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No. 644024

Below is a list of common terms for those with uncertainty over what constitutes a ban. This list may also be of use to those unfamiliar with the terms below.

Cow- A person of interest to the site due to eccentric/cringy behavior.
Milk- New information/Drama regarding a cow.
Farmer- User of the site.
Farmhand- Part of the moderation team.
Samefag- A poster that pretends to be multiple people within the same thread in order to validate their own ideas or move the discussion into their desired direction.
Double posting- A person who posts additional information about their previous post in a new one as opposed to editing their first.
Sage- Putting ‘sage’ into the email box, so it will not bump the thread to the front page.
We encourage for anons to use it when they have no milk to provide.
(Reminder that sage was removed from /pt/, it still stands for /snow/ though)
Note: Don't announce sage, it's visible by the Anonymous color; don't say samefag when you mean doublepost
Vendetta- An anon who is posting a “cow” solely because they do not like them. They are not cows or have any milk.
Necro- Reviving an old thread with no new milk.
Blogging - Should be self explanatory, in /pt/ and /snow/, these threads are not about you, and no one cares to hear about your own experiences.
Avatarfag - An anon who identifies themselves by using images. (e.g someone who constantly will use reaction images of the same person, so you can tell it is them)
Namefag- Unnecessarily identifying oneself by putting a name into the Name field
Selfposting- Posting about oneself to become a topic of discussion within a thread.
Avatarfag - aka "imagefagging", using images to identify oneself within a thread
Oldfag- A poster who has been on the site for a substantial amount of time.
Newfag- A poster who is new to the site and hasn’t lurked long enough to understand the board culture.
Lurking- Reading through threads.
Infighting- Fighting between farmers within threads which become unconducive to the threads purpose.
Derailing-When discussion trails far from the OP’s topic
OP- Original Poster. The poster who created the thread.
Off topic- Discussion that is not on topic. Self explanatory.
Whiteknighting- Coming to the defense of one under fire in hopes of recognition or reward.
Personal Army- Attempting to rally the farmerbase to action that suits one’s personal wants and needs.
Cowtipping- Alerting a Cow or someone close to the cow about the site’s existence and/or activity or harassing them outside of the site.

Recommended lore:
/pt/ (PixyTeri) - The all beautiful queen, /pt/ was named after her.
Read about her here;

Kiki or (AKA “spergchan”) - Dakota Rose’s sister who went on a crazy sperging spree

Missvictoriamurder (AKA “VickyShingles) - Narcissist who spammed the board for more than 15 hours straight, also pretended to be different people who knew her in real life.


32” chan- An old joke from back from /cgl/


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