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No. 1379445

Previous thread: >>>/ot/922178

Screech into the oblivion. A place to say how you really feel without other people feeling entitled to give you shit for it.

>Don't respond to other people's rants. It's not about you, you vain bitch.

No. 1379446

I don't care about you. Doing the bare minimum doesn't entitle you to my love or attention, or even acknowledgment. When you die, I'm not going to your funerals. I'm going to sit at home and smoke a bunch of fucking weed and eat a bunch of fucking food and surround myself with stuffed animals and play with my tamagotchi and listen to music and watch cartoons all day long in my underwear and you'll be in the cold ground, alone and stiff. You hateful pricks.

No. 1379652

aaah finally resubmitted income information for my student loan repayment plan and applied for the debit relief. im so fucking glad to be done with it, ive literally been stressing since the start of the pandemic when payments were suspended. also pretty fucking pleased i didnt promote at my job until may because my income alone is $10,000 higher than it was last year, but that wont be considered until the next time i have to reapply
now i just need to schedule the dental appointment i havent had in the 5 years that ive been married……… why are these sort of tasks so fucking intimidating!!?

No. 1380729

Ai Art is ART god fucking dammit!!!

No. 1380745

No. 1380757

to true NONNY !!1! pregonant emma watson made by an indian in stable diffusion to jack off has the same artistic merit as the Mona Lisa

No. 1380767


No. 1380782

it's art just not good art

No. 1380803

Stolen art, yeah

No. 1380806

I hate everyone else on the road. People take it as a personal affront when I pass them and speed up to try and block me. It's actually pathetic. Also I'm fucking sick of old people. Like 3 of them gave me grief today (I had to drive 2.5 hours round trip) cutting me off without a blinker, merging at a dangerously slow speed onto the highway, camping in the left lane. I literally hate old people so much. Almost as much as jeep drivers

No. 1380807

If anyone else consistantly only talked about themself and never asked how I'm doing.. I'd cut them off. But you're a parent. The only one I have left. It fucks me up that you either really don't care or you have a funny way of showing you do. Next time you do ask.. if you ever do ask.. I have some huge news I've been sitting on. If you'd just ask. I might die waiting.

No. 1380953

Why don't scrotes listen? I asked this guy I've recently met not to save my snaps in chat. He proceeds to save every single snap anyway. I've blocked his ass, but I'm so irritated. Why does he think he can just ignore my boundaries? I hate moids so much.

No. 1381578

Why are you mad at ME because YOU gained weight?? I've hidden my snacks and also not made any of my favourite comfort foods in your presence so you wouldn't get tempted as you asked. I've been nothing but supportive, so why you do you give me a whole "ugh I've gained weight and I dunno why" while side-eyeing me? You're already lean and it's probably just muscles since you've been lifting a lot, but you're just so obsessed with the number on the scale nowadays you panic at the slightest weight gain and right away have to find a way you can blame someone else for it.

I'm gonna say it. You were much more fun to hang out with when you were fat. You took that chill, laidback and humorous personality and threw it out the window for no reason at all. You know you can be fit and pleasant, right?

No. 1381851

Replace old people and jeeps with city folk and semi trucks and I could have written this. Hoping you have better experiences on the road nonichka.

No. 1381968

My mother has been seeing some faggot scrote shrink. From the stuff I've seen and inferences I've been able to make around the house, he's one of those retarded new age ones and he's obviously filling her head with garbage. Honestly, I hope to meet him at some point, so I can be the crazy daughter he thinks I am kek

No. 1381980

I can't tell if men are attracted to me or not, I think they always behave weird towards me, even the male doctors give me weird stares and sometimes they say weird shit. I was never in a relationship but the only guy who got close to me as a friend and then took me on a couple of dates told me that men are very attracted to me but I'm just too autistic and oblivious to notice that and to ever reciprocate anyone's feelings, he also said that interactions with me are a torture. He said that if I got more self aware and confident I could choose whatever man I want, but if I don't want that, I should get therapy anyway so it's easier for me to navigate in life and socialize in general, since socialization is important at work and other places. I don't know if he said that just to manipulate me or does he really think that, on the other hand he doesn't want anything from me at this point, he offered me his support but he knows I'm not ready for a romantic/sexual relationship, he doesn't try to guilt trip me into being with him. I don't know. Even when men don't say or do anything in particular, just the way they stare at me makes me uncomfortable. I'm in my mid 20s and I still can't figure this out

No. 1381984

I don't like you, i don't want to talk to you, i don't have to explain myself or give you a reason, i'm not going to be "social" with you, fuck off, leave me alone you idiot i'm not your personal clown and i don't have to entertain you or give you attention, get the fuck out off my life you ~social butterfly~, you're so pathetic and needy

No. 1381987

my speakers randomly shit the bed this afternoon and my backup pair got fried by my useless brother blasting pony dubstep.
i guess it's time to listen exclusively to drone noise shit so i can't distinguish the fuzzy sounds coming from my speakers.

No. 1382004


No. 1382640

stupid fucken bitch. if youre not going to tell me when and where then stop fucken asking me.

No. 1382699

You're really depraved sometimes. Do you even think about my feelings? The cycle keeps repeating over and over, and I'm dreadfully tired. I need to be the one who ends it. That much is clear.

No. 1382770

File: 1666431213635.jpeg (66.22 KB, 657x905, 6CBFD3AD-6236-428E-82F8-635A75…)


No. 1383178

File: 1666460824206.jpg (176.39 KB, 1000x900, classic-organic-towels-z.jpg)

Would someone hanging their used towel in the washroom on top of your own give you the ick or am I being autistic?

No. 1383179

No. You can catch scabies or molluscum from a used towel.

No. 1383191

End it anon!

No. 1383203

That's nasty as hell. That shit won't dry properly.

No. 1383209

disgusting. thank you nonnas

No. 1383429

at this point i dont know if it's their autism or if they're a straight up narcissist

No. 1383449

You're gonna regret doing all this for a scrote, all they do is pump you full of meds, you have no safety net, you have no money and no future there because you're so goddamn mentally ill. This shit isn't gonna end well, your nigel will snap one day!!

No. 1383763

You’re probably the saddest case in this entire situation, T

No. 1383858

My friend group of many many many years adopted a tranny into the group and I'm forced to be nice to him. I'm counting down the days till he does something and gets kicked out.

No. 1383889

I managed to kick out the they/them out of our group, he's gonna do something bad, just wait.

No. 1384140

File: 1666554721630.gif (1.39 MB, 275x175, 1649993645862.gif)

I like you, but if you were actually "in love" with me you would make an effort to impress me, that's why i only see you as a friend cause you don't give me any reason to actually date you, i would feel embarrassed and mortified if my crush noticed my BO and lack of grooming yet you don't seem to care about my opinion and its some bullshit you dared to call my natural curly hair "messy" when you don't even groom yourself properly in front of a woman you like, i don't "deserve" your efforts i suppose….i'm that irrelevant uh? well, then don't even try to date me cause is not going to happen

No. 1384155

also, i'm very honest about shit with people i trust, the reason i'm not telling you this is because i don't take you seriously enough and i shouldn't tell you to fucking bath or dress nicely, you should do these things even if i'm not around

No. 1384170


No. 1384173

True, he was always a loser

No. 1384179

File: 1666557171636.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.19 MB, 954x1485, 05165B3A-8E05-4640-860D-8B09F9…)

I watched 8 mile the other day and I thought about pic rel, he got the bratty bottom aura

No. 1384212

sorry i know we aren't supposed to reply to rants here but that is the oldest looking child i've ever seen, like that little boy looks 42.

No. 1384215

Amazing bait.

No. 1384255

please stop saying you're neurodivergent I don't care I don't care I don't care
There's no reason for it I don't need to hear it. We are all generally understanding and sensitive of other people's behaviors and don't take things personally and you making a big silly how to do about it makes me think you're so desperate for people to think you're neurodivergent when really you're just an asshole

No. 1384268

it's not a fucking joke and it's not fucking funny. You can do that shit online but In real life YOU KNOW i'll fuck you up (mentally and phyiscally if DARE you put a scrote paw on me). I'm sick of your shit. I hope you know that everyone knows who you are and what you are about. So stay in your dirty ass house, and keep your cheap dollar store lotion smelling hands to yourself. Keep jerking off to tranny porn and screaming at everyone who DARES tells you the big dicks you crave are MALE. I'm done. I'm tired. Go be with your brothers fucking idiot.

No. 1384273

eww these type of porn are so fucking deranged

No. 1384278

You’re funny nonna

No. 1384279

>Keep jerking off to tranny porn and screaming at everyone who DARES tells you the big dicks you crave are MALE.
is this a shitpost kek

No. 1384282

You never met a chaser online/real life? I have and I've had them explain to me in detail why dicks aren't gay or male if it's on a troon. I want to go into detail but the sick fuck may be lurking here.

No. 1384301

no i know what you're talking about. your post was just worded lulzy

No. 1384345

I member in the 2010's flinging anti troon studies at chasers and those same scrotes are now trying to get rfs on their side, while also claiming the TiM epidemic is the fault of feminism

No. 1384392

Scrotes identify as based troon-haters the same way they identify as women, as in they aren't and never were what they like to claim. They seethe because they have always been the same people who seethed at women who are anti-coomer, and were the ones clapping trannings along because it's an ideology supporting pornsickness and suggests being a women is a costume and not any tangible social class that can be oppressed in some way.

No. 1384776

My ex-bf is trooning out lmao, I was sad when he broke up with me for seemingly no reason but now I can see it was a blessing in disguise. I've had him blocked for months but if I could tell him one thing it would be that playing world of warcraft for 16 hours a day is bad for you

No. 1384789

Attempting to gaslight me doesn’t change the fact that what you are doing is SEVERELY MENTALLY ILL too and isn’t “inconsequential” in any way, shape, or form. Stalking and voyeurism is pervert shit. You can pretend you do pervert shit for “the bit” but at the end of the day… you’re still doing sex offender shit. It doesn’t matter.

No. 1385795

Stop putting your disgusting pepperoni grease fingers on glass doors. Stop pissing on every surface and not flushing toilets. Stop leaving trash cans open with diapers in them. Stop throwing away full gallons of milk. Stop getting the black gunk from your shoes stuck in the floor. STOP BEING FUCKING DISGUSTING EVERYWHERE ALL THE TIME.

No. 1385836

File: 1666706693287.jpg (81.79 KB, 800x450, eca.jpg)

why did you forget my garlic dip you stupid piece of shit

No. 1386448

No. 1386911

your art sucks and so do your characters. you're such a disappointment. you manage to draw men both flat and fat somehow. your women are just fetishized lesbian characters. the only defining characteristic in all your characters is: horny. you are so far up your own ass about "queer" shit you cant even admit your women are women and men are men, nope they're all "they" kek. i am happy i never pursued you as a friend. i wouldnt want a weirdo like you who cant even properly write characters, who makes weird thirst shit about lesbians which i am, and wont even stand up for actual lesbians rights or biology.

No. 1386917

This is for a twitter fakeboi isn't it

No. 1386919

whomst fucking bought all the lemon lay chips? bitch i am in so much pain i need my fix fucking right NOW like i don't care if im addicted a least im not shoving crack up my pussy or addicted to defending men im so miserable without my chips they're the only thing that makes this life worth it so fuck whichever fat ass took the last bags i will spit in your grave

No. 1386928

my exact thoughts about some bbq chicken nuggets a while ago. some fat fuck or hoarder bought them up in the 3 surrounding stores.

No. 1386938

I fucking love reading news stories about landlords getting murdered by their tenants. Nothing makes me happier(a-logging)

No. 1386943

i am actually so sorry you ever met me and dont worry im going to do something about all of this. i really had to ruin things beyond recognition

No. 1386946

I’m so depressed now that he’s gone and it’s not getting any better.

No. 1387023

You should fix your ugly ass attitude because your hobbies coincide with perverts and you have way more in common with a serial killer or a peeping tom than you do actual human beings you disgusting asshole.

No. 1387024

Why are they booing you? You’re right

No. 1387032

Lol how is this considered a-logging.

No. 1387240

You are SO brave!!

No. 1387291


No. 1387296


No. 1387302

I'm not strict? So what? I become more strict where you'll just start bitching like how you bitch about my other coworkers? When I tell you to have your team clean the fucken equipment before I can let your fucken line start up, you already bitch about how I'm being strict. Fuck off.

No. 1387326


No. 1387381

This is so petty because I'm extremely happy now with a boyfriend after you said I'd die alone, so here it is. I can't believe I let you inside of me lol. It was extremely embarrassing when you stopped us having sex to profess your love for me. You said so many embarrassing things to me and I let them all slide yet you dumped me over something so non offensive. Not that I'm complaining now. Holy shit I am the type of people pleaser that would have stuck with you for ages and missed the boat with my boyfriend. Thank you so much for the confidence boost, you were a stepping stone to The One

No. 1387386

I am so tired waiting for you. How can you say you loved me and need time to heal and say those things to me. I'm tired of this everyday cycle. It's driving me crazy.

No. 1387393

You dedicate a lot of time, energy, and resources into trying to break me down and feed into any possible insecurities I have and I genuinely believe that you think you are some sort of powerful entity controlling me or something. I have made numerous mistakes and I’m not happy with how I’ve handled my life, but I’m grateful I haven’t ever actually harmed anyone even at the height of my neuroses and psychosis, mostly just myself. I feel lucky in that regard at the very least, and I feel deeply remorseful for anyone I have harmed emotionally in the past. Of course I do. That isn’t your business though. You are not my cross to bear, and it is not my job to be the perfect victim. What you’re doing is very, very sick and pathetic and stretches far beyond anything I’ve ever done in my life, and the fact that I’m supposed to view you as anything other than the gross voyeur that you are is laughable at best. You aren’t hurting me the way you think you are, you are a pariah and everything you do is shrouded in negativity and your desperation to cause harm is really sad.

No. 1387417

Do you have to rub it in that you have all these friends to hang out with? You pretending like it's unimaginable to hang out with me is so fucking lame, you whine to me how you're so bored and this and that, bitch get fucked. You have no idea.

No. 1387469

I like this country, i don't like y'all tho, i hate you assholes with all my soul you tarnished our reputation forever and people are right about the lot of you, y'all got what you deserved, fucking idiots

No. 1387483

>the lot of you
Let me guess… at layste oi dunt get shat up whilst dewin maffs at schkewel?

No. 1387494

Thank you mom and dad for the darkest humor ever!!!
I'm so glad you are transphobic dad!!!
I'm proud to be your daughter!!!

No. 1387500

sorry anon i'm from south america kek

No. 1387526

It's so unfair that you're allowed to have dealbreakers but I couldn't. You always leave me when I act crazy but somehow I'm not allowed to do the same. It was never a dealbreaker for me, actually. I just wanted to hurt you and wanted to feel like I'm in control for once.

No. 1387530

>stepping stone to The One
Congrats anon. Wish I can say the same to my exes.

No. 1387585

File: 1666829069207.jpg (309.39 KB, 1560x720, Screenshot_20221026-195435_You…)

If he's ugly your long necked penicillin dicked scote is ugly weirdo. If he's weird so is your shit bag scrote.

No. 1387612

tell em anon!!

No. 1387625

Real tired of being lonely, loveless and friendless…

I had my chance with people but now I don't have it in me to present the right façade and i'm so easily vibed out I honestly feel abnormal when I notice most people's preference for drama and conflict and just terrible behavior. It just seems like it's much easier to make friends when you're a bad person, people actually look for someone who's gonna be mean and gossip with them and judge people and I just do not have it in me.. it's also a lot of effort to navigate relationships with people and maintain the respect i'm owed while not doing or saying things I don't want to.

I've worked so hard on myself but I keep getting confronted with the fact that people around me are just not on the same level (not to brag I know it sounds weird but maybe someone will understand)

It just feels hard to be my authentic self, as for stupid boys they suck and they're always looking for the next exciting it girl and that is just not my girl next door ass self so I've just given up at this point. Maybe someday I'll meet someone I don't have to court by being a mysterious femme fatale and just being my damn boring nice girl self who knows

No. 1387637

I'm just thinking about my narcissistic older brother going around, playing the victim and telling everyone he knows I told him I'm glad he's supposedly dying of a brain tumor after he threatened to kill my cat and call CPS on my sister.

No. 1387670

You point out when other people make mistakes and act all high and mighty about it. Funny how you make the same mistakes too and don't even fix it and when someone points it out you have all these excuses.

No. 1387719


No. 1387720

That part.

No. 1387809

I didn't enter the conversation because I wanted to hear the same crap scrotes are always saying to me. You're such a downer and I hope you have continue to have no joy

No. 1387823

based though

No. 1387825

I suspect it's the same anon from another thread who said she'd set her building on fire and murder her landlord if they raised rent again

No. 1387826

I don't know you. I don't want to know you. Sitting closer and closer in lecture is creepy. READING MY NOTES AND MUTTERING ABOUT THEM WHILE SITTING RIGHT BEHIND ME IS EVEN WORSE!!!! You and I do NOT share "children of divorce energy," I have spoken to you ONCE, have no idea who you are, and don't know why any sane person would randomly say that to someone.

No. 1387844

This is the only moid who looks like he might smell good.

No. 1387848

he's like a real quirky anime boy, i love him

No. 1387903

All you ever do is talk about yourself. I know you're just trying to make them feel better but it's kinda annoying. "Oh, I haven't had that happen to me so I don't know". Ok? They weren't asking for advice? They were clearly just ranting.

No. 1388114

I hate my job so fucking much.
Being in sales and randomly calling people, them treating me like shit, acting all entitled.
I wish I had at least a good salary but it sucks ass.

No. 1388157

She didn't text me good morning. Shaking and crying. Dry, bothered, not in my lane, not flourishing.

No. 1388251


No. 1388271

Me too. The other day an irl customer asked me like a nice life question for once and then stopped and said unironically, "well, you're a salesperson so you won't tell me the truth anyway." Everyone always treats me like a piece of shit at work even though I am providing them a ~*besoke experience*~ and they chose to come to my workplace and pay lots of money anyway!!!

No. 1388290

File: 1666885805995.jpg (48.41 KB, 598x450, ag3j5s8cbmr71.jpg)

I haven't showered in 3 days and was forced to get out of the house today. I normally don't inflict my grossness onto others when I'm like this, I only leave the house when Im freshly showered (I live alone). But there is a small leak on the roof of my apartment and I had to leave while they fix it. I didn't have time to shower. I feel so disgusting. I'm so sorry to anyone who might have to smell me. I'm doing my best to stay physically away from anyone, but I'm terrified someone I know will see me and want to say hi. In my culture you usually greet each other with a hug. Please lord save me.

No. 1388400

This is me officially giving up. You win life I don't care anymore. My spirit is broken. I'm never going to make a friend, I'm never getting a job, I'm never going to be pretty, I'm never going to be happy, I'm never going to fit in my family, I'm never going to be able to relate to other people period. I'm done. I'm just going to watch anime now bye

No. 1388406

File: 1666891950667.gif (725.42 KB, 220x220, hugs.gif)

No. 1388708

Girl get out of them trenches

No. 1389000

File: 1666924995927.jpeg (154.69 KB, 1241x1224, 4ADF2877-3F7C-435B-9AE8-0DEBAD…)

It isn’t a joke to me but I wish it was

No. 1389024

Why are you still doing this. Why the fuck are you still here. Fuck off

No. 1389076

Oh no! You’re experiencing actual pain/struggle for the first time in your entire life? Oh dear you have to deal with a problem you did not entirely fabricate? I feel soooo bad for you it’s a shame you threw away every friend you’ve ever had with your cluster b mess and now you have no one to hold you. Maybe now you’ll know what it like to go through shit with the least supportive “BFF” by your side.

No. 1389112

File: 1666937251530.jpeg (64.94 KB, 750x913, DB27A8EB-E8DB-434F-A14E-6B4EC5…)


No. 1389184

they aren't going to make her fucking black, they are a asian company they aren't going to pander to you stupid american ideas and tokenism of "pocs" (blacks, cuz no other fucking minority exist for non of you) "oh she can't be white and blond" she can i'm sure she will, i hope they don't even put her in the history and she is nothing but waste of lore, fuck you.

No. 1389186

There isn’t a single person who uses this term that isn’t a cunt, congratulations

No. 1389192

i miss you but i never want to see you again you're the only reason i'm still here but you made me get worse you're the most important person in my life but you mean nothing to me i would kill myself if anything happened to you but i wish you were dead i'm nothing without you but i don't want you around i love you more than anything but i hate you even more

No. 1389208

Someone who isn’t me thinks that billionaires feel way too comfortable being the awful people they are when people are struggling so much in America. This person also thinks they should live in fear and sleep with one eye open instead of having fanboys and piles of cash and endless greed

No. 1389259

NTA but what else should be used? I mean people say asians, arabs, whites, polynesians etc etc but you can't say blacks? I mean this term is even used in formal publications, example: https://press.princeton.edu/ideas/why-are-blacks-democrats .

No. 1389271

I think the Web 2.0 was a mistake. Web 3.0 will be/is just as bad. Our species is moving in the wrong direction, or maybe it's always been this way. Having read the nasty, unhinged things coming my fellow human beings, I really have no hope for the future. Maybe it was all planned, that people would go online, see the horrible things that anonymity brings out, and then be inculcated to lie down and accept their fate.

No. 1389278

No. 1389279

My favourite part is when they try to explain how I'm supposed to do my job. When they can't even tell what is their company looking for in my field to let me make a proposition depending on that.
Oh well, at least they actually do bring money to your company, my clients just insult me most of the time and seethe at the idea of having to pay for the services.

No. 1389291

Acting always like the victim won't ever get you genuine relationships and you will always be miserable, you cunt. You're 30, you gotta grow the fuck up.

No. 1389295

File: 1666958927490.png (135.16 KB, 652x383, image-removebg-preview.png)

This is kinda like me but I play being agreeable to the fullest, no one actually likes me for me, no one even know real me (at this point I don't even know who am I) people tolerate me for being adaptable to their needs and personality, it reaches absurd point.
I play this uwu I'm shy and self conscious car, I look young so I get away with mistakes and being not good enough, yet I know my clock is ticking and soon I will turn into an unprofessional old lady everyone hates and no one hires.
I wish I knew how to change, the whole I'm a boss bitch mantra does nothing, every time I try to create boundaries I fail.

No. 1389315

Younger me really truly thought the internet was going to be great for humanity.

No. 1389351

Don’t you get exhausted of the mental gymnastics?

No. 1389364

File: 1666963591553.jpeg (141.63 KB, 1125x1121, 41CB6D50-06B4-4E34-869B-A41DAF…)

Sometimes there is a blissfully long time between when you fuck around and when you find out. Enjoy the clusterfuck, lord knows I won’t be returning to spend any more energy on my perspective being understood letalone valued where I am shoved through a semantics woodchipper for using “y’all” in a sentence in the south of the US while holding an entry level job. I hope you got your panties wet grinning and insulting me all so that you could make me feel I can’t communicate when not a single one of you can effectively communicate job duties and descriptions for either yourselves or a single subordinate on the floor at random. It’ll be the rest of your career, however long or short that may be, before another me comes to work for you. Surround yourself with fellow plotters and schemers and don’t cry when you suffer the consequences of such an environment. I’m gonna have a peaceful weekend with my future wife and when the new week dawns, I’ll be in pajamas smoking weed n chillin and you’ll be scrambling to put out the fires you started by treating myself and other strong employees like criminals for calling out the bullshit.

No. 1389542

File: 1666971086657.png (243.51 KB, 540x296, ElQD7p5WoAAVTAz.png)

i'm so tired of university. i genuinely do not care about doing well at this point. i do not care about the quality of my work. the assignments i'm completing are actual trash i have put the minimum amount of effort into so as to meet the basic requirements outlined in assignment rubrics. pic rel is me. i am going to have to produce new work in creating a professional portfolio anyways, and i fully plan to get on disability instead of working once i'm done getting this overpriced piece of paper called a "degree"

No. 1389606

A man at work annoyed me too many times by asking the same jokey question and my response was slightly over the top and also a joke but obviously aggressive. it worked in that he stopped making the same joke. I feel a little bad because it's draining to make the work environment tense but he wouldn't stop and he tends to ask too many probing questions about my life so I needed him at more of a distance. it was only awkward for about one shift.

people who think the same non-joke is funny are so annoying and people who ask "casual" questions you'd have to unpack your whole life to answer should be shot. I'm trying to work, go do your job too.

No. 1389712

Another fucking scrote knocked on my door with another fucking political ad even though I live in a neighborhood with no soliciting signs marked at the entrances. I don't give a fuck that they are technically allowed I let him have it. I yelled hey did you read the sings no soliciting? GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE! And he's like sorry then continues soliciting. Faggot ugly scrote cunt knocking on my doors at all hours with their POLITICAL FLIERS. I am going to only vote for the people that didn't canvass me door to door. Hahahahahahahahahaha

No. 1389828

To my family
I know all of you hate me, your life has been a burden since I was born, now that I'm finally graduating from college in a few months and we are having a family vacation, I think it's the perfect time to finally fix my mistakes and spend all eternity where I belong, hell.
I just hope the rope is strong enough to bear the weight of my sins.

No. 1389839

File: 1666982170108.png (31.86 KB, 240x141, 955.png)

there was a very young looking boy (2-4 years old if I had to guess) wandering around on the sidewalk in a residential area near the bus stop where I got off and you could immediately tell that he must've been lost. he looked very clueless and was silently looking around as if he was trying to recognize anyone he knew. he was probably Hispanic. multiple random people who happened to be driving by saw and asked if I knew him and I said no. I couldn't really be all that helpful because too much tism in my system and I feel bad even though I didn't know any more than they did. this was like 30 minutes ago.
I hope whoever could talk to him can help get him home safely but I didn't have the time to stick around and be useful or anything but thankfully there are still nice people around who are infinitely more competent than I am who seem to know how to handle it appropriately. I guess I am also a little saddened and uneasy about it because I know that I will probably never find out how things turn out even though I contributed nothing useful to the situation. that makes me feel strangely guilty. I hope it turns out well in the end for everyone involved without any complications. I guess I also feel humbled by this situation because it makes me realize how many different components there are in society that I don't even have the faintest grasp on yet. in the future I want to be a more assertive and helpful person. I want to turn the frustration I feel into something productive.

No. 1389841

I am tired of pretending my coworkers are funny. One or two of them are actually funny but the rest have no comedic timing and frequently try to imitate my sense of humor but it doesn't work. I don't even consider myself that funny but holy shit some of them are just so unfunny.

No. 1389846

Do you know if someone at least took him to the police station or did he just get left at the bus stop until someone abducts him?

No. 1389849

Saw a police poster with 3 pics of a soggy moid wearing an obvious sillicone breast plate under his ratty hoody.

Wanted for attempted arson on a remote residential Canadian island, during severe drought.

Everyone is calling him a "woman" "they" because they would rather err on the side of ambiguous to preserve their reputation, rather than identify a suspect who is threatening homes with fire.

I fucking hate this clown world since gender bullshit stunk up the room.
My mental health can't take this level of retardation so close to home.

No. 1389865

File: 1666983271238.jpg (147.62 KB, 800x1160, 800px-William-Adolphe_Bouguere…)

Out of all the animals in the world, I dislike goats the most. I truly hate these vile, disgusting creatures. "Goats" or satyrs are as though the most repulsive features of men were embodied in nature spirits, thereby becoming even more animal-like than they already are. I fucking hate goats so much it's unreal

No. 1389870

I really did want to see if someone had, but I looked back and he was already out of my line of sight. the multiple other people who saw him though did seem to intend to try to find him and get him to the police station. there was one woman who immediately became very worried when someone else explained it to her and she seemed very determined to help. my phone was dead though so I don't think I could've called someone even if I knew what to say. there fortunately aren't very many different ways for him to go and it's not a particularly secluded or shady spot. a lot of cars constantly pass that specific road

No. 1389873

they have really disturbing looking pupils and they scream like humans, they're awful

No. 1389889

File: 1666984085614.gif (1.86 MB, 200x250, giphy-1.gif)


No. 1389903

No. 1389915

File: 1666984828776.jpeg (13.59 KB, 189x267, CC7538AE-B6AA-417D-A96B-114399…)

I think my ex pushed me away not because he’s not ready for a relationship but because he’s afraid of being vulnerable and that the only real way to work through fears is face them and everyone thinks I’m just trying not to face reality but I literally used to pull this shit all the time when people showed me genuine interest and kindness and now I’m having the script flipped on me and it fucking hurts

No. 1389924

File: 1666985106492.jpg (37.75 KB, 750x386, whatthefuck.jpg)

just come out the closet.Everyone knows. No reason to hide, be proud be free. This isn't to one person it's to everyone. It's a glass closet.
You'd be happier when you take the first step. Those who don't want you around, well you don't need them. This is your journey. Find love with those you love. Be you.

No. 1389929

Is it that you just dislike most animals in general? It's not normal to even think about this. Hate trannies and men instead and don't compare my favourite animal to them.

No. 1389949

the grimm brothers wrote a fairytale about goats where they called them "the devil's animal". i don't get it, they're adorable, especially the kids.

No. 1389953

File: 1666986119673.png (1.37 MB, 681x855, Screenshot 2022-10-28 at 13-41…)

No; I love animals and nature. It is purely goats/satyrs I can't stand. The only thing they're good for is sacrifices for Dionysus before tragic plays. But beyond that I want nothing to do with them. They're disgusting creatures and you should reconsider your affection for them

No. 1389959

File: 1666986226687.gif (746.28 KB, 220x251, 1664988974877.gif)

I like goats

No. 1389968

File: 1666986456037.jpg (95.8 KB, 600x600, itsneat.jpg)

Theres old stories where I live about the devil appearing to people and him having goat legs. Idk it it's based on baphomet. Goats getting shat on left and right.

No. 1389976

Goats are a part of nature, deal with it. You have questionable beliefs, maybe come back down to earth when you can face the fact goats are peaceful animals and you don't have to have anything to do with them. You should overthink your irrational hate based on nonsense.

No. 1389987


No. 1389995

File: 1666987453148.jpeg (771.98 KB, 2048x1536, 2017-08-23_11-50-08_724.jpeg)

goat hands typed this

No. 1390004

File: 1666988038227.gif (256.06 KB, 1000x420, baaaaa.gif)

No. 1390005

File: 1666988051454.jpg (110.07 KB, 846x1192, v4pbtqs0zz911.jpg)

please stop your hatred, it's only hurting you in the end. maybe unleash your aggression by ordering a goat dish at an Indian restaurant? But clearly these animals are angels.

No. 1390008

i don't like goats either, don't hate them but don't like them

No. 1390010

Aww I opened lolcow for the first time today just to be greeted by a gorgeous little goat

No. 1390015

i was on a farm once and a goat with a funny looking crooked mouth started chewing on my sleeve and i almost cried

No. 1390020

File: 1666988616537.jpg (14.69 KB, 300x436, Riqueza_mental_C-494244303-mme…)

No. 1390025

nonnie you are so right but wtf is that suggestion? Implying a "goat dish". As a goat, I can not bear to think such a thing exists.

No. 1390028

File: 1666988813984.gif (1.44 MB, 634x354, 7hP.gif)

No. 1390051

You two grown-up bitches GROW THE FUCK UP
Bitches live in their reality of pink ponies and unicorns while I'm the one dealing with the problems
And you dare to think it's somehow hard for you. Well you're not even here
And you can't see any of this

No. 1390058

im pretty much completely over kpop nowadays but BUT However i have, in turn, became a blackpink enjoyer. they are my wives. ive forced myself to listen to almost all of their trash ass songs and i even marginally enjoy some of that garbage. will never drop a dime on those bitches tho!! i simply enjoy from a distance

No. 1390072

Holy fuck I hate people
Either they're far away& unreliable or fucking vampires
They destroy everything
They're an unholy plague
I want to get the hell away from people and live on a mountain
I want to leave society and never return
Holy fuck people are revolting

No. 1390075

Sometimes, you need to go through darkness to reach the light, so kindly STFU and let me sit in the darkness for awhile. Also missing my cat.

No. 1390078

I'm guilty of this, sorry

No. 1390087

we are the same, you and I.

No. 1390098

File: 1666992238750.jpg (69.06 KB, 474x317, understanding.jpg)

hello fellow sister-wife

No. 1390107

I am a 32 yo grown ass woman crushing on a 25 yo kpop star LMAO so embarrasing.

No. 1390116

who is it, nona? i may or may not make fun of you

No. 1390120

omg my sides are flying on a broomstick

No. 1390121

One time when I was hypomanic I asked a youtuber I liked at the time if he wanted my nudes. He said yeah lol and I almost sent him a pic of my ass, I'm wo embarrassed. Think I had suppressed that memory because I just remembered.

No. 1390123

But you don't even like their music. I don't get it, I'm not a kpop fan

No. 1390134

File: 1666995508792.jpg (41.7 KB, 512x512, download (1).jpg)

get offline everything sucks, online everything sucks. Watch better things, meet better people they scream at you
But everything sucks. I don't know, if it's my period or just bad news or wasting my change on snacks, but everything sucks. It's gloomy outside, it's like "Go out and be an ugly idiot who works and works and works, but you don't feel capable".
It's just that everything sucks so bad.

No. 1390135

What YouTuber

No. 1390153


No. 1390155

KEK I’m glad even during hypomania you realized it was a bad idea. Proud of you

No. 1390159

I feel the same way, anon. Like the world is fucking dying rn and it's only going to get worse and worse. Fuck everything, fr.

No. 1390160

you're right and i have no idea how much longer i can take it. hope things get better for you soon.

No. 1390161


No. 1390164

File: 1666996559490.jpg (57.85 KB, 512x512, download (2).jpg)

hope so for you as well. I'm in a hell of my own creation, but I hope nonnies take care. What I'm worried about is unchecked and mental ilnnes I'd allowed to fester, plus dumb online shit.
but i hope and pray all the nonnies in the real world dealing with real things get through it. I've said it before, but the fact that so many people can get out there and do it, find happiness or whatever is amazing. You are doing what you can. The world just sucks

No. 1390168

File: 1666997026144.gif (315.89 KB, 220x174, thurston-waffles-meow.gif)


No. 1390174

they are pretty and i like their personalities plus i believe that at least 2/4, maybe higher even, enjoy pussy

No. 1390182


No. 1390187

File: 1666998648244.jpg (47.42 KB, 557x680, fcc8457938d3ee706e8f3f33d62274…)

I havent listened to kpop in years but the song Love Bomb by fromis is constantly stuck in my head. Its got a low key creepy vibe in the chorus. its like a personal enigma and the perfect earworm melody wise. I will die with this song stuck in my head.

No. 1390188

File: 1666998668256.png (231.26 KB, 440x381, Channie.png)

It's Bangchan from Stray Kids.
I'd bang his chan i fyou knnowhatimneahnjkhr ejksjfewjf

No. 1390201

File: 1666999524657.gif (4.81 MB, 640x322, go-away-gtfo.gif)

DISGUSTING. I shouldn't have asked

No. 1390206

File: 1666999666630.png (390.47 KB, 393x505, His eyes are up here..png)


No. 1390207

This thread has gotten off topic. The original intent of the "get it off your chest" thread was to say things you couldn't say to other people specifically like coworkers/friends/partners.

This is not a "general thoughts" thread. There are already threads like that e.g. dumbass shit, mundane shit, and vent threads.

No. 1390209

blackpink-youneverknow.mp3 nonny

No. 1390212

I mean you don't know us and what we cannot tell to our friends and coworkers. You are not the thought police.

No. 1390220

Yeah, no you're totally right, being a prodigy with rich parents who taught you you were always right and the most morally correct no matter how self serving your ideals are must have been so hard. I was so lucky to be alone all the time without my parents giving a shit, after all, what use does a stupid country bumpkin like me have for support from other people? I'm so strong and tough and self sufficient, I could endure anything no problem without any psychological issues, right? It's not just that I never had a single resource for treatment until now, I am just naturally tough and it isn't a coping mechanism I built up in order to survive alone or anything. You're right, I was just so lucky. It's really precious geniuses like you who suffer the most. I just don't know what it's like to suffer as much as you. But seriously, fuck off.

No. 1390224

Nah, you are supposed to be directly addressing them, retard.

No. 1390230

We've been friends for a decade but you still put me on the back burner every time and I'm finally starting to resent you for it. You never ask about my day, you never want to hear anything good about me ever, and everything is always about you and the other friend you hung out with that day or what that ugly scrote you're e-dating said to you. You're not subtle at all about how my appearance bothers you now that I lost a lot of weight and started doing my hair and makeup, and you went out of your way to make a back handed compliment about my new hair style yesterday. I'm tired of being the friend you fall back to when you don't get enough attention from others.

I really am not interested in turning ten years into eleven at this point.

No. 1390239

he looks scary

No. 1390241

I'm sorry nonna but he is so painfully average

No. 1390337

thx i kept getting distracted by his melting shnoz

No. 1390574

I can’t tell anybody this but for the first time in almost 2 years I’m thinking bout suicide again xd

No. 1390608

File: 1667028316765.jpg (1.49 MB, 1207x1567, 1667002198797010.jpg)

i wish i didn't live with retards incapable of not doing thoughtless shit like yelling for no reason at midnight. it's unreasonable other people who live with you have to wear earplugs to bed because you're so self-absorbed you're incapable of not affecting other's sleep with your behaviour. fucking idiots

No. 1390793

File: 1667050979063.jpg (163.15 KB, 874x914, 38d5833055f8cfdde866611fd16134…)

i come and go here every few months for the past 5 years but i like this site… i'm definitely never joining SM though because i'm 80% sure i would eventually do or say some dumb shit that would get me posted here and i would not be able to handle it. it's not just me right

No. 1390798

in… 2016 i think? i knew a girl who sent nudes to that critical (dont care to spell "right") faggot and he replied and said "nice" according to her but who knows if that was real

No. 1390822

I'm sorry, but throwing a bland piece of chicken in the oven and let it boil in its own watery meat juice for an hour is not "cooking". Telling me to just add my own stuff means you still leave half of the cooking to me, which is fine, but you really think I'm gonna get on my knees and thank you for providing sustenance when you made no fucking effort at all? You could have just let me make my own food as usual. Food YOU never eat because god forbid I fried the meat in butter and not canola oil. You weren't excited to make a meal for us. You're just once again trying to be my secret personal trainer because I'm not losing weight fast enough for you. I hate you. I hate you and your unsalted, watery meals. I hate that we can't eat dinner together anymore because you will just talk about nutrients and calories and passive aggressively push my plate away when you think I've had enough. Carbs are not bad for you and I need them to build muscle, reeee, leave me alone!!!

No. 1390830

>passive aggressively push my plate away when you think I've had enough
eeew why are you still with this orthorexic controlling narc tf

No. 1390834

Can't afford to move out yet ugh

No. 1390838

the only understandable reason. i hope you're able to leave this weirdo soon, stay strong and try not to internalize the bullshit too much, it's not easy dealing with someone who's obsessing over your own food intake even if you yourself have a healthy outlook

No. 1390841

My parents constantly complain about drama at their workplaces and I can only imagine how much of a pain it probably is to work with them. At my job the worst employee is around my mom’s age and she spends half the day browsing facebook on her phone, and whenever she uses supplies or breaks equipment she never tells anyone. I am constantly cleaning up after her, and instructing her on how to do basic job tasks like logging into an email account. She has been in this building longer than me but admins would rather be nice than confront her on what she does. I vented a bit to someone who came back this year and they immediately went off on how crazy it was that she even was hired in our department.

No. 1390884

>I'm sorry, but throwing a bland piece of chicken in the oven and let it boil in its own watery meat juice for an hour is not "cooking"
i cooked chicken in a slow cooker with nothing but tap water once

No. 1391147

But you didn't serve it to someone else and expect them to thank you for the meal, right? Kek.

No. 1391622

File: 1667102761234.jpeg (43.33 KB, 748x411, 88D63EA7-482C-4C20-8117-8B412C…)

You deserve every negative thing that happens to you in 2023, truly

No. 1391632

Is that a photo of the person you addressed this to??

No. 1391641

Oh absolutely not girl I support this queen and do not condone the idea of creepshotting a woman in public and posting it on lolcow. Absolute pathetic moid behavior.

No. 1391656

Ah ok, sorry anon. I saw the filename and it's similar to what a lot of anons had when they post pics of their cats. My mistake!

No. 1391923


No. 1391963

I do not want to hear your anti-royalist bullshit. You are not a revolutionary freedom fighter, you are a soyjak looking motherfucker in a stained Che Guevara t-shirt. We are a CHARITY, if a member of the royal family is going to visit us you will lick their boots until you see your own hideous reflection in them. You will say please and thank you and smile until your face hurts. You will curtsy like a woman if that's what I, YOUR MANAGER, tells you to do. Yes they whacked Diana, yes they steal our taxes, yes they eat little babies (probably). I do not care, the exposure this will bring us will be an absolute godsend for this charity and I will break your fucking legs if you get in the way of that. This is bigger than you and your fucking hateboner, you petulant little man.

No. 1391974


No. 1392767

Fuck you and I hope you get hurt by this person and end up losing her as a friend.

No. 1392793

I'm suicidal and clinically depressed, i'm not a cute and fashionable "Stacy" i just pretend to be one, i'm pretty much mentally unstable and fucking insane with a shitload of trauma and weird, autistic coping mechanisms. I believe everyone is mocking me behind my back, every time someone wants to be my friend i only start feeling like a burden and then i suddenly disappear from their lives, i don't think anyone wants to genuinely get to know me and i don't want them to

No. 1392820

The YouTuber Patience Xina is a pickme

No. 1392821

People with almost no friends are actually cooler…because we're not influenced by people and are probably plotting some weird shit in our basements. Its ok anon I struggle socially too and yeah a lot of people are actually shitty and do mock you because kindness makes people think you're weird and untrustworthy. I hope you meet some actual good friends soon anon.

No. 1392825

whats going on with the site, its becoming slower in terms of activity and there is a increase of anons just baiting on all sides. It feels like im in boomerland or a incel tranny forum.

No. 1392829

ABSOLUTELY EMBARRASSED I DATED HIM. 10 years later here you are with him and damn lady, you really couldnt do better? You really have no self esteem? So sad. You date one basic metalhead and decide theres no point in raising your standards.
Pathetic. Enjoy your balding scrote with decaying teeth.

No. 1392843

I love you. I always will. Whatever hurt I've caused you, I hope it wasn't enough to do damage to your self-esteem. You have so much love to give and I hope you can give it to someone who deserves you, someone who can handle your delicate spirit. I'm sorry I couldn't be the one to give you the love you deserve and need.

No. 1392850

That's nice…could you get out of a female only image board though?

No. 1392857

This isn't about you

No. 1392873

I was bullied for years by students AND teachers. My parents never taught me boundaries and I accepted abuse for so long. Now that I'm an adult I'm so angry that nobody ever stood up for me. I can't get over it.

No. 1392881

Anon wtf this made me cry, I wish I could have been told this. Damn…

No. 1392891

Drunk confession: I too old for imageboards but I still lurk here because it gives me hope about gen z women.

No. 1392898

>too old for imageboards
No such thing

No. 1392901

There are a lot of people who have come in and out of my life me even though things have not worked out I still care and even love them a bit. I didn’t really get this concept until recently and I have friends and exes like this. I have n ex who I love and care about but I do not want to be involved with romantically anymore and I’m okay with that. Feels good.

No. 1392911

Yeah, me too. I never understood it either when I heard those kind of breakup stories until I had my own breakup like that. I had a hard time letting go of my ex but if I really did love her, I would let her go. So I did. Sometimes you have to do the right thing in order to preserve each other's emotional well-being or respect each other's direction in life. That's when I realize that humans and emotions aren't as simple as I've always thought. Not like in romance manga or literature where loving each other leads to the two of you being together forever or whatever. It's bittersweet but I've become more emotionally mature from this realization.

No. 1392916

I fucking hate it when people conveniently "blow up" at you in fucking public over the tiniest shit. They never have anything to say one on one but when there's a potential audience its "OH YOURE SUCH A BITCH AJSDHJA" like I just told you the lights in my fucking eye, and you use that moment to try and humiliate me or paint me as the bad guy, fuck off. And this has happened before with this person I get yelled at in public and I have to be the one to stay calm and take it just to not escalate the retards outbursts.
Too many narcs in my fucking family.

No. 1392919

I know it’s not in the spirit of the farms, but I genuinely wish we banned convos on k3ffals and his brigade in /snow/. I love LC far too much for it to be removed from cloudfare or whatever. This is quite possibly the only terf/radfem safe forum

No. 1392923

How did you two get to this point? Is it age? A lot of people say things like this but I just don't understand it at all, and instead am filled with bitterness and anger towards those who've wronged me. Especially exes, I wish they were dead.

No. 1392925

It’s a combination of different things. Partly age, partly healing from those relationships, and a lot of self reflection. I still have some exes who I don’t like and think are bad people. But a lot of these people who are gone now I’ve realized were very mentally Ill and going through a lot of shit. Particularly some high school friends who were just kids being failed by the adults around them. They hurt me and while I can’t have them in my life anymore I know what they were going through would make anyone crazy. I also started to give myself a lot more grace in terms of my own mental illnesses and it made it easier for me to extend that empathy to others.

No. 1392932

Samefag but also fully accepting that the way certain people treated me isn’t a reflection about how worthy I am of love but about the other person.
I’m going through this right now and it’s so hard but I know it’s for the best. We broke up and now that here’s been some time and distance I’m able to see how a lot of the baggage we both had was getting in the way of being fully authentic with each other. Had a discussion with him last night and realized that we had been holding onto so many of the same feelings but didn’t communicate it out of fear. I still thing what drove us apart could be fixed but for now we’ve decided to take some time apart and work in ourselves. I miss him and I hope we can work it out but I know I’ll be okay if we don’t.

No. 1393018

Adding onto what the other anon said, a part of it is also being self-reliant, that you don't need to rely on other people to be happy. I had a hard time letting go of my ex because I feared being alone but once I started focusing on myself, I realized that I don't need her to be happy anymore and I began to recognize my worth. People will always come and go but the only person who will always be there for you… is you. So love yourself unconditionally even if no one else will. When you start to realize that you'll know you'll be okay, then letting go of the relationship (and all the feelings that came with it) becomes easier and you'll know when making a decision is for the best.

>They hurt me and while I can’t have them in my life anymore
Is the hurt they've caused you what makes you unable to bring them back in your life? Do you feel like you can forgive them?

No. 1393990

No amount of social manipulation is going to change or hide the horrible things you’ve done, especially given how many people you’ve dragged into this. You’re an evil sack of shit. I cannot wait until you receive the full consequence of your actions. No amount or combination of excuses will ever change the fact that you’re a sociopath and a pervert and all the things you’ve done the last three years have compounded into one laundry list of felony charges. The actions have already been done, the evidence is already there, and no amount of posturing like some sort of aloof badass is going to help you. You’re a sad and desperate person continuing to do sad and desperate things. You’re addicted to them quite frankly.

No. 1394031

Whats even going to stop them?

No. 1394033

I'm tired of your vague posting about the same anon…either do something about it or forget it. Its like you want other people to do your work for you when you're the one with the evidence.

No. 1394050

>the same anon
I have no idea what you’re talking about and this isn’t about an anon. It’s about a MALE. Kindly eat shit and read the thread description:
>Don't respond to other people's rants. It's not about you, you vain bitch.

No. 1394054

You know who he is and post about him multiple times. Go to the police you low iq bitch.

No. 1394056

You are genuinely a retard. I’m not whatever anon you’re talking about and my post has nothing to do with the whiny passive aggressive rant you just put in the vent thread. Way to make an ass of yourself.

No. 1394071

I think there’s a new schizochan who’s been having a meltdown around the boards the past few weeks or so kek

No. 1394081

Nta but I noticed it to. In this thread in some other ones. Never be afraid to seek mental help, farmers.

No. 1394137

Even though it’s been 3 years that my ex bestfriend and I cut everything off,it feels like what I imagine a damn divorce honestly,I know she would slap me around and would be a bitch,there were things I miss about her at times,I haven’t made new friends since because I’m afraid of being hit again,but being alone does give me the solidarity I’ve needed in years

No. 1394806

You just have to share the fact that I’m your special interest with everyone huh

No. 1394812

Smiling knowing that I’m becoming a better person every day and improving my own issues and learning from my mistakes while the fucked up shit you do in full coherence while being entirely aware of the consequences will follow you around for the rest of your life

No. 1395130

Same nona. I used to feel so fucked up over it but I've started to come to terms with my mistakes and its consequences. There was just no other way for those events to unfold and maybe it happened so fate can teach me to be better person. Feeling the consequences hurt but I accept it's the only way for me to grow, learn, and never repeat it again.

No. 1395262

The fact that you want to interact with me so badly in such a cowardly and spineless way is fucking weird and basically sums up the nasty person you are in whole

No. 1396584

I think finding out what a giant creep you are was probably the most disappointing of all, I at least expected it of the others. Literally all I wanted was a friend to play games with. That’s it. Just watching it all unravel into something far uglier than anything I have ever been involved with in my whole life.

No. 1398362

I want to be in a throuple thing with with my dysfunctional friends, I'm attracted to both of them and they're both into me and I COULD FIX THEM, UUUUUGH

No. 1398487

File: 1667603081537.jpg (19.53 KB, 500x338, 1666528387777(1).jpg)

Need tall outdoorsy tomboy gf to homestead and make handcrafts with. This could be us but you haven't shown up yet.

No. 1398520

This is me but I’m 5’6 and already spoken for, booo

No. 1398782

Starting to think being an obnoxious retard is the only thing you excel at

No. 1398824

this is me except I'm straight and want a platonic gf

No. 1398825

That’s called a friend.

No. 1398831

that's why I called it platonic kek

No. 1398835

So that’s not you at all girl

No. 1398841

Just saw an old woman crying in public and I felt so bad for her. She stood outside a shopping center bawling into a handkerchief. I would have talked to her, but I'm still learning the language of the country I live in and I feel like I probably would have made it worse by being a stranger who can't even speak properly. She just looked so alone and everyone was walking by not paying attention to her. Fuck. I hope she's alright and that someone else went and talked to her. There was so much pain in her voice.

No. 1398872

yes that's why I said except, reading comprehension. My post wasn't to be taken serious anon.

No. 1398916

File: 1667656657935.jpg (38.97 KB, 564x564, efd0d9432e45cad73807338b5a9bc9…)

I'm glad I peaked not long after cutting contact with you because you are possibly one of the worst scrotes I've ever known. It's clear that I was just Plan B GF for you and not a genuine friend - it's laughable that you even put me in that category considering I would never fuck you in the first place, knowing your history and lack of self-respect. I think my natural instincts and disgust threshold would have sooner caved your head in with a rock then dare to fuck you. You admitted that casual sex is dangerous for women and yet you've slept with loads of them anyway, most of them without any protection because of whatever lame excuse you made about condoms. You were annoying as fuck and never really cared to ask me about my life compared to me trying to make a genuine friendship with you - in hindsight I wouldn't have even bothered because you're male and a disgusting one at that, but I was shedding the last of my pickme skin at the time and didn't really know better.
It's funny how you mocked TERFs/radfems in general and acted as if males should be in women's prisons too, I don't think you're actually retarded enough to believe that, but I feel like you've either watched tranny porn or have tranny friends who would crucify you if you dared to speak common sense. Either way, you are a spineless loser who's quick to dismiss women's issues regarding their privacy and safety yet ironically you feel it's fine to sperg about communism online all day in between your dead-end jobs.

I have no idea how your girlfriend puts up with you, she's skilled and talented and has her shit together while you literally took out bank loans with the intent of never paying it back because in your words it's "free money" and you also tweet about fucking her - do you have no shame, no privacy or respect for her? Obviously not, and I feel like when you eventually hit the wall (which is approaching soon considering you did a dirty bulk and now just look fat and will probably start taking steroids soon) she will get tired of you real quick. When you ignored me and never messaged me back, at first I was confused because I thought we were friends and had a lot in common but now I'm thankful that it ended up that way - it was the catalyst to me discovering all the things you previously claimed were cringe and actually realising that you were just an inferior male and seethed at the thought of women separating themselves from men. I'd thank you for making me peak faster but you don't deserve it, the only thing you deserve is heart disease from injecting too much tren into your chode.

No. 1399059

File: 1667666829229.jpg (53.63 KB, 571x748, noragret.JPG)

I joined a NaNoWriMo Discord server and got banned after telling a couple of guys that NaNoWriMo isn't an excuse for them not to spend time with their wife and kids since they kept joking that wives should be more understanding of what this month means to them. I told them that unless they make extra money with the 50 000 words of nonesense they spit out by the end of the month, they should focus on their marriage. I was banned for breaking the "no negativity" rule. Kek.

No. 1399075

based nonnie. stg every scrote uses NaNoWriMo as an excuse to be a shithead to the people around them because "it's muh novel!" and "I only have a month!"

No. 1399078

It's so fucking stupid. It went from being this thing you did just for fun and to get a draft going to be this giant thing someone dedicates their entire year to, for what? No one I know who's done NaNoWriMo has ever published a book. They keep chugging away at the same story they wrote in their teens and pretend it's something incredibly important rather than just a hobby.

No. 1399087

that's depressing, isn't the whole point to write a new draft during November? Or are they just telling the same story but think they're writing a new novel because the characters have different names and this one's a sci-fi or whatever?

No. 1399092

Based, you were banned for speaking the truth

No. 1399097

From what I gather they keep coming up with new plots and ideas for the story and they've never actually finished a full draft of the story from start to end. Sometimes they work on a new project on the side to take a break, but it's clear that this story is more a source of comfort to them that they mistake for an actual writing project, kek. I don't think it's a bad thing, though, but acting like you're supposed to give up friends and family who "don't understand" for a month is just laughable.

No. 1399105

oh yeah no comfort projects are great, I just can't imagine the mental gymnastics someone has to go through to take themselves so seriously during the month when they've been doing the same story for years.

No. 1399418

I’m not trying to hurt you, I care about you and I just want you to get help. We all do. Please just let us help you.

No. 1399424

Neither was mine lol

No. 1399438

i keep being haunted with the idea of selling my used panties bc i heard it pays well (i could be wrong lol) but it feels so degenerate. before you say anything yes i know its disgusting and i probably wont do it ever. i think

No. 1399453

im mad today nonnies
im bipolar. after i started taking medicine, life was alright, but i noticed i was having some issues. found out this year i also have ADHD. medicated that, however im still having some issues socially, etc. my therapist thinks i have autism now too. and the more i read about it the more i agree and im going to try to see if i end up with a diagnosis.
however i am angry because i would like to stop having things be wrong with me
i dont want to be a triple retard. thats how it feels. mood disorder. behavioural disorder. now a literal mental disability.
i can never hope to achieve a normal happy life now nonnies

No. 1399458

bitch same here but my doctor refuses to test me for the adhd, suggested autism as a diagnosis but also said as my childhood was "too eventful", it may be hard to diagnose. I am tired of this shit, I just wanna know so I can properly deal with it all, shit feels like a distorted game.

No. 1399461

doctor sounds like a retard tbh it took me like 5 mins of reading about autism to find out that a super high % of autsimos also have adhd or bipolar
id suggest shopping around because even if the test is negative its worth taking it

No. 1399466

I told my therapist about a laundry list of all these mental disorders I thought I had and while she did some tests she disagreed and said that I should treat my PTSD before doing any other diagnoses and now that I’ve done a lot of trauma work a lot of my symptoms have gone away. Just my experience though.

No. 1399471

i feel like such a freak for being turned on by the idea that im a man while i have sex with my boyfriend.

dont read yaoi it ruins you, this is coming from someone that has been reading yaoi since she was 10 x

No. 1399473

Having a lot of trauma starting from early childhood does distort shit a lot and while I think a lot has to do with that, I feel like I hit a wall and there's just way too much going on and a lot of autismo signs but who the fuck knows really.
Yeah I mean, I do understand I don't have the education she does but the way she shut me down immediately and kinda laughed about it was very off, I have a therapist for other stuff and I might ask her about what routes I could take.

No. 1399477

made a new Shay thread because the current one was getting close to filling up & I had the free time/energy and anons are being so shitty about it for no reason and I’m not gonna respond and infight but like… ughhhhh shut up!!!!!!! at least someone made a halfway decent thread instead of letting that shit max out for two days like what happens half of the time because everyone just waits for someone else to do it!!!!!!

No. 1399483

thank u for ur service nonnie dont let the haters get too you 99% of the posters in that thread are other failing twitter whores

No. 1399487

fuck them nona, they're a bunch of whiny bitch ass babies. thank you for your service, braver than any marine, etc

No. 1399615

No. 1399647

It can definitely be overwhelming but maybe focusing on individual problems you have rather than your symptoms as a whole might help. You don’t have to have everything figured out before you start working on yourself.

No. 1399714

File: 1667716167069.jpeg (76.48 KB, 720x960, 3BE81DC2-AC8F-4241-BFE9-E815EE…)

It’s apparent that you genuinely are under the delusion that what you say ~twiggerz~ me which just lends to how desperate you are to grasp at straws and illustrates how pathetic you are. You are spending your Saturday night writing fanfic lol. It’s gotten very Freudian actually.

No. 1399741

Not sure who or what you're talking about but usually unbothered people don't make posts about the argument in another thread lol

No. 1399758

I love you beyond what words can describe.

No. 1399768

This has literally nothing to do with lolcow FUCK OFF oh my god.
>Don't respond to other people's rants. It's not about you, you vain bitch.

No. 1399775

Okay sperg relax, I didn't think it was about me damn, wtf is your problem lol. You sound like a major bpd chan, no wonder you're getting into dumb fights with people irl.

No. 1399776

>okay sperg
You’re the one who replied to me, narc. Im not reading anything beyond the first sentence btw you’ve already proved yourself to be a retard.

No. 1399778

Lol, okay bpd chan(infighting)

No. 1399784

>calls a one sentence reply a sperg
>you’re being mean to me so you have bpd
Shut up

No. 1399785


No. 1399794

Take your medication Roman

No. 1399799

Girl do you know what thread you’re in

No. 1399816

Nta but you're annoying. I'm tired of sperges like you acting like everyone is out to get out to get you because they replied to you. You're on an imageboard, did you expect just rainbows and butterflies to your stupid replies?

No. 1399818

This is schizo-chan right?

No. 1399819

No. 1399930

I hate, HATE seeing Hijabs!
I live in Europe and I just know women with hijabs are women who get beaten by their shitty husbands, not "muslim by choice uwu" women (as if a sane woman would even choose to be muslim).
Once a muslim friend of mine showed me her new hair color but had to show me in a selfie because "I can't take this off, what if they tell my husband"
Tell him to fuck off girl! You're in a country that is not run by men who will stone and beat you for uncovering your hair, leave that dumbass.

No. 1399963

i hate the retarded ewww cooties way some people on here engage with baiting men. like is it so hard to just report and ignore instead of trying pathetically to one up them. i should not expect any better because so many people on here are unhinged with philosophies that could only be learned and carried out online

No. 1399979

Your friend is dumb. Women are allowed to remove their hijabs around other women, even if those women aren't related to her or muslim. They just can't uncover their hair when there's males present. It's a pity hijab culture sucks so much because headscarves are cute and practical.

No. 1399982

right? while the nonnies think they are humiliating the moid, he is probably mastubating with all the attention

No. 1400008

people who get upset and angry at the people responding to the moid rather than the actual presence of one piss me off, stfu you’re not a mod and even so you can’t control what people want to say or post so just get over it goddamn

No. 1400021

>people who get upset and angry at the people responding to the moid rather than the actual presence of one piss me off
Nta but it's possible to hate both at once. The thing is, responding to him just makes him stay even more. plus you'll get banned for it anyway.

No. 1400049

Haven't browsed in months, used to love /g/ as much as /ot/ for how wacky and genuinely funny the posts were but now they're all unfunny debbie downers apart from the husbando thread posters, wtf happened

No. 1400053

my theory is troons and larpers

No. 1400074

What >>1400021 said. Responding makes the moid stay for longer and potentially gives them screenshots to share and encourage other moids to come here because they think it's funny. Just report, hide and move on. You gain nothing from replying and harm this site even more by doing it. If you want to help and you have a dire need to say something, you can bump other threads to push the scrote's thread off the first page. Yesterday nonnas kept replying to the scrote without saging and kept bringing it to the top. It's frustrating.

No. 1400081

It annoys me when I see people attack Romanianon. She's a little weird and her posts are recognizable, so what? She's nowhere near the worst poster on this site, she's still an anon like the rest of us and she hasn't intentionally caused anyone harm in her adult life. I actually feel a little bit thankful (but still concerned) when I see her post things, because it means she's still alive. If you personally dislike her, she'll literally post less if you just fucking ignore her posts and move on.

No. 1400090

I've never understood why half of this board is enamored with her, I hate borderline tripfags all the same and she is no exception. At least other spergs like seal-chan had the decency to be midly funny
>she'll literally post less if you just fucking ignore her
Eeeh, the people disliking her aren't really the ones responding to her posts usually

No. 1400092

well no she’s not an anon she’s literally got a moniker and we know every detail of her life and have seen her face. this is a gossip board and she acts like a cow.

No. 1400124

romanianon is like a ticking timebomb waiting to explode. i feel like if she unalive herself it would be not the worse outcome that could happen

No. 1400188

We were walking around the city, but anyway, that's still dumb as fuck.

No. 1400265

So many people come to me for emotional support that when I see lots of messages, it stresses me out and makes me avoid my phone. I don’t understand why they think I can help them. My mother literally abandoned me as a teenager and even she expects comfort from me now. I’ve always had to figure out and deal with everything alone. It breaks my brain to be burdened with other’s troubles when no one has ever gave a shit about mine. I just want to live a simple life where people don’t trauma dump on me or try to have heavy emotional conversations nearly every fucking day. It already takes all my willpower to manage my own depression so I don’t blow up my career and life. I tell them to seek professional help, but of course they don’t, they’d rather bemoan their problems forever.

No. 1401233

Can you please stop pretending to hate me, or at the very least quit peering into my life and using me for a quick dopamine release. It’s not very cash money of either of us.

No. 1401242

File: 1667830814002.jpeg (71.67 KB, 515x375, EBDC8C6D-FBBE-4735-BF13-4A5F04…)

I’m going to be laughing my fucking ass off when this is all over and you realize that they never fucking liked you and were using you as a pawn the entire time and discard you because for now they’re only stringing you along with the bare minimum out of obligation. It’s a sweet sort of irony. You’re no smarter than I am you fucking idiot.

No. 1401663

I don't FUCKING care if I'm a prude. Keep on clutchin'!

No. 1401791

You don’t decide my life for me and spending all of your free time trying to intimidate me or make me feel bad is a special kind of pathetic.

No. 1401990

im so fucking tired of you. you don't love me in any way. you lovebomb and disappear from my life constantly. its been years now. im tired of making excuses and telling myself i don't notice. im tired of reading your messages about how you're totally going to be more engaged now that never come true.

you literally only come to me when your cooler friends or your cooler nigel number 19139414391 fails you. thats when i exist. so you can tell me how much you love me and how you simply had to disappear from my life whithout a trace AGAIN but that this is totally the last time. im so fucking tired. im not retarded. we have mutual friends. youre doing fine. i dont know what you get out of larping being my best friend sometimes. i don't know what i get out of it either. its getting fucking dire though. im completely checked out. go fuck yourself.

No. 1402008

this isn't about you, it's clearly about me

No. 1402013

i fucking hate being a bpdfag omfg… don’t worry i will kill myself someday

No. 1402131

This guy I was semi obsessed with (which he personally fueled) has been low key in social media since we cut contact. I wonder if I scared him or if he’s just not in a good headspace because our situationship took a toll on him. I hope he never posts anything again tbh but I know he will, just hope he doesn’t sadpost about me knowing I’m probably still semi stalking him. Mostly because I don’t trust myself to not be suckered in again despite him being dogshit.

No. 1402585

I know you're trying to be nice, but that shit pisses me off. I don't understand what's appealing about that when you should know better, I'd rather you just not say anything.

No. 1402587

Wanna make a pact?

No. 1403004

You will never read this, but I hate you and what you've done. Fuck all of the bitches who use their mental illness as an excuse to treat people like shit or even outright abuse them. I am mentally ill too, and yet I never use it as an excuse to treat people horribly or act like I can't control my own actions and what I say. It's not funny, or quirky, or something that can be brushed off. If you ever meet someone with a personality disorder or even anything that causes psychosis steer the fuck clear. And if you refuse to work on yourself and at least try to improve your mental health so it doesn't impact other people, fuck you too.

No. 1403089

File: 1668076780943.png (779.95 KB, 680x740, 8792156843795492.png)

No. 1403216

I didn't go to dinner because I didn't want to see you because I have nothing to say to you. That's why I haven't seen you since before covid. Your uptight energy is painful to be around. So what do you do, you text me, thanks now I have to come up with a fucking response to your fake shit. Why even talk to me? Take the hint, there's 0 reason we need to interact

No. 1403261

stop fucking stalking me, i just wanna be left alone god damn!!

No. 1403712

You're a manly, violent, ignorant, fat and fridge-shaped pick-me, you don't have an ounce of grace in your entire being, other women hate you cause their sense your rotten vibes, moids see you as a blow up sex doll and sex is the only reason they stand your caveman-like, ""toxic"" behavior, I have literally no fucking reason to envy you, you're pitiful and you gross me out. Your botched bolt-ons and bbl only fool desperate pornsick men, you literally look like a tranny and I believe you were a gay moid in your past life cause there's no way in hell a woman could mimick the XY behavior as good as you do. Maybe I would perceive you as an equal if you wasn't picking fights and screaming and intimidating people all the time, you act like you have two fucking balls and your anger issues ain't cute, you are literally perma-triggered and unlikeable.

No. 1403841

I've done the most autistic "I love you" ever, and I just hope that you both understand and appreciate it when I offer it to you. A lot of work went into this and I want you to be happy for however long you're here. I know some of it is weird, I know it isn't as grandiose as you've had for the last 20 years, but all of it was designed with you two in mind. You've spent my entire life making choices that prioritize your preferences over my well-being and I'd like to do better by you than you did for me. I'm infused into the very foundations here, but every function is informed by your convenience. Please, I want us to live our best lives and have found a way to do it, I just hope that you'll love me enough to take me seriously.

No. 1403846

I hate moids (bump because porn)

No. 1403867

what'd you do for your parents

No. 1403903

I designed a house for once they're ready to leave their HOA-infested suburbia death trap; hoping we can all live together in a locale that will still be habitable within 10 years. Right now there's so much wrong with where they live and where I live that it's just more sustainable to pool our resources and live together again. And they're getting on in years, it's one thing when I fall a lot and had to deal with stone stair flights growing up, it's another when they're pushing 70 and using the same stairs. Damn near cracked my head open once falling down those stairs back in college, I'd lose my effing mind if either of them took the same tumble. Sorry this turned into a separate rant.

No. 1403956

I know we're not supposed to reply, but this is very sweet anon. I hope your parents are willing to leave their current home.

No. 1404026


We were friends for years since 2018 and you backstab me in the worst way possible. For years, I tolerated verbal abuse after verbal abuse. When you were down and sad, I tried to be there for you. When you broke up with 3 of your exes in the span of a year, I was there for you. I fended off your ex who stalked and harassed you. I gave you a lot because we were friends. You called me "gay", "faggot", "pathetic" and "retard" all these years and I tolerated them because haha it's funny when I'm the one being insulted right? Then when I say I'm busy, you double down and get irritated that I'm not free. No shit I have a job that's what mature adults with responsibilities do. I had one opinion about one unrelated matter then you divert the issue to be about something else entirely while trying to accuse me for being homophobic and transphobic. I supported you when you first came out as a transwoman. I gave you my support the best I can and what do I get in return? You embarrassing me and calling me names for something I never said. Putting words into my mouth when I couldn't even say anything to disprove you. Because you wanted to be right even when you don't understand shit about what works for my country. Not everything works the same way.

You're so self absorbed and only want your opinion to be the correct one. I gave you 4 years worth of friendship, tolerated your verbal abuse, defended you from anything that mildly bothers you and this is how you treat me? By smearing my name and calling me evil for something I never even said. Fuck you. So much for being a "friend".

No. 1404384

Speaking also from experience, trannies make the worst friends. Always so reactive and take things personally. Male histrionics in action. Be well, anon.

No. 1404710

stop using lesbians as your pawns in the fight on troonism if you're just gonna turn around and be lesbophobic

I'm tired of it

No. 1404849

I love you. You'll always mean something to me in some level and I hope one day you'll realize this. I hate that I can't comfort you or soothe your soul but I understand you don't want me in your life anymore.

No. 1404868

File: 1668150246840.jpeg (118.12 KB, 750x886, 746A873C-9B2B-4E43-8662-88B6E0…)

Its so funny to me that people who talk about karma like it’s real are always the one that would get chokeheld and slammed to the ground by the consequences of their own actions if it was true. “Karma is so good” okay you better look over your shoulder more because it’s absolutely going to brutally assault you sometime in the impending future. Enjoy.

No. 1404937

Maybe if you focused on your own life instead of trying to serialize other peoples and just like, stopped being one of the biggest fucking freaks alive right now your life would take a really positive turn huh

No. 1405081

Shut the fuck up honestly

No. 1405098


No. 1405118


No. 1405161

This image makes me feel like everything will be ok

No. 1405162

I hate texting! it takes me more then five minutes to write a coherent reply along with how am going to write it. Fuck you

No. 1405168

I find it funny when lonely women go on this site out of all places to NLOG unironically. A month ago I saw in the vent thread someone claiming that she's "actually psycho in a male way" blah, blah, blah, and of course another anon is saying that they, too, are psycho in that way, and it's like…this is literally the type of shit we saw all over the 2000s/early 2010s from every girl on the block. When I was a kid, I liked trapping gophers and dissecting them. We kept frozen dead animals in our freezer that my grandma got us so we could dissect them. Like, there's a million red flags that I'm a psychopath, but I assume a lot of other people are like that where they have these interests, but they don't necessarily signal sociopathy or whatever. My husband doesn't let me have access to his guns for fear of me committing suicide even though I seem stable. The thing is, this isn't weird in terms of how common it is, and no one would think I'm "psycho" based upon my appearance, they would think I'm a basic Becky.

No. 1405184

I find it funny when women call women NLOGs for no reason, it makes me laugh.

No. 1405197

I'm sick of having a chat or watching a show with someone just to look over and they're on tiktok within 5 minutes.

No. 1405199

How so? 90% of the times I've seen an anon called out for it, she literally had typed something like "I'm not like other girls because" or "other women aren't like me because ______". Usually it's pretty overt.

No. 1405200

I want to cry but I can't, I'm not emotional enough to do it but I just feel like shit.

No. 1405201

I think women who aren’t like other girls exist and it’s called autism spectrum disorder. And there’s a lot of that here. And that’s ok. I think anonymity appeals, and you can be a derp if you want. But the bad part is if you hate other women so you celebrate being different. And yes it usually isn’t psychos who boast about being psychos. Omg boast. I love that word.
Hopefully you don’t get too silly with the dissection though

No. 1405205

idk i often get accused of being a moid and it only alienates me more from other women. if you want women to stop being "NLOGs", try to be more tolerant of other women who don't share the same political views/sense of humor as you.

No. 1405210

Play my girl some mitski

No. 1405217

Ayrt, will do. Or watch Carrie or Midsommar or Ghost World or some shit.

No. 1405222

I love this site to pieces and know why the rule is in place but holy fucking fuck balls idk if it's adhd/autism or im just a huge fkn narc but no blog posting fucking kills me. I've managed myself so far but I am hella eclectic (aka adhd) so I have stories about everything and my brain says GET VALIDATION or you will explode. I'm actually proud of how long I've been here without falling into a no1currs ban but jfc why can't I just be normal and not compulsively annoy everyone and myself.

Reminds me of something funny I saw that was like
>"I've never met a girl like you before"
>"No you've never met a person like me before."
>"No I've met guys like you."
Resists urge to further respond with blog

No. 1405269

I understand you sister. I bogpost so I can expose my flaws and people can help me u understand myself. I think it’s good for me to practice embarrassing myself and it feels like going to confession. But I don’t mind reading some people’s blogs, as long as they’re not humblebrags or boring. We all have an ego, an it’s pointless to fight it. But we need to sure the sense of ego comes from within. Make something, help others, make urself proud so ye don’t look for validation. You’re not a narc

No. 1405321

File: 1668184597286.jpg (530.76 KB, 1080x1392, Screenshot_20221111-113507_Fir…)

Hi nonnie, I struggle with the validation issue too. This DBT-based website about how to self-validate is so helpful. https://dbtselfhelp.weebly.com/self-validation-skills.html

>picrel, most helpful page from the site.

No. 1405409

>When I was a kid, I liked trapping gophers and dissecting them. We kept frozen dead animals in our freezer that my grandma got us so we could dissect them.
where do you live where this is considered common and not weird..

No. 1405557

There was a power outage today (I found out because my laptop wasn't charging but I didn't think too much of it, then the lights didn't go on anymore) and I was stressing that something had happened and the Russians were coming. It's on my mind a lot because my grandfather fought in WWII and told me lots of stories about how it was, I'm seeing so many parallels it's freaking me out even though I live in a pretty safe country.

No. 1405559

Scary. What country are you in?

No. 1405569

>autism spectrum disorder
I think what peeves me is that a lot of people act like the disorder is their version of it, but in reality, there's so many different ways it could manifest. I'm a "girly" autist but I also have "non girly" interests and I feel like the autists who are non girly think it isn't true that I have it. But I definitely show symptoms and have other odd interests/obsessions, it's just that one of those interests is something that intersects with typical impressions of what a white girl should look like or like in general. There's also turbo autists who are very successful in their careers and others who can't hold down a job. I pretty much can pass as a normal adult on the surface but everyone interact with thinks I'm intense, am unsettling, etc. and I have zero friends other than my husband, but my sisters who I think are autistic too are unable to live anywhere except my parents' house and they can't hold down jobs. They basically just indulge in their special interests all day. One is practically lacking empathy as she can't talk about any interests but what she likes. The other is definitely empathetic.

My point is it's different for everyone who has autism, but we are all odd and even among autists there is a lot of animosity towards certain kinds of autistic. I can't stand autists who refuse to practice basic manners or can only talk about themselves, for instance. But surely a lot of autists would probably scoff at me because I blend in to an extent.

No. 1405573

Netherlands, not much chance of an invasion luckily but I'm scared for the future of Europe. All the uncertainty of the war is stressing me out (plus I feel awful for all the people who have to suffer invasion, mobilization and sanctions of course). It's horrible to see good or at least people have to suffer like this, I'll never forget that man who set himself on fire after he was informed he was being mobilized.

No. 1405588

It's scary how things can get destabilized and impact your daily life even if it's not your nation that's directly being invaded. I studied abroad in Groningen a few years ago and really loved it. I miss the biking infrastructure and the tostis!

No. 1405591

File: 1668196024976.jpg (52.06 KB, 600x600, azhhafq.jpg)

Begging and pleading for Zara to post normal posed pictures of their clothes

No. 1405596

Haha that's very sweet, you can always just buy a tosti press nonna! I reckon you live in Europe too? Hope you're okay.

No. 1405799

Stop trying to get validation from me. I told you the constant texting made me uncomfortable but you didn't listen. It's not casual or fun when I know that I have to respond within 2 hours or you feel abandoned. That's not texting, it's turning into a fucked up game of ping pong where the stakes are your feelings, and if I look away or miss the ball you assume I hate you or that I abandoned you. That's not what I want out of a friendship and I'm not your personal validation machine. It was fun when I thought we were just having a cool conversation but now that I have a response deadline, fuck you, that's not how you treat a friend. You've sucked out all the spontaneity. It's not a friendship, it feels like a job. I feel trapped, and now I'm giving you fake responses because apparently your happiness depends on my texts now. I don't want to be fake to you, but I'm also afraid of you having another abandonment crisis. Honestly, FUCK YOU. I'd never hold another person to these standards, it's ridiculous.

No. 1405832

ot but pic.. you ever have those moments where you're walking along (probably) as normal and then you start to question if you're walking normal or not.. like are you walking weird.. how does one walk again? Do I look strange or do I just think I look strange? Overthinking walking. Good times.

No. 1405858

KEK. I thought the exact same thing yesterday when I was looking at their site. I can't bring myself to ever order anything because I can't tell what it's supposed to look like.

No. 1405991

Something reminded me of how I used to be. It’s almost too distressing, so I feel like crying:

I think I was born alright. Life was interesting and I had a lot to learn.
After some pain and wearing down by life, I became a terrible child. I was anxious, violent, I loved and didn’t regret lying, I was manipulative, and did bad things to comfort myself. I was often cruel.
In my mid teens, I often had distressing dreams- talking to God, who was disappointed, descending into hell. I couldn’t move at night, my heartbeat raced and I was in mental agony. I asked Jesus Christ to help me, and the turmoil ended instantly. Prayed for the first time in a while. Asked for help, said sorry.
Today, there are still blips in the road. Life isn’t straightforwards. But I changed so much. Involuntarily, lying felt like nausea, I became more genuine, I recognised my flaws, I forgave others, loved others without trying to, and helping others.
I’m not a completely good person. Sometimes, I want to be recognised. I can get angry. I can also be lazy. But now I really love others much more, and my soul has become honest. There is something alive in my heart that didn’t used to be, life rings with a new brightness. God did that. I don’t understand it, but God did it. I am sorry I was caught up in material things, and let it overshadow You. I’m sorry I valued lust, and ego before You. I now see that you don’t want me to live on a straight path as punishment, but because it’s good for me. That You know I’ll mess up, and understand. I hope I can keep close to You who gives me life. Thank You for saving me from death. You grace is the greatest treasure we could know ♥

No. 1405999

How was jail, you colossal fucking retard

No. 1406091

I'm sorry. It wasn't your fault but it wasn't mine either, we were both kids. I'm still sorry. I wish one of us could forgive me.

No. 1406094

Of course I'm borderline codependently leaning on my crush. What am I supposed to do when someone says they want to be a good friend to you and listen to you? The slow burn is killing me.

No. 1406095

Despite my being romantically and sexually attracted to women I don't think I'll ever be with a girl because I feel like there's always going to be something "missing" during sex. I don't think I can fully love a girl as a girl and I sometimes wish I was a man so I can love and fuck girls freely. Whenever I played video games with a romance option as a kid, I've always liked playing as a boy and romancing the girls. I think this is where this paraphilia comes from. I'm not delusional enough to be a tranny or degenerate enough to satisfy a fetish so I understand I'll never be a man. There, I feel like I had to get this out somewhere.

No. 1406224

Throwing stones in glass houses is your favorite hobby. Honestly you have risked so much for so little and I would feel sorry for you if you weren’t such a nasty socio. It’s funny to me that you see yourself so highly when you are far worse than I ever have been, and you let them manipulate you and use you so easily and you STILL seem to think that they like you when they’ve been using you the entire time. But that’s okay, they’re using you the exact way you used me—so I do get satisfaction from that. Rot tbh.

No. 1406380

dawg it's not even 9am yet no one wants to hear your shitty car speaker driveway music on a saturday morning. don't care if this is yeehaw country, we're in the city and people don't act that way here. can't wait until one of the real yeehaws who lives here shows you what's what

No. 1406411

i love seeing people reeee online about nikita dragun being put in moid prison. troons should know better than to fuck around and go to jail

No. 1406445

File: 1668270164871.jpg (75.62 KB, 1250x656, original-2121-1668096805-15.jp…)

I love seeing pics that show he very much still looks like a man.. right next to people whinging that hes totes a woman now you guys.

No. 1406477

How can you say "sex work is work" but at the same time you scorn the coombrained moids who watch porn, the very same demographic that keeps the sex market alive. You say you're a miaandrist and have "libshit" in your vocabulary but you don't realize you're a libfem. Maybe you should spend less time watching your precious breadtubers and more time listening to actual women. I'm sick of you always mansplaining to me and always treating me like I'm so retarded.

No. 1406485

He is in jail? KEK what did he do?

No. 1406505

he assaulted a police officer

No. 1406509

Was walking around in his underwear while flashing his dick bulge, you know just womanly things.

No. 1406523

ew didn't he have it removed? another reason why people are saying he shouldn't be in a male prison kek

No. 1406850

File: 1668286278893.png (558.07 KB, 780x783, Morse code.PNG)

As the person that fears becoming a nuisance exactly in this way, any tips ? I dont wanna be a burden, but i fear my relationships detoriating to where i get a text once a few days and have to cherish it like it's a god given gift rather than a simple nice gesture that takes seconds. ( i realize this is splitting, but it comes from my real experience as well )

I would find 2-3 shorter text exchanges per day possibly fine, but id like to have more time with my friends than that. Especially voice calls, tell me about your day or lets chat, debate, play , watch, anything. I dont wanna "be friends" if it means saying "good morning" " meme " "meme " "good night" for months. Like i wanna actually know you, your interests, your wishes, desires, dreams, what bothers you and what made you happy. And for you to know my life too. Thats the standard of a friendship to me, let alone a romantic partner.

I do not do threats and nothing drastic will happen to me if i never get another text, but ill grow jaded over people not reciprocating me doing my best…
Why even bother when i can easily and willingly offer each of my few friends 1h~ of my full focused attention per day every single day, and way more upon request, while they throw crumbs of dry texts at me ?

No. 1407543

A good way to get rid of a moid or scroute being perverts is to out crazy them. They mention anything about their penis and you eating it, just ask as in literal eating. Don't be afraid to get really gory, make them squirm. They really hate that.

No. 1407668

what's the conversational route from suck to eat? I love your idea but when I started thinking about it I've never had a man talk about me eating him so I got stuck thinking how I would bring up eating. or do you just jump into it and say like… "I'm gonna slice your pecker up into little bits and gnash it between my teeth"…?? I feel like I just wrote something horrible, sorry.

No. 1407675

this is a great fucking way to find out someone's sick fetishes…dumbass.

No. 1407717

well, if he says that he wants you to suck his dick, then say you're a biter. If he's ok with that, then use your line. He might call you a crazy birch but if he leaves you alone then it's worth it.

Sorry I triggered you BPD-chan

No. 1407736

Sorry but Nikita is 5’3 and has fake boobs and a bbl I don’t see why you’d think a mens jail is appropriate. But anyways hopefully it’s just a shitty publicity stunt and there is no assault or rape or harm involved.

No. 1407738

If he isn’t into it you could probably just say something like I have a fetish for fisting men up to my elbow and I can’t get off any other way and watch him tiptoe more quietly and and respectfully away from you than a man ever has before

No. 1407754

That's what I was worried about!! ha
I think she's right, this would be so bizarre most people should leave you alone. I've said similarly outlandish things to get people to walk away from me but never explicitly sexual so I really was having trouble imagining.
Calling myself a biter sounds like flirting, sorry.
Ok, that one's good. I'm committing that to memory lol

No. 1407755

>I don’t see why you’d think a mens jail is appropriate.
Because… he's male? Nobody forced him to get surgery. He will absolutely be targeted by the other prisoners, but so would any remotely feminine/attractive man. Should any sufficiently pretty criminal get their pick of prisons? They can be put in isolation or given special protections or whatever, but it should NOT be women's problem and they should never, ever be housed with female prisoners.

No. 1407762

Forgive me for thinking that rape and assault is wrong and that it puts you at much higher risk to have secondary sex characteristics that would make you incredibly vulnerable to rape

No. 1407764

Sounds like you're perfectly comfortable with female prisoners being raped though, since that's inevitable when biological makes are housed with them

No. 1407772

I just think Nikita should be separated. Don’t see the big deal.

No. 1407777

Ah, the perfect thread for me.

Go fuck yourself. I was so sick of having to pretend to like you and play "friends".

No. 1407786

He did it to himself you know. Those "secondary sex characteristics" (if you can call plastic boltons even that) didn't appear out of thin air. Stop caping for a man and the behavioural inclinations of his own sex. If he gets raped in prison he's got his own sex and his own fetishisation of women to thank for it.

No. 1407799

Because he's a man, no matter how he looks. All types of men with cosmetic surgery go to jail, he's not special.

No. 1407822

And why is nikita the chosen one among troons? If he got to go to a female prison, why shouldn't all the other troons have the same right?

No. 1407874

I miss you very much why do things have to be like this? Being apart is insufferable. I just want you by my side. All those things you said you'd give me, will you do them?

No. 1408113

lmao since when did manlets with plastic surgery get special treatment? should the other manlets get their own section too?

No. 1408304

Good one Nonnie

No. 1408309

>>I think she's right, this would be so bizarre most people should leave you alone.

That's the idea. It worked for me, but it has to be done when a moid gets sexual and crosses a line.

No. 1408312

Male privilege doesn't even end when a man becomes a woman. Nikita being put in men's prison is just equality since ftms are told to suck it up and that they shouldn't have done the crime in the first place. It reminds me of how scrotes always get defended to have better treatment and women are told they should expect the worse if they are violent in any way, shape or form

No. 1408321

I CANT BELIEVE IM FEELING LIKE THIS AGAIN after two years of being an insufferable cunt thinking i will never ever love again IM GETTING BUTTERFLIES like im so happy i thought i was dead but now i feel like my heart and my pussy is alive!

No. 1408358

I think it's rude that people have called the men I have dated ugly. I have never called a friends boyfriend ugly. Even if they said it. I was sexually attracted to all the men I've fucked no one can take that away from me. I'm winning. Yall just jealous you are self admittedly fucking men you call ugly. The big nose you insulted rubbed my clit well and good dozen of times. You don't have to get it!

No. 1408453

I HATE TRANNIESSSSS !!! I HOPE THEY ALL DIE!!! Seethe and dilate !!! No amount of surgery will ever turn you into a woman, you were born with disgusting mountain troll body and you will never fit into a dress. I don’t want to wish death onto the handmaidens and I hope they will all soon realize how wrong they are defending someone who’d bash their skull against the wall if one of them ever called them ‘sir’ instead of ‘precious little princess miss madam’
You!!! Will!!! Never!!! Be!!! A !!! Woman!!!!

ok im better now

No. 1408820

I want to vent about someone but I think she browses here lmao

No. 1408970

Fuck it do it anyways

No. 1409217

i have like zero libido lmao this isnt fun

also i hate the 50/50 of i value my independence and i like being solo but i also want a bf bc im so fucking cold and i want a big himbo to hold me and warm me up this isnt fairrrrrrrr

No. 1409316

I hate being mentally ill and being raised and stuck in an abusive environment. I'm such a loser. No one will ever respect or want me because I am nothing and my life is so weird. Nobody will want me when they realize how alone I am and what a filthy loser I am. I don't exist to anyone unless I'm being played with. I want to kill the guy who did that. I think about him more than I think about anyone else because I hate him so much. I'm so pathetic for thinking about him so much. I hate that he was my first when it came to certain sex acts and he's stuck in my brain. I hate that I think about him too much wishing revenge. I hate being mentally ill and wanting more abuse because I know it's all I'm meant to live for. I'm so sick of wanting to kill myself and feeling suicidal for over 10 years. I'm too old to cut now and I don't like the bruises. I'm so disgusting and my thoughts are disgusting and I just want a man who loves me, genuinely loves me and I want him to tell me I'll be okay. Yeah I want a normal life. I hate that I'm so mentally ill I sometimes have fantasies about a crazy scrote being so obsessed with me that he will do anything to have me even if it means hurting me. Why? Because I am touch starved and have nobody who loves me. I want him to take me away from everything. I want him to harm me because then I won't have to do it to myself anymore. Sometimes being an object of desire is better than being completely painfully and utterly alone. Fuck I'm so lonely. I want to be dependent for once I don't want to be alone on my own. I just want to be pet like an innocent animal and be told I'm good. I want to be cute and innocent and adored by someone. I want cuddles.. I want to be someone else. I'm scared of the future and think I will end up homeless. I am hurting so bad inside it radiates down my arm. Yes…..I am pathetic and broken and my head space is bad right now. I hate this fucked up life I want to leave it all and die if I can't be alright

No. 1409331

Do it faggot

No. 1411041

holy shit stop getting your pics from pinterest

No. 1411148

File: 1668613408733.png (128.76 KB, 284x439, 90E96BC7-0AA0-4767-8105-86450A…)

Met some ‘cool’ women playing vidya game a couple days ago but it turns out one of them is a non binary retard and the other a she/they, can’t back out now because some of my other friends have intermingled with them.

I thought ‘finally! Women friends to play this online game with!’ but of course they both have to have brainworms. Even worse, they’re also over the age of 20 so they’re not just impressionable teens, just colossal retards

No. 1411161

What online game

No. 1411179


No. 1411181

I had a bitch block me on ps4 because I was full terf when meeting her then she came out as non binary ftm months later. Kek

No. 1411295

Do it wimp

No. 1411346

I feel called out

No. 1411525

It’s Overwatch 2, pls no bully. But I hope you can see how I was excited to finally have some women to play with on the regular and not some screeching males.

Kek I’m so sorry Nonna, these women don’t know I’m full terf but my already existing friends do so now idk what to do. I’ll probably go full autism and say I have xenogenders and force them to use my retarded pronouns.

No. 1411978

Pack my order and send it, it's been a week!!! Small business my ass, at this rate you're doing no fucking business!

No. 1413222

i wish i never met you

No. 1413355

Me too, stupid bitch!

No. 1413762

I try my best and put in effort but everything you do is half assed and I don’t even think you want me like that lol I don’t even know why I’m upset m

No. 1413767

I just KNOW that all gas no breaks motherfucker is weird, I just KNOW the raya girls have tea, I just KNOW he's a sex pest. I know it. in my bones.

No. 1413780

please elaborate in another thread I’m so curious

No. 1413826

After ghosting you for 2 months I'm finally missing you again. I wish you didn't trigger all my fight or flight instincts all the time when we talk. I know you're hurt and another step in the cycle too but why the fuck did you let it get to me too. You couldn't stand up for me or even check in on me when they exposed me to rape porn and because you felt so bad about it, I guess, you just forgot it bc it was easier. But I'll still email you anyway to decide on a time to call, mom.

No. 1413835

I’m so upset at you. You’ve lost interest in me, only when we lay in bed together and I excite you, or my body excites you without you even touching it, I’m so sad that you’ve stopped putting effort into me. I’ve changed my work schedule to see you more. Now you barely see me or barely text me through out the week. Im tired of you saying you care about my anxiety or when I’m feeling sad and being the total opposite when I show emotions like that. You just get awkward and stare at me with a blank face unsure of what to do or how to act. You said that you felt that I was anxious but you just kept walking ahead of me instead of asking me if I was okay. You make things about yourself or try to love on from the subject or just make me laugh while I don’t actually feel better. I’ve told you that words and quality time mean a lot more to me than buying material items. Yet you’ve bought items that have surface level meaning to me, or things you know I kind of like but again they’re so… basic. You got me a framed record of an album I didn’t even like. You never listen to the songs I say remind you of me. You never give me any songs. You never look at our movie list while I bring it up. You always make empty promises for dates or things to do but end up just wanting to fuck me or touch my body and it makes me sad even if I enjoy it I’d rather we just sit down and talk. But when we talk, you see.m to not even be listening or just ignore what I say. I sometimes wish I never even opened my mouth in the first place. I regret crying in front of you because you act like such a fucking tool and don’t even know what to do. You always say I’m “cute /pretty/ funny” but nothing else. You never really seem to support my passions and if you do it feels like you’re just filling your quota it doesn’t feel genuine. You always walk ahead of me and never seem to slow down, and hold my hand. I mm so tired of initiating everything first, I’m tired of this. I’m so tired and sad and hurt. I don’t know why I thought you would be any different. I just want to be wanted and adored. I feel so unimportant to you and I feel lied to. I don’t know why I had my hopes up, you said these things yet you don’t act on them, or their half-assed. I’m so sad actually

No. 1413840

Also GEE I guess it says something that when I see my ex in a place recently and he says hi I get so excited? Fuck. I’m so tired and I feel crazy. I’ve cried enough today, I’m going to sleep.

No. 1413844

I feel like we could work this out. I was so happy with you but we brought out so much pain in each other. Not because we were awful to each other we are both just not used to kindness. That’s probably the saddest part. It’s so easy to be with scrotes who treat me badly because I never have to worry about them turning on me. You were always so kind and loving that it scared me waiting for things to get bad even though I know they wouldn’t. I think I did the same thing to you. I hope you call me soon because I miss you and cry every single day you’re not here.

No. 1413862


No. 1413873

I hate this time of year and I honestly wish i could just disappear until after the new year. The holidays are more depressing because it promotes this idea of love and togetherness with families or your partner. But growing up in a poor family that fought everyday and getting kicked out often as a kid it just all feels so fake and even now when my boyfriend is getting upset I won't come out to his familys thanksgiving because of how his mother treats me. I'm just so tired of being disrespected by her because I'm not good enough for her son because I grew up poor, because I'm a drop out, but mostly because I'm a white girl being seen as taking a prime black man from actual good black women her words not mine. I simply can't do this holiday crap anymore. I stopped going last year when the fighting that came from it caused me to go into a panic attack. I know I'm being called every name under the sun right now but I can't I grew up being berated by my family and others and the one time I take control of my life that just so happens to be during the holidays. Why should I feel bad I'm not here to please a women who can't remeber my name. She calls me his exes name after us being together nearly 10 years. God I'm only 22 and feel like I'm in a suffering marriage despite us not even living together. I hate the holidays even more because of this knowing that I can never amount to those standards, but really I just feel empty and tired of this time in general I'm probably gonna bail and say I'm sick or have work cos I rather not go through any of this.

No. 1413907

I wish my person wrote this about me. This is my wish, hope your wishes come true too anon.

No. 1413920

I am doing a masters degree and everything is so overwhelming. I am doing good in other classes but this particular class had a long ass exam that I could not complete for the life of me. It's so frustrating to see how I prepared so much for this test and in the end I didn't do the last part -most important- because of time. It has me so anxious I haven't been able to sleep properly or focus on non academic stuff. I cannot fail this class otherwise I might be out of the program. Without the program I don't have a visa and I don't want to go to my home country. I am 23 and feel like my life has no meaning unless I do this masters right. And I don't know if I should ask the professors for extra credit on this class or what.
Whenever I try to discuss it with my boyfriend he just dismisses it. It's so easy to say when his masters program is more relaxed in comparison, he is really smart, and has citizenship. I just wanna crawl a hole and die.

No. 1413928

> my boyfriend is getting upset I won't come out to his familys thanksgiving because of how his mother treats me.
I’ll never understand why people who date will willingly stay with partners who clearly don’t respect them. What’s the point? Are you so terrified of being single that you’d put up with someone who doesn’t care about how you feel?

No. 1413932

I want to place a long nail underneath the tire of this rancid guy's car. He's such a shithead and acts like he's superior despite being a cock sucker to corporations and a complete idiot. There's no cameras around his area and could do it in the wee hours of the morning because no one is up at that time. I just hate his worthless ass so much and knocking him down a peg would be funny.

No. 1413941

I got out of an abusive relationship I got into at 19 2 years ago and I honestly feel like a child still despite being 26 and just feel so lost. I want friends but I lost all mine because I got so scared of using messaging apps that I just stopped opening them like 4 years ago, ghosted everyone I loved, then right out of the relationship I tried rekindling the friendships only to still end up too scared and deleted messenger (he used to message me constantly on them even when I went into our room to "sleep" or when he was at work, I still panic every time I hear a Facebook ding)
I want to make a post in the friend finder thread but I'm honestly scared for two main reasons. One that I'll only be able to send like two messages a day, and also because for the entire relationship all my hobbies were beat out of me so I feel like I actually am just a void of a human being with nothing to talk about. I can list things I loved but if I actually started talking with another fan it would be like I knew nothing on the subject yet I am someone who used to fixate on things I loved. You'd think the last two years I would have at least felt like myself again but I'm barely emotionally capable of doing things I love and enjoy again and not just procrastinate doing things I shouldn't have to force myself to spend hours on. I'm so lonely but I don't feel whole enough to be able to reach out and connect with another woman despite longing so bad for it but I know remaining a hermit won't help me

No. 1413947

Wow anon, i felt this so hard. I am literally in such a similar situation and we are the same age too(26). I relate so hard to the feeling of being a void a few years after a relationship that started when i was 20 and ended ehen i was 23, i would totally be down to be buddies, im shit at messaging consistently too, so no worries there.

No. 1413948

Its complex we would've been moved out and away from her. if his mother wasn't crippling him fincially, and before i hear anyone tell me it isn't worth it I'm poor and work two jobs but can't afford to move out due to my area. He respects me but isn't stupid enough to do or say anything that would land him on the streets. I was homeless for a while myself and right now isolating is all i can do to keep me and him unfourtnatley housed albiet seperately. And I'm not desperate to not be single after seeing what men are out there I'd rather die alone.

No. 1413951

I'm gonna delete in about 20 minutes but here's a burner number and discord, thanks nonna (646) 439-5441 or odiji#4235

No. 1413967

Thank you nonna, I hope yours do too

No. 1414124

Yes, i dont have discord though but i’ll make one!

No. 1414722

You’re sick and disgusting. I hope you stop being a retarded weirdo cunt, and I pray to god you’re not actually doing that insane shit. Stop being degenerate you freak, you’re making everything worse.

No. 1414845

Everyone is mad at me and I don't know why. How can I apologize if I don't know what I done wrong?

No. 1414870

How can a person be so sensitive? You pick apart every conversation or interaction for days afterward, looking for the specific places where the person wounded you. Even if you just ordered a cup of coffee. Everything that anyone says to you is a veiled insult. Honestly, I used to feel bad for you and would spend time reassuring you that not every single person in the world wakes up in the morning with the singular objective of hurting your feelings. To be really fucking honest, now it makes me want to bully you.

No. 1414871

Have you ever asked them what the issue was? Maybe they been hurt badly by someone before and keep reliving it.

No. 1414957

i've been getting high as fuck everyday just to deal with the pain, please take me back

No. 1414964

Beware, cp in /pt/.

No. 1415019

I miss you a lot. I never meant any of this to happen between us and I wish things were different. I wish we could have worked out. I wish I can be in your life again. I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you.

No. 1415038

File: 1668919714651.gif (347.18 KB, 220x251, F22A9792-15C1-47B8-AC74-6DE3DA…)

Position I’m typing this in…need to be getting inseminated

No. 1415043

really miss being able to enjoy my favorite band. after I got to know a few of the members, I learned that most of them are cheating pieces of shit that deserve to be humbled. they don't deserve their amazing gfs/wives whatsoever, it makes me sick. can't wait for them to hit the wall and become irrelevant.

No. 1415045

No. 1415052

I wish my person wrote this to me lol if your middle name starts with a T hmu

No. 1415067

No. 1415197

What the fuck… get a dildo or something

No. 1415237

>be me as little girl with shiny eyes
>get crushed by world
>pervy men.jpg
>evil men.mp3
>lose the spark in the eyes
>no dreams anymore
>I just wait until my death
>cry everyday
>years pass
>cry everyday
>just somehow survive
>barely survives
>everything hurts
>pain get worse by the day
>I'm not even 30 fml
>its like living behind a thick wall of fog!
>nothing is fun
>nothing even touches me anymore
>I just wait until my body dies naturally suicide is for braver people than me
>maybe I can improve the pain by doing some yoga or something
>do a yoga video
>is different to other yoga videos I did, with chanting and meditation and weird workouts
>feel better afterwards
>next days I feel worse than ever
>maybe I should just kms afterall!
>one day wake up
>look in the mirror
>oh shit its the little girl I once was
>starts crying
>feels nice to cry
>feelings are coming up
>even nice feelings
>thick fog is lifting
>things touch me
>I can breath again after many years
>crying but so happy
>pain gets better
>world gets more colorful everyday
>little me is alive and well
>I love you all

No. 1415238

Anon this is so fucking funny and disturbing I hate you

No. 1415239

is this a copypasta

No. 1415247

No but feel free to use it as such

No. 1415257

>love spicy food
>spicy food makes me really sick
>eat really spicy food anyway
>really sick
>up all night in the bathroom
why must spicy food be so good?

No. 1415263

You’re on a journey anonna. I can’t say what’s happening but this is part of your journey. Sometimes we get distant to protect ourselves, I know however that you’re going to learn about yourself and learn to live again. I’m so proud of you.

No. 1415278

I’m not even gonna lie, I’d rather suffer than use a dildo

No. 1415280

Why? Are you a troon? Is that why you posted the disturbing cat pic and talked about insemination? It's your kink?

No. 1415281

No it’s actually more like I’m ovulating and my husband is always at work so he can’t put a baby in me. I wouldn’t call it an “insemination kink” it’s just biological urges…let’s reel it in a little

No. 1415287

>Screech into the oblivion. A place to say how you really feel without other people feeling entitled to give you shit for it.
Me: Is ovulating and decided to vent about how it’s making me feel physically
Some upset nonnie, for some reason:

I swear some of you need to take like, literally 5 hours and just go outside and experience the real world outside of the internet.

No. 1415288

the (faux) therapeutic vernacular of so much discourse honestly enrages me. shut the fuck up

No. 1415289

File: 1668944926650.png (1.12 MB, 1024x767, 1637944852510.png)

Thank you so much. I'm crying again. So emotional but it feels so good.

No. 1415290

Oh shut the fuck up. No one cares about your breeding kink, you said your disgusting shit already, get over it.

No. 1415292

Do you think every woman who feels the way nature intends for us to when we’re in the middle of the fertile week just “has a breeding kink”? Sorry, you’re right! Ovulation isn’t a real thing, every woman just has a breeding kink for 4 days out of the month! You sound a lot more like a pervy troon than I do for thinking that a woman’s body working properly is boiled down solely to fetishistic bullshit kek

No. 1415299

Stop strawmanning. No one said anything about sex and feeling horny being unnatural (altough sex with men is gross). It's your wording that was disgusting (and the pic), talking about wanting to be "inseminated" because it's the way "nature intended uwu" makes you sound like a tranny or some kind of tradwife. And no, not every woman wants to be knocked up.

No. 1415303

Reread what I said and realize that my whole sentence actually said “women who feel the way nature intends for us to in the middle of the fertile week”; i.e. the time of the month where your body is literally trying to get you pregnant kek…you sound a little too upset about the fact that there are women who are in tune with our bodies. I never once said “all women wanna get knocked up!!1” and the fact that you read my whole paragraph just to get that out of it proves that it’s you who is clearly bothered and looking for something random to get upset over. It’s ok, nonita. You’re allowed to be hormonal and angry at me! However the jannies can see that I’ve been posting about the same thing over the last few days and clearly don’t take issue with it.

No. 1415307

Is this that schizo from the celeb thread who was ranting about surrogacy for multiple posts?

No. 1415723

nta but the majority of anons are rightfully against surrogacy

No. 1416337

I see what you guys are doing and your message is loud and clear. It was pretty obvious from the start but I actually thought I made friends. I mean, fuck, I never thought these pathetic mean girl tactics would be used against me but yeah, it makes sense given the situation. It's cool though, I don't care that much since we don't have much in common. It's not all but most and honestly, I'm not going to beg or ask or plead. But iykyk.

No. 1416381

I LOVE MY CAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE IS THE GREATEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 1416416

pics or didnt happen nona. pay the cat tax

No. 1416686

I appreciate your attempts to rekindle our friendship but I have no interest in it. Being around you only made me more vain and negative. I don't miss feeling like I needed to always be dressed up around you or comforting you after your breakdowns. And you're an idiot for waiting nearly a decade for a LDR. He clearly doesn't care about you.

No. 1416819

Still waiting on these pics

No. 1416861


No. 1416929

File: 1669066275667.gif (4.26 MB, 377x289, chant.gif)


No. 1417045

Kitty pics immediately…bumping the thread to hopefully find ta

No. 1417194

i feel like my friends are constantly ignoring me. i dont want to say anything out of fear of being a killjoy or making things awkward. if they dont want me around, they should at least me aaaaaaa

No. 1417327

I know neither of us believe in astrology, but I’ve been using Co-Star to pretend I’m still in your life. Todays update for you was: “You both are waiting for the other to reach out. If you are feeling uncertain about where you stand with [redacted] the feeling is mutual. Direct communication will make you both feel understood.” I just want you to know that you’ll always be my best friend and I’ll always love you. I will always be here if you ever need support, but you have to be the one to contact me this time, okay? You can even laugh at me for taking this Co-Star update so personally. It’s been almost 3 months, I just want to hear from you.

No. 1417357

>I just want you to know that you’ll always be my best friend and I’ll always love you.
Damn now I'm crying. I wish my ex would love me unconditionally like this even if we're not in each other's lives anymore. Wishing you the best of luck and hoping that your special person will reach out to you soon, anon.

No. 1417373

I’m thisclose to self harming and I’ve been sooooo fucking against that shit and good besides burning, very recently/rarely and I only do cigs or burn my self on a pan or the oven on purpose, when I really can’t help it. I’m bout to slice myself the fuck up and honestly hope I need stitches. I did it once in 6th grade and even though I’d been through so much I thought what pussies but I get it now. Especially when I’m drunk lately I want to destroy my flesh and the feelings that come with it
Post the cat anon, the people have spoken

No. 1417380

I meant besides very recently I only did it once in 6th grade and then when I was 24 I’ve needed stitches but I did it myself and healed just fine. I only did it because my push ass bf wanted to start doing chicken scref he’s because he was ssssoooo depressed, w the relationship as well, and I showed him how it’s really done. Guess who hasn’t cut since then. Not me

No. 1417673

reading how some of the super serious husbandofags talk about how they get angry when others do it for fun made me sad. I’m fine if someone is more serious about it. But when you feel bitter about people doing it for fun it’s a sign that you’re uncomfortable with yourself and taking things too far and the line between comfort and mental illness becomes blurred, sorry. Doesn’t help that some of the no fun ones act kinda weird about it too with unironically memeing each other into going even further as if it’s a great thing to become psychologically dependent on some 2d moid instead of a 3d one. escapism is fine and to some degree necessary to survive and 2d is safer than 3d for obvious reasons but please don’t take it too far if you value your sanity.

No. 1417678

At this point you are yelling at yourself, none of those things apply to me. Have fun looking over your shoulder for the rest of your life.

No. 1417797

I hate faggots and I hate how they feel entitled to women ambients because they wont fuck women so they play the "so relatable am i right girlies" act.
And I hate how handmaidens are fine with them because them being not sexually attracted to women makes them feel safe for some bullshit reason.
They're the most mysoginistic fucks and I hope their makeup burns off their eyes and lips

No. 1417810

I had a faggot best friend years ago, we were in the same seemingly women dominated field (it really isn't in a way but is in some ways, on lower level) and I had to watch him being actually awarded for doing the exact same shit I did but in a way minimized way, I even helped him with his event prepping and got no thanks! He just expected me to help, because wow he was so special and so amazing for doing so well in this field, he was misogynistic and stupid as hell too. Imagine being a tall "fashionable" twink who is so fucking stupid he doesn't know any celebrities, you may think "that doesn't mean someone is stupid", I am talking about not knowing a single actor, singer or a politician yet claiming to be such an artist who had to always google an era because he couldn't tell the difference between 50s and 80s fashion. Actually brain dead, eating disordered, half talented and egoistical piece of scrote shit.

No. 1418204

bitch you know what I meant. I feel like it's some people's goal to take me out of my character. Go proof read the bible and leave me alone.

No. 1418365

Listen, buddy. My literal job description is to help people learn to read and write better. I suspect you dump off the worst clients on me because I'm a woman, and your assumption is that I'm more equipped for emotional labor. Unfortunately for everyone (including me), I'm actually kind of an avoidant. Strong emotions really put me out of sorts, and I am utter shit at comforting people.

I realize this may be confusing to you because I appeareth unto thee in the form of a Lady. However, I'm not here to be the group Mom, and the emotional care needs to be divided more equally here. Holy fuck.

No. 1418394

If i trigger so much ignore me, you don't have to keep talking to me. Your trying to chase me off of here but it won't work. I can say what I want, when I want, just don't read it or close your eyes.

No. 1418398

No. 1418400

does anyone else here not trust anyone who wears makeup? to me it signals a sad subservience to maleness and i just tend to avoid anyone with it on

No. 1418401

I HATE FAGGOTS. men who have no immediate reason to appeal to women for sexual reasons are unfortunately also the most hideously abrasive people to women

No. 1418406

i don't think i feel mistrust, but i do feel really sad like, "what made you feel like you need performative womanhood for the grocery store at 7am" kind of melancholy.
when i see women write that kind of "uggo without makeup" shittalk to other women though, yeah. it's like spending money to be miserable for no reason and idgi.

No. 1418558

nta that reminds me how my husband's sister went on a spregout in which she talked shit about herself for not…shaving her entire face? saying that women having human white hair on their skin should be shamed? she also pust a lot of layers in her makeup, having these overdrawn 'instagram eyebrows' and a winged eyeliner. it's sad that despite me cheering her up for so many years and advicing her decent books, she never bothered reading any of them, let alone listening, making me realise she does all of this 'pity party' crap for attention.

No. 1418562

Lena, I know you'll never see this and I wish I had a way to contact you to tell you this but I pray to God you'll smarten up and leave my bum piece of shit brother and never look back because he's just going to leave all the responsibilities to you IE paying all the bills for whatever shitty apartment you live in, buying all the groceries and taking care of his piece of shit dog while he sits at home at all day feeling sorry for himself and giving you excuse after excuse as to why he can't get a job. You deserve better, you don't deserve this burden you're still young you need to figure out what you want in life. He's is just going to drag you down he deserves to be homeless.

No. 1418569

Samefag but I need you all to manifest homelessness on my brother for treating our mom and his gf as his personal servant. My mom even asked him when she become his personal servant and his jobless ass had the fucking gall to say "since the day I was born"

No. 1418617

i can't fucking believe how much i was a pick me for so many people all because i wanted to feel like i belonged and now i realized i was being used the entire time
i'm tired of it all
i want to express my opinions without having to feel "completely logical" despite how reasonable my feelings can be
hate people who can't reciprocate the same amount of love i share to their works and they refuse to give the same
im tired of having the shitty deal of cards given to me and the exhausting lifestyle of constantly having to feel accepted among people who couldn't give a shit about my own existence when i pour all of my love into theirs
from now on, im living for myself and not giving damn about whether or not i fit into someone else's criteria of what i should be

No. 1418668

finally booked an appointment with a dentist after a month of severe dental pain. i have dental phobia which was exasperated by my scrote dentist i had from ages 9-19. he did not give a fuck about my fears, anxiety or pain for the entire time i was forced to see him. he would greet my siblings with enthusiasm (which i overheard being one chair over) and treat me with disdain.

i found a woman dentist that specializes in dental anxiety and booked something with her immediately. now to find a woman doctor who actually takes me seriously.

No. 1418670

I'm in so much pain I'm praying. I'm not a bad woman. Release me. Please.

No. 1419220

It's hilarious. Going on a tangent to me about how you know who are/what you want out of a girl, telling me I need to find out who I am then you become a pick me to the newest woman who doesn't know you yet. You're an ~edgy~ cool guy with tattoos yet super understanding and mature. Cope harder you simp. Your tattoos are ugly, your music taste is hard rock and sad blues that your mother listens to, you completely shut down and ignore any issues you have with another person. I know who you are, watching you lie your ass off to impress a woman is pathetic yet wonderful to watch.

No. 1419729

File: 1669275691153.jpg (16.17 KB, 680x378, 27d.jpg)

I had a long day moving and felt pretty defeated, not just physically but mentally and emotionally too due to a lot of heavy personal stuff going on in my life. I checked my emails while I was resting for a minute and saw another lawyer finally responded to me. It had been a couple days since I had heard from them so I was a bit worried, especially because I was on a high from talking to another lawyer previously that day initially, so I was hoping I wasn't too gung-ho in my first email to this other firm. But they indeed got back to me and it really made my day. It feels really good to know multiple firms are interested in my case!! I know its a very strong case and as long as I can keep my composure i will win (the details of the personal issue wasnt just highly illegal but pretty traumatic as well), especially because another person is filing a suit along with me, and I'm confident I can be made whole, my life could look completely different in 2 years from now (should the moid im suing drag it on that long), I could finally set down roots somewhere just in time for the housing market to pivot drastically.

No. 1419783

love it when my period comes
heavy bleeding and cramps with a labor job is a recipe for disaster, girls

No. 1419784

dad why the fuck did you raise me like this. i’ll never escape the beta cycle now

No. 1420013


No. 1420034

Oh I love Immigrant Song

No. 1420145

File: 1669308630168.jpg (38.89 KB, 275x269, 1657184647066.jpg)

You really acted like a MASSIVE pos towards me, what in the actual fuck was wrong with you? for real, are you schizophrenic or what? why pretend to be "my friend" just to humiliate me every time you interacted with me? you're are so miserable and evil, genuinely cruel, i still hate you after all these years, i bet you got even crazier than before. I'm a human being, i deserve respect, i was a good friend yet i was just a joke to you, why it was so hard for you to treat me with FUCKING DIGNITY?? WHAT THE HELL DID I DO TO YOU???? You should be glad someone stopped me from fucking jumping on you that day i was so ready to beat your sorry ass, you actual ape

And of course you love trannies, "feminist" my ass you fucking clown, you idiot, you gullible animal, you DUMB ASS

No. 1420168

File: 1669309040106.jpg (55.25 KB, 1200x800, 1663688663613.jpg)

Why can't I just sort my fucking shit out! EVEN WHEN IM HAPPY I THINK about being drunk and High. Why did I meet you when I was a dumb 16 year old, you fuCking power hungry pedo, ruined my early 20s and now I'm fINAlly free and happy but I still think about self destruction. I HATE YOU SO MUCH I WISH THAT NOTHING GOOD EVER HAPPENS TO YOU. I CURSE YOUR GROSS BLOODLINE.

No. 1420415

File: 1669317971535.png (249.22 KB, 640x268, lols.png)

On a scale of 0 to grandmother willow

No. 1420428

I will treat you as an equal the exact moment you start acting like a reasonable human being, that moment may never arrive tho, you're hopeless and everyone knows it, even you, now sit down on the corner and cry about it, you dick

No. 1420485

I changed. Stop bothering me about it. You don't know me and you don't actually like me, you like the person I used to be.

No. 1420615


No. 1420622

You sound like me. Desperately tried to change for one person, claiming I'll do anything for them, but it never worked. You can't change for a person it has to come from within.

No. 1420648

File: 1669337109735.jpeg (65.06 KB, 640x640, R (2).jpeg)

Everyone is mad at me and I don't know why but now I'm angry too. I don't owe them anything.

No. 1420649

You’re a shitty, negligent friend and I would respect you more if you’d outright tell me you don’t want to be around me anymore instead of pretending like nothing’s wrong every time we see each other.

No. 1420650

Only ask for a chance irl if you actually mean it anon

No. 1420659

wishing dead upon someone is completely normal behavior you soft bitch!

No. 1420723

I'm sorry I didn't value you enough

No. 1420734

Me too.

No. 1420736


No. 1420741

I miss you and I love you. I know you hurt me a lot but I want to forgive you if you're willing to apologize because everyone deserves a second chance. You're not a bad person, I know you're scared. I want us to be together again, I miss you and happy thanksgiving. This is the first year we won't talk to each other about it. I hope you had fun and cooked something nice with your mom again this year.

No. 1420763

i miss you more than i miss my grandfather, i long every day to just see your face again. i always loved every single little thing about you with all of the hurt and pain you'd been through.

No. 1420803

Throwing away your whole life for a couple years of trolling oh my god you are truly sociopathic

No. 1420804

The sum of your actions are going to come crashing down on you so hard and I’m looking forward to it so much

No. 1420824

i can never watch videos on mobile and now that the youtube shorts thread is all embedded vids instead of screen caps, i can’t follow it anymore

No. 1420830

Stop cumming inside of women you nasty fuck

No. 1421409

File: 1669415483602.png (370.11 KB, 358x481, Capture.PNG)

I just want to go mask off in real life, right a book of my ramblings. I'm weird, I'm not a nlog, but I'm an Not like other humans. I have so many things running through my brain that i feel are correct and right for me to say.
I will say them and people, who want to listen will hear me. One day i'll say it to their faces. There's people like us out there and people need to know what we think. Regardless of what you say.

No. 1421411

This looks like one of my cousins.

No. 1421423

I really don’t think I actually love my parents or siblings. I say it to them so that they don’t break down screaming and crying but I also don’t talk to them often, don’t spend time with them, and don’t know anything about them. I love my husband but that’s about it. I don’t even really want to have any children because it’s gonna fucking annoy the shit out of me to have to divert my attention from my husband to some screaming shitting sperm sack.

No. 1421426

I dated a troon and he ruined all my cute clothes. Never again

No. 1421507

Why did you date a troon?

No. 1421552

i dislike my race/ethnicity. i don't hate chinese people or the fact that china exists, i just don't like the fact that i, individually, am chinese. it's not because of racism and i don't want to be white, but i wish i could be another kind of asian. people love korean and japanese culture and express admiration for it, but i feel like everyone thinks negatively of china or just has retarded stereotypes about communism or the CCP.

No. 1421558

I get it, you stupid motherfucker– you landed your dream job and are making bank beyond your wildest dreams. You don't have to keep rubbing it in! I know I'm a fucking loser! I already said I was seething with jealousy when you got the job wothout even trying while I job hunted for months and contemplated suicide the whole time. Now stop fucking sending me pics of your direct deposits and humble bragging about your literal weeks of paid holidays off, you insufferable little bitch! No, buying me things won't make me love you more, it just makes me angrier! Fuck you!

No. 1421567

This new guy I’m into talks the same way my recently ex’d does, I thought it’d be a turn off but I find it endearing. Shit, wtf is wrong with me

No. 1421593

It’s so funny how easily you’re triggered into the ugliest autistic tard rage like you haven’t spent your entire life only using people and pretending to be a good person on the surface. Remember when you said your one friend was ugly before they were able to see it? That the other one looked like a gremlin? That the girl you’re suddenly cool with again looked like a pug? Eventually people will see you for what you are outside of your extremely painstakingly controlled fake ass image. You are no better in any way. I don’t care anymore.

No. 1421672


No. 1421759

All you're accomplishing by trying to get me out of my shell is making me feel self-conscious. Maybe I'm not hiding in a shell, maybe we just don't click.

No. 1421760

Finding a decent laptop shouldn't be this fucking hard! I just want something that's decent and I can install Windows 10 on it without it breaking! That's literally it. I'm gonna go insane.

No. 1421817

I love you you asshole. You ripped my heart out and I still love you. I don’t know your feelings I just know you are so fucking crippled in the feeling department that you probably don’t know either. I would love to chew your ear off as revenge for the pain you caused me.

No. 1421820

Thank you for… you know. It really means a lot to me. I miss you.

No. 1422123

>TFW my retarded uncle keeps hitting his dog and calling him out for any little thing he does
How do you expect a large dog to behave when he is still a puppy that you don't stimulate? Why did you get a dog if you aren't interested in taking care of it?

No. 1422209

You wouldn't post me on your socials. You wouldn't ignore the women flirting with you, instead you insisted it was nothing when you replied smiley faces to their obviously sexual comments. You said it didn't matter bc we had each other, I had you, not them. There were a couple people who were pretty persistent with their advances..and now you're married to one of them.
You have made me bitter even more towards dating &the concept of love, especially when it involves a man. You suck. And I hate that your brother and sister-in-law think I was the one who was wrong since I broke it off before you could break my heart any further. You ALL suck. Eat rocks.

No. 1422597

You never loved me. You only loved the idea of me. I was so stupid to believe that "I was so perfect for you," that I was "the partner of your dreams." I thought I was the person you've always been waiting for and I believed that of you too. I thought we were soulmates who finally found each other in this world. But when I did things or turned out to have traits that were contrary to your idea of me, you make me feel bad that I wasn't as perfect as you thought. Why can't you just accept people as they are and love them as they are? You never loved me as much as I had loved you.

No. 1422599

sending love to the broken heart nonnies. I need to learn to avoid this thread on my period.

No. 1422638

i gave you everything i had and more, i spent all of my time on you and hoping to make your life a little brighter with your depression. when i couldn't take mine anymore and vented to you you didn't believe me and brushed it off. you ended things with me after having been told about my traumas and not taking them seriously, i never once judged you for any of your problems or past experiences but you can't give me the same. i just want to talk to you again and explain my side of what happened but you wont give me the chance. you told me to stop trying to contact you and blocked me on everything. i'll give everything just to hug you like i did the first time last year.

No. 1422658

an entire year of my life is gone, i'd worked so hard and made so many improvements that are all gone now, even you. please

No. 1422717

Some people just aren't worth it anon

No. 1422749

this person is and i'll wait as long as i have to

No. 1422752

If he or she really is, then time will tell. Good luck anon.

No. 1422944

File: 1669545856341.gif (220.81 KB, 275x213, 1668811769137.gif)

MY GOD I can't stand people who keep giving unsolicited advice. "I'm just looking out for you" No, shut up, stop assuming that everyone's an illiterate idiot by default. "Water is wet" THANKS CAPTAIN OBVIOUS. You know a lot of things but your EQ is so damn low that you fail to read the room and realize that no one gives a shit when you have one of your monologues again. The absolute nerve of you to think that you could lecture anyone on anything. You're sitting on a really high horse for someone who's trying so hard to overcompensate for what they lack. Get fucked, seriously. And oh, you're a try-hard and not funny. I wish I could just mute you.

No. 1423065

File: 1669557632056.png (377.45 KB, 446x384, Capture.PNG)

stop fuicking posting this asshole, it literally brings me fucking distress in real life. Everytime I see it, I feel hate and disgusts deep inside of me. It brings up a trauma response of the first time I saw it. It's gross and i hate you for it. Now there'a a fucking pumpkin version of it and every so often I look at pictures and wonder, "Is this a fucking booty jumpscare? or what?"

No. 1423071

I fucking hate ungrateful bitches who have all means to survive for at least a year and still whine. Who have family that can support them. Who are not a breadwinner for their family. Who have a fucking choice. Who can eat take-out meals. Who can afford buying clothes regularly. Who live in a country with welfare big enough to be able to eat not only rice and chicken bones. Who live in a country without war. Who can afford to die without significantly influencing life of dependent people because I can't even die. Fuck you, ungrateful dogs. I hate you so much. I hope for ww3 ro start soon and for your countries and you personally to burn in nuclear fire and for me too because I want to finally die and get released from this prison called lonely life in poverty

No. 1423073

Who hurt you pakichan

No. 1423074

The worst thing FTX did was buy a bunch of fake ass fortune cookies and put their brand in them and they don't even have fucking fortunes in them? It just has shithouse advice. I hope they all go to hell and burn in eternity. Now getting chinese food is RUINED

No. 1423075

im pretty sure that is romanianon.

No. 1423076

How did you know it was her and so quick? Did you read that post in 3 mintues?

No. 1423077

Her lack of English and how she writes is very obvious. I am an ESL too and i can tell. Also i think i am the anon who told her to do crack and the post is directed at me.

No. 1423078

Oh okay thanks for answering. I'm not ESL but I've been accused by some rude nonnies

No. 1423080

Lol same, weirdly enough it was never because of my broken english but for saying something against fujos.

No. 1423082

for me it's-
>worse vs. worst
>to vs. too
and to go on my rant, people need to respect those who don't have the power of words. Especially in cow threads. I'm talking shit, not writing an essay.

No. 1423096

None of those two. Nice to know there are other people who desire ww3.

No. 1423965

File: 1669609401256.jpeg (161.82 KB, 1080x1080, 1AD11EC4-8220-46D2-8D46-6CD266…)

With each passing day your mental gymnastics get more pathetic and exceedingly more desperate than before. This is so fucking funny and ironic in a way because you were indicted into complete evil and stayed by your own volition and now I get to do to you exactly what you did to me and man this shit can be SO funny. Why the fuck did they pick someone like you when you’re a retard oh my goddddd

No. 1424138

I will outlive you and I’m going to smile when you die lol

No. 1424154

File: 1669622903142.jpeg (5.52 KB, 234x211, me and who.jpeg)


No. 1424339

My family: haha anon is so sensitive we have to walk on eggshells around her she's so mentally fucked up she should be on medication and go to therapy
Also them: ignoring the fact I was bullied so badly during school I had to change schools
Like they have 0 empathy for me. How do you think I felt getting bullied at school then I'd come home to a family that thought ripping on each other was the funniest thing ever? They are lucky I didn't blow my brains out

No. 1424876

I mean this with full sympathy as someone who was also bullied severely from kindergarten to highschool:

Your option now is to keep letting their behavior rule you or to make it your mission not to allow that anymore. You made it through school with no support, you didn't blow your brains out, and that's a feat in and of itself.

At this point, if you don't want to be someone that people have to walk on eggshells around (you don't) you have to look at your behavior as it was molded by the bullying and find ways to divorce yourself from it.

There's nothing you can do at this point to unbully yourself and you can't change families but what you can change is yourself and the space you occupy in this world and how you act within it.

You don't want to be a reflection of your bullies nor the way they treated you, so see what and where they can change.

Not a quick thing nor an easy thing but something that you definately can do.

Wishing you the best Nona.

No. 1424877

what is this?

No. 1424884

File: 1669677568508.gif (1.18 MB, 220x140, angry-angry-white-woman.gif)


No. 1424902

As someone who was bullied from when I was a toddler to when I left home, it’s really not an excuse for sabotaging your own relationships as an adult. If you’re self-aware enough to know that how you were treated as a kid impacted your development, you’re self-aware enough to work on fixing yourself and stop blaming other people for you shooting yourself in the foot.

My sister also went through bullying and she became like you described. Until she changes, it makes it impossible to have the same closeness with her that I have with my other siblings, even one who bullied me relentlessly as a kid. Everyone can be joking and having a good time in the room and then she walks in and the whole atmosphere changes, everyone’s hair stands up on end, because you know you now have to be super careful what you say or she’ll flip her lid. I think she’s also just autistic and is incapable of understanding when a joke is a joke, but somehow that’s everyone else’s issue rather than hers.

No. 1424913

File: 1669678953216.jpg (7.67 KB, 256x256, me all the time.jpg)

I'm SO TIRED of being a gas machine!! I wish I never had to fart!!!! I swear the tiniest thing makes me gassy and sorry nonnies, TW but even when I don't eat I still fart!!! I'm the smelliest asshole in the planet apparently. I just wanna exercise without tooting al over the place, iS THAT SO MUCH TO ASK, HMMM, YOU STUPID DIGESTIVE SYSTEM. Fuck this life I wish I was a bamboo tree just swaying in the wind instead of making my apartment unlivable!!!!IT SMELLS LIKE EGG

No. 1424925

how often do you poop? farts smell bad because there is poop in there, you need to get the poop out and then it won't be as bad. also you can put a dryer sheet next to your fart maker and it will filter it and make it smell nice.

No. 1425011

My farts have been pretty lethal as well recently. Should I be worried? I’ve been eating a lot of legumes because no moneys. Maybes that’s why.

No. 1425116


You might have gastritis. Everything also used to give me crazy gas because of that and I decided to cut out all soda, fried food, coffee, alcohol, and spicy food at one point. It stopped afterwards. The flare ups have come back a few times since but nothing as bad as back then. I used to fart like a horse so I know that feel. Hope you feel better

No. 1425166

Is it weird nothing really makes my farts smell bad except this one sauerkraut from my uni? It's weird because no other sauerkraut made it smell that bad

No. 1425223

i'm starting to realize i think i have did (for real) and it is so fucking scary. my boyfriend says every time i tell him about my childhood he feels like crying and it answers more questions than it raises and i want to blow my fucking brains out because i keep trying to tell myself i'm just easily impressionable and it will go away but it's been years now and i can't fucking stop no matter how hard i try to stop thinking about it, every time there's a trigger i change so much. why me

No. 1425265

I'm so fucking scared of change and growing and I'm so scared of making the wrong choice, I have a big one coming closer and closer and I can't decide between my options and I can't tell if I'm more scared of trying to change and the real material consequences of finding out my limitations are greater than I thought, or of staying the same and progressively more miserable because I settled (alternatively, miserable because I realize I belong in these circumstances and I'm not actually settling kek kms) !!!!!!!!!!

No. 1425469

I'm not changing if people can't be close to me without ripping on me I don't want them in my life. They can be holiday only family

No. 1425488

love to my nonas waking up and going to work in a few, love you. our timezone is fucky, wish we could have movie nights with all of us at once ily guys

No. 1425493

love to my nonas waking up and going to work in a few, love you. our timezone is fucky, wish we could have movie nights with all of us at once ily guys

No. 1425990

File: 1669749472583.jpeg (22.34 KB, 233x240, A8952E24-FFEE-4A73-90F8-4F4AF4…)

I want to call him up and scream at him right now I hate him so much for pulling this shit on me and I hate myself for doing the same things in the past

No. 1426050

File: 1669752484663.png (397.35 KB, 562x372, 3CF10F66-81E5-489B-AE38-E6950C…)

They’re playing you like a violin dude

No. 1426625

File: 1669779133350.jpeg (166.22 KB, 1081x1080, 26207C8B-6A4A-45F4-B8E7-402AFE…)


No. 1426787

why am i turned on by this?

No. 1426935

'qa didnt say anything' bitch are you fucken stupid? you can clearly see that the print looks ugly as fuck and not legible but its my fault? you dont fucken need qa to tell you your shit is ugly and needs to be fixed. the whole fucken point of you doing a check every hour is is so catch that fucken shit so you can fix it when you see it instead of waiting for qa to say shit! but you just run it for hours looking like crap. i could put that shit on hold but whatever i dont give a fuck anymore if i get bitched at later for not doing anything about it then whatever. hope they fucken fire me.

No. 1426936

You are an absolute nightmare of a human being. You had my sympathy until you started abusing your own twelve year old child. No amount of your own trauma justifies the way you treat the people you supposedly love. Nobody is afraid of you, they are disgusted with you. That’s why you have no one and nowhere to go. If there is any god, you’ll be put in a psych ward where you belong. Assuming you don’t first wrap “your” car around a tree while driving drunk.

No. 1426951

You're just cranky I will never love you like I loved her and you know it. You're just some guy, only reason we don't kick you out of here is money, you're worthless and you will die alone. I ignore you at best, I despise you at worst. Even as a child I didn't even cry when you finally left, you asked me why I didn't but I know you already know the answer. You're nothing to me: don't ever fucking forget it

No. 1427151

I know you think you’re some sort of modern Bond right now but you’re such a huge retard ooooh my god

No. 1427152

No. 1427235


No. 1427316

File: 1669838034679.png (60.48 KB, 500x500, BA024B3E-7ED7-4CA2-B312-46FA1E…)

I watched Mommie Dearest and what so funny, what’s so fucking funny
Hahaha it’s unrealistic and there’s no motivation, the acting is unrealistic too - what do YOU know about that, fuckface?
Why don’t fucking faggots claiming to be “camp enthusiasts” go neck themselves THAT WOULD BE SOO FUCKING FUNNY, but this time for real

No. 1427344

File: 1669839239558.jpeg (1.06 MB, 828x1547, 841044D8-13DC-461A-9309-010CE1…)

this tiktok trend where people show kids this puppet video and ask them “this is you as a baby, do you remember that?” might be my favourite thing ever purely because it completely fucks up the trans kids argument.
i’ve seen kids as old as 9 be so convinced and will dead ass go into a story about how this dancing puppet is definitely them and how they remember this vividly. the tiktok crowd thinks it’s the funniest shit ever and talks about how imaginative and malleable kids are, then the very next fucking video will be a 6 year old kid saying they’re trans or gay or a drag queen and no one bats an eye
how the FUCK are people so retarded?
>haha silly kid thinks he’s a puppet. kids are so imaginative and easily tricked.
>stunning and brave boy thinks he’s a girl. so valid. let’s call her Lucy and medically castrate her with puberty blockers

Fuck this world. I want to be a mum more than anything but am terrified to bring a kid into the world because god fucking forbid my kid just acts like a kid and tries new things regardless of their gender without someone shoving groomer, pedophile labels down their throats.

No. 1427347

This is so creepy I just saw a video on Instagram of that puppet thing like a minute ago lmao

No. 1427350

it’s a pretty popular video atm, i’m not surprised

No. 1427364

omg where did you find this picture of me as a baby? this feels like such an invasion of privacy. im so disturbed right now. am i being gangstalked ?!! delete this please !!!

No. 1427367

I love those videos god nona but you are so right

No. 1427371

Omg i remember this, that’s janny as a baby better delete while you can, nonna((-_-) yes)

No. 1427399

No. 1427420

Wooow, so jannies can use emotes and we can't? >:(

No. 1427431

File: 1669843159974.png (7.09 KB, 160x160, face-with-rolling-eyes_1f644.p…)

it's the abuse of power for me

No. 1427500

File: 1669845212820.png (671 B, 153x43, Capture.PNG)

it's not fair how the powers that be can do certain things we cannot. Life is unbalanced I know, but it's like you are just wagging that shit in my face.
"look what i can do and you cannot, bitch" like okay, whatever.

No. 1427504

wait you're serious kek

No. 1427505

Im a whole nother anon, not the one above me

No. 1427799

It's been four years. You could've reached out to me, but you didn't, and now I'm starting to hate you. I won't reach out to you again. I already tried twice. I'm sorry if I overestimated what our friendship meant to you, for assuming you would make an exception for me after I came out. I used to imagine you defending me, but you shut your mouth and put your head down. I can't blame you, I tried to do the same for a long time. I wish I could just hate you. Maybe I will someday, who knows. Fuck you for being happy, for getting to keep your family. Now I've lost both mine and yours.

No. 1427883

I have too many lip balms.

No. 1427899

the estranged tim of my friend group keeps crying and blowing up the group chat he’s still in apologizing for previous instances of being wildly misogynistic (joking about women being breeding cattle en-mass) because he started estrogen and suddenly has so much empathy oh my gawd you guys i’m just so empathetic now. are moids just actually missing a chunk of their brain or what

No. 1427968

File: 1669869064005.jpeg (174.89 KB, 828x1792, 2D57B8BF-1001-4460-A0A2-CC1DD6…)

i fucking hate discord egirls who go down the pipeline and post retarded misogynistic or racist shit for male attention. they are always either dressed up as a child or have a siege mask on and all of their posts include something to do with loli shit and putting out that image. while i understand majority of them are children themselves i get soo furious about it. men calling them ‘feds’ in the comments are no better and only feeding these girls egos to keep catering to pedos.

attached img is a girl who does all of this, ik her brother irl and she has been spoonfed her entire life and hes sick of her. all of her posts are obviously bait for old men to orbit her and she uses ridiculous amounts of filters to appear ‘childlike’

No. 1427971

Same, I hate women like that too. Just another form of pickmeism where they hate their own gender for male validation.

No. 1427982

right after posting this i got a tiktok of her recommended in my feed and it was her in a completely sheer outfit with an audio saying cunny over the top

No. 1427994

sounds cringe, post it

No. 1428001

File: 1669871942554.png (3.63 MB, 828x1792, B3054C46-6551-4177-B385-540201…)

shes a personal lolcow for me atp

No. 1428009

File: 1669872697916.jpg (70.59 KB, 540x960, da480685854be8c009b642323fbc11…)

the warped wig makes her look like she ate a watermelon like in tom and jerry. Couldnt she waste 5 seconds not attention whoring to pedophiles to style it in twintails at least? Also, wow the faceapp abuse is strong with this one, in some videos she looks like shes trying to larp as asian and in others she tries really hard to be belle delphine 2. There is potential to milk here, there is another vid where she wishes to be abused by a child molester, ugh.

No. 1428010

also kek at her most popular tiktoks being the ones where she doesnt show her ugly face, kek

No. 1429166

i want a girlfriend with cute boobs to be tomboys with. well just that last part but ive been super hormonal lately which got me thinkin about boobs and cunnilingus a lot. oh well.
any over the counter pills or diet or concoction etc to inhibit horniness because i feel like a creep. im not used to this so its been freaking me out

No. 1429203

Feeling sexual desire is soooo normie, relax. You’re only a creep if you partake in or fantasize about actual creep activities.

No. 1429393

I aM cOmMiTtInG fELoNiEs aNd aBuSiNg a WoMaN tO bE aNnOyInG tRoLoLoL -you, for some reason, complete pathetic ugly socios with no real future with the path you’re going down

No. 1429405

File: 1669952142394.jpeg (95.32 KB, 828x825, 21535818-4D81-416B-9336-BD193A…)


No. 1429643

I think I’m falling out of love for my boyfriend. He’s nice but he’s not putting in the effort for certain things of our relationship. I think I’m outgrowing him too. Dunno.

No. 1429670

I wanna go through my boyfriends phone so bad!!!!! But I fucking hate that non stop shaking feeling just to find nothing.

No. 1429688

Just do it, I know I would

No. 1429706

File: 1669982157878.jpeg (814.45 KB, 2220x1836, 9F76FDE9-391B-4D3F-BF1D-3BCCC1…)

I did it. He’s using these emojis but I couldn’t find where he was using them. I checked his screen time and it just shows that brave browser, chess and Apollo which is some Reddit app. I might lose my mind

No. 1429709

>the Chinese food emojis lol
Do you suspect he’s doing something?

No. 1429715

My guess is porn subreddits with focus on race/nationality

No. 1429716

File: 1669982702278.jpeg (18.67 KB, 280x280, F5014B74-F7A6-4C85-89CB-3D7BEC…)

Those emojis are older, so he used them a long time ago. The ones I’m concerned with is the first column. At least I think that’s how iPhone emojis work. I could be over thinking it though. but he never sends me heart emojis! Who is he sending Chinese food emojis to anyways Hmm?

No. 1429717

What's he using that red face, blushing, and smirk face emoji for… anon….

No. 1429719

I think it’s sus. If he’s not sending you heart or Chinese food emojis he’s being sus

No. 1429720

I forgot the kissing one.

No. 1429723

Yeah those and the melty face one are really getting to me right now. Also that pink heart. I never gotten that emoji from him before

No. 1429726

Sus af. I would dump him without explanation, ngl

No. 1429727

Ngl nonna, never feel shame for going through a male's phone. If you have an instinct, go through with it, that's reason enough. This pic proves it all - this is weird as fuck, if I saw these emojis I'd be suspicious too if they aren't being sent to you.
The heated face, kissing emoji, wink one as well just makes me shrivel with cringe. It's really suspicious.
I'm pretty sure the top ones are the most recent ones yes, that's how it works with Android too. Have you checked his history or the Reddit app? If you click on the search bar in the reddit app you can see what recent subs he browsed.

No. 1429733

I think the only time he’s ever sent me emojis like that was when we were in the talking stage. Now he just ignores me and sits on his phone all day. I feel so grossed out seeing those emojis. I’m going to check the search bar the next chance I get. I know according to him that he doesn’t have a Reddit acct. I would check the app sometimes to see if he was ever logged into an account but he never was. I think he just signs out of it if he does have an account. I like >>1429726 idea. Might dump him without explanation. I feel so sick

No. 1429735

I'd say dump him then, tbh. What you've discovered plus the fact that he's not even paying attention to you…well, why would you wanna be with a man who ignores you? You deserve better than that and to be with a man who will actually pay attention to you and love you to the point where you don't even need to consider looking through his phone or feeling sick about it. Best of luck to you nonna, hope you can drop that scrote because whatever he's up to I don't think it's good.

No. 1429738

Using the toothbrush we use for cleaning at work toilets to get into all the small areas including inside the bowl then using it on my bosses stuff after she was a complete cunt was truly the highlight of my day.

No. 1429745

have you checked the post history of his reddit account?

No. 1429750

Check his browser history nonna. And what about all possible messaging apps? Whatsapp, messenger (make sure to look into hidden conversations, archive folder too, check if he doesn't have another account to relog to), instagram, things like that.

No. 1429777

The screenshots match the screen recordings which match the cloud which matches the chat. To jog your memory maybe, some post about how when they don’t call you pet names that day and you think they hate your guts - and then the “baby baby baby baby baby baby” or how about the music match-up, or even the fatherless behavior post with the need to shoehorn how you talked to your dad on the phone? You were indicted into actual evil and their will be someone watching you for the entire remaining duration of your life, I wonder if it will feel worth that little? You are not very smart

No. 1429779

Ohhh I really wanna know about this one

No. 1429783

Just another man thinking his actions have no consequences, only this time he will be looking over his shoulder indefinitely

No. 1429802

I love how menacing this sounds

No. 1430248

I don't think I will acknowledge some people- they're ungrateful, they use people, and leave me drained and depressed. I'm done.

No. 1430346

It isn’t. It’s just fact.

If that wasn’t enough to jog your memory: maybe the “I love arm” tweet incident will? Hope that helps, if not let me know! I have plenty other examples I can send, each attached to all its bizarre, evil little pathways, all ending with you.

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