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File: 1630159202812.jpg (143.05 KB, 640x780, skinnoshame on instagram.jpg)

No. 203417

thread for talking about and celebrating (or simply being willing to accept, if that's where you are) our bodies in their natural form. completely unedited and unflitered. all bodies welcome - skin conditions such as acne, body hair, stretch marks, fat, lumps and bumps. you name it! all is welcome here.

picture and video editing is becoming more advanced and detecting what is real from what is fake is getting harder. posting of truly unedited pics is highly encouraged. if you know of any online accounts focused around the idea of embracing of the natural self, please share!

No. 203418

incoming the its my choicers with their I wish I could get plastic surgery and pump shit loads of moisturizers that are meant for white skin kek

No. 203419

I'm the op but I wanted to give a bit of background on why I created this thread. recently I've been criticising my face/body almost constantly. I have acne and am hairier than most women thanks to unbalanced hormones. I grow a lot of hair on my face. I don't use instagram much but when I do I feel depressed when seeing other women whose skin looks better than mine, whose bodies are more 'beautiful'. I have to bring myself back to reality and remind myself of the staggering amount of picture editing that goes into the average instagram post. I thought a thread where we could share pictures of truly unedited and natural women who look different from the instagram cookie cutter would be refreshing and hopefully help other anons who may struggle with this!

No. 203420

I hope not! a complete lack of plastic surgery talk would be prefered

No. 203421

File: 1630160119195.jpg (204.29 KB, 1118x1114, joannajkenny.jpg)

samefag op once again but I recently followed joannajkenny and I like the way she posts a lot of unedited next to edited pictures, the contrast is staggering. I'd often see pictures like the one on the right and think 'there's definitely some editing there but she's probably doesn't look too different without it' WRONG. she looks totally different but in the best way because on the left is an actual human being. I'm so thankful for accounts like hers, such a breath of fresh air.

No. 203422

That lady is really pretty, I just wanted to say that.

I've always considered modifying yourself in the form of heavy makeup, clothing, shapewear, plastic surgery, hair dye etc a Sisyphean task because it never ends and only gets harder as you grow older. Not to mention that it's harmful for your health a lot of the time. All the money and effort you spend trying to fit into a mold set by people who don't look like you and never will, for what?

It's especially silly because I can't name a single person that looks better when shoved into an outfit that doesn't suit their body and wears trendy makeup that doesn't enhance their features, or has an expensive hairstyle that fries their hair. Not one. There's so many ways to look beautiful so I don't understand why you'd choose to copy someone else's idea of beauty.

No. 203432

> bodies in their natural form
> green and blue eyeshadow
make it make sense

No. 203437

I’m so glad I don’t give a fuck about attractiveness. I don’t “love” or “hate” my body. How is that even possible? I brush, scrub, and soap my body to keep it clean and healthy. It does its thing, so I won’t interfere.

Fuck my age group for being spineless, pathetic losers who are ready throw money at some clown with a knife. I can’t get my head to wrap around the trend of chopping off your bits, shaving “excess” hair, or imprinting shit on your skin.

Whatever, we all waste away.

No. 203440

>hairy armpits
>hairy bush
>messy hair
>no makeup
All day

No. 203446

But she didn't cover up her skin blemishes, pluck her eyebrows or wax her armhair. To me it looks like she's using eyeshadow for fun and not for beauty purposes, if that makes sense. But that's just my interpretation (not op btw). That or it's a picture taken in process of removing make-up because there seems to be some left over around her lips.

No. 203452

still, blue and green eyeshadow is not natty

No. 203454

neither is soap or deodorant but please use it

No. 203463

I was thinking today how I'm in a minority of my peers that hasn't had a cosmetic procedure (I dye my hair). I really don't like the look of anti aging procedures. My step mom had work done about a decade ago and I hate seeing her skin up close. It looks tight, shiny and sore. My mom who has sun damage from growing up in Aus has a more charming face. You can see she takes care of what she has but I might be bias kek. Glad I don't have sun damage. Feels weird comparing myself to worked on faces of my friends.

No. 203464

There's a youthful happy glow of living a happy good life that makes anyone's wrinkly face look good.

No. 203489

File: 1630220896988.png (601.99 KB, 612x498, unknown.png)

Funny how some niche micro e-celebs preach they hate men and want to eat the rich when they happily throw their internet monies at male surgeons so they can get their face and body sliced and diced then have the nerve to talk about how much "the beauty industry sux". How can you say that when you're helping keeping them in power and making their wallets fatter? How does it feel being a man's pay pig? Women surgeons make me feel gross, too.
Anyway, I haven't used foundation in such a long time, has anyone else who stopped wearing makeup notice how strange it looks on others when you watch a tv show or YouTube video? The weird part is I've never noticed these type of things when I was wearing a full face of makeup regularly.

No. 203490

When I stopped watching beauty youtubers for like a year and I watched one again for the first time recently, I was shocked how blatant the filters were. I never realized those were a thing. Well you read about them in the commentsections but I never actually saw them, I must've been completely desensitized.

No. 203497

File: 1630234196535.jpg (106.2 KB, 750x750, body-hair-02.jpg)

As a woman with a hairy arms I've given up on trying to "make it acceptable". I was mocked for it as a young teen, so I started wearing long-sleeved shirts. In high school I thought some of my friends were naturally hairless of something, then I slept over at one of their houses and they shaved every morning, daily. I'm happy when I meet another woman with stronger, visible arm hair, although I'd never bring it into a conversation because I don't want to treat it as a sensation, but as a normal part of life. I think patting people on the back for "being so brave" for having some visible scarring or stretchmarks feels like the complete opposite of normalization, but then, it's still going against beauty standards and it's weird to pretend people don't get shit on. It's such a sensitive topic to approach IRL.

No. 203498

Where are these micro e celebs kek never seen them manhate.

No. 203501

I sometimes let my armpit hair grow a bit. Not long, but a bit past the point of stubble, and the annoying thing is that I can ignore moids if they said anything to me but when it's coming from my female peers it just feels so odd

We all know its natural thing and a tiny bit of covered up armpit hair isn't a sin

No. 203502

It hit me yesterday that a lot of young men today probably don't know what the female body in its natural state looks like

No. 203505

Has anyone else stopped caring about their appearance as much as they've got older? I don't mean dressing in dirty clothes and neglecting personal hygiene but for example, I used to be self conscious about my hairy arms and even shaved them a couple times when I was younger. I have acne scars and used to wear make up to conceal it but now I just don't care anymore what people think of my appearance, if they think about it at all.

No. 203508

Not caring less as much as that I've come to the realisation how anxiety inducing wearing (skin-enhancing) make-up really has been for me and how reliant I've been on it. When I was a teen up until my early twenties, when I had to wake up in the morning the first thing I would do (after dressing and showering etc). was do my make-up. I scheduled a LOT of time for this because I had to cover all my acne with make-up. I purposely did this before eating because if it took longer than planned (I wasn't very good at it after all nor did I have good products and tools) then I could just sacrifice breakfast. Looking back it's crazy that I would readily sacrifice my breakfast to cover up my acne (it wasn't even that bad, just chronic.). I never stepped outside of the house without make-up, no one at school or at my part time jobs ever saw me without make-up including foundation. I was always looking in the mirror, every break, anxiously trying to check if I was still looking presentable, if my foundation wasn't breaking up, fixing it in secret if need be etc.

Last year because I spent a lot of time at home because of corona, I finally broke my 10 years of chronic foundation and concealer use. For the first time since I was a young teen I left the house without foundation on. I must say it's been tempting to go back to foundation use but I've been resisting so far because I'll know I'll get caught up in the anxiety around it again and hating my natural skin.

I've also come to realize it's largely self-imposed. People haven't started treating me differently since I've stopped wearing foundation, I think anyway. People haven't commented on my skin either nor did they when my acne was far more active as a teen.

No. 203511

i have this with winged eyeliner its so retarded, i would do my makeup to go to supermarket until the pandemic. My experience is different thought cause people do treat me completely differently without makeup and i know its not in my head because its very obvious the way they are rude to me for no reason and it does kinda ruin my mood not because i feel unattractive but because people are mean. Whereas when I dress up and wear makeup they're either extra kind and going out of their way to help me or indifferent, never mean. This always fucks with my head because I love my bare face and putting on makeup does seem like a chore sometimes but knowing you'll get treated differently gets annoying.
armpit hair on women is so beautiful, when i went to laser hair removal i was sad for like 2 weeks because i thought my pubes and armpit hair wouldn't grow back and regretted going. I saw this girl i know at the park the other day she had hairy legs and was wearing a cute dress, I took a glance at her legs for a second while talking and I didnt want to say anything because pointing it out would be weird but I hope she didnt think I was gawking at her. I love seeing women go natural in public it takes courage and encourages me to do the same. Its seems so stupid to me now that I wasted all those summers wearing jeans because I hated shaving but wasnt brave enough to wear shorts.

No. 203513

File: 1630255770801.jpg (5.41 MB, 4096x7289, 37261770003437.jpg)

Sophia Loren showing off her armpit hair. Hot tbh. Women look way better with body hair than men do anyway.

No. 203514

File: 1630255938442.jpg (51.78 KB, 595x842, 3828828282.jpg)

Old magazine cover of Penelope Cruz.

No. 203520

Personally, I find it so damn hard to keep up with all those trends and what you should or shouldn't do and I'm very happy that I grew up before Instagram and stuff like that was a thing.
Kids at school bullied me for my hair and I hate it until today and just don't know what to do about it, because its texture is complicated and not the typical "white" hair stuff (or it is and I just don't know) and I'm white as snow, so strange stuff and my mother was never any help. Guess I will have to overcome that part one day.
Except for that, I never wore foundation, could never find the right shade, people in Germany like tanning and so all the foundations were way too dark for me when I was at the age I cared about it. Nowadays I just don't care anymore, my skin is a little bit dry, but that's all, the rest is okay.
Also, I've got Keratosis pilaris on my legs, sometimes my arms and when I was younger I was so insecure about it, today I just don't mind it. Somehow living with self-harm scars and not hiding them made me stop worrying and being 30+ made it also easier, in the end we won't live forever, why waste time in a hospital bed recovering from plastic surgery? I'm just thankful and happy that my body is still strong and healthy despite what I put it through and I know that way less people care about your looks than you think.

No. 203521

Armpit hair is the only thing I don't mind removing, but that's mainly because I find it easier to keep clean without hair, I'm really sweaty.

No. 203522

Have you tried letting your armpit hair grow out? I used to always get wet spots under my armpits when I used to shave. I spent so much money on those special sweat reducing antiperspirants when I could've just let my body hair do its job. I haven't shaved in 2 years and it has stopped.

I still struggle with being afraid people will stare at my armpits, but I'm completely comfortable with my legs being hairy. I'm currently embracing wearing no bras, and I love that women on campus are doing it too. My saggy boobs shouldn't be some disgrace to society, everyone has nipples. Bras are uncomfortable and fighting gravity. I have heavy breasts that sag pretty low, so it hurt letting them go at first, but it's so natural now that I feel like I'm in hell when I put a bra on. I am afraid of staring, but no one has been bold enough (or maybe I didn't notice?). I just hate we've been sold the lie that boobs should be antigravity and always be squeezed and pushed up. It killed my self esteem going through puberty and having "grandma boobs" already bc I looked at the media and never saw anyone with natural breasts that were big.

No. 203523

Are there any anons who let their mustaches grow out? Plucking it is painful and a hassle but honestly whenever I let it grow out I feel like I look gross

No. 203527

I have to say, I never understood the hate for bras, I love wearing bras and they have never been uncomfortable for me. That said, I support every woman burning her bra, let your boobs be free.
What I can say about people staring is that they don't, most people just don't care. I once had a woman stare at my scars (they are visible and cover both arms, and no, I don't have bpd, kek) while being on the bus and I looked her right back into the eyes, she never dared to look again. I don't mind people asking or having a short look, but staring is just not okay and she wasn't looking like a nice and caring person, more like judging me for something she wouldn't understand.

No. 203529

Having to wear a mask everywhere sure has been convenient. Real talk, I sometimes go like 2-3 weeks without shaving it because I just forget it's there. I don't usually pluck, I shave. People either don't notice/don't care or are polite enough not to comment and I've never had anyone say anything about it to my face.

No. 203530

I dont wear bras either. Here are some tips for girls who want to not wear bras anymore

>use a loose low hanging scarf to subtly cover your chest if you're nervous about people looking

>do a small set of push ups to develop your back and chest muscles, it'll help reduce back pain

>going braless is not for everyone. Maybe just switch to sports bras or tight vests. If you have heavy breasts and experience back pain, a bra is most likely necessary for the sake of your health

No. 203531

File: 1630268348429.jpeg (266.52 KB, 870x580, climbing_podium.jpeg)

So much of the media we consume is filled with people literally selected for their beauty. I try to keep this in mind, but I sometimes wonder if I'd think differently of myself if I could only compare myself to the people I see in real life.

No. 203538

I feel you, I really have the worst memories of using makeup in high school. It was fucking miserable, constantly trying to cover up my acne (that I picked at), always reapplying it and it was always terrible quality/the wrong colour for me (it was over 10 yrs ago so not many beauty gurus to follow). I remember being at a bfs house and reapplying every couple of hours out of severe self consciousness that he'd see any of my acne, though in retrospect I was making it more obvious and gross.

I went on accutane after high school to clear it up and even though I have scarring now, I'm always so thrilled to go makeup free that I don't feel any insecurity about it. I feel way uglier with makeup on tbh, because that's not my actual face so anyone thinking I look good is just thinking my mask looks good.

No. 203539

I can't remember last I shaved, but I would like to say over 7 years, and in total, I've probably shaved myself a maximum of 10 times. I've always hated shaving and I was always open about it. I really despise that not shaven is seen as a fetish to moids, which makes me uncomfortable when I go out, because I just rather them stare in disgust than in awe fetish. (kinda like how footfags stare at toes in public)
I don't wear bras other than when I workout, and it feels so good. Please nonnies, embrace the natural state.

No. 203551

I've never shaved in my entire life. Somehow no one irl ever said anything about it. Or maybe I don't notice.

No. 203564

File: 1630309082828.png (Spoiler Image, 467.27 KB, 469x574, hair.png)

NTA but I do every fall and winter when I'm too lazy to shave. Sadly I smell and sweat so badly.
I tried so many different deodorants and antiperspirants but no matter what if I'm hairy I'm going to be sweaty.
I wax my armpit hair so it's a quick process.

That being said, I am not ashamed anymore of many things I was ashamed about as a teen. I go out with hairy legs, I only wear bras for work because our work shirt is almost transparent and white and I have a bush. I rarely wear makeup but if I do it will be a wacky eyeshadow color with lipstick and nothing else. That's as far as I go and it's for fun only. I'm usually makeup free.

No. 203573

I've never been one to carr about my body hair, I have serious hairy legs and arm hair but I don't mind it. I feel a bit happy when I see another woman with hairy arms, online or offline. I always, always have been pressured to shave and wax by my female family members, they make vomiting sounds whenever we meet and they catch a glimpse of my hairy leg or something. I was always called mannish because of it. And honestly at one point, you kind of stop paying it any attention. It doesn't affect me, well not enough to shave kek. But I still shape my eyebrows and remove my moustache hair, so that's that. I don't do makeup, and minimal skincare. Although I like wearing flattering, pretty clothes. I also feel like it's comes as a nice contrast with my makeup-free, gaunt face. I like how I feel when I wear some nice clothes with no makeup.
I hope we all can learn to embrace how our body looks naturally, because thinking about it. It's surreal women, even teen or preteen girls, are expected to spend a select amount of time everyday shaving every bit of their body. It's just so fucking stupid, I'm sorry. You can do whatever, shave, wax, whatever. I think it's stupid, when girls talk about how they gotta shave and they can't come today because they don't have time to put on makeup or shave. How its 'slay' when a girl takes an hour everyday perfectly doing her face. It's not slay, you don't see men encouraged to pursue this. So much time can be put into much better things than that. Even 'vain' things like exercise or something. Or even just laying down. I don't know, I have a lot of feelings about it.

No. 203580

sadly, everything women do is some fetish for one idiot out there, so, let's do whatever we want and if someone wants to give you money on the streets because he likes your hairy body, take it and buy you something nice, kek.

only make-up I will wear is mascara and eyeshadow, the rest, don't have time, don't care, don't want spend hundreds to get the right fitting products. The time people started to make their big bold eyebrows I stopped caring. I have very light eyebrows, you sometimes can't see them and now I should paint black marker eyebrows on my face, no, thank you, I'm not a clown.

No. 203857

File: 1630531494163.jpg (289.49 KB, 1280x1707, 21cf782b135a76413c3d5d6cbce8f8…)

Mini-dump incoming

No. 203858

File: 1630531521783.jpg (149.84 KB, 500x680, a94f709c9d06c0d913d9db2baf17e4…)

No. 203859

File: 1630531578346.jpg (87.46 KB, 640x951, e36ddd81019cccd0dc5959a9f849ec…)

No. 203860

File: 1630531614753.jpg (123.83 KB, 736x1104, 3df3be1bc6d64779407d8f131f8f13…)

No. 203861

File: 1630531652156.jpg (76.8 KB, 640x859, a93519fa080bc35ea9654054f0f29f…)

No. 203862

File: 1630531773141.jpg (60.19 KB, 736x736, 6e4cc05000501ff6673d461efe1899…)

No. 203866

Never cared about my blond moustache until recently and wax removal is so painful that I chose some cheap cream to eliminate it. Terrible mistake, that thing is toxic as hell and it's making my face veins a the moustache zone coming up to the surface. I actually like that males are weirded out by women with moustaches.

No. 203867

I'm guilty of shaving my blonde moustache. though with masks, I haven't had to worry as much. mask-wearing makes me use less make up, as well. I basically just do my eyes because I like making them stand out.

In general though, I only shave under my arms consistently because if I let it go any longer than a weekend, it feels uncomfortable. I only shave my legs to whatever point will be visible with what I'm wearing… or, if it's fall/winter and I can see the hair poking out of my tights… which yes, happens to me. A lot lol

But I don't bother with arms, though mine are just as hairy as most guys, if not more. But it's really fine and blonde, so no one has ever said anything.

No. 203878

I'm hairy as shit and a few years ago I just kind of burned out on dealing with it. I shave my PCOS beard/stache but everything else stays, even the chest hair. I don't care if people find it gross, I would need to shave literally every inch of my body to be hairless and it's too much work.

I get the most negative reactions from (het) women surprisingly. Men give me weird looks but only women have made comments. It's like seeing my hair makes them feel weird and defensive about their choice to shave, so they lash out.

No. 203879

40 year old chiming in to say non of it matters. seriously, i've been fat and nerdy since i was 15 and i'm gonna point out that it didn't matter if i put on make up or wore posh clothes or acted different; i still got jobs and and had girlfriends/boyfriends. I had friend groups and hobbies and fun holidays. and i saw people get lost just trying to be who they weren't. These people also got set on by cruel bullies and abusive partners. Not there fault, and i always did my best to protect them but if your constantly looking in the mirror and telling your self off, your not living and you can be taken advantage of.
not worth it. and your the only one who cars anyway.

No. 203908

my cat reminds me every day I am not fat and I am just a fluffy over grown sized kitten she loves. then again she's round like a ball, but at least she loves me unconditionally, its kind of funny really how our pets look like us, when I lose weight she loses some too, I gain she gains a little bit.

No. 203927

anons, how can I feel less stressed and self-conscious about chin hairs? a lot of it is just blonde peach fuzz but I very often get a couple of fairly wiry dark hairs poking out and it's so mortifying

No. 203929

Chiming in to tell my fellow Asians that life has gotten so much better since I let go of my internalized colourism and have learned to embrace my skin tone. I used to use whitening soaps, try to avoid the sun and constantly worry about my SPF use. Of course it’s good to use sunscreen to avoid burns and cancer, but I admit I was doing it because I felt lesser when I was tan and was scared of wrinkles and aging badly. I genuinely love my skin now from its wintertime pale olive to the warm light brown in summer. I don’t even care that other Asians might find me ugly or lower class, I feel so comfortable in my skin and free.

No. 203930

I have chin/neck hair that's left over from my tard/tran days so I'm probably comparable to say a woman with pcos when it comes to what's still growing in now. I pluck but I don't do it obsessively. If a few stubbles worth of hair are there I don't stress it.

I joke with friends about my chin hairs, I do the same with partners and don't make any secret of when I'm plucking it. It's not a 'hide in the bathroom' routine. It's the one last place where I still pluck though. I'm grooming it but not full on hiding its existance I guess.

No. 203931

Idk I just got used to them, it's fun to try to pluck them with just my nails.

No. 203934

Nta but I sometimes pluck mine by hand too lol, like I mindlessly pull them out while watching tv. There's always one though that just refuses to budge without the tweezer being brought out. Every time.

No. 203939

You just don't try hard enough anon, keep plucking at it and you'll pull it I believe in you.

No. 203986

I'm pretty neutral towards hair. I think it's odd to obsess over hairiness or hairlessness, though I do gravitate towards women that don't shave. I sometimes trim my pits and bush because I get too sweaty in summer but I haven't gone actually hairless since my early 20s.

Arm hair I have no clue why people bother removing. It looks fine, I literally don't even notice it on anybody regardless of how dark it is. I also don't get why one would remove mustaches, unless it's bearded lady tier. Most people don't have facial hair that's dense enough to remove imo.

No. 203991

I still struggle with pushing back on negative thoughts about my own body, but ever since I started committing more to pushing back on negative thoughts about other women (which have always been hand in hand for me with thoughts about myself)…..all I see is how beautiful women are. Like, once you shift to no longer seeing body hair, skin texture, etc as immediately hideous, it's like….god, we're all so fucking worried about this shit and yet women are so fucking gorgeous everywhere, all the time. Maybe it's just me also pushing back on automatically negative thoughts about women in general lol, because I get real into my feelings about how we're all working so hard in such an unfair world and I wish I could do more. But man, today I saw a grandma doing yoga stretches in the sun and I thought, holy shit I bet you've thought you were hideous at one point and you're there in tree pose looking like a fucking sun goddess. I hope you all get to see yourselves like I'd probably see you!

No. 204116

My nose is not a ski slope button nose but fukkit that never stopped people finding me cute and if I changed it that'd be a damn shame, never will

No. 204159

as someone who also shaves their face everyday I would honestly feel so happy to see you in public with your hairy chest. I can't tolerate the face hair but I leave my arm hair which is very dark and thick. I don't know how I'd react if someone pointed it out negatively but I live in a cold climate and mostly wear long sleeves.

how have you dealt with those reactions in the past?

No. 204160

I love this comment especially the part about the old lady doing yoga, I hope to be her one day

No. 204163

File: 1630764898528.jpg (68.71 KB, 600x899, 5dd2ba1d79d7570617263d25.jpg)

I really liked this photo series by Sophie Harris-Taylor celebrating women with different types of skin. I'll post a few but he's the link


No. 204164

File: 1630764927311.jpg (38.96 KB, 600x899, 5dd2ba1d79d757062a3698e2.jpg)


No. 204165

File: 1630765315057.jpg (44.07 KB, 600x899, 5dd2ba1d79d7572ae22fb292.jpg)


No. 204166

File: 1630765502926.png (218.93 KB, 399x395, DEF7D6E3-4141-4504-94FB-D231F2…)

i feel so ugly lately. like i dont strive to be an ig model or anything, but im worried i have no natural appeal. is it possible to be objectively bad looking? im not deformed or anything and on good days i can look in the mirror and think i'm fine, i'm just average. but these days i hate myself so much and im like spiraling fixated on how ugly i am. it sucks cuz i know life would be so much easier if i was pretty. i feel worthless and i dont know what to do. ive never been into makeup or fashion which obviously wouldnt be the answer anyway. how do i get through this? how am i supposed to accept or even embrace being so ugly? i wish so badly that i could just be naturally beautiful

No. 204167

File: 1630765981266.jpg (42.65 KB, 600x899, 5dd2ba1d79d757061d711e63.jpg)


No. 204168

>im like spiraling fixated on how ugly i am

I can relate. I think we all criticise ourselves way more harshly than we criticise others. if you're looking at your nose or your eyebags or acne and obsessing you have to remind youself that no on else will obsess over these things about you. have you ever obsessed over someone else's nose? (maybe a stupid question to ask on lolcow but as long are you're not a cow I honestly don't think anyone is ever going to care that much about something like that on you)

you said you can somedays think you're fine, if just average at the start of your comment and then call yourself ugly by the end of it. you're prpbably also like me in that on days when you're beating yourself up you think you're uglier. try being kinder to yourself, smile at yourself in the mirror if you can. I'm sure you're not ugly and even if you were that wouldn't make you worthless. try finding small things about yourself you do like. maybe your lips are nice or your eyes, focus on those features and remind yourself about them. these tips probably aren't worth much coming from someone else with low self esteem but I hope they may be!

No. 204195

Nta but what if people irl point out your flaws and stare at you?

No. 204205

agreed anon. The fact that I can only grow dainty little fluffs of armpit hair makes me feel more feminine than shaving it

No. 206318

File: 1632136743406.jpg (45.81 KB, 569x459, tumblr_on98ccvhic1tlhiy6o1_640…)

I've been thinking about my bodyhair a lot recently and saved some pictures from tumblr just to remind myself that plently of women have hair in places that you don't usually see in media

mini spam coming up since some of these pics might help any hairy anons

No. 206319

File: 1632136804319.jpg (73.58 KB, 400x533, tumblr_ocn9gmFGZc1shttj9o2_400…)

anyone else grow hairs like this on their chests?

No. 206320

File: 1632136833793.jpg (472.75 KB, 1280x1793, tumblr_o7c5knOV9A1qg25vko1_128…)

No. 206321

File: 1632136874619.jpg (87.44 KB, 500x620, tumblr_687660ecb0367cc3ff4815d…)

No. 206322

File: 1632136943715.jpg (67.58 KB, 500x500, tumblr_430b53b94cbd78125a7a210…)

No. 206326

This is a pretty picture

No. 206338

yes, same distribution but lighter than picrel i see peach fuzz when i look down my decolletage im not bothered, even in my i-must-shave-everything years i kinda liked that peach fuzz and didnt touch it, does anyone grow hair on their lower back? like the type of hair you get on your nipples, thick and long but only 1-2 strands, i've seen guys with full on bushes on their lower backs and i think it looks extremely ugly and unsanitary but i love mine, its just so funny to me that it appeared out of nowhere i started finding it cute i think of it as my tail

No. 206392

really beautiful

No. 206393

Late, but on the topic of hair being a fetish- it shouldn't be a fetish. Natural body hair should be a normal attraction just like being attracted to curvy women or red hair. It wouldn't be a fetish if society didn't shame women into shaving. I'm attracted to hairy women and I wouldn't call it a fetish, just normal homosexuality. Of course moids always take it a step too far. But I wish more people were attracted to/okay with hair.

No. 206419

i love this picture! so pretty

No. 207413

File: 1632944540586.jpg (569.13 KB, 2000x3000, Kajol%20makeup%20hairstyle%20b…)

I stopped plucking my monobrow 3 years ago. Used to pluck individual hairs using a magnifying mirror every morning before school since I was 13.
I'm ethnically Indian, never saw a monobrow on white girls or my family either since they plucked; it was my biggest insecurity. No longer caring is very relieving.

No. 207420

White women are pressured to tweeze their monobrows as much as you are. My natural brows look almost exactly like the pic you posted except they grow a little closer to my eyes. Glad you learned go embrace yours nonny! I go back and forth between loving mine and leaving them natural, and tweezing them to all hell. I have embraced my leg, armpit and pube hairs but eyebrows have been difficult for me to love, along with my teeth. I've made good progress on accepting my natural self but a little girl (my relative) asked me the other day why my teeth are crooked and I wanted to cry. I know little kids have no filter but I can't help but think that's the only thing people see when they look at me.

No. 207428

I have eczema and it’s really bad on my face at the minute, it looks like I’ve aged 10 years because of how dried out my skin looks. I do my best to keep it moisturised. As cheesy as it is, I love my skin as is. It makes me me and I’ve been through so much with it.

No. 207442

I stopped waxing my face since I've had to wears masks everywhere anyway. I've never been especially femme but I was self conscious about my facial hair. Since leaving it alone, I've realized its really not that bad and ita definitely not gross and I don't intend on waxing ever again.

Eyebrow plucking is so painful and unnecessary, and a natural brow even if it's a uni is infinitately less jarring to me than the whole thick, painted on brows that are popular now.

No. 207452

Dentists will try to get you to have your wisdom teeth removed even if they aren't causing any problems but…idk… I think they're supposed to allow mature humans to kronch up tough fibrous roots & leaves and give the youths the tasty soft stuff. Now that several of mine have come in, I mostly get cravings for bitter & herbal flavors rather than sweet things. Coincidence?… maybe.

No. 207620

i used to get eczema between my fingers every summer, placquey flakey very itchy skin. no matter how much i moisturized it would happen every summer, and while moisturizer did make it feel better for maybe 30 minutes it didnt last.

this year my partner was like "if it happens in the summer when it's humid, maybe it's because you're too moist?" so i tried just doing nothing and trying to get my hands wet as rarely as possible, no moisturizer, gloves for doing dishes/laundry, no going in pools (well they were all closed anyway), drying my hands meticulously after washing. and after about two weeks…it went away almost completely. maybe i'm retarded but it looked like dry flaky skin and everyone always told me to moisturize. i had this problem every summer since i was 7 and it turns out all i had to do was just…nothing.

No. 208100

As you get older your taste buds become less sensitive towards bitter flavours and hence you crave them more.

Nothing to do with growing some replacement teeth your caveman body thinks you need after a couple of decades of eating tough, uncooked food. Do you also think becoming less naive and childish is because you grew taller?

No. 208233

Bit of a rant, but it’s so annoying when I see people (especially other women) repeat the same old “body hair makes you smelly” myth. If having hair traps that much sweat and makes it so much more difficult to clean yourself, shouldn’t that apply to the hair on your head as well? Nobody ever says women should shave their heads because long hair is unhygienic. Stupid double standard that only applies to “undesirable” body hair.

No. 208237

I don't care to have completely smooth shaven legs. I have had terrible experiences with shaving with razor burn and ingrown hairs. Getting an electrical razor and going out it so my leg hair doesn't poke out of my tights is enough. I also find the idea of maintaining a bald pussy fucking retarded, what's the point, as long as it's groomed nobody cares.

No. 208239

It only makes sense for armpit hair, every else? That would mean all men smell like sewage which isn't true. I personally keep my armpit hair short because it's comfortable and i use a very strong anti-perspirant that would clump in the hairs.

No. 208273

I'm not sure whether my body hair is growing in faster lately but shaving seems like such an endless chore. I've no interest in enduring pain or spending money on options like waxing or laser. For me it's shaving or nothing… and I'm about done with shaving.

I about to have a bath and go exfoliate to get rid of any ingrowns. Would love it if I could just leave all hair alone after this. Maybe trim. Feels dumb to always be shaving, exfoliating, checking for stubble, exfoliating, shaving, repeat repeat repeat. I'm fucking tired of it.

No. 208282

I always get mad ingrown hairs every time I shave my legs with a razor. I use an electric shaver now and though I can't get a very close shave, I get much less ingrowns. like a 80% decrease. I wish I didn't have to shave my legs but I also don't want to have some busybody point out my leg hair in public

>shaving seems like such an endless chore
ugh I know. I sit on my bedroom floor and shave my legs with my electric razor while listening to a podcast and after I've done (which can take like 25 mins) I'm always like 'great got to do this again in a few days!'

I so with you on the exfoliate, shave, checking for stubble, exfoliating, shaving neverending cycle. I'm tired as fuck of it too. I want to be one of those women who leave their hair on their legs alone but I have incredibly dark, thick hair and it's highly noticable. also don't think there are many guys who'd put up with a hairy woman like me. I have enough ugly things about my body without also remaining hairy on top of it

No. 208285

>also don't think there are many guys who'd put up with a hairy woman like me
So don't put up with them then.

No. 208289

this honestly. men do not care enough to remove their body hair when we think it's unattractive, so why should we do it for them?
if you anons are doing it because it's something you really want to do then fair enough but honestly it sounds exhausting. i leave most of mine alone, im covered up most of the time anyway but hair removal is such an ordeal i truly do not have the energy for it.

No. 208308

nta but im a hairy ass bitch, and most boyfriends I've had never cared about me shaving.
If a man is grossed out by hairy legs, thats not a you issue to fix, its his issue.

No. 208314

I've only been in 2 serious relationships but similar experience. I tend to shave right at the beginning and then by the time I'm regularly sleeping over they've seen some stubble so I relax more and more over time. Never had a complaint. I'd usually still shave here and there but very infrequently. It's not like the guys rejoiced on the rare occasions where I did shave again. It wasn't an issue.

I've had phases where I slept around a bit between relationships, I hated how I felt pressure to be bald all over for no strings meetings. It's the number one reason why I stopped having sex outside of a comfy relationship. If I can't be hairy and comfortable in front of you then I'm just not sharing my body with you.

No. 208325

I shave my legs a few times a year, keep my pits and pubes trimmed. No one has complained. Better than being fully shaven but unwashed, plus no stubble.

No. 208349

Same here. Incoming sappiness When my bf and I cuddle he's gotten used to petting my arm hair as if it were a cat when we are watching TV.

No. 208352

Is it weird that I wish my pubic/armpit hair was more dense? Idk if this makes sense.

No. 208800

i feel you on the pit hair, mine is fine and blonde, barely visible even though it’s pretty long.

No. 209752

This photo is cool as fuck
My head hair is thin, but my body hair is THICK, DARK, and COARSE. I have hair on my areolas and between my boobs, and an intense happy trail.
TBH i feel like it looks badass but the amount of pubes I have do get inconvenient.
I have pretty severe body image issues so I actively try to embrace my natural look as much as possible. I never want my 'default face' to be a face with makeup on.

No. 209974

I needed this. thank you

No. 209975

File: 1634570308620.jpg (172.45 KB, 1080x720, tumblr_nf0ct9GbAD1qgr9bmo1_128…)

here to post more pics and keep this thread alive

my arm hair is like this and I love seeing other women with hairy arms. I refuse to remove my arm hair in case their are other women out there who will see it and feel less alone

No. 209976

File: 1634570376054.jpg (32.25 KB, 500x333, tumblr_njbtwiLpJk1qairwpo1_500…)


No. 209977

File: 1634570419671.jpg (48.64 KB, 500x281, tumblr_o4s3kxpdFc1v4eoaho1_500…)

and another one

No. 209978

File: 1634570484372.jpg (263.22 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_og6tpfD2Jd1qeqdzao2_r1_…)

and a final one for today

No. 209980

my head hair is really fine too (though still dark brown)! but my body hair is darker. I have body issues too, I'm underweight and my body hair coupled with that really has a negative effect on my sense of self confidence. I can gain weight but I may never be able to control the hair so I am trying to learn to embrace it even if sometimes it makes me just want to cry

as for the default face thing, I totally agree. I wear a little bit of concealer but could never go back to full foundation. living a life where you don't feel right or happy or yourself without makeup isn't fun

No. 209987

I have to admit that this is the first time I see belly hair on a woman that isn't related to some kind of fetish. Feels nice since I don't shave mine. Thanks OP

No. 210469

File: 1634875308241.jpg (950.62 KB, 1809x2076, 20211021_225858.jpg)

Overdue for my wax. My toehair gets caught in my socks. If I let it, it will reach nearly over my nail.

No. 210475

I have really long, thick, dark pubic hair, that goes really high up my stomach and i'm super self conscious about it but hate to shave it. recently had to get some medical stuff done and I had to take off my pants and lift my shirt, I was so terrified of any nurses or assistants giving me weird looks and stuff, but nothing happened, the only one concerned with the state of my body hair where female relatives. Logically I know they've seen far worse things, but it didn't make me feel less vulnerable

No. 210481

I wish I had nice uniform soft looking body hair like the pictures in this thread. The hair on my stomach is a few really dark, long hairs. My leg hair points in all different directions and it kinda looks like pubes…and the back of my legs are bald

No. 210653

is this your foot anon? I shave my toe hair but not any hair on the top of my foot. waxing there sounds painful, does it get easier with each time?

No. 210654

the fair majority of people in the medical field wouldn't give you any weird looks. they've seen so many different bodies and they know we're all different. when I started going for smear tests I was concerned but I realised the nurse sees vulvas everyday, all different looking ones with various levels of pubic hair. having hair like yours is perfectly normal too. I understand you feeling vulnerable about it though.

No. 210655

>My leg hair points in all different directions and it kinda looks like pubes…and the back of my legs are bald

same. my leg hair is wild and there are areas with no hair, I think that's down to the fabric of my pants chafing away at the hairs throughout the day. I've seen that happen on men too

No. 210656

File: 1634984908311.jpg (377.88 KB, 1280x1920, tumblr_0a0e2d0d10d0c1838c3f69e…)

I liked this GQ shoot of Emma Corrin. she's not super hairy or anything but it's nice to see leg and arm hair. she also has a fair few moles on her arms which is just like mine. I've always hated them on myself but I think they look pretty on her.

I would love a huge shift where this kind of thing becomes the norm (not shaving legs). there is still so much stigma around it. I don't want to shave mine (not to make a statement or anything. just because it's time consuming, can be painful and grows back the next fucking day) but I also want to exist in the world without being judged for it. kudos to Emma Corrin for not shaving for this shoot.

No. 210682

i love seeing things like this. my arm hair is around the same density as hers and she looks pretty cute with them which makes me feel better about mine haha

No. 210687

I had to click on it and look close to even see the leg hair.. that's part of what frustrates me about social rules around womens leg hair. My leg hair can't be seen from a few feet away and yet I know I cant walk around with it out without having to anticipate a reaction. It's such a non thing … and yet it's such a big thing? lol

No. 210688

Are you sure? I've walked around with my leghair that you can only see relatively close up and I've never had a reaction.

No. 210690

I have tattoos on my legs so I get stopped and asked about them sometimes, always nice comments but it adds more risk when it comes to hair and reactions to that

No. 210835

Those are so man feet, begone tran

No. 210836

I have the same and I kind of like it after growing out of that must be pretty mania, it's soft and fluffy and keeps dickwads away.

No. 211144

>more risk
girl, what risk? someone looking funny at most? you have tattoos, you don't have to worry about that.

No. 211519

Anyone else just not shave their legs? I feel like no one really gives a fuck. I shave my armpit hair and vag (personal choice, just don't like hair there) but I just never give a fuck about my legs and no one has ever said shit about it. They probably don't even notice. Plus….I like being warm in the winter!

No. 213350

I have stopped shaving all together, my skin hated it and it felt so stupid to be removing those just them to grow right back. I can't even think to go back to itchy legs and sore pits and those ingrown hair in my vag, no one should.
Nowadays I feel more confident in my hairy pits and legs, I sometimes trim my pits and some pubes on the lips cause they grow just so long and wiry.
It feels kinda funny that I would love to have a bigger/thicker bush, my body hair is pretty light and doesn't curl "prettily" like some other women. I still love em tho.

Only comments I have gotten were of my leg hair and all by other women, nothing mean really though, just lamenting how "brave" and "radical" I was sporting them. Like yeah thanks but my body in it's natural state isn't some kind of grand feminist statement, it's just my hair.

No. 213372

This summer I went to the beach with my bush fully out and on display. Nothing has felt that freeing since.

No. 213612

This thread is so nice to read! I've been natural for quite a while now. I think since my late teens, I never got into all the social imposed beauty bullshit. I did use makeup because of acne and because it did fit my aestethic, but I've dropped that in my 20's. Now I'm 30, hairy, braless, bareface and with natural hair. I'm so exited for more grays to grow, I'd love to have salt&pepper hair.
Can't say it's all happiness though, I'm still a bit self conscious about my body hair (very dark and thick against my fair skin) and I try to wear clothes that cover it all, even in summer. My bf is super supportive and has encouraged me to go out in shorts and skirts, he's so sweet.
Being natural was wonderful to accept myself and be confortable in my own skin. The only problem I've found is in fashion, cause I feel awkward wearing very feminine clothing while having hairy-everything. Boho/hippy/morigirl are the styles I think could work best, but I should build a wardrobe from scratch. Otherwise I prefer to dress in an androginous way, feels safe if someone catchs a glimpse of hair that way.

No. 213637

I've always wanted to try being naked outside, but I feel like no matter where I go there will always be people.

No. 213655


>I feel awkward wearing very feminine clothing while having hairy-everything

I know exactly what you mean. the idea of wearing something very pretty or glamourous next to my very hairy arms feels… wrong? Idk. I guess it's since being feminine is also seen as being hairless which is bullshit but it still sticks with us. the idea of wearing a very feminine dress with a low cut back feels weird to me cause my back has hair. I don't think I'd be comfortable wearing it. you sound v cool btw, I'd be your friend. I'm 31 and also kind of want to salt n pepper hair.

No. 213656

>my body in it's natural state isn't some kind of grand feminist statement, it's just my hair.

it's so weird isn't it? shaving your legs as a woman is something that is so expected of you that when you don't do it, your inaction and simply leaving your body as is, is seen as an action or a statement

No. 213657

File: 1637190244639.jpg (200.76 KB, 540x750, tumblr_org9urBE5C1uor5s8o1_540…)

does anyone know who this person is? I found her pic on a body hair positivity blog but it didn't state who she was. I wanted to see if there were any other pics of her cause she has back hair like mine

No. 213659

wtf is going on with her arm
also that's katherine mcnamara

No. 213660

File: 1637190399037.jpg (221.75 KB, 1068x1600, tumblr_nqr3r7GUTo1qfvouao1_128…)

belly hair/arm hair. wish I knew who this model was too. anyone? I thought it was jenna malone but if it is I can't find any other pics from this shoot unfortuantely. I wanna build a folder of pics like this to help me when I feel down about my own body hair/also share in this thread

No. 213661

ty! her arm does look super skinny, maybe it's photoshopped? unless you're refering to somehting else

No. 213663

you're welcome sweetie
it's just that her arm is so red for some reason, like she scratched it idk lol

No. 213665

File: 1637191041103.jpg (224.86 KB, 1068x1600, Sita Abellan.jpg)

okay I found it who this is, Sita Abellan. posting this other shot from the shoot. there were other pics but they all feature nudity

I noticed the redness too, it does look kind of sore

No. 213718

It was actually her arms I noticed first, I think she has keratosis pilaris like I do. Would be nice to see more positivity around that too

No. 213733

lot of redheads in particular seem to have keratosis pilaris. I know I certainly do. I use a body scrub just to get rid of dead skin cells and improve blood flow but it's never going to completely disappear and I'm much more accepting of it now. a lot of other people around me have it too which helps.

No. 213772

when i cut my dairy/meat intake by about 75% (other reasons) my lifelong kp went away completely and hasnt come back. it can be a result of too much protein in your diet. something to try

No. 213788

thanks for the tip nonna!

No. 217745

i used to have thoughts about shaving my back before, i have dark hair on the nape of my neck and stuff like this lady >>206321 and it made me feel somehow 'bad' for OTHER people for seeing my hair. it's stupid, but i still feel this way sometimes and get urges to shave my whole ass back. it's seriously so ingrained in us, this hatred of bodyhair on women. and feeling ashamed of ours. my mother made me feel the worst about it, when i was a teen i hurt my shoulders really bad and while she was checking on them she had to comment about my bodyhair and yucked at it while i was in pain. she also makes gagging and vomiting noises and faces when she catches glimpses of my leghair whenever i'm with her. so immature.

No. 217917

File: 1639722755812.jpg (565.68 KB, 2882x3842, DP138723.jpg)

I really hate how the only acceptable way to be skinny is to be completely flat-stomached. I wouldn't consider myself ever being fat but I also never considered myself skinny because I always had this ridge of fat separating my stomach and pubic area that never lets my stomach look completely smooth. I could try to get tonned but the fact is I can never get rid of this raised area. It resembles Greek statues, in a way I feel like they accepted the roundness of women's bodies, and not in the way it is done today where it only matters if you're thick in the 'right' places. We try so hard to fight for the unattainable for our bodies, and for what?

No. 217931

I look very similar to those old statues, it's the sort of natural feminine body that results from barely exercising and slight overeating but not to severe excess. Honestly I don't blame people for not liking that look anymore, I'm not a fan of fake, exaggerated bodies either but fit people just look better and put more effort into their appearance.

Sucks for me, I might have been considered hot if the local village moids had barely seen any other female bodies and had nothing to compare me to because there was no photography or film or internet or global travel.

No. 217935

File: 1639734777586.png (1.45 MB, 933x799, 548093580436.png)

>body that results from barely exercising and slight overeating
No, not really. Even women who exercise regularly and eat well will tend to store a decent amount of fat by the virtue of being women. In truth we burn more fat than men during exercise, but do not lose overall body fat as easily. Our bodies are made to retain as much fat as possible so we're prepared for childbirth. We bloat easily due to hormones and have a whole reproductive system in our gut which takes up space, and the more estrogen we produce the harder it is for us to get rid of fat. Overall we are simply primed to have more of it regardless of activity levels. It's why a woman's healthy bf percentage range is much higher than that of men's. The sort of body shown in >>217917 post is how the healthiest, strongest gym-goers I know look outside of bodybuilders cutting to achieve dangerously low (and unsustainable) percentages. The kind of flat, "flawless" body you're idealizing doesn't even exist among fit people 24/7. They are posing/flexing, working with good lighting, holding it in and taking photos pre-meal to obtain the most flattering image.

No. 217936

Nta but thanks for this nonna

No. 217940

I'm not talking about fitness influencers, my point of reference for fit people are women I know irl, and am close to enough to be familiar with their eating habits and exercise routines (they aren't extreme, they don't cut calories). Maybe they have a little pouch of fat but they don't look like >>217917 because they have too much muscle to be that doughy.

I'm not saying everyone needs to be fit. I think fitness is attractive and I respect it, but I don't think attractiveness is the be all and end all. It's totally fine to prioritise other things over a perfect body, clearly I do.

No. 217942

Holy shit my arm hair is also like that. For years ive been insecure about it and ive always worn jackets and sweaters regardless of how hot the weather is. I've been jealous of my friends who had zero to little arm hair. I'm SE Asian so you can guess the level of insecurity I had. I had a Chinese woman directly stare at my arms in an elevator ride like i was some gorilla. Im still trying to learn how to stop giving a shit and i think its slowly going well thanks to all the masking. I'm enjoying dressing up in short sleeved shirts or tank top these days.

No. 217951

The round upper hip shape is mostly because of bone structure. Yes, having fat there will make it look rounder but it's still gonna be there even if you're skinny.

No. 217973

File: 1639752090930.jpg (27.82 KB, 446x493, ec675d01a25ba483344f254707d3fa…)

I am addicted to dyeing my hair and I wonder if anyone in this thread would have thoughts or advice.

Multiple times now I've gone back to my own hair colour just to dye it back to my "favourite" bright hair colour when I can't stand the feeling anymore. I have conditioned myself to be afraid of being boring, and that is ultimately how I feel with my own colour: not special enough.

Logically I know nobody else cares what I look like. I find natural women beautiful, but I fail to be one myself. I don't use social media, but I have this intense snowflakey need to look different from other people, and it is embarrassing to feel that way. The feeling contradicts with who I truly am. I'm so tired of this addiction.

No. 217981

Do you like having bright hair? That'a really all that matters.

No. 217988

Naa don't feel bad about it. Some women will have that natural fanny pack whether they're fat or skinny, some skinny women will not have a thigh gap but will have hip dips, et cetera, et cetera.

No. 218016

Even many women don't get it. I've had that kind of fat on my abdomen since before puberty, I've ranged from athletic, to skinny ED chan, to average 120 lb 5'4 woman and I've never seen a single change in that area. It's kind of like acne, everyone wants to assume what you're doing wrong but so many women in the media lipo that area so perceptions are even more skewed.

No. 218020

I just noticed some stretch marks on my hip that I somehow never noticed before. I thought they were new ones, but they're white already, so they've got to be old. Can't believe I'm saying this, but I actually like how it looks lmao And not even in a tumblrish "these are my tiger stripes, strucken by thunder uwu" way but just like… cute? lmao I'm kinda fascinated by me never noticing them before even though they're so big.

No. 218023


I'm glad you posted this anon because I've been obsessed with my lower stomach for ages. It does feel comforting that other girls feel that way because the majority of my girlfriends are naturally super thin and can't gain weight.

The last 3 months I've probably been the most dedicated to the gym, I don't drink all the time anymore and my diet is pretty good considering that I don't eat out much at all and cook a lot. Still after all of that my lower belly is still crazy. Everyone's body is different but is it possibly yours has to do with bloating as well? I feel like I have a huge issue with bloating, so if anyone has advice it would be greatly appreciated.

No. 218025

This sounds very melodramatic. What a harrowing addiction, anon.

No. 218043

I've looked like that statue in the abdomen area since I was a preteen and I've always been very athletic. It's just some people's fat distribution, I also happen to be Greek so maybe it's ethnic, don't know.
My mom also looks like that, so does my grandma. It's not "doughy", it's normal. No matter how much you work out, if your fat distribution is a certain way you won't be ripped with a six pack because women don't and shouldn't have a bf% that low unless you like being malnourished and losing your period.

No. 218054

If I can add on to this (for straight nonnas, although I'm sure many lesbians probably feel the same) many men find this feminine and sexy! It is!
I also struggle with accepting that part of my body. I hate that it makes me look like I have a gut in certain rise pants. But it really is super feminine and beautiful!!

No. 218082

File: 1639798457731.jpg (96.27 KB, 683x1024, ECFgZ-vW4AAiQx6.jpg)

Aphrodite belly supremacy

No. 218092

Yeah I have that kind of line too even though I’m underweight naturally and have some prominent abs at times. Women tend to carry more fat in that area so there’s no way to get rid of it.

No. 218094

i am bi and yes it is a very sexy part of a woman, any curvy lines are always attractive.

realizing my attraction to women did a lot for my self esteem because i realized i would be attracted to women with the same body as me, so why was i being so hard on myself about it?

No. 218111

>realizing my attraction to women did a lot for my self esteem because i realized i would be attracted to women with the same body as me, so why was i being so hard on myself about it?
As a heterosexual this is very interesting to learn and makes a lot of sense. Thanks for sharing nonnington

No. 218123

ily anon kek

No. 218127

nonnas i have hairy nips (as do a lot of women) but i am not ok with them. i pluck the really dark hairs but they get ingrown sometimes… which is disgusting lol. no one should have ingrown nipple hairs. i dont really know what to do, i mean no one is looking at my breasts these days but if they were i would have to pluck the hairs out because i really dont feel comfortable with them. also does anyone else have really bumpy nipples? i never see pictures of nipples with montgomery glands as prominent as mine which also makes me insecure about them. i just want to be fine with my fucking nipples.

No. 218238

I have everything you listed anon, I can't give you any tips on accepting yourself as I still struggle with it myself but I can say 100% that you can find a partner who will love your body no matter what if that's what you're worried about.

No. 218563

I think so too, it just bugs me I cant have more attractive nips if I want a hottie bf having nice nipples is a plus

No. 218741

File: 1640168278988.jpeg (146.88 KB, 1107x622, mitski.jpeg)

Just wanted to post Mitski in this thread since she has visible arm hair. She was the first female celeb I love who I noticed had it.

I used to get teased in middle school about my arm hair and I ended up shaving it after that but stopped when I was in college. Then about a year ago I stopped shaving everything. Life is so much easier now. No longer itchy, prickly, or dealing with in-growns.

No. 219011

I love her. Also I relate to you nona. I spent so much of high school shaving my entire body bc I’m fairly hairy and had been made fun of for it as a kid. I’m older now and no longer shave my arms, armpits, or stomach. I want to get over shaving my legs but it’s so hard for me to mentally overcome how society practically expects it. I also live in an area where I’d probably be judged if I didn’t do it. It’s frustrating to no end. I just want to be able to get over the mental block.

No. 219020

thanks for posting! I love Mitski so this is nice to see

No. 219021

File: 1640292850416.jpg (452.74 KB, 1162x1500, tumblr_njx1jbhmyu1rekvn1o1_128…)

Marilyn is considered one of the most beautiful women and she had lots of visible facial hair.

No. 219023

File: 1640292964890.jpg (39.61 KB, 401x600, tumblr_ol4c8m4MK41shttj9o1_500…)

I am so glad this thread took off. I have a few more pics. I had a moment last night while washing my hands where I had to roll up my sleeves and felt down looking at my arm hair so I went looking for more famous ladies with hairy arms

No. 219096

It's probably been bleached to look less visible, but i love how it's just made it look like she has really glamorous platinum blonde mutton chops lol, like she made it match her hair on purpose.
Now I'm going to think about Marilyn with a dashing little white moustache

No. 219162

She is right. I still had fat there when I was underweight and very active. That's just how women are.

She looks beautiful. Thanks nonny for sharing.

No. 219187

File: 1640368528877.jpg (286.06 KB, 1876x974, 3.jpg)

I just watched James Walsh's recent video on filters and I think a lot of people can see an obvious shopped or heavily filtered picture and just laugh at how unnatural it looks, however the most damaging kind are the ones that look realistic. some of these apps do such a good job at making the picture look believable it's shocking how good they've got.

No. 219188

File: 1640368605492.jpg (180.81 KB, 1866x1326, 2.jpg)

I'm pleased we're becoming more aware of this kind of thing though and there are accounts showing before and afters

No. 219189

File: 1640368633756.jpg (272.02 KB, 1854x1316, 1.jpg)

No. 219190

File: 1640368762660.jpg (189.29 KB, 1778x1008, 4.jpg)

No. 219192

I can't wait for the drag makeup and filter trend to die out. Hopefully it will start in 2022.

No. 219196

Women look way better and fresh without that damn drag makeup
Same, i hate it so much

No. 219197

Just wanna say I think women with big noses are fucking gorgeous. I don't have one, but lots of other women in my family do yes, we're jewish and they think I'm just being nice when I compliment them, but I'm really not. Whenever there's that rare Streisand or Sarah Jessica Parker who's prominent in media and doesn't get a nose job, I watch their movies/shows/music videos/etc and just fucking marvel at how much I enjoy looking at a face that hasn't been sanded down into the same fucking pixie cuteness. There's such an incredible, proud, queenly beauty to them.

Tbh as every year of my life goes by, I realize more and more how fucking gorgeous I find everything women are supposed to blast away. Like, a 50-something woman with crows feet and freckles and all that is fucking luminous to me. It sounds so cheesy, but when I can tell a woman is comfortable in her skin, it shows. I don't want to act like "oh, someone finds this hot so now you have worth too," but also, jesus, I don't understand how someone can be attracted to women and only ever find one kind of idealized 22-year-old attractive.

No. 219198

File: 1640372730546.jpg (994.35 KB, 2794x3543, 6384427.jpg)

Whoops, dropped pic

No. 219209

File: 1640375381450.jpg (121.08 KB, 736x829, 34c12ea875c4620e480dd844aa0f5b…)

Arm hair too

No. 219210

File: 1640375407034.jpg (87.35 KB, 736x1038, 39257c15892b0d898dcb77ea59c35f…)

W/o the iconic makeup

No. 219211

File: 1640375473316.jpg (31.58 KB, 251x500, b95eccb81e0828e29ce75f659f80cc…)

No. 219218

MM the prettiest hoe and best catfish in the world. No woman can surpass her in terms of beauty even if it’s fake. At least her angelic smile is genuine.
I thought she used to shave her face. Maybe that pic she just didn’t shave it yet because it looks bleached.

Can’t post pics for some reason thus can’t contribute sadly test

No. 219248

I find it so beautiful when women don't wear makeup. You can really appreciate their natural features and admire their confidence. I love looking at eyes with no makeup.

No. 219409

File: 1640511229033.jpg (25.12 KB, 601x511, 7T5Yfcf.jpg)

I like that the op pic includes large raised pores on/around the nose. I've had those for as long as I can remember and used to think they weren't "normal" because not everyone's is that pronounced. I see pores that look more like dents or craters, but not raised dots. Texture should be more normalized and the obsession with smooth/blurred skin has only gotten worse over the years. You can do everything "right" with skincare, but still have texture.

No. 219967

I've not seen many pics of her sans makeup but she's even more beautiful in these pics than her well known dolled up pics imo

No. 219970

File: 1640735672129.jpg (66.33 KB, 500x700, tumblr_ol4cdhqbik1shttj9o1_500…)

peach fuzz is cute. as a hirsute woman with a hormone imbalance I wish I had facial hair this soft and light colored! peach fuzz like this also feels so soft and nice

No. 219972

File: 1640735730785.jpg (316.13 KB, 1273x1600, tumblr_on6dn13j1L1qc77b7o1_128…)

another old hollywood picture of a startlet with hairy arms! I saved this a while back, any anons who who she is? sorry for my ignorance lol

No. 219982

She looks like Grace Kelly.

No. 219994

Hairy arms on a lady are so spicy…just throw me against a wall, beautiful cavewoman

No. 220447

File: 1640921730639.jpg (64.15 KB, 640x800, dfde0c8d60a7f9eb954e0a5fb538bd…)

Sometimes I grow these bizarrely long and thick eyebrow hairs. They tend to be a different shade than my normal eyebrows too. Instead of removing them I should use gel to spike them up like a cat kek

No. 222838

Wholesome. Middle aged women are probably the most beautiful creatures on this planet.
I'm 28 and don't wear makeup. Most of the time I'm confidant and happy being all natural but I wish I could wear cute eyeliner like a normal adult woman.

No. 223534

I don't wear make up, I don't shave, I don't wear deodorant and I don't wear a bra. I do wear some eau de toilette and mascara if I am going out to a restaurant, though. Although I'm blonde, I think I have some sort of hormonal imbalance that causes my bodily hair to be much more pronounced. I do pluck my little mustache because I don't like the illusion of jowls it creates on my face, if that makes sense, haha. It is very liberating to not wear deodorant nor shave. I know some anons might find it dirty, but it doesn't matter to me. Deodorant is toxic and I believe in embracing b.o. Especially if one eats a healthy diet like I do, b.o. is not necessary foul. In the same way I hope to contribute to shifting expectations of women, or people in general, by not shaving nor wearing make up, I hope to contribute to people understanding the purpose of b.o. on a healthy person. We need to let our bodies breathe and relearn what was always meant to be attractive to humans: natural faces, hair, textured skin, good fat on women, and body odour. In a similar fashion, I hope to heal my hirsutism. I don't believe body hair is bad and won't start shaving again, but I do believe that hormonal imbalances need to be addressed and healed from to live a healthy, functional life. If my hirsutism is a byproduct of unhealthiness, that shouldn't be encouraged.

No. 223535

Supremely Based.

No. 223536

Women need fat, but unfortunately we don't get enough healthy fats due to the diets that are most popular. A lot of them cause bloating due to emphasising plant-based foods which are difficult to digest for humans and not a good source of fat, whereas animal-based foods are discouraged, despite providing the most digestible sources of fat that women need. As such, I do think the pouch that a lot of "healthy" women also seem to have, isn't actually healthy at all. Gut issues are far too common but they shouldn't be. I obviously can't speak for every woman and everybody has a different situation that explains why they look the way they do, but this is a common situation. In addition, a lot of women have very poor posture, either due to a simple sedentary lifestyle, wearing heals, trying to push their butt out for more curves, everything combined or something else. Picrel is an example of a woman fixing her posture. The source of the picture is Flobility. The woman didn't lose any weight, her fat was simply distributed more efficiently since her body could carry it better. Subsequently, I think women's bodies would look differently if they were treated right in terms of utility. Overall, there are a lot of factors that contribute to why a body looks the way it does that might not seem obvious. You don't have to agree with me and I don't want to derail the thread, so feel free to be skeptical and research what I said for yourself. But I think it is valuable to acknowledge that modern beauty standards are unrealistic whilst realising natural bodies resulting from these standards are unhealthy themselves. A certain lifestyle is advertised with overly edited, groomed and posed models so you will think you're the problem for not looking the same way, and the only two options are to constantly attempt imitation of that model by following her lifestyle, or to accept you're just "different" and "natural", shifting the goal but not the means, as opposed to realising that maybe that lifestyle isn't healthy at all, since it can barely be represented by someone real. I think the body positivity movement that has gained a lot of traction over the years contributes to this. It's an unfortunately thin line and comparable to how women's sexual liberation was hijacked, leading to women thinking sluttiness/prostitution is empowering. Anyway, I'm going completely off topic, but it'll make sense.

No. 223537

File: 1642165363866.jpg (494.62 KB, 1080x919, Screenshot_20220114-050121_Ins…)

I was so caught up in my sperging, I dropped the pic. This actually wasn't the picture I was thinking of, but the caption that goes along with it is very interesting and offers a different perspective for a lot of people, I think. It addresses what I touched upon briefly, and the account alongside the supporting resources can offer more information if anyone is curious. https://www.instagram.com/p/CWTZrbupP9l/?utm_medium=copy_link

No. 223542

the pouch is from not working your core and obliques and having extra bodyfat, I hated my pouch for years and was leaning towards unhealthy skinny and still had it, but when I started resistance training and light weight training focused on my torso I lost it. It comes back if I skip working out for a week or two, if a woman is higher bodyfat I can imagine it being more stubborn to get rid of too.I disagree with a plant based diet causing it, the plant bloat that a low body fat woman who works out gets is solid and not fleshy like typical pooch, though I agree the fear of eating fats is strange, the most important thing to avoid is too many refined sugars and saturated fats and eating too much in general, food should be quality over quantity so you hit your dietary requirements without excess calories and preferably intermittent fasting.

No. 223543

True, there are different kinds of pouches and bellies. The link I posted in the response essentially addresses activating one's core, and more, so I can definitely see there being truth to what you shared.

No. 223544

Do you know any youtubers who do these spine focused mobility routines???

No. 223545

I'm sorry, I personally don't. I share subscriptions with friends and family who do the same routines to lower cost but increase usage. But I do know Flobility has some videos on YouTube, just not everything. Foundation training has a similar approach to Flobility and I believe they have some free resources too. Sorry, I'm not trying to gatekeep whatsoever.

No. 223546

Oh that's alright. If I like the free stuff then I'll invest money into a subscription program.

No. 223550

I agree! I have peach fuzz on my cheeks - it isn't vissible and very delicate in touch so i look really soft becouse of it and get compliments for how soft it feels actually. I never understood when people commented on how soft my skin looked and then shaved theirs becouse of an istagram trend

No. 296373

Yes! Except I have a little more right in the middle that is a little longer. I’ve grown to kinda like it, I think it’s cute.

No. 296421

I stopped shaving my legs way before but this year, since I'm not in college anymore, going to swimming lessons, or dating, I stopped shaving my armpits but also stopped wearing sleeveless clothes because, where I live, that's extremely rare compared to women not shaving their legs. I feel comfortable with my own body hair when I'm alone (since I consider myself GNC, it makes me extra happy, and it's something new to me since I've never let it grow this much before) but even at home I have to wear sleeves long enough to cover my armpit hair completely out of embarrassment when my parents are around.
For the first time, my mom saw my fully grown armpit hair yesterday when I wore a tank top. All this time since I decided not to shave it, I've been hiding it from her. She told me that I should shave and that it makes my sweat smell stronger which I don't think is true because I also got strong body odor from there without body hair. Then she told me that it looks ugly and that kinda made me feel like shit especially with the uncharacteristically rude way she said it. Besides, in my opinion, the stubble I get (and the one she gets kek) a couple days after shaving looks even uglier. I don't get why it's such a big issue for her, every third woman here lets her leg hair grow freely and even my mother herself tries to pressure me into wearing shorts and skirts outside despite not shaving my legs (because, surprise, I'm too self-conscious about it), I even had a skin condition recently that left me with horrible dry skin patches on shoulders, arms and legs, my legs look fucking disgusting right now because of it yet she thinks my natural armpit hair looks too ugly not to shave? lmfao

No. 296444

Things I've learned to enjoy and accept about my body:
>Not wearing makeup
>Not doing my eyebrows
>Not wearing a bra. It's very comfortable and liberating
>Not caring about hair on my arms
>Not shaving my pubic hair and finding it prettier this way
However, I still feel embarrassed about the hair on my legs. My skin is fair and my hair is dark so they really stand out. I want to shave them off because I find the feeling uncomfortable, but I wish it was just a personal choice of mine, not something influenced by social pressure

No. 296454

I have never shaved any of my body hair, but my mom tried to pressure me into shaving my armpits when I was a teen, and she even used the exact same arguments! I felt bad about it but never caved in, and now I'm really glad that I stood my ground. She still occasionally brings it up if she happens to see my armpits (I don't wear tank tops, but if I lift my arms while wearing a t-shirt, it's noticeable that I don't shave). I try not to be too bothered about it, and no-one else has ever commented on my hair, although most women here do shave. I feel a kind of solidarity when I see women with natural hair.

No. 296471

I recently found out about "FaceApp" while researching about the influencer hell that is Instagram. I feel like I'm late to the party anyway and I've known about "Facetune", but FaceApp is on a different level. Harmful stuff.
It explains why all of them look the same. That's it, I can not believe anyone on Instagram anymore.
What I'm hoping for what is going to happen is that society is eventually going to come to a point where we regain a fondness for natural beauty. Unfiltered and raw. Then these make up looks and additional things wont do anymore, as in they're obsolete because it's all based on fakeness. An ideal that can not be projected onto real life and could never exist through natural means. Plus cosmetic surgery, fillers, etc look shitty. I think naturalness is the most beautiful where you don't have to try and aim for a specific look. Being and embodying yourself should be the most important thing.

No. 296494

I'm a lesbian and while I'm hapoy with my journey towards simply being comfortable in my skin, I worry that the butch women I'm into won't be interested in me since I'm not longer stereotypically femme with my short hair, no make up, no shaving.

Any other nonnas successful in finding love? Would appreciate some positivity in this regard.

In other news, I'm finally comfortable with my skin as "blemished" as it is. I accept that the only thing that needs to be done is to keep it healthy with sunscreen, and comfortable if the acne gets bad. It's about my physical comfort and wellbeing because it's my body, not how others perceive me. And honestly, I get treated the same or better now that I'm not covering up because I'm more confident having come fully to terms with this. Happy to have gotten past these concerns.

No. 296495

I totally agree with you on the ugly stubble. I have dark hair and lighter skin, so the stubble is always slightly apparent no matter how or how frequently I remove the hair. I've been freely hairy for a few years now, and it just looks much more right to me.

No. 296683

File: 1667107798767.jpg (332.9 KB, 1050x1050, tumblr_d213508542df7c7b1859544…)

>I worry that the butch women I'm into won't be interested in me since I'm not longer stereotypically femme with my short hair, no make up, no shaving.
A lot of femmes used to look like that before the 90's, so don't worry. Your femme energy isn't stored in the hair on your head. Not shaving makes you softer and not wearing make up makes you look more feminine imo.

No. 296852

I wouldn't take it personally most women have brainworms about beauty shit, if they suffer you have to suffer too kind of thing. Anyway shaving armpit and leg hair interferes with your bodys detoxification and subtle information gathering. I feel much calmer since I stopped shaving.

No. 296860

Anyone else stop wearing makeup regularly but still like watching makeup tutorials or browsing new products? Now that I only wear makeup for special occasions, I actually enjoy it when I do wear it, it feels fun and not like a daily chore of making sure my eyeliner looks even at 6 in the morning.

>She told me that I should shave and that it makes my sweat smell stronger
I deleted my post before because I wanted to reply to you, but I’ve heard this before and I’m almost certain it’s bs spread by razor companies. I’ve done a combination of shaving/waxing/leaving my underarm hair alone for years and my pits definitely aren’t less smelly when they’re hairless. If anything, they are slightly more smelly after I wax. It’s always weird to me how women are expected to have long hair but the slightest bit of body hair is somehow a hygiene issue. If hair is so unhygienic, shouldn’t we shave our heads too? Body hair is not unhygienic. As long as you’re cleaning yourself properly and wearing deodorant, you’re not gonna have odor issues.

No. 296907

Do we have a thread for like vintage lesbian pics? I love these so much

No. 297033

>I don't think is true because I also got strong body odor from there without body hair.
Correct. My brother and I are in agreement that we smell worse while shaved than with hair, which is why we stopped shaving since highschool. Also, we noticed when I was shaved, he could smell lemon juice aroma from my armpits hours after I drank it, and it is unrelated, but he tells me his penis stinks of sausage everytime he eats one.

No. 297041

could just post them in the lesbian thread? Idk if it would be too annoying.

No. 297123

File: 1667335827822.jpg (55.61 KB, 726x525, 144 (1).jpg)

>he tells me his penis stinks of sausage everytime he eats one.
Why is he telling his sister what his dick smells like jesus christ

No. 297124

Yes! Thought was just me oh my god the years I covered up out of shame now at 25 I don't give a fuck

No. 299087

File: 1668348761872.png (74.87 KB, 300x304, 1 1Bqf0GosttoDN19Jrhckgw.png)

I think I'm starting to become more confident about my skin. I've had so many stretch marks since puberty that I've barely used shorts and short skirts/dresses since I was 12. I'm 22 now and I refuse to spend another summer wearing long pants at home because I hate seeing myself. Eating healthy, drinking plenty of water, gently exfoliating my skin and using good quality hydrating creams everyday makes me feel and look so much better.

No. 299089

File: 1668350553396.jpg (27.79 KB, 500x375, 475140.jpg)

I refuse to believe someone has no shame admitting any of this.

No. 299096

Awh I’m happy to hear that!

No. 299127

I love my freckles!!! I used to dye my red hair blonde and wear foundation to cover the millions of freckles on my face due to hating being ginger (a lot of teasing and gross moid comments growing up) but about four years ago I stopped and I LOVE IT. I love not covering up who I am anymore. Feels so good.

No. 299155

I wish there was less shame around body hair, I feel like there's very little information about how hairy women naturally are because everyone's afraid to admit it. I've been diagnosed with hirsutism but sometimes I feel like it's just a label to medicalize female body hair. I've been tested for PCOS and hormone issues and I'm perfectly healthy, just hairy as shit. Idk if I'm explaining it very well but I feel like my body and facial hair should be considered a natural variation, not a disorder, since there's nothing medically wrong with me. Like how is it some unnatural disease for me to have chest hair if there's no hormonal issue causing it? It's literally my natural body. Maybe a minority of women have chest hair just like a minority of women have red hair or freckles and maybe it's normal.

No. 299165

I'm only slightly less hairy than the average woman but I've gotten "hairy" comments all my life, it wasn't until I started sleeping with other women I realized how normal my hair is. I dated a scote when I was 15 who was shocked at my neck peach fuzz that wasn't even visible unless you got real close in personal in a very well lit area. Another would make constant comments on my body hair and I thought it was weird since he claimed to had a high body count, I dug a little deeper and it turns out I'm the only girl he's ever really seen fully naked with the lights on. I brought up a bunch of pictures of celebrities he found hot who had visible stomach/back/arm hair in the right lighting. Other girls would keep their bras or shirts on and turn the lights off (which is apparently normal nowadays???) It's so sad to see scrotes shocked by the natural female body

No. 303582

When I was in my early 20s, I couldn't go out without a full face. I am now in my thirties and would wear make up maybe 4-5 times a year for parties.
Last night was my job's Christmas party. I put on make up. I looked at myself in the mirror and hated it. I thought that it made me ugly. I took it off and went to the party without any make up. I felt beautiful and confident in my fancy clothes with a bare face. I'm gonna throw everything in the trash.
I feel so much more happier now that I don't care about my body hair or make up. I love my natural self.

No. 303586

I love being a ginger(outside of teasing when younger and moid sexualizing it now) my hair it my favorite feature! I'm jealous you got freckles they are so cute!

I've personally stopped wearing makeup most days and its so satisfying.

No. 303637

File: 1670818770410.jpg (6.37 MB, 4032x3024, 20221211_221349.jpg)

Holy hell I came back to this thread after a year forgot I posted my foot kek I am def not a tranny nor scrote here is another foot pic yes my toes are hairy and I actually quit waxing them and only do legs occasionally because the pain from toe waxing was too fucking much. Sometimes I have split ends in my toe hairs. Yes this is my foot.

No. 303643

No. 303644

Samwise Gamgee?

No. 303651

I'm a brunette with freckles and I've learned to love them. I hate most of the rest of the way I look but fuck it that's one of the things I actually like

No. 303656

Hoorah for positivity

No. 303671

Freckles are so uniquely pretty (i might be biased lmao) and they make us stand out! Yay for embracing them.

No. 303689

I saw a post from a long time mutual of mine say she asked for fillers for the end of the year. It's so fucking sad because of the statement she made, I discovered she already got fillers about a year ago. The features that made her distinct are gone. Self esteem boost my ass. The features she loves now are not naturally hers. She knows she paid a ton of money to look the way she does now. Now she's just filling in more and more "flaws". It's sad seeing her go down this route.

No. 303702

I also have really hairy toes. Hobbit feet unite.

No. 303762

yeah I think the rest of me as ugly as fuck but hey one redeeming unique feature

No. 303954

This thread was such a breath of fresh air to read. I've been on a journey the last few months of not shaving certain areas of my body to see how they feel. I've always had a hairy vagina, could never be bothered with it and gave me the worst ingrown hairs, so I've mostly just been experimenting with my pits/legs. Have since come to the conclusion I don't mind my leg hairs growing out a bit but prefer to keep them short/shaved, though I'm loving having hairy pits! I agree with a lot of the anons here that it looks quite soft and feminine. When it comes to trimming downstairs though….. my god. I hate it. My neck hurts, my back aches. I like to keep it trim, because I'm italian and I have quite wiry, thick pubic hair, getting too long means there's about an inch of hair covering my clit and forming its own hairy gate to my vagina. But trimming can be so tedious and time consuming, not to mention accidentally knicking yourself with the scissors.
I wish places that waxed vaginas would offer trims, like a vagina barber. That way they could get all the places I can't see looking down, and it alleviates some anxiety about it.

No. 304113

File: 1671116693142.jpg (427.21 KB, 1280x1732, Vanessa Marano.jpg)

weirdly really like to see other women with hairlines that extend down our necks and backs tbh. mine is similar to this and even just this pic alone makes me feel so much better about myself.

you didn't need to post another pic to prove yourself nona kek. Idk why you got the comments you originally did since there are clearly examples ITT that some women just grow hair in places others don't.

No. 304123

File: 1671122963949.jpeg (48.34 KB, 700x450, What-Are-White-Stretch-Marks.j…)

I have Ehlers Danlos and have had SO many stretch marks since I was like 12 years old. I was extremely self conscious for most of my life but now I kind of like them. Mine look a bit like this in pic related. I don't see them as ugly anymore, just an interesting decoration.

No. 304125

File: 1671123370382.jpeg (37.92 KB, 890x460, Dalton-Magazin-Reibeisenhaut.j…)

A few nonas have already mention this but Keratosis Pilaris (aka chicken skin aka strawberry skin) was one of my biggest insecurities. I think because I thought "girls should have soft skin" and i didn't. If people ever touched my skin, they acted surprised/disgusted that it was actually rough and bumpy. It made me so insecure. It got worse for me in my 20s and began to get inflamed. It spread to my breasts and buttocks. I was told it would go away as I got older but it didn't, and I've tried all the creams, supplements, exfoliants etc. and it doesn't budge.

I can't keep up with the expensive and time-consuming routine to make my skin soft so I just do minimal exfoliation (with an Italy towel, once a week) and basic moisturising. I still wish I had soft, clear skin but I don't obsess over it anymore. As I've got older I've noticed a lot of people have it and they are not any less attractive to me so why should I be against it on my own body.

No. 304126

same. I really like my big concave silver and blue ones.

No. 304131

Same!! I have severe stretch marks and KP but ive started to just love my body instead of being self conscious! I have dark/tan skin so often theyre like extremely light on me and its always made me insecure

Wholesome memory but when I was 14, I was im the girls changing rooms for gym and the stalls were full so I just had to suck it up and change with everyone and one of the older girls complimented me and said they looked like tiger stripes and ever since then Ive just thought of it like that hehe

No. 304145

do any other nonnies here have broad shoulders and bone structure in general? i used to be so insecure abt it along with the fact that i'm 6 ft tall & moids would tell me i looked fat/unattractive all the time but i actually love how i look nowadays kek

No. 304151

I'm only 5'9" but I love it. I wish I was taller. I also have broad shoulders and emphasize them more with masculine cuts, coats with shoulder pads etc.

No. 304156

i've had this exact issue and i have finally found a lotion and scrub that works for me and hopefully it can help you too if you still wanna try something new for it. its the ameliorate transforming body lotion and body exfoliator. they have others products too but i dont think they're necessary, also works great with dry skin as i get dry hands every winter but this year i've not gotten it at all because of the lotion. it took about a week for me to notice the biggest changes.

No. 304161

thank you nona, just looked it up and will try some! honestly, even if i've accepted it aesthetically, I still get fed up with how dry and itchy my skin gets in the winter so this sounds great.

No. 304180

I took the stink pill. I naturally have quite strong body odors and for years I tried desperately to cover up. I used to be so scared of what people think or would say about it. I’ve learned that I just naturally am kind of funky and as long as I keep myself clean I can’t really help smelling the way I do. I suspect I may actually have some kind of genetic predisposition to it because I’m not overweight and I eat a very bland diet and shower regularly but I’ve always been a funky smelling woman. Now I just don’t care anymore. Some people will be disgusted probably but I just can’t be bothered caring what people think anymore or desperately trying to please them by covering myself in 1000 different chemicals.

No. 304183

I have always said, I will take body odor over strong-smelling perfume any day. I am so sensitive to chemicals and it drives me mad how many people subject me to their cloud of perfume/aftershave anytime I use public transport. natural body scents are the least offensive as far as I'm concerned, as long as it's not from a case of terrible hygiene or infections, disease and such. go be your funky self nona.

No. 304192

Your genetics play a huge role in how you smell and its very hard to fight that as the process starts as soon as you leave the shower. I don't use deodorant but when I spent a week on a road trip with others I got a natural one with lactobacillus and it worked well enough. Otherwise idc especially if I'm outside

No. 304337

I'm wearing my hair curly. I used to hate how it made my hair "shorter" but now my hair is long so I'm letting it be.

No. 304376

I love this for you nonna! I have extremely curly hair and hated it my whole life. Recently Ive started wearing products for it and I get a lot of compliments on my curls!

Learning to love your natural curls feels so freeing

No. 304433

Wish I could do the same, my hair just looks so much better when I blow dry it with a round brush than with any kind of curly style.

No. 304554

just went outside barefaced for the first time since 9th grade. if you even care.

No. 304565

I haven't shaved anywhere in a few years now. I just don't care and theres no reason to do it. The concept of shaving is weird and stupid to me now and I will never do it again.

No. 304567

That's huge, I love that for you. Started doing the same in June of this year and I feel moe confident than ever after choosing to own how I look and take things as they come, as opposed to trying to change my appearance to be better received. I hope you experience the same boost yourself.

No. 304574

My stretch marks are kinda cool. They're all silver and shit. Weird. Cool.

No. 304576

I gained 60 lbs in these two years, I don't use make up anymore, I don't shave anymore
Pretty good

No. 304583

Yes! Remember that you got them for free, they're innocuous and the older they get the better they look. Quite the opposite of tattoos.

No. 304591

Congrats nona - I care! It can be a daunting step if you're unused to it. How did it feel? I quit makeup years back and it's been so freeing.

Same. I freaked out as a teenager when my thighs were covered in red stretch marks but now they're silver and look kind of cool.

Nice. I'm in a similar boat, I'm bigger than before, no makeup and I only shave my armpits (I don't wear shorts or skirts so no one knows how furry I am haha). Feels good to be natural and less time dealing with ingrown hairs.

No. 304762

It’s always a reality check to me how many women there are who don’t dare to leave their house without make up and feel pressed to conform to the usual modern beauty standards. Where I hang out, most girls don’t even shave their legs and only wear make up decoratively it’s actually rare to see someone in full cake face. but when I hang out with a totally different social circle (recently had rich normies) than mine through friends, and many of the women have lip fillers and procedures done and it looks weird and uncanney valley to me. But they all do it, their friends do it, their boyfriends think its normal while I sit there and think girl you would look so much prettier without fillers
i tried shaving off my hair down there a few times and I always regretted it and hated the look and feeling of it. Plus I realized that in other women full shaved looks like plucked chickens, while well groomed pubic hair looks cute and pretty to me. Sometimes I trim it a bit when it gets too long for my taste but zero hair just looks weird imo.

No. 310144

I hate that not-shaving is seen as lazy and a failing on your part. Like you must be somehow a slob and/or depressed for you to not be shaving. There HAS to be a reason to not do it, you can't just simply not do it. Bizarre.

No. 310163

I'm growing out my arm hair for the first time in 13 years.

No. 310168

Love this thread. I remember when I was about 13 and my dark body hair was starting to get quite prominent my mum told me that I'd have to shave it off if I wanted to be pretty and respected at school. I know she was just looking out for me but I didn't understand why I wasn't naturally good enough or why something about me had to be altered. I'm at uni now and I see quite a few girls that proudly keep their body hair, it's quite refreshing. Personally I love girls with prominent arm hair, I think it's a good look and I always keep mine long.

No. 310192

My legs are super hairy and I always wear shorts,

No. 310205

I'm 25 and my grays are coming in strong. I've had them since 21, but now there's a streak forming in the front and one in the back. I think it'll look cool as hell. They're not even gray but like bright white.


No. 310220

Do grays always come in in streaks? I think it looks so cool when I see other girls rocking their grays like that.
Women in my family gray early, but I don't know what it actually looks like grown out as they've all been dyeing their hair since their 20s. I'm hitting the age when it usually starts and I can't wait to find out.

No. 310237

I want to say so, my mom and I have matching gray streak spots near our hairlines.

No. 310245

mine are just a few individual strands, so I've been pulling them out, but I don't know how much longer I can get away with it. It can be interesting looking, but I'm too young for grey hairs and it's so few I don't want to start dyeing.

No. 310248

I've got a couple "oh so your boyfriend prefers it like that?" comments over my body hair. Yeah, there always has to be a reason for it to make sense to some people. Lazy, to make a statement, for a man. I can't just be indifferent to my body hair.

No. 310266

It doesn't always, mine are just lone strands here and there. I really wish it would form a streak cause I think it's so cool. Maybe in the future. I've started growing out my natural color because I like the grey look.

No. 362741

For all of this month I'm giving up shampooing my hair (water only), shower 3 times a week, minimal deodorant, and no shaving anywhere. Minimal make-up when going out
Wish me luck

No. 362754

My friend has very hairy arms and legs but she doesn't shave. I don't have hairy arms, but legs instead and the hair grows very fast. I tried shaving twice because I was forced to by my relatives, I hated it with wax and it was very painful. With shaving cream and razor, eh it was fine but it grew fast. So I don't care anymore. Anyway my friend. It made me feel more confident about having a mustache too. It's slight but visible. I was bullied for it when I was in elementary school because I had a mustache and my male classmates were jealous how I had more hair than them kek. It used to make me insecure but now I don't care about it. I'll leave it like that though. I don't want to bother with shaving. It's not bad and I don't care if it makes me less attractive.

No. 362756

Samefag that's another reason I don't shave. I want it to be more acceptable and people to feel more confident about themselves. By seeing that they're not alone.

No. 362778

s-samefag? anon, that was two years ago.

No. 362782

Why give up the shampoo but not the make-up?

No. 362783

nta but makeup is fun. I'm of the opinion that if you're not wearing foundation/concealer makeup doesn't really change anything about your natural state in any meaningful way. Putting glitter on your cheeks is not any more altering than clothes or jewelry or braiding your hair.

No. 362824

Ntayrt, glitter is microplastic shit that goes everywhere, braiding your hair doesn't polute at all and actually takes skill. I wouldn't say they are the same exacty.

No. 362829

I overcame a huge fear of mine by going out to brunch in my pajamas (oversized shorts/shirt) and no makeup, without even having checked myself in the mirror the whole morning. No one stared or gave a shit. Currently trying to stop shaving my legs (ex-tif, the hair just grows pretty aggressively), this small success is making me feel good about loving my natural state. It's been a whole process after quitting poisoning myself with testosterone.
Re: grays, I've been getting them a lot too (mid-20s) and noticing this happens to other women around the same time made me feel so much better about it. I had no idea it's just a normal thing and doesn't only happen when you're 50+. Anti-aging culture is foul.

No. 362835

Ok the microplastic shit bit got me and now I want to try avoiding any make up for a while. I wonder if all the chemicals in make up products are screwing my skin

No. 362848

That’s actually a really good point. I think you know what I meant though, it’s not like shaving it’s decoration. Lots of people don’t use it like that though so I’m not gonna defend it too hard and yeah we’d be better off without it.

No. 362853

I haven't had clear skin since i was 12 and i practically wear no makeup. For some reason, makeup frustrates me because the foundation is always not quite the right shade, it makes me super oily no matter what, so it smudges everywhere. I was bullied for having acne and right now i still struggle with hyperpigmentation. But honestly, going out of my way to not cover it and endearing whatever negativity is easier than covering it and feeling like my skin needs 10 rounds of clay masks to be clean again. I still want clear skin, don't get me wrong, but i am not going to pretend that i do. I've also started caring less about my hair being frizz free and flawless all the time and focus on the health of my hair. I am going to see a hairdresser for personalised advice about this. This is not new for me, just wanted to share my story in regards to selfcare, but giving up on being super smooth is a blessing. I remember seeing videos about getting a smooth bump free pussy and a lot of women spend $40 just trying to make sure it's dolphin smooth. It's insane and nobody will ever force me to shave my pubes and my armpit stubble is here to stay. I only care about being clean and having healthy skin and hair, shaving compromises your skin so much and seeing people with inflammation from shaving makes me cringe.

No. 362859

Yeah, avoiding it completely or at least wearing it on rare occasions and always cleaning your skin afterwards seems like the wisest option.
I know what you meant anon, I may have read your post too fast and didn't process the "alter" element that is essential. Shaving is more drastic that wearing a ring that you can easily take off for example, the connotations are also very different.

No. 362862

This is a small motivation for me too, I already don't like shaving but I hope it does help other women and girls feel like it's ok to feel the same. This feels like a retarded brag to say but I do fit the conventionally attractive archetype of a petite delicate woman so I like the idea of also not being hairless and kinda defying the "hairy women are brutish ugly ogre-like creatures while cute girls are hairless fairies" idea.
When I see other women who clearly take care of themselves but also don't shave (sadly rare) it's actually a bit attractive to me, it comes off as natural and confident. Few women are genuinely shockingly hairy to the point where it's disgusting… same cannot be said for men.
people don't even actually feel satisfied with that answer. My bf either doesn't care or casually likes different parts of my body hair and critics either respond by saying that's not normal and he must be a fetishist freak, or come up with mental gymnastics for why I need to also appeal to other men.

No. 362990

He probably just thinks other men won't try to steal his girlfriend.

No. 363762

File: 1702123692839.png (241.43 KB, 902x338, 1.png)

No makeup

No. 363765

some me just like hairy women and even make their gfs grow hair out. stop trying to neg anons lmao youre pathetic. i dont shave and i made by bfs shave because i prefer it.

No. 363768

File: 1702124436969.jpeg (99.7 KB, 921x444, 995DC35E-9A03-4EAF-B9CA-952F85…)

Conventionally attractive women can get away with being lazy and slobbish and will still be called sexy. Unattractive or overweight women who are lazy or slobbish get hated on by both men and women. Look at the difference between how a thin conventionally attractive woman who doesn’t shave her legs or armpits (like Charlotte Free) is perceived by the public vs how someone like Lena Dunham not shaving her legs or armpits is perceived.

When you see women talking about how they hardly shower it’s usually attractive thin white women because bigger girls and ethnic women are constantly having to fight the stereotype that they’re dirty or smelly meanwhile for attractive thin white women it’s a humblebrag to talk about how slobbish they are.

No. 363772

You’re hurting your feelings for no reason. Men are all bark and nothing else. They fuck the NYC sewer rats, children and shaved chimps. Being a little fat won’t stop you from finding Chad.

No. 363773

Wtf I goodled what that is because I also have a ton of stretch marks and I check every single symptom… I always thought I had them because I grew to my height of 5'10 at only 13

No. 363778

Nta, but attractive people can be truly, naturally and unapologetically themselves and still be attractive, ugly people can't because they're ugly no matter what. Who would've thunk it.

No. 363803

We had a pretty girl in our highschool who didnt shave her armpits and she got bullied pretty cruelly. You will be bullied for not fitting in gender standards either way but anons bf probably does find her attractive with body hair, we all have preferences. A lot of men out there like that kind of thing and its more about someones personal preferences than attractiveness. No need to put down other women and compare your attractiveness

No. 363820

File: 1702143301435.jpg (1.06 MB, 1482x1960, 1f8.jpg)

Just passing by but fyi your pic is exactly the same as this.

No. 364247

Basically people tend to be lenient if they feel they can trust you through their eyes, but I'm pretty sure an attractive girl who is unhygienic (like no deodorant) would lose many serious points

No. 364304

You underestimate how many moids have a sniff fetish, as long as the girl is hot

No. 364309

They dont care if the girl is attractive if they have a fetish but youd still get judged by society for being nasty - rightfully so.

No. 364423

idk there's a lot of celebrities who are known for not showering, sometimes openly admitting to it but are still considered attractive for some reason (and apparently cameron diaz has a farting problem kek)

No. 364633

Anyways it's unlikely an unshowered sweaty good looking girl would be appreciated in a group outing, fetish or not people would not tolerate it for long
Practically the only socially acceptable places where people can have bad body odor are gyms

No. 364672

Idk anytime I see a very attractive girl on Instagram have unshaved pits, all the comments are vomiting emojis or insults from both men and women. I don't think unshaved pits are acceptable on anyone by society yet.

No. 365828

this thread is so full of cope it's hilarious

No. 365830

deodorant has nothing to do with hygiene. quite the opposite in many cases

No. 365831

I'm hot, I dont wear deodorant, I've got a ton of friends and suitors. I also dont really sweat at all, even when working out so I dont really smell like anything at all.

No. 365867

I hate bacteria that eat sweat and produce foul odours

No. 366673

Other than the unhinged people posting about not showering and whatnot, I really like this thread. A nice break from all the looksperging I’m used to seeing on here.

No. 378169

File: 1707431515490.jpg (79.88 KB, 735x717, yaaay curls.jpg)

I know it's not that deep, but I started to appreciate my curly hair. Just dried my hair and finally, for once, I was happy with it. It's 2b/2c ish like picrel, it's not that curly, but by my country's standard it is.
I don't know how it is in other parts of the world, but long straight hair is the standard in my country and keratin treatments are in trend for definitely more than a decade, even considered getting one when I was in highschool, glad my parents didn't let me tho.
I saw a commercial on IG these days to one of those salons and I found it so sad - the before pictures were of ladies with severely damaged wavy/curly hair and they all got keratin'd, it's all boring. I used to fry my hair with the straightener too, I thought my curls made me uglier. Neither me, my mum or any hairdresser knew how to style and care for it, let alone have access to curly hair products and as a result, it looked frizzy and ugly pretty much all of the time.
Never expected people to compliment my hair and me loving it since I went curly girl in late 2023, feels liberating.

No. 378189

I like having
Good for you nona

No. 378221

love to hear this nona, when I was little I was made to think my long wavy hair was a burden and that it was messy so in my teens I had a short pixie cut (which I liked) but since I graduated University I've been growing out my hair and its now past my shoulders, I was straighting it but on my next cut I'm going to ask my hairdresser about mid length cuts for wavy hair - I've decided I really like my waves

No. 378224

Old post, but I'm always happy to see fellow ex-TiFs learning and striving to appreciate their natural state. I hope things have been going well for you, nonna.

No. 378354

I have hair on my stomach which makes me feel so unfeminine - I recently saw a female YouTuber discuss how to shave it and it made me so happy to see someone else share the experience.

Side note, a guy I was seeing off-handedly said I could “fix” the hair by shaving. Trying my best to ignore comments like that because I want to learn to accept it

No. 378419

File: 1707556754114.jpeg (67.26 KB, 480x720, F5992451-FEF8-4A32-B5A0-859347…)

How do I accept the fact that I’m a short pear shaped woman? Most of my body fat distribution is on my hips and thighs and it’s been like that since puberty. I’ve always wanted to be very tall and thin because I love the way how it looks on women and you can get away with so much variety in fashion. I feel like because of my height and shape I’m limited and the types of clothes I wish I could wear. I know I could lose weight and/or I get liposuction on my bottom half but I can’t change my height. Is there a way of dealing with this?

Picrel is how I wish to look and dress

No. 378424

You’re literally me. I’m exactly the same in every way. I can’t look good in cool clothes like your picrel due to the way I was born and it makes me so mad. Just so you know, losing weight does not help, ask me how I know. You will still be pear shaped, your ratios stay the same (or can even get worse, which is what happened ti me. The fat evaporated off of my upper body but my lower body stayed the same, making me look even more exaggerated). The only option to actually change the shape is lipo, as you say, but doing that just feels wrong to me.
I struggle to find anything that looks good on me that isn’t extremely feminine, but I HATE feminine styles. So everyone perceives me as a feminine woman because of what I have to wear even though it’s not my thing at all and (along with other issues) makes me feel like I’m just playing a character when I go out in public.

No. 378428

I feel the same way. I have never felt like a feminine person and I have never describe myself as a feminine person but I have that body shape and I’m immediately put into a box. Demoralizing

No. 378439

same, anon. Now try being a busty, short, pear shaped woman who dresses very 'manly' kek i look like a fat 14yo boy when i wear an oversized tshirt. I fucking despise my body type.

No. 378457

File: 1707577232708.jpg (57.27 KB, 800x491, unique-pink-tulip-many-yellow-…)

I'm even more attracted to femmes who don't put makeup, shave their arms, private parts and legs than those who do. In fact, women with "imperfections" look so beautiful. Imagine you're in a store and you want to buy a chair, all the chairs are black and white with no designs. They look good on any occasion and they're in style always. But they're… Boring. Nothing unique about them. Then at the corner of my eye I see one with a playful design, a different shade of color. You bet I'm going to buy that one or at least be more impressed by it. Yeah maybe some people will think it "doesn't fit the mood" or it stands out and destroys the harmony, but fuck that. If I woke up everyday and everyone was acting the same it would feel robotic and lifeless, if we're all "perfect" caricatures of each other like the media tells us there's no fun. So if I saw you or any femme woman like that I'd fall in love, believe me.
Also hairless women especially young ones look so much like kids it's odd lol

No. 378475

File: 1707585541586.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 45.62 KB, 400x465, 59A3140A-7F5D-4D47-BB03-A4F692…)

Here’s mine(replying to bait)

No. 378480

Nice and wet.

No. 378621

Busty is not pear shape.

No. 378637

That style looks a bit frumpy on any shape unless you're very thin or very tall, and you're underestimating how thin she is on that picture. You wouldn't look pear shaped at her weight. I most definitely start losing the pear shape once I get to like bmi 17.
Not saying you should do that, just that you're basing your expectations on a person who put a lot of effort onto having that body because that was literally her job. You can't expect to just happen to look like that naturally.

No. 380886

File: 1708546696729.png (Spoiler Image, 3.08 MB, 1424x1088, 1.png)

How would you define this? She's Andressa Soares btw

No. 380898

Dr Miami body

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