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Townhall is scheduled for May 22nd, GMT 2PM.

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No. 105184

Let's say you could change your face.

Pretend there's some high tech exists and it could change face as easily as putting on a fake tattoo. It's even easy to obtain like going to the Apple store and purchasing it on a day off.

Would you do it? Would you get a completely new face or would it just be a better you? Why would you do it? Why wouldn't you? What would you do with your new face?

Also let's say once you get the new face, it would update all your old pictures and memories of others (to take out the "what would my family or other people think)

I see so many anons with extremely low self esteem on here, so I wanna know if you were given the chance would you take it.

No. 105185

I don't think I'd get a completely new face but I would get a face that was just an improved version of me. Just subtle things like higher eyebrows and cheekbones. Fuller lips. Especially if I thought it would be quick and painless.

No. 105186

I would, but like >>105185 it would just be an enhancement of what I have. Mostly just things I can't change without incredibly risky and expensive ps in our current reality (length of face/space between features/width of mouth specifically).
But I want to keep the flaws I've become attached to, like my big nose and downward tilted eyes.

Could the new face also have naturally super clear skin? Since that's my worst feature at the moment, my skin is a nightmare that I spend way too much time and money on lol.

No. 105187


I'm with you on this one,I would want an improved version. Get rid of my uneven skin for good, no more pimples ever etc. I think the major thing would be to get rid of my resting bitch face

No. 105188

I'd elect to get rid of all acne and scarring. Give me a few years to see how aging continues to see if I want to change something else. When I was a teenager I had a list of things to change but it's changed as I've got older. I like having my face it's mine but spots are annoying. If anyone thought less of me for having a feature they deemed ugly I'd rather headbutt them than surgically change my face to something else.

No. 105189

There's a cute girl I've been obsessed with for years, who died a long time ago. I'd give anything to look like her if I could. It would be nice to be considered attractive for once and not get ignored all the time by everyone for being ugly.

No. 105190

Make this a black mirror episode lol.

But hmmm if it was permanent then yes because why wouldn't I want to look better?

No. 105191

As much as I might dislike my face sometimes, and appreciate other girls' faces, I wouldn't swap it with any other. There are things I like about my face, and the ones I don't like can be easily changed via surgery.
So I'd go for the improved version of my face.

No. 105192

I actually have a pretty crippling hatred of my face, but only for 2 reasons: recessive chin and wide nose. I think if those 2 things were fixed I'd like it just fine.

No. 105193

i’m fairly content with my face, but i dislike how plain my nose is. i would absolutely love get a beautiful, strong aquiline nose. it’s actually fixation of mine, my friends laugh cause i always point out when an actor in a movie has a handsome nose.

No. 105194

Absolutely. Hell, I’d do it even if it was painful as long as the results were just as I expected. I think I'd go for a new face, while I’m not painful to look at I loathe my current face and looking at my pictures always makes me irrationally angry. Idk I would love to be conventionally pretty.

No. 105195

File: 1546886724634.png (49.38 KB, 220x559, 220px-Sobek.svg.png)

I'd want the face of a crocodile

No. 105196


No. 105197

File: 1546887478465.png (123.39 KB, 500x522, how-old-are-you-idk-between-4-…)

I'm not completely happy with my face, but I don't hate it enough to get any work done either. But if it was cheap, easy and painless then I'd probably get rid of my babyface (not like "youthful & attractive"-kind of babyface, but a weird "adult-baby-hybrid"-babyface).
Slim down my cheeks, widen my mouth a bit (my lips aren't thin, but the mouth itself is just way too small for my face) and get a bit more elegant nose.
Like other anons said, I'd still like to look like me, but an improved version of me.

No. 105198

I'm very content with my face overall and would only change the things I use makeup to enhance everyday- darkening my blonde eyebrows/lashes so they can actually be seen and making my upper lip a touch fuller to match the lower. And maybe having my neck tightened when I'm older so I don't look jowl-y like my mom has as she's aged.

No. 105199

Light eyebrows and lashes are cute, anon and you're cute. It'd be boring if everyone had the same dark tinted features.

No. 105200

File: 1546928887349.png (Spoiler Image, 629.59 KB, 547x741, 8888.PNG)

>Would you do it?
>Would you get a completely new face or would it just be a better you?
completely new face
>Why would you do it?
i'm ugly
>What would you do with your new face?
feel happiness

there's nothing in particular that i can pinpoint as the cause of my ugliness
it seems like the composition of my face is just all wrong

No. 105201

File: 1546929909465.jpeg (56.75 KB, 494x750, A8FFB639-8F8D-48E1-8741-80A85A…)

I think my facial structure is decent, but I would get..like, a skin transplant so I could have clear skin. I have chronic cystic acne with scarring that makes me look like a meth addict when im not wearing makeup.
Then I’d probably sharpen my cupid’s bow, get rid of my dark circles, and make my skin paler since paleness has always looked beautiful to me.

No. 105202

I love my face, the only thing I would change is to make my eyes symmetrical, one is higher than the other. And longer, thicker eyelashes.

No. 105203

I would get a completely new face. I hate mine.


No. 105204

>would you do it?
No, it’s far from perfect but I like my face, if this shit existed everyone would end up looking like bratz dolls. I’d keep my uglyish imperfect face if only to stand out and keep whatever originality I have left.

No. 105205

God yes.
Whole new face aside from my eyes.
Because my face is dumb and I hate it.
Enjoy not being fugly.

No. 105206

If it was that easy, I'd do it. But I'd just want a better version of my current face, not a new face entirely.

No. 105207

I'd like to tweak stuff to create a better version of my current face. I'd get rid of my acne and rosacea, make my nose a bit smaller, my eyes a bit darker, and maybe my chin a bit longer.

My main issues with my appearance are more related to my body (asymmetrical breasts, violin hips, short stubby legs) though.

No. 105208

I absolutely would get another face if I could. But maybe not a complete overhaul because I still want to resemble my parents and look like I'm part of my family.

I'd get flawless skin, lengthen my jaw a little just to give myself a chin, make my eyebrows and eyelashes thicker and fuller, and get rid of my genetic deep-set eyes that make me look permanently sallow and tired.

No. 105324

No, and I think it would cause a lot more harm like psychologically than good, even for really fugly people. Just think about any person you've heard that changed their face to the extreme, they are always somewhat mentally ill, very unhappy and addicted to it. There is a reason for it.

But my teeth I would change in a second lol.

No. 105327

Just the top part of my bridge. I like all my features for the most part even if I find myself unattractive sometimes. Like another anon said it would probably fuck me up and I would have shitty warped views on myself.

I have considered fillers for it though. The non surgical one.

No. 105333

File: 1547042872978.png (735.26 KB, 891x819, eda7b0fc-18b3-405c-93ea-eea37d…)

Eh, I'd probably tweak some stuff like my wide crooked nose but wouldn't use the chance to make myself conventionally attractive, I have friends that won in the genetic lottery and I don't really envy the attention they get because of it (creepy stalkers and such).

I'd much rather change my body, fat distribution and bone structure on my hips etc. so I wouldn't have such hard time bying clothing.

No. 105366

I'd get rid of my birth defect. Get rid of the scar, change the bone structure to back to what it would have looked like if I didn't have it, fix the crookedness that the previous surgeries caused. Since it's only cosmetic, I guess I can't get my hearing problems fixed, but getting to the place where people normally worry about their appearance would be nice I guess.

No. 105386

absolutely, 100%, in an instant.
i have hideous bulgy small eyes and a nondescript, kind of ugly face shape. a bit too much flab on the face. a piggy ski jump nose. lopsided mouth with thin lips. i'd change it aaaaaall.
i'd swap it for an emma stone-ish looking one, since i've been compared (once) to her. i feel like if you improved everything on my face and made it more harmonious, maybe we'd look similar.

No. 105392

Erase my face, make it into a black hole, and suck my entire body into it and die.

No. 105414

No question. Get rid of my babyfat in my face, make my eyes even (one is lower than the other), make them a bit bigger and longer, straight, full brows that arent bushy, more prominent freckles (I have them but theyre hard to see w/ the redness)
get rid of the redness that shouldnt be in my face, fill out my upper lip a bit more to match the bottom, take off the fat on my chin, sculpt my jaw, longer eyelashes, keep my cheekbones though. I have really intense cheekbones.

No. 105418

Beauty goals

No. 106053

>Make my eyes bigger, and move them a bit further apart
>Neat slightly sloped nose
>Actually have eyelashes
>Perfect skin
>Slim and reduce jaw

I don't think I'm horrible-looking, I'm definitely capable of looking good, but these little tweaks would get rid of any insecurities I have.

No. 106054

>make my eyes more sexier
>remove the slight tiny bump on my otherwise straight nose
>make my nostrils a bit smaller
>get rid of my nasolabial voids
That's it really. I'm fairly content with my face, just some slight annoyances.

No. 106158

Yes 100%, completely new. I also wish I could change my eye color.

No. 106168

My face is skewed. It's not obvious when you see me, but really obvious on passport pictures etc. Like my jaw and my nose point in different directions and that's something I'd definitely change.

No. 106171

I like my face overall but I would definitely change my nose

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