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File: 1673000905064.gif (1003.4 KB, 500x373, FACEB84D-E9C7-45EA-A28F-0A165C…)

No. 306574

I keep encountering this problem in my dating life, Im becoming hopeless.

No. 307016

what's your type?

No. 307536

blond and skinny

No. 307565

What type are you?

No. 307580

Skinny men are less attractive than manlets

No. 307594

Skinny is better than chubby or roid moids. It looks awful on moids with wide hips though but they're just genetically fucked

No. 307596

>tfw you like both

No. 307625

A bit of chub can be fine if he's got a good frame and it's nicely distributed. Skinny-fat is the most unappealing male body type, though.

No. 307628

>and it's nicely distributed.
it never is

No. 307634

skinny medium brunette
it's more detailed than that but essentially the type of guys I like, when I see who they have dated it's always girls who look nothing like me

No. 307636

manlets with wide shoulders and strong legs are hot

No. 307647

Kinda curious what op looks like. Or if she's not their type for other reasons.
>A bit of chub can be fine if he's got a good frame and it's nicely distributed
>Skinny-fat is the most unappealing male body type, though.

No. 307653

i wish every woman irl was as based as you in hating skinnyfat men, not only because it's based but also because it means more for me

No. 307654

I wasn't my boyfriends type and he still dates me. Now it eats me up inside every day and every time I see a woman that is his type I want to cry. Would not recommend.

No. 307660

what's his type?

No. 307671

I truly don't know what my boyfriends type is and whether or not I fit it. I'm his first gf and according to him he never really liked anyone specific before, be it irl or some character or actress or whatever.
I really want to find out though because surely he must have some kind of preference for body type or other features? He makes it clear that he finds me attractive but idk I just want to know and feel like maybe he's not telling me everything when he says he doesn't have a type. I know that I'm probably just asking for more things to be insecure about which is stupid but somehow it's frustrating to not know.

No. 307685

File: 1673635688109.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1170x1607, EED85533-66C3-4BA7-B230-FD73D3…)

I’m a white girl who used to live in the Bay Area near lots of Silicon Valley tech bro types. At the time, I was very attracted to the skinny, computer nerd/engineer type of guy - must have been easy pickings, right? NOPE! NOT AT ALL. The vast majority of the ones I was attracted to (and all of their friends!) seemed to exclusively date Asian girls. Even the Asian women I knew used to joke about easily securing rich white tech husbands there, too. I was definitely jealous and seethed about that for a long time, kek

No. 307687

that's my situation
the guys I want are asian girl only

No. 307689

Anime ruined an entire generation of men

No. 307691

I doubt race fetishist men could have ever turned out alright, anime it's just what happened to come their way.

No. 307694

find out what porn he looks at and then you'll know

No. 307695

You're dodging the biggest bullet nonnies. Moids into Asian women enough to express so out loud are the most degen coomers, worse than any other race fetishists I've encountered. The lot of them are hentai pornsick grossoids with pedo and trad leanings.

No. 307696

it's a really huge percentage of young white men though…

No. 307698

Yep, and that huge percentage of young moids are pornsick degens.

No. 307699

I like tan/brown men from most ethnicities, but they all want white women or have some fucked up view of women. Most of the men into me are either white or black which doesn't bother me, but I want kids that look like me, not mixed.

No. 307700

>tfw mostly into asian and middle eastern men
>tfw black

No. 307720

I love skinny, nerdy men, but I don't know what type of girl they like to begin with, I try to interact with them but they just automatically shut down, I wonder if I'm doing something wrong? I don't consider myself too intimidating nor irritating

No. 307729

They like 2D cartoons of children.

No. 307731

Short haired sporty tomboys. I am very girly and had long blonde hair all my life, wear only skirts and dresses and hate sport. Some days I still want to cut off all my hair and dye it very dark to become more his type but I think I would hate myself even more then. I don't have the bone structure to pull that off. So instead I just get depressed when I see short haired women now.

No. 307732

There's something wrong with you in the first place if you become a race fetishist moid.

No. 307744

File: 1673655390778.png (1.68 MB, 1600x1200, cowpic.png)

i feel like i'm too mean and retarded to get any type (because i don't have like one type, i just like men sometimes, and sometimes not, no matter how conventional they look it's random features i like)
but that's ok because if someone can't stand the fact that i have problems and i don't better myself then it wouldn't end well for either part and it would be a waste of time
have any of you anons attracted the opossite of your type? or found it physically but not mentality/personality wise?

No. 307748

they want a submissive asian waifu

No. 307749

going for nerdy men in this day and age nonny? you are braver than the troops, hope he doesnt troon out, become a sex offender, murders you, or all three

No. 307763

Sexy hot muscular men never want to date chubby/fat women.
I get why, but if I workout at the gym, doesn't that mean I'm at least willing to workout with them? and that I'm making an effort to be healthy? I really don't feel attracted to fat moids, they're never cute, chubby guys are boring looking, skinny guys always look like they're at one sissy porn video to troon out.

No. 307765

yes, both. i have a clear type i am very attracted to.

boyfriend 1: when i met him, he looked weird to me, not completely ugly but not attractive either. his personality was a match made in heaven for me, that gaslit me into thinking he was super hot time after time, i loved him.

boyfriend 2: i saw him at a bus stop and asked a new friend who seemed to know him who this perfect creature was, he really was my type. i was infatuated with his looks for about one year before i made him my boyfriend (had to break up with the first one)

boyfriend 3: was attractive, but i wasn’t crazy about his looks. he was a pretty manlet, kind of ezra miller face. a cocky fun one who turned out to be a pathological liar and a narc. i can’t even remember how i fell for him. ezra miller is not exactly my type and i usually only liked guys who were at least 6ft tall.

boyfriend 4: until him i thought i will never be more attracted to someone than i was to boyfriend 2. but this moid was the EMBODIMENT of my ideal type. lookswise. every single feature he had was perfect and how they were mixed together… i saw him standing about 10 meters away from me in the subway and fell in love immediately. couldn’t forget him and searched for him the following 6 months until i found him and made him my boyfriend. i could never judge his personality so well because i was so blinded.

boyfriend 5: never really recovered from the high of boyfriend 4 but met this really ugly moid, imagine a pudgy, uglier trevor moore with paul mccartney eyes and a small dick who was so charming that it didn’t even bother me. great personality but the sex was disappointing and it turned out to be unhealthier than with boyfriend 3.

- my sex life was better with the ones that were my type and i was attracted to physically from the beginning, even when i became unhappy, i could never stop fucking them

No. 307772

>and that I'm making an effort to be healthy?
They aren't having sex with your effort and why would they bother waiting for your appearance to become appealing to them when they could get someone they are currently attracted to? Just be patient and wait until your body reflects the effort you put in, otherwise you're being a hypocrite.

No. 307782

>muscular men never want chubby girls
This is wrong. I had male friends whose types were chubbier women. As long as you're not morbidly obese and trying to get healthier, you'll find someone that likes your body. Contrary to popular belief, men don't have as high standards as they like to pretend.

No. 307787

I like guys with dark blonde/ light brown hair and pretty faces but since I'm in a middle eastern country and blonde myself, %99 guys who are into me brunettes and as hairy as chimps, kek.
I also hate both nerdy and romantic men with a passion but I only seem to attract that type.

No. 307789

how do i get a nerdy romantic guy, teach me your ways

No. 307864

They're usually losers, talking to them once or twice should be enough. Though a lot of them are either into asian or Eastern European women so if you don't look either of those, they won't be interested.

No. 307872

>i feel like i'm too mean and retarded to get any type
Kek, same. Or you could say I'm bad at dealing and putting up with people. Either way I never see anyone my type around, so it doesn't make a difference.

No. 307925

if you asked me if i have a definite type i'd say no but the only two men i truly fell for in my life were spookily similar in looks and i didn't even realize this until i saw my ex's old photos randomly one day. i wonder if i'm doomed to only ever fall in love with moids approaching this type.

No. 307962

unfortunately the city i live in is primarily made up of granola/tech bro types which are my absolute least favorite. (and don’t reply “why don’t you just move somewhere else lol” unless you plan to cover my moving costs) i’m most attracted to more traditionally masculine blue-collar types. my last three men were a sailor, a fisherman, and a construction worker.

No. 307985

>my last three men were a sailor, a fisherman, and a construction worker.

Hot. I never thought this would happen to me, but for some reason as I've gotten older (into my 30s) I'm suddenly attracted to more masculine men. My entire life until my late 20s I was into skinny, anemic-looking twinky twig-men who never saw the sun. Now I'm fully into bigger, more manly dudes. Maybe I subconsciously want someone who can protect me and my future offspring, kek

No. 307989

i thought sailors were homos.

No. 308095

I seem to attract awkward nerdy guys and bicurious women somehow, it's a weird mix. For the former I assume it's because I pass as Wasian (I'm another mix but this is the feedback I get) and for the latter…it's sort of an ego boost but puzzling. I assume because I have a deep voice and present between feminine and masculine. Attainability and approachability must also be factors. I'm not the best looking and I try to be kind.

My main type is women who are similar to me, especially if they make art and have the same cringe interests. Unfortunately they are often not into women or they like women of a different type.

No. 308155

yea felt, im pretty flat chested and also have a small butt/not very curvy figure. i dont even feel like i have a consistent type, but a lot of the people ive been in to seem to like more meatier types. most of the time it doesn't bother me but obviously its hard not to compare yourself to others sometimes.

No. 308168

I really hate the way incels gaslight women and tell us ‘hurrr getting laid is so easy just literally go up to him and ask him to fuck you’ like no…men are incredibly picky and specific in my experience, even moreso than women (because as women we are told we are mean bitchy cunts if we don’t ‘keep an open mind’ and ‘not judge a book by its cover’. I’ve been rejected by moids and most of my friends and associates have to, unless they are drop dead gorgeous model tier girls to begin with, and even then moids still have the audacity to reject them for not having the right hair color or whatever other superfluous bullshit. Moids are picky and typey as hell.

No. 308170

Stop going for porn addicted beta males, problem solved.

No. 308171

I was looking up stats for children born to interracial couples (don’t ask why, I was fighting with a poltard) and noticed the amount of hapas being born in the US even in very recent years is tiny. They make up like less than 1% of all births in the US despite Asians making up around 6-7% of the population and supposedly millions upon millions of white men having an Asian fetish. So I think a lot of this is exaggeration and selection bias.

No. 308238

I hate to agree with incels, but yeah kinda, not 100% with everyone tho. The thing is that just because some guy would sleep with you, it doesn't mean that he would date you or see you as a person or not murder you in the process.

No. 308240

Skinny nerds/engineers are the sluttiest and most deprived type of guy you can date. Consider yourself lucky. Most of the ones I know cheat with younger Asian girls if they get fat and one gives them any attention, or start sleeping around a lot once they get fit and think they deserve to drown in pussy for having muscles now.

No. 308244

I'm a Hungarian who lives abroad, and I attract only and exclusively Hungarian men. They sniff me out from a mile away abroad. When I go home I get chatted up a lot, yet as soon as I leave the country, I practically no longer exist unless there's a straggler I run into at some random place.
I have no idea what this strange curse is, or what makes me so clockable. Do I remind them of their mama's cooking or something? Hungarian (and to a lesser extent, Chinese/Korean) dudes just really like me, and absolutely nobody else notices I exist. It's so weirdly specific.

I don't have a specific type myself and have been into all sorts of guys so I guess it could be worse, but it does sting when absolutely nobody thinks you look nice except for a very niche group of people that are hard to find where you live.

No. 308248

There is something I can't really describe about foreigner's body language that give them away. So maybe that is how guys from your country can tell. And maybe the local guys have a culture of being more reserved? Or do you notice them being very different with local women?

No. 308266

Moids are super picky about who they will bestow the dignity of being treated as a human being upon
Moids are not picky about who they will use as a human fleshlight

It IS easy to let yourself be fucked and chucked, I would know. The trick is they have to feel like they can get away with it and nobody would know, behind closed doors men will sleep with literally anything
They will do this resentfully and punish you for not being Stacy though. They will take the opportunity to abuse the absolute fuck out of you, see Shayna

No. 308333

My type is attractive golden retriever gamer boys. However I'm chubby and ugly, so the only guys that like me are ugly nerds, that give off sexual offender vibes. Some of them have even actually been sex offenders.
I'm trying to work on my weight so I can have a better chance at getting someone I actually find attractive. Otherwise I'm just gonna be alone. I respect myself too much to go for one of those nerds.

No. 308342

Saged bc long as fuck + autism

For context I'm asian, and I'm attracted to asian men (after going on one too many first dates with a non asian coomer with an asian fetish). Specifically tall asian men with lots of muscles, which is hard to find because moids in general are lazy pos + asians tend to be shorter. Definitely asking for a unicorn, but I'd rather die alone than settle for less.

I don't fit what asian men want (99.9% of the time they want a uwu thin cute feminine doormat maid baby oven, esp with years of male good female bad instilled in the culture + too many mommas boys). I have an rbf, which scares off a lot of men in general (I've been trying really hard to fix this). I'm assertive, and love working out + staying fit. I'm nowhere near bodybuilder physique but I'm more muscular than an average person (which also scares a few men away). I love my career and studying new things that could benefit me in my career (Which apparently also scares off men).

I tend to be a bit distant with communication– I don't reply back to texts if I'm busy with work– and a lot of men get confused, because they expect the girls to constantly talk to them. I'm very aware that I'm doomed, unless I'm going for shallower relationships like one night stands or FWBs but I'm not about that life. I don't think I'm shallow for liking muscles because I have them too, and I want my bf / future husband to match that energy + go to gym together etc. Too bad a lot of men who lift do it for the wrong reasons.

Basically I've lowkey given up on dating lmao

No. 310454

I live abroad too. My men are self hating so they don't approach women of their nationality. Local men are definitely NOT into me, they treat me as completely invisible. I've forgotten what it feels like to be attractive to men your own age

No. 310457

I attract of specific type of metalheads (the nerdy, not attractive enough to interest normie women) and that's pretty much it, I'm completely invisible otherwise. I don't think I'm ugly, I've been told I can appear cold and standoffish but I have a hard time believing it. I don't attract women at all either, but that's probably because SSA women are pretty rare, especially at my age where most are in LTRs.

No. 310458

I'm surprised this thread is still up, I was so sure it'd get locked at like two hours by the latest

No. 310556

File: 1674914960147.jpg (131.85 KB, 736x736, fluffycow.jpg)

I think my type goes into the golden retriever nerd bf territory with some additions: doesn't watch porn, taller than me, conventionally attractive (no guys from the countryside, they all have a weird look), and in a good shape.

As for my shortcomings, I am 5'10 (not really a disadvantage, i know, but moids are so insufferable about it), have a slight hunchback, swear a lot, kinda lazy at times, I have big trust issues, therefore I am cold and distant and I refuse to make the first move as I think the guy has to first.

So yea, might be my high standards kek.

What I've attracted so far were alcoholics, out of shape tech bros, stalking creeps, alt right weebs and complaining misogynistic fucks who refuse to change their lives for the better.

No. 310560

My type are shy, calm nerds and artistically inclined, introverted men

I only attract vain, attention whorish fuckboys, it makes me feel depressed to think about it. I really wish I could get the quiet, sweet guy that I actually want instead of manwhores who only want to use me as trophy, I'm not that type of girl and I don't understand why would they assume that

No. 310592

Fuck. Yeah. Nonnie. Admittedly I like them to be hairy as well. I'm 5'10", getting pounced on by some wolverine dude is my thing. Plus if I wear heels and can bury their face in my boobs, added win. Problem is a few of these manlets I've tried to pursue were put off by MY height or so insecure it was annoying as fuck. One of them wanted me to mommydom them. Fuck that. I want a self confident burly manlet who ain't afraid to climb Mount Pussy. 5'11" is max height kek.

No. 310620

>be dark haired woman with brown eyes
>want dark haired, tall, puppy eyed guy
>attract ugly light haired squinty eyed guys

is it too freudian for men with darker hair colors to want to go for me or something? why do I attract the ugly white trashy dudes? I'm not like that at all. are the attractive dark haired men off dating the fucking blondes

and the occasional guy I'm actually attracted to always has something horribly wrong with him.

No. 310659

My type is someone who is very similar as me; not too nerdy but knows a lot about development of video games, grew up a poorfag and understands financial stability, anti authoritarian, and doesn't watch porn.
Some specifics; I'm a dorky woman in to old electronics, trance music, victorian goth aesthetic, and my favorite game is Sonic Adventure 2.
I attract so many fucking troons and furries and dudes into waifus. I'm certain one guy who befriended me thought I was a troon and quickly realized he was a chaser. I also tried my best to scare away the troons and furries by explicitly letting it be known I hate porn and I STILL got hit up by them.
It's a fucking curse, I recently almost settled for an enby or a guy into waifus, but I'm glad the search is over, I found my Nigel.

No. 310665

yeah for some reason all the hot brown hair guys are with blondes, thought I was the only one noticing. It's almost like it's illegal to date people with the same hair colour as you
same for guys with brown eyes wanting blue eyed girls

No. 310667

File: 1675018238096.jpg (40.59 KB, 634x543, 493C069600000578-5394555-New_l…)

>not wanting a pasty vampire with a name like Pádraig O'Sexy who has freckles on his penis and doesn't wear anything under his kilt

You have shit taste nonnie

No. 310674

Now let's see him in 10 years.

No. 310714

I like masculine, normie, blue collar men and weird, artsy, hippie women. I attract scrawny nerd men with depraved fetishes and repressed nerd women who get into internet arguments about Steven Universe. Awful.

No. 310724

ugly. beards and male gingers should be illegal.

No. 310738

You just described my bf and I, lol. I would say he's pretty much my type (dark hair, green eyes, angular face, masculine/tall/broad) though I have a deep attraction to curly haired, maybe a little tanned men who are fairly slim and bookish. Can never seem to attract those types though, I'm quite high strung and they tend to go for relaxed indie girls.

No. 310775

i like golden retriever/himbo kind of guys. muscular, a positive attitude, happy disposition, outgoing. needless to say guys like this are usually normie as fuck…
but i'm a lanky goth girl. i have been told i look standoffish, scary, intimidating and more normie people usually make fun of me cause "omg dressed so weird" kind of shit
so i usually only attract dweeby coomers OR what is really random, a lot of black men.
it goes against the stereotypes cause i have no tits or ass, im not blonde etc but i think i has something to do with my personality traits? every black guy that got to see it (like from work and school situations of just being around me) developed a crush on me.

No. 310797

Wtf me too, I hesitated to post it because I didn't want it to be racebait-y, but I've noticed the majority of guys I attract are black too. The guy that had the longest crush on me for like 4 years was a weeby black dude (who I just remained friends with even though he really pined for me for the longest time) I don't really get it either because I'm short super pale and have shortish hair and mainly wear oversized pants and boots. I guess I don't really fit the beauty standard of other white girls in my area (longer hair and more makeup and jewelry) Very rarely a white guy will flirt with me and they usually are bible thumpers or druggy country guys and I hate it.

None of that matters though because my type is rough alt looking women but every time I've seen one in the wild she is already in a relationship (rip)

No. 310982

File: 1675207511406.jpeg (654.45 KB, 1913x2000, 22F3ACFD-3F74-4CDD-A5E6-95B6B7…)

ayrt, when I had a few brunette guys actually be into me they ended up having something horribly wrong with them. is it like considered freudian? seemed like it used to be more commonplace that brunettes would date brunettes. I hate the blonde epidemic. I'm not going to roach my scalp and have the ugliest hair color shade with my skin tone, it's just not happening. I'll do black, I'll do redhead, but I will never go blonde. there's a lot of ugly or mid blonde women with light eyes I see with attractive brunette guys and it just pisses me off because those women would be considered so much uglier if not for their coloring.

ironically my sister's only ex is a ginger and we've always been opposites

No. 310988

>attract ugly light haired squinty eyed guys
you just described this narc guy who used to be obsessed with me a few yrs ago, and yes i'm a brunette too kek i actually like blonde twinks but twinks in general don't really exist where i live, almost everyone is sporting a hideous beard by 22

No. 310989

are you from the southern u.s. or southwestern u.s? I just wonder if there's too much inbreeding in the gene pools down here that makes some of the men so… gross looking

No. 311063

My type is tall, lean, dark haired masc women and short stocky/buff guys. I attract nobody (except like 2 very socially “off” Indian dudes, idk why, maybe they thought I’d be easy) because I come off too weird and am introverted as fuck so I meet no one. And also I’m not very attractive facially (but I’ve seen uglier people than me in relationships so my biggest problem is my demeanor)

No. 311100

I'm also into masc women but sometimes they act like moids and it turns me off. I want one who's kind of stiff and awkward but still clearly acts like a woman and isn't against being submissive. I attract big black dudes and I don't get why kek. Maybe because I'm asian?

No. 311184

I like normie men. The type you'd bring home to your parents house and theyd get a long. I want them physically active and tall.

No. 311240

black guys want white girls
white guys want asian girls
everyone wants a white man

No. 311243

Not true in the slightest. Pigskin males start life 1-0 behind by simply being uncircumcised. They have hairy nipples most of the time too. Make that 2-0

No. 311248

>everyone wants a white man
Nta but nah I have yellow fever unfortunately. and occasional mena fever

No. 311251

Just look at the men you want to fuck threads, it's ALL white men, majority with blue eyes and blond hair at that, and there's the occasional asian men as nonas into anime are over represented here. The vast majority of non white women and most white women are all competing for white men

No. 311252

File: 1675443609454.jpeg (87.26 KB, 640x640, 89d24a693ce0bee73d7892d5090a73…)

I'm into artsy feminine women but I'm a chubby corporate normie. I wish I could have more style or… a penis.

No. 311254

I like men who are a bit more bulky. Have a nice fat to muscle ratio. I don't know how else to describe it, but a younger Dwayne "the rock" Johnson sort of build?

Though the only men who seem to be attracted to be are socially awkward nerds. And that's of all races. I've been trying to move away from guys who's only hobbies are anime and video games. Despite me liking those things as well, I tend to find that the men who have no other "non geek" hobbies are the worst to date.

No. 311255

Uncircumcised >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> circumcised

No. 311267

File: 1675448736886.jpg (54.83 KB, 500x749, b74e1160e0be5e371ff6f41b4d21de…)

Goth/Metalhead. Any hair color, preferably black/blonde/ginger. No greasy hair or body. No BO or slouchy posture. Basically any guy with a nice face shape(cheekbones and jaw) and fit body.
I'm 5'2 pale, ghostly pale mixed Latino, 40 pounds overweight but still have my body shape. People either think I'm timid or intimidating at first (have a ""rbf"", to use that sexist term). My major interests are video games, music, nature.
I attract loser nerd men with everything I hate just because I talk about games too and hang around gamer spaces. Fuck anxiety, fuck awkwardness, FML

No. 311288

>no greasy hair/body
>no BO
>no slouchy posture
sorry nona but that's impossible
also in my experience metalhead dudes will like you if you're gothy and RBF is a plus. a lot are racist though so be wary of the ones who will fetishize you or say racist/misogynistic shit about you behind your back.

No. 311931

I don't really have a one specific type, though I tend to go for pretty boys. Unfortunately the first pretty boy I dated must have casted a fucking curse on me or something because he turned out to be a schizo Christian centrist with severe childhood trauma who I now suspect was an /x/fag I'm an /x/fag too but an atheist and not a literal schizo sperging about 'da joos' who tried to create his own religion and ever since we broke up I started to attract these kind of moids like they're flies (they are). A lot of them are male bpd-chans and come crawling to me after I ghost them. They're always very argumentative and that's how they bait me into talking to them in the first place, both online and irl. I'm convinced they're all 4fags, one tried to neg me once. I have no idea why those particular kind of scrotes are into me. Do they see me as a challenge or something? They're always obsessive with wannabe dark brooding personas

No. 311965

File: 1675911360937.png (233.4 KB, 632x519, IMG_6352.PNG)

i like sketchy crackhead looking skinnyfat guys. if they're funny. there, i said it.

not that it matters because the only ones that ever acknowledge my visibly autistic existence are the desperate immature moids that share my nerdy interests and/or nationality. they seem to think we'd have a connection because of it. we do not. i hate things that resemble myself. also all men who are into cartoons are rancid and i'd rather be alone. i want a loser but not that kind of loser you know?

No. 311967

File: 1675915695462.jpg (34.44 KB, 793x594, 1516045503520.jpg)

Is there actually a correlation between how you present yourself and what kind of guys you attract? Because the only guys that express interest in me are ugly losers or dumb rednecks. I like conventionally attractive men, physically fit types who wear cologne and are friendly. Basically well adjusted normies. I'm good enough looking myself, but for years I've been dressing like a slob and not doing my hair/wearing makeup. I guess I kind of just expected decent men to look past that but in all fairness I'm also a huge autist and I have some issues communicating with strangers. Do I just need to put in a little effort? I feel so stunted kek

No. 311970

What does it mean if I’m white and almost exclusively attract Asian guys?

No. 311975

if you look like an unwashed, poorly dressed autist then yes you are going to attract unwashed poorly dressed autists. If you have a severe enough degree of autism where you dont realise that, I'd reccomend getting some life couching/therapy to figure out basic socialisation before dating. Not trying to being rude, but it seems like you might benefit from learning some basic rules of interaction.

No. 311978

maybe you just live in the south and you got poor pickins'
move like i did anon

No. 311979

peen can have freckles?

No. 311981

also you can dress good and smell good and do all your make up and shit but you can still attract rancid scrotes
anyway taking care of yourself is probably a good start idk i feel like it's just nice to treat yourself nicely

No. 311994

Not styling your hair and not wearing make up is not 'not taking care of yourself' or being unwashed.

No. 312004

Thank you, I was about to say this, I'm always annoyed when people suggest to doll up to "feel better about yourself", wearing comfortable clothing and being barefaced does not make me a slob.

No. 312014

im not saying dolling up, but expecting attractive well dressed men to leap into your lap when you're a sloppily dressed autist is delusional come on. At least put some effort into dressing yourself if you want a well dressed man.

No. 312021

File: 1675952164602.jpeg (156.86 KB, 996x1200, 1673948909834.jpeg)

I'm into manlets. Like to the point where I'm completely unable to be attracted to a guy who's more than 10 cm taller than me. I'm 170 cm myself which is slightly above average for a woman where I live and guys that height are not super rare, but the thing is I'm also quite masculine in my mannerisms and style and I've noticed short guys especially are more into feminine short girls. Usually when I'm interacting with moids they keep asking why I'm so angry and saying I'm aggressive even when I'm not.

I won't even get started about women because finding a tomboyish (i.e. my type of) SSA woman who's not some kind of a troon or gendie is impossible these days.

No. 312052

what's your hair and eye colour ?
the fairer white men (light hair and eyes) don't go for white women unless they have no other options. most societies are multiracial nowadays so they have plenty of asian women to choose from
darker white men (brown hair, eyes) prefer blonde white women or asians/latinas
If you attract east asian men, chances are you are slim. you might not be attracting black guys if you're skinny; they like white women with blonde hair, blue eyes and curves

No. 312053

if by "asian" you mean south asian men. Attracting only indians means you're just white. Some south asian men would go for any woman as long as she's white. I'm in the same boat. Those indian guys don't even want a relationship. I'll never get the type of man I find attractive

No. 312059

>Usually when I'm interacting with moids they keep asking why I'm so angry and saying I'm aggressive even when I'm not.
Do you pull their hair, shove them around and hide their stuff?

No. 312061

File: 1675970908571.jpg (113.17 KB, 680x650, FoMR8kYWYAIBhal.jpg)

My type are introverted nerds with black/dark hair and glasses.
I developed a crush on a cute guy I have a class with who is just what I described, but he always sits next to this girl with flawless makeup and kempt brunette hair. I asked my friend about him and her and she said that they appear to just be buddies, so there's a good chance they're not dating, but it's likely at least one of them have feelings for the other.
We also happen to volunteer at the same place and we found out we have shared interests, being mainly vidya, and we warmed up to each other, but we only ever interact in the volunteering place where it is less awkward and makes more sense, but I don't know if I am even his type. Maybe his type are kempt brunette haired girls, and he doesn't give a shit that we share the same nerdy interests since I am not a kempt brunette haired girl, so he doesn't even consider me potential gf material. I still have hope though.

No. 312065

I'm betting on the kempt brunette not caring about him.

No. 312066

kek no, I just tend to speak loudly and fast if I get excited about a topic.

No. 312067

When he arrived to class before her, she chose to sit next to him when she arrived

No. 312070

You're just too overwhelming for the manlets.

No. 312081

>full of shit garbage
Shut the fuck up cunt(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 312134

did all the short girls reject you sir?

No. 312437

Nonnas, for some reason, without exception, every single guy that's been into me has a spanking fetish and wanted to spank me without fail. Why is this?

No. 312443

do you have a thick ass, that's probably it

No. 312451

>made him my boyfriend
How do you make someone your bf? Does that just mean start dating?

No. 312478

Earlier I saw that girl being touchy with some random guy, I really hope they're together and it's not dumb friendliness

No. 312480

I'm %99 sure he likes the brunette but she doesn't like him back. Those nerdy guys chase girls who aren't into them very often, I've had guys like him befriend me in hopes I'd date them eventually.

No. 312486

ITA and you’re right, I’m white with mousy hair and blue eyes, and pretty noticeably skinny. I’ve never seriously attracted a black guy or been the first choice of a Latino guy in my life, and my type are white European-looking men.

I think another explanation is that I’m so heavily entrenched in the good girl/girl next door look. I don’t think I could ever assume the “baddie” look, which doesn’t bode well for me as a burgerfag.

I heavily attract East Asian men, but ofc the occasional South Asian guy. The fetishization of us from the latter really does suck!

No. 312492

>white men don't go for white women
… What? I'm Asian/Slavic mixed and most guys I've seen that were interested in Asian women were creeps, normal men don't care about race if the woman is attractive. A lot of them will prefer someone with dyed/real blonde hair and blue/green regardless of the woman's ethnicity.

No. 312524

it used to be the creeps going for them
now it's the hottest young guys out there picking average ones

No. 312553

tell me you’re terminally on 4chan without telling me you’re terminally on 4chan

No. 312554

ethnic women are also overrepresented here and many of them are self hating and whitewashed so

No. 312563

no they're not?

No. 312571

This is retarded. I'm white with diarrhea brown eyes and men of every race have wanted to date me, including men with blonde hair and blue eyes. Not to mention, my mother has dark brown hair, is white, and has brown eyes, and she got with my dad who was platinum blonde naturally with blue eyes. It doesn't really make sense.

No. 312600

How the fuck do you wake up in the morning and talk about yourself like a rape ape and not become a complete loser in every aspect of your life?

You don't really have to, nobody's making you, you just do it for the pure irredeemable faggotry of it i guess? Idgi is it your goal to be an insult to your your family, you're gender, other women….?

Grow the f up it's fucking pathetic.

No. 312604

File: 1676286817523.jpg (22.66 KB, 500x333, wtf.jpg)

..she just said she has dark brown eyes nonna

No. 312608

>your your family, you're gender
kek copypasta tier

No. 312610

* diarrhea brown eyes

I know its not donned on you yet (maybe youre 12, naive, maybe you do any cringy pathetic thing for male attention) It sounds like you crawled out of a trailer park dumpster and said it purely for social points.

I know you can't hear how cringe and sad it sounds now, but you will someday and you will be fucking embarrassed for yourself.

No. 312611

>..she just said she has dark brown eyes nonna

All i hear is a super special Ed twat that needs to go back on her meds

No. 312612

i'm not OP silly, it just sounded like she was joking to me. i don't think it warrants that reaction. this thread is getting weird.

No. 312638

Good thing I was not the only one weirded out by that anon's description of herself, there are other girls with brown eyes and I'm sure their eyes don't deserve to get compared to diarrhea. Love yourselves nonnas

No. 312639

I have brown eyes but don't really get the big deal about that post. Some of you sound overdramatic.

No. 312642

white men like white redheaded girls best in my experience. other than that it comes down to preferences but i've never met one who didn't have a weird thing for redheads.

No. 312696

yeah for real
it's damn near impossible to make someone your boyfriend unless they're already very into you and being passive about it. If you're not their type they'll just ignore you

No. 312705

I am not anyone’s type.
I am tan, very skinny, and brunette.
I realized men like skinny women when they seem innocent, like petite blondes and they prefer darker women to be like chubbier and hotter.
I have the worst combo.
I currently do have a boyfriend tho, but I am not his type at all and I feel like he’s not sexually attracted to me anyways.
He didn’t plan anything for Valentine’s Day either. May sound stupid but I just wanted to celebrate it for once in my life and feel appreciated and feminine.
I feel so masculine and unattractive. I wish I didn’t care so much about men’s opinion.

No. 312803

You sound like you could look good if you had a fluffy haircut, like a wolf cut

No. 312805

I had red hair for a while (dyed but men can't tell the difference) and a lot of men hated it and said it was gross and got the usual "gingers have no souls" comments. It's a hate it or love it kind of thing.

No. 312819

This is delusional. I think >>312805 is right. I like red hair on women but usually women like red hair more than men.

No. 312827

I'd say the hierarchy of men's preference for white women's hair colour is:
1. blonde
2. ginger
3. black
4 brown
Some men do hate ginger hair though.
the darker a man is, the more
he will fetishise blonde hair. Generally brown hair + brown eyes is seen as generic, plain, boring and you'd have to be exceptionally good looking to be considered more than a plain jane

No. 312832

Black/dark brown hair and green eyes.

All types of men have found me attractive, but esp men with light eyes and light brown hair, which is my type as well so it works out.

No. 312833

It's not delusional. Most men like natural redheaded women even if they make "no soul" jokes (which if they are, they aren't men anyways). And yes, they can tell the difference between dyed and not. There's other traits redheads have outside of hair color as well.

No. 312842

i think there's trends to what type of girls a lot of guys like with hair & eye color (just like body types)
the red hair thing was popular during like the 2000s or 2010s?
a lot of men would say like shit like "redheads are freaky" and reddit moids loved them but i don't see guys talking about them at all anymore

No. 312845

I think men think red heads are nerdy and quirky thats why reddit men loves them. Men can only view women as one dimentional stereotypes. Blondes are dumb and fun or innocent, brunettes are smart, boring or sultry, red heads are nerdy or freaky.

No. 312848

You're a coping natural redhead. Most men like either blondes or brunettes. Some men have weird fetishes for redheads but that's it.

No. 312858

Emily Rajatakowski
Bella Hadid
Kylie Jenner
Kendall Jenner
Hailey Bieber
Megan Fox
Madison Beer
Ana de Armas
Olivia Rodrigo
Ariana Grande

Do I need to go on? Tan skinny and brunette is very in right now.

No. 312859

Also sorry about your idiot boyfriend anon.
But you can’t judge yourself by how a guy treats you. Plenty of men will treat even the most beautiful women like trash

No. 312861

File: 1676462632593.jpeg (29.13 KB, 610x656, 51C9224E-E8B7-4529-AA03-4E6401…)

I don’t know if it’s me not being their type or if there are just not many men of my type where I live. I’m short and hourglass with pale skin green eyes dark hair freckles. I get called pretty a lot and people think I go to the gym for some reason probably because I have big thighs and ass. I mostly see gym bros in my area and the nerdy guys around here are just ugly, like unwashed long greasy hair. I’m unfortunately having better luck meeting younger guys who fit my type which is just normal weight or skinny, a good hairstyle and a cute face, coupled with a nerdy personality like being into games and wanting to chill at home rather than go out to bars and clubs. I fucking despise that kind of atmosphere because I love being comfy at home, but for some reason the only men I meet are party bros + gym bros + dumb as fuck, when I’m really attracted to intellectual types bordering on a bit pretentious but a goofy sense of humor and able to toss out some witty banter here and there.
I guess the problem is where I live there’s just genuinely a lot of dumb motherfuckers and drug addicts + stoners, I might be doomed unless I move to a big city.
Where is my non-murderous Joe Goldberg or Logan Lerman in Perks of being a wallflower?
I don’t really want to date guys in their early twenties since I’m in my late, but they seem to be the only dudes with any sense of style, guys my age put no effort into their damn appearance or they’re on that hypermasculine gymbro aesthetic where they wear tanks and workout shorts and buzz their head…. Ugh
I also find blue eyes and blonde hair legitimately ugly on 99% of men so that cuts out a lot of options

Also I have a theory that nerdy guys might actually be most attracted to party girl types because they want someone to spice up their boring lives

No. 312868

>Blondes are dumb and fun or innocent, brunettes are smart, boring or sultry
It's the exact opposite where I'm from

No. 312869

File: 1676466734443.jpeg (935.74 KB, 1125x995, 6AB5C893-ECCE-4E4A-BF6E-36C3DC…)

not a single one of these dark haired tan white women is with anyone attractive

this is the kind of woman beautiful white men go for

No. 312870

File: 1676467499367.gif (3.21 MB, 275x215, 1652897707905.gif)

Why would you stay in a relationship with a guy who's not sexually attracted to you and didn't even bother to do anything for Valentine's Day? You sound very insecure, anon. None of these features are conventionally unattractive and you shouldn't try to change to please moids. I hope you learn to love yourself anon and break up with your bf because it sounds like he only makes you feel worse about yourself. Do not ever stay in a relationship with guys who are open about not finding you attractive or/and don't put effort for you. It will only make you feel worse, it's basically psychological self harm. Get a grip and respect yourself, love yourself, work on your mental health, learn hot to not depend on some worthless scrote. Good luck anon.

No. 312871

eh this guy looks kind of average and generic. i would've posted Dolph Lundgren with Grace Jones but he's probably a rare exception (rare to find men on Dolph's level in general kek)

No. 312872

Are you the sperg who always complains about hot white guys only ever going for Asian women? Stop being bitter, no one cares and get off 4chan. Those women are dating uggos because they're insecure pick mes. This thread reeks of pickmeism anyway.

No. 312876

An average white guy is with an average asian girl. Stop turning random peoples photos into literal propaganda, if I was the girl in question and I saw your weird racebaits I'd be so creeped out.

No. 312890

Why are you guys lying? he's not extremely sexy but he's not average either, I would love if the average moid looked like him

No. 312891

File: 1676482533775.jpeg (40.1 KB, 542x653, AC9FA218-EBBA-4421-8F11-63CC52…)

they're trying to cope
he's very much above average, maybe one in 300 guys looks as good as that
and she's not average, she's a bit below average

No. 312906

Did that asian chick steal your dream man and this is how you're coping? He literally isn't that hot and saying 1/300 is schizo level.

No. 312908

It's a moid.

No. 312909

Why would a man be posting about how he's mad that "ugly" Asian girls get "hot" white guys? I hope it's not self posting because the girl is cute.

No. 312911

Because then those ugly asian girls don't get with him.

No. 312913

She’s rich as fuck and he’s a broke but decent looking failed model, she is his sugar momma. He’s using her for money while he larps as her bf, pretty bleak.

No. 312915

When a man is better looking than the woman it’s ALWAYS an arrangement like this tbh.

Think about it, even hideous incel moids want a 8/10 Japanese girl or a 7/10 college age white girl at minimum.

So imagine how devious above average looking moids are and how many ulterior motives they have when dating women below their own attractiveness level.

I’m telling you now, attractive men don’t settle for average or ugly women, unless there’s some serious other side perk at play (like she gives him money, she supports his lifestyle, lets him fuck her friends or family members etc etc)

Men are shallow as fuck and these relationships are never based on wholesome factors. Men don’t give a fuck about a woman’s personality or character, they can only love and simp for beautiful women.

No. 312916

>they can only love and simp for beautiful women.
Hahahaha. Ha.

No. 312923

white man with Asian fetish LARPing as a seething white woman to sow racebait infights

No. 312929

>beautiful white men
honestly saw at least like 10 of men looking like these at a local bar this weekend. idk what your definition of beautiful is but he looks like an average white dude

No. 312944

That hasn’t been my experience. Someone isn’t “coping” because their life experience is different than yours.

No. 312953

>redheaded women are a weird fetish for some men only
What level of internalized misogyny is this?

No. 312956

File: 1676505526398.jpeg (43.21 KB, 500x375, 442BABDE-26A8-43AF-8D1F-5287A0…)

unfortunately i'm into tifs ( formerly known as tomboys ) and in this zoomer age, especially within my age range - they're definitely NOT into girls. i'm not even feminine naturally but i just know it's not my anatomy they're after. this is of course on the condition that they haven't gone on hormones or beyond that

No. 312958

God this is so true. I dated a tif but she was only attracted to moids and I was a weird exception for her. She later told me she wanted me to become a guy and stuff, this relationship broke off for many reasons but I remember thwt bothering me kek, she even made a post on her Instagram coming out as “gay” while dating me and told me that she was just physically “gay” for guys but in love with me. Lmao the mental gymnastics

No. 312960

This thread is incredibly pathetic

No. 312961

it should've been locked from the beginning tbh. felt like it was made by someone who didn't know their post could go in already existing threads. i don't think OP is even here anymore lol.

No. 312967

I think I'm ugly but I also have hellish body dysmorphia and posts like >>312827 don't help, I'm more of a reddish brunette naturally but I'm about to leech the black out of my hair and pay the piper to get a pro dye job because I feel like this makes me look generic and awful

Blonde dye looks awful on a lot of white women though, just being honest, there's a lot of ugly dye blondes or women who dye their hair an ugly blonde and then men drool over it anyway. I hate blonde as a color so no matter how prominent the blonde disease is I refuse to pick a color that clashes with my skintone. Fellow women with midtone skin please dye your hair any color but blonde, it looks awful on us

No. 312981

im still not buying into idea that liberal men are categorically worse than conversatives (whatever opinion you have on this either way i promise ive heard and agreed with on at least some level, its just not the conversation im trying to have), but hippy, crunchy men… jesus.
i garden and volunteer and im cute as a button for reals and the type of lazy, self centered, therapy speaking, psuedo spiritual wook this draws in drive me to distraction. i dont even buy into most of this, i just like going outside, but the Terrance McKenna wannabe ass, weird pointless kinetic hobby having, jam band liking moids this draws in is almost enough to make me smarten up my look.
almost. because i dont tailor anything i do to appease or repel moids, but even bluntly making fun of the things they believe or the profundity they think they have doesnt seem to register.
addicted to weed, convinced their screen induced lethargy is spiritual malaise, thinks hes working class because he had a shitty cook job or two, claims to have anxiety, claims to be bisexual. claims to have read up on every relevant religion, philosophy and social science to the conversation, lacks the raw IQ to have retained any of it. owns a housecoat.

No. 312990

>lets him fuck her friends or family members
If you believe actual women let their bfs fuck her family members on the regular, you seriously need to go outside. Also that couple doesn't have that big of an attraction difference, stop assuming some random lady is paying a dude to stay just because you can't get men to stay. She's not ugly but you probably are.

No. 313028

I've gone on dates with men from altright conservatives all the way to sjw tier (white guilt / loving troons etc) liberals and at the end of the day they're all awful. About a two yrs ago when I was in my "idgaf, I'm single" phase I went on dates with whoever asked me out on the dating app and the conclusion was I'm done wasting my time - no amount of "free" dinners / drinks will ever make up for my precious lost time (+ multiple occurrences of them sexually harassing me, boring me to death, and/or using me as a therapist). Now I just focus on my hobbies like lifting and studying languages and hang out with friends & am much happier.

Also from my experience liberal dudes don't offer to pay for the first date but will still expect sex from you. Conservative dudes will pay for dates then get mad if you don't want to go back to their place (for sex). I'm just really done entertaining moids in any shape or form

No. 313038

tbh idk why everyone is losing it over this post.
tbh i noticed wmaf couples are hardly ever a looksmatch. and i never thought about this or noticed it with other interracial couple pairings
but i'd say that it goes both ways…
at least in america since the beauty standards here are different than asia, it seems like a lot of white guys will go for an asian girl that is "below" them on just cause she's slightly "thicc" and tan or whatever even tho they have an really unfortunate face. but a similar girl of a different race, they would not date her.
where for asian women who fit more of the asia beauty standard (pale, skinny, wear asia style makeup, etc) and a pretty face they'll be with the most mid white dude or a straight-up ogre. in these though you can at least assume money is the answer, but i don't think it always is.

No. 313042

white men have such high standards for white women
but if you're an asian woman, you can get a very desirable white man just by being asian
It's a massive advantage and as a white woman you can't compete, no matter how pretty you are

No. 313053

File: 1676587981712.png (251.4 KB, 587x444, FkzsOAN.png)

autosage for blogpost / no1curr but as an asian woman who's trying to date somewhat normal man while trying to avoid men with yellow fever / fetishization I'm actually sick and tired of white men (+ all non asian men who fetishize "muh oriental waifu").

I also think 'beautiful' white men will date whatever race but still end up marrying a beautiful white women, at least around my area. It's all the average / ogre looking white dudes looking for an 'ethnic' wife hitting me up on apps and DMs and I'm sick and tired of it. Anime was a mistake and I hate that ethnicities simply a commodity for pornsick men ('asian' / 'ebony' / 'latina' etc) especially white men

No. 313055

Congrats. You're the only sane anon in this discussion. I'm also nonwhite and I hate being fetishized. Any woman who thinks this is a good thing is out of her mind. I hope you meet someone that sees you as a person before your race, I'm sure you will. Times have changed and there are a lot of people who are more open to relationships like that.

No. 313057

As a white woman, you are simply retarded. White women are the "most desirable" cross culturally and I don't mean that literally, I just mean in the public perception because of media influence. The unfortunate phenomenon I've seen with Asians is a lot of people will use them or fetishize them, but not much else, especially when they see they're not the submissive doll they're portrayed as. The reality is, it sucks for all women who are straight, and Asians aren't stealing away your precious fugly white men. I've also seen bleh white women with men of every race, we get away with it because we are "the beauty standard". It's stupid, but it is how it is in media.

No. 313123

File: 1676629748025.jpeg (866.95 KB, 1179x1276, 422A6523-077E-4496-A967-86D3EF…)

Completely agree and the reason is cause white people with yellow fever have low standards for Asian beauty (since they have yellow fever, so just having stereotypically asian features already is more attractive to them) and Asians with white fever have low standards for white beauty.
An asian girl who is pretty but likes white men will think any white dude with thinning blonde hair, a big honker nose and colored eyes is handsome regardless of the fact that she could do better.
An attractive white man with an asian fetish will think any girl with monolid eyes tan skin and a flat nose (things that wouldn’t be attractive to her own race) is hot, and often won’t even be attracted to the “kpop” type of girls since they don’t look as exotic, they border on looking more half white half Asian due to surgeries.
In the end it works out for both of them though so who cares if everyone’s happy, just don’t date moids with yellow fever if it bothers you to always be second best compared to average looking Asian girls.

While it does seem like most men have yellow fever sometimes it’s not really true it’s mostly the terminally online men, I’ve had some good looking guys irl straight up say they don’t find Asian women attractive at all
Same goes for white girls into Asian guys too. I used to be a weeb and I dated some ugly motherfuckers I wouldn’t look twice at now that the yellow fever has thankfully exited my body. Picrel I guarantee some anons still in their Korean drama phase will think these two are a looksmatch

No. 313573

Can't relate, because as an Asian woman, I've only dated and mostly hooked up with hot men.

No. 313990

Ayrt, as you should

No. 313999

all this talk makes me wonder if there's a way to have a "fever" respectfully

Obviously a moid who is only into asian women because he has some fucked up submissive waifu dream is nasty, same for any other "fever" that hinges on stereotyping an entire race into a specific fetish mold. But what if someone, just on a very basic level, thinks certain physical characteristics are attractive?

Not to blog but every since I was a little kid, all my crushes were on people with particular characteristics. And those characteristics happen to not be ones typically found in people of my own race. It's very awkward and I wind up never mentioning who I find attractive in casual conversation with friends or family because I fear people will sense a pattern and think I have a "fever." Which, I guess… I do? But also it's not like I find everyone of that race attractive, I definitely have a more specific type than just "must be of X race". So then, is it a "type" or a "fever"? And is it wrong to have a "type" outside of your own race? Like I admit it's weird and IDK why I'm like this, but is it wrong? much to ponder…

No. 314015

It's not wrong to prefer certain features, even features that are (much) more common among other race(s), as long as it's just an aesthetic appreciation of those features, not associated with racialized stereotypes (for example darker skinned people being stereotyped as more aggressive/sexual/masculine and having a preference for darker skinned people based on this stereotype)

No. 314021

Also of course don't treat your own preferences as "objectively superior" ("I personally prefer [insert race/ethnicity here] men therefore everyone who doesn't is wrong" or "I'm personally not into [insert race/ethnicity here] men therefore everyone who is is wrong" etc)

No. 314082

Didn't anon say average/ugly Asian girls are more likely to get hotter white men if the white man have yellow fever? Anyway I think that's not exactly true, in my experience I've usually seen ugly white people who fetishize a certain race usually end up with an ugly person of that race who the white person in question thinks is super hot.
Not all interracial relationships are built like that, you can have a white guy with an Asian girl without either of them choosing one another solely because of their race, choosing depending on race is more common alongst incels/femcels/chronically online weebs.

No. 314096

File: 1677225590731.jpg (102.63 KB, 1024x768, estilo-skater_b397b7f5-bbdc-4c…)

Goofy silly guys that can skate, or are big into this subculture. The really friendly types where their personality really helps their looks. I'm not particularly into Axel but him and Lizzie have such a cute relationship

I used to sleep with a guy that was literally that exact type but I'm pretty sure I was a rebound so that kills me inside. He was so fucking hot

No. 314114

File: 1677242926988.jpeg (142.34 KB, 771x1312, 59B92744-4769-4DAD-9F92-B459C5…)

No. 314115

Are Asian women ITT really pretending like hot white men prefer them over white women? In my experience it's always the ugly loser white men who go for asian women cause they think they are more desperate and "trad" unlike western women who universally reject them for being total losers. It's extremely common for incels and old divorced men to go to poor asian countries to try and pick up a submissive asian waifu. It has nothing to do with white men prefering how asian women look but with their perception that asian women are more submissive and have lower standards.

No. 314116

Sometimes I think y'all forget Asians are loaded, this pair doesn't even surprise me, there's nothing to be jealous of (I only wish I had that much money tbh)

No. 314117

Is that skinny zoomer twink supposed to be a catch? Every high school aged boy currently looks exactly like this.

No. 314118

He is a catch knowing most girls in their 20’s are already dating 30 year old balding scrotes

No. 314119

You don't need to be dishonest to make a point, he's not that hot but she's…remarkably unfortunate looking, not that he's more valuable or anything, but I think the contrast it's quite observable

No. 314123

File: 1677244585750.jpeg (8.33 KB, 108x116, 7CEBF2D0-9BD8-49A5-85F4-A139E2…)

he is a catch considering this is typically what the average/above average white woman's boyfriend looks like

No. 314124

She is a woman. Of course she’s more beautiful than the hulking rape beast next to her. She’s supplying him with pussy + money also. He’s just some ugly parasite.

No. 314126

What? I don't know anyone who is doing that. I guess you gotta strawman to make your 15 year old zoomer boyfriend who plays fortnight sound like a catch, kek. I could walk down to my local High School and find 200 boys who look exactly like that, but I'm not a child predator so I'm not attracted to kids.(infighting, offtopic)

No. 314129

Yeah. I'm neither western white nor Asian so I have no beef(I'm slavic) but that's also been my experience. Ugly white men tend to go for Asian women from poor countries because they're the cheapest and easiest for them. I had this ugly white friend of mine and the only girls that were genuinely into him were broke indo/Phillipine girls. He couldn't get with any white or black women because he was too ugly and those women have higher standards.

No. 314133

Samefag, my friend would tell me the stuff those Asian girls said and one of them advertised herself as being super young looking with small body and having prettier(innie) pussy compared to white women who she said all have roastbeefs. After I cornered him a little, he admitted she was ugly and that he only fucked her because of his asian fetish.

No. 314139

Why is this posted in the middle of the thread

No. 314141

This. And he looks better than most boys his age also (eyes, jaw, hair).

No. 314142

It's a random tiktok video posted by a girl and her friend. You don't even know if they're genuinely dating. You're either an ugly Asian woman who thinks too highly of herself or an incel with yellowfever.

No. 314144

Ew you creep. Are Asian women really this down bad for white boys that you thirst after kids?

No. 314145

I can visualise your man’s balding head in my mind’s eye btw

No. 314148

>She is a woman. Of course she’s more beautiful
Disingenuous. She's visibly ugly, not every woman has to be beautiful y'know? She's probably rich anyway, she doesn't need to be pretty
Whites are so sad. Imagine having such shit genetics your cutest moids are allegedly all teenagers, to the point you even assume he's younger just because he's attractive. Wtf man

No. 314149

All women are inherently more beautiful than all men. Period.

No. 314153

>calls whites inferior
>makes ten posts thirsting after underage white child
Kek. You're just like an incel.

No. 314156

I'm not even white, most poc simply age slower, it's not my fault your dudes look terribly by the time they hit 24, other races would keep their looks far longer and nobody would assume they're teenagers neither

No. 314158

It’s so hilarious how the scrote baiter himself knows white males hit the wall at 19

No. 314159

File: 1677254572660.jpg (172.72 KB, 1080x1237, Screenshot_20230224-190049_Tik…)

I found the tiktok and this is how the underage boy anon lusted after looks without filters. Like a literal teen.

No. 314160

Wow so he hit the wall before 19. Sad

No. 314162

I'm not white either, kek.
I think it's an asian pedophile woman instead of a scrote. She's been posting about how asian women can get any white man while she herself kept thirsting after underage boys. A scrote would probably spam cute Asian girls and tell us they're better while anon always posts ugly Asian women because that's what she is, an ugly asian woman who thinks dating a shitty white man will solve her self-esteem issues and thetefore she'll finally feel superior to other women.(racebaity tinfoil, derailing)

No. 314164

Lmao, the equivalent of this dude in my ethnicity would be 24yo

No. 314165

What the fuck is going on?

No. 314166

I mean she is right about white guys aging like milk after graduating high school, so I won’t be getting mad at her.

No. 314168

Where are you from? I'm guessing Philippines since pedophilia is accepted there.
The issue isn't men aging like shit, it's anon thinking she can score underage white boys because of her race. She's a pedo, that guy looks 16-17 max.

No. 314169

He doesn’t look 16, he looks 35. Ugly and post-wall.

No. 314171

You'll be really sad when you realize that the only white men that actually consider serious relationships with Asian women are also 35+ and broke as fuck.

No. 314172

I’m not Asian or the anon you’re accusing of being a pedophile, but you need to get your head checked out. And yes he looks post-wall, deal with it.

No. 314173

I'm latina, and yes, most men my age (22) look well, young, because they don't usually hit the wall unless overweight or severely ill. You deadass assume every attractive dude has to be underage, I pity you guys

No. 314174

I said he's underage because the video is taped in a highschool class, retard. He doesn't look good either so I don't understand why you're saying we assume every "attractive" guy is underage

No. 314175

This is not first time you guys pull this bs, sometimes anons posted cute guys on the attractive men thread and y'all automatically assumed they were pedos just because the guys were not overweight/muscly or clapped

No. 314176

The guy is a literal highschool student. He's underage. Why don't you get it? Liking guys with babyfaces is different than literally lusting over a 14 year ole boy.

No. 314179

Didn't you say you weren't white? Latinos aren't Asian and they're not Black either so you're white. Kek. Also the guy you thirst posted is Russian and an average racist Russian dude wouldn't ever love you.

No. 314180

Okay I get it, he's actually a minor. I'm just saying that me finding him cute is not ~pedophilia~, I'm simply used to men looking young as adults because that's just normal for my race
>Didn't you say you weren't white? Latinos aren't Asian and they're not Black either so you're white
Wtf is this logic? Mestizos exists you know?
>Also the guy you thirst posted is Russian and an average racist Russian dude wouldn't ever love you
I'm not op(infighting)

No. 314182

>you see it's ok for me to be attracted to a 14 yo guy because men of my race look young!
I don't care what mestizo is, retard. There are three races and if you're not either asian or black, you're white. You're both white and a pedo. Also the 14 year old guy you were initially lusting over is Russian and he probably would be disgusted of both you being a pedo and latino.(infighting, offtopic)

No. 314193

where do you live that the average white guy looks like that
she's clearly below average

No. 314217

>There are three races and if you're not either asian or black, you're white.
nta but what in the burger logic..

No. 314220

Love how only anons calling out this pedophile lusting after a literal child get redtexted. Mods really telling on themselves. Disgusting.

No. 314221

Latinos are not white lol, wtf?

No. 314288

It's kind of weird they banned some anons but didn't do anything to the troll that posted pictures of an underage couple, tore apart the teenage girls looks while saying the teenage boy looked super hot. Also isn't it against the rules to post underage people and talk about them in this manner here? I think it was in /snow/ rules that you can't post underage cows.

No. 314324

is that a mongolian/some other asiatic minority and a russian sitting in on some school ceremony in russian clasroom
oh shit i guessed right

No. 314379

Yes you did, kek. It's some russian classroom that obviously has Asiatic students because they're common in Russia. They're both average kids who make joking tiktoks but some weird Asian anon is lusting over the guy unironically.

No. 314394

You're so mad your white boyfriend is already balding in his 20s so you come here to seethe about it. Sad

No. 314451

to get a little back on topic…
I'm a bit above average in height and I like it, most of the time I wear heels to be even taller.
My ideal would be a guy who's taller than me even in high heels, which would mean he'd have to be like 6'3+, but it seems like most tall men don't particularly like tall women?
I feel like I rarely ever see a couple where both people are tall.
Most of the time it seems like taller than average men are with shorter than average women.
and inb4 it's a sex or pedoy thing, yes I know there's creeps out there like that, but it can't be every tall dude ever right?
I seem to attract shorter guys. It's not even like they see my height and it's a fetishy thing, most of the time we don't know each others heights, we just talk and then when the topic comes up, they're short. A lot of the guys are attractive despite that, but ideally I really don't want a guy that I feel like I could carry around.

No. 314454

I like women that are my height which is really tall but they only ever like men or troons. Only people attracted to me are short men with mommy issues or slavaboos

No. 316427

File: 1678553511140.jpeg (282.67 KB, 1089x1500, 1F21CBD9-BD81-42ED-B4EA-AFCA95…)

what a breathtaking young man, wonder what kind of girl he goes for

No. 316428

File: 1678553538834.jpeg (15.89 KB, 168x300, 992F8635-1D08-45CD-AE8C-E41A5E…)

No. 316429

File: 1678553560490.jpeg (914 KB, 993x1332, 3DD4C27D-F2E1-4D7A-AACF-39B254…)

No. 316432

why does this thread always have nonnies posting random tiktokers

No. 316437

Why is this entire thread asian bitches simping for white men? You can have them, good riddance lmao.

No. 316441

Is he supposed to be natural? He looks uncanny. And dead inside.

No. 316447

it's literally women seething about white men going after asian women fetishisticly. always instigating racebait like chill none of the people in either parties are normal

No. 317421

My type is white and I'm white but I do get moids thinking I'm gonna be some subservient little sex doll because I'm eastern european.

No. 317422

File: 1679135253230.jpeg (51.54 KB, 750x748, 939995D9-585B-4BFB-AFA5-3D14F9…)

Lesbianism needs a comeback this thread is bleak.

No. 317423

Ew. I'm half eastern euro and I also get this treatment, though my type isn't white men particularly. If I were you I'd try not to date western men with dark hair and skin since they're the ones who usually fetishize light features on women since they themselves lack them or racist men who only go for the basic blonde blue eyed women because that type is also more likely to only date you because of your looks.

No. 317449

I like shy cute well behaved moids but I am dominant and loud. Sigh.

No. 317450

Guy is def gay and uses those girls as beards.

No. 317563

Why do anons lose their shit when a hot guy goes for an average/pretty girl? It's so acceptable for a man to date a more attractive woman but when the opposite is the case, all the ugly women trash the girl in the couple as if they look better themselves. Like get a life, take a shower, brush your hair and go outside. Stop bullying a random girl online.

No. 317565

File: 1679210263137.png (104.16 KB, 493x441, maga ukraine.png)

its pretty gross how normalized it is

No. 317566

wasn't there research showing that more attractive women were actually more likely to perceive others' looks negatively (while the opposite trend was found in men; the uglier, the harsher generally)? idk, I'm kinda biased because the last time I saw a woman sperg out over an average woman with an attractive man she was extremely beautiful.

No. 317571

File: 1679211679899.jpg (36.41 KB, 540x562, hong kong police force.jpg)

vague recollection of reading something about that. it makes sense because attractive males are more likely to be sluts, and if an attractive female is seeking a relationship with someone of equal or greater looks, they're going to have a hard time because those men are more likely to not be looking for a relationship. so if one was in a relationship and with a female of less than equal looks, it would probably trigger attractive females. it is the same for tall females. they get pissed off when midget women are dating tall men because they have a hard time finding a guy that a. isn't a little bitch about being smaller than his gf and b. one that is equal or taller in height.

No. 317580

I don't even have super light features aside from my skin, but I look foreign enough and the creeps know the eastern euro girl stereotype and think I'll meet it.

Yeah and the idea they can just fly over to some ee country, and immediately find a gorgeous model-tier woman who worships them and wants to be their maid. Because we're "traditional". They think we're stuck in the 50s. Eastern europe must be one of the most misunderstood places.

We're always in the context of "western woman bad bc she won't take our shit, eastern european woman good bc servant"

No. 317582

it's because it's rare that an attractive man is with an average girl, and 90% of the time it's a white man asian woman duo, while those same white men have much higher standards for women of their own race(racebaiting)

No. 317585

ntayrt but didn't you already have this race discussion earlier, how many times are you gonna keep it up

No. 317658

where in the world are nonas finding blonde white men who are into dark eyed chicks or even simp in general?
a lot of you itt complaining about whites. is it a joke and i'm too autistic to understand? i live in a big city diverse area and the only 2 existing blonde men here are gay, stuck-up or both. but they are the only type of men that i'm not completely repulsed by.

No. 317664

i attract introverted shy guys either from STEM or like slightly artsy but not actually artists (artists hate me) awkard almost-virgin types AND black drug dealers. I guess plenty other men are attracted to me, but these are the most persistent. Guess what I look like… They're not even all "ugly" but I'm not attracted to losers.

No. 317666

The south. White moids (if they aren't racist) absolutely go nuts for brown hair, brown eyed girls, especially latinas

No. 317668

Yeah fr. Racial fetishizing has made moids blind to whatever race they're fetishizing and nitpick the features of their own race/whatever race is mostly around them, more specifically white moids who will bitch about white women having small boobs/butt, being skinnyfat, having big noses or thin lips or skin flaws, aging, wide jaw, dressing or being slutty etc. Then go date an Asian girl who had those EXACT features they were just bitching about. I laugh so hard at moids who fall for the Asian waifu meme and then cry and make everything about how they were cheated on by her when they were likely neglecting their own relationship or abusing her emotionally or physically, all because they just wanted to show off having an Asian girl

No. 317669

ayrt, also happen to be latina. i guess it's somewhat true. white guys all the way up north are way more racist. so maybe there's hope.

No. 317670

>Black drug dealers
Kek I know they get a bad rep and there are some truly bad ones, but you can def find diamond ones. I notice black guys tend to be less stingy with money and won't scream and cry over paying for dinner. In my experience they're a lot less invasive of privacy and compliment you a lot more

No. 317671

I agree in theory, but the ones into me are like lowkey loser chill types and lack the energy i need i guess? I am very attracted to MENA street guys though (and its not like i find black men unattractive, feature wise). But I think it should be noted I'm from Europe and not the US, and most pee oh cee are second or third gen so its a little different.

No. 317699

I gotcha! I'm from the Midwest so most black men here are typically the funny and family oriented type and take care of their grandma and stuff, even the drug dealers

No. 317701

Can confirm. Am dark haired from the south. Attract lighter haired moids. The exact opposite of my type.

Now northerners, tell me, are all the cute tall puppy eyed brunette men abundant there? Are they a northern thing? Do I need to move the fuck up there or to a big city? I'm tired of all these ugly southern guys please

No. 317726

File: 1679302302126.jpg (112.94 KB, 1280x960, 2570826-53315230-2560-1440.jpg)

I’m v into a certain type of British phenotype that I think is might be Scottish but I’m not sure?? Maybe Britfags can enlighten me on this. Stephen Hendry when he was in his 20s is an example. The potato nose, almond shaped eyes and bulldog like face just does something to me kek. This type of Brit is very cute to me in a normie, guy next door kind of way.

No. 317734

blonde men are into dark hair and eyes BUT ONLY when it's on an asian or native american (latina) woman. Latinas I'm guessing attract them because native americans look a bit like asians.

They're not attracted to dark haired dark eyed Mediterranean, middle eastern, black or indian women. Particularly the MENA women's look is something that both dark and light haired white men are not into, not sure why

as for blonde men being stuck up, it's probably because everyone wants them

No. 317740

I get so many blonde haired blue eyed guys attracted to me and I find them so fucking ugly. I’m a white girl with green eyes and dark hair, I think blonde guys often like darker features on girls and they probably think I’m Latina since I get that a lot. I’m so tired of their contrastless faces on dating apps saying “oops this person liked you you missed a match” or them showing up in the people who liked me list. They look old and creepy, dark features for men are so much more attractive and I feel like most women agree, because the dark featured men I’ve known have seemed to have a lot of options

No. 317750

can't relate
they consistently have the best features/are the hottest
and it's really hard to even get a date with them

No. 317752

what are you talking about? I’m middle eastern and all the men I get are either blonde with blue eyes or black..

No. 317753

this is just not true at all kek you've clearly never lived in a mena country, or you have and you or your entourage can't score

No. 317754

maybe it's the standing blowjob meme(also known as standgebläse)? or maybe the woman being really short compared to him "enhances" her submission?

No. 317758

Anon please don't go for mena men, I'm half mena and they tend to abuse or take sexual advantage of white women a lot because if they abuse a brown woman or have sex with her, her father will probably kill him but since that won't happen with white girls, they target those girls. Even if you date one, do NOT have sex with them. They have sex with men and trannies a lot so their std rates are super high. Just keep away, black guys are better imo, in my country they're quite great and don't sexually harass women and such which MENA men very proudly do, especially if the woman is European.

No. 317780

Blonde guys start out cute but they hit the wall at like 20 kek

No. 317782

That is pretty much men in general, unless you are arguing that blond ones hit the wall harder than the rest, which I have no idea, but I'll believe it anyway.

No. 317785

most white moids tend to hit the wall a bit earlier because of photo-aging which pale skin isn't very resistant against, but especially for moids since they care very little for skincare.

No. 317786

this has been my experience. is it the same in nordic countries where almost everyone is blond? i guess over there they don't see their own hair color as too special?
let's switch places kek. personally i can't stand men with dark hair and eyes. i have those features myself so it's just weird to be with a guy that looks like he could be related to me.

No. 317788

Yes and yes
I attract a lot of middle eastern, Mediterranean or mixes of that sort and holy crap they are the most awful people alive. Extremely controlling, you could literally lock yourself in the room all day with no devices and they'd still find something to accuse you of cheating over even though they cheat themselves. They never want to work out issues maturely they just give silent treatment and they obsess over other women a LOT.i haven't been physically abused by them but it wouldn't surprise me if it was common, they're practically little minions of Andrew Tate

No. 317794

>is it the same in nordic countries where almost everyone is blond?
probably, i imagine the exoticism is appealing.

No. 317796

The anon you're replying to and omg yes! My ex literally accused me of cheating because one of my male friends liked me while my ex himself was actively looking for girls on social media, following half naked girls we knew, sending his friends nudes of obese escorts etc, and getting rejected by women twice his age, so embarrassing me to no limit! And he starved himself for weeks and suicide baited me for months after I broke up with him. Never again. Ugh. He also told me he wanted to rape girls and that's why I broke up with him. He'd also try to grope me in public and get upset when I didn't let him. I don't ever want to date middle eastern men again, they're all the same and they're so ugly too.

No. 317805

this is not true though. Im medit and most men that were attracted to me were blonde meanwhile brunette men rejected me and fetishized blonde women.
I guess men want the opposite of them, its like a weird animal thing. If theyre already blonde they see the nocelty of blonde girls way less and if theyre brunette or darker they tend to mostly go for the whitest of white.

No. 317814

What's your country anon?

No. 317815

Wrong comment? We're just shitting on middle eastern moids

No. 317817

oh yeah wrong reply i meant to reply to >>317734 kek.

No. 317827

girls i get you but i just find them so hot? Ideal guys are jewish though. Tunisian jew is like the hottest shit to me. Nevrotic. Circumpcised. Darker skin. Hooked nose. Mommy Issues.

No. 317834

lmao what is this retarded bullshit. You do realize its like only 5 anons who post in that thread right? Imagine basing off the whole lolcow userbase off of one shitty thread.

No. 317842

"can't stand" is a strong word and I don't really get the "could be related to me" argument
are you east or south asian ?

No. 317847

ayrt. no i'm not. latina & where i live blondes are almost nonexistent. i only have this appearance nitpick with men though bc most of them disgust me.

No. 317870

Part of the problem is that it's difficult to find pictures of nonwhite men. Like, I'm into nerds. I know there's tons of adorable black and brown nerds out there in the real world but on the internet they're a pain to find, Google only brings up Urkel clipart and gross fatties.

No. 317894

>They're not attracted to dark haired dark eyed Mediterranean, middle eastern, black or indian women. Particularly the MENA women's look is something that both dark and light haired white men are not into, not sure why
NTA but this isn't true at all in my life experience…

No. 317895

I think that's the racist anon that's been racebaiting the while thread about how white men chase asian/latina women, ignore it.

No. 317900

>getting rejected by women twice his age
Based twice his age women.

No. 317902

Anyway, since we'll continue sperging about race anyway, please entertain my pet peeve and stop referring to Latino as race, dumb gringas.

No. 317903

Stop calling the obvious male a she, you moron.

No. 317904

File: 1679407984042.jpg (30.05 KB, 789x467, 468546545.jpg)

Just found out the guy I like prefers tatted girls and I don't have any

No. 317905

Stop shitting up this thread, no one cares about your identity. I'm %99 sure you're the same anon who's been racebaiting and hating on Asian women and sperging about Latina women. You're probably the same anon who admitted to being latina and called a 14 year old child handsome >>314180
upthread since this thread has like 5 posters and you're the only race obsessed Latin poster. You're disgusting and pedophilic. Get help.

No. 317911

Who cares? Moids preferences change weekly or monthly. Just wait and he'd probably sit around demanding tattoo free women

No. 317912

that's true

No. 317917

ayrt and you know what you're right kek

No. 317989

Latinas don't look asian, get help with your asian obsession, you've made like 50 posts about how asian women getting hot men drive you mad. Any hot woman can get a hot guy regardless of her race, stop being racist towards asian and mena girls and just accept that you're just ugly. Even if all asian women disappeared, you'd still not be picked because you'd still be ugly as fuck inside and out.

No. 317994

Nta and idk what you guys are arguing about but tbh Mexicans do look like Asians sometimes.

No. 318007

What about asian latinos?

No. 318017

as based as this post is some latinos do look asian in the way indigenous people can. but you can always tell something's off ( the nose bridge usually )

No. 318067

>implying it's not a blonde scrote trolling

No. 318088

I've dated all races of men and here's my take. This is as a middle eastern woman
>White men
Very stingy. Most childish of the bunch right after Arab moids. Obsessed with the idea of equality but only when it benefits them. Goes on meaningless rants about nothing. Always addicted to something whether it be porn, video games, alcohol, work or drugs. Will villianize most women for no apparent reason. Retarded memes constantly and doesn't try to bond with you.
>Hispanic/Latin men
Depends. Typically family oriented and willing to support you financially. Can be clingy and perverted if you're into that
>Arab men
Abusive a lot of the time and thinks your cheating constantly while stonewalling. It's like dating a 2000s emo kid really except they are typically delusional about their value and think they're a great professional man when they are just in sales or something and make less than 60k yearly. Porn addicts are at the very least typically has the symptoms of it such as constant changing preferences and doesn't show romantic or sexual feelings towards you.
>Black men
Family oriented and probably the least misogynistic of the bunch (in my experience). Typically fit and the most accepting of all bodies. Their families know how to cook good food. Most attentive and mature right after Asian men
>Asian men
So far the best choice out of all of these depending on what you want. Typically good with money and mature and calm. If he's not dating other Asians or rail thin white girls he's extremely happy regardless of body type and works to make the relationship last

No. 318093

>they are typically delusional about their value and think they're a great professional man when they are just in sales or something and make less than 60k yearly
KEKKK seconding this

No. 318128

>Family oriented and probably the least misogynistic of the bunch (in my experience).
Total opposite ime, and I'm black myself (though it's kind of a thing for men to hate women of their own race so I'm not surprised)

No. 318129

Same anon, I'm reading all these anons itt talk about black men and I'm just like "huh, since when have they been like this" kek

No. 318145

I just want a gothic cowboy bf.

No. 318146

Is there even such a thing as an attractive goth cowboy? Like cowboys can be attractive, yes, but when you add goth, the cowboy gets fat.
Is there even such a thing as a goth dude that is somewhere in the middle of
>rattle rattle skinny bones George
>skinny-fat sad sack Samuel
>chubby double chin Daniel
>the big fat rat Adam

No. 318152

File: 1679567054453.gif (1.88 MB, 268x399, vindicia.gif)

The names kek, but nona, please don't make me think about reality. I'm trying to dream here.

No. 318153

File: 1679567588588.jpg (169.22 KB, 1150x1479, 1657562688479.jpg)

No. 318156

Literally had the same experience with an Arab man, hilarious
But my experience with East Asian men have been that they’re emotionally/physically abusive and called me fat unfortunately (I’m not overweight, in that middle healthy area on bmi scale)
I’ve only seriously dated 2 of them but they were both incredibly cruel and heartless men who valued being “logical” over emotions

No. 318196

File: 1679598529344.jpg (Spoiler Image,28.85 KB, 813x768, bachelorno01.jpg)

No. 318208

jumpscared me

No. 318233

I've always preferred darker skin because i am the lightest one in my family and I would tell people I was Mexican and they'd be like "no youre not" (wtf?) I would sit in the sun for hours and hours on end after school but I would barely get any darker.
I was called horrifyingly white and everyone said i was lying about being Mexican so I just was jealous of darker skin growing up. But now I am attracted to darker skin. Black hair, dark brown eyes. Mostly natives or super dark Mexicans. All the things I used to envy are the exact things I used to want, I don't wish I was darker now because, well I realized I don't wanna get a tan all the time and I've just come to terms with my complexion.
I am also tall (5'6") but I like short guys that are like my height (5'5"-5'8") and yes I like them to look short iykwim boyish gangly desus

No. 318237

>I would tell people I was Mexican and they'd be like "no youre not" (wtf?)
>I was called horrifyingly white and everyone said i was lying about being Mexican
I hate this so much, people are so fucking retarded. They think all Mexicans or Latin Americans are one big brown mass of people or a "race", when there is so much variety of skin tones and physical features as a result of people of different races migrating there over the centuries. Bet they don't know there's a lot of people with African and Asian blood too.

No. 318245

>I’m tall and skinny and pretty and white
>b-b-b-ut I like shitskin manlets!
Love yourself nonna(racebaiting)

No. 318246

>I've just come to terms with my complexion.
that's so great nona, i don't understand how people can preach anti-colourism in regards to skin bleaching and then turn around and support skin tanning as a beauty standard. Lowkey pisses me off, because it's feels very "we know better than these people" than genuine, and these American libfems walk around like "oh our beauty standards are so much better so inclusive" just bc there's a fat fuck on a ramp and some celebrities have narrow eyes and get fox eye lifts and are skin tanning even tho popularizing tan skin still didn't stop Coco Chanel from fucking a Nazi. Also, if it makes you feel better, pale skin synthesizes Vitamin D much better than darker skin, so if there was ever a nuclear winter and you survived, you wouldn't get bone pains later on.

No. 318254

do you realize when you're calling said manlets shitskins it implies women as well? skin color isn't limited to males. can you fucking cut it out with this racebait? inb4 tumblr sjw or whatever

No. 318260

Call them fat gringos and move on.

No. 318274

people are clowning you about this but i get it. i'm from the balkans and everyone has a nice tan and dark hair, and i've always been excruciatingly pale with lighter hair. i never felt like i belonged. i used to fake tan horribly lol and dye my hair. thank god one day i realized it looked horrible and i stopped. i like what i look like now.

No. 318318

nona no need to be insecure, balkan men love light hair and skin

No. 318358

File: 1679717696406.jpg (57.48 KB, 703x843, Screenshot_20230324_210941_Mes…)

Yeah its just the not fitting in kinda thing. It's too much work to tan, I remember once I used a spray tan that literally made me grey kek
Forreal like do you think with an obvious Mexican last name, and like a Mexican mom who remembers popping me out that I'm just lying for no reason.. and yeah Latinos come in all color, I've seen the whitest, blue eyed latinos to darkskin 4c haired latinos

The women are so pretty too with their super black hair and bold dark eyes, I used to be jealous of how small they are too lol

>shitskin manlets.
Alot of them look so hot like picrel.

No. 318388

For the love of god, stop the racebait. Why is everyone in this thread racebaiting so obviously? Like just get therapy or something instead.

No. 318411

File: 1679765267292.png (268.19 KB, 750x734, entropy on Twitter.png)

Getting kinda tangential here, does anyone else feel like their type is just not common around you? I feel like the main reason why I don't suffer of not being my type's type is because I'd need to come accross them to start with. I don't even think I have absurd standards, I'm not too particular with race and I like some traits that are considered unconventional like larger noses, but I hate most men's bodies, I like skinny, in a non flabby way, to "ottermode" and nearly all adult men around me are skinny-fat or roided or roided while still having too much fat.

No. 318497

All men I pull are skinny and trust me skinny bodies feel absolutely disgusting when you hug or touch them, skinny men also tend to neg you about your weight so I wouldn't recommend at all. All thin guys I knew were obsessed with fat women in a negative way and it's really creepy, they're not that different from your run of the mill anachan.
I'm quite short and literally underweight but the skinny guys that I dated/flirted with still told me to lose weight and acted obsessed with the size I wore like telling me I was perfect because I wore XXS/XS. So creepy.

No. 318526

yep, the only men who fit my type have been dead for decades/are from a completely different time period altogether, or are famous people with a very specific look. there may be some men who have like one or two individual traits i'm into but none have them all at once, or even half those traits. it's not enough.

No. 318527

File: 1679823373507.jpg (135.19 KB, 940x1200, tumblr_49da7b3c3822fed26b82053…)

Looks wise, I like tall slim men with longish blond/light brown hair.

I don't know what I like personality wise, I thought I liked nerdy/introverted guys with no friends but after interacting with plenty of them I found out most of them are either pornsick, depressed, insecure or all of the above.

As a chubby/curvy tallish girl with dark hair and pale skin, I don't get approached often, but when I do it's either disgusting old manlets or younger scrawny manlets with dark hair.

No. 318536

there's a good number of men around me that are my type but I attract anything BUT them. Even though I can't pull them, I still can't help only being attracted to them. It is frustrating and demoralising though and deep down I know I'll never end up with someone that's my type. They don't even look at me.
Of the ones I attract who are always not my type, some of them are conventionally attractive but the only ones that treat me well are repulsive looking

No. 318544

Only attracting old men and some arabic and refugee guys sucks ass. Makes me sad sad that I’m not the type of the guys I like. I will stay alone forever and learning all kinds of cool stuff so I can be a cool granny.

No. 318565

what's your type?

No. 318570

Where are you from anon? I've had nothing but good experiences with east Asian men even though I'm like 5 lbs overweight and I'm mostly muscle, the ones I met typically fetishize being thick but I also assume the ones who go for me are particularly into that sort of stuff. Can't speak for all Asian men though, I've only been called fat by ugly white men and insecure white girls when I was underage and underweight

No. 318626

oh my god this has been a problem my entire life and i still don't understand it

i'm so into grimy house show guys with shitty stick n pokes who listen to music that's all yelling, or alternatively, for whatever reason the boys in the graphic design program at my university are all ridiculously hot art boys and also violently disinterested in acknowledging my existence lmao. i don't know why exclusively weirdo nerd boys are obsessed with me while every man i am actually attracted to does not seem to view me as a sexual or romantic option at all. not to sound conceited or bitchy or whatever but i'm pretty sure i'm not ugly, i get a lot of compliments on my appearance from strangers, both my physical appearance (like, face and body) and the way i dress/style myself, so i don't think it's that these dudes are just super out of my league? my best guess is that it's probably because i'm legitimately a weirdo not in like a ~quirky~ way but in a way where i probably have undiagnosed autism kek.

No. 318688

nah men love autist women. do you talk to them?

No. 318736

Yes 100%. My type is a wholesome and pure muscular himbo, the golden retriever types. I also like them tall (at least 5'11"). Too bad most muscular scrotes I know at the gym are lifting for weird, spiteful reasons ('I want the girl that rejected me to regret it', 'I want to get laid' etc). They're far, far from wholesome as far as I know. I have a few gym buddies and I don't interact them outside of the gym for that reason (we spot each other / push each other / share tips to grow muscle but that's it).

Also taller men don't lift or foster their personalities because they automatically get pussy just for being tall. I wish all women had higher standards so we can make men be better and make them feel insecure for once. I've gone on dates with a lot of men who are 6ft+ and it feels like I'm watching the paint dry on the wall. And they all act like they can take me home after the first date… No thanks bud, maybe have a hobby other than watching netflix and playing vidya.

No. 318742

i do! i'm admittedly not the best at approaching strangers but i do still try and whenever anyone starts a conversation with me i always engage (unless they're outwardly a creep lol), and any compliment i receive is met with a very enthusiastic, painfully sincere "thank you so much!! that is very kind!!" because i do not know what else to say but don't want to participate in that unfortunate thing a lot of women feel compelled to do where they receive a compliment and immediately respond with self-deprecation

tbh part of me wonders if a factor is that my hobbies and interests are just niche enough that i effectively always know more about them than anyone around me/that i meet. men are often so insecure about women knowing more about a thing than they do even if they aren't interested in that thing, and it's not like i even unleash my full autism on them smh i give them the most abbreviated version that conveys what i'm talking about but does not immediately get into all the spergy details; they have to ask about those bc i'm not about to be the bitch at the function talking, unprompted, about hit dreamcast game seaman kek

No. 318980

I always pull guys who are super religious and weirdly obsessed with marriage. I'm Middle Eastern so maybe that's why but I've also dated Christian/non middle eastern men who were the same way.

No. 318984

They probably think you're a submissive slave-wife because you're from a Muslim race.(racebaiting)

No. 318996

No I think it's because I'm studying my way into a field that earns a lot. %99 women in my country are muslim but they don't get this treatment.

No. 319039

sounds like they're looking for a sugar mommy. mohammed did marry khadijah and she was rich

No. 319045

Based of Mohammad, I'd also marry a 40 year old smart rich woman if I was a man.

No. 319514

speak for yourself, if i was born and found a willy in my pants, i'd kill myself

No. 323746

File: 1682506770890.jpeg (159.97 KB, 1124x1310, 0D901190-AB31-4745-B10D-0985DA…)

No. 323747

File: 1682506942648.jpeg (175.75 KB, 1123x1245, 9853F83F-5ADB-4AA9-9467-7CCC95…)

No. 323748

File: 1682507377515.gif (1.56 MB, 220x220, jane-the-virgin-crying-romttod…)

Mfw I realise that if I want a cute above average normie bf I have to be the type of girl an above average normie would want

No. 323750

you don't have to be above average as long as you're the race they fetishise

No. 323759

For a sec I thought she was holding a guinea pig.

No. 323762

File: 1682515550859.jpeg (37.74 KB, 547x607, 19A028B2-A7CE-4231-82CC-DD14C4…)

you might attract them but are you attracting the ugly ones?
this is a typical dark haired/eyed white woman, white man couple

No. 323763

File: 1682515576651.jpeg (61.62 KB, 1170x1011, 5D9E2DBC-121A-49C0-B083-5AA772…)

and this is the average asian woman-white man couple…(stop)

No. 323766

I'm confused with these asian women posts, am I supposed to not think they are on the same level of attractiveness as their bfs?

No. 323775

It's a troll that has been baiting here for a while, don't give it attention, just report until it gets banned.

No. 346555

me: asian woman

my type: cute asian men who are family-oriented (i hate the mama's boys tho). actually listens to me and is willing to improve.

men who are attracted to me: coomer hairy white men. sometimes depressed and autistic. they think i will deal with their behaviour.

No. 346626

File: 1693191580377.jpeg (30.51 KB, 500x333, IMG_8108.jpeg)

Is it odd for a man to have a preference of for women that are basketball player height? Because I am nowhere near that. I never thought being average height could turn away men, but it turns away my type (193 cm and above.)

No. 346643

i'm 5'10 and all i attract are shorter dudes. taller men in my area are always with short women. it's very strange.

No. 346759

File: 1693306330670.png (8.29 MB, 1125x2436, 9772DA23-9387-45CE-B1BA-6B1F51…)

As a black woman I want to date black man but black men do not like me and never have! Ever since I was a kid we are like oil and water lol. We always end up arguing kek. I want an alt black king so bad but he only likes Beckie’s and sue kims. It’s so bleak! I like Alt styles on black dudes so much but it’s also a dog whistle for strictly dating the nonblacks because “black girls never liked me uwu” as if alt black girls don’t exist and as if Becky and sue kim like you for you and not for your supposed Mandingo and making daddy mad YAWN

No. 346868

Aww anon, alt men are such manehores too so maybe you’re dodging a bullet kek

No. 346887

Count your blessings black men are misogynistic whores and alt men are also misogynistic whores(racebait )

No. 346941

OK so it looks like he's into horses with dicks. What do I do now?

No. 346947

Me: american indonesian
My on-again-off again bf: the white guy as described in >>318088
The men i attract: the only reference I really have is high school because that’s the last time I was really interacting with others in a big social pool. Cute white dudes didn’t take much interest in me but i’m pretty sure it was my off-putting personality. My first boyfriend was black and he was basically a good guy. The worst thing he did was bug me for nudes. Lots of black men would ask me out when I was younger. They were short and geeky. Arabs and Pakistanis also take interest. I like an older scruffy guy who is put together and kind, from any race. What i really want is a male that is a true caretaker. Maybe they have a sister they care for or even a daughter. I wouldn’t even mind if he had female friends as long as he practiced proper bounderies; they would be around solely because he values the female opinion. Everything i want in a man is so broad and could apply to literally any male candidate, but almost all men are either fucking inexplicably retarded or predators in one way or another.

No. 346962

Manifesting you a man amen

No. 346963

File: 1693471759464.jpg (110.63 KB, 1800x1039, gnome-name-generator.jpg)

I'm really into gnome-looking men (don't know how else to describe them but a bit chubby, wears sweaters and likes gardening, think Sam Gamgee). Somehow all I get are skinny tech bros, fat metalheads, and sweaty gamers who need help wiping their own ass. No I'm not Asian.

I just want a bf who looks like he'll evolve into Santa when he grows up.

No. 347150

me: east asian, STEM uni student. average looking? higher end of avg bmi (depression + snacking), trying to lose to be on the lower end

mia: pathetic moids (bitchless, have probably never dated or dated eons ago, don't know how women work, no ambitions, no or low confidence)

I give off the vibe of naivety and I'm generally very welcoming to people. I hate being excluded so I try to make people feel included.. guess that gives the STEM moids the wrong impression.

my type: confident, career-driven, teasing/playful, no yellow fever (hate moids like this bc you can TELL & the EA women that accept this and date them). intelligent, but can't be arrogant. cocky equals go pound sand.

No. 347482

>not understanding it's a white incel trying to make women insecure

only above roomtemp IQ ITT

No. 347483

looks like Michael Jackson reincarnated

No. 347501

>black guys are less abusive than mena men


No. 347506

We've never had even one black guy commit mass sexual crimes here but mena men do on the regular. Black people come from a ton of different countries, you can't generalize all of them but somehow %90 of mena men regardless of country will sexually harass women.
Inb4 gets banned for racebait, please check rape stats in any mena country to see im not wrong.

No. 347508

I can't believe this shit thread keeps getting bumped.

No. 347566

You're not wrong. I seriously wonder if they're genetically predisposed to violence and rape because of both cultural factors AND the fact that they're inbred and mentally ill (This is a fact, 50% of Pakistani muslims are married to their first cousins) https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1071164/#:~:text=Consanguinity,are%20married%20to%20first%20cousins

No. 347596

Black men in the US are just as bad tbh, although it seems like men of every race hate women of their own race the most.

No. 348838

You attract what you are. If you want someone with those things then do them yourself.

No. 348857

Yes kek they're unfortunately genetically fucked.
I do believe it. Most black people here are studying at prestigious unis or working good jobs, dressing very fashionably(aka good income). Those people aren't gonna commit crimes. Our people also love black people and they won't face the amount of racism they'd face in America. They're also from different countries than black Americans.
That being said, all black men I've seen here are dating black women and most of them are against dating outside of their race afaik, they don't have the same self-hatred black Americans unfortunately have.

Maybe the reason why black Americans get with white women is because of the same self hatred as a lot of ugly middle eastern men also chase white women and they'll openly tell you they don't want their kids to have brown features and that's why they're doing it. Yikes!

No. 348911

File: 1694878444111.jpg (1.38 MB, 3464x3464, Picsart_23-09-16_17-24-39-504.…)

>Yes kek they're unfortunately genetically fucked.

Iunno, for inbreds the average pakistani ive seen still looks better than the average anglo american. Also you're retarded if you think there's a genetic reason for rape, almost giving the men an excuse like they can't help it since they're predisposed.

No. 348914

File: 1694878651920.jpg (161.02 KB, 1440x1440, Annie-David.jpg)

Black men are minority in the US but statistically make up a big percentage of pimps. Ur free to talk bout ur country but u clearly dont know shit about other places.
>>323763 nahh, They usually look something more like this.

No. 348918

Btw Pakistan isn't in the MENA, tard. They're Desi/ South Asian. Muslim majority country /=/ MENA

Next thing u know americans gonna start classifying indonesians are middle eastern ..

No. 348919

File: 1694879163142.jpg (1017.07 KB, 3464x3464, Picsart_23-09-16_17-46-10-429.…)

No. 348928

Where are you from?

No. 348934

Source? I'm truly curious about black men making up the majority pimps, don't pull stuff out of your ass if you don't have tangible sources backing it.

No. 349698

I just have unrealistic expectations for men and I'm not gonna do anything to conciliate it with reality.

No. 349739

File: 1695418691272.jpeg (15.91 KB, 168x300, C06C56E9-769E-4BD6-A842-04C592…)

Every time I like someone he turns out to be GAY

No. 349766

same. I can't even pick up the signs, they all seem and look straight on the surface that I'm starting to think every man is secretly gay at this point. it's especially confusing when there's stories about men being in relationships with women for years, having her kids, having sex with her, the usual, come out as gay later on like if even gay guys have sex with women then how do i tell them apart from straight ones kek

No. 349789

Won't say it but my country now has 10 million refugees, Ukrainian, slavs, Syrians, afghans, etc included. Some cities are dominated by Russians and you cant even live there if you don't know Russian for example.
The black people in my country are people who came here to study while other immigrants are country traitors who had to come here because they were too broke for other better countries. That's why the educated and higher income black people obviously are welcomed here and loved by our people while white and brown refugees are highly disliked.

No. 349790

Double posting to reply
NTA but what I know is that a large majority of human traffickers are people who trafficked Eastern euro women and the traffickers are obviously eastern euro themselves because of that. Might be different in other countries but in Europe, i think eastern euro men make up the majority of human traffickers aka pimps.

No. 349829

File: 1695497179590.jpg (46.67 KB, 563x557, d7f6b5a2ab01b237461d08daf25770…)

i like cute guys that have nice styles or something but seeing the type of girls they have around i'm clearly not it

No. 349840

File: 1695504702870.gif (1.55 MB, 384x216, 154-1633828406-1300141182.gif)

gay men can easily have sex with women as a "chore" and can get off the same as they get off into a fleshlight. You'll know if hes truly straight if he has a need to lick your pussy/armpits/doing anything resembling a man in heat as that stuff gay males reserve for their respective future grooming targets on grindr.

No. 349854

Nonna, where is this gif from? Asking for a friend of a friend of course.

No. 349870

>You'll know if hes truly straight if he has a need to lick your pussy
Lmao. But honestly I agree with you, it makes sense.

No. 349875

So a fag can fuck and impregnate as many women as he wants and he will still be consider gay. But if a woman kissed a male once as a teen because of peer pressure then that means she is cock loving slut who will never be a true lesbian. Interesting difference.

No. 349887

Op didn't say anything about lesbians? although there are many people irl who unfortunately believe that

No. 351237

ntayart but I used google images to find out where that gif was from and it's from Tales of Arise but it must've been from a mod since that character is fully clothed in all the images that came up kek he's still hot with clothes on though

No. 351246

classic double standard. sometimes a little bit of bi-erasure (like no man wants to just call himself bisexual when he clearly is, he has to be gay even though he supposedly loved his wife and had a whole life with her it's like he has to throw her out –bitch you're bi). the "gold-star gay" superiority complex is a thing for both genders but I do feel like women get the nastier end of the stick as usual

No. 351339

>the "gold-star gay" superiority complex is a thing for both genders
is it? i've never seen a single gay man call out men who've slept with women identifying as gay, they seem to automatically believe them.

No. 351627

you might be intimidating them without knowing it. Best way is to have matching hobbies. Once they feel like they can talk to you about whatever junk they like, they'll ramble on and from there it's pretty easy

No. 351630

tbf I've seen plenty of people and not just men be weird to lesbians who've never fucked men as well, it really goes both ways and you can't win if you're a SSA woman. I think some of the gold star wank on these boards comes from troid posters though

No. 351638

No I didn’t mean that doesn’t happen, I was complaining about that thing too but I was drunk when I posted so don’t read too much into I probably wasn’t articulating well. It makes sense to me re-reading it but I was complaining about multiple things

No. 352725

Thank you all for this thread lel, I feel very seen. im a black woman in higher ed and i just lovee the intellectual/well-read type, but its so hard to find a black man of that variety that isn’t shamelessly into white or asian women. If i get male attention its typically from men of other races with a clear fetish (i have what could be considered a stereotypical body build) or HS dropout black men who just care about ass, both groups have no intentions of a serious relationship, so i’ve been avoiding them. my question is, should I open myself up more to interracial dating? (and: would losing weight to shrink my ass & expand my options be too self loathing? I personally like my body but I’m aware of the shit state of the dating market)

No. 352763

Expand you options, if you’re not overweight don’t lose weight because there's many women who would die for a body like yours.

No. 355261

My crush seems to have a strong preference for a certain race that isn’t mine, do you think men are really loyal to their weird fetishes or do you think if a woman is attractive enough they’ll date her no matter what her race is?

No. 355267

Is this a joke? I have brown eyes and attracted multiple scandi male model looking moids. I even had a literal stalker who was tall, skinny with blonde hair and blue eyes.

I also attract a lot of Asian moids for some reason. I don't even live in an area with a high Asian population. At least 6 Asian guys at my school are constantly trying to get with me, which is weird because I always assumed Asian men liked skinny girls and I'm chubby and have a kid

No. 355287

Sorry if this is the wrong thread but I think this thread would have better insight. I’m super white and my ex is half white for context. My ex basically said his usual type was the exact opposite of me. I know I’m stupid for not telling him to fuck off then but I only saw him as a fling at the time. Eventually he got super into me and really accelerated our relationship in a lot of ways. We were officially boyfriend and girlfriend I mean and met parents and all that shit. He was the one who initiated all of the major milestones. The few times we talked about types he was pretty adamant he only had the one that didn’t look like me but as time went on a lot of things seemed to contradict that. He said he was not attracted to Asian girls at all and then admitted he at one point had a big crush on an Asian girl we knew. We talked about childhood crushes and they all had similar characteristics as me. I met both his stepmom and saw pictures of his biological mom and they all had a similar look to me. He seemed extremely attracted to me so I think it didn’t bother him that much that I wasn’t his usual. My question is why would a moid keep insisting on a certain type when the evidence seems to contradict this? Like what’s the fucking logic there? Is it a race thing? Sometimes it felt like he was trying to talk himself out of something.

No. 355298

I could be wrong but don't asian moids typically have a huge thing for MILFs?

No. 355301

This is late, by honestly don't even give a fuck about those other girls. You seem lovely and should feel appreciated and adored for your characteristics

No. 355315

Bad larp Nona

No. 355316

In my city all the best looking white guys are with really average basic blonde Starbucks kind of girls, they’re not Stacies they’re usually about 5-6/10 and they always have a 9-10/10 tall muscular handsome bf somehow. The average or ugly white guys tend to date fat white women, or decent looking Asian and Hispanic women.

No. 355317

I live in a 70% Pakistani area and the average Pakistani woman does not look remotely like that kek, delulu

No. 355318

>best looking white guys are with really average basic blonde Starbucks kind of girls
This explains >>355267
Female gaze vs male gaze is a real thing. Moids who are attractive typically pick women that other women find average/unattractive but moids find attractive. The Velma affect is real

No. 355319

Nona is probably more attractive than what she is making herself out to me

No. 355323

Sometimes men have two types: the real type they're actually drawn to and the type they wish they preferred. See: chubby chasers who cheat on skinny girls they're not attracted to with fat girls they won't date because they want the social status of dating a hot skinny girl.

No. 355332

He’s half white half Hispanic and I think he’s really insecure about feeling too white. I knew him and his long term ex for several years and she fit his type but they were never all that affectionate. We were all in a super nerdy hobby together so it’s not like going from her to me would’ve been a culture shock. Not every couple is into PDA but I never saw them even hug while they were together. One of the things he told me when we first started dating was that he’s not really into PDA but he ended up being all over me in public and in front of friends. He also complimented my looks all of the time, always saying how pretty I was every time I saw him. He is much closer with the white half of his family, likes stereotypically nerdy white things, and is very white passing, but also makes a lot of white people jokes. He also would flip between calling himself a white boy and mexican. I don’t think this was the main catalyst of the break up but he’s extremely insecure and I think me being white definitely added to that. He was very adamant about preferring black and Latina girls yet still went for me, in an area with a very high non white population. It’s not like he didn’t have other options to get his “type”. It just fucking sucks because his insecurities destroyed us even though we worked together so well

No. 355341

A lot of halfies are just really insecure about their cultural standing and it reflects heavily in their dating lives. Knew a mixed fuy who would constantly argue with his Latina GF about her actual lived experiences because he was so insecure about his Whiteness, so it goes both ways. He was obsessed with opening up the relationship and they eventually broke up because he cheated (and yes the other girl was White)
Definitely sounds like somethung similar is going on with your guy.

No. 355344

How does being half white make someone insecure? I don’t get it

No. 355349

It definitely does. The feeling that you’re not truly either ethnic group and so will never belong anywhere, insecurity about being either “less civilized” or “too dorky”, self loathing that you’re the product of a woman who didn’t appreciate her own race (that last one is hapa-specific).

No. 355351

It does, in a lot of ways. The guy I knew was the kid of a white woman and pacific islander man who immigrated to a very conservative part of the US from his father's country of birth. He had a really hard time being visibly not white and resenting white people, while also being too white to fully relate to a lot of American POC. He had a huge chip on his shoulder about being half white because of it.
I say this as a POC myself, but his parents were both really nice people and the trouble his general acting out caused made me feel really bad for his family.

No. 355359

kek i once dated a half white half brownie too. he had a weird racial obsession and would bring it into everything he possibly could. I live in one of the blackest cities and for some reason he actually thought it was like KKK central and made jokes about how they would lynch (he looks Italian ffs). would constantly make weird fantasies about how "mad my parents would be at me dating a brown man) even though our heritage is the same fucking region, like a country over! he also claimed that people would randomly tell him to go back to where he came from when he literally looks white kek

No. 355391

Now youre just sounding like a poltard moid lol.

No. 355392

Probably because it is.

No. 355393

We can’t have a single thread without race sperging huh.

No. 355396

I genuinely think it’s just one schizo trying to get the thread locked by constantly race sperging and baiting for months on end, those posts were clearly made by a lost moid from 4chan

No. 355397

I mostly agree with your experiences.

White guys I have a lot of experience living with, working with, studying with and hanging out with, they are very immature and self absorbed IMO. They’ve never really had to think about anyone else but themselves unless they had a hard life, so they tend to be fragile brats who are feckless with other peoples needs and feelings but cry like a bitch if you hurt them and get suuuuper offended over everything. Honestly I really can’t stand white men at all after being in a couple ldrs with them, they’re so whiney and pathetic lol sorry I hate them. And I think they’re all porn addicts.
Black men seem to live a completely different life path to me in general. I’m not interested in any of the stuff they like usually, unfortunately. I feel like we would be way too different and have trouble bonding over shared interests.
Arab men love me for some reason, probably because I’m pale with blue eyes and told I look very slavic. I’ve seen a few handsome ones but I feel like they’d probably be super misogynistic and expect me to do everything which I’m definitely not. Never dated one.
I’ve had the best and worst experiences with Asian guys. My Asian ex was the best bf I ever had but I couldn’t move to Asia to be with him full time so it fizzled out sadly. I really dont like Korean men, I’ve found they’re incredibly rude and perverted. Japanese guys are pervs too and usually short. Chinese guys seem to be the best of the bunch, my ex was tall and had a big dick too which was nice after hearing so many negative stereotypes. He was extremely caring and soft hearted and his skin was very soft. But I don’t really like China as a country in many ways so I would never wanna live there. I would like to date a non Muslim, central Asian guy next. I think they’re kinda sexy.

Honestly though I think all men are pretty shit lol. I have no expectations anymore really.

No. 355399

I forgot about Latinos, some of them are pretty hot as long as they are on the taller side, I think the more native looking ones are hotter than the Mediterranean looking ones. I’ve heard that they are very passionate and obsessive but can also be very laidback and tolerate a lot without getting stressed, which sounds great on paper. I’ve heard and seen from friends that they seem to like corny romantic things like writing love letters and making mixtapes which is kinda nice. I’ve never dated one. Would definitely consider it tho. I like the idea of a passionate obsessive relationship.

Would love to date a native guy as long as he’s a good person but there are zero where I live. Sad.

No. 355400

That’s funny because I love macho muscular dumb men but all I attract is skinny annoying bpd arthoe pseud boys, idk why you would wanna date them in all honesty nona theyre incredibly bitchmade and their only personality traits are doing drugs, cheating on girls then writing shit songs about how sad it made themselves afterwards, and navel gazing, yuck. I want to minecraft every narcissistic little sadboi on earth. Kek.

No. 355412

You just need to grab a skinny beta virgin nerd and bully him into being your bf nona. Most men like that anyway.

No. 355421

i'm surprised this thread wasn't locked from the start. at the time it was made it was clearly one of those lost newfags making an entire separate thread for something that could've gone in an existing thread. also just noticed there was another less retarded 'type' thread here >>>/g/58204

No. 355424

are you white or latina/hapa/asian?

No. 355435

Tagging the wrong posts? Only one of these is remotely /pol/-ey

No. 355436

I'm Slavic and Med

No. 355437

I take it you haven’t heard of EurasianTiger.

No. 355447

He has a hard time with knowing what he wants in general and this was just one of the examples. He also told me he was more into the laid back tomboy type but loved when I wore skirts and dresses on our dates. He also said he liked no makeup on girls but was always complimenting mine, he even liked watching me apply it. It was just very strange because all of the other moids I’ve dated who said they had strong preferences threw hissy fits when I didn’t fit into those exact things while this ex seemed to really actually like them. I think he just self sabotages a lot. We would have periods where everything was going really well and we were both having fun and then he’d make some stupid comment to undercut everything despite enjoying it the other day. He wasn’t ashamed of me persay as he went out of his way to have me around the important people in his life, but I think as time went on and things got more real a lot of old feelings of inadequacies rose up and this was one of them. Like tying himself to a white woman would fully negate his cultural identity. In a way I get it because there are still a lot of people who think that but it still pisses me off he ruined something so good.
I swear it feels like whenever someone brings up the realities of race relations today people either act like the mere mention of anything negative is insanely racist or they act like a /pol/ sperg. It feels very naive to act like true love can conquer systemic racism.

No. 355452

Now you're just starting to sound like a fetishist

No. 355460

Latinos cheat often. Yes they are passionate and all that but that comes with machismo complexes.
My mom had similar thoughts about korean men lol. She said that korean men are not good people but the women are respectful. I grew up around many chinese people and the boys were mostly nice but some of them were really racist against black people which turned me off. Maybe it's because I'm white passing so they felt comfortable with being racist around me even though my father is black. Arabs are very giving and some of them are good looking but they are often controlling, abusive and will try to convert you. I am friends with some of them but I keep them at a distance. My arab friend used to be in love with this hispanic black woman but ended up marrying a woman from his own ethnicity because his family didn't approve of his girlfriend.

No. 355525

I feel like I'm gonna get called a race larper or something for this post but whatever. I agree on the Korean men as a Korean woman. My mother always told me to never marry a Korean man growing up. One of my cousins recently started dating Korean guy too and the other girls in the family and I were all like… Alright, sure, good luck with that, kek. I'm a lesbian so ultimately it doesn't matter to me which Asian men are like what, but my mother always paid attention to couples in public where the men actually help out, and, wanting me to still get with an Asian man, would say that Chinese guys seemed like the best partners.
There are a lot of very Americanized women in my family's previous generation, and none of the ones who married Korean men were able to make the relationship last. Meanwhile those who married other Asians/white dudes are still pretty happily married.
I feel bad about it TBH because I am proud of my culture but our men are really just the worst. The guys who are actually good to their wives and helpful are always talked about as exceptions and it's just sad that such low expectations of Korean men are so normalized.

No. 355530

Asians don’t like or accept black people, there’s no point trying to date an Asian if you’re not white because their family will never truly accept you and they know the kid will be bullied when it grows up for being dark, it’s futile. Only Asian Asian and Asian white couples work imo, maybe pale Hispanics at best, but if you’re darker than a NC30 theres literally no point trying to integrate into an Asian family, they will never respect you because you aren’t Asian/white. Both Asian men and women are super racist. They don’t even like darker Asians.

No. 355531

He was half Jewish and so was Elliott Rodger, Ashkenazis have a high likelihood of schizophrenia (this isn’t racist it’s just fact)

No. 355534

Women can’t be race fetishists, only moids can, fetishes are about exploiting people and women cannot exploit men because the power balance is always in the moids favor.

No. 355537

This is common knowledge, but they will swear up and down that it's a lie or that we are being aggressive for bringing it up…

No. 355540

I don’t remember Asians enslaving and mass genociding native or black people but okay…

No. 355542

That doesn’t mean they like or accept black people, especially as dating partners. Slavery isn’t the only form of racial discrimination.

No. 355547

>not being attracted to a certain race is as bad as murdering, enslaving and raping that race
Lol. And I say this as an Asian woman, fuck off. Seriously.

No. 355549

That’s not what I said? I said that while Asians didn’t enslave or genocide black people they still discriminate against them.

No. 355551

It’s just one white moid trying to sow discord and start infights, report and ignore.

No. 355553

I know some white women who are married and have kids with Korean men and are very happy and the dads seem like very hands on dads. However I think the fact that their wives are white probably affects the way Korean men treat them. In general Koreans are much nicer and more accommodating to whites than any other race, if you’re a black or Indian woman or whatever you are probably going to get treated less well than a pretty white woman. Pretty privilege and white privilege is massively inflated in Korea. Whereas if you’re black or SEA Asian you’ll probably find Korean men and women are much rude to you.

No. 355554

I’ve heard pretty white skinny girls who went to Korea and said it was amazing and stuff, and then you listen to black or Indian or overweight white people’s experiences over there and they’re often much more negative. Unless you are white and beautiful OR maybe a pale poc who is very attractive, koreans are probably going to treat you like crap.

No. 355555

And Korean society is extreeeemely superficial too like they expect everyone to be paper white and weigh 39kg. If you’re not attractive they’ll just blow you off as an ugly foreigner and ignore you at best or be rude and discriminatory to you at worst. Even very attractive Korean people complain about how lookist Korean society is and how much pressure there is to look good, so imagine how bad it is for less attractive people. No wonder surgery and skin lightening is so common there.

No. 355557

nta but there's other forms of racism besides slavery, like calling people slurs or bullying someone for having darker skin which yes some asians do

No. 355582

Maybe you should google that. Slaves of many different races including black were brought into China along the silk road by Arab and Jewish slave traders. It's estimated that the Arab slave trade sold 10 million Africans into slavery.

No. 355585

It was disappointing to come to this realization because a significant chunk of the population in my country is black and an even bigger percentage has black ancestry. Seeing them openly mock one classmate for having curly hair and comparing it to the texture black people have in a despective manner was very sad to see. I wish I had more courage to stand against it. Not all of them were like that but most of them displayed racist views. I also noticed many indians being very anti-black, even more openly than east asians. It's hurtful to see so many people being so hateful against black people but at the end of the day, it is what it is.

No. 355594

Shifting the threads racial focus, my type is nerdy modern viewed men who are interested in books and other mediums of art. I'd want to actually be able to talk about serious topics with him and learn from him. I like smart guys and I absolutely hate hate hate tradfags or men who are traditionalist/nationalistic.
My ex was a traditionalist and nationalist, he was a total retard too. I couldn't speak about anything without him shifting the focus to marriage so I dumped his ass.

No. 355634

I’m the opposite, I don’t like smart men at all. I’ve never met a smart man I was attracted to and I find all that sapiosexual stuff incredibly cringe. Dumb guys are more wholesome and loveable. I wish I could find a low IQ, wannabe gangster moid who just loves sex, wings and trashy music, but unfortunately all I attract is nerds and pseuds. We should swap.

No. 355676

File: 1698532917586.png (1.54 MB, 2508x1413, Screenshot 2023-04-21 154624.p…)

Incoming doomer post so if you want to avoid reading this for your own mental health you can scroll.

Nonnies….I'm just done.
All through my life, people have told me how "pretty I am" and how "young" I look because I have baby-face, yet I can never seem to pull any attractive, stable good looking men.
I know there are some things I could work on, my stomach isn't flat and I can't afford nice clothes to coordinate good outfits all the time, but does that mean I deserve only the trash-tier men who keep approaching me?
I look at all of the attractive guys on my campus, even this one attractive guy friend of mine who's even autistic but somehow pulls off the sexy not-bothered guy look, and his cute girlfriend and I'm jealous.
I'm neurodivergent with a nice face but the last guy I was literally with was an autistic gamer loser. And my ex before him actually looked like Shrek.
I'm just fucking done with men at this point, and I feel like my safest option, for my own sanity, would just to be to get the hell out of the current dating market because it's fucking trash.
Unless you're Stacy or Becky and can find the unattainable cheat codes to look impressive enough to get a good partner in society then you're totally fucked. At this point I'm ready to accept the meme reality of being a cat lady who's single because hot men are unobtainable pieces of shit unless you're the .01% who has the assets to be able to obtain one.

No. 355699

what do you think its the problem anon? I wear nothing but baggy clothes and have a pooch but can still attract hot and rich men. Maybe it's the area you're in?

No. 355725

Tbh I think it's more being persistently hypersocial that matters, in my experience there are lots of average/plain girls who pull bfs easily while beautiful but autistic/introverted women don't have much happening. A lot of people tell me I'm pretty/youthful too and that I have good fashion sense, but I simply don't go out or talk to anyone irl and thus completely shut myself out from the "dating market."
Campus dating seems pretty shallow anyway, I don't think it's your fault. A lot of college guys are super immature and only care about sex and clout (being seen as the cool guy who pulls hot chicks) and are actively disinterested in girls with expectations.
I've only had one bf and I met him online through hobbies, and we formed a bond before he ever saw my face. I'm not "experienced" with dating as I've only known one guy but we've been together for a long time and I think meeting people in a non-dating context is the best play. You get to know someone on a more genuine level before putting yourself in a vulnerable position. So my two cents is just to disregard the awful "market" and try to meet people organically while enjoying your personal life.

No. 355731

strange, I'm the same combo as you and I never attract scandinavian type guys or east asian guys. I attract everything else but them

No. 355746

What's your body type/facial type? Idk how to describe myself without coming off as pretentious/humblebrag

No. 355868

do you have a celebrity lookalike?

No. 355942

Face - Anya Taylor joy with bigger lips
Body - Rihanna

No. 356005

Lol. Sis…

No. 356014

I’ve had nothing but negative experiences with white guys tbh. My white dad and uncle were both pedophiles who abused me which was a bad enough start in life, but I tried not stereotyping every white male as ‘like that’. The few white guys I dated later in life ended up having really gross weird kinks, or cheated, or did extremely scummy things, or were just sexual deviants like my father. Maybe I just attract sexually depraved men or something but it definitely put me off that demographic for life.I don’t think any good race of moids exists but I refuse to fw white men anymore.

No. 356063

White men are the least likely to be pedophiles compared to men of other races.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 356070

ntayrt but i doubt that, they're usually the ones traveling to poorer countries to fuck underage prostitutes

No. 356071

Sage bc this thread seems to be het but I'm attracted to beautiful women who seem cool and well adjusted but they never seem to give a fuck about me kek. I know most women are heterosexual but I'm really not into the typical "obviously SSA" woman look, I like them stylish and unique but mostly feminine. I'm interested in fashion and dress well but I suppose I look a bit nerdy and plain (wear glasses, not really sexually appealing) so I probably wouldn't be their type even if they were attracted to women. I'm not really sure what type of women I attract either since I pass as straight and don't advertise my sexual orientation gratuitously.

Not even gonna bother with moids since I'm really only attracted to exquisitely beautiful men who would never look my way because their beauty would grant them a huge ego and thus they'd only ever go for the aforementioned beautiful women.

No. 356079

White moids go to countries like Thailand to rape kids and they have also raped children in the many wars they have been involved in.

No. 356096

nice try,pasty fag

No. 356100

Nta it’s true because brown scrotes are much likely to be pedos

No. 356101

No. 356124

I don't believe it, i'm convinced it's the same all around, but the only difference is whether or not they offend other than possessing child porn.

No. 356179

From what I've seen countries men are from that are least likely to be pedophiles are Korean, Mediterranean, and SOME South American countries, and that's it. I assume it's because they glorify women who are as adulty as possible and more consequences for pedophiles

No. 356191

File: 1698820386422.png (138.11 KB, 1224x574, hi.png)

No. Asian men are least likely to be child sex offenders.

No. 356192

Yeah I've noticed pedophilia seems to be a very North European moid thing. The worst pedos are always Brits, Germans, or Anglo-Australian moids. Spanish Italian and Greek moids seem to be way less inclined to pedo shit in my experience. I'm not sure about Slavs but I've heard a huge amount of CP is produced in Eastern Europe and Russia so yeah.

No. 356193

File: 1698820851427.png (68 KB, 568x493, interpol.png)

Also interpol's job is to profile offenders from real CP images and videos. They found the vast majority of CP on the internet features white male offenders.

No. 356194

If we're talking about ratio to % of people, Hispanics are weirdly disproportionate considering how low the population of them is

Asian American culture doesn't value high body count for men so it makes Asian men less likely to try to fuck everything that walks even if underage, they also value success. It's also lesser known but Asian men typically prefer older women

No. 356195

Latinos are the largest minority afaik. Something like 20% of the US is Latino which is a lot tbh.

No. 356196

Why does every thread devolve into racist sperging nowadays? I miss old LC.

No. 356197

I genuinely think it’s just one poltard lurker. You can bash any ethnicity as much as you want but as soon as you say something about white males he starts reeeeeing and no u-ing.

No. 356214

northern european, australian and north american men are the most prolific pedophiles on the planet, no one comes close. It explains their obsession with Loli anime and tiny asian girls that look 12

No. 356215

File: 1698842700610.jpeg (28.56 KB, 225x225, AFB4B61B-53F6-4237-8A3D-664806…)

I agree about south americans and mediterraneans. But I don't think korean culture glorifies adult looking women. They strive to look as close to infants as possible. They're on the same pedo pandering aesthetic as the rest of east asia. Which is why the other big pedophile group (white men) has such an affinity for east asian aesthetics

No. 356218

I think Asians are naturally more neotenous looking than white people. But yeah they dislike features like wide jaws, small eyes and wide noses and stuff because Asians believe physiognomy is real and that people who have those features are more violent and primitive, so they get plastic surgery to remove those ‘negative behavior’ features and the result is a more neotenous, ‘evolved’ appearance (there’s a scientific point to that, as humans evolve their bone mass decreases and their skulls and jaws become narrower, narrow jaws are also linked to lower testosterone and testosterone makes people more violent) but yeah I think they’re going too far now and making themselves look like children too much, the men are trying to look like 14 year old shotas nowadays too. I think the world is becoming more and more ageist in general because ageing is associated with death and sickness and people really want to avoid any connotations of that nowadays.

No. 356219

The whole site is swarming with poltards atm they’re in every thread. Just ignore it.

No. 356222

I think it’s just Anglo genes tbh. Most American Aussie and British men are Anglo, and Dutch and Germans are very close to Anglo too. Pedos seem to be overrepresented. I think Southern European men prefer women who look womanly and curvy. Even in the 60s and 70s and stuff, women with big boobs and wide hips were really popular in Italian and Spanish movies, whereas a lot of American and Anglo media at that time was all about girls who were sticc anachans and were teenagers, like Twiggy.

No. 356226

>there’s a scientific point to that, as humans evolve their bone mass decreases and their skulls and jaws become narrower
Unrelated but I’m listening to the book Breath by James Nestor regarding this phenomenon. This evolution in humans has been termed by some as dysgenics, because smaller jaws can lead to health issues such as misaligned teeth, mouthbreathing and sleep apnea. It did allow early humans to evolve larger brains (I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that East Asian's brain is a tiny percentage larger kek), but post WWII we’ve deteriorated so far that it’s become a serious health issue for many people. Likely causes is modern humans eating mushier food, in addition to not breast feeding for long enough, so infants don’t get their jaw muscles exercised sufficiently. If you look at 3rd world people their bone structure and teeth are always perfect despite not necessarily being able to see a dentist, because they still have a diet that involves lots of chewing. Of course this development is not the same thing as people surgically altering their jaws, but once you realize the implications it's kinda retarded to wanna look like a mashed potato slurping mouthbreather.

No. 356227

south koreans tend to have the widest jaws compared to other east asians, so they're calling themselves violent and primitive? kek
>I think the world is becoming more and more ageist in general because ageing is associated with death and sickness and people really want to avoid any connotations of that nowadays
but don't people live longer these days? i don't see as much death and sickness association as before. i feel like it's just porn or general media brainrot imo

No. 356229

I think east asian women's desire to look young is greatly overplayed by the west, one of the reasons being that white people/people of less neotenous races have trouble noticing signs of aging in more neotenous looking people. I get mistaken for a teen or get asked why I try to look younger even though I have normal signs of aging and make-up/hair that is appropriate for my age as well but just happens to fit my features rather than downplay them, because round face big eyes and bangs= childish.

And every time someone posts something about some older asian celebrity that says like "waaah why she is 40 but looks 14 that is so effed up" the woman in question just looks… Like a younger adult, like most celebrities who do age-preventing procedures and use a fuckton of filters.

The pedo is very present in anime and idol culture who are very obviously allergic to adult women, but saying the average asian woman wants to look like a teenager is quite the reach. Pedo white men will still fetishize the hell out of them though because they are retarded and a part of the demographic that can't tell their age.

Zoomers and anyone younger than that think they're going to drop dead at 18. It's not the only factor but I think it plays a role that they're basically the most weaboo generation, and like I said idols and anime are allergic to anyone over 20.

No. 356239

>south koreans tend to have the widest jaws compared to other east asians, so they're calling themselves violent and primitive? kek
i thought the same thing. since surgery can't change genes, all this would mean is that those who get PS are in the business of trying to "conceal" their true nature from the world. the implications are extremely unflattering here.

No. 356248

Yeah, Twiggy literally dated her adult manager at that time.

No. 356252

Maybe this just applies for Korean-americans then? Every Korean American guy I met loved older women and mature feature (I'd know i go to a korean church and live in an area with lots of them). Probably why the anon from earlier said she attracted a lot of Asian guys

No. 356256

Koreans seem to be in denial about their natural features tbh.

A while ago I was reading comments about a Korean model who got scouted for western fashion houses. She was very typically Korean looking with a large squareish face, wide jaw, very slanted eyes and quite flat broad nose. In the west she’s considered stunning, however the Korean commenters seemed to be really upset that she was representing Korean beauty. I saw them saying stuff like ‘people in our country don’t even look like this!’ and ‘most people in our country have big eyes not small ones’ like yeah…because you get so much surgery, not because the new gen of Koreans are being born with huge eyes and tall noses or something ffs, kek. It was weird, like they were completely in denial that she IS how many Koreans naturally look. And they seemed to have a massive problem with that.

Other commenters were saying stuff like ‘there’s so many women with big eyes and v line jaws in our country, why choose such a masculine looking model?’ and even saying that representing natural Korean features by choosing a model like her was ‘racist’. It’s actually crazy. They don’t seem to realize western fashion houses don’t want some gangnam unnie type with obvious surgery, they like striking strong looks and bone structure. The fact they think showcasing a natural Korean face is ‘racism’ is honestly wild, and insulting her by saying she looked Chinese or like a ‘country bumpkin’ Koreans are just so weird man, and most of the people saying this stuff and bashing her were other women which is sad.

No. 356257

This is true, I feel like western people are worse at telling peoples real ages than Asians are. Many western people are kinda faceblind and can’t even tell Asians apart. If you’re Asian and have bangs or something white people will probably constantly say you look 14 even if you clearly aren’t, probably right up until you’re 40 or something. I don’t really understand it, but I guess maybe Asians are better at telling subtle differences apart or noticing fine lines and stuff on peoples faces.

No. 356258

why are yall so obsessed with korea…most of you probably haven’t lived there or even visited…(derail)

No. 356261

I know online and in dramas people only see the ulzzangs and idols but as someone who's actually studied in Japan and Korea, there's lots of perfectly normal looking people? Many of them Photoshop themselves into spooky 2D anachan baby ghosts, hell Purikura does it for you, but most people look like everyone else at the end of the day. You can tell just fine how old someone is. TV is TV and social media is social media, it's not real.
That's really sad.

No. 356263

you sound like a twitterfag, go back kek

No. 356286

File: 1698876192402.png (1.88 MB, 522x7253, screencapture-twitter-ThisIsWe…)

china is very similar in that regard. they've made multiple complaints about chinese models hired in the west "perpetuating harmful stereotypes about chinese people" because they had freckles or monolid eyes. it's like they can't tolerate that the world doesn't see them as these pale white, surged up 3DCG characters, or that not everyone's looking for that aesthetic. the most ridiculous is when they complained about a native american model used on apple's website because she looked too much like a "typical Chinese person" during the Qing dynasty. they were demanding that apple remove the photo because it was "racist". this level of self-hatred is insane.

No. 356287

Personally I really like the filters they put on actors faces in TV shows. HD tv is so gross to me and I hate looking at actors skin texture. Western actors usually have really lined wrinkly skin and it’s gross to look at. They should all be made to wear softening filters so I don’t have to look at their gross pores and skin.

No. 356291

Nona, there’s like one and a half billion people in China. Any silly drama or issue is obviously going to attract at least a few thousand nutcases who care too much about stupid online shit simply because their population is so huge. If a major company posted an obese American or really ugly looking goofy white person as their representative of foreigners to Chinese audiences, I’m sure plenty of white people with too much time on their hands would be offended too. At the end of the day it’s meaningless and no one really cares except some terminally online losers.

No. 356292

>If a major company posted an obese American or really ugly looking goofy white person as their representative of foreigners to Chinese audiences, I’m sure plenty of white people with too much time on their hands would be offended too.
they'd probably find it funny, call it "accurate", spread it everywhere as a meme and @ their friends saying "literally you/me" lol

No. 356329

File: 1698892669703.jpg (118.31 KB, 1280x600, iamwhatiam-1280x600.jpg)

It's actually a popular talking point with nationalist netizens. Picrel is from a Chinese animator and he got criticized for making the characters look like "colonialist stereotypes." Maybe the one on the left, but the middle two look like normal Chinese boys. The netizens also always make some weird comparison where they say drawing Chinese characters with Chinese features (as opposed to webtoon style) is worse than drawing a black character "eating watermelon and fried chicken".

The animator pointed out that the expectation for Chinese characters to not have any tilt to their eyes is in and of itself a racist expectation.


> For Zhang, this reflects an assimilation of foreign ideas, not the small eyes his film contains. The Global Times continues: "The response to “slanted eyes” of the character shows that we lack aesthetic confidence and our aesthetic view of animation has been homogenized given the huge influence of Japanese and American animation, Zhang said, adding that the selection of such an ordinary boy perfectly depicts his spirit of strengthen and resistance to life."

No. 356330

nta but no they wouldn’t white people are fragile as fuck

No. 356335

it's weird how they're so sensitive about this eye debacle, but are always happy to be racist towards other groups (and quick to bring up black people when they're completely unrelated?).

No. 356338

There’s obviously a big difference here, most importantly being that she’s a regular looking person and not goofy looking. I promise you big companies have used obese white americans on their websites before.

No. 356340

No? They've done this multiple times and white people don't give a shit

No. 356349

I don't think that's the actors fault kek but I agree with you on HDTV. I personally prefer film, it looks a billion times better.

No. 356380

The only person who keeps bringing up black people is you

No. 356394

did you deliberately not read the post i replied to, or are you just drunk?

No. 357205

I don't look alt or hipster enough for the cute indie boys. I think it's time to get some piercings or a tattoo. people say i give off lululemons vibes kek
people who think like this are so damn weird to me because other people of your race being attractive will not make you more attractive.

No. 357223

>other people of your race being attractive will not make you attractive
Actually that’s exactly how propaganda works. Hollywood has been doing it for decades. We know most Americans are obese and ugly, but Hollywood projects the image that they’re all slim and beautiful and model tier. That’s why so many Asians and ESLs think that American people are beautiful and want to marry someone from there. Korea is doing the same thing now. Most koreans don’t like like idols but they project the idea that they so, so now lots of koreaboos want to marry a Korean

No. 357225

Do, so*

No. 357237

They want to marry an American for the green card and relative prosperity anon

No. 357255

The thing is it only works with Americans who are already attractive. And when people see average looking Americans they get paris syndrome. No amount of Hollywood movies are making ugly scrote incels get the girlfriends they keep whining about.

No. 357297

I have the same problem, I like ultra masculine men but I only seem to attract skinny smelly communists.

No. 357299

Samefag I think part of the reason why is because I don’t have a big fat ass. The type of men I like all seem to be into extroverted curvaceous thick women and I’m a skinny autist with no friends and niche interests. I have a weird, harsh and off putting vibe to me which men who are either alt or leftist seem to love, but the guys I’m into hate it. Also don’t even talk to me about fucking bisexual men because they can’t get enough of me but I want NOTHING to do with them.

No. 357359

>We know most Americans are obese and ugly
Guess how I can tell you're a limey?

No. 357788

File: 1699563560798.jpg (54.33 KB, 590x731, wKmw2Zz.jpg)

How do I attract men and women who look like this without getting a septum piercing

No. 357838

Every man I have ever shown interest in (out of testing the waters and not genuine attraction) has always, at some point or another, especially early on, within hours or weeks of knowing him, told me I'm "not his type," followed by backhanded compliment, "but you're cute too." I learned pretty quickly men, regardless of the type they are, engage in this form of negging to feel like they're holding the cards. I hope none of the women here feel rejected by "their type."

No. 357885

nta, but it's a shared opinion of the rest of the world, obesechan(cross-thread weight sperging)

No. 369152

As an Indian, I am a financial analyst. I cannot afford to exaggerate. Yes, Indians need the distraction of poop-smell and noise to avoid facing an existential crisis. That is why they create a Little India wherever they go. Their ecology is a symptom of their inner lives.
Exactly, we just have self-awareness, no one wants a Black Gay PoS Dirty Hindu men when you have better options.(racebait)

No. 369153

Lesbian death bed, nonna

No. 369157

>thread gets necro'd again for more race sperging (again)
why does this keep happening

No. 369158

That's… kek, that's a totally different phrase, anon. Are you ESL?

No. 374573

File: 1705722658300.jpg (14.44 KB, 500x500, h9a3rgz2cvs91.jpg)

Primary I really like tall dorky white/Asian guys. Idk they're just kind of quirky and I think it's cute. I guess Jerma is the example. My secondary thing is Mexican or Jewish guys. Idky, they just do it for me.
Dorky tall and lanky white/Asian guys are tough for me though but I've only dated on guy and have been with him for almost 4 years now, also I'm bad at flirting!

No. 374577

Jerma is 5'5".

No. 374579

File: 1705725952510.jpeg (1.79 MB, 3096x3870, 9FB05F97-0F10-4EFF-BA6C-FC6E7D…)

I like guys who resemble phenotype in picrel (ignoring and personal lives or the characters, it's the way they look) and I tend to attract yee yee's with light hair and black nerds both of whom tend to have really shitty attitudes even when they're not ugly. Also I tend to attract fat men.

When I do attract a man who resembles my favorite phenotype he is usually hiding a terrible secret.

I'm really not the fugliest and I'm not fat so I ask myself if I just present too spergy. Attracting an average to slightly funny looking lanky guy with dark hair shouldn't be that hard.

No. 374622

File: 1705741187657.jpeg (395.82 KB, 1280x1102, IMG_6894.jpeg)

I used to not be my type’s type when I was younger, and it sucked. Lanky scene boys were not into me kek it used to kill me inside. Luckily my taste has changed and I don’t have that problem anymore (and scene guys, lmao ew) but I can’t shake the fat neckbeard weirdos who are obsessed with natural redheads. There is a very specific phenotype of the men who have a ginger fetish, and let me tell you it is not a hot man. This one unwashed fat animu lover who started coming to my gym needs to leave me ALONE I’m not there to give him “tips” while he salivates!!!!

No. 374654

File: 1705768214687.jpeg (584.55 KB, 1109x781, IMG_1432.jpeg)

Image posting on this weeb ass board just to post this racist shit about how you’re jealous of Asians living as a literal white woman in the United States. Kek(trying to infight with a year old post)

No. 374706

File: 1705783933929.png (78.8 KB, 1503x1164, heightcomparisoncom.png)

i'm very boyish, and i usually like average height males, who are always more insecure… it's okay since i'm too retarded for a relationship for it to matter

No. 374789

File: 1705818356738.jpg (90.29 KB, 771x733, 1573762079793.jpg)

>my type- shy tall twinks, nerds, stoners, blondes, women
>what I attract- normie black men, white /pol/manosphere moids
I'm white but built like a plank, and not feminine at all so I truly do not understand kek. Also I feel like the type of guy I like is mostly out of reach, lost to either trooning out or terminal Asian/egirl fetish

No. 374813

I'm 5'7" not boyish but that's also the average height for moid in my area as well and tbh I've such pushback from moids at the same height when they meet me off the app, like they're shocked even though it's listed on my Hinge kek. I've dated moids shorter than me, I've dated moids taller and honestly don't care. But these 5'7" - 5'9" moids are hopeless in thinking they can grab a 5'2" girl when everyone knows the short girls are looking for a 6'0"+ plank

No. 374825

My nigel is a shortie but I don't think he's insecure because he's got that big dick energy. Manlets who are packing heath is where it's at

No. 375550

I don't mind shorter guys, taller is just a preference Jerma is cute so it's okay if he's short, u know?

No. 404673

This is more of a “my type makes life way more difficult” situation but, I just realized today that I’m only attracted to men who are from other countries, especially those who are actively living in those other countries. People who are willing to try an international relationship are hard to find, especially since I refuse to use dating apps, and it’s doubly hard to make those relationships work if you can find them. plus there’s the fact that most guys who have anything going for them would just prefer to date a local girl who shares their culture and native language and is actually physically there for them to see. I dont blame them one bit for this, btw.

I should probably just learn to love immigrants who live around me as the next best tangible thing. But I am super jealous of international couples who met abroad or even online and happen to make it work.

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