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No. 154356

Let's try this again.

Threads are being derailing by users talking about Taylor R. and promoting her videos.

Since no one can keep Taylor discussion in the j vlogger thread, I made one for Taylor.

There were no trolls and it was legitimate thread with links and summary. One of the farm hands deleted it immediately once a proper discussion was started on the thread.

I think one of the farm hands is a PULLtard.

Admin please allow a Taylor thread that will not be deleted by a farm hand who likes her. I'm sick of seeing her in other threads that have nothing to do with Taylor. She needs her own thread.


-Taylor announced she has a boyfriend.

-Boyfriend is not Japanese due to Taylor having to translate her Japanese lines she said on a TV show into English for her boyfriend to understand.

-Announced she has a decision to make and both outcomes will have "negative consequences"; however, she has not announced it for a while due to having to drum up drama and interest for her boring channel and content.

-Copies content from other Youtubers online as seen in her recycled content and recipes.

-Looks like a sack of potatoes lately in her recent videos, which are becoming more and more boring.

-Continues to copy Kota in more subtle ways i.e. hair styles, nails, vegan food on IG, etc.


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