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She actually gets her viewers to pay for these "cosplays". Essentially just a really cheap wig and then makes it a sub-a-thon stream to extract even more cash out of her viewers. She's been money grabbing a lot more recently as well, making a patreon (with some expensive tiers to watch her react to a tv show), locking all her streams to sub only mode and asking her viewers to buy her gifts constantly. Her mods are even told to post the gift link frequently in her chat that is essentially the same 5-10 people that always turn up stream.(Shit thread.)

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OP delivers something potentially spicy? I searched her and found this tweet from a few days ago. It looks like she uses bots to promote her stream. I found the part where it happens and.. The streamer has a few choice words to say about her!


No. 283152

She does seem like an Amo wanna-be like the streamer said

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