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File: 1438034621327.jpeg (39.54 KB, 400x400, rachjun.jpeg)

No. 4050

They have been mentioned in other threads on this board and this seems to have pissed some people off so now they have their own thread. Arguments over whether rachel is a weeb and a potential lolcow discuss here.

No. 4051

Always these gaijins with their ugly japanese trophy husband

No. 4052

I dont think he looks ugly. It may be because hes standing next to her tho.

No. 4053

I'm pretty sure she has stated that she is a weeaboo. She doesn't really care.
I'm not sure why you guys are so butthurt about her and Jun. Sure their videos are crappy and they take about Japanese bs a lot.
She worked pretty hard to get to Japan and fought for our country.

No. 4054

Our country meaning America. I forgot non Americans use this board here too.

No. 4055

Why are people pissed off? I don't follow them but I've heard of them…

No. 4056

When people get slightly famous other will get mad jealous of them.

No. 4057

Oh read the caption wrong. Ignore me

No. 4058

OP here-I dont know why you think we're butthurt-I literally made this thread because people were arguing about her in some other weeaboo's thread and were getting upset over rachel being called a weeaboo. This girl does seem to have a lot of white knights, i'm not sure why?

No. 4059

I read it as Rachel and Jun pissed people off with something they did. Looking for drama is all and came up empty

No. 4060

No. 4061

Man, this is such old news. Everythings been resolved for the most part though, yeah?

No. 4062

I don't mind them, I think Jun is an average looking guy and Rachel is just average too.

But the only reason I think they get as much attention as they do aside from buddying up to Gimmeaflakeman, is that they're a "WWAM" (white woman Asian man) couple. White weeb girls dig that shit, while the rest cry and question "du japanese guyzzz liek black gurlssssss or indian gurlzzz" it's cringe-worthy as fuck.

As for the content of their videos they're boring. I cannot sit and listen to Rachel yap on, listening to her is like watching paint dry and I'd rather chew nails. Jun is equally as boring, especially that put on yank voice he uses (probably got it off rachel) but I think he is more watch-able than her for some reason. They're both mundane, boring and quite frankly, perfect for one another.

I don't think Rachel is really that weeby, she just drones on tbh and Jun is a stingy bastard who I've noticed doesn't like spending his money.

Personally, I don't think they deserve THAT much attention alas Mira either. They're overrated, don't have that much to offer and just plain boring.

I can see why people like Victor (GMAFM), Abroadinjapan and Sharla probably have more of an uplift. Sharla I think is hella weeby though, she's definitely the cutest out the three other female jvloggers I've mentioned though. Glad she broke it off with Mira too.

I think if I ever went into Jvlogging, I wouldn't associate with any of these tbh. I find most of the jvloggers in the community fucking weird. I'd use them for tips/advice and that's it.

No. 4063

Er, why do these guys even have a thread here? They have like, zero drama.

No. 4064

Read thread discription, it explains it.

No. 4065

Probably. Cause he is ugly, he looks creepy. I don't think he can find a normal Japanese girlfriend/wife.

No. 4066

Just leave them alone. They're nice, normal people. Their appearances have nothing to do with drama and you're just being bitter weeaboos because you can't go to grorious Nihon.

No. 4067


All i remember is watching a super cringe worthy video of her trying to justify asian fetishes. She was saying how she got depressed and ended up being a weeaboo and loving Japanese guys and says if that saved me from depression then thats fine, there are tons of foreigners who love japanese and tons of japanese who love only foreigners, so why can't we just be together? Lololol

And jun, hes super weird and quiet, i feel like racheal has a tomboyish personality and can come off as guyish, i sometimes think jun is embarrassed because japanese girls arent like that, i feel this way because i watched some japanese vs american cook off, shudders.

Anyways i dont think she is lolcow worthy

No. 4068

If he were embarrassed he wouldn't have married her. And why would you compare her to Japanese girls when she isn't Japanese?

No. 4069


Not really bitter and plus, I've got enough cash in the bank to go Nippon a few times this year anyway.

They're boring as fuck but they're hardly lolcows, offended? fuck off

No. 4070


It seems these days all white wommen are getting compared to japanese because white wimmin are 'apparently japanese'

its fucking retarded

No. 4071

They aren't lolcows, no drama aside from the mira bs.

No. 4072

Ah yes another gaijin on the internet to debunk and showcase ~mysterious nippons~, without speaking a lick of the language to interact properly with Japanese people.

Her video on being a special snowflake unicorn was cringeworthy af too. White people have it pretty cushy in Japan.

No. 4073

I love me some fresh titty milk but I don't understand people who are so bitter about Rachel. She handled the Mira issue pretty well. No, I didn't like her defending weeaboos but that hardly makes her a cow. I think she was too focused on wah wah I was a weeaboo when I was 13 too that she didn't even begin to think about the fact that most weeaboos are nasty, fat guys masturbating to hentai in their ma's basement. As well as weeaboo white girls, and weeaboo black girls who are mad at weeaboo white girls.

No. 4074

Japanese girls prefer to date foreigners lol it's not common anymore they date japanese men. plus the guys in japan either look like girls or ugly

No. 4075

>without speaking a lick of the language to interact properly with Japanese people.
She speaks Japanese fluently. I'm tired of people assuming all white girls that live in japan and do videos about it are weeaboos. it's stupid

No. 4076

Or maybe she defended weeaboos because theyre not that bad?
Seriously, weeaboos are stupid but they're harmless teenagers going through phases, like all those scenefags. Now otaku on the other hand is disturbing as fuck

No. 4077

nobody is offended but do people dont know what lolcow is for? to laugh at LOLCOWS aka people that do crazy shit or have terrible personalities like scamming,etc, not some typical dramaless gaijin.

No. 4078

But to most people, weeaboo and otaku go hand in hand. There are still a lot of people who want to snag a submissive asian girlfriendu and make that goal the center of the universe and that's pretty nasty.

No. 4079

I've seen a few of their videos.
Not sure how they are lolcow's.
Guess it's cause she's married to a japanese guy? Who cares

No. 4080

I am lost as to all these accusations of people being "bitter" over rachel? shes a jvlogger-and shes going to be discussed just like other jvloggers. Its funny people are not accused of being bitter of mira or other jvloggers but apparently everyone is super jealous of rachel for some reason? Am I missing something?

No. 4081

Not to sound lactose intolerant but this milk is shit. That's why.

No. 4082

Yes. Their fans are fucking awful. Those two are boring as hell but anytime someone has something negative to say about them a fan will pop up.

No. 4083

The thing is even before anyone says anything about them the "bitter" accusations come up. It happened in the mira thread so I was wondering if something has happened to make people super defensive of this couple?

No. 4084

No…This couple just gets super babied. It really started happening after the mira incident. Rachael acted like she just got mad core bullied or something and then people started to baby her and jun big time. They're whiny… Tbh aside from being boring that's why they're irritating. Jun released a video detailing how people make fun of him for being serious…. they're just weak. Rachael even stalked the mira forums on Pull and responded defensively when she was mentioned. Maybe it's because they act so childish that their fans end up babying them so badly.

No. 4085

Because Mira is a lolcow and rachel is not. That's why. there's a difference.

No. 4086

Nothing, that's just it.
People don't like angry uggos who shit on everyone, so when said uggos start shitting on people that are involved in 0 drama, people get angry.

The reason why I assume you're angry uggos is because only angry uggos would devote their time to nitpicking the appearance of randos on the internet (and/or behaviour thereof) to make themselves feel better.

No. 4087

If you want a submissive asian girlfriend, how is that wrong? Never understood why people hate it when guys prefer submissive women. Some people have a race preference.
Otaku and weeaboos are different. Weeaboos are harmless while otakus are plain crazy (like idol otakus and seiyuu otakus). AKB48 otaku scare the shit out of me. i agree they're related tho

No. 4088

I actually like watching some of rachel and juns vids (not all of them) since they are actually informative unlike others. I do like how jun is branching off and doing his own vids now too. He is actually pretty interesting in his own way.

I dont see these two being too drama-ish. I see them as pretty normal youtubers - which may be boring to some.

No. 4089

Thanks for clearing that up for me

Perhaps you shouldnt assume things and instead go on what people say. I havent picked on this couple, I was asking why people are very sensitive about them-I didnt realise this was so controversial.

No. 4090

Hm well it's pretty gross that otaku just assume Japan is this Magic Land full of submissive women that live 2 serve them rike rear rife hentai maids

No. 4091

I doubt they think that. It's just that there's more submissive women in Japan than in America. I mean good luck finding a submissive women in america lmao it's rare as fuck. Of course not all japanese girls are submissive but it's less harder to find

No. 4092

I dislike how Rachel denies that Japan is weird.
Seriously, there's junior idols (basically legit CP), lolicon, otaku culture, etc.
Obviously that doesn't represent entirely Japan but come on. Japan has a lot of fucking disturbing stuff, and i'm a weeab

No. 4093

A race preference? Get the fuck outta here!

If you found out someone was only dating you because of your race, id for sure run the fuck the other way. What the fuck

No. 4094

>If you found out someone was only dating you because of your race
That's not what race preference means.
Race preference is just liking more a race. Race preference /=/ Race fetish
Everyone have preferences in everything so who gives a shit.
Race fetish is dating someone only because of their gender. People with race preference just prefer one gender, big deal lol
Race preference is not the same as yellow fever

No. 4095

*one race

No. 4096

I always laugh at people who are saying stuff like that and assume that they have never spent any time around chicks.

I mean: I guess it's cool to want that but I can't tell if they are aware of how unlikely and ridiculous it is in terms of reality.

No. 4097

There's more submissive women in Japan than in America. Keep denying it but it's true, thanks to muh independence and feminism, people now view housewives and submissive soft women as weak and stupid.

No. 4098

File: 1438047711177.gif (40.91 KB, 1022x805, An unfortunate announcement Re…)

I dont know much about them but I did find this

It's a screenshot of someone pointing out Rachael lied when she said she gained nothing from her support of Dresslink. She claimed to simply love the clothes as a happy customer, but she's tracking data. When confronted she gets rude/dismissive.

The irony is, Mira in her jealousy attacked that Dresslink video by saying the clothes are cheap, Rachael is fake etc. People rallied to Rachael's side but it seems there was some benefit from sponsoring them after all. She should have just admitted it from the start instead of lying.

No. 4099

I remember on justin collins turning japanese programme they actually said this isnt true and that Japanese women are roughly the same as western women in this respect.

No. 4100

And how many of them want to be with some fat ass neck beard with a pony fleshlight and dick cheese

No. 4101

lol wow such a mature response rachael. Maybe if she didn't make a whole video (like usual) getting defensive over every and any issue mentioned about her she wouldn't get called out and left with her tail between her legs lol.

No. 4102

Yeah I have an inkling that those denying it are said pony fucking neckbeards. Japanese women don't want your wang my hentai waifu friends

No. 4103

Why are you so bothered by it? I know tons of white guys that can go to Japan and get a girlfriend easily. get over it lol Are you offended that some women want to be submissive?

No. 4104

True, but most of girls that hate guys that prefer asian women are jealous to be honest. It's common to see white girls shit on asian women

No. 4105

I don't buy it. Aren't Japs obsessed with stuff like "face" and others perception of them?

Sure they might seem "submissive" but then you get them home they go full tigermom on you.

No. 4106

I repeat. Japanese women don't want your nasty wang breh

No. 4107

Yeah. I find it sus that pointing out that Japanese women aren't the Subby Milky Hentai Chan dream girls these dweebs jack off to means you're "bothered." Also love how it's turned into "what's wrong with women wanting to be submissive?" that is not the topic at hand Fedora-kun

No. 4108

Sorry, I have no idea who these people are and /cow/ is boring right now so I'm just checking out how the other half lives.

No. 4109

It's ok fedora kun, we've all been milking a little too hard for just a couple drops of that dericious milku lately

No. 4110

Not sure why pointing out that weeabos are delusional is "fedora" but I guess I can go shove a banana up my ass to complete the picture.

Anyway, I'll let you guys get back to the topic of some chick with yellow fever.

No. 4111

'Tis a joke m'lad. Consider it the reverse of tits or gtfo. Don't they have jokes on /cow/?

Anyways, if yall wanna discuss annoying jvloggers Texan in Tokyo is a good one as well. I still don't think rachel is a cow though. She's got a damn annoying voice but she isn't a cow.

No. 4112

Yeah I mean weebs tend to treat japan like its a perfect country and society which is stupid as no country or society is perfect.

No. 4113

I know, I'm just joking around too.

You guys are fun and that's why I visit anyway.

No. 4114

As someone who is half white half Asian I dont like guys who have yellow fever because they tend to say and do pretty fucked up things towards us. My cousin who is full Asian gets it muc worse.

No. 4115

Didnt you get the memo? /cow/ is SERIOUS BUSINESS now

No. 4116

File: 1438050222825.jpg (20.69 KB, 300x300, image.jpg)

Omg what an unfortunate angle for her

No. 4117

File: 1438050430918.png (126.6 KB, 345x337, latest.png)

No. 4118

It's harder to be silly with Nick Bate's sister describing a bunch of unspeakable acts in open court and shit like that.

So I can sort of see where you're coming from.

No. 4119

Insecurity. Racial preferences make a lot of people uncomfortable because they're essentially being told, 'you are inferior and you were born inferior and nothing will change that.'

Also, white women don't like being told that their personalities suck.

No. 4120

I'm white and my current bf of 4 years used to date Asians /half asians and very obviously has the yellow fever. The only reason he is with me is very obviously because I can make white babies and not Elliot Rodgers. I even joke about it all the time with him, like whenever I see an Asian baby I'll say "look it's your son!!!".

Asian women worship white men and suck their dick 5 times a day just for being white. Plus barely any are fat. If I was a white guy that didn't really care about my kids/didn't want any, I'd definitely date asians tbh.

No. 4121

It's a lot easier to have yellow fever when you're a white gay male, take it from me

No. 4122

It's no surprise that so many people are contracting yellow fever when Asian chicks are getting this kind of free PR.

No. 4123

Erm I think it has a lot more to do with it being creepy to fetishize a single race than it does white women being jealous. Dick is an oversaturated and abundant resource.

No. 4124

Well, the upside is probably that anyone who actually believes that stuff is probably too scared to actually talk to a woman IRL anyway.

It's all still pretty funny.

No. 4125

You're partially right! Anyone remember the name of that guy who came to Japan to assualt japanese women and laugh at them for not doing anything about it? I think Victor covered a topic one him once. He was basically telling guys to come to Japan to do whatever they want to women.

No. 4126

I wouldn't call racial preferences any more creepy than any other preference. Liking submissive women is not any more creepy than liking dominant men.
But then, when I think "creepy," I think of Ed Gein. You may have a different standard.

No. 4127

Rachel a lolcow?
Mira approves this thread.

No. 4128

Fedora Kun go to bed

No. 4129

File: 1438053368868.jpg (24.33 KB, 361x416, image.jpg)

No. 4130

Can confirm this as a fact. I mean, Asian women like women of every other race, come with a wide variety of personalities but from personal experience Asian mothers can be really hardcore (nothing submissive about them).

No. 4131

That's not true.

No. 4132


No. 4133

Not intention to defend them, but apart from the drama involving Mira/Dresslink, the thread has just devolved into a discussion about asian women and neckbeards.

I wonder why the J Vlogging community has much more scrutiny than let's say the K Vlogging community. K Vloggers seem to be a little bit more open in discussing the ups and downs of Korea and you get a better picture of the country as a whole.

All I've really seen when considering the negatives of Japan is gimmeaflakeman and the other downer guy whose name I forgot. Mira's "negative" videos are a mess and don't count.

I hope there is an improvement soon.

No. 4134


I've sorta noticed that too. I'm not learning Korean however I do also watch some kvloggers just to get to know Korea a bit more since I focus more on Japan. Both seem pretty cool anyway.

I've noticed that kvloggers, there is more kvloggers who are big and aren't just white. They seem much more enthusiastic talking about the country than Jvloggers, there is more variety in the videos, better content and it just feels nicer.

Jvloggers… there is always some sort of fucking drama and just… I always get an offish kinda vibe. Sharla's are pretty positive and nice but there isn't enough of them out there like hers.

Most jvloggers are guys, older guys and I honestly wish there was more girls. Younger, within their 20s apart from Rachel/Mira and the rest of the weeby ones.

No. 4135

When there are girls, they get torn apart by jelly weeaboos (and I'm not talking about or defending Mira here, just so we're clear).

Even Micaela got shit on at some point, though I forget by whom. And it usually starts with nitpicking someone's appearance - her teeth look so YELLOW! Her hair is messy LOL!
Then some wiseguy comes along and claims to have heard she sucked a million dicks for a banana, everyone takes the bait and it eventually ends up chasing away the youtuber in question.

No. 4136

Here's what I've heard so far:
Kerokerorin - something something skank, ugly and fat
Rachel - ugly weeaboo, married for a visa
Jun - lol he ugly anyway
Micaela - I don't remember, but there was something
Sharla - nothing
Hannah - married for a visa, unfeminist

Basically if it has a vagina and is married to a Japanese guy = married for a visa

I love watching all those youtubers and have never gotten that impression but y'know.

No. 4137


Shame they can't be as civilized as the kvloggers lol

No. 4138

Himezawa: Married some dude for visa like 6 months after moving to Japan

No. 4139


Not always the case but it's becoming the case more and more.

People do it all the time for visa

cept weeb white girls do it for aidoru and nippon fame despite nippon not giving a flying fuck about their existence

No. 4140

Her videos makes me cringe… and her japanese is quite shitty.

No. 4141

and if Rachel did admit to Dresslink sponsorship or what not, people wouldn't mind it. Everybody has to make a living somehow. Sad, that she just lies and plays the victim card when criticized (even with the likes of Mira)
Rachel is a boring weeb,has yellow fever and tends to exaggerate a lot of times (for views, I think). Jun looks like he just got dragged to do Jvlogging by his wife. Some videos are cringefests but some are informative.
These guys are lolcow material.

No. 4142

Not lolcow material at all

No. 4143

File: 1438091926639.jpg (68.9 KB, 939x275, ewww.jpg)

No. 4144

*not lolcow material.

No. 4145

rachel said she was paid to study japanese for a job tho so that doesnt seem right

No. 4146

You sound like a bitch

No. 4147

Paid to study, great. But that doesn't mean she can use it. Have you heard her speaking unscripted?

I prefer channels like kemushihan, asa no gaijin, and fujiashiy. The more bearable bunch of the j-vlog community.

No. 4148

>angry uggos
>angry uggos
>angry uggos
nice projection.

No. 4149

kek. I am tbh.

No. 4150

A bitch is fine too

No. 4151

nice blog m8

No. 4152

serial killer =/= dominant man

Get your head out of your ass.

No. 4153

Ashiya married secretly for a visa, took his money for clothes and camera equipment, slept with other guys, and ran away from home in March. He posted her visa information online a month ago and reported her missing and since then she stopped making videos.

Kemushi doesn't live in Japan and has never lived in Japan. She just tries to make people think she does.

Asa no gaijin is a filthy neckbeard.

No. 4154

No one likes bitches, especially racist pieces of shit like yourself, youre probably ugly as fuck too. Its ashame youre personality matches your face kek

No. 4155

At least she knows how to use English grammar properly.

No. 4156

I'm guessing this mess of a post was actually directed at me. Fucking kek, you so platinum mad.

No. 4157

No. 4158

Platinum mad? Lmao what a fucking retard LOL who the fuck says this shit

No. 4159

Lol mira is defending asiya in this 2chan thread

No. 4160

I told her she got scammed on her review video. She immediately accused me of being Mira and blocked me.

No. 4161

Okay Mira

No. 4162

Come on, those clothes were not the ones shown in the picture. Pointing that out doesn't make me Mira.

No. 4163

Okay Rachel.

No. 4164

i fucking hate them, ew, so dumb and ugly

No. 4165

Go back to your cave Mira

No. 4166

She's just bringing up mira's name when criticized for attention and sympathy.

No. 4167


except out of all the things she's been criticized on, she only ever brought up mira once… and because it was something mira did

unless you have any other examples of her bringing up mira for "attention and sympathy"

No. 4168

Yes Rachel.

No. 4169


mira mira mira rachel rachel rachel

you people paranoid as shit

No. 4170

Jun's done nothing bad from the videos I've seen, and Rachel seems 'sweet' but something's off.

However, her constant 'this is this' opinions on a culture she's an outsider to annoy me. She talks too much in definites and as if she's an expert, but I find most of their videos empty, too long and useless.

Don't know if there's any drama - they're too 'meh' in terms of presence…

No. 4171

The only reason I even pointed out that the site was a scam is because I've had bad experiences with scam websites. I didn't want anyone else to get scammed by a company she was endorsing.

No. 4172

She can speak japanese, for those of you saying she can't. I think shes done it in a live stream or two as well. And shes not 'off' shes just BORING and awkward

No. 4173

be reborn!

No. 4174

This is wonderful. Where did you find this? The video is deleted right?

No. 4175

File: 1466681712518.jpg (195.5 KB, 1452x721, rachel.jpg)

I want to mention this


Rachel claims she is making documentaries about "shokunin" in Japan. The viewers don't know that she is being promoted by this company to do so. Those funds she is getting is just a bunch of bs. The company is paying her to promote it and she is acting like she needs extra to go out of her own way to do this.

No. 4176

Are you retarded? Of course she is

No. 4177

They got married after <1 year(VISA's are a year long right?).


Audrey did the exact same thing, and claims ~*wun tru luv*~, like pleaaaase.

No. 4178

You are seriously getting that buttmad over this post >>4143
Damn you need to leave the basement once in a while.

No. 4179

You're the one replying to a 10 month old post though.

No. 4180

And? This was on the front page.

No. 4181

Don't take the bait, they've been doing this to the jvlogger thread too

No. 4182

I swear to god, she is the genderswapped version of me in looks, and in interest in Japan (except I grew out of it years ago when I dated a Japanese exchange student, went to Japan with her and the idealistic weeaboo vision of Japan was ruined forever.)

Sorry for the blog post, it's just scary to me how much this girl looks like me. Same hair color, eye color, nose, etc everything. Her videos are annoying though, she's just another one of the dime-a-dozen white people who moved to Japan and becomes overly nationalistic and forgiving of everything wrong with Japan for no reason. I'm not sure if that's a symptom of the way Japanese people are, since I know that they get insanely mad if you point out any of the flaws of Japan.

No. 4183

She was in the Air Force. The U.S. military does that all the time. See: Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center (DLIFLC), which provides instruction in 24 languages

No. 4184

This. I know 2 married cuties that met because they were both American Military who were stationed overseas but fluent in Russian.

>I'm not sure if that's a symptom of the way Japanese people are, since I know that they get insanely mad if you point out any of the flaws of Japan.

"The Nail That Sticks Out Must Get Hammered Down". I'm sure they are already gossiped about in Japan enough, but if she or he were to come out in a video and openly criticize an aspect of Japanese Culture, you might as well write "Your Visa" on the bullet you should just put in your skull. It's not an outright outcasting, but it'd be stacking the odds so against them, it wouldn't even be funny.

No. 4185

you sound cute

No. 4186

Lesbe honest - army women are usually huge thots.

No. 4187

Hollup, wait a minute!

What dirt is there about Kerokerorin?

I've been watching her for years! I keep checking in wondering when and if she's going to make it to Japan.

She seems like one of those various youtube girls who did a pretty good job of getting attention by self-studying the language but as much as she talked about wanting to go, I still have yet to see her talk about making it and now it seems like she doesn't even talk about it.

No. 4188

File: 1467039400441.jpg (7.9 KB, 225x225, download.jpg)

Rachel used to be a pop singer in the 80's under an assumed name.

No. 4189

Omg its robin sparkles!

No. 4190

I always think the same thing!

No. 4191

She's cute!

No. 4192

File: 1467221310454.jpg (Spoiler Image, 209.45 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

Rachel loves big dicks

No. 4193

Wow how funny.

No. 4194

Anon you should probably not use YouTube for porn lol

No. 4195

not a fan of these two, i don't really think they're bad people but it rubbed us the wrong way when they (rachel in particular) took credit in the media for work that my friend and I did anonymously, and wanted it to stay anonymous and not credited to anyone specific as it wasn't supposed to be about who is doing it but rather the message it conveyed. We chose to stay anonymous throughout all of the japanese language media but for some reason some of the english language media felt unsatisfied without having a name and face to put with the story, and a few publications decided to interview Rachel about it even though she had nothing to do with it beyond sharing the content of what we had made. i dont know if rachel intentionally took credit for attention or if it was just bad journalism and they just accredited her for it just for the sake of having a someone known name/face to put with their articles, but i thought if that was the case, she could have at least mentioned in a followup video that it wasn't her work.

It's not a big deal in the long run but it did kind of irk us.

But why are people dissing her "ugly japanese trophy husband?" In the pic he seems to be a pretty decent looking guy. Certainly better looking than most of the white guys I know, or the typical chumps that a lot of gaijin girls in japan end up with because they date the first cunt-rag who asks them out in English.

No. 4196


Same poster here.

I do have to say though, in the Mira vs. Rachel & Jun drama though, I definitely take Rachel & Jun's side. Have firsthand been harassed by Mira on several occasions so the things they said about her in the video came as no shock or surprise to me. Old news, but i guess relevant since Mira is back to stirring up shit and is now playing the victim.

No. 4197

Why is this in pt?

No. 4198

Why are you watching so many dick videos on youtube?

No. 4199


It's Miranda and Caroline!

No. 4200



No. 4201

so, are the shit posters actually going to get banned? Or is the Rachel and Jun thread not allowed anymore either?

No. 4202

Are Rachel and Sharla fighting?

No. 4203

No. 4205

can we talk about rachels new nose tho

No. 4213

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