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File: 1493463046819.jpg (78.81 KB, 422x750, IMG_4074.JPG)

No. 300894

Last thread hit limit. Previous: >>>/snow/300892

Shayna Clifford aka shay-gnar aka dumdolly aka babiebarbiedoll

- Below average looking tumblr / camewhore.
- Got wasted on drugs and got caught cheating on her boyfriend and cried rape.
- Now claims to be a child sex abuse survivor and uses dd/lg and "rape" fantasies to work through her trauma.
- Claims to have an ED every now and again.
- Begs people online for money and gifts that she claims she is entitled to because people who want to actually earn their money are losers.
- Meets up with old men from tumblr for sex.
- Whenever anybody disagrees with her she plays the victim card and throws a tantrum.
- Admittedly doesn't wash for weeks on end.



No. 300915

File: 1493468622581.jpg (Spoiler Image, 43.73 KB, 400x400, IMG_4075.JPG)

I think this is supposed to be edgy or cute but she just looks like she has a disability.

No. 300936

File: 1493472807770.png (732.01 KB, 421x750, IMG_4078.PNG)

She's literally a goblin.

No. 300963

File: 1493478948324.png (154.35 KB, 750x1191, IMG_4079.PNG)

She's begging for $160 for a new dog cage to take "kinky" pictures in. What the fuck? There was me thinking she was doing sooo well being paid sooo much more than people with an average job for her 10/10 sex work cam girl skillz

No. 300965

Shit, I don't even know where to start.
Makes me wonder how little self-awareness you gotta have to see that picture and tell yourself, yup that's the best one and I'm gonna post it.

No. 300972

Can this bitch at least use some filters? ffs

No. 300979

I don't belong here. I think this freak goblin slut is beautiful(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 300980

you still have time to delete this.

No. 300982

Why does she have to be a camgirl ? She could just work at Gringotts. .

No. 300983

File: 1493481727965.png (506.66 KB, 736x521, Screen Shot 2017-04-29 at 9.01…)

So stunning <3

No. 300992

she's getting worse than luna-tuna with all this begging

No. 301003

File: 1493485828858.png (886.14 KB, 964x834, Screen Shot 2017-04-29 at 10.0…)

lmao ok

No. 301007

File: 1493485929945.jpg (96.52 KB, 768x1024, tumblr_ncs67nk0fS1rmiw96o1_128…)

This is old but she looks like such a gnome here

No. 301009

The op pic is giving me nightmares fucking brush your teeth

No. 301015


Where did you find this lmao

No. 301018

It's on her blog if you go waaaaay back in her tagged/me

There are so many gems in there

No. 301040

File: 1493487872323.png (96.13 KB, 750x1107, IMG_4043.PNG)

Why is she talking to her potential paying customers like this? She needs to evaluate whether she wants to keep her Tumblr strictly just a NSFW blog or for her work only. Otherwise she's just scaring away customers.

No. 301043

i wonder if she's hiding something in her forehead folds

No. 301049


maybe she means pummel like face fuck? i never heard of such a slang tho

No. 301064


Nah, she thinks she's being smart and acting all holier than thou as if she's better than everybody but she forgets that it's these creeps who pay her bills.

No. 301080

I've never understood this about her. The girls who succeed the most in caming/SW are those who make themselves cute, playful, and seem attainable. Shayna responds to every 'compliment' (creepers making comments about her body) she has rude responses talking about how shes going to severe their penis or something else. Don't get me wrong, I'd want to respond that way too, but these are your 'customers' and people who pay your bills. You could at least pretend to be appreciative.

No. 301089


I genuinely think she believes that everybody owes her something just for being her and that's why her attitude is so shitty towards everybody else.

No. 301095


Exactly. Now she's begging on her Tumblr for amazon cards/money to buy a new cage. Jesus, if she would just get a normal job she would make way more than she already does now. Actually, how much does she even make a month? Prob not that much more than an average paycheck considering she's begging.

No. 301136

What is she even seeing?

No. 301141

File: 1493499264731.png (21.93 KB, 496x160, Screen Shot 2017-04-29 at 1.53…)

Well, that's funny. Considering this.

No. 301143

Same fag, but >>301080 is completely correct. If you look at the top models on MFC they all have built a community for their audience and they have inside jokes, interactions on twitter, exc. Shayna will never have that because she is such a stuck up bitch. Not saying that particular guy is going to be a nice customer, but I've seen her insult dudes while she's camming too, for saying nothing extreme.

No. 301149

and it's not even like she does the whole 'bitchy camgirl' thing in a way that works for her. She's built herself up to be this bimbo doll 'baby' (cringe) aesthetic, so she should be cute and kind to her fans. Instead she just is rude and insufferable.

Even when it's not replying to an ask, she captions her photos like "remove my caption and I'll remove your penis with a crusty spoon" or weird shit like that. Reallll fuckin cute.

No. 301155

She literally fails at being a cam girl. How low do you have to go. Damn. She just want to show off her dirty ass body and basically be the literal definition of an attention whore.

No. 301156

Same fag.
She even shows off her naked body and ass pics on her blog. At that point the guy already jerked off to those free pics/nudes. No need to even buy her shitty photogs cos there's other hotter girls out there to look at.

No. 301163

She used to charge only $10 for lifetime access to her private blog.

Think about that for a minute. $10 to have LIFETIME access to a blog filled with her nudes. $10 for access to almost a years worth of nudes, all just sitting there in the archive of her blog.

So for $10 you can get access to view, save, and re-post hundreds of nudes. Did he really think that this was a good business model?

No. 301166

sage for samefag but I think she charges like $30 now? still a ridiculously low price. she just wants to be an attention whore just like >>301155 said

No. 301168

dumb–kitten is another one of her nasty sideblogs, but she doesn't use it anymore

No. 301184

File: 1493502925715.png (119.09 KB, 750x1017, IMG_4054.PNG)

She's an attention whore, and also a terrible business woman. She doesn't know how to manage her shit. And wtf is she doing lashing at someone giving her positive reinforcement? bitch crazy. He has a dick as icon but her blog is nsfw so why be a hypocrite.

No. 301192


http://stupidbaby123.tumblr.com is also one of her sideblogs which she doesn't use anymore but has some milk on it.

No. 301195

What the fuck does she expect? That people follow her for her political opinions and philanthropy? For fucks sake. Shayna, "nasty old men" are the ones who follow you and try to hit on you because those are the people you CHOOSE to cater your blog to. Like literally that is the demographic you claim to be attracted to. Stop being a dumbass.

No. 301200


A good camgirl with even less of a following than shayturd can make more than $160 in a few hours of camming. Last night was Friday, she should've been able to rake in at least 50 bucks minimum during a show

No. 301226

Kek. She's such a hypocrite. Panders to pedophiles and then complains when they interact with her. Who does she really think is paying for her content, good looking guys her age? As if.

No. 301433

is it just me or does she look like ember whann with slightly better eyebrows?

No. 301541

File: 1493562949918.png (81.39 KB, 750x586, IMG_4098.PNG)

She makes this post about how she wasn't physically abused but she also claims to have been raped and is a CSA survivor.. umm.. does somebody wanna tell her that rape is a physical action?

No. 301546

>So sick of this site
>Plz validate me
Well Shay, we won't deny that you're fucked in the head. Does that make you feel better?

No. 301610

File: 1493572236532.png (87.61 KB, 750x565, IMG_4097.PNG)

Also this.

No. 301613


She was probably fart raped.

No. 301628

this bitch has no idea what hard work is. she couldn't even last a few months at Olive Garden before quitting and turning to begging for cash on tumblr full time. I would call her a sex worker if she actually, you know, WORKED.

No. 301655

You kno, sticking plugs up her ass is hard work! And it takes a lot of work to browse Tumblr ok.

No. 301936

File: 1493617526286.jpg (105.05 KB, 750x750, IMG_1588.JPG)

I think this one is the worst. I don't even know what the intent is it's not sexy in the least

No. 301937

File: 1493617626585.jpg (85.42 KB, 422x750, IMG_1587.JPG)

Her signature 'pose' seems to be pushing her tongue against her back teeth or just a bit out. She just looks mentally handicapped

No. 301947

She looks like she's tucking her mangina in

No. 301962

maybe it's to appeal to sadists who fantasize about cutting womens tongues off. idk but it looks dangerous and its making me nervous

No. 302122

File: 1493658196533.png (185.47 KB, 750x1211, IMG_4102.PNG)

Her crusty ass is the very last thing I want to see when I'm eating "breffast"

No. 302124

she has zero concept of being sexy. she just looks like a trashy weirdo

No. 302125

>A tragic soul
>A tragic ass
Is this her expressing regret because her father never sat and ate breakfast with her? /s

No. 302130


ewww what the fuck, that's nasty

No. 302139

That ass is tragic, if it was bigger and more shapely this picture wouldn't make my stomach hurt.

Sage for brah posting

No. 302155

It's really funny how she's obviously leaning forward so much that she has to hold on to the table to keep her balance but her ass is still flat

No. 302168

Also, her recent posts "idk when my ass got bigger but I luv it", uhh probably from your steadily increasing weight gain? How could she not know? (To clarify, it did get bigger via cellulite and stretch marks, still unshapely, flat, and feces encrusted)

No. 302189

Not sure what's crustier.
That food or her ass.

No. 302210

Is no one going to mention the six pieces of French toast on one plate? Doesn't she live alone?

No. 302220

I feel like she's about to let out a fart on that plate of food.

No. 302224

It's been speculated she lived with a 'daddy'

No. 302225


No. 302255

she made it for her and your dad lol no ones dad wants you shayna

No. 302262

Honestly her butt usually looks a bit better than this, but with her weight gain it's starting to look less small and round and just overall shapeless and saggy.

No. 302269

File: 1493671821391.png (148.41 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1634.PNG)

Only when she arches and leans forward. When she stands up straight it's just so sad looking
On her stupidbaby123 blog she has a lot of interactions with spankingsandsodomy but I can't tell if it's enough to say they're together or if it's just her Tumblr whoring. She calls pretty much every popular male bdsm blog 'dad' and talks about fucking them.

No. 302270

File: 1493671911763.png (136.75 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1635.PNG)

Like, there could be something here but they also just be getting off by being edgelords

No. 302289


She definitely met him for sex but I'm not sure if she lives with him. I'm sure he's old too.

No. 302295

Why do these people think anyone that isn't them even fuckin cares? Does tumblr not have a private message option?

And jesus christ get some hobbies and a personality that doesn't revolve around getting slapped, Shayna. You're so fucking boring.

No. 302302

I have no clue why she gets the amount of reblogs that she does for her selfies/no lip knife photo. The standards within that community must be extraordinarily low.

No. 302348


I am from the community and I've blocked her because she is fucking repulsive, nasty, haggard & I want to see nice clean bodies on my dash

No. 302375

File: 1493680916943.png (297.91 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170501-181952.png)

Shoves her nudes in everyone's face w/o permission constantly.

No. 302382

>those wonky, fucked up nipples
>that chest acne
>those yellow teeth
>that puffy vagina
>that dirty asshole

you are ugly as fuck, accept it, if you thought you were pretty you wouldn't be shoving your nudes in everyone's face without their permission, girlfriend.

No. 302406

File: 1493683095633.jpg (148.61 KB, 1200x901, C-mF_q6VoAETRQJ.jpg)

this is supposed to be…

No. 302409

samefag here, her mfc twitter n instagram have some new gem

No. 302422

Pretty much the only positive thing I can say about this photo is that it's cool that her ugly ass moles form a perfect line from her chest to neck.

Other than that, fucking gross. Everyone who has ever paid for this deserves a refund.

No. 302429

Holy shit, she looks so gross. Absolutely wretched.

No. 302431

File: 1493684187247.jpg (91.39 KB, 634x362, article-2568929-1BDF0579000005…)

No. 302458

How old is this girl supposedly? She looks like a fucking 38yr old heavy smoker

No. 302462

she looks more than just a smoker…. maybe she needs money desperately for something else

No. 302465

What's her insta??

No. 302472

I know people say this a lot, but she legitimately looks like a meth head.

No. 302483

these pics are so dirty-looking and disgusting eww

No. 302488

are her nipples even related

No. 302501

File: 1493689268209.png (21.28 KB, 322x509, Untitled.png)

LMFAO. Has she just never been on SA before?? Plenty of the men on there may be creeps, but there are also plenty of men willing to have a legitimate arrangement. BUT ohwait. Probably not for her, she'd actually have to put forth work to find one, and then actually bathe to keep up with it. and isnt dating older men willing to ruin their marriage for her like 90% of her life goal?

No. 302514

Maybe it was like that before but SA is shit now

No. 302517

She's nineteen. She looks like somebody's mom

No. 302568

People keep saying she looks like one but I hope someone can confirm if she is one. It's obvious she does the occasional meth, the sores on her face that show up occasionally, her need to cake on so much foundation, yet we can still see small bumps underneath. Guarantee it, she's covering those meth head scabbies.

No. 302585

The only reason I feel like she isn't a methhead and is that she would probably brag about it on her blog. She used to be really involved in the stoner community and shaped her entire personality around that. If she used any other drug, I can picture her doing the same thing and becoming a #tweakernation girl lmao

No. 302588

File: 1493699242611.jpg (218.11 KB, 1200x901, IMG_4257.JPG)

Got bored and tried to make her look less gross.. idk how it looks

No. 302591

Better, She still looks like trash though…just cleaner. You should've fixed those nipples Too.

No. 302602

her skin is awful

No. 302606

File: 1493700681279.jpg (218.61 KB, 1200x901, IMG_4261.JPG)

Hard to do on phone but, fixed the nips and other things. Now she looks like regular trash

No. 302607

Pot is "the thing" on Tumblr, though. There's a bunch of 'stoner babes' with their aesthetic weed pictures. Meth wouldn't fit the 'bimbo baby' aesthetic and #tweakernation is just one small part of Tumblr, most people on there still that shit is gross

No. 302609

Sad that even if her nips weren't fucked up and she actually showered and took care of her body she'd still be gross looking.

No. 302615

File: 1493701220110.png (51.78 KB, 750x427, IMG_4262.PNG)

Jfc that's sad.

No. 302623

File: 1493702268586.jpg (195.26 KB, 1200x900, res_1493702175885.jpg)


No. 302624

File: 1493702291368.jpg (84.06 KB, 640x640, IMG_4266.JPG)

I'm really trying my hardest to make her decent

No. 302625

File: 1493702363505.jpg (92.28 KB, 640x640, IMG_4268.JPG)

Samefag here
Ok I'm done retouching her pictures. Just got curious if it's possible to make her not goblin worthy

No. 302626

I just realized she looks like weird al with that hairstyle

No. 302630

Wow never thought I'd say this but shayna actually looks hot in the right, good job

No. 302642

tbh if she washed herself like a normal person, took care of her skin, toned up a little, and learned how to apply makeup, she wouldn't be half-bad-looking. her personality would still be shit though. and no matter what she did, she would never be able to carry off the "baby bimbo" thing. ever.

No. 302655

These shoops are pretty meh tbh. Her body is fine. Her problem (aside from that personality) is that she's dirty/crusty, haggard, and shit at makeup. Distorting her face a bit and making her waist even smaller didn't actually help any of that.

No. 302863

I'm crying, scrolling up the thread from bottom to top this photo keeps getting worse, and just when I think it's done I see another and it's even worse hahahahahaha

No. 302875

For someone attempting to make money off of her body, her body isn't fine. Her proportions suck and she has really let herself go. She has no curves, no ass, weird ass nipples, and a stomach pouch that is so prominent because she refuses to make the effort to work out.

She's lazy and disgusting.

No. 302883

I just did the same thing and… lmfao

No. 302884

god damn

No. 302900

Shaynasty could say "I shove turds on my pussy" and fucking Albert would clap and reply "well said, young lady"

No. 302929

File: 1493753079745.png (159.06 KB, 750x1172, IMG_4107.PNG)

Ethereal? Is she on the same planet as us?

No. 302946

Thanks! I realized while retouching these photos that she could benefit from doing her brows with a lower arch… (amongst many many other things) the high arch brows right now makes her look extra haggard.

No. 302956

I know the entirety of her looks like trash but her hair is always so off putting to me. Something needs to be done about those dark roots and she should straighten that nest on her head…

God damn, she needs a full blown 'Princess Diaries' makeover.

No. 302958

Damn I wish I was this delusional.

No. 302965

She's got a lot of hair and a weird hairline/forehead

No. 302973

This right here. It's her fucked up hairline. Her hairline on the sides of her forehead ends too short, which makes her look like a pinhead.>>302956

No. 303037

she's the kind of skank that has pinworms in her asshole

No. 303049

[1] a bird with a brown back and brown spots on its chest
[2] an infectious disease that affects the mouth and throat
[3] (British English) (North American English yeast infection) an infectious disease that affects the vagina

No. 303051

How to shoop like this? I tried looking up tutorials but they were all pretty shit. Sage for off topic

No. 303056


I agree that her roots look like shit but I honestly do like the texture of her hair IN THIS picture.

Curls need a lot of up-keep and she's admitted that she's a lazy slob so that's why it often ends up looking like shit

No. 303067

sage but I feel the need to vocalise this. . .
that deep set fucking line across her forehead makes so mad and it's not even a big deal, just one look at it and REEeeeEeeeEeeeEEEE
>>300983 >>301007 >>302406

No. 303073

Yeah, someone asked about how she does her hair before and she said she doesn't even touch her curls (aside from bleaching them for aesthetic) because she doesn't think curls need maintaince and just "wakes up like this". It's sad because curls like hers COULD look really pretty and sometimes hers do but mostly they just look like uncooked ramen

No. 303078

I used the app "photoshop fix"
I just look at a lot of references and try to remember not to overshoop. Keep it somewhat realistic. This app makes it fairly easy though. Sorry for vague advice.
Sage for offtopic

No. 303088

in shaygnats defense SA is gone to shit now and is a saltbucket.

No. 303114

I watched her on cam and it was just her whining "I'm so cute and I'm punching myself but no ones tipping me no ones talking to me waaahhh"

No. 303240

was the "old her" really better? what happened?

No. 303263

She used to just be a weed blog and post pics of her smoking. She gets pissed when people who followed her for the ~stoner aesthetic~ ask why she changed to ~baby bimbo aesthetic~ as started posting nudes of her in dog cages and calling every male on Tumblr 'dad'. I can't find the post but she made a whole thing about how she's doing this because she's happier and more self-confident. Because happy and self-confident people take sexual pictures in children's clothes and get off on sleeping in a dog cage

No. 303548

File: 1493831377429.png (44.58 KB, 750x489, IMG_4110.PNG)


No. 303610

File: 1493838561293.png (Spoiler Image, 71.91 KB, 750x740, IMG_4113.PNG)

Apparently this is her on cam trying to juggle her dildos.

No. 303655

That chin action tho so hot

No. 303665

File: 1493842621727.png (Spoiler Image, 247.98 KB, 476x364, Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 1.15…)

Her body is fucking repulsive. Tone up if you want people to throw money at this you lazy piece of shit.

No. 303666

File: 1493842645326.png (Spoiler Image, 1.12 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5313.PNG)


No. 303670

What is this bitch even doing? She was just tipped to suck on the dildo on her wall and she gagged when it was barely in her mouth. And she wants to believe she's some precious sex goddess who fucks everyone's dad and knows how to make people want her?

No. 303681

i don't understand why someone would wanna do this to their self like just get a retail job girl

No. 303699

File: 1493845645452.png (1.07 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1654.PNG)

She's selling her Kik now, with the guy she talks to her male followers I can't imagine anyone buying it

No. 303730

KEK her 'blowjobs' are so pathetic, it makes you wonder if she's ever actually given one

No. 303731

>#sugar baby
she wishes

No. 303884

what the fuck is wrong with her vagina

No. 303998

Did she stop shaving/waxing what about being a bare dolly for the big man and never going back to the bush

No. 304028

shaving requires showering which she is unwilling to do

No. 304211


She also said on cam last night that her gag reflex is so bad that she can't brush her teeth.

No. 304418

Hank hill butt

No. 304460

omg ew she's disgusting

No. 304572

EWWWWWwwwww, her body is utter shit and this bitch doesn't brush her teeth either? Along with not taking showers…

Dumblr should stop praising ugly girls like this, there's seriously no reason for her to have such a narcissistic personality.

No. 304604

Why aren't her and Jess friends anymore?

No. 304749

All of the big name bdsm blog praise her and seem to encourage her calling them 'dad' and being all around vile and I can't tell if they genuinely think she's attractive or if they just want the ego fuel from her literal ass kissing

No. 304773

File: 1493941962340.png (4.95 MB, 2420x1868, 44.png)

touching her her gross crusty dirty feet then touching that looose and hugeeeee gaping hole of a vagina. she prob doesnt even clean or disinfect her plugs n dildos. u can see her picking dirt off her dildos before she shoves it in her mouth or her grand canyon looseey gooseeyyy puss and ass.

No. 304776

Fucking spoiler this shit!

No. 304781

File: 1493942243767.png (Spoiler Image, 3.13 MB, 2304x1749, 42.png)


im sry didnt realize it til too late… but heres part 2. spoilered

lickin that nasty rancid pussy puss off

No. 304808

tbh i would have so much less beef with her if she dyed her hair dark

No. 304851

>looooossey gooosey
>grand canyon
Why do you type like a retard anon?

No. 304889


Anon's grammar really bother you that much? Wow! That is somehow more pathetic and sad than the girl featured in this thread.

No. 304892

prolly a guy

No. 304903

It's not even the grammar just the dumb phrases kek. Are you the same person but with different typing? Also learn 2 sage, 2/10 for getting me to reply.

No. 305046

i feel like this is irrational to get pissy about, but i just hate her hairstyles so much. in particular, i hate the two braids she does. it's just gross, emphasizes her crusty stretched ears, and makes her look like the ugly stepsister from shrek.

No. 305375

No I totally agree about the braids. and now that fucking pebbles flintstone hair in the most recent pics of her on cam. She has pics with her hair straightened and brushed out and it actually looks quite nice. But that takes work!

No. 305483

that roast beef vagina and down syndrome face tho

it makes me uncomfortable as fuck

No. 305495

I don't understand. Shaving is so easy. Why does she deliberately not shave. Guys don't like that shit

No. 305525

I dunno man, if there's dudes out there willing to jerk it to that unfortunate face, then there's certainly some that are down with the muff scruff.

No. 305537

Meh. [Unless you're italian,] shaving is a meme. So are men, they don't actually care unless you're 300lbs+ or disfigured.

No. 305564

>shaving is a meme

What the fuck does that even mean?

No. 305588

She looks like if Ke$ha had a crackwhore sister. (and that's a compliment to the singer!)

No. 305590

Depends. Some girls are afraid because they'll cut their labia or something like that.

Sage for OT.

No. 305596

she can always use a depilatory cream if shaving/waxing is scary

No. 305637

there's a difference between the "natural" girls that understand that you have to stay CLEAN and shayna whose vagina just looks dirty and discolored.

No. 305645

she's said before that she doesn't like to put into the effort of not getting razor burn or ingrown hairs and then she apparently got enough money to do regular waxings and went from "yayy bush baby" to "bare little dolly for a mean man~~" but I guess she doesnt have money anymore (Or the mean man stopped giving her money)
she still has really gross bumps down there though so

No. 305647

same fag, im an idiot who doesnt know how to screenshot on this computer but https://twitter.com/BambiDollXxX/status/839176754178580481 is a video from her twitter from I believe when she was waxing and she panned to her vagina and it had so many bumps and gross shit. Like, I can understand razor burn but what shitty place are you going to get waxed and WHY use THAT to broadcast you being on a site where people pay you to have sex appeal

No. 305651

Omg having some bumps is normal but that is out of control

No. 305657

>that awful pretend voice
>the canyon in her forehead
>that chest acne
>The Reveal

shit anon, this is a 6 second horrorshow

No. 305658

Samefagging bc forgot to mention
>playing with the fucking clam neck

No. 305659

>Well, this is lolcow so she must be exaggerating, it's probably not that ba-

No. 305671

File: 1494042158799.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 105.74 KB, 1242x690, image.jpeg)

Oh god, I shouldn't even be surprised anymore at how gross she is.

No. 305674

shayna does the bare minimum in terms of care because she technically falls in line with popular beauty standards. White, thin and blond. so she assumes her natural beauty will open every door for her like there aren't white thin blond girls who shower on the regular so they don't have to punch themselves in the face for a nickle.

No. 305676

File: 1494042543428.png (Spoiler Image, 142.14 KB, 2208x1242, IMG_1754.PNG)

Photo for you, anon.
I feel sick.

No. 305677

Jesus Christ did she fuck up while shaving down there or is that something else (like herpes for an example)?

No. 305678

>like there aren't white thin blond girls who shower on the regular
Not to mention prettier, I can't imagine anyone throwing a second glance at her irl.

No. 305682

christ there's literally no fixing her

No. 305703

Getting burns on your vagina is pretty scary too though. I had that happen, never again. Razors for me. sage for blogpost

No. 305709

i have CRAZY sensitive skin and doing anything down there causes at least a mild reaction, so i'm au natural at the moment (nobody's seeing it rn, anyway), but if you're going to have a bush, you have GOT TO CLEAN IT. and hygiene doesn't seem to be shayna's forte, so i can't even imagine how nasty it gets. just. fuckin gross.

No. 305732

From what I've been told, you're right. Irl she's just another basic bitch

No. 305733

That doesn't look like razor burn…

No. 305742

Eh, it looks like ingrown hairs to me, mine can kinda look like that, if they are that's even worse, there's only so much you can do with razor burn but ingrown hairs can be plucked and then fine after a bit. I wouldn't jump to necessarily say it's an std or anything.

No. 305747

File: 1494050972196.jpg (78.34 KB, 422x750, IMG_1679.JPG)

I honestly can't believe she's popular. Her facial expressions surpass "bimbo" and go right to "mentally challenged". Her face alone is a whole thing on it's own. The forehead creases, bags under her eyes, creases around her nose like she's elderly. The way her neck looks like she has five rubber bands around her. And for fucks sake she's wearing a thong and arching her back and she still has no ass.

No. 305752

I'm so sick of her doing this retarded fucking pose. Do literally anything else, shaygnat

No. 305753

Same, I use a trimmer which leaves some hair but I've grown to like it.
I honestly don't know whether Shays issue is hygiene or just overly sensitive skin or an STD or some combination of the above but it looks pretty bad though… Let's just be glad we can't smell it.

No. 305755

I do. It's not like camgirls have much respect for themselves (and I'm saying this as someone who used to do it) but well there's some limits most won't cross. There's plenty of younger, way cuter girls who could exploit that niche but choose not do because well it's fucking disgusting.

No. 305762

You have a point, from what I've seen the Camgirls who are genuinely and objectively attractive are the 'Normal'. Whereas shaynas over here calling everyone daddy, barking like a dog, and spreading her gaping hole for attention and 10$. she can't make it outside of niche kink because she doesn't have the looks or personality, the guys who are looking for something specific have less to choose from
Sage for ot

No. 305763

I have really sensitive skin and when I shave I get terrible bumps but they're red skin/dark colored like hers. Waxing doesn't irritate my skin at all though and according to Shay that's the only way she's removed her hair but idk still gross
Sage for ot blogpost

No. 305858


every time I see her face I can't stop thinking how much she looks like the typical white trash girls who goes to the Jerry Springer Show just to fight with the wife of a married dude, whose dick she sucked for a cheeseburger.

No. 305941

Part of me thinks it's some humiliation fetish because this girl makes a damn fool out of herself constantly

No. 305972

No. 305973

it's not really much those just re-posts of her photos on tumblr

No. 305997

holy crap, how is it possible to be THAT nasty
i bet her roast beef vag stinks like fucking fish
not to metion that being a ~bimbo bby doll 4 daddy~ requires FLAWLESS skin, hair and face

No. 306027

Kek – this comment is flawless!!

No. 306176

File: 1494114984768.png (69.18 KB, 750x790, IMG_4134.PNG)

She's going for a "shoot" lmao

No. 306192

Ugh. Why are her braids shaped like turds?

No. 306193

the only shoot i could see her qualifying for is a calendar for people of walmart.

No. 306194

File: 1494116764357.png (75.6 KB, 737x702, IMG_4466.PNG)

No. 306195

File: 1494116791119.png (86.6 KB, 750x898, IMG_4467.PNG)

God she looks so downy

No. 306198

File: 1494116917945.jpg (30.24 KB, 400x300, tumblr_oi4u37dOnL1ruhacxo1_400…)

so uneven

No. 306199

"Yeah, I did it, Jerry, I done it! An' I'd of fucked all yo dads too, Jerry!"

No. 306206

Fucking spoiler goddamnit!

No. 306231

"Shoot" aka nudes and probably pay for play with some tumblr dude

No. 306268

File: 1494126109098.png (81.66 KB, 750x682, IMG_4135.PNG)

1 of 1.

No. 306269

File: 1494126163259.png (144.45 KB, 750x784, IMG_4136.PNG)

A "shoot" with a creepy tumblr Dom who thinks he's a photographer. Wow, Shayna.

No. 306270

You just need to know what to look for. Yeah a 26-35 yo dude is just looking for a cheap fuck but the 40+ y/o divorced dr will throw money at you to be the slightest bit interested (met both of my SD of SA) she just doesn't want to put the work in and thinks she deserves someone to just throw money at her for not doing anything. Plus I don't see her getting nice and dressed up to go on an actual date with someone.

Even if your sinsitive just put some coconut oil after you shave and you'll get 1-2 bumps top lol they do look like shave bumps or ingrown hairs (herpes tends to be on the opening on the vagina or asshole not on regular skin) the big one looks like an ingrown hair she fucked with.

Sage for blogpost-y

No. 306273

File: 1494126315397.png (68.5 KB, 744x630, IMG_4137.PNG)

Why does she think she's a model? Why can't she see that she's a dirty, slimy greaseball?

No. 306288

"my vanity is kinda my thing except i don't wash myself or take care of my hair or skin and i don't work out and i have no idea how to apply makeup but yeah i'm pretty vain."

No. 306307

This bitch is gonna get murdered lmao

No. 306315


>vanitiy is kinda my thing

Bitch doesn't even brush her teeth bc of her "gag" reflex. How can she say vanity is her thing when she doesn't even perform the most BASIC of human tasks!?

No. 306326

Basically being an attention whore and praised for being 100% her dirty self. Got it. Delusional as fuck. She probably think her giraffe neck and height means she's modeling material.

No. 306489

File: 1494163301941.png (1.03 MB, 750x1334, thcolleenshaygnat.png)

lmao but she's like 5'3" or something like that. Definitely not model height at all. Pic related is her next to her friend Colleen, who could actually be a model. Also this photo is pretty old so it's funny to see how gross she's become now in comparison.

No. 306616

Thank you omg. If she cleaned up, and put forth some effort SA wouldnt be shit. The saltdaddys have always been there. You just have to work.

No. 306640

Looks like a Lama and not a cute one

No. 306920

I always figured she was kind of tall due to her clothes always looking incredibly too small/short on her. I suppose that's what happens when you refuse to wear anything that isn't from the kiddie section.

No. 306946

her boobs aren't even cousins let alone sisters

No. 307113

File: 1494218078105.png (1.37 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1707.PNG)

Why anyone would let her meet their parents is beyond me.

No. 307228

you're posting new screenshot & you sage the thread? what is wrong with u

No. 307238

File: 1494248675682.png (1.27 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0734.PNG)

So crusty

No. 307239

File: 1494248770534.png (Spoiler Image, 1.24 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0735.PNG)

>prides herself on being 'smol'
>openly eats half a pizza

No. 307274

girl date? so she hung out with a friend

No. 307285


I hardly doubt she went on a date. She's only saying so because she wants to seem like she's into girls when in reality she hates them.

No. 307441


Agreed. There's no way she leaves the house or interacts with people who aren't 40 year old men from tumblr.

No. 307447

File: 1494271065857.jpg (24.55 KB, 262x348, IMG_4197.JPG)

That chest acne is just too much

No. 307467

Yo sorry I'm on mobile and I forgot I had to get rid of sage from my email from last time

No. 307468

Her braids look like turds.

No. 307470

Who wants to bet that the unfourtunate men who do buy her Kik are just going to get bitched and whined at until they block her

No. 307604

Why is her nipple so long, jesus.

No. 307695


because she's always tugging and pulling that nip lmao

No. 307707

Woah, I'm late, but that's next level as far as ingrown hair goes. I don't think I've ever seen it this bad before, especially all over? Aren't ingrown hairs more likely along the bikini line due to the thigh/pubic fold right there? I can only assume that she has it so bad due to a lack of exfoliation, improper shaving, and generally just being a filthy person. Looks pretty horrifying.

She's a gross try-hard, but this outfit looks better than what she typically wears. Pity she's just wearing it to try to look like a lesbian stereotype though.

No. 307756

Her moles are too much.

No. 308101

her face is too much

No. 308574

File: 1494369339511.png (3.87 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_6030.PNG)

Why am I surprised that she would pack her dirty ass shoes with her sex toys? That's just nasty.

No. 308585


That's soooo fucking gross her toys aren't even in plastic baggies or anything I bet she won't even wash them before she uses them AAAHHHH GROSS

No. 308613


~sex worker aesthetics~

No. 308681

and her makeup is in there too.
i just threw up a little in my mouth.

No. 309400

Goals >> fuck that dirty little pussy <3(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 309474

File: 1494447712448.png (67.9 KB, 750x797, IMG_3481.PNG)

she must be desperate as fuck

No. 309477


Can't tell if they're being sarcastic… or serious.

No. 309490

Dude – all about the hard lookin' trashy ho's, ain'tcha? You should go check out the Raven Sparks thread – she's prolly right up your alley.

No. 310094

File: 1494506455445.png (715.69 KB, 750x1334, IMG_4203.PNG)

Meeting up creepy old dudes from tumblr once again. I wonder what happened to Big Man?

No. 310095

I hope he chokes her a very long time so that she sustains severe brain injury and never uploads to the internet ever again.

No. 310108

where is this from?

No. 310136

I can't believe she considers this a job

No. 310142

File: 1494526156909.png (Spoiler Image, 881.07 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1795.PNG)

Her blog, she met up with some random Tumblr dom for 'photo sets' aka play for exposure and pay. Pic is from another set with them ft. Her flat butt. There's a gif on her blog at the top of him spanking her. It's the weakest shit ever and she just looks awful

No. 310148

Eww omg, every time I see her ass I think of cottage cheese. It's so gross.

No. 310223

File: 1494531316024.png (1.04 MB, 640x1136, IMG_4439.PNG)

This has probably been posted before but what the fuck mate

No. 310233

Is that a fucking noose? Jesus.

No. 310248

No. 310252


God I hope she gets brain damage

No. 310256

File: 1494533562307.jpg (199.36 KB, 1242x1940, IMG_6049.JPG)


This is the only review for that video too.

No. 310257

shes awful her "i do this because i was raped" lie is just an insult to people who have been abused

No. 310258


She looks like she regrets everything LMAO

No. 310268

Wait wait….. isn't that "theropegeek"'s apartment? I recognize the carpet/couch/poles plus the excessive rope on the ground? Am I just trippin? Last thread had her other pics from his place too. Gurrrrllllll

No. 310275

Pretty sure it's theropegeek's place. You're not crazy.

No. 310283

its an old pic tho right

No. 310285

I wonder how her parents would react to this image/video. I knew 4 people who took their lives via hanging and this definitely got a reaction out of me. What a dumb, filthy bitch. Fuck you, Shayna. It's seriously time to stop.

No. 310291

Wow you can really see how little people buy her content by looking at her MV. There was quantity 100 of each thing she has and most of them are still at 95-100 range, except for her blog. Which is a one time purchase. No way she's doing as well as she likes to lead on.

No. 310294


holy shit, as someone who has suicidal thoughts this fucking triggers me, that dumb thot is hanging herself for fun? this is sick and disgusting

No. 310310


She met with him only a couple of months ago. It's not that old. Now she's moved onto somebody new.

No. 310314

File: 1494539711652.png (151.9 KB, 750x1079, IMG_4208.PNG)

This is who she went to Cali to have sex with in exchange for pictures lmao

No. 310321

File: 1494540568282.gif (270.97 KB, 210x131, IMG_1389.GIF)

No. 310419

She's obviously desperate

No. 310422

File: 1494547952517.jpg (76.91 KB, 750x699, IMG_0547.JPG)

Doubt she had standard to begin with

No. 310473

hahah a ginger neckbeard, so hot much daddy

No. 310476

File: 1494551216445.jpg (96.77 KB, 455x810, tumblr_opt8wnAE4O1rrp59wo1_540…)


Well, when you look and act the way she does, you can't really be surprised.

No. 310610

Is that Seth Green? Samwise from LoTR?

No. 310632

her fucking roots man

No. 310666

I think the most annoying thing about her is the fact she thinks she's so hot when she looks like a washed up drug addict who doesn't clean herself.

No. 310669

dont degrade sean astin like that.

No. 310713

how are you triggered by a butterface photoshoot though lol

honestly if she's that desperate for work, she'd be better off meeting someone like that simon guy himeka saw and doing shoots for his website to get her name out rather than meet random "daddies", idk

No. 310859


Simon wouldn't take her.

No. 310928

File: 1494590651444.png (169.37 KB, 750x1209, IMG_4216.PNG)

She goes on so much about how she's not a little and she's just "traumatised" but this picture of her is tagged as little one and ddlg. Gross af.

No. 310964

kek she almost looks shopped here. her face and chest acne aren't that visible and her hair doesn't seem as frizzy as usual. dude probably retouched her photos before he posted them.

No. 310972

I honestly doubt it was her first experience, with all her weight gain.
I agree I just wish the guy would've retouched the photos from >>310142 cause her ass looks so gross

OT but I feel like she probably smells of BO 24/7, and on her best days smells like wet cardboard.

No. 311048

I could understand her going to see theropegeek because he's well known so he gave her exposure and was reputable. But now she's just seeing random doms? From what I've seen the photos aren't even that great, certainly not 'photo shoot' quality. Especially if according to her it's going to be mostly on snapchat. I wouldn't be surprised if it was just him recording him fucking her with her phone

No. 311151

Don't you think she's brain damaged enough? Maybe her mom did drugs/drank when she was pregnant with her. She doesn't have FAS visibly, but that's the kind of thing that causes longterm behavioral problems. MAanon said she was always a maldaptive little cunt and she looks deformed.

No. 311177

File: 1494612749123.jpg (19.44 KB, 606x177, Capture.JPG)

Hmmmm… I thought she wasn't into ddlg 🤔

No. 311178


Her family aren't to blame for the way she is. She was never neglected or abused like she claims she was. She's just a self absorbed, manipulative cunt by her own accord.

No. 311180


Shayna is attempting to be like another tumblr user called 'inferior-cunt'. She has been known to meet up with her dom and blog about what happens.

No. 311189

File: 1494613159850.jpg (65.19 KB, 368x838, shaynasty.JPG)

idk if old, but I found this in her tag

No. 311192

File: 1494613246553.jpg (38.22 KB, 444x474, Capture.JPG)

samefag here

No. 311223

I'd say she's trying to be more like babypig/prettylittlevictim/tinydoll (she deleted her blog but used to do that too and was also always mistaken for being a little and had multiple doms, they used to be friendly and shay fawned over her)

No. 311224

So, she was probably just spoiled rotten? I can picture her being one of those kids. Like if she was hanging out with 'friends' and her mom or dad called she would have no qualms about cussing them out at the top of her lungs in front of everyone.

No. 311226

Theres a picture of her from the other thread of her when she was a kid doing some indoors acrobatic shit, she was definitely spoiled.

No. 311228

Littlesativabug actually takes decent pictures and takes care of herself, Shay cant even be fucked to do the basics such as showering and brushing her teeth. Such hard work

No. 311231

It sounds like he's offended? It's because she's probably the ugliest/trashiest so it's the most believable that, with what he looks like, she would be the one he would actually be with.

No. 311232

I wonder if she sent that ask herself.

No. 311247

She probably did. A couple of the more know doms she harasses and calls her dad get asks like that. Wouldn't be surprised if she's sending them all to get that sweet sweet attention and validation

No. 311249

So I know she's said she doesn't brush her teeth because of gag reflex but has she ever said anything about not showering? A lot of y'all are mentioning it and idk if I missed something from the last thread or if it's just assumption based on the fact she looks dirty

No. 311252

I think it's screencapped earlier in the previous thread but she said she doesn't like showering on tumblr in an ask

No. 311259

She's mentioned a few times that she won't shower or bathe because she hates it.

No. 311264

> Shaynasty doesn't like brushing her teeth because gag reflex
> has no issue trying to fit a dildo in her throat

No. 311274

She tries to be like brat-grrrrl with the sex work, demanding people pay her for doing nothing, acting like a stuck up cunt and being rude to all of her followers and trying to use the child stripper aesthetic

No. 311356

File: 1494619386856.jpg (149.65 KB, 720x1280, tumblr_o7ulx3QMfj1rmiw96o2_128…)

it's so crazy how much she's changed. i was mutuals with her up until a couple months ago. looking at her back in the day (pic related) when she was still dating connor and was a stoner blog she actually looked like a normal 19 year old. like does she have some unfortunate features/proportions? yeah, but she didn't look nearly as crusty/unwashed/haggard. it seems like when connor left so did her sense of basic hygiene/self care.

imo except for the wildly tragic backstory and plethora of kinks, brat girl isn't much of a cow. she also doesnt demand anyone pay her anything because she always talks about how her blog is personal and not for work. sage for ot

No. 311389

Key word trying. She can barely fit it past her teeth. She fails at even giving a dildo a good blowjob .

No. 311622

idk, aside from her hair (which has gotten WAY worse), i think she looks about the same. i think that the difference is that she started caking on makeup and that caused more breakouts. also, the fact that she has no idea how to apply makeup makes her look awful. some good concealer and contouring/highlighting would cover up the majority of her flaws.

No. 311946


She looks a lot cleaner back then than she does now. Now she just looks dirty and crusty.

No. 311961

File: 1494685912733.png (1.26 MB, 750x1334, IMG_4234.PNG)

Imagine she bought underwear that actually fits her..

No. 311963

File: 1494686032338.png (120.3 KB, 750x1105, IMG_4235.PNG)

That flat ass lmao #ddlg

No. 312077

I don't get how people claiming to be csa survivors are into ddlg. It's basically self harm for an abuse survivor to engage in that shit.

No. 312085

that kind of shit happens more often than you think, like some rape survivors being into violent sex and rape role play. i don't doubt it's the same for csa victims.

now whether these bitches are telling the truth or not is another thing, because it's a deep source of shame for survivors and not something you'd casually tell strangers on tumblr.

No. 312089


On one hand, I get it. It's like rape survivors who then develop rape/BDSM sexual fantasies later in life. It's turning a negative, painful experience into a positive one, I guess. It's definitely not "healthy", but if it works, whatever.

On the other hand, you're opening yourself up to the exact type of person who abused you before. CSA abuse victims getting into DD/LG are going to encounter creepy borderline pedo "daddies". I mean the fucking title "dom daddy" is going to pull abusive creepy men out of the woodwork no doubt.

No. 312115

Can we please all remember that Shayna has never been abused, raped or molested and she made the whole thing up to get away with cheating on her boyfriend.

No. 312121


in her league

No. 312136

kek she did this 'shoot' him in cali with another girl. wonder if she's as haggard as shay.

No. 312139

sage for samefag but she said on tumblr that basically all she requires to meet up with someone is that they buy her flight, pay her $500 and buy her shit. how dumb could one girl be? you're just going to meet up with anyone who buys you a ticket and throws some cash your way? sounds like a dangerous game to be playing.

No. 312143

I was a former cam girl. What Shayna is doing is very fucking dangerous. One of my friends actually died which caused me to get out what I was doing…. Shayna going to end up dying or getting an STD from these men.

No. 312158

I'm sorry about your friend. Shayna is being extremely irresponsible and putting way too much trust in random dudes from the internet. She's valuing a quick buck more than her safety and future.

What bugs me the most is knowing how many young (possibly underaged?) girls follow her. Back when she was stoner shay-gnar her 'fans' were mostly young girls that fawned over her and looked up to her. Now she's setting this kind of example for girls. "It's okay as long as you get paid"

No. 312176

She doesn't give a fuck about her followers or anybody but herself. As evidenced by the fact whenever an actual CSA survivor tries to talk to her about how harmful her behavior is, she tells them to fuck off. No empathy whatsoever.

No. 312192

there's a really gross growing trend of fake CSA victims claiming that this shit "helps them cope" when it's not true, they're just encouraging pedo behavior and trying to excuse their fetish. it's terrible.

No. 312194


snickering because this picture was around the time she claimed she shaved her head as a result of her sexual assault.

super bald.

No. 312206


Did anyone noticed that this video doesn't exist anymore and nor does her dumbdolly account? LOL I wonder if that bad review caused her to delete shit.

No. 312209

I'm still seeing her MV account but the video is def gone. Probably deleted since that is her only review and it's 1 star - very fitting for her :)

No. 312239

File: 1494712223252.png (70.77 KB, 750x519, IMG_4236.PNG)

She didn't even get paid like she claims lmao

No. 312249

File: 1494713098500.jpg (164.51 KB, 750x1334, tumblr_opwp3xKr5Z1rmiw96o1_128…)

she looks photoshopped or at least somewhar clean

No. 312261

definitely shopped her skin to be brighter/smoother.

ugh her eyebrows are the worst.

No. 312295

>awesome shit


No. 312297

dat highlighter.

No. 312298


I don't see her as changing for fuckall. She needs to stay away from makeup, period until she can fucking apply eyeliner like a normal person.

She wears it like some fucking cheap stripper. Blood will tell, I guess.

No. 312299




>#dom blog

these tags my sides

No. 312315

underrated post

No. 312367


but can you imagine that dude being around her? that smell…

No. 312793

File: 1494787245342.png (203.9 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0778.PNG)

The meeting up with rando's for sex continues

No. 312842

HAHAHAAHHA this shit crack me up, she's fucking CLENCHING HER ASS in the second frame. If you wanna brag about spankings, don't be clenching your butt!!

No. 312844

Again with the ass clenching.

No. 312847

Even with all the obvious photo editing going on in this photo, she still manages to look at least 32 years old.

No. 312906


Omg I literally bought the same top for like 4$ off AliExpress. Didn't know the bitch was that broke. Also Barbie is a natural blonde, idk who she's trying to fool she looks so crusty. I can't believe I used to think she was ok for a whole two weeks

No. 312910

File: 1494801333531.png (97.71 KB, 750x742, IMG_4238.PNG)

Yet she still meets up with "Daddy Doms" and gets her pictures tagged as ddlg and little.. hmm..

No. 312911

File: 1494801369849.png (126.34 KB, 736x907, IMG_4239.PNG)

And then also posts this.

No. 312913

Why would you want to regress to arguably the most awkward and cringey time of your life?

No. 312918

just stumbled upon a callout blog, they only have one post so far but maybe it'll progress into something more

No. 312928

>just made a callout blog


No. 313013

Didn't make it just found it her tags on tumblr, chill

No. 313030

This is perfect

No. 313127


How long until she gets this one deleted by tumblr staff?

No. 313694

File: 1494894291187.png (82.93 KB, 750x679, IMG_4243.PNG)

She now has an imaginary girlfriend.

No. 313699

today on real things that really happened

No. 313713


I like how she only answers anons praising her or ones she can make fun of.

No. 313727

File: 1494895941377.jpg (75.26 KB, 843x749, 111.JPG)

I remember awhile back I saw this so I went to find it. Just in case she ever tries to call herself a lesbian.

No. 313815

Whose the girl she is talking about? Is she referring to this >>306489 person?

Man shay is just self projecting like crazy here >>313727

No. 313868

"yeah she's hot as fuck"

solid foundation for a relationship. I feel bad for whoever has to get up close and personal with Shayna Clifford's gross ass.

No. 313875

Oh wow, yeah, this sounds like a real thing that happened.

Seriously though, she's trying way too hard to convince people that this is real. It reads like a 12yr old boy talking about his made up girlfriend to his buddies over minecraft.
>Yeah bro, my girlfriend is HOT AF, we just did the sex and she gave me $200!!

No. 314249

File: 1494970359209.jpg (Spoiler Image, 261.72 KB, 719x1280, tumblr_oq29ymbDLw1rmiw96o1_128…)

sometimes I want to kill myself and images like this set me along my way

No. 314294


her hair looks dry and nappy af, bitch use some conditioner

No. 314328


so, who else isn't buying that shayna is really into girls? knowing all of the other stuff she's lied about i doubt she's above pretending to be bi or lesbian, it also doesn't help that everything she posts about her 'attraction' to women seems very fake and forced

No. 314332

Man it's really hard to choose but this might be the most disgusting picture of her that exists. I mean fucking wow.

No. 314345

idk about other girls shes mentioned but like anon said above her post about the girl fucking her w a strap on and throwing 200 at her while she made her chicken for dinner is jus painfully untrue and sounds like something a teenage boy would say about his new gf but oh you dont know her i uh met her at camp lol

No. 314510

not trying to white knight but I have a feeling she was being sarcastic in that response. that being said, I can't imagine any girl who would put up with the whole " i think personal hygiene is nasty" stuff. doesn't matter if the pussy's shaved when it's got BV, ingrown hairs and smells like three day old sun warmed crayfish

No. 314517

>implying that gay people have standards
lol, how hetero of you.

No. 314564

she is so fucking trashy and it makes me kek that she thinks she's some cute model type camgirl when she appeals to the most lowest common denominator men

No. 314628

File: 1495029457988.png (177.72 KB, 750x1030, IMG_4297.PNG)

I can't stop ducking laughing at the fact she pretends that she's so irresistible to all of these tumblr dudes and one just admitted she asked him to meet her hahaha

No. 314637


it's obvious she doesn't care for herself…

No. 314755

File: 1495046330439.png (70.38 KB, 750x610, IMG_4320.PNG)

There's no girl lmao

No. 314759

I don't think she's actually into girls either. I like how for guys it's always "daddy~~" but for this apparent girl she's only addressing her as "gf" why not also address her as mommy? Or something super kinky if she's actually into her. The heck.

No. 314760


She's definitely not into girls, she just thinks she'll get extra attention if she keeps calling herself "gay".

No. 314761

that god damn ask wth

No. 314777

I feel like buying her stuff just so I can leak it all

No. 314791

she's definitely torn between ~bimbo ddlg doll~ & "cool badass stoner" aesthetics

one is "daddy pwetty pwease punch me in teeth and piss in my mouth teehee"
and another one is "yo fam chilling my gf after fingering her ass 420 blaze it bruh"

No. 314795

Please, please do it. I can't imagine that goldmine of cringey bullshit that she posts on her snap.

No. 314797

shes real. shes got pics n theyre on cam earlier

No. 314800

Do you have caps or anything? What does she look like?

No. 314808

hmmm if theyre on cam together n stuff i feel like theyre both doing it for the attention not any genuine relationship

No. 314809

this bitch is incapable of having a genuine relationship.

No. 314814

being on cam together doesn't necessarily reflect the status or authenticity of relationship

no scrn caps, but she's posted a pic of them, no faces tho

No. 314816

File: 1495051033818.jpg (65.97 KB, 750x750, DACw8r8VoAAFNLt.jpg)

she's real

No. 314817

File: 1495051106271.jpg (629.09 KB, 2048x2048, 09F33039-630D-447D-B1DE-8C9298…)

her face is repulsive

No. 314818

File: 1495051118155.png (1.75 MB, 1522x944, dmdllyccmg.png)

the girl in this next pics isnt the gf shes talking about, but a model she worked w/ while in cali

No. 314819

File: 1495051179130.jpg (585.42 KB, 2048x2048, 3FECA4B8-79B2-4D0A-BE04-0234A4…)

imagine waking up & seeing her face next to yours

i would totally kms

No. 314821


HER FEET AND FACE, not sure who's nastier

No. 314823

File: 1495051360325.png (1.05 MB, 1308x836, dmdllyccmg2.png)


she def needs to learn her angles, especially w/ her face. its not very flattering

and signature dirty feet… the other girl def saves the entire shoot.

No. 314828

I was saying she was sarcastic about having money thrown at her while making chicken parm. How does that not come off as sarcastic? her comments about not liking to bathe were obviously genuine and the way she looks is plenty to show she meant them.

No. 314830

same fagging, but both of them look terrible at that angle, who tf decided this photo was good enough to release?

No. 314858

kek the bottom right. what a fucking retard

No. 314862

I can't even believe….she flew all the way to CA for this low budget shit. I hope the photog paid for her airfare and other expenses because lmao. what a fucking waste

No. 314880


that's what's so fascinating- she doesnt have an attractive face, but she's not really a butterface, because she doesnt have a good body either, and its the gimmicks shes used for years, like the stoner-girl, dd/lg-baby bimbo, slap/punch/kick me, now the lesbo i have a gf! she needs gimmicks to get attention because there is nothing that can stand alone. she needs them. she needs to rely on this shock value. shes just a 3 out of 10. would say the asks replies w/ the dad comebacks arent funny and have been past 'gotten old' but whats even worse, is when she does try to convey a thought or elaborate on something, her analysis and pseudo intellect is laughable. she's not very intelligent, its so ridiculous. but mostly sad.

i always ask that w/ almost every pic ive seen… its so interesting that she posts the absolute unflattering photos. she's not very attractive to begin w/.. but at least ud think she'd try a little harder to look better or take better pictures.

but gotta give it to the girl, she def is very confident and proud when she doesnt have much to be about. but thats maybe why people used to like her. shes always been confident and i used to love that bc shes not the prettiest but she didnt care, not a good body and a lot of flaws, but still showed it off naked and was proud of her flaws, you know. but now, its devolved… its just pretentious. and its just really pathetic and sad.

No. 314904


She wasn't paid anything lmao she just pretends she gets paid because she wants to be a model but really she just contacts creepy old dudes on tumblr and gives them sexual attention in exchange for pictures

No. 314919

File: 1495057650839.jpg (Spoiler Image, 100.61 KB, 500x378, IMG_0779.JPG)

No. 315031

>the other girl def saves the entire shoot.
Nonnie, pls. They both look really terrible but the other one seems a little more comfortable? Idk even if Shayna had a good looking face, she's still so awkward in pictures. It's hilarious that she thinks she could ever model.

No. 315081

Oh wow, you little angry stalker boys are so cute! So you guys come on here everyday and post about a girl who wouldn't fuck you in highschool? Aww, poor babies. Your parents wouldn't like all this nasty talk coming from their basement while you eat all their hot pockets and use their wifi. It's so sad that you all spend this much time obsessing, it's a literal obsession you know this right?? Good bad or otherwise. You're all madly obsessed with something you also claim to hate, seems conflicting no?? Instead of spending your sad, miserable, teenage lives that mean nothing to anyone outside and traveling and being happy, you choose to sit in your parents houses and talk shit ha. I'm all for talking shit about people don't get me wrong, but the level at which you poor sad little boys are doing it I honestly thought I felt bad for her when I stumbled upon this but in fact I actually for way more sorry for all of you. God your lives are so sad. I'm so sorry.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 315083

This website is all women and Shayna Clifford isn't the only one discussed here - she's very boring actually, to the point where she's in /snow/ not /pt/. Nobody is jealous of her, we're calling her out for being a liar and shitty human being. Go back to jerking off over her / being her, Shayna.

No. 315084

Hi Shaygnat

No. 315085

Now now boys, I never said jealous. There's not much to be jealous of. I said obsessed. Obsession is sad when used in improper unproductive ways. This whole thread is so so sad. I'm so sorry for you all. God bless

No. 315087

Hahahahahahaha holy shit, this page is real?! My question is, how often do you guys all get together and fuck each other? Holy shit this is so sad. Fuck you guys made my whole night with how miserable and weak you all are. God thank you so much for the laughs.

No. 315090

lol shayna you gotta get a new insult other than "you live in a basement, you eat doritos" etc ppl talk about you cus you nasty youre a std personified and there probably isnt a lot of boys here cus they like any girl willing to degrade herself for $50 a night and if people come here its for about 3 minutes outta there day

No. 315092

shouldn't you be sorry for shayna who despite punching herself in the face for 6 cents, can't afford to wash her hair, face, or pussy?

No. 315094

File: 1495074082324.png (38.05 KB, 625x626, 739.png)

No. 315102

>thinking we're men

at least lurk more before you try to insult us, christ

No. 315109

the faux amusement comes off as desperately lonely tbh

No. 315124

It's ok. We know you are fake laughing to hide away the sheer anger and salt.

No. 315132


lol, I wonder if it was easy to type these through all the tears

No. 315140


Shayna, take a shower.

No. 315265

File: 1495087862855.png (Spoiler Image, 65.69 KB, 1242x639, IMG_6069.PNG)


>holy shit this is so sad

>calls ppl weak and miserable
>posts shit like this to the internet

No. 315297

Even when the photo quality is potato, you can still see how awful her skin is, how filthy her socks are, and how weirdly veiny her one tit is.

No. 315329


Hahahahaha. This thread was getting boring and then you came along and now it's funny again.

No. 315587

shut your mouth and go take a shower, bet your crusty feet & boil infested roast beef vag stink like hell, shayna

No. 315612


Shayna don't you have some butt plug to be shoving up your ass? At least you make like $2 when you do that, posting here is just a waste of your time.

You should also probably learn how a site works before spamming such obvious bullshit. Your typing style gives you away. Sad you don't have any real fans to defend you, huh? :(

No. 315618

sage for doublepost but according to her tumblr she's about to be going on cam with her new "totally sexxxiii gf". If anyone has access I would love to see a screencap of the grody whore.

No. 315619


No. 315630

File: 1495127638230.png (261 KB, 481x361, Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 12.1…)

I'm about to go to work so this is all I can get real quick. She is…not cute in my opinion. She almost looks like a brunette Shayna in a weird way lmao.

Also, anon - anyone can have access to her cam I think. Just go to myfreecams and look up stupid baby.

No. 315636

omg she does i hope thats just a bad angle for her lol
The Troll Twins

No. 315637


That's funny since on her tumblr someone asked "How can we see that?" (her and her gf) and she replied "Pay to watch my cam"? Maybe I'm thinking of something else though.

And yeah, holy shit, it looks like Shayna in a brown wig. Are they gross twins or…??

No. 315640

File: 1495128976486.png (349.18 KB, 475x367, ugh.png)

Yep just vomited in my mouth

No. 315641

Goddamn, I just watched her cam show for about 5 minutes out of morbid curiosity. This "Selena" chick has a man face and voice. The deep "THANK YOOUUUU" with every tip had me rolling. They are both very, very ugly and do not know what they're doing at all. It was a hot mess omfg, and Thing 2 trying to deep throat that dildo and just choked and looked like a bloated frog gave me second hand embarrassment. I bet Shayna is using the "ugly friend" tactic with this one, just to make herself look better by comparison. Also, she has restricted her page so no one from Massachusetts can watch. Hmm, wonder why? Is she capable of feeling shame?

No. 315644

jeesh spoiler this shit.

also damn it looks like she bought her off of russianbrides.com or some shit.

No. 315646

File: 1495130269447.png (Spoiler Image, 454.73 KB, 925x688, 20170518_124914.png)

i went there too D:

No. 315650

File: 1495130453269.png (Spoiler Image, 457.92 KB, 946x683, 20170518_124928.png)

No. 315652

File: 1495130575298.png (Spoiler Image, 256.09 KB, 574x322, 2017-05-18 (12).png)


No. 315653

File: 1495130614599.png (176.57 KB, 459x259, 2017-05-18 (9).png)

"My hot af gf"

No. 315655

Probably restricted it so her dad can't accidentally stumble across it and proceed to put a bullet through his brain.

No. 315656


I can't tell if it's just the crappy quality of the pic or if there is actually tampon string hanging out?

Either way, it's gross to look at this pic and plz spoiler.


it never stops to amaze me how people end up doing such things and broadcast it online whyyy

No. 315657

lol oh god she fucking choked on the dildo and decides to drinks Mikes Hard Soda afterwards. Jesus. Did they manage to get a private show done with a client? Are they even turned on at all? They look so bored and the brunette looks like she regrets everything. I think Shay banned MA viewers probably for the sake of the girl. We all know Shay can't feel shame.

No. 315658

File: 1495131233820.png (355.73 KB, 708x399, 2017-05-18 (25).png)

In a few more tokens Serena is going to eat Shayna's crusty ass. Barffff

No. 315660

File: 1495131396894.png (Spoiler Image, 265.37 KB, 625x352, 2017-05-18 (41).png)

No. 315662

File: 1495131591544.png (Spoiler Image, 247.03 KB, 583x328, 2017-05-18 (45).png)

Okay, I can't stand any more of this. Unless anyone wants me to keep posting caps, I will, but this shit is getting pretty vomit worthy

No. 315665

File: 1495131793076.png (Spoiler Image, 279.57 KB, 628x353, 2017-05-18 (53).png)

Ok now I'm done. Brb puking

No. 315674

yeah i had to leave lol

No. 315726

File: 1495136133624.png (8.31 KB, 226x141, IMG_4346.PNG)

No. 315737

does shayna have a black eye? kind of looks that way in some of these pics

No. 315738

eeeeee it should be illegal to be this ugly and make pr0n. I'm not saying make fgm should be legal, but they should remove fuglies sexual organs by law to
>a) help me sleep at night
>b) stop the reproduce of ugly spawnlings b4 too late & history repeat itself again for another generation

No. 315749

she is grotesque omg

No. 315751

File: 1495137174013.gif (529.67 KB, 500x281, ffxIKYwEwwhjy.gif)

The brunette reminds me of Tyrion Lannister

No. 315753

this girl looks inbred and makes shayna actually look cute by comparison

No. 315756

This picture looks like a promo for a weird porno about a russian mail order bride and her autistic retard daughter who she walks to special ed school every day. This is evil and I am triggered

No. 315759

File: 1495137487215.jpg (140.6 KB, 1500x1070, Shameless_404_0377.jpg)

I was going to say Mandy Milkovich but an uglier ver.
I see both tho lol

No. 315790

She kinda looks like this autistic girl I knew

No. 315791

But honestly, guys, what else would you expect? I don't think an actually attractive girl who likes girls would go for Shayna.

No. 315805

Guys, this is called "my FREE cams". I wouldn't expect beautiful hot & really horny girls here lmao. And her "tall mean gf" looks like meth addicted dude in stockings and wig. Seriously. Shayna Cliford from Massachusets and her standards.

No. 315810


What is that thing on her arm??

No. 315813

a bandaid or a nicotine patch?

No. 315818

I'm disturbed, they look like fucking sisters.

No. 315821

lol def a nicotine patch. omfg so trashy

No. 315823

File: 1495142682969.jpg (Spoiler Image, 509.04 KB, 2044x1544, Stupidbaby_18052017_1942_MyFre…)

Damn this girl is ugly

No. 315824

File: 1495142702821.jpg (Spoiler Image, 509.82 KB, 2044x1544, Stupidbaby_18052017_0828_MyFre…)


No. 315825

File: 1495142727731.jpg (Spoiler Image, 520.26 KB, 2044x1544, Stupidbaby_18052017_0904_MyFre…)

No. 315826

File: 1495142741934.jpg (Spoiler Image, 500.84 KB, 2044x1544, Stupidbaby_17052017_2116_MyFre…)

No. 315829

File: 1495143077622.jpg (Spoiler Image, 25.67 KB, 293x385, IMG_4351.JPG)


No. 315856

File: 1495145400793.jpg (41.72 KB, 509x394, IMG_4355.JPG)

She genuinely looks like a 40 year old crack whore.

No. 315867

File: 1495146577344.jpg (Spoiler Image, 356.11 KB, 741x732, 20170518_182623.jpg)

Bottom right. You can tell she hates her life. Though since Serena has appeared they've been making quite a bit of money. Split half way though isn't Jack shit. So "successful yo!"

No. 315870

Shoot. Meant to spoiler. My bad. Sorry whoever has to see that by accident

No. 315873

You know all that money will go towards trashy clothes and sex toys from amazon

No. 315904

This looks like something out of a snuff film

No. 315913

mfc makes me sad lol i know people are supposed to be all positive about "sex work" but it just seems like a waste of time when you could be doing something better with your life
sage for being dramatic

No. 315923

Wow what the fuck, her friend looks like a man in a wig and Shayna looks like a gremlin crack whore.

No. 315926

File: 1495152919431.png (Spoiler Image, 39.21 KB, 724x747, IMG_1900.PNG)

The "I'm at the dentist for the first time in my life and he's coming at me with a needle" face tho

No. 315938

they are both hideous. no wonder she doesnt post pics of her face on her social media… no offence but she looks like she has downs… they both look like they're on the spectrum

No. 315944

is this a joke? if they met each other online, i bet they both feel catfished. lulz. i feel bad for everyone she is scamming, buy my snap to see me n my hott tall gf… BARF!!!!!!!!!! i cannot get over how disgustingly hideous they both are.

No. 316121

her nipple seriously freaks me out

No. 316129

Shayna can't possibly be catfish. She's too revolting.

Bless you for posting these. Shayna looks so stupid here, she's obviously faking It, it's so cringey.

No. 316240

File: 1495175661341.jpg (Spoiler Image, 62.46 KB, 640x960, IMG_4915.JPG)

Coincidentally, I was recommended to a cosplay page of some girl, who looks a lot like Shays new gf

No. 316277

That girl looks hideous. In comparison it makes Shayna look cute. Almost..

No. 316438


I think everybody can tell just how crusty and dirty and ugly Shayna is just from her pictures. She's not able to catfish anybody.

No. 316444

File: 1495196472614.jpg (147.71 KB, 500x278, IMG_2620.JPG)

No. 316632

File: 1495215386495.png (Spoiler Image, 79.92 KB, 823x795, IMG_0050.PNG)

Lol, that's exactly how I feel too Shay!

No. 316675

I'm going to kill myself. This is the end for me.

No. 316724

her "gf" looks like she has no eyes, she looks like this in every fucking screencap

No. 316769

File: 1495227453100.jpg (13.23 KB, 347x218, 1.JPG)

I mean ya your gf does look pretty old and tired like a mom

No. 316777

God this photo isn't erotic at all. Everything about this cam session look like a mess. Shay is clearly not into it

No. 317195

File: 1495282520977.png (2.38 MB, 1374x792, shaynaclifford_markersbutt.png)

markers in butt

No. 317196

File: 1495282698778.png (722.99 KB, 708x922, shaynaclifford_chinneckgf.png)

barf!! skin-beard? no-neck? saggy-chin? chin-flap? turkey-neck? idek what to call it…

No. 317202

I don't get why people want to be known for shoving objects in their orifices

No. 317204

that screenshot exudes desperation

No. 317208


I could not think of anything more erotic than shoving a marker up my butthole.

also, did Shayna empty her desk on that bed or what… there´s so much stuff floating around

No. 317210

wow her gf has such a dog face, no wonder it's shay's type

No. 317216

A shame the cap didn't come off during it, then again for her that's probably kinky

No. 317267

File: 1495290590422.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.73 MB, 307x307, tumblr_oq8qjr499p1rmiw96o1_400…)

They both look like they have never kissed anyone in their lives

No. 317272

Shay isn't into it ( or into other females )
The only one into it is the gf. She has her hand gripping onto shays nonexistent ass. Whereas Shay looks limped, aware of her surroundings almost, and seem to want it all to be over with.

No. 317276

seriously wonder if shay's gf is trans or has some sort of testosterone issue. she really looks mannish.

No. 317277

I doubt she's trans, she's probably just fugly

No. 317461

File: 1495305930629.png (940.98 KB, 1860x692, shaynaclifford_mangf_dildo.png)

THAT NECK! or lack thereof.

No. 317470

File: 1495307159065.png (459.43 KB, 926x713, shaynaclifford_manface_plugbut…)


No. 317483

Fucking spoiler that shit

No. 317488

lol you can't tell that she's a woman at all from the back lmao

No. 317490

Honey…that's what happens when you deepthroat a dick…

No. 317494


lmfaooo….no its not. thats why the 1st pic is postd, to show it not the dildo. nice try.

No. 317497

File: 1495308501310.jpg (Spoiler Image, 490.28 KB, 2044x1544, Stupidbaby_20052017_0721_MyFre…)

The colouring. Ugh.

No. 317499

File: 1495308520367.jpg (Spoiler Image, 476.8 KB, 2044x1544, Stupidbaby_20052017_0805_MyFre…)

They're such dogs

No. 317500

File: 1495308600952.png (5.03 MB, 2104x1392, shaynaclifford_manfacewow.png)

"my hott af gf" lulz

No. 317517

lol u can tell shayna doesnt wanna reciprocate n eat her fugo gf's vagina. her gf suggested it n the look on shayna's face was priceless, she said "nooooooo" so many times and looked soo pissed. ahaha hilarious to watch her like a deer in headlights not knoing what to do. dont let her use the whole 'im a sub not a dom' excuse, even shayna is grossed out. she isnt a lez, she doesnt wanna give. just receive and leech off this "gf" just like every relationship/friendship shes ever had

No. 317578

Exactly. This is literally what it is.

No. 317581

almost gagged on my granola bar seein that flat as fuck ass. Shay you're not fuckin bi. Your body posture and face says it all.

No. 317610

I'm sorry but her "hot af gf" looks like a Sasha Gray who's missing a few vital chromosomes. And it's really obvious that Shay isn't into women, especially this one.

No. 317896

All these dd/lg subby retards always look like hell because their bodies are constantly discolored from all the bruising. Their asses look particularly bad. You see some horrific looking scars that do not fade after a while of this stupid shit. It's not in any way sensual or erotic to look at; a woman's beat up body, no thanks.

Add Shayna's level of filth to the above and the whole thing just goes to a next level of grossness that I can't deal with.

I want her to go live in a monastery where showering is next to godliness and they don't let her out until she's squeaky clean. That should take at least a year or three.

sage for random bitching

No. 317901


those white nails are so tacky brah

i suck at shoops or i'd attempt this–can anyone here try to make shayna look like she isn't wearing makeup, or is wearing very little? i keep thinking she'd look better without the shitty wings and the crusty foundation but maybe it's wishful thinking. not this picture either,could be any one.

No. 317909


hahahahahah omg i feel like just their faces should be a lolcow banner, this is too hilarious for words

the brunette looks like an evil torture nurse working at a home for tards.

No. 317912


Is Shayna holding a fidget spinner in the last picture?

Confirmed for autist.

No. 317921


the next time shay does a cam show someone needs to promise to tip her a metric fucktonne if she will only get in the shower and wash her damned body for as long as is humanly possible.

you can even draw it out by specifying what soaps/shampoos/facial scrubs/razors you want her to use

she is so disgusting and so filthy
hell, i'd pay to force her to shower.

No. 317943

File: 1495348451712.jpg (Spoiler Image, 189.44 KB, 750x1277, WHY.jpg)

so, she alternates between shaven mange crotch to the hairiest bush in town?

as disgusting as it is in terms of hygiene i think it's better that she shaves and looks mangy.

No. 317964

I keep some hair on mine but it doesn't look gross and dirty like hers. Ugh. Makes me want to go back to shaving it all off. I find a little strip of trimmed hair to be sexy, But this is revolting.

No. 318164


you know that this is just another stupid trend & everyone is playing with this shit?

No. 318183

Her cooch looks like an abused mogwai.

No. 318254

I think it looks fine. Doesn't go with her gross aesthetic, though. seems like quite a few of y'all are just a-logging…

Anyways, is this pic old? Or is she going by shay-gnar again?

No. 318364

Yeah that's an old pic, she waxes now

No. 318424

File: 1495405259212.jpg (Spoiler Image, 392.89 KB, 1710x1373, Stupidbaby_230916_1653_MyFreeC…)

at least its not this anymore

No. 318445

Man spoiler that shit, that's disgusting

No. 318486

Imagine all of the damp, smelly, crusted bodily gunk, she would have trap underneath her finger tips

No. 318554


the stench must be horrible. I'm actually surprised there isn't any visible smegma (gag)

No. 318783

Ya, I'm surprised too that there's no cottage cheese on that roast beef vagina

No. 318801

those nails, that bush, that close-up…

omg kill me

No. 318926

File: 1495468723447.png (Spoiler Image, 3.31 MB, 2560x968, dumdolly_shaygnar_closeupass.p…)

at least its lot this…

No. 318930

spoiler that shit anon gotdamn!

No. 318939

please delete this

No. 318978

File: 1495473031014.png (98.41 KB, 750x864, IMG_4368.PNG)

She's just so gross

No. 319001

Okay, I've had enough, hiding this thread now, makes me gag every time I scroll past it.

This bitch is filthier and more disgusting than Luna's bedsheets.

No. 319003

she obviously met this girl for the intended purpose of doing cams together its not like they were dating and she asked her to do it with her, you know it just bugs me that she calls her her gf to get attention

No. 319129

File: 1495483179356.png (78.27 KB, 750x622, IMG_4369.PNG)

Somebody thinks she's toned hahahaha not with that belly squeezed into 5 year olds panties

No. 319167

File: 1495485471984.png (Spoiler Image, 42.35 KB, 742x402, IMG_4370.PNG)

That's not the face you should be making when you're with your "super hot gf"

No. 319177

Is her nipple getting worse? What the fuck is going on.

No. 319179

File: 1495486918787.gif (1.81 MB, 299x299, piffprincess.gif)

Looks like 'Selena', Shayna's filthfriend also has a tumblr. I'm too stupid to know if it's been privated though; I have a feeling she may be a flake herself.


What a gross pigperson.

No. 319183


It doesn't make her less of an autist for having one brah

No. 319187

She's deactivated I think

No. 319193

i have so many questions about this gif

>what the fuck is she doing with that duct tape? twisting it up like that just makes it unusable

>what is all that clutter behind her?
>what's with that sad school fluorescent lighting?
>does she live in a trailer?
>what the fuck is wrong with her browbone?
>why does she look like a young female onision?
>what about this is supposed to be sexy?
>why did she waste so much frame space on this dismal-ass room?
>why can't these bitches get decent backgrounds?
>where are her tits?

i need to go lay down

No. 319209


This gif cast a spell on me

No. 319212


Tbh she looks like she needs to wash just as much as Shayna. Imagine the smell that's in shaynas room right now.

No. 319214


boo. i was hoping for some milk from this chick. i checked fetlife but saw nothing.

No. 319216

>what the fuck is she doing with that duct tape?

gon do sexay rape

No. 319220

>bleeding asshole
Dare I ask how that happened?

No. 319223


what about shayna's puppy cage fort and the blankets inside? cheap rose wine, foot stank, armpits, weed breath, pussy grime, and old lube.

i'm going to be sick now.

No. 319224


It's magical.


Picked at ingrown hair? Looks like, anyhow. Or abscess.

No. 319229

Looks like a haemorrhoid or something

No. 319235


I could post a picture of a hemorrhoid but won't, for sanity's sake. It's an ingrown hair or a zit she picked at.

No. 319248

people saying 'wow i bet her hairy vagina has smegma. a little hair is ok but that much is purely filthy' are dumb. thats not how it works. vaginas dont get smegma. they're self cleaning, so unless she doesnt wash, she aint getting anything in that hair. the hair is just hair

No. 319252

>unless she doesn't wash

Buddy, I got news for you

No. 319254

Newfag, how about actually reading the thread. She's said herself she doesn't wash regularly.

No. 319262

Vaginas can get smegma in the outer and inner folds.

No. 319665


sage goes in the email field
you fucking retard

No. 319667


Goodbye motherfucking Horses.

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