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File: 1468357392313.png (494.23 KB, 801x356, Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 4.32…)

No. 154363

Let's try this again. Threads unrelated to Taylor are being derailed by users talking about Taylor R. and promoting her videos.
Since no one can keep Taylor discussion in the j vlogger thread, I made one for Taylor.
There were no trolls and it was legitimate thread with links and summary. One of the farm hands deleted it immediately once a proper discussion was started on the thread. I think one of the farm hands is a PULLtard.
Admin please allow a Taylor thread that will not be deleted by a farm hand who likes her. I'm sick of seeing her in other threads that have nothing to do with Taylor. She needs her own thread.

-Taylor announced she has a boyfriend.
-Boyfriend is not Japanese due to Taylor having to translate her Japanese lines she said on a TV show into English for her boyfriend to understand.
-Announced she has a decision to make and both outcomes will have "negative consequences"; however, she has not announced it for a while due to having to drum up drama and interest for her boring channel and content.
-Copies content from other Youtubers online as seen in her recycled content and recipes.
-Continues to copy Kota in more subtle ways i.e. hair styles, nails, vegan food on IG, etc.
-Looks like a sack of potatoes lately in her recent videos, which are becoming more and more boring.


No. 154365

Jesus christ stop it, some of you are so busy complaining and being obsessed with her that you didn't even realize there's already a thread of her >>151893

No. 154366

Read the OP. There is no obsession. Sick of threads being revolved around her that have nothing to do with her. Here's the new updated thread - that thread doesn't depict her now.

No. 154369

File: 1468357730428.png (187.2 KB, 301x351, Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 5.07…)

screen shot of the thumbnail of her new video.

No. 154370

File: 1468357770886.png (531.11 KB, 837x447, Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 4.34…)

Korea for a filler re-fill? kek.

No. 154371

I was just answering you, because you made like three threads in the last ten minutes and you were asking why were they being deleted. Well, that's why. And you can update the thread in the comments, like in every thread.

No. 154375

I deleted the other thread because it had some typos and added more to the summary with a proper link. You're the one who deleted the original Taylor I made, huh.
I'll be messaging Admin about your deleting sprees, you're way too biased, gang bang people who insult Tyalor and censor too much.

No. 154376

But… she fits just as well to the jvlogger thread as others? There's no drama enough alone from her to make a new thread. It was a lot easier to read everything about the vloggers from one thread. This is useless, please stop.

No. 154377

People keep derailing other thread with taylor content. She needs a thread because people keep talking about her in other threads and won't keep her discussion in the jvlogger thread. You don't see people derailing threads with sharla and mimei do you? No.
She needs her own thread because of it.

We tried just having her be in the jvlogger and it's not working by the looks of her popping up in other threads that she's irrelevant to.

No. 154378

I don't mind Taylor, but I don't understand why she fills or refills her cheeks?, she would look way better without the re fill, it makes her look like her mouth is full of food or cotton, it doesn't make her look young, just weird… sorry sage for not contribution I guess. (sorry for my bad english also)

No. 154379

File: 1468358332956.png (621.66 KB, 622x591, Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 4.39…)

her clothes…. goodwill granny.

No. 154380

File: 1468358398959.png (354.54 KB, 414x561, Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 1.21…)

Yeah, I prefer her look before fillers.

No. 154381

Lol what? I haven't deleted anything, what the fuck is your problem? I was tired of seeing new Taylor threads appearing like fucking mushrooms and informed you about the EXISTING thread.

No. 154382

Video break down -

- She's in Korea to renew her Visa for Japan ( there goes the idea of her moving there )

- More ugly clothing that wont look flattering on her ( shopping )

- Eating food… ( wooo salad … so exciting … Some more hotel room service .. )

- She's doing a give away which is nice, except she bought BB cream for someone with light skin which I'm sure not all her fans are pale.

- Awkward as fuck dancing at the end….

- End …

No. 154385

Geez, will this ever stop? Some people are truly obsessed with Taylor that they have to make new threads about her every few days. I think that admin should do something about it.

No. 154386

File: 1468358689261.png (178.53 KB, 400x268, Screen_Shot_2016-07-04_at_1.21…)

saw this on Pull made me kek

No. 154387

File: 1468358748491.png (576.26 KB, 842x458, Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 4.35…)

her "dancing" and being "quirky" legit gives me second hand embarrassment :derp: (mostly cause it looks so fake i'm sorry…just my 2 cents.)

No. 154388

all that stuffing is going to make her skin stretch and line prematurely, she is going to look aged like obese people do once they lose all the face fat.

No. 154389

Holy lord! At first sight I thought you made a hilarious shooped joke. But this. really. is. the thumbnail, isn't it?

And about Taylor showing her lady bits…look at the 'haul' part near the end. You can even see the hem of her skirt/dress while she is sitting with her legs wide open. Please don't tell me you're 'sitting like that in front of your parents'-bs. Thank you.

No. 154390

Is it just me or does she look really 'wide' in this picture. Somethings weird about it o.o;

Not trying to be rude lol just something that i noticed when first looking at it

No. 154391

the aeroplane pic… I realised she has strange posture? or maybe it's just her shoulders… does anyone else notice this? I'm trying to figure out what the problem is but idk

No. 154392

yeah and at any time her fillers could potentially be botched… like seriously medically botched not just in how botched her face already looks

No. 154393

I thinks it's the dress making her look like that. It looks to be hiked up..

No. 154395

1) I wonder if she's in Korea to get plastic surgery …

2) Is she possibly planning to move there for work/living ?

3) Is this vocation or secretly for work ?

I've always kinda speculated that she would move to Korea as her fake image may be more accepted down there since plastic surgery is a little more acceptable. Also ever since she said she wasn't always with her boyfriend all the time as he travels for work and isn't always in Japan, I instantly assumed he might be Korean. ( No offence to Taylor, but most western men would not find her looks attractive .. Not ugly but not appealing .. But there is a small audience of Koreans who probably would ) I'm aware there was nothing in the video that would pertain to what I just said, but they're just thoughts that have been bouncing around in my head ever since she announced that she would have some huge decisions to be making that no matter what have a negative out come.

No. 154396

Is she flying business class? And man, that hotel… Look at me flying cheap economy class for ~17 hours to Tokyo in August and worrying about my hand baggage size :alpacadone:

But seriously, that's probably the most unpractical outfit for traveling ever. Aside from the fact that it really makes her looks super wide even while standing.

She mentioned her boyfriend being at the gym, so is that a normal thing for people working out? To go to gyms in a different country you (possibly) on vacation at? Or does it mean he's maybe really Korean as a lot of people guessed?

No. 154399

File: 1468359647052.png (480.89 KB, 803x447, Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 5.39…)

About her being on the TV show: I skimmed through the video, have no idea what is it about, I just wanted to see her face and hoped for some possibly interesting outfit. Haven't seen the second one but took some screenshots of the face. No time to slim that face, or to find good angle to hide the cheeks, eh?

No. 154400

File: 1468359740653.png (509.48 KB, 798x447, Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 5.41…)

silicon filled cheeks

No. 154401

… Look at the taylor thread on pull, either they all decided to come here and type out the same thing or one person is copypasting the whole discussion from there to here. Jfc taylor sperg gtfo.

No. 154403

ditch the little girl clothes and hairstyles, stop working against ur features when u do ur makeup, it would make u happier since its less forced and you'd be prettier!!

just like when asian girls have western makeup that works against their features, sometimes these asian makeup trends just dont suit others!! what looks good on someone else wont always look good on u…

and rly.. she doesnt need circle lens lmao

No. 154404

File: 1468360102419.png (546.1 KB, 608x580, Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 5.47…)

ugh, so much better without the injections and fillers. taylor, just stop!!!

No. 154406

And tripod san - we only have seen his shoulder and heard his chinese accent in her videos… wonder when she'll reveal him?

asian guys who are fluent in english that date white girls are pretty ugly tbh

No. 154407

can admin check the ip's of these posts because it reeks of samefag everywhere. this is next level shitposting. no one cares.

No. 154408

This whole thread is mostly just one person talking to herself about Taylor, creepy and embarrassing.
At least learn to wait for some time before you answer to your own comments/send a new similar comment.

No. 154409

No. 154410


we all know youre the taylor stan that doesnt want her to have a thread, but if you would just stfu about her in other threads then there'd be no need.>>154409

p.s. stop same fagging, there isnt 3 people all posting within 1 second of each other agreeing with your taylor stan position, let the thread be, if you don't like it, don't look at it.
lolcow doesnt cater to your liking or fangirlinh of taylor. insulting taylor shouldnt effect you this badly where youre barking at anyone who insults her on a shit talking website. hmm

No. 154411

MY GOD. o.o

No. 154412

can anyone explain why she's getting more fillers in korea?

No. 154413

0/10 autist-chan you're fooling no one and this thread has already been reported yikes!

No. 154415

File: 1468360707839.png (448.54 KB, 821x386, Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 5.57…)

The third picture from left: Could Taylor just cut her hair that length? Just below shoulders, above boobs? I would love to see her with that hairstyle <3 It would still be long but not as long to cover your whole body like a blanket

No. 154416


Agreed. If she kept to a mature girly cutesy style it would be decent. I hate it when I see the forced eye bags and lips.

No. 154417

Okay, I know you REALLY want to talk about Taylor, but the jvloggers thread is where she should be discussed. As stated here


Not in her own thread.

No. 154418

File: 1468360952400.gif (1012.48 KB, 290x156, tumblr_inline_n1tsufy35U1qzb2b…)

>the sheer activity on this thread
>the copypasted comments
>the grammar
>the pictures
>insisting taylor copies dakota
>talking about fillers like if this were page 1 of PULL
>the reek of autism

No. 154419

Man, poor Taylor her face looks so bloated, I don't know what made her think this looks good

No. 154421

probably thinking it would make her face appear more oval shaped by filling the top cheeks of her original square face and jaw.

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