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No. 845329

Colleen says, “I never want to make any of you feel anything but beautiful. I celebrate every body shape and size. Don’t ever compare your body to anyone else’s. You are your own person and you’re beautiful.”.. … ….The sisters Colleen Ballinger and Rachel Ballinger regularly conduct fundraisers and donate money themselves. Rachel has streamed a fundraiser on her birthday in April 2020 to help those negatively impacted by Covid-19. Colleen visits children’s hospitals to sing, play and perform for the kids…She streams an annual fundraiser to benefit childhood cancer on her birthday since 2015. Using her YouTube channel and GoFundMe or similar sites, she has asked for donations and sold or given away various personal items, merchandise and props of her fictional alter ego “Miranda Sings”. In 2015, she donated all of the funds raised to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, while in 2016, she donated to individual families struggling with the costs and burdens of their children’s cancer treatments. From 2016 to 2018, she raised over $200,000; her 2019 fundraiser benefitted Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and Family Reach. In 2019, she also joined The Game Theorists to raise more than $1.3 million dollars for St. Jude’s….“Whenever you run out of ideas, think some more.” — Colleen Ballinger
“I hated when people said I could not play with a toy because I’m a girl and that’s a boy toy. No, it’s not. If I’m able to play with it, how is that a guy’s toy and not just a human’s toy? ’Cause I have the ability to pick up a truck and go vroom vroom vroom. Same skill as a boy.”
- Rachel Ballinger(Shit OP)

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