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No. 279731

As a contrast to the horrible parents thread, I wanted to make a general-purpose mom thread. Share stories about your mom, ways she inspired you, her quirks, etc. Doesn't necessarily have to be positive, but keep in mind that there are other threads for negative experiences. Posts about grandmas are fine too.

No. 279732

I'll start off by saying that recently my cat became sick and eventually passed away, and my mom was there for me the whole time. She even paid for him to be cremated and bought a little urn for him. She's not perfect, but she knows how to be there for people when they need her most.

No. 279738

my mom is an annoying alcoholic

No. 279743

I love my mom. I used to worry about becoming her and got pretty annoyed people would compare us but considering how many people love my mother, how many friends she has? Idk. There's worse things to be tbh.

No. 279751

I love my mom, she has done soooo much for me, has been there for me always and I hope I can give back to her very soon and take care of her and let her stop working.

No. 279794

Honestly I wouldn't mind being more like my mom. I ended up taking on all my dad's negative traits as I got older, lmao.

No. 279808

I love my mom, I was quite a stubborn headed asshole kid so our relationship was not good. But now that I'm older, I can appreciate how similar we are. Speaking to her as one adult to another is also really nice, she's genuinely such a smart, kind person. I never went to her for advice as a kid but now I do all the time.

No. 279845

Sometimes it feels like my mom wants to absolve her parenting responsibilities, or moreso, her place to be counsel when I need advice or whatever. I only really started thinking about this during high school/into college, but looking back she was always working while me and my brother grew up. And maybe I was jealous because she is a school teacher, and teaches elementary kids, and it really did feel like those classes got more of her attention than I did.

No. 279861

My mom is a drug addict and she abused me and all my siblings into becoming people who are literally scared of everything

No. 279872

I have absolutly nothing in common with my mom, but I'm very glad that she's a nice and strong woman who loves me very much.

No. 279882

i feel sorry for my mom, she's a workoholic as is my dad. I'm a workoholic too sometimes but because i have a depression often i don't do as much work as i want to. My mom worked her whole life and she saved enough money to buy me a house, and part of my brother's house. I am so grateful to her and i know i don't deserve it. She was a pain in the ass when i lived at home though and she likes to fight about everything. Everything has to be on her terms. She's one of the reasons i was suicidal when i was a teen because all i wanted was to live in peace and quiet but she and my brother fought every single day and then she was angry at me just to let out her anger towards my asshole brother. I'm so grateful for the house and money she gave me because without it it would be impossible for me in this economy to live elsewhere …but she's a nightmare as a person

No. 279883

I love my mom. I disagree with a lot of her life choices and I thoroughly hate she picked such an awful, bottom of the barrel now diagnosed autistic man without empathy to have children with the (me included) and that her loyalty goes out to him even though he treats her like his personal maid, but I know she means well and I love her.

Still some days I find it hard not to resent her for being so awfully stupid to choose my father just because she was an insecure, grey mouse late bloomer. Me and my sibling both deal with childhood trauma because of our upbringing. I hate that everything I struggle with today is a direct consequence of my upbringing all because of him and I hate her awful choice gave me such an unfair start at life. I hate him and I hate she chose him.

I wish my mom wasn't religious. Maybe she would've divorced him if she wasn't taught to have unconditional loyalty to her husband because she has no loyalty towards herself.

No. 279890

I lost my mom when I was 20. She had been sick for nearly a decade before she passed. The main thought I'm left with to this day is that she deserved a better life than what she had. More than anything she deserved a better husband but she settled and it all seems like such a waste. My dad has no idea I feel this way. He somehow thinks he was a doting husband. I can't have a frank conversation with him about this but he was abusive in some ways

I was close to her growing up. I swear my dad is a lifelong undiagnosed tist who had no business procreating. He's cold, he's controlling and ocd. He hates noise, he hates laughter. He hates kids tbh. It wasn't a great home growing up but my moms warmth kept me semi-sane. I had mental health issues that kicked in just months before she found out she had cancer. I always felt guilty for the timing of it. My dad doesn't think that mental health is real. He thought I needed to toughen up and hell.. he even thought my mom with cancer needed to toughen up and just never cry about it! They were total opposites on the range of emotions shown. I feel like anyone unfortunate to have 2 parents as cold as him would be fucked up for life.

Losing her felt like losing the only parent that ever counted. I don't know why she settled for him. I don't hold a grudge against her (I've spent years in and out of therapy over shit my dad did) because she was a victim too. Her life ended with her having never escaped from that. It was a house where the floors were made of eggshells so to speak. She had decades of that and then passed. What a life. I'm haunted with memories of her crying over how insanely detached he was even in the end when she was expecting death. Her having to hide her pain and her anxiety so as not to anger him drives me insane. He wants to rewrite history to make himself look good now but I know the truth. Even my older brother doesn't know this all.

She was warm. She was emotional. She was giving. She was a typical mom who rang you up alot for constant updates and wanted to make sure you were eating well and who would give you her last few bucks whether you wanted to take it off her or not. We spent as much time together as we could in the end. She's left a void behind that I can't even express. I'll never love or be loved with that same intensity again.

No. 279893

Nonna are you me. This my mom 100%. I’m sorry you had such a rough upbringing and I hope you, your siblings, and your mother all heal from it.

No. 279921

I love my mum I hope we can go to McDonalds soon

No. 279963

my mom and i have a much better relationship now that we live further apart from each other, but we still really have nothing in common. my dad killed himself this year. i want to support my mom. she suffered (and he did too) his whole life dealing with his alcoholism and bipolar disorder. she's mad at him and misses him immensely. i want to be there for her, but she's hurt me a lot in my life and sometimes it's hard to be near her. any advice is appreciated

No. 279974

File: 1659839673162.png (68.85 KB, 952x526, thehouse.png)

my mom is my best friend she is very funny and very adorable and does things with me even though i am annoying and not as cool as her. I think it is funny that she is too happy go lucky to properly execute any DIY project or recipe she attempts. Our house when i was a child had green, yellow, blue, orange, and red walls with iridescent blue-green curtains and asian lanterns. all this even though the house had oak trim. she just kept painting walls vibrant colors in hopes it would fix things. picrel
I keep having to talk her down from painting the new house's kitchen/cabinets and i do NOT let her go to Home Depot by herself.

No. 280043

I feel you so hard, anon. My mom and I have very little in common, too, and she's also in an unhealthy relationship. She loves my stepdad so much, but he has a lot of mental illnesses (PTSD, bipolar) that he doesn't consistently get proper treatment for. It's really a drain on her, and I try to be there for her when I can.

The best advice I can offer is to call her every day and just listen. Moms place a ton of importance on phone calls for one, but when people in general are going through shitty situations, they just want someone to listen to their thoughts.

No. 280044

My dad went through something very similar, anon. His dad was a chauvinist prick with a short temper, and he smoked like a chimney. When my grandma got lung cancer, my dad took care of her because my grandpa didn't do jack shit besides work and play golf. She passed away when he was only 21. My dad isn't perfect, but I'm so glad he's nothing like his father. I think spending all that time caring for his mom counteracted whatever negative influence his dad would've had.

Hold on to your memories of your mom for as long as you can, anon. They might make you a better person in the long run.

No. 280049

My boyfriend's mum uses him for nothing but money and to give herself a leg up in life. My boyfriend never gets me involved but I can tell how crushing it is for him to have to do this. From what I can tell it's been going on since he was 16 and he's currently in his early twenties. She is nothing but pure evil but he loves her. He is scared of losing her as she never cared for him as a child.

No. 280133

Does anyone else have a mom whose behavior towards them changed completely once you've gotten older? My mom never used to care much about me when I was a child. She'd always tell my dad to take care of and console me (they're not separated or anything) when I needed something. We never had that tight mother-daughter bond and sometimes she seemed so absent to me. I think most of my relationship issues stem from her failing to give me warmth or care when I was young. She'd always mock and invalidate me when I was crying or upset and accusing me of being an attention seeker, even when I was just as young as six years old. I was always a quiet and introverted child and teen. I'm in my mid-20's now and it's like my mom made a 360° turn. Ever since I moved out when I was 20, she always tells me how much I make her laugh and improve her day when I call her and how much she appreciates me checking in on her and my dad. Whenever I visit them, she makes sure to set up the guest bedroom for me, she even asks me what I'd like to eat and always bakes my favorite brownies when I'm coming over. Sometimes when she goes shopping, she'll see something that's my style and that I might like and buys it for me, even though I never asked her to and she'll be like "Look! I thought you might like this! Please try it on!" with a smile on her face. But it's not just material things. She also tells me that I can tell her anything, even in times of struggle or sadness and that her and my dad will always be there to support me and how proud she is of me for all the things I've accomplished. I guess she must've realized how bad she was treating me when I was young but she never addressed it or apologized for it.

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