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File: 1484108465160.png (319.42 KB, 1432x532, Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 10.2…)

No. 176417

No. 176418


About: This is a safe group, you are welcome to post whatever you want as long at its appropriate (underage littles and doms are here.) I am an underage little and I thinks it's important for us to keep other underage littles and doms safe too, and teach them.

Expectation: When you are new I would like for you to post your age and maybe a little about yourself, just for me to get to know you a little better. Nothing too personal. AND YOU'LL MUST HAVE TO HAVE YOUR FACE AS YOUR PROFILE PICTURE OTHERWISE YOU WON'T BE ADDED.


•No asking for nudes
•No selfharm pictures or posts of suicide
•No shaming underage littles
•No shaming at all
• Ask before adding
• Please no excessive posting looking for a hookup

Those ^ are the supposed rules for the group but still I think this is plain wrong. I'd love to hear your guys' opinions

No. 176421

Uh… wtf. This is real and hasn't been shut down by the FBI yet?

No. 176422

i tried submitting a report to fb but theres no category for this type of shit

No. 176423

File: 1484110366655.png (235.11 KB, 463x700, whatthefuck.PNG)

fucked up

No. 176424


holy shit i swear it was 4k just a moment ago

No. 176426

I hope this group gets taken down, jesus. a lot of them look like adults though. And ew, some of them have kids.

No. 176427


you got 3 male admins, 2 of them look adult (the other one is 19 I think) and 2 female admins just what the fuck

No. 176428

would be cool to get someone to join for shits and giggles, also to bring us thread content

No. 176429

dammit, I need my real face as my profile

No. 176430

do you think they'd reverse image search?

No. 176431


no clue, i guess you can take something off of 4chan and retouch it up a bit, add filter/flip, dunno if thatd do much

No. 176432

File: 1484111929010.png (476.49 KB, 493x685, 454566.png)

I don't mind since I don't really use my Facebook for much.

I just got added in less than 3 minutes and don't have my face as my profile pic, so maybe it's not really a big deal.

No. 176433

cool beans, now we'll see

No. 176434

sweet jesus, do i think this kind of shit should be shut down? Absolutely because it creates a gateway for kids to interact with adults. Even if theres a "no asking for nudes" 'rule' you never know if someone will be ''''smooth'''' enough to coax an underaged child into doing pretty illegal stuff /:

No. 176435

well anon, I don't think I'll be added, so hopefully you can come through if there's anything interesting.

No. 176436

File: 1484113220856.png (360.74 KB, 420x715, ohyeah.png)

oh yeah bby, let me be your daddy.

No. 176438

File: 1484113253355.jpg (31.42 KB, 252x359, 14531911537.jpg)

No. 176439

File: 1484113446776.png (245.01 KB, 588x720, Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 11.4…)

1v1 me

No. 176440

You file it under it harming children they have something for that.

No. 176441

>report group
then what?

No. 176442

File: 1484113733019.png (439.93 KB, 780x343, shotsshotshotshotsshotshotshot…)

drink every time one of them has a kid.

No. 176443


drink every time on of the littles types in uwu cutesy style

No. 176449

File: 1484115505586.jpg (43.25 KB, 450x450, real fucked up.jpg)

No. 176471

>I am an underage little
Says fucking enough.

No. 176473

>putting 13 year olds and 25 year olds in the same fetish group
What could possibly go wrong?

No. 176474

File: 1484138295076.gif (2.91 MB, 365x341, behind it all.gif)


>13-year-olds claiming to have "fetishes" in the first place

No. 176479

13 year olds claiming to be 6 year olds. k

No. 176480

tfw no underaged admins

No. 176482

File: 1484145850986.jpg (38.46 KB, 500x376, no.jpg)

>actual children saying "my fetish is roleplaying that I'm a child"
You… are a child…

No. 176488

File: 1484151897602.jpg (22.63 KB, 217x326, 86008248.jpg)

Do you think this dd/lg shit is going to disappear completely in 10-20 years? I don't want to have kids while this stuff is around

No. 176493

File: 1484154648572.png (85.43 KB, 489x925, 6786786.png)

Apparently there has been some debating about the age range for the group

No. 176494

File: 1484154771195.png (23.3 KB, 501x287, 56456.png)

Seriously though, seeing a lot of 14-16 year olds posting in here. I don't think I've seen anyone younger than that out rightly looking.

No. 176495

File: 1484155047125.png (297.18 KB, 495x465, 79797.png)

Another minor and her daddy

No. 176498

File: 1484158123042.jpg (31.67 KB, 480x360, juststop.jpg)

Keep reporting it. This is just a masked grooming ring for old men to creep on girls. Sure its got the tumblr kids "modding" but this is disgusting.
DDLG I dont agree with at all but they are mainly made of older woman/men. This newfound tumblr/nymphet shit is dangerous as hell and teaching kids like these the wrong idea about sexuality and "kinks". Kids here are going to believe this is normal, they are smarter than the nurses teaching them sex ed, this isn't paedophilia but a normal relationship.

No. 176499

this shit is so fucking sad. I've only been out of high school for 5 years and this shit seems so foreign to me.

No. 176500

yeah seriously, I question the age of a few of the men in this group. That guy posted above looks like he's 40 fucking years old.

No. 176501

File: 1484158482699.png (653.4 KB, 493x907, 8686.png)

Pretty much, yeah. Here's some older dude looking for a little. Says he's 23 but he looks way older.

No. 176502

yeah, it should be 18.

No. 176506

Send the kids to a some rehab camp and the adults to jail tf is this generation anymore holy fuck.

No. 176508

whats with people trying to normalize pedophilia, we must execute the internet

No. 176509

hopefully they turn it into a honeypot or something. This shit reminds me of the Southpark episode Cartman Joins NAMBLA.

No. 176510

what do you mean by honeypot?

No. 176512

the police use is as a source to bait potential pedos.

No. 176513

He must be at least 30. That's fucking disgusting

No. 176514

Best thing they could do, I wonder if the kids involved in this parents know what the fuck they are doing. Tempted to set up a spoof account so I can message some of the youngest kids parents bein like hey. Your kids being lowkey groomed.

No. 176515

He looks like a crackhead.
The thing that makes me so mad about the adults in there is that they seem to be totally clueless about how dangerous this is for young girls. 3 of the admins are adults, right? Well, what are they thinking? I know that expecting a person into dd/lg to actually act like a mature, well adjusted individual is laughable at best, but this is just so irresponsible that gets them on the same level of the creepy pedos who are in there to groom victims.
Maybe in the end they're all into dd/lg because they are in fact part children. Their brain surely is that of a brat.

No. 176516

>it's better that a 13 year old come here and be safely directed
How is this a safe environment at all?

No. 176517

off his bloody rocker more like

No. 176518

same thoughts, imagine the possibilities

No. 176525

File: 1484168722236.png (50.75 KB, 493x505, 6464.png)

So inappropriate and gross

No. 176526

File: 1484168821383.png (375.57 KB, 873x1166, possibleminors.png)

I hope this isn't going to far. I blocked out all of their faces so they not immortalized on here but I didn't block out their name so you can go confirm for yourselves.

The top two I've confirmed are 15 or 16 years old and the two on the bottom look very young, but I couldn't confirm their age for sure. If you'd like me to delete this and block out their last names as well I'd be happy to, I just think this is a bit concerning since it only took me about clicking on 10 profiles to gather these screen caps.

No. 176527

well I'm glad that the guy at the bottom has some sense.

No. 176528

File: 1484169107586.png (231.53 KB, 499x687, 75655.png)

He's probably the only one considering this is one of the latest posts.

"Let's show all the minors out there that they don't have to be scared of us predators" is basically all I'm hearing.

No. 176530

Report to any noting figure on facebook or push comes to shove
Email the schools

No. 176531

Why are they so ugly?

No. 176532

Also would recommend deleting this and blocking the names out, alot of robots have been lurking here as of late.

No. 176533

A bit off topic, but why are robots lurking on here all of a sudden? It's really bothering me and I think that's why the traffic has been going down from the original userbase

No. 176536

Robots have always been lurking here.

No. 176537

I would if it wasn't past 30 minutes, now I can't delete :(

No. 176538

I feel it's been more commonplace

No. 176549

I reported this group for sexually explicit content. It's not exactly that, but maybe a person at Facebook will look at it now?

No. 176550

File: 1484179979588.jpg (191.73 KB, 1432x941, Screenshot_20170111-181213.jpg)

"In review" means by a physical human being, right?

No. 176551

File: 1484180392634.png (629.58 KB, 790x1097, daddies1.png)

Let's meet our "25 or below" daddies.

No. 176552

File: 1484180454461.png (672.47 KB, 790x1097, daddies2.png)

No. 176553

File: 1484180511495.png (453.04 KB, 785x1586, daddies3.png)

No. 176554

I hope so, last time I reported they stated that """""""""""theydidntfindanythingthatviolatedtermsofserviceorsomething""""""""""""

No. 176558

Look at these musty motherfuckers.

No. 176559

I hope you come back at some point group anon. For some reason they won't accept me…even though they accept old fucking men and people with out profile pics. We need you!

No. 176560

File: 1484188086873.png (227.54 KB, 493x751, 67676.png)

That's really weird that they won't accept your invite, even though they accepted mine.

I'm always around, but there's nothing too interesting here. Mostly just selfies and mindless posting.

I did run across this though.

No. 176561

File: 1484188230478.png (468.08 KB, 789x574, ewwy.PNG)

The 25 age cap is probably to accommodate this crusty admin lol

No. 176562

File: 1484188329125.png (650.21 KB, 496x839, 8978.png)

Well, maybe I spoke too soon. This is really disgusting, especially posting it online.

No. 176563

interesting, thank you anon. The way she put it it sounds like he was just trying to make her mother aware. But his url is weird…

No. 176564

wtf? Is that post implying sexual abuse?

No. 176565

Did the group get hidden or taken down? Wanted to report but can't find it now. Hopefully FB shut it down.

No. 176566

it's still there for me

No. 176568

Jfc, is that her kid? She needs to be reported to CPS.

Seems that way doesn't it? Goddamned degenerate. Even if she isn't abusing the kid it's like she's advertising her to all the other pedos.

No. 176572

I found the answer.

>However, the company is keen to stress that every single report of abuse is read and acted upon by a human being, not a computer – a fact that might surprise most users. The system is constantly monitored by staff based across four time zones in California, Texas, Dublin and Hyderabad in India, so there is never a “night shift” with fewer staff on hand.

>When a user clicks "report", it is graded for its severity and guided to the right team. “If there’s a risk of real-world harm – someone who is clearly cutting themselves, or bullying, anything touching child safety in general, any credible threat would be prioritised above everything else,” says Julie de Bailliencourt, Facebook’s safety policy manager for Europe, the Middle East and Africa.


No. 176592

>letting papist kiddy diddlers decide what is and isn't child abuse

No. 176603

I can't believe this fat degenerate thinks he's being stigmatised

No. 176613

File: 1484226433932.jpg (1015.66 KB, 1440x2406, Screenshot_20170112-070539.jpg)

Well, Facebook responded.

No. 176620

File: 1484227678448.png (20.59 KB, 131x123, beb57bcc7866f57e60fd21a495aa76…)


Faceberg confirmed for pedo sympathizers. Maybe try reporting this next? >>176562

No. 176621

I'm not part of the group, or I would try.

No. 176626

File: 1484230671164.png (634.49 KB, 803x818, ee.png)


This dude is shady as fuck, but can't find proof that he's not indeed 23. He says he uses heroin, so it's no wonder if he just looks old.

No. 176632

"Hi, just ignore this is going on! It's your fault! Nothing to see here!"

No. 176641

13-25 didn't alarm them JUST A LITTLE?

No. 176642

Reporting for nudity/sexual content probably doesn't work too well since there seems to be zero nudity in the group. There is a more detailed reporting system when you click "report a problem" → "other abuse", there you can actually write a message and explain this shit (13 year olds taking part in a BDSM-based fetish and being very fucking unsafe).

No. 176644

I thought it would, but apparently not.

Thanks, anon! I'll try that instead. Mainly, I wanted for an actual human being to see.

No. 176646

Yes, do not use the sexual content section. It will get denied, mine just did. They'll give you some crap about how it doesn't break the guidelines and you can just hide what you find offensive. However, it does give you an option for feedback afterwards, which I used to type up the actual explanation in hopes that it will be re-reviewed to consider the actual problem. Use the other abuse option folks, it's unfortunately kind of buried at times.

No. 176698

Is anybody here in the group? Facebook is being a bitch and wants links straight to the "abusive" posts in the group and I'm not going to join that bullshit. Just do the report problem and select other abuse, fill out all the shit they want and add the links. I'm very damn disgusted about how FB is treating this obvious problem.

No. 176707

Yeah, I am. I'll check it out.

No. 176708

File: 1484263022842.png (746.59 KB, 489x901, 89089888.png)

Here's one that really bothers me. I'll post the gross comments to this post as well.

No. 176709

File: 1484263156741.png (85.72 KB, 493x799, 6465655.png)

The first two guys are at least 21, as they both have completed/have been in college, according to their Facebook profiles.

No. 176710

thank you anon, that is very disturbing…

No. 176712

File: 1484264012793.png (531.42 KB, 491x845, 867686.png)

No problem. Just hope I'm able to do something.

I followed >>176642 advice and left a detailed message about what DDLG is and why the group should be removed from Facebook. I provided a few links as well to posts where girls specifically state being minors and where the comments clearly show them being approached by adult men.

I know a few of you have tried already to report the group for sexual content without success, but I went ahead and did that as well, simply because you can apparently give feedback if/when they deny your request.

I guess it's just a matter of waiting and seeing what happens.

No. 176716

Wasted effort. Facebook isn't going to do anything, afaik there's an algorhytm deciding. There's nothing explicit in there, so Facebook won't delete anything.
A mass reporting maybe would do, but I'm talking about a number of people reporting bigger than the number of members in the group.

No. 176717

>looks like that
>is a 'genderfluid' male
My mam would publicly flay me if she ever saw me like that, when I was 14 I still played with my Bratz dolls

No. 176720

File: 1484266137409.png (257.67 KB, 497x582, 7567567555.png)

Yeah, that's honestly my own thoughts. We all saw what happened with Twitter when all those CP accounts came to light and Twitter just banned anyone to spoke out about it and exposed people.

Just figured I don't have anything better to do right now and couldn't hurt to try one more time.

There are a lot more special snowflakes in this group than I figured there'd be. Not sure why I'm so surprised though. I guess I just can't believe this is what some teens are into nowadays.

No. 176721

File: 1484266399894.png (459.61 KB, 489x669, 64564564.png)

Here's some minor posting pics of her actually being tied up. I don't feel comfortable posting one of the other pics she uploaded, but she said her master/dom did it for her and took the pics.

I actually reported this post specifically, but who the hell knows if they'll even do anything about it.

No. 176729

Please stop. We have rules against posting people under the age of 18.

No. 176731

My bad, you're right. I forgot all about that honestly.

I'm done anyway. I doubt Facebook will do anything, so it's up to someone else now, if they want.

No. 176735

Because they're insecure, and want that easy, insecure (possibly underage) pussy because they can't get anything else. It's honestly disgusting.

No. 176737

No. 176770

File: 1484290613151.jpg (119.5 KB, 1241x502, How can it be 100 oc if you sa…)

so when these 13/14 year olds are talking about having "daddies", what exactly does that even mean? are they actually having sex with fetishist pedos? or is it just misguided bullshitting like "lol my classmate bought me candy and a plushie as a gift :3 i like coloring to relax, i'm such a little kid teehee :3" ? because it's already bizarre enough if a 13 yr old has sex with someone the same age, so i'm having trouble believing they're suddenly skipping even past the puppy love and awkward sex stage and plunging straight into bdsm territory. i think these are trolls doing something along the lines of pic related

lmao this has gotta be a troll hunting for pedos. probably stole pictures of a girl from her FB, reuploaded them and added that hands tied picture. kids at 14 don't know what tying hands like that means.

No. 176796

So my boy friend and I practice dd/lg. First off, I'm 21 and he is in his late 20s. We both met as adults and had a six or so month relationship before becoming sexual. Neither of us were into dd/lg at the time, but we both liked bondage.
I found out about dd/lg and thought it was disgusting. I thought, who wants to imagine having sex with their dad/child?
Fast forward to me doing a lot kg research, watching videos, just simply reading up about it. I began to realize a lot of typical traits of a little, I possessed. I got scared, but also was curious enough to ask my boyfriend if we could try. We ended up enjoying the dynamic. We now practice the life style and it's very rewarding. Someone is always praising or uplifting the other. It feels good to do something like the dishes or laundry and be told good job and to feel appreciated.
When I do go into little space, which is a head space much like actors do, my life age can be anywhere between six or into early teens. Sometimes non-verbal.
It consists of colouring, having mac and cheese or grilled cheese, watching Disney movies, drinking juice boxes or from a straw. Just being a kid, carefree. It doesn't have to be sexual. Having little friends is great because we just forget adult stresses.
Of course I adult when I have to. I'm still capable, it's just a nice little escape for a few hours.
I think it's sad these kids are trying to get into this because they're still children. I'm not sure what else they gain from it unless they're only in it for the kink. And liking it for the kink is fine if you're a legal consenting adult. But they're not and it worries me.
I think it's deplorable of the men in that community to be talking to young children. I personally think someone failed these children. I didn't know about dd/lg until recently and it disturbs me that these children not only know about it but participate in it.
Unfortunately, the ages they're at is a time of sexual awakening. It's fine to be into what you're into. I just wish it was safer.
Also it's a branch of bdsm and no children should ever be involved in bdsm.

Sorry this is so long. I just want you to hear the point of view from a practising adult.

No. 176798

I used to be a very weird kid and into older men when I was 12-15. I got wise during 16-17

No. 176801

File: 1484309802564.jpg (42.08 KB, 640x562, IMG_1521.JPG)

Fucking disgusting.

youre still just an adult making a fetish out of children.

No. 176806

I was abused as a child and I do believe my mental growth got stunted at 14 or so. I don't necessarily partake in age-play though. We're into the life style. Daddy has just become a nickname for my boyfriend like anything else. Hubby, sweetie, sweetheart, etc.
Our relationship is super loving and we're really happy.
I still disagree with children taking part in bdsm dynamic.

No. 176807

You're very naive, anon.

No. 176815

>I just want you to hear the point of view from a practising adult.

i see, but what i'm still confused about is how is a 13 year old going to know to have a preference for this bdsm stuff? "sexual awakening" just seems vague, i mean, sexual awakening at that age is seeing if you're straight or not, and first awkward attempts at masturbation. suddenly jumping into super specific bdsm lifestyle stuff doesn't seem like a natural "progression" of preference.

i would think they're being spoonfed directly by the men, but then they talk about concepts of little space, but don't even have "daddies" themselves…so where are they getting this shit from?

eh, i guess so, i just find this shit crazy. in no world would i expect kids to try and make themselves seem even younger to pander to pedos. absolutely bizarre

No. 176822

I always wondered how people become clueless grandpa criticising violent videogames-tyre.
I mean do you really expect 13-year old kids with internet access to not look at porn and be unable to stumble upon niche fetish porn? Or are you implying it is impossible they take any interest in it?

No. 176823

> where are they getting this shit from?


No. 176824

I also find this fetish itself pretty cringey tbh.

No. 176854

>how is a 13 year old going to know to have a preference for this bdsm stuff?
Internet for sure. Like I said, someone failed these children and didn't protect them and their online habits/behavior.
>suddenly jumping into super specific bdsm lifestyle stuff doesn't seem like a natural "progression" of preference.
I agree with you. However, I knew I liked bdsm when I was quite young, probably 14. However, I have a history of abuse at a young age and I do think it affected me.
>so where are they getting this shit from?
They're for sure reading up about it, much like I did. There are girls out there who are underage and publicly show casing and promoting dd/lg as something anyone can partake in.
I understand these kids wanting to find other people like them, the kids aren't as at fault at the adults who prey on them and try to get to know fucking 14 year olds.
There are a ton of garbage human beings in the bdsm community unfortunately.

No. 176868

File: 1484342716785.png (41.95 KB, 569x600, hmm.png)

Just a fun little tidbit I came across this morning, felt it perhaps holds some relevance here. Obviously it's not a blanket application.

No. 176879

I'm dd/lg anon and I sort of agree with this.
I do know I was abused by another female when I was four. I always remembered it though. As an adult now who is in therapy and other programs, my doctor thinks more may have happened when I was even younger that I have blocked out.
I also used to wake up in bruises or with my underwear missing as a child. I remember the bruises and missing undies, but I don't recall any abuse.
The first type of porn I really ever saw was bdsm in nature and it was an accident when I was 12. I knew it was bad so I didn't look at it again but it clearly never left me.

That being said, I use dd/lg as a stress reliever. I have to adult all day, I struggle with anxiety and depression. My childhood was kind of cut short by events and I had to grow up very quickly.
So me reverting to a younger consciousness isn't about the kink or sex. It's about having someone care about me and me being able to kind of get what I didn't.

No. 176881

File: 1484350960342.png (124.97 KB, 1280x808, tumblr_ojnpuwn44d1upe1ufo1_128…)

What I am most scared for these children is they will be super quick to trust anyone who comes in their livees. Sure these "daddys" might come across nice and kind over messenger but your always talking to a screen. Your talking to a persona that is constantly fixed to a few emotions and they can present any personality they want. Meeting irl for them will most likely end in abuse,especially with the older ones on the younger "littles". They will see this as normal however because this is a kink yeah? This is what I form my sexual preferences around and youve constantly got some old man telling you this is the correct way to feel, because they are so easy to influence at such a young age. Sure youve got the white knights/tumblr chicks lurking to "keep them in line" but what can they do after theyve possibly shared contact info, block them from this shitty group? ugh.

This is the psychological side of ddlg I can sort of understand. If its not sexualized/roleplaying paedophilia then not alot can be done and you seem to keep it in private. What these kids think is ddlg is the tumblr ddlg, is strictly sexual and are those shitty kids on tumblr who add gross comments about daddy spanking them when naughty and doing good deeds for the "rewards". I dont agree with ddlg but its a fucking weird subject. What these children have as their "kink" is vastly different to your definition though.

Their school sex ed nurses must fucking hate them.

No. 176883

You honestly said it really well! Kids just plain and simple shouldn't belong in a kink. There's no way around it.
> They will see this as normal however because this is a kink yeah?
Yes! I was actually groomed when I was younger by a pedophile (I have a lot of trauma, thus the therapy lmao)
I didn't know what was happening was wrong because my only reference point was abuse. When you're that young and that's all you know, you think it's normal.
It's up to the adults in the community to keep children safe. There is no reason adults should be talking to children in a group based around a fetish.
>What these kids think is ddlg is the tumblr ddlg, is strictly sexual
Exactly. Like, you're already a kid. You are a child. Right now. You are actively a child, please let yourself be a child. They jump to the sexual kink because they're already doing things considered "little." Like, you're not a "little," you're just still a child. Let yourself be a child.
>I dont agree with ddlg but its a fucking weird subject.
I'm certainly not here to change anyone's opinion or even really try to validate it, but I do want to put information out there. It is weird, and like I said I was genuinely scared when I realized I might like it. I mean I cried when I tried to tell my boyfriend because I was so scared. It's really a decent reason to break up with someone if you ask me. Like if he was seriously not okay with it then I couldn't be mad if he left me. I'm very lucky to have someone so caring and understanding of my abuse and childhood.
If you guys have any questions, I'll do my best to answer them.
~dd/lg anon

No. 176885

File: 1484354708347.jpg (2.71 KB, 125x125, 1449154313383.jpg)

Not that anon but one thing is looking at/getting interested in it, another different thing is actively seeking contact with grown ass perverted men to reenact what they see on the internet.

No. 176930

I'm writting this at the peril of being called a robot, but does anyone not feel sorry for those girls?

When I was 12-13 and above, and my friends as well, we just knew it was wrong to go with a stranger that was five years older, let alone 10. The same applied to internet.

These girls if willingly joined that group, so what are we supposed to do? Talk some sense into them?

No. 176932

I'd wager most of these kids don't have a very good home life or are messed up in some other way, so they're trying to seek attention to make up for it.

No. 176938

I like how you pointed out Dublin and not Texas. Bitter American spotted.

No. 176939

Not even American lmao. Of course I'll point out Dublin over Texas when I'm more familiar with taigs than Bible belters

No. 176944

File: 1484408623281.jpg (238.5 KB, 1420x2135, 1483033368280.jpg)


No. 177019

File: 1484410981122.jpg (156.13 KB, 1058x1334, 1484304172921.jpg)


A good read if you want to know what this eventually leads to.

No. 177781

That article was pretty interesting, but it seems like a different ballpark entirely, anon.
This is a literal commune kids were raised in and systemically abused from babyhood, while this shit is a matter of teens/preteens on the cusp of puberty not being supervised when they use the internet and ending up falling into bad situations with predatory adults because dd/lg (and, additionally, the concept of not being an adult and "failing at adulting xD") is becoming normalized thanks to wo/manchildren on Dumblr.
I doubt the sort of people in that FB group will ever manage to have kids, let alone lead a counterculture politically-driven community where they have the chance to make baby rape seem "progressive". They're too juvenile and retarded to ever be considered "intellectual" and "groundbreaking" (see "daddies" like >>176501 lmao).

No. 177839

God I hate the term 'adulting'.

No. 177914

>It consists of colouring, having mac and cheese or grilled cheese, watching Disney movies, drinking juice boxes or from a straw

You can do all of these things without pretending to be a toddler, you know?

No. 177916

Exactly. I do that stuff still and I just turned 20. That isn't exclusive to kids or toddlers, and similarly you aren't required to think like one to enjoy them or use them to relieve stress.

No. 177919

Ah, a unionist so. Lol cringe.

No. 177920

I don't pretend to be a toddler. I age regress because my childhood was cut short when I was 14. I just want to go back sometimes to when it was simple and just be a kid. I give myself that childhood again. Lmao most people who haven't gone through some sort of abuse or trauma at a young age don't use age regression.
It isn't normal and I know that. You'd have to not be normal for this type of thing to occur.
Oh yeah of course people, anyone, can do these things for stress relief but they don't all age regress. That's the main difference. I simply go back to my childhood before it got rocked by events. I like how simple it was and easy and without the stress. Anyone can do what's considered "little activities" without being little. But I actually age regress.
~dd/lg anon

No. 177921

Jacinta pls

No. 177926

God, you sound so pretentious. Just grow the fuck up and get over your "cut short childhood". Life goes on after you hit 18, you know?

No. 177927

please don't do this horseshit when you have children.

No. 177941

Such bullshit, lots of people have shitty childhoods and they learn to deal with it instead of behaving like a degenerate.

No. 177947

you are some special snowflake, aren't you?

No. 178010

Easy, I don't want children.
No, not really. Dd/lg isn't rare it anything.
Different people handle things differently. I do my business in the privacy of my own home.
I mean, you have the problem with it, not me.
You absolutely don't have to agree with me or do what I do. It doesn't affect me. I know my reasons behind what I do and I think that's important.

No. 178016

cool, we still think you fucked up in life and the point of the thread was to talk about the 13 - 25 year old ddlg group, not to talk about you. so you can just go back to tumblr where, "this sort of thing isn't rare."

No. 178017

Just kill yourself

No. 178019


stop being triggered by degenerate-chan. at least they aren't telling us about diaper play.

No. 178020

like first it was the trannies, now it the littles. where does it end? lol

No. 178040

I didn't know this was a thing until fairly recently. Suddenly, for the first time, I felt strange because my husband is a little more than 40 years older than me and some of these people think age gap is some fairy tale. Relationships are hard work and even harder if you come from different generations

No. 178042

This is something that I find real weird and interesting, anyway to get you to tell more? I am genuinely interested.

No. 178048

The short version is I always found older men attractive. From childhood, I observed that most people were interested in other people around their own age while I was looking at adults and even middle aged men as ideal. Most are refined, PATIENT, good listeners and conversationalists and they have work ethic. i never had much in common with people my own age through teenage hood to adult hood. When I met my husband it was love at first sight, and I'm serious. I thought that kind of thing was ridiculous until it happened to me. I was really taken aback by the reality that people are vastly different when they are brought up in different generations. Older men aren't good at expressing their feelings or emotions.

No. 178085

my bf's only 5 years older, and we have a hard time with him expressing properly, so could just be a man thing, or a cultural thing

No. 178086

Can't men just control themselves?

No. 178088



No. 178296

I have nothing against your lifestyle, it seems you're practicing things consensually and not shoving it in anyone's faces, but like other anons I want to know why do these things need to be totally infantilised rather than just relaxing and why does it need to all tie together to make a lifestyle?
Not judging but curious why you just be adults that enjoy disney and have a caring cuddly relationship where you guys praise each other but also indulge in bdsm? Why does it need to have the ritualistic aesthetic buzzwords to link it all together? I completely understand stuff like tuning out when you get home to watch cartoons while eating alphabetti spagetti, I just don't get why it needs to be "little space"ified, if it makes any sense. Ddlg culture feels really forced, in the same way that bdsm or furry lifestyles can get cringey.

So naive anon. I can't have been the only kid who sought all sorts of dark things out on my own at a young age, starting with grimms fairy tales until it was full on bdsm porn. Kids with the internet now will fall down the slope so much faster, but it's not always the internet that starts it off. Not all perverts will have bad home lives or traumatic events.
I do agree that things like chan boards and access to hardcore porn do make things worse and desensitize people to horrible things but in some people it originates from the person themselves.

No. 178323

dunno. I was a weird kid, but i got into bdsm and things at 13y/o or so with my first gf(same age). we bought ropes and shit from the hardware store and learned about it online. In hindsight, that's way too young, but at the time I felt very grown up.
At the time, I was still being sexually abused at home, which maybe has something to do with being disturbingly sexual at a young age lol.

No. 178325

>why do these things need to be totally infantilised
People were overly critical about these things and refer to them as kid activities in the first place. If you're an adult and like to have a pacifier for comfort, people are going to call you a child. These behaviours are considered child-like in nature. I've just come to accept it. Many embraced it, which becomes being little at heart so the term "little" came.
>why does it need to all tie together to make a lifestyle?
It is going to be a long term practice for my boyfriend and I. It's a life style choice. I don't know how else to explain it.
>why you just be adults that enjoy disney and have a caring cuddly relationship where you guys praise each other but also indulge in bdsm?
Because it's a sub genre of bdsm culture. Like the way there are different types of Lolita style, there are different types of bdsm. We participate and use dd/lg lifestyle. Not all bdsm is the same.
>Why does it need to have the ritualistic aesthetic buzzwords to link it all together?
I don't have an answer for this because I don't participate in nymphette or Lolita (the novel/book) ideology. But for the routine part, or as you put it, ritualistic, I like routine. I like rules. I have very bad anxiety and having a set list of things helps keep me in order. When I have too many choices, I become overwhelmed. This is just me personally.
>I just don't get why it needs to be "little space"ified
Because it's a head space. I do what I need to do all day as an adult, I do adult things. I can't spend all day in this little headspace and be able to function.
So when I get home and can let go and can relax and let myself become little and give up certain adult duties because I know I have someone who is there and going to take care of me. I'm allowed to be little. It's an aspect of my personality that I have to conceal because it isn't appropriate to be that way 24/7. I also wouldn't want to be little all the time. I enjoy drinking with friends and hanging out with family. I don't want to be at a dance club with a sippy cup you know what I mean?
Anyone can do things that are considered little activities without being a little. It's all about head space.
>Ddlg culture feels really forced, in the same way that bdsm or furry lifestyles can get cringey.
It's been grossly glorified and made more accessible for younger and younger people, which I'm against.
These young girls are playing into a fetish where they will end up abused and think it's just a normal relationship. I feel bad that it's over run the way it is.
And because it's a lifestyle choice, it isn't for everyone and you are allowed to be disgusted by it. It doesn't really bother me. Everyone has their opinion and their right to say it. Plus, I'm putting myself out here so I don't mind.
There are definitely some bad eggs out there.

No. 178333

You sound like an okay person but it's still weird.
Also do you only browse lolcow when being "adult"?

No. 178339

But even if I am in little space, I find the "uwu pwetty pwincess" typing style cringey.

No. 178965

Pretty normal stuff tbh
Just generic sub shit

No. 178974

Someone explain that questionable age bracket to me. They want to risk minors being exploited in here? And why is the cutoff at 25 years? Aren't "daddy doms" supposed to be like 40 year old sugar daddies?

No. 178976

I really don't get this. I mean, I had mac and cheese today, you can drink from juice boxes when convenient, and can enjoy Disney movies as an adult. Why does that make you a little?

No. 178999

I've answered this before, it's a head space. You can do these things without being a little. These are also things traditionally associated with children, so you let yourself revert to that young head space. It's entirely up to the person.
It's fucked up, they're definitely risking minors safety. Minors should not be involved in adult kink play ever. Their brains aren't matured enough to understand. They're easy targets. Pedophiles use dd/lg as a guise to go after real children. Those are the 40 year olds you're referring to.
I am 21 and my boyfriend is in his late 20s, but we met when I was an adult (not teen). We have a reasonable age gap between adults.
However, I think once you reach 20, you are free to date up as high as you'd like. That's just personal opinion.

No. 179132

I'd really like to know what you mean about being in a 'child's headspace'. How are you not still just you, at your current age, but just giving up obligations and responsibility at the time to let someone else do shit for you. What are you actually doing/saying/thinking that makes you any 'younger'?

No. 179133

Thank you anon who has started this thread.
I was judging parents of this children very harshly and, I admit, had good laugh thanks to them. But now I looked up into the whole case and discovered that my younger cousin is in these group. She is 12 years old, not even 13. Thanks to makeup and filters she looks a bit older but her face still screams "child". As soon as I get home I will call her parents and possibly contact admins of the group? Idk. I would never suspect that, she was never abused or neglected.

No. 179157

Yeah, speak to her parents. They should control her more

No. 179159

You don't do anything. If you don't understand it, you won't understand it. I'm not trying to be mean, but it's either something that clicks or doesn't.
I realise I am absolutely still a 21 year old, giving my responsibilities (some anyways) to another person. I don't know how to describe it other than a head space, if you don't get it you won't get it.
Actors have to get into head spaces to play certain characters and that is the closest thing I can compare it to. I feel as though you may have not read everything I've posted and are stuck on the head space thing.

No one really into dd/lg is stupid. We understand we are still our ages. But we give up those responsibilities for a little while. Then we go back to being adults.
I can't make you understand, especially if you're not open to understanding, which considering the tone of your post, seems to be the case.
I'm sorry you found out that way. Before contacting her parents, who likely have zero understanding in what dd/lg is, you should have a talk with her and explain to her why it's so dangerous.

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