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No. 117176

Does anyone else with PCOS have trouble and insecurities with feeling feminine? I know PCOS can range from anything to minor hormone imbalance to straight up full beards, mood swings, balding, cystic acne, happy trails, and obesity.There's also a birth control thread that mentions PCOS but this thread gets more into it and how to manage what comes from it. This thread can be used to discuss
>ways to manage PCOS
>hair removal methods
>hair care methods for balding
>skin care management
>hormone management
>how to get body and face to look more feminine
>how to feel and look more feminine in general
>pcos medications/birth control
>pcos vent/struggles
>Success weight loss and fertility stories

No. 117177

I have PCOS and have had acne, depression, oily skin, etc all my life and the only thing that ever helped was taking apple cider vinegar tablets and eating a paleo diet, with emphasis on low carb vegetables and lean meats and nuts and low glycemic fruits. My skin cleared up, I lost all the weight, I have more energy and confidence and my entire thought process seems different because my depression went away. I find that I felt masculine when I was overweight, but now that I'm thin it's a lot easier to feel feminine. Also I make it a priority to be soft spoken because my voice can get deeper than I'd like it to be and I end up sounding obnoxious if I don't make an effort to avoid that.

No. 117178

i was diagnosed with PCOS at the start of 2017 after having symptoms get worse for about 3 years. a lot of the time i just feel unfeminine and ugly, and being too sensitive and having crazy mood swings makes it worse. my hair's always oily and is noticeably thinning, no amount of skincare completely stops my acne and i'm still going through different tests and scans to see if PCOS is my only problem or if there's something else too. i've tried 2 different birth control pills (rigevidon and now cerazette) and i feel like both have just made things worse

No. 117179

I've been on loloestrin fe but have been taking them inconsistently thanks to some life stuff, I've always thought PCOS was a curse amd constantly try to do things to make myself feel feminine and people always make fun and point out my hair despite my efforts to shave but I dont want to cause irritation or anything, doctor said he would only give me progesterone if I was trying to have a baby but doesn't realize I want it so I can actually feel like a fucking woman for once

For my skin, mario badescu products helped a lot but I still have remaining scars and get the occasional zit every now and then

No. 117180

I got diagnosed with PCOS this summer, but I haven't really experienced most of the symptoms, like I never had acne and only recently started to get pimples occasionally. My hair is also really greasy and is falling out quite heavily time to time for a few years, but I'm not bald yet. My menstrual cycles are really long and the periods are quite heavy. My gynaecologist warned me about pretty much losing my fertility after a few years, but I was able to get pregnant a couple years (unfortunately though). Is PCOS with mild symptoms weird or is it pretty common?

No. 117181

File: 1514579485993.jpg (48.89 KB, 612x612, 677efae47f5c96e79c660329a7ac53…)

I'm actually going to my doctor today to talk about my hirsutism because it's gotten much worse. When I was around 22 is when I first started getting dark male facial hair, in just a strip on the left side of my chin. After a while, I started growing it on the other side of my chin as well and it became too dense to just pluck out. Then this year I noticed the hair above my lip is becoming darker and thicker, and my sideburns now grow all the way down my face and connect to my "beard". A couple months back, I started noticing dark hairs coming up on my cheeks where as before they were just my chin and sideburns. I'm really scared that it seems to be getting worse and so quickly. Some days, I have to shave twice a day just to prevent stubble because my skin is very fair so it's easy to see. I feel so unfeminine that I even stopped wearing makeup because putting on foundation looks bad over the hair, and irritates my skin if I freshly shave and then put it on. Combined with my hair on my head falling out, and getting increasing acne all over (my face has always been bad but I'm noticing now I'm starting to get it on my chest and neck) and I just feel hideous. I worry that people will see the hair and acne and think I am unsanitary and don't take care of myself, when in reality I probably have a much more complex and strict grooming routine than the average woman that doesn't have all these problems!

I don't know what my doctor can do, if anything. I don't know what he'll tell me. This is just hell.

No. 117182

Have you tried waxing, threading, or sugaring?

No. 117183

I've tried waxing and threading (both professional and at home), the problem I've had with both is that even having someone else do it, some of the hairs are just too thick and strong so instead of getting yanked out properly they just break off. Meaning I get tons of ingrown hairs and will have stubble not even three days later. Its not enough time for my skin to recover so it would just be perpetually irritated. At least with shaving, it's pretty indetectible….for all of 12 hours, then I have to shave again. :/

I did go to the doctor and the first thing he suggested was PCOS, I'm getting bloodwork done and then I will find out what to do from here.

No. 117184

File: 1514977958912.jpg (289.56 KB, 543x995, 20180103_114744.jpg)

I recommend inositol to everyone who suffers from PCOS. It's supposed to have a similar effect as Metformin and it is a supplement. I am not overweight or insuline resistent but still feel much better taking inositol. My ability to concentrate has improved, my period has become much more regular, my breasts have actually grown and are less saggy. I have less acne now, too. Inositol is also supposed to help with hirsutism but I can not confirm that for me yet. Pic related, you can of course use any (myo)-inositol though. I personally use inositol powder bought from some fitness supplement shop.

If you can afford it, consider laser hair removal. Imo it's much better than ripping out the hair because you don't have to let it grow and you're less likely to get ingrowns.

No. 117185

i dont have insurance or the money to go to a doctor but i keep starting to feel like i have alot of the symptoms of PCOS, but i have no idea what to do about it. All i really know i could do is just lose weight? but i honestly dont know

No. 117186

What Kills me most is the diet.

I'm an extremely picky eater (as in i just vomit things i dont like, the taste is just unbearable) that lives off carbs.
Im planning on the future on living off soylent or something similar because i just cant do a pcos diet.

Is there any alternative management than the diet?
Im almost underweight but i still have lots of body hair, painful periods etc so weight loss isnt really an issue.

No. 117187

Ahah, don't bet too much on soylent if you're picky. I don't know if it's any better now but I've tried a few brands a few years ago and almost all of it was nasty.

No. 117188

anon if you are still around any side-effects worthy to mention?

No. 117189

Inositol doesn't have any side-effects. Some sources say dizziness, headache, but I've never met anyone who had any. You also can't overdose it (at least no one did that yet).
(not that anon tho)

No. 117190

Anon from crystal cafe recommended vitafusion womens multvitamns for pcos since it has a lot of insitol and other stuff for skin and metabolism, even helps with bipolar disorder

No. 117191

I do.

I actually have a pretty cute face and a nice body. I look 9/10 dressed and lots of guys ask me out, but I will never be intimate with then because I have a thick happy trail and the entire surface of my body is covered in dark fur. It does not help that I'm quite pale and my hair is very dark. I also have KP in my legs and breast acne.

I already accepted that I will die a virgin.

No. 117192

Fuck anon, I feel you. I don't even have PCOS, just shit genetics. I heard unrefined coconut oil is good to use for KP. I use it after I shower and it seems to help. Maybe give it a try? And have you considered learning how to wax or getting an epilator?

No. 117193

My heart anon, I also have that carpet of hair all over my body and its especially dense in those areas where males would normally have hair growth.

Don't lose hope yet though.. I honestly thought I would never actually date because of this but I'm now engaged with someone who is very accepting and didnt really care when he found out. Maybe I just got lucky. Still sucks being like this though.

No. 117194

Haven't had a period since my Nan died, and that was over five months ago. I keep on getting the same bowel movements I'd get before and during the onset of a period, plus body sensitivity, but nothing's happened. Now my mum's worried if I have IBS, because it runs in the family. I just wanna have a period already. :( This back and forth is /so/ annoying.

No. 117195

File: 1518288865522.gif (619.35 KB, 500x280, giphy (3).gif)

I hate my PCOS so much. I always wondered why I wasn't "normal" like other girls, why was I so fucking hairy and full of acne when most girls around me were fine. Anyway.
My most recent woe is my hair loss. I am going bald. I've had thick and volumous hair all my life, than I stop taking the pill (because It was making me sick to the point I couldn't take the bus) and suddenly my hair can't stop falling. It's been more than a year, now. I have half of the hair I used to have.
My bloodworks indicates low ferritin and slight hypothyroidism, and I've been taking supplements for my iron levels and yet nothing. I even fear brushing my hair now, something that I used to love. I am so miserable.
And I keeo ballooning up even though I do IF, usually stay under 1300kcal and exercise at least 4 times a week, cardio.

No. 117196

I'm wondering if any of you have any experience with what I'm going through: I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was around 17, my symptoms were: crap skin, weight issues, irregular periods, high testosterone (I never had hirutism and I never received an ultrasound to confirm cysts, which makes me suspicious.. sometimes I wonder if my doctor just wanted to give me a label to shut me up, when there might be something else happening) I had a big problem with contraception and mood swings/general depression and went through numerous pills, the implanon twice, and then eventually the Mirena.

Flash forward to last year, am 24, I got the mirena removed because I felt like my body -needed menstruation- anyway, now I don't take anything and my periods are regular now.. and I don't have high testosterone anymore at all, it's low, (so are my iron levels and my b12 levels have been consistently under 500, however were around 300 when I got my diagnosis of PCOS) I want to know if anyone has had a complete reversal of symptoms? I still get mood swings and crappy skin on and off, but the period thing and the testosterone reverse is getting to me. My hair is falling out because of that, the iron deficiency and probably stress (particularly from yo-yoing with my weight like a mf'er)

Is this all just part of it and I'm misinformed big time?

No. 117197

I've had conflicting information about periods. My one endo said I need to have them because PCOS increases chance of endometrial cancer, another wants me to stop my periods (I also have low iron, my last test result was literally 8 so I'm on iron tablets now). For now I just take nuvaring.

I DO think nuvaring helps with my acne, tho I still get hormonal acne weekly on my jaw. I did lose a lot of weight on Metformin previously, (60lbs in a year)then gained literally ALL of it back a couple years later…turns out I became hypothyroidic as well. I've been on synthroid for a year and only lost 20 of those pounds in that time, and it's really fucking with me because my body looks worse from the rapid loss and gain. Also my t level has been creeping up over the last 3 years and now on spiranolactone. Luckily hairloss has not been an issue with me despite PCOS/hypothyroid/anemia, but it never was.

My aunt, who has identical issues (PCOS, thyroid) said all of her symptoms pretty much went away after she had kids in her 30s so idk.

No. 117198

Same anon here, thanks for replying :)

I get acne on my jaw/chin pretty much exclusively. Tried metformin too, forgot to mention. That stuff gave me mega mood swings though. My thyroid levels are borderline atm. never taken anything for it. By the sounds of what you're going through.. idk if I should. My mum says the same about things just going away when you have kids… I don't want kids though haha… not if I have to subject them to these crap genes.

No. 117199

File: 1518468589939.jpg (47.03 KB, 209x208, 20431679_1060819077383356_6820…)

Is it possibly to have so many PCOS symptoms without having it?

I've had my hormones tested various times over the years, but I was always told everything was fine. A few years ago, after learning about PCOS, I went to the gyno and was given an ultrasound to look for cysts. Since they didn't find any, the gyno said there was no point in doing any blood work or anything else because I don't have PCOS.

It's hard to believe though when I've got a mustache and beard, a happy trail and hairy ass crack, shitty hormonal cystic acne around my mouth/cheeks, horrible periods that keep getting heavier every year and cause anemia (currently go through super plus tampons + pad every hour for the first few days), thinning hair around my temples, skin tags when I was like 15, etc.

Like honest, what the fuck? Do I just have bad genetics or are all these doctors that I've seen retarded?

No. 117200

You need to get the bloodwork done. You aren't always going to have 100% of the symptoms and better to just go the extra to make sure.

No. 117201

Has anyone ever had to take one kind of birth control pills, change those for another ones and then get the first ones again?
I was first diagnosed when I was 14 and they gave me birth control pills because I had sooo much acne, hirsutism and also my menstruations were insufferable. I took them for maybe 10/12? years and then I had to change to other pills because they weren't as effective as usual, I was spotting and had migraines all the time.
That was 7 months ago and the new pills couldn't have been worse…Not only I still bleed between
menstruations, I feel like shit all the time, my menstruations are more painful than never, I gained so much weight because of fluid retention and the worst part for me is that I have more acne than I've never had in my 25 years of life. I know for some people may sound stupid but it makes me feel extremetely insecure about myself, having to put make up on to try to hide what I know it's not a part of me. I have more acne now than I did when I was 14 and I wasn't taking anything, it's terrible.
I went to the doctor and she gave me the first pills I took for so many years because in her opinion it'll work better than the ones I'm taking currently (I'm sure of that because rn I feel as I felt when I didn't take anything).
I'm wondering if some of you changed pills and had to take the same ones more than once…Because I'm kind of desperate and freaking out about if it'll work or not, I know I can change to another pills but it's exhausting to think about spending another half a year or more like this.
Thank you in advance. <3

No. 117202

Agree with the other anon, get bloodwork. Ultrasounds aren't the end all be all. Your doctors are lazy or retarded to ignore all of your symptoms just because they didn't see cysts.

No. 117203


Yes, bloodworks.

There are many reasons you may not have the cysts. I was cyst-free for a while due to the pill. If you are taking any type of hormonal birth control, the cysts are likely to vanish. Also, some type of teas can control the cysts.

Many doctors don't have a fucking clue when it comes to PCOS, it is disheartening.

No. 117204

No. 117205

Yeah I'm friends with Nova, this article makes it out to be like she grew the beard because her S.O. was okay with it which isn't the case at all, she grew it out because she got tired of having to shave all the fucking time. It was literally "Hey, No Shave November is coming up, I'm going to donate all the money I spend to keep my body hair at bay to mens prostate cancer research." and then "hey not shaving and conforming to societies standards of what a girl should look like wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be, I'm going to keep my beard instead." A more accurate article would be here http://people.com/health/beauty-vlogger-embracing-beard-after-14-years-shaving/

No. 117206

Up your iron, get vitex, co q 10, and black cohash. Eating sweet potatoes helps. Stay hydrate. Drink a clear sport drink once a week into you feel better.

No. 117207

My aunts dr told her over 30 years ago that birth control wears out. Basically it stops being effective. My story. I cant tolerate any form of birth control. I bled for 6 months on the shot. I had shakes and tremirs on the pill. It took years for my body to recover. Also add vitimin b's for energy. Rite- aid has nice vitimins.

No. 117208

Try pre natal vitimins especial large doses of folic acids.
Fiber. So oatmeals, flax, coffee is great- dont add a lot of sugar.

No. 117209

Thank you for your reply. <3 I'm sorry birth control doesn't work for you…I hope you're feeling better now and I'll try what you said.
I have to start the 'new' pills (which are the ones I took many years btw) this next monday and I'm kind of scared for how's my body going to react…Specially for my acne, which gets better when I'm on my ''rest week''.

No. 117210

do any of you guys have pcos with a pear body shape? i'm diagnosed with pcos but i'm not sure if my symptoms are just a result of regular cystic hormonal acne and light, idiopathic hirsutism and not necessarily pcos at all. it seems everyone i know that has pcos has the apple shape bc test and whatnot, and obviously, that makes sense, but does anyone not have that? i wasn't diagnosed based on my ultrasound, either, mostly just these symptoms and anti-mullerian hormone lvls, etc, etc.

No. 117211

Women can have pcos with any body shape
My ex boss had wide hips, a big butt, small waist and big boobs and flat stomach and had pcos, she had 4 kids as well

No. 117212


75cm waist and 105cm hips here. As >>117211 said, any body type can have PCOS. I am overweight though (not obese), as a lot of PCOS chicks.

No. 117213


Been taking this for a while now (3 weeks maybe?) thanks to you anon, and I must say that I just had my period and my cramps were not nearly as bad as they usually are, so I take this as something that is working. I will report again later, but so far, so good. Thanks, anon.

No. 117214

this is my body type as well and I have PCOS.

PCOS sufferers might tend to look apple in some cases due to the weight gain associated, which is typically in the stomach.

No. 117215

I was extremely underweight and I had multiple doctors tell me off the bat that I didn’t have pcos because of that. They said I was still having irregular periods because I was young. This went on until I was 23 in the middle of a 3 month long period that left me dangerously anemic.

Then my sister (who is a little heavier but not overweight) got blood work and her doctor confirmed she had PCOS. So I asked for blood work and they STILL wanted to tell me I didn’t have PCOS. “Just because your sister has it doesn’t mean you do…”

I had an ultrasound to check for fibroids and sure enough, “Hm looks like you have cystic ovaries.” Then they did the blood work to confirm it.

I don’t know why I don’t have any other symptoms, but when I saw a nutritionist I already had the diet she wanted me to maintain. It’s the way I grew up eating. I just wish there was a better way to control the irregular periods because birth control makes me crazy.

No. 117216


There are though? Inositol, as anon above recommended, Metformin and even some types of teas. Look it up, anon. Some doctors are really ignorant when it comes to PCOS and they just prescribe BC because it's the easier "solution".

No. 117217


If you take powder, what dose to you take?

No. 117218


Good proof that it is in fact genetic and hormonal and not from being overweight. Not that being overweight is healthy or helps it - no doubt that it makes it worse. It's just nice to be reaffirmed that it's not a direct correlation to your weight.

No. 117219

my endo told me that being fat is a symptom of PCOS, not the other way around.

…really fucking sucks. I lost 40lbs after my diagnosis, and then a few years later gained every bit of weight back until I was dx with hypothyroidism as well. in one year I've only managed to lose 15lbs of it and I had to fight for every single pound with a tiny low carb diet and daily exercise. I lose like 1lb a month now. It sucks so much.

No. 117220

How can I get my gyno to take me off the pill and give me a prescription for estradiol? I'm 18 and I have a strong feeling he will think I'm trying to get pregnant by going off the pill since when he was talking to me about it he said he would put women on the pill then give them hormones when trying to get pregnant

No. 117221


Are you me, anon? I've lost about 30 kgs (about 62lbs?) in the past and gained back 15kg (32lbs ish). I just can't seem to lose it again, now matter how little I eat, and I even do IF because my metabolism is so slow now. Disheartening.


I take pills. 500mg daily.

No. 117222

File: 1520553255429.jpg (101.84 KB, 800x557, Bouguereau,-The-Nymphaeum-THM0…)

>how to get body and face to look more feminine
>how to feel and look more feminine in general

anyone have any luck with this? I know some women with pcos have nice bodies but I have unfortunate fat distribution and corset meme emphasizes me looking upperheavy, I do glute, thigh and bum exercises when I can but I barely have any energy due to seasonal depression, my boobs are small, sad and saggy so I at least try to lift them up by doing arm exercises but im afraid it will make my shoulders wider

No. 117223

Anon. Are you me?
Sometimes I go through a period of thinking I have found flattering styles then I see myself in a photo etc or at a weird new angle in a mirror, see my linebacker shoulders and awful shape and just fucking fall into a depression all over again

No. 117224

File: 1521605165541.png (392.68 KB, 1000x1000, pcos instagram.png)

Has anyone had kids with PCOS
I'm on birth control but I'm terrified it will leave me completely infertile in the future

No. 117225


Don't worry anon. I follow a PCOS group on FB and a looot of the girls talk about their pregnancy. It even has a lot of cases of unwanted pregnancy.

No. 117226

Birth control will not make you infertile. I don't understand why this misconception persists, but neither modern IUDs nor birth control pills, patches or rings have any bearing on your future fertility.

If you mean PCOS, plenty of people with PCOS get pregnant, whether it's with fertility drugs (usually Clomid) or on your own. My aunt who also has PCOS got pregnant twice in her thirties.

No. 117227

My cousin has PCOS and she’s been pregnant 3 times now.

No. 117228

My pcos used to just affect my periods and mood. I used to be naturally skinny and have thick, healthy hair so it really wasn’t bad it was pretty manageable. Then I stopped taking birth control. My skin is constantly covered in grease, my hair is falling out in chunks and I’ve gained probably 40-50 pounds in a year or two and can’t stop gaining. Im basically bald now. I went back on birth control but it only helped my skin and now my periods are fucked. Sorry, it’s just nice to be able to vent with people who understand.

No. 117229

I had to stop eating carbs completely to get my cycle under control. I lost a lot of weight but of course my symptoms still persist and I'm not as thin as I'd like to be, and with regularity came some new shitty symptoms like cramps so bad I can't even fucking walk.

I lost so much of my hair and I have no idea if it's from PCOS or the weight loss. I feel so disgusting and ugly because of this stupid fucking syndrome and I worry I'm never going to be comfortable. I hide under clothes that are like 4-5 sizes bigger than I need, and I feel like my body is totally ruined because I was such a fatass for years and there's no way I can afford the kind of plastic surgery I'd need to fix the loose skin, and nothing erases stretch marks.

My only saving grace is that my face is okay, I guess. I've got some hirsutism but I shave and wax and pluck as needed. I have some acne but it's not horrible or frequent.

But having a pretty face isn't enough for someone to want to sleep with me so I think I'm damned to die a lonely virgin because I'm such an embarrassment.

Hope you ladies have better luck than I do. Living like this sucks.

No. 117230

omg i feel you. my hair has been falling out, as well. it's so heart breaking. my doctor found out i have copper toxicity as well as pcos so maybe this might be something for some girls w pcos to consider. i was an anon who posted earlier about why the fuk have things done a 180 and this is why.

No. 117231

I've gotten a long way based on this face. A lot of it really IS personality, please don't be so discouraged. With the negative approach you've got right now, you may indeed stay single. Start living FOR YOU and not for the sake of finding a partner, and they will come. It sounds cliche but it's true, I promise!

No. 117232

File: 1521775850002.jpg (19.62 KB, 500x461, i-know-that-feel.jpg)


Let's all hug. My hair is also falling since I stopped taking the pill. It's half of what it used to be. But I won't take it again because it was just doing more harm than good, honestly.

In my case, it's probably due to lack of iron. My thyroid just fucking takes all the iron I eat, it was really really low. I had to stop being a vegetarian and had to become a pescetarian because plant iron was not enough for my body (and I was taking pills too), the absorption rate was just too low. It was for the best though. I feel like little by little my hair is falling a bit less, but I guess it's not going to be what it used to, or if so, it will take years.

No. 117233


rly not trying to be annoying but copper toxicity can also make you anemic. vegetarian diets are very much a big contributor to it. my iron levels are way below what's normal and taking a supplement supposedly just makes it worse and correcting the copper/zinc imbalance is more of a priority.

No. 117234


How do I know if I have that? Because I'm queued to insert a copper IUD so I gotta learn that fast I guess lol Maybe my doctor already asked for something like that and I just don't know?

No. 117235

They can blood test to get a general idea. it's not commonly part of a complete blood count… it's a test they usually do in conj. w zinc. Most reliable is hair mineral analysis and they don't usually do that unless you're symptomatic. if you are i would strongly urge you to check it out before getting a copper IUD, but otherwise, if you decide to go through with it, i really hope your experience with the IUD was better than mine. i'm.. so depressed about how all of that out for me, haha.

No. 117236


Well, I am going to put it tomorrow so I hope it doesn't go to shit lol I can always remove it though. My GO only talked about the iron deficiency though, so I don't know if something is wrong beyond that. I hope not. Let's see.

No. 117237

Best of luck, anon :)

No. 117238


Thanks anon! Just came back home, holy fuck that hurt. Both the inception and afterwards. My blood pressure dropped like it was hot and got so nauseous. Now I am having a lot of cramps and I do have a hot waterbag on my belly.

My GO said having PCOS won't interfere at all, and that I should be fine.

No. 117239

File: 1541871607817.jpg (15.9 KB, 348x348, 348s.jpg)


Kinda necroing this thread, this is me; so it wasn't the lack of iron after all, since my iron levels are now normalised since I went back to eating seafood. (Also, no copper toxicity, >>117233 , I've adapted to my IUD pretty well and I love it)

I've tried everything else, since, and I think now that it's probably an excess of male hormones (androgenes), and I finally gave up and I am going back to the pill.

However, I now plan taking a minipill/progesterone-only pill, because I've heard it's not as agressive on your body as the combination pill.
Does anyone else here take it? I plan on taking Norethisterone based pills (0,35mg), does it help with male patterned baldness/is it anti-androgen?

I am so confused because everywhere I look, it gives me different answers.

No. 117240

Oh man, this thread was made for me to vent. Everything I dislike about myself is because of having PCOS. The thinning hair, the acne, the weight gain, the irregular periods… I've been hit hard.
It's so difficult for me to loose weight, I basically have to starve myself to shed off some pounds. I eat no more than 1,400 calories a day and even working out does jack shit.
My skin tone is so uneven. I have dark and white spots around my jaw and forehead. The never ending acne and greasy combination skin. My skin's extra sensitive to a bunch of products too.
My scalp is just bursting through my hair. It's so fucking greasy. I've tried so many remedies to try to bring back my hair and none of them have worked. I used to have a full head of hair before I became a teenager, it just gets slightly worse every year.
Periods, I don't have a problem with tbh. I prefer to have them once every other month lol.

The kicker, I'm afraid to go on birth control. PCOS runs in the family and my mom and aunts have all had severely negative reactions to multiple forms of birth control. Also, I have a phobia of medicine unless I absolutely need it if I'm in immense pain or dying.

Other than that, I just wish I could have clear skin and a full head of hair. I don't even want to try wearing makeup or anything because anything beyond a bit of eyeliner just makes me look even worse. I just want to look like an average person KEK.

No. 117241

It's so fucking annoying. Every remedy for hair loss makes my acne worse and every remedy for acne makes my hair loss worse. It's like I can be bald with clear skin or I can have a full head of healthy hair and a face like a crater.

No. 117242

I can't lose weight without starving myself either. I cut down to 1000 calories over the last few months and lost 10lbs.. and plateaued. I just want to lose weight like a fucking normal person.

This article is a few months old but I'm fucking praying there is an end in sight for PCOS. Apparently they've isolated the cause of it.


No. 117243


I think most here can relate. When I was younger, I'd say that my 3 main problems with my appearence were my weight, my excessive body hair and my skin. Tadah, found out they are all PCOS related.

But my skin is the cleares it has ever been right now, it won't even be ~asian~ perfect, but it's so weird to not have at least one big pimple and redness all the time. And the main reason for that is that I switched to a keto/low carb diet.

I know keto is kind of a meme diet right now, but it genuinely helped me. My boyfriend of almost 5 years is at awe and keep saying how clear my skin is right now (mind you, it still have small pimples here and there, especially around my period I get slightly bigger ones on my chin and a bit on my cheeks), his cousing that lives in the countryside also commented on it when I went visiting, and I finally don't feel so self conscious to stare at people straight when talking (I'd usually put my hands on my face without realising, which make things worse).
Just wanted to say that I also follow a korean/japanese skincare regimen, and also use tretinoin and benzoyl peroxide now and again (not on the same day. About twice a month each), and they did help a lot, but not to the same extent as the keto diet.

Also, in just one week of going low carb/keto, I've lost one inch (2,5cm) out of my waist and A LOT of bloat. 3kg of bloatedness. Even the old man that sells me fruit commented on it (sorry if this sounds like bragging, just to prove that it wasn't just something from my head). I don't feel the awful stomach/intestine pains that I used to everyday, so that's also amazing.

However I didn't lose any more weight afterwards, I guess because I usually do "dirty" keto and doesn't count my macros religiously. Maybe if I count calories (Considering how fatty the diet is, it's easy to go way above 1300kcal). On the positive side, I also don't feel as hungry/don't have the same appetite anymore as well, so sometimes I even struggle to think about what I am going to eat even though 18 hours without eating anything have passed.

The only thing that I don't know how to solve is my hair loss, for I am the >>117239 anon lmao

Sorry for such a long reply.

No. 117244


I don't know, I went vegan for six months (so a tiny amount of carbs) and nothing happened for me. Everything was the same as it always is. The only difference is my shit got stinkier.

No. 117245

File: 1541882904076.jpg (81.45 KB, 768x820, keto food pyramid.jpg)


But vegan is not necessarily low carb. Like, a bananas, apples (most fruit actually), carrots, tomatoes, beans (even soy, if not controlled), grains… All have a high amount of carbs, and it adds up super fast. And you should stay under 50g net carbs, usually - and for "real keto", it should be less than 30g.

But I'll try to follow a stricter keto and report back. I do like my low carb for the other benefits other than the weight loss, though.
TBH I went low carb for the weight loss and higher energy levels, but the skin benefits were a very pleasant surprised.

I do miss my rice (all types of sushi and fried rice, damn) and noodles from time to time, though.

No. 117246


NTA but the "exclude" portion is basically everything I like eating. :( I don't think I could live like this. What would happen if I did a short keto diet and then stopped?

No. 117247

File: 1541883978161.jpg (82.71 KB, 712x960, 44554517_10217506796331859_514…)


Tell me about it haha I do like the substitute foods for those listed - like almond or coconut milk, I like it better than regular milk, but it's not quite the same. Fried riced cauliflower is great though, but not as satisfying, especially for sushi. And zuchinni noodles are also good, great for yakisoba/chow mein especially, but I hate how much water they release, and they don't have the chew factor, so I miss my ramen.

For bread though, I did a recipe that uses eggplant flour and sesame seed flour and it's great. I make it almost every week, pic related. I don't even miss regular bread that much in the first place though

Now, for your question…

I think that you should go for keto for about a month or so, and then you could do what some athletes do, that is taking a "day off" and increasing the carbs a bit before exercising. Like about 100g carbs or 70g net carbs. I do that sometimes as well, or just have a full blown cheat day (I make sure to go back on the next day though) when it's like someone's birthday and they bring cake, which could also be the reason why I've stalled lmao
If you want to just do keto for a while and then stop it all together, then I think it's better to go keto for a bigger while, like 3~6 months, or else I don't think you'll see significant results, my this is just me guessing.

Ah, I've been doing it for about 3 months now, btw. I saw the results in my skin and weight in the first month, which was the one I followed it more strictly.

No. 117248


Sage for samefagging but

Oof, excuse my mistakes, I need to proofread my shit more often.

Have another link for helping with low carb/keto for those interested https://www.ketoconnect.net/ketogenic-diet/

Also adding: I didn't have any of the keto flus symptons when I started it, the only thing I had was diarrhea on my first day and that was all, it felt more like my body flushing out the bad shit than anything else, and I didn't have it ever since.

No. 117249


I haaate basically all substitutes for milk and cheese, they all just taste like shit to me. It's pasta that I would have a hard time giving up to be honest, it's one of my favorite meals to make.

No. 117250

i’m not diagnosed PCOS but my periods have gotten a lot more painful over the past few months and they’ve become so heavy i get extremely close to fainting if i stand up on the first day. along with this i’ve gotten a lot hairier and my fucking hair has started falling out more than usual. can anyone relate to any of this? i need to force myself to go to the doctor to get things checked out but that’s one of my worst fears lmao

No. 117251


You can have cheese though, because it's basically the milk fat without the carbs. (it has carbs, but way less than milk)

No. 117252

Really upset to realize I'm growing a beard. My face is already unfortunate but this just makes me want to end it all. I've tried waxing, no luck. I shave but my face still just feels rough and gross.
For a while I even identified as they/them to make myself try and feel better that I wasn't feminine. Needless to say, that didn't help at all and just made me feel even more like I don't deserve to call myself a woman.
I still struggle to see why I shouldn't just stay inside forever. I live in a small town, and the nearest hair removal place is three hours away. Not yo mention, no car so I'm just screwed in every part of life.
I'm happy I found this thread tho, because I know for a fact I'm not the only one with pcos. But day by day, just looking at the women around me it gets me so down seeing how naturally feminine they are.

No. 117253


Laser Hair Removal worked wonders on me. Maybe it's worthy the 3 hour trip. Around 5 sessions is enough, depending on how much hair you have.
Also, try to take anti-androgens so you stay beardless for longer (like 10 years+).


No. 117254

can relate anon
for hair, get bloodwork done. it could be due to your thyroid, iron levels, vitamins, androgens to something autoimmune etc. try massaging the scalp to get some blood flowing as well. went to the derm and she pm told me i could use rogaine for women lol :')

and painful period could also be due to pcos or fibroids! i just got diagnosed with some fibroids this year and it explains a lot.

No. 117255

I haven't been diagnosed with PCOS but I am 95% sure I've had a hormonal imbalance since starting puberty. I have cystic acne, oily skin, heavy periods, overweight etc. I've always suspected it because I gain muscle relatively fast and have a high sex drive. Since I've started drinking spearmint tea it's helped clear up my skin a lot, plus my periods have lightened up.

To be honest, I don't care about stupid shit like being a ~feminine pwincess uwu~ I just want to lose the extra weight and have clear skin. I will admit that the only thing that really makes me insecure is the hair that grows above my top lip. It's not a full on mustache but it can be thick enough that it becomes noticeable if I don't put hair removal cream for awhile. Luckily, the hair on my head has been crazy thick for as long as I can remember so I don't think I'll ever have to worry about it thinning.

No. 117256

I had bad cystic acne as a teen but when I got tested for PCOS they said I don't have it, they said my hirsutism is hereditary too. But what worked for me is having a face care routine (Clinique 3 steps) and being more clean (not letting my hair be greasy, clean pillow cases and face towels etc). I used to read online or in magazine that cleanliness has nothing to do with acne but that was not the case for me. I feel like it's common sense but they still claim this to misinform some people

No. 117257


Another anon with hormonal issues checking in to say spearmint tea has been useful for me too. It's not a miracle cure that's made everything go away or anything, but I have definitely seen an improvement in my skin and hair after beginning to drink two cups a day.

No. 117258

Not sure what your skin type is but mine is oily. I grew up in the same situation but honestly, shaving and keeping a electric shaver in my purse saves me as an adult. You can also thread but its harder on the jawline.

Take a hot shower, exfoliate with a scrub of some sort, get a GOOD shaving cream that isn't from a aerosol can. Shave and use a toner after you've cleaned up.

No. 117259

I've been just prescribed an anti-androgen pill.
I feel a bit better (suffering from hairy face, not beard like but eh and being overweight)
Anyone got an idea when the situation will get better? Mainly for my skin…
For you ladies on the pill: in how many months did you saw some results?

No. 117260

Now that winter is coming around the corner, my acne is acting up really bad.
Face gets too dry, acne breakout. Face get's too oily, acne breakout.
The only thing helping me is to only put toner on my face and leave out everything else.
Any other anons with bad hyperpigmentation?

No. 117261

Chemical peels with purple LED did wonders for my hyperpigmentation. I used to get very bad hormonal acne on my jaw and it left really shitty scars, but peels have finally gotten rid of the worst of it.

No. 117262

Anyone of you girls been on Accutane with PCOS? Did it help at all?

No. 117263

I have been thinking about being tested for PCOS. My periods have always been regular though. Never missed one or had a late/early one but they are painful and heavy. But I am so fucking oily (and it's making my large pores even worse) and dark hairs are popping up on my chin, neck, and chest. I've always had a lot of peach fuzz but it was blonde soft. I hate this.

No. 117264

I have and it did help a lot. But the side effects are no joke, so I would exhaust everything before you do Accutane. And if you do it, make sure you have an amazing moisturiser, because it WILL make your skin and lips as dry as the Sahara if you don't.

No. 117265

A year ago I was tested for PCOS and endo but my results came back normal and apparently I'm healthy. I was tested because I'd always skip periods and I'd have mild cramps even though I wasn't on my period.

It's been a year and I'm fine now, and also on BC with no problems. But I still wonder if what I had was a symptom of PCOS, do you girls have that?

Thanks in case anyone replies.

No. 117266

What moisturizer do you recommend?

No. 117267

Anyone else on Metformin? when will i stop feeling like I'm going to shit myself?

No. 117268

So apparently poc symptoms may be aggravated or even appear from a vit D deficiency, just a heads up for anons who might not know(Article on Acne):

No. 117269

this is what happens when people pathologize normal behaviour. pcos and endometriosis are mostly memes

No. 117270

File: 1543254920470.gif (501.09 KB, 147x162, 1488656662160.gif)

No. 117271

never, it's fucking awful. i tried for months but i had to switch to ER because i was getting woozy and sick feeling w metformin. if youre in america youll likely have to stay on regular metformin before your insurance will approve you for ER, but it's like night and day

No. 117272

Website sounds retarded. This is similar to people who try to target groups of people who suffer mental illness to take an assortment of supplements.

No. 117273

Perhaps, but trying it out wont kill anyone, lots of people are deficient anyway plus the study they are referring to seems promising.
Anecdotal but i actually suddenly got acne at age 19/20, NEVER had it before, maybe the odd small pimple now and then but my face just exploded. Tried all sorts of shit then just got a blood test taken with my doctor for unrelated reasons and turns out i had a vit d deficiency, my acne almost dissapeared, i moved and didnt take it for a few months and i have some acne again, so it may be that? Testing it out, bought some vit d today.

No. 117274

I suffer from dysmenorrhea and it's starting to get pretty overwhelming, I don't know if this is the right thread, but since I also have pcos I'll give it a shot. It got better from a few years, but now it's back and I can't go one period without back pain, vomiting, and bowel movements. What could I do not to be in such pain every time?

No. 117275

*for a few years

No. 117276

I don't want to self diagnose but I'm 22, only lost my virginity this year cos I was so self conscious of my weight/hairiness. I've been officially diagnosed with depression since last December but felt it since I was a teen. Always had painful and quite heavy periods too. I have honestly dropped about 4 stone since January due to drug use and dieting. Was on the mini pill for about a month but stopped cos I was too emotional. I honestly thought my face and body hair was just a genetic thing or the fault of shaving all over when I was like 12 for some reason lol. What sort of tests do you have to get to confirm it's PCOS? and is it more common than I'm thinking it is?

No. 117277

"officially diagnosed" pls excuse how twatty this sounds ygm

No. 117278

well, fuck. thanks anyway.

PCOS is fairly common, something like 1 in 10 women have it. tests usually consist of bloodwork and ultrasounds.

No. 117279

It definitely sounds like something is out of whack with your hormones, PCOS or otherwise, so get your hormones tested.

No. 117280

File: 1543957478974.jpg (59.95 KB, 400x370, role-of-estrogen-1.jpg)

Any anons use supplements to get a more feminine figure and more energy? My doctor won't seem to give me anything other than BC which makes me feel like shit, what's a good natural supplement to use to look and feel more feminine?

No. 117281

Phytoestrogens, google it for more info

No. 117282

this is more of a vent than anything. but does anyone else get CRAZY cravings? i can eat a meal and then be hungry right after? it's horrible because im slowly stacking on the weight and find it really hard to shed it. -_-

No. 117283

Insulin trouble? Do you eat enough fat, protein and complex carbs to stay full? Also eat much slower so your body has time to detect the food

No. 117284


I've read everywhere that yam helps a lot with natural production of female hormones (don't remember which one, though, sorry), and a lot of women drink yam essence/elixir to get pregnant, I've heard it does wonders in that aspect. I do take yam capsules, but I haven't see much change, being completely honest. Don't know about the liquid one, though.

Yeah, this sounds like high insulin. Since I started keto, I haven't had cravings at all. Somedays, I don't even feel like eating, and just eat whatever so I don't starve haha

No. 117285

phytoestrogen =/= oestrogen, it has no affect on the appearance of your body.

No. 117286

Ugh sorry to bump this misery thread but I just got diagnosed and was put on metformin but I'm afraid to take it cuz my chronic migraines make me so sick already….

No. 117289

I don't have PCOS but I'm an "ex FTM", I was on HRT for 6 months so I have to deal with a lot of extra hair I didn't before and hair growing on my face. Mostly mustache area and cheeks, I have to shave a few times a week. I feel so insecure about it and it.

No. 117295

Are you on any medications now? I have PCOS and am on spironolactone which helps lower androgen levels which in theory should also help with hirsutism aka abnormal hair growth, I don't experience the abnormal hair growth part of PCOS but its a major reason women with PCOS get prescribed spiro, that and acne. Although it can throw your periods way out of wack even if they aren't regular to start with and I'm guessing with the HRT that they're not, so its usually also prescribed in conjunction with birth control.

So (in theory) you have options even if you don't go with something like spiro or your doctor decides its not right for you, but just talk to your doc about managing the hair growth if you haven't already. And if you don't wanna go the medication route I'm sure you know there's always laser.

No. 117299

Take it. Feeling nauseous sucks but it's better than developing diabetes or fatty liver. If it really makes you sick, there are alternatives you can ask your doctor about.

No. 117301

I'm taking metformin and spironolactone with bcp and it's been great for my pcos. The worst part was that it made me nauseated for about two months but on the bright side I lost some weight along the way. It was worth the pain because now it doesn't give me any bad side effects (maybe constipation) and it makes me feel so much better. My hair is growing back, my acne went away, my chin hair disappeared (not mustache though), my mood swings have dipped and only come back right before my period. I think it's worth it if you can put up with being uncomfortable for a while. Good luck, anon.

No. 117312

How do you guys deal with hair loss? I feel I'm losing my whole self along with my hair. And I'm in my 20s I don't want to take medication for the rest of my life, and I don't wanna deal with any side effects later. I'll probably be bald by 30 and it's killing me and any self-esteem I have left.

No. 128791

Just starting spiro at 25 mg/day for the first week, 50 the next, then 75. I'm imagining losing lots of water weight, growing bigger breasts, having thicker hair, and whatnot. Hoping I get a period. So far all I do is pee more.

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