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No. 271357

A thread where you can discuss women you love and admire. Whether she is your mother, sister, childhood friend, or a female celebrity!

A positive place to sperg to your heart's content!

No. 271359

No, it's a wholesome thread idea nona.

No. 271360

probably 'shit thread' but i thought a thread where we can talk about women in our lives or celebs you want to discuss and post pics of, outside of 'attractive women you want to fuck' would be nice

No. 271361

sorry deleted my reply because of a typo kek, thank you nonnie! i thought it was a wholesome idea

No. 271362

I'm pretty sure there's already a thread about famous women you admire.

No. 271367

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No. 271371

based anon

No. 271375

NTA, I think there's only the "Beautiful & inspiring women - 30+" thread >>149875
I kinda like the idea of this one more because it's more general

No. 271377

Mary Daly. I love her and it saddens me that her work isn't popular.

No. 271378

File: 1655840544186.jpg (102.88 KB, 530x649, Dworkin.jpg)

Fuck yeah nona!

No. 271391

We had to write about her in our exam today, learn about her work. Bare annoying.

No. 271408

Yeah i was going for a more open one, that isn't limited to age or whether you want to fuck them kek, mainly a place that it isn't just celebrities but women in general too

No. 272172

My mother made me unapologetically pro-woman
she put up with so so much in life with my scrote of a father but still was always there for everyone, to her detriment dare i say - she deserves so much more but still i'm so greatful for all she has done to keep me and others safe and happy

No. 272179

that is lovely anon, i adore my mum with all my heart. she has helped me through the worst and darkest times in my life which i couldn't have done without her!!

No. 272202

File: 1656266777545.jpg (421.96 KB, 2048x1365, gettyimages-618908488-2048x204…)

Women who go out dressed in unconventional ways that the general public would mock, especially in ways most men would find ugly or repulsive. I can't say much for their characters because I don't know what they're like personally, but I admire their bravery to go out like this and wish I was brave enough to do it too.

No. 272254

My aunt who went through hell and back and was betrayed by her gross husband was but she died.
I feel a sense of comfort and solidarity when I encounter butch lesbians by chance and I admire their confidence where I lack. There was a security guard at my uni who was an elderly butch and I wanted to get closer to her but she passed the next semester. I guess I'm just cursed

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