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File: 1587650177338.jpg (329.17 KB, 1600x900, cover5.jpg)

No. 137339

If you could go back and choose to be born a man would you do it? Why/why not?

No. 137340

no. honestly because i feel like i can get away with a lot more as a girl

No. 137343

No, but I wish I could switch back and forth at will to garner more respect in discussions and workplace environments. I also wish I could switch into a male to comfortably go on night walks.

I don't care about any of the social "disadvantages" they whine about these days, the reason I wouldn't want to be permanently male is simply because they're ugly.

No. 137346

nah. men are ugly af

No. 137347

I would like to have been born into a matriarchal society so I didn't need to deal with too much male bullshit.

No. 137350

No periods to deal with, no more feeling super insecure when going out at night, no more cramps… Not being considered "bitchy" or "on PMS" whenever you say something in an assertive way. It would be simpler to be a man.

No. 137355

I wish I could be neither like I wish that sex and gender just never existed

No. 137357


No. 137358

While it would indeed be more simple to be a man (no discrimination, no fear of being sexually assaulted, beated and degraded for just for having a certain set of genitals and the list goes on) I would never, ever want to be a man. As women, we struggle a lot, we fight a lot, and deal with a lot, but I couldn't be prouder to be a woman. We are strong, we are sensible, mature, wise and have a lot of emotional intelligence. I love my feminity. I love my body, I love my biological and emotional experiences that remind me that I am a woman. I like our sisterhood, the fact that we can genuinly be physical with each others and emotional without the ""fear"" or stereotype of being called "gay" or "sensitive". We may not be as physically strong as men, but I do believe that we are stronger emotionally.

If I were given seven or a hundred million more lives, I would never want to be reborn as a man. No matter what.

Plus, we are hotter and age better. lol

No. 137360

Plus, may I add, do I really want to be in the skin of someone who's more likely to commit sexual assault, be violent, or be in the same group of people who do this kind of things, without even doing or saying anything about this? Not really. Way too many men just giving each others small slaps on the wrists or turning a blind eye about the atrocities they do to women. Really, I'm good.

No. 137363

In some major aspects, sure.

For one thing my mother would have loved me more and would have spoiled me, as what happens to all males in my family regardless of how they perform or behave. Because I was born a girl, my mother set very high expectations and was quite frankly very cruel to me due to her internalized misogyny that was passed down to her from my grandmother.
My mother thought I had it too easy as a female because of that, she thought she was being good to me in comparison to how she was raised. I didn't have male siblings to raise and take blame for like she had to with my two useless uncles. She wasn't as tyrannical as my grandmother, so whenever she'd lash out at me she'd chide that she had it way worse implying how dare I ever complain or mouth back to her. She let me have boyfriends, unlike my grandmother who literally ran out hers, but she'd always remind me that I was a slut who could not be trusted and she never approved of a single one. The day she found out I wasn't a virgin was like the day I died. If I wore a low cut camisole with a jacket hoodie to school she and the female teachers would treat me like a harlot (weren't the 2000s crazy?) Otherwise my family considered me a weirdo because I dressed alternatively and not like an average girly girl at all, but my mom argued this was fair because at least she didn't force me to starve and be in beauty pageants. Lastly, while mom wasn't outwardly racist, classist, and homophobic (like my grandmother), she begrudgingly let me be friends with whomever. Even though she judged my friends for those things behind closed doors while she smiled to their faces, then chewed me out for having befriended them and always reminded me that they were losers. Had I been born a male, she wouldn't have placed as many domestic responsibilities on me (not my role~). Instead of fancying me as a slut with bad friends she would have given me asspats for caring about my appearance and also for being kind, generous, and compassionate to those downtrodden.
I watched my grandparents spoil my male cousin (continuous cars and trucks that he'd crash, lawyers for when he'd get into trouble and have to go to court, a house, money for his out of wedlock baby) just for his only concern to be about how much inheritance he was getting when they died He got nothing because he racked up thousands that they paid while they were alive. He was a prick and they cherished him like treasured gold. They even had delusions that he'd become a dentist despite never going to school. It took him stealing my uncle's guns, pillaging my deceased grandpa's house, and using his baby to act like an even bigger entitled prick before anyone cut him off finally BUT they still buy him furniture and shit for his child to this day so there was no real consequence.
Me? I earned up to my master's degree, never been in legal trouble, not a single parent, pretty much have always been gainfully employed, and I function independently–and yet my entire family is shunning me because I finally put my foot down on how my mother was treating me. I was called "sensitive" whereas if I were male I'd been taken more seriously. I was reminded to be endlessly grateful that they had bought me a used car so I could commute to college (they told me they weren't helping me if I wasn't going to college), and paid for my tuition to my state school that my scholarships mostly covered. My mom threatened that if I ever got pregnant I would be on my own, unlike my spoiled cousin. So, yeah. Really makes me think why I bothered trying so hard to earn their approval over the years when it amounted to a big fat nothing, and I was meant to be content with my servant status forever. Crazy to think I could have been a literal criminal and douchebag as a male and had been handed everything. The ONLY non-sexist thing I can say my mom cared about is that she never pressured me to marry or reproduce, because both were very traumatic for her and obviously she never wanted to be a thrice-divorced mother to me (and she only feels this way because the game didn't work out in her favor). Nonetheless, I will never forgive any of them for what they put me through and I hate them.

Socially? Academically? Work-related? Don't even get me started on all the benefits that being a man would have granted me throughout my life in those departments. The family thing makes me pissed enough.

No. 137369

my parents are muslim so I want to say yes since I'd have less internalized misogyny, but as a man I'd probably be a misogynist or "woke" which are both nauseating prospects. and since i'm an autist i'd rather be born a girl since it presents differently in women, we're socialized to git gud, and it's not as creepy as a woman.

but being able to walk at night without anxiety sounds lovely. being out when no one else is, the peace and wonder of seeing the night sky is wonderful. once i graduate college and leave my dorm i'm going to miss that.

No. 137372

“Yes, my consuming desire is to mingle with road crews, sailors and soldiers, barroom regulars—to be a part of a scene, anonymous, listening, recording—all this is spoiled by the fact that I am a girl, a female always supposedly in danger of assault and battery. My consuming interest in men and their lives is often misconstrued as a desire to seduce them, or as an invitation to intimacy. Yes, God, I want to talk to everybody as deeply as I can. I want to be able to sleep in an open field, to travel west, to walk freely at night…”
Honestly no. I just wish that I didn't live in a world where this quote was my reality. I don't want to change myself, I want everyone else to change.

No. 137374

ayeee Silvia Plath.

On a more serious note I feel that it's a more common experience for women than expected. People seem to think women are a monolith, which clearly isn't true.
What irritates me is that i know people who identify as trans just to escape the reality of being a woman- they'll ask to be referred to by male pronouns but won't try to "pass" or try to present more masculine. Kind of irritating when you hear a baby-ftm wishing to buy heels. Do they really think a word will completely reverse the disrespect they've been treated with while being a woman? I don't think this is all that trans people are, there are just some women who've filled up their piggybank of internalized misogyny and attempt to transition to escape prejudice.
To actually answer the question, probably not. I don't think I'd care either way. It would be nice in some aspects, but i honestly think it's easier to present as "butch" as you feel like while just being a masculine woman. There are quite a lot of benefits to being female, IMHO, plus I feel like I'd be radiating less bullshit/reinforcing gender roles if i just transitioned. Way braver to be a masculine woman than a person seeking respect through trading their gender identity, if that makes any sense.
Just be true to yourself, as cheesy as it sounds.

No. 137378

I already posted in the thread but now that I think of it, if I was a man I would've probably turned out to be like Dennis Reynolds, so maybe it's better this way

No. 137379

Yes ! This is perfectly said

No. 137380

No lol why would I trade being a cute asian girl to being a weak minded slave to my dick.

No. 137381

uwu you're japanese too? heehee

No. 137382

As a whole no, but in terms of job market and some bad experiences I might have. I probably wouldnt have been molested for a year by one family member and would've skipped the 6 years of my dad hitting me. I'd be able to lift a lot of weight on top of giving zero shits for appearance which can land a decent working job. I really do think men are gross as well as emotionally stunted compared to women but damn can they get decent jobs without higher education just because of their strength. So much of my time that was expected helping around the house would not have happened. Their expectations are so much lower than womens in every environment they truly have an easy life. Instead of being a lesbian woman I would've been a gay male who can laugh at ftm rather than feel threatened by mtf or their brainwashing. Somehow I'm still happy to be a woman and I think it comes from how much we are allowed to express ourselves. I know the friendships I make with other women will never be the same level as a man's because it's closer. All the relationships I was in with another woman were much more loving than when I tried to date men. The discussions with other women in my family can be hilarious yet warming. If I was a man I don't think I would've experienced those good things since I just wouldn't care for it.

No. 137387

>All asians are Japanese
Ok retard

No. 137389

I don't have the most feminine interests or style so if I'd be born a few decades earlier and forced to conform to stricter ideas of what a woman should be.. I feel I would've struggled. But as things are now I'm happy being a woman and basically the grown up version of a tomboy.

No. 137390

Sorry about the trauma but little boys get beat and molested as frequently as girls. Physical strength would be nice indeed, but at what cost.
>moid thinks irl nips look like animu
C- attempt faggot

No. 137393

No I think it would make me a worse person, I've seen how my brother turned out. Also I love being an lesbian, can't imagine giving up loving women as a women.

No. 137394

File: 1587678291514.png (49.89 KB, 496x276, c1b7bbcb1841eaa97ad2b0c0d571bd…)

Definitely not the same ratio of boys to girls in terms of molestation or CSA.

No. 137406

Not really, because black male stereotypes are far worse than black female stereotypes for a good reason. But at the same time, if i was a man, people take me more seriously, I can get away with being ugly, a horrible person, anti-social (and still have friends), no periods, no expectation to be impossibly feminine, facial hair to hide my ugly facial structure. fewer insecurities and i'll probably be an over all much happier person.

The cons are that I would become a sexual degenerate, selfish and entitled, victim complex even though i ruin my own life, blame all my problems on women for not being "loyal", really i would hate to be a disgusting ugly and impulsive monster filled with aggression and entitlement.

tldr version is nah.

No. 137416

Nah because if I was a man I wouldn't be a lesbian wouldn't be able to use girly cute clothes. Girls are so much better and prettier. We're definitely the best gender there's no reason to be a man

No. 137419

nah being a woman feels pretty powerful and beautiful in a way that a man could never emulate

No. 137420

i'm a 'cute asian girl' and it would be nice being born as a man. i already have a lot of masculine traits and hobbies due to my upbringing. but if i were male i'd want to be tall and manly af.

No. 137423

If I got to keep my personality and all, yes. I don't know if it would change the past and I wouldn't have gone through the abuse I did go through. And I might've struggled differently. But still feels like I wouldn't have had to suffer as much irreversible damage. And, without trying to sound like a genderspecial, I've always thought I'd be more comfortable in a male body. Women are damn magical and beautiful but I've just never been able to embrace any of it in myself. Could just be I have a long way to go with self-discovery or some shit like that. But, answering in the current moment, yeah I'd trade. Not even taking into account dating or social life in general because I'd probably be a total loner anyway, lol.

No. 137431

maybe? the thought of being as disgusting as the typical male and not being aware of it, or being aware of it and either trying and failing to be less disgusting or embracing being disgusting makes me feel nauseous. I can't get past that enough to objectively think about all the extra benefits being male entitles you to.

I've always related to this quote, but I feel more that I want society to be different in how it treats women, than I would have preferred to have been born male.

>One in 9 girls and 1 in 53 boys under the age of 18 experience sexual abuse or assault at the hands of an adult.3
>82% of all victims under 18 are female.

No. 137432

I often do but then I have to remind myself that I’d still be short and mentally ill so I’d probably be an incel or something

No. 137435

NTA but 1 in 6 is the statistic I've seen the most for boys https://1in6.org/get-information/the-1-in-6-statistic/ for girls it's something like 1 in 4.

No. 137440

Nope. I know what my male counterpart would look like. And it's not a Chad, so life is way easier for me as a female

No. 137462

lol are yo a male? everybody knows ugly men have it easier.

No. 137465

ugly people,no matter the gender don't have it easier

No. 137466

No. I think being a man would not be as fun.

No. 137469

All my insecurities and mental issues stem from being unattractive and not girly enough, so yes, I think I'd be better off as a man. My hobbies and interests wouldn't seem weird at all if I was a guy and being ugly also isn't such a big deal, because "funny" or "charming" uggo men still can be pretty popular.
I know this sounds weird but I'm also rather sure that guy-me would've been a chad. I possess many traits which are seen as negative on a woman but positive on a man (tall, strong jawline, naturally muscular), plus growing up my friends also always joked that I'd be their ideal boyfriend.

Also this
>No periods to deal with, no more cramps…

I also wouldn't feel sad and angry whenever I make the mistake of reading the comments of about any site, which is usually filled this gross women-haters. Maybe as a man this wouldn't bother me at all, maybe I wouldn't even notice because it wouldn't affect me personally. But I'd still make sure to use my power to treat my mom and all other women in my life as best as possible.

No. 137471


>everybody at huffpo knows

>or wherever else I get my takes


Its hard to quantify, the situations are way different because of who usually does the chasing and also what is more tolerable to the person making the judgment. Do you prefer to be unsexed, invisible might-as-well-be-a-potted-plant/gnat ugly or preemptively designated sex offender don't-even-look-at-me-I'm-calling-the-cops ugly?

People are also generally meaner to uggos across the board but its acceptable to be mean to either gender in different contexts for their "failings" ascribed to them in a kind of reverse-halo effect, where people look for an excuse to dunk on the undesirables, undermining their reputation to cut them off the social circle.


>some rando nobody w/o money or connections

>muh dialectics doe so I can write this w/ a straight face

Ah yes, the Y-men, mutant super heroes… If only you could blast male gaze rays like Marvel's Dicklops your mom would be living in a gated luxury loft, away from life's hardship like the 0.1%.

No. 137473

that's just one way of looking at things. it is true we have it easier on the sexual market… but in just about everything else, it's objectively better to be an uggo male.

No. 137475

As a kid, yes. Most of my friends and cousins were boys and I wanted to be like them. lol

Nowadays I don't care. I'm happy being a woman.

No. 137477

FUUUUUUCK NO. Men are ugly and not allowed by society to be expressive or explorative. I love every single thing about being a women. Woman are so fucking beautiful. Men are just ugly, gross, abusive, pieces of shit. I have legitimately never met a man I have liked (including my father, grandfather, uncles, friends etc.) Their all so sexually perverse and rape-y.

No. 137478

Can I just add >>137419 THIS. >being a woman feels so powerful
It truly does, there is just something about the simple manipulation and intelligence that we have. And the power to GROW a whole ass human inside of me?! I am a mythical magical POWERFUL fucking goddess! Woman are amazing. Case closed!

No. 137479

No, I'd be even dumber than I am right now

No. 137487

I mean, surely my life would be easier as a man. However, my brain has been conditioned to only understand life as a girl. It would be a drastically new experience to walk around in public as a man, or speak as one. I'd have a different sexuality, different hormones… sounds like a whole new situation. I'm comfortable as I am I guess.

No. 137489

No, after having a lot of male friends and being the girl that has all those male friends I am here to say I would hate to be socialised as a male. Yes men 'run' the world but to its detriment. I love the unspoken language of women and how we navigate this world. Yes it sucks that we are subjected to more physical violence, but I'd rather be the bigger gender than wish I was the one that had more capability in being a war machine. I prefer women socialisation, our literature, music, media etc. I love our nature. I have a brother very similar to myself and people have mistaken us for twins and we had similar upbringings, and I would never want to switch places with him. Being a strong woman (fuck all to do with natural beauty, women can be exude hotness through attitude and demeanour, you just have to find your style) is infinitely better than being some random uggo male or even the no personality Chads. I can understand why men Troon out, just wish they'd stop doing such a bad mockery of womanhood

No. 137500

File: 1587765157617.gif (574.15 KB, 500x234, zooey.gif)

I know my ultra religious family would've treated me better if I were born male. My mom discouraged me from studying or learning things outside of homemaking, because they weren't relevant to my obvious path of getting a husband and being a mother. I could see the difference from a young age in my male cousins. They were raised so much more normal and didn't have their parents bringing up their potential marriage for their entire lives.

But hey, I can bake bread, so that's cool.

No. 137506

No, I can just imagine the kind of man i would be and it's too cringe. My personality type can't handle extra arrogance or testosterone or impulsiveness. It's better this way.

No. 137539

File: 1587800946436.gif (1.79 MB, 354x192, Winnie-the-pooh-out.gif)

I'm not a great person but I feel like if I was a guy I would be an even bigger jerk. In terms of appearances, I'd probably look like my brother. My friends tell me they think my brother is handsome. He's kind of a Chad– muscular, 6'5", extroverted. He's really level headed and scholarly, though.

So basically if I was a boy, I'd look handsome, but I would have the same bitchy, lazy personality I do now, except worse because I feel like society enables guys who act like assholes. Also my name would have been Stephen if I was a boy, according to my parents.

No. 137547

>this shit thread again

No, scrote or braindead self-hating fakeboi, for the 1100th time, none of us here who are mentally sane would turn into an ugly, stinky, hairy, and in top of that mentally and emotionally stunned ape that is ruled by his dick in exchange of being treated with some minimal human decency. What we fantasize about is a world where we wouldn't be abused, mistreated and silenced because we were born female.

And apart from that, if you really believe the average male isn't miserable as fuck, you are deluded. Why do you think they are constantly attempting to troon out and similars and when not, they try to kill themselves. In my experience, men are such sad, pathetic beings. They are quite literally trapped within their own idiocy. I'm way better off as a woman in the first world with rights and a gun.

No. 146316

>no more feeling super insecure when going out at night,
3 month old post, but if you were a man your male equivalent would be going /r9k/-tier tfwnogf 5everalone;_; insane from not getting laid by the age of 17.

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