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File: 1500653136414.png (477.25 KB, 720x714, Screenshot_2017-07-21-11-58-05…)

No. 199249

How is this shit allowed? Alot of shitty parents these days are pushing their trashy lifestyle choices on their children, let them be kids! It seems everyone on social media thinks it's cute to dress their babies up like Instagram thots and fuckboys. Are there any normal people left in this goddamn world??
Why does everyone want their kids to grow up so fast? This is a pretty disturbing trend.

No. 199250

File: 1500653171744.png (104.4 KB, 275x274, 1500124698275.png)

No. 199251

File: 1500653350315.png (423.4 KB, 720x716, Screenshot_2017-07-21-12-09-10…)

Cunts who put makeup on their babies

No. 199253

File: 1500653474218.jpg (55.23 KB, 479x629, instakidslaerta.jpg)

IDK but at this age I enjoyed to cuddle a bunny, not wearing it.

No. 199256

File: 1500656025417.jpg (74.48 KB, 524x517, Hot single moms are dressing t…)

Dressing your kids up like a faggot is in

No. 199257

It's far from a trend, OP. Ever heard of pageant moms, or even just parents that let their kids wear makeup (or put makeup on them) at very, very young ages? Or kid's fashion in general? This has been a thing for a while.
Regardless, it's not even that common. It just gets really popular on social media because it's topical, trendy and has that "Aww a cute kid" appeal going for it.

No. 199266

it was in 2010 these pics are old as fuck

No. 199300

Also not only are toddler type kids looking really old but also kids in middle school LOL
Kids just don't go through awkward stages anymore and I'm kinda mad/jealous that they don't get to experience such a gross part of life
I blame social media

No. 199304

This ain't new. People have been dressing children like grown ups/sexualizing them for a long time

No. 199415

>>199300 Yeah me too. I just say to myself that these awkward phases are importent to grew as a person/ find yourself/ your style.

No. 199447

Yea I never really thought about as a way to figure out yourself, but now that I think about it, you're right. Thanks to my awkward stages I got to figure out my likes/dislikes and who I am as a person. I feel like it really helped me develop and I understand why like/wear specific things. Now middle schoolers just kinda follow all the current trends and don't really become an individual

No. 199784

File: 1501001112142.png (601.43 KB, 720x707, Screenshot_2017-07-25-12-43-22…)

Social media obsessed parents are the worst.


For the love of god don't put makeup on your babies

No. 199791

File: 1501008500814.jpg (127.88 KB, 768x1152, gallery-1500894294-ac1xd813.jp…)

This generation is fucked.

No. 199832

He's a little kid. I don't see it as any different than a girl dressing up as the Flash. People are only acting like this is a big deal because historically, men dressing as women is degenerate. Why? Because being feminine is less than? It's fucked up. Can we fast forward where there's nothing unusual about a child wearing a costume of the opposite sex? (I know, I know, Harley is a shit influence, but the uproar would be the same if he were dressed as Wonder Woman.)

No. 199838

File: 1501049263766.jpg (70.34 KB, 1027x753, wVyKWsH.jpg)

I totally agree. The issue seems to be more about people manipulating that concept to garner attention and applause, but I seem to see a few people who like to equate any fluid gender expression to always being attention seeking or a gross expression of politicized self-worship.

It's more of a testament to how cynical people are about encouraging change. Those skeptics seem to not want to contribute positively to any movement they see has been trashed by egocentric performance artists, despite being critical. But now I'm overreaching and generalizing.

It is possible to support gender expression and denounce poor practices regarding it, especially in the realm of parenting. If parents decide to treat their children like experiments and disregard how they want to express their gender or manipulate them into questioning, that is an entirely different story from accepting the child's own expressions. It's good to be skeptical, but you can't let the crazies sour your opinions regarding the basic concept. People suck and aren't perfect. However, those people don't suck because of their gender expression, they suck because they suck, and are using their gender expression in a maladaptive way. Not only does this bring negative attention to themselves, but any single movement they may openly prescribe to. Usually, shitty sucky people are loud and demanding, and let their identities define the range of their entire personality.

Also children. A lot of younger people like to go buck wild on personal social media to craft their own image. It's unique in that people have more control over how others perceive them. When you're still crafting your self-esteem, you're probably spending a lot of time comparing yourself to others and trying to find an identity quick. Then, that identity becomes an anchor for your social circle. Because gender expression is more openly discussed and celebrated in most modern media, kids are exposed to a wide range of ideas other random, sometimes shitty people, have about what gender is and how it should be expressed, and how key of a role it plays in how you function in society.

So yeah, little 15-year-old Becky might not be feeling very feminine. They might have an entire history of feeling this way due to endless possible influences, from who they socialized with early on, to which parent they identified with more, to a traumatic event that changed their perception. All these insane combinations of events in Becky's life culminated sloppily into a Tumblr intro with experimental pronouns and multiple bottles of manic panic. As Becky explores this idea of who they might be, they could find out they don't really subscribe to any specific form of expression or the opposite. In any case, it all ends up being Becky holding themselves to the magnifying glass to make sure all the pieces fit. Sometimes the emphasis that people, more specifically younger kids, place on parts of our identities is lost in later years. Some people continue to hold onto it as a focal point of their persona. Unless political activism is more their game, a person who shits up an intellectual movement with self-righteous and pander candy nonsense is very broken.

I've already gone off the rails, but I'm basically saying that we are all very immature, selfish, fucked up people to some degree, at different points in time. To be dramatic and say that society is being negatively influenced by exploration of gender is to ignore who we are as people, and have been throughout thousands of years.

We had grown ass men fucking little boys like no big deal as the most renowned philosophers pondered questions that accelerated society forwards. That's "degeneracy". Don't let that little boy wearing the Harley Quinn outfit shatter your fragile perception of humanity.

No. 199842

Really good post, anon.

I don't really have anything to add but a lot of people were bitching about Angelina Jolie recounting an anecdote where one of her daughters (Shiloh) wanted to be called 'John' when she was like 5 or something. A lot of people were accusing Jolie of forcing this on her kid, and I still see comments like that from time to time, even though it's been years and Jolie's only referred to her daughter with female pronouns since then.

I didn't really get hit with the full realization of my gender and sex until I was in 3rd grade (I was pissed that I didn't get to watch the boys' movie until I realized we were watching sex educational videos, lol), so it's weird people were acting like this was an abnormal situation or saying Shiloh's parents should put a stop to the idea before it gets 'worse'.

As for the other end of the spectrum, people were and are still pushing the idea that Shiloh is transgender and calling her 'John', as if Shiloh came out. The kid is only like 10 years old now. Maybe she's just into androgynous fashion. Maybe she'll come out one day. Either way, she's only a kid right now so why try to make a big issue out of this and let her explore her identity? Also privacy…

Anyway, I don't think too much about people who are <20 who end up switching phases or latching onto the most mundane identities because they're all just learning and pushing limits (unless it's an ideological stance like you mentioned–that seem to be a ride or die sort of thing). People who end up becoming "degenerates" for the rest of their lives are outliers, and that's who Lolcow likes to follow and discuss.

No. 199845

That design (and honestly, most female superhero/villain designs now that I think about) is really gross and sexualized, and would still be creepy if it was a little girl in it. If his costume was maybe…Madoka Kaname or something, I'd feel differently about it personally. I'd like to think that's the main reason behind the backlash.

No. 199846

its not about gender, I wouldn't let my daughter dress up as harley either because she was a prostitute and is overly sexualized in the movies

No. 199852

Oh shut the fuck up.
He could've dressed as Dora the fucking Explorer and it would've been fine. He could've dressed as Cinderella and it would've been fine. Dressing your kid of either gender as Harley Quinn, especially the Suicide Squad version of Harley Quinn, is an edgy millenial rendition of video related. People are only defending it because it's touted as muh gender equality but dressing a child as a sexed up grunge prossie is sick.

No. 199853

Fucking thank you.

No. 199854

Your virtue signaling doesn't matter here. The overwhelming, vast majority of comments I've seen about this are how good and brave of a dad Liev is for letting his son dress as a female character. THAT'S fucked. No one should be batting an eye if he wants to dress like a girl. That's what I meant by my post. I'm sick of seeing all this praise for something that shouldn't be newsworthy at all, just a child playing dress up. It shouldn't be a political statement.

No. 199857


You're the one virtue signalling here. I wouldn't allow a child of either sex to dress up like HQ, she's been sexed up since she first came on the scene.

Her role in the movie was basically just fan service, not an appropriate character for kids.


There are much more age appropriate female characters that he could have dressed up as.

No. 199863

He isn't the first and certainly won't be the last. A few years ago a video of a little boy dressed as Cinderella for Hallowe'en was circling around Facebook and everyone was just calling the kid cute and moving on. Take your victim complex elsewhere.

No. 199864

No. 199865

putting pics of your kid online should be a CRIME!

No. 199873

File: 1501096827843.jpg (114.93 KB, 683x1024, MG_1365_1024x1024.jpg)

It depresses the fuck out of me to see parents dressing their children like this. Specifically little girls. When I was a child I wore dungarees (pic related), runners and a t-shirt almost every day. I had one dress in my wardrobe that was for going to parties (and I wore it to every single one lol). I wasn't allowed to wear makeup until I was around 14 and even then it was lipgloss and concealer. And you know what? I was able to climb trees, run around the playground, play in a sandbox, learn how to play sports, skateboard…everything a child should be doing. How the fuck are these Instagram kids supposed to move?

I had a shitty time as a teen; feeling the pressure to be beautiful, skinny, have big boobs, have thick and long hair, have flawless skin, grow long and hairless legs…to think that some kids could be having that crisis a full decade before I did is fucking disgusting. And now with the added pressure of having 10 step Instagram brows, lip fillers, eye enlarging contacts, crazy photoshop proportions, Nicki Minaj-esque assses, and 100 expensive products just to put on your face (I legit only wore cheap concealer as a teen now it's all about serums, BB creams, contouring, setting powder, special foundation for photos, setting sprays, primers…).

Makes me feel like my childhood was so innocent and pure in comparisson.

No. 199874

File: 1501098159801.jpg (125.66 KB, 580x580, m_587d9801bcd4a71e49037126.jpg)

even though there has to be plenty of kids out there that have a similar experience to what you had, i kinda agree. i had a similar experience to you as a kid except my mom bought me semi-nice clothes/skirts (like stuff from gymboree) that i constantly ruined from crawling under cars and through the mud. i feel really bad looking back haha. but i wasnt allowed to wear makeup/get my eyebrows plucked until i was 14 and i had to wait until i was 13 to get my ears pierced. when i tell people that they are always shocked, but if i ever have children i'll probably do the same thing my mom did.

No. 199875

Do people seriously think shitty parenting is new? There have always been crap parents doing irresponsible, harmful things to their children, the only difference is that now they broadcast that on social media so everyone gets to see and whine as if it were something new and younger generations are screwed when it's been happening for forever.

No. 199882

As other anons have said, this isn't new. Parents have been pushing trends/shit on kids for years, it's just more obvious now because of social media.

But I do admit the one kid/parent combo that really gives me "Pageant mom"/"I WILL GET ON ELLEN" vibes is the Katie Ryan girl? Her mom and fans swear up and down that she just makes these wine mom tier jokes naturally but like.


What child understands the concept of brunches, having a big glass of wine after a long day, going to the gym, not wanting to go to parties, etc. Like it's just so obvious to me that the mom feeds her these jokes to get 40 year old moms on facebook to repost it like "HAHAHA MARY THIS IS US!!!!"

No. 199883

I just realized that OP and the subsequent posts about dressing your kids up in adult styles has been the norm till the last couple hundred years in European/North American fashion. Distinguishing childhood is a fairly recent convention, isn't it? I'm not sure if that applies to other cultures, though.

Also, that one video of a 6 year old (?) shaking from an adrenaline rush from her first kill with a gun bothers me a lot more than someone dressing their toddler in timbs. Hunting doesn't bother me, but does a kid that young understand the concept of death, never mind killing or how serious gun usage is?

No. 199888

That little girl is the same baby from the 'I smell like beef' video from a few years ago, video related and the 'it's freakin' bats' vine along with loads of other viral videos from the last couple years.

its very obvious that her parents saw she clearly has a knack for saying silly things from a young age (she is a toddler in the beefbaby video) and have started marketing it and feeding her lines, kids are very easily molded so I guess her mom explained brunches, wine etc to her along with the concept of those types of viral videos and she most likely finds it fun to make those videos with her mom

No. 199890


Yeah, kids used to be dressed up as mini adults all the time. Little girls would wear smaller versions of dresses their mothers wore.

No. 199979

I wouldn’t be surprised if the kid was just saying this stuff on her own. I’ve heard kids “playing youtuber” and monologue random shit then say “please like and subscribe!”. They just copy stuff said around them, her mom probably talks exactly like that to her friends or whatever and she just copies her.

No. 200022

you know whats worse?
Parents thinking that little boys who like dressup are transgender. The same with little girls who are tomboys. I hate this new trend of putting a halt to puberty in boys and giving little girls testosterone.

I grew up as a tomboy I hated girly things and had masculine interests and dressed like a boy. This does not mean that I should of been put on T and forgone embracing my femininity and womanhood. I bet that would have happened to me if I grew up as a child these days and that is just sick.

Feminine boys should not be denied puberty and masculine girls should not be told that they are boys just because of their hobbies.

The transing of children is going to have an awful effect on public health in the future and I truly feel sorry for the children who are being medically fucked with these days.

No. 200023

I agree. Little children don't much concept of "gender" anyway. I find it really strange that over time gender rules are becoming (ironically) even stricter, so that people now have to medically change their sex as much as possible to match up with supposed gender expectations if they don't fit the narrow definition of gender.

No. 200057

You're right, children don't give a shit about gender unless their parents expect them to. My mother raised me gender neutral because she knew I hated dresses and barbie dolls, she didn't force that crap on me like my friends mothers did to them. this didnt make me feel like any less of a girl. Boys who like dressing up and playing with makeup are just artistic and imaginative, not trans. I dislike that being a girl/woman is defined by how much someone likes pink and putting on makeup it's silly. Transing children should be seen as sexual abuse because these parents are denying children the human right to go through puberty which fucks with their reproductive viability in the future. These children will never be parents thanks to their parents imposing such strict gender roles on them. I wish I could save all these children. there are going to be so many fucked up teenagers in a few years because of this messed up 'movement'.

No. 200089

I didn't even know people did this… That's so fucked up. Like >>200022, I was a tomboy as a child, but I also liked playing with Barbie dolls and I believe it was my only 'feminine' interest at the time. Even in creche I would rather play toy soldiers with the lads over playing house with the girls. I didn't grow up to be a transtrender, FtM, NLOG or any of that shit. This is as fucked up as those parents who vlog about their 'vegan toddler'. I wish people would keep their toxic SJW culture out of their children's lives. I can tell which parents learn it on the internet too, people like that all use their freak offspring to garner internet brownie points and if you say anything you're labelled as a backwards transphobe or whatever.

No. 200095

I was raised the same neutral way as you anon and I agree that if I was a kid today my tomboy thing would have been taken as trans, praised on social media etc and and I would have gotten pigeonholed to that being my identity. Kids see that kind of attention and run with it, I would have ended up on T for sure. I don't understand how parents that say "don't impose a gender on my child" can have such cognitive dissonance to then decide Timmy is a girl because he likes barbie and pink and then parade it around publicly for progressive points.

It frightens me because I can't say these things aloud without being labeled a TERF. It doesn't matter how much I support trans people, the moment I say that three year olds can't consent to hormone therapy or that categorizing genders through stereotypes is wrong then I'm literally Hitler.

No. 200097

I didn't care for clothing or pink or blue or whatever as a kid. I wore what my parents bought me. I cut my hair, played soldiers with the boys. Was kinda a fakeboy on social media with 15, but never thought about being trans. I'm a normal woman now.
My male neighbour used to dress in his moms dresses and played with my sister barbie and stuff. He's as manly as he can be now. So what.

It's just so so sad that these kids can't do what they want whithout getting a label and or worse fucking hormones/blocker.
Like seriously????

No. 200098


Ikr? Damn I was a tomboy too when growing up. People often mistook me for a boy and I even thought I was born in the wrong body (it worsened when I began to develop), until I realized my view of feminity was narrow and mysoginistic and overall stupid. I still have "masculine" tastes and whatever but I'm pretty much a woman myself. I hate this narrow as shit view of gender. Some people are seriously retarded.

Btw my lil bro was the right opposite from me. He loved to play with dolls, dress up and many other "girly" interests. He turned out to be just a nurturing, caring, artistic man. Not surprisingly all the girls have the thirst for him but somehow he's faithful to his gf of 5 years. Not gonna lie, I always thought he was secretly gay

No. 200110

File: 1501261927447.jpg (87.59 KB, 634x736, frozen.jpg)

>Alot of shitty parents these days are pushing their trashy lifestyle choices on their children
Parents always have, the difference is now there's social media to document all the fuckery and so these narc parents have an outlet to parade their mini mes on.
It bothers me because I often see people complaining about ~*~MILLENIALS~*~ whenever they reference shitty parenting, as if it's a new thing this generation invented.

It's not about a little boy dressing as a girl character.
It's about the fact that his dad let him go as a sexualized slut from a movie that's definitely not appropriate for little kids to be watching in the first place. Just because it has superheroes in it doesn't mean it's child friendly. Reminds me of the parents I saw taking their children to go see Logan. Morons.

A couple years ago a different dad let his son choose an Elsa costume and nobody batted an eye, because it's normal for a little boy to like characters from a PG Disney movie.

No. 200165

The Flash isn't dressed like he's ready to suck his father's dick.

No. 200172

I know she's just a kid, but the look on her face is so fucking obnoxious.

No. 200175

I was thinking the same. Girls with that face were always massive cunts growing up and their parents encouraged them because 'lol, she's so cute, my little diva'. No ma'am, you gave birth to Hitler.

No. 200464


Because I don't believe it. Boys don't want to be girls and this narrative that we should feminise little boys because it's somehow healthy is just fucking retarded. I grew up fantasising about heroes like Aragorn, Batman, Luke Skywalker, not once did I want to dress up as a girl.

I am suspicious of this kid's upbringing and this picture, I wonder what role his parents played in having him dress that way given it's conveniently on social media and being lauded by everyone, I feel the same way about all those pictures, single mothers dressing their boys like girls and teaching them it's a good thing.

No boy I met growing up would want this and it's not a social norm, 8 year olds don't know shit except what they feel in their gut and me and all my friends wanted to be boys.

No. 200479

A kid wearing a girl's clothes is completely meaningless. When I was a toddler I liked to take my mother's shoes and wear them, because the high heels made walking funny. Had I been born today, I would be labeled as wanting to be a girl, though I never had such feelings.

No. 200483

Maybe because men in children's movies are generally heroic, brave and strong while women are weak and helpless? No one wants to be weak and helpless, it's only natural that kids want to dress up as the cool characters like spiderman and batman.

No. 200492

Right? One part of the problem is what's marketed to kids these days, especially young girls in terms of clothing. If they're gonna dress adult they're gonna wanna wear makeup like one especially if their friends are, and if your mom is good at makeup, naturally you ask her to do it for you.

But it's just creepy to me. Like that pic you posted OP is terrifying to me. She looks like a cartoon character.

I hate it and it's shitty parents like this that made me decide not to have kids tbh. The thought that someone might influence my kid, especially if it's a girl, to be some trashy hoe (And let's face it, slut shaming exists sure but sometimes there's no other way to put it).

I dunno man. It's fucked up. My sister just had a baby and i'm glad my sister is kinda inept at beauty aside from the most basic of makeup and fashion (She cleans up good for social events to I'll give her that credit) because if she grew up around like..Someone like me lol she'd be too exposed to makeup and then i'd be spending $500 for a birthday because she'd want all the fucking high end shit i just know it.


I'll stick to my dog and cats. Less bullshit to deal with.

No. 200493

TBH I didn't even realize it was a little boy, I even read the articles and shit and it just didn't register. My problem is it's a child in one of the sluttiest of Harley Quinn's unfortunate costume designs (Seriously Bruce Timm has a movie coming out with Harley and Batman teaming up and her costume is more similar to her old one, why do people hate catsuits?)

No child, male or female, should be wearing bootyshorts and fishnets.

No. 200513

Thanks for the clarification. I was one of the posters assuming you were posting it because of the gender thing (we've even got a robot ree'ing about boys in dresses in here).

No. 200532

>i'd be spending $500 for a birthday because she'd want all the fucking high end shit i just know it.
I do agree with you but the word 'no' exists and should be used on whiny kids liberally.

No. 200545

What urks the fuck out of me is when retards have kids because they wanna dress em up like little dolls. Kids are not fucking toys, if you want to dress something up get a doll or mannequin.

My sister (in her 20s) use to pressure me when I was in my late teens to have a kid "so she can dress them up in cute clothes!" I got so annoyed and disturbed by it, she stopped after I called her out on it in front of family.

No. 200551

>I’ve heard kids “playing youtuber” and monologue random shit then say “please like and subscribe!”.

Can confirm; my five-year-old brother watches way too much YouTube (specifically let's plays), so sometimes he likes to act like he's in his own let's play in real life.

No. 200565

For many people having a kid is a fucked up attempt at regaining their own youth. I'm not at all surprised by this shit tbh.

No. 200608

Pretty sure this is just a joke based on that Japanese commercial that became a jp twitter meme

No. 200704

File: 1501691545887.png (627.2 KB, 720x712, Screenshot_2017-08-02-12-29-02…)

Even asian kids aren't safe from their parents

It bugs me so much but what can you do? Hate the emphasis and pressure for children to be beautiful

No. 200705

Im not saying kids can't be beautiful but the notion that they need makeup to look good at such a young age is definitly not healthy

No. 200715

This is really creepy. East Asian beauty standards already expect women to look as young as possible but this little kid is made up like some sort of transcendent woman who is perpetually mature but also as young as possible at the same time. It's really fucking me up.

No. 200720

File: 1501707778393.png (714.58 KB, 720x908, Screenshot_2017-08-02-16-59-12…)

Seems hella easy to be a kid celeb in Korea, some parents let their young ass kids get procedures done like eyelid, nose (non invasive) send them to an agency and bam famous. It's pretty sick how people are willing to exploit their kids and their mental health like that

No. 200772


>kids now aren't going thru awkward phases

I thought this too cuz until I started working in childcare, with preK thru middle school age kids.

How stylish a kid is doesnt say very much. Childhood/adolescence as a whole is awkward and clunky. To me they are all awkward… all kids are dorks.

No. 200773

that's good to hear. hmmm maybe it's not that bad if the awkward phase just no longer includes wearing cat-ear beanies that you never wash and drawing death note characters on your jeans with sharpie

No. 200779

I mean, we were obviously referring to appearance. For most people pre- and during puberty is ugly hell

No. 200794

File: 1501770179285.png (872.74 KB, 720x930, Screenshot_2017-08-03-10-21-39…)

Can we talk about retarded fucks who do shit like this to babies and think its cute?

No. 200796

I guess I don't understand what's so wrong with this one.

No. 200797

It's just a picture? I don't think the baby is going to be zipped up in that case anon…

No. 200826

I have a problem with these pictures because the newborn baby looks unfortable and they placed him in a small ass compartment of a bag. It doesn't look safe at all and that why this picture is troubling to me, babies aren't meant to be shoved in a tiny space of a camera bag, I'm all for cute baby pics but atleast put him in a comfortable position and on a actual object that is meant for holding people

No. 200853

It looks maybe some weeks old judging by the mittens. Babies love being confined. That's why swaddling is a thing. And it was probably only in there for the 30 seconds it takes to get a few pictures, but who knows. I wouldn't want to put a baby in a camera bag for longer than a minute or two.

No. 200857

You're one of those annoying ass mothers who thinks of babies as fragile things made of glass and paper mache, aren't you?

No. 201034

File: 1502049371521.jpg (Spoiler Image, 93.86 KB, 396x594, 1501740493102.jpg)

This man makes me extremely uncomfortable. His twitter bio says he's known for his 'shockingly attractive children' and his cover photo is of his two sons kissing, l wearing what appears to be pink lipstick. And what the fuck is this picture about? It's abnormal.

No. 201052

Pretty much confirms that anyone who wants to dress their kids up as slutty movie Harley Quinn is a paedo.

No. 201054

You say that like it's not even more likely for shallow ass asian society to push their crazy beauty standards on their kids

No. 201127

lmaoooo that pic is cracking me up. I think that little kid's just fucking around tho. I definitely did similar things as a little kid, like sucking on popsicles without knowing ~what it looks like, teehee~ and pole dancing on street signs

No. 201135

File: 1502077902369.png (Spoiler Image, 546.76 KB, 620x679, 1501740666180.png)

Eh. There's more to it than just that. Does this look normal to you?

No. 201137

I did not expect this. I'm utterly disgusted and confused. Is that his dad?

No. 201141

File: 1502081078608.jpg (Spoiler Image, 132.43 KB, 1024x755, 1501455122986m.jpg)

Yes. I have a bad feeling that he's grooming his kids. They're a lot less affectionate with him compared to how they are towards the mother.
Spoiler because this shit makes me sick.

No. 201148

woa he got super fucking hot since scream 3

No. 201168

The Flash doesn't have his ball sack hanging out of his costume and "mommy issues" written on his shirt
I wouldn't let any of my underage children dress like that, gender isn't the issue here

No. 201205

what the fuck :(

No. 201256


I don't want to live on this planet anymore

No. 201260

Uh. That's…not okay. Like, at all. This shit is really suspect.

No. 201262

No. 201263

>With this comes a growing need for ethical access to gender-affirming interventions such as androgen blockers, surgeries, and hormone replacement therapy.
Stopped reading right there. Like hell am I going to forcefeed my kid hormones and have doctors castrate them. They can do that on their own if they so choose, when they become of drinking age.

No. 201264

seriously, wtf. i regret getting my belly button pierced at 16, let alone destroying my body. plus this shit totally goes against the idea that teen's brains aren't fully developed as far as consequence etc goes.

No. 201275

They're only developed insofar as it suits the 'progressive' crew and big pharma.

No. 201277

I'm seriously so confused why this is being pushed onto people and young children so much

No. 201280

Reminds me of that Jazz kid. Hormone blockers fucked him up so bad he's probably going to be stuck with a shota dick for the rest of his life: http://people.com/tv/jazz-jennings-transgender-bottom-surgery-complications/

>“There’s definitely been a lot of complications in terms of the bottom surgery,” Jennings explained on Tuesday’s PEOPLE Now. “We’ve been talking about it a lot. You’ll see in the show, there’s some problems because I’ve been on the hormone blockers and basically I haven’t had a lot of development — so we’re debating if I have enough material to work with.”


No. 201281

It's progressive you racist sexist transphobic bigot.

No. 201285

But why?
This is why people get obsessed with conspiracy theories. There's absolutely no chance that this is being pushed onto people because people genuinely want to improve these kids' lives lol
No one would have said that a kid could be transgender even 5 years ago, and yet…
It makes me think there's something dark behind this.

No. 201286

It's so they can get people to accept pedophilia.
If you can accept that a child is mature enough mentally and sexually to decide at 5 years old that they were born the wrong gender and want to take hormones and testosterone blockers to permanently change and possibly damage their body and potentially even have invasive surgery that would leave them physically scarred for the rest of your life, it becomes a lot harder to argue that said child can't also consent to sex.

No. 201288

File: 1502252392388.jpg (17.97 KB, 300x250, viktor-orban-300x250.jpg)

People take the piss out of him a lot but I feel like Viktor Orbán is onto something with his grudge against Soros and the PC brigade in Europe. Especially with the way it's all conveniently packaged as the only right way to think, and if you disagree or even question it you ought to be flogged and stoned by fat SJWs with problem glasses and pink hair.

No. 201305

File: 1502261165173.png (559.76 KB, 504x503, sheeeit.PNG)

holy shit dude

No. 201319

Who is Soros and why do people keep bringing him up every time SJWs are mentioned? Why would an old man be promoting this?

No. 201341

This, I shit you not.

He's basically a Penguin-style supervillian. He funded thw riots in Ferguson and Berkely, has ties with a majority of news networks, influences the public's opinion nehind the scenes.
Heres a list of all the pies he's got his grimy fingers in:

No. 201342

An ancient billionaire dinosaur (literally decomposing as we speak) of Hungarian extraction who uses his money to promote the SJW narrative in the West and beyond by funding progressive ventures/NGOs and even founding a European university in Hungary where they try to instill these values in their pupils somewhat aggressively. Not many people know what exactly he finances and why, so they like to make up stories about Soros destroying little banana republics in southeastern Europe, murdering kittens and having a secret lab in the dungeon of his mountaintop castle where he does experiments on pious Christian village folk to turn them into deviant trannies and left-voting homosexuals. Orbán also believes this, or at least claims to (can't really know since he's a politician and all).

However, even if most of it is bullshit, there's a high chance his 'haters' aren't completely wrong about everything and there's been evidence to prove some of their claims. We just don't know what is going on yet.

No. 201343

No. 201353

I feel dumb for not putting this together in the first place

No. 201355

This is really scary, is it all just for profit? I used to buy into a lot of SJW stuff and seeing so many organizations that I thought were doing good on these lists is making me rethink what I knew. Maybe I'm just being dramatic. I don't know. What's the point of all this?

No. 201356

Nobody knows but Soros himself, and I suppose those who are very close to him.

No. 201358

Though now that I've read through the list more carefully, it seems that he's some sort of commie trying to commie-fy the West and make it super gay and stupid or something. This whole thing is starting to sound like some wacko conspiracy theory.

No. 201522

Can you go into it further? I've never heard of this.

No. 201530

File: 1502397441850.jpg (30.61 KB, 750x563, n21-sky-youtube-fox-simpsons-f…)

>An ancient billionaire dinosaur (literally decomposing as we speak)
I keked. Good anon (for me, Soros is a live-version of pic related)

No. 201567

The walls of text give me Leigh Walsh vibes

No. 201597


He can thank his devouring narcissistic oedipal mother for castrating him and forever keeping him as her "girl friend"

I suspect in the next 15-20 years we'll be seeing a whole lot of lawsuits from these kids who are being castrated all because of their parents narcissism

Freud is shockingly right when he said pathological mothers want to castrate their sons

No. 201599

Castrate them mentally, I meant to say.

No. 201669

File: 1502489832841.jpg (24.17 KB, 315x227, 1379644889.jpg)

I saw on twitter (can't find the exact tweet) about people commenting how they expect j coles daughter to look like a caramel princess with long curly hair and that she's ugly, they literally went out of their way to tweet about how ugly a little girl is and how they expected her to have lighter skin and prettier hair, why someone is concerned about how attractive a child is, is beyond me

also why is it always girls? there are tons of ugly little boys and no one says shit about, yet people act like it's the end of the world if some kid doesn't fit their standards

No. 201670


Probably the black community if thats the case more than anything.

I agree so many guys look fucking hideous and yet no one says it

No. 201671


The thing with african americans as they're the only fuckers who expect this - they expect all blacks should look half white or Mexican. Then bring in the "we all mixed shit

No. 201674

File: 1502492552087.jpg (26.47 KB, 640x482, 18402993_1512983058774601_1081…)

No. 201676

I was obviously being facetious anon

No. 201679

It's a colorism thing. It happens in basically every non-white community, but it's a lot more prevalent in the black one. Darker people (especially girls) are seen as ugly because of white beauty standards.

And it's really not just blacks/non-whites who think so, white people obviously prefer lighter skinned or mixed looking black people too. They usually only fawn over the Amandla Stenberg-y types.

No. 201685

File: 1502511966364.png (433.88 KB, 720x720, Screenshot_2017-08-12-00-23-16…)

I'm all for being yourself but is this really neccessary? He looks like a baby prostitute

No. 201686

this reminds me of my emo makeup in 8th grade
minus the highlighter, whos kid is this?

No. 201692


I hate the beauty standards black people put on little girls

No. 201760

File: 1502576993164.jpg (107.98 KB, 1280x720, puerto rican whooer.jpg)

This comes to mind.

No. 201776

it's pretty much just the pro-homosexual agenda gone out of hand

i'm saying this as in, supporting gay rights or what ever is fine, but it's just these people encourage their kids to do it to prove how much they support it

No. 201780

holy shit wtf is this

If you're letting your kids do this at least wait until they're 16

No. 201803

I don't feel comfortable criticizing these kids yet but I will judge the hell out of their parents. Children aren't dolls, they deserve a chance at self expression and foisting adult beauty culture on them (and publicly parading the results) at such a young age is bound to kickstart neuroses.

Even if the kid likes the dress up and doesn't develop anorexia or anything it should still give pause that these future teens will have had their lives documented and publicly shared without their consent. And hell, what about all the children who are otherwise shy or private? How uncomfortable will this make them?

What I think we will see develop is a culture where a frightening portion of the populace is enmeshed in an unhealthy attachment between parent and child. Not Helicopter Parents, but parents whose identities are deeply bound with their children and for whom a teen's burgeoning identity becomes an 'attack on the self'. These teens I expect to feel depressed and trapped within the identity that has been crafted and shared with the parent.

No. 201823


used to jack it to liev as victor literally every time i watched wolverine, now i'm just disgusted. what the fuck, man.

No. 202188

Tbh being on this site is way more abnormal than anything in those pics

No. 202201


Uhm, no it's not you freak.

No. 202235

Uhm, yes it is, both statistically, and morally.

And I say this as a fellow Judgemental Voyeur on this website tailored to our minority.

No. 202239

>dressing your child up as a prostitute and kissing them in a creepy, inappropriate way is on the same level as posting on a website about gossip
??? wtf?

No. 202264

I'd rather be known for being a lolcow user than being a pedophile

unless you're a pedophile yourself which would explain a lot

No. 202460

Seeing very small children with expensive brand clothes really urks me because they're going to grow out of them very soon. Eh, I guess that's rich parents for yah

No. 202482

The pose, the pouting, the look in his eyes. This kid's trying to be sexy. It's fucked up.

No. 202501

kids should just wear cheap, comfortable clothes so they don't have to be afraid of getting it dirty when playing with their friends, climbing trees, biking, etc. i don't understand people who constantly dress their daughters in dresses and sandals, don't they realize she can't play? my parents always dressed me in boring boys' clothes, and i guess i was a tomboy, but i got to play around and be active and have fun.

No. 202507

>don't they realize she can't play?
Some parents don't want her to play.

No. 202509


Some parents prefer to treat their kids, especially girls, like dress up dolls instead of what they are. Children.

No. 202512

File: 1503189455144.png (904.75 KB, 720x902, Screenshot_2017-08-19-20-33-53…)

Because it's every little girl's dream to be instathot "model" that gets sold and passed around to rich men in the middle east and china for sex in exchange for a lucrative lifestyle. Kids be big dreamers these days kek.

No. 202514

Wasn't that kid also raised as a huge bitch towards his sister and usually shown his tantrums toward her on the damn show?

No. 202517

Trannies hating on actual females with actual vaginas is nothing new.

No. 202520

No. 202531

He is an evil man, and very rich. People want money

There are a lot of protests for stupid shit, he funds a lot of them. How does the leader of BLM fly around when he doesn't even have a job and is supposedly poor like the rest of the black community? You can find some of these ads on craigslist as well.

He uses people through money to portray a message, a lot of the SJW crap is funded by him. What goes on the news is CHOSEN, and the news reporters are biased. Eg. why doesn't monsanto(?) protests get publish at all? They are all in bed with each other.

He alongside the top banking ogliarches were banned from Russia, hence why you see so much RUSSHA HACKD DA ELEKSHUNZ crap going on. He wants to set up a central banking system for the Rothschilds in Russia, its how they control countries, they can control the currency, and have war happen, which will devalue the currency, and they will buy large amounts of it, and then have the country restored and currency brought back up, and they will make lots of money that way.

If you did economics, he should be mentioned there, for making millions from low value currency.

No. 202541

why is it always trashy wannabes who think starbucks is "fancy"??

No. 202543

it started with normal business class men and women just grabbing a cup of starbucks everyday before work, then it became a girly thing to have some nice girly time and bring all your friends to the cafe and enjoy a drink and pastry, then it became a tumblr aesthetic thing, a comfy thing, a hippie liberal thing, a ~kawaii~ thing, so people think that their white cup with the green mermaid circle on it is a status thing that they can pay 3.25 for a cup of coffee or however the fuck much it costs, when in reality it's as normal as coca cola now

sage for ot

No. 203353

If people knew what real coffee tastes like they'll know Starbucks is just dirty water with whipped cream most of the time.

No. 206537

this is just a little kid in a bathing suit with a pony tail ???
hes playing around, and freaks on the internet are sexualising him. Also, a lot of american parents kiss their children on the mouth, this has been happening since forever, i dont think he is being forced.

this is ugly, i honestly blame it on sjw's and instagram trends

No. 206748

it's especially disgusting here in southern Europe where very good cafés are at every corner yet way too many people will get the Starbucks instead.

No. 207748

of all the reasons you listed Starbucks being a cheap status item probably has more bearing than anything else. Why is it a status item? Because people agree on it more or less, like any other popular status item that likewise achieves status through concensus. Its among the cheapest status items I can think of, any ol' slob can afford one.

No. 209080

Travis Barker's daughter though https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6s1BTEr1WQ

No. 209083

what the fuck did I just watch

No. 209089

the issue with these "mini adult" children is the sexualisation of them. I personally don't mind if people let their kids cross-dress and wear age appropriate clothes (a 7 year old boy, wearing clothes a 7 year old girl would wear), who cares it's just clothes. Getting a 7 year old child to dress like they're 17? No. that's fucked up. It's absolutely the sexualisation of children. The parents might not mean it to. Let kids be kids.

On the other hand, people have always been like this. With more money, dressing the up even older is even more accessible. What is the difference between Jenna Rose's My Jeans and >>209080 ? I suppose it's more obvious that the children in My Jeans look like actual children. It's not about how short the shorts are, it is more about the implications… I'm losing what i'm saying. I need to go to bed. Why did I read this thread before sleeping, now I'm just angry.

No. 209125

Honestly though, it's really creepy to me. When you look at shows on nick and disney, they super sexualize the female stars, even down to like age 10 or so, mini-adults for real. I know it's probably an unpopular opinion, but I'd much rather our country atleast to have an idea of 'cute' like Japan does, even if it does attract males, it does let kids experience being kids for much longer, even though Japanese kids in general are much more mature.

No. 209127

For anyone wondering, she's 11 years old.

No. 209137


I don’t think the video is that bad, but the kid has the face of an 18 year old with all that makeup.

I’m 27 and kids started wearing thongs and skimpy clothing in elementary school. I think the issue is with (mainly Western) society focusing so much on adult activities being sex (with randoms), drug, and party related.

No. 209138

This kid was on my YouTube suggestions despite usually only watching documentaries.

He is 15 or 16 in this video and Indonesian Chinese. Apparently he’s not very popular in his Muslim country, aaaand he moved to the U.S.

Some notable lyrics:
>>Everytime I see a pig, I don't hesitate to kill 'em
>>Man I don't give a fuck about a mothafuckin' po. I'mma pull up with that stick and hit yo motherfuckin' door
>>Holdin steel Glocks but you been a bitch suck a thick cock
>>When I pull up in that Maserati, better duck fore ya brain Splatter on the concrete, I'mma hit you with that 45

I know kids and teenagers have been doing similarly for a while, but it still bothers me and I don’t remember parents encouraging there kids going on about killing people by paying to have them visit a studio and have a video produced etc.

No. 209140

*their kids

No. 209151


he rules, loser

No. 209175

He's wearing a pink polo and a fanny pack while rapping about blasting niggas. You don't see the irony in that? A lot of this is obviously meant to be comedic, and he's stated himself that the other bits are about the corruption of law enforcement in Indonesia. Maybe you should stop taking everything rappers say at face value.

No. 209196

His lyrics are tongue-in-cheek and he plays up his dorkiness. It appears he's 18 now and going by his twitter, he jokes around a lot even though he loves rapping.

He doesn't disturb me the way Alabama Barker does. Her parents have been pimping her on Instagram, with the eyelash extensions, fake nails, heavy makeup and Baddie poses, since she was in kindergarten!

No. 209198

File: 1508245787709.jpg (244.41 KB, 810x1184, IMG_20171017_150836.jpg)

fuck this earth

No. 209274

It's creepy how her parents(the mother is literally the director of a beauty pageant) keep pushing them into really adult spaces and keeping up their image while both Alabama and her swag fag brother Landon don't seem very educated or mature for their age. It's like they only say what they think other people want them to say. At least Alabama seems like cute, normal little girl but is pressured to act more grown-up. In addition makeup and belly shirts, I think she is even wearing stuffed bras.

No. 209583

Malu Trevejo is 14. It drives me insane how people are ok with this. This little girl is in ads for instagram gyrating around. Just take a look at her IG. It's infuriating.

No. 209611

>pretending she isnt lying about her age like she lies about everything else

No. 209697

File: 1508801322231.jpg (29.99 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

She has a MV? Didn't she only get noticed for begin friends/fighting with the red haired one? Also same with that girl Woahvicky?

Like what did they do to get "popular besides be assholes. It's weird they got noticed for their looks and bad behaviour while being underaged. I just don't get how some people are okay with it

No. 209698


not that anon but I don't think it even really matters, more of the fact that people feed in and give her attention because of her perceived age even if it is a lie.

No. 209724

Why are all the comments on this saying her personality is bad? I keep seeing a lot of these.

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