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File: 1597163104146.png (601.59 KB, 1076x669, kms.png)

No. 147192

for all the gross, weird, embarrassing shit your body does. shame is optional.

No. 147193

File: 1597163436853.jpg (62.71 KB, 1200x675, 5ce8f0c75da7b46baab4209469ea11…)

i'll start us off. i think i have a fucking hemorrhoid or something right on my asshole. it's a round bump, it doesn't hurt and doesn't feel solid. what do i do, anons. doctor google is useless and the thought of making my doctor look at my bootyhole makes me want to die

No. 147194

I'm glad you're not me because I'd try to pop it. Sorry, I haven't got any friendly advice besides don't do that.

No. 147196

I have such a flake scalp. I’ve basically tried it all, I have an almost pathological aversion to my boyfriends touching my hair in case they accidentally scratch my scalp, and it shows up so bad cause I have dark hair. I basically check my hair before going anywhere or doing anything the way people check their teeth for food, I just would love to not worry about looking dirty no matter what I do. I genuinely think I have psoriasis on my scalp, not just dandruff.

No. 147200

is your skin usually dry anon? maybe there is a vitamin deficiency you have that causes dry skin but it shows more prominently on your scalp.

my embarassing health topic is that i went through labiaplasty before, took me a year to save the money. i had it because i self-harmed on my labia before and it kinda showed plus made me insecure. i got botched by the doctor so now i have wonky lips. yey.

No. 147201

Go get over the counter ointment for it, it numbs it and you can pop it back in. Don't let it just hang out. Do not fucking pop it, if it gets painful or you get a fever, go to the doctors. I am the bootyhole expert.

No. 147202

sorry i'm retarded, what do you mean "pop it back in." god i'm going to get real tmi. i first noticed it because i was checking out my bootyhole in the mirror, as you do, and when i pushed/flexed (kms) i noticed it. i kind of pushed it back in at the time and prayed it would go away. is that what you mean? it doesn't hurt, like at all.

…do they even go away? i'm a bit of a deviant and like butt stuff, so i don't want my bf to see it. plus i don't think penetration would help matters.


No. 147203

also, i'm not going to pop it, but i'm curious: why exactly should i not? i imagine it would be painful and very susceptible to infection

No. 147205

if it doesn't hurt, it's not a hemorrhoid. Probably a skin tag. It's just some extra skin/tissue. I actually read about it on lolcow lol google it for more info. I have one too, doesn't hurt, it's soft, it's just there chilling

No. 147214

ahh okay. i don't think it was there before, though… are they something that can develop, or is it possible that i just never noticed it before?

what does yours look like, and where is it? christ that's a weird question. i ask because mine doesn't look like the google image results for "skin tag" and it seems weird that it would be right on/practically inside my asshole though

sorry to be retarded and gross everyone, i'm just a bit worried and want to see if i can figure this out before making a doctor look at my ass

No. 147252

NTA, it's probably a hemorrhoid. They can definitely be painless when not inflamed, that anon is wrong. They flare up when you get constipated, shove htings up your ass, or get the shits from spicy food, etc. Anything that would inflame it basically. Go see a doctor to be safe.

No. 147263

I have chronic dry skin on my fingers. It's usually at the top near my nails. My skin often cracks and I can't stop picking at it. No matter how much lotion I put on it, nothing seems to work. I never got a proper diagnosis.

No. 147270

If you’re sure it’s a hemorrhoid, just apply a little bag of ice to it and keep it there until you start to notice the size reducing. That’s what’s I did and it instantly went down. It could possibly be a skin tag but putting ice over it wouldn’t hurt just to make sure.

No. 147288

My stomach can't stop rumbling when I'm lying down and I have no idea why. It's embarassing when you're sleeping w/ someone. Any idea how to stop this?

No. 147289

Fix your diet.

No. 147291

did it go away completely?

No. 147302

Do you drink a lot of water before bed? That tends to happen to me a lot when I either drink a lot of water or if I’ve eaten something that tends to make my stomach bloated/gassy. Idk if your stomach rumbles every time you go to bed or just occasionally, but maybe pay attention to what you eat before you sleep to see if there might be a pattern between what you eat and what makes your stomach rumble?

No. 147303

Late but pop it in as in push it into your butthole again if it's in deeper or you can feel it rubbing. Never pop it broken, it's a massive vein.

No. 147338

Make sure you're pooping regularly. Also try laying on your sides instead.

No. 147378

Does anyone use scented baby wipes? Long story short, landlord said no to installing bidets so I decided to go for baby wipes instead. The unscented smell is kinda…baby wipe-ish if that makes sense? It definitely has a smell, just not one that's from any additives. I was just not sure if switching to a scented variety would result in a yeast infection.

No. 147379

Lmao same. Mine doesn't hurt either, but sometimes it bleeds. The bump has always been there. I was embarrassed when I went to the gynecologist and she was like "looks like you have a hemorrhoid."

Those will destroy your plumbing. They say "flushable" but they're actually not. Just use the sink to wet some regular toilet paper and use that.

No. 147383

do what muslims do and get a watering can for your bathroom

No. 147386

Baby wipes are terrible and wreck your vaginal pH, use a showerhead bidet extension.

No. 147388

ahhh same, I had a bad bout with crohn’s last year and now I have this stupid bump on my butthole…forever I guess. Oh well. You get used to it.

No. 147405

File: 1597311123611.jpg (27.3 KB, 640x640, 1584999968167.jpg)

How do you deal with your vaginas' smell?
I know smell depends on bacterial flora and that we often go through undetected infections that give strong odour to vagina.
I've always been somewhat paranoid about this because it always seems my vagina has a smell so I never ask my bf to perform oral on me, despite washing me regularly and especially before every intercourse.
I do routine checks at the gynaecologist and last time she told me I had vaginitis based on the smell that she never detected before on me, so she prescribed me one week of vaginal suppositories and monthly douche.
Since then my paranoia has grown bigger. The fact is, when I wash it the smell seems normal, but after a few hours and especially if I sweated (not to mention peed) the smell comes back.

So, is the smell normal in all unwashed vaginas or is it just me being wrong?

No. 147410

Maybe you don't wipe right. I had that the longest time, like some piss was caught by the lips. Maybe it's the anatomy of some vaginas

I'm sure I had a hemorrhoid for one day and it just went away, had that happened twice in my life.

Also I have a mad dandruff problem like the other anon here. Head and shoulders helps actually but fucks up my hair so I don't use it anymore. My mom used all kind of home remedies on m, head but nothing worked.

Something I'm really a bit worried about is that I have slime (clear or yellowish) after I take a shit leaking out of my asshole.

No. 147414

Go to a different gyno, and don’t ever douche your vagina. Douching actually makes you more likely to develop bacterial vaginosis.

Some degree of smell is normal, but this is clearly something that is worrying you, so again, go to a different gyno, if there is something wrong like BV you will need antibiotics or other medication to deal with it.

No. 147415

She's been my gyno for 5 years, only detected the smell once (vaginitis later confirmed by pap test).
She recommended the monthly douche because I have a IUD and douche is to prevent bacteria proliferation due to presence of the strings.
I never smelled another woman's vagina so I really can't tell if I am exaggerating or not.

No. 147422

File: 1597331816212.jpg (59.51 KB, 640x480, fungalnail.jpg)

I have literal homeless feet. Nail fungus which goes on for idk how long (can't remember the last time I wore sandals in public), foot fungus and ridiculous thick corneal.

I have also very yellow teeth that stain very fast, even when I get them regularly cleaned at the dentist.

From time to time I have this patchy and itchy rash that comes whenever I'm stressed. It comes and goes so idk

No. 147424

holy fuck spoiler this shit

No. 147426

Ew spoiler
>can't remember the last time I wore sandals in public
That's not helping. Foot problems take a long time to fix but it's all painless and easy stuff, it's only a matter of applying creams as often as possible, keeping your feet well ventilated and disinfecting your shoes. You're an adult anon, fix that literal fungus.

I hope every anon here with a slightly yellow toenail or cracked heels reads this and goes out and buys some treatment gel for it, during lockdown is the best time you're ever going to to get to stop this from becoming permanent.
t. an anon who beat a yellow toenail this summer

No. 147543

Jesus anon I'm eating for fucks sake

No. 147935

op here, i'm 90% sure it's a hemorroid. do they go away? do i need some kind of medical procedure done? all i can find on google is talk about the symptoms going away. i don't have symptoms but it's ugly and embarrassing

No. 147942

It won't go away, get the surgery when it starts hurting.

No. 147943

as owner of one, it will never go away, mine sometimes is more inflamed and painful and other times less so but its always there, hiding, lurking in the shadows. kinda want it to be inflamed again so i can acc go to a gp and get the surgery hopefully.

No. 147970

Seriously yes it's ugly but how often is somebody going to be staring directly at your naked butthole?
Why bother being embarrassed if only you know it exists.
Even during doggy the guy wouldn't be spreading your cheeks to stare at your butthole.

No. 147998

I've had hemorrhoids before and mines went away. They usually come out when I'm having my period

No. 148023

I have this little piece of skin that sticks out of my vagina, which I guess is what is called a skin tag? I can slide a finger inside when I'm wet with no problem but I'm a bit worried that when I'll have PIV sex it's gonna cause complications. I heard a lot of girls who've had it needed to go for surgery to get rid of it and I'm really anxious about it and don't wanna have to resort to that.

No. 148065

Same. Not to that level but it's pretty bad.
Anyone have advice on how to take better care of your feet? I feel like I'm super lost.

No. 148067

Has anybody else have their gallbladder removed? Mine was taken out in February and the only side effect I have is that my poops are really like… sticky. They leave streaks in the toilet. It’s gross and my diet doesn’t seem to have an impact on it.

No. 148072

I'm honestly kind of shocked at people suggesting surgery. I just used a prescribed hermorrhoid ointment and it went away after a few days.

No. 148086

Well I only have my families anecdotal evidence but they always seem come back, at the worst times, and get more and more painful. Better get the snip when you're young.

No. 148088

I had mine out December last year, I used to get explosive diarrhoea every time I ate out due to the fat content of the food and/or my body adjusting to the lack of gallbladder. Now though I've pretty much recovered fully. Give it some time and I'm sure your shits will go back to normal.

No. 148111

Same as what >>148088 said. Mine has been out for about five years now. After first my poops were like that. And still every once in a blue moon but im normal now. I have noticed I will get very painfully gassy every once in awhile but it passes quickly.

No. 148130

I've had a UTI (Cystitis) on and off for 5 years now and I'm worried it's a chronic condition at this point but I'm too disgusted and embarrassed by it to go to a doctor. I also get random sharp/excruciating pains around my bladder, abdomen and kidneys, and I don't know if it's caused by the UTI or something else.

No. 148132

5 years?! Anon a UTI can spread to your kidneys and cause serious long term damage. Given the fact that you're already having kidney pain, please go see a doctor ASAP they see way more embarrassing shit every day

No. 148134

i am a deviant unfortunately. i think that's how i got it, honestly. on top of straining too hard whenever i cleaned myself, i physically pushed myself too hard (during some solo action) somewhat recently

what was it called, if you remember? i'll probably suck it up and ask my doctor about it next time i go

No. 148135

i get nauseous, faint and a weird kind of buzzy fog sensation when i think too hard about my vagina/insides

No. 148146

Same anon. I can't even put my fingers inside myself without feeling like I want to throw up.

No. 148149


does it affect your sex life? it does for me because again, if i think too much about my insides (g spot, etc) i start to feel panicky and there's no way i can have an orgasm in that situation

No. 148152

I definitely cannot orgasm through PIV because of similar reasons. I try to focus on the intimate part (being close, open, vulnerable) of sex because focusing on what feels good vag wise is a lost cause.

Weirdly I can handle tampons and period stuff without feeling woozy.

No. 148153

I am the same as you and I can't finger myself for that reason. PIV is fine with me, but if I put my fingers in myself I trigger my vasovagal response which makes me faint. It's fucking shit.

No. 148154

I only get acne on my forehead. Instead of doing anything about it I just grew a fringe. I've been making sure to wash my face more but specifically my forehead and between my eyebrows is itchy and cracky and dry no matter what type of lotion I use, it's really gross. Sometimes, if I emote to much in a conversation I can see little flakes falling from above.
My knees have suddenly decided to flake as well, even though I haven't changed the body lotion I use.
I have a bunch of pink or red raw patches around my fingers, because when I tried to stop biting my nails I just bit off the skin around them instead. It looks uglier but I enjoy the texture of skin between my teeth.

No. 148160

There's no pretty way to say it– I keep tearing my asshole when I poop. Is my asshole too small or are my shits too big? I couldn't tell you, all I know is that as soon as it finally heals, I wind up ripping it open again. that shit hurted (literally)

No. 148170

Okay, yeah, I can imagine there are more aggressive versions of it. Mine haven't come back in years, though.

Family Care Hemorrhoidal Ointment. Just looked at it again and it's more for the pain relief but I was definitely less miserable after using it.

No. 148174

Shits are too big/dry. You are constipated so you need extra fiber plus drink lots of water.

No. 148220

What kind of spots are you getting on your forehead, are they small hard bumps or like poppable ones? Is there actually a lot of acne or mostly this dry, cracked, irritated skin?

No. 148321

As someone really into anal too, this just filled me with so much fear but apparently anal can't cause new hemorrhoids? (That's what I read when I just looked it up, anyway)

No. 148323

I get cysts around my vagina/upper inner thighs, sometimes around my bum and occasionally have bum acne as well. They're really painful when they pop up which isn't super often, but when they do, they stick around for too long and hurt. I don't know whether to go to a derm, an obgyn, or my GP, but either way, I am SO embarrassed. I've been just dealing with them for years, but I want to start treating them bc I want them to go away faster and more permanently, but damn, it is really, really embarrassing, especially since most other things about my body are generally normal and attractive.

No. 148332

Sounds like 100% derm kind of thing. I had issues with bum acne that just wouldnt go away, got a prescription gel, gone in less than 2 weeks, almost never seeing them again nowadays.

No. 148367

tmi but i don't think it was the actual sex in my case. this is just my theory, but i think it was from straining way too hard every time i shit or went to clean my bootyhole for fun times. i also did some solo stuff after not doing any butt stuff for a good while, and i pushed myself way too far. i could feel a…not a tear, i don't know how to describe it, like a pop, maybe? right on the ring

but yours did go away, right? how long did that take, and do you think it was the ointment that did it? also, did you see your GP or a gyno or something?

No. 148381

medfag here
hemorrhoids can form secondary to anal penetration if you get local trauma (basically if you don't prepare properly by stretching it slowly, and don't use enough lube) constipation, pregnancy, sometimes they can also appear when you have to lift heavy weights (it depends on the person)

They don't go away easily, they usually only go if you have surgery, which is done when there's too much bleeding or/and pain involved.

You can help the pain by drinking lots of water to avoid constipation, avoiding seating on the toilet for too long, not eating spicy foods (you know, the level of spicy that actually irritates your anus) and using hemorrhoid creams/ointments

if you try everything but it still bothers you too much, go to a coloproctologist, I know having someone checking your anus is embarrassing as fuck but seriously, having a bleeding painful anus is worse, don't be shy, I've checked many butts before and I can't even remember details anymore since we see so many people all the time.

*sorry for the crappy english, I'm latina

No. 148447

thank you medfag anon ilu

is it possible for them to go away on their own, though? mine doesn't hurt (except during penetration, so that's on hold) so i don't know if my doctor would recommend surgery. i'm kind of bummed, ngl. i'm a degen and like anal so i'd really like to be rid of it :(

No. 148448

I dont want to alarm you but that sounds like herpes.

No. 148449

ayrt - I'm really lucky because my mom is a doctor, and she's the one who prescribed me that ointment I mentioned. She told me chronic hemorrhoids can run in the family (but as far as we know, not ours); maybe that's the case for you if you finds yours are super persistent.

I definitely have NOT have problems for over a year; I don't know if that means they're gone for good but even after a couple bouts of constipations I haven't felt them return. It probably really varies.

No. 148450

Mine went away on its own

No. 148468

Most likely hair follicles getting infected or irritated, cant remember the fancy name for it. Not the herp, like some anon said.

No. 148476

You probably got hidradenitis and you should definitely see a dermatologist, as it is an inflammatory disease

No. 148520

I sweat a lot and I've always had bad body odor. I can shower, use (prescription strengt) deodorant, then go read a book and my underarms smell like onions in an hour or so.

Is this just my life? I'm not overweight and I eat fairly healthy. I even had my thyroid checked and it was fine. Has anyone managed to be less smelly?

No. 148527

rroid rage anon here

right after posting this thread and getting a reply saying it might be a skin tag (it's not) i seem to have gotten actual skin tags on the skin around my bootyhole. wtf caused this. i just woke up and went to feel around my butthole, as you do, and the thing i think is a skin tag hurts to the touch. wtf is happening. i'm still in bed because i'm afraid to go look in the mirror. i also have a painful pimple on my buttcheek, i think from sleeping at my parent's house (it's gross and no one washed my bedding, got there late and said fuck it and passed out). i'm tired anons!! why is all this ass stuff happening to me right now. ffs

No. 148530

when I had a similar problem, I put some isopropyl alcohol on a cotton pad and wiped my armpits with that after washing myself before putting on antiperspirant.

No. 148532

okay i finally looked

there are two things i think are skin tags. one of them is now red and inflamed and like i said hurts to touch… it now looks like the popped version of what i was assuming is a zit. i'm so confused. guess i need to see a doctor if i have these many concerns. who do i even see, though? my GP, a gyno, a dermatologist??

No. 148558

I have some kind of skin condition on the bottom of my feet that makes them covered in cuts and cracks constantly and it’s been like this for years. I’ve tried medication after medication, saw a specialist recently and he wasn’t sure what was going on. Whatever it is, my family is constantly talking about how disgusting my condition is and how I’m never doing enough to fix it and as dumb as it sounds it’s really hurt my self esteem.

No. 148565

Does anyone else get really nauseous and or vomit stomach acid if they are hungry? It’s like I can’t experience normal hunger any more and I used to up until about 5 years ago. I try to just eat a bunch of small meals throughout the day to combat it but if I go more than 5-6 hours between meals I’m guaranteed to vom. It’s really bad in the mornings and I dread waking up just to be overwhelmed with nausea.

No. 148566

File: 1598151901277.jpg (22.38 KB, 398x417, 70d3104e8374b49c8b8e8f052affce…)

I have a really hairy body. Hairy asscheeks, back, chest, stomach, & even hair all over my face..including the top of my nose. The strange part is, I hardly have hair on my armpits or much pubic hair, but hair grows everywhere that I refuse to even shave or wax anymore since it grows back the next couple of hours. I have very pale skin & dark body hair, so it's extremely visible. It sucks, but my boyfriend doesn't care at all so I'm good. He hardly has any hair which is funny. I'm just his sasquatch gf.

No. 148592

File: 1598174407983.jpeg (38.57 KB, 500x284, AC2A6C94-F0BE-434E-8446-AE0AB4…)

Extremely gross/tmi: since I started taking iron supplements it literally looks like this every time I take a shit. it’s gray-black and runny and smells really strongly of blood. I know it’s normal when you’re on the supplements but still every time I end up thinking “what the fuck just came out of my body am I dying”

No. 148593

Haha, I feel you. I remember I was genuinely scared when I saw my shit when I took iron supplements, even though I knew what to expect.
One time I was eating out with my bf when his best friend called him in panic after taking a weird looking shit. BF was giggling while calming his friend down and explaining to him he'll be just fine, no he won't die, it's just because of the iron he started taking.
Seems it's instinctual to get alarmed at your shit looking funky.

No. 148595

Have you tried taking an antiacid? I have the same issue and now that I’m on an antiacid for 1 month it’s much better, though I also noticed I feel hunger when I do things (like excercise or cleaning for a while) but if I don’t move much then I don’t really feel that type of hunger and just feel some weird pain idk, if you don’t wanna take an antiacid pill you can also just squeeze a lemon in water in the morning first thing With an empty stomach and drink it before any food, it usually neutralizes your stomach acid and it’s good for nausea too

No. 148597

>just squeeze a lemon
How can drinking more acid help with combating acid? You need a base to neutralise acid.

If anon doesn't want to buy antacids, she can just dissolve a spoon of baking soda in some water, it's a base and it works perfectly at neutralising stomach acid.

No. 148602

File: 1598183096552.png (57.33 KB, 218x218, 1399401589571.png)

I have a big, long skin tag/mole right near my fucking asshole. I've had it all my life and it doesn't irritate me really and I have no issues with cleaning down there (it doesn't get dirty) but, it will stretch out sometimes from sitting or when I do certain exercises/activities (biking). I want to get it removed eventually but, my main question is I'm not sure if it is a skin tag or mole or has another name for it? It's basically shaped like a mole, is lifted like a skin tag but, stretches out way further then most skin tags. Any ideas? I don't dare to cut it off myself because if I even pull on it I feel it. Maybe I have a fucking tiny tail, someone explain.

No. 148603

Didn't know they could do that. IME they usually constipate me horribly. Every shit felt like I was birthing a baby out of my ass so I quickly gave up the supplements.

No. 148610

I had similar symptoms. Go to a doctor. You will most probably get prescribed a proton pump inhibitor which greatly reduces the amount of acid your stomach produces. You also might get a gastroscopy to see if you have any ulcers or if you have a h. pyroli infection which can cause your symptoms. It's kind of dangerous to ignore your problems because constant acid irritation can lead to cancer. And please don't drink lemon juice like that anon suggested, it's literally like adding gasoline to the flame.

No. 148626

File: 1598196206876.jpeg (25.88 KB, 768x384, images (25).jpeg)

I'm experiencing some excessive hair shedding this month and its fucking me up so bad. The hairs have no follicles when i checked will i be fucking bald at the end of the year

No. 148637

i get really bad diarrhea when i wake up early. i usually get up around 9, but once a week i have to get up at 7 and my stomach goes crazy. it’s literally like i’m peeing out of my ass lmao. i end up having to take an imodium because i have to go and be around people, and i don’t want to be shitting my brains out in public. has anyone experienced anything like this?

No. 148638

I have just found out I have dental calculus built up behind my two lower teeth. It was in the back so I guess I never saw it. I'm kinda glad it's not in the front, so other people can't see. I know why it happened it though, I used to never brush my teeth a few years ago, the plague built now and I wanna kms. I'm kind of embarassed to go to the dentist but I'll have to. Sooner rather than later. Don't have insurance so I'm gonna save up money. Does it cost a lot to get calculus removed?

No. 148651

>Does it cost a lot to get calculus removed?
No, it's the cheapest of all dental services.

No. 148655

Does any of u ladies have…stubbles? Istg im not a man, but there are always some thick ass strands of hair that grows back every time i try to pluck them and they will get out of control if i dont remove that shit. Any anons have this problem and know how to solve it? thanks in advance!!

No. 148660

I wouldn't call mine stubble but I have a few random hairs that grow on my chin and cheeks that are thick and dark. Thankfully they're so few and sporadically located that I can just keep them plucked w no real issues.
I do have rather thick sideburns but they're not terminal hair like a beard, just dark peach fuzz, but it's kinda embarrassing so I either wax or nair them every few months

No. 148672

File: 1598217151965.jpg (53.74 KB, 1001x1036, brushie.jpg)


Do either of you use a scalp massager for the dandruff? I had the same problem and the only thing that's reduced it is using pic related. The spikes bend easily and don't get all caught up in long af hair, and you don't have to press very hard at all. I like using it while my hair's still dry then again in the shower. Also it just feels nice lmao


It'll be okay anon!! There could be a lot of factors. I've been in the same boat this summer and can chalk it up to pulling it back a lot, stress, the amount of nutrients I've been getting, or all of the above. Are you getting enough protein too, anon? That's a big one

I hope all the anons having trouble w/ their hair can figure out a solution. muah

No. 148675

How do I force an unending period with no blood to stop? I've been having day 1-3 severity period symptoms like cramps for over 2 weeks now but no bleeding.

I'm on corticosteroids and thyroid medications which probably affect things, but those aren't new. I was on an estrogen cream a while back, idk if that did something.

My doctor won't help me over the phone

No. 148677

Ooohh, I got one from target for the same reason. I thought it'd get tangled in my hair esp since it vibrates
But so far so good!

No. 148679

Anon I get this too. For most of my life I thought it was my anxiety from back when I had to wake up early for high school because I get nauseous too. Then it happened to me when I had to wake up earlier for work one time, my stomach was upset, I was nauseous, and not full on diarrhea like yours but I want to know my my stomach gets so upset when I wake up too early. Then it goes away later in the morning. I also can't eat early in the morning either, even if it is later in the morning.
Any search on it just yields morning sickness results.

No. 148686

I experience the same thing because of anxiety. Usually it's only during work days, but if I have a pregnancy scare it'll happen too.
But it's the worst in the morning and will go away after a few hours. No appetite and feeling nauseous. I usually can't eat before 12:00.
A few weeks back I was actually dry heaving. I wasn't sure if I was sick, or anxious because of thinking I was pregnant and I had a meeting at work I was nervous about. I forget what happened but essentially I realized it was because of anxiety.>>148679

No. 148693

I had a dream about peeing last night. woke up and i had peed the bed. yikes

No. 148703

Ah thank u anon. My mom tells me its because I dont get sunlight and a friend of mine told me its because of the season. Maybe it could be stress since because of the pandemic either way I hope it resolves itself soon…

No. 148719

Not enough sun can definitely be it, too! If you're cool with taking supplements and have the spare money you should look into getting some vitamin d. that way you don't have to slow roast yourself outdoors lmao

No. 148720

If you can, check your zinc. For some reason one time I developed a severe zinc deficiency and it made me depressed, made my hair fall out, killed my libido etc.

No. 148808


what did you do to fix it anon? I'm not going to say how bad mine are but it's been a long time and I feel like I've tried everything.

No. 149746

File: 1598966620149.png (18.1 KB, 259x224, sticker (94).png)

I went to the doctor about this issue today and she gave me some advice and antibiotics but gave no real suggestion what the problem could be other than it might not be a UTI but,
I've had chronic urethra and bladder pain and trouble since early childhood but in the past couple of weeks it's the worst it's ever been and nothing like any pain I've experienced before down there.
I've been almost completely unable to pass urine for over a week and the pain is simply unbearable.

I'm extremely careful about avoiding getting things like towel fibers on my genitalia and never use scented soap to wash it, I'm starting to feel that my urethra is somehow… faulty? My whole life my damn piss sprays out of the toilet often when sitting down despite having a vagina and my ex gf told me this wasn't normal and I was surprised.
It feels like if you put a spoon under a high pressure tap basically and I can almost even aim pee when standing up.
I've seen countless doctors in my life about these issues and had my genitalia inspected once but they never know what's wrong with me.
I don't think it could be an STI because I haven't been sexually active in 5 years and only have been with 2 partners and I was the first person either had slept with.
Most experience was as a teenager with a girl my own age who also had no previous sexual experience so I doubt it's something transmitted.

When I was a teenager I remember taking a urine sample and crying from the pain of pushing it out into the cup and then my doctor saying something along the lines of "There was visible blood in your sample but your pee is normal" which was incredibly useless.

I've never regularly masturbated for multiple reasons but mainly because the urethra stinging sensation afterwards is simply too painful for me and lasts for sometimes 24hrs no matter how gentle I am. I'm so beyond sick of this.

I even installed a detachable shower hair to make sure I'm washing it effectively to prevent problems but it's not enough.

I doubt anyone has an answer to what possibly causes this but I'm curious if any other anons can relate or have experienced problems like this, am I just stuck having piss that stings the fuck out of me and no sex life for the rest of my life? The most shameful part is the pain made me develop a mild pee kink as a child I assume as some kind of warped coping mechanism combined with being too exposed to deviantart unsupervised too young.

I have the same issue anon, thankfully I don't have dark hair at least but such massive gross flakes constantly get in my eyebrows and falls onto my face and it's really gross.
I was diagnosed with both eczema and something similar to psoriasis (I forgot the name unfortunately but it isn't the same thing just similar symptoms and not dandruff).
If the flaking doesn't feel slightly scaly it might just be that you have sensitive skin so don't worry too hard but I get that it's stressful. For me stressing over it makes it more severe which gets me stuck in an endless cycle.

Using a pharmaceutical shampoo called Nizoral helped me pretty immensely and might help whether it's dandruff or a skin condition.
I don't recommend things like head and shoulders shampoo the chemicals made my skin dryness much worse tbh.
I'm sensitive to certain chemicals and shit like that in most shampoos and conditioner.

Bless you anon, I'm definitely gonna try to buy a scalp massager, that sounds so comfy compared to normal brushes.

No. 149749


Hey, I have had almost similar problem since I was 14 and went on birth control. Urethra just went really strange and would flare up in pain, while tests came back that there was no bacteria present.

I have spent 8 years searching and even going ti foreign doctors, and in the end the answer was that we just have extreme sensitive urethra/bladder. I am not satisfied with this answer and think it could be that the urethra is too small or too thin (you can ask a doctor about an op where they stretch it but I haven't looked into this).

Some things that have helped for me are drinking probiotics every day (yes every day drink them), and taking D Mannose tablets/powder in your water. After months of taking these I stopped getting so much pains altogether, though if I drink too much soda one day it can easily flare up again.

No. 149972

I've never been diagnosed with IBS or anything like that but I am prone to a nervous stomach. Occasionally, when I'm out for walks/runs or hikes, I get the sudden need to poop (like less than 5 minutes before I can't hold it) and I have to rush to find a bathroom. These situations are fairly traumatic as I feel disgusting and out of control. This was fairly manageable before COVID BC I could always go into a Cafe or store to use their facilities but now all the businesses around me aren't letting people use their bathrooms anymore. I'm getting so that I'm kind of afraid of leaving the house for fear of having an episode. Or maybe my fate is to just walk around the block forever. I've been tracking what I eat to try and find a common trigger but nothing so far… I'm starting to resent my body for holding me back from experiencing the summer.
This is made all the more confusing because on my non episode days, my poops are super regular, usually with the same consistency and amount every day within a 30 minute window each day.

No. 149976

I have a mild case of toenail fungus on one foot. It's been there for almost 10 years now. I've tried to get rid of it but it keeps coming back. Not sure what more I can do since my poverty insurance won't cover meds to treat it. I'm super embarrased about it and not even sure how I picked it up to begin with

No. 149982

you can buy chinese toe fungus remover that really works off ebay.

No. 149986

I need some advice, anons with experience with abortion…. Would that be better suited to the vag-general thread?

No. 149992

I think both threads would work?

No. 149994

Im getting an abortion one week from today. Being pregnant is honestly my worst fear. I wanted to go for the 2 pill process, but am worried it will fuck with my endometriosis. Im hoping for some perspective from other anons who have had abortion/what method they chose.

No. 150010

honestly try posting in ot. that board gets more action

No. 150016

I don't think anyone here is qualified to answer that question unfortunately, this is definitely a question for a doctor

No. 150333

It’ll be okay anon. I have endrometriosis and I’ve had 4 abortions over the last 8 years. Definitely do the surgical/suction, the pill fucked me up for weeks. It is incredibly painful and hard to handle alone. The surgical method is bearable but definitely opt for taking the morphine. You won’t remember most of the procedure, but be sure someone is there with you to help for a few hours directly afterwards. Have a heating pad ready, and eat plenty of iron rich food before going in. Expect to have contractions as if giving birth, but only for 30seconds - 3 minutes. I very strongly recommend staying away from the pill. Both times I tried it, I had infections, a fever and weakness up to a full month after taking it.
You got this babe. It’s your body, your choice. Make sure you have emotional support, your hormones will be out of whack for a bit

No. 150339

Hair around my asshole. Does anyone else have to shave their ass every 1-2 days? I have fine blonde hair so I don’t fucking understand why my ass hair grows so quickly. Help me, is this normal

No. 150340

I shave my ass hair every day. I always thought I was a weird hairy monkey but I looked it up and I don't think it's uncommon.

No. 150341

Thank god I'm not alone. My bf loves butt stuff and it’s insane how much upkeep my bum hair needs. Fucking so embarrassed it’s even there

No. 150342

Sorry to sound dumb but how did the pill result in your infections, not shaming or blaming, just wanna ask

No. 150346

Careful of ingrowns near your butt hole. They can get wicked infected what with them being right near shit and all that.

No. 150357

I always use a post-shaving gel that contains aloe vera and some alcohol, works pretty well for desinfecting and keeping irritation to a minimum. I've shaved my ass hair since I discovered it at 14 or 15 so my skin has gotten used to it anyway.

No. 150358

samefag but yeah that's 10 years of shaving my ass

No. 150364

I’ve literally had an ingrown near my asshole for the past year, and I can’t for the life of me get it to go away. Even tried not shaving for months (which was horrific)

No. 150371

Also any help with that would be appreciated lol

No. 150373


Doesn't exactly sound like a pilonidal cyst but people should be more aware of those regardless so anyone with a weird ass thing google pilonidal cyst

No. 150382

what brand do you use? for a friend

No. 150396


Is it at all possible for you to pull it to the surface with a needle and tweezers in front of a mirror? The most important part is to pull the hair up without completely tweezing it out, so the area can heal and the hair won't just grow back underneath a scar.

Otherwise, seeing a dermatologist and using something like Tend Skin after shaving from now on is your best bet. I had an ingrown pube for a month or two and my dermatologist prescribed a cream that helped.

No. 150450

It's called Clean & Easy Soothe Aloe Vera Gel, just some random brand I picked off Amazon though. You could use Tend Skin Solution and a 99-100% aloe vera gel too, it's probably the better option tbh.

No. 150534

thank you, but that's kind of vague lmao…what is the name of this chinese brand?

My doctor gave me a topical solution that did nothing. I've been using tea tree oil pretty consistently 3x a day for about 4 months now but it's really only made a difference in one toe. Plus, if I leave that toe alone for like two days, it comes back immediately.

No. 151407

File: 1600127316857.jpg (37.69 KB, 728x780, dTcAHZcg.jpg)

rroid anon here

it's now larger, a bit painful, and doesn't stay inside. gonna suck it up and schedule an appointment with my gp

No. 151452

just saw this but ty anon, i am re-inspired to shave my butthole

No. 151752

File: 1600374968971.jpg (268.25 KB, 1200x1600, 1588199668093.jpg)

does anyone else get really bad armpit hair? i'll shave it and throughout the day it already grows back (not fully) and it's really itchy and makes me sweat quite a bit. i have a lot of "pit stains" on my clothing although i wear and use deodorant whenever i possibly can i even keep 2 extra deodorants in my bag and 3 at home just in case i run out of them. i dont have any other body hair thats as bad and annoying as my armpits and i have no idea how to deal with it. the hairs are as thick as pubes too its disgusting and embarrassing..

No. 151763

I let my armpit hair grow out a bit between shaves (shaving maybe fortnightly) and ime that amount of hair isn't really enough to affect hygiene. Shaved or hairy it does just sound like you're a heavy sweater

I've seen other posters here say that natural pits actually 'wick' the sweat. Just looked it up and wiki says
> The evolutionary significance of human underarm hair is still debated. It may naturally wick sweat or other moisture away from the skin, aiding ventilation.

No. 151769

Is it normal to get more bloated on one side of your stomach? Like, if you're lying down and put your hands between your hipbones, one side is more concave and one side is more swollen. I only notice it sometimes, and I swear I don't always get it on the same side but I don't pay enough attention to know for sure. But it's extra bloated on the right atm.

Posting this in the embarrassing thread cos I'm assuming it has something to do with where the waste is traveling through your intestines.

No. 151773

My bf got the snip so now he comes inside with no condom. I love the feeling of coming together and not worrying about him pulling out but the aftermath is not my favourite. Condoms kinda suck too but I miss just lying back and chilling for a while without the mess.

Anons how do you deal with hygiene after? I've been kinda grabbing a few tissues to plug it up and trotting to the bathroom to rinse with handheld shower. I know douching is bad but I try to get it out with water/my hands because I don't like cum just hanging out up there. Even if it's not gonna infect me with babies.

Am I doing this right? Asking here because how can I even Google this without thousands of pages of porn

No. 151778

You're doing it right! For good hygiene it's also recommended to try to piss after sex to make sure no semen stays in your vagina (obv different holes but the pressure will make it leak out better). You can use gentle soap around vaginal entrance, but never inside to keep the good bacteria cozy and safe. It's messy but I agree, feels much better than with a condom, would be hard for me to go back to using it.

No. 151808

IDK if it's normal or not but I get this too. I never noticed it until I lost a lot of weight.

No. 151816

I haven’t shaved my pits in months and they’re pretty damn thick but I can’t say I’ve ever experienced pit stains or anything like that. I think you might have hyperhidrosis

No. 151858

Maybe you're right. I have debilitating anxiety and I get nervous from damn near anything which is probably why I have it. Trust me I try to control it and luckily I don't stink or make people notice it. I'll go to the doctor and get checked for hyperhidrosis though I was just wondering if other people experience it and what I can do about it.

No. 152022

Story time. Once when I was like 10 I started getting this orangish red discharge in my underwear. My mom was confused by it but thought maybe I was just starting my period. It’d be young but not ridiculously young.

Anyway it kept going on like that, but sometimes some would end up in the toilet when I peed and it’d float on the water like oil. Ended up getting taken to the doctor where we worked out that it was because I’d eaten like three packages of cashews a few days before. I guess if you overeat cashews the fat can’t get digested and just slowly oozes out of you?

I still cant eat straight cashews without thinking about it.

No. 153441

Anons what do I do…. my ass is covered with pimple scars (and my back to a lesser extent). It looks so ugly and idk how to make it go away. I take a shower regularly and exfoliate and I don’t seem to be a very acne prone person because my face is pretty clear. How do I make this go away, it’s been like this forever. I also have eczema and I’m not sure if that’s a contributing factor…

No. 153443

Physical exfoliating or chemical? Try stridex pads to the booty

No. 153446

You know how they do like, skin peels for people’s faces for scarring? Maybe see if there’s a body-safe version. Probably wouldn’t be pleasant but if it’s really weighing on you it could be worth it.

Eczema can definitely mess your skin up. Partner has chronic eczema on his butt and back and when the skin breaks he sometimes gets staph colonisation. He’s got some burn looking scars from it.

A urea/SA moisturiser like the cerave urea cream might help smooth out the bumpiness and help prevent the pores from blocking up again. Hope you find something that works

No. 153835

this is currently happening to me and i lather myself in deodorant and someone said i smelt like a boys bathroom. legit wanted to cry. i really hope theres some sort of medication that can prevent this.

No. 153922

Does anyone else get this white substance in their belly button? I wash myself in the shower but it always comes back. I am starting to use alcohol q-tips to dry the inside and see if it helps a bit.

No. 163465

sorry in advance if this is gross, but that's kinda what this thread is for I guess.

anyway, for the past few months or so, I've been having trouble holding in poop.

whenever I have to shit I have to shit right then or else. like, it's super urgent. I'm able to hold it in most times (just barely) but I don't like risking it.

today, however, I was not. I just shit myself. I was on the phone with my insurance, and felt diarrhea abruptly coming on. I didn't want to go have diarrhea while I was on the phone so I tried to hold it in…. bad choice. it just starting forcing itself out. oh, and it was the burning kind of diarrhea. it kept coming out, and I kept thinking it was done but more would come out.

later when I finally was able to get into the bathroom, there was shit everywhere. on my legs, my ass, even my vagina. yes, shit got into my vagina. it was the pure liquid shit too which made it even harder to clean up. I tried to clean it out of my vagina, but I eventually stopped because I think I was just making it worse and pushing it further. anyways, now my vagina is itchy and burny feeling.

I couldn't get in the shower because our shower broke 3 years ago and since my parents don't give two fucks about hygiene they never bothered to fix it. if I want to shower, I have to go to the gym. oh did I mention this all happened right after I took a shower there?

I didn't even it anything out of the ordinary today (or yesterday) or even have coffee which can make me poop. I'm convinced this may have been a side effect of one my medications.

and before you ask, no, I've never had anal sex or shoved things up my butthole.

No. 163473

That could be something like ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease, you might want to see a gastroenterologist.

No. 163525


Whatever it is, it might be exacerbated by the fact you don't have anywhere to properly wash yourself in your own house. What the hell, are your parents complete savages? Having to go to the gym to take a shower is not the way you should be living. That just sounds like it adds so much unnecessary hassle and stress your everyday life.

No. 163552

I have a neck hump like an old lady but i'm in my early 20s, and it's so freaking embarrassing. Can't wear anything with a low back neck line. Apparently you can't undo it, only keep it from getting worse. Fml.

No. 163561

This isn't true anon. I recently got a laptop stand for my work computer and a proper office chair and my neck hump went down CONSIDERABLY. it's a posture thing.

No. 163562

Do you have Cushing's or something?

No. 163570

I think I have painful hemorrhoids. My asshole has been hurting for the past two weeks. I bought some kind of creme and it helps but it feels like my asshole will never go back to its former self. You can't talk about this shit to anyone.i don't even understand what I am supposed to do or what kind of physician I should talk to.

Also I did some physical activity with my dad this past weekend and I ended up with a back strain. I am only 21… fuck my life. Fuck it really hard.

No. 163571

Physio vids I watched said it isn't reversable? Hmm.

No its a dowagers hump.

No. 163572

I honestly don't get how ppl get hemorrhoids if they aren't super old. Do you eat spicy food, shove dildos up there?

No. 163577

I don't know either and it fucking sucks. I just know it's very prevalent in my family.

I noticed I had a strange painless "lump" there since I was maybe 13 yo? Way before any sex and not interested in anal anyway. My diet is fine. I had a bout of constipation a few weeks ago that made my asshole painful for the first time.

What pisses me off is that while I am not perfect health wise, I am not doing anything crazy. My diet is fine, not enough fiber maybe? But I almost never eat industrial food. I am not the most fit person but I have a 20 BMI and I run a lot. Never been fat, never smoked and I drink like once a year. Seriously why am I cursed with shitty old people diseases…

No. 163611

Anybody else being weirdly gassy in the morning or is it just me? I wake up in the morning and the first thing I do is fart. And then fart some more. It goes away during the day but usually comes back in the evening. I never experienced this during the first 30 years of my life, it only started this year and now it happens almost on daily basis. I haven't really changed my diet or lifestyle, if anything I've been more physically active this past year than in my younger days. I have no digestive problems and I'm pretty regular.

No. 163636

its mostly genetics and getting dealt a bad hand intestine-wise, food and doing butt stuff can make it worse but its usually just bad luck.

No. 163641

Anon, are you me? BMI of 20 and an avid runner here, yet I have had hemmhoroids (sp?) since my early teens. I literally always leave blood on the toilet paper and some weeks ago I was literally hemorrhaging blood into the bowl every time I would go number two. I went to the doctors and she said she couldn't find any lumps etc when she was giving me examination and prescribed me suppositories and like a cream and it got better for like a month and now I am back to bleeding just a little bit. I fucking hate it so much and I am so embarrassed about it.

No. 163645

Does anyone else constantly get ingrown nipple hair? I've got 5 extra thick hairs on my right nip and every time I pluck that shit at least one of them comes back ingrown, making a painful red bump that sometimes turns into a pimple. I thought the skin around nipples was thin and delicate, so I have no idea why such thick hairs would have trouble breaking through. It's double weird, because I never get ingrowns anywhere else.

No. 163650

It's normal to have some hairs there, put some bha and let it heal, and just trim them from now on.

No. 163794

For a moment I thought I wrote this post myself and forgot about it. YES. Tend Skin has helped prevent new ones for me, but I literally have scars around my nipples which I think won't go away at this point because it's been so long.

No. 163800


Jesus Christ!!! Anons, hemorrhoids is not old ppl disease. Everyone gets it. It just happens more often with ppl in their 40s. There are three kinds of hemorrhoids:internal, external, and mixed. If it hurts, it’s external or mixed. If it does not, it’s internal. Hemorrhoid is the engorgement of the venous system of your anal canal. Lack of fibers, chronic irritation to anal canal (e.g. anal sex), old age (degeneration of connective tissues that protect your vessels), pregnancy, prolonged sitting, straining, and chronic constipation are risks for hemorrhoids. Adding a little natural laxative to your diets (e.g beans, apples) will make a difference. If you’re too lazy to change the diet, go get a package of docusate, mix it with water and drink it every day. Soft stool guarantee.

I know what you think and the answer is no, docusate is the stool softener. It does not cause diarrhea.

No. 164005

Has anyone dealt with pubes turning white? When I was 13ish I had one or two white pubes, but now I’m 23 and there’s an increase in the amount of non-pigmented pubes (10-20). Is this an indication of something bad? I’m seeing my family dr tomorrow, should I bring this up?

No. 164287

Is it normal that the majority of my underarm/pubic areas have two hairs from one follicle? (I shave)

No. 164311

Yes I go to laser hair removal and lady there told me the reason why it seems like hair grows thicker and more dense when you shave is because 2-3 strands come from the same pore, idk how but its very normal
i noticed there’s hair(2-3 medium length but kinda thick strands, thicker than leg hair similar to nipple hair) growing on my lower back, like right on my tailbone, i’m not a particularly hairy girl like i never had hair growing in different places. Could it be hormonal? Should I get checked? Also I noticed I get incredibly depressed and suicidal during my period, could this all be due to a hormonal imbalance?

No. 164429

When I'm im bed at night I yawn so fucking much, and its those long drawn-out yawns that leave you breathless. It's one after another. So I'm basically gasping for breath at night. What the fuck is wrong with me?

No. 164477

Could be iron deficiency / anemia if you feel a need to breathe really deeply, probably yawning counts

No. 164529

Came on period today had the shits all day (Merry Christmas to me) also a hypochondriac (and have a severe phobia of diarrhoea) so obviously I'm worried it's covid. Absolute nightmare of year for me as i'm sure it has been for most, but I just wanted one nice with my boyfriend cooking and eating but instead i'm laid in bed watching family guy.

No. 164800

When I was on the pill (for my debilitating periods) I had the worst side effect. My vagina smelled so bad. And no matter what I did it wouldn't go away, and I would have to change out of my underwear like 2 to 3 times a day because the smell was so god damn strong. It was terrible. I'd rather be in pain than that, but I haven't had my period in a month, which makes me happy, but I know it'll come back and hit me like a truck when it's back to my normal cycle.. I think I'm going to try and get diagnosed with Endometriosis.

No. 164810

does anybody else deal with excessive discharge? i've been on birth control for 5+ years but this also happened before that. i have to wear a panty liner every day and i always feel "wet" and it sucks

No. 164822

I seriously can't stand living with large breast in general.It feel very heavy in my cheast and make me tired. Do you have any tips to make breast smaller?

No. 164836



No. 164839

Lifting weights made my boobs smaller, but I’ve always been a member of the IBTC. I think augmentation is the only way to make a big change.

No. 164848

I have really oily skin, but only when I wake up. Is there any way to help it?

No. 164852

if it's only when you wake up then just wash your face kek

No. 164875

File: 1609197522522.png (180.53 KB, 512x548, 1426850923085.png)

>lost sense of taste/smell completely a few years ago
>too anxious to go to doctor
>try to fix it by changing lifestyle
>years pass - getting healthier but sense of taste/smell still gone
>think about going to doc about it at some point
>coronavirus happens
>"loss of taste/smell" is one of the most common symptoms
>feel even less like telling docs about it

Turns out a few years of alcoholism caused acid reflux to splash into my esophagus, windpipe, and sinuses at night while sleeping - damaging my sense of smell/taste. Cutting my drinking down to a few times a month has restored most smell/taste over time.

I used to casually tell people I lost my sense of smell but with COVID happening, I feel like I have to hide it even more than I already do. I've never brought it up with a doctor so if related issues arise in the future it's going to be a weird story.

You ladies don't know how much I missed the smell of simple things. Whenever I can smell something 100%, I will spend a few minutes savoring it in case I lose my sense again. Cardboard, celery, ballpoint pen ink, warm laundry from the dryer, gasoline– all smells I missed. Savor your senses.

No. 164886

Got pregnant test yet?

No. 164887

Goddamn, that's scary even without chances of the coof. How much were you drinking?

No. 164902

File: 1609212685530.gif (877.65 KB, 298x168, popcorn.gif)

I don't even remember. Ballpark 4-5 days a week and at least 4 drinks on a single night. Binges could be 10+ drinks. It was a bad coping mechanism while I worked an awful job while living with a usually absent abusive family member.

I'm lucky I only had an emotional dependency but the physical repercussions of heavy drinking hit hard long before addiction.

No. 165089

I've had impacted earwax in both ears for over a month now. Like, it's to the point that no wax leaves my ears at all, from what I can tell. I've tried Dabrox but all it seems to do is move the wax around, which helps me to hear better, but if I stop treatments, it will just build up around the eardrum again and drive me crazy.

Has anyone had any luck taking care of this problem at home? I really don't want to have to see a specialist for this.

No. 165090

Geez anon, that sounds awful. I had a friend lose most of her sense of smell after years of doing coke, but I don't think it's completely gone like you're describing.

No. 165092

I used to have this problem. Changing my diet made it stop almost completely. Idk what your diet was like, but mine was super unhealthy. I was eating mostly carbs, dairy and meat. Very little fruits and veggies. Focus on a wide variety of whole foods and try to eat balanced meals (ie: equal amount of protein, carbs and veggies/fruits).

No. 165098

You don't need to see a specialist, any nurse can syringe it out in 5 mins. It feels amazing and I HIGHLY recommend it over anything you do at home, there's really no comparison. Idk what Dabrox is but I'm assuming it's ear drops? They're good to soften the wax beforehand but you need to use a syringe or squeezy bulb to actually remove it. The bulb isn't very effective though and it's blocked my ear with water before.

No. 165111

I wanna share something embarrassing that ended up serious. Thought it might help someone.

I've always had some issues with constipation, and I have endometriosis. I stopped taking birth control for that because it was fucking with my mental health, but so what, a lot of women have endo. I gradually got accustomed to being in pain and having bowel symptoms around my period.

Because of that sometimes I have hemorrhoids, whatever, I just deal with them, right? Bright red blood in the loo is not that alien to me, and I know it's not really serious.

Well over the summer I was fucking depressed. Lost three close family members, isolated myself from friends, went through a breakup. I was running and a lot and annoyed that my abdomen still seemed a little puffy despite all the exercise, but endo - I'm used to seeing that off and on.

I started pooing pure blood. Like streams of blood without any actual poop. But no real pain, so I just figured I had an internal hemorrhoid somewhere and it ruptured. I was losing a lot of blood though, sometimes cups. Ignored it, it went away after a few weeks.

A couple months later, I am feeling nauseous again and end up throwing up bile with a lot of pain in my stomach. I thought maybe I had an infection. After 3 days of pain I go to the emergency room. Apparently part of my intestine was twisted and dying. I had surgery that day and had to get about a foot of intestine cut out. It's not clear whether the endo was the cause but highly likely. I was in the hospital for 9 days. And now I have a scar on my belly button, plus scars from drains, and I lost a ton of weight but have a puffy belly from surgery.

don't ignore bleeding from your butt. I was stupid (and depressed, but still stupid)

No. 165112

Anon, try plain mineral oil and liquid docusate sodium. They are better than debrox if you happen to be one of those that have ear dryness or actively shedding a bunch of skin from the ears.

If that does not work, try finding someone with experience in ear irrigation which involve syringe 200 mL of either saline or 10:1 hydrogen peroxide into the ears and rinse them out.

If both these don’t work, then you happen to be one of the unfortunate soul that needs manual removal of ear wax. There are two ways: the rogue way and the professional way.

The profession way is straightforward. You go to ENT specialist that will regularly remove earwax for you. That involve a bullshit visit to the office and let them take a look of your ear with an overpriced otoscope and suction. Since they can clearly see your tympanic membrane, there’s nearly zero chance of perforating it unless your doctor happen to have too much fun prior to your treatment.

The rogue way. You remove it yourself. Worst case scenario, you puncture your ear drum. If that happens, your doctor will prescribe you antibiotics drop to prevent infection. Assume things go well, it should heal on its own within hours to days. If it is something serious, be ready to see your ENT for further recommendation.


Your AnonQuack.

No. 165113

>I started pooing pure blood. >Like streams of blood without any actual poop.
>I was losing a lot of blood though, sometimes cups.
>Ignored it
Jesu Christo…

No. 165115

Sorry to hear what you’ve been through, anon. Assuming your problem arose from chemical damage and not due to viral or brain tumors, there’s a chance it may come back. Unlike other neurons, olfactory neurons do have regenerative capabilities. Depending on various factors, it can occur over a period of days or even years.

My advice is to get treated for your reflux, stay sober, avoid further damage to your olfactory neuron (quit smoking, drinking, etc), and do some smell training if you ever want your ability to smell to come back. It may not be 100%, but having some degree of recovery is better than nothing.

No. 165155

File: 1609410523692.jpg (49.79 KB, 966x734, 1590747884520.jpg)

I found a big, hard, weird bump in my vagina and got an urgent appointment at a doctor. The doctor looked around with the opener tool and said she doesn't see anything, and I thought she was stupid because the lump was the size of a medium sized grape. She looked and looked, put some other tools in and felt around for some time and it turns out I was the stupid one because apparently it wasn't a cancerous lump, it was just my fucking cervix. I wasted this doctors time during a pandemic just because I am a retard who doesn't even know what a cervix is supposed to feel like. To my defence, the sex ed regarding female shit in my school was basically "vagina is this mysterious hole somewhere and babies come out of it" and the lump was in a weird angle so I'm not that mad at myself, but still

No. 165160

File: 1609415775826.jpeg (139.63 KB, 853x1280, 73E2B630-507A-47C2-9279-B78EDC…)

When was your last lap omfg

No. 165169

but the surgery to repair my intestine was a laparotomy too. There was endo all over that section of intestine.

I have to follow up with a specialist gyn now (I live in a different country now so I had been putting this off).

I know it was dumb to ignore that symptom but I've had rectal bleeding before, and had drs dismiss it as internal hemorrhoids even after I was diagnosed with endometriosis. Granted, it was never that much, but when you have been shut down in the past and now you're faced with it in a foreign country, well…

If I had had pain, I'm sure I would have gone to a dr. But hemorrhoids are often categorized as "bleeding from the rectum without pain." I had discomfort then, but no pain directly associated with the bleeding (just discomfort, but I was used to that).

I did have nausea and a couple isolated episodes of vomiting over the summer but I blamed food choices or too much caffeine. It wasn't until I had intense pain + vomiting bile that I went to the emergency clinic. Even then, I tried to wait it out.

If I had waited longer, and my intestine had perforated, I might not be here writing this post.

No. 165203

The wax is completely hardened from what I can tell. I'm kind of hesitant to do anything else on my own because from what I understand I could just end up making it worse
Myy clinic isn't even open for the next two days and I just called a different office that told me they aren't doing earwax removal during covid.

I really don't understand how this is such a big deal. I thought impacted earwax was a fairly common problem. My boyfriend has the same thing happen to him a year or so ago and the amount of time it took someone to actually remove it for him was insane.

No. 165214

>intestine was dying
What was the cause?

No. 165221

Does anyone else deal with excessive sweating in your crotch region? Inner thighs specifically. I used to have hyperhidrosis in my armpits but I don't deal with that anymore, it's like it transferred locations. It happens more when I'm anxious. It's annoying af, sometimes I have to change my underwear because dampness due to excessive sweat.

No. 165222

cecal volvulus and partial "telescope" of the intestine in that area. The blood supply was cut off.

No. 165247

Not that embarrassing, but I get daily hot and cold flushes and it's really annoying. Everyone can obviously see me sweating and I hate it. I went to the doctor about it and they checked my hormones and apparently theyre all fine and that's all they would do. They didn't care at all. I just know that this isn't normal and so something must be off, but if they don't care then they don't care. I used to have very severe hot and cold flushes on my period so I still think it could be hormone related.

No. 165282

try another doctor if you can. male doctors and even a lot of female doctors are notorious for not caring about women’s issues that they don’t see as ‘serious’ (or even serious ones tbh). it’s a really big issue. you should definitely get answers though, because even if it isn’t life-threatening or whatever, it’s still causing you discomfort and affecting you day-to-day. good luck!

No. 165288

Happens to me when I'm stressed. Both my armpits and crotch get extremely sweaty. Even antiperspirants fail if the stress level is high enough. My thyroid is fine so I just wear black clothes and deal with it.

No. 165337

My right nipple itches from time to time. This has been going on for about a year now. I've been more consistent about plucking the hairs around both nipples, so maybe that has something to do with it? It doesn't happen to my left one though. Not sure if I should be concerned about this.

No. 165362

My new birth-control made me grow armpit hair. Sure I had a little before but it was so thin I didn't even need to shave. I switched birth control about 6 months ago and all of a sudden I got some bushy pits. I'm 27 so this is not the age I expected to suddenly have hair growing in new places.

No. 165366

Ok, so I'm a mild sperg and have this weird thing with poo and shitting (basically got addicted to opiates because of it, had an ed because of it). Now i'm off that shit, but I take like 5 packets of immodium a day and i'm worried it's going to really harm me as I read it's bad for your heart.

I know you could look at this as swapping addictions, BUT I obviously don't get any sort of high from immodium, though there is a psychological addiction there as in it's the first thing I worry about in situations. Like I NEED my immodium with me all the time wherever I go.

Do any anons have any recommendations? Should I see a therapist about my poo issues? I just want to stop needing to take so many immodium (I also steal it because money) It's embarrassing and I'm fed up. Also I still poo once a day, mostly, cause I eat a high fibre diet and my body is used to opiates.

No. 165381

Number one, stop stealing shit. Secondly, yeah, definitely go and see someone about what is going on. It's not what should be happening, as you've pointed out, but it should be fixable. Can you shit without taking the immodium, or does your mind make it more difficult?

No. 165396

I get that it's weird to suddenly have it growing there when it never did before, but not having armpit hair seems like the stranger thing to me? Maybe it's more common than I think but I don't know anyone who doesn't grow armpit hair.

No. 165407

It's a genetic thing. Many Native Americans don't grow a lot of body hair, it's been a blessing until now.

No. 165526

Anyone else almost constantly have the “sniffles”? My nose is almost always runny, especially in the morning. I go through a ton of facial tissue every week just from blowing my nose. It makes me self-conscious because people will often ask if I’m sick and I feel kinda gross when I have to blow my nose in public (I try to do it in the bathroom but it’s not always possible).

I don’t really have allergies and taking allergy medication hasn’t helped it at all. Does anyone else suffer this snotty curse?

No. 165536

This happens to me if I don't dust my room properly, not saying you're messy but if you haven't cleaned/dusted in a while it's worth a shot.

No. 165539

Try a humidifier.

No. 165657

Why the fuck do I sneeze when I think of naughty things?

No. 167281

for some reason everytime i strain myself in some way, be it coughing, sneezing or even talking in a loud voice, a little bit of pee comes out. like two drops. and i'm so fucking embarassed, why is this happening? i'm barely twenty, do i have incontinence already? what the hell do i do? even now i strained myself a bit and pee came out. i'm losing it. nothing else is out of the ordinary except this.

No. 167290

I can't stop fucking yawning at night and sometimes even during the day. Its just one after the other. You know that feeling when you feel a yawn coming? Thats what I feel for hours on end, except most of the time the yawn doesnt come and I'm just trapped in it and I can't breathe right. It keeps me up for hours. What the fuck is wrong with me? I cant handle this.

No. 167292

How long has this been happening? If it's recent I'd advise you to get tested for covid just in case. You have trouble breathing and yawning suggests a lack of oxygen, it could be a number of things, but better eliminate the possibility of it being covid straight away.

No. 167293

About a year now, and I just tested negative for covid this week

No. 167294

you can sort it out by exercising your pelvic floor muscles, and I don't mean only Kegels. I don't know how it's called in English, but there are special physiotherapists specializing in urogynecology. They're the best for diagnosing a problem and rehabilitating it

No. 167298

Is feeling like still having to pee even just after going to the bathroom a sign of a UTI?

No. 167301

Yes it is

No. 167306

Then I guess I've had a lot of UTIs without even knowing. Sad! How should I avoid them from now on?

No. 167313

If it's an ongoing issue then it sounds more like interstitial cystitis. If you'd had a bunch of untreated UTIs you would know about it as the infection would escalate and make your urine pungent, then spread to your kidneys and make you very ill.

I have interstitial cystitis and it makes it hard for me to judge if I need to see a doc or not, I've tested negative for UTIs at times when I was convinced I had one. I've had an overactive bladder for about ten years now so a change in the smell is IME the best indicator of when it's a full on infection versus IC flare ups.

No. 167317

Never really had problems with the smell. To be honest my problems do quite sound like IC. Good to know.

No. 167655

Do you have anxiety or are going through a particularly stressful time? Because I have a similar issue and ongoing shortness of breathe, and it's anxiety-related for me. Always gets worse the more anxious I am.

No. 167812

My eyes water when I sing, say something high pitched, go "awww" to cute things etc. I don't know why but I hate it.

No. 167819

>getting ready to leave or go anywhere, even to bed
>finish getting ready
>have to pee the second before i go
where does this pee even come from? it's especially annoying when i leave a shop with no bathroom…

No. 167845

File: 1611041711460.jpeg (93.99 KB, 448x600, 101DE823-8498-487C-B7E6-80C2A5…)

>the cutest anon

No. 168008


this is retarded, but my stupid fucking big toes stopped growing and haven't for over 3 months.. (i could tell from nail polish compared to other toes). i start to try make positive changes like not wearing socks all the time, wearing shoes less, massaging with tea tree oil for potential fungal infection so that they might grow again, and one of the fuckers gets so damn infected at the base of the nail (not on the sides like an ingrown tho), puffing up, red, swollen - descustang. i soak them every day in espom salts and wipe with iodine. i can see the nails rising from the bed now.. wtf? is there another nail growing underneath or some shit? infection has gone down but whenever i press the base it leaks a little puss. the big toe nails themselves are yellow (but they aren't hard or flakey to indicate fungal infection? my bloods are also normal so i don't think it's nutrition, but i do bruise fucking easy despite not being anemic.. don't smoke, drink, etc.). i hate feet and just want my big toe nails to grow again but can't afford a podiatrist.

No. 168421

I have this same thing. A doctor once told me its just anxiety.

No. 168429

are sure you didn't damage them at some point? this sounds like when my toee turned blue and eventually the nail on top "lifted" up and there was a new nail under. it still grows fucked up and I want to die but anyways, could be whats wrong with yours?

No. 168466

I have this as well, kind of, but anything I hear/see that has to do with early childhood I feel tears welling up completely involuntarily - kids books, lullaby's, designs made for babies, toddlers asking their parents questions, etc. I hate it so goddamn much. I didn't have a miscarriage, nor do I want a child, no trauma with wanting a kid. I dont even like kids that much. Very weird.

No. 168521

I have really dry nipples. I have generally dry skin so it affects my nipples aswell. I really try to take care of them because sometimes the skin rips and it really fucking hurts and it’s embarrassing when someone sees it. So I use lotion but also thicker creams on them. It’s really annoying as if I didn’t gave enough body parts to put cream on

No. 168547

I've considered it, but my memory is so dogshit that I don't remember.. but it never went blue or anything. I just hope it lifts soon completely if that's what it's going to do. Sorry you are also experiencing toe woes, anon.

No. 170092

File: 1612374676671.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1575x2100, 345823BB-6B15-4631-B5BC-83959C…)

anons am I dying? Lately I’ve been waking up with tons of bruises on my legs. I literally sit around and do nothing all day so there’s no way I got these from banging into things. I have a once a week yoga class and I feel like I look like some sort of abuse victim. I’ve always been easy to bruise but every few months I get these periods where the bruising becomes ridiculous, like right now. Do any of you have this problem or know what could be causing it?

No. 170097

Mine are like that too (I have a deep violet one right now lol), and my friend even gets horrible huge blue ones without hitting herself. I don't know for sure what the cause is but most people tell me it's from a lack of vitamin C, and my friend with the huge bruises says it's vitamin D.

No. 170098

Iron deficiency is a potential cause

No. 170102

anon u have cute legs

No. 170117

Anaemia. Get a blood test.

No. 170150

So I never ended up seeing a doctor about it but it went away, didn't do anything special, just left it alone and stopped being so aggressive when I clean my bunghole

Just in case anyone was wondering lmfao

No. 170153

Look normal to me. It’s definitely bruises, not melanoma or any skin malignancy. You said you sit all day and can’t bang you leg against anything but did you apply any pressure them AT ALL.

It doesn’t take a serious hit to any parts of your body to get bruised. It can happen by virtue of pressure (resting your elbow on your leg, cross your leg, etc).

The underlying reason why someone is more easily bruised are not always explained. Some maybe deficient in vitamin C, a coenzyme for collagen synthesis that maintains your ECM. However, scurvy is rare nowadays considering the food abundance. Some may have hematological disorder that cause you to easily bleed and bruised. There are many of them but they are extremely rare even for the most common one which is vWF deficiency.

Last but least, the answer you always get from webMD:cancer. Leukemia and lymphoma can interfere with platelet and makes you susceptible to bleeding -> bruise.

My advice tldr: unless you have anemic signs (lightheaded, increased HR, pallor, excessive menstrual bleeding, etc), I wouldn’t worry too much. Scurvy could be the cause but it’s unlikely in your case. The treatment for scurvy is nutritional support anyway.

No. 170155

the lymph nodes in my armpits like to swell a bit and sometimes they’re painful. the more I touch em, the sorer and more tender they are. it’s weird, mom says it’s mono but I’m not sick!!!!

No. 170173

Whenever I'm socializing my crotch decides it's time to fucking sweat and stink. My family had a party at our house and I had to change my underwear 3 times because I kept smelling like piss. Maybe it's an anxiety thing? Cause I'm not a very social person. I feel like a gd skunk.

No. 170276

Okay, so, I’m pretty sure that I have anemia but I don’t want to self-diagnose. I’ve noticed that whenever I’m showering I tend to get super dizzy and feel like I’m about to pass out. I have passed out before, just not in the shower. I don’t pass out very often anymore, I think the last time it happened was a year or two ago but it happened once every couple months back then. When I’m on my period, I feel extremely dizzy and like I’m going to pass out also. I think my mom is anemic but I don’t know if I am. Should I go to the doctor? I’m afraid of not being taken seriously.

No. 170277

Samefag but I forgot to mention that I bruise VERY easily. I’m extremely pale so the bruises are always noticeable and it makes me insecure. I wake up with 4 or 5 different bruises sometimes. I don’t know why.

No. 170281


Just buy some iron pills and take them for a few weeks to see if you feel better. Might be low blood pressure as well.

If you're really worried about it go to the GP, low iron is quite common and boring so they won't think you're a munchie lol, you'll just get bloods done and find out once and for all.

No. 170282

Anemia can be super easily checked by a simple blood count test; you should be able to do it cheap by yourself, but also it's such a basic thing to test for I don't think there's any way any doctor will refuse giving you a recommendation for it. I don't think you should do anything without checking your blood first because if you actually are not anemic, taking iron supplements can be bad for you.

No. 170283

Thank you. I’ll go ahead and get a kit to test it at home.

No. 170344

are you hypermobile? aka do your arms extend past the joint slightly when stretched out entirely? if yes then its normal. people with hyperobility bruise easily

No. 172968

File: 1614203776109.jpg (90.94 KB, 1200x800, original.jpg)

Anons i need help. so my eyelashes randomly started falling out and i have no idea why. i don't wear makeup at the moment and haven't for like a year, and i don't use any skincare products on my eyes, i literally cleanse my face with water and moisturise with lotion and that's it. it's so random and idk what to do, has anyone else experienced this?

No. 172973

File: 1614206059434.jpeg (197.61 KB, 748x843, 056034CC-308D-4B3E-9B54-8E8360…)

I’m pretty sure I have some kind of fungal skin infection on my crotch. I have dry patches that look sort of like liver spots which have been there since the summer. I’ve hooked up with people and none of them noticed but now I think I have more of them lol. Should I try rubbing lemon juice on them or something?

No. 172974

they sell antifungal cream at the drugstore, you could try that, but it might not work

No. 172975

I love that image, I forgot about the LED sky billboard in Beijing. Sorry to hear about your eyelashes anon, this happened to my mom when she got the flu a couple years ago. You could try protecting them with a lash growth serum, they can be pricey but more effective than castor oil as I understand. In my mom's case they just grew back after a few months. Consider consulting a credible aesthetician if you can afford it. I would also be cautious about wearing falsies or lash extensions if that was on the table for you. Good luck anon

No. 172995

Dont want to spook you but it could be a sign of alopecia anon, keep an eye out for the rest of your hair

No. 172999

I've bought so many ear wax cleaning products and I can't get any wax out. I don't know if I even have any wax in there or if I'm just making it up in my head, but I swear my left ear can't hear as well as my right one and I doubt it's from actual damage. Tired of wasting money on this.

No. 173001

Stop torturing your ears and go to a doctor if can. I had something similar which was skin debris and blood due to too much cleaning with q tips and that started to become super painful. It had to be sucked out, awful.

No. 173003

Just go to a nurse and get it syringed, it takes 5 mins and it's so satisfying. No at home product can do it as well.

No. 173100

File: 1614292213014.jpg (141.24 KB, 728x1063, oniisamae17.jpg)

Just got my first well woman's exam, doctor told me (as did my body, very angrily) that I most likely have vaginismus. It explains… quite a bit. Anyone got experience with this? Doctor told me to get one of those magical dilation kits and I'm… I'm not sure how to feel at the moment. Embarrassed and somewhat baffled. The human body is a mystery.

No. 173364

File: 1614471041119.jpg (295.71 KB, 1500x784, fox-reynard-royal-10.jpg)

Absolutely the last place I expected to see a vernacular text in gothic script. I bet it's the Roman de Renart. (Reynard the fox)

No. 173391

File: 1614490911148.jpeg (3.17 MB, 4032x3024, F1E2627C-1B92-4B9E-B7DE-EEA8FC…)

I’m going to get a manicure/pedicure tomorrow and I have a blister in my left foot from trying to break into my Ralph Lauren flats and vans.

Is it still safe to get the pedicure? I did wash it clean while I was bathing so it shouldn’t look too bad, right?

No. 173393

I thought this was a gorepost of a decapitated man or something god

No. 173399

Lol, I also scrolled past this image cautiously

Think you’ll be fine, just let them know about it beforehand

No. 173400

Just my anecdotal experience, but I’d really advise against getting a mani/pedi with any type of open wound (even if small). Nail salons definitely cut corners in terms of sanitation. Not all tools get cleaned in between clients. It’s just better to not risk it.

No. 173475

Love you anon but pls vacuum your floor x

No. 173561

Don't do it, cancel and reschedule when its healed.

No. 173586

It’s done, they still went ahead despite the blister but they cleaned up my feet real nicely!

No. 173589

Speaking of pedicures, how much they can actually soften your skin? Like, do they fix callouses and dry areas completely? Idc about my toenails looking good so I never considered getting one before, but I've realised that no amount of filing or scrubbing with pumice stones or moisturizing is fixing the problem areas on my feet.

No. 173599

pedicures never did shit for my calluses. if files & pumice stones aren’t doing it, it’s time to move to a rasp or maybe even one of those vegetable peeler-type things to take off some of the top callus layers. also make sure you’re doing your callus removal after a bath or shower so your feet are as soft as possible, it’s a lot easier than trying to go at hard dry skin

No. 173736

If I have pain while pooping and sometimes blood on the paper, and upon closer inspection of my butthole see something bulbous (from under my skin) right on the spot where it hurts (and it's always that exact spot when it gets worse), is it safe to assume that I have (a?) hemorrhoid?

No. 173737

yes, that sounds like a hemorrhoid

No. 173739

How very unfortunate. Thanks!

No. 173753

hi anons, do any of you struggle with an overactive bladder?
I've dealt with it since I was a kid and it's really started to affect me since the pandemic started - all the cafes etc in my city are closed so I can't go out for socially distanced walks without worrying that I'll need to pee after around 20 minutes and will have nowhere to do it. Sometimes I pee up to like 5 times an hour. Tried going directly before I leave the house and I just need to go again ten minutes later. I do drink a lot of caffeine and very little water so I've decided to cut down on the former and increase the latter. I've heard that going "just in case" when you're not sure if you can pee actually increases bladder sensitivity so I'm trying to stop doing that. But has anybody had this issue and managed to solve it by themselves?

No. 173777

File: 1614699943054.jpeg (68.44 KB, 680x465, 0BEB2271-6085-4646-B051-0E1F97…)

Sometimes I literally cannot pee despite my bladder being painfully full. At first it only happened in the morning so I assumed it was my muscles keeping me from bed wetting having trouble unclenching themselves but now I have a hard time peeing midday in my own comfortable bathroom. It’s like my bladder won’t “unclench”, and the more I get upset about it the harder it is to release. What the fuck?

No. 173786

Peeing a lot could be a sign of diabetes.

No. 173791

I have a similar issue and idk why but it's possible to "train your bladder". It's not recommended to hold pee generally unless you suffer from an overactive bladder.
I'll also have to work on it and quit slacking. Sometimes when I sleep I hold so much more without discomfort waking up and I'm pretty healthy, so I think it's just some overreaction or bad habit from always peeing early.
Also, technically bladders can't burst, in the case of it filling so much, your brain would override your muscles and you'd just pee.


No. 173796

I get that in public toilet sometimes so I always assumed it was bladder shyness/performance anxiety, but sometimes it'd happen if I felt pressured for any reason at home (in a rush etc). Bizarrely enough the only thing that works is blocking my ears so I can't hear anything, even if I'm alone. Maybe that only helps me because the main issue was peeing in public and I didn't want to know if anyone was around but still, it always made it possible to go.

No. 173806

What >>173796 said, and another anon once gave me the tip to slowly breathe out of your mouth during it as if you're blowing through some straw or something, which helped me too.

No. 174539

For years I've had this on and off pressure/full feeling in my pelvic area. It sometimes is more to one side and sharp ovary pain accompanies it at times. I had it get really bad two different times in my twenties and I was referred to have scans done. The waiting list for that stuff is so long that by the time the appointments came I wasn't actively having the symptoms…results showed nothing. The timing was always off like that as I can't afford to go privately and skip the queues.

I'm back experiencing it again, I'm 32 so I'm about a dozen years into this cycle. I'm in no position to pay for private scans still. I wonder if it's ovarian cysts and they are sorting themselves out in that time I'm stuck on waiting lists. Anyone know if cysts can do that? Come and go and avoid detection if tests are very delayed?

No. 174540

I'm noticing my PMS symptoms are getting worse. 1-2 pounds of bloat was the usual. Now? 5-8 pounds. Ooooow.
Could it be I'm more sedentary now a days? I just feel like shit and I look like shit and I hate it.

No. 174558

My poop is greyish green. I'm panicking. I struggled with IBS in the past and I'm afraid it's back. But even then, I don't remember having green poop before. What the fuck.

No. 174560

What did you eat lately?

No. 174562

maybe you've eaten a lot of greens recently? or have some mild poisoning? If it's just once/twice theres nothing to worry about.

No. 174568

yesterday I had some buckwheat, chicken breast, broccoli and tomatoes for dinner, nothing new, and like an hour later I basically had green diarrhea. I thoguht everything was fresh so idk. Today poop consistency was normal but it was still green. And I don't even know for how long it's been like this, usually I don't look at my poop lol

No. 174576

I think I have some sort of neurological problem. I have massive incontinence issues at 22 and I do kegels every single day but despite my efforts my bladder still fails me. I haven't slept properly in a year because my legs twitch when I lie down. On top of that, when I lie down in bed it feels like bugs are crawling all over me/biting me and that I'm being electrocuted all over my body, despite no real stimuli being there. I probably sound insane or like a meth addict, but its been driving me up a wall and I'm seeing a doctor about it today. Its really embarrassing having to tell someone at 22 you pee when you laugh/sneeze/run your hand under warm water and there's non-existent bugs ruining your life.

No. 174577

I'm really sorry for you anon I hope it will get better !

No. 174597

only time i had green shit was once as a kid after i had some probably extremely artificially colored green candy

No. 174644

Your gallbladder is done goofed

No. 174822

I'd see if your gp could refer you to a neurologist for the bugs. Mention the peeing to your gyno.

No. 175237

I had horrifyingly painful diarrhea (it felt like I was shitting glass) for a week straight despite being on the BRAT diet but when I went to the doctor and got all my blood tested and even a fucking CAT scan nothing was wrong. On the one hand I'm glad I didn't have to get a surgery because I'm really scared of going under but I just wish I knew what was wrong with me so that I wouldn't have to spend hours a day every day disabled by the post-shit pain and become critically dehydrated.

No. 192490

Do you have trouble digesting fat? Could be a symptom of your gallbladder acting up. I had mine removed and lately I've been having bad diarrhea almost daily if I eat just a little too much. There's supposedly a bile supplement you can take to help digest fat.

No. 216713

I vented about this a while back but I'm just still so fucking miserable, I'm in actual hell and I don't know what to do anymore

so 2 years ago I felt like I had a UTI. I basically felt like my bladder wasn't emptying all the way. I was 25 then and only had a UTI once before in my life when I was a kid. I'm not sexually active, have only been once in my life. that was 2 years ago and we broke up about a month or so before I got the UTI. we were together a short time and never even ended up having sex but sometimes he would play with my clit with his hands. I don't think that's how I got it though. I went to the doctor when I first started having UTI symptoms and they tested me and said I hate a UTI and gave me antibiotics but my symptoms never went away. I would go back every couple of months and each time they would test me and say "yeah you have a UTI, take these antibiotics" and the fucking symptoms never waned one bit. then in 2020 I stopped going altogether because they were saying "don't go to the doctor if you're not actively dying" etc etc.

then earlier this year, probably around march, my UTI symptoms got even worse, to where I was having to pee like 1-2 times every hour and very little would come out. I went back to the doctor, same thing happened as always, took the antibiotics and my symptoms never went away. finally I went back in july and told the doctor everything (I almost always see a different doctor because I go to the walk in clinic so I see whoever's available). she tells me I might have BV, because it can cause recurring UTIs. which should be common sense, but I never had proper sex education and my parents never talked to me about any of this stuff, so. she gives me antibiotics and says to come back if I complete them and still have symptoms. I completed them and still had symptoms so I went back.

I saw a different doctor and told him everything. he had me do a test for BV where he gave me a cotton swab type thing to put in my vagina to get a swab. and putting that thing in fucking hurt. but yes, it came back that I had BV. so he gave me these insert things with gel that was supposed to clear up my BV, but due to things fucking hurting being put in there, I couldn't get the tubes in deep enough and it didn't cure my BV.

so I went back again and saw a nurse practioner. she found out I had BV, a yeast infection and a UTI. so I was taking 3 antibiotics all at once. she had me come back after I finished them, and I didn't have a UTI or yeast infection anymore but I still had BV. so I took pills for that yet again. went back and still had it. so now she prescribed me pills and gel to insert but I have been hesitating to take them and do the insert treatment because I know I can't put anything in there without it hurting. and not too long ago my symptoms got even worse, to where I have to pee like 3 or 4 times an hour, even after my UTI was gone and for a while I was even having pelvic pain. they actually did a pelvic exam and ultrasounded my bladder and said it was working "just fine" and it "mostly emptied" when I peed which CANNOT be right. so she prescribed me a bladder relaxant pill to help with the frequent urination. I started taking the bladder relaxant, and in addition to having to pee frequently I started just having this phantom pee feeling of like I might need to go and I might not. I literally always have that feeling now. always, even directly after peeing. at least I used to have a solid 15-20 minutes of not having to feel like I have to pee, but I don't even have that luxury anymore. I took the pills for about 5 days and stopped, but I'm still having that phantom pee feeling, and I think it's the pills that did that but I don't know anymore. I have an appointment with a urologist because the nurse practioner referred me, but they asked me to bring my medicaid card as my only insurance is medicaid, and the numbers rubbed off my medicaid card after only like a month of having it, and now I can't even find it at all, and I can't figure out how to get a replacement because they make it really fucking hard and complicated to get a replacement. that appointment is in 2 weeks and I don't know if I can get a new card by then. on top of the having to pee 24/7 I also have BV that I can't get rid of. and I can't talk to anyone about it, even my family, because it's just too fucking embarrassing and the last time I tried to open up to my mom about something personal she looked really uncomfortable. so I'm just suffering in silence.

I just don't know what to fucking do anymore. I want to cry just thinking about it. I can't fucking live like this anymore and I gave up trying to research my symptoms because search engines are fucking retarded and don't understand what I'm trying to google and just want to bombard me with ads and it just makes me want to cry and kms even more

No. 216721

get a MicrogenDX panel done. you could have ureaplasma/mycoplasma/strep b. the subreddit /r/healthyhooha is very helpful with this, and there is a guide in /r/ureaplasma to obtaining this panel.

the urinary symptoms you have now could be from a pelvic floor dysfunction since you're no longer testing positive for utis. when i was extremely stressed due to infection issues, i developed pelvic floor issues. the chronic BV and yeast is definitely not a pelvic floor issue, though. i would guess that the bv/yeast is actually a strep or ureaplasma infection. and i would also guess that the formerly recurring UTIs were from that same thing. when you go to walk in clinics for UTI, they usually just use a pee stick. if it tests positive for leukocytes, they say it's a UTI. walk-in clinics tend to not do the necessary cultures. however, leukocytes in urine can also be from strep or ureaplasma. they are simply a sign your body is fighting an infection.

i hope this helps nonny. i know how frustrating these issues are, especially because of the shame of seeking treatment.

No. 216726

oh gosh, thank you. I'll definitely mention that when I go to the urologist. I'm scared

No. 216786

I don't know as much as the anon above but I relate to the struggle. I had a series of UTIs 10 years ago and I feel like I've just had an overactive bladder ever since. I don't know if it's partly rooted in anxiety at this stage, I get nervous going anywhere new because I look for toilets everywhere I go. Some places have just closed their public toilets ever since covid started and I can't go visit those places since. On at least one occasion when I was convinced I had an active uti.. nothing showed up when tested. My doc is lazy about testing and wasn't impressed with me when that test came back clear. I'm on my countries form of reduced cost healthcare so options are limited. They won't look further into it.

I'm currentlty on macrodantin for a UTI, my symptoms are so constant that I only go the doc and seek out antibiotics when I notice the added uti symptom of really pungent smelling urine. I otherwise live with all other symptoms as if it's normal.
>I can't talk to anyone about it, even my family, because it's just too fucking embarrassing and the last time I tried to open up to my mom about something personal she looked really uncomfortable. so I'm just suffering in silence.
My dad had a bladder infection a couple years back.. he has retold me the story of his infection a half dozen times. I want to rage out every time. He has no idea. He's weird about anything to do with womens health and yet his bladder infection is a story worth sharing with me time and time again lol

I know it's scary and it's frustrating but take every referral you can get, sometimes you reach a point where docs cut you off as having some 'non-problem womens thing'.. if you're being sent for more testing take it all. At least you're moving towards something.

No. 216850

Chronic not-UTI-but-feels-like-it anons, look up interstitial cystitis (IC), talk to your urologist about it (try as hard as you can to find one who is both a urologist and gyno combined) and thank me after you get your diagnoses and treatment.

No. 216888

File: 1639222438868.jpg (14.61 KB, 319x331, 1612608817580.jpg)

This is going to be disgusting so sorry in advance.

I get really bad stomach issues during exams. Something about the quiet class + pressure of the exam just makes my body decide it's time for explosive diarrhea and then the entire exam I'm pretty much just trying not to shit myself.

In my uni, you're not allowed to go to the bathroom in the first 30 minutes of the test, then you can go once and that usually doesn't completely solve the problem.
I've tried eating only rice&eggs the day before, not eating the day of, but it doesn't help.
The only thing that helps is taking a whole bunch of Pepto-Bismol before and during the exam. But it doesn't solve the problem 100%. I still get stomach rumbling and feeling like I need to go.

Last semester we had exams via zoom. I thought that since I was sitting in my room alone (I have social anxiety) it'd be way less pressure than sitting in a class full of people and didn't take Pepto-Bismol. We were also not allowed to go to the bathroom during the exam.
And well, I literally shat myself. Multiple times. I had to literally sit in my poop while solving math questions. Somehow still passed that test (barely). I was thankful that it was only me in my room. Had to throw away my underwear and wash my pants in the hottest setting. (Thankfully, my pants didn't get poop on them but they smelled awful)

I talked to my family doctor about this problem and she said that since it only happens when I'm nervous, what I need to treat is my anxiety.
So, I took a small dose of an anti-anxiety drug during my next exam and I did not have stomach issues. However, I could not concentrate on the questions at all. I felt like my brain was floating in space. Failed.

Anyway, we have exams soon again and I'm fucking dreading it. I have really hard subjects and it's awful to try to think while all your body wants to do is shit itself.

No. 216892

My doc has talked about IC with me and the only solution (if you can call it that) was to take antibiotics on and off for basically forever. If I'm sexually active then I should take them constantly as a preventative measure or if I'm not sexually active and my symptoms just ramp up I should take the same course of tabs on repeat whenever it gets worse.

Not in a position to afford specialists, but do they offer up a different course of treatment than that?

No. 216894

Talk therapy. There are other ways of treating anxiety than drugs.

No. 216969


Antibiotics, wtf? IC isn't a bacterial condition.
You keep it in check by watching your acid intake in foods and drinks and keeping your stress levels and general inflammation down. Lifestyle changes, basically. Other treatments can include a TENS unit, standard painkillers, and bladder training (basically psyching yourself up to get used to it til you actually are).

No. 220024

This is nasty but I can't stop peeling my toenails off. I used to be a serial nail biter but somehow stopped biting my hands (I occasionally pick at one nail which is why it's shorter than the others) but moved onto my toenails. I have picked/peeled almost all my little toenails off and the skin around them. I don't even consciously do it I can just be reading or watching something and will puck at the without noticing. The only solution I can think of is to wear socks all the time but I hate wearing socks in bed. Help me

No. 220046

Talk to whoever your advisor is about the issue. The school should be willing to make an exception for you.

No. 220048

I do this shit when they get to a certain length. They look good now, but they are also damaged so much that they grow into layers that get chipped off easily or get caught on my sheets at night.

No. 220060

Can you find something else to fidget with to keep your hands mindlesdly occupied when you're reading or watching something?
There's a wide variety of fidget toys that offer various types of stimulation, I'm sure you can find one that will be a good surrogate for plucking.

No. 222605

has anyone had a hormonal imbalance treated? is it done with birth control or is something more personalized depending on what you're deficient in?

No. 224759

File: 1642575896921.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 386.18 KB, 828x776, C2B5A22D-E7B1-4A3D-8616-3BAB39…)

I should definitely be talking to a doctor about this instead of asking on a Mongolian basket weaving forum, but can any anons identify whether this bump on the back of my leg is an early staph infection? I thought for ages it was just a weird ingrown hair. It’s not itchy and doesn’t have a whitehead like a pimple would, and another one very similar to it just popped up on the back of my shoulder.

No. 224767

There's not really an easy way to tell for sure if it's staph unless you get it cultured. How long have you had it and how large is it? I wouldn't pop it just in case, but it looks like a bite to me.

No. 224797

I assume you mean sex-hormones? It is usually treated with birth control. If you are overweight you can also regulate your hormones by getting down to a normal weight.

No. 224827

Depends entirely on your specific issue. I didn't need to go on BC for mine, I was recommended weight loss and spironolactone. If possible try to talk to an endocrinologist instead of a GP or gynecologist. In my experience most doctors will just throw BC at you but endocrinologists generally know enough about hormones to properly diagnose you and give you an individualized treatment plan.

No. 224910

i plan on asking my pcp if i can get referred to an endocrinologist because i really don't want to be on birth control, the women in my family have a history of responding badly to them. my hormones are all over the place and are actually a factor in sudden weight gain that hasn't gone away

No. 226117

I have had bumps like that before, usually an ingrown hair that I picked at. I'd put neosporin on it if you are worried about it getting infected.

No. 259221

File: 1651020539889.jpg (Spoiler Image, 997.08 KB, 2063x2800, 20220424_130159.jpg)

I seem to have a persistent sweat/heat rash on my lower back and I'm not sure how to get rid of it. I work a pretty fast-paced hospitality job and work out, so it would be difficult for me to stop sweating. I read that I should wear loose clothes, but I don't want to have to wear baggy tshirts 24/7. any tips?

No. 259235

do you sleep on that side? I had some problems with a laundry detergent which was exasperated when rubbing my skin on it while sleeping

No. 259243

Can any of you smell when your period is coming? It's so embarrassing, when I'm a few days away from my period I feel like my vagina/discharge start to smell so strong and distinct. I can smell it when I'm just sitting.

No. 259289

Yep nona, I can smell when it's started too. I can also smell around ovulation time because it smells like straight up vinegar and really sour, it's very strong too. I think this is pretty normal, I wonder if it has anything to do with pheromones or our body's way of "signalling for a mate/to signal fertility" sort of thing

No. 259346

Yes. I have a strong sense of smell though.

No. 259357

This is going to sound weird but I tell when it's about to start bc I usually have a raw dough or cake batter smell right before my period, at least to me, no one else gets that close there before my period kek

No. 259458

Yep and very occasionally can smell other women too if they are sitting very close to me.
I also have quite a sensitive sense of smell though.

No. 260157

File: 1651350789919.jpeg (61.38 KB, 600x428, 9129665F-E8E3-403A-9365-15BF3F…)

Has anyone here ever has a “fluttering” sensation in their ovaries? Like twitching? It has been happening for the past couple of days, and none of my friends seem to know what I’m talking about

No. 260162

My ear canal randomly gets itching attacks throughout the day and it's very hard to avoid scratching inside if I'm in public

No. 260163

I've had that happen before, though I don't know if it's my ovaries or my guts. I have felt weird sensations or even twinges of pain in that area, and it's usually just one side.

No. 260164

I've had that too I realized it was allergies/allergic reaction to my cat sleeping next to my head and I usually take an antihistamine and it goes away same with itchiness at the top of my mouth.

No. 260209

I get this too and I was just getting it the other day. I have no idea what it means but it makes me nervous as hell.

No. 260215

Not in my ovaries, but in my uterus. Like vibration combined with a pressure on my uterus like I really really want to go to the bathroom. But I go and there’s nothing. It’s right before my period, and I noticed it lessens and becomes barely noticeable if I decrease my sugar intake before my period.

No. 260283

I've notice my pee has gradually gotten way stronger smelling in the past couple years (I'm now in my early 20s). Only drinking liters and liters of water gets rid of it. I don't think it's dehydration and I eat fairly healthy. The worst change happened after starting to have sex. Is this a normal thing to happen after puberty or am I supposed to talk to a doctor?? There's nothing else I'm worried about, it doesn't hurt to pee and the color isn't off or anything, but the smell is disgusting.

No. 260299

Yeah I get this too, it's a low grade UTI (in my case). you can buy strips at the pharmacy to test if you have indicators for a UTI so you don't have to go to the doctor every time.
I don't take antibiotics every time because it doesn't hurt or anything and I have a sensitive gut. But I found eating more protein and less sugar clears it up, something about making your pee more acidic means the bacteria can't survive. And of course peeing before and after sex.

No. 260415

I've had this twice before and both times I had a uti. By the end my urine smelled like it was week old stale urine even as it freshly left my body. I ignored it for a while the first time because I had no pain or urgency. I became so self conscious that I was using wet wipes every time I peed and was avoiding oral sex completely. It was potent. I tried to drink water, I looked into acidity, I took apple cider vinegar. I took cranberry capsules and on and on with the at home stuff.. It went on so long but then cleared up in days once I got antibiotics. I don't know why I didn't go to a doc sooner. It happened again 3 years later and I didn't delay that time. Only needed 3 days of an antibiotic the second time.

Rough penetration was the trigger for me I think. The first time was with a partner and the second time I got it soon after getting a new toy and using it alot. I'm good about peeing afterwards but guess it can still happen sometimes.

No. 260601

For the first time in my life I laughed and pissed myself a little today. I freaked out. It wasn't a lot but I've still laughed way harder before and it's never happened. And my bladder wasn't even full. I'm not even 30 and I'm afraid I'm becoming incontinent. Is this any reason to be worried?

No. 260603

KEGELS, but reallly, you're fine. like even people who are 16 pee their pants when they laugh really hard

No. 260785

So a few months ago I had what I can only describe as a cramp in my asshole. It's happened once or twice before, but only for a few seconds at a time. This time it lasted for half an hour, and the pain was indescribable, like being stabbed in the asshole and then the knife being continually twisted. The pain sort of radiated out from my rectum and into my back and lower abdomen. My vision almost whited out at one point. The only way it felt better was by curling on my side and applying pressure to my hole. It's hilarious in hindsight, but in the moment I actually thought something inside me had ruptured, so I just lay down and waited to die.

I looked it up afterwards, and there's something called proctalgia fugax which describes what it felt like pretty well. Thankfully it isn't serious. I haven't had anything like it since, and if god is willing I will never experience it again.

No. 261436

I laughed when Amy fucking Schumer said
>my vagina smells like a very small, very cute, barnyard animal
But in the last year my vagina went from smelling like nothing to THIS SMELL!

Even right after scrubbing it in the shower, it smells. Like if I squat the smell wafts up to my nose. Nothing else has changed with my health or hormones or anything. I'm in my late 20s.

No. 261441

You're probably giving yourself yeast infections by scrubbing it in the shower. You're really only supposed to rinse the outside with water.

No. 261454

Your bladder is supported by your pelvic floor and your gluteal muscles support your pelvic floor. Squats and flute targeting exercises. Plus kegels. If you have weak glutes and you just do kegels you can over tighten your pelvic floor and have issues.

No. 261455

Are you sexually active? How do you wash? What kind of underwear are you using, like material wise? Those things can impact smell and ph yada yada

No. 261457

I know what a yeast infection looks like, it's not that. I just tried to get the smell off with soap once and it didn't work. Usually I just use my soap-free body wash on the outside but only rinse inside with water, like I have my whole life. >>261455
Yes I am sexually active but with the same guy for years. He says it doesn't smell bad but it is different than before. He said it's just more musky. Clearly he's not picky haha. I only wear cotton briefs, never thongs or polyester shit.

No. 261460

Not being TMI but if he’s cumming in you. That will do it or if he changed his diet or soap. It can change your ph. Just another thing to consider.

No. 261471

Have you tried a pH balanced intimate wash? Don't douche or use on the inside of course but I usually use that for in between the folds and it can smell much nicer from that alone.
Also maybe you can use boric acid suppositories or women's probiotics for pH?

No. 261502

I’m not sure if this is the right thread for this nonnies but I really don’t know what to do, I’m only 21 and I have severe laugh lines around my mouth that im super insecure about. I know genetics and lifestyles are at play but I only smoked for a year then stopped. And I saw my laugh lines forming before I had ever smoked. Is there anyway to naturally get rid of them without fillers or am I stuck with them forever.

No. 261512

I have a really similar problem nonnie, but it seems to happen randomly… some days I won't smell anything but on other days just hours after I shower I'll just be sitting and get hit with the smell. It drives me insane and makes me feel super filthy.

No. 261563

File: 1651804349038.jpg (Spoiler Image, 80.53 KB, 800x573, Perineal_raphe_in_female.jpg)

i used to think that i have a hemorrhoid but i think i might actually just have a pronounced perineal raphe, nsfw pic related because this is exactly was my ass looks like. it's annoying though because it makes it more difficult to clean after i've taken a dump because shit gets caught between the folds and then i wash and wipe myself too much ands it gets irritated

No. 261564

get a little handheld bidet or like the portable water bottle ones, your asshole will feel so much better

No. 261592

Could be a skin tag too

No. 261641

File: 1651828819153.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.03 MB, 1232x2792, IMG_20220506_110845.jpg)

This is a photo of my toe. So I've had this weird brownish-red bubble under my skin on my toe, I don't know for how long, I only noticed it a few days ago. When I noticed it, I cleaned and disinfected it, then I had to go to work. After I came back and took my socks off, it looked like this dark spot on my skin just bursted because it dissappeared and there was a small wound in its place, and the skin turned back to its normal color. I thought that maybe I hit myself and I forgot about it and there was like a tiny socket of blood or something, and then it just bursted. I cleaned it again and I was happy because I thought it's going to heal itself. But today this shit appeared again and there seems to be some blood trapped under my skin again. I can't go to a dermatologist right now. The worst thing is I have to wear those uncomfortable workshoes and it definitely doesn't do well for my toes. I know it may be laughable but I got scared it's some type of skin cancer. I had a serious cancer scare last month and now I'm overly sensitive. A wound that doesn't heal itself properly is enough to set me off. Especially that I heard about a case in my family when a guy had some tiny wound in a random place and ignored it but it didn't heal at all and later it turned out to be cancerous

No. 261651

I've heard chemical peels can work for stuff like that. Otherwise just make sure to moisturise and use sunscreen.

No. 261669

i have that line that goes to my pussy though

No. 261803

lactic acid, it definitely fixed mine although mine were subtle

No. 262440

i have the same, nonna. also a smol painless hemorrhoid, but it doesn't bother me aesthetically nearly as much as this. also been told that it could be a fissure scar. trying to see a doctor to figure out exactly what it is, but i've been on a waitlist for a proper in person exam since last fall. canadian healthcare is fucked.

No. 263037

I pick at my head really bad. I used to pick the skin on my shoulders, I still nailbite however the headpicking is pretty bad. I've had it for years and I've definitely created some nasty sores. A lot of the time I'm conscious of it but on the other hand I do it unconsciously. Does anyone else have anything like this? Any solutions?

No. 263047

I have been noticing that I have developed small discolored spots on my pubic area the last half year or so. I thought maybe they were just ingrown spots from shaving but they've lingered. They're almost like light freckles, but I've never freckled in my pubic area before. Anyone know what this could be?

No. 263050

anon I could be wrong but is it possible you have an infected/very sore ingrown toe nail and that the blister/blood is from friction or nail further into the right side of your toe than you can see or feel? I hope this isn't stressing you out too much and has hopefully healed a little since you posted.

No. 263154

I have this but somehow even uglier. Like my lips go kinda all the way down to my asshole. And I share the exact same problems as you, I want to ask my gyn if it might be the cause of me getting BVs at least once a year, but I never worked up the courage. I haven't even gave birth for fucks sake, why am I cursed with this.
I got myself the portable bottle bidet but I guess I'm just retarded, I couldn't learn to use it. The shitty bacteria infused water I squirted and tried to wash my asshole with trickled right onto my pussy which is the exact opposite of what I wanted to achieve. Excuse my description, I'm just pissed about the whole ordeal.

No. 263442

I got an ovarian cyst out thru laparoscopy awhile ago but the belly button incision still gets infected every few years since then. I gained a bunch of belly fat recently so my belly button is deeper and it just makes it worse and it stinks like shit. The last time this happened I had to go to urgent care and get some silver salve shoved deep in there. Even if I clean it regularly it still finds a way to happen. I wish I just let that damn cyst burst

No. 264205

I have a low sex drive and I'm not sure how to handle this. I feel like I don't derive as much pleasure from sex as I should be, and I think it might be a physical problem with my vagina. I wont lie I've have a masturbation problem and I think it has damaged the nerves in my clitoris. I think this combined with trauma/sexual thoughts have made things difficult

No. 264225

So I don't feel like looking for the vagina thread. This is embrassing but I don't know if it's a "health issue" could be.
How is your vagina supposed to feel inside? Like the entrace roof? Mines feels like..soft ridges? Like I don't know if it's growths. Is it supposed to be smooth in the entrance and on the top? I haven't had sex in YEARS. It doesn't hurt and I do get frequent Yeast/BV but nothing that bad. Is it normal?

No. 264226

That’s probably just your g-spot.

No. 264249

Sounds normal to me. Vagina isn't smooth especially at the entrance, lots of ridges and stuff.

No. 264281

File: 1652697153244.png (1.88 MB, 1000x1722, image_2022-05-16_203216833.png)

do you feel a weird thing in your vagina? I don't put my fingers up in there cus I don't enjoy it, so it's hard to explain, but does anyone else feel something shaped like picrel? Like the specific egg shape with a slice in it. Barely a thumb's length deep. I really don't know how to talk about it

No. 264286

i'm spending 12 days with my bf in 3 months and we'll be together the whole time but i'm panicking cus he doesn't really know that i obsessively pluck out my chin and upper lip hairs, what do i do while i'm with him that whole time? do i just pluck it like usual? maybe shave? but then i'll have like a shadow and stubble lol i probably won't have my makeup mirror so i won't even be able to see them to pluck them (my eyesight also sucks). idk why this is stressing me out so much but every option just seems like either way he's gonna feel or see them

No. 264288

i kinda get what you mean. maybe if you look up some pictures of vagina castings you'll see how textured and varied they can be inside, also our imagination can really run wild when we aren't able to see what we can feel. if it isn't painful or tender to touch i'd try to assume it's mostly normal even if you don't enjoy touching it

No. 264291

That’s your cervix anon

No. 264303

Anon that is your cervix. Sometimes it can be high up and your fingers can't reach it, sometimes it sits low and you can reach it with your thumb. It depends where you are on your cycle. Low when menstruating, high when ovulating

No. 264306

Brononnie I used to get the worst goatee of chin hairs and mustache and I would pluck literally everyday, needed my special mirror to do it and everything just like you described. It was embarrassing and I hated anyone knowing I did it, so one simple solution is to just confront the embarrassment and realize it happens to a lot of people and your bf probably doesn’t even care. (If he does he’s gross and dump him) The hair may not be as visible as you think, and I’ve found lighted compact mirrors for travel that you can use for maintenance those 12 days.
I’ve gotten laser hair removal the past couple years so now my chin is much more sparse so another option is to start getting that done now. The problem with that is that your hairs have to be growing in for the laser to work on them, so you might have to get a lot of treatments as the hairs grow back in and you have to let them grow out a little as well right before the treatments. Also you have to have light skin and dark hairs. Might be a solution for you for in the future if you have the option. But good luck and know that you’re not the only one and you’re not ugly <3

No. 264317

Tmi mine feels a bit like bubblewrap on the inside. Like a bunch of soft bubbles. In before you say it's an std virgin

Nonnie I sincerely hope that is your cervix and not a chess piece lodged in there

No. 264354

WOAH thankyou! I had no idea it stuck out like that, I thought it was more like a wall or something.
It felt so much like the top of that chess piece that I had myself questioning if I ever did lose a bishop…

No. 264580

>I have a low sex drive
> I've have a masturbation problem and I think it has damaged the nerves in my clitoris
Sounds like you have a normal sex drive nona, you just don't like having sex with other people. If trauma's the reason, you should probably go to a therapist. Try to cut down on the masturbation too, your clit will regain its sensitivity over time.

No. 265371

File: 1653095570183.jpg (27.86 KB, 568x379, 6bb83d91-bd51-49c7-b054-550f5a…)

My asshole is bleeding again… I swear this only happens after i clean up my diet. I've been eating more fruits and veg and it's started up again. No pain or difficulty passing anything and I don't think it's hemorrhoids. wtf

No. 265378

I tried to improve my diet last year. I'd fallen into a diet that was nearly void of fresh produce. I was shitting my brains out for a week and my ass started to bleed. I could not keep it going.

About ten years ago I was diagosed with ibs. I remember reading about fodmap diet and how that can help. I tried various things and at some point it just cleared up and I didn't know what to even thank for my recovery. I guess my biege diet is what actually did it. I was bad at keeping track but my healthy eating years were my ibs years and my biege depression years were my good digestion years. What a joke.

No. 265380

I just got back from shitting and I sometimes get blood on the paper but this time it was full on blood in my poop too. My diet hasn't changed much either

No. 265387

Oh shit nonas, I just remembered something… I recently bought a bag of raw cashews… Last time I had them something similar happended. I must not digest them well or they are like shards of glass in my insides. I will lay off and report back if there are any changes

No. 265397

I have a varicose vein on my labia bc of pregnancy and it's murdering me. I've been using frozen wrapped uncrustables as pads and it won't go away

No. 265488

i have hirsutism, it bothers me so badly. it's not PCOS, i've had my ovaries checked (ultrasounds + cervical camera) and hormone panels done, everything came back normal. i first noticed lighter growth before i even started hormonal BC. now i'm off of it because i thought it was making it worse. i've never had a face wax before so i'm hoping it could somewhat thin out the hair. i've been doing IPL as well and i'm not noticing a substantial loss of hair. i don't have the money for laser or electrolysis at the moment. i have to shave my face and neck almost daily and it is such an insecurity. i am hispanic so i know we tend to be much hairier. any tips from nonas dealing with the same?

No. 265502

I don’t know if this is the right place or vagina thread but oh my god I tried monistat 3 and my vagina was itching so bad I ran into the shower to rinse it out , my doctor won’t get back to me till Monday and my yeast infection wasn’t so itchy today why did I do this to myself

No. 265515

Oh my god nonnie I feel you, it's awful. My first yeast infection and using the 3 day treatment was torture. I was humping and scooting my vag on furniture and carpets like I was a fucking dog with worms kek. I've been treating yeast infections on my own with boric acid suppositories which don't have the itch at all. Either that or you'll have to wait until your doc to get anti fungal tablets

No. 265531

I can’t stand how much I have to pee every morning. It’s such an uncomfortable feeling when I wake up.

No. 265545

Anyone else get BV or yeast infections all the time? I’m so sick of it, just want a normal vagina.

No. 265546

Varicose vein’s won’t usually go away on their own. :(

No. 265548

What kind of underwear do you wear? If you get them all the time you are doing something wrong. I used to get them when I wore tight fitting non-cotton underwear all the time and just very tight clothes in general.

No. 265552

You might be on to something, I tend to wear thongs that are sometimes tight, so I’ll try to change my underwear type/size. I heard detergents can be a cause too?

No. 265558

Could be, but mostly it's just that your vage needs to breathe, otherwise it get's all swampy and that way bacteria can grow. I switched to cotton panties (there are still plenty that look cute) in a bikini cut and stopped wearing shapewear which I used to do occasionally, haven't had issues since.

No. 265633

I've been keeping notes on my period tracking app and I swear I'm getting a dodgy stomach every month, right after ovulation. I know period poops are a thing but… is this a thing?

I've been paying more attention to ovulation as I'm getting pains too. Stabbing pain near my hip on one side. It alternates but is usually worse when it's on the right. Can cysts or endo cause this? Anyone experienced similar? A few years ago I tried to investigate pelvic pain and a scan showed nothing. Met a dead end trying to find a cause.

No. 265639

your stomach is still part of your GI tract and so would respond to hormones in a similar way to say your colon.
The pains could be your uterine tube contracting to propel the egg down the tube.
That said I would speak to your gyno again if these pains/symptoms are significant and having an impact on your day to day life.
Cysts and endo can cause abdominal pain but it can also just be part of how your body naturally responds to the hormonal changes etc.
You would need medical expertise in order to work out the true cause.

No. 265672

File: 1653271323942.jpeg (98.79 KB, 828x540, A6E4DA70-F0EF-4C40-A485-204D04…)

Apparently it’s super common for women to be allergic to Monistat. I remember a site that had average 1 star rating of thousands of women saying it’s like having fire ants or lava in your vagina and even that the pain is worse than childbirth. I had a similar reaction and it was 20 times worse than the actual yeast infection. For any other anons reading you can just call your OB and they’ll fill a fluconazole script without even seeing you usually. It’s like $12 max.

No. 266657

A handful of times in my life I've had this experience where I'm hit with an intense pain in my back and stomach. I go to the bathroom because it makes me feel like I'm about to shit my brains out. Then when I try to go nothing is there but I'll be hit with this rush of heat and tingling all over my body (pins and needles in places you never get pins and needles) and I'll either pass out or be very close to passing out. I'll be trembling and sweaty afterwards and feel like my blood pressure dropped.

The only other thing I can connect it to is having ovary pain in the months before one of these attacks happens and in the hours before it happens. So I was wondering is there a condition like cysts that explains an episode like that? Could it be a rupture or a twist or pressure on a cyst? I'm in an awkward position both location wise and money wise to see a doc.

No. 266673

thongs are literally so bad for you. dont fall for that meme. like other anon said, go commando at night (when you're sleeping) and wear breathable cotton panties during day time. they have seamless ones so you dont see a seam wearing certain dresses/pants

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