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No. 285054

This thread is for talking about the trauma girls get from losing a best friend. Stories, advice, and venting welcome

No. 285061

i legit believe losing my best friend after i started elementary school fucked me up in ways i haven't even realized. i just wasn't the same afterwards

No. 285064

She was always a little difficult to deal but she tried her best and wasn't malicious. She got worse over time, like she was trying to make me paranoid or something. Telling me shit like "you know your boyfriend is probably watching porn the second you leave the house?" and that my family hates me. I truly don't know if she was unwell or just started to dislike me. She started nitpicking my body and that was the last straw. We were friends 10 years and I have so many nice memories with her but the last year or two of our friendship really soured everything and I tbh I am much less trusting and open with friends because of it.

No. 285065

I lost my best friend i had since i was 2 years old and I have nightmares about regularly

No. 285067

I lost a few of my best friends in the 6th grade because my parents overheard my friend telling me that her brother molests her in their guest house ("I just really wanted to play Playstation with him") and called CPS. Her father was a sheriff and was convinced (ie covering it up) that I made it all up. I didn't know this was why my friends told me they couldn't hang out with me anymore until years later. My next bff from middle school simply started to dislike me in high school, I think it was because her mom had an inferiority complex because my family was relatively well-off at the time. I remember eating dinner with her family during a sleepover and her little sister let it slip that they made fun of me for being small, her mom quicjly shushed her and was very embarrassed. Imagine making fun of a 12-year-old as a fully grown mother of 3.
On the flip side I dropped all of my friends during freshman year of high school because I thought they were lame and I was socially withdrawn becaus of family issues. I wish I didn't do that. All this stuff fucks me up still and I have dreams where I have a group of friends again. Rip

No. 285071

I dropped my closest middleschool female friend when i went into highschool because i was irritated with how she started wanting to hang out with boys instead of me and i acted mean to her because of that and now i sometimes have dreams about apologizing to her

No. 285072

going to have to hide this thread because losing my best friend of 10 years over petty bullshit and our lives going separate ways still hurts too much to be reminded of. Truly worse than any romantic break up I ever had

No. 285083

I had a best friend in middle school who I dreamed of living together as adults. Unlike most kids at that age, she was quiet and only spoke when needed. In reality she was just a calculative cunt but at the time I took that as sign of maturity. I used to bend over backwards for her but when we didn't get into same high school she distanced from me. I became so bitter from this experience I didn't bother making any friends in high school and instead obsessed over finding a boyfriend.
To this day the only female friend I have is some stoner chick I met in college who hits me up sometimes when she's not in a relationship and remembers I exist. Rest are dudes I secretly hate but haven't blocked yet because I have something to get out of them.

No. 285099

Had a best friend and we had a really positive, loving friendship. At some point she had something bad happen to her, after that she changed. Became obsessed with popularity, found a group of people that fit her popularity standard, started heavily drinking and trying drugs, became snappy with me, seemed constantly angry. Then she finally started taking distance from me, until we stopped talking.
Hope she's doing fine. I tried to help her, but she rejected every attempt.

No. 285101

I think I was already suffering from depression back then, and seeing her start to get along better with another girl and then leave me just made it worse

No. 285105

>calling a middle schooler a calculating cunt
yeah you're so normal.

No. 285109

On the first day of grade 7 my entire friend group and BFF ghosted me. I went to go talk to them but they all just made a face and wordlessly walked away. Thought they were joking at first but they did it every time I approached them until I gave up. I didn't hang out with them much over summer break because they all lived in the same suburb and I lived further away so I guess they planned it together. I don't blame them now because looking back I was pretty autistic and immature and I think they just couldn't figure out how to end the friendship kindly. As a kid I was devastated though, I didn't understand why it happened and I was scared to make friends with other groups in case it happened again.

No. 285112

What’s wrong with that? We’re same age and she was the type of person to talk shit about people behind their back and bully people in ways she wouldn’t be the culprit. If that’s not a calculative cunt idk what is.

No. 285117

NTA but touch grass retard

No. 285204

My best friend was really bad for me, but I wasn't able to see it for myself until later on (it all happened in elementary school). I kinda followed her around like a sheep because I had issues making friends on my own, and I would do bad shit with her because I was scared of getting made fun of if not. She ditched me eventually for some crackhead girl, and I finally started living life better, without her. She would talk me down so much, pretty much bullying me.

No. 285214

gave my old bff some kindly-meant weightloss advice when she directly asked for some. Didnt realise I was just there for emotional labour and she bitched me out to other mates, who all sided with her because god forbid you be honest when someone asks you a direct question

No. 285215

samefag, my mistake was doubling down and saying I wasnt in the wrong. Should have just beena doormat, soemtimes it is the best option is someone is highly strung and you still want her around

No. 285221

i've never cared for relationship breakups since most moids suck and they're a dime a dozen, but bff breakups will fuck you up like no other. i should've known this was coming since the writing was on the wall for a long time but i'm still shook. i definitely wasn't the best person and there were times i was a cunt, but there were also lots of times i had to make myself a doormat to satisfy her bpd tendencies. unsurprisingly she had a history of turbulent relationships with men but unlike many bpdchans she also sought help and generally made earnest attempts at improving her life. i couldn't care less for moids feelings but the shitty way she treated some of her exes also made me feel like she lacked empathy for the important people in her life.

i thought i was a bitter cunt for thinking she was prettier than me but then i realized that she was just obsessed with male validation and the idea of putting herself on a pedestal above other girls. a part of me feels regretful because i wonder if there's anything that i could've done differently so that we could be friends. despite what i wrote, she was a significant part of my life for a long time and we had a lot of great times together. but another part of me thinks she probably requires a very specific type of relationship to feel safe or happy and there's no way i ever could've provided that without shrinking myself. i'm not the first major friend or ex she's had a falling out with so it makes me feel a bit less alone.

im still trying to fill that slot in the friend roster she once held, but making close friends is hard later in life. at least maybe this is a life lesson not to get involved with bpdchans.

No. 285229

We were friends since middle school, but she's always tried to be the most woke person on the universe. We're both latina, I'm just half. She'd use this as a way of me not understanding the black experience, even though she was only married to a black guy??? She envied that I had more sexual experience than her, but then would brag at how good her husband fucked and liked not having the possibility of getting a disease. I was always the super skinny tall twig friend in friend groups, and she was short and chubby so she'd always whine about how I can be a model and they don't like chubby brown girls etc. She'd always compliment me as a way to whine and put herself down. Of course I thought she was really pretty and would tell her but by the next week, for years, she'd complain about how fat she was. She was the type to talk mad shit about friends not currently in the room, so I always wondered what she had to say about me. Talking about one of friends is definitely gay for her, having me say I'd go gay for her, so and so is so trashy for doing coke and finding a new boyfriend every few months, just general insecure girl shit. She was a militant woo woo person and would endlessly talk about how great xyz therapy session in Brazil would be, how great xyz stone is for bad mental energy, me facing my shadow self when I wasn't agreeing with her, all the stuff 1960s talk about. The point when she became over the top was when she divorced her husband, me having to soothe her ego was at an all time high. I didn't mind and after a year of being broken up she started trying to date again. Despite being "woke" she started to talk about the men she'd date, "Not asians! they have little dicks!", and fetishizing black men to the extreme. The friendship ended in a fricken group chat after I told her the truth when she started whining about her weight. "If you don't like how your body looks, you can fix it. You've been upset about your weight since I met you, we can do a workout regiment together like we said we would." I'm in my 30's so if you do the math we were friends for well over 15 years, and she started to talk to me like nonnies arguing with one another. Like she didn't even know me and I didn't even know her. "That is so fatphobic! You wouldn't understand, you've never been fat in your life! I went to school to be a nutritionist! I-" just me me me I I flaming me in this group chat about how awful I am. Girl don't lie you've never gotten a degree in your life. Crying about how she's disabled and I've never experienced fat shaming or whatever despite my coworkers literally commenting on my weight when I was my heaviest. Complaining about she never had guys talk to her because she's overweight, but 30 minutes earlier in the conversation she openly admitted to avoiding men unless they were online. No surprise thats where she found her husband. I got side messages from the other people in the chat asking what the fuck her problem was. It was such a stupid reason, and it really hurt that she acted like we were only acquaintances. I always apologized whenever we got in a fight, and like all the other times she of course pinned the blame all on me and flamed me again for one innocuous comment between best friends. I tried to continue to befriend her saying happy birthday I missed her etc. A month later she comes back to message me saying she forgave me for lists everything I did wrong ever This was the last straw and I blocked her everywhere I could remember, so of course she found me on instagram telling me things like hey how are you merry christmas like nothing ever happened. She sent me a happy new years message so I wrote back exactly what she wrote me the first time when I tried to apologize and fix our friendship. "Your actions helped me see that I don't think we can be friends anymore. Sorry."

No. 285251

She developed schizophrenia and wouldn't take the medication. Eventually she turned to drugs and it further fried her brain. I was there for her whenever she needed me and in the end, she tells me that she can't be friends anymore with a dyke that will burn in hell. 16 years of friendship. I lost her so bad and I couldn't do anything to the inevitable downfall of her mental illness. I never found another female best friend after that and it sucks.

No. 285253

>but the shitty way she treated some of her exes also made me feel like she lacked empathy for the important people in her life.
Like what? Were there instances where she showed a lack of empathy towards you?

No. 285257

my (ex) best friend was fine for years until right before middle school when she suddenly started spreading rumors about me, became overly concerned with trying to appear 'cool' and thus refusing to hang out with me during certain times at recess because apparently i was making her look bad, generally kept coming up with excuses to not be around me, and obsessing over whether or not i was gay (i'm not) despite showing no interest in the same sex whatsoever, nor did i dress in stereotypical manner, tbh the way she fixated over it makes me suspect she was closeted or overcompensating. so we just gradually spent less time together and by the time we graduated and actually started entering middle school we never saw eachother again.

No. 285268

File: 1662270642665.jpg (24.66 KB, 500x500, 16453464564.jpg)

I feel guilty about ghosting my best friend in college (we'd been friends since middle school). I'd been sick of her shit since high school, she was rude and judgmental to our other friends and constantly drove them away by being rude and obnoxious and blaming it on her "anxiety", thoroughly embarrassed me by loudly speculating about my sex life in the middle of class when I finally got a boyfriend (immediately broke up with him because I couldn't take the attention), and did a bunch of other little shit that weirded me out. In college she would talk all throughout lectures when I was really trying to pay attention, I wasn't as smart as her and needed to take notes and participate to retain things. When I dropped out of college five years ago I dropped her too and just stopped responding to her text messages. She wasn't a good friend but I still feel guilty for leaving because I was her only friend aside from whatever guy she's dating (even though it's not my fault she was friendless – she had other friends, they just wised up faster than me.) I think I just miss HAVING a best friend, which only makes me feel worse that I don't actually miss her as a person that much. It's strange that I have so much guilt over a friendship that was objectively not that good.

No. 285270

things like throwing fits if they wouldn't do specific things that made her feel loved, making them go out of their way with gifts and gestures to prove their love, and always making them feel like the bad guy no matter what happened. but the cherry on top was that i could tell she knew deep down these behaviors were destructive, but she would double down or get extremely defensive if i even suggested it so i avoided it in fear of triggering tantrums. it was emotionally exhausting, like always having to walk on eggshells.

as for me, there have been a lot of times where she has just been dismissive of me. for example there was a period when she was super sjw and always had to be the biggest victim in the room. she insisted that i was more privileged than her, despite the fact that she came from an extremely well-off background and never had to worry about money. she knew that my family was poor and that i never had a lot of money until i was able to get a full-time job. meanwhile, she'd say tone deaf things like casually dropping her parents being able to afford expensive things for her, but get mad if i tried to explain how that made her privileged.

one day i got the guts to summarize that, along with other behaviors, that made me feel like shit in the friendship. after that i notice a palpable shift in her attitude until she tells me she wants to call it quits. she made it sound like being friends with me was the cause of her unhappiness and didn't seem apologetic or regretful of all the ways she'd made me unhappy. i felt like shit because it felt i'd been discarded after i made it clear i didn't want to be a doormat anymore. it was like everyone in her life existed to make her feel better about herself.

No. 285278

I used to miss my best friend a lot but I think I'm over it now. We were like sisters but ultimately she likes men too much. She ditched me on my birthday because some guy was offering to buy her drinks and that was the moment I decided to step away from her completely. Other stories with her include me getting her a job with me and her having a meltdown a few months later and me having to pick up after her mess, stopping her from committing suicide, letting her stay with me when she was having family issues and her selling off a puppy she impulse bought when we already had an agreement I was going to buy him on a payment plan. I don't miss her anymore. She is an incredibly vain and selfish person and I caught myself becoming more vain hanging out with her. Now I rarely wear makeup and feel more comfortable with myself. It does suck that I haven't had a best friend since we split but I did gain an incredible friend group in exchange so it evens out.

No. 285280

One of my best friends I will always cherish and keep by my side, even though she has a propensity for drama and bs.
My other best friend lived with me in college and because of this our friendship was wrecked. Yes we were like sisters, but she snooped through my phone and saw me and said other best friend talking bad about her living habits. I still feel like shit about it. But I think she used that as leverage over me all the time. We got into heavy drinking, partying, hard drugs and confused our highs for closeness in the relationship. She never has forgiven me, I don't blame her, but God I miss being that ridiculously codependently close to someone. We were toxic for each other and we both know it. But I miss laughing so loud and freely with her.

No. 285288

I'm so glad my former best friend is almost out of my life. We are coworkers so I still have contact to her and she manages to insert herself herself more into my life than I would like. But I'm over her and nothing can change that.
>Called me fat when I was a healthy weight for the first time in my life
>Gave me shit when I wanted to eat something at her family's home so not even her food
>Didn't want me to hang out with other people so she has me completely for herself
>Introduced me to hard drugs when we were underage
>Introduced other people to hard drugs when we were adults inclusive an underage girl
>Nice one: fucked my bf
>Tells all my secrets to other people
>Tells me all secrets of other people
>Was single for the first time in years so downloaded tinder and met around 20 guys until she met her now bf
>Loses her shit over everything and starts throwing a tantrum, but thats just how she is you know she doesn't mean it uwu
I could go on and on and on. Tell me what kind of mental disorder that is please. I have problems myself obviously, I'm ashamed I called myself her best friend for so long. I came from an unloving family, I guess that's the reason I fall for her.

No. 285296

My first two best friends moved away when I was a kid, then my last one ended up abusing me. It was one of those intense friendships where there was a clear power disparity- I was extremely bullied but she was popular and friends with everybody (later became class president). It ended bad when I discovered her lies, we completely stopped talking, it was a whole thing and our parents got involved and we both had to go to therapy (separately). She basically lied in a very detailed way about being terminally ill so that I would be constantly worried about her, for over a year. I was the only one she lied to about it. Ever since I haven't had a female friend even though I have tried. I feel like it just isn't in the cards for me, also I'm just a very closed off and bitter person now

No. 285298

I miss my best friend a lot honestly, besides my own family he's one of the people I've know the longest, I did develop feelings but he sisterzoned me sadkek, we grew up together played games together, our parents helped looked after and babysit eachother, he's helped me move, helped me with abusive bf's and helped my sisters with the same things, checks in on my dad and mom.

I don't really know how it changed just he became less cheerful and just more withdrawn, not to ruin anyones day but it ended up he was being abused by his relatives (why my family looked after him instead I think).

Now we've drifted apart a lot and he just isn't the same anymore, he's just become a shutin besides work, he's shared his depression with me and how he's always felt broken or defective (hated being touched or hugged) but therapy and meds didn't help much and he doesn't like sharing it to others.

I just want to go back to playing games together, staying up late watching scary films.

I miss it way too much, makes me just want to shake him but you can't help people like that, they need to want to help themselves.

No. 285306

I hate myself for missing one of my best friends.
She would always talk over me and ridicule my appearance, but she also had a good side. I ended things when we went into different unis because it was too much for me to handle.
I know it was the right thing to do to let her go, but I find myself fighting the urge to text her again because we've shared many good times. She had a lot of effect on my personality becoming more introvert-like because she would always make the decisions in the relationship but now that she's gone I feel like I'm lost. I don't know what to do.

No. 285344

The only best friend I've ever had was in childhood up to my early teens. I had issues like depression and agoraphobia kick in at age 12 so I was put on meds, was in therapy, social workers got involved (my dad was abusive) and I stopped showing up to school. I had been avoiding her but one day I got my nerves together to meet up and I wanted to disclose what was up and not lose touch with her. This was twenty years ago now so att there wasn't anywhere near as much talk about mental health and teens weren't on twitter or tiktok hearing about each others mental disorders all day long like today.

I told her I had depression and was getting help and she went quiet. She acted really uncomfortable and weirded out by it. I instantly regretted telling her. I felt like a freak. My dad was a big 'pfft just get over it' type person who made me feel like I was making all my issues up so I was just really sensitive att and it made me want to hide and avoid her. I felt shame. My agoraphobia fully set in after that and she knocked for me a few times but I couldn't face her again. Nothing too dramatic but it cemented my instinct to hide myself away from people. And so I did. Years of hiding away. Staring at 4 walls and talking no nobody but my mom.

The shitty part is that if this happened today.. teens are well aware and open about this shit. It'd be nothing nowadays. But back then it was weird how much people were hush hush about all things mental health. even anxiety and depression. I felt like I was this dirty secret in my family. My parents spent years telling extended family members that I was doing fine and attending school when I clearly wasn't. I needed someone, just one person to not feel judged by.

A few years later I heard her dad died and then my mom died so part of me wanted to reach out. Both young adults dealing with parental loss.. but I couldn't do it. I looked her up again a few years ago and she has a a partner and a couple of dogs and I'm happy for her. I don't in any way judge her for being a bewildered teen in the early 2000s who had never heard the basics of what depression is. I was very vulnerable att so I just took it badly and for me it turned into a crossroads where my life fully went to shit.

No. 285360

File: 1662314408022.jpeg (40.22 KB, 540x540, いつも一緒 R 羊毛フェルト制作日記.jpeg)

I miss my best friend like crazy, I even still have dreams about her. We didn't have a falling out or anything just drifted apart and she moved away. Our birthdays are coming up (we were actually born on the exact same day and year, that's how we became friends) and I want to find her and at least wish her happy birthday but I don't have any active socials and its been so long I don't know if she wants to hear from me. I don't even know if we would still be friends now and i'm a friendless neet so I'm a bit embarrassed about my state in life right now i just hope wherever she is she's having a good life.

No. 285367

I had an online friend years ago who I sadly didn't understand boundaries with when I was younger and undiagnosed with ASD and a bunch of trauma I was absolutely not coping with well and I ended up really hurting her in the end. I took her final advice forward and got the help that I need and I thankfully understand now but one thing I've never been able to forgive myself for is the fact that in all of it, she parted ways with me thinking that I didn't actually love or care about her but the truth is I did a lot and out of everything that was the only thing that really got to me. Sometimes I wish even though we parted ways, that at least I had communicated and managed my emotions better because she wasn't wrong to assume that, but I obviously failed in really showing her that. Oh, and my ways of trying to connect with people were too reflective of things that I assumed they liked the most or bonded over the most so you can imagine how awkward and shitty I was.

Got into a lot of petty arguments with online friends in the wayback and have never wanted or expected forgiveness because being sorry for the expectation of forgiveness has always sat weirdly with me but nowadays I'm in a work role where I'm able to help people in similar situations to these friends that got angry at me and cut me off in the end. I guess that's my way of growing and learning because I was still really dumb back then, and then on top of it I went through some pretty serious shit that made me have to be a lot more enduring and a lot less explosive about my feelings so I'm glad that in the end I've been able to want to learn. I'm still best friends with the same people who knew me way before then in real life and had that extra layer of regular contact with me in person to know I didn't mean to be too sharp with words and I'm grateful, but online I was an absolute nightmare.

In the bigger picture I'm probably one of many people out there who fucked up and lost a friend so it feels pointless to let my brain beat me up for it, but it's certainly given me a much stronger resolve when it's come to trying to make sure I'm seeing other people's needs and feelings clearly.

No. 285371

File: 1662316422209.jpg (119.79 KB, 1080x1080, 1657203896429.jpg)

I have a very close friend back in high school, I wouldn't say she was my best friend but we did spend a large amount of time chatting and hanging out with each other. We share the same interests and taste in everything, I was kind of a weeb back then so having friends that I can talk to about such subjects brings me so much joy. We went through everything together and I thought we were at a good place, 2019 happened, and then hell broke loose.
The shit that she put me through after that breakup was too much, I spent years getting over it and recovering from what she did to me. She publicly berated me on social media, she listed all of the shit that made her not friends with me anymore and looking back those were very innocuous things that she had blown out of proportion to make her look good. Isolate me from my friends, taunt me, and even have the balls to gaslight me that I was the abuser when she actually the one that did the abusing to me.
There were times that I feel like I should expose her, but I deleted everything because the memory was too painful for me and it was something I just don't want to look back at again. I hope karma is real because I hope she is going to pay for what she did to me.

No. 285378

File: 1662319099514.jpeg (58.25 KB, 400x400, 84ADA343-D253-4F31-9998-755EA0…)

i feel so guilty about the way my former bestfriend and i drifted apart, like she literally has the wrong idea to this day and its all my fault it eats away at me everyday.
>am obnoxious angry literal autist
>she's the smart quiet shy type of introvert, musically gifted
>bestfriends since primary school
>only two weird tomboyish outcasts that spoke fluent english due to older siblings ( that happened to be otakus and therefore influenced us into being ones ourselves )
>both bullied ( me for being asian and weird, her for being weird and shy )
>only really talk to eachother because nobody understands us quite like we do one another
>ffw ninth grade
>still bestfriends
>one day i randomly feel awkward approaching her for some reason on that day and so i dont
>avoid her because awkward
>never speak to her again
here is why i am certain she thinks its because of something she said
>one day tells me to not sit next to her during class as i would distract her and she needs to score high in ninth grade in order for her parents to get her a violin
>its a really big deal in my country where you take the test out of school in a random one chosen by the government with other students from random schools scrambled in classes. and you get a middle school diploma
>i leave her alone during class because i sincerely want her to get that violin as i know she has always had a passion for music now more than ever and she's smart af so i want to increase her chances to the maximum. plus she told me so obviously i oblige regardless of what i think
this is where it looks like im butthurt and this is why she believes i distanced myself from her, she doesnt believe it in an animosity way where she's angry or feels contempt for me to my knowledge because she's an earth angel but i just feel so guilty. like being offended didnt even cross my mind until a girl from my class that switched schools told me that thats why she believes we stopped being friends
i still spoke to her for some weeks after like we normally would but there are some other things that may contribute to her belief that i left her because of what she told me
>everyday since primary school i walk with her to her parents' car
>on this day i tell her i cant because my father's retarded employees are making me participate in some cultural traditional dance thing and have to go practice
>hate my life because im shy af not in a cute way but in the way that makes me have autistic meltdowns and panic attacks
>feel like i have to go anyway because parents and dont want to embarrass them, plus the instructor not only is my father's coworker's wife but also my childhood friend's mother
>say goodbye to former bestfriend and head to the practice place
>its like 10 minutes away from my school on foot
>contemplate and pace back and forth at the door at whether or not i should enter
>head back to school and find girl from my class
>hang out with her
>spot my former bestfriend's car heading away like 30 minutes after i told her goodbye which means that she probably saw me
>and probably thought i purposely avoided her
>dont bring up the subject the next day like a retard douchebag
one more thing is that that year a new student came to our school that clicked with us as she also liked anime, but she was a stacy and well, we weren't. hung out with that girl for the rest of that year as my former bestfriend did with her but separately
she very most likely thinks i dropped her because i was offended and replaced her with another. im seriously retarded af i cant believe it. like i genuinely believe i deserve to be stoned for this.
all those years of friendship with the most wonderful outstandingly talented girl ive ever known in my entire life and probably will ever known down the drain because of my simple retardation. like its unbelievable and im enraged at myself
senior year i actually planned to give her a letter i wrote with full closure and apologizing for all ive ever done beyond just this but i never had the guts to give it to her like a true retard and now i probably will never be able to. its truly sick of my part and i will never not feel guilty about this.
ive been friendless ever since but honestly i really deserve it.
i miss her so much everyday and i think about her a lot but i dont want to interfere, and she really did do so much better without me in her life which sincerely makes me feel happy for her because i do want her to thrive as a person but sad because i was bringing her down all this time. im just thankful i even met her because i sincerely wouldnt be the person i am today if not for her because she introduced me to so many of my former and current interests and she really taught me a lot as a person though she didnt have to.
i truly sincerely hope she's doing great in uni right now and in general living her best life.

No. 285382

File: 1662319673999.jpg (139.52 KB, 900x646, FQZuGgsXwAI63oh.jpg)

Years ago I made a friend we'll call D through my school crush at the time, C, and this was in like 2006 when MSN was king and we all had scene kid or anime Deviantarts and everything else, and back then she always had a lot going on but instead of talking about it she'd sort of lash out a lot or get really manic but I always liked her and even though for a while C liked D, I liked both of them and was happy to know them even if they did sometimes do stupid things like prank call my late dad knowing he'd get angry at me. We would talk a lot as teenagers and we met offline with C a couple of times and in a more stressful peroid of her life D would say things to me like how I should hang myself but that I'm so fat the noose would break and other stuff. I forgave her in the end and by the time we were in uni she'd message every now and then to ask how I was and we'd both grown up so much, and she was clearly working through a lot of her struggles. The last time she ever messaged me, it was asking how I was adjusting to antidepressants that I was on at the time and reminiscing about C and even this was a handful of years ago. She was always incredibly confident, smart, and not afraid to say how she felt and I always knew the times she lashed out weren't because of me, but probably something else. We had a lot of more tender moments and I'm thankful.

C messaged me in early 2021 with something that he needed to tell me, and he had noticed D had been gradually silent on Facebook and other social media, and when you Googled her name, a Wordpress would come up and on it was her suicide note and the other results was a memorial page and looking her up would result in lots of grieving comments from family- she had taken her life during the first lockdown here because she felt like there was nothing left.

I read through it, about her struggles with being an autistic woman (like me) and how she felt like time and time again all that was left was this, and how she had tried to take herself away from a package she had posted but she'd ended up having a huge argument with her boyfriend and driving all the way back home and taking her life.

I cannot tell you how it felt to find out that she had killed herself and I think about this a lot and how much pain she was in and just in general how often the brightest women on the spectrum tend to suffer the most and it feels endless. She was really smart and passionate and I don't know nonnas, I just feel for her so much.

No. 285387

File: 1662323475773.jpg (195.98 KB, 708x848, LauraDonnaPicnic.jpg)

This will be so long.
We met when I was 5 and she was 6. By the time we were 13 and 14, we definitely considered each other best friends. I mean, I really did, I don't know how much she did. Her parents got divorced when we were really young because of infidelity on his part and that obviously really messed with her. I would catch her in weird lies all the time, about stuff she did, places she'd been or people she met. She'd get really angry with me for calling her out lol. So I had another longtime friend, completely separate from her, he and I knew each other all my life, he lived in my neighborhood. They met once at my house when we were teens, and it was one of the biggest mistakes I've ever made, honestly.

She liked him, and he liked her, of course. I knew how he treated girls he dated. It made me super uncomfortable, and I asked her to please not see him. I know it was dumb on my part but I was so upset and just thought she should know how I feel and that he was a jerk. And we had a big fight, but in the end she said ok, I care about you so I won't.

I left it at that and tried to just trust her and believe her. But then he really hurt her and she needed me so she admitted she'd been lying to me and had been dating him. I was hurt but I was way more concerned about her so I just tried to help her feel better.

Things were always so weird. I loved her so much but it seemed like she hated me so much sometimes. Mostly she was fun, and we had a great time together. Other times I wondered what I'd done to piss her off so bad. I remember once we were in my room and I think we were taking selfies together, idr, but suddenly she slapped me across the face really hard. I was fucking confused and just laughed nervously. A couple minutes later while I was talking she did it again. It made me angry and I said STOP HITTING ME. She did but it was just so weird.

A lot more happened, but eventually when I was 15, I caught her in yet another lie, but this was more serious. I broke up with her, and she laughed at how upset I was, acting like she didn't care. I told her to just leave me alone, we're not friends anymore.

Once in a while she'd send me these texts, trying to start a fight, or pretending she'd texted me on accident. I never responded. Seeing her name on my phone made my legs feel like jelly. After my 16th birthday, she left a gift bag outside my front door, with a top that had huge bra cups in it (she knew it was way too big for me), her ugg boots, a used poster, and a bizarre card about how amazing it was to watch me grow up…
I shredded the card and poster, I gave away the boots and shirt.

Stupid long story short, her meeting my other guy friend was the biggest mistake because they had a relationship again after she and I stopped being friends, and he became really abusive toward her. The cops were called once and after that, they broke up.

She and I reconnected after, because I heard about the cops being called and the abuse through a family friend. I reached out to let her know that I hoped she was ok. I never spoke to him again.

After all the years apart, and with the awful way things ended, we didn't stay in contact for long.. Things had just changed too much.

It still surprises me how much I miss her sometimes. She was so wonderful when she was doing well. We made each other laugh all the time.

I remember one time, very near to the end, she was staying the night, and she had crashed in my bed. I was up taking off my makeup and washing my face, and when I climbed into bed with her, I felt so happy. Because she had been doing risky stuff that was scaring me.. But that night, she was safe.

I wouldn't be friends with her now, 10 years later, but it's crazy to remember all the times we had together, and to think how we're just strangers to each other now

No. 285388

File: 1662323531688.jpeg (668.4 KB, 1142x1280, 84E82CE6-509C-46C8-AF89-B70567…)

idk how to say this without sounding mean but it brings me comfort that some of you girls have such horrifying bestie trauma. Not because it brings me joy that other girls have these unresolved feelings, it just makes me feel less alone.

No. 285392

Thank you for sharing anon. I'm sorry you lost your friend that way. I'm sure some parts of her know that you cared about her deeply. Also I just wanted to say that some parts of what you wrote really resonated with me and things I need to work on so thank you for that

No. 285414


You're sweet, thank you for the reply nonna, I used to really feel like everything was always the end of the world and if I had flaws or problems then I used to repress them but I've come to quite love that there is a beauty in always finding things to learn and improve and despite the sour parts, life isn't so bad and is actually quite sweet. I appreciate your reassurance, maybe deep down she knew, but she had every right to end our friendship and I respected her wishes to never speak again as well but think of her now and again and hope that she's okay and that her home life's better as well.

No. 285574

I really relate to your post anon as I'm going through a friend breakup that's similiar to your friend where I've been the horrible person. Your outlook on life is inspiring and I hope I can be as mature as you someday when it comes to social relationships. I like to think that there's a silver lining in everything and life gets better eventually. I hope you're doing a lot better now and have a healthy group of friends. How did you get the help that you need?

No. 285586

File: 1662411320454.png (116.56 KB, 500x280, jajaasies.png)

A male friend I met in college, he was always nice to me and even paid things for me (we traveled to his hometown together, sponsored by him) and I always had a great relationship with his family despite me being kinda autistic. He failed to graduate, but I did. After college he just didn't contact me anymore. He says he needs time to be alone, but it's been months since we last saw each other. He has cut contact with me many times, saying he's "too depressed" to talk to me, but does talk to his non-college related friends a lot. I think he just doesn't like being reminded of failure. I also don't like being reminded of college so I get it. In any case, we parted ways in an amicable way. I hope I never see him ever again, his mom was a sweetheart though, and she's a fan of my art, so Idk what's gonna happen.

No. 285604

I had a straight best friend I was in love with for years to the point of obsession. I forced myself to get over her because of how painful it was and when I drew back a little from our extremely intense friendship & started branching out a bit more she accused me of secretly hating her & no longer wanting her around. She refused to speak to me and we never made up. It absolutely destroyed me at the time but I’m mostly over it now. To this day I am convinced she was bisexual in denial and had feelings for me because of how much she freaked out when I started treating her like a normal friend (we also used to do shit like cuddling on my bed listening to music and dreamed about living together at some point so I think I’m too crazy lol). I miss her a lot and I sometimes have dreams where we meet again and everything is okay.

No. 285628

File: 1662425185577.jpeg (248.29 KB, 750x1181, 1DF6DF5D-923C-456F-9B21-344A05…)

I will just vent about everything.
I'm sad because my preschool best friend died, I was so sad I couldn't even cry. Sometimes I wonder if I had a crush on her or something, because I would always somehow imagine myself hanging out with her as adults and getting along.
But I got the news from my grandma like around 2018 or something like that, she told me that my best friend died of Leukemia when she was 18 years old and that she knew that because she was friend with my best friend's grandma.
I don't know… I remember being in highschool and wanting to reconnect with her and everything, I wonder if my parents knew or something, because that day was weird. I had even got her a cute balloon and a plushie because I was excited but I couldn't find a way to like, properly contact her or anything.
Another thing that got me extremely salty is how I lost my friends in 3th grade because I was sincere, I got asked
>Geez anonanita, who is your best friend??
And I was sincere, I said it was that one girl I met during 1st grade, so everyone got mad, that girl actually cried for some reason??… ?????? And then I had to be on my own for almost 2 whole school years because suddenly nobody wanted to talk with me.
And to this day I don't know what made everyone hate me.
The worst part is that then I had to get constantly bullied for the color of my skin, if I had had my friends then I probably wouldn't have thought much of if, but I was on my own with my own thoughts wanting to die because I still didn't know what was the meaning of suicide.
Then that fucking leech I called my "best friend" for years, I still seriously hate her, she was a fucking bitch and whenever my subconscious reminds me of her I kill her with my bare hands in my dreams.
She would make me pay for everything of hers, she made me get in fucking debt with the school's store, she told everyone about my crush on a guy I didn't even want to talk with because I was too shy He was actually nice and talked with me at some point though she would lie and lie and lie and lie, I hate her, she made me learn how to be even more secretive about whatever I feel or think.
I also absolutely despised her stupid fixation with rape, rape this, rape that, rape rape rape rape rape. Shut the fuck up for fuck's sake, if you want to say something say it, don't create weird fucking scenarios of us getting raped you dumb bitch.
And then that other girl from that school which became a best friend of mine, she stole my manga, she was extremely overwhelming to be with and talking with her was like walking barefoot surrounded by whoopee cushions next to a feral sleeping tiger.
And she honestly wasn't that bad, but hell I was tired already of talking with people, I'm glad I slowly cut contact with her, she wouldn't listen to me anyways and got pregnant with like her, I don't know, second boyfriend who was a manipulative piece of shit.
Like I don't care if you want to go to a 100 people gangbang if that makes you happy, but fucking listen to me when I tell you to fucking make sure you have condoms around and that your stupid ass dumbass fucking boyfriend isn't a fucking disgusting piece of shit fucking bastard, he fucking ruined her life.
But the friend that I considered my best friend but that obviously didn't think much of me was a neighbor I had, she would never listen to me, I told her to get a grip and to not sleep with that fucking bus driver and what did she do? Of course she slept with him and got pregnant, and what did he do? He was like
>hurr durrr but I already have 4 kids so I won't give him my last name and my wife will kill me
Jesus fuck I'm still baffled by that shit.
I'm still glad I cut contact with that toxic idiot that was also a neighbor of mine tho, I barely even say hi to her nowadays because it happened again, she was like
>Geez anonanita, who is your best friend??
And when I said I didn't like to pick sides because I lost some friends in school, what did she do? She proceeded to smash my laptop on the ground.
I'm just so sick of that shit, I just had to stop talking to all of them. I'm glad that my real best friend doesn't hate me.

No. 285638

>2 years old

How do you even remember that?

No. 285647

I lost my ex-best friend due to a shitty emotionally abusive relationship I was in. I don't blame her for dissolving the friendship. She got too frustrated with me going back to my shitty ex over and over and I kept treating her like a therapist. I'm deeply ashamed of the way I acted in those days.

I wish I could look back on my friendship with her with fondness but it's overshadowed by the negativity towards the end of our friendship. Plus, I felt like she became friends with me out of pity which wasn't a healthy foundation for a friendship. We actually didn't really share much in common and I was deeply depressed and dealing with a lot of trauma when she met me.

No. 285863


I am sending you all the love and wishing you all the best, I know it's hard nonna, but it's also eye-opening and in the long run being able to recognize when we've been horrible or not mature or supportive enough is crucial for us to grow and learn. You have a good resolve for being able to recognize your actions and admit fault, I know there are probably some people in the world who will never truly change because they cannot admit they have ever fucked up or are wrong, but we have to keep moving forward and anything that we feel bad for that we should feel bad for, we have to process it and reflect on ourselves. Thank you for such sweet words, honestly it has taken me so long to get here and it means a lot. I have the same friends from before this time as well as a few new friends who I became close to and I've learned how to express my affection in much healthier ways (I don't mask anymore or try to assume people's love languages and since I got help with my personal problems they're not blinding me the way that they used to)

It started off with getting my first job, that alone gave me a lot more insight into how other people feel and how the "real world" was outside of university and opened my eyes a ton, then my father unfortunately got diagnosed with late stage cancer and he passed away so it was just my mom and me trying to navigate that grief together, and I didn't have the healthiest relationship with her growing up but it's been really moving to watch her grow and become more in tune with her feelings, I genuinely thought all NA parents were set in their ways but both that and then HER having cancer (second time last year) I think might have really made her see what she has and she verbalizes her emotions a lot better I'm really REALLY proud of her.

The first year was really strange, my first and second jobs did not give me any room to really grieve fully, I was taught to just repress it and put on the customer service smile but in a weird way it did teach me how to compartmentalize. When I got to my current job, everyone was incredible and early on I was pretty wobbly, and in my first two months there, something incredibly unusual, sad and traumatic happened that I won't say here in case there's still news articles up about it, but it was me who witnessed it. I realized how close-knit everyone here was because we all navigated it together, and my manager who already knew I had wanted therapy again (to finally talk about my father and get out any leftover things from my teenagehood that I projected onto my poor ex friends without even realizing jesus christ I was unhealthy) but because of this event, next thing was a week later I'd been directly referred to an occupational therapist with no time at all, I think because the event that had just occured was THAT sudden.

We went through everything, and funnily enough, she'd been diagnosing people with ASD for a good twenty years and she immediately clocked me and it turns out that I'm an adult woman who was struggling with a lot of textbook autistic struggles but my university therapist assumed that it must be really bad anxiety and depression and the medications I was on back then made it feel ten times worse. It's been three years almost and navigating that has tied up so many loose ends, but by the point I was referred to this therapist I think I'd found my footing with healthier friendships because after that online friend sent me a final message and blocked me I took a lot of time and space then discussed it with a couple of my closest online friends and since then I made more effort with communication and making sure I was listening to friend's feelings and circumstances enough. I think I was also fortunate to have really good friends offline who could recognize that while I'd acted shittily, I wasn't necessarily a terrible person and something that stuck with me was my best friend saying that despite everything, you know you're not as bad as you worry if you're determined to do better and you can admit your own faults and since then I've basically made a habit of admitting to friends if anything's on my mind, asking more what makes them most comfortable and because I work with really good people and get to help a lot of people who are trying to get out of more painful walks of life I think I've forgiven myself even if I'll always be upset at past me for leaving that friend feeling that unloved. I was inappropriate without even knowing I was being inappropriate and I mimicked more toxic online friends who I had met before and it was all just a huge mess nonna, so honestly, take all the time you need and know that you're making the right step and it's okay to grieve your friend breakup and it's okay to still thank them internally for the good memories that they gave you.

This probably is a jumble of a post because I'm off a very long workshift, but TLDR: I think besides that ex friend telling me their feelings, just life happening and me becoming an adult and no longer being a teenager helped, making my own boundaries helped, and growing out of basically seeing myself as permenantly messed up because I got sexually abused when I was younger also got me where I am now. I see people almost every day who tell me some of the things that they have survived, some of whom are in their eighties and I just think that life is too short for me to not want to find as many things as possible to improve and to not cherish the time I've got with my loved ones. Nearly losing my mother a second time and watching her go through that after watching my father eventually die and never forgive himself for hitting me every now and then made me start counting my blessings in the shower and sometimes even though things were rocky some years ago I'm thankful because that ex friend's hard to swallow words were one of many things that helped me start making those changes. Sorry if this is a bit heavy for the record, I couldn't write this any simpler, but I believe in you nonna, and you are right: there is a silver lining in everything and whilst time is a great healer, we must take time to mend the things we most feel need the extra TLC, and that includes us! We have to admit our wrongdoings and find light in striving for more positive goals. Your ex friend probably knows that you both parting ways is for the best, and like mine, knows that it is necessary in order for you to grow, and you are, and you will. Don't give up nonna.

No. 285864


Also, while a couple other online friends distanced themselves from me when that online friend did too, I always appreciated that that online friend, who I was by far the closest to, took the time to message me the advice that they did. Not saying that the people who cut me off without words were wrong to, I've had to cut one or two unhealthy friends off in a similar way, but this friend taking the time to leave that message and be honest with me is something that was a lot to take in at the time, but ultimately I am grateful for.

No. 285865

*closest offline friends, jesus, I'm tired, sorry nonnas!

No. 285995

Not exactly bestie trauma, but bestie of my bestie trauma.
In middle school, I was in a friend group made up of 5 girls, more or less. One girl, who I introduced to the group, was a compulsive liar and attention-seeker who we kicked out temporarily, another was a little judgey and annoying, but the rest of us were essentially the core of the group.

One girl was my best friend's best friend, and I was friends with her as well, obviously. We weren't besties and I always felt like she didn't truly like me that much but we never fought or anything. Sometimes we even got along great and she invited me over a few times.

Well, fast forward to the end of middle school: while everyone knew I'd stay in public school and she convinced our best friend to go to private school with her. She was always pushy so I wasn't surprised even if a little saddened. We both had valid reasons to choose private or public school while bestie was undecided, so I figured it was just life.

At the end of the year, she revealed that she was glad me and the liar went to public school so she could get away from 'our' reputation of being weird and unpopular. The liar had an active reputation as a psycho cringelord but I was always just kinda weird but inoffensive according to most. She blamed us for her inability to be a stacy popular girl and thought she'd instantly join the normies in highschool. (Spoiler: no. She's just a regular shmegular girl who doesn't want to have 50 friends, doesn't like to party every day, can't flirt for shit and scarred me for no reason. Who wouda thunk it!)

Well, it took me years and years to realize I wasn't inherently cringe and unlikable. I spent years never speaking to people more than twice because I assumed no one would want to speak to me again anyway and I still struggle with self-esteem. I don't blame my bestie because she let her walk all over her as well and was put in uncomfortable situations when she was dragged into her bestie's "stacy journey" lmao.

She recently apologized to me and said she actually acted weird around me because she thought I was cool, not because she secretely despised me. I don't really care for apologies and idek what to say to her because she's still being insensitive with our bestie, which is especially immature of her given she knows every detail of her trauma and what triggers her.

Well, now that girl is also getting walked all over and actively manipulated by a girl I was briefly friends with in highschool. It's cringe to be over 20 and still think it's your responsibility to be available for 3AM phonecalls just because your friend is depwessed. Maybe she puts up with it because she's similar, kek.

No. 286065

Thank you so much for sharing again. I really cant put into words how valuable what youre saying is. I am >>285392 and I still have a hard time admitting that I was in the wrong in my now broken relationship but I'll keep going. I want to go back but I know that I'm not ready and probably never will be able to build that trust back that I destroyed by acting selfish. What youre saying is giving me hope. It's gonna hurt but it's gonna be fine in the end and I can do good for others. Theres no reason to continue on like I did. It's all about being kind to others and I see that more clearly now. Thank you

No. 286330

my best friend (15+ years) has gone down the gender rabbit hole and is now in a throuple with this other gayden who doesn't pass and this bisexual twink. shes on t injections and will probably get top soon. i need to cut contact but this is breaking my heart. i used to love her in high school. today is my 22nd birthday and she wont stop calling me and im just letting it ring. idk shes been fucking w me subtly for so long and i need to move on but it hurts. i dont know what to do with the memories i have. i know her phone number by heart and her birthday by heart and the secrets she told me when we were 10 years old. what am i going to do with all these things?

No. 286352

lost my entire friend group and bff in highschool because my bestie was being groomed by a guy 9 years older than her, and i was the only one against it. (group was mostly teen gamer boys with no empathy or brain. the only other girl had the mindset of “well at least she’s happy) to be fair, i had 0 idea how to handle it as an emotionally retarded 16 y/o and would sperg out at the very mention of his name, so i wasn’t presenting my case very well. she’s married to him now and living in another country. she is not close with her family, and she had a falling out with the friend group, too. i don’t think she has anyone else besides her groomer husband.
i mourned the loss of our friendship for years, but she doesn’t appear in my dreams as much and i’m stable enough to not have long violent fantasies about her husband. i just hope she ends up safe and happy

No. 286373

Ah, i saw this thread and thought it wasn't made for me, because i haven't had a best friend in more than ten years. But then someone instantly came up in my mind, and i think i've never grieved someone who's still alive as much as i've grieved her.

So, i'm avoidant. I don't bond well with people because of that and that's why my last best friend was more than ten years ago when i was 14~15. I don't have friends, i can get along with people but i never truly open because i'm ashamed of the pit of darkness that is my mind. I suffer from depression too.

But at my last job, i met someone incredible and she managed to carve her way into my heart in a way i thought wasn't possible for me. She's just so extraordinary that i'm sure anyone in this thread, no matter how different you all are as individuals, would love her. That's how insanely pure she is, you can't not like her, and i've seen it firsthand, it's not just my experience everybody loves her. It's crazy to see how loved she is.

I used to never get it when people say someone is a ray of sunshine, because most of the time they say that about people who are just your average extroverted can't-shut-up energetic type. But now that i know about her, i get it, this expression was made for her. She's always energetic and positive in a way you would think is fake, but is actually genuine, she's just so pure and kind-hearted and amazingly strong, because it takes strength to always be that positive. It takes an admirable mind. I especially know it because i fail at that myself; i'm not a positive person at all, i'm incredibly negative. I hide it so it mostly affects me, in public i fake positivity to try and blend with the normies. That's why she's like an alien to me, she's like me when i fake positivity except that you can see that in her case it's the true expression of her soul. Not that she never feels down, actually another incredible thing about her is how open she is about her feelings, when she's down she tells you and everyone in such an emotionally mature way, it's another thing she excels at that i just can't do, i hide my turmoils in shame, i lie like a fucking goblin, i'm unauthentic. She's able to just say to anyone: yeah i'm not feeling so well today, but tomorrow will be better (because even when she's down she manages to think positively like that, so precious). And you can see her cute little face is all closed off, she just wears it on her face without making it overbearing you know? I don't know how she does it but there are people who are unbearable to be around when they're down because you can feel the negativity affecting you, but her? She manages to make you feel that she's not ok without it affecting you somehow? I don't know how to explain it she's just a magical creature. And i mean it would still affect me when she was down because i love her, but i don't know how to explain it, there's something about her that is so hard to explain. She has such cute quirks that i've never seen anyone have, like sometimes i would look at her talking with coworkers and managers, and she just starts doing a happy dance with the weirdest fucking moves you've ever seen out of nowhere lmao. For literally no reason too, she's just happy. Like the manager will give her a thing to do and she says ok and randomly dances lmaoo so adorable.

I didn't even start the story from the beginning i'm all over the place, basically since the first time she was introduced to me she's always been really nice to me (like she is with anyone, but i could see she liked me!). I felt so safe around her, so loved, she's so gentle and sweet. She would call me her beauty, so cute. At some point we grew so close we would start caressing each other's hair out in the open at work, sweet little gestures like that. We would laugh because we both love the feeling of our hair being touched but men always seem to get bored of how often we demand to have our hair caressed. She's so sweet but i always saw a depth to her, and one day she confessed a really sad story to me that made me understand her more, although it didn't surprise me because i had the intuition that something difficult happened to her. I won't talk about it here because keeping her secret is important to me. At some point other coworkers started laughing with her when i was close. I realized a bit after that that she's bisexual, and i think she was attracted to me because she would comment on my appearance a lot, and the other coworkers were always making comments about us in a weird way, too. One day i don't remember why one of them said "take a shower together!" and she responsed "oh no, i couldn't" me being dumb and not reading the situation i said "ah you're uncomfortable with taking showers with friends? i don't care" and she said "no it's not that, it's because it's you and i couldn't do it without weird thoughts", i was so ashamed that she was so upfront kek. But i love her deeply and even after i realized that, it didn't change anything about the way i see her, and i know for a fact that all the kindness she showed me had nothing to do with her potential attraction, because i've seen her with others, and her heart is the same. I've always considered myself straight but when i learned she was attracted to me i started imagining cuddling with her in bed and living with her, but i'm not sure it means anything because my avoidance makes me very desperate and lonely, i'm so starved of affection.

Anyway. It lasted 1.5 year, and a few months ago i suddenly quit my job because of a depressive episode (i won't go into the reasons of this depressive episode, the post is already too long, but i was having a really, really difficult time in every aspect of my life). I just left one day and never came back, it wasn't planned, it just happened because my brain is fucked up like that. We talked by text messages a bit and i said to her that no matter what i'll for sure keep her in my life… and then i fell into such a dark pit that i couldn't even answer to her texts anymore. She would call me and i wouldn't respond because at this point she still didn't know i was depressed, i was always faking it around her just like i fake being ok around everyone. So i didn't know how to talk to her and found it easier to just ignore her, my old avoidant ways you know. She called me a lot, she started worrying, i have voice mails from her i've never ever listened to because i can't bear the idea of hearing her voice and the guilt of having abandoned her. It's a vicious cycle because i feel bad about ignoring her but the more time passes, the more i feel ashamed to even go back to talking to her, the less i know what to say and how to explain things, so the more i avoid her, and now it's been three months so it's basically over and i know i will never have the guts to talk to her again. I just can't come back and tell her something easy like oops sorry my phone died. And i can't open up about my depression, i just can't, i've never succeeded at opening up, i just can't be real, the words won't come out of my mouth. My dirty mouth just creates lies upon lies because that's how i've lived since forever, i lie and hide my true self, i perform with this normie mask on, it's automatic. So now it's too late and i will just have to continue ignoring her until she hates my guts (if her pure heart is even capable of that, otherwise she'll just forget about me). I've done the same thing to everyone else at that job, not that anyone was as important to me as her, but i just disappeared and ignored everyone and their text messages because i don't know what to say "yes hello ex-coworker, why did i leave work so suddenly you ask? oh because i plan on killing myself soon so first i have to ruin every aspect of my life that's still standing (which amounts to just my job really), hence why i've left, so that i don't have any source of income anymore and since i also don't have a support system around me, i'll be forced to die in the street like a rat and i think i deserve it because i hate myself like you wouldn't believe and think a monster like me is a disgrace to the universe, hope you're doing well say hi to everyone for me xx". Normally that's why i have this fake persona performing for me to hide my dark thoughts, but when i left this job i was so broken that i couldn't fake it anymore so i just ignored everyone and stayed in bed. I still am living as a NEET as of today, next month i won't be able to pay rent as i've finally used everything on my bank account and well, money won't come in my pockets magically.

Whatever. This life story of mine wasn't the point of this post, the point is that i've lost an incredible person because of my fucked up brain. I never deserved her anyway but i will have her in my thoughts with great remorse until i finally take my life. I wish i could say sorry, and explain to her how much i love her, because i fear she now thinks i never cared. Honestly the way i problably hurt her is another reason to just kill myself in the most painful way as soon as possible.

I love her and everything about her and i'll never stop, even her name is so cute and suits her so much. I will immortalize that feeling with this stupid post on an anonymous board, because that's all i'm capable of. I'll never forget her.

No. 286383

My closest female friends have done such horrifying shit to me over and over and over again, most of it being extreme pickme bullshit in adulthood, that at this point I'm just skeptical of female friendships. I just can't deal with an adult who has the mindset and attitude of a fucking teenager so I am also short on patience on my part. Maybe it's on me and i just have shitaste on women kek.

Before any of you dumdums say anything, no, i don't think moid friendships are better or anything like that, i look down on them, men exist so we take advantage of them, at best.

No. 286387

Samefag but I wanna add there are some amazing women around me whose friendship I just don't wanna pursue because… I'm completely wore out. It seems an excuse but I am. I don't wanna deal with the awkwardness, the forced interactions to stay in touch, i don't wanna ruin it and i want to keep the amazing image I have of them instead of accidentally souring the relationship over some dumb misunderstanding or something like that. I know they are good people and they are doing well which is enough for me, and i wanna do the same for myself.

No. 286410

my best friend that i had known since i was 9 chose a scrote who constantly called me fat and ugly over me so i just cut off all contact with her
i used to miss her and we had a lot of fun together but in retrospect she was (and is, still) a bitch

No. 286413

it's 4 am and i'm a little drunk so i apologize if this is a shitty response, but idk i felt really touched by your words and yes i did read it all. i don't have any advice and i know you've probably heard all of it anyways (fellow long time depression sufferer) and i know i'm just some random nona, but i'm rooting for you and want you to feel better.. the way you wrote about your friend was so sweet and reminds me a lot of my best friend that i grew apart from long ago. we kind of drifted apart in the same way and your post reminded me a lot of her damn it makes me tear up thinking about it. i wish i could just give you a hug to help you feel a little better.
well actually i do have one advice and it's that you should talk to her again, i know i know you said that there's no way but idk you simply deserve to be happy and loved and loving someone- you are worthy of that. and it sounds like y'all didn't leave off on a horrible note or anything.. maybe you don't have to open up about depression right away but start with something small. i'm sure it would make her so happy to hear from you! there is hope nona i promise i swear, the world can be so cruel but there's also people like her in it. and dare i say people like me who will root for you even though they don't know you at all. you seem kind and insightful and intelligent and i'm sure you're capable of much much more than you think. and i sincerely hope that you don't follow through with your plans. please take care of yourself. i'm not really religious like that but i will do a little prayer for you before i fall asleep. i really hope that you can hang on until life gets better and that you at least see my silly drunken words

No. 286477


That's okay nonna, thank you for sharing too and being honest, truthfully it's going to be difficult to admit that for a while but you want to keep going and you will keep going. It takes some time to not only move on from not being able to go back, but to accept that there is no going back. Sometimes it's going to sting, I think about how I am now and where I am now and how I've grown into someone who is much healthier and mature and maybe the me now would have been able to avoid the mistakes that the younger me made, one of the more horrible parts about our friendship was there was something that I do not remember ever doing but I know that they did and I believe them. Made me wonder just how much of the more messed up two years of my life got blurry on medications and coming out of being suicidal, the fact that I couldn't ever remember doing this thing that was shitty, but I remember many other things that I did that were shitty and about a year ago I did what everyone says you should never do: I reread our old conversations on one social media app and I was hurt at my own words, that I could have talked to this friend like that, made them feel guilty when they shouldn't and I wanted to just hug them and say better. I'm sure it was really confusing for them because there's probably memories they have of me that were genuinely sweeter but the ones that either I tainted with my unhealthy and generally shitty actions or the things that got further tainted by a misunderstanding about me that I never did get to tell them about, I really hope that they're in a better place and that they're surrounded by friends who have shown them the healthier love that I did not back then. Nonna, it's natural to have regrets and some of them will never leave you, but you'll know those are the ones that mean "Hey, please learn from me, and use me to do better and grow". Make sure you also take a lot of time to learn to be kind to yourself because we can be kinder to others but if you've got any unhealthy issues that stem from your own inability to be kind to yourself, you'll want to start there. Distance yourself from any unhealthy triggers too while you're learning to not respond to them strongly, for me besides the home life and sexual abuse related ones one of mine was getting too involved in online dramas and getting too offended by certain things that I should have reacted too more calmly. I spent too much time on forums and boards and some of my behaviours ended up mimicking a few people that we used to see as unhealthy and I was also petty and assumed a lot of people's text tones to be angry or disingenuous even when they weren't being, but that as the mildest and least important reason was one I didn't notice until years later (it felt so good to grow out of messaging coworkers or friends after interactions to check that I had not upset or angered them, and I've had way healthier conversations with others that have made us closer)

You and I can admit that we were both selfish and we're working on becoming more unbiased people, but I am proud of you right now in the present for being able to start here.

You're going to have moments in your later life where you notice that you've grown, I've had a few now that made me thankful, after my father died and I was in my more stressful job I went on holiday with a small group of close friends and one of those friends at the time was going through some very similar struggles with expressing themselves, I noticed that we could have both fallen out if we didn't have such a good understanding of the other's social battery but instead we had some really good conversations on our bunk bed about different stressors and things in life we were trying to respond to better, and instead of ever fighting we just both went "this holiday's happening after we've both had some shitty stuff happen, we're thankful". I'm visiting them this Sunday for a day in of drawing and takeaway actually, but last time I saw them last month we reminisced about where we were mentally years ago and hearing them talk about how we got so much closer for opening up to eachother about how we handle our stresses was so warming. My other best friends are from childhood or from university but two of them saw me at my worst and I'm grateful that that online friend gave me that slap because I stopped wasting so much time being petty and unhealthy and started to think about what I could do to face my problems.

You might end up having some talks with people from your past too, you might not, I had a couple heart to hearts some years later with people from mine including a couple of people who'd been dealing with their own battles in those times and it's always motivating and reminds you that you're all human when you find out that no, you are not the only person or friend in the world who has made mistakes. It doesn't make it okay and it doesn't change wanting to do better, but it does ultimately prevent you from polarizing yourself internally and adopting an unhealthier mindset of being this messy, unlovable person who cannot change. You can, and you will, so long as you want to and you mean to. There's going to be conversations you won't get to have again with your lost loved friend, so instead I'd advise you to cherish your better ones and learn from your more ashamed ones. All of the love and apologies again for rambling, opening up to you has helped me as much as it has for you to read and I'm touched that I could help you somehow!

No. 286482


I forgot to add this but one thing you might encounter down the line is an intense sense of imposter syndrome. There's going to be a point where other friends will tell you that you are mature, kind, caring, loving, strong, lots of good things, they might take moments to show their appreciation and love for you, but because you have the awareness that in the past you did hurt others or you did not feel that healthy, it might be a bit of a surprise or an internal conflict to hear those words. It feels really precious because you know you've been a better friend and person, but at first I know internally I used to have alone time after and I'd ask myself "did I just trick this friend into thinking I'm kind or good?" and eventually as time goes by you'll grow out of it and you'll be able to think "I used to be an unhealthy friend, but I'm really grateful that I've become someone who makes my friends feel this loved and warm". Please remember this, it's so important and helped me so much! There are a lot of incredibly lovely people in the world and when someone does show their appreciation and love for you they absolutely mean it. Start taking it as a sign that you're showing your love and feelings in healthier ways and don't be afraid to open up to them if they're comfortable for you to open up! I made a close friend a few years back who knew me just as I left uni but got close to me I'd say just after my father passed away and I cried for hours multiple times from happiness when they sent me letters to talk about cute memories with them and we've seen each other go through a lot but we're both older and made friends in our early 20s so I can remember crying when it hit me that I was in fact, expressing my love healthily with this friend and others. I told them about my more ashamed past struggles and my past mistakes too but they told me that even in the time since we had met they had watched me grow so much so their proudness always makes me tear up, you'll still be sad that you hurt someone special to you in the past but you'll look forward to your future when that present moment of accepting that you HAVE grown comes around. You can do it nonny, and when someone important to you turns around and tells you how strong you are to them, don't be afraid to thank them and don't be tempted to insist that they're not seeing you properly: they're saying it because they see all of you and they appreciate your strength in facing your issues and want to show their love. Show love and happily take in love, and thank the people who are no longer in your life for the love that they gave you even back when you weren't reciprocating it in ways you'll wish you had. I've got that friend's old arts and sentimental messages and I try not to look at them too much but when I remember their words and our more positive memories I'm thanking them internally for encouraging me and believing in me even when I didn't and couldn't, and I'm sorry to them for hurting them and failing them in times when I was meant to have done them much prouder. Maybe you have some memories, words and things from your lost friendship that are really painful to look at right now but maybe keep them somewhere so in time you can smile at them again.

No. 286485

My childhood best friend just sort of dropped off the face of the earth and nobody has any idea where she went and how to contact her.
We met in elementary school. We were both bookish art girls who hated boys and we hit it off right away. I was always the more hot headed one, she was the more mild-mannered and mature one, and we worked very well together in that regard. She lived right around the corner from me and every summer we'd go to each other's houses and spend every day sitting on our bedroom floors, writing and drawing and reading together.
As we got older, into high school, we drifted somewhat and ended up in different friend groups because she became an ambitious overachiever while I ended up as a rebellious stoner. Even though we didn't talk as much as we used to, we still used the affectionate nicknames we used for each other as children, and we'd still turn up for each other whenever one of us was going through a particularly bad time.
After our senior year of high school she got rejected from her dream school, and Ivy League school, and just completely withdrew, deleted all social media, and nobody has been able to get in contact with her since. Her other friends and I tried to call her and email her and even stop by her house but she never responded, when we rang the doorbell she would never answer.
One of her friends saw her in a restaurant a couple years back and tried to talk to her but she ended up just quickly packing her things and leaving.
We wrote and illustrated tons of stories together when we were young. I found some of the journals where we wrote our stories a couple years ago when my parents were cleaning out my childhood home and I ended up curled up in my bed and sobbing for hours after that, with these journals clutched to my chest.
I left enough voice mails throughout the years, before her number disconnected, that surely she must have listened to one of them. I have no idea why she cut contact with everyone, no idea if it was related to her getting rejected by that school or not, but whatever her reasons were I'd forgive her in a heartbeat. Even if I haven't spoken to her in a decade at this point, and even if I never speak to her again, I'll love her for the rest of my life.

No. 286487

Oh nonna nothing about what you wrote is shitty and "silly drunken words", actually i didn't think anyone would read the wall of text i've vomited so it means a lot that somehow you found the strength to read it all. I'm so sorry you suffer from depression too, i wish i could also hug you. Thank you for your kindness to me, it means a lot really, you are so adorable for wanting to do a little prayer for me, really.

The thing is i'm so set in my ways, so convinced of my lack of worth and deeply ashamed of who i am that i can't even start to think about trying harder and doing a nice thing for myself, just being a normal fucking human and contacting her feels like climbing a mountain to me, and it's like i don't have the equipment in this life to achieve this kind of fit. That's also why i never open up; because then kind people like yourself waste their time on me trying to convince me to do the right thing (that i know is the right thing, that's the worst part!), but i just can't do it. I'm a waste of a human, and it's really annoying to give advice to someone as stubborn in her bad ways as me. But thank you, i'm sorry it made you think about the old friend you lost too. Sometimes it's as simple as reaching out, huh, but it can be so hard.

No. 286503

have u ever considered that she wants you to contact her, like she's waiting?

No. 286525

I really feel this one. My bestie from the age of two until we were in our 20s ghosted me and I still hoard everything she ever gave me and cry over my elementary school diary entries about her.

No. 286527

hi sweet nona i am back with a slight hangover.
i feel like a waste of human life too. like really most days i lay in bed because im so tired and whenever things get hard i just give up break down and cry. the only reason i'm living well and kind of getting better is because my family pays for everything and takes care of me. but im sure you wouldn't agree that im worthless because of that right? well maybe haha but my point is i don't see you as a waste because of your faults. and i promise you kind people don't think they are wasting their words/advice on you just because you're stubborn. you're a human and you deserve to hear nice things and words of comfort even if they don't amount to anything tangible. i know that i can't convince you of anything but i just want to put it in your head that you really can do those things that feel impossible. i know you're convinced that you can't and that you have no worth but that's only the way you see things. and i don't doubt that it's the depression creating these illusions for you. i'm really sorry i can't help more because i know how it is. i've tried to take my life twice and it was only years after the second time that i realized i want to try to live a good life because i'm gonna die one day anyway.

i promise i'll keep you in my thoughts and i'll say this once more- you deserve a friend like her and it is possible to talk to her again. i truly hope that you can find some way to do that or at least take some baby steps towards doing it. i know there's not much i can do but i really wish you a long and happy life nona, you are worthy of it

No. 286539

I don't know her but she sounds really similar to me (someone with a chronic ghosting problem and a lot of lost friendships because of it) so to maybe give some possible insight into her perspective, she probably feels really ashamed of her past self and sees talking to you/old friends again as a confrontation of her past that she is embarrassed of. It likely isn't anything personal against you, she just is struggling with accepting her own failures and mistakes and doesn't want to be reminded of them by seeing people who knew her then. Every time I see someone I knew in school I feel like vomiting, I've even been in the "run away quick before they keep talking" situation she was in. I hate being reminded of my past self and I feel even guiltier about ghosting too, knowing it hurts people I cared about, but ultimately she and I are cowards who suck at accepting ourselves. I hope she can confront those issues instead of running some day. I've been able to save some of my friendships but there are still others I'm scared to reach out to, even knowing they would still want to talk to me, it's an irrational and completely self-inflicted issue but one that can run so deep. Wishing you well nona.

No. 286566

Of course you're not worthless because you're getting helped, how can you make it in this world without any help, even without mental illness life is so full of turmoil, everyone needs help. I would gladly accept to be helped in another life, if i had a family or anyone worried about me really. But i don't, that's why i'm so tired of fighting through life, countless traumas and my disordered behavior wreaking havoc around me. I'm sad to hear you attempted to take your life, i'm glad you're still here and i can't imagine how glad your family is, too. It's comforting to read that you're getting better, you seem to have come so far although i'm sure some days are harder than others. Your outlook seems pretty positive and you're able to have helpful words for strangers online, that seems like a huge achievement to me.

Again thank you for your kindness to me. I appreciate it even if i know i'm too far gone, it's a little bit of human warmth and it makes me remember what life used to be a few months ago before i broke down completely. Nowadays i don't go out or talk to anyone so i forget what it's like to have humans be nice to you. Take care of your hangover.

Yes i have and it fills me with shame, it actually makes me want to avoid talking to her even more. Stupid avoidant logic, you know. I'm a coward. Also it's like why would i waste her time by coming back into her life again when i'm sure i'll either isolate myself again or kill myself for good, which would bring her pain again. Better to leave people once so i'm definitively out of their life, instead of starting a vicious cycle where i always end up disappearing again, or slit my throat or something. I mean even when i open up online like i'm doing now i'm ashamed of how negative i am so imagine having to carry the burden of this constant negativity IRL. If she knew what goes on in my mind she would either be disgusted or extremely worried about me all the time, and i don't want that.

No. 286571

i feel you nona.

my best friend went down the gender rabbit hole too and i feel like i barely know her anymore. she insists i have to use "they/them" pronouns, gets angry when i assume someones gender, or when i express any neutral stance on her scathing anti-capitalist tif opinions. she went down the "i'm bisexual" to "im queer" to "im gay" to "im a trans enby" even though she's only ever presented and benefitted from society as a woman and only ever dated men. hasn't even kissed a woman but has rainbow and trans flag lanyards stuck on every one of her bags and talks about cisgendered straight people with disgust.

i think we're in the same boat because…she barely even knows who i am anymore. hasn't bothered ever to ask my opinions on things as i get more and more distant with every change. if she ever bothered to ask me about my thoughts and eventually found out im radfem, she'd vomit and kick me to the curb. so i've been pulling away so slowly. yesterday she called and i let it ring the full time before going to voicemail. it really sucks.

happy belated birthday also, nona.

No. 286574

Thank you so much for these thoughtful advices, anon. I'm >>285574 and it's making me feel a bit better about my breakup especially since I've been loathing myself a lot lately. At the same time your post made me sad as I now have to face the reality that I can never fix our broken relationship and I just have to accept that it had to be this way in order for me to grow. It feels like I'll always carry this guilt with me forever—the guilt that I've hurt the one person I love the most—and I don't think I'll ever forgive myself unless she forgives me too. I want to tell her how much I'm sorry, how much she means to me, but I know the right thing to do is respect her wishes that she wants nothing to do with me anymore and let her move on from me. A childish part of me wishes I lived in a perfect world where people and relationships weren't so complicated and we can go back to how things were like before.

It's strange how I relate to you so much. I was also involved in toxic online communities and was a hostile, reactionary person who's guided by their own emotions and biases. Not to say that online toxicity made me a shitty person, but rather my personal nature has made me drawn to online toxicity. It's easy to admit you've done a shitty thing but what's really difficult is recognizing your core is rotten. It ruins your self-esteem and destroys the image you've always had about yourself. I was an unempathetic person, always dismissing my friend's concerns, and taking the worst stance and dying on that hill to defend it. All these ended up hurting her in the end. I also reread our past DMs recently and I couldn't believe what an insufferable person I've been. I always deflected blame on her and I made her feel guilty even when she shouldn't be. The way I've felt how sad and hurt she was over text, which I had not been able to comprehend during that moment in the past, I wanted to give her a hug even though it was my past self who made her feel like that. I still don't know why I acted so awful to her and I'm still processing my feelings over all this since the breakup was recent. She also suspected I might have ASD due to my failure to empathize with her pain but I don't have other traits of autism so I doubt it. I'm glad I'm able to find other people in this world who are also going through this. I feel less alone in my struggle and reading your posts made me hopeful for the future.

No. 286628

thank you for taking the time to reply to me!.. and thank you for your words as well. i suppose there's really nothing i can do but you seem so kind and sweet and i'm so sorry horrible things have happened to you… i'm glad that i could give a little comfort. it just hurts to think that the world might lose another beautiful person too soon.
i hope that whatever happens in your life nona that you'll be able to find peace and happiness someday and maybe see things differently.

No. 286747

I grew apart from my one best friend I had from 6th grade up until like sophomore year of highschool. We were in all different classes and had extremely different interests by the end. And I just didn't really like being around her anymore. Also, she had lived with me previously for an entire summer (she had a weird family situation but our moms agreed on it) and I think it just made me burn out on being around her. Also, my mom really bonded with her and it bothered me. I don't care how crazy that sounds, my mom and I have always had a weird relationship and it made me seethe to see this girl butt in and just be all the things I couldn't be for my mom (bubbly and girly). When I stopped being her friend in highschool I ended it clumsily and pretended I was angrier at her for something small that I wasn't and told her over text I didn't want to hang out anymore. My mom was pissed at me and she kept in contact with that friend for YEARS. Which pissed me the fuck off too. My mom would get all petulant and be like "well she's my friend too!" Ok?? Kind of soured how I look back on everything. I still think I didn't do anything wrong except how I ended things with her. People grow apart you shouldn't have to be forced to keep people as friends. I think my mom saw herself in my friend she would always go on these long rants towards me "Some friends are different some are to talk to seriously some are more party friends she's a party friend just keep talking to her" She was so insistent it made me want to be her friend even less out of spite. Call me a bitch all you want but it's my fucking life you didn't have to live it

No. 286754

You're my very, very best friend. For every single one of your birthdays I spent all of my money and time to make you the happiest girl in the world. I taught you everything you wanted to know about my hobbies to become good at them, I am still happy when you heed my advice and do your own thing. When I got a boyfriend I made sure that you never, ever felt like you were a third wheel, rather he was. When we made a song together I spent every waking moment of the week after trying to get views for it, so when you'd check it next time it'd be the way you want it to. I flaked on potential partners just to hang out with you, even though you got me into trouble with law and later on mental health. When you told me about your problems, I tried to crawl out of my skin and search for any possible way to help, to save you.
You've never done any of this for me. You'll never do any of it, even if I told you all my grievances. And now, when you're on the brink of being kicked out of college, 3000 dollars in debt, with your relatives openly shaming you, meanwhile your boyfriend is jumping job to job because he's lazy, all I can respond to you "I support any decision you'll make". If in the past I were to dig for salvation, now I wait for you to dig your own grave.

No. 286755

i wasn't always a good friend like i was sometimes a huge bitch but i just think it is kind of unfair to abandon me after i got violently raped and almost killed, or at least act like i was being a mess just for the hell of it and didn't have legit reasons. like she always seems to think the worst of me, that everything i do has some hidden meaning and i am just being annoying on purpose. she has had a string of close female friendships that have dwindled and ended so i am not exactly unique but i miss her and wich she would stop acting as if we didn't use to be really close

No. 286756

Nta but I'm extremely similar to you too, chronic ghoster doing it anytime I'm inconvenienced or ashamed, I even almost lost my best friend this year over something stupid, thankfully he reached out to me at the right time and I managed to save everything. There's a friend I deeply regret ghosting, she invited me to do something while I was going through something bad and for some reason I took it very badly, I refused to see her and ended never answering her subsequent messages, even when she was wishing me a happy birthday. Now I feel so fucking horrible about it and am definitely settled on asking for forgiveness, I have no idea how I'm going to say it but I think she's at least going to be listening since she hasn't deleted me from Facebook even after ignoring her for so long.

No. 286829

I lost my only friend after she started dating a 40 year old redditor and got pregnant after like a month. She became an absolute nutjob, as in supporting the local Trump equivalent to death, saying vaccines cause autism and how being a boy mom is the best thing ever because baby girls are the worst.
I don't really miss her specifically anymore but I am very lonely. I made fleeting friendships but they obviously don't feel like what a 10+ year friendship feels like. Like they aren't worth it so it's really hard to invest emotionally and we always end up drifting away only a few months afterwards.

No. 286879

I just wanted to say this was very beautifully written, nona. I'm feeling extra emotional tonight, so this hit me right in the chest.

No. 286976


That's okay nonna, thank you for sharing too, and for being honest about the place that you are in, you will find your way out of these biases against yourself in time and I hope I haven't stung you too much, I just wanted to be honest that it might hurt to lose someone special but respecting their wishes and letting them move on is all we can do. You're allowed to miss them and you'll probably think a lot about what you could have done differently, but it's part of how we learn because the point is we didn't while the friend was still in our life. Don't feel guilty for missing them but know you're doing the right thing by respecting their wishes and boundaries and that they've probably decided that it's ultimately best for both of you as well as themselves.

It's crazy how much our behaviours manifest with online communities! Like you I wouldn't say it made me act shittily, but it definitely affected my interactions with people over the internet and I was really really TMI as well. I don't think your core is rotten nonna, I think that's a particularly harsh self-perception that comes with guilt, but the day you realize that you are NOT the manifestation and accumulation of all the negative things that have happened in your life, and that you do, in fact, have the power to change yourself and ultimately become a stronger and kinder person in face of those things, that's the moment you recognize that people are human and not inherently completely good or completely bad, and if we become toxic, negative, absorbed in anything unhealthy? It's our responsibility to inform ourselves and be self-aware because it means something somewhere needs to change. I really feel for you on deflecting blame and the way we read their texts and don't calm down and take them as an attack rather than the friend reaching out and trusting us with their emotions, we have to make up for that and not do that again. I know right now that you're still processing all of this and it might take a while but I'm glad that this thread exists and that you can air your head somewhere neutrally. Sometimes I kind of wish I had stopped to do this more because back then I really let myself believe that the world was against me and it made me really ignorant to the fact that despite my circumstances, that friend and my other friends cared for and believed in me, and what did I do? I didn't deal with my problems healthily and I took them out on them and I took anything and everything anyone said as a criticism when really, they were just concerned about me and rightfully so.

ASD can make the lines between certain abilities to process "the bigger picture" more difficult, but people with ASD aren't necessarily unable to empathize or learn how to, I guess sometimes in the short run? I was always hot-headed and too quick and jumpy, and maybe that's because of the people I was around before but it didn't make it okay! I think you can learn to be healthily communicative though, I know back then it was really hard for me to sit and slow down and do the rational thing which was see past my stupid paranoias and understand that this close friend and other friends were going through lots of stressful things too. I don't think this is an excuse, but it helped me explain it to myself when I was processing it that the events leading up to me getting more and more unhealthy absolutely were things I was trying too hard to be present during and I wish sometimes that like this friend and others, I had taken some time away from the internet and dealt with those things first, or maybe just said "Hey, I really appreciate your message, right now I know I'm not mentally in the best place so I will get back to you at a later point but I wanted you to know that I had read your message and that I send my love" or something, not rush to always reply no matter what mental state….I had a couple shitty experiences with men in my mid teens and also my home life and that close friend was always so supportive but I know that I overleant and the me then hadn't learned boundaries or how to see the bigger picture of other's situations. I'd say I was very selfish with that and it probably confused those friends because we had better memories, maybe you have some stresses or traumas of your own that you're still navigating nonna, I want you to know that's okay and I recommend taking any space or time you need. Don't get caught up in anything mentally straining, ignore anything that's harmful or trying to get a rise out of you if you do have anyone abusive in your life, seek help on how to help yourself and in turn others, and don't let yourself think you're rotten or anything, but I know right now it's going to feel like that.

People and relationships ARE super complicated at times, especially if we've unintentionally made them so, so I really feel you on that. There is lots we can do in order to have better understandings of each other though, so that at least even if there's a lot of shit happening in the world and there's lots of complications happening too, at least we can grow together as people.

You'll get there nonna, and I'm sorry if reading my post before was quite a sad one, I'm aware that this is still fresh for you, whilst for me it's been years now. I promise that it gets better, it's a slap in the face most of us need at somepoint, and if it isn't a slap in the face that we need to be better people or friends, for someone else, it's a slap in the face that they need to be more adjective here or adjective here, everyone's got times in their lives where they have to wake up and smell the coffee a bit and think "Oh shit, yeah, I fucked up, that's unhealthy, let's do something about that".

I will give you some more positive writings here to make sure you know that there is so much yet to come even if right now it's all going to feel like a lot: I'm closer than ever to my existing friends from back then because of the aforementioned reflections and therapy, I don't get panic attacks anymore over the things I did before or react bitterly to those things, I thought I'd NEVER love or trust another man again as the last man I truly loved tried to ** me in my sleep and got back into drugs and basically dumped me and ran and it turned out he'd cheated (I should not have aired that ANYWHERE that fresh, holy shit did I need to just message a friend or two and stop posting everything, bloody hell) but years have gone by and I'm in a workplace I really love that I can do my loved hobbies alongside, I've got healthy and warm relationships with my friends and I don't feel like I've hurt anyone or crossed any boundaries in years now which is really refreshing, and last of all, I fell in love again and I'm in an incredibly good relationship with my partner of two years, he is the most lovely, hilarious and caring person and neither of us expected to meet eachother or end up loving anyone but here we are. I've had chats before with him and friends about these past things I am less proud of and I can say this: everyone's got their moments and mistakes that they're ashamed of, and you aren't alone. The most healthy and mature people you meet weren't just born patient or understanding! They've probably had their own battles and losses too. I'll keep an eye out for you in her nonna but I want you to know that you're making the right steps and please take all the time that you need to process and grieve, in time you'll be able to smile over the better memories, and the things you wished you'd done differently, you'll remember and always be mindful and considerate about with yourself and others in the future. Hang in there! You've got this.

No. 286977


You might also go through thoughts later down the line of wanting to indirectly reach out or make things up to people btw, but if they've cut you off it's good to remember that any form of contact is going to be crossing their boundaries and can actually come across as quite alarming and very selfish. Adding this because I know a year or so passed and sometimes I'd be thinking still of all the things I wanted to apologize for or for them to know, there was another friend of ours who I was really selfish and thoughtless towards too and for a while I wondered if there was any line of work or ways I could try and help people in similar situations even though I wasn't able to show either of these people any help at the time. Never let myself nor wanted to contact the close friend or this other friend and never will because that would be really wrong, but you will still get moments where you're reflecting and you're processing lots of things you were selfish about or not attentive enough to and my advice is to be very mindful towards others in the future who are in similar positions or situations and you'll be more and more informed. Even though years have gone by and I don't let my brain delve too far back into regrets I still have come to understand in retrospect those people's feelings and situations much better but am totally aware that I didn't at the time and that I felt shitty for that. But starting with helping yourself is crucial and reanalysing yourself, get any help that you need, take time away anywhere if need be, if there are things you don't understand or comprehend, don't be afraid to read about them or do your research so you can be more informed and have more empathy and knowledge. I work somewhere now where I meet a lot of people who are older or in pretty difficult situations and it honestly helps me as much as they say it helps them to listen because you learn so, so much. There's stuff I'm really bummed that my dad never got to teach me, getting a bit teary-eyed because some of the regulars who come in are in their seventies and like funny uncles, but I think he'd have felt the same and he'd have wanted me to, like you, not see myself as rotten-cored but just be open to listening and learning more. You're going to miss your loved friend understandably, but they're letting you go out there now and help yourself.

No. 287002

same as, >>286755, once again i keep thinking and obsessing over this shit.

basically i haven't entirely lost my friend or the friend group she/i has/had, we're just drifted apart and it kills me that we are not close anymore. it would be easier if they were completely terrible people, but i love them, yet i don't know if i can keep these people in my life for my health's sake.

i have ruined my life because of this shit. we've known half of my life, and last decade has just been this slow burn with many good moments but too many moments of me crying after them and wishing and begging that i could be close to them again. asking them what are they doing, being ignored, asking if they wanna hang out, ignored, me trying to think that i need to step away, then we meet and hang out and have amazing time and i think i can keep doing this, i can be their friend from afar and see them from time to time.

and then i see them together, i get jealous, i obsess over them, why aren't i there with them, who are they with, why did they go to some party without telling me when i asked if they were going there, i need to distant myself from them, we meet again, i fall in love all over again, the cycle continues. i read my old diary entries, years and years and years worth of mulling over this exact same stupid shit, i keep thinking if i wasn't raped and i didn't become the person they want to distant themselves from where would our relationship be now, i dropped out of school because of this, i got my life in other ways fucked up because of this, instead of focusing on living i just obsess and mull over them inside my head and keep crashing and burning mentally over it. and they don't know the full extent of it because i'm not crazy enough to spill my insanity to them, so i can't blame them because i should talk but how can i, i can't force anyone to be my friend, i should just take the l and move on. obviously they must know i would like to see them more often and talk to them more often since i still post on our group chats, ask if they want to meet, just to be mostly ignored. i think they hate me but when we actually meet we have fun and i think i guess they don't hate me after all.

i love them and i would love this idea of having these life long friends with whom i could think back our life, our memories together, but i just don't know if i can keep doing this. on other hand there is this huge sunk cost fallacy, i've spend so many years with them, we have so many memories, did i really fuck up my shit for nothing if our relationship is unfixable.

i am honestly happier when i don't even think about them but every time i see their name, their icons, the group chats get livelier again, i just rewind the record and it all starts again.

No. 287096

ayrt, I hope you get the courage to message her soon, if she was still willing to send messages then I'm sure she's still waiting for a reply and you can fix things together. I'm hypocritical in saying that though, I literally have messages from 5 friends that I haven't responded to this year after going through some bad personal stuff… it's not even their fault at all, I'm just not emotionally ready to talk about myself or go see people or even apologize for not being able to talk. I'm very weak hearted and I hate that my own nature hurts kind people and good friendships, but the only thing I can do is muster up courage to apologize when I can and try to keep moving on. Best of luck to you and our friends who have to deal with us, lol.

No. 287142

File: 1662857896128.jpg (437.72 KB, 1280x1400, 1618669884910.jpg)

Dumb story about trauma of feeling betrayed by a best friend

>be awkward, friendless child from broken, abusive household

>struggle to make friends through your entire youth because everyone thinks you're weird and awkward
>make first genuine friend during freshman year of high school
>feel ecstatic to finally have a BFF and do fun BFF things together
>junior year of high school
>boy that I had a crush on in the 6th grade (met through extracurricular activities) transfers to same high school
>boy starts spending time with me at school, sitting next to me in every class we share, starts contacting me outside of school through social media
>omg, he might like me. no way!
>several months later
>sleeping over at BFF's house during spring break
>talk about boys, confess that i like transfer boy and I think he might like me too
>BFF tells me he's ugly and my taste is bad
>2 days later
>BFF posts a photo of her and transfer boy on social media [they'd never spoken prior]
>next day
>BFF calls and tells me that she blew him
>school resumes
>transfer boy stops sitting by me and talking to me

It's been years and I've only started processing it. I'm not hurt because I didn't end up with the guy. I'm gutted that the first person I ever considered a close friend would go behind my back like that and it took me a long while to open myself to other close friendships. It wasn't until a few years ago that I started to realize how cruel she was towards me for most of our friendship.

I'm happily married now to a wonderful guy and met a new BFF who goes above and beyond anything I could have hoped for in a best friend and I love her dearly.

No. 287153

File: 1662861240126.jpeg (93.96 KB, 675x1200, B1CE03AA-0304-48D3-AA37-EFE2AB…)

>me at 19
>first real office job
>girl there is drop dead gorgeous, smart and everyone in the office loves her
>talked to her and we get along immediately. Legit next day she’s saying I’m her best friend
>I’m super flattered cause I think she’s so cool and I feel super special
>I personally have a best friend and other very close friends from years ago though
>work friend always gets mad when I mentioned my other friends. She told me she hated my best friend (who she doesn’t know and never met) and asked me to stop talking about her for good and tried convincing me to stop talking to her too. Saying that it just wasn’t fair that i was her best friend and she wasn’t mine… by this point we are like 20 i think
>never liked anyone i dated. I’m bisexual but mostly date women, but she never liked this. She said i seemed like a fake bisexual and that she could never picture me in a serious relationship with a woman… even though I’ve had a gf of many years and she’s never dated longer than a year or two… and she was also bisexual but never dated women so what the fuck would she know
>she only dated ugly butt fucking ugly moods, and had super toxic relationships. She refused to date men who were her age and told me that she could only take men who were at least 10 years older than her seriously. She was also a full blown dominatrix and she explained that she liked being the pretty one in the relationships so that’s why she went for the absolute ugliest scrotes.
>drugged me a few times without my consent, where we would be chilling and she would tell me that she was giving me X and then it turned out it was something else. I actually explained that she couldn’t do that, because i take medications and I can’t just be experimenting with drugs like that cause its dangerous. She laughed in my face and said i was boring. I just started offering my own stuff when we were hanging out, because I didn’t trust them shit she had. I actually don’t like drinking or weed, but i bought that for her cause she was addicted to both and needed to be on something or she started going crazy. Now that i cut off contact I don’t think I’ve used alcohol once in at least a year. I did stupid shit just cause I didn’t like being uncool in her eyes.
>she wasn’t skelly but she was obsessed with her weight. She legit talked about weight and diets every single day. I asked her to stop once cause it was kinda stressing. And she got me this illegal drug (at least where i live) that’s basically like meth but lighter… its to lose appetite and lose weight really fast. She gave me i think like a pack of pills and told me that she always used them when she was struggling with her self images. I took them, cause i thought it was like snake oil or some shit. But then i looked up what they were on the internet and holy shit those pills kill people. I asked about it in some forum and a girl straight up told me they caused her mother to have a stroke. I was like WTF why would my friend give me this. I told her but she dismissed it because she said she had used them for years and years and she was fine
>she got pregnant by her ugly ass moid. She was completely against abortion so she had the kid at 21. During her pregnancy she used weed everyday, and also used those meth things at times. I obviously thought it was fucked, and i tried talking to her about it but she told me i was misinformed. The moid also got really mad at her for this but she never stopped.
>One of the last times we were hanging out together. She called me the next day and she tells me her moid was mad at her. Apparently her moid thought she was cheating on him with ME. Which… I had a gf at the time and I never ever expressed any romantic shit for her. I have no fucking clue why her moid thought we were having an affair. She was busy with work and her baby all the time. She probably told her some weird shit about me since she is very manipulative to everyone. But I still found it super odd. Her moid forgave her some time later for our imaginary lesbian affair.
>She gets more and more controlling about what I can say to her. No talk about gfs or friends or anything she didn’t like. No complaining about things she liked. No oversharing my shit but always had to give her advice about how to deal with her family. Buying alcohol and weed just to have for when she visited. By this point we’ve been friends for years, we don’t work together anymore but we do still talk a lot.
>I got raped at a party that i threw in my house. She was the first person i told because she lived the exact same thing few years ago and told me about it. She told me i wasn’t actually raped. That I was wrong and I didn’t know what rape actually meant. I remember vividly crying my heart out as she emotionless keeps going with her speech. She keeps giving me moid talk about how being black out drunk doesn’t mean i was raped. And that her rape was real because duh duh duh but mine wasn’t and that i needed to be a grown up and take responsibility for sleeping with him. I remember that i stopped crying cause she wouldn’t stop negging me and i just told her yeah i get it our situations were different… and never mentioned the rape again. All my other woman friends believed and supported me when i asked for their help… She, who literally lived the same thing, was the only one that argued how her rape was real but mine wasn’t and I consented by getting drunk near moids. Which is not how it works obviously
>she also constantly pressured me into moving in with her. She insisted that i was a bum for living in my moms house still and that i needed to be a grown up like her. So she begged and begged and begged for me to move in with her and her ugly ass moid. I always said no, not because I wasn’t ready but because i always found it very strange. We were already very close but I didn’t see why she negged me that i needed to move in with her to be an adult.
>invite her to my birthday and explain its just a small get together thing. She says no because that sounds boring. But that we can celebrate just the two of us later. I’m okay with this, because everything has to be her way. Post a few photos from my birthday on social media. She ghosts me for a few days. Doesnt talk to me the day we were supposed to see each other
>She finally texts me. Says she had to ghost me because she was really upset at my behavior. I’m like girl what… She explains that she saw that i posted a picture with my best friend that she hates in my birthday and that it hurt her feelings. She says that she thought it was fucked up for me to post those pictures and caption it
>”Thank you for the happiest birthday of my life!”
>She says that when she saw that it upset her and that it was obvious that i only said that to hurt HER. And that it was fucked of me to post that when she didn’t go to the birthday party… even though she literally rejected going…
>”I’m not going to apologize for having fun or for having other friends. You’re trying to manipulate this but I’m not stupid I can see what you’re doing”
>”Are you really going to do all of this drama over this petty shit, nona” (she said this even though she literally started it, yes)
>Don’t respond
>It’s been two years
>Haven’t missed her company once. Realized i only liked hanging out with her because she was the cool girl at work. But not cause there was a real connection. Oh well

No. 287257

I wish the same to you too. I think ove gathered enough courage to do it, if she doesn't want to answer I'll perfectly understand it.

No. 287322

File: 1662924524168.jpg (60.6 KB, 1080x722, nytxmk80t3981.jpg)

Wow. This was also my relationship with my ex-BFF. Let's be pals and commiserate.

No. 287326

I'm not even sure it was a best friend, but it was the closest thing I ever had.

>Met her on the bus in grade school - I was one of the few people actually nice to her apparently

>began to hang out a lot, talk a lot, be emo together throughout middle school
>she would be a bitch to other students and be really clingy to me, which I later found out was the reason everyone avoided me because they were wanting to avoid her
>she'd get pissed at my inability to ask guys out and whine about not having a boyfriend
>i'd get pissed at her asking every dude out that would show interest and then whine about boy drama
>She would tell me I would be lonely forever, die alone, etc but reassured me that I'd always have her, so I clung to her
>when boys would show interest in me, she would swoop in to date them
>she would bully me by not letting me off the bus unless I kissed her, or try to make me kiss other girls
>get my first BF at 18, and once I started going steady with him she began always inviting him to her place without me
>of course, she manages to fuck him (before I even did lol)
>I only find out from my BF though, not from her
>being sick and twisted I decided not to tell her I knew and kept being friends with her to see how long she would lie about it
>it took ~5 months, and she only came clean because my BF told her I knew about it
>we kept on friendly terms for a little while longer mainly because I had literally no one else
>I think it slowly ended when I told her BF that she cheated on him with my BF, and she became more distant with me
>For a year in high school I had to be homeschooled due to illness, and she told everyone I was pregnant so when I came back a few months later she then proceeded to tell everyone I aborted
>When I came back she acted all buddy-buddy, but I give her the cold shoulder
>We move apart, I take the opportunity to drop her from all contacts even going as far as deleting social media to avoid her trying to contact me and guilt trip me to hang out again

I can't say that I miss the ridiculous amount of drama. But she was probably the only close friend I have ever had. Even if our conversations were a lot like the depression Olympics. She has been the only person I have ever been able to talk to in any meaningful way about difficult or taboo topics, and I do miss that. Yet it stirs up a lot of terrible feelings just writing this up.

No. 287337

How do people even live without a conscience like that

No. 287415

i ghosted my best friend after she started dating an mtf because i had a crush on her

No. 287671

Understable, I would ghost shit out of somebody who would troon out or support tranny shit in any way.

No. 287986

File: 1663144230165.jpg (99.9 KB, 818x864, apu1.JPG)

I don’t want to go into detail about my ex best friend and how we split apart because I’ve happily moved past and don’t want to reopen old wounds. A while ago i did check on her. She’s nonbinary now and goes by he/they pronouns and I’ve peaked a bit. A part of me wonders if we never split would she still have identified this way? If she did, would I have stuck around?

This is a safe space to say it out loud I guess. I miss it. I don’t know if I miss her, but I miss what we had. One time she gave me a photo of us covered in heart stickers and I cried thinking about how much love and care she must have had placing every little sticker on the picture. I want that again but I don’t know how to be vulnerable with someone like that again.

No. 288311

She kept complaining she didn't have anyone, so I constantly felt bad about it and always took whatever she said or did to me. I introduced her to more people, assuming she would get better, she didn't.
She kept lying to me, she kept hiding stuff from me, she kept dismissing how badly it hurt me, and any space I asked for was met with agressiveness.
Now I regret ever introducing her to my friends, she's turned a lot of them agaisnt me, I feel so betrayed, so hurt. I don't think breaking up with a partner would hurt like this. I miss her so much, we had so much plans, we spent a lot of good times together. I feel so lonely.
It was the first time I experienced a somewhat healthy girls friendship, and it ended so bad just because I couldn't stand her making me cry all the time.
I don't think I will ever have the trust again to have a friend like that, I'm scared this is just gonna keep repeating all the time.

No. 288335

we met in my junior year in high school, in an art class. we bonded over our fujo interests and general otaku-lite bullshit. she was in a grade lower than i was, so when i graduated i didn't see her for a while. we reconnected at our local college a couple of years later and things were pretty good.

but then some shit happened and i was in a pretty bad place for a while over family stuff–ended up a NEET for a few years, with extreme anxiety and depression and all that good stuff–and while i wasted away in my room, she was around to play games with and to talk. sometimes we'd sit on the phone for hours talking fandom or just sitting in the company of each other while we did our own thing.

the thing about those calls with her, though, was she only ever really called me when she was going through something. she came to me when she wanted a distraction from her problems, and i was more than happy to oblige since i was pretty alone for much of my day to day life and she was my best friend. looking back, it really wore me out, playing the feel-good friend when i was so miserable myself, but i managed somehow. eventually, i would get involved with a few of her friends through voice chat in a game we all played together. you know, trying to get along with people. even joined their clan so it was easier to communicate. but then she started acting jealous. okay, i'll just stop talking to them as much. or at all. you know what, i'll just play offline so i don't get in anyone's way. and then–oh, your family is doing that thing again where they upset you? let me sit on the phone for two hours while i talk you through it. your job sucks and you need to vent? sure, i have nothing but time even though you didn't text ahead first and i for once have stuff i need to do.

years go by with this constant on and off of her needing me and not. not really giving a shit about me or my problems or even really bothering to listen to anything outside of the words of encouragement for herself. eventually, my family stuff changed around a little and i started working again last year. i moved out to a shitty little apartment of my own and work started taking up my time. i went no-contact for a while because i'm busy and i'm too physically exhausted to deal with another emotional tirade of neediness. we texted on and off, but by this point, we hadn't talked on the phone for some time. then she called me in the middle of work–who the fuck does that?? without a text ahead first? naturally, because i was at work, i can't talk to her for long, or at all really. i tell her i'm at work and don't wait for a reply as i hang up on her. and after some thinking about it, something clicked in my head.

did she even like me? as, like, a person? she had plenty of other friends. talked about them all the time–almost as much as she talked about herself lol. why am i the only one she went to when her day was shit? why am i the only one she burdened with the melodrama of her issues, many of which that were self-inflicted? i'm not a fucking therapist. i had problems, too. my life was already hard enough without an emotionally manipulative adult woman using me as her own personal pity party parader while providing zero percent of the same support she receives.

so, i ghosted and blocked her, blocked all her friends, and moved on. a decade of my life's energy lost to the winds of time. and i don't regret it, either. that may sound a little fucked up, but it is what it is. the only thing i miss is having someone to talk to about my rapidly cycling fandom interests, but other than that, i've felt fine. i was pretty checked out of the whole thing by the end. good fucking riddance.

No. 288413

My best friend since 5th grade totally ghosted me. She moved out to California to join the navy and we’d talk on the phone for the first 6 months she was there and then one day my texts aren’t getting replies at all. I go on social media and she blocked me on everything. I found out a few months after this from another friend that she apparently had a crush on me for years and that she probably just wanted to move on from me. I’m fucking blind sided because I’m actually gay too and I would have dated her if she’d fucking told me to my face instead of being vague, never confessing, and then blocking me on everything when she moved away. She was one of my favorite people in the world and I don’t get why she didn’t just tell me to my face that she liked me in a romantic way. Jfc

No. 291444

finally cut off my best friend of 10 years. she asked me why i was ghosting her but i didnt text back. and then the next day she said that she was sorry for leading me on for so many years knowing she didn't share my feelings. truth is i dont have any feelings for her anymore, and haven't for a while. she is 3 months on T, non-monog, and totally obsessed with herself: her piercings/tats and "queer lifestyle" (just het at the end of the day lol). she has this wispy little mustache. mf looks like the type of ftmlet (5'5) that would sexually harass you at a pierce the veil show.

when her hairline recedes i hope she thinks of me

No. 291651

My friend died this in June this month. She was so young and I play music that reminds me of her and have this intense longing to sit near her in the benches we used to sit at and eat ice cream. She was so young and I always felt happy being her elder sister and guiding her. I hope you’re in a better place.

No. 292087

Not really traumatized anymore but it got to me for awhile:
I was a friendless awkward sperglord in junior high, that kid that everyone avoided or assumed was retarded. I had a deep distrust of girls after being betrayed and bullied in late elementary school. I found my best friend, an anime nerd before it became more mainstream to be one. She immediately became like a sister to me, and everything I wanted to be. Amazing at art, the cool girl with a lax outlook as a foil to my over-emotional worrying ass.
Things changed in high school. We were both horny, confused teenagers. She got a long distance online boyfriend, had sex with him. I was upset. Wasn't sure if it was because I had feelings or just jealous.
Soon, a girl moved to our school who was a manic pixie dream girl personified. Anime nerd, drug addicted BPD chan who openly talked about fucking her middle school teachers and was dating a 25 year old at 15. Bestie latched onto her cuz I mean, why stick around with a nerdy virgin girl who doesn't wanna experience life? She'd always shame me for being too samey, safe, and not as adventurous as her. I felt betrayed, the same way I had felt before all those years ago. Everyone was under this new girl's spell even though she was a walking BPD mess with bad coping mechanisms. Because of her influence, bestie cheated on her bf with a drug dealer, began hooking up with his friends, fucking a bunch of older dudes and doing drugs.
Eventually bestie moves school. Still keeps up the same lifestyle. Cool girl moves again. They keep in touch, but not as close. We maintain a loose friendship, before growing apart entirely.
It really upset me for awhile and I think I still internalize that time, along with libfem ideals and hookup culture, just making me feel I had to be more like her to be a real woman. I'm glad my time on LC helped me think differently. Today, We still talk here and there. She's still in the free love hippie lifestyle and is in a poly relationship now and doing sex work. We're different, but still get along. She'll always have a place in my heart and despite our past, I'm still thankful to have her in my life again, even if it's not the same way it was before. She's been one of my biggest supports.

Made me cry to read..I'm so sorry nonnie. May she rest in peace <3

No. 292099

I cut off my friend. I met her online in 2019 and thought she was amazing, poured my heart into her, maybe not as much as I should have. She got jealous of me interacting with other friends and decided to ostracize me from my friend group and basically air every secret I told her. 2022 and she's still trying this shit. It just hurts because I trusted her.

No. 292108

nonnie go get her back, in my little naive mind im rooting for you both

No. 292143

>I’m actually gay too and I would have dated her if she’d fucking told me to my face instead of being vague, never confessing, and then blocking me on everything
what the hell nonnie, this is some ridiculous rom com scenario level of misunderstanding, go get her ! Ask your friend to be the mediator between you two

No. 292152

I'm sorry nonners. I'm sure she left this plane knowing how much you loved her, I can tell she meant a lot to you. Time will heal you, and the pain you feel tells you how strong your bond was, and that's a rare and precious thing. I'm sure she's in a good place.
Wtf please get in touch with her again through your mutual friend, as a raging himejoshi I need yous to have a happy ending ahh

No. 292213

Thank you everyone.I think that grief is just love that hasn't stopped. Now I tell myself that our friendship is eternal now and thst i have a different relationship with her now since she no longer is physically here. I pass by where she died every week and also visit her parents. I hope everyone else that is also grieving will come to someday understand that in the end people are what are most important and to look at the bigger picture.

No. 292281

She’s dropped off the face of the earth. I got my other friend (who’s only mildly acquainted with my former bestie) to send me her new Snapchat but when I added her she blocked me. She’s determined not to talk to me so I’ve given up at this point. I don’t think out mutual acquaintance could convince her to talk to me either. It’s been several months and I have a new gf actually (she’s very cute we build legos together lol) I really just miss the friendship we had. It’s a shitty ending and I wish I could wake up and see she texted me a meme or something stupid like she used to.

No. 293577

not the anon you replied to and i know this is a month old so you might not be reading anymore, but I stopped contact with everyone when i got depressed and never tried to contact them again myself, but one of my closest friends contacted me again like 5 years later and we are friends again, i explained why i disappeared and apologized, she had struggled with depression too so she understood. Your friend likely will be happy to hear from you whenever you are ready. I wish i had messaged her sooner myself but i assumed she wouldn't want to talk to me after i just disappeared like that. Your friend sounds like a really sweet person so I'm sure she will be understanding, maybe she has had similar struggles, people that seem super happy often do, they just hide it well too. If you're not ready to open up about why you disappeared you can just tell her you're not ready to talk about it yet, just tell her you miss her, let yourself be vulnerable, you don't have anything to lose by doing so.

> I never deserved her anyway

if you were as horrible as you think you are she wouldn't have been drawn to you, she wouldn't still want to talk to you. It's the depression talking, when you're depressed you're too weak to deal with the world and people and our dumb brains come up with all these reasons so that we won't do anything since everything is overwhelming.
But even if you are not ready now, maybe one day you will be, even years from now if you get better don't be afraid to reach out, finding connections like that is rare.

No. 294958

Last year my friend's other friend had a Halloween party on the same night as my birthday/Halloween party and my friend went to her party instead of mine (she said she was planning to go to both but went to hers first and got too drunk) because "Halloween is like really important to her, it's her favorite holiday."
It's also my favorite holiday but I don't make a big fuss about it because it's obviously not a unique favorite. But it was my birthday, not just some holiday. I don't even have a party every year, just once in a while. I didn't have to tell her I was hurt, she said she could see it on my face.
I moved away a few months ago and didn't tell her I was leaving until about 2 weeks before and we already don't text anymore.

No. 295483

File: 1666529574317.jpg (179.7 KB, 717x717, A547A031-7528-4E7E-A5D4-BC6BA5…)

My best friend stopped talking to me altogether a month ago or so because she said I was a slut and ditched me for a frankentranny AGP. Even though she ended up being a shit person I miss her to this day and wish things turned out differently, especially since she was one of the few genuine friends I had, as a socially awkward autist.

No. 295674

File: 1666599616749.jpg (22.43 KB, 564x567, fd1cf4973d01f227ac34931e742165…)

(I posted about it earlier but maybe it got lost in thread that didnt fit well, I forgot this one existed, and I would really appreciate any input here, i'm just so lost)
What do you think is up with my friend nonnas?
She was my best and closest friend in teenage years, we drifted apart a bit when I had to move to a different city but I've always put the effort to stay in touch and meet up every time I came back to our hometown. She rarely ever messages me but said it's because she just doesn't like messaging, which is fine - though when she stayed at my place recently most of the time she spent on her phone texting her other friend (that she told me she doesn't have much in common with and often complained how selfish that friend is) and her sister. Once I found out she actually spend a whole two months in my city (some stationary course her employer had her take) and didn't even tell me that until she was back in our hometown. All this would make you think she doesn't actually like me that much, right? But then, when I didn't meet up with her once when I visited my parents and she found out, she was really upset with me; and then some other time when I did meet her she actually cried seeing me and said that she misses me a lot. At that point I thought that maybe something changed with her but the moment I left and tried keeping in touch by messaging her she'd leave me on read for weeks and respond with few words and most often just a single emoji.
I'm just so, so confused by these mixed signals, someone please help me make sense out of it.

No. 295679

Nonna let her go. If ppl want to have contact they willa we have so manny wata to keep in touch. Its a challange not to do it.

No. 295680

Wish she would just straight up stop interacting with me and not cry about missing me when I make an effort to meet just to ignore me after. I suppose it's the best idea to stop reaching out to her at all for now and let her do the next move, but it's tough to not feel guilty when trying to do such thing, that if I lose her by staying silent it's gonna be my fault somehow

No. 295700

I was an autist weeb with bad irl friends so I turned to the internet and became best friends with a fellow autist weeb who were into the exact same franchises as me. We talked every single day, hung out in person when we could, went to anime conventions together. She was my everything, we could talk about anything. This went on for years until one day she got into a local anime club and started to have less time for me to hang out with them. And now when she talked to me it was mostly about her other friends. She started saying stuff but then stopped herself saying "that's between me and my FRIENDS, it's kind of a FRIEND thing" and I always felt hurt since we were supposed to be best friends and used to share everything prior to this. I accepted it though, I was happy she had found friends because we were both struggling autists. They started going to conventions together so we'd all meet up there. So I met them all for the first time… and they all treated me as if I didn't exist. They didn't even introduce themselves, and made no effort to talk to me. I did try to talk to my friend but she'd immediately get distracted by her other friends, and made no effort to talk to me either. I still followed them around as part of the group for a bit, but I quickly realized they literally didn't even notice I was there so eventually I left. I saw my friend a few hours later so I went up to her but she just looked startled and asked how long I had been there. Two of her friends were making out with an audience watching in a circle around them, as some kind of cosplay fan service. I kind of assumed she was also doing that kind of stuff with them and wondered if I had seen her. She seemed to ignore me to keep watching them and I left after a while since she didn't seem to be interested in hanging out with me. Spent a few hours moping around feeling lonely until one of her friends later saw me alone and came up to me (maybe they did notice I was gone after all?) only to go straight into sexually molesting me, out openly in public (I was a young teen, they were an older teen). They quickly left and I felt so ashamed as if it had been my fault in any way… Spent the rest of the 2 day convention feeling terrible over the assault (naturally blaming myself) and wondering why my best friend chose friends who are fine with openly sexually harassing people over me and why I wasn't good enough for her. After that we talked less and less, and I spent years still wondering what I did wrong.

No. 295794

My longest standing friendship was from 6th grade until I was like 22. She had a "princess"-type personality, had some emotional damage from her dad walking our on them a few years before we became friends (we were classmates, but he haven't really spoken for like the first 5 years). She demanded a lot, she was artistic, troubled and even started abusing drugs and having sex at like 14. We've never actually discussed these things too deeply, besides me being aware of them from passing comments. All of our discussion were about the media we enjoyed and celebrity crushes. She formed a lot of my style and taste back then, which I basically discarded almost all since. She was never really aggressive, but she was very unreasonable and unwilling to compromise. As the "princess", me and another friends of our were basically just her courtladies running errands for her, the other girl dropped the friendship much earlier since my BF also verbally abused her a lot, which she never did to me for some reason. After a while being friends with her felt like I was stuck in a fucking time loop, we spoke about the same people, same places and watched the same kinds of shows one after the other. I felt like she held me back from actually socializing, she was very cold and awkward towards anyone I introduced or we freshly met, since they didn't really know how to walk on eggshells around her like we did.
We finally "broke up" after a big fight after returning from a vacation where she basically refused to leave the room and I couldn't walk around the city (I didn't mention yet she was morbidly obese) because she physically couldn't handle it, but guilted me for leaving her alone because she couldn't communicate with the staff at the inn (even though she spoke English about as well as I did at the time).
I didn't really feel anything, I don't miss her even know somehow. It feels really weird, because she was such a huge part of my life, but I feel like all the effect she had on my personality growing up was negative. She wrote me one message about missing me, but I closed it after reading the first two lines and never contacted her. All of her social media seem to be gone now. I was also terribly uninterested in her art.

No. 297302

We met when we were 14 and fell out at 20. I was still in denial about my sexuality and I fell in love with her, and I think that she could tell long before even I could. I think that's why she distanced herself from me while lying about it. It took two years of her ghosting, lies and broken promises until my hurt grew to anger and I lashed out in such a childish way. I don't think she expected my anger, and certainly not in the petty revenge I took on her. She seemed more shocked than hurt. That, in turn, hurt me even more.

We haven't spoken since that day. I still think about her almost daily. I still detest her for how she treated me, but I also still love her. I think I always will. Not because of my infatuation with her, but because she was the first real friend I'd ever had, and I never stopped caring for her. I miss her so much.

No. 297371

I reconnected with my best friend last year and she took her life in April after her meds were switched. Her depression worsened and she began to isolate herself completely from everyone.

We had feelings for one another and despite those feelings we showed eachother respect with our relationships at the time. She always said we could talk years apart and it'd be like we never left eachother. She was right but now she's not here. I'll never call anyone else my best friend again. I have nightmares about her so often it's hard to sleep.

My regret is the night she took her life I saw her on Facebook and my message to her was going to be "HEY! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" but because we just reconnected I got paranoid and thought maybe it was strange for me to say it, I didn't want to risk scaring her away because we just reconnected and I still love her deeply. I also thought maybe she was with her boyfriend because they lived a block apart. I had a very eerie feeling that night but told myself I was being paranoid. I'll never forgive myself.

There was a conversation we had once and I know it might be cringy we were still young, anytime I had suicidal thoughts I thought to her because she told me "If you won't do it, I won't". And we hugged on that. I always thought of her as a guardian angel in some way because of that. Our personalities in a way became opposites, she inspired me to be open and become a different person who is open to new things, more extroverted. When we reconnected I told her that I always treasured our friendship and opened up more. I thanked her for always being there somehow. While she still seemed to be the same person she became more introverted as she got more depressed. She was so selfless and kept her feelings to herself. I know people say everyone has a bad side but she was such a genuine person with a big heart. She always put so much effort into others while not asking for anything.

We both wanted to change our first names (we were both named by our mothers and have mommy issues) and there was a song with the name I had only told her about that autoplayed on Spotify. I can't listen to it without crying.

I didn't go to her memorial or funeral. We weren't supposed to meet under those circumstances. We had a meeting planned for the summer (we lived far apart) but she was supposed to be alive, not dead. Plus I didn't want to see her alcoholic mother who is just drinking more after my friends death which is one of the things my friend hated, her mother's drinking. Which I hear she ruined the memorial from her brother.

I'm sorry I'm everywhere with this post. It still pisses me off her abusive mother made her death all about herself and not my friend. No amounts of "I love you, I miss you, why did this happen to me?" will take away the things her mom said to her. She'd call her lazy, fat and worthless. Her mom would party constantly and make her raise her sister. Then call her selfish if she wanted to do something simple for herself.

My friend expressed her hatred for her mom and everytime I see her mom (we still live in the same city) I can't help but get incredibly angry when she was apart of the problem.

I failed her. I'm sorry this vent is everywhere. I haven't properly grieved. I know when I go to sleep I'll see her face and the hardest part is waking up and accepting that she's gone. I can still remember the feeling of the last hug she gave me.

No. 300828

I had a bestie from pre-kindergarten right up till the end of high school. After graduation we completely lost connection with each other. I always feel like I should reconnect to catch up, yet at the same time I battle with the truth that we never actually had much of a connection to begin with - and that our friendship was honestly pretty shaky.

I felt incredibly reserved and insecure around her. I never opened up or revealed my true self during our entire friendship. I still don’t know why. I just never felt comfortable enough to. I guess because I ended up presenting as a blank slate, she instead built up a perception of me that I felt obligated to mold myself into. I also never wanted to hang out after school with her because it was hard to keep up that mask for so long, so instead I was always flaking out on our plans.

As a result there would be occasional school years where she would abandon me for other people or groups, which would result in me being friendless for random periods. Yet somehow we’d always end up reconnecting and the friendship always stuck.

Things really took off again in middle school when we both shared a friend group. However, because she was such a dominating presence, everyone else in the group would simply follow whatever she does. If she was obsessed with a new tv show, everyone else would quickly binge watch it so that their entire conversations would revolve around that for a while. Then she would get bored of that, find a new obsession, and the cycle would repeat. I tried following along with this for a while until I got tired of it, which resulted in me becoming excluded because I couldn’t keep up with the topic of the month.

Also, because everyone else in the group were closer with each other, and because I never really opened up, they all started forming weird speculations about me. It was always weird shit like thinking I had an incestuous relationship with my brother, that I was gay, or that I was secretly a mtf. And it wasn’t subtle either, they would straight up say this to my face. They would also make fun of me for my troubled family life, like stalking and reading the embarrassing stuff my mom would post online, and then show it to me and laugh. Which was odd because they all mostly came from broken homes too.

However, I think the thing that finally put it over the edge was when she catfished me. She pretended to be an interested follower that wanted to become my friend, and while I had my suspicions from the start, I went along with it for a month or two before she slipped up and accidently revealed herself. When I told her that I knew it was her, she got nervous and made the excuse that a shared friend of ours put her up to it, and they felt bad that I didn’t have as many followers as they did, so they wanted me to think I had a devoted fan. But honestly, I think she just wanted to uncover secrets about me to share with the rest of the friend group.

For the next year or so I tried to pretend like it never happened, but the friendship was very shaky and awkward after that. Her and the friend group ended up excluding me more and I started to faze out from them after finding other friends.

It also appears that most of the friend group is still close after all these years. It makes me a little uncomfortable that I’m probably an inside joke or “character” to them now.

Anyways, If she finds this and can tell who wrote it - I’m sorry, I’m just shouting into the void. I also had my problems

No. 300836

I ended my friendship with my best friend like four or five years ago now, and I still dream about her semi-regularly. I don't think about her often, which is the weird part.

Although she didn't treat me very well, and often cornered me into arguments I couldn't win which made me feel like an idiot every single time, I truly believe I'll never find another friend like her. We resonated on so many levels, I never felt more comfortable around anyone else. She was like a sister to me, and meant so much more to me than my biological sisters ever did. We stopped being friends for a few reasons, one of them being the fact that she didn't like the age gap between my now husband and I.

The last time we ever spoke, I told her I was going into therapy so I could become a better person, because I know I didn't treat her very well sometimes either. I forgot her birthday many times. Maybe it was for the best that we don't speak anymore. I don't know if we would get along now, anyways. I wonder how she's doing now. I hope she's doing well. If she ever came back into my life, I don't know what I'd do. Probably just curl up into a ball and hide. As much as I love her, she scares me.

No. 310970

I've posted before (in long-buried vent threads) about being terrified to lose my best friend, feeling like I probably like her more than she likes me, etc etc etc and another nail was driven into the coffin today. Basically she has more school obligations and has to cut back on seeing friends, and the day we would always hang out is first on the chopping block. I know it's not fair of me but she sees her boyfriend twice a week and of course she cares about him more but I hate knowing that I'm her last choice. She's already been much busier this semester in general and I have felt profoundly lonely because of it. for the last ~year or so (though we've known each other longer) we had a really intense friendship, would be constantly texting, etc. Now it's like she barely responds to me. I ask about spring break and she says something completely noncommittal (which means no). I am so terrified of ending up like my mother who is also intensely lonely and only sees her friends once a year if that. The worst part is, we still share a friend group and I'll be forced to put on a brave face around them lest I lose virtually all my friends so I can't even make a clean break. She's still in my life currently but I already miss her so much. Not really asking for advice or anything, just wanted to put my thoughts out and have the comfort of knowing somebody else has read them.

No. 310971

I had an online bestie who I found through tumblr when we were both like 13 or 14. She was from us, some middle of nowhere corn field state. I think she got me into homestuck which is a crime I'll never forgive. We had a falling out over both of us being two mentally unwell teen girls who didn't know how to have a healthy friendship. She sent me anon hate years after, which I probably deserved. I don't remember what I did to make her so angry, those years are such a blur. I hope she's doing better. I hope she got the help she needed.

No. 310996

I just want to talk with her again like we used to. Before all the bullshit and drama of HS, scrotes and our own vanity. Best of fucking friends right up until junior year. Everything fell apart. To hear her silly laugh, start a fire in the backyard BBQ pit after a long day of working the fair, watching shitty grind house movies, browsing forums and talking for hours upon hours… I miss her so much. She was the one friend I had, truly I feel it was my fault we fell apart. I dreamt about her the other night, I just want to see her smiling again. Carefree, happy and wild. I hope the scrote who broke her heart is choking to death in an alley. I'm sad the other she fell in love with committed suicide. I'm heartbroken she hasn't reached out to me after I tried to message her… now hopefully she's just content and life has gotten better.

No. 311003

I had a best friend in middle school where the friendship ended in 11th grade when she tried to sabotage my relationship with our other best friend, he was my boyfriend at that time. She dated him as well back in 5th grade for about 5 months, they stayed close friends and got closer again after I met her and he became my friend as well. We were like a trio for the longest time.
Around 8th grade is when I developed a crush on him and all my friends basically shipped us together because we were so close. Majority of them, including her, egging him on to ask me out for years. Us three still hung out every day and messaged each other very often despite people around us pushing him and I to be closer.
We officially went to homecoming together in 11th grade and shortly afterwards I decided to ask him out. This is when it all fell apart. He started telling me she was messaging him cryptic messages and saying she wishes they were back together. She messaged me similar messages saying she hopes we last forever because he wasn't going out of his way to give me flowers like he did to her back in 5th grade. One minute she was so excited to tag along with us because I hid the fact we were going out from my parents. The next minute she would send me and him texts while we're sitting in the same room about how jealous she was. Eventually, we stopped including her in our hangouts and hung out more with our other close friends, but she didn't stop because she knew these other people too.
One day I had to stop going out with my him because her messages to him got so creepy and sexual in nature. He would never respond to them, he would show me what she sent him. I'm in high school still, so breaking up wasn't the most dramatic lmao I had other more important things in mind. But after all that, me and him still hung out, we just included another best friend of mine to tag along with us everywhere and it was still great.
But, I cannot believe how extreme she got because of this guy I dated for about 4 months, he was our best friend. Us dating was basically nothing. We held hands like twice, and never kissed. The duration and instances of us hanging out didn't change before and after, it was just the fact he knew and he knew I still had feelings for him afterwards.
Long story short, this bf/best friend I had came out to me as gay 3 years after we broke up and that was basically it. We still hung out as often, I was heartbroken that time more than the day we broke up back then. I remember days after he came out to me I was thinking back on all this girl did for nothing. He doesn't even like girls. It's such an odd situation to be in tbh, but after all that, she felt she was in the right and didn't do anything creepy at all. I think we tried to be close again a year after I broke up with my ex, and there was just something off. She had this guy she was talking to and would send sexual texts to him and she would let me read them all, like there were no boundaries.

No. 311415

samefagging. I've certainly made things worse by expressing my grief over all of this in a really terrible way, and definitely coming off as extremely clingy. Apologized, "made up", but I think I've really shot myself in the foot. I can't really blame her for starting to distance herself from me now. Saw her the other day one on one for a bit, then in our little group of people, and I felt like there was a massive shift in her behavior. Distant when we were alone, on her phone, and then during the actual group hangout she left way earlier than anyone else. I would love to be imagining all of this but it seems so obvious that she just doesn't like me very much anymore. Maybe I should be thinking of this like a breakup. Never been in a real relationship but I think I'm probably feeling a similar sadness to people who still have to be in regular contact with someone they used to be extremely close with but are now just acquaintances. I'm getting the feeling that she will never ever again choose to consciously prioritize me over anyone else. Not her other friends, and not her boyfriend (definitely never ever choosing to go a weekend without seeing him in lieu of hanging out with me, which happened a couple of times in the past). It is hurting me SO much, and part of me just wants to cut her off completely or start acting super cold myself. But then that might be just like I'm trying to 'punish' her for being busier, and maybe things could be salvaged after all and I'd just be creating a self fulfilling prophesy. Right now I'm doing all the things I think I'm supposed to do in this situation (making new friends! Join some sort of club or activity! Try going on dates!) and maybe it'll work and I'll find someone I love spending time with equally as much as I did with her. I sure hope so, because I've been feeling extremely lonely in her absence. Anyone here ever been in a similar situation? what did you do to cope?

No. 311416

I guess we just grew apart. I miss her so so much, it's like she's forgotten about me. I don't think she knows much much I loved her. It hurts me that I meant so little to her in comparison. She made me laugh harder than anyone else in the world. It's been years but I still miss her achingly.

No. 311445

File: 1675561223048.jpeg (24.1 KB, 673x463, EB0796E6-79EA-4828-BA2C-590293…)

We were joined at the hip for years, spent hours on the phone every day. People often asked if we were lesbians bc we dressed like butches and had bad haircuts. She dumped me in high school because I hooked up with a boy. I was too young and I regret it but I don’t know why she dumped me over it. She was the one who was obsessed with sex and never showed a puritanical mentality. I regret not trying to get her back. I was too hurt. We just never spoke about it even though we were in the same social circle and had a few classes together.

I’m an adult now and haven’t seen her since we graduated. One time she accidentally texted me but that was years ago now. She doesn’t have social media so idk how to reach her but I’ve been tempted to. It really sucks because I’ve had other “best friends” and it’s never been the same. Everyone pisses me off. I just watch stupid anime like Nana and Carole & Tuesday and live vicariously through these fictional friendships. I doubt I’ll ever have anything like that again. It hurts because this website really reminds me of her because I feel like it’s something she would use… idk. She might be full normie now.

If any nonna reads this pls lmk if you think it would be too creepy if I tried to reach out to her after so many years.

No. 311448


I don’t think it would be creepy! I personally wouldn’t do it because if I didn’t get a response it would make me too sad, but I don’t think it would be creepy to try!

No. 311458

You have nothing to lose by reaching out and everything to gain by doing so. She was lame and hypocritical for dumping you for hooking up with a moid but teenagers are all insanely retarded and she has to have changed throughout the years. Reach out nonnie!!

No. 311467

No it's not creepy at all if you send her a short casual message, if she doesn't want to talk to you she can just not reply. I have an online friend of 10+ years I got in touch with again after years of not talking to each other (it was mainly me being an asshole that was the reason for that) and I can def recommend.

No. 314630

Forgive me for blogposting. It's still very difficult for me. I just hope I can make another strong connection with someone someday soon (could be months, maybe years, but I refuse to let myself believe I'll be this lonely forever). I still miss her everyday. I miss our conversations, and I miss making her laugh more than anything.

No. 314639

I wish she at least would have told me what I did wrong.

No. 314667

Don't worry, nonnie, if no one ever told you what you did wrong, then maybe you didn't do anything wrong.

No. 315229

as a kid i had a best friend who admitted to only keeping me around as a “best friend” in name only that she could yell and throw tantrums at bc she knew i wouldn’t lash out back at her and would just get sad. she’d have other best friends whom she admitted she had for having fun with and doing typical best friend stuff with like sleepovers etc while i was her verbal punching bag “bestie”. i genuinely believe my “friendship” with her as a child fucked me up mentally and contributed to me feeling worthless and disposable as an adult. granted i have mental illnesses and trauma too but i just don’t think that, as a small child, being taught you’re disposable and deserve to be used as a punching bag by someone you care for so much (because i really did care for her deeply and considered her my best friend, it wasn’t just a fear of being alone bc i had other girls i could spend time with too) creates a good foundation for your mental health.

i went on her ig a while ago and turns out she’s bald, fat, does her own absolutely terrible tattoos that look like an elementary schooler did them and suffers from some kind of chronic pain illness, i feel bad for this but it kinda felt like karma given if she was a sociopathic narc as a kid she probably continued to mistreat people as she grew older. i know it’s petty of me but i can’t help it.

No. 315240

Oh I don't think I've ever openly shared my first best friend breakup, it might be long.
She was my best friend all through primary school and to be honest was a normie, whereas I hugely struggled with talking to others and made so many social faux pas'. We were in a group of 4 that split into 2x2, and I also had a good connection with the other girl who was the "lesser" of the pair due to her appearance. My bff was a bit of a mean girl, including to me and I remember one time after school where she was running away from me for a laugh I guess and I was just like huh? wuh? And a girl who was "our" enemy (my friend said she was a bitch) offered to walk with me and I was so confused.

I was so envious of my bffs family too. Solid hippie middle class, they were all vegetarians, house and garden was cutely decorated with clutter and they went on holiday to America every year, they were just so cool. Compared with my family living in the scheme and having very little money, only mum working and I guess dad was on benefits if anything. I think I envied the dad she had the most. He was a happy and calm presence instead of someone I feared.

Anyway secondary came around and we were sent to different schools, eventually we were texting (on my nokia 9310 kek) and there was an uneasy exchange between us where I guess I didn't quite get the message, eventually she texted that I could be best friends with someone who went to my school and I said "but u r my bff" and she said she had a new one at her school and I felt this profound sense of loss I couldn't quite comprehend and I remember sitting at my desk in my room processing what just happened. I got another goth best friend in secondary but she was obese and the power dynamic tipped in my favour.

From what I saw on facebook she had a raver phase then went on to become an overweight nurse and a frankly boring looking boyfriend. I don't mean anything bad by it but I did think she'd go on to do interesting things given her upbringing but she's happy and i'm glad for her.

Sometimes I wonder what life would've been like if I became best friends with the other underdog. She was very tall for her age and ginger which made her a target, we had a gay moment at one sleepover using barbies whispering some obscene roleplay (kek) and there was a bit of tension there, so I do wonder if we had more 1 on 1 time would we have had one of THOSE friendships.

As a side note, I'd like to recommend the book cats eye by Margaret Atwood, it's about female friendship groups and the power dynamics within them. I found it interesting anyway.

No. 315309

You only live once. I've reached out to old friends, some have rekindled and some ignored me which is fine too.

No. 315315

I miss my best friends from middle school. high school ruined everything for our friend group. I think everything kind of messed up when me and my closest friend joined the lacrosse team–on my suggestion. and then it just spiraled because she became friends with these rude bitches on the team–who I absolutely hated and did not want to hang out with. and then she just altogether left our friend group, another one of out group graduated cuz she was older, and i lowkey think she was the glue of the group. and then we all fell apart, and I too pushed both my friends away because of inadequate feelings of
"being someone" in high school. so then i basically became a truant in 12th grade and barely showed up to class. somehow still managed to graduate and get into a great university.

now i'm in grad school and back in my hometown. i reconnected with 3 of the 4 in our friend group through a group msg with all of us. and 1 in person since she still lives here, its nice to rekindle that, we hung out quite a bit since the pandemic ended. and we reminisced, mainly about middle school because that's when we had the most fun.
i wish we could all have a reunion soon because i think our friendship was special.

No. 315322

File: 1677985257603.jpg (55.88 KB, 500x500, artworks-000560399508-bpt647-t…)

I lost my best friend last year and i dont want to get into too much detail as it ended up triggering my mental health the last time I fully opened up here. I still feel alone a lot as I dont have that one friend who was willing to go anywhere with me and could open upto without feeling judge. I can understand why she did what she did and it was even more heartbreaking when i found out some stuff that happened to her before… Especially since i knew she wanted to open upto me about it but never did. She didnt want to be a burden so she would always be there to listen to others but wouldnt talk about her issues. The only time she would talk about it was on her private social media which she used as a public diary to describe her struggles with her mental and physical health.

Our local friendship group has basically fallen apart, the other girls stopped inviting me out with them and dont talk to me even though I have tried to talk to them. My best friend's bf makes me feel uncomfortable and there are days that i would cry to myself. I am currently getting therapy and going through some EMDR to help with the truma and social anxiety I have

Luckily i have lots of other friends that arent related to the group I was part of but no one can ever fill that gap that I had with my best friend…

Sometimes it's difficult to walk pass the building where she… And i have so many good fond memories with her in my local city from our teenage years together, like the time we took a selfie on a friendship road. She was also so talented with her art, makeup and wrote poems expressing her feelings. She inspired me to be more creative and has given me awareness about how mental health can affect some individuals.

No. 315332

File: 1677992460001.jpg (56.76 KB, 943x1200, 496ec1f2908c60af203608e9ce50cc…)

>girl who bullied me all throughout middle school proclaims us "best friends" on the last day
>think nothing of it because i'm alone and desperate and young and stupid. and she's "cool"
>but what follows is me being kept around as a whipping girl – a standard she considers "lower" than herself and can use to improve her own ego
>gluts me with backhanded compliments. to this day, can't take compliments from other people in best faith because of how often she'd lie to me.
>i finally am ditched our senior year, in which "our" friend group wholesale ignores me and otherwise pretends i don't exist
>to the point of rooms going silent when i walk in, or asking someone something and they just act as if hadn't spoken
>now need to connect through "banter", which often isn't really banter, because love feels so artificial

confession time though: it wasn't entirely her, as i was a spergy kid in highschool. very typical weeb, and i would often try to get people into my interests, etc.

i don't think being a spergy kid justifies bullying, but we were all kids, so i try not to hold it against anyone (even if i am still suffering from how tough being isolated in the midst of a crowd was for me). but it does suck also that i let her keep me from the other spergy kids as well as cut off my few, brief genuine connections with people. maybe i would've gotten to have some friends in hs if i'd just ditched her and joined our anime/gsa club.

but it gets better. kind of

>check up on her one day out of curiosity

>she's fat. tattoos everywhere. everywhere. taking desperate, very nsfw thirst trap photos on her facebook.
>has had like, three different husbands, all of them mediocre
>several kids
>basically become a potato-minded npc-tier normie like most of the people i went to hs with

i think she could kind of tell that she was destined to become basically nothing whereas i at least keep some semblance of being a person

No. 315418

My best friend also went this way, is always going to be hard but I’m with you anon. We gotta cherish the chance we had to be with them

No. 315470

File: 1678061883990.jpg (81.01 KB, 800x594, lol.jpg)

my best friend for over a decade broke our friendship off over a fucking tweet i disagreed with. insanity. over the pandemic she became increasingly involved with the "plus-sized autistic theyfab with chronic pain" side of twitter and it's like she's a completely different person. now i'm ableist for daring to think for myself. so frustrating.

No. 315472

File: 1678062973331.jpg (25.11 KB, 500x247, 4f916c301cd4ba9abf78b85c8f340a…)

If I had a situation like this happen to me I wouldn't be able to resist sending a friendly "hiii remember me? You fat cunt hahahahaha"

It would be a real good feel

No. 315488

File: 1678068944823.png (29.74 KB, 500x500, wtfiswrongwyou.png)

same thing happened to me with my best friend during the 2016 election (her being a diehard berniebro and me who wanted to do what we had to do to keep trump out). I don't even remember how it spiraled from there but I had been outgrowing her for a while (i was 16, she was 20? i think. which, if a 16 y/o is outgrowing you, you know you have issues) and after she started guilt-tripping me and threatening self harm because of the disagreement i gave her a piece of my mind and we never spoke again until I got an angry message from her last year (6 years later!!!) on anon on tumblr. At first I couldn't figure out what she was mad about, only knew it was her because of her typing style which hadn't evolved, but then she sent follow ups in which it became clear she had somehow found my one or two posts (probably read my whole blog, SIX YEARS WORTH of old blogging, to find them) where I had misremembered our age gap when talking (to myself, no one even follows me that's active anymore, i use the blog as a journal) about the experience. I was like holy fuck. So you're still psycho. Then she sent like two more apologizing for being aggressive. i was like. okay. wish you well. i don't ever want to think about you again. fucking weirdo. I can't believe i wasted most of my teenage years in an unhealthy codependent relationship with her and it was actually shocking to see she had not grown or gotten better at all since then.

No. 315499

fuck that's psycho. mine wasn't nearly that bad but yeah i'd say our friendship was codependent too. she'd always talk about how i was the only person who really understood her. i was her therapist and pseudo-mother at times begging her to eat and take care of herself. it was crazy.

No. 315512

>i was her therapist and pseudo-mother at times begging her to eat and take care of herself
God, this exactly. In my case I met her at 13 or 14 and she was always very unstable, would post lots of extreme self-hate about herself, her appearance, her relationship with her parents, including self harm and wanting to kill herself. So from a pretty impressionable age I started trying to act as a therapist/mother to her because I was scared of what she would do to herself I didn’t. Unfortunately this also meant I learned these bad habits from her, and when I started having mental health struggles I would post in the same way, and then she would be the mother therapist to me, back and forth and back and forth. At one point I had to call the police on her because she wrote a suicide note-like post and then went silent for an uncharacteristic amount of time, I had her adress because we would send each other little things. Then later she wound up doing the same thing to me, the whole situation was ridiculous. Eventually I matured a bit and realized acting out online was not helping me or improving my mental health so I slowly stopped, but she continued and I shifted into a more one sided mother therapist role. If I didn’t respond to her vent posts in a timely manner she would spiral further. Right before the falling out I actually would act like I wasn’t online when she had episodes so that she couldn’t think I was seeing it and ignoring her.
In a way I’m happy things ended so angrily, since she was focused on being super mad at me instead of depressed I left her. Maybe that’ll wind up being the same for you guys. In the end I think you’ll be much happier without her, sad as it is to say. I was sad at first but now I’m relieved it happened so we didn’t waste more of our lives in a death spiral together.

No. 315633

same. she'd post suicidal thoughts and herself full on sobbing on her story all the time for reassurance. the weirdest part about that though is that she'd also post herself twerking after the vids of her crying because she said it was one of her autistic stims. so i'd watch her story after her suicidal posts expired (because i have a life outside of social media) and only see her twerking, naturally assuming she was ok until like 3 am that night when she'd blow up my phone asking me why i didn't care about her. it was either that or she'd start describing her intense nightmares in graphic detail for me to wake up to in my notifications. nightmares about her sexual assault and stalking trauma, by the way. not light stuff to be dumping on someone. i was gentle with her at first and would redirect her to her therapist but i got the feeling eventually that she felt validated by horrifying me. she enjoyed shocking me because it made her feel confident in her identity as a mentally ill person. she had no regard for the stress and nausea she was putting me through. i knew it was the beginning of the end when i finally told her to fuck off and set some hard boundaries because she stopped texting me by like 70% of her previous rate. it's obvious now that she was using me in ways her therapist would have firmly discouraged. i'm happy i'm past it now and, like you said, that she hates me rather than feeling depressed over it.

No. 315749

My best friend and I had a harsh falling out last year. It was especially painful because I'd see her at college everyday with our another friend who decided to 'take her side' I guess. She (the other friend) stopped texting me and after stopped saying hi to me and would ignore me. At the end of last year, literally the last week of December, my ex best friend approached me and said she felt really guilty about what happened and asked if we could talk about it. I agreed. She apologized to me, I don't want to get into details, but she said many unfair, hurtful things to me and then ghosted me and that was the falling out. Three weks ago we met up for the first time since it happened. It was nice. She told me she missed me. We started texting again. But there is still something bothering me. The other friend. I think what she did was way worse than my ex bestie because she just ghosted me once she noticed my ex bestie and I no longer hung out together. She hasn't told her about anything turning sour between us, nor anything bad about me. She just decided to pick sides for no reason and started acting rude towards me or just straight up ignoring me. And so did another friend, although she wasn't rude, just started avoiding me because she felt awkward. And when they're at college they spend all the time together. And like… I don't expect her to ditch her and start spending time with me instead. But I feel like… Idk like she didn't take any responsibility for what happened. I told her about the other girl's behavior towards me and despite that when we're talking together at college she still goes to her side the moment she appears. She always waits for her to go home together but only goes with me if she's not there. She even apologized to her for picking me for a group project (which she specified to me that she did that because I'm a better writer). And they're not even close, they barely see each other outside of college. I don't know I feel like it's kind of disrespectful towards me because she knows how fake this other girl turned out to be. Whenever we go out together and then I see them at college it feels wrong and I feel like I shouldn't have gotten so comfortable with her. It gives me an urge to put walls again but I know I would regret it because I missed her too. But this feels kind of humiliating to me.
I read what I wrote and it seems like a stupid high school drama kek but were extremely close and the falling out affected many aspects of my life like education, job and other relationships because we shared so many of those aspects

No. 315762

File: 1678215428637.jpeg (131.65 KB, 750x741, 1603331140006.jpeg)

My best friend of 7 years started dropping me after I got a boyfriend, basically ghosted me because I moved away to marry him. Even though I tried hard to keep our relationship she basically kept ghosting me, I wanted her to meet my husband but she didn't want to, I wanted them to be friends, she refused to even talk to him even though they had things in common to talk about. Last time we met was super bittersweet and I felt like she was basically saying good bye to me. One time, I was tired of her ghosting so I commented on a post she did some time ago on her FB asking where are you and her new friends started attacking me like I did something horrible to her. I still have no idea if she is even alive anymore. I would completely understand if she wanted to distance herself from me and get new friends and someone new to call best friend because I moved, but she didn't need to drop me like that. I wish she would at least tell me what I did wrong. But I never even got that from her, she almost never told me what was wrong with her and I had to pry it from her.

Pic unrelated but it is something she would find funny for sure. It's been 6 years and I still think of her often.

No. 315764

>I wanted her to meet my husband but she didn't want to
>she refused to even talk to him
>her new friends started attacking me like I did something horrible to her
Should I spell it out or
Maybe she's just hurt you "left" her for a man and feels betrayed or something but it kinda sounds like something happened between your dh and her. Something bad.

No. 315766

She never met my husband, let alone talk to him. We did date for a while and I asked her to spell it out for me if she wanted to keep dating or if I could date other people, because she didn't seem too interested and I had to do everything, it was like that in our friendship too though, I had to always take the initiative to do anything, I didn't particularly mind it but I need answers when I ask questions and she never gave me a literal answer, everything was so nuanced or I don't care/you can choose/whatever, she knows I can't read people for shit so I need clear answers, I literally never got a straight answer from her despite asking a million times in different situations and phrasing it differently because I genuinely had a crush on her at some point. All it took from her was to say one time that she wanted to date me and I wouldn't be with a moid.

No. 315775

How did you leave out that critical detail?! LMFAO she was your ex, come on. She was jealous and didn’t want to see you with a hubby. It is not a huge mystery. She probably distanced herself because she still had feelings for you and knew she’d never be able to accept your husband who was obviously important to you. That’s also why she couldn’t “spell it out”.

No. 315776

If her ex-best friend didn't want to see her with a male then she should have actually communicated with OP if she actually cared. She's bitter because OP moved on. I bet she could tell OP had a crush and thrived off of that. When OP got with Nigel it probably was huge blow to her self-esteem.

No. 315829

Because she never even considered me her gf. It felt very one sided, I don't think she ever genuinely liked me that way, she just enjoyed my company. I literally asked her out on Valentine's day once and she was like "Why?" and said she had other things to do.
Exactly, I also went out with other people while we dated, but it never worked out and she didn't seem bothered. She also dated other people while we remained friends. I think she noticed I actually cared about this moid but didn't know what to do of it.

No. 318489

I grew apart from a girl I considered one of my best friends. Then I realized things were pretty one sided. I thought she was the coolest. She was nerdy but preppy and cute and obsessed with the same niche things as me. It was incredible as much as that makes me sound like a moid. I tried to impress her and to get closer to her because it’s always been hard for me to make friends. We had a misunderstanding over this big event on her life… she stopped looking at my stuff on ig. It’s very weird. I feel as if I’m not good enough for her. For her friend group, for her life in general. It doesn’t matter what I do, I’ll never be good enough.
She doesn’t know I would give her the world. I thought that maybe she had a crush on me and didn’t want to make her bf jealous or maybe that she thought I did. We would flirt jokingly sometimes over text… I regret it now. I’m full of regrets. I had all of these things prepared for her big day and I wasn’t even invited or considered. Talk about a reality check.

No. 326149

I still feel a hole in my life without her around, and I miss her so much. I'm not even sure where things went wrong.

No. 326153

Not really trauma but sometimes I still think about the hispanic male best friend I had when I was 7 and he was like 11. He was so dope and I wonder where he is today. Lost contact when I had to move away but he was also my first crush so if we had been in contact, we probably would have ended up fucking when we got older kek. I hope he's ok and not an incel or something. Sometimes it kills me how someone can just be in your life and gone the next as I have problems losing people.

No. 326640

So my BPD ex-bff is still skinwalking me even though we haven't spoken in like 2 years. I just found out that she started studying compsci in the same university I went to even though she always hated computers. My friend who told me also said she still hates them but she won't quit for some reason.
I'm overcome with a very strong desire to see her fail and it fills me with a negativity that I don't need or want in my life. I hate that she's still in my mind. I hate that I cared about her so much and this is how she repays me, spreading lies about me, saying I was in love with her and couldn't stand seeing her with her boyfriend, as if me being a lesbian automatically meant I wanted to fuck her. As if she didn't manipulate and emotionally abuse me for years until I had enough. I hate that I still miss the person I thought she was.

No. 326645

My former BFF is now a terminally online enby who I can hardly stand to be around. She’s 30 but still acts like a fucking teenager. My parents felt bad for her when we were teens because her mom was a methead so they took her in. Thing is, my parents are also giant enablers so they never really did anything to help her either. And she still lives with them while I’ve been living with them on and off. She’s the type to complain about a how a anime character is being misgendered in the fandom to my folks (they don’t fucking care). That’s little self awareness that she has.

I do have fun memories of us together in middle school and high school but our friendship was never particularly strong because we didn’t have a lot in common. But I had really bad social anxiety (yeah I know) so I couldn’t really make any friends so I would still latch onto her even though it was obvious that we were growing apart.

Thankfully, my social life is a bit better now since taking proper meds. Even got a long term boyfriend now. So it’s now more apparent then ever that things have change. We hardly talk to each other these days even though we’re technically under the same roof. But she’s still considers us besties. Sisters even. It pisses me off. She’s not a bad person per she but she’s done some fucked up shit and won’t fucking acknowledge it because her strategy is just to ignore it until it goes away. It’s really not hard to resent her at this point. I didn’t fucking ask for my awkward middle school/high school friend to follow me into my 30s.

No. 327180

Nonny this is so awkward. I can't imagine having to live with my best friend from middle school into my fucking thirties. Why haven't you parents kicked her out? Do they consider her their kid now or something??

No. 327338

File: 1683764663424.jpeg (158.48 KB, 2000x1500, FvswaVsXoAAdXmc.jpeg)

>Be me
>New in a HS
>Got a bestie friend that I loved to hang with.
>Of course that always, ALWAYS changed when bestie started to date.
>"Can we go to this place?" "No, lets wait for BF". "Wanna hang out?" "Oh no, I'm busy with BF atm".
>I was always the third wheel in the situation and the bf looked uncomfortable next to an autistic girl that fangirled for anything.
>Of course Bestie would break up with BF, all come back to normal and start to date someone else… Then the history started to repeat itself over and over during the last three years in HS.
>We graduated, lose contact and she never tried to get in contact with me.
>Facebook arrive, the same.
>Twitter arrive, same.
>Once I found her in a store and spoke together about HS shenanigans and what not, but never told her how bad she made me feel when I was a third wheel.
>After that she became in a public figure and I decided to not speak with her at all.

Damn, this was therapeutic but I made myself sad.

No. 327994

every close friendship I've had with a female has fallen apart, literally starting in preschool (that one was my fault but the rest weren't ok).

anyway does anyone else have dreams about their ex-friends? one girl I haven't seen her in 8 years and I still have dreams where we're 14.

No. 328054

I had a friend that I lose contact once, then she told me it was for problems with her abusive ex and then, after a while, I lose contact since then. I don't remember her original name (I lose it, sadly) so I couldn't find any obituary with her name.

I don't dream with her, per-se, but I have dream stuff related with our favorite wrestlers and the first time I have seen this video, I laughed and then I cried because I know she would have laughed with me via MSN.

Wherever you're, bestie, we will meet again to drink tea and talk about our fav matches and doing art.

No. 328100

Same, I really start feeling like bpd-chan because all my female friendships ended explosively. It also makes me feel like an autist because I think that everything is fine in the friendship, then one day it feels like they just confess that they’ve been annoyed/pissed at me or something I did for months/years, something I usually didn’t know I was doing. Or, more recently, because I dropped a bomb on my friend circle by saying “TWAW, sure, but we don’t mean literally right?”

Turns out, they did mean literally.

Looking back I think I could have stood to be a less abrasive and argumentative about things, maybe been more socially delicate or whatever, but I have little patience for bullshittery and when i start feeling things are wrong I have to say something. Were we really friends if our bond was destroyed so carelessly? None of the girls who unpersoned me for being “terfy” EVER followed up to ask “where did these beliefs come from?” “I thought you were pro-trans like us, what happened?” Just nope, we’re going to excommunicate you because you have the wrong thoughts. The instant assumption that I, their friend of 15 years, was brainwashed by the crazy terf cult, REALLY STINGS. I was so bold about it because we were constantly “supporting” each other in that fake neoliberal way I now recognize as fake. I assumed they would be like, “hm, our smart and educated friend who has always been a staunch progressive, dem voter, ally, etc, looks like she has had a sudden change of opinion! I should listen to what she has to say”

Bleh…silly me n

No. 330231

I got my ex bestie’s number a week ago and I’ve just been sitting on it because I’m so nervous about the rejection of no response or weird responses. I think tomorrow will be the day I text. It’s been over 10 years and I have no idea how much she’s changed or if we have anything in common at all. I’m still exactly the same kek

No. 330232

I dream about mine probably like once a month. That’s what made me feel like I want to reach out to her after all of these years. A lot of trauma and unresolved stuff in my brain

No. 330238

>because I dropped a bomb on my friend circle by saying “TWAW, sure, but we don’t mean literally right?”
They were brainwashed by a cult and not worth having as friends, good thing you got out.

No. 330257

They are the bpd ones

No. 330299

I had a friend group that we knew each other for 20% of our lives, but the second I talked about not respecting sex pests' pronouns bc idc about moid feelings when they're rapists, my friend went apeshit and went on a 2hr long groupchat rant that ended with the group cutting contact with me. Dumbass crazy hoes. We're still young so there's room for error, but this chick in particular joined animetwitter and within the month she was sending "are you submissive and breedable" uquizzes in the groupchat full of normies, and started calling women 'bitches' and everyone 'cunts' bc u-um, the Australians do it and it's not offensive to them? Turns out me being the only one in the group to keep in touch with her when she had to take medical leave meant fuckall in the face of coddling white wokies claiming oppression points. She ended up saying I got radicalized online when SHE'S the one who told me I could "make [my] dad's future grave a gender neutral bathroom". What a fucktard.

I kept missing them for the next few months but I was too proud and scared to make the first move of reconciliation. But thank god for my pride bc looking back, none of them except maybe 2 gave a fuck about me at all. The rest were there just coasting on the groupchat for a social life. I know it's boring as fuck without me there so they're probably already drifted apart on everything except public social medias. And honestly, with their botched understanding of anything relating to feminism… who knows how far into the rabbithole they'll go lmaooo. I'd be sad for them if those hetties didn't all gang up on me once and try to convince me q—r isnt a slur when I literally told them, I have horrible experiences w that word. I hate Tiktok and Twitter with a passion, my exfriends were stupid and just hiding it before, but those 2 things fried their brains with algorithms. But I guess it's better that it accelerated their brain damage bc I left them earlier and not later.

You're better off without them, I promise. They would've exploded on you sooner or later with that fragile backstabbing attitude, probably with therapyspeak instead of keyboardwarriorisms. There's sane women out there who'll feel, at worst, scared that you just said it outright, but agree with female-only bathrooms and jails and everything.

No. 330305

File: 1684874504902.jpg (98.75 KB, 800x640, 1.jpg)

i met one of my ex-besties in 4th or 5th grade. i used to print out anime pictures (lol) and bring them to school to practice drawing. maybe in class or at recess she noticed my art and we clicked immediately. we even shared the same birthday. over the years until about grade 11, we'd have sleepovers at my place. i think there were times she'd stay the whole weekend which was always the best. we'd watch anime, go for snack runs to the convenience store at night, draw, talk about our crushes and other stuff preteens/teens do. i was sheltered as fuck and i thought she was so cool. she even shared her trauma and home life with me but i didn't really grasp the severity of what she dealt with. i didn't even really process my own trauma until much later in life dealing with an alcoholic, abusive, cheater father who she unfortunately had to witness me calling the cops on when i was 17. she never made me feel embarrassed about it. but i know i was shitty friend like when i inadvertently started a rumour in grade 7 that she was gay. all she did was snuggle up next to me on the bus?? still feel like shit for not standing up for her when the kids at our elementary school would tease her because i was also scared of being bullied again. what would my homophobic family think of her, or me? i think for a small period of time i purposefully distanced myself from her… i fucking hate myself over that. she was probably one of the first people to show me genuine, platonic affection and i was scared of being labeled as gay for it. 16 years later i think it's my biggest regret.

high school rolls around and bestie and some of my other friends start hanging out with the smokers/stoners. bestie also starts smoking cigs and weed, and partying more. i remember during our winter break in grade 9 i was playing a DS game and i broke down crying in the middle of the night because all my friends were growing up and doing 'bad' things. i wanted to smoke with them too but i felt out of place. grade 10 rolls around and i smoke my first cigarette and then weed with bestie lol. i think i just wanted to fit in an was too autistic to ask if i could smoke with them but i was also scared of my parents finding out. i had to sneak around to do this stuff and she was doing cooler shit with cooler people with 'no consequences' and i was becoming a shut in. i was jealous of her for that. bestie also started dating and experimenting with harder drugs like ecstasy and pills and would lie about hanging out with me to her mom so she could sleep over at her boyfriend's house for example . i told her it was fine, but i secretly hoped she'd come visit me instead. i missed her and our sleepovers.

i started to see her less and less and i think she might've dropped out halfway through grade 12. i just never heard from her again really. after we graduated some of our friends told me that bestie wasn't always kind to them. one of them had to go to therapy over bestie's treatment of them. that broke my heart. i couldn't imagine her being manipulative because i'll always remember the bestie that helped me get a bully expelled for threatening to kill me or the bestie who gave me her domo kun doll she won at Wonderland because i couldn't win anything. maybe it was the drug use that made her mean, i guess the worst thing she did to me was the excuse thing. because i didn't party with her i didn't see a mean side, just an absent side.

many years later i've seen her mom at my work a couple of times, and i may have even seen bestie once a few years ago when i was working. my blood turns cold whenever i see anybody that may be her or related to her. she just disappeared out of our lives with no explanation and i'm hurt by it because i felt abandoned. idk what she would possibly be up to now. i have no desire to creep her socials if she even has any. even if i did i'd be scared to reach out or even look at her photos. maybe i saw the friendship through rose tinted glasses. maybe she was my bestie and i wasn't hers. maybe it's karma for what i did to her in elementary school. i dream about her a lot; we're right back in high school and she just flakes on us and disappears just like she did all those years ago. i miss the friendship. i hope she got clean.

No. 330495

With my first best friend, we friends since 7 year old because we went to school together. We grew up to be extremely close and were sort of outsiders together. Later on come middle school when we were 13 and one day she made a complete shift and started hanging out with some other girl. The thing is I was more than happy to include her but she was always there and I started getting upset and resented her for having no alone time with my bestie lol At some point shit hit the fan and I completely ghosted her, saw them hanging out exclusively all the time, and ngl it really stung. I remember one day they passed right in front of me laughing a bit extra hard and I was so pissed I kicked her in the foot (not proud of this). What’s funny is that she has now become a complete normie and the boys that used to bully us both are now ppl that she is friendly with.
Though nothing could’ve prepared me for my next best friend breakup. It was a girl that I met around the same age as I met my previous best friend and hung out a lot with, however right after my fall out with the other friend we quickly became even closer. She was more mentally stable and had a lot more in common however, while I genuinely believe she loved and still loves me, even today she still completely ditches me for boys. Every single fucking time she gets into a relationship she completely abandons me and while in the relationship she talks only about them. When she left for university is when she completely drifted and it was very traumatising. We still hang out every like 3-4 months but I could never rely on her nor can I call her my best friend. We might not have separated in a dramatic way however through the years I’ve constantly expressed that I feel like she loses herself within her relationships and gets out of touch (she literally loses all of her friends when she gets into them), however every time she completely gashlights me that its not the case. I’ve stopped trying but care enough to make time for her every time she remembers me, though I’ve stopped asking her because she always has something arranged with her man. It is so exhausting to hang out with boy crazy friends, you short of feel like a filler episode in their lives before they can get again with their bf.

No. 330525

File: 1684940456494.jpg (60.99 KB, 506x571, azumanga-daioh.jpg)

Yes! I dream about her all the time. We haven't been 'besties' for about 5 years but I think about her almost every day. I miss her so much, just thinking about her makes me cry on the spot.

We became friends at maybe 5 or 6 years old and went to school together for some years. She lived down the road from me and we'd spend weekends playing Nintendo and watching youtube, newgrounds, anime etc. We'd always be doing all sorts of creative stuff. She is also possibly the funniest person I've ever met – I'd laugh so hard at her jokes that it'd make my stomach sore lol. She could be a bit bossy and mean but I didn't care – being a more passive person I loved that she'd take control of our plans, I was happy to do anything with her. We even did acting and dance lessons together, art classes, family trips; we did every Halloween and Easter and Christmas together. I never for a single moment thought that she'd leave me. I took it for granted; I thought, "well, anything could happen to me in life and I'll be fine because I'll always have her as my bestie". Even when she got her first girlfriend I was never jealous because I was so sure she would be in my life forever, she was literally my other half.

When we were in our late teens she started getting into the tumblr gender craze. I didn't really buy into that stuff growing up so I just thought she was being ridiculous and left her to figure it out. Gradually she became more and more online. She had all the up-to-date Nintendo consoles and computer stuff (I was very jealous) but I couldn't bond with her over any new games because my parents told me they were for 'little boys' so I kind've left all of it behind. Eventually she legally changed her name to a male name. She had e-relationships that she never told me about and a myriad of friends I'd never meet. Her life was suddenly completely alien to me. We went our separate ways to uni and I really, really struggled.

She just shut me out – not out of malice but because she found people that were more interesting. If anything I wish she'd distanced herself from me out of malice because at least that means she thought about me enough to dislike me. Now I'm not convinced she thought about me at all. Realising that crushed me so much I've struggled to make friends ever since. I've changed so much as a person but I still dream about her all the time – I think my brain craves that platonic, lovely comfort that I blissfully grew up surrounded by. Most of all I miss her humour. I will always remember that last summer we spent together playing Pokemon Go and having family BBQs as one of the happiest times in my life.

No. 330698

Ok I texted my ex bestie and talked to her today for the first time in 10 years. We spoke for like 6 texts and I got nervous and told her I’ll contact her next week lmao. But I have no idea where to go now. My Nigel is being annoying and wants me to confront her for what she did to me when we were 14 and I’m just like fuck off dude I just want to have a nice time and move past my trauma in my own way ?? Male brains are so simple

No. 330702

I realised just yesterday while looking through old texts that the reason why I am the most middle-of-the-road/no-opinion-having person when it comes to arguments is probably because my old friendship group iced me out because I very assertively stated that they shouldn't talk shit about a friend that was rightfully upset at them. After that, I think I just subconsciously started keeping all my opinions to myself. Its been almost 10 years, I have new and better friends, but even so, I don't think I've ever really pushed them in the way I used to push my old friend group on certain topics. Its been an interesting thing to think through

No. 330713

File: 1685007286910.png (1.69 MB, 1280x854, 1621965517776.png)

I really want to try and contact my former bestie somehow but I'm incredibly nervous because it's been 7 or 8 years since we last spoke and things ended on bad terms that were definitely my fault.
Basically I was a teenager in my first relationship which was very violent and abusive (I didn't tell anyone about this at the time, including her), and this very much isolated me from my friends. I'd known her since 5th grade and we were super close, but I started seeing her less and less and being less responsive online.
Eventually, at the height of my anxiety and isolation due to that relationship, her grandfather whom she lived with suddenly died. It was devastating for her of course, and I wasn't there for her even a bit. I hate myself for it but I never contacted her or comforted her, because my disgusting scrote made me scared to get in touch with my friends. That was the last I heard of her.

Neither of us have social media but I managed to find her on linkedin and I really want to reach out to her, but I'm so afraid that she still holds a grudge against me for how shitty a friend I was not being there for her when she needed it. I never got a chance to explain what was going on from my side and I feel like she might very well hate me now. I'm nervous to try because if she'd reject me or even not respond at all that would be pretty painful.

No. 330717

I only had besties and never casual friends. For all my besties I was always the one they could count on and I was always supportive of them even in a motherly way.
Tbh for me in the end It wasn't that much of a loss because I am good on my own, but for them maybe it was.
I got over it and I genuinely don't care for female approbation as much as I did back then because it is genuinely always shallow and comes from a place of deep insecurity.
Commenting on looks or people's problems has never been nor will ever be what I am into so I am better off doing my own thing.

No. 330722

I don't feel like it was your fault nonny

No. 330778

You should contact her and tell your side of the story, and if she is sensible I think she'll understand and you can make things up. I did a way shittier thing to my teenage friend (basically disappeared in a way that made her think I had offed myself) and we were still able to fix things years later and I'm so glad we got back in touch. Besides, what have you got to lose?

No. 330802

Hi nona im the one who just contacted mine after 10 years and want to give you a different perspective. I know everyone is different so obviously it might not be the same, but have hope. My bestie is the one who hurt me. Abandoned me and bullied me bc I hooked up with a moid. She bought random stuff like edible underwear and penis shaped lollipops from Spencer’s and gave them to me in front of people at school and it traumatized me. This is so much worse than anything you did and guess what? I still wished all these years that she reached out to me. I don’t even care about an apology (even though my Nigel thinks I should demand one). I just want to connect and at least catch up and see if we’re still compatible. But you obviously feel remorse so I think it would be nice if you apologized. Think of someone who hurt you years ago (outside of actual abuse) and how you would feel if they apologized after years. It’s hard but it does make things feel better and it’s worthwhile. Life is short and you don’t want to die with regrets of never knowing.

No. 330848

File: 1685060075625.png (112.5 KB, 558x454, Screenshot_20230219_083329.png)


im this nonnie and im back to share more. everyones saying how they are trying to reach back out to old friends. i tried reaching back out to mine a couple years ago and it was totally pathetic. she was the one that abandoned me and when i tried talking to her again/tried to reconnect it was super apparent she was not interested and only replying to me out of politeness. i still see her posts online because we're in the same circles and it used to make me have literal episodes/meltdowns but im thankfully more stable now.

in hindsight she was not the best person to have as a friend, she could be really mean and overly critical, and she tossed me aside when she found people more interesting to her, but i don't think i will ever have that connection with another girl again. we literally talked about going to the same college and moving in together. its so heartbreaking. theres also a lot of jealousy on my part because she has all these friends, shes rich, she can basically do whatever she wants because her parents will give her money. shes the living the life we talked about having together with someone else.

thnks for the opportunity to vent.

No. 330909

I’m sorry your experience reaching out went so poorly nona. I think the fact that you at least tried and put yourself out there is good though because now you know that’s how she is and you can try to close that door and move on. Some people are just shits.

I still haven’t asked mine to hang out yet… I have some things of hers that I’m returning and she was nice about that but I didn’t want to come off as too pushy too fast so I made it sound like I just want to drop them off and leave. Next week I plan on texting something like “well since we’re seeing each other anyway I was wondering if you’d be free to catch up?”. She’s always been a bit blunt and kind of callous so I’m very worried about her answer but I feel like I have to at least try so I can move on and hopefully stop thinking about her.

No. 331029

i had a really similar experience to you. i reached out to her, she replied out of politeness except I was holding out hope a bit too hard, i asked her to catch up in person and she said sure and i suggested a date/time and she never replied again.

we used to speak a lot about what we meant to each other so it hurts a lot that i still want to repair this after so long but she has no interest in it, like it never meant that much to her in the first place.

No. 331058

File: 1685144161966.jpg (286.29 KB, 1300x957, man-lying-in-fetal-position-on…)

You made me remember a "friend" that, after cutting contact with me because it seems I was bothering so much, we reunited and, looking back, it was like she was doing it more out of politeness. She then blocked me on everything when she saw the news about something happening in my country back then, wanted to know if I was ok and then cut the contact again.

I would like to repair that friendship, but if she doesn't have interest in me, then I don't think is worth at all. And it hurts so much.

No. 331075

I think about my best friend from middle school sometimes. She was my neighbor and the only other girl I knew that was really into stuff like fanfic and videogames, so we’d take turns with JRPGs or play multiplayer games together. Her parents would let me go over all the time or take me to events with them. Her family was also very supportive regarding education and career planning, so she always had a path they were guiding her on. I even remember the mom saying I should go into the same career so we could work together. Shit was always going down at my house because my family was super dysfunctional, so after a while I started feeling dispirited with our friendship. I felt like I wasn’t good enough and eventually stopped talking to her. She tried to salvage it in high school but I just said I didn’t have much to say anymore.

I ran into her mom a couple years ago and found out she went to a really good university, moved to a city and seems to be very successful in the career she wanted to go into.

No. 331896

I miss my ex-best friend quite a bit. It ended badly and I wish I could repair it with her. I keep having dreams where we are friends again, it sucks. I want to unblock her but I'm scared to.

No. 332072

It took me years to realize my best friend was a raging narcissist and to get away from her. I guess as someone naturally introverted, low self esteem and doormaty I was her perfect source of supply.

Some of the things she did included (there was much more but this is just off the top of my head)
>trying to separate me from my existing friendship group by being really weirdly moody and jealous whenever I spent time with them, ended up spreading rumours about me to them which made them become distant from me too, didnt realize she was the source of said rumours until years later
>spreading rumors about me to new people I tried to befriend, which would end up in them hating me for no reason, I didn’t understand why these ransom people disliked me so much until I realized she was talking shit about me the whole time. This was part of her control and trying to prevent me from making any friends beside her
>later inviting me into situations with said people who disliked me and her enjoying seeing them ignoring me and being hostile towards me, then she would pretend to comfort me about it afterwards
>abandoning me for guys constantly (my friend was extremely charismatic, flirty and extroverted, if we were hanging out she would literally walk off with a guy she just met 5 minutes earlier and leave me standing there, or try to exclude me and bully me to impress the guy if I tagged along)
>point out things about my features or habits and make fun of them endlessly, while claiming she was just trying to get me aware of them and fix them
>play psychologically and physically cruel pranks that would end up in me getting hurt, then gaslight me afterwards and say it was just a joke and that I was too sensitive
>allowed her family to be rude to me and bully me constantly to the point I avoided going to her house altogether (her family were also extremely extroverted and charismatic but liked taking jokes too far and preying on/bullying weak people, saw them do this to multiple people, not just me)
>would bitch endlessly and drop people who weren’t high status enough for her to associate with
>if I liked a guy she would immediately try to get with him, even if she didn’t like him
>told me she would set me up on a date with her cute coworker, ended up making out with him the next day, this is actually what made me realize she was just a bitch and I used it as an excuse to finally cut her off (to this day she still bitches about me and claims I abandoned her over a guy, when in reality it was just the final nail in the coffin after a long abusive friendship)
>constantly made me feel useless and inept, would question my abilities and would get insanely jealous if I was successful
>was able to charm anyone out of ever calling her out for these behaviors (like I said she did them to various people not just me)

She was an extremely funny person and very charismatic like I said. She would treat you amazingly one day then like trash the next. I’m glad to be rid of her but my self esteem definitely took a battering from her. This was age 11-18 btw so I was very young and dumb. The only good thing that came from it was being able to recognize narcs early on before they can get into my life like she did.

No. 332073

Forgot to add, when I stopped talking to her she stalked me and would drop by my house multiple times a week trying to talk to me. She would pretend to cry and even tried to manipulate my mom and tell her that I had been bullying her. She also got her family to harass me in public when they saw me and made fake social media accounts to send me messages telling me to kill myself and that I was ugly etc.

No. 332074

I can't trust people the same after my best friend of 10 years cut me off out of the blue by ghosting me. Only when I pushed the matter did she reveal that she'd been holding onto grudges from over 5 years ago that could have been resolved if she'd just said something. I'm a different person than I was back then and that's been reflected in my other relationships. It really hurt that she not only didn't see it but also didn't say anything, just building up malice towards me in a one-sided friendship while pretending nothing was wrong.
I'm always scared that the same thing is happening with other people without me realizing it, now.

No. 332075

>accused me of stealing expensive jewelry from her family home and turned her family against me for it, when it turned out it was her gambling addict father who had done it all along

No. 332121

I know it hurts but at the end of they day you’re not entitled to people’s time or energy. If someone wants to stop being friends or to ghost you, you just have to get over it and accept the friendship came to an end. Your friend probably doesn’t believe people can really change and I would agree with her.

No. 332131

Anon, this is so specific, most of this happened with me with the girl. Does her name start with Y/J?

No. 332162

Follow up! I asked her to meet at a boba shop on Thursday and she agreed. however I didn’t make it clear that I wanted to like actually hang out? So I hope she gets the gist but I guess I’ll have to bluntly be like “Do you want to stay and have a drink and chat?” This is so awkward. I know it will be awkward for her too. But I just feel like it’s necessary and it has to happen even if it goes poorly. And worst case if she ends up being horrible or ghosting me then I know it’s just indicative that she’s an insane clusterbee and I’m better off without her. (Obviously this is me telling myself this to calm my nerves kek)

No. 332173

Bruh sorry but some of you are so retarded, asking someone to join you for tea is the same as asking to hang out.

No. 332501

It’s the worst. Like I have no real ill feelings towards her (aside from some resentment here and there) but she’s so insufferable to be around. We had another close friend (I guess you can call us a trio) who moved out of state and whenever she comes back, she wants all of us to hang out ~*like the good old days. Sometimes I feel like the only person out of us who’s well aware that those days are long gone.

I get the sense my parents are finally getting sick of her shit, albeit very slowly.

No. 335161

i broke friends with my best friend about half a year ago. things were strained for a year or so leading up to it. i still miss her very much. looking back she made me feel insecure, unintelligent, and unconfident in my abilities. but we had a lot of fun together. i miss our inside jokes. it's hard to read books or watch tv shows that we watched together. a new season of the show we used to like came out recently. when we first watched it, we made a whole day out of it. we deleted social media for a week just to avoid spoilers. now it feels sad that if i want to watch it, i just kinda have to do it in my room alone. i don't regret breaking friends with hher becauseit wasn't a healthy friendship, but i get dreams some nights that everything is okay again, that me and her are hanging out and she's so much fun, and i remember why i miss her. friend break ups really suck.

No. 336032

Met with ex bestie today for an hour (it got postponed a few weeks from my last post). It went really well! But I got carried away by my autism and accidentally trauma-dumped/over shared as if we were still besties even though I haven’t seen her in a decade. So I feel a bit of embarrassment going over everything I said. She offered to give me a ride home when I was totally planning to Uber so that was really nice. I told her we should hang out again and I am likely coming on too strong but I’m fucking lonely kek. If I never see her again I will still feel good about finally getting closure from seeing she’s a normal person and not the evil demon I built up in my mind from her bullying me when we were teenagers. (Also ngl she gained like 50 lbs so I can’t be mad)

This is me kek, I didn’t mention that I asked her to meet there so I could give her items of hers that I had. So it wasn’t clear if she was just going to pick the stuff up and leave or stay for a bit.

No. 336108

XY detector off the charts

No. 336238

My best (online) girlfriend ghosted me around 17 because I was depressed and BPD posting about wanting to kms. I legitimately don't think I've ever loved another girl as much as her and I don't think I'll ever recover. We spent hours everyday talking from sunrise to sunset about everything and I've never been able to replicate that feeling since. Miss you, Nana.

No. 336540

She confessed to me in January of last year. I was with someone else but was so worried about her mental stability that at first I couldn’t give her a straight answer in good conscience. I was in such mental turmoil because this was my best friend and my boyfriend at the time was so jealous and insecure he wanted me to cut her off. I refused and things got rocky between me and him. My friend would call me so many times during the day just to sit in excruciating silence. My boyfriend started emotionally abusing me and ruined my best friends birthday by calling me that night to degrade and insult me and cry like a pathetic baby. My friend told me she hated who I had become (I was a shell of my former self after having been SAed the year prior) and was convinced I would talk about her behind her back (i never, ever did) and then tried to khs in the bathroom at work. I felt like I was just hurting her and the situation was tearing me apart so I asked for space. She would not let me. I broke up with shitty BF, then continued to fight constantly with best friend, nothing I did was ever good enough. I felt like a monster inside and out. She was calling me for hours several times a day, if i didn’t answer I was terrible, if I tried to end the call it would start a fight. “Am I just expected to be fine with you calling me whenever?!” Ended things with best friend.

I am undoubtedly happier now, but I will miss what we used to have, before everything went to shit. Idk if I will ever talk to her again. I miss Clown Week and bagels and bad yaoi anime and reading her books and sunburns and eating shitty queso and smoking and femceling together, I thought it would always be like that.

No. 336826

gonna vent a little because i am drunk (ooopsie) and i have went through every one of my snapchat stories that had her in it and i died inside. i see her smile and it's like sunshine in my face, her laugh was lustrous and heartily, we'd hold hands as a joke and they'd feel warm, soft. she was my number one angel; the light of my schooldays. i couldn't count how many sunsets we had seen together, but they're all in my heart, the soft pinks and glowy yellows fill my heart and it overflows as my tears. i remember how when she wanted to say something, she said it and if she was worried, i'd back her up and we'd say it together. no one could stand up against us.. except for her moving schools, then her moving from mom's to grandma's (both of these women never EVER supported her and showed her love. i dislike them greatly.), then her getting into psychiatry (i was confused why she'd do it, but i supported her and helped her with university work), then her getting a boyfriend, then dropping uni, then getting a card dealer job at an online casino and then moving in with her boyfriend.
when we last met and we hugged, i felt bones and a frail body under her clothes, her smile doesn't exist anymore, there's nothing there. her eyes have no life, they're blank. i touched her hand and it was cold and flakey? like that of the dead.. she didn't laugh, she let out "ha ha" in the most deprecating way. the only topic she was emotional about was how the topic of children or having them annoys her and she insults people who ask her questions on it. then her boyfriend cheated on her, she stayed with him, he cheated again, she stayed again and i never would've known had i not talked to another girl who knows her (the girl told me they still haven't broken up with and she's still working her dead end job)
i think this man is trying to ruin her. i think he's fucking her over. i think he manipulated her to stay with him both times. i don't even think this is just "first love", it seems like he's sucking out her life out of her… and i tried to hint it to her… and it didn't work. then i told her she looks miserable, i was willing to give her my meds or help find a therapist so she could see if they'd work for her (antidepressants, not the crazy stuff) and she faked interest but never said yes or no. i can barely recall our last convos, they were all meaningless. she sent me stupid updates on our old acquaintances i didn't care about and i sent her a msg if she'd wanna meet up so i could gift her something (a big basket full of cookies and sweets with the message "cheer up!" in it) before i go on vacay. it never happened. it's been almost a year. i checked her instagram. a single photo; the other 400 deleted. a changed profile picture. and the one photo.. her dead, blank eyes. her barely smiling smile. did she cry the entire night before taking this picture? please.. please don't cry.. i think this whole situation is so far gone that i can't help you. but i miss you.

No. 338417

If you think it's okay to silently hold a grudge against a friend for five years or to ghost a friend of TEN years then you're a terrible friend too. If that person ever respected their friend at all, then they'd take the time and energy to explain why they're ending it instead of leaving that person to wonder forever. Wanting an explanation (or wanting the chance to fix an issue) isn't entitled, you're just selfish.
I'm sorry this happened to you. A long-time friend also ghosted me after I told her I could feel us drifting apart and wished we put equal effort into staying close. I wish I knew why she did that but I'm terrified that it's for the same reason your friend did. Because it'd mean that all those years I saw her as one of the closest people to me, she felt completely differently.

Because of her and some other friend breakups, I struggle to get close to people because I can't help thinking they secretly hate me and consider it a burden to talk or meet up.

No. 338434

File: 1688198762532.gif (395.68 KB, 220x162, IMG_2043.gif)

This gif/scene is pretty much how I feel getting rejected/ghosted by my ex bestie twice 10 years apart. I was really hopeful we could be friends again but she stopped responding to my texts mid convo over a week ago(talking about video games so it’s not like I said anything weird). Like where do u go from there? I give up (again)

No. 338650

Don’t know where else to say this, I am currently in a trio friend group, and there are some problems resurfacing. I have been sexually assaulted by this “friend” in the friend group a really long time ago and I have been feeling very strange lately, because I only now realised it was probably assault. I have forgotten it, since we were teenagers when it happened, but her opinions about assault are very slippery, so I realised she probably has not changed.Never told this to anyone. I tried to forget it, explain it to myself, think it’s not a big deal, but it is. It’s hard to realise I’ve been assaulted by a female friend. Now that I have realised that, I want to cut her off. But the OTHER friend does not know this and the 3 of us have known each other for years. I fear that she will not believe me. So I only have the option to lose both friends and stay alone, or stay and be uncomfortable. I am afraid my assault will be used against me. Should I tell her?

No. 338761

i think the best thing for you and your mental health would be to make a clean break from the both of them. if you stayed friends with the one who didn't assault you, the one who did would still be on the periphery of your life. if you think this friend wouldn't believe you, that's probably indicative of a friendship that isn't that worth holding onto anyway. a clean break from both of them will give you the best springboard for moving on and healing.

No. 338925

File: 1688494797429.png (1.18 MB, 1225x869, 1623492910048.png)

I realized the reason why I hate males so much on a personal level is because they took her away from me. Our friendship hasn't been the same ever since she got her first boyfriend when we were sixteen, and every guy after that just made it worse kek.

No. 338928

Do you ever wonder if your former best friends think back on you fondly in the same way you do?

I'm only friends with her on facebook, but we don't even wish each other happy birthdays anymore. She kind of replaced me with a different group of friends in middle school, and broke my heart when she lied to me that I couldn't come over to sleep over on new years, saying her dad told her "2 people max". I heard the other two girls she replaced me with laughing in the background. To be fair at that point I also had another friend I was getting close to, so it didn't hurt as much at first. But the older I get the more I feel bad. We spent so much time together, we cried together as we feared puberty approaching, we dreamed of living together when we get older. And now all I get to see is her posting an update here or there on Facebook. She had her bachelorette party recently, in a very trad fashion. I find that so weird. When we were little, she hated men and she could never envision herself with a boyfriend. She was always boy repulsed. I wonder how good that guy is. I really miss her!

No. 338929

I do wonder the same with a bestie I had, but while I always remember the good times with her, I bet she only see me like the annoying friend that tried to chat with her.

No. 339004

There has to be more to the story. Friends for 10 years then suddenly ghosts after a silent grudge that happened 5 years ago? Sounds more like something happened within that 5 year moment that was expressed because nonna is in fact acknowledging the “grudge” you don’t just flatline a friend of 10 years without some explanation. I’m sure there was a reason

No. 348021

Sorry to necro, I just want to get this off my chest. I just cannot stop thinking about her lately. I've really tried hard not to, but ever since she disappeared a year ago, she's appeared in so many of my dreams. They're always very realistic… I'm usually in my room on my computer and she somehow finds her way back into my life and we reconnect and laugh and catch up and I always feel so happy and excited, and then I wake up. I feel stupid and childish for having such a strong attachment to someone through the internet, it feels silly to even type this and I know she probably forgot about me shortly after she left, but it really breaks my heart to remember how she just vanished. She was silent in our DMs for about a week, she changed her account profile pic, and then deactivated without a word. It crushed me when it happened, but I didn't expect that even after so long I would still randomly dream of her. If you're still out there on this shitty little forum, I miss you and hope you're well. I hope one day somehow I'll find out what happened to you.

No. 348044

I haven't talked to him in a few years and I won't bother reaching out until my shit is together but u miss him all the time, less in a lonely way and just more in being constantly at the same wavelength with someone and fostering our interests together without any expectation or pressure. He'd be soo disappointed in me kek

No. 348179

File: 1694403470557.gif (29.06 KB, 800x800, 1693595286667058.gif)

Adding on to this just cause I was thinking about him today. It was nice having a lot of platonic aspects of a relationship without there being any expectations or jealousy/insecurity to ruin it. I was never in love with him (physically, totally disinterested–hes really really thin and boyish which is not my thing so I have never developed conflicting feelings) but it was one of the healthiest friendships I've ever had. I haven't talked to him since 2020 but I miss a lot of aspects of us being so close and I could just walk to his house and we would bike to get dinner etc. I dont think I've ever had a female friendship come close to it. I think its rare to meet someone that just mirrors a lot of your interests naturally without forcing it. He was a major motivator for me but when I started going through a hard time I ghosted and now I dont really have much to show for our time apart and I know he is currently better off doing whatever he is doing. But I miss window shopping, bingewatching, completely unbiased discussion etc. Sometimes I want to be nosy but that isn't really fair kek

No. 349763

I had a toxic best friend for 5 years or so. She gave me a place to feel validated and like I could be myself as a teenager but she turned very cold and manipulative. How do I avoid putting this negativity onto others? I feel like I have adopted her behavior in some way because we were friends for so long. When I feel like I'm 'in control' I'm much more quick to be a bit rude or crass. I don't want to put this onto others, especially those who care about me. I feel good that I ended this relationship but now I'm left with the aftermath and I don't know what to do with it.

No. 349780

Thought we were best friends. Turns out she just had a crush on me.

No. 349793

You'll learn nonnie

No. 349867

? He's gay leave me alone. There was no falling out I just ghosted everyone because I was experiencing some pretty bad stuff. Fuck off with your incessant blackpilling you freak.

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