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No. 156371

After over a year of complete radio silence and much speculation from farmers, the artist formerly known as Kirleios, AKA our beloved vegan moogle earth mother moon princess Kiki has finally returned! Some have theories as to the timing which strangely coincides with the Taylor-stan spergfest, others have theorized she may have had a mental breakdown after failing to land a marriage visa to Japan with Taku and been sectioned.

let the Kiki revival begin!

Instagram: mmmkikikannibal
Twitter: mmmkikikannibal

No. 156372

File: 1468768310078.jpeg (86.62 KB, 640x899, image.jpeg)

Bonus new content: the same exact picture uploaded only minutes after the previous one, only this one is special because it's got a Japanesu caption.

No. 156377

Omg yaaasssssssssss. How strange the timing is though.

No. 156378

Looks like she's still not given up on the weeb thing. I'm glad, hopefully we have at least a few trickles of milk coming.

Also kind of funny how she uploaded two almost identical selfies, both saying the same thing, except one was in Japanese, for her many nihonjin fans?

No. 156397

how is writing in japanese automatically make someone a weeb…

No. 156406

There's already a thread in /pt/ about her return >>>/pt/289710

No. 156408

That isn't what I said though anon. I said "she's still not given up on the weeb thing", due to her history of posting reams of bad google translate Japanese, pretending to be in Japan when she clearly wasn't and being desperate for a Japanese boyfriend. Not "this one caption in Japanese makes her a weeb".

But yes, posting stuff in Japanese when you're not Japanese and pretty much none of your audience is Japanese does significantly increase the likelihood of you being a weeb.

No. 156409

The forehead queen has returned. Can't wait to see what she rolls out this time around.

No. 156412


Yeah I asked the admins if they could combine the two threads.

No. 156434

I missed her tbh

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