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No. 154423

Let's try this ONCE again. Threads unrelated to Taylor are being derailed by users talking about Taylor R. and promoting her videos.
Since no one can keep Taylor discussion in the j vlogger thread, I made one for Taylor.
There were no trolls and it was legitimate thread with links and summary. One of the farm hands deleted it immediately once a proper discussion was started on the thread. I think one of the farm hands is a PULLtard. Okay, edit: farm hand is definitely a pulltard talking about PULL in my last thread.
Admin please allow a Taylor thread that will not be deleted by a farm hand who likes her. I'm sick of seeing her in other threads that have nothing to do with Taylor. She needs her own thread.

-Taylor announced she has a boyfriend.
-Boyfriend is not Japanese due to Taylor having to translate her Japanese lines she said on a TV show into English for her boyfriend to understand.
-Announced she has a decision to make and both outcomes will have "negative consequences"; however, she has not announced it for a while due to having to drum up drama and interest for her boring channel and content.
-Copies content from other Youtubers online as seen in her recycled content and recipes.
-Continues to copy Kota in more subtle ways i.e. hair styles, nails, vegan food on IG, etc.
-Looks like a sack of potatoes lately in her recent videos, which are becoming more and more boring.

No. 154424

farmhand who frequents pull deleted the last discussion ONCE AGAIN. wtf? lolcow is going to shit with the censor nazi behavior over favorite snowflakes of the people "in charge".

No. 154426

Farmhand please ban the OP already this has been going on since taylor was put into the same thread with other vloggers

No. 154427

File: 1468361469367.png (531.11 KB, 837x447, Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 4.34…)

getting a filler re fill in korea, kek

No. 154429

according to admin anyone who tried to remake the taylor thread would get permanently banned. we're on thread #3 already. pull the trigger piglet.

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