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No. 1563404

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No. 1563420

"her trying on girls clothing or acting especially girly"
Note that wording. She probably doesn't understand her word choice herself. She married a pedophile, and now she feels bad for feeling disgusted as he dresses up in XXXXL Limited Too clothes and LARPs whatever 13 year old anime character he wants to fuck.

No. 1563422

File: 1655441260282.png (2.54 MB, 750x1624, A2BB4D5A-272F-4289-A69D-972EC3…)

here’s a tutorial: be born female.

No. 1563425

yeah, why wouldn’t she be disgusted? it’s a fucking fetish and these men get off to misogyny.

No. 1563427

>I want to eat a 12 gauge

Omg yas queen that would be so cute and girly, I dare you

No. 1563429

File: 1655441528315.jpeg (103.08 KB, 750x373, 46F7C4FE-FD55-4188-8F6F-810AC3…)

already planning to trap someone in a marriage before surprise trooning out.

No. 1563432

File: 1655441693296.png (233.91 KB, 690x799, image_2022-06-16_215347780.png)

How are moids are this delusional?

No. 1563434

File: 1655441744380.jpeg (200.22 KB, 750x568, 3AA1C294-1A89-4F8E-AA92-6AEBD2…)

what a perfect way to confront a troon. based old lady.

No. 1563435

Let's just hope that since he's already an ex-husband, he's already too old and worn out to be attractive to naive early twenty-somethings.

No. 1563436

File: 1655441753210.png (75.99 KB, 669x477, image_2022-06-16_215535302.png)

No. 1563438

Question answered.

No. 1563444

women put no effort into femininity and take their vaginas for granted? it’s almost like we’re human beings and our identity doesn’t revolve around the SOCIAL CONSTRUCT of femininity.

No. 1563447

>enjoy gender roles and stereotypes
yeah because they weren't born and raised experiencing them

No. 1563450

File: 1655442268692.jpeg (613.97 KB, 1170x3158, B5175E7B-BDF2-4C20-BEEE-4CB55C…)

Ugh can we not? I’m sick of genuinely funny people backtracking because some scrotes are mad on the internet.

>still draws trans ire

Of course he still drew ire. No amount of asskissing, apologies and bending over backwards is ever enough. They just find something else to screech about. There’s no boundary and no reasoning with these mentally ill moids

No. 1563452

That's probably a reach. though it IS weird that she refers to feminine clothes as 'girly'. Dhe might be immature herself, which is why she wrote such a dumb post. "Help me I don't want to be hatefuuul waah!" Does she realize what hate is? I guess the dumber & more spineless you are the more easier it is to become a handmaiden.

Gender nonconformity in general is uncomfortable b/c we're ruled by norms. If you're not used to seeing creepy men trying to larp as the high school cheerleader they masturbate to then that shit will inevitably be perturbing. If you're not a male fetishist it'll always be gross.

No. 1563454

this dude actually believes it when he's getting complimented in a makeup group. Delusional moids being delusional yet again

No. 1563455

slight /ot/ but I just wanna say I LOVE the new thread pic, I love how the girl went from cute to glowing past motherhood and how much the trooncel rages at her merely existing. It's so exemplary, iconic really.

No. 1563462

Why do they keep pandering for the rip-your-dick off wokie crowd? Fucking disgusting cowards.

No. 1563463

If somebody did 8 year comparisons on troons, the results would be hilarious.

No. 1563465

File: 1655443461684.jpg (117.72 KB, 1242x1214, 1654920634892.jpg)

that's why I posted it, in a odd way TIMs have made me more proud of my natural womanhood then anything on this earth, even my periods make me feel superior

No. 1563466


Maybe b/c fem erasure is irrelevant to you that doesn't mean that voicing concerns have to be shut down as 'mEaN'. Argh. God these guys are fucking petrified of pissing odd the ideologues. I mean, the should be, look at what happened to glinner. It's a horror story. wish more media figures refused to submit to these bullies.


i've always wondered why women love making backhanded compliments/offering pity-praise. it always hurts when you find out the truth and accomplishes jack shit beside making women look like asshole liars.

more often than not though, there's a horde of women who protect these special moids' feeling and the one michael phelps looking mofo in a bad wig and worse makeup who posted regularly on r/mua like 5-6 years ago ended up being the most upvoted poster on there. i hadn't fully peaked at that point so i ignored it. why did so many women in a makeup comm engage with a dude who showed almost improvement in his technique over time? they would never even criticize him.

No. 1563469

File: 1655444049103.png (269.25 KB, 1406x1670, tim.png)

and the reaction ever was hilarious

No. 1563473

Imagine getting suicidal over this shit. If they can't handle a random comment from an old lady who probably didn't even know that you're supposed to coddle trannies nowadays, how would they ever survive being an actual woman for a day?

No. 1563479

File: 1655445010932.jpg (78.26 KB, 500x654, men lol.jpg)


>for there are many GAMPchads who value self-immprovement

And this "GAMPchad" is narcissistic abuser who looks like ass. At least they're matched in their awful male-ness. These psycho males don't care that they are not appealing to women or stylish or interesting but god forbid a woman not be malnourished and stupid enough to starve herself. Or to waste her life obsessing over her body like some of the psychotic 'madames' like Dominacolette who don't east if their misogynists don't think they measure up to some pedophilic ideal.

picrel, a "gAMPchad"

No. 1563481

File: 1655445146358.jpg (110.05 KB, 720x992, hoebag420.jpg)

presenting hoebag420

No. 1563482

File: 1655445190568.jpg (147.5 KB, 720x986, hoebag4202.jpg)

No. 1563483

File: 1655445302984.png (483.43 KB, 640x689, oh lawd.png)


transing/crossdressing makes them unironically look more masc than they ever did before so, lol.

No. 1563485

File: 1655445481029.jpg (174.89 KB, 1200x1600, IMG_5191.JPG)

No. 1563489

>transing/crossdressing makes them unironically look more masc than they ever did before so, lol.
its a weird phenomenon, like this tranny actually looks more masculine then most asian dudes as a troon then he did when he was a feminine gay guy

No. 1563496

what is up with this niche subculture of male troons that specifically larp as muslim women? Can't they just stick to the wannabe anime girl look?

No. 1563497

File: 1655446778730.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1170x2103, CC2A6902-9222-47B7-915B-EB0866…)

> trans friendly makeup tutorial
this is the ugliest shit i've ever seen.. if a girl posted this she would be ripped to shreds

No. 1563500

why are they so bad at makeup anyway? even my first attempts weren't as bad.

No. 1563501

Dammit, Dwight!

No. 1563503

most people are booty gurus, anon. He could just not have the patience for it. Getting eyeliner to look ok is annoying. If trons wants tips on how to feminize their face, there's a shitton of drag queens on yt who actually know what they're doing.

Wish he'd use a soft powder or something for the brows instead of an opaque cream or wax, though.

No. 1563504

Because they have big fucking ape hands with sausage fingers and lack dexterity. Not to mention unrestrained autism and typical moid overconfidence.

No. 1563506

Being female is not just the tutorial. It’s also the whole game lol.

No. 1563507

File: 1655447866864.png (6.81 MB, 4060x3088, 2egmdcj7n5351.png)

>i've always wondered why women love making backhanded compliments/offering pity-praise. it always hurts when you find out the truth and accomplishes jack shit beside making women look like asshole liars.
It's just a knee jerk reaction imo, chances are they feel grossed out by delusional overconfident moids like >>1563481 and feel guilty about it, so they immediately compensate with a fake compliment to make themselves and him feel better about his sad, gross existence. It's exactly how a lot of people react to people with deformities. Baring their face online gets them a slew of condescending 'stunning and brave' comments, just like trannies.

On that note, the contrast between tranny bragging and their photos never gets old. Sometimes I read their posts and think 'well maybe he's a rare case who really does pass/look good somehow' but when you see a pic he's always an ogre lmao.

No. 1563517

File: 1655449164857.gif (6.59 MB, 498x266, 4C26C809-F791-4A5E-A86D-569CA5…)

No. 1563526

They always act butthurt when the GF/wife takes her clothes back, like clothing sizes don't exist, like they aren't destroying the clothes. I know the humiliation/subjugation of ruining a woman's pretty possessions is part of the fetish that they won't mention in public, but even if you take it at face value it's still stupid and selfish.

No. 1563531

Every single troon: "I'm a girl because I feel and act like one!!!! I've only been masking with male traits, they were never the real me!!"

Also every troon: "How do I act like a girl??? pwease tell me I have no idea!!!"

No. 1563532

kek men don’t have the capacity to be kind to anyone they don’t want to fuck, so can’t take a surface-level compliment like a normal person. their wives are probably less worried about them “looking better” they just want them to stop wearing their clothes and don’t want their manwife to narc rage at them.

No. 1563533

And women’s clothes can be fucking expensive! Imagine living with a moid who tried on your clothes and stretched them all out. You just KNOW that scrote was super pushy and wouldn’t be told no, so that woman probably said “you look too good in those!” because that’s the only way he’d stop.

No. 1563538

I hate that they're always bullied into apologizing. Only ones rich enough or with enough integrity to stand up for women regardless don't back down. The only good thing is every time it happens some normies are forced to confront it and peak. Imagine being a normie and reading it and thinking "that is fucked up, but it probably isn't really happening" and then you see thousands of genderspecials' angry comments and later see him apologize for thinking chestfeeding is a dumb word and instead embrace it.

No. 1563540

how are those men actually assuming their crusty asses look good.

they're are dying to let the other moids know that they've attained validity as a wombyn! …it's not even "i feel bad that they think/say that I'm better looking" it's "I feel bad for being better looking". they're telling the other moids that their ugly asses can find women ass kissers too.

I get refusing to have low self esteem and bopdy positivity and shit, it's annoying as heck to see a troon who is self defeating. "I look good enough for me" id fine. But these dudes cannot read between the lines and understand what women are doing.


he'd have to be off his kilter to force himself in expensive clothes that don't fit and that he doesn't have permission to wear. i bet it does happen but not to the scrotes who want to keep their wives/gfs.

the amount of troons who steal their mom's/sisters' panties and then talk to other fetishists online about how hot this is is sickening tho. Even if said troons are often bi or gay.

No. 1563541

File: 1655451851986.jpeg (307.05 KB, 750x1603, BE907D99-9C8C-4FCA-8551-129901…)

Troon admits most ax wounds look atrocious.
> I work in healthcare, I’ve seen vaginas of all types.
Who wants to bet this guy got into the medical field, perhaps gynecology, for this very reason.

No. 1563542

anyone remember the troon who said that a gyno couldn't tell his axe wound apart from normal genitalia? because that definitely happened.

No. 1563543

troons working in healthcare give me goosebumps

No. 1563550

yes lmao apparently this nurse also told him it looked nicer than hers if I remember right. tbh in fairness it could've happened, the nurse obviously knew it was a neovag but thought pretending she didn't would make his day, which it did. it's just another example of men not understanding female socialisation

No. 1563551

TRAs drill it into women that if we feel turned off by this kind of thing or see any wrong in it then we're transphobic and a bad person. women are terrified of being branded a terf or transphobic so they ignore their gut reaction, their instinct to be disgusted when our partner turns around says he's a woman now and wants to dress up like a little girl

No. 1563553

That's why I say it's dumb to pity compliment a guy, they're not insecure and somehow will manage to take it as a proof they're somehow superior than you. Don't ever compliment male bodies or skills if they actually aren't amazing nonnies (and even then it's debatable if worth doing).
Sometimes women give those pity compliments to help people build confidence. It's not always malicious, I'd even say it's usually not malicious except when it's to virtue signal or something. Haven't heard actual backhanded bully compliments since high school, adult women usually don't do that.
Women assume men also lack self-confidence, especially when it's plain to see they're shitty at something. But it's just because they don't understand male socialisation, moids will hugely overestimate their skills and every compliment will only cement that. Some are also obsessed with hierarchy so they'd take your compliment as a way of admitting they're above you. Just think of how many women will date ugly men thinking he'd appreciate her being out of his league looks-wise but the moid will only take it as proof he's hotter than her and proceed to neg her or cheat on her. They're delusional as shit.

No. 1563554

File: 1655454957460.jpg (64.93 KB, 640x637, c09e4f4ccfe7fc77a4772c53590ba9…)

>take their vaginas for granted
why is this particular line icking me out so much?

No. 1563555

IA she's beautiful, even moreso in the after.

kek love it

the way they feel 0 shame never ceases to amaze me

No. 1563557

They fetishize Muslim women because they fetishize female oppression. Their troon fetish is just an extreme humiliation fetish, they can't imagine anything more humiliating than being a woman who is forced by her husband to hide her body and her hair, walk 10 feet behind him, have no choice in who she marries, gets beaten and abused etc. It gets their dicks hard to imagine being that oppressed.

Whenever you hear troons talk honestly about their sissification fetish it is all about being degraded and dehumanized, not even about necessarily being a woman. It's just that being a woman is the most degrading thing they can think of. It makes their dicks hard to be FORCED to be a woman, they see women as nothing but objects whose only purpose is to fulfill male desire so it is the ultimate degradation and the ultimate coom.

No. 1563558

it makes you uncomfortable because they think that a body part that serves a biological fucking function is like a goddamn handbag.
i.e. something that you "earn".

gay troons have no problem lying to straight men so they can get sex from them because they're all insanely selfish assholes. The trans cult wouldn't be what it is if they weren't.

No. 1563561

File: 1655456645620.jpeg (211.08 KB, 750x700, 2620E0E1-2FDB-4C56-B30C-18F872…)

No. 1563566

"trans friendly"? so…bad?

No. 1563567

File: 1655457562630.jpg (219.81 KB, 1080x624, Screenshot_20220617-051602_Boo…)

The delusional narcissism kek

No. 1563568

34???? He can't be 34. I was thinking at best somewhere late 40s. Men truly age like milk.

No. 1563570

If it happened even once, the other person was just shocked that somebody so foolish was so old.

No. 1563571

I'm pretty sure that what he means by that is he wants to fuck his school crush but since he said "girl" I bet he's imagining her as a perfectly preserved 16 year old. No way this scrote isn't also a pedo. Whats one more paraphilia in the sea of the dozens he probably possesses

No. 1563573

Late but holy shit, moids dont understand female socialisation at all.

Women dont compliment TiMs because of envy, it's a mix of pity and 'hyping up'. Women will compliment you, offer to teach you make up stuff, go clothes shopping, because they see you as a gay bff+ - a fun pet to play with. You will never be accepted as a real woman in female circles, and TiMs will never be aware of that as they take these compliments as genuine. Even HSTS are narcs

No. 1563574

Troons thing men getting uncomfortable and condescending is misogyny, when they're just weirded out by a publically crossdressing freak that wants them to call him "she".
Congrats on your fast makeup, looks like some advanced level eye disease. This dude looks like he was plenty annoying both before and after transition.

No. 1563575

All you have written is absolutely true for agp trannies but unless something changed (im not checking and risking ruining my day with his tweets) >>1563483 is not a troon but a perverted agp crossdresser. There is a whole lot of ones fetishizing muslim women. They don't deny being men (and they act normal with their families and at work) but as a part of their fetish they want to be sold to middle eastern men and treated as muslim wives and sex slaves. Of course he could as well identify as trans, the base is the same.

No. 1563576

File: 1655458880179.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 157.38 KB, 750x1060, BFEB6B59-74AB-446F-A764-535B6B…)

because nothing says mental illness and sexual deviancy like taking multiple pictures of your synthetic hormone induced man nipple growth right before voluntarily getting cosmetic surgery on your throat

No. 1563577

why do his nipples look like that

No. 1563578

I hate males but I'm glad that they at least have the sense to be visibly grossed out and repulsed by these creatures. I think women should start pointing and laughing at these freaks too but the danger of ending up dismembered in a trash can is too high so we have to smile and nod for our own safety

No. 1563580

>bounciest and juiciest

No. 1563582

File: 1655459222598.png (Spoiler Image, 120.58 KB, 850x862, This-line-drawing-of-the-Tanne…)

Because they lack the tissue to ever finish maturation. The "juicy" tits they're all salivating over on reddit are those that are most similiar to girls' aged 10-14.

No. 1563583

goddamn, clearly a dude even with a mask on, he has such male shoulders/no neck too. not even going to comment on his moobs or nipples because its plain to see the issue there

No. 1563584

File: 1655459785510.jpeg (156.81 KB, 827x780, D16B7732-1C18-4A29-A997-6979E6…)

They’re going to lose the midterms so hard from this shit.

No. 1563585

do we think troons genuinely believe they have female breasts or is this coping

No. 1563586

oh hell naw dont let the transgender adults foster children please unless you want to quadruple the levels of csa in this country

No. 1563587

How the hell have they still not separated the LGB from the T yet? It's such insidious motte and bailey shit.

No. 1563591

pharma check must be thick

No. 1563597

yet another proof they're all pedos and jack off to larping as little girls

No. 1563624

File: 1655465678681.jpg (464.67 KB, 810x1867, Screenshot_20220616-215128_Boo…)

Good ol' agp_irl:

No. 1563628

File: 1655466933480.jpg (437.52 KB, 810x1639, Screenshot_20220616-221845_Boo…)

>If I had the opportunity [to be pregnant] I'd definitely take it even if only to abort after getting a positive test:

No. 1563633

stfu stupid faggot the reason u wouldn’t wanna go through actually giving birth is you being a pathetic weak male that wouldn’t even be able to endure 1/3rd of the pain women go through in labor

No. 1563645

"Identity theft is not a joke, Dwight!"

No. 1563657

can't stand the way they trivialize pregnancy and birth for their fetish

No. 1563662

I've grown to really hate it when failmales lament the state of humanity. Fucked up men are much more than half the reason humanity is so fucked up, they don't keep it to themselves, they spread the misery around. Imagine a world with 99% fewer sex crimes, and 99% fewer creeps preying on young women and children.

No. 1563664

Women are literally the opposite of this. Many women want to have children but hate the process of pregnancy. So how the hell is he a woman when he can't relate to us in any way

No. 1563670

File: 1655472386924.jpg (143.51 KB, 853x1200, FVNhmTiWAAA2VOC.jpg)

The fact TIMs are often so open about their fucked up kinks and fetishes just never sits right with me
I think it's time we publicly start shaming people for openly sharing their kinks and fetishes

No. 1563672

File: 1655472660427.jpg (369.12 KB, 810x1460, 20220616_231132.jpg)

All of the women communities I tried to join are filled with a bunch of dudes looking for approval.

No. 1563674

Good luck getting some states to abide by those rules. But yeah nona, I can already tell, the midterms are going to obliterate them. Not to get political and no I’m not taking any literal sides, but, the party that continues to actively advocate for this shit is going to be the reason they lose. Whether they want to pretend or not, normal ass people don’t like the idea of men with their cocks cut off around their kids. And honestly, once they do lose, I can’t say they didn’t deserve it.

No. 1563675

kek like anyone fucking believes that shit story

No. 1563680

File: 1655473826828.png (339.44 KB, 641x522, twanzwomen priosners.png)


are most transes male? even then, I don't think a 20 yo babyfur is gonna foster kids.At least I hope not. 'Trans inclusive' bullshit would be marginally less bad if the law took into account what the twanz women population is actually made up of. What's most likely to happen is troubled kids being influenced by the tranner who takes their maldjustment and confusion to mean that their egg hasn't cracked.

No. 1563681

>party that wants to take away all your reproductive rights
>OR party that wants mentally ill men in the bathroom with your kids

Gotta love being a woman in America the land of the "free", where you only have two choices and they're both a shit sandwich.

No. 1563683

Funny how there's never been much of a push to house TIFs in male prisons. Wonder why?

No. 1563687

Right? Almost as if female prisoners weren't as perverted and tifs weren't being imprisoned as often. Wonder why…

No. 1563697

Of course trans people suffer more mental illnesses, being delusional enough to think you're trans ie something you're not IS mental illness

No. 1563702

What a fucking time we live when people are scared to openly shame literal pedos

No. 1563707

Euphoria boners weird me out so bad like I don’t understand how men are so weak and defective that a simple skirt would turn them on. Like how do you give an article of clothing that’s not even meant to be sexy that much power? It’s so strange to me.

No. 1563709

Separatism looks better to me each and every day. I am ready to move to an island with other women and never look back.

No. 1563712

You know he has male privilege because he isn’t afraid to hitchhike. As a woman the last thing I would ever do is get in a car with strangers whether they were a “super nice stoner couple” or not.

No. 1563713

it's not the skirt, it's that they associate the skirt with their sexual fantasies and thousands of hours of sissy pr0n they watch. They've conditioned themselves to get off to the thought of being seen as effeminate/female. It's a degradation kink.

No. 1563714

Not just that, but also you don’t really see TiFs clamoring to be housed with the male prisoners, or if they do it’s very rare. They know being female in that group signs them up for immediate rape.

No. 1563717


>signs them up for immediate rape

Even the most insane of TiFs should know this yet you come across the odd TiF who wants be "validated" by being housed with the male population. Though none in their right mind would enable TiF self harm, I hope.

No. 1563719

Yup. If this was really about “gender identity” the push would be coming from both directions. But it’s almost like there are biological differences between the SEXES and even the most deranged TRAs & handmaidens know TIFs wouldn’t be safe in a mens prison…

No. 1563741

Unfortunate thing is that crazy moids would constantly try to invade or even bomb the island. Scrotes want to ruin everything that doesn’t include them and destroy. Even if there were plenty of women willing to live with men, stupid moids always want what they can’t have and will try desperately to ruin the separatist island. I don’t even think being on another planet would deter their violence. The XY is defective.

No. 1563758

What's funny is that it boils down to number obsession. They think big number good, small number bad, and apply it to any and all scenarios. Sort of like how troons think the more horsepiss they swallow in one sitting, they'll become a woman faster. Men are retarded.

No. 1563775

OT but there is literally nothing stopping you from starting your all female island(as long as its part of a sovereign state) the fact os there were tons of all female lesbian feminists communes in the 70s-80s, and they didn't end cause men "invaded" them, they simply failed cause of incompetent management and people just leaving out of boredom
>The community was justifiably loath to seek help from Western doctors, psychiatric services, or the cops — but neither were they equipped to handle every issue themselves. Residents planted herb gardens and amassed an extraordinary knowledge of natural healing, but with close quarters and no running water, they were besieged with lice, crabs, intestinal worms, staph infections, and the “Great Scabies Epidemic of 1976
>Communards observed each other’s lives at such microscopic range that things like income inequality could not be politely concealed. The cost of living was minimal — about $30 per month at Cabbage Lane, all-inclusive — so that an individual with savings or a disability allotment could handily cover expenses with cash left over for road trips and marijuana. Others scrimped by on a combination of food stamps and seasonal fruit-picking. (To get a job in town you needed a reliable car and a feminine mien.) A go-to insult was to call a woman “middle class” — code for not having divested her privilege. 31 On lands where finances were shared, keeping a private savings account was tantamount to betrayal.
>Proximity also magnified sexual conflict. Straight sex, the thinking went, was a misogynist fantasy, but so were monogamy and traditional notions of beauty. Attempting to rethink and remake eroticism, women on the lands cultivated simultaneous relationships, and randomized their hookups. Cabbage Lane started a monthly Singles Week, during which the names of lovers-to-be were drawn out of a hat. Residents at WomanShare used Tarot to decide who would sleep in what bed on a given night, while others maintained ménages à trois. 32 Communal masturbation was not uncommon, and loud lovemaking declared one’s right to pleasure.

>Radical sex made for extreme highs, but the lows were equally extreme. It was impossible to avoid seeing a lover with someone new in the secluded intimacy of a commune, and there was nowhere to nurse a hurt. Bad breakups were exacerbated by shame. Many utopians were genuinely surprised that they felt jealousy, which they’d assumed to be an emotion exclusive to men; they castigated themselves for what they termed “the pig in the head.” Long-term planning was stymied by drama, to the point that several collectives were at times hard-pressed to attend to the minimum requirements of land ownership. OWL in particular struggled against financial insolvency, and Golden Women’s Land was lost to foreclosure

And that's more or less what happened to them, cause who would have thought that managing land and living a fantasy rural life is actually fucking hard

No. 1563785

I remember this last year. He doubled down on it on FB with a non-apology/rebuttal. Basically stating that he was a "Little" and expressing transness through age-regression and vaguely saying this is a fundamental part of being trans.

Of course, he never mentioned that this regression involved tracing a picture of a baby for soft-core cub art. It was on par with the way dogfucker furries "address" their crimes becoming public (javachickn, 2018 zoosadists).

No. 1563787

idk why so many posters are desperate to move away from civilization. Farming is hard

No. 1563791

Damn, yeah this is true and that is pretty depressing. I feel like you’d have to be willing to compromise on at least some things in order to keep the place running and healthy, can’t just live on pot and tarot. I feel like attitudes at the time could have contributed to a few of these things, but it’s clear that there needs to be a sure infrastructure going in and enough people who actually have experience managing anything similar.

No. 1563811

So the problem wasn't really lack of management but the members being stuck in that fucked up hippie female divine sexual energy ideology. Which is dumb and a big problem women have even nowadays and I wouldn't want to live with those people a second.
Derailing the thread more and making myself sound crazy but I really like the womad stand on love - that all of it, whether romantical or sexual, ultimately is a product of men. That all the love stories, the delusions women have, the way we think about sexual drive… All of it was driven into our heads for years and is meaningless. You can feel love towards your family, your friends, a puppy.. but women don't have much use for love interests. And that the best thing women can do is to give up romantic and sexual love, find some like-minded friends to hang out with instead and focus on health, making money and creating businesses. Taking away power from men. Once we become rich we can then connect with other women who did the same and together work on activism and establishing a better world for women.

No. 1563841

>As a woman

No. 1563847

i'd rather farm than do sex work.

No. 1563865

Istill think moids would attempt vandalizing ( and yes, invading) some way or another any sort of women-only community, lesbian or not, especially if it were to be heavily advertised or it’s existence be too well-known. You’re forgetting about the deranged trannies and moids of today.

No. 1563872

At that point, moids would have no incentive to pretend to not be 1.deranged 2. convince women that have not left and other moids that seperatism is akin to some form of radical extremism because we would already have been aware of their shit. Like how this site gets CP posted to try get it shut down and the like.

No. 1563879

File: 1655485997439.png (148.16 KB, 772x782, Screenshot 16.png)

tbf it wasn't exclusively a feminist failure, most leftist hippie communes failed overall but the lesbian feminist separatist failed a lot harder and over really preventable stuff, shit like picrel, also refusing to buy from the local male lumber company, kicking out women with useful skills and aid cause they didn't abandon their infant male children, having no real structure or leadership system cause apparently that was inherently patriarchal, refusing to learn survival skills by experts cause they were often male
Its honestly kinda funny and also kinda sad
there are still a couple of those lesbian communes still around, that have like not even a dozen people living there, literally nothing is preventing people from going there and starting their lives away from male society, its just farming and living away from technoloy is harder then it seems and most people leave in less then 2 weeks

No. 1563888

File: 1655486260399.jpeg (691.08 KB, 1170x965, E0AA1B0E-D0B6-43A0-8F63-8A8AD9…)

oh my god you can see the cum stains on the mirror

No. 1563892

>womanaging and womanure

No. 1563904

I wonder what it would be like if they weren't so caught up in the semantics (or the sewomantics), had lots of influence, skilled women, good communication and woman on their side. It seems many feminists are either too polite that it helps men more than women or so radical praxis isn't feasible.

No. 1563906

>not even a dozen people living there
Well that’s why. If this was something to a larger scale, there might be more fuss about it.

No. 1563907

I think they could’ve kept manure. Since most men are crap kek

No. 1563908

Buffalo Bill looking ass

No. 1563925

These things would unironically only work if we could build AI robots to replace moids. I know nonas like to larp that men are completely useless but good luck finding enough women to be strong enough for strenuous physical labour.

No. 1563930

SPOILER WTF im going to kill you

No. 1563934

What's your point here nona? Yes we all hate moids here but you're living in a delusion if you think women have the same or more physical strength than them, i'll stop derailing now.

No. 1563945

I can't see whatever that is, safe to say mods are up and deleting shit? We've been spammed for hours now

No. 1563950

>love - that all of it, whether romantical or sexual, ultimately is a product of men
i really dont think thats the case, there is a strong evoloutionary reason for love and after all, despite all we have accomlished as a species, we are just animals, nothing more nothing less
we are born, we reproduce, we die
love evolved to assist in the second step
one of my lecturers once said when he was asked why has no animal evolved imortality, he said all animals have, we are nothing but vessels for our genetic information, we reproduce to pass on our genetic information, having an undying body is impractical compared to reproduction
love exists to facilitate the passing on of our genes

No. 1563953

Aka women aren't used to doing real strenuous physical labor and they realize they hate it and move back to their moids so they can do it for them kek

No. 1563954

Yeah I actually live close to one that is made of older lesbians. They’re not full separatists or anything, but still have the own little commune/village.

No. 1563958

What? I don’t understand how what I said was weird.

No. 1563963

I mean many of them are kept incredibly hush hush and don’t advertise their locations. But in todays world with things like google earth it would be more difficult.

No. 1563966

Notice how they're not interested in nurturing and caring for a human, traits that are almost exclusively found in woman and even little girls. When it comes to normal cishet men and reproduction, it's to "spread muh genes" but with troons it's to "experience muh fetish", both for the service of their selfish desire. Once again proving that troons and cishet males are just two sides of the same coin.

No. 1563973

Okay, but why can animals/humans of the same sex fall in love, then?

No. 1563974

I think this is a little harsh but I can’t tell if you were being sarcastic either. There are plenty of women out there who are strong and self-sufficient, who work taxing jobs on farms and things like that. I think these women in particular were too caught up in semantics and the general attitudes of the US in the 70s. Like there has to be some useful knowledge on how this works, it can’t just survive on moon magic and shit like that. I’d imagine if a bunch of crunchy, spiritual women tried to do this now without any real goal or practical knowledge it would go just as bad.

No. 1563977

The derailing is too strong.

No. 1563978

would love to see their makeup skills contrasted against their online brags

No. 1563983

nature isnt perfect, not to sound harsh
not everything works as intended
there were beetles in australia that were going extinct as the males prefered to have sex with beer bottles rather than females

No. 1563987

File: 1655490535971.jpeg (219.93 KB, 1745x186, F0902A36-52C1-4B09-BE0A-6DF57E…)

This is true but I remembered pic related. I really admire these women, but it’s sucks that they probably lacked this knowledge just based on being women.

No. 1563988

actually there have been women's "communes", that have worked and survived, interestingly they were from the Middle East and Africa and were started due to the need of survival not for some retarded LARPing fantasy, for e.g women's only villages in Kenya and Jinwar in Syria started by widowed female war refugees
While I don't have much information about Jinwar, the women's only village in Kenya is basically the opposite of what the radfems, e.g they have a clear method of income, they grow and sell vegetables and make fine crafts and sell them, they use that income to fund building schools and hospitals in the village, they have established relations with the government of Kenya for protection against any male reprisal attacks, they all any and all women to enter the vaillage, including the ones male sons and for tasks to difficult, they hire male labors and they have elected leaders
And these villages have survived for the last 31 years, cause they don't think like delusional LARPers

No. 1563992

I wasn't being sarcastic. Most western women, especially white/rich women, aren't used to doing actual physical labor and even for the ones that are in fields like that it's different from being one woman amongst stronger men who can help you out, being in an all women group is a lot different. And it's not fun or easy to do any of that stuff, it makes sense a lot of them would just give up and go back home. And you brought up the attitude of the 70s, but women today are even worse equipped for that stuff, most women who aren't nurses "work from home" nowadays or have desk jobs/computer jobs.

No. 1563993

Oh my bad I’m >>1563987 and got the village names confused. I guess Jinwar and Umoja are two different ones.

No. 1563996

Fair enough. Those are some good points. I doubt the women who already have a good system in place where they’re taken care of either by themselves or a scrote would be willing to risk things anyway.

No. 1564005

File: 1655490921687.jpeg (193.26 KB, 1284x465, CB421A25-59EA-4C2F-AF34-B08E67…)

Wtf does this mean? That he’s the baby or that he has a baby and came out when his wife had a kid?

No. 1564008

There have been PLENTY of examples of rural women living off the land without the help of men, throughout history and across cultures. There must be some triggered moids in this thread saying women "can't do strenuous physical labor." Women have been planting crops, plowing fields and tending the land (often with their babies on their backs) since ancient times. Those 70s radfem communes were mostly made up of political & academic white feminists from urban areas with no knowledge of farming or homesteading. Using that one example to broadly claim women can't survive without men is retarded moid logic.

No. 1564010

I think it's a moid seething about people bragging over their child's age? Like "I don't care about how old your kid is, I care how long you've been taking horse piss pills!"

No. 1564014

I couldn’t hold it in around a TRA I’m friends with and asked why only men rape and they said it’s because of socialization then cited a fucking Contrapoints video at me. It is insane how regressive and openly misogynistic TRAs and liberal feminists are.

No. 1564015

samefag, not bragging about their child's age, I didn't know how else to say it, kek. Just a tranny seething, what's new?

No. 1564019

I didn't say women can't do strenuous physical labor, I said it's hard and for women who aren't used to doing that or could get it taken care of by someone else, it makes sense that they'd choose that option. Ffs learn to read lol
>Those 70s radfem communes were mostly made up of political & academic white feminists from urban areas with no knowledge of farming or homesteading.
That was my point… actually read posts next time instead of rushing to angrily type out a reply and accuse someone of being a moid

No. 1564020

No. 1564022

>These things would unironically only work if we could build AI robots to replace moids. I know nonas like to larp that men are completely useless but good luck finding enough women to be strong enough for strenuous physical labour.

Did you write this dumb shit? If not, I wasn't addressing you. If so, kek

No. 1564026

No. You replied to my post >>1563992 tho

No. 1564034

Was tagging myself into the discussion, not attacking you specifically. Re read my comment. There's a lot of dumb moid shit being spread on this thread and it's hard to tell which anons are responsible.

No. 1564036

There's a lot of physical labour processes that simply need to be redesigned for women and better safety and ergonomics will come as a result. The only reason that carpentry, masonry etc are seen as a men's trades is because residential companies operate at retarded speeds and cut safety systems, training and thorough job site inspection out of the budget. There are a lot more happy tradeswomen working in unions because their safety actually means something there.

No. 1564037

Okay, well next time just tag the post you're criticizing

No. 1564050

I agree but it goes beyond safety, anon. Most trade careers are heavily gatekept by men, and aspiring tradeswomen face harassment & discrimination just trying to get hired and do their jobs. Sage for blogpost, but my husband is a commercial construction project manager and says the women they hire often perform as well or better than the men, even on field teams (i.e. the "strenuous physical labor" we supposedly can't do.) But they don't last as long because the workplace culture is still so hostile and male-dominated. A lot of tradesmen aren't used to taking orders from a woman or even treating her as a peer. So it's hard to say what we can or can't accomplish in fields where men don't even want to give us a chance.

No. 1564051

why can no one stand up to them. despite making up only 3 percent of the population everyone seems to have oodles of trans friends.

No. 1564053

That's because "my trans friend" is code for "my publicist"

No. 1564055

I mean look at female truck drivers and the rate of assaults. The woke are trying to push women there but won’t stop the men raping the new women on the road and will tell them to finish runs anyway.

No. 1564056

troons tend to be almost always online, so they just end up being the group that shouts the loudest on twitter
they also tend to be more obsessive

No. 1564057

Actually less than 1%.

No. 1564060

these trooner moids are also mods on hacker news, try posting anything there that is trans critical, even politely, and your posts are gone

No. 1564061

because that crowd has captured art and entertainment. and if you aren't using your skills and talent to bring to life these peoples view of the world, you can't work in the industry.

No. 1564062

File: 1655492372275.png (20.43 KB, 778x497, canada.PNG)

these are the stats for canada

No. 1564063

File: 1655492393105.jpg (93.19 KB, 720x1020, Screenshot_20220617-205557.jpg)

i wish I had troons confidence to look this ugly on social media

No. 1564066

Gonna hate crime this guy actually

No. 1564068

Damn nonnies this is blackpilling. As a young woman, I wish I could work in these trades but the harassment factor is a major deterrent. I feel like my degree in STEM is useless sometimes.

No. 1564069

why is he dressed as a schoolgirl

No. 1564070

i think all middle aged men should be required to wear burqas so we don't have to look at them

No. 1564072

No. 1564076

I think the secret to succeed in a male dominated field is to carry a gun you’ve been properly trained to use, do xanax or some shit to cope with the psychological harassment, and never have children so you won’t be held back by the responsibility of being a mother. Is it worth it? Only if it’s well paid.

No. 1564079

Since it mentions idols I think he’s trying to be an uwu Japanese teen idol. So gross I hate these scrotes.

No. 1564080

I think they should be forced to never leave home so we can have free reign of the world without being afraid.

No. 1564081

File: 1655493138305.jpg (4.96 KB, 194x259, FVNhm.jpg)

I don't wanna further derail this thread but still Jesus man, these are grown ass adults really acting like this, I mean I can't imagine being a radical feminist in the 70's and just doing a LARP this stupid, like clearly it wasn't going anywhere, no one's accomplishing anything, it was all pointless roleplay, I feel like some of these women were rather stunted actually, cause stable adults don't live out these childish fantasies cause their "fun". yeah the world maybe a broken system but its the world and reality and you're still a part of it, you can't just op-out and live in a fantasy, because that would be childish

No. 1564085

why don't those pakistani troll groups online target these men for harassment instead of western female influencers, they are actually committing blasphemy.

No. 1564088

And they wrote all the theories anons here worship and cite kek. Really makes you think

No. 1564090

he looks like the most skinnyfat twink in existence. how do you have a fat roll as a beanpole?

No. 1564091

This looks like the kind of creep that would be on exposedfaggots . com

No. 1564096

I mean tbf not all the theories are batshit. Some of them at least make one think about why society is how it is. I still like a lot of Dworkin’s stuff and feel like she was spot on in some areas. But you guys are right, they’re not really applicable to living in the real world sometimes.

No. 1564097

Education quality in the US has been taking a nose dive since no child left behind, but yes let's focus on funding the child to chronic medical patient pipeline. the elites do not need to educate a labor force, they do not see the need for one in the near future. let other countries educate their citizens that the US can steal.

No. 1564121

reminds me of how well the tenacious unicorn ranch is doing

No. 1564136

I once read a tweet by a tif who said trannies should be able to "choose which prison they go to" and that she would choose a male prison. And oh my god does she really think the violent apes in that prison would "respect her gender identity" and not rip her into a dozen pieces 5 minutes after her arrival? The shit they would do to a tif in male prions would make junko furutas murderers blush. It's absolutely beyond me how anyone can be this deluded

No. 1564137

File: 1655495394009.jpg (372.88 KB, 2048x2048, Kidd Bandit.jpg)

Got this troon from Jim Strelings thread on KF, apperently some people thought he was an "Ugly woman". I don't see it, just looks like a scrote in drag to me.

No. 1564141

kf itself is full of delusional troons, of course they did

No. 1564142

File: 1655495634064.png (608.1 KB, 524x517, Capture.PNG)

He was kinda hot before the non-binary shit, Please forgive me I don't know why men can't self improve without going down this route.##

No. 1564149

File: 1655495819608.png (58.72 KB, 1314x199, Toxic Masculinity.png)

picrel is the best explanation I have seen, its honestly the one I also most believe in as well

No. 1564154

dahvie vanity plus tekashi69

No. 1564157

File: 1655496201629.jpg (80.41 KB, 829x574, 287612980_1193419041450355_413…)

The seemingly innocent (yet pretty pathetic) tale of a dude who wanna try out for trans -

No. 1564159

File: 1655496249164.jpg (63.93 KB, 735x654, 287711682_1362715234137720_622…)

But the post history shows his true nature

No. 1564175

I feel like the entire world (except for males) treats trans people with baby gloves, aka both women and actual trans. It's weird and counterproductive and going all "aww you are such a pretty girl! [Lie]" isn't going to help them get closer to passing when they continue to make themselves clockable from miles away.

Blog but some of them don't even actually want legitimate advice, as I had one freak on me when I gave pointers on how to look more like a cis woman and less of a caricature. Fine, stay ugly.

No. 1564178

File: 1655497138829.png (275.26 KB, 1970x885, Screenshot 2022-06-17 131843.p…)

totally not demented and also not a fetish.

No. 1564187

>like clearly it wasn't going anywhere, no one's accomplishing anything

ignorant scrote detected.

i know most of you are soulless, amoral wastrels who think being edgy & e-bullying is worth the finite amount of time you have in this world but c'mon. grow up.

No. 1564190

Most people pretty much feel like they have to treat them that way or they will get screeched at or worse, cancelled and publicly ridiculed/lose their job/etc.

No. 1564192

I'm saying that going in the woods to LARP about some bohemian fantasy and then leaving when you realize it takes hard work, is childish asf

No. 1564195

I think it would unfortunately happen anywhere, because any attempt to improve the world attracts delusional narcissistic parasites, you'd have to pay a psychologist to filter applicants beforehand. Just look at the Mina's World fiasco going down right now. tl;dr a pair of TiM troons opened a cafe with the financial backing of one of their mothers, to employ gays and troons at a living wage. It didn't even last two years before some thundercunt communist TiF troon bullied the owner troons into gifting the whole company and property to her, his mom (the real owner) refused, disowned her son, and put the property up for sale. Now the dumb TiF bitch is race-baiting all over social media about how she's been wronged by racism. We can't have anything nice, even something as dubiously nice as a troon cafe that pays more than $7.50/hour.

No. 1564197

nta but they didn't lie

No. 1564198

the thing is 99% of feminists who support or want separatism know that even hardcore misandrist tErfS & lesbians don't think that being 100% independent of men is feasible. Most just want to avoid unnecessary contact with them and hope to create communities where women can be safe from them if possible. Yes, these do feel like pipe dreams, separatists themselves acknowledge that.

And aeparatists don't necessarily preach the same shit, either. Some don't even want to detach from the world and live w their feminist friends - they want to teach financial independence to all women b/c even if women still want to date men, they realize how critical it is to be self-sufficient & knowledgeable.

Like, how are less than a handful examples of in-group strife & pettiness from women who lived in communes 50 years ago proof of anything?
you're not even a feminist. you don't talk to feminists, you're not part of these close knit feminist communities yet you spout off baseless assumptions like your life depends on it. why are you talking?

No. 1564204

File: 1655499144813.jpg (1.08 MB, 869x4156, 01.jpg)

I was referring to only those specific group of radfems from the 70's, I actually agree with the WOMAD approach, which actually seemed to be more sensible, instead of LARPing they try to reduce contact with men as much as they can without being assholes to their bosses or essential service workers and try to help female owned business and feminist causes

No. 1564206

File: 1655499230002.jpeg (179.34 KB, 828x1792, 67ADA861-69C3-4B80-B9C6-4A82ED…)

That fugly flag

No. 1564208

nayrt but more than one thing can be simultaneously true

No. 1564210

Negative legend decided to drop his non binary video today. Few threads ago I took caps of his descent into troon hood and explained his family dynamic. >>1469243

No. 1564213

As far as I remember he 'came out' on his discord server few months ago, back when his family started going throughout divorce or something. It was to be expected because people kept calling him a nb or whatever for putting on black nails and then being interested in makeup. Honestly I feel bad for this guy, he is going through a lot right now but I wish he could have just embraced the fact that its fine to like 'girly' media or whatever without labeling yourself.

No. 1564214

that rape confession subreddit might be one of the most vile things i've seen on that godawful site. absolutely disgusting, kill all moids

No. 1564216

Noooo I had hoped he wouldn't, god I actually thought he was actually kinda cute

No. 1564218

File: 1655500259834.jpeg (532.88 KB, 1440x1983, 878C58A0-476B-4F3A-BB25-20A713…)

Our resident tranny is peaking people as we speak.

No. 1564219

File: 1655500294036.png (229.34 KB, 482x512, CA92EC21-E320-4767-B625-2F0482…)

No. 1564224

File: 1655500626039.jpeg (118.59 KB, 750x563, 6ADD1CEF-4808-4230-8197-FA7630…)

No. 1564225

What's with the nazi jokes here? You all aren't funny

No. 1564227

nah it's pretty funny

No. 1564228

File: 1655500996942.jpg (Spoiler Image, 73.1 KB, 268x265, cat with hat.jpg)

c'mon anon. that flag is shit, calm down.

No. 1564229

No. 1564231

Anon… most of the trannies were want to be neo nazis? Like it’s a whole thing. It’s to mock them for that. Are you new?

No. 1564232

File: 1655501100379.jpeg (430.98 KB, 1440x2233, 015C7767-A06F-4B1D-84EF-063CF7…)

No. 1564239

Men never cease to amaze me in their retardation, incredible

No. 1564243

I think you mean it’s fucking hilarious

No. 1564245

No faggot. Only women can experience misogyny. It’s literally the definition.

No. 1564249

Are you retarded? No one here is condoning Nazis. It's funny because it's an accurate representation of the TRAs.

No. 1564256

Worst part is they will say women are doing the crime. No it’s men pretending and larping as women.

No. 1564258

Not to mention lots of trans were nazi or incels before the transition. Most trans people ik are white and believe “white is right.” Heard that more times than I can count.

No. 1564259

Its homophobia ya poof

No. 1564260

File: 1655502851138.jpeg (797.88 KB, 960x1309, F2BC167C-3F56-4E4E-94D1-5BAB8C…)

Few months ago I went through his older video about his mental health etc. >>1472394 is the summary of it.

No. 1564262

How high are you? Where do you get these statistics or is this just how you feel?

No. 1564263

English please?

No. 1564265

it’s funny because of the neo nazi to troon pipeline.

No. 1564271

Part of me regrets clicking on that subreddit, another part of me is glad I did. Excellent ragefuel for my misandry!

Nothing triggers moids harder than the suggestion that women don't need them. You can tell by the way they're flocking to this thread like "hur hur, s-separatism? That's so dumb and could never w-work, ladies." Great work today, feminist nonnas.

No. 1564279

File: 1655505145115.jpeg (19.42 KB, 882x127, 0F14A229-14E6-4B93-9D3E-30BB26…)

No. 1564288

nayrt but nona means that the misogyny he claims to experience is actually just homophobia

No. 1564293

yay, more perverted opportunistic males getting to live out their dreams and women getting blamed for it

No. 1564302

Fuck this guy, he’s in the wrestling community and tried so hard to be “quirky” and uwu he even admitted that he is more “social media famous” than trying to be an aspiring wrestler. Such a back handed comment to those who actually want to be in wrestling. I’ve seen him wrestle and he’s so bad yet everyone is up his ass because he’s a trend setter. I’m sorry but I don’t like him or what he stands for at all.

No. 1564325

I'm valid and female, say the TiMs,
And they scream if you call them he/him
But it's all in their head,
And I've heard it said,
That most of them keep their fifth limb.

No. 1564351

omg nona i made this collage forever ago, thanks for sharing it again! men's overconfidence is hilarious.
maybe because women have their reproductive rights in jeopardy atm? it feels really fucked up and insensitive to say something like that when so many women are resenting their reproductive system atm.

No. 1564352

It's really weird how often they make jokes about it too. Like ~teehe I used to be a white supremacist but it was all because I was repressing being a woman~ like fuck off. Even I would never tell people I used to browse 4chan during my pickme days because it would just make me feel ashamed and I know that the last thing I would do is make memes about it. It's so gross and uncomfortable how they can joke about their racist past without any shame, like they think it was all a game.

No. 1564365

Case and point: moids who are surrounded by pickmes but still willingly go on with seeking out the women who don't want them (separatists, divesters, etc). They are obsessed with what they cannot have. That also applies to the number of privileged straight white males who are obsessed with lesbians even though lesbian women are not attracted to men.

No. 1564367

TIFs know that they would 100% be sexually assaulted in male prisons by the male inmates. Nobody wants to be imprisoned with a man.

No. 1564388

I liked his autistic videos on some shows I watched as a kid but now that I think about it, no scrote could be so into that shit without it being a fetish thing.

No. 1564399

What the fuck. It looks like he bought a way too small French maid costume, so he put on a worn out black undershirt, then wrapped his arms with Walmart lace before putting the dress on. JFC.

No. 1564413

For real. They act like it’s a quirky factoid about themselves. It’s really fucked up.

No. 1564426

Megakek I should have betted on this. From the way he styled his hair and the clothes he wore, I figured it was only a matter of time. Granted, I thought he would go full troon.

No. 1564449

the big tiddy anime shirt is especially hilarious because this man is practically concave

No. 1564453

looks like your average stoner bro

No. 1564468

even just communities that are dominated by women with men learning to integrate would be nice

No. 1564479

I’d fucking shovel cow shit every day if it meant being the fuck away from men without constant threat of invasion.
You can’t stop me from dreaming. Small communes lack numbers, social structures, central government, and most importantly aid and protection from established sovereigns to fully become autonomous. That’s the case with any young countries, they are inherently vulnerable and unsustainable without a larger governing body backing them. Farming is frankly the least of our worries.

No. 1564481

Ouch, I definitely feel you anon. Are you open about your views or do you keep them hidden? I'm open myself and it has cost me friendships but I couldn't pretend anymore, I had to speak out and especially when people reference a blowhard like Contrapoints.

No. 1564486

OMFG Nooo… I'm not surprised but I'm still fucking disappointed in this. Some of us anons were discussing Negative Legend a couple threads ago and were speculating on whether he was gonna troon out after he started getting involved more with makeup and growing his hair out. He didn't go "troon" per say but troon or "NB", it's all the same shit of make believe and unfortunately it looks like that day has come for this poor guy.

Right I remember this was mentioned awhile back in previous threads, poor guy is going through a lot. I have to wonder if his parents or family accepted him as an effeminate man, maybe that might have something to do with it as well?

Same anon, he was kinda cute and seemed nice but he's now on the path to self-destruction if he doesn't snap out of this delusional crap.

Yeah I was saying the same thing lol. I wasn't a regular watcher of his content and watched them here and there. One moment he had short hair and presenting fairly boyish (I know he's younger) and then a few months later I see him again and he grew his hair out and wearing makeup (it was his makeup routine video).

Again, I have nothing against men expressing themselves in a feminine, it can even be cute depending on your type but in the back of my head, I had a feeling he 90% might troon out, especially since he was on Twitter a lot which is cesspool for this troon crap.

It just sucks that guys like him can't just accept themselves as effeminate guys.

No. 1564495

File: 1655520986106.jpeg (1.04 MB, 3442x1490, A80961BE-D6AC-4B1A-BAED-ADE33B…)

entire thread is cope. insists his axe wound is no different than a “biocunt” and then proceeds to list off all the differences, masking it as something that “rules” but again, cope. plus he fucks ugly “transfem” men kek

No. 1564499

He’s already on HRT unfortunately.

No. 1564514

The term “biocunt” has to be one of the worst words I’ve ever heard, it sounds so dehumanizing.

No. 1564521

It’s because they think and kinda are untouchable at this moment in time. The woke police are everywhere, and the trans shield is real.

No. 1564537

File: 1655525185621.png (155.24 KB, 2000x1620, troonsgenderstereotypes.png)

Posts like these are always illuminating.

No. 1564544

Things they think they can only do now that they are playing pretend:
>Change hair colour
Lol wut?
>Talk to girls without feeling like a creep
His conscience got in the way, now he can pretend it's all internalised troonsphobia
Except tones of men wear earings (though they may be called gay by other men)
>Club because he doesn't feel like a nerd anymore
Troons shouldn't be bothering normal people

All this shit shows how regressive and self centred they are.

No. 1564547

The OP pic always makes me laugh, not just because of how much the tranny is seething but also because we all know men age like milk. That girl looks better than any tranny I’ve seen, even the young ones have pre mature balding. Moids can run but they can’t hide from reality lol

No. 1564550

>child care

Tbh I’d probably be less likely to let a troon watch my child than a regular moid even. They’re all porn brained apes, but it takes a special level of insanity to dedicate your entire life to the coom.

No. 1564551

I know. The best part is she could age 30 years and put on 50 lbs and straight men on Tinder will still pick her over the “cute and thin” troon kek. We keep telling them womanhood isn’t just a costume you can put on, and they keep reeeing every time they find out the hard way.

No. 1564573

>act like a stereotype of the opposite sex
>act mildly gender nonconforming
>violate boundaries without getting called out
if there’s something you legitimately couldn’t do pre-trooning out, which is not many things, maybe it’s because you shouldn’t do it at all.

No. 1564575

they think because the costume is hard to put on, that means they’re justified in putting it on because they’ve somehow earned it. not true, it’s still just a costume.

No. 1564577

Those replies are so weird. Normie men are all up in the clubbing/rave scene. What the hell?

No. 1564589

File: 1655533537013.jpg (255.13 KB, 1272x636, before and after marriag.jpg)

seriously imagine being so fucking delusional that you call a woman this beautiful an "elephant" cause she no longer looks looks like a 17 year old

No. 1564594

She's so beautiful, she is truly glowing in the newer picture. She's so confident and comfortable now. I love women so much.

No. 1564596

let's be honest, though. she could lose 20-30 lbs for her health, not aesthetics. otherwise she looks good. men fetishize those proportions on a regular basis.

No. 1564597

Glad he did this to himself.

No. 1564598

ok skelly

No. 1564599

Let's not start that bullshit here.

No. 1564600

Seriously, like she's definitely cute in the first pic but she also looks super young and kind of trying too hard? New pic she's definitely filled out, but not even in a bad way. She's hot. Would easily take her over any chicken legged, knob-kneed scrawny femboi/troon any day.

She could I guess, but she looks like she carries the weight really well regardless. Not like momokun or luna. Voluptuous/curvy women can be hot when they actually take care of themselves. inb4 moid, I'm just a thirsty lesbian. lmao

No. 1564601

Hi anachan did you know being a skeletal just means and signals outward your infertility? That just makes you have things in common with troons btw!

No. 1564604

>Pretending like "signaling infertility" is the worse thing to happen to a woman
Nta but you sound like a moid. A lot of women start having fertility issues at the higher end of a healthy BMI just saying

No. 1564606

File: 1655535246386.png (49.07 KB, 586x409, Screenshot 2022-06-18 at 02-51…)

"in the majority of cases there is an improvement"

how? in every single grs case there will be moderate to significant loss of sensation. in what world is that an improvement? granted, hrt makes scrotes impotent on top of making sexual gratification significantly more difficult to achieve so grs isn't that much worse from their current shit situation.


tbh, if you've seen autopsies done on older women of roughly her size (20 or so years older), there's so many complications that can arise out of being overweight and inactive - fatty liver disease, clogged arteries, type two diabetes. it's not hot to have a shit quality of life b/c you have a habit of overeating and/or a slow metabolism, etc. She doesn't have a ton of abdominal fat from what I can see which is good but she's still overweight.


you sounds like a child


No. 1564608

Health is important, but it’s not as tied to how hot a person is as the ana community and the entire manosphere want to believe. The heroin chic look is attractive but unhealthy. I find people on the heavy side attractive because to me they look sturdier and happier. But honestly who cares, this the troon thread, stop derailing.

No. 1564609

>You have to pull up studies now to prove obesity/tons of extra fat is unhealthy
Why are people like this

No. 1564610

stop derailing with your nonmilk no one cares that you're hungry

No. 1564611

stop being a child :) though it's deplorable how many of you never mature past that hs mentality, even well into adulthood.(:))

No. 1564613

'people with cunts'
Good he removed himself from the gene pool and willingly became eunuch.
Moid argument.
Nona work on your integrating with that reddit spacing.

No. 1564616

No one cares

No. 1564622

File: 1655536374668.png (130.62 KB, 760x514, Screenshot_20220618-001210.png)

What level of cope is this

No. 1564626

Is he saying not being attractive means you aren’t a woman?

No. 1564627

He's saying some women struggle to pass as women and lmfao… We're female it doesn't matter we will be women no matter what

No. 1564628

they’re so fucking stupid

No. 1564633

I'm aware anon, I work in the medical field. She's still very attractive sorry. lmao

women don't struggle to pass as women unless they are actively trying to look extremely masculine or androgynous. Even then you can always tell with a second glance. The cope.

No. 1564650

>tranny with Polka pfp
Oh if only he knew that Polka is actually a lesbian feminist that doesnt and will never give a shit about his rotten dick. Pathetic

No. 1564657

File: 1655539441929.jpeg (403.4 KB, 750x2382, 03F8B1B0-07E2-4A04-8211-FAC869…)

This either didn’t happen, or there are some handmaidens out there trying to feed the scrawny lanky TIMs they spot in the wild like that’s going to stop their bones from dissolving.

No. 1564659

being a woman IS passing as a woman to these imbeciles, though. Their understanding of woman is skin deep b/c that's how they want it/that's the only definition that includes scrotes. If you're gnc or masc-looking you're automatically placed into the "nonbinary" category.

I'm so tired of reading about lesbians complaining about gendies referring to them as he/theys or some other such bullshit b/c they have short hair and don't wear skirts. We are living in the end times, I stg. We're literally regressing back to the times when gender conformity was compulsory.

No. 1564660

This literally never happened

No. 1564670

File: 1655540963927.png (280.4 KB, 760x686, Screenshot_20220618-012834.png)

Clicked on his profile. absolutely plagued

No. 1564695

It shows how women can be overweight and still lovely, even gorgeous. Men get pot bellied and double chinned and middle aged man faced the instant they get to the top of a healthy weight. The way men harass even underweight women about being "too fat" just shows how it's either projection or massive entitlement. If a man wants a supermodel, he better have several million in the bank, or else he can shut the fuck up already.

No. 1564702

And his blog is full anime, loli, and fetish shit kek.

No. 1564707

The bone rattling anon even conceded that she doesn't have much abdominal fat. Moids can't relate, if they get fat their organs are no doubt being smothered in visceral fat and causing an early death. If we get fat (and lucky with our proportions) we get exaggerated secondary sex characteristics. Female fat distribution is a blessing trannies will never know.

No. 1564712

idk what he was going for but love he identifies with cows kek

No. 1564714

File: 1655545564300.png (769.47 KB, 1284x1098, 1655248606393.png)

>"the stub thing"
Oh so more of them are admitting it IS real kek
Interesting how prominent trans women on social media like Katy and India immediately called it lies or a troll… when a detrans person said it. Detrans people are high on the list of people troons hate because they can and do expose their trans propaganda lies. They'll be a more dangerous threat than even good ol' terfs soon when the detrans wave really starts to take off. I wonder how they'll go about demonizing detransitioners even further, they will definitely try.

No. 1564716

File: 1655546066586.jpeg (379.42 KB, 1126x1026, 2CE1CA1B-FDFC-4BC5-A29D-B5232F…)

(sorry for the bad quality) saw someone post this on kf and so I went to see his account for myself, he’s still declaring himself not a man kek. more people need to start pointing out the obvious irl like this because it’s enough to push them into a spiral meltdown, I just wish I had the guts too but I legit get terrified whenever I see troons irl (which is thankfully very rare)

No. 1564717

The fuck?! Who the hell larps about this shit? Does the freak get boners from that too or only from dressing in his ridiculous outfits that shows off his unmistakably male bone structure?

No. 1564725

Troon looks like a fat hobo version of Alec Baldwin with shitty home bathroom peroxide highlights.

No. 1564733

File: 1655549464911.jpg (287.11 KB, 1080x1726, Samsesxmarriagesupport.jpg)

Sorry for going a bit OT, but in most current reports it looks like support for LGBTQA+ is going down. But when you separate the issues, support for LGB issues like same-sex marriage appears to go steadily UP. It's just the trans movement that are losing support, by their own actions. Happy pride nonas!

No. 1564744

File: 1655550666500.png (340.58 KB, 1080x1212, Screenshot_20220615-152720~2.p…)

Nah I hate all troons equally, I'll misgender them all with glee.

No. 1564759

kek, he should come to my city, the bus drivers would ignore him as well and if he wouldn't stop being annoying, he would have to leave the bus and that even though sex work, dragqueens and stuff like that is normal in my city, you just don't piss of the bus driver. And if I would be that guy, whose picture that troon posted on twitter and I would find out about it, I would sue that troon, he is putting that guy in danger by posting his face on twitter, visible to hundreds of very aggressive men in dresses. And my inner evil self wants to make a twitter account and tell him, that he is still a man and he will always be a man and that he looks way more like a man than most men I've ever seen, kek.

No. 1564760

File: 1655552832917.jpg (27.34 KB, 500x500, 605120581.jpg)

>trans person you care about

No. 1564771

trannies stay delusional kek literally everyone sees him for the man he is and anyone who offers compliments is doing it out of pity

No. 1564778

I don't understand this obsession with trying to get people to brainwash themselves to think X is Y (or, in this case, Y is X). You are male, and you know it. Your friend knows that this fact bothers you, and doesn't want you to kill yourself, so they are ignoring/dismissing it. What has made you so entitled? Why are you making what other, shitty people are called about you?
It's the same when all the fucking middle-aged MtFs on Reddit honestly believe all the women around them are jealous of them, find them youthful-looking or think they look "more like women" than themselves. Have some self-awareness. They are trying to be kind to you via self-deprecation. Appreciate it and move on. At some point, you need to wake up from the dream, say "That was nice" and live your life

No. 1564779

File: 1655555146979.jpg (136.92 KB, 467x350, i-dont-give-a-fuck (11).jpg)

>trans person you care about

No. 1564780

Try to make some lanky city boy lawyer do manual labor, I'll wait.

No. 1564781

Is he dressing up as Eugenia Cooney?

No. 1564782

This polycule shit just made me realize they are indistinguishable from hypersexual gay males who fuck each other left and right, only difference is troons larp as lesbians

No. 1564785

trannies are so ignorant of anatomy, i guess its not a surprise that they flippantly deny biological differences between men and women. they think SRS gives them real clits kek. little do they know most of a woman’s clit is inside her body… SRS will never give them real female anatomy. nothing will ever give them real female anatomy.

No. 1564786

File: 1655555576445.png (40.07 KB, 334x290, 1653152429703.png)

A tranny in /meta/ calling jannies jealous for "not being as pretty as him" lmaooo

No. 1564791

when men wear clothing and accessories that were initially designed for women or girls it only draws more attention to their masculine traits. the comedy writes itself

No. 1564794

If biological women have trouble "passing", trans people/allies should be giving them money for "gender affirming surgery and upkeep". They should also be entitled to any social benefits/drives intended for trans women because they're all women. Anyone who cares about their chromosomes or anatomy is just being an exclusionary TERF. Sisters, right? Lol

No. 1564805

File: 1655558213756.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 772.46 KB, 1748x2480, 46742307-16E6-4BCE-A106-9AC7A3…)

They think the clitoris is just a little nub that can be replicated with the mangled head of their dicks while in reality it’s like you said, most of it is internal and has a lot of various parts that make it up. Spoiler for medical diagram of a clitoris.

No. 1564807

And yet they will still blame us for people despising them because WE apparently aren’t the ones doing enough. I am pleasantly surprised though that the general public’s dislike of trannies hasn’t fully impacted how they view same-sex marriage. We really need to dislodge from troons fully so shit doesn’t go downhill.

No. 1564810

Also like, idk about the rest of you nonas, but if I knew my friends were being nice to me just to appease me or in order to prevent me from chimping out at them, that would not make me happy. If everyone I knew had to play games around me and play into my delusions, I would feel really bad about myself. I’ve seen this happen with general friendships too where everyone has to walk on eggshells because one person needs to be treated with kid gloves and it makes everyone on edge and irritated all the time. I don’t understand if they get this and do feel bad inside or if they are just that lacking in self-awareness. Do they not understand the emotional burden they put on other people to play along with this shit all the time? Like, I know 2 x 2 isn’t 5, I’m just calling you what you want in public so you and other people don’t lose their shit at me.

No. 1564811

File: 1655558930907.jpeg (537.38 KB, 1158x1548, 94083661-FD13-4934-8654-49BB15…)

Actual retardation

No. 1564815

This is stupid, this is more like the argument of a clump of cells isn’t a human, an acorn isn’t an oak tree that people use for abortion. It works for that thing because the developmental states translate. This doesn’t work with trans shit because they still look like trees, metaphorically and physically (with their man bodies), no matter what they do.

No. 1564816

No, troons would show you this, claiming it’s a recliner.

No. 1564817

Honestly I think the worst thing trannies did was add their flag alongside the original pride flag - just makes it so much easier for straight people to go ‘well, I supported the rainbow people and they were fine, but now that this new flag has been added suddenly it’s hyper sexual, almost seems there’s a correlation’

No. 1564818

File: 1655559488404.jpeg (891.49 KB, 1284x2127, 51F17BAE-010E-4010-88B5-B15710…)

The way they larp and fetishize our traumatic experiences makes me want to a-log so bad sometimes. I can believe this happened to him, but it’s just the “uwu gender euphoria” from being harassed that really makes my blood boil. It makes it blatantly obvious they don’t feel threatened when this happens, they’re just getting a boner from it.

No. 1564820

File: 1655559559762.jpeg (65.16 KB, 1080x712, 8A771892-2BED-40D5-9B4A-912B92…)

I agree I hate that is a thing, and it’s a very simple correlation to make for normies when that is now the flag that gets flown in so many places. I wish they would see it for what it actually is, which is more like this.

No. 1564821

No woman would call a man approaching her to hit on her in the middle of the night “just a funny story”.

No. 1564822

they always rely on retarded memes because they can’t actually use facts to back their beliefs. dilate and seethe

No. 1564824

File: 1655559910454.jpeg (588.91 KB, 1284x1874, 72A83CBA-549D-4969-AEA3-85D1C9…)

Another one claiming to lose some of the mental faculties because girlies are just so stupid! Love the one bringing up his bad driving. And of course we need a fetishization cherry on top of this post with the nipple pain.

No. 1564831

if i supported this shit to begin with, yes, i would say my support doesn’t extend to rapists. i’d do more than misgender rapists, i’d throw them into a volcano.

No. 1564835

It’s still made out of wood.

No. 1564841

Yes, I do in fact only conditionally support individuals I like, as do most sane people. If my friends turn into massive dicks, rapists, abusers etc… I will no longer support them. And I would consider a person protecting and defending the same kind of terrible people to be a massive red flag and a dick move on their part. These people will literally tell you "there is no need to misgender a pedo rapist, they deserve your respect". No, they really fucking don't. Consider what kind of person protects a pedo rapist in ANY scenario, and then tell me your conclusion.

No. 1564844

File: 1655561733555.jpeg (416.8 KB, 750x1141, 561EC010-2BDC-4AAB-A9E4-F939A7…)

Rent free

No. 1564846

idk about you but fat stretching ur skin and boobs hanging down to ur belly button aren't the exaggerated secondary sex characteristic that I want.


clitoris has much more concentrated cluster of nerves than the benis does. whole head of the penis has as many nerve endings as the clitoris. So, no, the deluded idiots are not having amazing ladyorgasms after mangling their dicks.

No. 1564852

It's still made of wood. And the genetic material doesn't change. Boring, basic straight pine can't EVER transition into beautiful, figured mahogany. No matter what wood stains they try to apply, the pine grain will always show through.

No. 1564862

lol why are you like this

No. 1564868

File: 1655563612513.png (679.86 KB, 1156x1250, a_cheap_and_ugly_imitation.png)

a more accurate version

No. 1564876

How does he know the guy wasn't just a chaser?

No. 1564881

nayrt but I thought it was kind of funny. I like seeing nonnies have fun with their annoyance of troons.

No. 1564887

>I don't even look like a man
Why are all of them actually blind though? Have they ever seen a woman?

No. 1564889

I wish all males would cut their dicks off early in transition just to regret it later KEK

No. 1564906

File: 1655566431112.jpg (61.11 KB, 665x405, goat.JPG)

This reminds me of ReplyAll episode #86, some quack doctor in the early 1900s. A bunch of farmers in the town he worked in asked him to attach goat balls to fix their broken dicks. Obviously that shit didn't work but every single one who got the surgery swore it solved all of their problems. It was even an extremely popular procedure! So it's not like there isn't a precedent for people lying about how happy they are after they voluntarily had their genitals mutilated. People can see thousands pics on the internet now of the actual results, but they probably tell themselves "mine won't be that bad"

No. 1564910

Lmao sounds like the dude saw a troon walking late at night with too much makeup on and assumed he was a hooker.

No. 1564917

File: 1655566926400.jpeg (663.19 KB, 1170x1525, C11B0C5C-E7E4-4343-882D-53632F…)

Which one of you nonnies posted that as a response bcs faggot tightpants is actually losing it

No. 1564922

Kek, just like the "Girls do lesbian shit at sleepovers, r-right?!" fantasy, all these men do is project

No. 1564930


they assume with the average person has the same conception of gender as a fucking child: if you see a man with long hair and a dress that must obviously be a woman because no man would have long hair or wear a dress!!

No. 1564938

All the replies are like “still a chair tho, you’re missing the point”. No, scrotes. You are missing the point. The point is that you’re always going to be out of place and a mockery. If a woman’s space could be compared to a nice dinner table with those wooden chairs around it, don’t you think people would point out the obvious stone chair in the room that doesn’t belong?

No. 1564954

lolno. She's obviously wearing shapewear and using flattering posing to hide her entire stomach. Even then you can see the width of her waist.

No. 1564958

jesus christ nayrt but who tf cares. This thread is for shitting on men who think they’re women, not some random woman posted in a /tttt/ thread. There’s like 500 other threads on this site to go shit on fat women, all that matters is that she was pissing trannies off by looking happy in the second picture. Hit me with the ok fattie or whatever but it just gets tiring to hear women shit on other women ITT when trannies will just lurk here laughing at the infighting of women calling each other fat or ugly or whatever.

No. 1564967

File: 1655570312233.png (375.08 KB, 644x606, Screenshot 2022-06-18 12.36.49…)

yeah, not a boy, a fully grown man.

No. 1564969

Right? Serial Killer epidemic of the late 60s and 70s (might have just been media hype) killed female hitch hiking. In my city, homeless women always piss and shit themselves to avoid being raped. They smell about 10x worse than a homeless man.

No. 1564977

kek that is exactly what I thought too. no woman would be walking around at midnight alone with perfect makeup, got to be a crossdressing hooker. male socialization continues to get these guys killed, thank god they'll never have a natal woman's actual sense of self-preservation.

No. 1564978

>wooden chair emoji
They're not gonna turn that into the new 'transwomen' iconography right? …Right?

No. 1564979

Of course they are. Idk why since it was stupid to start with.

No. 1564981

File: 1655570952665.png (432.96 KB, 456x742, Screen Shot 2022-06-18 at 12.4…)

He's self-owning himself about looking like Hank Hill. Very self aware for a tranny. Bobby Hill still passed better though.

No. 1564985

>b-but what about your trans friends
Why the fuck would I be friends with these freaks?

No. 1564990

The way they scrunch their thighs together to give the appearance of womanly curves is so funny. Also at least make your fucking bed before taking a picture.

No. 1564992

I was thinking more Fred Armisen.

No. 1565000

File: 1655571802156.jpeg (231.41 KB, 1284x506, 689C8491-1C32-4948-901A-15D142…)

More of them need to feel this way.

No. 1565010

He's only posting it so he can be "proven wrong" and hugboxed by other trannies, but maybe there's a sliver of self-awareness there?
Because they are. Thinking your're a woman because you dress up as one is violating actual women's existence, by using them as a fetishistic costume.

No. 1565015

Yes exactly, the point is that even their best attempts at imitation they're still not the same. You can get implants and invert your penis and pass as well as a man can, but you're still a man and nothing will ever change that.

No. 1565019

First image is just a cute young girl with an obvious filter to make her eyes look oddly large. Second looks like a beautiful married woman with soft, delicate skin, shiny effortless hair and a lovely hourglass figure. Not only that, she's wearing the perfect structured dress for her figure. Any straight moid would drool over her. Compare her to this >>1563482 where the skin is obviously dry, his hair is barely brushed, zero skin care, and dressed, make up is done like a clown instead of enhancing features like the woman. I mean these are self care things, so I'm not mentioning the AGP smirk, the jaw, the balding. This person thinks he's doing so much better than women, but women, even the ones that look frumpy have spent a life time living up to strict and regimented skincare routines. Even the sun burnt, ultimate dykes look clean, t shirt, jeans with styled hair.

No. 1565020

File: 1655572705072.png (437.15 KB, 1056x624, not a groomer.png)

No. 1565026

File: 1655573078061.jpg (717.34 KB, 1080x1812, Screenshot.jpg)

MTF adjecent

No. 1565029

Sorry, how is this relevant exactly? Just to show that testosterone has obvious effects? I don’t understand.

No. 1565034

it would better fit the FTM thread because the aidens are the ones smearing their testo gel everywhere, but this is a serious concern. the gel stays in the environment for a certain time and you can get the active testosterone on you by say a seats arm rest in public transportation.

No. 1565035

File: 1655573661334.png (Spoiler Image, 771.86 KB, 1034x1234, transwomenbelike.png)

you have to spell it out directly for troons, they don't understand metaphors

No. 1565050

This is the kind of thing that should really peak people. I still want to print these out and post them around bathrooms in my city. The “we just want to pee” thing is such a lie as they prove time and time again. The fact that some of them are just taking their penises out in the shared space of the bathroom while women are ACTUALLY just trying to pee and refresh themselves is actually fucking scary to me. I feel so bad for any woman who has had to see this or has their face in a video these creeps made.

No. 1565055

File: 1655574816890.jpg (454.26 KB, 1080x1711, Screenshot_20220618-135029_Boo…)

>but 1 TERF outweighs thousands of cis allies in my mind

No. 1565058

File: 1655575023391.png (1.14 MB, 1170x2532, 4DAD55D3-0161-4B08-B2F0-26ABDF…)


turns out the nonnie that posted the meme is a total babe and all the trannies in that thread are on total copium KEK. based farmer verifies then deletes tweet and the resulting dog pile is actually hilarious if not a little austistic because shes still replying to their tweets

No. 1565068

File: 1655575654036.webm (1.53 MB, 576x1248, Snaptik_7101725950060203269_el…)

has anyone seen this tranny "Elphaba" (yes after the musical) on tiktok that constantly farts on live hahahah

No. 1565079

It’s interesting how some of them have a conscience and realize they’re about to fuck up their lives for a misogynistic fantasy, and then get shouted down by the hugbox. It’s 100% a cult.

No. 1565082

File: 1655577273860.jpeg (245.3 KB, 864x1300, F7C12689-E991-4883-A742-5D59D1…)

They don't get the point because in reality, the rot pocket doesn't even do the function it was craved in their taints for, which is for sex. Also, the other surgeries they get done never look as intended because of their male frames.
The chair should be like pic related, rusty because the surgeries always go wrong and they always have fistulas, hair growing inside places where it shouldn't grow, wonky bolt ons, disgusting skin caused by the cross-sex hormones they put in their bodies and the shit diets they have, that they can't even hide with makeup because they only use it for props or fap material, receding hairlines, manly faces even after shaving their bones and getting as much plastic as possible injected in their manly lips and manly cheeks, shit fashion taste because they only give a fuck about wearing the nearest lingerie they can find (preferably previously owned by a woman) and a spinny skirt to flash any passerby.
And that's just the physical traits.

No. 1565088

Does he even know what malding is? Men are the ones with the receeding hairlines, not us kek

No. 1565102

especially transbians, but that will never happen because they’re obsessed with their dicks.

No. 1565110

File: 1655579146094.jpg (1.05 MB, 1440x1966, Screenshot_20220618-145114_Chr…)

>Cis women still historically have used their social, political, and interpersonal power to opress the shit out of us:

No. 1565111

File: 1655579211159.png (1.73 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20220618-084123.png)

I was going to post about him since this video came up on my fyp. Typical tranny lying about being harassed for sympathy.
Also one of the ugliest troons I've seen and that's saying something

No. 1565121

What the everloving fuck are they talking about? If they were being oppressed so damn badly, why did any person in history who was (according to them) supposedly a trans woman not live their truth? Was it because, perhaps, they received every privilege being a man could afford (mostly speaking of white troons here, who still receive that)? Why were these mysterious oppressed trans women not helping women earn the right to vote? Maybe because it didn’t matter because as males, they already could? Why weren’t they standing up for women who couldn’t own property? What “oppression” have women EVER put on them? They have lost their fucking minds.

No. 1565122

crocodile tears.

No. 1565125

If women had that kind of power, none of these men would be allowed to change laws and their fucking birth certificates to suit their fetishistic whims.

No. 1565129

I don’t understand why so many people can have empathy for every other actually historically oppressed group on earth except for women. Why can people rally together for anyone else but when it comes to women and the generations of trauma we’ve sustained, we get laughed at or told out nowhere that we are suddenly the oppressors? Even though the most horrible shit is still happening to women in every country on earth and every country on earth exists under a brand of patriarchy? How the hell do they say that women have had any kind of institutional power at all?

No. 1565146

The long awaited sequel thank you

No. 1565148

Hate to say it and will probably get dogpiled but the reason is because 99% of normie women are just shit and won't ever stand up for womens rights. I've seen so many women turn on other women to please their moid/be pickmes and handmaidens. Also not to mention most women that identify as feminists think fighting the patriarchy is embracing sex work, pron and troonery, kek.

No. 1565154

They think they can get some form of power or safety by submitting to men. It’s sad, but most women don’t see the point in fighting what to them is a losing battle.

No. 1565159


No. 1565160

It's also because everyone has men in their lives and thinking that they all participate in misogyny is agonizing.

No. 1565163

File: 1655583273674.jpeg (703.78 KB, 1002x664, 08375023-1E06-4A3F-B61A-02CFB5…)

To me, that just sounds like more oppression directed at women. Can’t have their own power so have to be at the whims of men to have any. Somehow that means that we run the world or something to troons.

Lol it reminded me of those cheesy pictures some families take at the beach wearing a white tshirt and jeans. Maybe the girl he is skinwalking is from a family like that. Picrel, idk who these people are I got it of google images.

No. 1565168

another substance that needs regulation. and i'm sure it was an accident and not rubbed on by a mom trying to create the perfect scrote scion to milk on social media.

No. 1565180

there should be a general collage and everyone can insert the text in their own language, I don't think that English would work in my country. But I'm completely with >>1565050 I wish there were people with money printing that stuff and getting people to put it in every bathroom they encounter.

No. 1565183

lmao what the fuck

No. 1565185

its probably a fetish. i hope it gasses itself up too much and explodes

No. 1565210

I think all people know deep down that humanity would go extinct if women acted as selfishly and foolishly as men. So it's just expected that women grow up and become responsible at 12,and do a lifetime of free work as a housemaid, cook, whore, etc… Girls get trained to STFU and soldier on by default. It's hard to break through that grooming. Women think that men have the same upbringing, but even the "liberal" ones don't. They start learning how to slack off and manipulate women as children. Now that more of them don't have fathers around to actually crack the whip, they end up uneducated failures.

No. 1565242

did he fucking moan?? and whats with typing in third person

No. 1565257

File: 1655595122500.jpg (130.8 KB, 1080x1069, 20220619_012949.jpg)

why do they have such shit taste

No. 1565264

Because ours is the most universal. Some countries will have a few people of x race than others, while women exist everywhere, and every system relies on us being used as a resource to create more children/do free house work. They see us as less of an equal person who is free, and more of a service, a right, a duty which doesn't rely on chance.

No. 1565275

Men just benefit way, way too much from our oppression to ever take their boots off our necks or even acknowledge it's there. People are prejudiced and bigoted but the majority don't really get any tangible benefit out of denying gay people marriage or racial profiling or whatever. On the other hand sexism gets your average Joe a docile bangmaid desperate to please him, and the elites get more humans being born. And while nobody enjoys being the target of homophobia or racism, plenty of women embrace their oppression because it's too painful to give up on the dubious avdantages it provides (husbands, kids, sexual attention, etc).

I'm not trying to compete in the oppression Olympics here, but misogyny is so universal and so intertwined with our daily lives that it's the hardest to combat. Nobody else is expected to legally and financially bind themselves to their oppressor, to love and care for them, to create more of them and raise them. We can't technically exist without each other, how can we ever escape it fully?

No. 1565294

Yeah. Knowing that none of them, family or friends, care if they’ve enabled sexual assault on you even as child is psychologically too much outside of a normal human experience for the mind to handle, and after developing ptsd from it, no one respects it enough to give you proper care and humanity because only specifically men who are in wars can have ptsd. Two thirds of people with ptsd are women, just from crimes men commit regularly that you’re supposed to let happen. There is no way for them to socially relate to that trauma, and women do not have the impulsive and sociopathic hormones men do. There is a psychological model involving a dog trapped in a room where the exit shocks them when they try to escape as they are abused continuously, and eventually the dog is dissociated and stops trying to escape even through the abuse. That’s what happens to people.

No. 1565299

File: 1655599155189.jpeg (643.62 KB, 1170x1940, 040F46FE-D8AC-4159-B40B-1934FB…)

no trannoids have won, therefore there is NO phyisical advantage checkmate terves!!!!

No. 1565305

Low t Males are overrepresented in female Olympic sports statistically

No. 1565310

File: 1655600417008.jpg (409.64 KB, 460x1069, 1655600178650.jpg)

This is so infantilizing.

No. 1565313

File: 1655600700707.png (90.88 KB, 760x533, Screenshot_20220618-180417.png)

Loser with a porn rotted brain

No. 1565317

kek i knew a tim who would get stopped when walking at night by men telling him he was a pretty boy. There seems to be a link between foreigners thinking troons are the wests answer to ladyboys. they see them for what they are. crossdressing fetishists.

No. 1565318

File: 1655601466239.jpeg (740.04 KB, 750x1233, BE932DA6-84F0-434B-91BF-69EF69…)

no, just no.

No. 1565322

File: 1655601681251.jpg (591.58 KB, 810x2170, Screenshot_20220618-211420_Boo…)

WTF! He's jealous of the attention his partner/hopefully ex gets for losing the baby during childbirth.

No. 1565326

That's funny tbh. I guess they were probably going for the "define chair" joke to own the terfs, but the first association in my mind was them kicking a chair when they hang themselves. How fitting.

No. 1565328

We are about 1-2 weeks away from Keffals making a tweet about in defense trannies masturbating in the women's restroom because "Oh, so you think cis women don't masturbate in public? Do you know any women lmao??".

No. 1565342

Moids seem to really think women are like the women in their porn and it's not a made up scenario made to sell to degenerate coomers. Like they think that media made to sell to them reflect the real world and not what advertisers think will sell to them.

No. 1565361

Omfg they really are going to unironically say this and I'm already so mad

No. 1565385

Funny thing is they already do this. Look at Alok Venyod or whatever the fuck his name was saying little girls are kinky so him being a pervert doesn't matter nor is being predatory.

No. 1565388

why do men think the world owes them attention? and why are they so jealous of any attention women get? even if it’s for an awful reason or unwanted. their egos are so overinflated.

No. 1565389

total fashion victim kek

No. 1565390

File: 1655610612255.jpg (171.18 KB, 1080x785, IMG_20220619_044601.jpg)


No. 1565392

She did not fucking say that.

No. 1565393

File: 1655612273177.jpeg (208.24 KB, 922x2048, A094E9B7-6619-4C96-800F-A18EF1…)

I don’t even want to know the context. Serial killer vibes.

No. 1565398

Look at his legs. This motherfucker has scabies or what?

No. 1565399

>a bad thing
ezra miller sexually assaulted multiple women and girls including a 12 year old

No. 1565405

That skirt is so cheap it's killing me. These guys buy and wear the absolute worst AliExpress shit.
They absolutely do. I dated a porn addict who would say that some day I would cheat in the same ways he saw in porn. Literally brain damaged. It's strange how women know that they aren't going to get a romcom character (still a low bar) or anime husbando, but the logical sex thinks porn and anime are real. Men's brains turn off as soon as they get a dick tingle, yet insist on being the ones in charge of everything.

No. 1565410

Wait isn’t this is dude that recently went to prison for raping his daughter and making CP of her? Or do all these troons look the same?

No. 1565414

As opposed to homophobia (where no one can tell you're gay by looking at you) or racism (where you can live in homogenous communities), women "benefit" by siding with their oppressors (in a abuse her, not me kind of way). Every woman has a father, and many women crave a relationship with a man so fully separating from what's been instilled in you as a child and the "values" of a culture are very difficult.

No. 1565422

so a tim is still a tim no matter what he tries to shape himself into? This is the same tranny who photoshops himself with hims he wishes he had.

No. 1565424

jenny tight wound is totally not mad because he's replying to all the terfs that replies with good points.

No. 1565432

Dude has monkeypox. It's the new aids.

No. 1565433

Has this been posted on twitter yet? I want to see the troons seething.

No. 1565434

File: 1655616689529.jpg (307.51 KB, 1284x1721, salltweets-1538292529572900864…)

No. 1565435

She probably said that because it’s easier to defend yourself mentally, sexually, and physically dealing with how men of every disturbing age treat female puberty. It’s not a compliment it’s fucked up and her brother should have been there to protect her.

No. 1565442

File: 1655617705754.jpeg (413.61 KB, 827x1328, 3CE4AED3-7BD8-4887-B3C0-B8B46F…)

this woman’s instincts are literally screaming at her that this is not right and she refuses to accept it… i really struggle feeling sympathy for this kind of people

No. 1565444

I hate this "second puberty" crap so much, it's just pedophilia out in the open.

No. 1565450

Sounds like the dude is a shut in. "I never got hugs in man mode!" Is so weird because I hug my guy friends just as often as my girl friends? If I known em a long time I'll even tell em "I love you" like I do my girl friends. I don't know if a lot of people say I love you to friends but like everyone hugs their friends right?

No. 1565459

More women need to start trusting their gut!

No. 1565475

Troons are so fucking delusional. Having a gross fetish, giving pedo vibes and wanting to be babied are some of the most male things ever.

No. 1565478

using retarded terms like 'internalized comphet' means she was deep in the koolaid anyway, she just wanted some asspats for staying with a tranny

No. 1565483

Apparently it’s pretty harmless.

No. 1565485

I’m so terrified of this happening that I’m choosing not to date men again, even. The thought of this happening is my worst nightmare, especially after marriage/a child. I’m terfy enough around most people anyways that I think any male that would try would get the hint, and if it ever did happen I would be like “this is a dealbreaker, period,” regardless of how “transphobic” it looks. You simply did not sign up to date a freak. Women need to grow a god damn backbone about it, even in small ways considering how dangerous it can be to be straight openly a TERF, but still. Fuck.

No. 1565499

this is exactly how the weird christian/horse girl I vaguely knew in high school used to dress - just without the ugly ass boots lol

No. 1565500

I feel for this woman, because this shitty relationship has already been dragged out way too long, she's thinking like she's married to him, and he's sure as shit not. If you're going to date men, dump his stupid ass if you've dated more than 18 months and he still hasn't had a serious talk about a marriage timeline. The kind of man who fucks a woman for years and years without making public commitment and dedication gestures is exactly the sort of scrote who pulls something like this. He should have been gone years ago.

No. 1565506

File: 1655624545275.jpeg (433.48 KB, 750x1154, CB756141-4217-4AD8-8476-C461D4…)

he’s about as cute as any other transadorable member.

No. 1565508

File: 1655624715687.jpeg (2.87 MB, 3081x7151, 4EC268BC-D912-4F31-B2F6-D25431…)

oh boy.

No. 1565510


No. 1565511

File: 1655624857469.jpeg (363.13 KB, 750x1196, C5B620C3-EF54-4866-ACED-4C6F08…)

the background is not the only hideous thing in this photo.

No. 1565514

Don't know what's worse, the hairline or the thinning greasy strands clinging onto it.

No. 1565518

File: 1655625174385.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 376.28 KB, 750x2276, 13542134-8649-4DC3-A624-992AB5…)

Kinda want to post a picture of raw chicken to see if anyone compliments it kek.

No. 1565522

File: 1655625455855.jpeg (544.03 KB, 750x1154, 736DAD5E-3867-4FCB-BC1C-2EED85…)

god no.

No. 1565523

I'm so tired of these gross middle aged pedophiles in clothes that would only look cute on a girl under 14. Of course I know he's probably only 24 and bald like 42.
Those doctors don't even give a fuck. I would do a nicer whip stitch on a torn undershirt I planned to throw away after wearing once.

No. 1565524

File: 1655625668830.jpg (41.94 KB, 1280x720, crack.jpg)

I actually fucking screamed, Jesus fuck this is the most horrifying neivagina yet

No. 1565526

File: 1655625872963.png (636.96 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20220619-012950.png)

No. 1565528

I regret never reading the spoiler warnings.

No. 1565529

Oh holy fuck your warning was not sufficient for the horrors
I've seen rotten bodies with more charm

No. 1565532

Nona why didn’t you say it was gonna be a photo of an axe wound. My eyes literally ache

No. 1565549

If it’s spoilered, it’s always a picture of an ax wound.

No. 1565554

I'm never more cautious of spoiler pics than in this thread, I probably miss some posts that aren't too graphic but I can't subject myself to neovaginas.

No. 1565578

File: 1655630614890.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 220.31 KB, 750x2343, D976B8E5-4D76-46EB-9FD9-BD225F…)

this guy spams trans subs with selfies despite having the weirdest dick and nipples.

No. 1565581

Strangest mosquito bites I've ever seen. Why are the nipples so big compared to the rest of the "breast"?

No. 1565590

being scrawny really complements the phimosis

No. 1565593

Yeah I mean it is quite a cis male thing to want a bang-mommy who'll spoil him, give him food, sex and so on after he comes home from work even though she's also tired and also had to work.

No. 1565595

File: 1655631575713.png (751.51 KB, 1000x561, Doris.png)

No. 1565606

Why is Peter Griffin trying to dress up as Meg?

No. 1565608

No. 1565627

File: 1655636491088.jpeg (129.67 KB, 1280x960, mgid_ao_image_mtv.jpeg)

Why does his dick look like this

No. 1565634

File: 1655638130007.jpg (932.32 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220619-072408_Red…)

Grandpa's drawing on himself again kek

No. 1565637

he looks like doc….

No. 1565638

File: 1655638701440.jpg (625.67 KB, 810x2229, Screenshot_20220619-073333_Chr…)

>what procedures would allow me to pass and look the cutest and my best self??

No. 1565639

File: 1655638705792.png (75.81 KB, 435x279, 1435513826001.png)

Fuck you for posting this.

No. 1565641

This guy is clearly way too old to be fucking around with anesthesia for unnecessary surgeries. These places truly have no ethics at all.
I wish boys got the same ego stomping that girls get.

No. 1565650

serves these fuckers right, kinda sad these surgeries will inevitably be considered as unethical one day. each castrated moid is a win

No. 1565653

File: 1655641744277.jpeg (393.83 KB, 1134x2068, C0FE7B4C-4F45-42DC-A35C-E067C4…)

what the fuck does this even mean

No. 1565654

God he types like a gay male. They really think being a woman is a just costume you wear.

No. 1565660

even if she wasn't blatantly lying because i'm sure 99% of people would say "because of my genitals", no one tells this aiden that she is a man, just a mentally ill woman. most people can see that that's what she is. tranny logic kek the hormones are frying their brains. i had to delete and edit this because i assumed it was a MTF but it's a FTM

No. 1565661

Homie looks like Tom Kenny

No. 1565662

Allow me to translate

TiF: How do you know your gender?

CIS person: Well it is based on what doctors and biologists have determined it to be it includes things like….

TiF:Lol you just let people tell you what you are

No. 1565666

File: 1655643550142.jpg (257.31 KB, 1080x2138, byuu.jpg)

No. 1565676

File: 1655645427032.jpeg (545.29 KB, 2048x1536, 3467280F-98E7-46FE-9A87-1D76FD…)

Spot the cis male

No. 1565680

One is blaringly obvious but I think they all look very male..

No. 1565684

All of them

No. 1565685

Where is that photo that is from a college website or something of a group of people are there is a big man with like red lipstick and makeup and there is a girl in the back making a weird face? I can't find it and want to send it to my sister

No. 1565692

The real answer is that no normal adults give a shit about how they perform abstract cultural concepts when material things like sex are more important

I'll never understand troons who think we "assign gender" when none of them seem to be able to define it

No. 1565696

File: 1655647902640.jpeg (155.57 KB, 1365x760, 1646595984713.jpeg)

No. 1565698

They all look like unwashed gunt ogres. Though I do now suddenly understand why they scream about genocide constantly, if I associated with pigs like this I would be worried about a complete mass extinction event by the wind blowing in the wrong direction. It looks like they're so mineral, vitamin and sun deficient that you could push your hand through their skull like a babies soft spot. They look like they're all a product of quadruple incest and a new form of virulent down syndrome. None of them are men because they're barely qualifying for humanity and are basically orangutans

No. 1565704

Is it mean if I say all of them?

No. 1565717

I thought it was obvious the 2 on the right and possibly the one in stripes were males. The rest are women/ftms

No. 1565729

File: 1655651600345.png (86.71 KB, 1425x496, privilegedciswomen.png)


Troon (correctly) senses that being trans is stupid and regressive, gets hit with "we're all just specs of dust" level navelgazing bullshit and of course, how women are the actual oppressors.

No. 1565736

Oh noes people trip over themselves to tell his wife they’re sorry she lost the baby that was growing in HER while no one tells him shit. What a fucking asshole.

No. 1565739

Right they always just try to act like these perpetrators did nothing of substance when in every fucking case it’s rape or sexual assault.

No. 1565744

That’s it I’m buying a venus symbol necklace to wear at all times. This shit is so stupid. If a troon asks and I don’t want to get the shit beat out of me I’ll just say I’m really into Sailor Venus. This is one of the sillier things in all this like really? The female symbol is exclusive? Who the fuck cares they need to grow up.

No. 1565745

Yes I "rely" on others to tell me what my gender is because the issue is about as pressing as the color of my own asshole

No. 1565746

>We are at more risk of sexual assault, of violence, we get pail less, have fewer career progression options, less legal protections, less access to support networks etc…
HAH, what fantasy land do they live in, how can a group of people be so detatched from reality

No. 1565747

Fred and/or George Weasley looking motherfucker

No. 1565748

He looks like Arin Hanson.

No. 1565751

Why are his balls so tiny? What a weird looking man.

No. 1565754

Imagine having to plan and go through 5000 surgeries just to not even end up resembling a female. These scrotes are hopeless. It always brings me so much joy to know how much torture they put themselves through just to try and be anything like us when in the end they still will just look like a fake and a mockery.

No. 1565762

I saw a comment on ovarit about how transphobia is the “irrational hatred or fear of trans people” and it made me finally decide that I don’t care about being called transphobic anymore. There’s nothing “irrational” about my hatred and fear of them, because these threads prove time and time again that women should absolutely be afraid of and hate these men. They are not safe to be around. I willingly take my label now.

No. 1565765

i saw a troon the other day complaining of people (trolls mostly) posting these surgery pics in tweets replying to their surgery intent posts. i dont understand how you could see pictures like this and go through with the surgery…any troon who gets these complications low key deserves it

No. 1565767

>lmao I logged off
who tf logs off twitter on iphone kek

No. 1565768

It's like his balls are trying to rip out of his skin. Lmao dicks are so gross

No. 1565769

File: 1655655024886.jpeg (781.23 KB, 2048x2048, 7616382A-584A-4960-9F53-73A6AE…)

At least it’s not a neovagina sculpture I guess. This is disturbing.

No. 1565770

Still looks like a moid.

No. 1565771

I call 10 days until some based queen scratches out the "wo" part.

No. 1565772

When does this wave of insanity end? When are men going to rise up and slaughter all these mentally ill freaks? Specially the kind of man that prides himself in wanting a virgin tradwife.

No. 1565773

File: 1655655276415.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1159x1588, DFB9552A-C506-4EEE-B0F6-76E233…)

The troon “artist”

No. 1565774

It's not different from the "feminine man/soft, feminist man" situation. Women embraced plenty of feminine men for being misunderstood and rejected by male peers thinking they're less threatening and now the "feminist predator" is such a common phenomenon, it's a subject of jokes. Feminine men aren't any less perverted or awful to women than machos are, just in different ways.

No. 1565776

>Feminine men aren't any less perverted or awful to women than machos are
There are though. "Macho" men will approach you, get denied, then 15-20% of the time keep trying or harass you, but they'll never pretend not to be interested in you while they slowly bore into your brain that they can be your friend, while they have the hidden expectation of becoming "the good guy" you actually totally deserve.

I've beginning to shun all feminist male friends I had. I'd rather be friends with a woman hater bigot I can still discuss my hobbies with than with a "feminist man" that is trying to gaslight me.

No. 1565780

minor news from terf island.
GNC protest had the usual tra types protest but like with manchester, suspiciously glowy tall black bloc moids getting stuck in again.


No. 1565782

What are those shit scribbles on his forehead???

No. 1565787

File: 1655655805492.png (296.92 KB, 1080x1774, Screenshot_20220619-121952_(1)…)

God the qrts and replies are such a fucking shitshow and just goes to show how regressive trans idealogy is. You know gender-nonconformity is a thing right? It's okay to be gender non-conforming while still acknowledging your biological sex. Gender and sex are different but they are also intrinsically linked. Everytime I see this "muh infinite gender" shit I just want to bang my head against the wall.

No. 1565788

God, please. I’d even settle for duct tape over it.

No. 1565789

He looks scary and murderous.

No. 1565790

Tbh I sort of agree. A lot of “macho” men are unironically way easier to talk to and get along with and less insidious about their intentions. Not that I support being friends with any scrote, but in my experience the ones who are acting as “feminists” always seem to be doing it for what they want in return. A lot of times the more manly ones or whatever know when to take the L and move on.

No. 1565791

God what the fuck it’s so regressive. A woman can be any way she fucking wants to be. The thing that makes her a woman is being female. What she likes, what she wears, how she talks, who she loves, none of that shit matters. GNC should be accepted by now but instead these people are taking us back in time with their stereotyping.

No. 1565793

File: 1655656152542.png (1.11 MB, 1439x764, ppj.png)

The self-obsession I guess is commonplace for new age artists, but he'll also recreate a performance art that a woman did in protest of a college campus rape. No originality.

No. 1565794

What he wants is for the statue to be vandalized so he can go on about "the violence transwomen face at the hands of transphobes". If it doesn't get vandalized, he still enjoys the thrill of knowing that people have to walk past a statue of himself naked on their way to get a coffee. Men are just screwy like that

No. 1565795

Wow. What a fucking narcissistic. Taking art a woman made about rape and making it about himself. I always think they can’t sink any lower and then they do.

No. 1565798

could he be more disgusting and pathetic

No. 1565799

Even if that’s the case I’d rather someone just destroy it. I would rather them live in the fear they claim to experience so much. It would get a ton of backlash but idc. If someone destroyed a feminist art piece no one would even give a shit, so why should I care about theirs?

No. 1565803

>Men are just screwy like that
I agree with the sentiment, but that's exactly what the original one wanted, to get her statue vandalized so she can cry misoginy and use that as spring to land writing positions or such, or enjoy the thrill of people walking by her statue of herself naked.

This isn't whataboutism, but let's not pretend we are unable to be machiavellian nor narcissistic, I've met more than enough examples of both to last me a lifetime of anecdotes.

No. 1565804

Tbh who cares when women do have a legitimate reason to be angry at men?

No. 1565805

when trannies are so unprivileged they perform genital mutilation on themselves.

No. 1565807

sadly, every surgery makes the unethical medical industry behind the trans craze more powerful and able to lobby governments to support their interests.

No. 1565811

moids don’t give a fuck, they don’t think failed males are men and are happy to relegate them to the woman category to protect the sanctity of manhood.

No. 1565812

I'd argue there's a huge difference between men who are "feminine" i.e pretty and good looking and feminist men beta men, I actually prefer men with strong and stoic personalities but also look good as well

No. 1565819

What do legitimate reasons could possibly exist for being a narcissist? And what about women (like my mother) who is a manipulative piece of shit and will never miss a chance to bring me and my sisters down whenever she sees us. And don't even get me started on lesbians who are every bit as annoying as moids and sometimes even more so when it comes to flirting. It pisses me off when people like you pretend all women (assuming it's literally not you who behaves like this) are saints, just because we have a board culture of hating on scrotes (deservedly). Hell, you're proven wrong by 99% of threads in /pt/, /snow/, and /w/. There's be nothing to talk here if we were all as flawless as you, and others like you pretend to be.
Do they really? I'm a closeted terf so I don't really have these types of conversations with men.

No. 1565826

Women will talk shit and be rude, henpeckish or passive-aggressive. This particular breed of narcissism, the need to force your penis on everything and everyone, is something that can only be observed in the male via the AGP, or the man who goes out in public and purposely flashes people. I haven't heard of a woman making a statue like this, but the rape scene this guy is planning to re-enact was at least kept within an exhibition hall IIRC. Why haven't we seen a single trans man do a statue like this? Or even a non-binary they/them? Why don't women impulsively draw vaginas on everything?

No. 1565827

so a dude with long hair and saggy manboobs, got it. it’s a man.

No. 1565830

>the rape scene
*rape scene art piece

No. 1565831

no one cares about your mother. this is a thread about troons.

No. 1565832

File: 1655658308087.png (8.18 KB, 513x366, 1.png)

>Why don't women impulsively draw vaginas on everything?
I was going to agree, but a penis is way easier to draw than a vagina. If you do the most simple shape you get it's a dick but if I try with a cookie it looks like a rake or something and if I put more detail you can't even tell what it is.

No. 1565836

I accept your concession.

No. 1565839

No one cares about your abusive mom. So many of us have narc moms who suffered their own abuse and almost always, somewhere down the line it started bc of a man. I don’t claim to be perfect, I just think it’s stupid to say a woman trying to prove a point with an art piece is automatically narcissistic. Like good for her for trying to prove men are shit when people normally won’t listen to our woes about them. I don’t really care about her otherwise. Women HAVE to make a stir to get heard at all, so if she was a narcissist I don’t really care when what she did was to prove that men are collectively a huge pile of shit.

No. 1565841

File: 1655658502235.jpeg (946.49 KB, 1147x984, 32C3E993-D491-4ABC-8D6F-9B2D27…)

Kek I see a fly or mosquito?

No. 1565846

add hips and it's obvious that it's a vulva. also boobs are arguably easier to draw than penises, and we don't doodle those everywhere.

No. 1565850

Wtf they are even following them to the pub and the cops do nothing?

No. 1565856

>and almost always, somewhere down the line it started bc of a man
But NPD is mostly genetic or bad child rearing…?

No. 1565858

They can't, they'll get accused of hate crimes otherwise. I wish I was joking.

No. 1565860

maybe your mother is a manipulative pos, but the worst woman on earth isn’t as bad as the worst man on earth. the worst man is a pedo, a serial rapist, and a murderer.

No. 1565861

most people who are referred to as narcs or narcissists online are not formally diagnosed with npd

No. 1565863

i bet they try to cover every ounce of skin to seem racially ambiguous

No. 1565873

File: 1655660247675.png (721.07 KB, 1342x846, Untitled.png)


Don't eat me alive for posting this, but Null did a special stream about trannies who troon out after their wives get pregnant or have babies. I found it pretty entertaining.

No. 1565875

there are no trad men, they are all degenerate coomers and would happily use troons as disposable lays if it didn't threaten their status as straight.

No. 1565876

lol he wishes he looked like that

No. 1565878

>racist/misogynistic scrote repeating what a bunch of women smarter than him have already said while other scrotes and pickmes applaud

No. 1565879

oh my god so that's what happened to puppies puppies. they lost their mind

No. 1565880

I didn't say it was groundbreaking, I said it was entertaining. Also think that it's good to have people with an audience speak out about troons and peak more people.

No. 1565882

he's probably self posting in the hopes that someone vandalizes his statue so that he can self-aggrandize more and fundraise for "the damage". he's really not a relevant artist even back when he was a gay mexican boy.

No. 1565884

>women b-bad too…
women can support "bad" women, men do it all the time. they never consider being a good sport to their opponents.

No. 1565885

>I know who I am

He knows he is a man.

No. 1565886

das mento ilness luv

No. 1565887

broken glass teeth, zero top lip or philtrum, terrible makeup skills for a gay dude. racefaking, wearing too dark foundation?

No. 1565888

File: 1655661059084.jpg (127.66 KB, 1284x988, salltweets-1538565599336419328…)

a step in the right direction

No. 1565890

emotional neglect, narc parents

No. 1565893

so lia thomas can't compete with women anymore? wonder if she'll go back to men's

No. 1565896

File: 1655661518259.jpeg (30.29 KB, 500x459, E1A5F8C5-99A0-4226-9737-F59B5E…)

People draw more vaginas than dicks where I’m from though

No. 1565902

Wrong. Clearly you didn’t spend long time analysing and admiring pussy.
It takes me 15 seconds and I’ve been regularly drawing pussy everywhere since middle school.

No. 1565904

>trans females
No such thing and they need to stop appropriating terms that refer to biological sex.

No. 1565905

File: 1655662047627.jpeg (202.7 KB, 1425x1536, 5D56AAF4-5038-4618-8480-55BE92…)

No. 1565907

No. 1565910

File: 1655662452881.jpeg (115.26 KB, 1200x630, sm-27.jpeg)

No. 1565911

Personality disorders are never genetic that's just an excuse. Show me a npd with normal parents

No. 1565912

kek don't do Moreau like that

No. 1565915

File: 1655662620319.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.25 MB, 1200x1595, C8BE3BA9-2C70-407F-9B1E-AA5D46…)

He loves showing off his lump moobs as “art” I’m so mad google showed a picture of his spread butthole as like the sixth result.

No. 1565917

File: 1655662742062.png (106.21 KB, 649x876, 5484.png)

Scrotes sympathize with AGPs, they are just regular scrote coomers. Why do you think there's an overlap of troons and 'tradmen' with anime girl avatars and similar typing styles? When this tradscrote (who used to be a prominent leftist tumblr demon) detransitioned he immediately put ALL the blame on women and tifs for leading him to troon out. Not a single tradscrote corrected or upbraided him. As long as you don't fuck another adult man in the ass (something scrotes foam at the mouth with endlessly finding threatening), scrotes don't care about anything
There are a handful of men genuinely disgusted at troons, but doing this invariably has to make one see how real misogyny is, which is not something even 99 percent of handmaiden abortions who call themselves 'feminists' are prepared to do. Many men see it as a divine punishment for women going outside or daring to exercise rights. Handmaidens subconsciously agree with this - just as they do caping for other 'oppressed' groups of scrotes

No. 1565920

Finland superior.
I'd rather bleed out on the side of the road than have that hulking beast treat me. He is the fear.

No. 1565923

lol poor moreau

No. 1565930

File: 1655663447658.jpeg (532.88 KB, 1284x1061, CA4E978A-3A34-4192-BE05-27F2A8…)

I watched some of Josh’s stream and saw this cap on there. I know it’s old now but god. Why are they so entitled? The fact that you can’t get pregnant is cruel? You are a male, so yeah in this case I guess Mother Nature is a bitch. Love how he says he doesn’t want kids but simultaneously says he wants to “nurture and love” a new life he creates. There was a cap included in the video too from this same scrote saying that his egg cracked from seeing how miserable his wife was when she was pregnant.

No. 1565933

Then you're proving me right and the person I replied to wrong. So thanks I guess.

No. 1565935

File: 1655663619382.jpeg (1.39 MB, 2160x1387, 9324170C-C1D6-4648-B68D-0D2572…)

Sir you ARE the patriarchy. No one is ~genociding~ you.

No. 1565936

>No one is ~genociding~ you

No. 1565939

File: 1655663990653.jpg (61.58 KB, 700x500, 13-625e8453e62df__700.jpg)

I have to get it off my chest i fucking hate Dylan with a passion and how he's seen as this wholesome twanzwymin uwu he's a disgusting moid and i am just hoping this is a long elaborate prank. He makes me want to a-log more than any other tranny.

No. 1565941

Actual anarchist here (not a retard ancom LARPer). Black bloc is to cover any identifiable tattoos and not wear any identifiable clothing and blend in with everyone else protesting. It’s so you can’t be targeted by the police or opposing groups.

I’m sure that’s lost on these faggots though. They’re such attention whores and professional victims that they’d die to be arrested (scam people out of bail money) or harassed. They’re only doin black bloc for the LARP.

No. 1565943

There's a bunch of old classics in the stream and all are truly horrific and depressing. That one is classic womb envy, men have always been jealous of our ability to have children because it's the one thing they can't do.

No. 1565945

He’s made me hate Andrew Garfield for no reason since they look so similar.

No. 1565950

Nooooo I can't unsee now

No. 1565951

He's why i think i hit peak trans recently

No. 1565953

Lol the thinly veiled way they try to hide that they want to be pregnant because they think it's hot, for some fucking reason

No. 1565955

He annoys me because he looks like a 3D dreamworks pixar 2005 CGI NDS graphics character. Everything about his face is old school gay and so yuck. He just looks disgusting to me. He has a huge wide head, with very long gay features. He's like a creation from the gay gods. Nothing about him is funny or interesting. If it turned out that he was created in some gay lab somewhere and he's a gay andriod, I would'nt be shocked at all.

No. 1565962

Same honestly everything about him screams man so clearly I just stopped being able to pretend. It’s a shame because if you scroll back on his Insta he was a perfectly normal twink, although thank you to whoever molested him enough to cause this for opening my eyes I guess.

No. 1565964

Yes that’s why people can only talk shit on anonymous image boards, otherwise all their friends and family will leave them because they view women as women and trans women as men.

No. 1565967

The entitlement

No. 1565969

Dylan is probably a crypto-TEHM larping as a troon in order to peak people. At least I hope so.

No. 1565970

“I don’t want kids, but I would have one just to validate my fetish, have them suck on my nipples. Once I’m done feeling valid enough I’ll toss it”

That’s what I got.

No. 1565972

it's another fetish to them, men love breeding and pregnancy fetishes

No. 1565973

The oppression of women in insane. Being a women now isn’t exclusive enough? We already haven’t had the same right and equality as men since forever. Why oppress us more?

No. 1565976

How is the female symbol exclusive? Are they saying trans women are not women? What exactly are they trying to achieve?

No. 1565977

>intersection of oppression

No. 1565997

File: 1655667130907.png (787.67 KB, 1576x1068, Untitled.png)

Watching this right now and this one is the worst one out of all of them

No. 1565999

It's funny because trannies love to bash black women the hardest and spout the most foul racist shit at random, but they're still obsessed with this magical black handmaiden fantasy

No. 1566003

I honestly don't believe this is womb envy(I definitely believe it exists but not in this case) by belief that the decision to troon out when their wives get pregnant is specifically driven by immaturity and a fear of growing old, a fear that once their child is born they will be it, they can never return to the childhood role and will be stuck as providers, that's my theory anyway

No. 1566005

It's probably a bit of both

No. 1566007

She gets no sympathy from me, that's what you get for condoning, supporting, and humoring this whole insanity. You reap what you sow. If you hadn't let that moid present himself to your daughter as a """"woman"""" then you wouldn't have this issue at all.

No. 1566009

>Nothing about him is funny or interesting.
He isn't funny, but at least he's laughable sometimes.

No. 1566011

I would not be leaving my daughter alone with that man. Who knows what the fuck he is doing to her.

No. 1566020

I really don't get why this woman won't get divorced. Her deadbeat transvestite husband doesn't provide money or childcare, he's literally just there, and a shitty influence on her kid. I can't even feel sorry for her since she continuously chooses to stay with him.

No. 1566025

>with very long gay features.

rofl. this reply tho…

there is no chance of that. you don't go out of your way to be friend other troons if you're trolling.

No. 1566027

Because, sweaty, she can't divorce a transman (i.e. a real woman), that would be a very hefty no no and a anti-trans-transgression of the highest order, yes. She must endure and acknowledge that whatever hardships she might have, her husb- transwife is in perpetual anguish over not passing and therefore she (the progenitor) isn't allowed to complain.

You reap what you fucking sow.

No. 1566038

i don't think he's pranking in particular but i feel like he used this tranny shit to become famous. if he was really dysphoric, he would've already gotten surgery or something at this point, but he milks it while looking entirely male. he's a theater gay after all, it's basically a role for him (either way, LARPing as women is a role for any tranny but you get what i mean. he doesn't "feel" as a woman like other trannies claim)

No. 1566041

>my daughter's face and hair is always a wreck bcs my [husband] doesn't bathe her regularly
I wouldnt want this thing bathing my child at all

No. 1566045

It’s so funny to me how completely helpless men are to find their own freedom from gender roles. They would sooner cut their dick off and say they’re women than question what manhood actually is or means to them. It all really closely mirrors how delusional beliefs are formed:

It starts with them having abnormal experiences: they get hard wearing women’s clothing, they enjoy stereotypically feminine activities that they have been taught to devalue their entire lives, they fantasize about being free from male gender roles in extreme ways (mommy gf, being a little girl, being forcibly feminized, being bimbos and 50’s housewives), or they simply dislike the male gender role and think the grass is greener on the other side. They envy women despite being the “superior” sex.

Add in the motivational factors and unmet needs that influence which explanation they choose: loneliness, longing for acceptance, frustration of desires (no goth gf), pressure of living up to “manhood” and imposter syndrome, fetishes and need to coom, low self-esteem, shame, depression, guilt, failure, isolation, lack of positive/stable identity, entitlement.

The extreme highs and lows they feel from these experiences go against their expectations which provokes a NEED for clarity, structure, and resolution (excess prediction error signaling aka their “euphoria” and “dysphoria”). Emotional regulation issues are more prevalent among trans people, and many of them are very incapable of dealing with strong emotions in a healthy way. They also frequently have problems with addiction, pornsickness, obsessions, and compulsive behavior.

This results in them jumping to conclusions and thinking that “being a woman deep down” explains everything. That’s why they can’t explain what it feels like to be a woman - it’s not a feeling. It’s an explanation, one that was meant to explain to themselves why they reacted to these experiences the way that they did or had them in the first place. It’s a cope.

Often, an otherwise well-adjusted male who is equally quick to jump to conclusions will just decide to identify as a man who likes crossdressing because he gains almost nothing from “becoming a woman” - there is a lack of motivation and reward to take it to that level. But a man with the motivational factors above gets a LOT from the trans delusion. Sexually, emotionally, socially - he has a lot to gain from “becoming a woman” so he is more motivated to accept that conclusion and resist changing it in the face of conflicting evidence.

This is why they are so fragile when the belief is challenged. You’re not just threatening their “gender identity”. You’re threatening their entire version of reality and the lens they are constantly scanning themselves and their environment with to find things that support their conclusion.

Men in the manosphere are the exact same, but they have different “abnormal” experiences that don’t meet their expectations (where is my free bangmaid?) that they’re trying to cope with. Men as a collective have no ability to reason when it comes to masculinity and male gender roles. It’s hilarious how the “rational” sex just can’t figure out what women have known their whole lives. They’re so committed to misogyny that they would cut their own dicks off before challenging it.

No. 1566047

This is true and correct

No. 1566054

Absolutely brilliant deduction nonna, gonna screenshot this for later

No. 1566060

it's a big step. they've said nobody who went through male puberty can compete as female. They really doubled down hard by saying only people who transitioned before 12 are exempt, because that's effectively only for intersex. So the troons are btfo.

No. 1566079

File: 1655671009724.jpeg (48.08 KB, 1200x675, amy-schumer-presents-parental-…)

Has anyone else watched the Amy Schumer presents… on Netflix yet? It was themed on families and most of the comedians were parents, except the troon who's entire routine was about how much they hated their parents and siblings. Watching it I was struck by how hackneyed and cornball the jokes would've been if told by an actual man, or a woman. These people truly believe they're oppressed when they're given the softest expectations of all. They're held to completely different standards than anyone else, where basically all they have to do is not be a rapist to be hip-hip-hoorayed, and they still constantly fall short of that one expectation.

No. 1566085

parenting standup jokes are corny but mainly i pray the troon didn't do one about breastfeeding.

No. 1566088

nonna i fucking love you lmao

No. 1566091

File: 1655671433899.png (5.44 MB, 1536x2048, 5A1F2936-316E-4066-89BC-32507B…)

No. 1566096

God I just hope the child is safe. A tranny is one of the biggest—if not, THE biggest—dangers to children in countries that welcome them.

No. 1566099

The right direction but still not enough. No male should compete in women's sports. To say that drug-induced developmentally delayed boys are "physically just like a woman" is straight up misogyny. It's insulting, and blatantly false. That's like saying disabled men should compete with women too, because "they're on the same level".

No. 1566110

we are popping the biggest bottles tonight nonitas. lets hope they ban all males from womens sports. make your own tranny leagues if you must

No. 1566114

Interesting analysis.
>Men as a collective have no ability to reason when it comes to masculinity and male gender roles.
What would it look like if they did have the ability?
This. The issue is they accept men can be "women" to begin with.

No. 1566115

Based. Finally, some progress

No. 1566126

certified Rot Pocket™️. this takes axe wound to a new level. it's more like someone hacked at it with a dull kitchen knife.

No. 1566127

Assuming that the way things are is both due to a lack of reasoning and lack of incentive, then it would probably be the men who lose the most in the current system to start with. MGTOW/Men’s rights is sort of close to questioning the male gender role and what it gives them, but they’re still complete morons who don’t know how to define themselves outside of their gender and their relation to women. It’s not just their unwillingness to question the male gender role that holds them back, but it’s also the commitment to misogyny.

Truly, straight men are just BOUND by defining themselves by their relationships with women. I really don’t understand it, but it’s like their whole definition of masculinity is just “masculine = not woman” and “not masculine = woman”. So they HATE women who have their little “masculine” traits or aren’t “feminine” enough even when the woman isn’t doing anything to them. Because in order for them to have a stable identity as a masculine man, the woman must follow the script and conform to the formula of misogyny. Shit, the whole point of patriarchy may as well be to control women in order to regulate men’s feelings of masculinity.

They can’t truly question masculinity without questioning misogyny, and they won’t question misogyny without an incentive. I don’t know what it would look like if men lost the incentive of misogyny - we all know what it gives them. I can’t imagine that world.

No. 1566129

I hate how they plaster shit like "having a uterus, period, or being capable of pregnancy doesn't make you a woman because there are cis women who don't ! checkmate evil terf" everywhere on mainstream social media, but then when they're among each other they talk about uterus implants, cis women as breeding stock, feeding nipple discharge to kids and feeling "dysphoric and excluded" when women discuss their periods. Beyond gross

No. 1566133

Not trying to blogpost but I've noticed recently that the way these people think about 'gender' is similar to the way people with eating disorders like myself think about food. Something that is completely insignificant to 90% of the population consumes literally almost all of their thoughts. Same way something as simple and mundane as eating becomes an obsession for people with ED's. I remember one post where some troon was like "Be honest, the very first anyone would do if they were granted wishes from a genie is fuck around with their gender." That's not even in the first top 1000 things I would think of lol. Troons are obsessed with gender/sex/identity because they're mentally ill and they don't realize normal people aren't repressing those thoughts, they simply don't have them at all.

No. 1566134

File: 1655676106858.jpeg (679.68 KB, 1284x1236, EC0EB208-30FB-45EF-92C3-D101E6…)

God the HRT really kills their brain cells or something.

No. 1566138

File: 1655676540891.jpeg (321.53 KB, 1062x1270, 15E167BD-850D-4600-BEEF-60C13D…)

>>A supporter said “she” had a great arm and they were impressed.

No. 1566139

>taking estrogen makes your body start to try and grow a vagina

You can tell none of these guys finished high school, their concept of biology is absolutely off the wall. These are the people trying to tell cis folk who finished high school/uni/have some scientific knowledge/a brain in general that we "just don't understand" and need to be educated on gender by them.

No. 1566140

File: 1655676631828.png (1.21 MB, 1284x2619, 49B05D86-E238-4A19-9D85-9940E7…)

Whatever you say, AGPs.

No. 1566142

Lmfao this is literally what Chris chan thought when he cut open his taint. This person is as retarded as Chris chan

No. 1566143

KEK isn't the part that becomes a vagina in a baby the same part that becomes the balls? Did they go to school?

No. 1566144

File: 1655676914283.jpeg (949.32 KB, 1284x1749, C6799ADB-C835-41BC-ADBC-66EBB0…)

Dude what the fuck are you talking about you have never had and will never have a female orgasm on account of you not being a female.

No. 1566149

What's wrong with being treated like a man during sex? You get your orgasm every time

No. 1566151

They all are. That’s like mandatory for being a tranny. Weaponized autism.

No. 1566154

lmao nona but for real though

No. 1566155

File: 1655678165208.png (498.56 KB, 809x812, lol.png)

A random sideline, not that milky, but remember that "4 chords songs" viral hit from an Aussie band like a decade ago? I've come across it today, then looked them up, and the ogre fat guy trooned out, saying how "misogyny" is the challenge he'll have to face as a "female comedian".

No. 1566160

They’re so annoying. They don’t and will never experience misogyny, especially not when it’s known that they’re men.

No. 1566164

File: 1655678644507.jpg (Spoiler Image, 21.68 KB, 600x315, perineum.jpg)

>where a cis woman's vagina would be
So his gay lover massaged his taint. The perineum naturally has a visible line over it, you'd think a gay man would know what that area looks like. Spoilered image is the male perineum, not really NSFW, I just don't want to attack anyone's unsuspecting eyes with moid taint.

No. 1566171

thats a cute taint

No. 1566174

It’s so lacking in self awareness of men to spout all this shit that’s borderline MRA but then cape really hard for TIMs. Clearly there’s a reason you’re silent about women except when they have dicks.

I know one whose wife is borderline cheating on him and I don’t blame her.

No. 1566182

He genuinely reminds me of onision. The same contrite little patronizing voice when he's trying to mansplain his bullshit.

No. 1566198

the obsession with having a female orgasm is so bizarre. where are they even getting their information from about what a female orgasm feels like

No. 1566199

Late, but this description is spot on lmfao

No. 1566200

If that’s the case, he should end the social experiment about now. He’s already been sponsored by tampax, what else does he want? Maybe that tiktok money is too good.

No. 1566205

there’s something about Dylan that feels calculated and almost self-aware. he comes across as fake, even for a troon. he’s either a troll or larping for the views.

No. 1566206

Idk I blame it on the fact that people have perpetuated that the female orgasm is some mystical, spiritual thing when in reality I can’t imagine it being incredibly different from a male orgasm. Spasms and a dopamine hit, it’s not some life-altering experience like they seem to think it is. I don’t get it. For half of time men claimed we didn’t even experience orgasms. Males are just stupid.

No. 1566217

He probably hasn't even cultivated the kind of close friends who would remember the date on their own.
There's probably a 100% overlap between women who embrace troons, and women who think that "empathetic male feminists" are sincere. It's a nice delusion to think that a man can reject his own nature and be just like a woman.

No. 1566219

I think the point is that a boy who’s been medically transitioned before 12 would be too disabled to compete at all. Look at Kim Petras, he transitioned as a child and he can barely move.

No. 1566227

File: 1655683750394.jpeg (89.86 KB, 745x365, 27FE9CB3-678A-41EC-B37A-7DD0E3…)

No. 1566233

>estrogen … causes the cramps
This is so stupid he sounds like a troll

No. 1566244

Okay, period pains aren't limited to just the uterus, and leave it to a troon to immediately jump to "period poops"… But they certainly are limited to people born female. And if I see one more of these freaks claim to be intersex I'm going to lose my mind. It's an extremely rare condition. Much, much rarer than a male being a sex fiend and a closet case.

No. 1566250

Dicks like that make me physicaLLy recoil, I have a strong fucking stomach and can stand a lot but that shit…. NOPE and you just know it fucking S T I N KS

No. 1566254

Lovecraft "vaginas"

No. 1566262

These people truly do not understand that when "cis" people say they don't have a gender, they literally mean it. It's not that the sex and gender matches, the way trans people define gender is not something normal people experience at all. If anything "cis" people are actually agender/genderless. And since agender people are accepted in the trans community, all "cis" people are also trans. "Cis" have never existed, and thus trans never existed either.

No. 1566267

File: 1655685535901.jpeg (857.49 KB, 1284x1554, 1DF34696-5DA3-4AF4-8BD7-3AAC45…)


It’s so bizarre how many of them in this thread seem to think a child is only theirs if it literally came from inside of their body. Do men not see their children as really theirs because they didn’t squeeze it out or something?

No. 1566274

I’m so glad mother nature is based in not letting men have babies. Why is this guy talking about it like it could happen for some other guy?? Do they really, really think this? It keeps popping up on here … Note, trannies, you can’t do that and even women who have transplants have them through caesarean not through the canal. Makes me sick to think about, their train of thought. I hope I never live to see it or anyone does, actually.

No. 1566276

Because atheist grifter "Danielle" Muscato peaked me, I give males zero good boy points for hating religion. They only hate it because it pops their egos, and the older middle class Christians expected them to be self-sufficient members of society. Dave's parents had to formally evict his troon ass from their house, he's almost 40 and has literally never had a paying job, yet he's a victim in life despite other people somehow paying his way forever. That's another thing about troons, so many of them literally never work, and somehow there's always a sucker to be a second mommy to them.

No. 1566282

It's the womb envy. They know women are doing 99% of the work when creating a life

No. 1566299

Chris-chan's taint saga was my first thought. He was truly ahead of his time.

No. 1566315

What the fuck do these men think a female orgasm is, they seem to think it results in almost blacking out or shaking or all kinds of madness, imagine having so much gender envy you willingly hallucinate anime "female" orgasms in your 100% male body

No. 1566327

Why does this statue look like a sex pest, I like that the artist really nailed the deadeyed troon stare with this one.
Ah it's a self portrait lol

No. 1566342

File: 1655689774842.jpeg (821.99 KB, 2048x2048, 83F4B892-2D02-45F5-8120-2A598A…)

Had to go back and make it complete kek

No. 1566344

>estrogen does it, because it does
they never ever want to expand on this, even though the role estrogen plays in the menstrual cycle is readily available in plain language

No. 1566354

he somehow looks works than andrew crespo, he looks like he's about to 41% at any moment.

No. 1566356

oh yeah all those radical feminists in prominent positions of power, and not AGP scrotes running drug companies. men, they will never learn.

No. 1566357

this dude makes me hate gay men too

No. 1566360

File: 1655690644891.jpeg (602.9 KB, 750x1100, B4C9AF9B-8148-41E2-90C8-336526…)

Why do they look alike

No. 1566370

ik sad for me to admit that I know this but what he’s talking about is a perineum and the perineum is normally “erogenous” for moids. it enhances orgasms for moids if you press on it I think (don’t do it, they don’t deserve that kek).

No. 1566371

One million percent chance this moid is a spoiled rich kid

No. 1566375

File: 1655691635690.png (56.3 KB, 730x309, 8df7sd9fhdsjkafdosla.png)

>brain tumor
now it all makes sense.

No. 1566376

File: 1655691645669.jpg (771.51 KB, 1080x1777, Screenshot_20220619-221853_Ins…)

Has this news been posted yet here? Because win.

No. 1566383

File: 1655691954486.png (889.43 KB, 760x931, craiyon_2022-6-19_21-25-18.png)

that makes my day much brighter

No. 1566386

Fucking finally. Now to just criminalize trooning out as a whole

No. 1566392

What a blessed and based day let’s hope more troons will get banned from women’s sports from here

No. 1566394

For full context it bans any man who transitioned after the age of 12 from competing in women’s events. I wonder if he’ll detrans now.

No. 1566402

File: 1655692677347.jpeg (274.82 KB, 990x647, 939A7266-C1A3-490B-AEE5-BA25BA…)

>>So deeply fetishized
Why? Sadomasochism? Their bodies are odd and repulsive. All the biomales and girldick/rotpocket havers need to create their own degen society somewhere. Maybe some brave psychologist will honestly study them someday.

No. 1566403

A light at the end of this tunnel. How fast is he going to detrans now?

No. 1566408

who is fetishizing axe wound holes that weep pus?

No. 1566409

File: 1655693271140.gif (905.31 KB, 244x278, 09884t649i12.gif)

No. 1566415

File: 1655693524085.jpg (252.31 KB, 1073x1067, celerynaturalceleryblight.jpg)

A personal lolcow. He always looks like he smells on account of his thinning hair always being greasy. He's obsessed with pigtails even though he's well into his 30s.

How many people will peak if he detransitions immediately lmao.

No. 1566420

File: 1655693814033.png (121.04 KB, 1966x1324, mtfpassingtips.png)

My favorite MtF passing tip is "do not pick up heavy things unless you have to":

No. 1566421

discredited by who? AGPs? kek

No. 1566430

If I saw that statue without having any context, I’d just think it’s a statue of a long haired man with a tiny dick. It’s not revolutionary, it’s not even shocking. This guy is tripping on his own ego.

No. 1566433

>wear a paper bag over your face.
>never go out in public.
>drink horse piss straight from the source.
>perform a diy castration on yourself.
>die and be reborn as a woman.

No. 1566434

i read it wrong and thought he said his family members wanted to fuck him

No. 1566436

File: 1655695813356.jpeg (1.69 MB, 1125x1115, A36C4198-7781-4E26-8CE7-C62C3E…)

>overwhelming lust

No. 1566439

So people generally find them gross and unsettling, apart from the chasers sliding in the DMs? We knew all this already

No. 1566442

File: 1655696071683.jpeg (221.5 KB, 1170x741, AF8563E9-7EE0-4CCC-838D-B99D7A…)

on today’s episode of that never happened

No. 1566446

This is hilarious. I had no idea it was him when I first saw the images last week. Just thought it was some weirdo in a skirt. Or a parody of some sort. And the fact the broadcasters purposely chose not to show it is the chef's kiss kek.

No. 1566447

Of course his gross ass is wearing a skirt meant for little girls.

No. 1566451


I blame Tumblr

No. 1566477

File: 1655698714530.jpg (595.74 KB, 810x1651, Screenshot_20220620-001634_Boo…)

>Do I pass?

No. 1566485

looks like idubbbz LMFAO

No. 1566486

he looks like a middle school arts teacher, that's really into the lindy hop dance scene, wearing a bikini for a stupid gag

No. 1566499

he’ll become a grifter asap now kek. internet controversy to political influencer pipeline is inevitable. got his 5minutes of fame though i just can’t imagine publicly embarrassing yourself, “ruining” (as if he would even have one if he was competing against other men) your swimming career and taking cross-sex hormones for it.

No. 1566502

File: 1655702563396.jpg (148.58 KB, 720x938, Screenshot_20220620-070859.jpg)

Finally. Now there is no reason for TIMs to be in women's spaces (prisons, bathrooms, etc).
Pic related: conservative moids jacking off to the thought of other moids jacking off in women's spaces. https://twitter.com/Red_br00/status/1537282206116085760?s=19

No. 1566516

File: 1655703706800.png (62.43 KB, 1024x576, e9f.png)

That receding hairline KEK

No. 1566520

Does this mean that one female championship title he won becomes invalidated retrospectively?

No. 1566526

>men's places were "destroyed" because men are degenerates that can't act normal around women
>let's ruin women's spaces by sending men in there, since they can't act normal around women
But somehow they come to the conclusion that women are the problem kek

No. 1566536

Holy shit dude is huge. He's as big as the car kek.

No. 1566537

File: 1655705631295.jpg (29.89 KB, 552x447, nah man.jpg)


kek he really thought that he would pass just because he put on a bikini and a choker despite his receding hairline and man face

No. 1566539

File: 1655705876505.jpg (117.31 KB, 960x960, 1523046021995.jpg)

(not milk)

No. 1566547

File: 1655706810628.webm (5.63 MB, 576x1024, tearsofmana-chaoschronicle.web…)

This transvestic ghoul is a personal favorite of mine, anon.

No. 1566549

Now we just have to exclude the cycling trannies “Emily” and “Rachel”

No. 1566550

Apparently it isn't her and a bunch of troons contacted the person proving it wasn't her.

If you're reading this, nona: thank you for making a bunch of faggots seethe for a few hours, but you are a legit fucking retard for larping as another woman. That is if you ARE a farmer from here and not an autistic scrote or worse a troon deliberately falseflagging as one of us. If so, an-hero. Right. Now.

No. 1566565

File: 1655708817385.jpeg (64.52 KB, 828x365, B2CDFABA-3814-4EF5-A73E-17517E…)

here's another one down the incel to troon pipeline
his bio mentions loving lolis and using 4chan of course

No. 1566567

>we were having our super UwU lesbian sex
>he proceeded to umm…prove its vaginal like qualities to me
>HRT will make your body start to grow a vagina
Ffs, quit comparing your hairy, unwashed male grundle to a vulva. Women have taints too, you know! But tell me again how yours is totally where the pussy would be. There is too much degenerate coomer brain rot to unpack here. When will mainstream media and politicians quit giving credence to these loony troons who think cross-sex hormones will magically make a person sprout the opposite genitals? They expect us to believe them when they espouse troon drugs and surgeries as safe for children yet they have no working knowledge of biology whatsoever. Head empty, no science, just vibes.
Kek, I love you nonna. What you're referring to is called the perineal raphe, which leads to the scrotal raphe and penile raphe on males. Everyone has one so it's definitely not some indicator of womanhood.
There's no shame in having a scientifically accurate understanding of anatomy, nonna - it's the difference between us and ignorant handmaiden sheep. You make a good point about how the taint is supposed to be an erogenous zone for moids. He definitely didn't gain a new HRT-induced erogenous zone like he claims. Moids will blow their loads just as fast as trannies if you put a vibrator on their dirty little gooches. Males can achieve orgasm through perineal play alone because it stimulates the prostate externally. A lot of sexologists even say that the prostate is the male equivalent to the G-spot, dubbing it the "P-spot". That's the thing: it's sex-exclusive and male af by definition. If you have a prostate, YWNBAW.
>female orgasm
>the best orgasm, I did not have an erection
Yeah, this sounds like another idiot who just discovered prostate milking and is calling it a female orgasm. Butt stuff is pretty much the only way for a moid to cum while flaccid or achieve multiple orgasms. I love when they admit that they cum exactly like all other moids while trying to describe their supposed female orgasms. YWNEAFO (you will never experience a female orgasm) and you would have no way of knowing what that feels like.

Sorry for sperging about moid booty (I have a problem) but thinking something as quintessentially male as receiving a prostate massage is feminine is exactly the kind of stupidity I have no patience for. Prostate orgasms make you even more male, you delusional dingleberry asses!

No. 1566568

About time! Liar Thomas detrans speedrun incoming kek

Any beta male can stop being beta by putting in effort. They just don't care to, they just wanna wallow in self-pity and blame their flaws on everyone else (preferably women, or POC if they're white)

No. 1566578

I'll never forget Roosh V celebrating trannies competing in women's sports. These are their true and honest allies.

No. 1566592

No. 1566596

File: 1655713077906.png (126.42 KB, 720x1411, Screenshot_20220620-091108~2.p…)

Imagine wanting to kill yourself because you can't be fucked in the arse.


No. 1566600

File: 1655713503710.jpeg (150.31 KB, 640x820, 0751D785-41E5-4C45-B23C-D6AAB3…)

He’s malding as usual. He also averages like 12 tweets an hour which proves he has no life other than literally coping, seething and dilating.

No. 1566601

It used to be slightly more common knowledge that anybody who wants to take it in the ass has to spend many months stretching his/her anus out, the same as with those stupid ear gauges. But men just let porn clips educate them now.

No. 1566603

Why is it so common to meet people that are progressive yet fantasise about being revolutionaries. Everyone thinks they’re on the “Right side of history” including people we view as cruel.

No. 1566608

Katy you literally want healthy innocent children to have their bodies and genitals mutilated and permanently disabled, just because they're mentally ill and/or wanted to wear a dress as a boy.
You want it to be illegal to commit the thought-crime of thinking men can't be women. Or to even just that men and women are different. You want anyone who even suggests such a thing to lose their job and to thrown out of society, unless they conform to your faith based view.
You want lesbians to be unable to say no to having sex with penises, even though you know conversion therapy of gay people is cruel and doesn't work.
You deny biology, you deny women their right to safety, you deny mentally ill people the treatment they actually need.

I wonder how you fell for it.

No. 1566619

File: 1655715948809.png (57.51 KB, 881x654, 1655644121797.png)

Italian tim doesn't get validated enough at his job (basically exposed minors to his fetish, was a freshman teacher in highschool), compares himself to an ugly woman and then kills himself because in his fucked up logic, an ugly woman is useless.

The whole story is that this guy waited until he had the stable teacher job to troon out, the school director moved him away from the teens, he got depressed because he couldn't groom them, moved out of his family's home in which he had a wife and a daughter (and local news made it look like they kicked him from home, lol no) and went living in a van. Minutes before starting a fire in the van, he shat words on his blog saying that "uwu I will go away with a nice wine and meal and fuck off to whoever reads this."

Men are so dramatic when they can't cum lol

No. 1566624

He is inciting male violence. Has anyone posted the violent scrotes at the Bristol speakers corner from yesterday? These moids are our of control.

No. 1566638

I want to read his blog, do you know what it was called? all the articles cite it but I haven't been able to find it

No. 1566641

I'm visiting my brother today and I just read this to him to see if he laughed because he hates trannies "with righteous fury" and when I got to
>do not pick up heavy things unless you have to
He said "That's actually a 'good tip' (he used very dramatic air quotes)". I asked why and he said: "Because if woman he likes, even if not romantically, is in the vicinity and the opportunity to prove his strength comes up, like lifting something heaving or opening a lid, his instinct will kick in and his 'cover' (even more dramatic air quotes) will be undone".

He also laughed for a solid minute while and after reading
>try not to have a stern/mean look, you should smile/have a more approachable look
And said "when will trannies finally learn that a girl looks like a girl no matter in what mood she is?" and then kept laughing.

>inb4 insulting my brother

Please don't, I'm very sensitive today and you'll make me cry.(brotherposting)

No. 1566642

Further proof all gays are mentally ill fetishists.

No. 1566644

>I am ugly, definitely ugly, I'm a trans woman. I'm an insult to my gender, an insult to the female gender.
At least he understood he is an insult to actual women lmao
Fuck off, literally trying to pass off his failed grooming attempt as "everyone hates me because i'm ugly!!!"

No. 1566646

File: 1655719304928.jpeg (25.73 KB, 172x341, 958147D9-B33F-437F-9A20-9CD4BB…)

His name is Colin

No. 1566651

It was called "persone transgenere" but good luck finding it, the police took it down and you can only find screenshots online as if they knew it was full of degenerate shit

No. 1566653

This. People need to stop normalizing using their fake names.

No. 1566658

Might have something to do with how Bernie Sanders spoke about a revolution of record voter registration and turnout at the polls and of course dumb edgelord moids conflated that with a bloody communist coup d'état. They ran with that because it satiated their brutish thirst for violence like the chimps they are. You have to be a virtue-signaling anarchist, willing to kill for the cause, to stay relevant online now. The goal posts are constantly moving just to maintain shock factor and one-up your comrades.

Plus they are pathetic loser nobodies in real life, so fantasizing about being powerful, radical revolutionaries on the vanguard is a form of escapism to cope. Delusions of grandeur are common in narcissists and all TiMs are narcissists. Similarly, they share the Cluster B personality traits of histrionics and melodramatic behavior. So they tend to fall into this attention-seeking genocide narrative where they conveniently and ironically are martyrs instead of the oppressors. They are too hard-headed to ever have the self awareness to consider that their viewpoint may be flawed. Classic male arrogance and lack of critical thinking abilities.

Essentially moids are clueless, bloodthirsty apes with superiority complexes and a need for validation. The notion that their enabling socialization and testosterone-addled Neanderthal "brains" could ever become that of a woman's is baseless, irrational, and insane. It's a dangerous idea to suggest TWAW, in fact.

No. 1566660

are you lost?

No. 1566663

I got caught in a happy moment and wanted to share it because it was on topic. Sorry for trig gering you.

No. 1566671

Go back to reddit retard. No one cares about your unfunny brother

No. 1566672

In a broader way this could be a bad thing because it will make people troon their kids out even earlier

No. 1566678

Parents who are sick enough to do that are already starting earlier and earlier though, there are more of those "my kid is trans" shortform documentaries all the time

No. 1566679

Hold old is he?

No. 1566681


No. 1566683

No. 1566687

i saw a tranny out in the wild yesterday with bangs and a flowy skirt. i didn't even have to get closer to see his face to know that it was a tranny. the shoulders are key. you can spot ANY male by their shoulders and the best part is, there's no surgery for them, no posture that can hide them, no piece of clothing that can conceal them. i fricking love sex pattern recognition.

No. 1566690

Thats not even receding anymore. It has fully receded kek

No. 1566692

I almost vomited. You should have spoilered that.

No. 1566694

File: 1655727483187.jpg (Spoiler Image, 393.68 KB, 1080x1419, IMG_20220620_131239.jpg)

No. 1566698

is that a female body with a dick on his fucking back? if you get something like this tattooed, at least make sure you get the male proportions right. no tranny looks like that

No. 1566699

Aw, thank you.

No. 1566700

the violence was more like intimidation and tearing up signs, not as bad as manchester.
these goons are the true progeny of lowtax: tranny chasing cowards.

No. 1566707

Late autistic sperg, but being gay still has evolutionary advantages. Your "goal" is pass along genetic information that is similar to you (after all sexual reproduction means you'll only be passing along 50% of your DNA anyway), not identical. If you're gay you can still help with the survival of your family and wider community (who will be genetically very similar to you) without creating more hungry mouths to feed.

Same reason animals can sacrifice themselves and behave altruistically. So long as a enough of your genetic information is surviving somehow, a single particular host doesn't really matter.

No. 1566709

Nah, homosexuality is no different than AGP, it's a sexual fetish that spawns from a coping mechanism, that people took too far as a lifestyle and become validated by pressure and maybe special interests (like the pharmaceutical one for trannies), literally the same as transgenderism, and its mechanism of action is very succinctly explained here: >>1566045. I'm beyond bored of people regurgitating the "but muh animals gay too" when there hasn't being a single case of an individual animal showing such tendencies… 100% of the cases that have made to the media were of "bisexual" specimens.

When the day of the rope comes, all gays will get it along with trannies, and not just the moids. No excuses.

No. 1566711

No. 1566712

Samefagging: I do have sympathy for lesbians because the trauma that makes them turn gay is almost always caused by a man, so really how much at fault are they? But when they start supporting perverted faggots and trannies they cross the point of no return and are no longer human in me eyes.

No. 1566713

This is bait. Don't reply

No. 1566714

wait… his THIRTIES?! i know trannies looking aged is a played out meme by now but holy shit i definitely thought that was a 50 something year old man (with a massive head).

No. 1566715

File: 1655730360932.jpg (13.85 KB, 366x360, 8cbcba7714ef94b4a8750bc823954a…)

>the trauma that makes them turn gay

No. 1566716

Female orgasm and male orgasm are different. Are nervous systems alone have inverse pain responses, so we experience physical sensation different. How that feels we don’t know exactly, but we know it’s consistent based one sex.
Women also tend to be capable of multiple orgasms, something men notiably can’t do often or at the same strength. That makes this coomers froth at the mouth. It was common when I was growing up in the 90’s to say women had better orgasm and full body and men got one he felt mostly with his dick (no idea why and I’d imagine that’s where this moods are stemming from)
On top of that we found out in 2021 that the clitorial nervous system is the largest in the whole body. It’s from the top of the abdomen to the top of the knee. As far as we can tell it’s only for female pleasure and all stems from the clit. This freaks can die and rot without ever knowing what an actual female orgasm is. Their shitty male bodies will never have a clitorial nervous system.

No. 1566718

Sorry nonie but if you're gay you're mentally ill. No bait, just reality.(bait )

No. 1566720

I don't really know much about male anatomy past the basics but isn't a penis what a clitoris would have been if the fetus was female? From what I recall the fetus starts female and then turns male so the organs or characteristics or whatever are there from the start and then they transform into male ones as the fetus develops, like ovaries dropping down to become testicles. Is this bogus?

No. 1566721

That’s a incorrect correlation. From the moment of conception you are a female or a male based on chromosome. The sex characteristics that develop are As an embryo develops, it acquires both Wolffian and Mullerian ducts. Both sexes have both. The one that develops is reliant on chromosomes. At 8weeks the duct attached to your chromosome activates and your internal sex characteristics began to develop making you a female or male. The ducts are different. The characteristics are different. Men didn’t start as females. They started as sexless fetus with male chromosomes and females started as sexless fetus with female chromosomes.

No. 1566722

god i really need to minimise this thread as seeing all of these mtf sub posts i just want to seethe and laugh at them but i am banned from the sub

No. 1566724

Thanks, that helps.
>Men didn’t start as females. They started as sexless fetus
Not challenging what you're saying, but why do men have nipples then? What I posted is something I read like 10 years ago when I asked that question in some forum about dolls and never cared to find out if it was true.

No. 1566725

kek, welcome to the club, nonna! Or perhaps you were in the club before me. Either case.

No. 1566727

Male nipples are called vestigial structure. A body part that doesn’t serve an evolutionary purpose. We don’t really know. They develop before the primary sex characteristics and the ducts activate. They’re just a part of our anatomy as humans because of something in our evolution and they take so little energy to develop that there’s been no reason to evolve out is science best guess. Male nipples are different though. Don’t have female breast structure and tend to actually have more nerves and can be more sensitive because we as females can breast feed.

No. 1566729

File: 1655732688366.jpg (711.27 KB, 2560x2160, fuckofffffff.jpg)

I can't even begin to describe how fucking annoying this patronizing fucking thread is holy fuck.


No. 1566731

Yep. Only short bimbos with huge tits and soft facial features use restrooms, and if you're not one of them you get kicked out. He sure knows what it's like to be a woman

No. 1566732

what a nice fanfiction this woman hating tranny wrote. we all know it's not rooted in reality, but it's still baffling to see 9k trannies think that tall women face legal fucking repercussions for taking a shit in the restroom that matches their sex.

No. 1566733

these moids sure do love to push rigid gender roles on everyone else.
also what kind of fantasy land foes he live in? no woman has ever once asked me if i'm a troon because i have a sharp jaw and big chin. you can very easily tell a butch woman from an agp coomer freak. god i want to alog so bad

No. 1566734

"If you have masculine characteristics, trans rights are about you!"

No. Because I am not a man. It is not about me. Distancing your misogynistic bullshit from womens rights is the cure to all of this, but men only think about themselves. Women can be all of those things and still be women. You're the ones telling them that isn't true.

No. 1566735

Thank you for the explanation, I wonder if the more you know about anatomy, the more annoyed by trannies you get.
Impressive attempt at gaslighting. Where do these freaks get these ideas from? Most women nowadays wear pants, I don't go out much but I don't think I've seen anyone in person with a skirt in months.

No. 1566736

I also love how it's implied that we owe all our rights to troons and everything we as women fought for will be taken away from us if we don't let trannies swim with women and get free horsepiss. WOMEN made those things possible WE did it for OURSELVES. These men demanding we fight their battles for them, lmao no. They're bringing back harmful sex stereotypes they can fuck all the way off. I'm 5'8" and literally no one has ever called me a man.

No. 1566739

It's so fucking pathological to take characteristics like alopecia and mastectomy, things most women sufferers are actually traumatised by, and basically say "be a better handmaiden or they won't let your bald/one breasted self into the Ladies bathroom next bitch!"

No. 1566741

>One chance at life
>Voluntarily dub yourself Racheline

No. 1566742

Same, it reminds me of how the Collin moid said something about how GC women stole the suffragette colors and he wants to “take them back” like they ever belonged to him or another scrote to begin with. Because you definitely recall all the trans women who were standing in the frontline helping women get the right to vote- oh wait, no. They were already at the ballots making their own votes count. They’re always trying to rewrite history and claim that they’re responsible for the rights everyone else has. Stonewall, voting, and now apparently if we don’t do something to help them now!!! it means our own rights will be decimated because they won’t want to help women fight (despite supposedly being women themselves). It’s just like how they’ve made the Roe V Wade thing all about themselves, saying that if it goes through they won’t be able to get their HRT because the abortion debate is about bodily autonomy for everyone. No, it’s about WOMEN’S bodily autonomy. I wish they’d stop co-opting every fucking struggle when it doesn’t even affect them.

No. 1566744

File: 1655734070228.jpeg (456.06 KB, 1284x1175, CFA9455F-3A64-4FEF-851C-2DE224…)

Apparently enjoying making characters in video games makes you a woman now. Sorry boys, if you like taking a bit to make a character you’re happy with, you’re doing it wrong. You need to just be happy with the default option every time.

No. 1566746

Wtf is his point? Many "masculine" games have character creators. MANY character designers are male. Apparently men aren't allowed to do anything creative ever

No. 1566747

and this, gyns, is what we call confirmation bias

No. 1566748

If eating pussy is mental illness maybe I don't want to be sane

No. 1566749

File: 1655734397591.jpg (216.27 KB, 1200x1800, 1200px-'David'_by_Michelangelo…)

I guess Michaelangelo was also a troon because he took his time to make David

No. 1566750

To be fair he did have AAP.

No. 1566751

Let's not forget all their favorite catgirl hentai is drawn by men for men. It's almost like… The male gaze is a thing.

I have to laugh because none of them made obese/skinnyfat, balding, greasy women with 5 o'clock shadows and malformed tits in their character creators. But that's what they all become.

No. 1566752

>Apparently men aren't allowed to do anything creative ever
Heh, when moids get so into stereotypes that they end up with misandry.

No. 1566753

Wait a minute, did… he actually mean that women who are into "hyper-feminine vintage styles" get mistaken for drag queens??

No. 1566755

Women wanting to fuck men when they are statistically most likely to rape and murder us, and half of femicides being by a current or previous intimate partner, no being straight is a far more crazy choice than being gay for women.

No. 1566756

File: 1655734729023.png (1.53 MB, 1276x2375, 153812C9-A3BF-4C52-8DBA-CF84A3…)

This one isn’t super milky, but it’s just another example of how they expect everyone to bow to them for no reason. I’ve been in a group chats where someone will say something that’s a big deal to them and everyone just uses an emoji reaction because they want to share the person’s excitement, but otherwise don’t have much to say apart from “congrats” or whatever. It’s hilarious to me that in the comments these two called the group a bunch of self-absorbed assholes when this self-absorbed asshole is so annoyed about people not calling him “brave and stunning” that he had to go whine about it on reddit. Men are just always expecting others to do emotional labor for them, and when they don’t get it they have a tantrum. It’s funnier to me though that the group is also made of genderspecials. Honestly, maybe he is right and maybe they are just too self-obsessed with their own shit to care kek.

No. 1566758

I’m 99% sure that’s what he meant. It read as weird to me at first since there’s so many women now who do play up certain styles but never in my life have I mistaken a girl in vintage (or something like lolita or any other hyperfeminine style) to a drag queen.

No. 1566759

File: 1655735071651.png (2.99 MB, 2409x1500, BDA69F70-5E5B-4251-B5A8-143E32…)

No. 1566761

>This is why they are so fragile when the belief is challenged. You’re not just threatening their “gender identity”. You’re threatening their entire version of reality and the lens they are constantly scanning themselves and their environment with to find things that support their conclusion.

This, I've found also applies to every facet of being a man. Every choice is backed by obsessive, often fabricated or inaccurate rationale, which is why they always lose their tempers/minds when questioned.

No. 1566762

She's talking about gay moids and I don't think she's wrong, lesbians are not _sexual_ deviants anyway. Lesbianism is about love not sex.

No. 1566766

>no asking pronouns or name change or anything
So this person "came out" as trans without sharing any other information relevant to the identity that they'd like validated, and now they're mad that their friends aren't mind readers

No. 1566767

Nah she literally said in another reply that lesbians are just traumatized. Ignore the troll

No. 1566768

>When the day of the rope comes, all gays will get it along with trannies, and not just the moids. No excuses

No. 1566769

File: 1655735454647.jpeg (623.48 KB, 1284x1272, B74A53CA-04D6-4DDF-8E52-D27E4D…)

This thread is kind of insufferable to me. If Father’s Day is the darkest day of the year for you (not because of some kind of trauma from your own father but purely because people rightfully calling you a father makes you upset), I would say get therapy. The comments are just all full of troons saying that it’s disrespectful for the family to say Happy Father’s Day to him. And the OP himself even says his daughter doesn’t talk to him anymore except once a year. Maybe that’s why he feels bad lol, maybe it forces him to think about what a shitty piece of crap father he is for having done this to his family.

No. 1566770

Literally just looks like a skinny guy with long hair
Finally there is at least some pushback against this insanity. How long until he detransitions?

No. 1566771

Just don't respond to bait, especially off-topic bait. This thread is about trannies not gays.

No. 1566772

I'm hoping it's a sign that even the genderspecials are getting tired of the trend. Trans people aren't as much of a novelty anymore since they're 90% of the visible queer community. They'll have to find something else to make them feel speshul kek

No. 1566773

Understandable that being reminded of his terrible life choices (trooning out, breaking up with wife and losing access to kid) makes him feel bad.

No. 1566774

>the day of the rope
kek what in the cringe moid larp

No. 1566776

homosexuals are gross though, I give her the benefit of the doubt.

No. 1566777

Yeah it's probably a male troll

No. 1566780

The random homophobes that shit up this thread is getting really annoying

No. 1566786


No. 1566790

noted faggot.

No. 1566791

That's dyke to you at least call me the right slur

No. 1566792

if you're gonna cape for faggots you might as well be one, wouldn't be surprised.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1566793

I’m a 6’1” ogress and I’ve never had this issue. Moids wish they could ever look as feminine as me or literally any other female. Cope, seethe, & dilate <3

No. 1566794

Unfunny buzzfeed Halloween video

No. 1566795

He's right tho, he's not a father. He's just a useless piece of trash sperm donor. Glad to see that there are at least some women who have the guts to dump their tranny partners despite him trying to baby-trap her. Looks like she found a new man to take on the role of father too. Good for her.

No. 1566796

You're not 6'1" you fucking troll

No. 1566797

? Lol why would anon even lie about that some women are tall

No. 1566798

OT but the Try Guys are so annoying to me. Just some pasty milquetoast dudes with wives who are probably constantly unsatisfied. Even Eugene annoys me now once he made that navel gazing vid where he came out. I’m not a homophobe-chan but it felt so overly dramatic.

No. 1566799

The infighting ITT is getting fucking weird sometimes. Idk if the heat is getting to people or what.

No. 1566801

Kek tranny is seething how women taller than him will never be mistaken for a male despite being taller than like 90%+ of them. I'm 183cm and have never been mistaken for a scrote.
Cope, seethe, and dilate.

No. 1566803

I wouldn't be surprised if it's trolls tbh the tone has shifted and there's a lack of saging

No. 1566804

Yes I am? Lol what? Cope harder, thanks for the laugh

No. 1566805

Are you a tranny or something? Women aren't all petite and cute

No. 1566811

>Women can't be 6'1

No. 1566812

I knew the clit had an internal structure but I never knew it was so big, in comparision to the blue shaded area meant to be the vulva. wow

>I think my body's pretty feminine at this point
that disgusting appendenge between his legs says otherwise

No. 1566813

File: 1655738872109.gif (860.21 KB, 320x253, giphy.gif)

No. 1566814

sounds like he sprung it on her when she was pregnant, since the other man has been in the daughter's life since birth. good on her for not letting the troon get away with that shit.

No. 1566819

Yeah it’s neat. In actuality it doesn’t always look like the pic, that’s how it looks when aroused. Still the same size unaroused but just looks a little more deflated. I tried to find another diagram but couldn’t find one that had good image quality so maybe you can just imagine it in your head kek.

No. 1566826

this for real, thank god he is not part of that child's life

No. 1566833

Imagine how the poor kid feels. Daddy would rather wear dresses and pretend he's a woman instead of be your fucking dad. Moids make me sick , now they're trooning out to avoid the responsibilities that come with fatherhood?

No. 1566841

This is actually one of the most retarded things I've ever seen in these threads and thats saying a lot.
Newsflash trannies, we can tell a cis woman from a mile away regardless of how she dresses or how she looks or how tall she is or whatever the fuck. We can INSTANTLY tell. Which means we always know a cis woman when we see one regardless of what she looks like. Cope harder.

No. 1566847

No-neck fridge body tranner. A dime a dozen.

No. 1566850

>laughs in 5'9" athlete who often wears pants and has never once been mistaken for a moid because I'm a fucking woman

No. 1566854

Ok but do you need a gf nona?

No. 1566866

>I know I'm not the only trans woman that had children before finally resolving to be true to myself.

This whole exchange is probably the most disgusting thing on this thread, including the botched neovags and the retarded "day of the rope" moid troll. The pure, unhinged selfishness. The way they talk about their own children like some throwaway mistake from the past. The way their kids don't even speak to them and will likely need years of therapy to deal with the abandonment, and their biggest concern is being MiSGenDeReD on a minor holiday. You can read between the lines and see the trauma these men have caused their families, but all they care about is themselves. Their family members are just tools to validate them, and if they don't do so sufficiently, the troons are entitled to "scare them", put them in "traumatic situations", "fuck them, make them bleed, have some revenge" (all quotes from the thread.) Family annihilator logic.

The only small comfort is knowing they're all doomed to die alone, unloved, coping, seething & dilating.

No. 1566867

They removed too much and here we are.

No. 1566870

I'm tall, I have short hair and wear GNC fashion, so I di get "misgendered" but people immediately correct themselves when they hear my voice or take a close at my face, I don't get a panic attack over it like most trannies

No. 1566873

ayrt, and yeah what's worse, a 50 year old with little girl hair or a man in his 30s who has the face of melting silly putty? they have no shame

No. 1566877

I’ve gotten misgendered twice by drunk men who wanted to borrow a light but the second I turned around they either apologized or laughed because I am a mere chubby babyfaced gnc bitch, you’ll know a woman when you see one. i was wearing a huge winter puffer and a beanie so it just made sense

No. 1566880

>trannies try to pretend to be women by enacting every gender stereotype they see in movies and porn
>"ackshually trans rights is about destroying the patriarchy and gender norms so you should support us by watching you pee, bigot!"
Not only that there is so much stupid in that guy's thread I don't even know where to start.

No. 1566882

I love how even the ugliest woman (not saying you are it) is still more beautiful and feminine than like… 98% of all trannies). There's just something poetic about it.

No. 1566884

And even the most masculine natural women are still clearly women beside a tranny. Like even Blaire White, his body looks so weird and out of proportion.

No. 1566885

The quotes you posted are actually horrific. The Y chromosome is fucked beyond reason.

No. 1566886

Same goes to your fathers.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1566887

That's the funny part. Troons always think GNC women are hurt by being "misgendered" but we aren't, because we're not insecure and living a lie like they are. We know we look masculine and we know we're still women, so why would it bother us? People noticing troons' masculinity only triggers them because deep down, they know they're men.

No. 1566888

And? My father didn't troon out and abandon his family, so at least there's that kek

No. 1566890

But you do know the amount of distress that they hate the fact that they are men don't you?

Didn't ask

No. 1566892



No. 1566893

File: 1655744874960.webm (8.41 MB, 720x1280, 34873520923.webm)

Queen shit

No. 1566894

she's such a queen

No. 1566895

What is going on there? Aside from moids being testerical like usual.

No. 1566896

File: 1655745051435.jpeg (136.42 KB, 1080x674, FVsWB4GXwAEg34V.jpeg)

god this schizo is annoying

No. 1566897


kinda offtopic but just for the facts : it happens to lolitas actually (more or less depending on style and what you look like). I once got harassed by two girls who thought I was a crossdresser and I don't look like a man by any means, but the contrast with the clothes can change a slightly wide shouldered, taller than average woman into a hulking monstruosity kek, not to mention wigs and what they look like on the longer/sharper faced girls who wear them. It's like when troons try to wear cutesy outfits and end up looking even more male than in actual menswear, the passable ones I've seen always wore more relaxed/normie styles, not hyperfeminine flashy stuff.

I'm sure people like fluffykawaiijo or even lovelylor got mistaken for trannies at least once in their lives.

No. 1566899

Who is that?

No. 1566900

kellie-jay keen

No. 1566902

lol Colin is so fucking cringe, tranny men are not women cope, seethe, dilate

No. 1566904

I mean yeah. Never said otherwise.

No. 1566905

a woman who loves getting praise from rightwing moids

No. 1566906

Off LCF scrote.

No. 1566907

I have been occasionally called a faggot when I'm out with my bf

No. 1566908

Colin is the worst of the online brit troons imo. The likes of him, keffals and the reddit tattoo troon are addicted to internet updoots and don't know the concept of sitting a conversation or topic out. Typical male behavior, everything is always about them or their cause. Muhhh gender recognition act says I'm female!!! Your massive head and Adams apple says otherwise, but ok.

No. 1566909

ok i'll leave your rightoid pandering boomer queen alone

No. 1566911

That and the "Same goes to your father, think of the trans distress about being male!!" one are likely more trannies from KF who seethe whenever "femoids" are transphobic (but it's okay when it's their daddy Null)

No. 1566913

Who the fuck calls Null daddy

No. 1566915

Yeah some of them definitely sound like moids who are trying to derail. Idk if the Kellie Jay one is but the father one for sure. The other could be a regular nona considering the topic of radfems aligning with some right wing people just for more exposure has come up before.

No. 1566916

How are you supposed to ban women for the same reasons as """scrote"""?

No. 1566922

"trooping" is that when a man turns into a trap or sort

No. 1566923

File: 1655746345916.jpg (124.86 KB, 1320x471, dghjmfgjh.JPG)

Signed to Nebula finally, of fucking COURSE Dick Black is there

No. 1566924

File: 1655746399180.png (60.1 KB, 262x275, AF55FB6F-FB6B-42D2-9551-6DAE7E…)

My bad auto correct. Trooning and disowning.

No. 1566925

WHY IS THE PIC SO FUCKING SMALL, you need to open the image before you save it or click the file name. Otherwise you just save a thumbnail

No. 1566927

File: 1655746554942.jpeg (467.89 KB, 1164x1216, A6711F33-9480-4A22-BD9B-20EFB6…)

No. 1566929


There will be so many obnoxious memes about this for the next few days right? It will reach normies who will use it to dunk on Elon.

No. 1566930

Elon’s daughter is an infant. You’re brain dead

No. 1566933

It's referred as "daugher" because of his gender ID you doofus

No. 1566934


the funny thing is before transes started demanding access to female safe spaces cops and other rightoid types didn't care if an androgynous woman was using the woman's bathrooms. Now that creepy fetishistis want in you see clips of cops asking gnc women for an id before they can go pee because they don't want creepy men in there. And ofc TRAs are blaming this shit on tErfS b/c they're braindead and that's all they can do.

No. 1566937

I'm so tired of all these ignorant anglosphere dipshits who think there's a whole utopian world of magical gay, trans, ungendered, pacifist, all-knowing, non-judgemental, religious-yet-acting-atheist, non-white cultures out there. It's just a myth made up by complete idiots who don't know shit about shit. It pops up everywhere now. No culture would respect troons. Unrelated but my head may explode the next time PBS/NPR gives a mic to some idiot who thinks Asians are all pacifists and atheists functioning on a higher plane.

No. 1566939

An 18 year old infant?

No. 1566942

Nvm then I’m glad this happened only so Elon will seethe that his spawns he spent so much money in the lab creating hate him. Hope he sterilises himself asap

No. 1566943

No. 1566956

I caught shit for wearing outlandish fashion once (for some reason people were convinced it was some drag or fetish shit) and I'd still rather have that over troons

No. 1566961

Moid alert

No. 1566965

All of these “types” of women existed before trannies were popular. Guess what? Most of those women weren’t thrown out of a bathroom back then. Also, button down and pants? Really? That’s what school uniforms and work uniforms consist of. No one necessarily wants to wear those. Clothing doesn’t change your gender though, asshole.

No. 1566968

File: 1655749302294.png (122.86 KB, 385x481, Grey owl.png)

sage for OT, but picrel is an Englishman by the name of Archibald Belaney, he had pretended to be a native american for almost 30 years so he could order to get certain state privileges which made it easier to peruse furtrapping, his real ethnicity was only found out years after his death, but whose to say that he wasn't a real native american, both Indians and white people believed he was a native american, so clearly he "passed", to any tranny or handmaiden can you give me one good reason why his fake identity is any less valid then a regular tranny fake identity as a woman

No. 1566973

>hairy unwashed male grundle
>loony troons
>dirty little gooches
>YWNEAFO (you will never experience a female orgasm)
>moid booty sperg
>delusional dingleberry ass
kek anon…

No. 1566977

Troons just make up imaginary situations and tweet them out like they're facts, I'm gonna say not a single tall or bald or mastectomied (we're not looking at other women's boobs as a matter of course and determining how feminine they are by breast size, classic male brain at work) woman has ever been refused use of a bathroom by the imaginary bathroom police. we just see a bunch of women in there, pee, wash hands and leave. They're so obsessed with women's toilets, they must get off on the smell of our piss or something, there is no other explanation. They also constantly give away which "types" of women they think are lesser when they churn out these lists. This shit never crosses the mind of a ciswoman.

No. 1566979

there are definitely born gays, but there are also people who are gay from early CSA. admitting that doesn't invalidate homosexuals or mean that they shouldn't be accepted or allowed to have rights.

No. 1566981

>day of the rope
you are not welcome here

No. 1566983

I still enjoy the schadenfreude that he specifically went for IVF to get only sons, and now his son is trooning out.

No. 1566988

Early porn exposure can cause that too.

No. 1566989

File: 1655750909893.jpg (45.92 KB, 640x668, fsgnsryns.JPG)

God I wish homophobe-chans or moid larpers fucked off

No. 1566990

Literally you guys I cannot. Like you said, this hon is nothing but a deadbeat sperm donor and yet has all the entitlement in the world. He should be beyond grateful that people even acknowledge him as a parent considering he hasn't done shit since conception. I doubt he even pays child support. His family needs to quit giving this loser ass pats for being an absentee dad. It's disrespectful to the family he abandoned, their struggle, and the stepdad's contribution. At least he's saddled with the guilt of knowing he's not a real dad…just not for the reasons he may think. He deserves more punishment for baby-trapping the mother and neglecting his daughter. Misgendering is not even close to the suffering I wish upon him. Sorry I just have no patience for these people who try to pretend like they have a complicated relationship with Father's Day when they're just privileged narcissists. Why is it always the parents who cause childhood trauma that play the victim?

No. 1566992

File: 1655751123649.gif (448.28 KB, 320x218, 89918DD8-6DE7-43EE-AB11-486A1B…)

the fact that there are many gays and troons and ex-gays who experienced CSA that made a stark impact on sexual development isn’t homophobia, it’s just an ugly truth.

No. 1567001

Nta but this is the tranny cringe thread, not the LGB cringe thread.

No. 1567002

In general I discourage moids from trooning out but in this case I condone it, if only because it's what Elon deserves kek

No. 1567008

Troons have never come up with any arguments for transgenderism that wouldn't also justify transracialism. If anything, "race" is far more mutable and socially constructed than "sex" is. Sex has consistent biological markers; race does not. It's hypocritical to accept Lia Thomas and reject Rachel Dolezal.

No. 1567012

post trannies or stfu we don't care your bf cheated with a man

No. 1567015

File: 1655752572385.jpg (118.66 KB, 800x645, 800px-Grey_owl_feeding_beaver_…)

cause unlike sex race is a spectrum, while there are noticeable differences between sub-saharan africans and east asians, its still a spectrum, just like how a full blooded englishman passed as native just by getting a tan and shaving his beard

No. 1567019

It's moid behavior period. Notice how you don't see TIFs baby trapping their husbands, abandoning their kids, and whining about it for asspats on Reddit. Extremely common male behavior though. They're just like the millions of other deadbeat fathers who walk out on their families to "Be TrUe tO ThEmSeLvEs", just with a heightened sense of victimhood due to troonery.

No. 1567020

lol gay moids always expose themselves by using this cope "I bet your man cheated with a man!!". Seethe, faggot. A straight man will never chose you over a woman.

No. 1567026

Hey nonnas, don't reply to the triggered troon baiting plz

No. 1567029

WTF? Seriously? For what purpose? That's the thing I don't get with these idiots. Why do they get on HRT when it's not gonna do what they think it's gonna do? It's not gonna suddenly give men wide hips, big boobs, and an overall curvier frame.
While it may shift the weight some, it also will go into their stomach and they'll just look flabby and fat with thinning hair (and that's if they're lucky if their hair doesn't fall out).

This poor guy. Normally I wouldn't care and say "let these delusional twits ruin themselves" but Negative Legend seems like a genuinely good guy who's in a bad bout of depression and it made him vulnerable to troon ideology. I mean unless he's actually a coomer or something, I don't have Twitter.

No. 1567035

>or allowed to have rights
What rights do/did homosexuals not have?
Leaving faggots aside because most here already agree, lesbians don't like being reminded that some of them behave similar to trannies, just peek at the TIF thread, not to mention a significant number of lesbians are part of the tranny problem by being handmaidens for them, some even consciously and purposefully because they benefit in some way, and in some cases even dating them as "women"… but this is a taboo topic in this thread and you might get bonked with a ban because they will rush to mass report your post out of thermonuclear seething, and/or accuse you of baiting, being a scrote, etc.
The reality is that the trans problem wouldn't be an issue if it wasn't for the LGBT+ "community"… and some people get triggered here because they don't want to admit (to themselves or others) that it's true. Even I was once drinking the kool aid that trannies were "hecking valid" and cringe at my past idiocy, but I didn't know any better… people in this site don't have that excuse unless they're literally a newfag.
Spot on. There's only two sexes: woman and man. Ethnicities, there are several dozen, and then there's the mixes. You can't mix sexes naturally and the intersex crowd are a minuscule percentage. It makes infinitely more sense for someone like me, who am half a quarter black, to call myself a black woman, that a black man, who is 0.00% woman, to call himself a black woman.
It's easy to feel pity for some of them, like some wild animal you stumbled upon that it's caught in a trap, and instead of slowly moving away, it struggles frantically, furthering its wounds… but that's what happens when you don't have any convictions. Nobody could fall prey to trans grooming if they all shunned the whole trans ideology.

No. 1567038

The only people seething are the ones constantly derailing with their homophobia when it has nothing to do with the thread

No. 1567041

File: 1655754097148.jpeg (176.94 KB, 1180x877, E09CEA1E-B5BD-4868-9385-C43FD8…)

No. 1567045

What is a "MtF"/trans-identified male that takes it up the ass from other men if not a faggot?
>femininity comes from queer people pushing the boundaries of gender expression
Bit of a rhetorical question but how can someone be this incredibly and unfathomably delusional?

No. 1567046

wtaf is he talking about? the only thing i can really think of that trannies popularized is fugly drag makeup.
>giving cis women everything they know
id really love to know what he means by this. im begging

No. 1567048

Sad cope from someone trying to "deal with their sexual fetish/mental illness"

No. 1567049

99% of the men posted in this thread are straight but sure, the anon that said lesbians are mentally ill was totally talking about gay mtfs

No. 1567067

Theres a huge amount of troons/gay men who hang with women but secretly or not so secretly hate us. They think knowing how to do hair/make up or "Dress us", is them teaching us how to be a woman. Rather then doing a service that we could find a woman to do, but so many women have brought into the meme, that Gay men/troons do hair/make up better. When it's just they do extreme stage make up (Drag make up to cover male features or enhance female features on a stage or for pictures) and weaves/lacefronts/hair, which again, most women learn to do on their own anyway. Without a scrote present or needing a scrote. It's funny how they think they are the "Blueprint" for womanhood, yet none of them look 100% like women without make, surgeries, wigs etc. Meanwhile the women they dress are women regardless of if they are wearing those things. Nor do we need surgeries. It's a option.

No. 1567074

File: 1655755664853.jpg (592.92 KB, 1241x2208, never ever.jpg)

I think you replied to the wrong post, but anyway… it reminded me of pic related.

No. 1567087

I did tag the wrong nonnie, my bad.
is meant for >>1567046

No. 1567093

File: 1655756815762.jpg (369.03 KB, 1080x1345, actually retarded.jpg)

Densest fucking idiot on twitter. Wow.

No. 1567096

>cis women
>queer people

So "cis women" can't be queer now? We're just erasing lesbian, bisexual and GNC women from history entirely?

I guess that tracks with their "lesbians just need to take my girlcock and shut up" mentality though.

No. 1567101

literally what are they on about, literally pro women's football teams lose to eight grade boys, how can they deny reality right in front of them

No. 1567102

It's always nice when they unintentionally show that "cis" just means "people who aren't as important as me".

No. 1567112

sometimes, just sometimes, I wish male faggots could just shut the fuck up for once in their lives. just once. they talk out of their asses too often.

No. 1567117

Any woman saying crap like this should be automatically required to square up with a man of their same size, weight and similar athletic level. Let’s say, for charity. They couldn’t say no right.

No. 1567118

That's a man, baby

No. 1567119

can we kill it with fire? Nothing I am or know has anything to do with trans people, they are just another annoying point in my life.

No. 1567126

First it was homosexuals owing everything to trannies. Now it's 52% of human population. What's next?

No. 1567159

None. There's literally no argument you can use against this that won't go against trans rights. It's hilarious when you bring up transracialism to TRA spaces and watch the troons fall over themselves trying to justify their lifestyle.

No. 1567162

You're already seen the next: Trannies pushing for earlier and earlier transitioning, so they can get it passed into a law saying that the individual can decide no matter their age, regardless of what parents or doctors think, so that such law can manifest the ruling that children can consent, which is their ultimate goal: Making child abuse legal.

No. 1567170

I really don't understand the libfem (and now TRA logic) of "women can be just as strong as men!" as if there were no physical differences between us. Acknowledging that doesn't mean we're inferior, just that our bodies are built differently. Then again I really shouldn't expect much from troons who deny biology exists.

No. 1567173

Also like yeah maybe some women are stronger/larger/faster than some men or whatever, but that isn’t the largest part of the population. Like another nona said, high school boys have beaten womens times in various events. There’s a reason people choose the boys to move furniture and shit when the time comes.

No. 1567215

File: 1655764173072.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1284x1987, 21F4F497-CEA6-4804-964B-F4A9F6…)

Posted by a male troon in a traditionally female sub of course. And uh, sir. A lesbian IS a female homosexual. Stop stealing words that don’t belong to you.

No. 1567225

>A fixation in how others were "socialized"
So he's basically saying feminism is bullshit and men don't have any privilege. Typical mra

No. 1567226

This is honestly enraging holy fuck. Disgusting.

No. 1567230

That seems like a reach anon

No. 1567238

He posted it in other female subs too. It’s all about control.

No. 1567242

>"…which there are few of once on estrogen"
Sir you literally have a dick and balls

No. 1567248

File: 1655765950560.jpeg (1.63 MB, 1284x2110, CAA40CB4-09B3-41EE-AE5E-6245C9…)

Posts in female autism and Asperger’s subs as well, and has painted a trans flag with a gun on it in his post history.

No. 1567255

>do I pass and look good?

No. 1567256

How old is he? He looks like a child

No. 1567257

Oh the painting is in the picture up top.

No. 1567259

I couldn’t find him mentioning his age but I didn’t go through it all. I hope an adult because he brings up sexual stuff on occasion.

No. 1567268

he's 18 he just has a huge moid head which throws the proportions off

No. 1567276

File: 1655768005656.jpeg (531.2 KB, 828x1401, B5D4E8E7-220D-4AD9-9D31-6EC6D2…)

Ugly tranny on Metal twitter seething because some dude “othered” him lmao. I love to watch them have a break down like every other day. It’s like clockwork.

No. 1567278

The dude was obviously trying to be nice kek they lose their shit over everything.

No. 1567279

>I was empathetic
No you weren't. You were deliberately condescending. This man was kissing your ass and you still went into a moid monkey rage.

No. 1567291

This. He was passive aggressive about it just like they always are (when they aren’t being regular aggressive).

No. 1567295

What the one butch woman who doesn't already own a strap. I've legit never heard of a butch pillow princess, generally there is a lot of pride in their stroke game.

No. 1567304

There is no space they wouldn't invade that is frequented by women. You can't even go in the female hair loss sub without seeing some attentionwhoring troon.

No. 1567307

He should be grateful that someone even gave him a chance when he looks like an ugly freak. They all deserve to die alone and unloved.

No. 1567308

File: 1655770154499.png (395.3 KB, 1142x793, 7656787.png)

> TMZ reports that Elon Musk’s trans daughter, née Xavier Musk, has turned 18 and filed paperwork in L.A. County court to change her name to Vivian Jenna Wilson, citing “Gender Identity and the fact that I no longer live with or wish to be related to my biological father in any way, shape or form.”

No. 1567310

First his wife, then his kid.
He is a prick but I'm glad he just keeps getting fucked over by trannies lmao

No. 1567311

Lmao I thought that's what they wanted tho? That chasers wouldn't see them as trans, but as regular women? They look for any reason on earth to be offended. They are the #1 reason why people don't want to date, befriend or be around them.

No. 1567319

bet he still wants that trust fund money tho

No. 1567320

File: 1655771454854.jpg (434.92 KB, 810x1937, Screenshot_20220620-202741_Boo…)

Cringiest comment ever

No. 1567327

why the fuck is his username grapedungeon, it makes his gross comment even more unsettling

No. 1567328

Yeah I notice we don't even use that kind of language even here, an anonymous terf image board. Males are truly depraved

No. 1567330

File: 1655772307496.jpeg (209.22 KB, 828x1091, DDEFA3E8-68B9-4B4C-9F6B-B8ED41…)

insane angry trooncel

No. 1567332

File: 1655772474853.jpg (1.08 MB, 810x3291, Screenshot_20220620-204233_Boo…)

One of the comments kek

No. 1567333

Lol he’s seething so hard

No. 1567335

acting like he’s so unbothered while being a misogynistic freak. all men are the same.

No. 1567336

I never understood why women support troons
I feel like they just really want to feel that there's at least somebody who would voluntary choose to be a woman(sage your shit)

No. 1567340


another man being misogynistic, what a surprise. gotta love the poorly veiled seething too kek

No. 1567368

seething lmao

No. 1567371

At first, troons were just viewed as homosexuals that dressed like women. Normie women still saw them as the “gay friend”, and accepting them was tied to accepting homosexuals. However, now it’s much more obvious the insidious agenda of trannies. When troons are blatantly threatening to beat women, dehumanize women by calling them “uterus havers”, wasting HRT that could go to menopausal women, and masturbating in women’s bathrooms, I don’t understand the handmaidens. Either they are mentally ill too, mindless followers of whatever is considered “woke”, or worried about doing “the right thing” and feel guilty if they don’t agree with troon ideology.

No. 1567373

File: 1655776924256.jpeg (200.37 KB, 699x999, 15E7AD1A-9117-4A84-85DC-AD14A1…)

one of the things that has peaked me the most is going in subreddits like /asktransgender and clicking on the profile. They are almost always nsfw and pedo. Most of this TIM’s posts are of his literal micropenis in women’s undies on sissy subreddits. He’s totally a real woman though and it’s not a fetish nonas!!

No. 1567381

Probably not good to cheer for trannies, nonna, regardless of the situation.

No. 1567382

>that ugly crop top
Deserved to be sir'd

No. 1567388

Your average handmaidens don’t see all of that though, nonnie. They just see the generic “civil rights/born in the wrong body/they just want to pee in peace” narrative that gets pushed in the mainstream media. Most people don’t know many troons irl, so they believe whatever they’re told. You’d need to go to terf Twitter to see all the threats and vile misogyny they spew constantly. That’s why stuff like Lia Thomas and “uterus haver” tampon ads is a blessing in disguise, because troons have pushed their agenda so far that even normies are waking up and realizing they’ve been scammed. From there, the peaking begins.

No. 1567390

I honestly think, for a lot of modern day handmaidens, they're so caught in their echo chamber, they're incapable of any view outside of their own. Or, even more simply, they don't want to be wrong. Admitting that troons are a menace and a danger to women goes right in the face of their "let people be who they want uwu" yaoi fandom thought process. Admitting it means that yes, some people aren't innocent, some fetishes were never going to just stay online in certain circles, and in fact, a lot of people are harmful assholes. More than anything, it means self-reflection and humility. It means simply saying "Those mean old hairy TERFs were right". And they'd sooner sabotage everything and everyone around them than do that.

No. 1567398

does anyone have the "what is a woman" question flowcharts

No. 1567401

File: 1655781046907.jpg (579.01 KB, 810x1568, Screenshot_20220620-230004_Boo…)


No. 1567402

File: 1655781087556.jpg (106.27 KB, 1024x683, neverasamanwouldihavesatliketh…)

>Never as a man would he have dared sit like this.

No. 1567403

I think he meant kowai

No. 1567404

File: 1655781259790.jpeg (524.01 KB, 1225x1564, 58C12D22-39E6-4ECB-812D-E6F5BB…)

the difference is hilarious. honestly, why does he even bother.

No. 1567407

>looks like a perspective trick
yeeeah…that's what you wanna call it kek. also woof that's a rough 20.

No. 1567414

? She looks like a regular college-aged girl to me. (Unless we’re talking about the scrote)

No. 1567415

The hulking male is the 20 year old, nonner.

No. 1567416

WAIT nevermind oh my god that is the scrote who posted. YIKES

No. 1567419

How can this dude look at his sister and then at himself and think he resembles anything close to a woman lmao

No. 1567421

File: 1655782562614.jpeg (1.33 MB, 3558x1525, 1952C1ED-28B4-4EC9-9DE4-E9863F…)

this troon can’t believe he had to pay for his own plastic bolt ons, the entitlement is unreal. there are actual real flat chested women who save their own money to get breast implants but oh noooo this poor tranny had to pay for his own, what a cruel world!!

can someone explain why they are so repulsive looking? fake tits usually look awful but the ones moids have are especially horrific, the skin looks stretched and gross. is it his manly frame that makes them look so weird or because there’s no natural breast so when they chuck the plastic lumps in it looks uglier than usual? i can’t work it out but it makes my skin crawl

No. 1567428

He will never be the hot ginger gf with large breasts that he's trying to be.

No. 1567429

just goes to show that trans identity bullshit is first worlders inventing problems for themselves kek, how predictable

No. 1567430

This pic is proof that moids age like milk.