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File: 1652711885085.png (1.61 MB, 1920x1200, 403040.png)

No. 264337

Continuation of old previousthread regarding nonna's progress and discussions of glowing up, makeovers and general beauty while looking after selves, goals and other discussions.

Last thread died but was really good for nonnies to discuss tips and progress with general improvements and glowing up, wanted to revive it for anyone interested!

What are your current goals? Are you working on glowing up in any way, mentally or physically?

Previous thread: >>57461

No. 264340

File: 1652712090026.jpg (34.85 KB, 500x360, Eio1GurXsAIYvp3.jpg)

I'll start seeing as I was the OP for the original thread and a lot has changed since my first post (and I've loved seeing everyone's discussions within it)

I gave myself time to process the events in my life that were making me fall back into binge eating and not resting enough like the loss of my dad, came out of a bad breakup and I've been in a happy and healthy relationship for nearly two years now,

I stopped bleaching over my hair as it was red and short last thread, it is now long and healthy and I go to a salon and my hairdresser keeps my natural silvers in but I've got my long black hair again and feel powerful,

I've been going to the gym and I am getting muscular and feel mentally better for it too.

My current goals are to drink more water, sleep at healthier hours, do more cardio to lose fat because I'm getting muscular and toned but I still have parts that fat loss could do me good with, and for the love of god I want to stop biting my nails, why is it so hard nonnitas?

No. 264342

My current goal is to get a new job soon, drink more water, and moisturize

No. 264352

File: 1652714090311.jpeg (45.14 KB, 720x713, 4754755845855.jpeg)

I want to start being more organized and productive with my life, learn new skills, wake up decently and not spend so much time at home unless I'm working on projects. I've also joined the gym so I can be more active and get over some anxiety.

Diet: I want to cut out sugar, but its really hard since most processed things sneak a lot of sugar into them. Maybe just cut out processed foods tbh

For my personal style, I want to start dressing more eccentric and costume-y. I always said I would do this when I'm older but why nit start living my life like this now?

I used to be a serial nail biter for YEARS and thought my nails were permanently fucked but now I can boast I have strong long healthier nails. What helped me was using clear coats on my nails when they were too short to paint to look nice and a metal nail file to file the edges smooth. I feel like everytime I had a rough or jagged edge I would bite it off so keeping them smoother prevented me from doing that. Also having the metal scrapper part underneath helps me because I can scrape under my nails & I actually like that sensation more than chewing them. Good luck

No. 264364


Life is too short, I'd say go for it now nonnie, you deserve to live a life dressed however you feel best! I might have to try the metal scrapper thing, I bite through bitter polish and all, it's terrible, I'd have nice hands if it wasn't for this habit…

No. 264385

Good luck to all ITT working on their glow ups and working on healthy self-improvement!


I've been reading about digital detoxing and something really stood out to me- someone likened smartphones as our generation's cigarettes. Cutting down on my screen time and mindless scrolling is important to me. Ultimate goal would be to own a flip phone with no internet but I'm not sure how practical this would be. Along the same line I have made an effort to read more, grab a book when I want to grab my phone, and reading before bed. I used to be an avid reader and I want to be that again. Also working on my anxiety just trying to be a more calm and level person in general


I'm getting my binge eating under control. Started OMAD a week ago and it's going great. Fasting doesn't make me want to binge like I feared it would. It actually gives me more control to say no, I won't eat until a certain time. And when I do feel hungry I realize this is normal and I don't need to shove food in at once. I would literally eat from the time I woke up to right before falling asleep with a snack in bed. So eating once a day has really been helpful for not over indulging. I also have stimulants prescribed so those help. Fasting also forces me to drink more water which is good.


Stopped drinking a year ago. Limit myself to one caffeinated drink per day. Stopped smoking weed because it just makes me retarded and unable to function.


I go for one long walk a day and many shorter walks with my dog. I would like to start weight training again but I don't have access to a gym right now. Also would like to get back into yoga, maybe watching along to a youtube video would help me get back in the habit.

No. 264424

I'm gonna stop drinking. I've been biking regularly now that I got my bike back. It's working wonders for my mental health and I can feel my body getting healthier. Drinking however has been the death of me. I've never had a problem with eating since I usually never have enough since I'm broke at this point in my life. Binge drinking? Especially beer, has done a number on my figure. It's such a waste of money that I could spend on thing I actually need. I have no real excuse other then being bored and depressed, but I'm just fucking sick of being a waste. I've quit a lot of things in life and I'm gonna do it just so I can dress the way I want again. Tired of being back in the leggings/oversized hoodie look because of how my body looks.

I have other goals but those take money and I need to find another part-time job to supplement my income so I can actually start buying food again rather then just eggs and whatever small amount of vegetables I can salvage. All my money right now goes to rent and I can't focus on any big goals til I don't have to worry about not having any money. Reading more, digital detoxing, quitting smoking, and getting back into my hobbies are also all on my list. Hope it works out for all you nonas.

No. 264453

why did you chose marin as the threadpic? whatever.

No. 267358

I want to salvage and grow my long bitten nails and make them pretty. Any tips? I'm also losing weight and finally trying to get rid of my lower belly flab remains.

No. 267361

Maybe paint them? Either go to the salon or give yourself a nice polish. It can discourage you from wanting to touch them, you'll look at them and ask why you'd want to ruin your pretty nails

No. 290518

Good luck to all the glowup nonnies ITT, we can do this together!


I want to start taking more regular walks! Having online classes in my university alongside being on a birth control that really messed with my head has made me have a massive relapse when it comes to agoraphobia/hermit behaviours, and now I leave the house embarrassingly few times per month, it was easy when I worked and could walk there but now courses have started again and I am back to my rotten hermit ways. If walks also results in me toning up a bit then that's a plus, but I want to first just get into a routine of taking a walk at least 3x per week before winter hits.
Also quitting alcohol and trying to have a better understanding of what my body needs in terms of vitamins, mostly through diet but also started taking a few that seem to have helped with my focus.


I am learning to take care of my hair, currently been working on phasing out harsher products and parabens, seeing really nice results, and rapid growth for the first time in years. Might learn to DIY a balayage soon.
After that I will try researching skincare more and do the same, try to build a gentle routine because routines are cosy.

Aside from that I also have a kind of extensive beauty reigimine that I'm learning to DIY, before I would spend maybe 200 or 300 every few months on a lash lift and tint and 100s here and there on hair and nails, now I do most of it at home! Right now they look a bit fucked up still, but over time I hope they'll look more natural. Aside from that I would also pay for sculpting tans and am now doing them at home instead. (A fun tip: face contouring with tan works great!)

No. 290545

File: 1664229890531.jpg (65.58 KB, 512x288, 68402.jpg)

I want to become more mentally healthy/sane, I suspect I have a few things that I need to be diagnosed with, but I'm not sure how to go about it. I can't really pay for private healthcare & I know NHS wait times are ridiculous in some places (I live in a dense city so probably bad here). I want to minimise my bouts of depression & burn out from the things I love, not be so anxiety riddled, to be productive.


To take care of my skin, hair & get into makeup! I'm scared to since I feel like I'd look stupid, I used to get made fun of a lot for that sort of stuff but I want to feel confident in my looks. I suffer from an ED (ARFID), I'm very skinny and weak, so I want to build my strength and stamina up, nothing crazy just don't want to feel like an anachan every time I walk out the house


I want to get a decent job so I can afford to spend on stuff for me, start posting my art online again & just productivity creatively in general, I feel like I suffer from terminal art block kek. Probably other stuff but I can't think anything else off the top of my head

No. 290549

this thread seems like a tranny post hth

No. 290592

it's the animegirl pic. unless they have a based caption or something they should just be outlawed because they give major troon vibes always

No. 290612

recently relapsed self harming and some ED behaviors but I’m trying to stay motivated to be better. Would like to start going to therapy but my insurance has notoriously shit mental health coverage and I’m broke lol. Taking up journaling to try to keep myself sane. Overall feeling more positive than I was this time last year, and hoping to continue making progress.


ED behavior hellpit is my main issue. Been clawing my way out of it, relapsed a few times, finally feeling like I’m getting back to a sense of normal. Mostly I just want to stop feeling so afraid of everything. Big goal is to stay fit and healthy without feeling intimidated by eating. Also refraining from binges is pretty important to me. It’s all about balance! Also feeling more optimistic on this issue than I was this time last year (pits of anachan hell).

Overall I want to learn to take care of my body better. Didn’t have many female friends growing up because I was weird and GNC, so I’m trying to get into “girlier” things to help me take care of myself. Reclaiming femininity, baby!

Shoutout to all the other nonnas here, you got this xo

No. 293089


Oh hell, OP here, sorry about that, I'm not a troon whatsoever, just a pretty autistic woman who grew up sheltered with no sisters to really learn this stuff off of.

No. 293164

Today I did something that will break the internet if it works. Has to do with the nose.

So far I've come really far in my journey from my starting point considering I haven't gone under the knife or used fillers. The only downside is upkeep, if I'm not feeling particularly well my old face is back because it isn't permanent and is a real bummer. I'm looking into making things more permanent but for now it sucks for my self-esteem. On a more positive note, it feels really nice not being recognized and compliments seeming real sincere now. The way I'm treated now is far from night and day, but I can see how it's a matter of "yet". I would say I'm still a bit below average but the difference in treatment is noticeable enough for me to be able to imagine pretty privilege being very real.

No. 293182

Just ignore them nonna. You have to be really obsessed with troons (and god only knows how much i hate them myself) to automatically associate anime to them. It's like /pol/tards associating cinema with the jews or i don't know what other schizo bullshit terminally online people come up with. You can enjoy your anime, just because troons are LARPing as anime girls doesn't mean anime have to be ruined.

Anime existed before the troon propaganda, it's just a form of media. As long as you're not posting lolis or any other fucked up thing you're fine.

No. 293189

File: 1665300942408.jpeg (296.63 KB, 750x751, F60E3575-1558-49FC-A529-2A6D70…)

I randomly decided I was tired of feeling miserable and asking the sonic totem thread if something “good” would happen like I have no control over my life. So here’s what I’ve done so far:
>cut back on drinking
>worked out yesterday
>cleaned up my bedroom
>contacted a substance use counselor (she takes my insurance and is very close by, also is actually accepting new clients)
>decided for myself I actually want to be better
My goals:
>eat better (more variety and less impulse decisions)
>exercise daily
>actively look for better job
>study more
>be less repetitive about my choices

No. 293197

What I want to do
>stop smoking
>yoga everyday
>seeing all kinds of doctors
>stop procrastinating
>find suitable skincare products (looking forward to try the paula's choice BHA)
>find out what to do with my hair so it looks well kept and grow it out
>take more risks
What I did so far
>get a shampoo to finally get rid of my dandruff on my head
>eating good portions and healthy and got into cooking
>get my own place and keep it comfy and clean
>meditating daily with right effort
>being more friendly and social
>appreciate my friends and family more
>being more positive because depressions are not cute
>made appointment for therapy

No. 293286

I want to lose 5 kilos before the years ends, but since no internal motivation is working so far, I'll put this out here so maybe I can finally have a reason to keep myself accountable. Wish me luck nonnas

No. 293288

Nta but to be fair the girl in the pic is from a shitty coomer anime

No. 296922

File: 1667235312183.jpg (16.77 KB, 275x185, 1665475579785.jpg)

I need to straighten up a lot of things in my life. I fe completely unlovable and just stuck in general. I want love, a better job, and new home.
Sure it's shitty to want yo change myself because of rejection but I know there's things that need to be changed. My weight has absolutely went out of control after I was cheated on. I went from 140lb to a 170lb and I feel like a bag if wet sand.
I want to make thing about me spoiling myself and giving myself every thing I need to look and feel good. I want to eat clean high quality food, dress in a luxurious manner, and take good care of my skin and hair.

No. 298226

>about 1/4 of the way through braces treatment. I've had very crooked teeth since I was a kid and always wanted to get them fixed. I'm already seeing improvements after only a few months
>gaining muscle and body is becoming my ideal slim but athletic

>3 payments left on debts
>saving money for buying a house
>still budgeting for treats. I just got some very nice winter boots.

future goals:
>get back into writing in my diary
>make more friends
>take more pictures

No. 320248

File: 1680694837715.jpeg (47.65 KB, 1325x318, 54062288-4552-4D4E-8C59-F6CCB4…)

What should I do with my eyebrows? I think they are fine as they are but I want to look better, and I am not into having to draw them on everyday, I want to shape them. I don't really understand eyebrows and how to look beautiful but natural. I want to change my appearance. I feel like they are uneven, messy, and awkward.

No. 320249

Your eyebrows have a naturally pretty shape, I'd suggest plucking out the hairs sticking out at the end to shape the extremity thinner, and also pluck out the ones turned inside your glabella but otherwise they look fine imo.

No. 320250

Thanks that's what I thought too. So they don't need to be shorter or more arched, just shaped a bit. Also thanks for teaching me the word glabella lol

No. 320251

File: 1680698525247.jpeg (59.43 KB, 1325x318, 9FF064FA-004F-4639-84F1-C2EAE1…)

NTA but I love your brows so much. They’re not awkward at all, they’re really nice. I’m adding on to what >>320249 said. I would get a mirror with great lighting and magnification, pluck only ONE LINE of hair at the front and clean up any strays near the tails (the areas I highlighted in yellow.) If you have any stays above the tail area I’d pluck there too. If you have any eyebrow scissors I would brush all of the hair straight up in the area within the black rectangle and trim the top of the hairs so they’re all even length. Less is more! if you’re not sure if you should pluck an area I wouldn’t.

No. 320265

Thank u! I am working on them and will update later today.

No. 320415

File: 1680776288619.jpeg (82.78 KB, 1573x415, 8BF444D8-810B-456A-B4DE-A59D08…)

Eyebrow update. I did my best, can't do much for the fact one is higher than the other without a facelift but pretend you didn't notice that.

No. 320519

honestly nonna my eyebrows are super sparse and thin and yours look exactly how i wish mine did!

No. 320528

My progress so far:
>improved makeup and nail skills
>taking my meds regularly so I'm normal/functioning pretty well
>found an eyebrow shape that suits me and easy to maintain
>stopped smoking and drinking so much!!!!
>reached a healthy weight (now have to maintain it)
My goals:
>start exercising in some way (tennis or gym? Idk yet)
>get better at my job so I can earn more money
>build up my savings again
>make friends
>do a nail tech course so I can have a career and further education behind my name (and stop feeling like a disappointment)
>keep getting better at makeup
>grow my awful home-cut bangs out and get my hair to waist length again
>figure out how to get my frizzy hair to be sleek and shiny
>organize my room WAY! more
>Sell/donate a ton of clothes and buy a bunch of new, better, cuter clothes

I've got a long way to go but I'm feeling motivated and stable so I think I can do this all before 2023. Wish me luck, Nonnies.

No. 320529

They look great. The more you do them, the better they'll get because you'll figure out what looks good on you. It looks like you have nice eyelid space for cute eyeshadow/eyeliner looks too!

No. 320578

Really? I always thought mine are thin
I'll get into a routine of doing them, I often forget but it's the smallest change that makes such a big difference.

No. 320579

Also yeah I have eyelid space because mine are hooded (used to be bullied for that) but I am clueless on how to do makeup. I may get it done professionally and see what they do.

No. 320609

>I always thought mine are thin
It's not because they are not thick like Cara Delevigne that they are ugly, they look similar to mine (thick at the beginning and thin at the extremities) and I've often been told they looked great, I just pluck the ones that stick out and don't do anything else.

No. 320737

Why are nose jobs always one of the pricest surgeries? Why couldn't I just be born with a nice nose? Ridiculous. Also f people with huge noses that reproduce knowing they are passing it on to their poor children. It's just selfish. I saw exactly who gave me this nose, this stupid ahole with a ginormous beak. At least it shrunk a few sizes before it to me but if I had that thing as a little girl I would have jumped off a building.

No. 320738

Thank god for czechia having affordable surgery. I hope it turns out good. I am booking consultation, let me be better looking. Vent over.

No. 320746

I'm also partially czech with a huge nose that I got a nosejob for. Hope it turns out good, please consult at least three doctors and don't rush.

No. 321381

File: 1681384277715.jpg (139.55 KB, 1242x1553, b1ac55bb2f6e9c956b0cdde25c5624…)

I grew up as an only child with no older siblings and quite an emotionally absent mother, not to mention I apparently have autism so I've just routinely stuck with the same hairstyle for years (which is cute and gets lots of compliments like Picrel) but my question is how does someone cack-handed learn to do cute hairstyles/know what to do with hair in general? I will keep my bangs until the day I die and take good care of them, but my hair is thick, italian and I never know how to style it and do cute hairstyles I see around on the internet.

Are there channels and tutorials that are easy to follow? Thank you nonnies love from a hot bitch who has learned to do everything else now but the hair is just where I just follow habit and forget I could actually try and style it!!

No. 321650

>try to get into cgm to try to fix my messy frizzy slightly wavy hair
>just makes it frizzier and drier
help . i just want to have nice hair

No. 321654

Anon, I’m sure you’re not as bad as you say you look. Dark under eyes are attractive imo

No. 321656

I pledged to myself I'd get out of caring about looks years ago after growing up severely bullied (I have a slight deformity that makes me look kind of weird). Like, there just isn't much progress I can make after all. But, I'm now getting up in the years and I look rough and sickly–yes, even compared to other barefaced people and I really want to at least look more normal.

Can I get some inspo of women improving their looks without make-up? Especially skin quality and just looking more alive overall.
Also, when you have barely any baby fat and a long, severe face, is it worth being very low BMI or no? I'm afraid of looking haggard. I've been weight lifting and 22 bmi for a while and I wonder if it's even worth losing weight. Also, is there a nice maintenance style for very thin, flat, straight hair that looks really bad on top? I assume messy bun, but I'm open to other ideas.

No. 321663

No low bmi means your face will look even more sunken in. I'm 19 or so bmi now but I used to be much lower and I got so many compliments on my face after I gained weight. Low BMI makes your body look ok but it ruins your face unless you have a good bone structure.
You can't improve much without makeup but a small amount of makeup can make a big change, just mascara blush, gloss and maybe concealer can make you feel and get treated better. Maybe getting your brows shaped and getting a new haircut or color will help but it'd hard to change anything about your face. What deformity do you have? Cleft lip?

No. 321699

rattle rattle rattle

No. 324251

I guess it depends on one's bone structure, but as >>321663 said, for me my face I believe it looked the best when I was working out, taking care of myself and getting proper nutrition so BMI AT LEAST 19. Lower than that I looked tired, wrinkled & older even. I didn't really notice it at the time but I saw an older picture of myself the other day and I looked sad lol

No. 324256

>barefaced people
What in the capitalistic industry dystopian nightmare

No. 324400

nonna she just means other girls without makeup on.

No. 324408

Ayrt, the term is disgusting, it's exactly like talking about a woman who doesn't wear a burqua.
Makeup IS the new burqua, there are tons of young women who are too ashamed to go out without it and this kind of language only reinforces it.
It's a testament to how successful the cosmetic industry has been in manipulating people.
There is no such thing as "bare-faced people". It's a term coined by consoomers for normal people.

No. 324497

while I do agree with you it just seemed like a weird semantic nitpick but kek at the burka comment

No. 324525

Some of you truly are autistic kek.

No. 327441

File: 1683812698889.jpg (73.84 KB, 647x818, Stacy.jpg)

>Make a habit of wearing sunscreen b4 going outside for extended time
>Sleep on a new tshirt over my pillow every night (I have acne)
>shower with cold water
>drink more water
>Use a different towel after showering

Diet and exercise
>Walk my dog everyday
>eat more fruits and veggies

>Continue to take meticulous care of my sleeping schedule
>Completely stop caring about male validation kek
>Continue to have high self-esteem/confidence

>Keep up good oral hygiene (dentists are expensive af)
>Wear contacts over glasses (too poor to afford lasik)
>Graduate, become financially independent

No. 327452

I've invested in higher quality skin care
>still just the basic toner, moisturizer and fash wash,

I'm exploring to find my signature scent
>I love vanilla scents and now I got like 4

Started upgrading my wardrobe and getting rid of the stuff I had in my teens, and adding things like purses and heels to the mix.

Started wearing more jewelry, now I wear necklaces and earrings everday and I feel nice. I wanna get another necklace, anklet and bracelet soon.

And I'm also getting better at doing my own hair and nails
>Learned how to box braid my own hair and it feels like a cheat code. Got a gel manicure machine that I'm kind of scare to use too often bc cancurr tho

No. 328358

File: 1684105799947.jpg (37.33 KB, 564x585, 2936b45a233f8cb4bed0b58782241c…)

nonnies i need help or advice. if it's wrong here direct to correct thread. how do you maintain your grooming? with depression and ocd i find everything so incredibly tiring and overwhelming. even basic regular showers, preparing for the shower, the aftermath of the shower, the basic skin and hair care, hair removal, all the aspects of it are so overwhelming and tiring and it piles up. i cut my hair shorter to help, but it's still been a struggle. how do you organize and motivate yourselves? one of my biggest banes is the hair removal. i really hope i can just do laser hair removal and be done with that. is there any device i can use at home to help with that? i have hair removal creams, an epilator and razer but what about a ipl device for home usage? if anyone knows anything good please help and recommend me something.

i can't keep up with it at all anymore and then i feel and look bad and it's a cycle. pls help i need to looksmaxx again. i don't go outside because of it too. if i can just keep a regular and basic grooming schedule then it will immensely help my state of mind to improve and be able to do more

No. 328359

File: 1684106251338.png (40.6 KB, 541x490, hotbrush.PNG)

samefag but also i want to get something like this. i think it will be an immense help in drying and styling my hair and making it less of a burden. i regret getting the revlon one step and don't recommend it. i don't like not being able to take off the "head" and wash it and that it doesn't come with a drying nozzle attachment to help dry beforehand.

No. 328462

Be very vary of doing your own nails at home, its easy to develop an acrylate allergy that will make your life hell. You might have seen warnings for it lately, as more and more women are suffering from it.

No. 329526

Can confirm this happened to me after learning how to do nail extensions with shitty Amazon products. I'm stuck with press-ons only for the foreseeable future. Beware nonnies!

No. 330446

File: 1684904667699.jpg (43.25 KB, 736x718, 4c85182b6df072e659ed968eca4307…)

>Get more confident and stop comparing myself to other people, everytime I meet someone else I'm always comparing my appearance to them and it caused me to have so many problems making friends
>Try not to be always at home, specially on the summer because I really like feeling the sunlight kek
>Read a lot but use the local library instead of buying new books
>Be more social and practice small talk so I dont end up having awkward conversations
>Get a good moisturizer and actually use it instead of ignoring it
>Cut the bleached part of my hair and grow it longer (maybe also get rid of my bangs)
>Fix my posture
>Cleanout my closet and donate/alter the things i dont wear (making pants i dont like into skirts)
>Also only buying clothes when needed and building a cohesive wardrove

No. 330508

> get lazer hair removal on my armpits and coochie
> start tretinoin (have to save up to see a derm)
> get my driver's license
> clean out my closet and buy better clothes
> lazer scar removal on my face
> start therapy again
> work harder

No. 330561

File: 1684953643931.jpeg (48.35 KB, 957x385, 61BF2E7B-1A3E-49C0-9B55-8E2189…)

Can I also ask for help with my eyebrows? I feel like they always make me look either angry or “evil” when I smile. My mom has really small and thin eyebrows so the stuff she taught me is just how to make them look even bigger, which seems like the opposite of my problem.

No. 330565

Are you comfortable shaving/plucking your eyebrows? You can reshape them into a smoother curve by taking out the triangular edge at the top.

No. 330566

Huh? You have beautiful lush eyebrows. I'm jelly. Maybe ask someone else if your eyebrows really make you come off as angry? To be honest, I find it hard to believe. I've never met a person and thought they were angry because of their eyebrows.

No. 330568

Um you have basically ideal eyebrows for the current beauty standards. Brush them with a little eyebrow brush and you don’t have to do anything else

No. 330569

Echoing the sentiment of the others- the only possible thing I can think of is maybe just shave or wax the area around the brows, NOT at ALL, in any way, taking away or changing the shape of the brow. Cleaning up the peach fuzz surrounding them may look more streamlined and neat. But that's not even necessary as they are gorgeous as-is!

No. 330578

I am a little scared of taking too much away and looking really weird and misshapen, so I’ve never done it.
Thanks for the nice comments, maybe it’s just because other people in my family have such different eyebrows than me that I’m biased against my own eyebrows… But everyone in my family says I have a resting angry face because of them. Maybe it’s because I’m shorter than everyone and perspective makes the angle look more dramatic? I might try to get a different clear brow gel because the one I’ve used in the past wasn’t strong enough and it didn’t seem to do anything.
I’ll try to just pluck the random sparse hairs then… I’m afraid that if I mess up they will never grow back, but that’s a myth, right? The little sparse spot on my eyebrow is from a childhood injury but I’m still scared that I’ll put a bald spot on my eyebrow by accident somehow and then look both vaguely disgruntled and eyebrow-balding.

No. 330589

This. Don't do anything drastic to your beautiful eyebrows because of some casual family nagging, I'm begging you.

No. 330836

you can try and get the 2000s arched brows, imo they’re prettier and make you look more feminine kinda like a femme fatale, but it also depends on your facial structure. (do this if you don’t want to pluck them without checking first if they fit you or not) cover your current brows with concealer and draw on those eyebrows to see if they fit you

No. 333736

Don't let the jealous haters get to you. They're perfect

No. 342656

> I’m afraid that if I mess up they will never grow back, but that’s a myth, right?
I know this post is a month old but just in case anyone is reading this thinking the same thing, I just want put a little PSA here: that is not a myth. Overplucking and permanent eyebrow hair loss is a real and common phenomenon. Sometimes you never get the hair back. The more you do it the more likely it is to not grow back the same.

No. 349894

I wonder if anyone found an easy and budget way to glow up, that worked for them. I kind of want to do the bare minimum makeup-wise, but clear my skin and straighten my teeth (Invisalign or other clear methods, or even braces but I don't prefer that), and I already have gotten laser eye surgery so going glasses-less has been nice as well as convenient, I don't mind the latter two things being pricey because they seem worth it.

Clearing skin will be such a subjective thing so I don't want to approach the topic, but what do you nonnas think is bare minimum makeup? With Sephora birthday gifts this year I can easily get a mascara and lipstick for free and I saw a blush and brush set for a good deal there so it's been on my to-buy-next list. I have a couple translucent setting powder mini sizes given for free in previous months, and so in my mind (as a not makeup-experience person) I'm just thinking I'll shell the cash out for a nice medium coverage/buildable coverage foundation in my shade and just be done with all that. Repurchase as necessary when the time comes (if I like all this). And use the same blush brush for foundation and setting powder too (cleaning it with a cleaning spray regularly of course).
Is this what most women wear to look put-together and conventionally attractive or are there more steps that I should reconsider going without? (for example idk what BB and CC creams are for and that along with highlighter, bronzer etc seems superfluous to me, and eyeshadow kind of…bold?… but what do I know)

No. 349896

What "minimal makeup" means for you depends on a lot of things, like your personal style, your skin type and concerns (oily, dry, acne, wrinkles, etc), your daily life (school/work), and how much time you have to get ready in the morning. Something like vidrel would be appropriate for classes, running errands, and most offices IMHO.

The absolute minimum starter kit for simple, "my face but better" makeup for most women is like
>brown, non-volumizing mascara if your hair colour is not black (I like Glossier's, but you'll need a good makeup remover as it is waterproof)
>Tinted moisturizer or liquid foundation in a shade that works for you. OK if this is pricey bc you never use a lot at once
>Concealer, for under-eye circles or blemishes if you have them
>Blush colour that's as close to your natural "flushed" shade as possible
>Lip balm, tinted or not
>Lip crayon/liner in your natural shade, cream or pencil formula. Revlon sells a good double-duty product
>Nude eyeshadow palette that works with your skin undertone
>Eyebrow spoolie
>Eyebrow pencil/crayon that matches your brows
>Makeup remover. Cleansing balm, micellar water, cleansing oil, whatever

A lot of these products have multiple uses and can also be applied with your fingers if they're creams/liquids. Neutral eyeshadow is good for all sorts of subtle eye contour trickery, and can be used to fill in your brows if you have a small, angled brush. Eyebrow pencils are a bit more user-friendly though.

As for setting powder, I know you're trying to save money and not buy two brushes but blush and setting brushes are made for different things. You want a big, loose/fluffy brush for setting powder to cover more surface area and not deposit too much product in one place, while blush brushes are smaller and densely packed to control product application and keep it somewhat concentrated in the application area before it's blended out. If you can only buy one, go with the powder brush, as cream blushes can be applied with your fingers if you're careful but setting powders cannot.

While you really don't have to wear makeup every day, try it for a while so you get some practice and a feel for what makes you look/feel good and what doesn't. Most everyday makeup should not place a lot of emphasis (i.e. colour, saturation, shininess) on your eyes and lips at the same time, by the way. It can look a bit too glam for everyday occasions. Instead, try out combinations like eyebrows and lips, eyes and blush, eyes and eyebrows, etc to see what suits you. Most importantly, have fun! It's easy to get sucked into the beauty obligation trap, but you really don't owe anyone clear skin or perfect makeup all the time.

No. 349915

AYRT, thank you for this it's really informative and a good place for me to start. I have some things you listed for the minimum starter kit, like an eyebrow spoolie/brush since I do fill in my eyebrows, BUT THAT VIDEO is so helpful, since I went to watch another few of that girl's videos and in one she says mixing silicone and water when it comes to primers and foundation/concealer = product separation and pilling on your face?! Which is exactly what happens to me in the past because my POS concealer is apparently silicone-based and my primer has all-along been a water-based one augh god fuck
I've used this concealer all over the face before (on many horrible occasions) if any nona has done the same the video is titled "MAKEUP MAKES ME LOOK WORSE?" Everyday Makeup for Beginners (step by step, mistakes to avoid)

No. 354469

I glew down instead of glowing up

No. 354481

i already lost loads of weight which was my primary goal though i still have few to work on
>start exercising to get rid of my flabby stomach and hips
>wear makeup more and get a proper set of make up cosmetics
>go through my wardrobe and start replacing ugly, too big clothing with new clothes in style i like
>push myself to sew more and make more clothes for myself
>work on my bad posture
>keep up my skincare routine
>work through my emotional problems and stop poking at things i hate and get emotional or angry about them.
>start working on my anger issues
>get back to my creative work like drawing, taking photos etc.
>try to find some irl friendships and go out more

No. 354487

Tinted sunscreen; get one that matches your skin in both color and moisture. You can get both skin-colored, or a color correcting one – I'm very pale with bad red flushing, so I use a green tinted one for example. It evens things out and makes my face match my neck more.
Eyelash serum (I also use it to fix my brows).
Concealer for any breakouts and under eye circles.
Tinted lip gloss for a little color and more even lip tone.

Also, if you're worried about eyeshadow being bold, just get a nude palette. The other anon gave a much better "beginner makeup" overview but this is what I wear for a more "no makeup" approach that still looks neat and clean.

No. 354515

how much weight did you loose and how? congrats nona! I hope you reach your goals!

No. 354537

12kg! went down from around 74kg to 62kg. i cut down the sugar, stopped overeating and eating just to kill my free time which was huge issue for me. i had more physical tasks at my work and i often went everywhere on foot, had loads of physical activity which definitely helped me a lot. additionally focusing on my hobbies made me not think about eating again. i was way less active before that. i had to stop because if i didn't take it seriously i'd weigh way over 80kg now and i'd hate myself even more.

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