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I feel like I’ve always struggled with finding the motivation or discipline to do necessary things unless they are at my doorstep, then I go into overdrive mode.

I can’t even begin to find the motivation to study anymore and I used to go to them gym everyday and now I can barely get myself to go.
How do you guys manage to stay on top of things like hw, exams, routines, health and just looking for opportunities?
I know girls that are always looking for opportunities for scholarships, programs etc but I feel like a baby with it’s head in the sand about to enter a time where you need to be way more responsible.
Do you guys have any tips?

No. 115321

I'm still struggling with that myself.

But I've found that keeping a small schedule works best to prevent inevitable workload that comes from putting things off to the last minute. List at least one thing you have to do for each day of the week. After that's done you're free for the day. List the rest days too that you specifically allow yourself to take care of your mental health, doing whatever makes you feel relaxed. Personally I like to go stare at ducks to nearby pond as watching animals just do their thing is a good reminder that there's more to life than feeling sad and inadequate.

It's tough, but try to be kind to yourself. Some are slower to learn the ropes in adulthood than others and that's okay.

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