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File: 1555360381089.jpg (121.95 KB, 907x509, plasticsurgeonsurgery-2.jpg)

No. 113178

Comparing ourselves to another women can cause us to "discover" flaws in our appearance that we didn't notice before or wouldn't care untill someone said it's a flaw.
I feel that if I never noticed I had large shoulders, as an example, I would not be so sad about them. And not only with the shoulders, but with a lot of details that I only find ugly because someone said so.
I'm not saying that I want to think I am perfect, but I wish I was more confident, not to think I always need to change something on me.

Is someone dealing with something similar? How to have a kind look at my appearance and not care so much about it?

No. 113190

File: 1555364896421.jpg (25.58 KB, 220x293, Return-of-erica-flynn.jpg)

Broad shoulders in women are good!! I used to be obsessed with Morena Baccarin in The Mentalist years ago and she has them (same as her red-headed colleague). There are a lot of beautiful women with broad shoulders and I personally do hate the nitpicking of this feature. I feel like trends and artificial ideals not rooting in biology or anything can influence people to view something as ugly that's just a plain ol' feature.

I went through some body dysmorphia but recovered mostly and it's insane how my image of my body and face kept and still keeps fluctuating.

I also feel like women sabotage their individual beauty by trying to fit into a box that may just not suit them at all or be considerably less beautiful just because they never learned to see what's good about them and I don't mean that just in a lovey-dovey self-acceptance way. You can either work against your overall looks and destroy yourself in the process with surgery or work with them. We can't all be gangnam unnies or sport baboon butt lips.

Another feature that's notoriously over-complicated is the nose. You got a big ol' nose? Better get a small button-nose that might not suit you at all and put your whole features off balance and erase your individuality.

I have prominent eye-bags and I once literally thought to myself: Daryl from The Walking Dead has huge eye-bags and he's hot, so I could still be the shit.

Oh, and I think looking for role models in actors can be good. I feel individual beauty comes across better in film and movement and in a setting and story line. Unforgiving paparazzi photos not so much.

Or real-life role models. I know a few older ladies that are graceful and gorgeous and it honestly makes me stoked for ageing and keeps me from over-thinking it.

No. 113191

File: 1555364988517.jpg (46.48 KB, 374x923, 513b82630ffe6f405570301b453153…)

No. 113194

Thank you so much, anon!!! I needed to read something like this, it is tiring looking around and only seeing things that put me down.
I will follow some people with these characteristcs on instagram to see if I can apreciate their beauty

No. 113209

To be honest, I’ve always hated the way I’ve looked and think everything about me is wrong, like since I’ve been very young so I’ve never been confident enough about myself to feel okay about anything, I guess. But I can kind of relate to the broad shoulders thing.

I have wide shoulders, like my upper half is that upside down triangle body shape (shoulders wider than hips) and I’ve always, always hated it since puberty. Becoming aware of my body and aware that other people were very much aware of my body was the worst thing to ever happen to me.

The more I read pretty much any thread here, the more nitpicking I see, the worse I feel. Some women here would absolutely tear me to shreds.

Sage for potential OT/dear diary.

No. 113211

File: 1555381799267.jpeg (24.27 KB, 236x327, C2F830C6-0CC4-439A-9091-AD60A0…)

Same anon but I’ve always really looked up to Rossy de Palma.

I think she’s really beautiful. She’s just out there doing whatever she wants even though by gp standards, she’s “ugly.”
I want to know her secret.

No. 113236

Since when are broad shoulders ugly? My mom used to pad her shoulders in the 80s.

No. 113242

Never knew hip dip were considered ugly and a flaw before lolcow. I kinda feel bad about them now but at least they're proof I'm skinny…

I'm also sooo ridiculously insecure about my non existent bone structure, I have that I have no cheekbone and a super soft orbital bone with tiny eyelids, my bf has the most amazing cheekbones and I can't help but be jelly when I see how nice they look in picture, he also has a nice upper eye area that makes his eyes look snatched and alert, I look sleepy and tired because I have 0 structure in that area. Sorry if I sound like an autist, I just really hate my face.

No. 113243

I'm sure you are skinny but I don't think hip dips prove that, mine are exaggerated by excess fat on my upper thighs and hips. It's probably just bone structure though.

No. 113245

>Never knew hip dip were considered ugly and a flaw before lolcow
Same, I posted about it on the dumb things thread and was glad some other anons agreed.
It's so dumb, imagine a random person came up to you on the street and said "pointy elbows are ugly now, because a some of us said so". Don't listen to that crazy shit, we have enough oppressive beauty standards to worry about before this made up stuff about our skeletons.

Also anon if your self esteem is that low it might help to avoid lolcow or at least threads with excessive nitpicking, don't torture yourself.

No. 113247

hip dips are common af and weight isn't relevant

No. 113250

If everyone starts listening to some of the bat shit insane farmers on here then in the end everybody is ugly and has a million artificial flaws.

No. 113254

good one. hip dips are feminine and cute

that's not off topic at all but you sound very insecure and unhappy in your body. I agree with >>113250 lolcow doesn't have realistic expectations of women's bodies and it comes with the territory of being a ~brutally honest~ drama and gossip board where everything is viewed through a critical lense. Don't take it to heart what is posted here

No. 113259

File: 1555427236342.png (514.7 KB, 487x538, 354FBE6C-FB77-4570-8C17-4945C5…)

Thanks. I’m trying not to. It’s a weird I hate myself I’m ugly/I’m average and everyone else is crazy cycle though.
But it’s terrifying to read sometimes, knowing that these things could very well be someone’s actual thoughts.
I wonder who the fuck they think they’re fooling every time they scream about a potato nose.
Pic incredibly related.

No. 113265

OP here, that is my body type too and I also hate it. It gets to the point that when I look at the mirror to check my outfit, I always stare at my shoulders and think that any outfit is bad with them, don't know if it's worse with clothes or without.
There was a time that I was so obsessed with "looking balanced" that I wore clothes which I didn't like just to try to look like hourglass shape.
It is just ridiculous how fashion advice is to try to look like an hourglass no matter what your shape is. Nitpicking body shape in cows is also disgusting, women hating on another woman like they aren't victims of the same opression.
Today I put away the mirror of my room to try to care a little less about appearance and I'm trying to fake confidence untill I have it for real.
Hope you get over details (not flaws) that you can't control anon :)

No. 113297

Above anon w/ same body type.

I’ve found that the less media I consumed, the better I feel.
I’ve completely stopped watching cable tv about 3 or so years ago and I’ve stopped using social media entirely except to follow the few friends I have or celebs I like. Even with that I try to be very selective in what I consume.
I think I started to focus more on the things I really like and that make me actually happy (depression non withstanding) because of it.

Not a complete fix but it helps, I think. Going out is still hard but at least I’m not being bombarded by heavily edited nonsense and “buy this, ugly” in my own home.

Also I got rid of the mirror in my room a year or so ago and it feels good.

No. 113298

>breast size
Don't even want a big chest, but I feel like I should want one.
It's a weird insecurity in that it doesn't actually exist, yet I feel pressure to have it.
>wide rib cage
I have proportionally larger hips, and yet I still feel bad when comparing myself to tiny-ribbed women. There's nothing I can do about this and it's absolutely fine.
>downturned eyes
I think they look cute on others but I still feel ashamed and cover them up with cat eyes daily.
>short legs
Not short but my legs are, I can't change this.
>my fucking genitals
Took this one up last year because I don't have the perfect puffy pussy. I don't even have an outie, it's just imperfect. This is the worst because it's fucking STOOPID.

I memed myself into all of these and am ashamed. I didn't care about ANY of these even at twelve or thirteen, I just felt chunky and pimply then. Now I have all these things to worry about.

>But it’s terrifying to read sometimes, knowing that these things could very well be someone’s actual thoughts.
Honestly why I never contact anyone from the friend finder.
I made a post once asking because I know someone from my uni uses this site, but I realized quickly I don't want to know her lmao.

No. 113307

I have a weird insecurity about these ridges I get when my hands bend and my widows peak

Any crease I have is an insecurity really, I want to look airbrushed

No. 113308

I'm "attractive" or at least other people find me attractive but I still find flaws on myself. I have to make myself not compare myself to other women and I think I have a problem.
I find women with "ugly" features pretty, cute, even beautiful, but I nitpick myself anyway. It's like I always find something to be dissatisfied about if I don't feel attractive and let that shit go.

OP honestly, I just have to will myself not to do it and to find my confidence/feel attractive. I have a bf and that helps since it's someone to bring you up. Mine tells me he loves the features I nitpick and I'm perfect the way I am, and I can believe him. Sometimes friends can bring you up on that too, I just feel like I can trust his opinion and he isn't lying about finding me pretty.
I try to wear clothes or makeup that make me happy and feel good in my skin, not just accentuating certain features, but styles and colors that make me happy. I try to find something constructive to do instead if I spend too long criticizing myself or comparing or to find something nice about myself.

Sometimes we should detox from here, tbh. As much as I love some of /ot/ and /g/ there is too much appearance nitpicking on threads even here. The nitpicking here is ridiculous and unrealistic. It's hard not to take any of it in.

Same. I'm not normal by any means since I'm here to begin with but I don't partake in nitpicking or the really mean shit and I'm afraid to make friends here in case it's people who are like that…or like if they'd blackmail me for being here lol

No. 113320

I was always ok with my looks until I made en effort to lose weight in my early 20s which has lead me to scrutinizing my appearance and comparing myself with everyone constantly. I'm uncomfortable with myself even when alone and desparately miss how free I used to feel.

No. 113341

I like hip dips/ violin hips, never noticed mine until I saw them shittalked in media. I always thought they were just as nice as other shapes, looks cool and stacked, kind of like a woman from a comic book

No. 113347

I'm not and will never be a petite 100lbs again. I will always be 5'2, chunky, broad, with major hip dips, chubby legs, saggy tits, no waist and a wide ribcage. I don't know how to feel better. I feel a little better when I exercise, but then I come on here and see that I'll always be too flabby and wide and ugly, I worry people think I'm trans because I've been asked that before. I wish I was petite and feminine, not broad and wide. I take up too much space.

My body wouldn't be as bad if my face made up for it, but I have a caveman brow, small eyes and a wide nose. I don't know how to see myself objectively. I think everyone who compliments me is lying and any man attracted to me is just giving me pity. I can't even have sex anymore, I live in my imagination, pretending I'm thinner and prettier and happier. When I do leave the house, its with baggy clothing or corseting and shapewear to trick people I look feminine.

No. 113352

File: 1555534445028.gif (6.52 KB, 150x200, woman-dancing-clip-art-3d-gif-…)

I am not fat, by any definition, but I have recently become disgustedly obsessed with by body and appearance in a way I haven't had to deal with before. I am starving myself and taking laxatives way more than I should because I am hellbent on losing weight. (I am 5'4" and 103lbs) In public, I am aware of everything my body is doing. The way I walk. How I'm breathing. It's terribly exhausting and me worrying about it probably ends up making me look strange. My skin is the best it has looked but I am constantly worrying about it and trying new things to make it look better. I am told fairly often that I am beautiful but it just goes in one ear and out the other. I started a new job in the city surrounded by women a few years older than me who have more money to spend on nice clothing and extraneous things like Brazilian blowouts and extensions. Dwelling on online image boards out of boredom and reading a lot of negativity regarding other women probably does not help.

I never used to be this way. Even when I was 20lbs heavier I would look in the mirror and think I looked great, and I did look great. Now I just feel like some pathetic self-obsessed and hateful goblin and I cannot escape from my ever constant, scathing thoughts.

No. 113354

File: 1555542620721.jpg (94.45 KB, 631x746, bigfoot-patterson-film.jpg)

i have always hated my body since like the age of 4 but the ways how have definitely evolved over time. i used to hate how i was chunky and tall for my age in preschool and then how i got acne and always looked greasy while my classmates didn't bc i was an "early bloomer" got added on top of that in elementary school, and then i noticed my shoulders are quite wide despite slouching (to counter the height situation) and that my very popular best friend had a cute dainty nose and a pointy chin, while i didn't in middle school, etc etc. don't think i've found any new things to hate about myself in the last years but there are only that many body parts lol. the only thing lolcow has made me more conscious about are nasolabial folds but then again i really hate my smile so it's probably an extension of that (round face with receding chin that gets pushed back when i smile, while my fat cheeks and pyro-tier nose get brought forward).

when in public, depending on how shit my mood is/how stressed i am, it feels like my body is a constantly morphing atrocious mess and i don't know how to walk and if i should move my hands etc. once i caught a glimpse of myself walking in a window and it looked like that pic of bigfoot, i almost cried. often it feels like i'm legit a different species to other women. some days i feel alright/decent looking but it goes tits up as soon as i'm out the house lol.

i honestly wanted hip dips when i was a preteen bc i thought they looked very cute and feminine lol

No. 113356


I used to be very conscious about they way I walked in public due to a comment a family relative said long ago.
However, I started to look more at the people around me, people on the streets walking, people walking in front of me, etc. and I realized everyone has a weird way of walking. There's a lot of people who walk with the arms stuck with glue to their sides, people who crouch a lot, people who seem to think they are on a rap-underground videoclip, people that walk like they want to pick a fight with the first person that comes in their way, etc.

Half of the time, most people won't even look at you twice unless you're a famous person, so I don't think you should be concerned about the way you walk!

No. 113358

lmao, it's true. The way other people walk can be ridiculous. I love when douchey looking types have an awkward over the top boss walk. It just makes me snicker at them with glee.
Or any other over the top walk

As a young girl I started watching trashy modeling casting shows and I think it poisoned my teenage mind a lot. I filmed myself walking and always hated it.
I have some posture issues I need to work on with exercise more and it all makes me super conscious of my walk often although I don't try to walk a certain fake way anymore.

The topic reminds me of walk cycles animation in film or games. The funny walks are still cute

No. 113359

adding to this and hope it's not OT but I'm very insecure about my style, too, and its under-developed stage. I feel this crazy need to cover lots of different styles for some reason, like it's never enough to look a certain way. But I can't look chill/badass/cute/sexy/casual/elegant/daring/natural/whatever all at the same time and it's probably not healthy to feel pressured to

No. 113361

I hate my weird extra thigh fat and am thinking about getting surgery to get rid of it, because online I read jokes about "saddlebags", but irl men/women who like women love it. In fact the only time I feel really down about it is when reading shitty comments from women who don't like women. Yet here I am, browsing plastic surgeons.

I've had lesbians tell me my thighs are "perfect" [which is nice to hear when the rest of me is so plain/average/homely imho] but I still feel this way. I just want to believe the compliments, but every time I do there's some probably straight girl without violin hips [even if she weighs 50lbs+ more than me, which is often the case and feels so unfair, like the work i put into my health/body means nothing because my skeleton isn't shaped "correctly"] there to make me feel like shit about my body.

No. 113363

File: 1555546512314.jpg (64.37 KB, 680x726, 394.jpg)

bigfoot anon here, soz for being annoying, but i somehow feel like the way i walk is the worst and i immediately come across as an awkward anxious fuck because of it. it has also been pointed out to me by many relatives and even PE teacher.

the virgin walk meme fits me exactly besides wearing headphones outside. i do find solace in no stranger caring about me enough to like remember me even if they can obviously see i'm weird and awkward at a glance, but it goes out the window with like acquaintances, colleagues etc. in front of who i want to appear normal or cute.

exercising would probably help my posture (went to physio as a child for it) but i'd rather die than go to gym and in a way slouching feels safer? i'm an idiot basically

No. 113364

this is really funny and really sad at the same time somehow and also relatable. I wish I could hug you. Being a body, huh. I'm sure you're fine, anon

No. 113366

File: 1555549761925.jpg (16.99 KB, 236x326, 03b44608d270be9dc7faf548b52ca1…)

wow that's a full on emotional spectre i managed to invoke, hopefully not too relateable tho. i hope i am!

No. 113367


I was (am) a virgin walker. THere are some tips that can help you build confidence in the way you walk and all of that:

Look up at the sky. Not directly above your head, but at the horizon. You can avoid eye contact that way if you feel conscious about that, and it can help you straighten your back without realizing it. I do look at the sky and the clouds when I don't have to pay attention to crosswalks or dog shit (lol), is pretty too.
Not only the sky, but the building and trees around you can help distracting yourself from useless thoughts. You may even find something beautiful or unusual.

About eye contact, I don't know your age, but I tend to avoid looking at groups of teenagers. Those are the only ones that keep eye contact when I look at them, rest of the time adults, elders and kids don't really mind my presence.
Even people on their 20s don't do that "staring thing" some teens do.

Also, go take walks more often. Practice makes perfect. Not your walking (because there's no such thing as "the perfect way of walking") but your confidence. Once you start looking at your surroundings and go into autopilot, you won't be so conscious.

I know you can do it! I did it, even if I sometimes go back to being self-conscious, I assure you you'll start to feel detached from these type of thoughts with time!

No. 113369

ugh teens are the worst, i still feel the way i did at 12 when walking past them, esp when they congregate lol. i'm a student rn (21) and surrounded by 17-23 year olds, they are a mixed bag and being on campus puts me on edge like nothing else ever. my uni goal is to manage to go study at the library (aka the most hellish location on the campus) once before graduation, still have a year to do it!

i do like walking a lot, usually get 8k steps a day or so, but i mostly do it when its dark and/or in the outskirt areas to make it less stressful, which works, going to uni or like the city centre or the shops is a completely different deal though, all my practice out the window basically. its easier in winter season bc then i can put my hands in the pockets of my jacket so i don't have to think about their movements and my body is camouflaged. this will sound mega autistic/sad but pokemon go is the one thing that has made walking around in public easier as i can focus on that instead of my bullshit and it occupies the hands but yeah, next level pathetic.

i will def try the horizon trick, thanks! also so happy for you managing to move on to chaddom! it honestly is inspirational as i don't know anyone who struggles with this dumb shit (tbf i don't know that many people), let alone has managed to move on.

No. 113371

Don't fucking do it. You will most likely obsess over something else next and it will not lead anywhere.

No. 113375

I'm not one to say we should base our self esteem on what men or lesbians think of us, but you're right that they often will have a better opinion of our bodies or faces than other straight women, there are a few things that I hate on my own body (like my cellulite ridden butt) that have been heavily complimented by some men. It's always the nasty comment on places like lolcow or the absolutely disgusting skinny gossip forum (never going back to that place) that destroyed my self esteem.

No. 113379


you're right to say that tbh, we shouldn't care what they think. it's so hard because as social creatures we just want to fit in and that feels impossible in this century.

No. 113385

File: 1555584355023.gif (1.28 MB, 500x500, walk_cycle__gif_animation__by_…)

>>113358 adding a walk cycle gif to this
talk the talk, walk the walk should be a motto for socially awkward people

No. 113386

File: 1555584429856.gif (423.27 KB, 720x405, MbkD5k.gif)

No. 113388

File: 1555584656452.gif (432.17 KB, 917x667, giphy.gif)

just walk like this, easy breezy beautiful

No. 113389

File: 1555584707501.gif (137.03 KB, 1920x1080, walk_cycle_sad_by_dimitriskart…)

do I look good walking? Maybe no. Am I getting somewhere? Yes

No. 113390

File: 1555584940172.gif (48.04 KB, 450x492, giphy (2).gif)

No. 113394

I wish I had Mario's confidence, he has the stride of someone who gets pussy on the reg

No. 113408

File: 1555610999634.gif (118.54 KB, 356x500, ayylmao.gif)

No. 113448

lol this made my day

No. 113450

I hate that this is literally how I walk.

No. 113470

this really makes me feel uncomfortable and hurts my brain

No. 113512

This is probably a flaw to most people, but to me it isn't. I'm really hairy, my entire body is covered in hair with various volume & density. I joke that I'm a gorilla, but because of my resistance to shave, I know I will probably never find a man who finds me appealing or minds it. Inb4 just shave/wax!! It grows back within the 24 hours and I don't really care enough to get rid of it. In a way, it makes me feel prettier, but at the same time insecure what other people will think?

No. 113513

There are men who like that, my ex was one of them.

I also stopped shaving (besides armpits) and it's odd how people are repulsed by it. My hairy legs are disgusting but my fathers naked, fat and hairy chest/belly are fine? So ye, I really feel you on that one

No. 113612

Lolcow made me realize I have nasolabial folds. I also have a weak chin that makes my face look saggy because of my strong cheekbones.
But I can live with that… Nasolabial folds though…

No. 113620


I 've shaved my pits once in 13 years (I trim obviously). I get my legs waxed when I feel like it. Keep the pubic hair neat but natural. No guy has ever complained, but plenty of women have made comments about how gross I am. Shows you who these beauty expectations are aimed at.

No. 113634

I’ve been under the impression that everyone has them to some degree and that it’s fine and no one really cares. Have I been wrong my whole life.

Lolcow, what is the truth.

No. 113636

Why would a man complain to your face, especially about your pubic hair? He's expecting to fuck you. He will complain on the internet, anonymously, where he won't fuck up his chances of getting laid. Or maybe you got lucky and met male unicorns. Those beauty expectations are absolutely enforced by and for men, it's no surprise if women internalize and perpetuate it. Women aren't in charge of the porn/modeling/film/etc industries where we see the most 'idealized' women on display. Your personal experience doesn't change that.

No. 113663

oh honey…

No. 113677

Saying "oh honey" doesn't invalidate what she said.

No. 113678

if she thinks for a minute that men aren't assholes to the point where they will tell you they're grossed out and then still want sex, you're mistaken. it's extremely naive to think they keep it to themselves just because ""muh dick"".

No. 116081

I really dont want to be defending men but I will say not all men care about body hair. It seems to be wayy worse in the US but as someone living in a very liberal european city who hangs out in art and intellectual circles, literally no one cares.

No. 116127

File: 1559573594277.jpg (364.12 KB, 1280x1920, 6d4e80fd43bee571ee8f0b18ee42d0…)


I used to be so insecure about my armpits and looking back, it seems so idiotic and unnecessary to put myself down over that and try to have "sexy", smooth, flawless ones.
Now I only want them to be clean and healthy and couldn't worry about them less
Thank fuck that shit is over

No. 116128

File: 1559573965568.jpg (97.79 KB, 1300x956, man-with-razor-while-shaving-a…)

have this random stock photo also for no reason in particular

No. 116136

truth is nobody really cares about nasolabial folds, except people on lolcow who obsess about them

No. 116172

>>113178 Comparing myself to others online has totally ruined my self esteem and I don't know what to do about it. As a teen, I always thought I was pretty-ish, but now I hate every part of my face and I'm not sure what to do.

No. 116177

me too…
I never realised about those gross folds until lolcow…

You know those tiny hairs that don't go away making your armpit seem a bit darker and less smooth? They photoshop those away in pictures of models.
Talk about unattainable body ideals

No. 116298

I have dry skin, and comparatively to a lot of girls my age, I have a nice complexion and look very young. But still, I get these stress lines around my mouth and on my forehead, I can manage them when I am doing good and use a lot of products and creams and face masks, but I don't always have the time or motivation for that. Realistically, they don't matter and add character to my face, but somehow seeing these ultraflawless, super shiney and carved barbies on instagram everyday who look immaculate and spotless and frozen, it gets to you, and makes you think, even if you already are decent looking, "why can't I be better?"
and I realised there are so much more important things in the world. I managed to move myself away from staring in the mirror for hours and crying and grabbing at flab and editing my pictures and dreaming of plastic surgery, to just watching true crimes and documentaries and learning about real problems in the world, real things that are affecting us right now that are important to know about. And now I hardly ever think about my so called flaws. I don't do my makeup expecting it to look like a makeup artist did it and I spent 9 hours on it. I don't expect to come out looking like Rihanna or Bella Hadid at the end. I just have fun with the colours and the process and the techniques, and what I can accomplish.

No. 116331

People always tell me "Being tall is nice!", but I hate it so much it kills me, it's the source of all my problems in life. And the worst thing is, there's literally no way to change it. Leg-lenghtening surgery for short people exists, but there's nothing that I could do to ever be normal.
Being interested in anything asian + being on the internet a lot of course worsens that.
But maybe that's not even a non-existing flaw, because there really are a lot of people who do find tall women very ugly.

Another thing is my chest. I always thought it was small, but I guess my standard for small and the one on lolcow is different. I gained weight, also on my chest, so now I can't help but think that they're disgustingly big and saggy "udders" like so many anons love to say. Wanting to be flat again is one of my main diet motivations.

Like others mentioned before, as an ESL I've obviously never heard of nasolabial folds before - but I do have them badly. Same for jowls and cankles.
I'm also paranoid about my big hands and hairy arms, although others say (or lie to me) that it's alright.
I have a "jew" nose which I wanted to get done since I was little, and with the uprising of instagram I also noticed that I have typical white peoples lips.

Maybe I'm lucky enough to live in an ugly country, but I'd say that the skin of most girls around me is just as bad as my own. I'm always shocked what's considered haggard online, according to that I must have the skin of a middle aged smoking alcoholic.

So in conclusion I look too manly/big and old.

No. 116333

you cannot find something on my body that i don't hate for one reason or another, and part of it has definitely been worsened by social media and sometimes just… being around other people at all? most days i can't go out at all because i'm either comparing myself or i'm afraid people are thinking of how ugly i am when i pass by

everything about my face is fucked up, i have horrible bone structure, lips that are way too small for the rest of my face, my nose is small but completely ruined by its shape, my forehead and eye shape are screwed up. the only thing more than one person's ever even pointed out and made fun of me for before are my lips, but i believe i need more improvement than just that. i'm getting lip fillers and botox at the very least. as for my body i guess i have a "conventionally" attractive body type but unlike my face i care less about other people's opinions regarding how my body should look, as i have a very specific standard i want to reach. i have an hourglass figure and i want to be less "soft" looking and attain a healthier looking, more muscular version of the type of bodies you see on runway models, i think figures like that are absolutely perfect.

the sad thing is that i don't hold other women to my own standard and i don't think the way i want to look is the only way to be beautiful, i see beauty in everyone and i love giving compliments but when i think of it in terms of myself i'm still like "i'm disgusting if i don't look like this." i don't think i'll ever be able to stop comparing myself to others, or taking people's opinions of how i should look to heart. at the rate i am currently going i find new things about my body to hate every day. i was crying over the way my belly button looked this morning ffs. it feels like the list of things that can be "wrong" about my body are never-ending

No. 116338

>i was crying over the way my belly button looked this morning ffs
Oh man, I hate my belly button too. It's kind of a flat, sideways shape rather than vertical and it makes me look so fucking fat despite only having a small pooch, like I'm so big it's stretched out. But I see fatter girls with normal belly buttons all the time, I don't actually know if they're related issues or if it's all in my head?

No. 116340

>the only thing more than one person's ever even pointed out and made fun of me for before are my lips
>i'm getting lip fillers and botox
Don't fall for the lips meme. Its just an attempt to shift the general consensus on beauty to be more inclusive. Nobody notices lips unless they're too big and after fillers they ALWAYS look too big. Trout pouts don't look good on anybody, EVER.

No. 116455

Please don't read lolcow.
Sounds like it is severely messing up your self esteem. Everyone has nasolabial folds and those other details about them.

No. 116495

What are you talking about? Tall women are literally seen as graceful and desirable in almost every 1st world country. All high fashion models are tall. Every girl I know either wishes she was taller either is satisfied with her own height.

Weeb shit rotted your brain.

No. 116505

nta, but that's usually by other women. men go on about long legs and heels but in reality most of them want a short girl the can protecc(or abuse if they're shit heads) normies and insecure spergs get it drilled into them that they need to be tall, and that makes them shy away from dating tall women.

most of the men who have been attracted to me were either taller than me or annoying self proclaimed subs.

No. 116519

Thanks for defending me lol
You're exactly right, models are only a fantasy for men (plus I'm no model), irl they always prefer normal or short women.

No. 116542

But if it's their fantasy, doesn't that mean they want it more than actually being with short women? Maybe they just feel pressured to be with shorter women because of expectations.

I am short and honestly feel like a stump. every 'wow amazing hot woman' is always the tall model and all men salivate over them. I don't think they actually want short women, I think that's just what they think is more attainable for them

No. 116546

NTA but a lot of men don't go for tall women (especially those taller than them) because they feel emanciated by them.
Also I've had a lot of shorter men behave terribly towards me because they feel insecure that I'm taller.

No. 116547

nasolabial folds thanks to lolcow (we all fuckin have them in certain lighting) and eyebags. i have a genetic eyebag. one. one line. it bothered me so much at age 14 and now i dont even notice it, ridiculous

No. 116548

+1 to pussy insecurities, as a young teen the whole roastie thing lmao. i have an outtie its meaty im proud, its still cute fuck the homer simpson mouths of porn

No. 116572

saggy boobs

No. 116573

boobs aren't actually perky naturally unless they're tiny or you get work done. all the women with big ass perky boobs in porn are fake

No. 116576

Eh, not true. Childbirth and weight gain/loss cause saggy boobs for similar reasons. Genetics also play a factor. People do have naturally perky boobs, just not as flashy and extreme as fake ones. As with anything, fake tits are just an exaggerated natural beauty standard.

No. 116577

Ohh this is a big one for me. I had an ED for most of my pre-teen years + adolescence so I lost an extreme amount of weight, regained a bit, lost again and so on. My boobs are pretty saggy now because of this…

No. 116578

How big is tiny to you? Because B-C isn't that small and can be perky.

No. 116592

what makes it worse for me is that i see people make fun of cows with boobs a similar shape to mine, so it doesn't help my self-consciousness of them lmao. I know farmers are nitpicky but still.

No. 116614

acne. i'm in a weird state of half being okay with it and half wanting to peel my face off. i cannot stand how i'll have a couple good days where all my zits are gone and then more rise up and its a battle to cover them for weeks. then i'll have just a few clear days til they come back. idk if any of the stuff i do for my skin or the pills i take even work.

No. 116615

i should mention i've had multiple people compliment my skin even when i feel i'm having a terrible breakout so clearly i'm seeing it as a problem when it's not but it's so fucking hard to not care

No. 116618

this and this
It's not my fault they're this huge. I already went from F to D but the surgeons always suggest not to go smaller because it would look very unnatural.
Honestly, I wish they were smaller. And to all people saying oh you should be happy (especially when I was a teen), back and neck pains aren't sexy and it's certainly no fun to be oggled by old pervs when you're 14 years old at a swimming pool on vacation with your parents because of your overdeveloped boobs.

No. 116622

also having people here on lolcow call them "cow-tits" or "udders" as if we chose this size ourselves…

No. 116626

When I read that for the first time it hit me so hard. I don't even know if I really have large boobs, but it still makes me feel disgusting.
We're no longer living in the 90s, when giant bolt-ons were the thing, nowadays small boobs are considered attractive too, so I really don't get why girls have to be so vicious against those with bigger tits than them, that's just cruel. Also, always saying that having anything bigger than a B cup means that you must be fat.
I don't know any normal women who enjoys having a large chest, it's like an open invitation for harassment.

No. 116627

I think because men still value large tits that they'll be girls that will feel insecure about chest size and attack it.

No. 116628

But that's not even true. Men rave about asians and cute, perky tits and they're completely happy with actresses who have small to average ones, liking huge tits is only a trend of the past (or a fetish for a small minority).

No. 116630

Glad someone else feels this way. I have terrible saggy boobs and I see cows being criticized for having breasts that look just like mine. Think Luna Slater level sag. It makes me feel like such a piece of shit. I didn't choose to have boobs like this, I hate them and most women who have big boobs know deep down that they look ridiculous. It's sad to read constantly about how ugly we look from fellow anons. It's bad enough that men constantly criticize non perfect breasts but reading about it here is somehow worse.

No. 116633

I feel you, I wish I had small perky boobs that I wouldn't have to wear a bra for but I can only take off my bra when I'm home alone in the couch because those things bounce everywhere.
Every time I see an actress on tv without her bra I get jealous. And I never get to wear backless or strapless shirts because of the ugly supportive bra-straps. I wanted a pretty strapless wedding dress but I guess I can forget about that too.
I remember one time at girl scouts they wanted to make a bra chain and the other girls were really angry at me I didn't want to give my bra because it's really uncomfortable for me.
I also remember they used to already poke fun at my big boobs saying small boobs are better because mine would sag sooner…yeah because I totally chose to have big ones.

But I guess they feel like they have to because of the big-boob-meme but no one stops to think that naturally big breasts will usually sag.

I feel like I have the boobs of a 70-year-old lady. I feel so ashamed I'm seriously considering a boob lift and I'm not even that big on plastic surgery.

Sorry for the blog post, this hit me harder than I expected.

No. 116644

I feel like when a lot of people refer to men on here, they are referring to what they read/see on image boards like 4chan or elsewhere. The men posting there are in fact a minority and typically hold more than a few unpopular beliefs.

There's still a huge "THICC" trend going on IRL and most men still do rave about big(ger) tits. People who like smaller tits are either less vocal about it IRL or less prominent. Look at the porn stars who are popular now. Look who is getting liked on Instagram. They are busty women. Most men don't go on obscure east-asian-fan-culture image boards, but a lot of men DO watch porn, so what they are watching and liking there is a better determinant of what the average man likes.

No. 116689

Yeah basically the only time it is 'acceptable' to have small breasts is if you are Asian and you manage to find someone with yellowfever. If you are a white or black person with small breasts be prepared for men dating you regretfully and shittalking your body to their friends and online behind your back. It will be something that comes up as a problem in their mind as to whether they should commit to you. It is something you have to make up for constantly.
You have to realize that what you consider to be a mean statement is really just a cope for small breasted women.
>saying small boobs are better because mine would sag sooner
This is literally the ONLY redeeming quality of small breasts towards a male sexual partner. Only other women care about the other ''''''pros''''' like being able to go braless. Imagine being considered a non-sexual creature because you don't have enough fat on your chest. Men who care about breasts would rather date a girl with big breasts that are saggy, than a small breasted girl whose breasts happen to be perky.

Yeah I know it sucked that men already looked at you at 14 or whatever all women with big boobs say. You know what also sucks? When you are straight and even as an adult men won't look at you. They cannot even have sex with you facing them because the things on your chest are a constant sad reminder of you being inadequate. If you are a sexual straight adult you would want to be recognized as such. You don't realize what it is like to just not even be a consideration.
Also do women with big breasts realize they are allowed to let their body go more? If you have big breasts a little chubby tummy is fine. You have small breasts? You better have a very tight body with not a little bit of fat and preferably a humongous round ass to make up for the sad excuse of breasts that are in the front. You have to be an absolute goddess if you want to make up for having small boobs. Meanwhile men will consider a girl with a busted face and tubby body hot as soon as she has big breasts.
It are mainly only women who have something against saggy big breasts, (mature) men just see it as a feature of big breasts. If you are straight, it are not other women you have to impress with your tatas.

No. 116692

all the arguments you just used all come down to "but men like big boobs", it makes it seem like the only reason you want big boobs.
yeahhh I'd rather have a pleasant and healthy body for myself than to please some shallow guy who can't look past my breasts.
I'd rather not have back and neck pains, no sagginess (it occurs A LOT sooner than you'd think btw and life doesn't stop after 25) and the ability to wear anything.

>big breasted girls are allowed to get fat


No. 116695

Not her but if you want to be able to wear anything you don't want small breasts at all. You want more "medium" ones. Trust me you can't wear shit when your bra size literally doesn't exist and half of the decent clothes you can find are likely to make your breasts visible by accident.

No. 116696

well you don't want big ones either unless you want to stick to one type of clothing and have the other types of clothing make you either look like a whore or a sack of potatoes.
And if you want to wear something with an open back or shoulders you'll have to choose between ugly thick bra straps or even uglier mega-sag.

No. 116698

>This is literally the ONLY redeeming quality
The only redeeming quality is that they look better both in clothes and without? That's a big plus imo.

>If you are a white or black person with small breasts be prepared for men dating you regretfully and shittalking your body to their friends and online behind your back. It will be something that comes up as a problem in their mind as to whether they should commit to you.

So the only guys who will care are unga booga emotional abusive guys? Why would you care about attracting them in the first place? Love yourself.

No. 116699

File: 1560427431721.png (Spoiler Image, 116.37 KB, 654x834, 4-Figure2-1.png)

Anon please see >>116695 , small boobs don't look nice in clothes at all and you can only make them work if you have the required petite dainty frame for it. Small is not the same thing as medium.

Men don't just like big boobs, on average they require them. So maybe most men are then shallow and straight women just have very little to choose from. They might be able to look past it if you have something like medium. Though that won't stop them from complaining about your body left and right, comparing your chest to every big breasted woman he comes across and secretly wishing he had a little bit more to squeeze.
If you have small boobs men will regretfully date you and try to look past it. They do not have to be shallow for that. Soon the symptoms will start to show. They can only do doggy, they get soft if you are on top, they aren't even interested in taking your shirt off. Soon enough you notice they lose sexual interest entirely and you are the one constantly trying to initiate. And that is if you found someone who is not addicted to porn. If you are with someone who does watch porn, you can expect to get negative comments about your size to your face. Not even the courtesy of doing it behind your back. Maybe even offerings of money for plastic surgery because obviously the way you are currently, you are unlovable.
The porn addicts might be abusive. The average joe though who just happens to sexually prefer big breasts due to decades of conditioning and natural selection and cannot help but wish his inadequate girlfriend had bigger breasts is not abusive for committing 'wrong think'. Them venting their frustrations to the world is not necessarily abusive. It is not strange that they would want a partner they are fully sexually attracted to and that they are frustrated that they feel like they have to settle.

With big boobs btw I don't mean huge, I mean bigger than medium. Please click the picture for reference.
Also newsflash: many girls with small boobs have saggy boobs too.

I also did not day that big breasted girls are allowed to get fat, you are allowed to have a higher fat percentage and get called thicc for it. You get applauded for it. A girl with smaller boobs with that same healthy range fat percentage, with that same tummy, is considered chubby. There is a reason why small boobs are only ''allowed'' on skinny underweight Asians. Ever seen small boobs on a taller, broader, healthy weight woman? It does not look good.

No. 116701

You're making me feel suicidal anon and I wasn't even super insecure about my chest before this.
That's powerful.

No. 116703

I'm too self-conscious about my fingers. I was skeletal before puberty yet I always had stubby, chunky fingers. On top of that my PE teacher from 3rd to 6th grade was a drunk tard who made me feel worse about it. He told me I could never look good playing volleyball because I had "boy fingers". Not hands, just fingers. I didn't even wear rings or nail polish until a few years ago because I feared it will attract attention. I'm a little over it now but I still envy girls with long, slim fingers.
I also have a huge forehead but luckily bangs can hide it so I don't mind it as much as I did in my teen years. But yeah, beauty standards are a modern evil.

No. 116706

Amen to that.
Small breasts are terrible. It is a little bit better if you are a pear shape, because you can wear at least nice skirts or dresses to look feminine, but as a rectangle or banana or the hell this body is named. You have lost. Sure if you are tall you can go for the elf look as elegant and pure being. But if you happen to be small, no curves whatsoever, the only type of guys who like you are desperate ones or loli fetishist (And those only if your face looks young).
I was told that i would be ideal to date if i had bigger boobs and/or more curves, because as i am now i am seen more as a little boy than a date mate.
It doesn't matter what i wear, it always looks like a child tries to wear adult clothing. It is just sad.
I want bigger breast because i think it looks so much nicer, not only because i want to be seen as attractive.

I don't want to denie that women with bigger breasts have a lot of problems. Especially being seen as overly sexy and stuff. Or their back problems.

For them it is hard to understand how it is to have no, or little boobs. But it is the same for small boobs women, we don't see the problems they have.

No. 116708

Your image isn't showing big saggers, anon. Of course large perky breasts are best. The people here are talking about actual big boobs that sag, are covered in stretch marks, and hang like fucking tennis balls in socks. Stock playing the victim because you have small normal looking non-deformed breasts. It's not right to nitpick women with large breasts just because you are an insecure chestlet. You don't see insecure big boobed girls constantly nitpicking small boobs on lolcow, just the opposite. And no, big boobs do not mean you can be fat. You are so ridiculous.

No. 116710

>big boobs do not mean you can be fat
I think small boob anon is crazy insecure and mostly divorced from reality, but I do think there's some truth to that. You can't be a landwhale but you can be a soft or chubby and still look conventionally attractive. With small boobs you really cannot get away with any excess fat, especially around your mid section. It's thin, toned or athletic or you look like shit.

Anyway I'm not arguing with anything else you said, I just know that I'm happy with my small boobs but not with my slightly chubby tummy/hips. Yet if my boobs were big, I would be fine with my tummy because it'd be proportionate and an overall curvy look.

No. 116712

File: 1560451286049.png (466 KB, 965x835, comparison.png)

It's all about proportion. Take two average women of similar height and weight, the one with larger bust will appear more "in proportion". I wouldn't say they appear necessarily "skinnier" but people of a heavier weight with small boobs look out of proportion, and that's really what the issue comes down to. Hourglass figure with large bust is a lot more forgiving to excess weight than any other figure.

No. 116714

Fuck. I really struggled with this. I had a-cups all throughout high school and first year of college. Definitely in middle school it was the worst, but even freshman year of college boys would make underhanded comments when discussing my appearance "I like them a little thicker", "I've got bigger boobs", etc.

I'm in a complete 180 now. My boobs recently grew (not sure if it's genetic or what, my mom also doubled her cup size in her twenties) and I weigh less than I did in high school.

It's stupid, but now I feel embarrassed because my boobs are actually pretty big on my small frame. Looks weird in dresses. Plus, I am an inverted triangle so they look out of proportion with my narrow hips. I impishly posted a nude a few months ago online and people accused me of having fake tits, so I guess that's a sign they look stupid.

No. 116715

Too lazy to talk respond to the boob sperg

I’m a woman with larger than average bust size (34DDD) and from my experience men are much more interested in asses than they are tits. The larger they get they sag and won’t look good when you’re older. Searching for a large bra is god awful and you won’t find anything cute, and back issues suck.

A man who genuinely loves you won’t care about the size of your breast size.

No. 116716

File: 1560460092626.jpeg (373.73 KB, 1936x1936, 477D6CF2-FB0F-496C-8A48-63F4F9…)

how can any of you say that small boobs are hated when two of the most popular adult porn stars/camgirls I know of, stoya and ashe maree, are skinny small breasted white girls. And these are women who appeal to normie men, not just the yellowfever pedo types.

I’m self conscious of my breasts and body type too because I’m rectangle shaped without a round ass, perky breasts or a defined waist, but men are capable of being attracted to women who aren’t extreme hourglasses with F cups.

No. 116719

literally W H O
look who millions more are liking and commenting on social media and none of them look like that.

No. 116720

Stoya is a household name anon, I don't even like porn and I know her.
It's true that the bubble butt and implant looks is the mainstream norm but the majority of men are just happy with any kind of naked woman in front of them irl unless it's an actual skeleton or morbidly obese. Guys who are commenting publicly on porn stars instagram aren't who you want to appeal to anyway.

No. 116721

Men might fap it to porn starring bimbos with giant bolt-ons, but then settle with what looks best on normal women - smaller, perky boobs that are less likely to sag as you age.
Just because you might fit the ideal in porn, doesn't mean that you're popular irl.
I'd say it's rather the opposite.
Same as men saying vs models are hot, but then statistics show that shorter women are more successful when it comes to dating and marriage.

No. 116722

File: 1560466565652.jpeg (125.51 KB, 683x980, F1979062-0C1E-4576-BB3C-0FD7BD…)

Stoya was a huge pornstar that was ALL OVER tumblr in 2012-2014. Ashe Maree is considered a top cam model, she’s all over twitter. I’m pointing out that these women are successful in the adult industry and obviously men are attracted to them despite them not being extremely busty.

Sasha Grey is another popular former adult star who doesn’t have huge breasts or implants.

No. 116725

>Men like this
>Men like that
Mens preferences are rarely exclusive and can be changed in a day. They are a worthless way of measuring yourself. You worry so much about these slight deviations from the bodies of models. Just you wait until it becomes socially acceptable for "Chad" to date obese women. They will be all over it whilst still wanting the model type women at the same time. Take care of your health and everything else will fall into place.

No. 116742

I Have to partly agree with this ano.
It is not what men think it is more what I think looks better. For me women with bigger breasts looking much more attractive than women with small breasts. That is why I think the women from >>116716 and
>>116722 are not very attractive.

And this ano is right. >>116725 Beauty trends Change fast.

But back to the main topic.
My nose was never a problem for me until I a friend showed me a photo of me and my nose was so much bigger than the ones of my friends. Since then I can't help it but feel insecure about it.

No. 116743

It's not worth worrying what men like, as long as the men in your life treat you with kindness, you're fine. If not, maybe it's time to cut them off. I'm fairly small breasted and my very hetero boyfriend loves mine: he thinks they're "just right" and that they look proportionate to my body. He doesn't talk shit on my boobs, he doesn't want me to get implants.
Overall men may prefer "medium" or slightly large boobs, but a lot of non-pedo men like smaller breasts because they look nice/streamlined, they tend to stay perky, and they don't get in the way. Trying to generalize isn't worthwhile. Men just like tits. If a man is shitty to you about yours, dump him.

No. 116746

>b-but men like big boobs
maybe you should grow up and realise your body isn't just there to cater to men.

No. 116749

They don't require them. This post is retarded. I prefer having smaller breasts and feel so much better when I'm thinner with like, basically mosquito bites that I can forget are there. They're an annoyance and actually, plenty of men like average-small breasts. Shape matters way more than size, anyhow.

No. 116754

Literally can't relate. I have small breasts and every single one of my partners have worshiped them.

No. 116765

But even instagram thiccies have average boobs with big buts and when they do have big boobs (+pornstars) they're usually extremly perky. Every man around me actually prefers average or smaller breasts and I don't run in weeb circles but more like… "contemporary art gallery" circles.
Most men who like big tits are 45 years old or older, or they're young but they're trailor trash.

It always baffles me when farmers nitpick about things cows cant change. Like ok nitpick about her tattoos or her plastic surgery or her weight but why do you gotta nitpick about big breasts or saggy breasts ? And when you dare to complain you're always welcomes with "You can still have plastic surgery" as if plastic surgery is expected of women to correct all their flaws. Some of us are ideologically opposed to PS, some of us are too broke for PS, some of us have conditions that make it extra dangerous to do PS.

But the "Large" image isnt even that large. I would kill to have those boobs but I wear a 30H bra size. Also larger breasts look this perky extremly rarely.

No. 116766

This just proves what I said. The only way small breasts are considered acceptable is if the woman who has them has a very small dainty frame and is verry skinny and barely has any fat on her. At that point it just looks in proportion.
Again, there are people out there of average height, average frame, at a healthy weight, with still itty bitty boobs or none at all. Do you realize how fucking strange that looks?

Yeah and if you are a straight woman you are sadly stuck with dating men and their opinion does dictate whether you ever get to be appreciated in a relationship or ever get married.

You are probably the exact bodytype I described then. Short, skinny, dainty frame. Try having small boobs while being average height, broad frame, and a normal healthy weight. It won't look worshipable.

That is my point, to women with small boobs or non existent ones, that is already huge. That is unattainable. Another anon was saying that big boobs = unhealthy, without understanding what I meant with big breasts. I sincerely doubt that the example I posted is backbreaking heavy.

Also to everyone saying I am divorced from reality, no I am not. I do not need to cater to all men. The fact is that there isn't a sane man out there who specifically has a fetish for unfortunate body types like looking like a reddit tranny while being a biological woman. Great for all the anons who very likely have a dainty cute bone structure and who look streamlined and athletic with small breasts, you have the exact bodytype I outlined in my post explaining when it is 'excused'. I do not need men in my life that treat me with kindness, I do not need male friends. I would rather stay the fuck away from them but I have this problem that I am straight and I am going to need at least one. You cannot fuck a friend, I just need 1 man who genuinely wants my body. Not one who uses platitudes like 'they're just right for your body', or 'I love you the way you are', but then still oggles and secretly wishes I looked different behind my back. Already said they don't even need to be shitty to my face about it for it to bother me, I do not like the sneaky behaviour of dating me and then acting like I am a huge offense and harming them by not having breasts while they knew that beforehand. Like I said it is not a thought crime or shallow or abusive when they plain and simple just cannot get it up, but stay with me because of my personality. That shit still hurts despite them being 'nice'. And I also do not just want to stay single the rest of my life and have one night stands which are essentially pity fucks. I wish I could be a lesbian or asexual honestly because I hate dealing with men and their sneaky petty bullshit.

No. 116769

File: 1560521269274.jpg (65.57 KB, 682x768, kate-upton-white-bikini-07-wm-…)

Try to convince me that men would find Kate Upton even slightly hot if she was flat chested. Currently she is seen as a sex icon. Go ahead.

I never had a problem with my body until I found out that even the 'nice guys' lie. 'They look right on you', 'I love your body because it is yours and I love you'. It is such a fucking gut punch when they don't even have to use words to tell you your breasts are lacking. You just have to take your shirt off and the boner disappears, that is how you know. And then you see women with a similar body type who are lauded as sex goddesses, and why? Just the boobs. And they will talk to their friends about it. It isn't even to your face. It hurts all the same.

No. 116770

stop trying to date virgin man-children who buy into shitty prepackaged hollywood culvtiated ideals. most men who have been with women realize that big boobs are only appealing because they don't actually know what average boobs look like.

No. 116771

>You just have to take your shirt off and the boner disappears, that is how you know.
Is your breast size not apparent when fully clothed?

No. 116773

>You are probably the exact bodytype I described then. Short, skinny, dainty frame

Nah, I don't, I'm 5'7 with broad shoulders and big legs. I'm neither a thicc goddess nor a uwu petite princess. Big tits lover are for whatever reasons always the loudest guys (maybe they feel super masculine for liking big womanly boobs??), but there are as much if not more guys who enjoy average sized and even tiny breasts. Without having a loli uwu fetish.

No. 116774

a lot of men i know who won't stfu about big boobs were overcompensating for something.

No. 116777

Again, it's all about proportion.

Small boobs look good on small frames. Small boobs look like shit on bigger frames.

Massive boobs don't look good either because they are out of proportion.

Option B looks best here because it's proportional. All of us are innately drawn to proportion. We prefer symmetry in our partners, it is a sign of good genetics (though not actually always true). Even OTT huge ass and tits with a tiny waist looks good because it is still, in its own way, proportional and appealing.

A girl who weighs 165 lbs with B cup is going to look less proportionate than a girl of the same weight with d cups. But once you start going past that, the boobs get out of proportion with the body and more weight causes them to sag. C cup and D cup can avoid sagging, and depending on the body type they look BIG.

Small titted larger girls and girls with massive tits suffer in similar ways. I don't think it is fair to pit either against the other, because both of their problems are coming from an innate lack of self-love and caring too much about what other people think of them.

No. 116779

you sound extremely fucking autistic. most attraction isn't innate, and those who think it is are lying to themselves. there are way too many other things that go into play with attraction. cultural and social reasoning is probably the biggest factor that plays into attraction.

No. 116780

Just because it upsets you does not mean it is not true. Everyone is drawn to proportion. It has always been that way. Almost every single cultural attraction or trend boils down to proportion in one way or another.

No. 116786

I am not dating virgins.
They have even dated women in their 30's with way more stretch marks and cellulite than I have. And at least they can get it up for that, because big saggy boobs are better than none at all. I don't even get involved with anyone who consumes porn btw.

Did you read everything I wrote?
>while they knew that beforehand
I even warn them before I even get romantically involved with them that there is nothing going on underneath my shirt. I do not even wear a bra or anything that could mimic breasts. Still it seems to be a surprise to them.

Yeah more self love is not going to fix the fact that I am so unattractive from the front, men immediately lose their erection. The only way I can interact with a penis is if I stay fully clothes and just give blowjobs apparently. I don't care about what lolcow thinks of my body or anyone else. I just need 1 (ONE) man who can keep an erection around me without needing viagra or hitting it from the back with closed eyes while imagining someone else. Self love is not going to fix the fact that apparently it is too much to ask to have loving sex while someone looks me in the eyes and isn't thinking about anyone else. My frame cannot even be fixed by weightloss, even at a BMI 16, a barrelchest is a barrelchest, huge broad shoulders are huge broad shoulders and honestly I just look even more fugly when I am not a healthy weight. I do not need everyone to love me or drool over me, I just need 1 penis to fully function around me that's all.

No. 116787

get help. honestly if people have that reaction to you and it's not in your head you are probably just extremely ugly. you sound like neckbeards with BDD who have insanely skewed ideas about what women find attractive. i am 30 years old and have a 32B cup and have fucked atleast 40 guys in my life, most of which were more than one night stands.

sorry to break it to you, but the big boobed stacies aren't ruining men for you. it's either in your head or something else is wrong.

No. 116788

You're in a nonexistent flaws thread but sound like you're trying to say that your flaws are real and relevant?

Also breasts are pretty attractive to most people and a celebrity is someone you'll never know personally so all you have is their body to sexually objectify. That's just what a celebrity is for. They sell you products with their sex appeal.


Resenting people for having nice breasts isn't the way to go.

No. 116789

also how tf do you know how much cellulite these women had?

fuck me. this is the real femcel shit.

No. 116790

> flaws in our appearance that we didn't notice before or wouldn't care untill someone said it's a flaw
this is in the OP, like I said, I did not have a problem with my body until I realized how much of a turn off I am.

My face is slightly above average, it is mainly my body that is ugly apparently. If it was all in my head I would have had problems with my body before it started to dawn on me that nobody can keep an erection with me while actually being 'with' me and not in their thoughts with someone else.

I was shown pictures, they are on friendly terms with their exes.

No. 116791

you are nuts.

No. 116795

I have like the worst butt cellulite. My whole butt is just cellulite and on top of that I have giant violin hips. So it’s just a big flat ass with cellulite and on top of that my hip then goes inward and then there’s a roll of fat. And I’m at a healthy weight and was never overweight. Gonna try and fix this with sports and diet soon, but I know I will never be completely cellulite and violin hip free and it kinda makes me think „why bother at all“…
At least my breasts are cute, I guess

No. 116796

This is so over dramatic. Guys really don’t give a shit as long as you’re not a whale and have nipples at all lmfao. Big titties, small titties, saggy titties…. the guys I’m friends with never cared and I see their gf's topless in summer every year because we go swimming together. Y’all need to stop stressing so much, everything will be okay (expect for woman with big tits and back problems, my heart breaks for your pain)

No. 116800

For dudes erectile dysfunction can be very shameful(especially if porn induced) and if they’re assholes they’d rather have you think that you’re the issue and not them, wondering if that’s the case here? Because unless you’re using bombshell pushups men can still tell if someone has small boobs even with clothing on. And porn ED is unfortunately not uncommon for young men nowadays.

As for my contribution to the thread, hip dips. When I was younger I remember thinking that it wasn’t my prettiest feature because it made me look fatter than I actually was, but I wasn’t insecure about it. But nowadays with super exaggerated curves ala Kim K being in(this only recently became a thing in my country, a few years ago pretty much everyone laughed at it), I realized that hip dips make me look way less curvy even though I actually have a good waist to hip ratio when measuring.

No. 116801

dude, for once this isn't something to blame on men. anon sounds like she's only been with 2 dudes ever. and even then the only way they'd lose their boners is if she starts bawling after taking her clothes off.

No. 116804

They probably lost their boners because they were anxious / stressed out and she made it all about her. They wouldn't be the first dudes to have a difficult time maintaining an erection the first few time they have sex with a new partner;

No. 116805

That’s probably true, just suggesting porn ED as a reason if what she says isn’t exaggerated.

No. 116806

>I realized that hip dips make me look way less curvy even though I actually have a good waist to hip ratio when measuring.
Oh god me too. I hate my hip dips so fucking much, I've always had such an issue with my hip/thigh/butt area and I feel like it makes my shape look so frumpy and ugly.

No. 116807

All of them were very vocal about hating porn, or could that be a cover up method?

Happened even after 2 years into the relationship, I can pin point the exact moment they get soft and it almost always coincided with me taking clothes off. The first few times I shrugged if off but when it keeps happening it must be my fault at that point.

No. 116808

I've come to the realisation that I possess the worst body type imaginable for women. The inverted triangle. This shape is mocked all the time and the fact that I'll never be able to change no matter how hard I fight in the gym and kitchen is honestly suifuel. My boobs are also beyond repair and I'm not even 22. Without surgery they're botched, with surgery they're botched. They're never going to be normal and I'm never going to be desirable and get a boyfriend. It's honestly over before it ever began.

No. 116809

you literally have BDD, go get help. please. i can't deal with watching you make excuses for everything.

i could suggest maybe any of them are actually gay and you will claim every one of them got genetically tested against it or some wild shit.

No. 116811

The only common factor is me. It would just be way too much of a coincidence if all of them had the exact same issue that was unrelated to me. Wouldn't it be delusional to say all men I have ever been with were gay or had debilitating ED (but only with me and not their exes). If I had BDD, wouldn't I have had issues with my body then already before becoming sexually active? I never even noticed anything peculiar about myself until I started seeing this trend with every person I have ever been with and started to put two and two together after a while. Had my suspicions confirmed when I found out they talked negatively about my body to their friends. All the while lying and saying I am fine to my face.

No. 116812

you're already fucking delusional. just go get a boob job and shut the fuck up.

No. 116813

So many things. I honestly think I have some form of BDD because I am constantly fretting over or obsessing on some minor part of my appearance.

I was called ugly in elementary school and it really stuck with me. The times I've been called beautiful to my face outnumber the times I've been called ugly by like 100 to 1, but I just can't get it out of my mind that there is something wrong with my appearance. I'm not a super model by any means and I do get complimented by other people. When I look in the mirror I see a disgusting, hulking beast. I think I am fat and sloppy even though I'm clinically underweight. I don't see any beauty in myself, I just hate everything. Going out in public now is fucking hell because I just feel so crazy and ugly compared to everyone else. My skin literally crawls.

I think my BF lies to me. In fact, I think anyone who calls me beautiful lies to me. I make myself sick imagining the true thoughts my bf has about my appearance and that he's just with me because he doesn't want to be alone.

I just want to feel normal. Does anyone else feel this way? Is there a way to stop it? I don't know how much longer I can bare it honestly.

No. 116814

you have a boyfriend……

No. 116815

That's no different from closing eyes and thinking of someone else. Or holding a picture of someone else's breasts in front of me, because it wouldn't be me. Is it really that delusional and fucked up to wish someone (one person not everyone) was attracted to my body?

No. 116816

Do you dress to mask your hip dips in some way? I wear a lot of a-line skirts and loose fitting pants and it makes me look a lot better.

Could absolutely be a cover up thing. Did they also claim not to watch porn? Because if so, almost all of the guys that try to do nofap do it because they have experienced some form of issues, usually ED. But It could of course also just be that they don’t want to admit that they like porn because of the social stigma.

Wow, they’re definitely assholes if they shit talk your body to their friends, unless they’re like..thirteen and really don’t know better.

Anyway even if you don’t have bdd or something, therapy probably wouldn’t hurt.

No. 116817

File: 1560534810094.jpg (53.77 KB, 960x540, 370326.jpg)

I used to obsess over my big nose as if it was the ultimate proof of my ugliness, took me a while to realize that yes I have a big nose, but it kinda fit my face. I would probably look more harmonious with a smaller nose, but most people don't really gaf about it and it doesn't prevent me from looking decently cute. We shouldn't just look at one feature isolated, ScarJo has a bigger kinda pigish nose and she still looks gorgeous IMO.

No. 116818

anon, fuck off. the problem is your attitude. ffs, this is supposed to be a thread to try to get confidence, not wallow in your own self-distruction.

if anything your attitude probably turned everyone off more than anything. i wouldn't want to have sex with someone this obsessed with being insecure.

please stop trying to reason with her.

No. 116820

My hip dips are the bane of my existence, coupled with a spoon body shape and tendency to hold weight in my stomach, my waist to hip measurements seem dramatic but IRL I look like a weird figure 8, and not a curvy pear or hourglass shape.

No. 116827

I'll look into therapy anyway yeah, thanks anon!

No. 116953

I never felt self conscious about my lips until lip fillers became a trend. They suit my face which is really small and would look bad with larger lips but I still can’t help but obsess over it thinking they need to be bigger.

No. 116976

Same with my eyebrows, nothing actually wrong with them until eyebrow micropigmentation became a trend.

No. 117152

I've recently become obsessed with the thought that I might be cross-eyed. I have absolutely never been told this by anyone else in the two decades I've been alive but for some reason in photos and in the mirror sometimes I convince myself I am cross-eyed. My eyes are very large and closer together than they are far apart, so I think that may be why I am seeing myself as crosseyed. I took a photo of my eyes from below and they actually do go "< >" like most other people's eyes, so idk wtf I am seeing.

No. 120560

File: 1564623560532.png (29.13 KB, 193x261, 1516116962004.png)

Oh boy here we go. I'm mixed asian/caucasian and a lot of my features look sort of disgusting. I don't give off that "exotic" or "unique" aura, just an uggo.
>giant round face
>fatty jowls
>round down-turned uneven eyes
>uneven hairline + widows peak
>extremely hairy
>rough skin
>thunder thighs
>small saggy tits
>down turned mouth
Why mother, why.

No. 120566

I'm also eurasian, I have the round face and jowl thing and it sucks. I'm forever jealous that most mixed women are gorgeous and I ended up looking like shit even though both of my parents are attractive.

No. 120617

>no chin
>melting turkey neck
>giant crooked nose
>non existent mouth
>fucked body shape
>all my fat goes to arms and legs
>saggy boobs
>flat ass
>beady eyes
>giant ears
>giant rat teeth
My mom naturally looks like a Korean idol and my dad looks like a long lost Skarsgard brother. Wtf happened.

No. 120988

i have no definition in my jaw or chin area, face looks like it's melting from the side. It's probably the thing i hate the most about my face. What i hate the most about my body is that it has no curves, i look like chloe moretz body-wise.

No. 121969

there's quite a few things i hate about my appearance

>i hate how big my ribcage is

>i hate how i have really short legs
>i hate how i have hipdips
>i hate my lack of curves

honestly i just look like a fucking 12 year old and i don't know how to change it.

No. 121996


No. 122003

>nasolabial folds
It's killing me anons. I can deal with my bumpy nose and meaty jaw, but I really hate how I've always had these. I obviously got it from my dad but on a man it's really not that bad. I feel like they're only going to get worse with age. Right now I'm 21 and generally look my age as I also have chubby cheeks and a good skin, but in time I'll probably start looking older than I am because of them. I wear lots of alternative fashions and don't want to look like a hag trying to be stylish.

No. 122007

File: 1566394102435.jpg (56.68 KB, 450x324, Nasolabial-Line-Filler1 (1).jp…)

Fillers sound like a good idea to me, anon.

No. 122053

I'm OP, is there a way for us to make a new thread only for sharing support and helping other girls to get confidence or this one is already good? I'm sad people are posting here just their insecurities but we are not really discussing it.

No. 122054

Sounds like a good idea.

No. 122298

File: 1566953006454.jpeg (107.08 KB, 1151x629, 22CF4F21-483C-4CDB-8945-6FF785…)

> broad shoulders
> deep heavy lidded eyes
> thinner lips when I talk to much and don’t wear chapstick
> extremely flat ass
> long torso with short legs
> uneven lip with one side a bit higher
> thick legs
> poor posture
> not overweight but weird fat distributions
> profile shows my upper lip as extremely thin and the bump on my nose
> nose looks flat from the front but long from the side
> high cheekbones with a broad jaw so it doesn’t even matter

Just generally unmemorable, and I’ve been told that I look like Emma Watson but only because I’m white and have brown hair and thin lips 😒

No. 122302

File: 1566961190578.jpeg (7.68 KB, 195x259, download.jpeg)

>Mousey blonde hair that looks like oil and hair styles never stay due to texture
>Not quite blue, not quite grey drab, overly big eyes
>Fair, but olive? skin. I have yellowish undertones, but am still pale as fuck. I have to buy asian or mediterranean makeup from overseas and experiment with it. I'm almost full blooded Celt for the record, so I dunno what happened in the genetics department.
>Huge pores despite a good skin routine and rare acne
>Receding looking hair line due to light blonde baby hair plus widow's peak
>Hella long Roman nose with bulbous tip
>Non existent chin with cleft, and square jawline
>Short lips
>Broad shoulders, small saggy parted boobs with broad rib cage, and narrow + spoon hips holy trinity. Not tall either, so I can't rock that look.
>No waist or hips paired with thick thighs and muscular calves means a hell of a time finding pants that fit
>Ridiculously thin long limbs paired with short manly ass hands and feet

I like myself now, and have always found my nose pretty cool, but, holy shit am I a weird combo aesthetically, lol. Pic related, I have Augustus' nose.

No. 122303

Translucent skin. My veins show all over my body because I’m pale as fuck and I guess I have very thin skin? Either way seeing all these veins disgusts me

No. 122305

>broad shoulders
>long torso short legs
>thick legs

Have you ever tried powerlifting, or weightlifting? You could be destined for greatness, anon.

No. 122326

File: 1567008092274.jpg (100.97 KB, 620x908, 9646--article_news-1.jpg)

>potato/button nose, its a lovehate relationship.
>being extremely plain, i know im pretty but i just don't stand out in any way, so i end up snowflakey-ish dying my hair bright colors, wearing eyecatching clothes etc.
>boobs too low on the chest, they are not even saggy wtf, i need a breast lift
>i hate my ashy black hair, ever since i was a kid i wanted to be a blonde and i swear to god if i had light hair and brows i would look like mia wasikowska minus the slav nose.

No. 122327

File: 1567008154306.jpg (100.97 KB, 620x908, 9646--article_news-1.jpg)

>potato/button nose, its a lovehate relationship.
>being extremely plain, i know im pretty but i just don't stand out in any way, so i end up snowflakey-ish dying my hair bright colors, wearing eyecatching clothes etc.
>boobs too low on the chest, they are not even saggy wtf, i need a breast lift
>i hate my ashy black hair, ever since i was a kid i wanted to be a blonde and i swear to god if i had light hair and brows i would look like mia wasikowska minus the slav nose.

No. 122330

Anon, you sound lovely, especially imagining the girl in your pic with dark hair. I have natural blonde and I dyed it black most of my life. Blonde hair is hard to take care of, it always looks greasy because it's transparent (that's what makes hair light). It absorbs pool chemicals and algae when you go swimming, and turns green. Gold blonde like pic related rarely stays one color. It looks greasy, green, grey, brown, or orange depending on the season and humidity. You'll get dark roots and neck hair, and random streaks in the middle of curls if you have them. It changes the colors you can wear almost daily, otherwise you end up looking washed out. Count your blessings.

No. 122338

>Potato nose despite two nose jobs
>Flat midface
>Recessed jaw
>Horse face with huge chin

I can clean up well enough through makeup and styling but it seems unfortunate that no matter how much effort I put in I'll still never be particularly attractive.

No. 122347

What went wrong with the nose job(s)?

No. 122348

I'm not sure if anything went wrong per say, I have a deviated septum which was never fully corrected (I guess my nose is stubborn and wants to keep returning to being crooked?) and while there was some improvement it just wasn't as much as I would have hoped

No. 122358

>thick coarse hair, doesn't matter how I style it it goes back to being a mess
>lots of gray hairs
>huge forehead
>unibrow (which I have to pluck every week)
>potato nose
>nasolabial folds
>huge cheeks and small chin
>unfortunate pear
>short legs and short chubby fingers

I was always told that I look like a fat Miley Cyrus.

No. 122366

i’d kill for a small chin

No. 122374

Anonymous 1 minute ago No. 122373


>acne scars
>small boobers
>small lips
>cyst on throat area, not dangerous but unsightly and stubbornly won't go away

God giving us bodies was so fucked up

No. 122375

I have broad shoulders and finding jackets and coats to fit is a nightmare. I always have to go several sizes up and then it's all gaping in the front cause I'm pretty flat chested. I have to buy stretchy materials where possible to accommodate for them. sorry just wanted to vent

No. 122379

File: 1567073766370.png (353.92 KB, 500x400, 5ad9ea7d-dcac-4b14-ad28-1cf725…)

I have hirsutism which means I grow thick, dark sideburns (pretty much like pic related but thicker) but I shave them everyday (used to wax but I cannot be waiting for the hairs to 'grow in') also have dark hairs on my chin I have to pluck daily. I have a hormonal imbalance. I also have acne, some of which is cystic. I have dark grey/blue bags under my eyes. I don't mind my features except my nose which has a bulbous tip. I've wished to change it but I'd rather learn to love it.

as for my body I have small boobs but I don't mind them. I worry about them sagging though. I have broad shoulders that are a pain to buy clothing for. I have very 'thick' thighs and and fat ass that I don't mind really because my waist is thin but my thighs and ass have a lot of cellulite and my ass is kind of saggy? maybe idk I'm 29 and never exercise so I can see why. I have a lot of dark hair on my arms and legs. I shave my legs but get tons of sore ingrown hairs cause the hairs are so thick/dark. my biggest concern since my childhood has been my skin though as I'm really pasty/pale prone to moles and I have quite a lot and I dislike them.

oh I also have those hip dips anons have been mentioning but I don't mind them.

No. 122389

if it makes you feel better anon, the girl in the picture is lovely and so sound you!

No. 122401

File: 1567091618936.jpeg (59.84 KB, 900x635, razor-bumps-strawberry-legs-pr…)

Mine are real flaws. I'm really unlucky. I am short but have fat limbs that never stop being fat and matronly looking, almost, but also while having no boobs. My butt doesnt gain much weight, I have broad shoulders and also fairly wide hips but it looks weird when you're short. I have keratosis pilaris all over so I get strawberry legs and countless ingrown hairs easily and it looks disgusting. Nothing I do gets rid of it. I tried manually exfoliating, all kinds of exfolating creams, cerave's SA cream, it's useless. I tried a bunch of expensive stuff (and it's all too much upkeep for me to even afford), none of it works. I have the finest hair ever, but i have a lot of it. It gets oily easily so it flat at the roots easily and looks like shit.

I am hirsute but in a weird way. It really takes a toll on my self esteem. I just have A LOT of long blonde vellus hair ALL OVER that is really long like, all of them are like 3/4ths an inch and fuzzy. I'm not anorexic or bulimic but it's impossible to eliminate because its dark blonde and too fine to be waxed, epilated, or shaved. It can look darker from the light shining on it at the wrong angle. Anon, at least you can get yours lasered. Tria works for dark hair. I did it on my upper thighs and pits and it worked a charm.

No. 122417

Anon, please go and get checked for PCOS you might have it. I have PCOS and experience hirsutism and acne.

No. 122418

My jaw is big and masculine, my brow bone is too defined, my legs are very thick, I have acne. The things I hate the most are having acne and my big jaw.

No. 122420

The person in the picture is honestly kind of sexy… Androgynous people are hot.

No. 122424

I already have (twice) and all tests came back negative. my blood tests showed high levels of testosterone and androgens but my doc wasn't v helpful about how to move forward with that info.

No. 122425

oh anon, that's so sweet of you. and I agree, the girl in the pic is very lovely.

No. 122426

I am just the same with the ingrowns. I've tried so many ways of exfoliating but I always still get ingrowns.

No. 122446

I have a nose that looks cute and buttonish head-on but on a portrait angle looks absurdly long and freakish. I’ve wanted a nose job for as long as I can remember but don’t make nose job money. I also just don’t think I could pull off a nose job with my face shape. It would just make me think I’d have to fix the rest of the problems I have with my face. I have told a few friends I hate my nose and they act like they never even noticed how awful it is but I’m pretty sure I just have decent friends.

No. 122461

Aww, I have the same problem with my nose. Cute from the front, but just goes on forever in profile. I don't think I'll ever get a nose job, though. The risks freak me out.

No. 122464

I'm 20. I have no ass (that somehow has stretch marks on it), a wide ribcage, and a really prominent hip dip. I also have dark circles, acne, and a big, round nose that would probably qualify as a potato nose. My body looks like someone put b-cups on a boy. It could be a lot worse, but I still feel inadequate.

Pretty disgusting how companies profit off of women feeling terrible about themselves.

I have the opposite problem. My nose looks horrible from the front but nice in profile.

No. 122516

I have really big and dark circles and very transparent skin. There's two big blue veins going from the sides of my mouth down to my chin and under, all the way to the collarbones and it looks like I have some sort of disease.
My skin is also quite red around my nose and laugh lines.
I tried all kinds of foundations and concealers and none have worked so far.
I also have permanent chicken skin on my back, chest and shoulders and I'm extremely self conscious about it cause it can look a bit like acne.

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