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File: 1529857099393.jpeg (89.19 KB, 1080x1350, 964C6757-46E1-4D67-A4AB-55BDA4…)

No. 619986

> kawaii cow from the UK

> runs an unsuccessful YouTube
> involved in all the UK kawaii fashion communities
> at university for illustration
> begs for commissions for mediocre, but expensive art
> claims to not be into DDLG, but buys from DDLG companies like LittleForBig and has been known to be in DDLG relationships
> deleted original instagram posts featuring her DDLG artwork
> has swarms of fairy-kei and Lolita white knights online
> only dates weird older guys she’s met online
> current Daddy from Canada
> known to only talk/care about herself
> uses filters and angles to disguise how huge she is
> complains about the rules of Lolita and that Lolita isn’t speacial enough for her
> invented her own style “jade core”

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/emiblush/?hl=en

No. 619991

No. 619994

File: 1529857920325.jpeg (72.12 KB, 712x377, 4F71AC23-0EC8-4B1C-8F65-97813B…)

The final look

No. 619995

File: 1529857929064.jpeg (57.64 KB, 741x375, 262CCE3A-D3A0-4B51-97B7-3D05B9…)

No. 620005

That thumbnail is false advertising compared to how she looks in the video. Did she not realise people will see her in the video?

No. 620009

File: 1529858920764.jpeg (479.2 KB, 2048x2048, E5B55026-C79D-4812-BE32-3918BA…)

No. 620016

You forgot to mention in op that she tries to be part of every uk jfash comm and she is disliked in all of them. She comes to lolita meets in tank tops and won't take con crit.

No. 620025

File: 1529860309178.jpeg (52.98 KB, 750x309, 66E6C9AF-6771-4B17-8314-96906E…)

What’s the point of even going to a meet like that?

No. 620027

She doesnt realise because nobody will say anything bad to her face doesnt mean that they arent thinking it.

No. 620039

I wish someone would explain to her that mismatching pinks isn’t a fashion statement.
Also does anyone have any legit details about her ddlg relationship?

No. 620054

she unfollowed me almost as soon as I unfollowed her iirc kek, shows how obsessed she is with followers

No. 620066

wtf, don't come if you're not gonna bother dressing up. if you wanna hang around in lazy clothes, do it on your own time.

No. 620067

File: 1529863281417.jpg (291.5 KB, 1428x768, tumblr proof.jpg)

She has deleted most proof but there are many DDLG/daddy/incest posts in a tumblr tag dedicated to her ex including lolicon posts


No. 620097

Her fault for being so public with everything

No. 620161

File: 1529871033587.jpeg (123.14 KB, 768x960, 36B74773-BF17-4FAB-927C-419B99…)

>I just like them it’s not ddlg
Fucking kek

No. 620163

File: 1529871066169.jpeg (246.66 KB, 1920x1080, 92473F8C-A2F6-42C9-B91A-E58EC3…)

No. 620198

File: 1529873024604.jpg (209.04 KB, 1200x900, Ctwd5FNXEAQWu5w.jpg)

She is always taking and posting her own upskirt shots online

No. 620206

I hate her because she caused some drama with friends of mine but I don't really have milk to share. One of my friends used to be close with her and confirmed to me that she's DDlg (only hearsay so not good milk). She's annoying and the comms don't like her.

No. 620207

What was the drama?

No. 620218

Her way of dressing would be sort of cute if she wasn't such an unfortunate-faced landwhale. I feel pity.

No. 620222

Buddying up with my friend's ex and being unpleasant to her own ex (they were all friends before)

No. 620226

Mostly for being an unlikeable parasite. I think everyone has a personal reason for hating her.

No. 620229

> complains about the rules of Lolita and that Lolita isn’t speacial enough for her
> invented her own style “jade core”

She just dresses like a basic tumblr pastel girl. Naming a style after yourself is cringeworthy but her style doesnt even look different.

No. 620239

Jade core is very unique. It’s about wearing Marie motifs, dreamy baby room and greasy hair

No. 620240

Forgot to sage

No. 620242

File: 1529875899559.jpeg (95.32 KB, 750x409, FC1739BE-CE00-4A05-86E3-0B856D…)

Convince me she’s not a sissy

No. 620311

That dress looks like a mini skirt on her, has nobody told her about underskirts for tall lolitas?

No. 620415

You could fry an egg with all that grease also those dungarees are at least 2 sizes too small makes for a pronounced fupa

No. 620430

In all all seriousness is she some sort special needs? She speaks as if she has learning difficulties and clearly has a poor grasp of hygiene

No. 620512

I think she's autistic and makes a fuss about it

No. 620534

Scary OP pic. She looks like Hatchet Face from Crybaby.

No. 620547

File: 1529891177207.jpg (162.82 KB, 663x499, c0cbbc275746f00242e0d78366a425…)

Hey, don't do Hatchet Face like that

No. 620798

File: 1529916007954.jpeg (123.16 KB, 540x960, 034B1B17-82F4-4B49-A2A6-3DF181…)

Why does she need those huge heels when she’s already so tall?

No. 620807

I vaguely remember seeing pics of her wearing a "crybaby" necklace and using a baby bottle phone case in her posts on COF, I'll post again if I can find them. Seagulls accused her of being into ddlg based on that alone, idk who she thinks she's fooling.

No. 620813

File: 1529919265926.jpg (Spoiler Image, 35.01 KB, 586x338, Ctwd5FNXEAQWu5w.jpg)

Another so called accidental upskirt shot. There are so many its obvious she posts these on purpose for attention.

No. 620824

Not to wk since this girl is an absolute mess with a pretty gross fetish. But since when is it forbidden to wear heels just because you’re tall? It makes the legs appear slimmer and gives a better posture to wear them. I’ll not wear ugly flats just because some dwarfs are scared that I’ll spit into their headpieces kek

No. 620829


that eyeliner application, good lord. her fake eyelashes were huge so you can't tell in the end but c'mon

No. 620832

This is one of her only popular pictures because her face is covered

No. 620869

File: 1529931448018.jpg (183.18 KB, 1200x1200, C7ZD0FyX4AEaNvv.jpg)

Dumping her attempt at being a drag queen

No. 620871

File: 1529931472187.jpg (87.1 KB, 720x960, Ctwd5FNXEAQWu5w.jpg)

Current daddy

No. 620899

Well I'll be dammed, thats in Norwich. I don't think she's ever been part of the East Anglia comm though? Nice to have a local cow, I'll try and find out more about her in the local community

No. 620904

Why do all these types of lolcows love Trixie?

No. 620908

That anime lolicon stuff is actually illegal in the UK and considered as serious as actual child porn

No. 620910

Cause Trixie is just as much of a clown as these fuckers.

No. 620914

File: 1529936223992.jpeg (72.24 KB, 746x335, F09BD10F-C907-4FD4-8C28-B0E78B…)

You’d think if you were filming a YouTube video you would atleast wash your hair

No. 620915

you leave skinny legend alone

No. 620917

So true. Trixie is a fucking lolcow herself tbh.

No. 620918

She is so open about her sex life but I dont understand how these guys are comfortable fucking her it would be like violating a child with special needs.

No. 620923

File: 1529936695125.jpeg (212.37 KB, 750x724, B13A34AE-5069-4E3D-BA82-D331F1…)

No. 620925

File: 1529936725243.jpeg (193.79 KB, 750x905, 768A6C31-F475-47B0-8CB6-B5D5F3…)

Everything about this is wrong

No. 620930

File: 1529936785226.png (Spoiler Image, 227.62 KB, 682x492, what the fuck.png)

Not going to share everything but she does post lolicon

No. 620932

She could get in serious trouble for that in the UK, they're insane about that shit here

No. 620941

File: 1529937286039.png (Spoiler Image, 346.48 KB, 624x510, what the fuck.png)

Some tame stuff since I don't want to post the illegal crap myself but she is clearly into sexualising little girls

No. 620947

File: 1529937546462.png (Spoiler Image, 338.03 KB, 606x456, what the fuck.png)

One more because I don't want to save more of this stuff

No. 620948

What the fuck is she doing posting this on an account associated to her identity?!

No. 620958

File: 1529938122221.jpeg (112.37 KB, 750x664, A6730C7E-4219-48EA-B315-22ECA3…)

No. 620961

File: 1529938221479.jpeg (190.94 KB, 750x1190, 16DB13E3-A839-48DE-B9B2-B59765…)

No. 620962

File: 1529938267612.jpeg (185.79 KB, 750x1145, 116FC4EE-A0DD-40EC-AAB0-F99FAA…)

No. 620963

File: 1529938331764.jpeg (191.97 KB, 750x1173, 1463E165-26C8-4CB3-AD3A-A1DD05…)

No. 620965

File: 1529938450350.jpeg (149.68 KB, 750x1099, CEC340F6-15A6-41C3-99AF-63A911…)

There’s so much evidence I don’t know why she denies it

No. 620967

File: 1529938817886.png (415.69 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180625-155910.png)

Found her Facebook if anyone wants to go digging:
Turns out she is part of the East Anglia comm, I've just never been to a meet with her

No. 620969

File: 1529938938103.png (289.72 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180625-160221.png)

She had a whole meetup dedicated to herself kek

No. 620970


I see diapers under there…

No. 620971

Did she invite the whole comm? She is so self centered

No. 620977

how could she post this shit like, is her right foot broken at a 90degree angle ? what

No. 620984

My bad, anon haha

Her face is tragic enough without the drag makeup.

No. 620987

File: 1529940648272.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 133.44 KB, 720x960, CC385B3F-EFA5-4BEF-BD2B-59C764…)

No. 620993

File: 1529941675857.gif (9.95 MB, 695x287, ugh.gif)

She's too chubby to be wearing such tight, short clothes and ugly as fuck to be thinking she's hot shit.

No. 620998

Yeah she often posts IG stories where she's obviously naked

No. 621000

Somehow the fact she romanticizes/idealizes Nabokov's Lolita upsets me more than anything else. Well, maybe just as much as the lolicon.
Is she actually a part of a comm? I hope not, given all this shit.

No. 621001


No. 621012

She’s part of several

No. 621019

How does she afford all of this lolita and brand?

No. 621026

You forgot to link her other instagram


No. 621029

File: 1529943237031.jpg (167.31 KB, 720x955, _20180625_171344.JPG)

Would you guys like me to post meetup pics? I don't want to spam for nothing

No. 621031

Why go to a meet with ratty greasy hair like this? I feel sorry for that dress and yes post the pics. Do you have one of her with the tank top that started drama in COF?

No. 621033

File: 1529943878609.jpeg (130.23 KB, 766x960, 8D6B4455-309A-4A9E-B8C2-A340CA…)

No. 621036

She alters everything she gets to fit, maybe she buys stuff damaged?

No. 621046

I remember the drama on this. She wouldnt take any criticism and defended her decision that this was proper lolita because ap made some vests or something.

No. 621055

File: 1529944819900.jpg (137.63 KB, 624x1118, _20180625_173815.JPG)

Spamming some pictures, censored the innocent

No. 621056

File: 1529944862922.jpg (94.3 KB, 720x521, _20180625_173522.JPG)

Why does she insist on having greasy hair at all times

No. 621057

File: 1529944883922.jpg (103.51 KB, 720x527, _20180625_173621.JPG)

No. 621059

File: 1529944899544.jpg (138.22 KB, 625x1121, _20180625_173349.JPG)

No. 621062

File: 1529944951079.jpg (71.42 KB, 720x406, _20180625_173702.JPG)

Last one, no one seems to really like taking pictures with her

No. 621068

File: 1529945306234.jpeg (119.21 KB, 720x960, EEC5D979-2600-4EF2-BD58-F0C7E1…)

Imagine being this desperate

No. 621072

That's one ghetto way of forcing your way into a dress. She should just accept that this isnt working for her.

No. 621080

I hope those aren't dirty panties on the floor.

No. 621082

And not a single one of these comms is aware of the ddlg shit she's into? Wouldn't surprise me if she's into lolita for her fetish, why the fuck is she in ANY comm?

>that stretched out shirring
That shit. Does not fit.
And if she has to do that to the straps, she can at least move the buttons to the very end so this ridiculous "mod" isn't so obvious, or at least tie them up like a halter neck. It's not like she can damage the dress any more considering what she's done to the shirring.
Not that it matters much because she's probably wearing lolita to get her rocks off. Lovely.

No. 621090

Looks like panties and a bra.

No. 621104

File: 1529947245827.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 156.17 KB, 750x1154, B472E30A-84DE-4133-9644-5ED8F8…)

More ddlg stuff

No. 621106

File: 1529947414581.jpeg (172.79 KB, 750x813, 3E6B4F24-6FEB-43D3-B2E0-B9FA34…)

No. 621108

File: 1529947461070.jpeg (258.35 KB, 749x1021, 2C0BFB4E-6482-47B9-AEA4-348023…)

No. 621109

File: 1529947465934.jpeg (211.76 KB, 566x829, E163A96A-EE2E-400E-9F1D-45371F…)


>I keep screaming, but God doesn’t hear me

No. 621110

Is she wearing a diaper here? This kind of photo is so infantile and its sick that she wants to make it sexy

No. 621115

she kinda looks like tiferet in these pics.

No. 621118

File: 1529948305797.jpeg (256.84 KB, 750x1170, 73374830-3E52-43AD-AF19-D3E6EE…)

No. 621120

This is the most damning proof yet. Post a link if you can so that it gets archived.

No. 621121

File: 1529948476916.jpeg (148.56 KB, 750x1175, FA21A514-AF00-46BF-A09A-441BF9…)

No. 621122

File: 1529948640740.jpg (77.5 KB, 720x960, tumblr_nm3dovoWM01t5c77ao3_128…)

Past daddy

No. 621123

File: 1529948668382.jpeg (196.25 KB, 750x1121, 862D8BA0-6569-4B08-B90E-8D5EC2…)

All found on her current tumblr

No. 621124

No. 621127

File: 1529948913307.jpeg (325.09 KB, 2048x2048, 148821C6-80D4-4E7A-A38C-4FF630…)

No. 621128

File: 1529948934307.jpeg (154.26 KB, 750x937, FD556886-4C6C-4A12-926C-F9424D…)

No. 621129

I hope she does realise that first one would still be child porn even if she posts it at 18

No. 621133

File: 1529949290097.png (11.86 KB, 610x93, desperate.png)

Proof of her being desperate for followers

No. 621134

File: 1529949314408.jpeg (157.33 KB, 750x1120, 8ED49D21-1C16-44BB-A861-53307B…)

There’s a lot of pictures of her lingerie, but no photos of her wearing it.
It’s not uncommon to be into something when you were younger and then grow out of it, but she still denies not being into ddlg when there’s so much legitimate evidence floating around. It’s not hard to find any of these posts.

No. 621141

File: 1529949947291.png (273.42 KB, 857x253, ew.png)

These are the backpacks that elementary school kids use in japan and she pretends she isnt into sexualising kids

No. 621150


they look inbred. its crazy how if she hides her face enough she can be sort of passable >>620798
but the moment you see her mug, the illusion is over. from a 6 to a 2.


i actually think her art is cute but why does she have to draw this weird perverted shit smh. you could have just drawn cute cartoons of girls eating pocky's or something like that, why did you have to go full pedo. let alone post it.


you know they are. gross. i did not need to know this ogre's fetishes but she makes them so obvious fuuuck. every pic in this thread is more and more painful.

No. 621165

She really does look better when you can't see her natural hair or face, or her underwear, that's a nice touch to cover her fucking ass for once.

No. 621170

When will these bitches realise that applying drag makeup meant to make a grown ass man look hyperfeminine doesn't work on their features? Slapping massive features on your already female features makes you look downsy at the best of times and psychotic at this. Not everything is meant for you, Jade.

No. 621193

He looks like a pedo, no surprise there. >>621122 They both look like half assed trannies.

No. 621220

I know her daddy bought Dream Sky for her not long after they got together

No. 621222

Don't bring Jamie into this, he's cool

No. 621230

That expression makes her look like the spitting image of Mr Bean

No. 621243

Can he share info in here? We arent attacking him

No. 621354

File: 1529964264668.jpeg (63.6 KB, 749x452, 6C23499F-AD9D-4A2E-8277-D26F92…)

I tried to go through her nsfw tag but it’s an endless stream of lolicon and ddlg reblogs, wouldn’t recommend it.

No. 621361

File: 1529964920866.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 132.21 KB, 750x749, 7A69BC17-CD7B-4E1B-8FB5-6E914A…)

No. 621362

File: 1529965065263.jpeg (38.98 KB, 250x333, 3DDAE208-BEBE-4E0A-AA92-AF06BE…)

No. 621369

Thats a serious case of hank hill ass

No. 621454

Not sure ginger Squidward was what Nabokov had in mind

No. 621504

She seems like a big narcissist in cutesy pastel outfits.

No. 621506

No. 621511

And she wasted her art talent on this crap. Oh dear…

No. 621547

why does she need to put "do not delete caption"?
who would reblog this hot mess lmao

No. 621550

hun you are not a tiny princess

No. 621679

What an unfortunate nose and chin ratio.

No. 621784

File: 1530007126239.gif (441.06 KB, 320x240, tumblr_nfcwq5CTIl1t5c77ao1_400…)

I havent seen her since she was with her ex years ago but judging from her public facebook posts she has gotten worse. She always had to be center of attention and thought she was special. She had uwu syndrome like shuwu always had to be smoll like loli anime but physically she was a hulking giant.

No. 621856

"help out the look" holy fuck that's so sick

No. 621871

Its like a kiddy training bra too. Obvious what shes into.

No. 621875

Ignoring everything else wrong with this by lolita standards but why is she pairing a baby themed necklace with a print that has nothing to do with babies? She couldnt make her ageplay fetish more obvious.

No. 621899

File: 1530021309652.jpeg (53.04 KB, 750x457, F90B1B1A-18BF-4219-87A2-FF69CD…)

Fresh off her tumblr from today. It’s not a ddlg post, but it becomes one given the evidence.

No. 621901

The account that posted this has binkie in the name so that almost confirms it being an ageplay post

No. 621903

File: 1530021507100.jpeg (161.73 KB, 750x1175, 6661A4ED-C948-4F96-9EF2-4FB82A…)

>sure jan

No. 621907

File: 1530021663509.jpeg (73.87 KB, 750x439, EBACB617-D40F-4280-815D-725E9D…)

No. 621908

File: 1530021683730.jpeg (121.91 KB, 750x1115, 1A58D14B-52A9-4BE7-9134-BE79C5…)

What is the truth jade???

No. 621910

The irony is thick in this one

No. 621911

File: 1530021745241.jpeg (147.1 KB, 749x1045, D2333926-AA36-400D-B61C-B887D5…)

It never ends

No. 621913

File: 1530021799137.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 185.25 KB, 750x1201, 999BD5AF-60B2-465C-8118-D36E36…)

No. 621914

File: 1530021850738.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 114.56 KB, 750x779, F45C457D-D033-40B6-BD76-0F7D71…)

No. 621916

This is disturbing combined with her obsession with being a child and buying those cute panties to look like a kid

No. 621942

File: 1530022866877.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 105.51 KB, 742x1000, 6D95D760-963D-4F34-942A-FD6DCD…)

No. 621985

File: 1530025754781.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 193.75 KB, 750x1179, AAA95FFF-FD54-456E-9B0D-41AD61…)

Was she even legal in these?

No. 621994

File: 1530026381854.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 63.04 KB, 720x359, 3BB9E7E3-4A1E-4CBE-A539-E4BD68…)

No. 622040

>blog full of ddlg content and lolicon
>surprised other people into ddlg follow her and reblog her shit
>calls other people perverse

No. 622067

File: 1530034664535.jpeg (111.06 KB, 750x1086, 490BE49C-BFB9-40FC-9556-77B4E7…)

No. 622074

File: 1530035511110.jpeg (170.68 KB, 750x1183, 65EBF0BC-71DD-461F-ACE7-B5B6A4…)

And more

No. 622076

File: 1530035604428.jpeg (182.53 KB, 750x1100, 16BB8BE1-8DA7-45B9-AE4F-A7CA38…)

No. 622122


Does this girl even know what a nymphet is?
She does not look young, she looks like a weird lady in her 30's trying to be sexy, seriously, she thinks she can pull off the "little girl" look?

No. 622124

Did she just reblog a post asking for little/ddlg blogs and then say she blocks ddlg blogs even though she posts ddlg?

No. 622698

Her edited photos are bad but her videos are worse

No. 622708

Oh no. I didn’t know Rose West wore Lolita.

No. 622725

I wonder how filthy that dress is now

No. 622726

File: 1530103221659.jpeg (177.24 KB, 960x960, B4D1B90E-89A1-4BA9-B555-0CCE11…)

>confirmed ddlg

No. 622730

File: 1530103510850.jpeg (80.79 KB, 750x413, E545F9F1-0CEC-41EA-8292-0D1B33…)

The human equivalent of ordering a lolita from wish

No. 622731

File: 1530103897826.jpg (40.01 KB, 615x409, MAIN-Rose-West.jpg)

Oh god anon I'm dying

No. 622751

ugh, it pisses me off when ddlg weebs use these bright red, elementary school ones. they make this shape for adults (but not bright red and childish looking) and i think they're quite nice, but who wants someone to think you're into DDLG?

No. 622779

File: 1530110598429.jpg (185.64 KB, 1484x614, FNXEAQWu5w.jpg)

Kek when she says it fits good because she can breathe in it.

No. 622794

File: 1530112432993.jpeg (113.61 KB, 1280x720, 0D1C1267-2BB1-4D8C-874B-C861A6…)

No. 622811

The resemblance to OP picture is scary

No. 622866

She's legit hideous. Her face clashes so hard with this type of fashion.

No. 622904

her face looks like a legit square. it also permanently looks like when lashy is making ridiculous gross faces in her vids, only ugly.

No. 623059

File: 1530134933351.png (23.12 KB, 506x314, ow the edge.PNG)

Wow Jade be careful not to cut yourself on that edge

No. 623064

She reminds me of a 13 year old that just discovered what BDSM is

No. 623070

she mentioned 5 things, half of which aren't moods.

No. 623085

how can you be a thicc loli

No. 623178

She always looks like she has a bad taste in her mouth, like a permanent look of disgust. They say having a short philtrum is feminine but she just looks like her nose is hanging over her lips and any expression makes it so much worse. Truly she has no redeeming features.

No. 623203

No. 623385

christ, her nose and her double chin are so unfortunate. She's not even that fat from her other photos, how does she have such a fat face?

No. 623494

Any info on this Ross guy? It seems like he might have been the first daddy.

No. 623501

cause a loli is a fucking child. there's no prerequisite size for a child, anon. i hate how everyone seems to think lolis are just some uwu smol animu girl. they are children.

No. 623510

File: 1530192547399.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 139.99 KB, 750x1190, 2E79EBB2-9E94-43A7-A62B-878E8F…)

She has so many nsfw loli posts

No. 623517


There are few posts about Ross but seems to be an ex and includes loli posts. He might have been her first DDLG relationship.

If she is 19 years old now that means she was 15 (underage) when she posted about the panties, lolis and wanting sex over 4 years ago. Getting pedo vibes from Ross, does anyone know his identity or age?

No. 623528

No. 623529

Link is fucked, just search Jade Rose ross in posts, and set the date to 2014

No. 623534

File: 1530195671603.jpg (53.1 KB, 720x960, 1378358.jpg)

Found him. Looks like he would have been around 18 when she was 15 talking to her about sex and buying her panties. If they had sex it would have been statutory rape.

No. 623537

At least she goes for guys well within her league.

No. 623549

File: 1530198715889.png (30.83 KB, 686x574, jade timeline.PNG)

Her birthday is 14 September 1998.

I only knew Jade from 2015 when she was in a relationship with Jamie but I vaguely remember her talking about Ross. The thing that stands out is he spilt coke on her first AP dress and ruined it. I remember her talking about an elderly relative walking in on her having sex but I don't remember whether that was with Jamie or Ross. I got the impression things did not end well with Ross.

No. 623786

File: 1530222544321.jpeg (155.58 KB, 720x960, 342FEB4E-4E83-45A0-B070-94413B…)

She looks so much like Chris-Chan it’s unreal

No. 624238

File: 1530278380051.jpeg (64.46 KB, 640x447, 7E35F048-93C7-486F-9DA1-8A088B…)

No. 624306

What is this supposed to mean? Most of her videos are materialistic

No. 624313

but 'thicc' specifically refers to large breasts and butt, not just being fat, so how does that make sense

No. 625369

Usually people say thicc because of thighs alone.

No. 626466

She acts so loud and embarrassing at meets

No. 626491

thicc just means chubby in an attractive way.

No. 626745

File: 1530495329891.jpg (155.43 KB, 720x741, Screenshot_20180702-023345_Fac…)

Because you'd never flaunt a fetish in public

No. 626941

File: 1530523564768.jpg (69.1 KB, 960x960, 36442685.jpg)

She posted this the same day and she was wearing the littleforbig baby onepiece

No. 626948

File: 1530526886522.jpg (99.06 KB, 960x960, 36590271.jpg)

No. 626981

>b-but ddlg is gross h-haha,like,ew
>two minutes later
>uwu i want daddy to spank me
Is this bitch fo real?

No. 628799

File: 1530729907387.jpg (103.04 KB, 720x960, 36654839.jpg)

None of these clothes fit

No. 629582

File: 1530821342902.jpeg (205.27 KB, 750x1156, 1755354B-BEC5-4FE3-8E68-9612AB…)

Just, fucking ew.

No. 630169

Thats a mental image that nobody needed.

No. 630208

Just checked her facebook profile, she has over 400 "friends" and her posts are public but she can't get over 20 likes on an outfit shot. Thats sad.

No. 630316

File: 1530898900943.jpg (182.35 KB, 1080x1080, 32607751_432757473858412_56427…)

Just heard that she applied to be a Lazy Oaf model, this girl is delusional

No. 632812

File: 1531189347085.jpeg (90.99 KB, 750x469, 996C7E05-2668-4C14-8D8E-0C2C25…)

to nobody’s surprise, she didn’t get a call back

No. 632995

The delusion is real

No. 633125

File: 1531240637633.gif (1.83 MB, 500x281, 0AC3DCD2-808B-4E23-8047-BB0783…)

No. 633365

File: 1531258329823.jpeg (156.96 KB, 747x968, DD73E840-7DAD-4B31-A4FD-64B8BF…)

No. 633425

Is this about ross or did someone else come before him? She dated him when she was 15

No. 633549

File: 1531275072886.jpg (598.47 KB, 1660x1180, 18-07-10-21-10-00-266_deco.jpg)

No. 633767

File: 1531313794145.jpeg (205.3 KB, 750x918, FED9C3D0-C302-473E-8722-D68276…)

He’s not even free of her in sleep, poor guy

No. 633768

File: 1531313904786.jpg (31.55 KB, 600x341, im-not-creepy-5j7a3g.jpg)

No. 633809

imagine looking like a 14 year old aspie boy in your natural state. i mean she looks fucked with all the cutesy shit, but good lord.

No. 633889

File: 1531331526978.jpg (206.52 KB, 1152x2048, 37038869_385258461878337_12608…)

Jesus, she looks so awful, is this about her boyfriend?

No. 633897

File: 1531333254217.jpg (46.7 KB, 325x199, IMG_2424.JPG)

Everytime I've seen the thread bumped shes just been talking about her gross pedo little shit ooor how shes gonna eat her bfs dick and make him breakfast etc so no wonder he cum & dumped her.
Shes crying over a shallow relationship she was part of making shallow then when the "SO" is being honest and declining something she herself said she worked hard on because he doesnt see anything of value in the relationship and clearly doesnt want to accept something like that considering his feelings.

Tl;Dr unstable woman cries cause her cock appointment gently let her down.

I know its an over and done joke but seriously she shouldn't cry on camera, its not a very kawaii look.

No. 633908

I thought she was at his place in Canada

No. 633949

What kind of present did she try to give him for this reaction? An engagement ring?

No. 633952

She mentions going to the states with or without him.
So I guess she's still in Canada and they were planning to go to the States but then this happened.

No. 634282

Her boyfriend seems to get extremely angry and aggressive with her a lot. I don’t want to victim blame, but she seems to go for the first guy that shows her the tiniest piece of attention.

No. 634284

According to her story they’re still together

No. 634318

Any examples? Just to add receipts

No. 634335


this bitch bases her entire personality around her ddlg relationship so if her man does anything mean to her she's over and her life crashed down. it's what she deserves let's be real. this guy sounds like trash but she's stupid for getting with a guy who cares so little about her in the first place and broadcasting all your weird fetish/relationship shit online >>621121

No. 634492

File: 1531413670594.jpg (184.58 KB, 1152x2048, 36986434_385990898471760_35946…)

screenshots incoming.
Basically, her boyfriend is depressed, and she is just spending his money because "IM THAT BITCH"

No. 634494

File: 1531413692912.jpg (170.25 KB, 1152x2048, 37015872_385990941805089_10220…)

No. 634495

File: 1531413718452.jpg (154.55 KB, 1152x2048, 37070665_385990995138417_14585…)

No. 634496

File: 1531413740374.jpg (149.75 KB, 1152x2048, 37101812_385990971805086_70717…)

No. 634497

File: 1531413751570.jpg (120.24 KB, 1152x2048, 37022823_385991021805081_25573…)

No. 634513

she absolutely needed to tell the number of messages

27 guiz !! I mean, that's quite big but she could have just said "lots of messages" idk I'm probs nitpicking but why the precise number

No. 634516

Because you totally need to know how much she is needed, how important and kawaii she is

No. 634521

um so hes a sociopath? lol

No. 634526


lmao, depression may make your boyfriend apathetic but it does not make you a dick. plus you posted a heavily manipulative picture of yourself bawling your eyes out >>633889. so, its either
>he's an absolute jackass and it has nothing to do with his depression and you're just fucking stupid and naive
>he actually is depressed and wasn't a jackass at all but you wanted to feel like a victim and frame him as a bad guy

No. 634581

She sounds like a nightmare girlfriend. If this guy is depressed he needs to get out of there before she sucks all life out of him.

No. 635032

Im cracking up whenever I read #jadecore on her profile. This basic ddlg tumblr bitch really thinks shes special.

No. 636312

File: 1531592636205.png (3.9 KB, 458x53, w.png)

>too small for angelic pretty

No. 636317

not with those thighs she ain't. maybe she lost some weight and her old socks are too stretched out kek.

No. 638242

File: 1531760920952.jpeg (374.89 KB, 1242x1571, 7A409D86-3754-4913-88BC-ACE03B…)

No. 638243

File: 1531761006650.jpeg (347.77 KB, 1196x1609, 7113E31F-E258-459D-83E0-EC0E71…)

Mah super narcissist bff

No. 638247

absolutely NOBODY needed to see this

No. 638255

right? it's like a POV horror movie rape scene.

No. 638260

So uncomfortable, why would you post this publicly? Theyre probably having sex and she stopped to take some cute quirky instagram photos

No. 638813

This girl needs a wake up call. Her boyfriend seems to spoil her. Yeah sure maybe his mental illness here the best of him sometimes, but you DO NOT go posting about it on social media especially with a pic of you sobbing about being mistreated, to all your audience. If he did do something wrong she should have let him know in private. Wtf is wrong with her? She comes off as so uncaring. It's always about her isn't it.

I get the guy is problematic as well but wtf she has no right to air their personal business.

Also those pics of her boyfriend, I wonder if she asked if it was okay to post them?

No. 638953

File: 1531824526274.png (3.7 MB, 1242x2208, 935DB016-5830-4D10-8FF6-F2CA2F…)

I always wonder. When she post this shit
Does she think she is cute?

No. 639450

File: 1531860541851.png (3.35 MB, 1242x2208, C97BDE73-5B9F-4CA4-9001-9FEF38…)

I guess they fixed their problems and will fly together
*pic related

No. 639490

she looks like a serial killer, a male serial killer.

No. 639521

File: 1531867136473.jpg (946.29 KB, 2560x2560, IMG_2579.JPG)

I mean you're not wrong.

No. 639599

I choked on my drink, thanks anon. The resemblance is uncanny.

No. 639989

File: 1531917524867.jpeg (143.99 KB, 750x761, 54C74BC8-72EA-4F20-A45B-4F8485…)

It’s so sweet how ugly people find each other

No. 639990

File: 1531917546558.jpeg (111.56 KB, 720x960, EB3CE4C0-8321-446F-88E2-746309…)


No. 640067

He looks like ArmouredSkeptic lmao

No. 641260

I was friends with her for a few years, broke friends around the time she got together with Canadian Daddy when she showed how self centred she could be.
Hilarious someone made a thread for her though, even though some information is outdated.

No. 641390

File: 1532034428852.jpg (72.71 KB, 720x464, _20180719_220608.JPG)

Everytime she posts to comm I cringe

No. 641924

File: 1532057333435.jpg (29.19 KB, 940x545, My-600-lb-Life-Steven-Update.j…)

Looks like Steven Assanti

No. 643566

Hes better looking than her but thats not much of an achievement. >>638953 is hilarious, this girl needs to look in the mirror and come down to earth.

No. 644227

File: 1532279059317.jpeg (680.75 KB, 746x1111, 40DEFF84-AAC0-4AD9-9D6E-FB6178…)

Imagine going to a tea party looking like this, try harder

No. 644233

>sailormoon x my melo

no honey, they do make actual crossover pieces but this is not that.

also i 100% think she thinks her socks are too big cause they're too short and ride down. seriously, doesn't matter how skinny you are, these will fall when she bends her knees.

No. 644234

Her spam account is now private, is anyone still following it?

No. 644240

File: 1532279827472.jpeg (153.63 KB, 750x612, 19A2F032-9FF1-47FB-B40C-943744…)

Sorry no one likes your posts about your possibly abusive boyfriend Jade

No. 644317

Is this the outfit she wanted to wear a garterbelt with?

No. 644325

Are these the socks she said are too big, they look like they are rolling down from being too small

No. 644450

Shes around 6 foot so regardless of her weight shes going to be too big for angelic pretty socks

No. 646477

File: 1532479856434.png (18.37 KB, 740x190, w.png)

She posted a link to this article with a small paragraph about a zine she wrote. She wrote it while dating canadian sugar daddy but the theme is being single and highlighting her partners problems, trouble in paradise with daddy?

No. 646519

Someone already pointed out it looks like they're just too short and falling cause of where they land on her knee so she probably thinks they're too small for her smol cinnamon bun legs even though she's 6ft tall.

No. 646790

Jade Gaute Brown is her real name?

No. 649091

IIRC, yes

No. 650476

File: 1532893037886.jpg (84.51 KB, 960x960, 37937626_1794073154017446_7174…)

Her face is so bizarre.

No. 650491

She was using Emilia in the past

No. 654794

She’s made her FB and insta private and has mentioned how she “keeps her life private online” on an Instagram post. Guessing she found this thread.

No. 654936

I'm not sure if this is just plain white and probably the best default.

No. 656527

she’s someone who would benefit greatly from a nose and chin job

No. 657078

File: 1533462309381.jpeg (158.13 KB, 744x456, 04383367-2917-4278-BD7B-95526D…)

No. 657079

File: 1533462433013.jpeg (417.63 KB, 750x747, 3EA2F8B9-A2A7-4D7F-A63C-919DE1…)

She’s like lucky her friends are uglier then her

No. 657080

File: 1533462473394.jpeg (34.01 KB, 149x171, 4DF400AB-0E3B-4FF4-BF1E-443762…)

No. 657186

File: 1533476812100.png (375.17 KB, 632x346, u.png)

Just went to her videos and why does her mouth always look like this while speaking? Ive ever seen someone look like this in motion.

No. 657201

Pretty sure she has an underbite by the way her tongue sticks out from her teeth, that or a bad face shape.

No. 657265

She looks legit special needs. Those glasses make everything worse, you can't wear ironic grandma glasses if you actually look like one.

No. 657280

File: 1533489912808.jpg (72.85 KB, 720x340, _20180805_182350.JPG)

I might be tinfoil hatting, but this was posted on the comm, and I'm 99% sure that it's about this thread kek

No. 657289

responding to a 3 days old post but she also protected her tumblr with a password.

No. 657315

This is probably about the brave anon in the comm who brought us milk

No. 657324

They should be more worried about the person in their comm using lolita as a vehicle for their ddlg ageplay fetish instead of teh bullies

No. 657867

To be honest she could get rid of that face fupa if she just did a few facial stretches every morning, and not have it pinned to her fucking neck.

No. 658137

the problem is she doesnt have a chin so they become one

No. 658177

File: 1533590765887.png (2.99 MB, 1242x2208, 59FE5DFD-AF3B-4C4A-8CDD-D7253B…)

She is literally unattractive
Why on the earth does she even post these images

No. 658179

File: 1533590832572.png (3.74 MB, 1242x2208, A08FDF38-868A-4EE7-95A2-4A7D8F…)

No. 658408

Can't she just point the camera at the ceiling like everyone else?

No. 658432

OMGGGgggrkwvatlwbaysj this bitch needs to wash her face

No. 658449

This photograph is horrifying, those deep wrinkles and crusty lips girl. How old?

No. 658601

19 going 20

No. 658638

Looks like 19 going 50 to me

No. 658645

File: 1533649174378.jpeg (203.25 KB, 746x922, 945A1D73-865F-4733-87E1-D8E045…)

I don’t even know what kind of advice to give her. She’s naturally so unattractive and none of the photos she takes does her any favours. She needs to lose some weight, change the makeup, wash her hair and learn to angle a photo properly. It always amazes me she’s so deluded to think she’s cute.

No. 658710

The resemblance to chris-chan is uncanny.

No. 658724

holy fuck and i thought i was ugly. this girl legit gives me life

No. 658746

I cant unsee it with chris chans new female identity

No. 658988

File: 1533679431999.jpg (24.86 KB, 400x400, MQNGS2QA_400x400.jpg)

>not ageplay
>not ddlg

No. 660722

The girl in this pic is the same one as >>620222 I have no idea why they're friends again

No. 662457

The girl in that pic is just as much as a cow as jade tbh

No. 662853

It is likely that many people on this thread know her personally and fed up with her shit

No. 662899

File: 1534095122194.jpg (147.33 KB, 720x900, _20180812_182819.JPG)

She tagged this #twinning pardon??

No. 662913

The other girl looks so stylish and lost next to her

No. 663127

File: 1534111728275.jpg (155.96 KB, 1065x1331, 38026167_1921262261507860_8862…)

im struggling to believe that this isnt mtf

No. 663886

her neck looks so wired here

No. 663953

Her face and neck blend into one.

No. 663960

disagree, the other girl just looks like a mousey weeb in an equally sloppy outfit (docs, seriously?) she only seems like she looks better cause of the tights and the fact that her face isn't extremely unpleasant, just plain.

No. 664015

anon, I dont think saying she looked better was much of a compliment

No. 664176

File: 1534233527319.jpg (104.36 KB, 625x730, 1.jpg)

32 inch waist? surejan.gif

No. 664178

File: 1534233660057.jpg (62.87 KB, 720x960, 39121832_1818712518220176_2178…)

People in the comments are telling her to size down I really hope she doesn't listen to them

No. 664181

>32in waist
>46in hips

No. 664192

I'm nitpicking but a push up bra doesn't fill space. It can do the opposite

No. 664206

Sizing doesnt matter because this looks like a baggy grandma's dress anyway

No. 666772

>neck hole

weird comment. does she usually worry about her neck not fitting the hole in clothing? kek

No. 666892

anon she said flat measurements specifically. 32" flat is 64" in circumference. She's so dumb she doesn't understand what a flat measurement is, or admitted she's actually 64" around? She's fat but that seems excessive lmao.

No. 667098

File: 1534527198439.jpg (73.67 KB, 750x750, 35928122.jpg)

No. 671187

File: 1535031815587.jpeg (367.51 KB, 750x735, E0C83838-6631-4FB7-B595-A76FC4…)

What is actually wrong with her face?
Also her totes abusive boyfriend sending her expensive Barbies on her story. I suppose their relationship is healthy as long as he buys her stuff.

No. 671198

File: 1535032221026.jpeg (416.39 KB, 750x727, 12520083-779C-4D79-9B88-2B5705…)

Those legs. Please cover your ass Jade

No. 671466

she could have a big head lmao

No. 672828

She’s getting a tattoo today, any idea how bad it’s going to be?

No. 672853

She has permanent chris chan face

No. 673820

File: 1535313182105.jpg (45.71 KB, 269x480, emiblush.jpg)

I can't believe her nasty tattoo hasn't been posted yet

No. 673828

The lines are really clean and the colours are done nice, the tattoo is done very well it’s the uh… theme of it that’s creeping me out here

Are those toddlers feet? How is this not creepy? How many more times is she going to lie about NOT being into DDLG when it’s pretty obvious she is especially with this tattoo

No. 673942

jesus christ. She looks like a potato with orange eyes

No. 673947

ot but why are these fugly tattoos so popular lately. i feel like people will regret these no matter how much they love them at first. they are ugly and always over saturated in my opinion.

No. 673949

yeah I was thinking that, it's well done yet hideous and creepy

No. 674243

It's not over saturated, this is how tattoos are supposed to look. Solid, consistent, vibrant coloring from line to line.
It's just that most tattoos are fairly sub par with shitty coloring.

No. 674315

I think it's supposed to be tea partys

No. 674322

File: 1535373473030.jpeg (298.9 KB, 750x528, B42E9D1C-1213-4414-84C2-F0F4C1…)

What is it with uk cows loving Marie? Do they think it makes them special?
I’m surprised she doesn’t have AP x Disney print

No. 674440

Abusive boyfriend who lives all the way in Canada and constantly buys her things…he's definitely fucking around on her. She's a fool if she believes this this relationship is solid and will last.

No. 674452

File: 1535389768156.jpeg (286.42 KB, 500x600, 8a95bcc5-9809-406a-b3f3-d7a6dd…)

no they aren't. those look nothing like tea partys. pic related are tea partys

they do however look like this pair of bodyline shoes that every poor lolita owned before bodyline made knockoff tea partys.

No. 674453

File: 1535389912620.jpg (23.27 KB, 236x404, a7daf54d1054fe8acdc31d14a59b20…)

No. 674491

Everyone’s doing these tattoos just to copy Melanie Martinez, and we all know she’s not controversial at all.
She’s going to spend the rest of her life explaining what the hell this tattoo is, and still denying she’s into ddlg.
Why doesn’t she just admit it? We all know about it jade.

No. 674531

File: 1535398920177.jpeg (416.87 KB, 750x903, 36EC8D16-3208-4D81-9929-0ABAFD…)

I really hope her drawing gets better, it’s so sloppy

No. 674534

File: 1535399016679.jpeg (161.77 KB, 750x494, 4B9D9F28-5617-47DF-85A7-FFB687…)

The 0 likes is depressing

No. 674713

She's a typical delusional art university student. Just because you're studying an illustration degree doesn't mean you'll be successful in it. Freelancing is a tough business and it's doubtful she's working 'hard'. Drawing a few pictures for your friends here and there isn't a job.

No. 675114

Wow, I can't wait to see this hideous thing in person, either it be at a meet or in the street. The fact that the comm keep her in despite being aware of this site amazes me, I wonder if they'll be more concerned about her rather than finding out who I am now

You go to the uea and you can't draw, Jade stop being delusional, you'll never be an artist. We all know you lurk, considering you bitched to the comm admins about me bullying you uwu

No. 675136

If other comms dislike her surely that's a sign of bad things to come the longer she sticks around with your comm? The whole group must know of about here and are ignoring it, which is odd.

No. 675157

The comm prides itself on having no drama and being very close and friendly among one another. To keep this title, whenever problems appear, they tend to ignore them, rather than facing it. By removing me they're removing a 'bully', but by removing Jade, that's drama

No. 675197

Hopefully they realise what sort of problem they have in the comm before it's too late and you don't get kicked out.

No. 675198

What kind of tattoo artist agreed to tattoo toddlers feet onto this womanchild?

No. 675820

File: 1535575531420.jpg (68.56 KB, 437x859, 7.jpg)

Fuck off Jade you literally have a tattoo of toddler's feet.

No. 675822

Is she trying to be like emilia fart?

No. 675906

God she is so ugly it’s painful

No. 676083

But doesn't she take part in DDLG and have a private Instagram account catering to that? Why even deny it when the proof is here.

No. 679715

File: 1535972112644.jpeg (201.82 KB, 680x1024, E1DB398F-C5EA-4B23-9E02-6D242A…)

No. 679873

Does this girl have nothing more interesting in her life than some Lazy Oaf clothes? All these Jill clones are so boring

No. 680522

File: 1536053666355.png (754.64 KB, 750x1334, 3DC47657-1E1D-47CB-B7AD-08BB3A…)

Wow, how kawaii

No. 680524

File: 1536053773050.png (1.87 MB, 750x1334, 45314E73-D5C4-435B-A331-162275…)

We really don’t need to see your ugly leg Jade

No. 680531

File: 1536054841162.jpeg (148.66 KB, 492x1334, 79FE86FA-6F85-48E3-B308-9A9E36…)

CWC vibes

No. 680973

Why has she put her bed right next to a door? This is ugly and impractical

No. 680979

Looks like a cupboard? Obviously just trying to make use of all space in a small room.

Does she live with housemates or what

No. 681038

getting to see this more close and clear and ew… I take back what I said, the lines and colors are horrible

No. 682309

She looks like Christine Weston Chandler a few years from now

No. 682317

…why is her tattoo scab yellow? Especially on the shoe. is it because it's in places where light coloured ink has been used?
Either way it looks nasty, when my tattoos have scabbed all it's looked like is thin, flakey dry skin, nothing as gross and deep looking as that lol. If i was her I'd be concerned.

No. 682334

because she's picking it most likely. could be infected but no way to tell rn.

No. 683563

I can't believe she actually left the house like this. I hope for the sake of the general public she at least had the common sense to wear some safety shorts, her ass looks like it would be barely covered

No. 683707

If I saw someone walking around looking like this in public I would assume that they were mentally ill/disabled and got separated from their caretaker.
She looks like she's trying to squeeze into clothes that she stole from her much younger sister or cousin.

No. 683813

File: 1536419604409.jpeg (210.36 KB, 501x571, 3EC07120-50A2-416D-9018-FF4310…)

I once saw her cursing herself on tumblr for being ugly because of her acne scars, because that’s the problem obviously

No. 683858

File: 1536423811128.jpg (100.65 KB, 640x1136, 17916839_10155348415559903_210…)

This is old but jfc Jade please wear longer skirts.

No. 683872

is she? it's a waste of space if she's not using the cupboard.

seriously, it's fine to wear short skirts like this but put on safety shorts and leggings or something. anything.

No. 685220

Short skirts are cute to wear but it's pretty clear there are no safety shorts being worn underneath them in this case. I hope her comm don't have to endure up skirts in her Lolita clothes.

No. 685243

Those cottage cheese legs

No. 690829

File: 1537264317689.jpg (145.26 KB, 720x1033, _20180918_104724.JPG)

Build a bear and a caterpillar cake is the most ddlg way to celebrate your birthday lmao [1/2]

No. 690830

File: 1537264344037.jpg (138.55 KB, 720x821, _20180918_104707.JPG)


No. 690894

Since when is getting plushies and a cute childhood cake a DDLG way of celebrating your birthday? It's pretty common with Jfash loving girls who love everything that's deemed cute and somewhat childish. That's just reaching anon come on. Looks like an ordinary sugary birthday to me.

No. 690918

idk wtf kind of 'childish' cakes you usually see, but i get cutesy cakes for my birthday and they're not the fucking hungry caterpillar.

No. 690934

the caterpillar cake is a classic british birthday cake for uh 10 year olds

No. 690961

Nothing about colin the caterpillar is lolita, lol

No. 690987

maybe she meant the other lolita lmao.

No. 691902

File: 1537372845010.jpg (122.67 KB, 720x1031, _20180919_165741.JPG)

I didn't know you could have fat feet tbh

No. 691981

File: 1537380436543.jpg (159.87 KB, 598x584, 38026167_1921262261507860_8862…)

Anon if that cake and teddy bear isnt giving you creepy child vibes youre not used to ddlg. This is basic ddlg shit.

No. 691982

you're never too old for caterpillar cakes

No. 691985

File: 1537380513729.jpg (47.28 KB, 800x445, CBE9E6_2360344b.jpg)

Her outfits aren't even that bad compared to Jill's other skinwalkers, they'd just look better on someone smaller than she is.

This is kawaii as hell. Real lolitas eat Colin the Caterpillar cakes.

No. 692162

The problem is, caterpillar cakes aren't cute, lmao. The only reason an adult would go out of their way to eat those ugly things is because they had them as a child, and want to relive that.

No. 692179

that looks terrifying and disgusting

is this an english thing? ive never heard of this "cake"

No. 692313

The cake is whatever, birthday cakes are always kinda cutesy. Going to build a bear for your birthday as an adult is weird though, that's like toddler level entertainment. Plus, the whole thing with build a bear is that you're paying for the experience of "adopting" the plush so it's severely overpriced.

No. 692461


I stan Colin the Caterpillar.

I went to build a bear as a wacky teenager and got something, but adults going there is a little strange.
However these two things are making me think I am borderline cow tier now.

No. 693659

File: 1537553719448.png (1.48 MB, 750x1334, DAA3BE6B-D78E-477B-A412-2F0000…)

I thought bad arts and crafts was her work

No. 693667

File: 1537554717560.png (1.98 MB, 750x1334, 7B115553-8B60-4E2E-AC28-1FCD29…)

Ew, try harder

No. 693691

Yeah p much. There's tons of different varients because all the stores do their own versions with different c names but the caterpillar cake is like staple kids party food.

I get that jfashion fans tend to have more 'childish' cakes but they go for cutesy girly shit not this horrible brown log. This is the equivalent of painting your room in block primary colours over like pink with youthful decor or w/e. One is childish in a cute lolita way and the other is just being 5 years old

No. 693752

This looks like a 5 year old made it but she probably gets off on that

No. 694130

File: 1537614463775.jpg (142.34 KB, 720x671, _20180922_120436.JPG)

Jade you are utterly vile. Who broadcasts this information honestly

No. 694317

File: 1537644300184.jpeg (370.02 KB, 750x736, 596A84D4-E916-4F9C-8B30-3326D5…)

Anon you had to include the horrible picture

No. 694460

File: 1537656186971.png (856.32 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-09-20-20-31-12…)

I've had this horrid pic from her story in my screenshot folder for like 3 days, but forgot to post it so take it , would be a shame to lose it

No. 694491

> lol aren’t I so quirky
She looks like everyone’s old welsh nan

No. 695358

she looked stinky and greasy but that is disgusting

>#cute #kawaii

No. 695715

File: 1537781427086.jpeg (462.74 KB, 750x929, 6351CFB9-4E4A-4263-BEB5-97B5C3…)

Her art is so bad it’s painful

No. 695756

her and holly should collab they have the same anatomy skills kek

No. 695976

File: 1537810843601.jpg (65.86 KB, 1200x540, collage.jpg)

The only thing I could think about

No. 696141

I mean her art is usually bad but this is worse than usual… I legit thought this must be years old from her

No. 696148

I used to trace parts of images and Frankenstein them together when I was learning how to do digital art and that's exactly what this looks like to me. Especially given the fact that that there are some details that I have definitely seen in other people's art before.

No. 696459

File: 1537867816093.jpg (148.79 KB, 720x890, _20180925_102519.JPG)

The thing about jade is she can put together a decent outfit that is then completely ruined by her face

No. 696466

ngl its not a decent outfit when the whole fucking thing is pink and without the filter is most likely a mishmash of different tones of pink.
Had she chosen white as her base and picked pink accents the outfit wouldn't be ugly but seriously pink from head to toe (atleast in casual clothes like this) just looks bad.

I love me some pink but this is not it.

No. 696469

everything ruins this outfit, including the filter that melds all the colors together
pink vomit everywhere throw in more colors girl

and wear fucking pants for once
that fit

and fix that fucking hair

No. 696482

that fringe oh my god, just shower

No. 696483

this dude like HAVE A SHOWER or she could get dry shampoo like, it's better than nothing there's nothing more frustrating than seeing simple, fixable things being perpetuated. reminds me of pixyteri's mum screaming at her to have a bath, i can smell it from here.
also like the marshmallowness is like malnutrition and laziness screaming through every filter like why even bother.
I want to see this girl glow up so bad. i keep coming back to this thread with a sick wish to see her put some real effort in, knowing it's never coming.

No. 696492

Literally this, how can she be so image conscious and not realise that her hair looks disgusting

No. 696566

File: 1537888777799.jpg (79.38 KB, 1086x710, bubbles-1.jpg)

who she reminded me of immediately

No. 696567

She looks special ed

No. 696730

That's not even one of the good ones. Colin or GTFO.

No. 696732

This is meant to be that Lazy Oaf collection, right? She literally had photos to work from and still produced this.

No. 696838

For real, this is some sad knock off version with a lame clown face

No. 696958

File: 1537925396218.jpeg (620.77 KB, 750x871, 6AAC653B-C9E4-4AC6-A9D4-28115D…)

Why does everything she draws become pudgy jade-core? The drawing is so bizarre

No. 698384

File: 1538049172678.jpeg (148.47 KB, 743x1109, 6202689C-1567-4164-84FC-FA2A37…)

Jades invested 50k? I swear the average university fee per year is 9k? Why is she spending so much money to draw absolute crap?

No. 698458

OT but,tbh….
the source doesn't look that good to begin with, oof this just ugly everything, fashion for you i guess

No. 698485

Shes like the special needs dollar store pixie locks

No. 698515

50k is an exaggeration, but if she gets the biggest loans/accommodation it can result in about 40k+
Sage for ot

No. 700331

File: 1538247578648.png (1.85 MB, 750x1334, E388C9A4-F198-45CC-94CA-EB25B2…)

wash your damn hair jade

No. 700492

File: 1538258259404.jpg (85.34 KB, 720x904, _20180929_225356.JPG)


No. 700493

File: 1538258281995.jpg (157.18 KB, 720x853, _20180929_225339.JPG)

No. 700494

File: 1538258347581.jpg (98.74 KB, 720x482, _20180929_225319.JPG)


>wants to spend less and be less shallow

>time for a lush bath!!

No. 701997

File: 1538433019174.jpeg (209.73 KB, 611x413, 6EB37EAB-6090-4ECA-AF06-6B220A…)

No. 702136

She truly is a cow seeking attention, she’s gone religious.

No. 702361

File: 1538469273533.png (934.18 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20181002-093229.png)

Guess our comments about her double chin are getting to her huh

No. 702368

she almost looks cute here if she stands way, way… way back and you keep it a grainy thumbnail

No. 703232

Her hair looks like a peeled greasy cheesestring

No. 703233

she still has a weird prepubescent chubby boy face.

No. 703306

File: 1538585517241.png (1.64 MB, 750x1334, 67055159-699D-47EB-A846-50BAAE…)

No. 703308

Now if only our comments about washing her hair would have the same effect

No. 703685

She looks like a chav mom in her 40s, not very kawaii desu

No. 707006

File: 1539041335183.jpg (106.67 KB, 720x953, _20181009_002407.JPG)

What about this isn't comfy she's such a slob lol. It's not that hard to sit down in a pair of kitten heels

No. 707016

None of her clothes fit because she’s in denial

No. 707055

File: 1539045275848.jpg (1.41 MB, 2560x1920, 18-10-09-01-32-31-216_deco.jpg)

No. 707485

Is she still with the canadian daddy?


No. 707529

>blurriest photo in the world
>can still see the mascara has run onto her face

No. 708722

She just posted on insta that she's going there for Christmas so… That should be fun

No. 712475

File: 1539517805173.png (928.48 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20181014-113848.png)

That upskirt. At least she knows she's a goblin

No. 712536

When did she take all of the youtube videos down? Theyre gone

No. 712559

I think around summer when she deleted all her tumblr posts

No. 713072

This photo would be cute if it was anyone but her.

No. 715025

File: 1539788257868.jpeg (320.88 KB, 750x855, 9964D616-8749-4167-8BAF-C67378…)

No. 715099

how is it possible to see all of her blocked pores from this far away?

No. 715108

File: 1539798001278.png (415.16 KB, 750x855, Untitled-1.png)

i tried to make her look somewhat normal
couldn't fix where her hand was though

No. 715109

…is that a doll or dolls head as her necklace? Took me a little to figure that out and her accessories look so cheap and flat

No. 715121

>somewhat normal
No offense but you made her look like an overly airbrushed blurry mess.

No. 715169

Maybe I should have said "What she thinks she looks like"?

No. 715191

Dont give her ideas anon now she will start editing herself to look like this

No. 716073

File: 1539881285765.jpeg (153.43 KB, 750x748, A02F3252-86E3-4BEF-9CB3-C676BB…)

Isn’t she a bit tall for this dress?

No. 716163

Placing shoes on top of brand is bad but she needs to stop with the cringe marie stuff

No. 716175


never in my life i've seen such a unfortunate fucking punchable face

No. 716268

She's gonna have her butt hanging out like the whore she is

No. 716419

File: 1539910392686.png (682.1 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20181019-014635.png)

Jade wash your damn hair

No. 717098

File: 1539982786997.jpeg (550.32 KB, 750x933, 3EBC1F9F-CA56-4B5C-815A-447879…)

How is white hair an improvement

No. 717116

kek adding 10 filters and hiding her face doesnt make a difference

No. 717450

File: 1540027169027.jpeg (250 KB, 750x739, 8A0FF3BD-CEFA-4E7C-933A-38984A…)

Atleast pretend to try Jade

No. 717644

She is pretty tall. Being too tall in Sweet just makes the dress look like it's a sissy fetish. Not a good look at all. If she wears short dresses all the time at her comm then it must be a sight.

No. 717710

I am super jealous that she owns that dress and she makes it look super horrible, ugh.

No. 717734

don't be jealous anon, it appears on sale constantly and it worth nothing

No. 718389

Isnt that dress supposed to cover the whole arm?

No. 718447

File: 1540171762743.jpeg (72.4 KB, 400x534, 5F01C091-47BE-4288-9213-727A1D…)

Sage bc off topic but I thought that this was elizabunnii kek, she must’ve taken tips on oversaturating her pictures to help with the unfortunate face.

No. 718591

Ironically she also used to be part of the same comm that Jade is now in. Must be a trend.

No. 718600

File: 1540207196266.jpg (96.03 KB, 457x640, Marie-Cat-Kiss-Me-Cat-K.jpg_64…)

It's definitely supposed to cover the whole arm. It even looks somewhat baggy on the Japanese model, but on her it's way too small. How big is this girl? Is it a knockoff of the real dress or something?

No. 718993

Not sure if the dress is legit but Jade is actually pretty fucking tall (see >>620242) so its likely just too short all over like her other dresses seem to be.

No. 719339

File: 1540296736156.jpeg (253.96 KB, 750x1053, 9F03DD93-4BE3-42DC-9520-F7ED69…)

Deets on this? Why does she have PR she’s not an influencer in any way

No. 720379

File: 1540412515211.jpg (86.84 KB, 720x372, _20181024_211908.JPG)

God this is awful. Yall ain't a poet jade

No. 720423

> girls and boys that don’t conform to their gender binaries
Jade who are you fooling with this pandering ?

No. 720424

> girls and boys that don’t conform to their gender binaries
Jade who are you fooling with this pandering ?

No. 723496

File: 1540844254912.jpg (81.75 KB, 1080x1350, 44532054_869720373417165_45264…)

Does she ever brush or wash her hair?

No. 723588

Too busy bragging and flexing about her latest purchases or other 'look at me, look at what I got' moments to do that.

No. 724929

File: 1541091360709.jpeg (902.89 KB, 1119x1671, B3F44EE6-9C91-4498-AA05-28E48F…)

How tragic the rest must have looked if this is what „best dressed“ looks like.

No. 724938

She wore this to class oh my God. She’s clearly too big for it, she’s undone the buttons on the sleeves.

No. 725433

Wasnt she just saying she was gonna take control of her finances lol

No. 725450

I dread to think how badly everyone else was dressed if she won or did she get special pity points? Why does the comm let an obvious ddlg fetishist who uses lolita to get off in their comm? The proof is out there

No. 725618

She's asking if anyone wants commissions as she can't afford custom charges on social media so that's a big no.

It looks like a SJW comm that welcomes everyone no matter what, the hugbox type.

No. 726685

She should be kicked out of lolita comms the same as a sissy fetishist should be kicked out

No. 728356

You can now buy Jades art, any takers?

No. 728904

All she does is brag about money as an artist and how everyone wants to work with her. How she supports artists using her commission money and buying art supplies or how things were expensive but worth the 'hefty price'. She's been making public posts lately that reek of narcissism.

No. 729057

Who is buying her art? It looks like every single middle school weebs art

No. 729412

SJWs and Jfash girls who think it's worth the price tag.

No. 729454

File: 1541762439732.jpeg (545.36 KB, 750x1107, BA721453-9774-49EB-B4F3-52D474…)

No. 729455

File: 1541762457837.jpeg (555.07 KB, 750x980, 1B15C7CA-803C-42E9-94C4-62478B…)

No. 729535


Humble flexing and ego boosting while charging too much for her small prints as a beginner seller in the first place.

No. 730454

File: 1541942744034.jpeg (260.02 KB, 750x706, 918F3DCE-B522-416E-9FD5-4DB154…)

No one bought your art because it’s bad Jade. No one wants to buy a lopsided picture of an ass.

No. 730547

I bet the £34 was her friends pity buying her art

No. 730548

where was she tabling? most people make £500-£1000 even at normie events.

No. 730551

She charges too much for that small of a print for a first time seller, but she caved in to her snowflake friends and thought her art is worth more than minimum wage. If there's better quality art to purchase at a craft fair like this then she'll lose out on profit, which she did.

No. 730566

How much did she charge for a print? Small prints like that usually sell for £5 or so, but that's what actually good or even just average artists charge. I don't think price is a problem for her, it's just that her art is shit tier

No. 730570

Nearly £10, her style is cookie cutter Tumblr pastel work that is competing against the rest of the clones. Good luck trying to market that.

No. 730574

File: 1541970190894.jpeg (696.56 KB, 750x927, B6C51FB4-7D5C-4372-9E80-501C37…)

No. 730577

No. 730584

File: 1541970813510.jpeg (119.45 KB, 641x641, 1F9D3A09-9FDD-4950-9CD0-6EDADF…)

Why does Jade have such a weird idea of what she looks like?

No. 730640

Who even wants a print of a box of crayons? There's absolutely no appeal

No. 730645

An amputee?

No. 730832

This is a perfect example of "I can't draw hands, so I'll just hide them behind her back." It's sad she's selling her art instead of improving. Actually working on bettering her art would be a better goal.

Also she needs to clean her mirror if she thinks she looks close to that.

No. 730843

This looks like Rosalarian's self insert character from Yu+Me dream but with massive saggy titties

No. 730881

Ignoring everything else, she's not a redhead??

No. 731433

File: 1542107225340.jpeg (506.62 KB, 750x1095, 60A9007C-C0E8-4E5A-932D-69E8E1…)

Why did Jade go to Canada and come back thinking she went to Texas?

No. 731574

She probably went to Alberta.

No. 731693

Why are all of her characters bad self inserts? She wore this outfit

No. 731718

Unearned narcissism?

No. 732012

Haha, I saw her on the weekend, girls a mess

No. 732525

Details? What did she look like?

No. 732546

Clocked her because you can’t help but notice a giant pink abomination squashed into hideous dress, then I realised it was her, really awkward mannerisms, didn’t see her stall though

No. 735201

File: 1542716923045.jpeg (684.5 KB, 750x1152, D4B2F5E2-BAE1-43B2-99D7-A7B561…)

No. 735207

Reminds me of a mix between when Pixielocks annoying says “brekkie” instead of “breakfast” and Chris Chan’s feeder sonichu comics

No. 735212

Not to defend Jade, but Christmassy is a very normal thing to say. I’m not sure if it’s an English thing, but it’s not special to Jade.

No. 735214

It's not even December yet. Atleast wait. It's still fall!

No. 735460

She looks like a middle aged mom in her profile picture

No. 735466

Brekkie and Christmassy are both English things, not considered to be cutesy but also not for like, a Lawyer to be saying casually

No. 737348

Looks like shes turning into a munchie and talking about getting a cane

No. 737417

>>737348 this is an image board. post caps.

No. 737927

File: 1543154566208.jpeg (489.61 KB, 750x926, 80A04321-7C45-48D5-8E72-ABDB4C…)

Wow, it’s amazing the insane improvement washing your hair can do

No. 738217

Sage for no one cares but brekkie is really old fashioned in the UK now. Its more common in Australia

No. 747441

File: 1544535807788.jpg (184.57 KB, 720x935, _20181211_133957.JPG)

Jade got a vitD deficiency from being a horrible swamp toad that never leaves the house

No. 747445

Literally everyone in the UK has a vitD deficiency.

No. 747450

if she isn't going out in the sun then why can't she do her coursework?

No. 748393

File: 1544672797276.jpg (67.71 KB, 1080x1080, 44847243_516310882182769_16257…)

You forgot to include the grease

No. 748467

Apparently she hasn't washed her hair since she posted this >>737927 18 days ago

No. 748895

Too busy over spending, going out shopping, playing the 'woe is me my life is so hard I have xyz problems please feel sorry for me' card and building up this narcissistic persona to feed her ego. Year 1 of university is the easiest and it's only illustration, it doesn't exactly require major coursework or research. She'd rather focus on her childish art instead.

No. 750628

File: 1545155100501.jpg (1.37 MB, 2560x1920, 18-12-18-17-38-57-478_deco.jpg)

Her art is so bad lmao. That heart is like a child made it, and why tf does she draw herself with every hair colour but the one she actually has? Also every day is a mental health day for jade lol

No. 750632

She lives in a safe space bubble where her mental health is an excuse for her to do nothing that she can benefit from. Can't wait for the OTT posts about her perfect life after visiting her obvious DDLG boyfriend in Canada during the holidays. She's already struggling with her first year at art school, she's in for a wakeup call in the last two years of her degree if she thinks her preschool art will land her any decent grades.

No. 753053

File: 1545584357592.jpeg (119.61 KB, 960x720, 6C17F4A0-29F2-44FA-A520-407DF3…)

Didn’t they end on bad terms with him screaming at her? Why are they still together?

No. 753098

She's the typical type that seems to just be in a relationship for the sake of it. They get to share her "aesthetic" together, he buys her lots of materialistic things and she brags about him on social media which her followers soak up and gush over like they're a high profile couple which is just pathetic. They see each other about twice a year, which is absolutely pointless, she's always pissing off to Canada, looks like he's not in a hurry to visit her in the UK if he hasn't already. Such true love.

No. 753229

Hes her sugar daddy she won't leave him as long as he keeps buying her expensive gifts

No. 756348

File: 1546191981758.jpg (132.57 KB, 1080x1350, 38026167_1921262261507860_8862…)

She saw her daddy again and looks like a man

No. 763825

File: 1547415840586.jpeg (93.03 KB, 750x739, B127946E-D557-40EE-AF6F-8E5721…)

No. 766986

See she's hopping on the desperate for attention bandwagon on Instagram with her art and tagging the efamous that have "inspired" her.

No. 768887

File: 1548017515492.jpg (42.59 KB, 640x640, 50240882_2031435443614548_4486…)

Shes making ripoff AP jewellery now

No. 768889

File: 1548017660319.jpg (83.44 KB, 762x367, 50240882_2031435443614548_4486…)

Accepting the truth isnt dissociating Jade youre just a joke in the community

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