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No. 652214

Ask away, dumbasses.
Previous questions and answers:

No. 652227

off-topic but I love the OP pic, dumbass energy is strong

No. 652238

File: 1602357454178.jpg (19.08 KB, 205x246, IMG_0216.JPG)

What's the general quality of axes femme clothes? Could they last 5 years of consistent wear? Or are they just another fast fashion brand?

No. 652266

File: 1602360318730.jpg (3.6 KB, 117x104, download (2).jpg)

Did anyone have a mole removal? I really want one but I'm afraid it'll leave me with a scar since I have sensitive and pih prone skin.

No. 652269

That is more a wart than a mole, no? Moles are flat.

No. 652274

What are some alternatives for modcloth? I wasn't interested in modcloth in the 2000s, but now I like their old style, but every since Walmart bough modcloth, their quality is shit

No. 652275

Anon no

No. 652277

Are u dumb?

It would be the tiniest lil scar, just take care of it and it will heal into a lil nothing, go for it if you wish!

No. 652281

I'm coming out of a bad depressive episode and want to socialize with people, but I ghosted a lot of friends so it's gonna take a while to rebuild these connections. I really want to play minecraft though… Do you anons know of any servers/discords that I could join?

No. 652292

my right temple has been hurting often these last months, although it's not /that/ painful. please tell me I'm not dying and it's uhhh online classes' fault

No. 652293

File: 1602362332293.jpg (29.44 KB, 500x310, 1597659146452.jpg)

You fucked up your leg and your friend is visiting: what would you be happy to get from them? They are moving soon so nothing big like flowers

No. 652295

Something to eat, food is always the answer, no need to store it because you can eat it right there with them and everyone has a full stomach.
Or maybe gloves? Winter is coming, unless you’re not from a place that has winters, so in that case, maybe a bag for makeup or a reusable shopping bag.
deleted because if retarded spelling

No. 652314

I want to start reading regularly again but my smoothbrain has trouble focusing. Should I start by rereading books I like, to keep it engaged, as opposed to new ones?

No. 652317

Focus on quick wins. If you think re-reading books you liked is one, do it. Or you could try very short books (some publishers have series offering tasters of authors) or short stories. Poetry or plays if that’s your thing? If you struggle with a book, give it up before you’re put off reading entirely

No. 652323

is there really a link between teh jews and porn industry or is it just anti sematic bs?

No. 652329

i started seeing an adult mental health team about my problems with my mood. the nurses say they suspect borderline. what does this mean for me anons? i don't know much about it but i read a lot of stuff on here about how borderlines are awful to be around and i'm saddened that this might be who i've been this whole time.

No. 652336

Research recovery rates (they are high with treatment) and focus on getting better. It’s not a life sentence anon

No. 652344

nah its a life sentence, just try to actually focus on getting better and listen to your team and do what they suggest p much no question. but thats indicative of mental health in general. people go to get help but dont follow up with aftercare or continuing care.

it wont go away. treat it like that.

No. 652347

This will obviously show how new I am, but can someone explain to me why "hi cow," "hi scrote," etc. are bannable offenses? Is it because they could instigate infighting or what?

No. 652352

You can make your own assumptions if you look up the owners of several porn sites, top directors, and owners of production studios.

No. 652353

basically because it causes infighting and also it's a really weak way to try to shut down what someone is saying. it's like saying "u mad" to someone. it's extremely cringy and just highlights how dumb and upset the person posting it is.

No. 652359

IDK I think ppl focus on blaming it on the Jews because Jews are active in the media and have some rich families. To be honest I think it's just rich ppl in general that invested in porn.

No. 652362

Actually might get her some snacks, fruit and a sheet mask! The gloves ain't a half bad idea either but she isn't going to out in a while unfortunately

No. 652376

File: 1602369592837.jpeg (574.45 KB, 1784x1576, 1581002180158.jpeg)

thank you for your input anons.
they're putting me forward for structured clinical management that's gonna last two years. i'll do my best. i hope it works.

No. 652378

File: 1602369703629.jpeg (87.57 KB, 749x548, C43E21B0-8A2A-4FF8-AD99-CA5B3F…)

I hope she loves your gifts, anon! Good luck!

No. 652419

Why ate people posting pictures without hashtags at all? How do they even get seen? If i don’t use hashtags i get only like from a few followers but that’s very minimal

No. 652421

You mean on instagram? I almost never use hashtags because I don't care about likes from randos and I'm just posting for the people I know to see.

No. 652428

Maybe they want their post to be only seen by their followers and nobody else.

Same for me, and on instagram adding hashtags make posts look ugly.

No. 652429

Does taking a break in a relationship work? I feel like my bf and I can't get out of this cycle of someone starting a fight/someone getting defensive/someone lashing out even worse/repeat. It wasn't always this way. We went over 5 years without any behavior like this. Covid stress definitely plays a part. I just want to get away from him for a couple weeks and come back with a clean slate.

No. 652432

Yea i mean Instagram. I actually never considered that some ppl just don’t wanna attracted randos. I’m pretty small so i always use hashtags to get some engagement…

No. 652434

The outcome depends on how much you’re willing to work. Working with BPD women pretty much exclusively I’ve seen a woman with a prognosis of life in group homes maintain a marriage and a home with zero major fuckups cause she does her therapy and constantly uses her DBT skills. One is now a dentist undergrad with a healthy relationship and a son.
Others have five kids to six dads, are on and off the streets, or are both abusers and victims of abuse with their partners. These ones for whatever reasons didn’t show up, or when they did they treated therapy as a thing you passively do a few hours a week, not actively learning skills for every day use.

You aren’t doomed unless you choose to doom yourself. It’s hard as hell but you aren’t fated to become some screeching bpdchan. You can learn how to replace the disordered aspects of your life with healthy ones. It’s retraining mostly.

No. 652439

If you two are feeling overcrowded in the apartment it would be a good idea to go away to stay with your family for a bit, but just be honest that you think it would help give each other personal space don't call it "a break" or anything like that. Nothing will magically change when you get back if you don't talk through your problems though, it sounds like the both of you need to read some articles about communication in relationships if you're both projecting and misdirecting a lot.

No. 652446

Appreciate it, anon. I'm definitely the one lacking in proper communication because I get so worked up and would rather de-escalate and move on than get to the bottom of things.

No. 652452

This isn't a death sentence anon. You aren't a shitty person just for having a mental illness out of your control. It's your choice what to do with this diagnosis. Either you bite this in the ass right now, realize how fucked up you've been living, reevaluate yourself and how you think, reach out for help. Or you go the other route, and use it as a crutch for the rest of your life and become a crackwhore on the street.
You have control of what you can do with your life. You have control of how you can relearn your behaviors and relationships. You are treatable. But you have to start treating this shit now. Don't wait. This is the first step. And dont listen to LC all the time. LC isn't going to pamper anyone, any mentally ill person will get shit. I hope the best for you.

No. 652467

their skirts are nice but it will probably last you 3 to 4 years instead. it's better quality than fast fashion places but not at the level that goes over 5 years. they also carry styles that seem to go out of fashion depending on the piece.

people resell older modcloth on ebay a lot if you specifically wanted their pieces. there's topvintage, uniquevintage, anthropology, mercari, and etsy would also have similar items. id say look for 'collared dress' and depending on the seller youll find similar styles to that piece. using retro as a descriptor might help too

No. 652473

File: 1602377999055.jpeg (134.86 KB, 532x1126, 21991FE9-0C5B-4DCA-87CF-2765F8…)

I feel like I’m about to be called retarded for asking this but here we go. Why do so many fabric softeners look like this?

Almost no information on the front of the bottle other than brand logo and scent, milquetoast pleasant graphics covering most of the real estate and the fact that it is a fabric softener is mentioned in tiny letters or not at all in case of pic related. If you knew nothing about doing laundry you wouldn’t know what these products are, unless you went out of your way to read the small font on the back of the bottle. You don’t see that with house cleaning products for example, quite the opposite actually.

Why are some manufacturers so cryptic about their fucking fabric softeners? Is it their way of tricking people into buying product that is bad for your skin, clothes and the environment?

No. 652476

I don’t ever use these but have wondered the same

No. 652479

Because truthfully that bottle looks like it smells good. It gives off a very pleasant, Sound of Music imagery that helps consumers decide what to buy. Have you never seen Mad Men?

No. 652483

I know nothing about doing laundry and I strongly agree.

No. 652485

File: 1602379005599.png (554.08 KB, 1280x1280, 541535B4-311B-414B-A288-5921C0…)

Ok, but what’s stopping them from just slapping “fabric softener” in easy to read letters front and center, a’la pic related?
A lot of pre packaged food is also covered in pleasant imagery but leaves no doubt about what it is. I thought packaging was supposed to be informative.

No. 652486

I'm not sure anon but you are sorely mistaken if you thought packaging was supposed to be informative.

No. 652488

Well, at least that’s what they taught me in school lmao. I understand that I’m being autistic about packaging design right now but I feel not being sneaky about naming your product isn’t too much to ask.

No. 652491

Ok who's going to break the bad news and explain deliberately misleading trademarked words to >>652488

No. 652493

Every time information like this is missing off the packaging it's for a reason, and reason being that you can't, potentially, sue them for disinformation. My guess would be that someone at some point must have proven / won a lawsuit / that these products are not, in fact, softening the fabrics so the name was removed to prevent it from happening in the future and the producer is relying on you remembering that this is what it used to be. There's literally nothing you can gain marketing-wise from not saying what the product is for explicitely so it must be a reason like this.

No. 652495

Please do, actually. I want my hate for fabric softeners and their stupid packaging to be perfectly informed and justified.
Thanks, anon. That makes sense.

No. 652499

Anyone else not wear makeup because they don't want anyone to be disappointed with your makeup-less face?/get used to their makeup covered face and start disliking your makeup-less face so keep wearing makeup?

No. 652500

I always try to keep my makeup to minimum for that exact reason, I don't want to disappoint others and myself for what is underneath. Eyeliner is the furthest I go with anything that will change the perception of my features but I'm legitimately worried that if I started doing all of these more elaborate things like contouring or overlining lips I'd start hating my real face.

No. 652501

Not quite but I only wear makeup sparingly and people tend to think I look extra hot at parties and events when I use it lol. I like the occasional evening of extra compliments rather than having to keep up with it.

No. 652503

What's the average age here?

No. 652508

Why do I only smell in one armpit??????

No. 652510

I used to wear makeup every day and this is kinda why I stopped. It wasn’t even a lot of makeup, but the stuff I wore improved my appearance a lot. Eye makeup makes a huge difference. The few times I was too tired to do it or running short on time, I felt so hideous compared to my “normal” self. I even got the old “are you getting sick” comments of course. The difference was so stark even though I wasn’t wearing “heavy” makeup, but a little concealer and lined eyes made me feel like a model.

No judgement to those who wear makeup, but even a small amount every day can be pretty fucking damaging when it becomes your “normal” face. It sucks to feel like you need eye pencil to look human.

No. 652512

I don't wear makeup but people still assume I do so I don't know if that means I'm good looking or if my face looks fake or something

No. 652513

Yer just hot, stop bragging. Jk but I assume maybe it means you have good skin if you don't think you're attractive.

No. 652567

If I pluck my nipple hairs regularly then will they stop growing?

No. 652569

So idk which thread to ask but ima ask here.

I suck with talking and comforting. I'm not emotionless or stupid and can see very easily when someone is down but I suck at talking.

How do you comfort someone who lost a beloved pet? My good friend has a cat who she had since ahe was little and there old now and have difficulty to even jump onto the bed and they are also in a shit fsmily setting and low class/poor (I can't remember a better word now) but she can't even get money to take the cat to the vet.

So basically how do you comfort someone who lost a pet? I know sometime just time is need or don't mention it sometime but I want to properly be there for my friend.

No. 652570

File: 1602394101229.jpeg (177.78 KB, 828x1062, 769083F7-0E5C-420D-B03D-B5B2ED…)

Off topic but this reminds me of this fabric scent booster that I mistook for lube when I saw it on the target website. I mean it has a proper label but I wouldn’t look at this and think laundry

No. 652575

Say "I'm so sorry for your loss, I can't even imagine how hard it must be for you. If you need someone to talk to, know that I'm always here for you."
Basically the key points to comforting someone are: acknowledge their loss, don't try to relate too hard/bring up your own experiences, focus on them instead and ask them if they want to talk or would prefer some space. If she says she wants to be left alone, respect her decision but also let her know that you'll still be there if she changes her mind.

No. 652576

lmfaooo anon I work order fulfillment at a Target and every single time I have to pick one of these I think BIG LUBE. I'm glad I'm not the only one.

No. 652578

No. 652581

Was at a store buying condoms with bf. At checkout lady gives us the rehersed line "since you are buying that, can I interest you in this" and whips out a large bottle. Bf asks "is that lube?". She says "no, it's a floor cleaner". Bf: "in case we want to have sex on the floor?"

No. 652589

File: 1602398512380.jpg (16.03 KB, 616x80, 988.JPG)

not a question but reporting back on this question, I later asked the person who uses the term lolcow where he got it from and he said encyclopedia dramatica, didn't really know the term lolcow was a part of other forums/boards cultures besides the farms and it's interesting.

No. 652594

I kek’d

No. 652601

Lol same, I never wear makeup except for exceptional occasions, but when I do it people lose their shit (in a positive way) every time. I don't even know how to do makeup, I just put on some mascara and eyeshadow and call it a day.

No. 652609

I started a ldr relationship 2 months ago. We speak A LOT everyday, like at least 2 hours. Exceeded the 5 hour mark many times (despite both of us being in college). How excessive is this? Is it just puppy love or obsessive?

Should i text/call him less to make him miss me more?

No. 652610

I met my husband online and, until meeting and moving in together, chatted with him and video called him online every single day until going to sleep. If you're in love, it's not excessive at all.

No. 652611

tone it down but not to make him miss you but because this is never gonna work anyway, you're a student and you need to look after your life, don't fool yourself but if you did try to still keep your life going on the side because it will never last, speaking from my experience and many others'.

No. 652622

File: 1602404255145.jpg (501.23 KB, 1200x1200, ff.jpg)

Is there a cost-effective way to wash clothes that doesn't involve actually washing them with water? I hear washing your clothes less often lets your clothes last longer, but I don't want my clothes to stick or stay stained. I hear some people let their clothes out in the sun to kill the bacteria

No. 652630

Ot but I hate the way they write, why are they using "u" and "ppl", this is not fucking twitter with the character limitation. I tend to automatically disregard anybody's opinion when they use ppl when there's no need to.

No. 652631

I'm sorry to say this but you have been diagnosed with newfag disorder.

No. 652635

I heard about the sunlight thing too, but I doubt it actually kills bacteria. Maybe speeds up the process of drying clothes that were already washed, thus eliminating any potential musty smells that may come from laundry staying wet too long. Short wavelength UV lamps are used to destroy bacterial cells in hospital rooms for example, but these are super strong lamps made specifically for this purpose and the whole room has to be closed off when theyre working, because they’re not safe for people. Short wavelength UV-C rays that come from the sun are mostly blocked off by our ozone layer and don’t reach the earth’s surface, because if they did we’d all have melanoma.
Sometimes you jest have to wash your clothes anon.

No. 652637

Not really sure but you can look into steaming. Kills bacteria, gets rid of smell, loosens stains if you ever do need to wash but could always hand wash a dirtier garment.

No. 652656

Washing your clothes less only makes them last longer if you typically throw conflicting textures of clothes together into one load (ex. jeans and blouses), without laundry bags, and with the wash setting cranked to hyperspeed. In my experience, wearing your clothes for too long without proper washing and drying in direct sunlight are both big contributors to damage as well.

My solution to keeping even middle to low tier quality clothes looking good is to never wear them more than once before washing (twice if skirt or loose pants), never lounging in them when I get home, washing with laundry bags on gentle, and hang drying appropriately for the fabric type (knits, for example, might need extra water pressed out before being draped across a wider surface to dry vs using a hanger and letting the garment stretch out).

No. 652674

That is mostly targeted at Americans who wash their clothes after every wear and dry them in the dryer as opposed to washing them when they're dirty/smell and hanging them to dry.

No. 652676

It's trying to be cutesy and quirky. It looks like something made by a late-20s they/them Tumblr artist who complains about adulting being hard.

No. 652684

Is it possible that some hair just doesn't take dye well? I've bleached my hair to near white and even after letting my dye sit for 4 hours it all washes out immediately.

No. 652692

Maybe it’s just not the right dye for you. What brand did you use?

No. 652695


Special Effects, which I got specifically because people praised how strong it was. I've also had this happen with Manic Panic.

No. 652698

I dry my clothes outside in direct sunlight every spring and summer but have never noticed any damage. They don´t last shorter than my winter clothes (that are hang-dried inside). What exactly is sunlight supposed to do to clothes?

No. 652705

Not that anon but when you leave dark or bright coloured clothes in direct sunlight too much the colours can fade and become more washed out. That doesn't affect the durability though. The only other thing I can think of is how clothes can feel a bit stiff after drying outside, but I doubt the sun has much to do with that.
I feel like the only drying method that actively wears clothes out more is tumble drying, especially if it's too hot or rough.

No. 652710

Doesn't seem excessive to me, that's how the first couple months of a relationship are. As long as he seems to initiate and enjoy it as much as you it sounds fine. If you feel like you're always the one to initiate contact or keep the conversation going, you might want to tone it down a bit.
Don't fall into the trap of doing that to make him miss you more though, getting used to playing those kinds of games in a relationship never ends well.

No. 652714

why does twitter think ugly white men wearing pink are "smashing toxic masculinity"?

No. 652717

I'm watching my friends cat while she's on vacation for a little while. It's a really affectionate cat and he's known me for a long time already, but he keeps meowing kind of excessively like he wants to tell me something. I never owned a cat so it makes me worry I might be forgetting something I should do? Food, water and a clean litterbox are all taken care of and he gets a lot of attention.
Could I be missing something or do some cats just meow a lot for no particular reason?

No. 652719

Basically I've polled tens of people I know irl and none of them would let go and forgive / accept their SO cheating on them if they were inebriated. Why is that so? Considering how drinking lowers inhibitions, wouldn't it make sense for one to forgive a cheating partner if they were not fully in control of themselves?

No. 652721

Ummm duh anon, men are clearly the biggest victims of the patriarchy because they can’t wear pink or cry in public.

No. 652722

Some cats are just vocal, especially certain breeds. Do you know if he's always this vocal? Maybe he misses his owner.

It's the partner's responsibility to not drink so much that they cheat on their so. "I wasn't fully in control because I was drunk" is no excuse when everyone knows drinking lowers inhibitions and they're fully in control of how much they drink.

No. 652724

If they cared about their SO they wouldn't be drinking if it makes them cheat.
Also, this is like the fourth time I've seen you post this argument, stop trying to convince people cheating is excusable, sorry you're a piece of shit with poor self-control.

No. 652726

Yes it’s definitely possible if you have low-porosity hair. When cuticles on your individual hairs are smooth and closely packed the dye has a hard time penetrating into your hair shaft (as opposed to high-porosity hair that has its cuticles sticking out). On the plus side, your hair is probably thick, smooth and healthy-looking.
You could try putting dye on your hair when it’s damp, not dry or using an apple cider vinegar rinse before you dye to raise acidity and get your hair cuticles to open up. But honestly, it’s best to visit a hair stylist who knows what they’re doing.

No. 652727

That's pretty rude and unfounded

No. 652731

AFAIK alcohol doesn't lower inhibitions THIS low while keeping a person still capable to actually do the act of cheating, be it sex or making out. I wouldn't excuse that either for sure.

No. 652736

Not even making out?

No. 652740

This is such a long shot but on the official League of Legends playlist on spotify, there was a song called like “Stay with me” or something similar and the album image was sorta hot pink and yellowy hues, does anyone know the song or artist? I never saved it like an idiot and it looks like they updated the playlist so a bunch of songs were removed ugh

No. 652747

nta but yes. Pulling the drunk card on any type of cheating is pathetic, truly pathetic.

No. 652752

The only type of thing I'd accept the alcohol excuse for is when they didn't notice something was shitty to do. Like being wasted and plopping down on someones lap because there's no free space on the couch. You can do stuff like that and not think anything of it in the moment while in a sober state you'd figure that it can come across as flirty.
When it's an action that's without any doubt romantic or sexual in nature, there's no excuse. You can't make out with someone without understanding that you're cheating, no matter how drunk you are.

No. 652759

how do i tell if a guy likes me? he was initially supposed to be a hookup/fwb but he wants to do all this intimate stuff together that's unrelated to sex. is that normal or what? i've had fwb before and it was a bit different.

No. 652760

Whatever the fuck happened with despairkomaeda?

No. 652763

Are there actually Americans out there that flush their periods down the toilet? Do they actually flush down? I can understand this sorta thing from a little girl who's never had a period before

No. 652768

What do you mean flushing down the period? Like flushing down a used pad or tampon?

No. 652770

No. 652771

If you ask him if he likes you and considers being more than just FWB and he says yes, that's how you know!
Seriously though, just talk about it.

No. 652774

Well I don't think that's an America-specific thing? But yes. I live in Western Europe and I've seen signs in restrooms saying don't flush sanitary products down the toilet because it clogs the sewerage, so I guess it's not uncommon.

No. 652776

I’m from Europe and i flush it honestly

No. 652781

i was diagnosed with bpd and after years of treatment i was cleared, i don't meet the diagnostic criteria anymore.

No. 652783

Don’t listen to this anon. BPD is not a life sentence. I don’t know what this person’s agenda is, because this is simply not true.

No. 652789

>nah its a life sentence, won't go away
I was diagnosed at 24, assessed again at 30 and didn't even come close to meeting criteria. It obviously varies and depends on treatment but if you look it up the majority of people with it experience a remission in symptoms as they age. Ten years post diagnosis a good portion of people won't meet criteria anymore.

No. 652790

Not american but I saw statistics for my country lately. I was thinking about buying a reusable silicone tampon applicator when statistics on period waste came up… half of all women where I am flush tampons apparently. And a quarter flush the actual applicators too..

No. 652799

Fucking retards

No. 652810

File: 1602432800797.jpg (172.39 KB, 960x960, 87255365_1548702705280183_6556…)

thank you both, anons. that's very kind of you. i intend to work very hard at therapy.
i also really appreciate the reassurance that the diagnosis itself doesn't make me shitty. while trying to find more info on bpd i keep finding endless pages full of people who have been hurt by borderline people who are understandably very negative about people with the condition. it's been really hard to read, honestly.

thank you for sharing your experiences, anons. i want to live a normal life and get better too, very very much. well done on working so hard to recover.

sorry for the blog post but the weird thing is that my life isn't actually very chaotic, i'm a phd student and a lecturer. i'm celibate, i don't drink or take drugs. i don't have explosive anger and i have some long-term friendships. i expected to be dx'd with bipolar 2 rather than borderline.
i self-harm though and i have bad depressive episodes where i try to take my own life but i don't threaten anyone with it, i plan it out so nobody i love has to find me. i experience a lot of low self-esteem, paranoia and dissociation.
i'm already working hard to keep my life stable and doing an OK job but i hope that the structured clinical management will make me more resilient for the rest of my life.

thanks again everyone, i hope you all stay well and happy.

No. 652819

When you're not dealing with episodes of mania, is it still considered to be bipolar?

No. 652820

Sun bleaches colored or dark objects if left out for a few hours to days. This mostly matters where you live though.

No. 652826

from what i can tell, bipolar 2 has hypomania rather than full blown mania. i have (admittedly very rarely) spent time being very irritable/anxious, taking on lots and lots of projects, sleeping very little, and have had neutral spells in-between.
i felt like bipolar 2 described me better but i'm not a mental health professional, and they are. i'm seeing a consultant for a proper working diagnosis tomorrow so we'll see.

No. 652830

why dont men flush the toilet? i open the toilet seat and theres a 50/50 chance of it having piss and shit or normal toilet water. what gives?

No. 652832

NTA, but yes there are different types of bipolar disorder, at least 3 iirc, with different mood padrons.

No. 652835


or not wash their hands. i swear, the y chromosome causes mental disability

No. 652840

sometimes i go in the bathroom to find piss/shit in the toilet but no toilet paper, implying he shat, didnt flush and then on top of that didnt wipe and it makes me want to die.

No. 652843

Please tell me you're talking about a brother/your father and not a romantic partner

No. 652848

No. 652859

plot twist: they're all the same person

No. 652861


alabama vibes

No. 652865

Ew. Let's go back to asexual reproduction.

No. 652893

This reminded me of this reddit thread about men who don't wash their asses because it's "gay" and their girlfriends find shit stains on bed sheets. I don't understand women who stay with men who can't do basic hygiene. They're going to be even worse as they get older

No. 652895

if a friend randomly stops talking to you, is it justified to be pushy and tell them that its concerning?

No. 652896

Anon, are you sure that it wasn't just shitposting ?

No. 652897

Depends. Is there reason to believe it's concerning?

No. 652903

My last roommate did this when he ran out of toilet paper (there was still toilet paper in the house in other's bathrooms, just not his own) and it was awful. He smelled like shit so bad. One day I went to check if the mail had been delivered (it hadn't) and he was in the living room just wallowing in his stench. It was so bad I gagged and stood outside on the porch for a moment just to catch my breath before going back inside. When he moved out we had to throw away his stink chair, which sucks because before he ruined it it was the comfiest spot in the house.

No. 652904

Yes, they will… when you are old (60+).

Ladies who use tinder, is it easy to keep anon in there? I want to use it just to sext with randos, I really don't want to show my face, just my body.

No. 652911

Is it just me or do non-American/European male feminists seem much less creepy than their American and Euro counterparts? And they usually don't even actively call themselves feminists, they just fight for women's rights in their respective countries.

No. 652915

Why would two "heterosexual" guys that consider eachother best friends want to eiffel tower a girl? Out of all the things you could bond over, why choose a threesome?
Idc if I sound homophobic, and don't come @ me with b-but they already experience so much toxic masculinity!1!1!

No. 652919


ain't nothing wrong with being a little bit gay, now if only dudes just admitted that to themselves too

No. 652925

iirc you have to link your Facebook for verification, so just make a fake one

(When I was using it a creep found my Facebook and started harrassing me there because I rejected him. Scores gonna scrote)

No. 652929

People are able to catfish on there all the time without giving up their identity, so you should be fine. I haven't used it in about a year though, so I'm not sure if you have to have a Facebook account like a different anon said. I didn't have to a year ago though.

No. 652931

The same reason men gang rape, or cat call when they're in groups, or share porn - they literally bond over using/hurting women sexually. It's not about each other.

No. 652932

Are there any cows who got their shit together, sorted their life out and went on to be normal/maybe even successful?

No. 652934

When did "valid" become redtexted? Saw it in Shayna's thread and it cracked me the fuck up

No. 652937

a while ago actually, for at least a few months now

No. 652952


homophobia should've been used to shame men that want to degrade women in this way, but now everythings so PC you can't call them out, and maybe discourage them from participating in shit like that.

But then they're also a hive-mind so wouldn't care.

No. 652955

File: 1602447113032.jpg (Spoiler Image, 44.89 KB, 1080x1184, FB_IMG_1602018699563.jpg)

that's fucking horrific….a stink chair….jesus fuck

No. 652956

File: 1602447143032.jpg (72.05 KB, 680x850, shupthefuckupscrote.jpg)

Does anyone have this tweet? I'm trying to find a tweet that said something on the lines of 'The fact that men, after getting pissed off by a woman, will go home and try to find porn that looks like that woman shows how woman are viewed in pornography'. I think I saw it on this blog https://radfeminist-suggestions.tumblr.com/

No. 652958

What classifies as "coomer" behaviour?

No. 652962

>masturbating more than once a day
>when he isn't coming, like at a family gathering, he can't wait to go back home and masturbate
>if a woman pisses him off, he will watch porn of a woman that looks similar to her being degraded
>sees women as sources of sex
>thinks women who have a little bit of body hair/cellulite/are imperfect are gross
>will have ED by 25, if not younger
>generally poor diet (optional)
>unemployed (optional)

No. 652965

not just masturbates several times a day - it is his lifestyle, the shit he plans his day around and the highlight of his life
>cannot masturbate without porn
>is extremely defensive of any porn criticism
>any personality he has is mostly derived from porn and can be traced back to it in one way or another

No. 652987

finds sexual innuendo in anything, because sex is what they always think about.

No. 652988

File: 1602450732868.jpg (52.64 KB, 640x960, Anja-Langer.14.jpg)

Is it possible for a female to build a body like this without taking steroids?

No. 652991

Absolutely not

No. 652992


also kek'd, she still looks more feminine than me and I'm a twig.

No. 652995

I wonder what makes a woman want to build muscle like that. Like, beauty standards for us are very specific and she went in the completely opposite direction, and then some.

Is it some sort of power move you think? that would be based and pinkpilled lol

No. 652998

That's a bummer. This is my dream body. Also I find her super attractive and cute.

No. 653000

I think her arms/shoulders especially are gorgeous and want them so bad. I was so close in 2018

No. 653001

I sat next to a male in college who smelt like disgusting stale ass and what I assume to be dried semen. Living with my sibling's boys as they got older, I realized it was a chore to get them to wash or wipe. Even ages 10+. The only time they didn't smell like ass was after they spent all day at the pool, which is what I assume the most ass washing they'd get.

I only pray that the US will modernize and let bidets take over soon. Men make us rip our pubes out and split our vagina for their babies, they should at least wash their asses. That or just wait for AI himbobots.

No. 653003

The muscle contest niche is a subculture of its own, alot of those Mr Muscle men date women like this and they live their lives completely entrenched in the community, they don’t need the world to think they look good because they are already satisfied with being surrounded by other people like them.

No. 653004

I think you would need to talk with real bodybuilders, which I doubt lurk around here, and if they do tell me your secrets, I love you, marry me or at least hug me, I will simp for you
Anyways, I read a few months ago that to be able to get ripped, you need to have a really strict diet.

No. 653007

I love it, I hope they become a thing someday.

No. 653010

what happened with kpop general threads and why the last one was locked? i don't remember seeing the reason why

No. 653011

Has to sexualize everything. 2D characters get porn, no matter how bland or innocent they look. And online (sometimes irl) they do that in completely inapropriate conversations. Before it was in the dephts of imageboards and anime foruns; now it's on twitter and reddit, connected to the social media they use for their irl matters.

No. 653012

True anon, that's so crazy to think about. I love it though good for them

No. 653015

kinda ot, but the amount of Among Us nsfw shit I've seen is ridiculous.

No. 653019

I think the shrinked breasts are a giveaway, but I'm not sure

No. 653023

File: 1602452080567.jpg (222.15 KB, 1024x1024, 2252200489_a78696ec1a_b.jpg)

She was so hot in mid 80s. The only downside is that steroids make your face more masculine with time. Some female body builders had pretty femininine faces in their youth but then they turned so masculine they started looking like trannies.

No. 653046

File: 1602455770299.png (728.04 KB, 1200x900, barbra streisand.png)

with barbra's side profile in mind, which hairstyle do you think suits her best? do you know of any other celebrity with this sort of side profile?

No. 653051

File: 1602456139275.jpg (21.27 KB, 320x240, barbra.jpg)

Definitely the style on the right. Notice how it creates mass in the back. The mass in the back detracts from the mass in the front (her nose), almost making her nose seem a lot smaller. It makes her look classical and sophisticated.

Long straight hair looks flat and wet, making her face appear massive. The short cut makes her head tiny but face huge. Truly, the only style befitting of her type of face is the huge updo. Makeup and wardrobe were clearly aware of this.

No. 653054

File: 1602456525684.jpg (49.95 KB, 750x962, 1e9ce0fdedd2b45545cc3de6dcec06…)

I think the third one looks the best. It's very formal and not for everyday wear though. The short cut makes the lower half of her face more pronounced, and she already has a strong profile. The long hair also looks ok, but it would look better with some volume. It looks kinda flat and grungy (for lack of a better word). Like she hasn't washed her hair in a minute. If that's the look you're going for though, it might be ok.

Lady gaga has a similar-ish profile. Her jaw isn't as strong tho. The Hair thread in /g/ could give you some ideas.

No. 653068

Why is it so hard for some people to be alone? I genuinely don’t understand. I can’t relate when friends complain about feeling lonely and they never give a understandable as to why that is.

No. 653072

thanks sm anons, I thought it was just me that thought the hair down just doesnt suit her type of side profile. My hair is pretty voluminous but I still wouldn't wear it down, idk.

and thnx i'm heading over there now x

No. 653075

We're social animals. Some people need socialize less/more than others, but generally we all enjoy get to interact with other people. Unless you have social anxiety.

Kind of a tangent being alone for too long can fuck up your brain. In the U.S there's actually a law that prisoners cannot be in solitary confinement for more than 15 days. It cause mental illness, lose of neurons decrease the size of the hippocampus etc…

No. 653082

I think she looks nice in all of these, but definitely that updo is amazingly flattering and elegant. It does look like a lot of work for an everyday style though.

No. 653085

Nta but wew, so that's why I'm feeling more dumb as time passes, having no human interaction except going to a grocery store once in a while. I was homeschooled between the ages of 13 and 18 and then I dropped out of uni, I've been a neet for two years. I guess my brain is beyond fixing

No. 653088

I get being social animals and all that but not being able to be alone for a few hours? I guess I would like to know what it’s like to feel lonely, like are you afraid of something? Idk

That’s an interesting thing to know about the changes in your brain.

No. 653092

I think that's just the difference between being an introvert or an extrovert. Introverts need social battery recharge time like extroverts need human interaction.

I used to work with a textbook extrovert who would go out every single weekend, she was always at some party, bar, social event, etc. It sounded absolutely awful to me since I couldn't wait for the weekend to sit at home and not be around people, but she probably thought my weekends were boring too kek.

No. 653094

Some people genuinely have issues that make them need to constantly have attention from other people. Like separation issues, just plain being an attentionwhore, or like you said, being afraid of being alone. I also think talking to other people is a hobby for some.

No. 653112

Are there any anons who are Gypsies or of Gypsy descent here?

No. 653204

Does anyone else here who is not autistic do hand flapping motions when over-stimulated with emotions? I never realized that this is a thing but I'm scared now as to how people perceive me because of my mannerisms.

No. 653225

Were you an only child? I was one and I feel like being alone is easy as shit and often preferable to company. My friends with bigger families or anxiety always complain about the tiniest bit of solitude.

No. 653236

Doing stimulating motions is also a symptom of ADHD.

No. 653238

Wait, I thought that's a natural behavior…

No. 653243

My dad was. From Balkans

No. 653244

File: 1602473038167.gif (1.29 MB, 300x221, autism1.gif)

I'm the original anon >>653204 and I do this just for a visual representation.

No. 653245

File: 1602473075644.gif (1.77 MB, 324x324, autism2.gif)

I also do this when I get excited (but obviously it's less contrived than this gif)

No. 653246

Nta but thank god. Fuck, I've already got enough damning traits to toss me on the spectrum.

No. 653248

I do these and "excited fingers". Protip: others start doing these if they're around you enough. Maybe autism is contagious.

No. 653251

When I was younger my mom thought I had autism because I flapped my hands constantly. I'm older now working in a profession that involves working with lots of people with autism/ADHD and I think it just comes down to seeking sensory input, so literally anyone can display these behaviors

No. 653264

There’s a lot of overlap between the two, and for awhile I thought I was on the spectrum but thinking now I tick off almost every ADHD box.

No. 653275

…………….. i'm scared…. I just fucking realized I do this a lot when I'm excited and I've been super worried about being autistic.

Fuck me am I really this autistic….??????

No. 653319

I have ADHD, and if there's similarities in symptoms then that's probably it. May be what's going on with you too.
I mostly understand context and usually understand when I'm going overboard on discussing topics with someone. On that note, it's funny to have a man compliment me in one sentence, and later watch the body language of him trying to escape after I've talked too much.

No. 653322

I wasn’t but my siblings are +10 years older, so they weren’t around much.
I haven’t really thought about simply not being used to it, sounds like another logical possibility.

No. 653328

you bitches I clap my hands in excitement. Trust me you need more than that to have autism or ADHD. I've been to 383763 doctors for mental health and get no to those things. You are all fine, we're human beings so we have to express emotion somehow. Especially in some cultures we are discouraged from too much emotion but you're just letting it out. the methods described are socially acceptable aswell, its cute girl shit (or gay guy lol)

No. 653337

This isn't like the excited black ladies in church that just found out about someone having a baby happy handclapping. It's the retarded, awkward clapping that sates some kind of weird drive.

No. 653339

Eh it's a female trait. real talk I know women struggle to get autism/ADHD identified but watch any reality tv or female youtuber, we physically express ourselves. Unless you have other, actually troublesome symptoms of these things don't sweat it. No one is thinking you're autistic unless they use imageboards too much kek
Maybe we all are a tad autistlike but then it'd be like how everyone can act "OCD" sometimes without having it

No. 653343

Anon can I just say how happy I am to see that there is at least one other person rejecting the "everyone who does slightly peculiar things has autism" trend? Holy fuck I am so done with this shit, and I had really thought that farmers would be better than this.

No. 653344

Do all men have autism in various degrees? No misandry, its just that every single guy I've met has been autistic as fuck. Sure, some are obviously spergy autists, but all men show symptoms of autism, its just milder in "non autistic males". I mean, wasn't there a theory that autism is just an extra male wired brain? Maybe autism in women is an intersex condition, thats what a male wired brain is like they claim they have.

Not trying to be rude(except towards men), I probably have the tism as well

No. 653345

i'm happy to help anon but your mistake was expecting better from farmers lol. Im starting to think all the use of the word autistic is affecting their thoughts

No. 653346

How do I get charisma and personality? I have -30 charisma

No. 653347

They’re not autists they’re just retarded assholes. Full misandry

No. 653351

I agree with you, and not being dismissive of being expressionate. I don't think focusing on it helps to do anything but make us more self conscious and paranoid. I was more concerned over the differences between the ways and reasons that it's expressed, but ADHD/Autism behaviorisms, similarities, yaddi yadda

No. 653361

Is there like a pill for reversing getting grey hairs?

No. 653376

there isn't a pill but there's a lot of creams that should help, it's this thing called hair dye. worked wonders for mine

No. 653390

lol I was aware of hair dyes, thanks, I was just wondering if there's maybe something more permanent than that

No. 653391

How does one create an imageboard like lolcow or 4chan?

No. 653392

Yeah but even when they try to not be assholes, they still act spergy, self centered and can't read body language or between the lines. Hell, I feel like autistic women are less autistic than non autistic males.

No. 653393

If its because of nutrient deficiency or stress, yes

No. 653401

Is it useful at all to learn Wordpress nowadays?

No. 653416

File: 1602497001515.jpeg (196.9 KB, 802x953, B8A9421D-3679-49A4-B44C-F8E831…)

Why is true crime community full of embarrassing bitches like this? I’ve seen so many versions of this “joke” in TC podcasts groups. Like, you’re listening to worst moments of someone’s life for entertainment, why tf are you trying to be cute about it?
This has to be the most embarrassing one though, because she’s copying Adam Ellis’ art on top of that.

No. 653418

What are those frogs doing in the OP pic?

No. 653423


I think a lot of them wanna seem edgy and different by being so into serial killers. It seems to be a trend with them giggling and bragging about how they listen to true crime podcasts to relax or sleep to, it's real fucking weird and I don't get it either. I used to be kinda intro true crime but at times it would be too upsetting for me and I've taken a long break from it now. I don't understand how these people can indulge in this kind of violent and graphic content seemingly 24/7 with no issue. I get it, we all have morbid curiosity, but they have some kind of perverse obsession with it almost.

No. 653424

why are so many men NPCs? shitton of times you will be hearing a man's opinion irl and it will be some reddit talking point word-for-word. oftentimes you can exactly tell what the guy will say on a topic discussed. i rarely see this type sameness in opinions in women, maybe only if she is "not like the other girls" and is living off of male validation but is too unattractive to be an ethot. thinking of it, shouldn't it be the other way around - that the women should be the ones parroting the same talking points since we are taught to be doormats and hold male opinions on a pedestal?

No. 653425

They end up thinking "I listen to true crimez! Im not like teh others!".

No. 653426

offtopic but i don't understand how women can engage in that content constantly. when i was into true crime it just made my mental health much much worse, since almost all you are reading is men raping and torturing women. i don't understand how they can cope with it

No. 653427

Unfortunately, true crime is one of those things that people think they are unique for being interested in. True crime is really popular, yet NLOG bitches think they are so ~quirky~, you could never understand, you normie. Like, if it was so unheard of to be interested in crime, would Netflix make 7 billion docuseries about murders? Would we have 18949291929 true crime podcasts in the top charts? Come on now.

(Also thought it is Adam Ellis art lol)

No. 653434

My theory is that they were a bit repressed as children for expressing non standard interests, so now the whole world needs to know how quirky they are. That, or they’re basic bitches being self-congratulatory about liking a topic outside their normal range of interests, not realizing that everyone and their grandma have been interested in crime since the times of public executions.

No. 653464

File: 1602506894255.jpg (16.03 KB, 430x319, 1514135481894.jpg)

I have a question for native english speakers (probably specifically from the USA). I've been hearing the term "nimrod" a lot lately, and I kinda like how it sounds so I want to start using it, lol. As far as I understand, it means the same as moron, stupid, idiot, incompetent, etc, right? So, instead of saying I'm "socially retarded" (since people now get offended for the word 'retard'), can I say that I'm a "social nimrod"? Or does that sound weird?
Also does the word nimrod in general sound stupid? lol I don't want to use it if it's going to make me look like an idiot, but as an ESL, I don't really "get" the uh, "vibe" certain words give. Like, I just can look up the meaning, but I will never understand if a word sounds stupid or childish or offensive unless someone points it out to me.

No. 653467

So I was atheist but a few days ago decided maybe there is a god and it’s not harmful to believe in god but rather beneficial in the long-run so why not believe in him.

would this disqualify me in God’s eyes?

No. 653468

It sounds weird in general because it has an outdated feel to it in general, but the way you’re using it sounds extra unnatural. People would definitely understand what you meant (unless you have a strong accent, which tends to activate certain burger’s retard confusion switch), but it does sound weird regardless.

Also I don’t think the word itself is offensive in traditional sense, but as always, there will always be someone to get offended at any kind of negative word.

No. 653470

I’m drunk and did not proofread this, please forgive the repetitive words. Hope it still makes sense.

No. 653472

God loves you whether you believe in him or not, anon

No. 653474

I'd like to think they are dancing

No. 653475

Is 4chan as bad as everyone says it is?

No. 653478

Is there anything one can use to clean their terth but without having to use the bathroom or running water?

My father is in the hospital and can't walk, visits aren't allowed and the nurses don't really have time. Is there anything he could use to at least make his mouth feel better/fresher?

No. 653479

Listening to stuff when you go to sleep is a stupid habit anyway.

No. 653480

no only normies think so

really it’s just gay and annoying, and you may see something you don’t like every once in a while or if you actively look for it

No. 653483

A glass of water, toothbrush and toothpaste.

No. 653484

Thanks for the reply! The fact that I'm completely unable to understand if some words or expressions in english sound unnatural is so annoying lol. I guess I should try talking more to natives instead of just learning by hearing people talk, haha. Thanks again for your help, have a nice day!

No. 653487

Because y chromosomes are so similar that it's hard to distinguish them in dna sequencing.
They're trying to form opinions which go against their natural purpose (looking nice, cumming then dying in war).

No. 653488

Nta. It's just a soft insult. Add an expletive to the front and make it your own, anon. Be the dream.

No. 653494


didn't "nimrod" start out as an actual name and become a playful insult because of bugs bunny or something?

No. 653496

No. 653505

Can one earn money with free website builders like Wix?

No. 653513

I have a bunch of unused tampons I haven't touched since getting a cup, can I still donate them somewhere even if the boxes are open? I really don't want to throw them away.

No. 653517

I don't believe tampons expire? They're still good to keep around in case of an emergency or if you have a guest over.
An ex clinic director I used to work under said that when he was deployed as a medic in Iraq, they'd use tampons to plug bullet holes temporarily, so there's that.

No. 653519

As long as they aren't open, I don't see why not. Feminine products like that are in high demand in shelters.

No. 653524

I don't know exactly what they're called, but I've seen disposable toothbrushes before that already have toothpaste on/in them, after brushing he could just spit in the sink. Or mouthwash and spit it out in the sink.

I'm sorry your father is in that situation, it sounds dehumanizing.

No. 653525

What do you mean, like run a business out of it? Or can you put ads? Because answer to both is yes.

No. 653526

I'd put them in a toilet at your job or school. I've definitely been saved by random boxes of tampons in bathrooms at various parttime jobs before. Or give them to a friend.

No. 653528

I guess keeping a few tampons around is a good thing in case of emergency but I have dozens of them lying around, and it's been eight years since I started using the cup, I really have no use for them in the long run.

Thanks for your answer, I knew they were in high demand but I was wondering if donating them out of an open box would look cheap. I'll see which shelters or organisations would accept them.

No. 653535

If a brand is sustainable, is it therefore good quality?

No. 653538

no, they might cut costs on product quality

No. 653549

File: 1602515017621.gif (1.4 MB, 512x322, unnamed.gif)

How much money do yo guys usually spend on Christmas presents for your family, and how many family members do you have (buy for)?

No. 653560

Depends on the relative. I'm closest to my mom and aunt, and for both of them usually >$100 each. I buy for maybe 4-5 others, but only $20-40 each there. Still, pretty expensive when I write it out…

No. 653563

How much I spend: 0$
Usually just draw them something nice or make sweets. We grew up poor so that's just the way it is.

No. 653564

Is there a way to get banned on lolcow that involves not being able to see posts on lolcow? I need to focus on something important but I often find myself procrastinating by lurking on lolcow, rather than working and if that's possible, could mods please ban me for 2 hours?

No. 653567

I meant ads, thank you

No. 653575

Mods aren't your personal assistants though, learn how to block specific sites from your router or use something like StayFocusd on your main device and put your phone in another room

No. 653589

That and practice some good old self restraint. I hope you succeed anon >>653564

No. 653595

I only celebrate with my parents and sister and we spend about 20-30 euro-ish per person. Me and my sister are both still students so more expensive gifts are a bit out of our comfortzone. For us it's mostly about having a litte bit of fun and an enjoyable night and not about serious expensive gift-giving. There aren't any expensive presents I want or they want anyway so it's fine.

Get permabanned. Or download coldturkey and block lolcow, you'd have to get really creative to get around coldturkey if you set it up correctly.

No. 653606

File: 1602520227692.jpg (157.27 KB, 1024x768, 37562452032_8955556881_b.jpg)

what do you actually do online?

I spend my time online split between lolcow and tumblr. other sites I use are just for watching video like youtube, shopping sites and googling things. I don't really do social media, instagram bores the shit out of me.

where do you anon spend most of your online time?

No. 653607

try a browser addon like leechblock

No. 653610

I buy for my immediate family, which are my parents and one brother. I usually spend around £20 on each of them. we're not really big on presents tbh it's just nice to have a little something to open on christmas

No. 653617

Lolcow, Kiwi Farms, Youtube and Tumblr are the big four, I spend an ungodly amount of time on the internet lurking, it's depressing. I don't use social media either, I like being an anonymous blob online. I have a Twitter account but only to follow (mainly) Japanese artists, who all have sadly migrated there from pixiv (where I used to spend a lot of time a few years ago).

No. 653647

Youtube mostly, especially since I like putting on a long video while I work. Followed by lolcow which I check more often than I can admit. And… wow. Writing this made me realize how unproductive my time online is

No. 653654

Youtube, Tumblr, lolcow and on the other tabs there are usually self-help/psychological articles

No. 653667

What is the quality of Miss patina? What are some alternative brands that make high quality stuff in the same style?

No. 653689

When did they start calling it “Hepburn” instead of Romaji?

No. 653706

Hepburn is the name of a method used to transcribe Japanese words with our alphabet (there's another method that I can't recall the name of), while romaji is just the term for "our" letters.

No. 653710

Romaji means romanization of Japanese writing in general, Hepburn is a name of a particular system of romanization that was created in 1886. The name “Hepburn” is not used instead of Romaji, it’s just to distinguish which system of romanization you’re using (there’s more than one).

No. 653711

No wonder I’m dumb

No. 653714

macron, the literal worst.

No. 653718

Thank you guys!! I was worried it was some kind of Mandela effect lol

No. 653722

uh oh, rip bio men

No. 653730

is wanting to undress a guy in front of a mirror too creepy? i want him to watch me undress him.

No. 653733

Observe people who you think are charismatic and think of what it is that makes them charismatic

No. 653739

heavy disagree. my autistic ex friend was the worst. just as bad as autist men. she was a therapist too which made her more annoying.

No. 653761

I personally don't think charisma can be taught or aquired.. you either naturally have it or you don't. (I for the record don't have it either) But that's just what I think

No. 653768

If those tampons are that old you should throw them away. This is only anecdotal, but I've had two friends over the course of my life who used old tampons that were less than two years old and they had mold on the inside of the applicator and all over the cotton. I didn't ask details about how they knew, did they look before they used them? How could they tell if the applicator was covering the actual tampon? I don't know the specifics but I think it was cardboard applicators that became humid at some point. I'd throw them away just to be safe unless they relatively new.

No. 653779

Did your mom also chewed food in her mouth and then transfer it to yours, so it was pre-chewed for you to swallow? My aunts did this too. Is it a cultural thing?

No. 653781

You a bird, anon?

No. 653783

File: 1602535320890.jpg (20.45 KB, 480x480, 1557310702.1267_UgysAp_n.jpg)

No. 653787

That's gross. Where are you from? I've never heard of this.

No. 653790

I vaguely heard about parents doing it for their literal babies, but only on the internet and everyone who read these posts were weirded out. Sounds very unhygienic anyway.

No. 653815

it’s certain boards that are cancerous. most are dedicated to their specific niché. while scrotes do permeate the site and have bad takes (usually for trolling purposes), most people are annoyed with them and try to stay on topic. avoid obvious shitty boards like /b/ and /pol/ and if there are posts made that seem sus just avoid those too. it’s literally fucking reddit without the needed usernames

No. 653876

Britanons how do you make your cuppa?

No. 653891

File: 1602546767095.png (391.49 KB, 492x724, 0721ce919fe29e3fc33c6b6ef17a9f…)

Any wide shoulders,small headed anons here?

No. 653894

Momokun is that you?!

As a side note, yes that would be me

No. 653895

I thought that was Momokun for a second

No. 653896

Yes; how can I help you?

No. 654002

File: 1602553474289.jpg (39.57 KB, 400x600, hairstyles-zig-zag-72_2.jpg)

So I have some hair bleach cream but no activator. would baking powder work?

No. 654004

what the fuck no.

those are completely different substances and the powder is actually more important than the liquid.

No. 654021

bleach cream? if it's powdered bleach you can add water and it'll work, just not very well.

No. 654028

are you sure you don't have the activator but not the bleach?

No. 654057

Art anons, how did you start to get art commisions from people that aren't close to you? How did you get to where you are now? Any tips?

No. 654089

What is your longest internet relationship? (friendship or otherwise) I talk to a few people who were my internet boyfriends over 15+ years ago and I still haven't met them. They are married and have kids and I think about visiting them and their families some day!

No. 654093

Two years and 3 months. We closed the gap due to some rather unconventional circumstances about a month or two ago. My boyfriends brother is a pedophile and his parents kicked my boyfriend out because we reported the brother to the police.

My other internet friends about the same time but I've never met them.

No. 654101

I have about four internet friends that I've known for 6+ years at this point. We still talk daily, and I met one of them irl for the first time as a surprise for my birthday last year! They got me through some of the toughest years of my life and it's been amazing to grow up with them.

I remember this anon! I can recall how hard your bf's mother was caping for the pedophile son and how hectic it was for your bf to report him. What a disaster. Hope you and your bf are doing better, considering the circumstances.

No. 654107

A huge chunk of my commissions early on came first from friends referring their friends to me, and then after I did work for them, they went on to refer others to me as well. If you're reliable - you make satisfactory art, communicate well with the client, and !!!most importantly!!! complete it on time - they will not only tap you again for future work, but will happily recommend you to others without you having to do anything. I have several artist friends, and I can't tell you how annoying it is to see them beg for commissions once a week, then on their private twitters they laugh about how lazy they are or how much they're procrastinating. In comparison, I barely do any self-promotion and I regularly get emails from past clients/their colleagues asking if I'm available for this or that.

No. 654117

how the fuck do you call that thing that you shave vegetables like carrots and potatoes and cucumbers (what's wrong with you) or fruits like apples (again, what's wrong with you) with again

No. 654120

Just a peeler. Sometimes you add the food you're peeling before it if you're feeling rambunctious.

No. 654121

Why don't we have an actor/ actress thread?

No. 654123


No. 654125

I find it very satisfying

No. 654136

Thanks anon thats genuinely helpful.

No. 654161

Happy to help! Good luck, it's unglamorous for a little while but just keep at it and you'll find your feet.

No. 654202

what can i send to my fiance who likes leg-worship?
he's really into legs so when we sext (or sometimes randomly), i send him videos of me wearing skirts, knee-highs, thigh-highs etc. But im kinda out of ideas like at this point it feels like im repeating myself because what else can you do with legs?
does anyone have any ideas? idk maybe because i dont find anything about legs sexual, its hard to come up with ideas.

No. 654203

Is there a reason why summer clothes are much more colourful than winter clothes? My city starts looking depressing every fall/winter because not only the weather is shit and grey, but the people on the streets turn into grey/black/brown silhouettes. It's not just coats either, the entire winter wardrobe is far more muted than summer wardrobe. Why?

No. 654209

except for the logical reason (that black conserves heat), i think it's aklos aesthetic. usually it snows in winter and the brightness of snow is already too much (at elast where i live) so i cant imagine the brightness reflecting from clothes too - like with neon colors or white etc

No. 654210

I assume it’s just people dressing to reflect their surroundings, which sounds pagan or even animalistic but for some reason we still do it. All bright colours go in Spring/Summer as everything is in bloom. Autumn/Winter clothes tend to be earthy like the seasons nature

The only practical reason I can think of is that darker clothes are supposed to attract heat better but the colour wouldn’t make a massive difference if you’re wearing thick sweaters and coats

Now you mention it, wearing bright winter clothes would look cool

No. 654212

Those reasons only relate to coat colour, not winter clothes in general. Inside it's not cold nor snowing.

Vestigial camouflaging behaviour in modern humans? Interesting take.

No. 654217

A noteworthy correlation if nothing else

No. 654230

Why do people pronounce ouija as "weejee"?

No. 654231

weeya isn't as fun

No. 654235

can farmhands somehow see posts being actively typed?
I cringe to think that someone out there has witnessed me rewrite a post 500 times before posting. I ask because I seem to remember (fever dream?) a moment in time when that was a site feature, like everyone could see posts being typed in real time.

No. 654240

I got some professional pictures taken for my resumé, but I looked really fat and ugly in them. (I'm like 5 kg overweight.) I've now discretely shaved off these 5 kg and made the lighting a bit nicer and the pic looks so good and the original is just depressing to look at now. I will have lost the remaining 5 kg in the next maybe two months anyway, soooo… Would it be super wrong to just use the edited pics?

No. 654245

IMO as long as your job isn't in modeling or acting I don't think there's anything wrong with using retouched photos.

No. 654252

Ripping tights maybe? My bf has the same kink and he likes that a lot.

No. 654280

Lolcow was getting upgraded before and the temporary board set up tempcow had that feature for all users. We could all see each other typing in real time, was pretty fun.

No. 654295

Is acupuncture legit? Or is it bs?

No. 654297

Totally legit. Doesn't help with everything ever as some people claim but definitely can be a help with neurological issues as it stimulates the nerves.

No. 654430

File: 1602602931968.jpg (37.67 KB, 338x346, tumblr_4032c6270f1b3c8c76da959…)

I bathed my dog and she's really scared of me now. I tried really hard to make it calm and gentle but she thinks it's a punishment. Will she forgive me?

No. 654434

Weird question but, could bleached hair be dyed with period blood? Has anyone ever done it? Not gonna do it, just curious.

No. 654462

Yeah give it a few days

No. 654465

Being a pet owner and caregiver is like being a parent in that you have to do things that are best for your critters but they do not like. She'll forgive you but getting her in the bath for regular cleaning may not to be fun. A lot of dogs don't like it. Perhaps rewarding the pup in a way after the bath will get her use to it, or at least she'll know that she's in for something nice if she behaves and gets washed. But of course she'll forgive you!

No. 654466

My bf has had chronic pain his whole life, 10/10 sweating, wanna die pain and he swears that shit is magical

No. 654467

good idea anon. might just try it

No. 654483

I think it would if you left it long enough. I heard you can bleach your hair with discharge because it's a weak acid but I don't know if it works

No. 654491

If you're driving in a car on a really hot day and you have the a/c turned up really high, do the windows become hot from the outside/sun or do they become cold from the a/c?

No. 654495

File: 1602606729746.jpg (52.05 KB, 500x458, Royaltex.jpg)

What is the quality of Royaltex bags? They look pretty cute. If they're low quality, what are some brands that have a similar style but are of higher quality

No. 654496

My dog always hated bathing and now she refuses to get into a tub or bath, even if there’s treats in it. Now we actually have to take her to a pet store to get bathed, I think she complies out of her fear of unfamiliar people

No. 654520

I wish I was cute enough to wear stuff like this.

No. 654524

I'm retarded but I'll try. Cold from AC because cold air pushing against the window affects it more than the light passing through it. Transparent things heat up less than, like opaque dark things.

No. 654526

File: 1602608645762.jpg (30.14 KB, 933x870, 1573674795296.jpg)

not her, but I'm ugly af and wear cute shit all the time
don't even trip dog, it makes you feel better

No. 654574

What the fuck is a nonny and why is red texted?

No. 654596


cutesy shortening of anonymous

No. 654612

I own a bag with this exact tapestry and use it while wearing cutesy floral dresses all the time. I'm also large framed, muscular, have a wide nose, and have an unusually deep voice.
Live your truth, anon. Let them know you're uwu on the inside.

No. 654784

Should I moisturize an area with lurking acne? If so, should I avoid oils? I think I can zap this shit away with niacinamide/zinc + benzoyl peroxide but I don't want to irritate it and make it worse.

No. 654786

Yeah but avoid oils

No. 654790

Ty anon for the quick reply!

No. 654792

Use something non-comedogenic. Coconut oil is bad, but something like shea or grape seed should be fine. You have to worry about comedogenic stuff for oil-free moisturizer too

No. 654800

What’s wrong with Shayna’s vag? She’s boring to me but I’m curious as to why I always saw comments about it which are now banned

No. 654803

File: 1602627927386.jpg (64.9 KB, 1280x720, 1599536632583.jpg)

Is it weird not to want to work out when it's above 35 degrees (95 fahrenheit, normal climate where I live btw) and you know you're gonna get sweaty as hell and disgusting? I prefer to take just one bath per day but I fucking hate feeling sweaty in general, I'm worried it might just me being lazy.

Also, non-meme home workouts for the glutes, are there any? I find it hard to tell which are instafit workouts and which are wayyy above my league aka bodybuilding enthusiast level. I work out and my thighs and calves are filled out, but my butt isn't because I sit all day. It gives me hip dips and I hate it, I've even changed my diet and lost a lot of weight but they're still there, I'm certain it's the glutes. I'm not even looking for bubble-butt workouts, just something to fill out my hips.

No. 654806

are there any dollar store beauty products you swear by? i'm not into actual makeup, i'm more looking for hair/skin care. i don't have a lot of money but would rather not melt my skin off

No. 654808

Tressume Botanique coconut something or other conditioner, and Eucerin eczema relief cream

No. 654820

Of course it's natural not to want to work out when it's hot af. It does suck but if that's what your local climate is like, it's just part of the game if you want to be consistent. I've taken hot yoga classes before (where they intentionally raise the temp to ~40C/105F) and enjoyed them. Sweat was literally dropping off of me like rainfall but I think because I went into the workout expecting it, it wasn't so bad. Being hot also helps relax the muscles more, which can be a good thing. Can you work out early morning or late night when you'd naturally be taking your shower anyway?

Re: hip dips, they're 100% normal and healthy anon. They mostly have to do with your bone structure and fat distribution. There's not much you can really do to fill them out short of getting a fat transfer. You can kind of build them up, but the muscle along the side of the hips (gluteus medius) is small and even super fit women with big, muscular butts will typically have them if that's how they're built. Women with naturally wider hips are actually more prone to have visible dips. As you can see in pic rel it's mostly your pelvic bone that determines how the area looks.

No. 654824

File: 1602629506174.png (231.2 KB, 533x357, 47832970645.png)

Oops samefag, here's the image I was trying to add. Although you should watch that video, she goes into detail about why hip dips are normal, explains anatomy, what areas you can attempt to target, etc.

No. 654826

A combination of a pussy pump and paddling somehow made it look saggy and deflated like a ballsack for a while and also she had fetid acne there from constant shaving and bad hygiene
Right now anons are obsessed with saying it looks like a dolphin's nose but it's just an average fat vag

No. 654837

I appreciate it anon! It's worth noting that I'm not bulked up or anything, just someone who enjoys working out. I think there's definitely room to improve my glutes but I'll definitely check out the video.

No. 655027

Are wide hips really prone to them? Personally I have narrow but high hips with dips

No. 655033

How can you look 12 and 20 at the same time and how bad is it?

No. 655042

How do dog owners teach their dogs not to shit inside the home? And how do they teach them to not destroy everything?

No. 655072


Let them outside frequently, and give treat when they poop outside. If you catch them pooping inside, immediately let them outside while you clean up, and don't treat. You want to build an association with poop and outside, and pooping outside with a reward. As they get good at it they will alert you when they want out. From there you can start to decrease treat frequency.

Toys and plenty of daily exercise to keep them stimulated. They won't get bored or restless which is usually why they start chewing shit. If they start chewing shit they aren't supposed to, distract them with a chewing toy, play, or exercise. For good measure, you can treat after a few minutes of good play. (You don't want to distract a dog from unwanted behavior with treats, because that rewards unwanted behavior)

Dogs are usually easy to train but some breeds are exceptionally stupid and will take more time to learn basic shit.

No. 655078

Wait, if hip dips are indicative of a larger pelvis, why are they considered ugly? Wouldn't they be better for child bearing and such?

No. 655112

How can someone easily check what website builder a site was built with?

No. 655164

Is it possible for a straight guy to joke about sucking the dick of anime and VG characters he finds hot and gush about actors he finds attractive, or is he at least a little bi and he is in denial?

No. 655165

Never understood this either. I think hip dips look cool, I wish I had them.

No. 655184

i used to be a weeb until like 4 years ago, but now for some reason i can't stand weeb shit. i even tried to watch anime again but all characters sound and act like obnoxious retards

No. 655188

I was also a weeb and now I’m not interested in any anime anymore. If i feel like watching it once a year i rewatch old stuff like death note. I can’t even watch card captor sakura anymore idk why

No. 655193

I used to be a weeb many years ago, then, like you, starting hating anime, and nowadays I started rewatching stuff I used to love out of nostalgia. It's a rollercoaster

No. 655203

Me too. I'm trying to force myself to still like anime because I've been watching for years, but it's no longer fun.

No. 655223

i just realized i posted on the questions thread instead of the dumbass shit thread.
so to fix my dumb mistake here's a question: former weebs, why did you stop watching anime?

No. 655233

Is the saying 'once a cheater, always a cheater' true?

No. 655239

Mostly yes, cheating is a moral failing very hard to fix.

No. 655240

Kinda grew out of it and honestly didn't even really watch that many shows? I stopped around the start of high school, last one i fully watched was osomatsu, i tend to rewatch it as i finish big projects. I am kinda wanting to watch the new furuba and snk. A big factor was also how after middle school i didn't go to friend's house to watch anime so it kinda just fizzled out

No. 655244

Yes as far as the current partner is concerned. They can say they've changed as many times as they like but it's not worth the paranoia, potential STDs or them leaving you once they get bored/get in way over their head and feel overwhelmed or trapped/have to commit for real. People can change sure but not that much.

No. 655249

Most anime coming out now have either too much fanservice, an ugly artsyle, no story at all or some degeneracy. Older anime had this too but it's like 70% of every season is cute girls doing cute things or generic shounen outside of some gems.

No. 655253

I just grew out of my interest in Japan(ese) and East-Asian media. I think what largely contributed to me being so invested in it was because I used it as an escape, which I thankfully no longer need. Thank god I was never outwardly a weeb.

No. 655255

I gave a cheater a chance once (he admitted to cheating in one relatiosnhip where he described being stuck in a long dead marriage) Well sure enough he cheated on me too 2 1/2 years later, though his affair was probably at least 6 months long before I found out.

He gave excuses for why his marriage ended with cheating ("I tried to leave her several times already, the bedroom was long dead") But when he cheated on me there was no dead bedroom, no fights, I was younger than him, above him looks wise and I wasn't driving him to it with any bitchy fights etc. I think it just comes down to morals and having an ability to switch them off when it suits you. I wouldn't overlook it again.

No. 655256

File: 1602685022375.png (51.5 KB, 185x143, bullet hole.PNG)

Are cleft chins / butt chins considered ugly? On women but also in general. All the google autofills when I type in 'cleft chin' is how to fix it & now I feel self conscious for not being self conscious enough about it, if that tracks

No. 655258

All down to individual opinion, personally I don't like them

No. 655267

What do you do with your life if you're too dumb to get accepted to a university and learning a trade like plumbing or is not a realistic option?

No. 655268

Why does almost every man with the smallest crumb of fame or influence takes advantage of it and fucks/grooms teens? Is it a checklist that men have or something? From irrelevant youtubers to rockstars. Gross.

No. 655270

Did they get rid of the troon thread on /snow/

No. 655273

What are your passions, anon? You don't need degrees to be an artist or a baker, if you like travelling you could become a travel writer or blogger.
Doing stuff like volunteering for a few months can help you meet new people and make connections, and you're actively doing things and helping people, so you won't feel bad about being 'unproductive'. You don't have to rush things, anon, we're rooting for you!

No. 655278

Travel writing or blogging is terrible advice, it's super saturated with travel influencers and "aspirational" accounts and extremely competitive.

You can become a chef, open a cafe, be a baker like the other anon said, work as a cleaner or line cook, start your own food business, learn how to code and get freelance contracts, be a caretaker, many things.

No. 655281

I only notice if it is very severe and with a square face combo.

No. 655292

Idk it’s cute i think

No. 655295

File: 1602687532268.jpg (35.38 KB, 489x640, 21583509_L.jpg)

I have one too but I don't think it's very noticeable. I never seem to notice it in others. Only person's cleft chin I ever thought looked weird is Demi Lovato, it's super distracting to me for some reason. Oh, and John Travolta, but his cleft is really deep too.

No. 655298

You can learn a second language and work as a freelance translator or even intepreter if you want something bigger. It's not a hard career at all, and sometimes you don't even need a degree, just a certification from any institution

No. 655301

Men can't have any crumb of power because they become monsters.

No. 655302

Personally, I find all dimples to be sexy, be they chin dimples, cheek dimples, or lower back dimples. Dimples are so attractive.

No. 655309

Could I take powdered extract and make it into a cream somehow and apply it on my skin?

No. 655310

Right? So many rockstars were/are pedos

No. 655311

nah its still there

No. 655316

How do I stop eating ice cream? I used to make fun of lactose intolerant people, but I might be lactose intolerant myself. FUCK, what'd I do to deserve this?

No. 655321

Do people still consider the USA a first world country?

No. 655325

not me, I don’t think there is a first world country.. It’s definitely not a second world country tho more like 3rd

No. 655410

I don't consider it a first world country either, no offence to Americans but it appears that the situation has deteriorated very quickly over there and people are living under increasingly precarious conditions. I guess it's still a powerful passport to have, but there is just so much inequality and a general lack of education. I'm also a bit baffled that basic services like universal health care which have been instituted in most first world countries remains a controversial issue in America. It's almost seems as if the country is not only declining but moving backwards in time. I have friends and family across the southern US and I truly fear for their wellbeing.

No. 655415

How do I stop spending all my free time on lolcow? I’m addicted.

No. 655417

I stopped watching anime when I befriended a lot of anime fans both in real life and online. I was about 17 when I fully stopped. The friends I had range from older millennial men who liked fantasy and girls who loved catering to men on social media. I got tired of them and I started making new friends in college who are pretty basic and having nothing really going on in their life, but I love them so much and they are more stable with their identity, so I dropped my old friends with anime as well. New friends taught me how you don't need mental illness to justify any actions so that was pretty good. I matured a lot when I made the switch and I don't really care about my old group, because the only thing that held us together was anime.

No. 655420

do men actually care about cellulite at all?

No. 655427

Same, it’s weird to me that Americans think their country is so ahead when they’re trailing behind many others in terms of equality

Most men don’t even notice if you chop half your hair off. They probably think cellulite is a brand of low-fat yogurt

No. 655433

yes for sure, I think it's just the lasting effect of nationalist propaganda and the myth of the American dream that has locked people into thinking that the US is beacon of civilization or whatever, even when the country is in a state of irreparable disintegration

No. 655438

Buy vegan ice cream. It's good imo

No. 655441

I remember when I was a teen all I wanted was to live in the US and they were considered super advanced for our standards (I'm from a former Soviet country, also they had Hot Topic).
Now I wouldn't set my foot there if you made me, many people fell for the meme and moved to the US only to be bogged down by debt, healthcare costs for just popping out a baby, healthcare of dubious quality where you're never sure if the doctor is pushing something to you for profit or not, school shootings, terrible food quality, no daycare, sexism everywhere, medieval medical practices and opioids being prescribed for everything, a broken political system that makes you choose between crazy SJWs who push porn and trannies onto people and racist uncles who kill Mexicans… fuck outta here with that, I'm good. I only feel sorry for people who see it for the mess that it is but have no choice but to stay there.

No. 655449

I would say most Americans don’t believe the US is first rate at anything. Not everybody here is a screeching patriot, like you probably see all over your news.
I’m sure it’s hard to believe, but there are people here who understand the precarious situation the country is in. Most people I know are just trying to do their best in a society that expects a lot and gives so little in return.

No. 655456

It's hard to know or even care what men think tbh, some seem to obsess and nitpick shit like that and others will find anything and everyone hot

No. 655476

Guys, how do I unclog a toilet????

No. 655480

Hot water.

No. 655482

Drink all the water with a straw.

No. 655483

With your bare hands, anon. Anyone that says plunger is lying.

but for real if you’re in a place without a plunger, it might be risky but hold down the handle until the water rises to the point you’re scared it might overflow. Something about the water pressure in the tank sends the clog down but be prepared for the possibility it might overflow. It’s like a 60/40 chance

No. 655484

Boil or microwave water and pour it in

No. 655487

Samefag but don't boil the water, it'll crack the toilet. Just microwave it.

No. 655490

THANK YOU GUYS I DID IT!!!!! I poured some hot water in the toilet then did plunging motions with the toilet brush (I don't have a plunger). Ahh fuck, I was starting to worry that I might have to go and shit in a bush outside or something

No. 655494

Wow, hot water really works? I've just been unraveling a wire hanger and scooping TP out, I'ma habitual over-user of TP. i'm just triggered by drippy pussy

No. 655512

Does anyone remember an anon here saying that she was the girl impersonating Taylor swift on 4chan? Does anyone have a link to that post or a screen cap

No. 655556

The US is fucked up but calling it a third world country is straight up ignorant. It's either a first world country but aknowledging how inequal and ridiculous it is, or a second world country at most

No. 655641

Omg I was just thinking about that the other day. I also remember it but can’t remember what thread it was in.

No. 655646

Ack ok maybe I’ll have to figure this out later today

No. 655665

File: 1602704527033.jpg (8.22 KB, 209x234, a56193dd5802b8e4e433a549886ead…)

Can you graduate from uni if you have 115 IQ? I'm not talking about stem fields of course

No. 655668


iq doesn't mean shit. also 115 is not low

No. 655672

>not being 140 IQ
Haha wtf why even try, you have no future.

No. 655673

File: 1602704914809.jpeg (228.69 KB, 657x1000, 7CF4C8B8-ABD4-47E4-9A52-1199D5…)

Does this model have really low tits or am I projecting? It looks weird to me

No. 655676

Should I hang out with my friend who texts me once a month?

No. 655678

Guys do you sleep with or without underwear on? What do you do about the discharge?

No. 655681

I think it's that bodysuit not fitting her right. It looks like her boobs probably stop 2/3 of the way down from where the cups end, making them look lower than they are.

No. 655684

Other anon is right, look at the side boob. Her boob ends higher than the cups.

No. 655687

Her tits are in the right place. She has a long ass neck and tiny head from that camera angle which makes the illusion of too much space above the shirt. Also the cups aren’t even fitted over her boobs.

No. 655688

I always sleep naked, never noticed any discharge overnight. I only really get discharge when I'm up and moving around

No. 655689

I would sleep nude if not for this very reason. I don't like getting a bunch of discharge around my thighs or on my sheets. Sounds kinda gross but I'm healthy, so just part of the natural wonders of being a women lol.

No. 655692

Have you spent time with her in person before? I would say if she seems reliable/like a good person in general then it's not necessarily a bad sign if she's not super active on the texting front. She might not be as good over the phone as she is in person or more introverted so she just doesn't think to do it very often.

No. 655707

Would wearing sunglasses when working on my laptop help with tired eyes?

No. 655710

>New friends taught me how you don't need mental illness to justify any actions so that was pretty good.
Could you talk more about this?

No. 655711

did abby browns thread on here finally die?

No. 655716

I get addicted every few years tbh. Just ride it out then leave. Then come back in a year.

No. 655718

Seems like she deactivated her FB after Boss Hogg's arrest so there's a lull.

No. 655720

Just get screen glasses

No. 655736

What time do you usually eat dinner? I have a friend who always asks me to go for dinner at 5/6 and I feel like that’s way too early?

No. 655741

>115 is not low
not according to vox day

No. 655749

Between 5 and 6. Anytime after 6:30 is really, really late to have dinner. At least that's how it is here.

No. 655753

No. 655754

I always eat at 5, maybe it's abnormal if you're the type to stay up late but I go to sleep at around 9 so it's good timing for me.

No. 655756

File: 1602709059141.jpg (90.38 KB, 550x821, pin outfit.jpg)

What would the real-life equivalent of the outfit/dress on the right?

No. 655773

Double breasted drop waist dress?

No. 655782

Does flossing even do anything or is it just a waste of time? I never flossed in my life,and none of my dentists have ever said I've needed to floss (though I am a britfag) but I bought a flosser recently, however, when using it, I don't see it picking up any plaque whatsoever

No. 655788

>never flossed
we see the pattern

No. 655789

If your teeth aren’t tightly packed in you’re probably fine not flossing

No. 655790

I mean, yeah it does. It picks out all of the garbage between your teeth so your teeth don't rot there (and trust me, they can). Maybe you are just really good at brushing and your teeth are spaced far apart so nothing really gets stuck? I just can't believe you wouldn't see any food on your floss, that's really weird.

No. 655792

I guess like other anons said it could depend on the spacing of your teeth. If they're close together I think you should be doing it. I never flossed for the first 18 years of my life until a really good dentist showed me how the enamel between my teeth was thinning faster than normal. It's not something you would personally notice until it's too late. I was able to stop the progression by starting to floss at least a few times a week.
Also, when you don't floss for a long time, the plaque can be so stuck on and hard that you can't remove it with a flosser. Might be why you aren't seeing anything. Just a thought.

No. 655793

You must be a good brusher, I'd say don't floss unless there's a lot of plaque or you might erode your gums enough to start letting things in.
I don't know why people are saying gaps = less need to floss, my teeth are practically watertight and I barely need to floss save for a gappy tooth on my right that gets chunks stuck in it.
Actually, sniff your piece of floss after you use it, if it smells like death even if you can't see anything then you needed to do it.

No. 655797

Only floss the teeth you wanna keep, that's what my dad always tells me. But I think there is a genetic component so you might be lucky enough to be resistant to gum disease- do you get any bleeding when you floss? Are your gums pink or red? I never have any issues with my actual teeth but I'm very prone to gingivitis so I have to floss well, it's the only advice my dentists ever give me.

I just wouldn't risk not flossing either way though. You never know if your teeth/gums will get worse over time and dental issues are the last thing you want.

No. 655800

There’s less need to floss with gappy teeth or very tightly compacted teeth as food doesn’t really get stuck in either. The worst teeth are the type with a mix. My teeth are very close together with gaps near the gum and flossing is a nightmare but I should do it

No. 655804

Get a water flosser. I can't shill them enough, they're so fucking quick and easy to use and recent studies show they're more effective than string floss. With normal floss I struggled with my crowded teeth and the back of my mouth, now I just blast it with water.

No. 655829

Is there a pill that changes your hair texture? That’s what I want to know.

No. 655831

omg yes you should floss, it is incredibly important. food gets stuck in between your teeth, the bacteria feast on that food and then they poop out acid that causes cavities. please everyone floss your teeth, it’s an essential step in oral hygiene

No. 655834

Old friends would go on and on about "muh depression" for not wanting to do better in life or hanging out. Obviously I would be affected by this since everyone around me thought they should continue being a NEET, since the anime community promotes that shit I guess. I thought I had mental illness issues but then when I ditched them for new friends they basically uplifted me and helped me convert to a "just do shit" mindset. Overall they halved my anxiety, and I got a better support group. Idk what else to say but if you have specific questions I'll be glad to answer them.

Having friends engrossed in anime circles is pretty difficult, they (obviously) don't have enough reality checks and its good to be friends with "normies" in my experience, they're pretty predictable and stable.

No. 655844


Wtf, flossing is insanely important if you have tight teeth. Even more important than for people with normal spaced teeth. Food particles can get stuck in there even if you don't realize it and it will rot your teeth in those areas. If you don't floss you can develop pockets in your gums where food gets trapped that you can't remove yourself. Floss your teeth you crazy bitches, it takes minutes.

No. 655849

seriously, it’s kind of frightening how many people on here are acting like they don’t need to floss

No. 655869

i know this is so late but before i got my asperger's diagnosis i used to think i just had a "male brain" in some aspects. and take solace in the thought that maybe i wasn't a weirdo and it was just that i had to put up with being the bitch because i would demand respect as a scrote would and everyone rejected and hated me for it cause i'm supposed to be this pretty little lady bullshit. jfc sorry for my autistic sperg

No. 655873

This fucking sent me. Of all the crazy/gross/dangerous shit farmers do you anons are extremely pressed about flossing it’s hilarious and adorable

No. 655880

Oral hygiene is no joke anon, we're just looking out for fellow farmers

No. 655893

no it’s just funny with all the talk about how disgusting and unclean scrotes are (which is true) people on here neglect an essential part of their oral hygiene

No. 655905

I feel like such a loser and I don't have the motivation to improve. Has someone here become a success even after being a failure?

No. 655919

Use a website blocking program such as Cold Turkey.

No. 655927

why do people base american/anglo-saxon white people's behaviors on every whtie person in the world? for example there's a stereotype that white men love asian women because the us dating market/interracial marriage scene favors them & the most common interracial couple in the uk is asian women/white man but that same pattern isn't followed in most other european countries (namely italy, france, spain, portugal, germany, and scandinavian countries). also many other stereotypes about white people online is about american/anglo-saxon ones that doesn't really apply to other whites

No. 655937

No idea but the people around me and I usually talk about anglos when talking these things. I also hate the "white people have no culture" that is usually said by americans, I mean of course there is. There's quite a few men around my scandi country getting thai wives though but the asian girl meme is more of a meme and not a reality.

No. 655964

I want to try making some nama chocolate but the recipe I’m looking at says to use high quality chocolate bars. What would you anons recommend? Something like Lindt, or even Godiva? Or will just using a bag of regular chocolate chips suffice?

No. 655973

Most of the candy brands chocolate isn’t pure or high quality chocolate, even the expensive ones. You might be able to find some plain dark chocolate squares at groceries with a bulk aisle. Just check ingredients

If you don’t care that much then just use whatever

No. 655988

Lindt or ghana are good. Idk about godiva, tasted some once and it was shit.

No. 656000

do you know what namachoco is?

No. 656004

how the fuck do i fix the .jfif thing on windows. it keeps saving all my images as it specifically from twitter. i didnt grow up with windows so i dont know a lot of the features lol

No. 656032

It's absolutely a thing in Scandinavia and almost a meme at this point. Lots of men bring home Thai wives because they're more "submissive" and they can't get laid otherwise.

No. 656064

File: 1602730763525.png (41.89 KB, 873x669, peepee.png)

Search for regedit in the windows search bar, run it, and try pic related.
If this doesn't work you will have to do some googling and troubleshoot it yourself. I am heavily pregnant and suddenly pissed my pants while writing this so I'm out! Good luck.

No. 656070

IM SORRY U PEED URSELF ANON thank you so much for the help!! good luck w ur pregnancy

No. 656094

File: 1602733028160.jpg (40.17 KB, 373x394, tumblr_on5a4idhBc1v3j390o1_400…)

i bought a magic wand plus and the motor is kinda dying (not as powerful and the motor goes in and out in strength patterns) I think but I'm not sure if it's my kind of fucked up outlet? i only bought it like a month ago and it was $70 so i'll be pissed if it doesn't work well. i'm pretty sure it isn't counterfeit either because i got it directly from shevibe

No. 656097

Your outlet is going to catch fire

No. 656103

Does anyone believe in this? One of my friends (she’s a witchy type) told me that she has noticed that when someone fucks me over and I bottle up my emotions about it and try to pretend I’m ok, bad things happen to that person.

I’m half like okay whatever that doesn’t mean shit, but I noticed that it has been happening to dudes who fuck me over A LOT. Coincidence? Or are they feeling my fucking wrath

This is also mostly in jest I just noticed it recently and it made me laugh when I remember that she said that

No. 656111

When tiktok witches fart and it causes an earthquake

No. 656113

Chuunibyous gonna chuuni, anon. It's more like shit people get their asses handed to them because being shitty has consequences.

No. 656130

Do your eyes narrow as you age? ‘Cause I feel like mine are starting to and are becoming more hooded.

No. 656131

The skin above your eyes gets more droopy and the hooded look becomes more pronounced

No. 656140

File: 1602737321256.jpg (42.36 KB, 1069x1069, 1598531779067.jpg)

Haven't had a period since August, but am not sexually active at all and have not had any form of sexual contact since early - mid June with my partner who is sterilized (after that, I had 2 periods for July and August, and also took pregnancy tests just in case. All negative). I'm on birth control to control period symptoms when they come, but have never really had issues with it before.. until maybe August. My last August period lasted for about 15 days, really really heavy and consistent with horrible emotional side effects which has never happened to me before. Since then I have not seen my period at all when it's supposed to come. I'm not underweight/overweight (though definitely closer to underweight) but my diet is really poor and lacking in calories+nutrients.
Should I see a doctor about this, or should I just ignore it since honestly I kind of enjoy not having a period? Definitely not pregnant, but worried something may be wrong with me although I have no symptoms besides no sign of a period.

No. 656141

How do u stop feeling inferior to pretty girls and my boyfriend's exes and even fictional characters he likes
If I larp that I'm a hot confident pretty popular girl will it come true
Does fake it till you make it really work

No. 656142

Typo, meant how do I*

No. 656144

If you've always had a regular period you should see a doctor. I hope everything turns out fine, anon.

No. 656148

Is there such a thing as anxious-sadness?
Like, I feel sad, but not bawling sad, just a general emptiness. Also, I feel like I can't even do anything. Like if I do, I will fail and make myself even sadder. So I just stay here in my bed feeling heavy chested and empty. Is there a name for this feeling?

No. 656149

My bf's past girlfriends are very attractive compared to me so I feel this. The only thing I can really do is know he makes me feel like I am really attractive to him and he makes an effort in our relationship. Does he find some women objectively more attractive than me? Probably lol. But I think there are men more attractive than him too but it doesn't change how attracted I am to him personally. This is drunk rambling.

No. 656150

You mean depression, anon?

No. 656153


But isn't depression chronic? I believe I am feel this just sporadically and with a clear reason for it.
But I legit don't know, I don't know much about depression

No. 656157

two dumb questions:
1. how do you tell the difference between having a crush on a woman and just really wanting to be friends with her?

2. how do you know if you're genuinely attracted to women or if you only think you're attracted because you're used to seeing women sexualized all the time?

No. 656164

The answer will always be found in the answers to "would you have sex with her?" and "do you experience genuine arousal because of the female body?"

No. 656169

nta but the condition is chronic but that doesn't mean you feel depressed 24/7

No. 656175


I mean, I know that, but does having like 2 to 3 episodes like those a month make one depressed, though? I'd feel like a teenaged twitter user putting fake mental illness on my bio to feel unique if I ever told I had depression based on those little episodes, I dunno
Maybe I am just dumb
But at least I feel like I am finally getting a bit better rn, thx to all anons that answered my dumb ass

No. 656199

what's a decent SS for mercari?

No. 656208

I mean if a thread ever was to be created about me I’d be like IDAF (unless family members were being posted, fuck you 13 year olds on here) but why is one of the rules lying about us not stalking subjects?
> Cyberstalking is the use of the Internet or other electronic means to stalk or harass an individual, group, or organization.[1] It may include false accusations, defamation, slander and libel. It may also include monitoring, identity theft, threats, vandalism, solicitation for sex, or gathering information that may be used to threaten, embarrass or harass.[1]
I dislike how there lacks these days self mockery or self awareness here, as if it’s totally normal to talk shit about PULLtards or kiwifarmers while we’re not any better and normies find us all literal schizophrenics irl anyways.

No. 656209

How the fuck do credit cards work. I'm 25 and left home asap because my parent was a druggie nutcase so I never learned and seriously. How the fuck do credit cards work. I'm scared to get one and it makes me feel like a retard.

No. 656214

nayrt but I've been considering getting one of those. what brand do you use? I'm looking for something decent that'll last me a good while

No. 656270

Is petroleum jelly bad for your lips?

No. 656277

It traps moisture, so it depends. If you're starting out with chapped lips when you put it on, they'll stay dry and chapped. If you use it with softer, moist lips as a baseline, on the other hand, it allegedly keeps them that way.

No. 656285

Credit cards are basically like small little loans you take out. You have a card, it has a credit limit (ie the maximum amount of money you can spend), you pay for purchases with it, and then you pay off your card. Credits cards are a necessary evil. They are a good and easy way to build credit, and a terrible and easy way to fuck yourself over.

If you are thinking of getting one, I stress that you remain fearful of it if you aren’t good with money. Spend it like a debit card. None of the money you spend on it to pay for things is technically your own money. I watched cartoons of characters getting fucked over by credit cards (I remember the Proud Family one where I think it comes alive? lol) and still have that fear. I know friends who actually have lots of debt because they maxed out their cards like fucking idiots, hell, my own dad owes $12k on one of his cards. They have high interest rates which will fuck you over in the end. There’s a tactic in the US of how credit card companies will raise the credit limits of poorer borrowers because they know those people will just spend more and owe more in interest (I forget where I found this article but can dig it up if you’d like).

In high school I was taught to use my credit card sparingly. Buy a pack of gum with it once a month to keep it active, then just pay that off. Easy peasy way to build credit. Now I’m more financially responsible and charge many things to my cards because I’m used to it and know how to not be a fuck up with it. If you’re wondering “wow credit cards sound useless, why even use them instead of a debit card?” the answer is

1) They provide an excellent layer of protection. Oh I just shoved my card into a card reader that swipes my info? Fuck off scammer. I have text alerts set up for my credit cards so every time I make a purchase over $0.01, I get an alert. If someone used my card, I’d know it and can call my card’s company and have them cancel the purchase and mail me a new one. If someone spend $10k with my stolen card info, if it’s with my debit card, I’m FUCKED until my bank gives me back that money. With my credit card? The charge was just loan money, my bank will verify and then just knock that shit off my bill.
2) Rewards. Don’t bother with credit cards that don’t offer rewards if you qualify for better ones. Some are cashback, some are travel points, some are whatever else. You get a small, tiny percentage of whatever you spent on purchases given back to you in cashback. Shit adds up over the years. You might be tempted to spend for the sake of rewards though (I was for a little) and that’s just about balancing yourself out (I personally use my card on all my autopay shit then pay with cash for the rest so I still earn rewards, but am not tempted to go whole hog on earning them).
3) It’s a loan, sometimes you might need a loan to afford something like groceries real quick before payday kicks in. Very convenient in the moment, but very dangerous if you aren’t on top of your shit.

I always check my card balance and make sure it is well under what is in my bank account. Sure my credit limit might be ABC amount of money, but if my checkings says XYZ amount, then XYZ is my hard spending limit. I personally like to see my card balance as close to zero as possible too, otherwise it stresses me out, so I use it as sparingly as possible. I pay my card off in full every month (have auto pay set up too, anyone who tells you to carry a balance is fucking dumb) and my life is smooth sailing and credit score is nice and high. I learned about APRs but always forget what they are but the interest rates on my card don’t matter to be because I’m never charged them since I pay in full anyway. Just don’t be a fucking dumbass and you’ll be fine.

No. 656286

Question for privacy-concerned anons: How do you deal with websites becoming inaccesible or broken when you refuse cookies and block trackers and such? I really want to be more careful with protecting my privacy but it's so aggrevating when things stop working because of it.

No. 656287

No, but it doesn't much for your lips either. It's just a layer that prevents moisture from going in or out.

No. 656300

File: 1602763008518.jpeg (104.72 KB, 576x576, 1602705253344.jpeg)

Anyone know where this is from/who made this?? Yandex didn't turn up anything helpful

No. 656304

Depends: it is for work i open an exception; if not they can go fuck themselves.

No. 656306

What is the best way to work with someone you dislike anons?
An upcoming pj made me work w someone I had some bad interactions with. Sometimes looking at their face made me feel irritated inside (dw I know how to manage my emotions and not let it out), but it seems like i was bothered by it a little too much. Any tips?

No. 656308

No. 656310

You've made my day! Thanks anon!

No. 656317

Holy shit you use yandex to find images too? It's so fucking good

No. 656321

Is it just one bitch posting about this corpse child bride everywhere or do you guys for real can't shut the fuck up about this guy?

No. 656322

Am I just feeling special or an outsider or is it normal for radio music to sound very chipper yet have dark as fuck lyrics

No. 656323

You use a credit card so in case of it being scammed you can easily file a claim. And it builds your credit score, credit score influences if you can rent somewhere or take out a loan. You want to pay your rent and food with it and that's it. Use cash for smaller everyday purchases. Those reward points only exist so you use your card for everything, and they can build a profile of you. If you buy things associated with being poor then they mark you as poor and you get shittier service, and it could influence your insurance later on because banks and insurance like to buy each others data. Though in general its good to use non traceable payments because its only time before we have ai gathering data and putting you into a caste system.

No. 656340

Is it true that depression is just aggression turned inwards?

No. 656361

Haha I found out about it from lolcow actually! It's a godsend

No. 656368

Nah, not always like it can be a part of it sure or even a trigger

No. 656370

Farmers have really awful and basic taste from what I've observed, so I don't think it's just one anon unfortunately.

No. 656409

What's the best mobile rhythm game?

No. 656417

>not me though, I’m different

No. 656427

kek, sounds like someone's upset.

No. 656433

File: 1602776616853.jpeg (33.48 KB, 193x198, 759CD1D0-8E2A-4A99-961B-5A09C0…)

So one’s eyes are going to end up like this?


No. 656435

I used to love I-Chu and it was really nice to have a variety of styles but I don't know if it still exists.
Also SB69 was the shit but it died.

No. 656468

what do you call those posters that are laminated or printed not onto paper, but onto a board?

No. 656470

File: 1602778659565.jpg (23.21 KB, 491x350, mis.jpg)

I want to start to dress in a certain style but I'm unsure if I'll look silly wearing it 5 years later when I'm in my mid 20s

No. 656471

Posterboard? Cardstock?

No. 656476

Has anyone ever made one of these dna tests that tell you your ancestry? I’m so intrigued but I’m afraid it just tells me i am from the country i live in kek

No. 656491

I think I'm thinking of a mounted poster actually

No. 656529

Yeah my family all got them for Christmas one year. It was mildly interesting because were mixed heritage but it doesn’t really tell you anything meaningful about your identity so I wouldn’t say it’s worth the money. The one I got also told me I don’t have any breast cancer or alzheimer genes which was relieving though

No. 656581

Why would you willingly send your dna to a corporation

No. 656587

Nta but sheer curiousity. I'm mixed but living in the USA so I'm a bit curious to try it, but it's not worth it in the end. They could use all the bags of blood I've donated if they really want some of my DNA, though.

No. 656602

I don’t think they really work. A friend of mine is like pure caucasoid mountain white and I’m extremely SEA and we submitted my dna with her information and name and my test came back with 50 shades of European. I reiterate that there is physically no way in hell.

No. 656613

They're definitely not a perfect science. I've seen multiple videos where identical twins order them and end up getting different percentages. I'm not sure what they're using to source their data, but whatever it is, it's at least got a noticeable margin of error.

No. 656641

is there any way to combat depression after taking ecstasy/molly?

No. 656644

5-HTP, a good meal, lots of water

No. 656649

There's articles online where people have intentionally fucked with tests to skew results

No. 656651

I need to fill in a gap in my resume, what's a good not very traceable job other than babysitting? I'm just applying for basic jobs.

No. 656653

tf are they gonna do build a clone of me.

No. 656655

Anyone here built their own computer before? Any advice/tips? I’ve always wanted to but never really had a lot of time, prebuilts are just so appealing rather than buying all your shit separately and assembling it. All I’ve done is add ram and a dvd drive like 5000 years ago.

No. 656657

That's because epigenetics is likely fucking with the results.

No. 656658

File: 1602789863557.jpg (82.29 KB, 990x712, spiderfurby.jpg)

I like the idea from becoming a lot more prettier by using makeup a la princess diaries, but I have so much trouble looking at myself objectively, I seriously can't tell what features I have and I don't think I can trust other people's observations since all they say if 'you look fine' and I always think wearing makeup makes me look worse, like, if I look like I'm wearing makeup I think I look worse and idk why, but no-makeup makeup doesn't make me look particularly better so I might as well not wear any at all. What can I do to rectify this?

No. 656661

Is eating dark chocolate with at least 70% cocoa a decent way to gain weight without killing your death or giving you beetus?

No. 656662

Yes. You could always search a youtube video like "pc build under [your budget]" and most of the time, they show how they build it.
My first time was terrifying because the components were pricey and I was afraid I'd break something but it went fine. After my 3rd build, it became a very familiar process.
Pc building simulator is a cool game that will make you feel more acquainted with the components and the building process. You can torrent the game to try it out.
It's always better to build it yourself or alternatively, research the components and the build and give it to some pc shop to have them build it for you. You will always get a better bang for your buck.

No. 656664

Have a varied diet and eat a lot of carbs like pasta. Sure you can have sweets but if you have too much dark chocolate there's actually a risk of lead poisoning.

No. 656665

>lead poisoning
How much chocolate would you actually have to eat before that became a problem??

No. 656667

Is it okay to tell your therapist that you don't feel like you need to see them anymore, or is that something that they're supposed to decide?

No. 656668

Both of you should have input. Bring it up in discussion

No. 656676

Yes it’s perfectly fine to tell your therapist that.

No. 656678

>one 10 g cube of dark chocolate may contain as much as 20% of the daily lead oral limit

No. 656684

I figured as much, especially since we've gone to every other week and still struggle to find things to talk about. I don't like EMDR, and that's her specialty, I just don't know why she hasn't let me go yet like my other therapist did when we were done. Thanks guys!

No. 656698

AYRT tbf I knew how they literally worked but thank you for this, it was very well put and easy to follow and had a lot of things I didn't know! Bless you anon. I meant more like wtf is APR and how tf do you know where to find a credit card that not just scammy and bad. Also what is cashback exactly which luckily you explained! Also I didn't add but my druggie mother ruined my credit and she's dead now but my credit is awful, am I doomed to get bad scammy credit cards. This is why I have fear lmao at my age, I look like a retard for still not having a credit card and being "afraid" of them, I guess. I really should get one.

No. 656705

where can I find a larger version of this comic? I can't read the small text

No. 656711

File: 1602795004387.png (63.39 KB, 381x280, eb57c025f628c5a299c44c99f70530…)

Why do women ditch me after finding out I'm bi? Should I just chalk it down as biggotry?

No. 656713

Some lesbians don’t want to date bi women for perfectly valid albeit admittedly hurtful sometimes(also bi) reasons. I wouldn’t call it bigotry though lol.

No. 656717

Some bi women end up having a bf who's fine with the woman side dating other women as he finds it hot or less threatening than a real guy. There's even those bi girls who just want a threesome but didnt outright admit that. A lot of the times bigirls end up marrying or running off with a man anyway so it can feel like a waste of time for those of us looking to possibly marry. At this point I think I'd only date lesbian women as well. I want stability in my future. As far as I know this goes for gay men as well who wont date bimen or even straight women who refuse to date a biman

No. 656719

First of all, law enforcement can pressure commercial DNA oompanies to share your DNA (they already tried to get free access to it in my country). Even if you don't care about yourself (which I don't get like you can't trust governments with any of your shit), you're also basically sharing the dna of your relatives, did they want that? Did you know they only need a small percentage of people's dna to map everyone?
Second, do you trust them to keep your data safe? I remember millions of accounts of MyHeritage were leaked a couple of years ago. Not sure what they'd do with it, but they don't hack for it if they can't exploit your data. Third, they can sell your dna for research and such (and when the research results in something you can bet they'll put medicine on the market at skyhigh prices) so they can profit off of you , again why would you them to profit off of you at no benefit for you?

There's undoubtly more reasons I can't think/know of. I truly find it mindboggling how readily and easily people share their private data with just about anyone.

No. 656730

I’m bi. My first relationship was with a lesbian, we were together for two years. She was constantly insecure, had dreams of me cheating on her, thought that I secretly longed for dick even though that wasn’t even remotely true (I had never had sex with a man and couldn’t even use a dildo at that point because it hurt). The relationship ended when she cheated on me with another girl. This “uwuuuu we want stability that bi women can’t give us” argument is complete bullshit imo. Loyalty has fuck all to do with sexual orientation.

No. 656733

Two questions.
Why my browser asks me to remember password on lolcow?

Also, any recommendation of good historical asian drama? I watched The Empress of China and Empress Ki. Both are really good! It would be nice if drama has strong female character.

No. 656736

File: 1602799415440.jpg (187.75 KB, 1200x1200, 4445.jpg)

Why do do many people hate her?

No. 656737

Is it possible to be sexy and cute? Those are the main two compliments I get but I feel like they directly conflict each other. Also, when a guy calls you cute- does he mean ugly? I know I might sound stupid but I always associate being a “cute” girl with not actually being pretty.

No. 656740

Dae Jang Geum aka Jewel in The Palace, extremely iconic Kdrama about orphaned girl's journey to becoming the king's first female physician.

No. 656741

Is she still fucking Huma? Tbh if I was Huma I'd rather be dommed by Hillary than look Anthony wiener in the face. He looks like yandev aged 30 years and crossed with a scrotum.

No. 656742

Curb your retardation please

No. 656745

I lost brain cells reading this. Yea you can be both because that shit is objective.

No. 656747

nope, impossible. they are mutually exclusive.

No. 656748

yeah, it is bigotry. but if you want talk more about how evil and oppressive lesbians are for not fucking you, you should head to r/actuallesbians or r/bisexual though

No. 656749

You may have been an exception but it's a common enough occurence that straight and gay individuals will avoid bi. Either way, people are not entitled to others affection and sex for any number of reason. Preference is purely a personal matter and there are much more idiotic preferences out there than sexual orientation.

No. 656751

yes cute means ugly. equivalent of calling a guy nice

No. 656753

this isn't the case most of the time, cute is a compliment jfc

No. 656754

What the fuck are you even talking about? Who said anything about people being entitled to sex and affection?

No. 656757

nta people are entitled to love, sex and affection. It's just that it can't be provided unlike healthcare.

No. 656760

File: 1602801448701.jpeg (92.02 KB, 986x1024, 1574984717950.jpeg)

What the fuck, so calling a girl cute = ugly but calling a guy cute = still cute BUT nice = ugly.

No. 656761

Absolute retardation

No. 656762

Nah, you aren't entitled to that. It would be cute but no one is entitled to all that, parents love maybe and even that most people don't receive.

No. 656763

Well most people don't receive healthcare either, nor food.

No. 656778

Lol people aren’t entitled to sex that’s for sure, every specie on earth has to compete to mate. Love is big maybe, even parents aren’t required to love their own kids. But a loved kid just has a better chance of succeeding in the wild and continueing the bloodline so it may be in a parent’s best genetic interest to love their kid.

No. 656783

Stop trying to turn this into some human rights shit, you ain't entitled to sex by default. I am not saying you are a scrote but you must see how that may come off as a bit incely? You can equate food and healthcare to boinking.

No. 656784

*can't for fucks sake

No. 656788

Huh, so if you could provide sex, love and affection to everyone through some future technology you wouldn't? Currently it's impossible and unethical to do but that was the case with food 150 years ago.

Dumb question but w/e

No. 656789

no they are not

No. 656790

I honestly don't care enough about people getting laid enough to do that, this isn't a fight for me. Would be cool if people felt better I guess but it's not some necessity.

No. 656793

Does deep low voice mean that a guy has high testosterone? There are tall and quite masculine guys who don't look like they lack testo and yet have very soft and sensual voices (I actually love that combination), and I also saw a few balding turbo manlets with deep manly voices but they didn't look manly at all. Is there any correlation?

No. 656799

Just FYI balding men have more testosterone

No. 656800

men with male pattern baldness have low testosterone levels though

No. 656802

Sounds good, thanks anon!

No. 656804

Bald men are stem majors

No. 656816

It’s not good equivalence. Food is immediate necessity for survival, love and sex aren’t. If there would truly be an efficient way to fulfill those needs then of course I don’t care who can get some. Doesn’t mean it’s a god given right. There are still people going hungry even though we have the technology to feed everyone on earth. We have the technology to give everyone a house, doesn’t mean everyone is entitled to one.
Furthermore, what makes you think people will be content with lab-grown love? Love and sex can not be mass produced in the same way that food is. Love and sex have been bought and sold for a very long time and yet people don’t consider bought affection “real” like we consider supermarket pork and wild caught pig to be real food. I don’t think AI waifus will cure humans of our chronic loneliness that is the core drive for interpersonal relationships.
I know it feels fuzzy and warm to believe that people are born with innate claim to contentment, be it in the form of a full stomach or a loving partner. But we aren’t. Everything we have is because we built a society that can afford to spare more people those things and love will always be in short supply and can not be equally distributed.

No. 656819

-sponsored by vyvanse, sorry fam

No. 656848

I did a dna test years ago because I just didn't give a shit at the time but I'm regretting it now for the reasons you listed, especially the part about sharing my relatives' dna via mine without their consent. I'd already given the government shitloads of my blood and piss when I joined the military as a teenager so I figured it was all already out there, but why make it easier for people to get a hold of, or give it to private entities? I'd happily give up my dna for research if I knew it was truly going toward an altruistic cause, but realistically it never is.

No. 656856

I disagree with you but that might be bcs I'm little communist.

>There are still people going hungry even though we have the technology to feed everyone on earth. We have the technology to give everyone a house, doesn’t mean everyone is entitled to one.

This is just you saying that the rich guys like Jeff Bezos are entitled to own you. I can't put it in any other way, you're giving up your rights as a person. If you believe you're not entitled to a roof over your head or to food in your mouth then I don't know what to tell you. Go vote for Trump and other pro-life bullshit since you're not entitled to anything.
>Furthermore, what makes you think people will be content with lab-grown love?
It's just chemicals in our brains, we can already make people feel "love" and "happiness" with surgery.
>But we aren’t. Everything we have is because we built a society that can afford to spare more people those things and love will always be in short supply and can not be equally distributed.
But you just said it wasn't about supply? You wouldn't give people houses if they were around, instead you want old rich white guys to have power over you

I bet Weinstein used that line a lot: "Nobody's entitled to an acting career but if you do something for me". It's disgusting, that line of thinking just lets people to become monsters

No. 656857

> we can already make people feel "love" and "happiness" with surgery

What the fuck kind of surgery is this. What have you mad scientist types done now.

No. 656868

male pattern baldness is caused by high testosterone, specifically a byproduct of testosterone called DHT

No. 656879

I would never say people are entitled to sex. Sex is an act that predominately makes children. No one is entitled to procreate. It's a biological urge sure, and it's how we keep the species going as a whole, but it's daft that every human is entitled to sex. Sex involves another party and there needs to be consent, you can't be entitled to another person.

I do agree humans are entitled to love though. That's nurturing, and all kids need nurtured.

No. 656883

Is there a way to tell if a youtube channel is using sub bots?

No. 656920

I guess easiest way is to compare the sub count to the actual views and engagement on their videos. If they have like 500k subscribers but their videos only get like a few thousand views each, that's telling. Also you could check socialblade for their channel growth. If they had a huge surge in subs on a single day but it doesn't echo on the following days I'd say that's a bad sign.

No. 656966

Why is Japan obsessed with rape? I don't think I've ever seen a hentai or JAV where there's consensual sex

No. 656973

I want to start a YouTube channel but I’m paranoid of people I know irl finding it. Other than using a username and new email, are there any other precautions I could take to keep it off their radar?

No. 656974

Is there proof of huma and clinton actually being together?

No. 656975

What are some ways to earn money with a website if I don't have a business?

No. 656989

I feel like I have no concept of what my face actually looks like. Is this a BDD symptom?

No. 656990

I am gonna armchair here, could it be about how the rise and grind culture makes the scrotes crave for control?

No. 656997

Why are people so obsessed with drinking water and staying hydrated nowadays? Everywhere you go you see people going "don't forget to stay hydrated bbs <3" and "remember to drink water". Is it just another yank thing?

No. 657001

It's just an easy way for twitterfags to look sweet and considerate imo. You don't need to be an expert on anything to say that drinking water is good, so.

No. 657021

I'm teaching myself to type with 10 fingers so I can write more efficiently, but it feels so uncomfortable. I have trouble reaching certain keys well, especially those I need to press with my ring and middle fingers. It's just difficult to bend those fingers that way. Does it ever become more comfortable?

No. 657033

No, you need to buy an adequate keyboard. There is a huge variety in keyboard size and key arrangement, try searching for more compact ones if you have a smaller finger span.

No. 657037

Is it normal to think about the future death of your parents a lot? Mine are in in their 50s and are in decent health, but I keep imagining out how they will die someday and how I'm gonna be lost without them.
I had a childhood acquaintance die suddenly of cancer in his mid 20s a few months ago and now I'm just thinking so much more about impermanent everyone in my life is. I thought I'd be seeing him a few times every year for years to come, and he was just gone like that. Should I really be so fixated on this stuff?

No. 657045

I've had anxiety over my parents' death (and just death in general) since I was 11, I don't know how common it is because I don't talk about this kind of stuff with other people. I just know that when they'll die, I'll be devastated. The only people I know who have died are my grandparents, but I was not close to them at all so I did not really feel sad.

No. 657052

Why the fuck are Pink News' headlines always written so tabloidy? Why all of these editorializing adjectives like "Disgusting" and "Vile"? They read like a stereotypical gay male drama queen which I'm pretty sure is counterintuitive to their advocacy.

No. 657055

who else here has closed eye hallucinations/visuals? they are not dreams or hypnagogic phenomena, i can just close my eyes and see uncontrollable ps2 era graphics, alien worlds and dead faces morphing around and when i open my eyes it's still there. since i was a kid i saw all sorts of shit and i think it's probably common but nobody seems to talk about it except me

No. 657056

I have the same thoughts and for me it also started when I was a kid. I am anxious in general though and always think about the future (and the horrible things that could happen), not the present, so it is not that surprising to me. Now that my parents are really getting older, the thought of their death still scares me, but my worries shifted a bit and became more "realistic". I now hope that they will not be in too much pain and can have a peaceful life. My mom has chronic rheumatism and my dad had a heart attack this year, and they both show first signs of becoming old people. I just want them to be as happy and healthy as possible. And I am still scared of their death, but I also hope now that they will leave this earth at about the same time because I don’t want them to be alone.

No. 657058

I do but when I open my eyes they dissappear. Usually they're just shapes or faces I can't recognize because the features aren't clear enough.
I also see a strong light sometimes when I close my eyes which is really annoying because I want to sleep and the light won't let me.

No. 657061

File: 1602848161837.jpg (129.59 KB, 1080x1216, c10859a4364e61826d2afb1e608572…)

Do you girls shave your arms? I wasn't too bothered by my arm hair but recently I've become self conscious about it. Idk if I should shave it, having arm stubble sounds so weird. They're pretty hairy though, like pic related.

No. 657066

Same, anon. I like horror and sometimes do tur crime, but it makes me hate men even more than i do. I think it's extremely taxing on your mental health and any woman who is obsessed with it is either lying or she's mentally unstable. that shit is not good for you after a while. it makes me sick and hate this world

No. 657067

I personally never bothered. I remember when I was in high school, one of the girls' accidently pricked me with her armstubbles in dance class and it hurt like a bitch lmao. That's when I decided to never shave mine

No. 657068

No but my hair is nearly invisible. But in your case I feel like if you shave it you're just replacing a non-problem (hair) with a problem (stubble and ingrown hairs).

No. 657069

Samefag. I consider myself hairier than average but not as hairy as the girl in the pic

No. 657070

No. Whats the point?

No. 657072

>Is she still fucking Huma?
Where did this come from?? Sounds like political fanfic

No. 657074

Mine are similar and I shave them when I get them out (so not really over the winter). They do look slimmer/nicer shaved. A hair removal cream or waxing may be a better option, but I find the hair is quite fine so it’s not annoying stubble like on my legs

If you have money to spare then you could have IPL done either professionally or buy a machine. After the initial few treatments you’ll have less regrowth and just need top up treatments. Some people barely have to shave at all

No. 657075

The hair on my arms is so invisable that it'd be pointless. Weird seeing as I'm dark haired in general?

I leave my legs hairy so chances are I'd leave my arms alone even if they matched the girl in pic

No. 657091

is it normal to feel constantly bloated? everytime I eat, I feel bloated and if I don't eat, I get gasses and get bloated

No. 657093

Is it normal to feel extremely depressed after feeling happy? Most of my days are melancholic, but it's a normal sad. Like how most people are sad more often than not. But when something happens that makes me happy, the following week or so is spent with me feeling extremely badly depressed. Is this a common thing?

No. 657095

no, i've never shaved my arms but my body hair happens to be light. i don't think you should shave it…. Ur a grown ass woman, not a toddler. that hair belongs on you. i wish this wasn't such a fringe belief lmao

No. 657099

I get a bit like this. A couple years ago I changed job and location and my life is boring as fuck now… but I noticed my depression and swings in mood have calmed down alot. I almost prefer isolated boredom over having ups and then downs.

No. 657100

i can't tell you if it's "normal" (the more important thing is whether or not these patterns are disrupting your life, it sounds like you're legitimately depressed tbh) but i personally have one good day that comes out of nowhere and average to awful days afterwords, like i peaked with the good day. everyone is having a weird fucking time right now though

No. 657107

I really relate to this, my life is pretty boring and I just do what I need to do to get by. I don't really have any want to make friends, to pursue romance etc. It's a comfortable dullness. But I dread having happy days becausr I know I'll be feeling real fucking terrible afterwards.
I also think I might be depressed but I don't have it in me to actually get a diagnosis and treatment, it isn't hindering my life (yet). This is a weird timeline and it's exacerbated a lot of issues I have. I feel like the awful mood after a good day is to like, compensate the lack of sadness on that day. Like, to keep things balanced. I don't know, but I don't like it!

No. 657113

File: 1602852073328.jpg (44.85 KB, 1024x860, 5c07e7b70d7996.96087271.1400x1…)

Do these things actually work? Are they any useful?

No. 657115

Not really. You might as well use a spoon to massage your face

No. 657116

Is there any good k vlogger out there you’d recommend? Maybe sb who does Café hopping and kpop stuff?

No. 657117

They just feel really nice on the skin. It feels relaxing. Sometimes when I feel like tight from stress I massage it on my cheeks. I don't think it does anything in particular though. It's very cool on the face.

No. 657121

I thinks it’s unhygienic. Or rather I’d be too lazy to always wash them. Also too cold things on your skin can do more damage than good

No. 657122

anons i have a really nasty cold, what are your best remedies? i'm on paracetamol and lots of hot fluids but feel really terrible
(am vegetarian so can't have chicken soup boo)

No. 657124

they increase blood flow but like another anon said, that's not exclusive to this tool. not sure what >>657121 is on about tho…

No. 657125

Vegetable soup or broth/minestrone would be good instead! No creamy soups. Tea, of course, with honey to help coat your throat. Lots of sleep and rest, honestly, is what helps me get over colds the most, though. Just letting your body fight it gets you over it quickly. Maybe Flonase or steam if your nose is super clogged and you can't stand it. Feel better, anon! Cold suuuuuck. I get one or two every year.

No. 657128

File: 1602854725934.jpg (156.53 KB, 500x375, 8593.jpg)

I'm a little sad tonight. Should I have a cocktail or play PS4 (both is not an option; makes me dizzy)

No. 657131

A cocktail.

No. 657133

miso soup is a pretty good substitute for chicken noodle, i'd say
get well soon!

No. 657134

File: 1602855433539.jpg (23.57 KB, 500x281, tumblr_inline_lsj59cnej.jpg)

Thanks. Here's to you

No. 657137

i bought a vibe and idk how to rationalize the purchase to my husband, i dont want him to feel bad

No. 657139

Does your husband jack off?? I'm pretty sure he'd understand

No. 657143

I was gonna vote for cocktail too. Also that pic is great, kek

No. 657144

nope…he seems kind of weirded out about the whole subject and well, i dont want to have an awkward convo about me buying it. but hiding it would make me feel bad

No. 657159

Do the mods participate in threads?

No. 657160

You don't have to rationalize it. Just inform him you bought it in a neutral manner, whatever he decides to think of it is his problem.

No. 657163

Ugh, my ex found my vibrator that I'd bought specifically because we were having dead bedroom problems (his fault) and he flipped shit. Hopefully your husband isn't that insecure, and even if he is, like. Who cares? You deserve to have your sexual needs fulfilled both with and without him. He doesn't need to know if you don't want him to, I guess, but it also really shouldn't be a big deal because…it isn't. You can just tell him "Hey, I bought a vibrator for fun. I want to try it for myself sometime." End of, or however much or little you want to say.

I find it a bit hard to believe he never jacks off, I think everyone does at least sometimes, even in relationships, if not more often in them. Even if he doesn't, again, it doesn't mean that you're not allowed to. He and/or his insecurities don't dictate your self-sexual activity.

No. 657167

How can men be so fucking weak

No. 657168

Miso is fish paste so if anon is a veggie I don't think it's a good idea.

No. 657174

Miso paste is soybeans. Dashi stock to make miso soup is boiled fish shavings so anon just needs to use a vegan broth substitute.

No. 657175

Only if they sense a terf

No. 657176

Girl idk but never again kek my vibrator is still going strong and I've even been able to use it with other partners.

No. 657177

fish paste?? Did you even bother googling it before you said that?

No. 657179

Probably. I imagine the GNC girl that keeps coming around is a mod. It's all she fucking complains about as if she can't stand that this is board culture when just no one gives a shit.

No. 657183

Enjoy it anon, they're fun but they're also convenient. Make time for both haha

No. 657192

What was the survey that the mods did? Why do ppl seem bitter about its outcomes?

No. 657196

You mean participating as anonymous users? I don't doubt that considering the staff is selected from the userbase.

No. 657199

My terf sense is tingling god damn it, where is my "back 2 AG with you" hammer???

No. 657201

I stopped watching anime years ago and never cared for most weeb shit, but I still have a problem with getting over kboo shit and haven't quite managed to shake my obsession off yet.

No. 657212

In your opinion, is funny innate? How can one become funny? I find self-deprecation relatable humor extremely unfunny unless done in very specific way.

No. 657216

if you're ugly and your life is hard you're more likely to be funny

No. 657223

humor is mostly good comedic timing and wittiness. you can sharpen those skills if they're not good of course, but to some people it just comes naturally.

No. 657252

For a couple years though I never considered myself a “weeb” I was really into anime and occasionally jdramas and j-music (along with entertainment from other East Asian countries like kpop and kdramas) but over time I got over it , especially after getting away from someone who was into that stuff as well. Now I regret the time I wasted during those years but what’s done is done ig. Nothing I can do to change that.

No. 657342

Is there any way to know if some diseases or conditions run in your family? I am not connected to my dad's side of the family and I want to know if there are somethings I might be prone to.

No. 657348

I'm making the assumption that you are in contact with your dad, sorry if it's wrong. Is your dad knowledgeable about his side of the family? He could answer for you. If he can't, you could take a DNA test by 23andme etc, but there are some ramifications you might not want.

No. 657349

what's with 16 y/o boys making gross pedophile jokes wtf

No. 657350

ntayrt but what are these ramifications? I read smthg about it a long time ago but tbh I still didn't understand after reading, and i didnt even skim through. It did put me off ordering a 23and me kit though…

No. 657354

Back in high school, I used to be "friends" with this one boy who always made pedo jokes. He'd even insinuated he wanted to diddle kids. Never found it funny. He was kind of an attention whore too, so probably that, or he was just an actual pedo.

No. 657355

No, I'm not in contact with my dad, but I could be if I had a desire to. I would be weird to call him and ask about diseases running in his family whem I have never talked to him before haha. I'm not sure if 23andme operates in this country and if I could even be sent a kit… sucks. I'm always paranoid about like, never knowing if I have chances to develop alzheimers or some cancers or something.

No. 657358

I went to a festival with my sister and some of her college friends some years ago. One of her college friends had brought her small cousins with her (it was a videoproject thingy) and two dudes kept making pedophile jokes with the fucking children near them and a teenaged me. They were like 24-ish. It was crazy how openly they were being so edgy and gross.

No. 657366

at least the 16 year olds have the excuse of being immature

No. 657375

File: 1602872140059.jpg (518.03 KB, 986x1377, Screenshot_20201015-185931_Chr…)

I liked this anon's response from a day or two ago
Oh, I see… I'm also out of ideas, but I hope that you will stay healthy, anon!

No. 657378

Nope, it's not normal. Maybe you have food allergies/intolerances or IBS. Buy GOOD probiotics and take it. Also you can try drink apple cider vinegar with water.
I have IBS and I still have problems with bloating but it's better now.

No. 657388

why can i drink alcohol on an empty stomach when a tiny bit of water on am empty stomach comes right back up?

No. 657391

any of you guys have wisdom teeth or have had them removed? i went to the dentist for the first time in a decade and found out i have impacted wisdom teeth. they say i have to get them removed but do i REALLY have to? they’re not causing me any pain now but i’m worried that if i don’t get them taken out now then they’re going to give me issues in the future

No. 657392

I see crazy shit or old memories when I meditate and get my brain into theta state.
Maybe that's it, go search theta brain waves.
Btw you shouldn't drink too much water, like 2 liters like everyone recommends. That's an insane amount of water.
Normal - yes, a lot - no (not healthy).
I mean, if you just get through death of someone close then it's understable.
Still, you should work on that if that makes you feel bad and you think about it a lot. Find anxiety relief methods that work for you, or get into mediattion/mindfulness. If you won't work on it, it can turn into deeper anxiety or even a phobia in the future (or maybe other mental problem).
Also thinking about bad possibilities or hard past events is really bad/traumatic for your brain overall, it makes your stress level higher as if you actually get through bad events all the time (subconscious doesn't see diffrence between reality and your thoughts/dreams).

No. 657395

yes, i would suggest you get them removed. they might not be a problem now but you don’t want it turn into a big problem and risk an infection

No. 657396

Got mine removed last year. My bottom wisdom teeth were impacted and started poking out just a little bit when I was in highschool and never gave me any issues until like 10 years later. I thought that I could just go with never getting them taken out, and I think for some people they just never cause any issue or may never fully erupt, but if they do start to erupt, that shit hurts.

It's really up to you whether or not you want to get them taken out, but I recommend it. There's no downside to getting them out, save for the few days post surgery where it just kinda sucks. I never planned to get mine out but was forced to because the pain was unbearable. Even the slightest touch was awful.

No. 657400

i googled that and it looks like theta brain waves occur when barely conscious or something. So that's not it

No. 657405

I hate to be the what is memes fag but I just don't get why "based" is a thing

Like I saw how it started with that guy who called his girlfriend based and redpilled meaning she was a cool girl, I know what redpilled means but why did he say based?

Was it a typo and that's why it's funny? Did he mean to say biased or something?

Anon pls help I'm so dumb

No. 657412

There are people who can get into that state while still be conscious. Well, it's just a wild guess.
Maybe it's some neurological problem? If that's so, it's sounds serious.

No. 657413

i think it's because we don't know what they do with it exactly. Everyone always talks about how it's so bad for these companies to have your personal information, but the reason is vastly vague. There are no examples as to what's so bad about it other than targeted advertising. Most people figure since they have nothing to hide, it shouldn't be a problem.

No. 657414

wait what guy are you talking about

No. 657416

What are you supposed to do with money? I used to be a poorfag so am not used to having any. Cannot travel currently and do not need/want any expensive items. I don’t enjoy shopping for the sake of it. No interest in new hobbies. Sometimes I buy nice food but generally enjoy the normal stuff. I’ve thought about investing in stocks and shares but I’m too lazy. It’s weird because I wanted so much crap when I was really poor

No. 657417

No. 657424

When was the last time someone told you you were beautiful, anons?

No. 657427

I call myself beautiful everyday, I'm a narcissist.

No. 657428

>thought about investing in stocks and shares but I’m too lazy
This is a very good idea anon, don't over-complicate it. Now that you have money you should make it work for you so that you'll still be able to provide for yourself/any family when you're older. You can hire a stock broker/financial advisor if you don't want to have to think about it at all, but if you just want year over year return and aren't looking to get crazy rich quickly, you simply need to invest in boring, reliable assets like JPM, JNJ, PG and some ETFs like VOO. Just keep sticking money in solid portfolio picks and you don't have to monitor anything in the day to day, it's all about cash you'll get many years down the line.

No. 657430

I haven't ever been called beautiful ;-; only cute. last time back in febrary lol

No. 657431

When I tap myself on the back of my head I hear a slight echo.
Is that normal? It's only that one place on my head, that spot is also quite flat.

No. 657433

Don't forget that cute actually means ugly!! T. That one anon i'm sure you're pretty and cute anon

No. 657436

I was called cute about a month ago by a friend who's most attractive that me

No. 657438

File: 1602878965860.jpg (31.14 KB, 236x265, IMG_0013.JPG)

Is vestiaire a decent place for getting second-hand clothing, not necessarily luxury bags/clothing, but just clothing generally?

No. 657442

My bf called me beautiful the other day and it took me off guard because he doesn't normally compliment my looks.

No. 657446

Thanks anon, that’s helpful

No. 657447

My therapist told me so yesterday and my dad said so in an email today kek

No. 657459

Love the photo. Do you play dead by daylight by any chance?

No. 657460

Men are weak, but i cant stand women who feel so uwu, gotta explain to my hubby i need to masturbate too. Pathetic.

I hope you're a grown ass woman. just enjoy your vibrator. women are told all the time to hide themselves from people. Just enjoy it and he gets nasty about it, i'd double think my marriage to a pathethic man like that

No. 657466

Fancy tasty trader joes food, long lasting and tailored clothing, a facial, matching decorations for your house

No. 657474

They can help drain your lymph nodes and reduce puffiness.

No. 657476

Save the money for when you'll need it in case of emergencies or when you'll want to buy something expensive at release.

No. 657479

The /r/personalfinance wiki is a good starting point. Investing is important (and extremely easy, laziness should not factor in) but first you should save a 6 month emergency fund.

Embrace your lack of interest in buying shit, keep it up for as long as possible.

No. 657584

Lmao what the fuck is it with people getting married and knowing next to nothing about each other
You must have dated before getting married? The subject of masturbation never came up? Ever? Why can’t you talk to him about this? You actually married this motherfucker? Are you kidding me? Christ no wonder marriages fail so often

No. 657602

Has anyone taken the CCNA? Was it hard? How much of it dealt with physical networking? What were your favorite study resources?

No. 657611

this and on top of that why the hell would you marry someone who would take issue with something like that?

No. 657617

It’s shockingly common for couples to never communicate about anything that actually matters. Makes me extremely grateful to have a relationship where I can talk to my partner about anything, but to be fair I had to hammer that into him before he started proactively sharing things with me. Idk, I think a lot of people grow up with very noncommunicative families that outright avoid difficult or potentially uncomfortable topics so they end up believing that’s healthy and normal.

No. 657632

Yep, for over 10 years now. My arm hair was slightly thicker and darker than your picture. I have no negative side effects, if anything my hair grows in lighter and thinner now.

No. 657634

Oh, we've talked about it. We've used sex toys/bondage stuff together before as well, it's just that it's been a while, I guess. We're both kind of prudish by default and it's been quite a bit since I've expressed serious interest in vibrators or anything, so I was just worried about it being weird or making him feel unwanted. I know at the end of the day he'll be ok with it, I'm just kind of shy kek. I still don't know how to breach the subject and it's coming next week.

No. 657661


I got teased as a kid because my armchair was so thick and dark so for a while I used one of those buzzy eyebrow trimmers to shave it off. As I got older I didn’t care so much, and simultaneously my hair got lighter. It’s still thick but barely darker than my skin so I hardly even remember it’s there.

No. 657665

I used to think my arms were so hairy because they’re not perfectly smooth, it took me forever to accept they’re pretty much normal or maybe just slightly hairier than average. I fucking hate the beauty standards around female body hair.

Unless it’s really prominent, leave that shit alone. Don’t shave your arms, that sounds awful. The hair will grow back with a blunt edge and look darker. Waxing/sugaring would probably be best if you really want to remove it, but I’m sure it’s really not that bad. You probably think it’s much worse than it is because of advertising and shitty beauty standards.

No. 657669

I've shaved em ever since I was 11. Of my own free will just messing around with my sisters razor, only takes me 5 seconds per arm and don't need anything but water. The hair is so fine it doesn't even really feel like stubble. Leg hair, that shit is a different story. Idc if other women don't shave. I just like the feeling.

No. 657671

I started using hair removal cream on my arms a few years ago, it's only occasional though. Like before an event or every couple of months. My arm hair doesn't really bother me since it's fairly light but I do think my skin looks nicer without it.

I wouldn't shave it, waxing or cream only.

No. 657679

How do you know if you have PCOS if you're not particularly hairy in specific spots, have a regular period, but have hormonal acne? I hear that monthly hormonal acne can be attributed to PCOS. Or am I confusing the logic? (Ie. If one has hormonal acne, then you have PCOS vs If one has PCOS, they have hormonal acne)
inb4 ask a doctor. I'm looking for anons who have similar symptoms

No. 657685

anyone wanna be my friend?

No. 657687

Can we make friendship bracelets, please?

No. 657791

When anons on here guess/deduct that someone might've been molested because of the way they are now, are they just throwing darts in the dark and just guessing? Spitballing? Or is there really a pattern or a few clues into how a person who's been diddled acts?

No. 657792

File: 1602933300598.jpg (134.73 KB, 1024x682, M9H0w7yaPD8VOVw33usOx6URPQMqUh…)

No. 657796

Are you >>657790?
Are we being raided?

No. 657797

What? No, I'm not. I saw some anons discussing a cartoon creator in the characters that scared you thread on /m/ and got curious.

No. 657798

File: 1602934141491.jpg (211.9 KB, 540x720, aesthetic manby.jpg)

I've been wanting to buy a second-hand well-fitting, normal-looking collared shirt made of breathable naturaural fibres ,like cotton or wool, that suites a petite frame for £35 or under (including shipping), and have been considering buying it from a Japanese site like yahoo!auctions, but I'm unsure what (Japanese) brands make the most high quality clothing that will last me at least 5 years. What are some high quality (Japanese) brands to look out for?

No. 657800

what are you even trying to say with this post lmao

No. 657804

File: 1602935699007.jpg (19.47 KB, 225x225, download.jpg)

I've seen someone on lc thirst over Nyango Star (the crazy drummer playing at a kids show) and someone said they're actually female. Is this true? I can't find any info on this.

No. 657805

+ I obviously mean the person in the costume, not the mascot itself lmao

No. 657812

no no they meant the costume. nyango starr is T H I C C

No. 657814

I probably should because I’m low key a Sasquatch but lately I haven’t bothered doing any hair grooming. Brows unifying, leg hair tangled, arms furry, snatch and back hair flowing and I’m feeling good.

No. 657820

Is there a term for people who have slightly poor body image issues and lose weight to the point of being almost underweight, but aren't particularly obsessed with calorie counting or indulging sometimes? or is that still count as anachan?

No. 657823


No. 657842

When did we go from pickme to pickmeisha and what's the difference?

No. 657852

What the fuck does thicc even mean???? It’s supposed to be good right?? It sounds like a compliment but when skinny is always the dominant beauty ideal I feel like I’m going insane.

A male friend who hasn’t seen me irl since March called me “highkey thicc” after I shared a recent photo of me. I’ve been recovering from my eating disorder during quarantine and this comment made me want to fucking die lmao.

No. 657855

Did you actually get highkey thicc or does he have "real women are shaped without shapes only" mentality?

No. 657856

this is one of those "if you have to ask" scenarios.

No. 657857


Thicc means curvy or like not-skinny but in a sexy way, basically when a girl is hot with t&a she's thicc

He's not insulting you he's just trying to call you hot like a clueless scrote

No. 657864

I’ve gained 20 pounds so I’m definitely bigger. I also have an hourglass body type too so it makes sense, but after seeing thicc be applied to everything from small with a bit of ass to literally big chungus I have no idea where I fall.

So it was a compliment. I guess it’s my own body issues & media brainwashing getting in the way but I just can’t comprehend scrotes actually being into the fuller bodies they meme about.

No. 657871

Yeah I wouldn't worry, scrotes are simple creatures lol

Congrats on working on recovery anon, take care of yourself!

No. 657872

Sounds fine then, like he meant it in a good way. Skinny is dominant in media because the people putting out that content want it that way, it doesn't matter what's trending among actual people.
I get it. I'm autistic as shit about compliments and always second guess people's intentions or if they meant it. I had a woman tell me that I "looked pretty today" coming out of the grocery store. I looked like a wood hag, bed head, leftover eye makeup and what I found out were sheer sleeping pants that my underwear were visible in on my butt.

No. 657884

What food works for yout constipation, i am in fkn pain anons help i googled yea but i need verified anon info

No. 657885

If I haven't pooped for a bit I'll have some coffee and it'll move me right along. Any fiber helps me too.

No. 657887

Oatmeal and fruits, mostly kiwis and citrics. Also cold water in the mornings

No. 657888


No. 657890

Coffee, bananas and prunes usually do it for me. Or diary products since I'm lactose intolerant…

No. 657892

I am gonna try all of these, except for the citrus unless pineapple juice works too, thank u anons!!

No. 657898

I heard the same about those foods, but warm water (or tea) in the morning.

No. 657899

If you hypothetically drop a (very small) piece of poop in the shower drain, will it flush away with some water? Or will it clog the drain?

No. 657902

Coffe + orange juice and you'll go, believe me

No. 657903

Did you shit in the shower anon

No. 657906

I didn't… I picked a piece of poo that won't flush after 5 attempts from the toilet into the shower drain. I just wanna know if it will stay there or if it will flush away. Urgent. Not my toilet.

No. 657907

This is my first time in her house anons, i don't want my piece of poop clogging her shower drain or somethijg…. ive been in her tiolet for the past 30 mins

No. 657910

Is there a way to avoid gas after eating? It doesn't matter what I eat I always get gassy 1-2 minutes after I eat

No. 657911

It's going to smell like shit. No.
Ask her for a fucking plunger.

No. 657912

I’m crying fucking lmao just do it anon it’s better than standing there holding shit??

No. 657913

Also, now you're going to need to stealth bleach her shower. Anon. I understand panic, but you just made some work for yourself.

No. 657916

Fuck i want to kms this si so stressful i just poured a shitton of water in the shower drain and i can't see the poop piece anymore so maybe its gotten flushed away? Or broke apart into small particles? I don't know if it smells like shit or not because my nose can't really smell it anymore, i probably smell like poop fuck this s much

No. 657922

Can cleaning supplies amd shampoo unclog a possibly clogged shower drain?

No. 657927

Well I think you learned an important lesson. Never poop in strange toilets

No. 657929

File: 1602953133711.jpg (7.44 KB, 424x424, external-content.duckduckgo.co…)

I don't think so, if anything you'll risk that the soap will clog it up further because it can't drain. Try boiling water first, if that doesn't work get one of those pic related things (idk what they're called). Make sure it's one made of rubber, not plastic. I've used it before myself and my shower was unclogged in minutes.

No. 657940

How can I get a guy who's into me to send me dick pics?

No. 657942

Now this is what I call a truly stupid ass question.
Men will always be willing to send dick pics. Just ask him for it.

No. 657955

I have hairy arms like the girl in your pic and don't shave them. If my self confidence is particularly low on any given day I feel kind of bothered by it but it's very rarely. shaved them one and the hairs grew back in odd directions and stayed that way for the best part of a year. I wouldn't shave them if I were you, embrace them! I actually don't mind mine 98% of the time, like I say. they're nothing to be ashamed of, anon

No. 657959

This requires context when you're shamewalking home. It'll be okay, anon.

No. 657960

Text them and say “QUICK send me a picture of something shaped like a penis GO.”
Works every time.

No. 657969

I'm omw home. Devastated. Thank you for the kind words.

No. 657975

My arms are like this though the hair is blonde. I've always thought hairy arms on girls are cute tbh.

No. 657989

File: 1602958216135.jpg (121.2 KB, 736x981, f26a584d565521d9d30dcf7dac41e0…)

Do you guys think the United Nations will dissolve in the near future? Or is it possible that they improve their reputation?
They were already facing a strong liquidity crisis even before the pandemic and nowadays people and governments only seem to criticize it but I wish they could get their shit together, maybe I'm naive, but I do believe in diplomacy, international relations and their humanitarian projects are bringing education, food and health to millions of people in affected areas. It's also been my dream to work there ever since I was a teen, so I care about it

No. 657993

UN is sucking islam dick, so no. Nuke it.

No. 658039

How to fix an app that will not stop force closing? I've uninstalled and reinstalled several times, restarted my phone twice, updated my phone (and then repeated reinstalling and restarting) and the app is still force closing. What the fuck can I even do now?? I have an iPhone, it's the stupid Pret a Manger app (trying to get free coffee via work lmao)

>inb4 switch to android

No. 658076

how do i find out what i want for life?
even my sims have aspirations and career goals, why can't i have too

No. 658097

you may be running low on memory? delete useless shit and try again

No. 658102

File: 1602967097417.jpg (272.81 KB, 1280x800, tumblr_lws3ljkZAO1qzun8oo1_128…)

How do i smoke less? i don't wanna stop smoking but i genuinely hate smoking a pack a day because my throat feels like shit in the morning

No. 658116

Why do 6'3+ men often have fucked up proportions? They have funny long skulls and arms and narrow shoulders, they look like fucking freaks. It's really rare to see a 6'3+ guy with good face and body proportions. Men in 6'0 - 6'2 range have the best proportions on average. But a 6'5 guy with beautiful proportions is an unbeatable beast. I've only seen one such guy in my life and he seemed unreal. I don't get why they're so rare, women of above average height usually look better than men of above average height.

No. 658122

I don’t know, anon, I’ve been taking some language classes at the UN in Africa and I feel like it’s mostly people sending lots of reports about a bunch of things. They never seem to reach a conclusion about anything.
I got to talk with a woman working there, she was an accountant and she seemed extremely disappointed about where the funds were going.
I think it’s not as amazing as I also thought it was when I was a teen. But I think it’s better if you just jump into the pool and try getting in, it’s nice for the curriculum.
Also, diplomatic relations seem to me like just a bunch of random parties with a tiny bit of discussion about important matters. It depends on the type of ambassador you have though, some ambassadors are business driven and will try to reach some accord with the people they’re dealing with; other ambassadors will be there just for the parties and random donations they can do just for clout.
I was kind of disappointed, but I guess it’s an overall nice job depending on your country and overall position.
i just hate the idea of dealing with prisoners and drug shit

No. 658131

one pack a day? holy shit.
my first advice would be to stop smoking in the morning. The earlier you start smoking every day, the earlier you get into smoker mode aka craving the next cigarette all the time. I don’t know about you, but it worked for me very well, reducing it even further to not smoking everyday, and if I do it’s only a few at most and I used to smoke a lot as well. You will eventually get to the point where you can have longer periods without smoking at all and feel less and less addicted to it. good luck and composure to you!

No. 658138

I'd say pick up some sort of Juul or electronic cigarette- to have better control of the habit. This is of course, assuming that you have a nicotine addiction tho, I know that some people get addicted to the feeling of a cigarette.

No. 658144

Nah my phone says I still have 20gb free…

No. 658145

If its bad to over think then is an empty mind something people should strive for? Should people be in a meditative state as much as possible?

No. 658146

People should mind their own fucking business, and I couldn't care less which state of mind they do it in.

No. 658147

Okay? I think you're confused about what I was asking.

No. 658165

This seems like a slight overreaction to a very reasonable question…

No. 658166

On scale of 1-10 how cringe is it to suddenly change my legal name and start going by something completely different?
My name on birth certificate is foreign which I intend on keeping as middle name. I’ve been called a “white” nickname my whole life which I didn’t choose, idk my parents thought it’d help me assimilate as an immigrant child. So most people don’t even know/remember my real name.
Anyway, nowadays I have no contacts with my old schoolmates, I want to change my name. Both for convenience and symbolic purpose I guess. Lowkey want something special snowflake cringe weeb name lmao (I’m asian) should I do it anons?

No. 658172

I’m not so meditation guru nor an expert in the matters of mind and whatever is all of that big brain stuff.
But I guess the idea is that you’re not stuck thinking about the what if’s so you can be more of an action kind of person.
Like, you’re not supposed to constantly think about what you did 6 months ago in the bakery when you told the cashier “y-you too” while buying some bread, and thus ruining your whole day because of self-inflicted embarrassment.
You also shouldn’t be constantly thinking stuff like “what if I suddenly trip on my feet and fall over someone’s cat and then I get arrested forever?!” because that will only drain you mentally.
The idea of meditating is that you can stop these thoughts so you can focus on what’s important like paying bills, work stuff and the sorts.

No. 658173

1. No one will care honestly

No. 658174

You seem upset, have you tried meditation?

No. 658175

As long as it makes you happy, I don’t see why not? Names are not that important unless you’re naming yourself something like moonlighted star of the seafoamed rock under the pact of the faeries or ravenous beast

No. 658179

You change it to Inuyasha anon

No. 658196

Ah okay. Thanks anon

No. 658243

What do people do while listening to audiobooks? Like do you lay there and listen? I literally can't think of anything else you could do while still paying attention to what's playing

No. 658246

Sew, beading, crosstitch, do my skincare or makeup, cook, fall asleep. I can't do shittily read audiobooks and prefer ones that are read pretty lively or are basically radio plays. I also rarely actually LOOK at youtube videos so everything is a podcast or an audiobook to me.

No. 658248

Clean, exercise, drive

No. 658252

podcasts for me- i walk outside in the forest (if you live in a safe area!), work on illustrations, or grind in browser games. also what other anon said- sewing, making jewelry, and cleaning

No. 658256

Oh this makes sense. I listen to podcasts too but, I feel like they're different from audiobooks cause they're real conversations and audiobooks are more monotonous.

No. 658265

Yeah, I get what you mean, even one person podcasts just sink in better. I enjoy listening to nonfiction audiobooks only, I find them to actually seep into my brain, just some basic "Ancient history audiobook" on youtube, they tend to be read in a more intense way if that makes sense?

No. 658271

Why are the most recent bon appetit videos getting so many dislikes? Like I know people are upset over the internal dynamics of the company but what’s wrong with them publishing videos?

No. 658273

They didn't really address what they did, just started coming back with new videos. Also, recently Sohla did an interview with Vulture, and said

>she says. “And Chris Morocco [the director of the Test Kitchen] directly told me he didn’t like how quickly I moved up, so he wanted to make sure this person would never be allowed to develop recipes.” As she puts it, management didn’t want another “Sohla problem.” (Through a Condé Nast spokesperson, Morocco stated that this conversation did not happen.)

>“They couldn’t find a single Black person who they thought was good enough to work in the Test Kitchen,” she continues, “but they were bringing in really experienced people, who have been in the industry longer than me, to work below us. Think about it: Every other person who’s had this job, this was their first job, because this is an entry-level position. But when they want to hire a person of color for that position, we need to have a million years of experience

No. 658275

Samefag but forgot to add, a lot of the cast isn't coming back, so that might also be why

No. 658280

Am i am asshole if i just ghost a friend? We talk on and off but lately i can't deal with her right wing views. Last time we are out together she almost had a Karen melt down because the server forgot something and she claimed we were being oppressed. We are both super white.

No. 658285

Ah I didn’t realize most of the cast had left. It’s a shame what happened with that channel because it’ll probably die but I suppose it had to happen

No. 658300

stupid question bc it's so obscure no one may even know but idk where to ask

I had found the instagram page of a blond white male model and his asian female model best friend / gf. I wanna find them again since I liked looking at them both and they had a lot of editorial-looking shots.
details I remember about them: the guy had curly longish hair which is uncommon nowadays. the pair were vague about their relationship but they were suuuper close, and this apparently caused ppl to leave comments saying the girl was uglier than him (no she was not, they were supermodel-tier). I think they were both roughly 18-19+

yeah really autistic but would anyone know who I'm talking about?

No. 658303

Can some big brain English anon tell me what "She has my intimacy and that's no small thing." mean?

No. 658310

Could you give a little more context?

No. 658311

Intimacy is basically being extremely close. Like when someone says "they know intimate details about me". I assume in this sentence they mean this person is close with them emotionally and sexually. They're basically saying the other person is very close to them, they have opened up to them and that they know them like the back of their hand, and that's a big commitment.

No. 658318

How do you start a conversation on a dating app without just saying “hey”?? I’ve given up on meeting anyone irl thanks to the pandemic, but this is miserable

No. 658319

Ask them a question related to what they wrote on their profile.

No. 658320

Ugh but anon what if their profile says next to nothing? Should I just ask for an album recommendation if they have Spotify linked? I feel like I always fall back on music because (almost) everyone likes music and has opinions on it, but it’s always such a weird conversation

No. 658321

“She is very close to me and that’s a pretty big deal”

No. 658324

Sure, since you said they didn't write anything else. But honestly, I'd be questioning how serious they are about online dating if they didn't write anything on their profile.

No. 658382

Help, do you guys know that weird discomfort in your arms where you feel the urge to squeeze them for relief? Is there any way to deal with that besides, well, constantly squeezing them?? Idk the proper terms to google so I don't really get the medical advice I'm looking for

No. 658394

Like they go numb? I don't think I understand

No. 658400

Not numb, it's like your muscles are begging to have pressure applied to them. I hope someone out there understands me lmao

No. 658403

Muscle spasm?

No. 658404

Paranoia thread got me thinking, what do you anons do to keep your privacy safe?
I tend to change and delete my emails often but I’m sure I can do more.

No. 658405

I changed all my passwords (email, Paypal, etc) to randomly generated ones

No. 658406

Is it like restless leg syndrome, but on arms? Sometimes I get this feeling in my legs like i just have to stretch them out and it goes on for hours

No. 658407

Restless arm syndrome? I get restless legs all the time.

No. 658410

>local password manager
>every account has its own e-mail
For accs that I want to keep hidden, but it's better to not have any if you can I think.
>change passwords every few months
>clear cookies after every session

No. 658413

Anon, what VPN are you using? Are there free ones that are actually good?

No. 658419

I see the keylogger and cookie talk often but what exactly does it do?

No. 658427

Nta but no, for the "free" ones you pay with your data, which defeats the purpose of a vpn for privacy.

A while ago I was looking into VPNs myself and I saw acorss a comparison sheet (https://thatoneprivacysite.net/) that compares a lot of VPN providers on various different factors. I found out there's much more to it than just picking a paid VPN provider. For example, if the VPN provider is located in a so-called 5, 9 or 14 eyes country, there's concerns there because those countries share digital data with each other. Like, there's a LOT of factors that can potentionally affect how much your privacy really is protected with a certain VPN provider. I found it really daunting to choose one myself.

But that's just account protection though? If that's all you do you're still being tracked everywhere,

No. 658431

I am password-changing anon and reading all this made me realize I know nothing about data protection lmao

No. 658446

What are some ways to earn money with little or minimal effort?

No. 658447

Is coding worth learning?

No. 658448

what's your opinion on brightly dyed hair? My sister turned 30 and dyed her hair half pink on one side and half blue on the other. I think it's a well done dye job but it's hard to not think it looks a bit immature on her. Maybe lolcow has ruined me because I keep thinking of pixielocks when I see her.

No. 658455

I think it's ugly af personally but the world would be fucking boring if people never altered their appearance in any way that I don't like. So I guess I kind of like it in the sense that she does what she wants/out of the box?

No. 658465

I actually dismissed that at first because of the name but reading more about it I think you might be on the right track; it's especially in line with my very poor sleep lately. Thanks anons, I'ma keep investigating

No. 658490

How do I improve my speaking skills when I have noone to talk to?

No. 658492

Former shut-in/hikki here. How do I get involved in IRL art/fashion/music scenes in my area? I don't know anybody, and I don't really have a social media presence, but I want to make friends who like the same things I do.
I found a few groups and individuals doing stuff through the internet, and some even have NGOs specifically for learning how to do stuff and networking, but they're not doing any new events at the moment because of COVID. What do?

No. 658493

I was also on the search gor friends but it’s really difficult during social distancing n shit. Maybe there is a facebook group you can join and get to know people?

No. 658512

File: 1603025500126.jpg (79.97 KB, 607x362, lolcow.jpg)

Would this make a decent dumbass shit or Stupid questions thread pic?

No. 658514

No. 658516

I'd just sit covid out and join a new event after tbh. It's just a hassle trying to meet new people right now.

I like it

No. 658517

at around 4 or 5. 6 or 7 in the weekend. We eat dinner early in my country since lunch is a small meal at around 11-12. i think american lunches are bigger and later in the day, hence later dinners. idk. we also eat supper here.

No. 658526

>i think american lunches are bigger
Oh that makes sense. I was wondering how people can possibly have dinner at 8 or 9 without having rumbling stomaches lol

In my country we eat between 5 and 6 and sit down for coffee around 8-9, do people who have late dinner have coffee early in the evening?

No. 658528

Speaking in your native language or another? Could try speaking to yourself or reading aloud if it’s your native. Join a club if COVID allows. If you need to imitate others or get feedback then a language exchange website

No. 658537

It would be really good for either of those threads imo

No. 658563

8 and later.

No. 658567

between 6 and 8

No. 658585

Am I the only person here terrible at moid detection? I read the post and respond or consider responding and see a swarm of -reee, scrotes we curse thee-. My bullshit detection senses are usually good, what the fuck is wrong with me?

No. 658586

There are times when it's very obvious that it's a man posting, but also keep in mind that anons always turn to calling people scrote as long as they disagree with them. So sometimes it actually isn't a scrote and it's just anons being retarded.

No. 658587

Most of the time it's not that obvious at the beginning. And well, if you're hinting at the now closed thread, it was opened in a convenient timing… https://desuarchive.org/r9k/thread/60524132

No. 658589

scroteposting is very easily detectable, men are really bad at pretending to be women

No. 658590

Hmm, the exact words used. Thanks for the link anon, I never go on /r9k/ and similiar boards so wouldn't have known.

No. 658591

Anons do sometimes miss the mark though, I was called a male just today.

No. 658593

It's annoying because they keep repeating this "Places full of fembots/femcels posting about tfw no bf" shit.
How many people are posting "tfw no bf"? If anything, it's "I'm sick and tired of my bf", "My bf did all these things, am I crazy for being upset?", "Fuck having a bf, fuck men in general".
They really want to force parallels where there are none.

No. 658594

No, I can't detect it 9/10 times either lol.

No. 658600

Yeah, I'm not picking up on nuances. I guess it's good that I'm jaded and contactfagging here is nil because I would be fucked for vetting.
That makes sense then. Thanks for doing the detective work. You would think they would know better than to make a thread about it when there's femanon crossposters, but alas.

No. 658601

No problem, I don't use it either but sometimes when it feels like lc is being raided, it helps to just look up "lolcow" on the archive to check. And like 3 out of 5 times it's them lmao.

No. 658606

would fucking your sister-in-law be weird and incestuous

No. 658609

If you want an example here's a good one >>658606

They unironically think that girls here are mad that chad won't fuck them and keep having fierce catfights only over male attention because that's literally how their brains perceive women as.

No. 658614

How do you do, fellow woman?

No. 658615

gay women don't exist ig

anyways if it's like it's your sister's husband's sister

No. 658621

We can have fierce catfights over literally anything.
I don't get the chad obsession with them, but it's almost an idolatry with them. Chads are observably attractive and that's roughly it. How many women do you know go for the chad experience? I know of none irl. I've come to realize that I've avoided them because I always thought they strolled along with a sense of pussy entitlement (and because being a 10/10 looks male probably meant you were borderline retarded andhad the personality of plain shaved ice), but evidently that's nearly all of the little fucks.

No. 658640

Kek they get triggered that most women would just rather have a young leonardo than henry cavill. This chad shit is homoerotic, men are natural slaves and need hierarchy so they look up to the biggest dude. They have no empathy or logic so they can't understand that women don't want or feel the same way as them. Just accept your place in the world scrotes, chop off your dick and go serve chad.

No. 658641

What is my sexuality if I get off to hetero porn, but I like the idea/fantasy of hetero sex more than the real thing; and I find watching lesbian porn offputting, but I enjoy the idea of having sex with a woman?

No. 658658

If you can only see yourself enjoying sex with a woman, you're a lesbian.
I don't watch porn, but from what I've heard, it's not uncommon for lesbians to dislike lesbian porn because a lot of it is made with the male gaze in mind. I don't know if you hate all lesbian porn or just that specific type.

No. 658676

We cant tell you what your sexuality is lol. You can like what you like, sometimes labels aren't that important.

No. 658696

File: 1603040055960.jpg (308.45 KB, 1900x2533, ZK826-99X-004_1.jpg)

Is it possible to wear loafers and still look feminine?

No. 658698

I have some penny loafers that have little tassels that look sorta cute

No. 658701

It's a text my boyfriend had opened on our macbook (we share it) and it had my name on it instead of She.
Thank you anons.

No. 658703

File: 1603041938880.jpg (75.92 KB, 564x1089, 07-a-white-sheath-dress-with-l…)

depends on how you style them. They look cute with dresses, but pants can also work.

No. 658704

File: 1603041973470.png (1 MB, 735x1102, 15-Outfits-With-Suede-Loafers-…)

No. 658705

File: 1603042005990.jpg (81.18 KB, 600x812, best-white-loafers-navy-and-wh…)

sorry for mini spam

No. 658721

Is having a timeless wardrobe just a meme?

No. 658725

File: 1603043938994.jpg (1.63 MB, 1440x1587, whoisshe.jpg)

What are these dolls called? My mom has like 5 of these with their stands gathering dust, could I sell them?

No. 658729

The closest thing I found is "Musha Ningyo". Have you tried to find any kind of branding/writing on the dolls? Even if it's in a different language you can try to figure out what it means. Why would you want to sell someone else's stuff?

No. 658733

There is no branding anywhere, though searching this term led me to a festival named Hinamatsuri with the exact same dolls displayed. My mom suggested I sell or gift them but no one I know is interested in japanese things. Thanks for the help though anon.

No. 658742

Not really, but you can't build a timeless wardrobe by copying trends and other people.

No. 658745

It can be cute but only if the person takes really good care of it. Which is kinda rare lmao

No. 658756

I'm grateful for the mini spam, anon! These outfits look cute

No. 658758

Sell them to me, anon! I've always wanted a doll like this

No. 658762

Samefag, do you have dolls with long hair? Also, how big are they?

No. 658765

How bad is it to eat french fries once every week if the rest of the days I eat clean? (No meat/junk food/artificial sugar/processed foods and minimum salt)

No. 658769

Sounds fine to me if that’s the only junk food you eat

No. 658787


No. 658823

You'd be eating cleaner than 90% (arbitrary number) of the population, so I wouldn't worry about it.

No. 658826

Is it normal for a mom to yell at their child 'i wish you would die already' when she got really angry? She used to only say it when I was a kid, not anymore.

No. 658828

No. 658829

oh ffs you know the answer is no

No. 658832

Thank you, I knew it was off. She's just a very angry person, it makes me afraid that I might turn out to be a very angry, unlikeable person like her.

No. 658853

I came from a household where each parent had assaulted me in a way where it definitely wasn't a set punishment and was purely them losing it. In my first relationship I ended up hitting the guy during a couple of arguments and couldn't believe I had acted like that.

Sometimes these things do become a cycle. Get therapy. Try and learn what stressors led to your moms behaviour and hopefully you'll bypass repeating it yourself.

No. 658857

What is your source of weeb news? I recently discovered soranews but I'm wondering if some of you have better relays


No. 658862

Thanks! I've had high cholesterol before and don't want to go that route again but french fries have become a sunday night routine with my roomate lol

No. 658865

File: 1603055854860.jpg (126.03 KB, 1024x683, Chloe-Halle-Bailey.jpg)

I don't mean for this to come across as race-baity, but I'm genuinely wondering what makes them culturally appropriate fine? this picture is old but I never heard anyone make a fuss? Not even a twitterfag, don't even care for cultural appropriation, but I hate hypocrisy like this.

No. 658868

i'll bite, who are they appropriating? I don't recognise these belonging to a specific group of people and I know nothing about these girls.

No. 658881

File: 1603057588158.jpg (30.76 KB, 612x408, 543733574-612x612 (1).jpg)

Yanomamis (and I'm sure other indigenous people, they're just the first ones I thought of) and Indian brides. Just because they change the piercing location by a bit does not change the fact they're obviously making spin-offs of decorations that have cultural significance. I don't know them either, but a quick google search shows they're from atlanta georgia.

No. 658883

File: 1603057704614.jpg (57.88 KB, 748x520, d08_indian_bride.jpg)


No. 658884

Several indigenous peoples in South America and a few in the South Pacific wear feathers in the nose, the nose chain is more recognisable as worn by South Asian women.
These things they're wearing as edgy accessories don't even go with their outfits.

No. 658885

idk man, it's just jewelry you couldn't find a significant meaning attached to it? i kinda was expecting you had something exact in mind.

No. 658886

sure, just like box braids is just a hairstyle.

????? you asked who not what. Also, you can google so yourself lol

No. 658888

The reason why it’s not seen as a big deal in regards to them is because a lot of African and black tribes have a large history with piercings of this sort as well.
Piercings, tattoos, tribal wear relating to those are shared amongst a lot of cultures due to similar beliefs they share with each other.

No. 658889

because if they had worn more fitting outfits it would've given it away/ would've been "cultural appreciation" and that's not that they were trying to do. They were fishing for "wow so innovative" compliments

No. 658890

really? show pics because I don't believe you.

No. 658891

chill bitch, no need to get angry over me not giving a fuck or not seeing the appropriation.

No. 658894

Use google

No. 658895

are you sure it's not you who's triggered because I called box braids just a hairstyle? lmao too ez

srsly tho m8 I'm not about to get into the nitty gritty, again you asked who not what, maybe read what you write? also, maybe don't reply to a question with another question? lol

No. 658898

File: 1603059074530.jpeg (29.66 KB, 160x240, FE668161-665C-467B-AC27-A4B233…)

Some examples of nose piercings that are common in certain tribes of Africa (thought it was known that body mods are common for tribes but apparently we’re going to make them exclusive to one race now)

No. 658899

File: 1603059121805.jpeg (30.18 KB, 259x400, 81EC9582-C3B7-49B0-8BB9-827CD9…)

No. 658901

File: 1603059186788.jpeg (122.53 KB, 300x447, F4D97D12-B3C7-40D5-9EE3-B20F96…)

No. 658903

anon, idk how to tell you this but there's more than one anon engaging you. i don't care, i was initially curious, chill, drink a glass of water or go wash your hands.

No. 658904

File: 1603059281363.jpeg (19.31 KB, 200x318, 80176A45-6939-4374-A5D3-2F469B…)

No. 658907

This is some bullshit baiting lol.
How are you aware of people in South America and South Africa having these piercings but not East and North Africa, Middle East, or numerous other parts of the world? What kind of sheltered bubble could possibly limit your knowledge that much? lmfao

No. 658909

Idk if it's because I'm black but, but I thought It was pretty well known body modifications are common within African tribes, (like lip plates, neck rings, huge nose rings etc…) as well as tribes of other races. You coulda just googled traditional African piercings and got your answer.

No. 658915

File: 1603061483509.jpg (197.69 KB, 1119x881, 1594229834253.jpg)

Why isn't streaming and making quasi-political debates on youtube considered a "real job"? I enjoy watching streamers and I recognize that it requires a certain skill and entertaining personality if you want to make money out of it, and those people pay their taxes, and yet I struggle with considering it a "real job" and I wouldn't want to have a boyfriend who is a pro streamer or a youtuber talking about communism and class struggle from the comfort of his apartment set in middle class neighborhood

No. 658916

Last night I ate food close to bedtime and ended up tossing and turning, falling asleep and waking up every few mins because I had stomach acid. This went on for hours. I didn't have antacids in the house because its years since I last ate that close to bed. I used to experience it pretty regularly so I got real strict about my eating habits at night.

Is that kinda normal? Do most people cut off food a few hours before bed?

No. 658917

That anon was absolutely ready to die on that hill. They thought they had struck gold. They even made a box braids strawman in some weird pre-emptive "strike", kek. Just aggressive for no real reason.
All they had to do was Google "African nose piercing" to not make themselves look dumb.

No. 658918

You shouldn't eat big meals before bed because your stomach has to deal with that while you're asleep and could result in discomfort, I rarely feel that even though i have a sensitive stomach but it can happen if I have had a spicy or a fatty meal. I don't think it's totally abnormal, just try to see what is an appropriate amount of time before bed for you to eat. A little snack around bedtime on the other hand will keep your bloodsugar from dipping and waking you up.

No. 658920

I think it's the fact that technically anyone can be a streamer. Most people don't consider it as prestigious as being on TV or having a "real" career as a political analyst. Obviously, YouTube has gotten huge and popular channels can make a lot of money. Same with Twitch.

Most people don't consider it a "real job" yet because it's all still relatively new, but most of the political talking heads on cable news are woefully uninformed anyway, and having your own channel means you don't have to rely on connections or suck Roger Ailes' dick to get on TV.

No. 658921

Well it's as much of a job as being any other type of entertainer, but it's sort of an unstable life path. They could transfer into being a mukbang channel and still be a streamer even though they do nothing "intellectual". Also as far as being intellectual goes, they aren't held up to any standard (or mostly just other streamers that might make response videos), have no qualifications and usually talk out of their ass.

No. 658922

To me it is a job, just not a very valuable one for society in the big picture. Especially if they don't have a higher education. Maybe because I come from a country were going to college is free, in countries were education is so expensive I understand it more, I guess

No. 658928

Isn’t it kind of cultural appropriation because afaik those girls don’t belong to those tribes?

No. 658951

is it weird that i dont wear deodorant? i don't really leave the house and i bathe every day. i just dont see the point ig. none of my friends have ever said anything about it, even brutally honest ones

No. 658967

This isn't Twitter.

No. 658968

If you don't smell, you don't need to wear it.

No. 658972

I’m not saying it’s offensive I’m just going back to op’s question about why theyve never been called out on it by woke people

No. 658985

Which cows do you anons find boring?

No. 658987

Camgirls, koreaboos, weebs, cosplayers. I'm more into fringe and horror cows personally. I miss Felice fawn.

No. 659013

Is it normal to lose enough hair to make a ball the size of a hamster after washing it?

Lately i've only been able to wash once a week, and i'm noticing a awful lot of hair into my brush when i'm done. My hair is just past my boobs, so not very long, i'm kinda worried

No. 659014

Why would a stranger message anyone on instagram / any social media? Some girl messaged me on insta (mostly travel pics and few video game screenshots, inactive for over a year, nothing of interest for a stranger) saying it looks cool and that I seem great, I don't want to get into any conversation with a stranger but it weirds me out and at the same time i'm curious, why would anyone do this, could it be some long run scam?

No. 659022

Could be an MLM scheme.

No. 659024

Could be a scam, a bot, or - less likely if you have no mutuals, but possible - somebody who randomly came across you and genuinely thinks your travels look fun / is into the same games and wants to play / etc.

No. 659026

What are somw more YT channels like down the rabbit hole & atrocity city? I really love this type of content but cant seem to find anymore quality channels. Preferably ones with non-grating narrators lol. Theres a guy who does videos with Atrocity but I hate his voice.

No. 659046

Like Justin Whang?

No. 659049

Did anyone else ever assign gender to numbers growing up?

No. 659069

Not all the numbers but 4 always felt female to me

No. 659070

YES. For me the females were 1, 2, 4, 5 (but with a butchy vibe), 7, and 9. The males were 0, 3, 6, and 8.

No. 659072

File: 1603082293121.jpg (10.98 KB, 175x98, 2025.jpg)

What is this eye shape called? When I look straight I basically can't see my eye crease anymore, it totally cuts off from the nose bridge too

No. 659073

Where do you find information on late term abortion that isn't riddled with propaganda and bullshit from either side? Google is just giving news sites with politically charged garbage.
I'm not having one, I'm just curious.

No. 659077

Honestly I still do. 1, 2, 4, 6 and 9 are female to me. 3,5,7,8 are all male

No. 659082

If you add “scholarly articles” to the end of your search you’ll probably find better sources

No. 659086

Yes, everything has a gender in my language so it's hard not to.

No. 659090

Your question made me realize the epidemic of irritating voices in that genre of YT channel kek.Anyway, I think Brief Case covers interesting murderers/murder cases and his voice is okay.

No. 659104

Thanks anon, that worked out.

No. 659110

I'm not familiar with those channels but from a quick look at them I think you might like:

Night Mind (covers exclusively fictional projects like ARG's)
Barely Sociable and Slightly Sociable

No. 659171

Recommendations for good ambient podcasts? Can be music, can be ambient nose in a certain area. Would be nice if there was a specific theme to it other than just "ocean" or "cafe" but that's not necessary. I'm transcribing/translating so I can't get distracted by something with dialogue.

No. 659182

Would you guys call in sick if you got no sleep? I have work soon and only was able to sleep for 2 hours. Fuck my brain

No. 659186

No. I suck it up and pick doing some easier work I have left that I can't fuck up too much, and run out as soon as it's 5.
Is only consider it if there is important work that would suffer from me not being alert enough.

No. 659187

If it had to deal w heavy machinery, yes. Saw a girl sew through her hand once after no sleep and work all day.

No. 659192

As long as you don’t call out every week, it’s totally fine to call out every now and then when you need it. Don’t even worry about it. If you have sick hours, use them. Most companies don’t give a shit about you.

No. 659204

Fellow translator here, I usually listen to whatever random ambient/soundscape or ASMR video I can find on Youtube. I don't know your taste in music, but here are some electronica/experimental/techno bands that I personally like (no vocals): Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, Andy Stott, El Búho, Andreas Vollenweider

No. 659208

A probably very stupid question: is 4chan also used by women?? I had this impression that only men use that site

No. 659211

Do East-Asian graphic designers also use Lorem Ipsum as a placeholder, or do they have their own text that they use?

No. 659214

Sure it is. 4chan is made up of a lot of boards, just like this farm, and the regulars of different boards do not necessarily overlap. There are boards for animal images, cosplay, literature, and other special interests, which are way less spergy than the dumping(/b/) or containment(/r9k/) board. It's just that when the media talks about "the 4chanz" it usually means /b/ and /r9k/ or /pol/, which are full of porn, racebaiting and incel-rants.

No. 659220

These all look really interesting, I'll start some Andy Stott, right now, thank you!

No. 659225

Today I learned. Thank you!

No. 659241

Absolutely. They’re in most boards in general but the cosplay/Lolita board /cgl/ is known to have the most I think. Unfortunately that means the board gets baited by scrotes/incels a lot. Some retards found the board and never left.
I think women tend to stay away from 4chan because there’s a lot of unhinged creeps and a lot of them like to spam upsetting shit. It can be draining. Makes me appreciate LC more now that I think about it.

No. 659250

What's some anons issue with MS Paint doodle therapy thread on /m/? Like, how is stuff there in any way scrote- or "discord tranny"-like? Serious question because I see how it can be considered stupid, but scrote and tranny?

No. 659254

the catboy art challenge thing, probably. i thought it was cute and liked the doodles with the catboy and the purple haired girl but whatever, anons hate having fun. catboy ≠ automatic troon shit

No. 659260

I don’t know about them being a scrote or tranny but the replies are a bit off. I was under the impression that they might be underaged or something. Who knows

No. 659261

I guess so too but it does read pretty clearly as ironic to me, feels weird to see it and jump to conclusion that yeah it's trannies legitimately loving catboys

No. 659265

File: 1603111126538.jpg (Spoiler Image, 111.22 KB, 860x1200, 1.jpg)

Probably because of having seen too many tranny's obsessed with stripes and kawaii uguu cat boys/girls and because that anon or those anons are so pushy. Also there are 00s/pixel/tegaki art tumblr corners that have a high concentration of them.

No. 659269

*edgy 00s/pixel/tegaki art tumblr corners

No. 659271

Do you guys think it „makes sense „ to learn Japanese or Korean if you don’t really have to opportunity to practice it? I mean i want to learn both/speak Japanese a little already. I’m just unsure if all the time investment makes sense eventually. I guess i could just use it to read magazines and watch shows or so…

No. 659273

If you have the time and the drive, I don't see the problem. I've learned a bit of japanese just for fun, because I like their writing system and knew some very common words from just listening to anime. It could also be an opportunity to learn about their cultures.

No. 659275

Does anyone else have their productivity go to shit when you’re cold? Heating in my house is acting up and I can’t get anything done ugh

No. 659277

It's always good to learn a new language even if it's just for the hell of it but if you don't have a way to use regularly it then it will be harder to retain it

No. 659279

You can totally study it as a fun hobby if you enjoy to process of learning a new language and if just using it to read or watch things for fun is good enough for you.

If it's important for you to invest your time in things that are productive and will serve you a purpose (other than fun), then no.

It really depends on what you want out of it.

No. 659280

Same, I can barely do things I need to get done. I'm much more productive when the weather is warmer.

No. 659281

File: 1603112736418.jpg (153.22 KB, 1000x697, wedd-swim9.jpg)

Yes, huge issue for me, I even have my own "just-in-case" blanket in the office otherwise I can't focus on doing anything; glad I'm not alone in this

No. 659285

Thank you sweet anons! I ultimately wanna join a Japanese club here in my area but rn it’s not happening you know why

No. 659286

I'm the opposite. I'm more productive when it's chillier. I naturally run hot so putting on a blanket would only make me cozy and sleepy.

No. 659287

Why do you have a camera inside my house anon
I've literally been on this hell site all day because I'm too cold to wake up and do anything. I've had coffee and gotten out of bed but I just can't get myself started on cold, dark days

No. 659289

Yeah, me too. I can't work if it's absolutely freezing but I will take chilly over hot any time. I prefer lower temperatures anyway. Plus, I get frequent migraines if it's too hot.

No. 659293

File: 1603113952902.jpeg (77.28 KB, 425x421, 03845D51-EB5F-4A9D-A873-D0D5F6…)

that’s exactly how I’m planning to spend the rest of my day, but I was too ashamed to admit it kek
I wish hibernation was an option for people. I love snow and winter walks but for the past few years winters have been ugly and almost snowless where I live, so I can’t even have that.

No. 659296

If you enjoy the language and/or anything japanese, why not?

No. 659299

I ultimately wanted to study it in university but that didn’t work out so i wan to still proceed as s hobby but since it doesn’t really have any value for my job I’m kinda just questioning my plan you know but as the other anons said if it’s fun for me why not

No. 659300

File: 1603114896955.jpg (192.5 KB, 2000x1333, Cat-COVID-19-Mask.jpg)

Am I a low quality woman if all the men I seem to attract are losers who tend to be mostly sexually inexperienced? Does it mean I am simply a loser as well based on the men who like me? Also I have a noticed a pattern that a lot of bi men and men who happen to lift are into me, not sure what to think of that honestly. I also cannot fathom anyone could look at me and say they want me to peg them, lord.

No. 659303

Why do you guys only ever want to learn Japanese or Korean. Be a frenchaboo or something.

No. 659306

>low quality woman
What does this mean? Genuinely asking

No. 659310

>>659306 It means a loser woman that nobody wants except bottom of the barrel men. I shouldn't of used that term, the context is pretty gross.

No. 659314

How do I choose between two different careers? I'm going crazy

No. 659316

Ew no. Fuck france.

No. 659317

Choose the one you're more competent at.

No. 659320

Anon, don’t think stuff like those. Quit paying attention to what you read in some incel forum or scrote post.
Shit men are everywhere and they’re the majority of men out there, of course you won’t find a horde of decent men because they’re scarce, if not a myth.
If you think there might be something you want to improve of yourself because you want it so you can make yourself feel better, go for it.
But don’t just decide to do random shit to improve because that might make you a better quality of a woman, it’s a shitty thought that will only make you feel frustrated, because bottom of the barrel men are always looking for women they can mess up.

No. 659321

List the pros and cons of each one?

No. 659327

I've studied french in high school, that was enough for me. Also the french rarely make stuff that doesn't get translated and is good enough that I'd feel like I want to learn french just to read it/watch it in its original language. It's like becoming a sloviakianboo - for what fucking reason?

No. 659333

At least Japanese is easy (except the kanji), why torment yourself with French grammar?

No. 659334

It just means that they see you as malleable/vulnerable/easy prey.

No. 659335

If someone is officially cured from COVID, can they still infect other people? As carriers?

No. 659337

Why choose when one can learn all of them?

No. 659343

No such thing yet, you can get sick with COVID over and over

No. 659366

Should I just fake being a mature, polite but friendly person? I'll even pick up a few hobbies to help me with the facade, git gud at cooking and pick up reading again. Like, fake it till you make it sort of thing. I'm considering it.

No. 659367

How long is too long to reply to a message on a dating app? And how quick is too quick?

No. 659377

you rest your case.Still appropriation, they're from atlanta, not an african tribe lol

No. 659378

i know this isn't always the case, but why do young males seem to typically like the female caretaker more, and vice-versa? i've noticed this in the dogs i've had, male dogs become my baby, female dogs are still my baby but they ADORE the male family members, even if they don't take much part in dog care. as far as kids go, i've been told the stereotype, "momma's boy" and "daddy's girl" and all that

No. 659380

How do you mature and grow as a person? I have a terrible work and study ethic that keeps getting worse, and I am always lying about having done something when in truth I am procrastinating on it or not giving my all. It has been an issue for years but only know am I starting to realize the extent of it, how pervasive it is in my life and how I am lying to myself as well as others. I really want to become a better person,but Ifeel like I have four years worth of lies to correct and things to do, I never have time to tackle everything, it's like a hydra that keeps growing heads as new things happen.

Please help anons

No. 659382

does anyone else get pain in the area their wisdom teeth was removed an entire year after the removal, even though the healing process was normal? no dry sockets or anything

No. 659383

I mean, that sounds nice. But for what reason? Do you want to actually be a sociable person or get into hobbies that are easy to get into, or is it outside pressure?

I don't find it hard to be a polite and nice person, but it is fake to a percent, as I don't truly care for people. You have to realize that most people are like this.

No. 659391

Anon, this is so freaky. I'm literally going through that as I write this. I got mine out a year ago in August and I'm beginning to think it somehow contributed to the habitual headaches I have.

No. 659400

Both careers share some requirements and needed skills (that I've facility with) so I'd say I'm equally competent with both of them
I'll make a list, but I think I'm sticking to the first one that requires more years of education and and is highest paying. I have a very specific field in my mind and type of career that I want to have with that one (I don't know if that's better or not) but I'll keep the possibility open to study the second one, who knows? This ended up being a vent, but thanks for replying!

No. 659417

anon, I could have written this

No. 659421

Not a wisdom tooth but I had a different top tooth removed, I did get dry socket initially, got over that (hell) and now even 3 years later my face aches in that spot from time to time

No. 659422

Is it dumb to not go to the doctor because you think there's nothing they can/will really do? Or is it worth going anyways? I do have insurance, but it's still spendy to get tests done.

No. 659428

I do!!! My healing process was fine, I took extreme care to make sure I wouldn't get dry socket or fuck up healing, but on occasion nowadays, it'll hurt on occasion. The bone grew in just fine and filled the space just fine, but the pain feels like when my wisdom teeth were first erupting.

No. 659432

I think it's common. I always ignore shit as long as it doesn't escalate too much. I did lose a parent to them ignoring symptoms and I still avoid the doc like the plague. Probably is dumb but not unusual either.

No. 659438

I agree. I tend to avoid unless it severely impacts my life or it's super persistent, and the thing I'm thinking about going for is definitely persistent, though not constant. My dad always says if something doesn't feel right, go to the doctor, but my mom is the opposite, kek. Thank you!

No. 659441

File: 1603125685209.png (493.59 KB, 950x786, hm.PNG)

Is this what men are into lmao

No. 659458

File: 1603126602907.jpeg (2.11 MB, 3464x3464, 072AD2BB-9B82-4E3C-9348-6B5F6F…)

Male sexuality is a joke.

No. 659472

Some coomer messaged me on Tumblr, and when I went to his page, there were a ton of hentai game screencaps and sexy anime girls amongst regular porn gifs. Clearly he takes animu porn and waifus just as seriously as the regular gross stuff. Absolute insanity, I will never understand.

No. 659523

should i get persona 5 or botw? i can only afford one game atm and i wanna treat myself.

No. 659532

Breath of the wild, definitely

No. 659553

Genetically, there's no way of knowing. African-Americans are heavily mixed from chattel slavery because the white slavers had no knowledge/regard for DNA or tribe and were raping them back to back.
tl;dr: It's not appropriation, that's a stretch kek

No. 659605

Why is chocolate so two dimensional compared to vanilla?

No. 659616

This spoke to me.

No. 659622

How do you deal with a fakeboi cousin likely seeing you as a "terf". I think I'm gonna end up hated but the thing is it's family. Of course I love them but it's shitty to be seen that way and erode our bond. I think they'll come to hate me

No. 659624

Is it possible to just hang out with them as a person and not discuss or acknowledge gender? Or do they make everything about gender and talk about it non-stop? If you can do the former, I'd suggest just doing that. Sucks, though, I'm sorry. Hopefully she grows out of it.

No. 659625

Can you hide your terfness from them? Like keep it quiet just to keep the peace?

No. 659631

thanks, it is possible. But I'm afraid that she's going to pull away from me. I hope we can still spend time together but i am scared she will resent me more and more. I thought she respected my views but Im not so sure. Hope she won't complain to trans friends and have them radicalize her against me, it really sucks. They are all online friends and it sucks that you can lose someone so quickly because of an ideology of people she's never met. shes not underage but the process is like grooming tbh, turning people against loved ones for normal things
she already knows but had reacted well at first. I never said anything harsh. Lately i think she is unhappy with me

No. 659641

I feel you… It's really a horrible predicament, and I don't who to turn to for support as I am 100% responsible for that shitty situation. I am getting worried and anxious that managment is talking about this behind my back. I promised myself this current situation would be my last, but it seems the most serious yet. I've exhausted all good will around me. I think I may lose my job.

No. 659650

Don't talk in a way that's on the terf/trans dichotomy. Just say you've noticed that she changed her look, ask why she wanted to, does she feel pressured by beauty standards and wanted to opt out? Is she grossed out by sex? Does she have no friends and thinks trans community will be her friends?

No. 659653

Yeah, her online trans friends radicalizing her is a valid concern. Online troons are a different breed.
>the process is like grooming tbh
A friend of mine is actually detransitioning now, and he's said there's no other way he can put the influence he felt from the online community that pushed him into transitioning than brainwashing. I wish/hope you could protect her from it.

The fact that she reacted well at first is good, though. I think it means that she's still rational and knows who she actually is beyond the online nonsense. Just try not to talk about it too much or too harshly. I'm sorry.

No. 659669

Thank you. I feel bad for your friend that he went through that, but it's good he's realized that and got out. Im sure it helps to have a friend like you. I know it makes me sound like a deranged facebook tradmom to call it cult-like, but it truly is. Especially the pushing people away and what your friend said about brainwashing. Im sure he knows how they treat detransitioners as well. Its just like a cult.
Im very sad and anxious. I don't want her to hate me or be hurt by my views. Im hoping I didnt fuck up irreparably talking about it, I'd happy we both pretend I said nothing if it keeps her in my life. Ty for the kind words i'll keep this all in mind.

No. 659678

How long into a relationship do you usually wait to introduce your SO to your parents? Is it possible to never introduce each other?

No. 659688

Why aren’t there more cases of little kids dying or being injured by stupid shit? Most parents seem too chilled about child safety and kids are dumb. I remember being a toddler surrounded by tiny toys I could choke on (older siblings), access to batteries, no safety covers on radiators and so on. Little parental supervision. Idk how I didn’t die

No. 659692

Ugh I have a childhood friend whose little sister troons out, we played togeter a lot as kids. She was always extremely gnc and uninterested in boys. I knew she was gonna grow up a lesbian but alas she went studying abroad in australia and is now on T. Fucking tragic…

No. 659697

I'd say it depends on location and how serious you are about one another. My boyfriend and I became "official" quickly and we both have family members nearby, so we ended up meeting each other's relatives within the first 2 months. Obviously if one of our families lived overseas or something that might not have been financially feasible, nor do I feel it would've really been necessary. I'm definitely of the mind that you are in a relationship with your partner alone, and their family may or may not play much of a role beyond occasional gatherings, although it would seem a bit odd to never meet their relatives—unless I knew their family was terrible/abusive/they'd cut them off for some reason?

No. 659775

File: 1603146232793.jpeg (32.72 KB, 220x293, 1B610F64-86CA-40C2-84E4-C40081…)

You're welcome, sweet anon

No. 659785

because french sucks

No. 659788

I didn’t mean France literally, just anything other than Korean or Japanese. The replies were very tame though, I was worried there would be weebsperging but at least you guys know the interest in SK and moonland only is a little ridiculous.

No. 659809

File: 1603148129839.jpeg (478.3 KB, 828x612, 4247ADD3-8B50-4BA3-A2FD-328115…)

Are these women really considered “mid sized”?

No. 659819

Maybe the fatter ones are really short?
My BMI is healthy, but I've met short women who were clearly overweight wear the same pants size I do or only a size bigger.

No. 659820

Maybe in Alabama

No. 659821

Mid size means 12 - 14 sizing, so they probably are mid size.

No. 659826

* + 16 as well. It's literally just a fashion term.

No. 659827

Not really, I'd say mid size is truly a M. But they're not stating they're mid-sized based off sizing, it's more so because most haul videos are filmed by an XS/S girl or plus sized. So if you compare it to them then yeah 14/16 would be mid sized.

No. 659871

Can you go to cosmetology school when you don’t know shit about makeup? I really suck when it comes to girly stuff like hair and makeup but I’ve been really considering going.
>inb4 just learn stuff through YouTube tutorials
Difficult for me to follow, it always looks like a toddler got into their moms makeup. I’d need someone in person to show me.

No. 659926

My boyfriend has told me a lot of stories about former female friends, and essentially admitted to being romantically interested in all of them at one point or another. Like, I don't think he's ever had a female friend he didn't attempt to date/have sex with. Is this a red flag?

No. 659930

Anon, I'm sorry, but this is so stupid. If your attempts at putting on make-up look like a "toddler got into their mom's makeup," it just means you need to practice more. Nobody does almost anything well the first few times they try it. You literally just need to put in consistent effort to get better. For starters, you could try putting on make-up every day. I assure you that you will improve with time. You do not need to shell out money to go to fucking cosmetology school just to do a basic winged-liner look, jfc.

No. 659933

Yeah, but it's estheticians that usually specialize in skin care and makeup application. Cosmetology is the broader scale education where you'll learn theory and practice hair, skin, and nails related.

No. 659934

How did you guys meet? I've heard a lot of men say they're unable to separate being friends with women from being attracted to them romantically/sexually. I'm not sure if that's just scrote propaganda though. To be fair, he was willing to confide in you about it so maybe that's his signal that you shouldn't worry about it.

No. 659937

Any anons own a fitbit inspire? Is it worth it? Also I’m not used to wearing watches is it easy to get used to?

No. 659940

Men are unable to see women as friends unless they're gay. I'm sorry fam.

No. 659948

I get that, but it's very hard for me to believe that anyone actually needs school for this unless they intend on making a career out of it and a certification is necessary. Otherwise, literally just practice putting on make-up. You'll get better if you actually put in effort.

No. 659960

Oh, I just took it as anon wanting to go to cosmetology school despite being makeup inept

No. 659969

Yeah, most people who go to cosmetology school do it because they want to be professionals in hair, makeup or nails. Literally the same reason you would go to school for anything else lol. You can't legally be a stylist, nail tech or makeup artists without the license school gi

No. 659970

>without the license school gi
*without the license school gives you, oops.

No. 660025

If I post a picture of a bug I found, can anyone else my identify what it is?

Freaking out right now, our landlord didn't say anything about who the previous tenants were. I had to find out via the guy who lived right in front. It was basically a drug den, there's puke and pee all throughout our hallway, the fridge is horribly repainted and it's because there's a bunch of graffiti on it, our mailbox is the only one that is basically cracked open because crazy crack head broke into it. Our door till recently was broken and they never said why (neighbour told us that it was because the police had to break it down) and now I'm freaking out. I hope it's not roaches. I'm so pissed that our landlord said nothing about it beforehand.

No. 660027

File: 1603171960661.jpeg (1.27 MB, 4032x3024, 5B88F70A-8DBE-4150-BF5D-5FBDC0…)

Jesus, I'm going to burn everything, I did further investigating and I am like 99% it's a bedbug. My skin feels itchy right now, and I no longer want to sleep. I'm going to post it regardless. Twas found in the bathroom.

No. 660029

When I'm meditating I can focus my inner voice on my breathing. But my minds eye keeps wandering, replaying old memories. How do I stop that? Do I just try to imagine a black screen or a calming outdoors scene or something? Also, how do I quiet a song stuck in my head when I'm meditating?

No. 660040

How do you become a "chill" person? I'm serious, even though it's stupid to ask.

No. 660048

File: 1603174456529.jpg (Spoiler Image, 14.5 KB, 562x133, germanroachid.jpg)

Looks like a nymph german roach. Look at the legs, the light color on the middle of it's abdomen and the little things sticking out on it's butt. A bedbug doesn't look like that at all.

t. have lived with roaches and bedbugs at one point. don't ask.

No. 660129

What is the best way to get into dagnronpa?(not sure i spelled it right but oh well) seems cool but not sure if i should look at gameplay or anime

No. 660131

Gameplay. Always go for the original source, anon.

No. 660134

>Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc
>Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair
>Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls
>(watch the anime here if you want, but make sure to search up how to first because its confusing)
>Danganronpa V3
there are also novels and other stuff that you can check out, I recommend Danganronpa IF (light novel, AFTER you finish dr1) and Killer Killer (manga).
Also the games are visual novels with no actual choices so unless you want to spend the money, just watch it on youtube or twitch

No. 660136

Can somebody explain genes to me

My mom has chestnut/light golden brown hair. My dad has light ash brown hair. Both of them have hazel eyes.

All of their kids have brown eyes. 3 of us have dark ashy brown hair except my brother who is a ginger(but still has brown eyes).

I thought when people had kids their eyes/hair weren't supposed to be darker than theirs. Also why do me and my 2 siblings have ashy brown hair when my brother is a redhead. Wouldn't it make more sense for us to have reddish brown hair?

I feel like I don't understand genes at all. And yes my dad is my real dad, know because I inherited his ugly nose and other facial features.

No. 660137

What the fuck is wrong with Angelina Jolei? Recently watched maleficent and she seemed robotic as hell lmao

No. 660139

Eye color is way more complicated than simple mendelian genetics.

No. 660141

I missed you bitches. Do I gotta go pee after masturabating even if i did it through my underwear?

No. 660142

Do we have a thread discussing crystal cafe and the owners?

No. 660144

Genetics are fucking weird, my dad had brown eyes and olive tones, dark as hell hair, mom blue eyes and medium toned hair. I have straight up grey eyes, cool skintone and reddish dark brown hair. Sister has almost fake looking blue eyes and lighter hair, no doubt our dad being our real dad.

No. 660147

ok this is really stupid. I want to learn to play guitar. I went to a music shop and every guitar seemed too big and too heavy for me (and I'm not a tiny person, I'm almost 5'5 and average weight). Am I retarded or is this something I just have to get used to and my body will adapt to this weird feeling of holding a piece of wood in my hands?

No. 660156

>>>/ot/354915 you know what I just dug it up for you anyways

No. 660160

Thank you.

No. 660174

File: 1603685821746.jpg (21.85 KB, 480x360, 1594798390586.jpg)

Are there organizations or something that will temporarily foster your cat until you can take care of them again? I may have to temporarily move into a place that doesn't allow cats until I can find a more permanent place and I really don't want to give my girl forever.

No. 660180

So… can we use /ot/ now?

No. 660181

I'm not sure about anything specifically geared toward your situation, but I would definitely contact no kill shelters and cat fostering groups in your area to see if they might have the capacity to do something like this! It would be a pretty ideal scenario for them I'd think, taking in a cat they know will eventually be adopted back into a home that wants and cares for them.

No. 660184

File: 1603736121877.jpg (22.05 KB, 520x350, 840932743676.jpg)

Are you sitting down to play? Weight shouldn't really be an issue as the vast majority of people don't stand while playing, you sit down like pic rel. If you do need to stand then you'd use a guitar strap which frees up your hands, because it's a lot more difficult to strum/reach the frets if you're focused on holding up the instrument at the same time.

No. 660186

I'm not sure what they're called in English but there's definitely these places where you can bring your pet and they'll take care of it. People usually bring their pets there when they go on vacation though, so I imagine it would get quite expensive after a few weeks.

Can't you ask a family member or a friend to take care of your cat for a while? I'm a catowner myself and I'd 100% take in an extra cat for a while to help out a friend.

No. 660188

You're thinking of a pet boarding facility anon (a lot of vets offer the service as well). It would definitely get expensive for anything over a week or so. Good thought about asking friends or family if they could help, though.

No. 660189

Are there any fics where Vegeta is getting raped by Frieza?

Asking for a friend…

No. 660191

are you trying acoustic or electric? acoustics tend to be alot lighter and easier for complete beginners to learn on, also your fingers are going to have to build up strength and calices, no matter what you play. no matter what you start out on, your body is learning and adapting to something new, if you feel totally lost by weight/ finger strength try buying a ukelele, smaller, cheaper, easy to learn chords for beginners and alot of the technical skills can transfer over to guitar/ bass. if you have no interest there super easy to sell. Good luck anon!

No. 660199

When you wear tights, do you wear them over your underwear, or do you wear the underwear over the tights?

I feel like the "right" way to wear them is over the underwear so that any pussy juice doesn't go directly on my tights. But like, the underwear over the tights feels so fucking secure and I don't fear that my tights will set loose or fall down over the day. Thoughts?

No. 660200

What do bodychecks mean in ED terminology? Is it just checking your body? But everyone does that.

No. 660202

over AND under?
panties - tights - panties

No. 660203

Tights over underwear. It has absolutely never occurred to me to wear tights without or under underwear.

I think the difference is ED sufferers doing them obsessively or taking photos of their body checks.

No. 660211

underwear - tights - tiny shorts for coverage

No. 660232

Buy Cimexa (for bedbugs) and boric acid (for roaches). Look up and see if your landlord will cover bedbug treatment if it is bedbugs (they should I think), but post treatment, just dust shit down with the two powders. Cimexa works by drying the bugs out so they die by dehydration (works on not only bedbugs but also roaches and others), boric acid is good for roaches because it’s like rat poison and when they eat the bodies of the roaches who died from ingesting it (after cleaning themselves), those will die too. My memory is shoddy but I was recommended these by other anons and after researching on my own. I recommend getting bulb dusters so you don’t over apply any powder (they’ll obviously avoid it), and a good mask because inhaling these powders will fuck up your lungs. Read directions carefully. Good luck anon.

t. anon who currently lives in a roach and bedbug infested apartment but can’t fucking do anything about it besides slightly alleviate being eaten alive every night. don’t ask.

No. 660238

This is a tranny question and this
>pussy juice
confirms transgenderness.
Fuck off, faggot.

No. 660239

>fear that my tights will set loose or fall down over the day
What? Thights don't do that.
>>660211 this is what I do aswell.

No. 660243

Exactly, plus girls who have been wearing tights since childhood know better kek I know OT just got shut down but come on. "Pussy juices."

No. 660251

It didn't even occur to him that periods are a thing. A woman would never wear tights under underwear, unless she's extremely unhygienic.

No. 660256

The second ot comes back we get a fucking pornsick trannie. Jesus Christ.

No. 660257

File: 1603742250790.jpeg (1.55 MB, 3464x3464, 9561B224-B2E4-40B7-818D-88A612…)

So, if these Asian stories that are in a western environment got a live action release, would they
>Have Asian actors playing the western characters speaking the original language of the author?
>Have western actors playing the western characters while speaking the language they’re supposed to be speaking? assuming it’s basically English/French/Italian/Spanish/German
>Have western actors playing the western characters while getting the story dubbed to the language of the author?
It’s autistic but every time I read one of these I can’t help but think about these things.
reposted because typos

No. 660261

I don't get a period because I've had a nexplanon implant in my arm for three years. At the end of the day, I have a laundry hamper and own multiple pairs of underwear that I wash so regardless of "juice" (lord fucking help me for having said this) it's not like my clothes fester forever.
Good to see tranny sperging is in full form the second ot is back on the air.

No. 660262

There were some live action movies of FMA and SNK with japanese actors speaking japanese, and the settings are clearly inspired by western Europe, so there's your answer. Most of these movies are low budget (compared to american blockbusters) so they really cannot afford to hire foreign actors to make it seem more authentic. I guess if some european or american company wanted to turn these mangas into movies, they would choose local actors as well.

No. 660268

Japanese actors in shit wigs, anon.

No. 660270

Why did you say pussy juices though girl, gross. Definitely a tranny thing ffr.(tranny derail)

No. 660271

You can read about birth control on the internet. I don't believe you for a second. How come a woman, old enough for birth control, doesn't even know about the word "discharge"?

No. 660272

Does anyone else see someone and think they’re insanely pretty and then look at the same pics a few months later and think they’re actually ugly or is it just me?

No. 660273

Ok good to know.
You sound like a tranny trying too hard with that tinfoil.

No. 660274

>no u
Bait better next time, you busted troon.(hi troon)

No. 660275

>ew you sound like a tranny
> no u. No!!! U!!!!!!! And you and you

Now you sound like an autistic tranny(hi troon)

No. 660276

Obsessed.(tranny derail)

No. 660278

4chan trannyspeak. Confirmed troon a second time.(tranny dera