trying to convince black women to only date Jewish or white men. He gets butthurt whenever a black man gets posted ITT.

No. 362682

I'm not talking about his marriage retard, it's shit like this

No. 362684

>anon is getting more upset about a random celebrity who wrote a problematic character than about than about literal child rapists and murderers getting posted

No. 362689

Because I don't look at the entire thread and everything that needed to be said was already said, yes they're shit too.
I have no problem with the other black men posted I just disagree with Dong lover being "sweet".

No. 362690

Nobody cares. Quit your bitching.

No. 362691

seconding on the ginger hate. idc what's going on here i just luv being a hater.

No. 362705

i'm ovulating and so grateful for this pic among the many others here. he's so fucking sexy

No. 362706

No. 362710

He was sweet when me and my brown girlfriend met him. I literally have no idea why you are sperging out so much about this kek, you’ve made like 8 posts screaming about it.

No. 362711

File: 1701675705076.jpg (8.79 KB, 183x275, images.jpg)

I'm glad somebody else recognizes it. He embodies a certain type of black nerd not really explored in media

No. 362714

The things I would do for an arty east coast blerd bf with good music taste and a talent for drawing. Pity there are no blerds where I live. I want to teach him to moisturize with shea butter everyday, go eat sushi together, then peruse the manga section of barnes and noble and sit and read together in comfortable silence.

No. 362715

i think about this alt black guy i knew in high school all the time… he moved in from new york. we went to music shows together a couple times. i was dating some loser so nothing happened and he eventually moved again and we lost touch. i wish i knew his contact details. he looked like a young jimi hendrix.

No. 362725

Alt black girls and boys are angels on earth. Nobody is braver than them.

No. 362742

File: 1701689138420.jpg (24.8 KB, 483x299, tumblr_mh78xdOxrZ1rol46ao1_500…)

I thought Don Dacus was an absolute hottie in the movie Hair. I wish more men had that girly hairstyle.

No. 362743

There aren’t many blerds where I live that aren’t dusty weebs who don’t shower but he’s so cute.

No. 362744

I wouldn’t mind that he’s a manlet. As long as he eats pussy and isn’t a degen. My standards for men are in the floor

No. 362761

File: 1701694828345.jpg (Spoiler Image,42.37 KB, 1200x644, Screen-Shot-2018-09-10-at-9.04…)

Do you remember that one scene where he ate Madonna out on top of a car?

No. 362770

Why? It's literally just an ugly man with a woman's hairstyle.

No. 362839

Kek, brutal

No. 362851

File: 1701721136500.jpg (32.09 KB, 416x631, tumblr_26f0ba3512fac944159b69e…)

Nonna, this moid is cute (at this picture with this angle, at least) but I'm pretty sure most 20+ year old men irl would look extremely hideous with this haircut.

No. 362868

File: 1701727317943.jpg (34.22 KB, 434x468, 86409_original.jpg)

i think it's just bc they're always so incredibly pale they look sickly. picrel is one exception. god i love conan

No. 362921

I think his charisma and humor is doing the heavy lifting because otherwise he's just some sickly pale gingerbread man

No. 362923

File: 1701750106071.jpg (81.38 KB, 519x673, gfmikeusmc-crop.jpg)

military pacino was underrated

No. 362950

File: 1701762153802.jpeg (86.76 KB, 1280x720, IMG_2932.jpeg)

Leszek Teleszyński. He had a lovely voice.

No. 362951

Love Conan too, vidrel is the most relatable character to ever exist, they don't need to make movies anymore nothing else will be as true and based as her.

No. 362955

YES! Absolutely nonna, was shocked how fine he was when I watched this

No. 363074

File: 1701812597983.png (452.68 KB, 564x564, 2a48b2e9abee61048107b651e8924f…)

He was so cute in the 70s

No. 363082

The 70s were peak for ugly-cute celebrities (and most celebrities in general tbh)

No. 363096

File: 1701826559758.jpg (203.69 KB, 1440x1800, 20231111_215756.jpg)

Oh noo I got stuck in an elevator with Neil ohh noo…

No. 363105

File: 1701831631058.jpeg (72.93 KB, 736x726, IMG_2749.jpeg)

I think there should be a Pacino thread. I think there’s enough nonas on here obsessed with him to warrant one. Also, watching the god father, his hair was mostly slicked back. Sometimes I forget how thick and beautiful his hair was.

No. 363125

sigh living the dream… uh I mean "nightmare" this elevator is much too spacious. ohh what a disaster it would be if it were any smaller

No. 363127

File: 1701846285436.jpeg (64.19 KB, 500x688, Cuties.jpeg)

Absolutely yes. The fact that he almost topped himself while filming "Apocalypse now" makes him even hotter. fuch I remember now that it was also during this production that he cheated on his wif
>The 70s were peak for ugly-cute celebrities
Idk maybe it's old cinema magic and movies quality in general but this is so true. I even find Gene Hackman and Martin Scorsese attractive in the 70s (in different ways, ofc) but I imagine they would have been registered today as the most typical ugly moids.

No. 363128

File: 1701847390518.mp4 (182.31 KB, 1280x540, Top10momentsbeforetragedy.mp4)

>I think there should be a Pacino thread
Nonna, tbh it would be a bit retarded. I mean what are we even going to discuss there?
>his hair was mostly slicked back
Yeah, and that's why I think his hottest looks were not in the godfather. I'd take Pacino from "The panic in needle park", "Scarecrow", and "Bobby Deerfield" (god, the ONLY movie where he showed some body, what a shame. Why couldn't he do a fight in underwear scene like Roy Scheider…) anytime.

No. 363130

File: 1701847743412.png (1.19 MB, 1080x1085, IMG_0593.png)

I just know the fucked

No. 363141

File: 1701855216461.gif (10.2 MB, 540x350, And Pacino for All.gif)

I'm sorry for Pacino spam but I can't help it. He's divine.
>I just know they fucked
Well, who knows what was going on at those cocaine-fueld parties…
but who was on top? I think def Scorsese because he's so fidgety and restless even NOW lmao

No. 363143

File: 1701857010351.jpg (130.99 KB, 535x800, MIG_SC095.jpg)

Gary Oldman in 1990, he was 32. I think he wouldn't have hit the wall that hard afterwards if he hadn't become an alcoholic. My knees go weak just by looking at this picture.

No. 363147

That's Oldman? He looks so goofy like someone modelled his face wrong.

No. 363148

I think he might have FAS. I find him attractive anyways, he looked good when he was slim.

No. 363159

He looks like he most average young English guy ever kek

No. 363170

Makes me appreciate his versatility as an actor but not see your attraction. Sorry nonnie.

No. 363199

File: 1701881410267.jpeg (41.96 KB, 564x398, Tumblr_l_333696520382705.jpeg)

Marty of course. De Niro just has bottom energy from all the daddy issues.

No. 363236

File: 1701891301719.jpg (93.71 KB, 736x684, 6e6677aa9023f075ebfc126967d292…)

really goes to show how styling and grooming makes a difference

No. 363260

Definitely Marty.

No. 363316

File: 1701930416942.jpg (36.8 KB, 500x335, kendall-jenner-halloween-party…)

I can't tell what Rami dressed up as for Halloween (I know I'm 3 months late) but it makes me horny.

No. 363369

File: 1701967080807.jpg (309.63 KB, 1246x1662, 63ab9f661b9ad.image.jpg)

He looks like a rat but he makes me laugh and I like that he is teetotal.

No. 363449

Ayrt I actually find him hotter in the picture I posted. Either way, I have two cousins who used to look like him in each of the pictures, specially the young dracula one, so I really can't win.

No. 363490

File: 1702003875097.jpeg (108.34 KB, 420x405, BFD3EBB7-42B4-4574-8338-BA14A4…)

Annoying and short but he has my heart. I like his voice too.

No. 363491

File: 1702004158613.gif (1.26 MB, 480x449, 853EC96D-7377-46A7-B8D6-689506…)

Dammm I always thought he was built so perfect. Love otters

No. 363510

File: 1702010957299.gif (985.68 KB, 400x225, giphy.gif)

my sweet unfashionable frumpy boy with the voice of an angel

No. 363512

Who is this?

No. 363553

John Leguizamo

No. 363556

File: 1702030562435.gif (3.68 MB, 640x640, A2C3D4B9-E18F-452E-950C-EB1C6F…)

Ohhhh I loved him in Romeo + Juliet (favorite movie ever) sorry for creepy gif lel. He’s a great actor.

No. 363557

He literally looks like a girl and… not in a good way

No. 363563

I’ve never seen a girl who looks like Ezra Miller or has a jaw like that. Where do you live? Lol.

No. 363564

File: 1702032460206.jpeg (302.44 KB, 1365x2048, 293F88C7-5AC5-4682-8A54-B38246…)

His son is actually pretty cute too

No. 363565

File: 1702032641782.gif (6.15 MB, 540x350, tumblr_68aa480deb639d5b54fa7a4…)

Ugh same. He looks so handsome and delicate