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File: 1651172664046.jpeg (124.7 KB, 1019x972, 1644523335235.jpeg)

No. 1153858

Reddit, the hugbox for libertarian snowflakes, troons, suburban white dudes who think they are oppressed because women won’t suck their dicks, and a variety of other losers suffering from unmitigated autism.

Notably, several female orientated subs like Female Dating Strategy were banned as reddit is convinced anything pro-female is anti-male, but shitty male orientated subs with violent misogyny are totally okay and not a cause for concern.

Last thread >>>/ot/1086250

No. 1153864

Oo I love the OP pic

No. 1153881

i remember seeing an anon requesting an artfag draw it. it's great love to see it

No. 1153925

File: 1651175786116.png (152.58 KB, 457x1306, Screenshot 2022-04-28 at 12-53…)

No. 1153945

I am so happy for them for making their own website and space, women really need this.

No. 1154967

File: 1651236755919.jpeg (519.35 KB, 1170x1430, 23B93A9C-AAD1-4ECA-BDAD-96F788…)

No. 1154972

Wow, her initial post is so fucking pathetic. You can tell how much she was enjoying being the cool girl while writing it
>Being married and experiencing joy for your partner when you aren’t directly a part of the joy is such an amazing feeling
This is literally just the same cope polyfags use kek

No. 1154979

Good for them

No. 1154980

I feel zero sympathy for pickmes who find themselves in relationships with men who want to fuck everyone but then. It's one thing if it's unwarranted and the guys just a coomer dickhead but actively encouraging your husband to act like a coomer and you're shocked when he treats you like a coomer is a whole other ballpark. On convinced these women don't actually care about their man's wellbeing by encouraging them to be a porn/sex consoomer

No. 1154992

God I hate women like this. They're aways unattractive and try to make it up by being the "perfect" doormat but God knows men are retarded so they fuck over these women even harder. First it's strip clubs, then prostitutes, then the wife mysteriously has a cervical cancer caused by HPV which is passed by her husband.
Yeah me neither. They won't learn because they never listen to other women.

No. 1155462

Wow didn’t expect baste. I don’t get the culture around western bachelor parties and strip clubs. What is a man, who doesn’t frequent strip clubs otherwise, going to get out of one night in there? Just some lap dances? Does the handmaiden allow him to get lap dances on any other night? Is bachelor party a hall pass for cheating before your wedding because that’s a special kind of bleak.

No. 1155479

So many people see it as that, at least here in the US. Even some women think it’s okay to get railed by a rando on you “bachelorette party.” Call me a square but if that’s the mentality you have maybe marriage isn’t for you.

No. 1155521

I haven't seen many women with this mentality but most men think this way. If my husband even proposed something like that, I'd doubt I married the right man. It's clear she's trying to be a cool girl but if she really wasn't bothered, she wouldn't have made the post.

No. 1155527

They think letting your man cheat is a "gift" or something which makes no sense because it implies the man is overwhelmed with cheating urges to begin with and why would you want to marry someone who just can't wait to cheat?

I'm glad things like r/nofap could meme men out of coomerism, I wonder if they'll eventually go as far as convincing men pickmes who encourage them to fuck around and watch porn are evil, abusive women trying to keep them addicted to porn and therefore below them. Men do love playing victim after all

No. 1155536

NTA but I've heard men say pickmes are evil and manipulative so… Yeah…

No. 1155538

File: 1651267524809.jpg (829.5 KB, 3464x2309, Picsart_22-04-30_02-32-04-667.…)


You just know cockroaches are going to peek out of their gutters once an opportunity to shit on women shows up on reddit. Surprisingly, some of the top answers were pretty good (and obviously made by women) but moids, like the maggots they are, infested the thread with their gross takes.

This mf over there is legit mad because women think that rapists should get castrated (as they should), I'm sure he's a rapist himself to begin with.

No. 1155554

>This mf over there is legit mad because women think that rapists should get castrated (as they should), I'm sure he's a rapist himself to begin with.
Welp, this is scary. I literally experienced this exact same scenario with my male cousin not long ago. A few female relatives and I were talking about how punishments should be harsher, one of us said they should just be castrated, and my cousin pipes up to say he thinks they should be punished but maybe not that harshly. I immediately wondered why he felt the need to pipe up for rapists at all and if he ever assaulted a woman himself. I distanced myself from him after that.

No. 1155566

Men sympathize with rapists over rape victims, I'm disappointed but not surprised

No. 1155567

File: 1651270406811.gif (1.15 MB, 1000x500, 1520200762155.gif)

Why does he care what happens to rapists so much

No. 1155572

She really thought she was funny with a "gotcha!" moment, didn't she

No. 1155574

Time for the same males that get hard to r/pussypassdenied to come out of the woodwork

No. 1155582

Kek these comments are great.
>Wow, you're such a cool girl!

>hahaha, before my husband goes to his prostitute I iron his shirt so he looks good! Hope he has a great time:).

No. 1155700

Yeah, and I like how the men commenting about how awesome she is (not sarcastically) are getting downvoted to hell.

No. 1155706

Why would a man want a woman who encourages him to see other women and sex workers? It just screams disinterested. Maybe pickmes see this as a loophole to not have to give him sex by tricking them into thinking it's kinky if they fuck other women and not them. Would also explain why a lot of pickmes cheat

No. 1155713

That's the kicker, men don't desire that. Yeah they may like it in theory but their lizard brain gets activated when a woman isnt easy and they have to win her over. I spent plenty of time being a cute, unwanted doormat to figure that one out.

No. 1155727

File: 1651295954425.jpg (Spoiler Image, 68.81 KB, 960x720, guhjfsvj5qv81.jpg)


A gooner goes on holiday, books a hotel room and spends three hours meticulously assembling a "gooncave" there while on vacation. The comments all cheer him on in the most pathetic

>this is next level. Goon cave on the go

>Total gooner escape vacation!! Invite a few perv pumping buds next time!!

>Me and the buds call it a Gooncation. Haha. Such a good time! Just an expensive hobby to get into haha. But all good… the wait is what usually gets me crazy… the anticipation… and then when you finally get that room and are able to just relax and put the world on wait for porn…. Damn nothing like that feeling!

>Damn! Now that is impressive. Trying to imagine the reaction from room service, LOL

>>They come in all the time! Feed me some steak while I goon out.

I feel bad for the hotel staff that have to clean up after these lowlife degenerates.

No. 1155728

File: 1651295998984.jpg (Spoiler Image, 692.59 KB, 4032x3024, degen.jpg)

Sorry, wrong image.

No. 1155731

What the actual fuck, I had no idea this was a thing.

No. 1155734

I hate men so fucking much it’s unreal

No. 1155735

wow I never want to sleep in a hotel ever again

No. 1155737

File: 1651297170419.jpg (30.27 KB, 720x408, 1646371176818.jpg)

Do anons ever just feel sheer relief and joy that you're a woman? Imagine being a moid, so completely and utterly controlled by your sex drive. The coomer life seems so depressing and pathetic no matter how much they bond with each other over it.

No. 1155740

God yes. I’d kill myself if I woke up a man.

No. 1155755

I've been pretty frustrated sometimes by how easy men have it and have thought about how nice it would be to start off with a high level of strength and be able to build muscle more easily, be respected even if I had below average intelligence, have tons of potential romantic partners who were actually attractive and good people (assuming I was straight), never being harassed and fearing for my safety in the same way, have people congratulate me for doing the bare minimum, being able to express myself passionately without being called hysterical and all that. This scenario is assuming that I'd basically be porting my current brain into a man's body though, and we all know how rare it is for a boy to actually grow up in a way that predisposes him to be a semi-decent human, so sadly I'd probably be a very different person if I'd been born a man.

No. 1155760

File: 1651299857040.png (203.72 KB, 524x380, dracul.PNG)

kek I remember these retards, there are several who make posts about "gooning" with other men
the XY chromosoid is defective and gay

No. 1155768

File: 1651301445727.png (251.6 KB, 1012x1600, castration reddit ama.png)

Reminds me of this old reddit casual AMA

No. 1155776

So a porn addict mutilated himself instead of giving up his addiction? There are also pills that lower libido, they're used in military in my country so the men don't make a fuss, he could've just taken that road.

No. 1155782

Couldn't this dumbass just talk to his doctor? Find a behavior therapist? Like why was his only option flying to Thailand to chop his balls off

No. 1155786

This, what the fuck is wrong with male brains. He probably legit had a hormonal issue.

No. 1155793

sage for no contribution but this picture is actually a work of art

No. 1155801

are they over the counter?

No. 1155802

File: 1651305025781.jpeg (174.51 KB, 1242x340, FD98BE05-6406-4850-BF8C-A3D184…)

For context, the woman they are disgustingly discussing is only 34. Scrotes truly believe men peak in their 40s (they don’t) and that they can get girls “young enough to be [their] daughter” (they can’t).

No. 1155810

Kek most men peak in their early-mid twenties (and some never peak at all) and then turn into spoiled milk. What a cope.

No. 1155819

File: 1651307182250.jpg (64.37 KB, 708x211, lunacy.jpg)

She calls strip clubs her "happy place". That's some serious brain damage.

No. 1155820

>40 is the prime time for a man
lmfao this cope always makes me smile. 40-50 is the prime time professionally in many careers but unless you're also in amazing shape it's in no way anyone prime time physically or sexually. they literally lose their hair ffs how can they cope this hard!!

No. 1155829

If a man has worked his way up to a well above average income by his forties then he can buy himself some younger company that way and just pretend that's a whole meaningful relationship.. but I love how they now delude themselves into thinking men are physically in their prime or at their hottest in their fucking mid forties onwards. Years ago men knew the deal was all about money. Come back to reality.

No. 1155839

I looked at her profile because I suspected this was a LARPing tranny, but it's a real woman. She has no light in her eyes, it's actually a bit scary. She's probably gone through a lot of shit to end up acting this much like gimpgirl, I almost feel bad

No. 1155859

It’s the prime time for a man if you like them unkempt, flabby and wrinkled from never putting a gram of sunscreen kek

No. 1155866

>Years ago men knew the deal was all about money
This has been a ginormous step backwards that has seeped into the regular dating pool. We’re in a time where women are called gold diggers over $15 entrees at chain restaurants. That is criminal.

No. 1155873

men crave love and approval from a hot woman, not just a hot woman. If they use money without youth to get a hot woman, they still won't be satisfied because the young woman will always be thinking about younger, masculine ready to go men while laying her head on a 40yo with money's chest. If she's the type to pretend to be attracted to a 40yo, she's the type to fuck the hot young gardener while her old man is away from home.

No. 1155875

I will give her a LITTLE bit of slack- strip club culture in Atlanta is a whole different beast compared to the rest of the country. I find it a little less shocking now.

No. 1155878

File: 1651317926134.png (63.62 KB, 597x805, kek1.png)

The moids got angry because he insinuated that it isn't straight for a man to take it up the ass. Fucking lol

No. 1155884

>"If he doesn't go to one I'm going to be pretty disappointed in their ability to party proper"
>"I packed his dress shirt, belt […]"

title says worried about the strip club thing but there's absolutely nothing about it in the post? i thought she was happy and excited for him

No. 1155994

File: 1651327378114.png (155.74 KB, 720x355, fuck reddit.png)

holy shit did anyone listen to the FDS podcast episode?
>powermods being peados, rapists and wife beaters
>female and lesbian subs being run by men
>feminist sub run by a MRA
>women can't have "cis" spaces but men can have "cis women only" dedicated porn subs
>graphic violent porn is fine
>not wanting to suck troon dick is not fine

things we all know about already but hearing about the whole thing, the culture of reddit and how it rewards sicko behaviour, the gaslighting and what a shitshow it was to moderate that place. it's made me so angry. i wish every woman that uses reddit would listen to this

No. 1156014

based. didn't listen to it but i'm glad these girls were able to be honest and expose their experience. not surprised, of course.

No. 1156015

At this point, all women should leave Reddit. Leave it to be the boy's club it's always been. Gender integration on social media is a failed experiment. Any naive women who go there will also notice it feels "off" and ditch it. Someone who works for a big news site should just write an op-ed about how fucked up the place is so that it's known as a cesspool like 4chan

No. 1156026

>Total gooner escape vacation!! Invite a few perv pumping buds next time!!
Despite masturbating to women they're so fucking gay holy shit.

No. 1156045

any gay man will admit this is bullshit

No. 1156046

men don't actually desire meaningful relationships with women, they don't see us as human enough. they see us as accessories to impress other men

sage for sperg

No. 1156058

File: 1651331332503.jpeg (15.79 KB, 400x400, Michael Seibel.jpeg)

As much as I hate reddit a lot of these issues started when the old CEO of reddit retired, before reddit used to be almost 4chan-esque, that basically everything was allowed, so a lot of "diverse" radical communities migrated there, its why there was a large concentration of radfems on reddit, but of course this caused controversy after controversy, finally the guy running reddit retired around 2019 and this guy, Michael Seibel was put in charge of reddit, he wanted to change reddit's image and create a new kinder reddit, and eventually got the ban-wave which ended r/gendercritical
he basically wants to turn reddit into woke twitter-esque space

No. 1156141

>Someone who works for a big news site should just write an op-ed about how fucked up the place is
Maybe this could be the right job for Katlyn instead of whatever the fuck she's doing with the femcel shit

>he basically wants to turn reddit into woke twitter-esque space
Kek. It's like he wants both a "kind and nice" woke and progressive place but it's also full of mysogynistic fetishes and gore. It's fucking stupid.
Oh wait, I guess twitter is like that too lmao. Proof that being woke is just being a fucking degenerate.

No. 1156151

Pretty much. If all young women just thirsted after 40 yr olds like men claim then young women wouldn't go to college bars and parties to hook up they'd go to the Applebee's bar during happy hour, in fact it's usually creepy old men who go into teen and young adult parties to flirt with young women and get shut down. Anyone remember that 40 something guy who flirted with a 19 yr old at her birthday and ended up getting bullied by the group of girls he was flirting with? Kek

No. 1156159

As she should. He’s cheating on her anyway. I hope he balds thinking about his wife fucking tan buff Carlos with his luscious head of hair.

No. 1156185

I was one of the people that stayed on Digg during the exodus to Reddit. Was very glad of my choice when all shit about Violentacrez came out in the news. But of course, when they saw the news people flocked to Reddit because they were attracted to controversial platforms. Reddit grew a lot after that news, maybe even more than after the Digg exodus. You can imagine what types flocked there.
Idk how anyone is surprised at the misogyny, it's been their thing since forever. It was always a platform for Violentacrez types.

No. 1156189

>Going with your parents to strip clubs
Can the sex posi culture please explain how this isn't borderline incestuous/inappropriate? I'm trying to think of the best defense they would possibly use but I just can't. Why would you go with your parents to an environment meant to sexually arouse?

No. 1156208

I browsed Reddit yesterday, and almost every user Snoo had a beard.
It's so funny, they all actually are neckbeards.

No. 1156251

I've been on reddit since 2014 and didn't notice any change between pre- and post-2019 if I'm being honest.

No. 1156301

File: 1651340296457.png (Spoiler Image, 1.1 MB, 730x931, ifonlyyouknewhowbadthingsreall…)

Wow, you weren't kidding. That's kind of sad.

She made the title about being worried as a way to mock other women who make posts being genuinely worried about the same thing so she could make it a "plot twist" by flexing about what a cool girl she is and rubbing it in that it makes her happy when her husband is looking at other women

No. 1156315

She's very beautiful, I bet her husband is an ugly coomer. This is sad.

No. 1156321

Pickmes get what they pay for. I don’t feel sorry for her at all.

No. 1156324

You're right but you can see in her eyes something is wrong. These men break women down little by little until they end up like her.

No. 1156338

Um…she looks really scary and this is exactly how I'd picture the woman allowing her partner to go to the strip club so she can be in control of his cheating to look like. I'm not seeing the great beauty here unless there's a more fortunate picture someplace.

No. 1156351

Holy shit she looks like she just finished having a mental breakdown in the bathroom and took a selfie to assure everything's allright.

No. 1156393

File: 1651344358933.png (45.12 KB, 743x565, wtf.png)


No. 1156400

Why don't some people understand that when you have a kid, they should come before literally anyone else?

No. 1156402

ffs. seen so many posts about men feeling neglected during women's pregnancy and baby rearing years. i can't imagine the selfishness of not wanting to help your wife care for YOUR child and on top of that making her feel guilty for not spending more attention on you and less on the literally helpless newborn. disturbing how brainwashed this woman sounds.

No. 1156406

I dont want this to be real..

No. 1156408

Men suck bump

No. 1156410

It's nothing compared to our very own Gimpgirl

No. 1156419

Yes anon you're 100% right, reddit was better when the jailbait subs mods were being given literal physical awards by Reddit. Great insight.

No. 1156426

File: 1651345553843.png (282.29 KB, 476x753, daddy dom.png)

who would have suspected a man into "age play" on reddit would turn out to be a pedophile? :O

No. 1156611

This scrote is not only pedophilic but he is prideful about it. K

No. 1156612

He was also a teacher at a high school, and got in trouble for being inappropriate with students. According to a psychiatrist, he "wasn't suffering from any sexual deviancy": https://www.thestar.com/news/canada/2011/10/02/sexting_cuddling_with_student_a_teenage_girl_did_not_cost_teacher_his_job.html
The case file has more sordid details: https://www.oct.ca/ShowDocument.pdf?documentType=Decision&id=83&lang=E&utm_source=orilliamatters.com&utm_campaign=orilliamatters.com%3A%20outbound&utm_medium=referral

No. 1156620

Samefagging, more articles/details here: https://www.reddit.com/user/WaitinForAStarToFall/comments/uequ6p/looking_for_f_stop_fitzgerald_fstopvox_heres_what/
From a quick look through the NSFW audio sub he used to post in, it looks like his Soundgasm account is actually still up. I wonder what all his fangirls are thinking right about now, this can't be easy to process

No. 1156672

File: 1651355662289.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.84 MB, 3464x3405, Picsart_22-05-01_03-09-57-456.…)

(1/2) Daily reminder that men are vile creatures and should be killed. All of them.

No. 1156673

File: 1651355689607.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.51 MB, 3464x3464, Picsart_22-05-01_03-11-08-501.…)

(2/2) Nonnas weren't exaggerating when they said reddit have the most disgusting misogynistic subreddits that are given a free pass because "muhh fetish!! Don't kink-shame!!!" while they constantly whine about female centric subreddits calling out moids' degenerate behaviour. I couldn't bear scrolling past r/churchofman anymore because it was so nasty. I don't believe these animals get themselves off with such disgusting content and still behave normally outside, all these fuckers are 100% pedo misogynist pigs who should be slaughtered in the public.

No. 1156691

Fucking disgusting. I hate Reddit and I pray for its downfall.

No. 1156694

I want to alog so bad that it would put me on a list for sure. I'm just saying at this point I'd cheer on any female serial killer.

No. 1156711

If she had a son she and her shitty husband would actually love their kid. I've seen so many redditor whores keep preaching about how they love their husbands more and even saw one say she'd rather have her child die because she could "make another one". Wtff

No. 1156715

File: 1651358061791.jpg (67.47 KB, 640x853, 2k96gfm2p7k71.jpg)

>very beautiful
She just has a lot of bridal makeup on. Idk she looks like an average pickme to me.

No. 1156716

Gimpgirl and her husband don't act any better towards their male kids.
These kinds of people just don't care about kids at all.

No. 1156720

I feel so bad for the child if that's real. Some poeple don't deserve children.

No. 1156721

These are the kind of men who cry women won't fuck them. If Stacy won't fuck you, how will you pound the feminism out of her, kek? If there's always a Chad/Becky ready to punch you for groping their sister or friend, how are you going to argue you're entitled to women's bodies?
Whenever I see men's edgy misogyny I just laugh, they can at most jerk off and cry while we all know they'd shit themselves to if a woman as much as glared at them irl.

No. 1156722

This is probably THE peak of pickme-ism, I don't think anything can outdo that. Putting the wellbeing of a manchild scrote over your own literal child.

No. 1156726

Exactly. And Gimpgirl is the pickmeist of all, she is what happens when you take this apptoach to the extreme.

No. 1156731

Caterina Sforza vibes

No. 1156733

Now that I think about it, women like this are common to the point where it is scary. Think about all the women who allow their boyfriends to molest their children and are complicit with this. How many true crime cases where a women has committed crimes against children just so she can be loyal to her moid? I really wish pick-mes would disappear, but pick-mes are incredibly evil and dangerous to both women and children.

No. 1156734

Post her in the historical cows thread

No. 1156739

Kek this makes me wonder whether any gay man has ever said this to one of these delusional straight scrotes, I imagine that would be hilarious. But then again, staight men would probably cope by claiming that that's just a faggot opinion and that women are ackshually attracted to old, fat, balding/bald, wrinkly men or that appearance doesn't matter to women.

No. 1156740

Good god. Bitch doesn't even stop to think that her husband isn't pulling his weight. How does one get this deluded.

No. 1156747

What’s really crazy to me is that no matter how many unhinged posts and memes made by women that I’ve seen, they are very rarely ever this bad. Makes me happy to be a woman tbh. Being male is a mental illness

No. 1156751

The real peak of men is when they’re 23 to 25, once they’re older than that they look like shit.

No. 1156761


No. 1156797

File: 1651361856214.jpg (28.99 KB, 209x275, 1648839221453.jpg)

I hate that I already knew it was from r/churchofman before I read your second post. I accidentally stumbled upon that sub before when I was using the Reddit search and it's fucking disgusting. Why is shit like this (and other degenerate, misogynistic subs that are about "misogyny fetishes" or violence against women) allowed on Reddit but subs like r/GenderCritical and r/PinkPillFeminism get fucking banned? Redditor moids love bitching and moaning that misandry is just as bad as misogyny, but I've literally never seen a woman make/write shit as unhinged or vile as the stuff in those screenshots. Even stuff like "kill all men" or "I hate men" that makes anti-feminist spergs have mantrums are extremely tame in comparison, not even comparable imo, yet delusional people will unironically see that as an example as ~le feminazis~ being as bad as MRAs/MGTOW/incels.

No. 1156821

Is that what that sub is? I had never heard of it until another anon mentioned it upthread. Stuff like those images makes me sick to my stomach

No. 1156822

They really hate women out there… I can either be homicidal or suicidal and I’m not about to give subhumans the satisfaction.

No. 1156827

Because they fucking hate us, they want to rape and enslave us, they get off on the idea, and the first step to doing that is invading and destroying every female only space so we’re isolated and more vulnerable

No. 1156835

Because you came to such a platform. I don't understand why you would want to be part of it at all unless you didn't know it's history. And unlike 4chan Reddit's misogyny was never ironic.
While Reddit grew by getting normies, r/jailbait type subs were always there. Hundreds and hundreds of them. Did you not know they were there? Did you think there's place for both? There's never place for both.

No. 1156850

File: 1651365407546.jpg (33.65 KB, 736x528, repent.jpg)

>implying 4chan's misogyny was ever ironic

No. 1156851

Everything on 4chan was ironic. That was the zeitgeist of the place and time.

No. 1156853

Men use irony as a cloak to say what they actually think.

No. 1156859

It was mostly teenagers and edgy was cool. Does Habbo Hotel really strike you as serious

No. 1156860

So you're saying all the lolicon hentai and jokes about pedophilia were just harmless, ironic jokes made by men who totally respect women? Are you actually retarded?

No. 1156865

420chan had a joke /pedo/ board. If you click it, you're taken to a page that has Chris Hansen peaking from the corner, a big text saying "PARTY V&" and sirens blast. It was hilarious. It was stuff like that

No. 1156866

File: 1651366536142.jpg (120 KB, 640x496, this guy.jpg)

yeah and the way they had a special code word for sharing child abuse images was so hilarious and edgy kek

No. 1156869

Eh, believe what you want. I'd say whatever helps you sleep at night but that would be too weird

No. 1156870

File: 1651366892679.jpg (31.02 KB, 391x364, b.jpg)

There were lots of ironic pedos, but there were so, so many unironic lolicons. Even before /b/ was a de facto pornography board, there was always at least one loli thread up at any given moment. Currently, there's two loli threads up.

It was the same for every other facet of 4chan. A lot of people engaged in crude humor entirely as a joke, but there were always a lot of obvious actual pedophiles and actual racists. And if anything, the misogyny jokes were much less disguised than the other jokes. TITS OR GTFO was something of a joke, but everybody who participated was glad to have an excuse to shut women down and exclude them from "their" spaces.

On reddit, it was just more obvious that there were unironic misogynists because they could form more specific communities dedicated to hating women, and you can see an individual's comment history and know what their worldview is actually like.

No. 1156873

You know you could post on 4chan and not begin posts with "as a WOMAN…" and absolutely no one would know that you're a woman… it's really that easy!! (except if you post on /cgl/)

No. 1156874

Yeah, there were actual freaks that attached themselves, more and more as time went by, but the imageboards were made by teens for teens and that's what I'm talking about.
Misogynistic racist and pedo memes were also popular on encyclopedia dramatica which was owned by a woman and mostly operated by women. They were not secretly actually freaks. Like I said, it was the zeitgeist of the time.

No. 1156876

And that's because they assume everyone is a man and get aggressive/uncomfortable when women are around lol. I bet you still believe the "I-It's about attention whoring!" cope. No, the problem is men are too fucking stupid and nearly subhuman to just act normal when women are around

No. 1156881

>aggressive/uncomfortable when women are around lol
That is the case on most board but it has not been my experience from posting on /fit, /fa/, or /soc/. /r9k/ yes obviously and /a/ kind of they just think all women are fujos

No. 1156882

>posting on /fit/, /fa/ or /soc/
>for any reason

No. 1156887

File: 1651368250781.png (250.45 KB, 830x518, 1516154141975.png)

so you're saying that 4chan's racist, misogynistic board culture was totally ironic and harmless because it was just teenagers bro! Southpark! Until it wasn't and then it was full of 'actual freaks', could you tell me when that was? Like 2006 or something? Because that would mean 4chan has mainly been a place of freaks and also someone explain to me what an 'ironic pedo' is kek like sorry but if you spend any time as a post pubescent male making jokes about child abuse you're at least pedo adjacent, shove your irony up your ass, hopefully this is my last post but my god

No. 1156890

Kek ok

No. 1156894

It just sounds like you're on some heavy copium anon

No. 1156895

File: 1651368633167.png (364.21 KB, 569x427, uuoooohh.png)

to be fair the rape correction jokes are pretty funny(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1156899

Believe what you will like I said.
There are many youtubers that had to scrub their videos from the time because non-pc was popular then but not now. I already mentioned ED. It wasn't a phenomenon just on 4chan.

It was a sort of a vent from pc culture, and it's at least part of the cause for the sjw backlash that came eventually.

No. 1156902

For the women, maybe (but even they were largely pick-mes trying to get liked by the boys). For the men…lol

No. 1156903

File: 1651369183776.png (152.38 KB, 892x590, itislaw.png)

that totally ironic misogyny was so cute and funny back in the day

No. 1156908

Yeah, and lolcor's totally unironic misandry and transhphobia is so superior…
Come on(you must be new here)

No. 1156909

NTA, but it literally is lmao. The fuck is wrong with you? Maybe Twitter is where you belong

No. 1156910

what the fuck

No. 1156916

There is nothing wrong with me for not being misandrist or transhphobic.

No. 1156920

Low IQ chan is back, anons!

No. 1156928

File: 1651370232692.jpeg (78.57 KB, 374x683, B5EE588A-A9AA-4EFD-9C9E-15374D…)

Here you go, a nice gift from me, I hope you use it.

No. 1156932

>boohooo y'all are so misandric and transphobic!!! no bueno!!!
"transphobia" doesn't exist tho, is called rationality and logic

No. 1156934

That's what males want you to think.

No. 1156935

So you think being a pedo is on the same level of hating pedos? Dumbass

No. 1156936

Everyday this website shows me something about men that pushes me ever so close to committing mass murder against these absolutely useless brain dead defective pieces of garbage. I hate men so much. Reddit will ban you for misgendering a tranny but calling women “useless” and fucktoys is totally acceptable I hope every reddit mod gets the worst possible disease on earth.

No. 1156937

File: 1651370426984.jpeg (104.51 KB, 700x700, ABFC652C-FB23-43D5-A00E-CB3A7E…)

Fucking retard

No. 1156938

Kek this will be my most replied to post ever, won't it

No. 1156942

>post dumb shit
>act surprised when people don't take kindly to it
What causes this?

No. 1156944

I'm just a good person that's all

No. 1156948

Supporting groomers and caping for the demographic responsible for 80% of rapes and murders in every civilization known to humankind doesn't make you a good person. Literally the opposite kek

No. 1156953

put the bottle down, you're slurring your words.

No. 1156956

I am such a good person! I love supporting pedophiles and misogynists and creepy trannies! Do you see that men? I’m one of the good ones unlike these transphobic, misandrists whores heehee! Please continue degrading me in a totally ironic funny way haha, please pick me pick me pick meeeee!!

No. 1156964

Tranny being a little too defensive over their pedo board. Literally no one is surprised. I bet he’s a newfaggot who just discovered 4chan like in 2019 lmao

No. 1156967

Literally, this person was going on and on about how all the men on 4chan were "just being ironic" about being misogynistic and pedophilic. Sounds like someone who incurred idiot pick me brain worms back in the early 2000s and just never recovered.
Seriously, how is Reddit worse than 4chan for having subreddits like r/jailbait when 4chan and its derivatives still have actual pedophiles on boards like /tv/? The thing Reddit and 4chan have in common is that they're both shit moid sites with tranny mods. Reddit's just more "woke" about it

No. 1156973

As much as chinners love to shit on ledditors they all also go there, they even have their little obscure microsubs and vice versa, redditors go on 4chan when they want to collect revenge porn, be racist and watch live leak type videos. Extremely online men are all the same regardless of their “home” site.

No. 1156975

I just said 4chan at least used to be ironic, while Reddit was never, that's all. Then people for some reason stuck to that and you all keep overblowing and reeeing and idk what nerve I stuck. Chill

No. 1156980

Ironic with its unironic lolicon board, grown-ass men who groomed and harassed underage girls ("Dolores" among others) and CP posters so egregious that Moot had to turn over the site to the authorities in the early days, kek. Just because they weren't as blatantly political about it back then doesn't mean they weren't still that way. You posted a shitty cope and people pointed out you were wrong, deal with it

No. 1156983

Sure that’s all you said when everyone can just scroll up. Take the L, it’s really that easy.

No. 1156987

What "early days" that's much after what I was talking about. And again I only talked about it because you can't accept the word irony at all, I was originally talking about Reddit. But irony was all over the Internet. The Internet was ironic. It's silly to deny it.

No. 1156990

>What "early days" that's much after what I was talking about.
/l/ was literally in the early days. So was the Dolores/Loli-chan era, and so was the CP problem. None of what I mentioned is from the 2012 onward period. Holy shit, were you even there? What kind of newfag revisionism is this? It's like you learned about 4chan from watching YT videos and reading an ED article
>The Internet was ironic. It's silly to deny it.
It's silly to pretend that the internet was just a space of irony and fun times up until now. It's always been full of unironic racists (Stormfront, etc), gore enthusiasts and sex offenders. In fact, those communities were much more common and less hidden back then because Google and other companies didn't give a fuck yet, and weren't as good at tracking anything. Even "wholesome" children's games were full of groomers. Fuck off with these rose-tinted glasses

No. 1156995

The many very real girls that were very much unironically stalked and harassed after innocently posting their pics on there in the 00’s. There’s a reason the lucky and smart ones disappeared off the internet forever.

No. 1157002

>It's like you learned about 4chan from watching YT videos and reading an ED article
Fucking exactly! Only newfag zoomers idealize the fictional version of early 2000s internet kek

No. 1157004

>And unlike 4chan Reddit's misogyny was never ironic.
It's exactly what I said

I'm actually a 420chan fag, but I haven't been to either since forever, definitely not after 2012.
And yes, there was all sort of dark shit all over, but we weren't talking about that. You all jumped at that one above sentence.

No. 1157005

Well I'm gen X

No. 1157008

You were retarded for claiming 4chan's misogyny was "ironic" when they were happy to harass actual girls/women and their entire culture was aggressive toward female users from the start.
>And yes, there was all sort of dark shit all over, but we weren't talking about that.
You literally said
>Everything on 4chan was ironic.
>The Internet was ironic. It's silly to deny it.

No. 1157014

No one asked. Fuck off my board and go back to whoring on /soc/. Imagine caping for pedobear posters when they think you’re post wall kek.

No. 1157016

File: 1651374978782.jpeg (36.64 KB, 699x265, 1591448556148.jpeg)


Why are you even here? Go back to choking on moid meat handmaiden!

No. 1157021

Are you deliberately dense? There can be both ironic and dark shit at the same time on the Internet and funny and wholesome and whatnot and there always is everything. The zeitgeist was ironic. Doesn't mean nothing else happened. sheesh
4chan's was borne from the zeitgeist of the time. It was full of irony. Reddit was never.

No. 1157029

>I-It can be both!! Muh zeitgeist!
Quit backtracking, you were obviously trying to downplay one to defend your weak point. None of it was built off a base of "irony". Both Reddit and 4chan are shit, and they always have been, doesn't matter if some people made memes of it. If I wanted to defend Reddit, I could just do what you're doing, add spice and say something like "Well, you have to understand that Reddit stemmed from sites like Boingboing that weren't misogynistic or bad. Just fun communities with interesting content, that was the culture of the time! It was very funny and wholesome, that's why there are so many female posters. The misogynists and r/jailbait people actually came from 4chan, and subs like r/ShitRedditSays were the original Redditors trying to stop them, then you know, Gamergate happened and changed everything". None of that shit matters because at the end of the day, it's still a Y-chromosoid hellhole, much like 4chan

No. 1157033

File: 1651375623302.png (270.15 KB, 639x679, 1516787285949.png)

please for the love of god stop using the word zeitgeist I'm begging you

No. 1157035

>None of it was built off a base of "irony".
>Both Reddit and 4chan are shit, and they always have been

No. 1157037

For something to be "ironic", it has to be riffing off the actual base

No. 1157068


No. 1157069

I don't remember any of that. But I had no interest in establishing any contact with the much younger userbase. I remember /b/ being meme after meme across posts, very surreal place. I remember 420chan's /i/ and /sh/ boards being the naughtiest.

No. 1157087

>TITS OR GTFO was something of a joke, but everybody who participated was glad to have an excuse to shut women down and exclude them from "their" spaces.
Why do moids even bother with this when it just gets buried and ignored? Never understood why

No. 1157092

This, especially with animal abuse, self harm, etc. I remember moids even made threads bragging about molesting their child family members. I WISH "it's a joke" just stayed a joke

No. 1157132

I could be wrong but the typing style of the retard arguing about how 4chan was totes ironic reminds me of a scrote I used to know from 4chan, along with the use of the word “zeitgeist” hmmm

No. 1157170

wait sorry i disagree. nevermind. i read the post i responded to wrong.

No. 1157172

File: 1651379664134.png (250.15 KB, 561x581, 1629417054974.png)

God why we need to infight with retard?

No. 1157316

File: 1651392882708.png (Spoiler Image, 49.65 KB, 970x361, ew.PNG)

so sorry for the coomer shit


Is this supposed to be fucking erotic? It sounds like those schizophrenia simulations wtfff

No. 1157330

File: 1651393997081.png (Spoiler Image, 137.95 KB, 1480x422, coomer.png)

I can't with the tags of the posts on that sub

No. 1157334

Ah yes as opposed to the tag that's children

No. 1157349

You're posting in boards full of incels, why?

No. 1157360

>Gen X
>Caping for pedos
The only women I've seen cape for pedos are very old. I think it's because they want to compete with younger women and feel almost accomplished if a pedo picks them over kids. This might also be because they don't have ever get targeted by creepy old men and don't want know how horrible they are because those men knowingly go after minors.

No. 1157391

File: 1651398907285.png (45.68 KB, 722x487, yikes.png)

Why is this 46-year-old woman acting like she's in danger of getting pregnant and talking about how hard it would be for her husband on an article about a 13-year-old rape victim being denied abortion? The narcissism of it.

No. 1157394

they love to insert themselves into any situation and shed a fake tear at the weird made-up scenario they just typed out.
the funny thing is, her point is actually correct - of course any woman of any age will be impacted by it, i just don't understand the emotional "everyone put yourself into MY shoes and cry" spiel, it's so dramatic for absolutely no reason. anyone who supports abortion and women's rights would agree with her anyway without having to weave some sort of sad tragic made up story to support her argument

No. 1157396

I'm not caping for anyone, you reatards don't know how to handle someone disagreeing with you. My memory of the chans is different from yours and you just can't rewrite it

No. 1157398

Bitch, you were wrong. Fuck off back to the scrote site you love so much

No. 1157399

kek at her so desperatly looking for a way to weave her life story into it

No. 1157421

The average age for menopause in the states is 52. She very well might still have a period. Women don’t wither at 40. You sound like you fell for the wall meme.

No. 1157471

>I'm not caping for pedos
>they're ironically pedos! They like cp and loli but like… So what? They paid me attention when I last posted on /soc/ so they're nice.
Ew. Back to 4chan.
She's bringing up how hard it'd be be for men because she knows men only empathize with other men. Men don't care if a woman gets raped and has to carry the pregnancy, they'd care if they'd get cucked because of the law.

No. 1157482

/soc/ didn't even exist when I was there. Also, I was a 420chan fag, and that's where I'd go back to if they made the website mobile-friendly

No. 1157495

who said women wither when they stop being able to get pregnant? The projection kek

No. 1157499

kek based
having a period doesn't mean you can get pregnant, retard.

No. 1157542

I'm in a country where we only got access to abortion a handful of years ago and tbh every conversation I've heard or read about abortion before it was legalized here was pretty similar to this in a way. People use raped underaged girls as the ultimate beginning point of 'why we need this' and then you widen the net and point out that it's an issue that affects girls as young as 10 and women as old as 55 and everyone deserves access. Not just the most shockingly young women. She got too deep into the scenario when we were then expected to imagine her poor husband having to live a rape baby.. she could've talked about it in a much more general way and people would've got her point.

No. 1157600

File: 1651414653415.jpeg (8.17 KB, 200x252, images.jpeg)

Forechan? Is that one of those chinese cartoons you kids like? My husband George has ED

No. 1157630

4chan posters definitely thought they were being ironic, and maybe some were in the beginning, but they all memed themselves into being srs after a while.

it's pretty pathetic. knew many guys who read/posted on r9k "for fun" and became robots/incels themselves

No. 1157647

Homie all you need is an egg and compatible sperm to get pregnant and then it needs to attach to the uterus wall. Women get pregnant in their 40’s. It happens. Yes those pregnancies aren’t likely to come to term but even a 22 week miscarriage she’s forced to carry can ruin her teeth from a fetus leeching too much calcium before it naturally aborts. Or god forbid a women have to carry a birth defect late in life “rainbow baby” because you the retard failed biology. Or how about a unsustainable heart beat baby she has to carry into term two or three or who goes septic and kills her? Stop using moid logic and go back to sex Ed.

No. 1157792

There's a difference between irony and playing up something for laughs. 4scrotes like acting ridiculous because they are monkey brained retarded XYs and that's what they think is funny. They jerk off to little kids and laugh about it later. This a routine male bonding ritual, not irony. They call it 'irony' so they can deflect any serious accusations if they think it necessary. You fell for their role 1 charisma check. Absolute morons these pickmes.

No. 1157793

>having periods doesn't mean you can get pregnant
Umm… There are literally women who drop contraceptives when they're going through menapouse and have miracle babies. It's because women can get pregnant even during menapouse until their body completely shuts that system down which doesn't happen overnight.

Stop pretending like women can't get pregnant after they're 40 and men never lose their fertility, it's a scrote myth.

No. 1157803

File: 1651423229695.png (50.69 KB, 250x197, 1650594782604.png)

>mfw women on usually based lolcor are eating and repeating scrote myths propagated by the fertility industry, historically scientifically illiterate misogynistic male gynecologists, and centuries of misogyny that are actually ignorant of science and reality

No. 1157839

There's a few scrotes lurking, also kiwicels who frequent this thread. Anything misogynistic is definitely by kiwicels, they also had breakdowns in the last thread when a few anons said they didn't want sons, proving there are at least a few male posters in this thread at all times.

No. 1157921

it's not scrotes lukring. You bitches always blame your shortcomings on scrotes or some namefag. Plenty of anons that browse on here are questionable as fuck with questionable beliefs or simply hypocritical

No. 1157931

I hate how r/nosleep is the main source of horror stories online. With a few rare exceptions most redditors write like shit, and the sub’s pants on head retarded idea of enforced roleplay means the internet is flooded with bland first person stories about late 20’s-early 30’s STEM assholes, and there’s not even the relief of knowing they might get killed off at the end, because they have to be alive to tell the story on fucking nosleep. And that is not to mention the absolutely abysmal way women are written. Always either joyless nags or manic pixie dream girls.

No. 1157952

File: 1651429315625.gif (8.8 MB, 419x480, 1651331211468.gif)


No. 1157958

File: 1651429427431.jpg (36.25 KB, 563x557, 828854110a22752333ce01771ba898…)

No. 1157984

>Reee bitches
Cope lurker. We have males who ree about women and post about us saying shit like ‘foids’ all the time.

No. 1157985

>you bitches
How masculine of you. Anyways it’s obvious that this place is crawling with scrotes lurking and trying to troll. Especially now with the Amber Heard vs Johnny Depp thread being so popular. Ffs, there was just a scrote spamming cp. 99.99% of women would never even think of spamming cp like that.

No. 1158123

This subreddit so gay, like actually homosexual.

No. 1158136

It's definitely a moid who's mad he got outed. They always end up chimping out whenever someone figures them out yet they can't help themselves and spew their weird takes each time they larp.

No. 1158180

File: 1651440114490.png (63.28 KB, 300x297, AD607912-14DA-48A2-ABB0-04D2A0…)

Men learn to take L’s like the losers they are without having illegal retard fits when? They do the same shit every time. At this point it’s just mental illness.

No. 1158251

why does this look so high-res and realistic looking

No. 1158750

File: 1651476688966.png (70.02 KB, 1187x448, Screenshot_20220502-032826(1).…)

This was found in my city's subreddit regarding pua's in the downtown core. How's it a privilege to be chatted up by a disgusting, greasy man just so they can get your number? She seems young though, and very mentally ill…

No. 1158762

I thought she said it was a privilege she never got hit on, which would be based because men who hit on women in weird paves are always creepy, old and most of the time already have gfs.

No. 1158802

Please tell me it's from some redpill sub, it can't be from a mainstream one, r-right?

No. 1158804

I read it the same way, but from what I know about PUAs they don't necessarily target confident / busy looking women either, so it doesn't have to mean she's ugly

No. 1158809

Maybe she was saying it's a privilege not to be chatted up by PUAs like anons suggested, however I absolutely have encountered women in the wild who think it's nice/flattering when men catcall them and were worried about when they'll become "invisible" to the special sort of asshole that screams at them on the streets. I fucking yearn for the day but I'm sure you know that a lot of women end up basing all their worth on male attention no matter how disgusting. It's just sad really.

No. 1158820

I became invisible to catcallers when I got older than 16, they don't do that to a person who doesn't look like it's going to affect them

No. 1158827

>creepy, old and most of the time already have gfs.
This 100%. Men who have gfs are often twice as creepy as single men. It makes no sense since women with boyfriends and husbands are never trying to creep on half the town as soon as their SO is out the room. So much for "men are creepy towards women because women always reject them"

No. 1158873

I know I'll be judged for this but I used to listen to GoneWildAudio and definitely came across a few of his audios (I recall the username) I'm no fangirl of his but the amount I used to listen to I imagine I must have listened to him once. I am sickened to read this but not surprised. I've not been to that sub in years simply because of he sheer amount of ddlg and other nasty shit on there, a truly staggering amount. I wouldn't be surprised if there were more actual pedos creating audios on that sub.

No. 1158927

Somewhat agree, I started getting harassed less once it was easier to tell I was not a literal child (early 20s) because that meant I might actually retaliate, but it's still continued at more infrequent intervals since then and I do not dress or act in an appealing way to them. Never underestimate unhinged scrotes

No. 1159244

>reeee don't call women trannies for no reason
>lol you disagree with me? how masculine of you
lolcow posters have room temperature iq

No. 1159484

Can you read? I think my post >>1157985
is what you’re referring to and I didn’t call that person masculine because they disagreed with me, it’s because of the language they used. “You bitches” sounds like that poster othering themselves from the people they’re addressing, and using a derogatory term for women like ‘bitches’ doesn’t help either. That person was also straight up denying an observable phenomenon on this image board that I see every day. So yeah, I’m going to see that person as acting suspicious.
>inb4 you’re also a moid and I get banned for taking the bait

No. 1159509

Nona I think that anon is actually a moid as well. You don't have to waste your breath justifying your accusation.

No. 1159967

File: 1651536058353.jpeg (119.91 KB, 700x629, B0E2C701-9639-4D6B-8392-114030…)

On every subreddit dedicated to typically female hobbies the most popular post is always either just a boring ass man doing it and everyone shits themselves to say how great it is that a man can knit/garden/bake/etc. or this shit. Just post a normal pic of your plant like every woman does, no one needs to know you’re a sexual deviant as well

No. 1160831

Shit like this is how I know it's all a fetish or a LARP for these losers. They constantly whine and manipulate everyone into thinking that they just wanna live life normally and quietly pass without bothering anyone (and also how it's a grave sin when you out them when they're trying to stealth and rape someone by deception), yet in reality they cannot stop going on about how they are trans and insert it into every little thing they do.

No. 1161090

File: 1651585190445.jpg (166.3 KB, 794x722, fucking_asshole.jpg)

This guy is using his backpain and duodenum blockage as an excuse to never cook and have his wife do everything for him.

No. 1161110

Because it is real, not a 3d model

No. 1161787

Moids can't even bear to do the bare minimum and still want everyone to give them asspats for doing something else other than chocking their chickens for a sec. May his wife poison his tea tomorrow.

No. 1161801

I honestly don't know how he hasn't died yet if he actually has that condition and eats like that.

No. 1161848

File: 1651603969932.png (226.88 KB, 690x1810, AHAHAHAHAHA.png)

>men age like wine

No. 1161869

What is it supposed to be

No. 1161883

Men are such fucking babies over the littlest things. They literally think they're crippled over the slightest back pain meanwhile women with crippling periods that causes fainting and internal scar tissue just live their lives like normal, or even pregnant women still get up and work, cook, etc

No. 1161915

File: 1651605069219.jpg (37.46 KB, 812x187, stinky.jpg)

He also uses it as an excuse to not shower.

No. 1161989

>bell peppers
Anachan, this isn’t an unhealthy dish.

No. 1161996

How can he work as a doctor if he can't even shower or cook? Does he not wash his hands before his patients come in? Does he not do surgeries and stuff like… Him being a doc is probably a larp too.

No. 1162005

It literally is unhealthy if you have a duodenum blockage like he claims to have, it can lead to perforation. You would have to be on a diet with a lot of mushy foods, undercooked bell peppers are a big no-no.

No. 1162019

File: 1651608265540.jpg (166.71 KB, 1636x592, yeah_right.jpg)

samefag, he claims to even have eaten nuts with it, the first thing the gastroenterologist will tell you is that you're not allowed to eat nuts and seeds. It's also in all the diet recommendations.

No. 1162027

Men are usually munchies way more than women

No. 1162028

File: 1651608932577.jpg (52.39 KB, 912x237, kasjdfkalsdjflaksdjflakdsjf.jp…)

>yelling and kicking things for me, but my top is probably throwing a deodorant stick thru our paper thin closet door. Left a hole the shape of the deodorant. And all it took was someone sneezing or coughing.
His posts legit seem concerning.

No. 1162029

Seems like a mentally ill larper. If he really has a wife and kids I feel bad for them.

No. 1162031

Is that really true? Not defending them, their track record is already awful but on this one I always thought the opposite.

No. 1162060

Idk if anon is completely true, but most male munchies i have ever encountered exaggerate their ailments so they can have an excuse to be a neet whilst female munchies do it for attention and a sense of community with other women.

No. 1162067

Yeah, it's common for scrotes to malinger.

No. 1162083

He means 'misogyny' right?

No. 1162761

I hated this so much on the r/makeupaddiction and skincareaddiction subreddits. A male would post the most basic makeup look, or a picture of their skin with their skincare routine and it would get thousands and thousands of upvotes and comments with people falling all over themselves to fawn over how "beautiful" they are. Annoyed the hell out of me.

No. 1163233

File: 1651652903020.jpg (477.17 KB, 633x2093, akhsc1zgbfw81.jpg)

Out of curiosity, what is up with Reddit culture in particular that makes people obsessed with writing fanfic and constant lying. Don't get me wrong, lying is to be expected on the internet but Redditors don't even try to hide holes in their story or try to seem authentic.

Pic very related.

No. 1163321

Autism. Neet culture. Making up a perfect girl/gf in their heads

No. 1163365

this is hilariously bad pls

No. 1163416

This is so obviously parody come on

No. 1163512

Was this not already debunked as a guy pretending to be a Japanese girl

No. 1163554

>western females
yeah definitely a real existing woman (or the ultimate pickme, but given reddit's userbase, it's more likely a male LARP)

No. 1163821

>guy pretending to be a Japanese girl
Why the fuck are there so many of them kek? I remember for a while on yt there was a guy who frequented mgtow videos larping as a Japanese girl praising American men and calling American women ungrateful but couldn't keep up with his own bullshit and exposed himself later on to bitch about his high school girlfriend. Why is it always Japanese women they larp as?

No. 1163877

Ricecels are terminally-ill weeaboos wanting to marry their shitty 2D cartoon pixels once they're dead. Look up /snow/.

No. 1164291


No. 1164351

File: 1651693363634.jpg (219.23 KB, 1080x922, IMG_20220505_011128.jpg)

Reddit is so full of manchilds lmao. His 'wife' must've been his anime body pillow.

No. 1164362

It'd be less weird if he didn't treat it like a person or a pet. Never ever did I think about any of my plushes "seeing" me have sex.

No. 1164416

I actually kind of get it? Most of the plushies I keep I don't care, but there are a small handful I've had since I was in a crib and it's not really a matter of them "seeing" me as much as it's the idea that I view them as the embodiment of my childhood and innocence and it feels wrong and uncomfortable in a way to have them nearby or within sight if I'm having sex or even masturbating.

No. 1164469


No. 1164477

Yeah I get it as well, I have some childhood stuffed animals I keep, I have to hide them while having sex. I don't care about my pets seeing me get it on though.

No. 1164482

The snorlax plushie stays posted during sex

No. 1164606

Honestly nonnas, I do understand and I wasn't calling him a manchild for simply having plushies (I have a bunch of them too), it was because of the way he talks in the post. He's like that one NLOB who's all about "I might be an adult but I'm still a small boi from the inside uwu" which is just… ew.

If he wasn't looking for virtual asspats why would he even post it? Exactly what makes it a 'confession' that's worth telling to a thousand strangers on the Internet? I've never seen girls do that, it's always guys with Peter Pan syndrome and a balding head trying to convince everyone that they're still "lil bois" kek.

No. 1165169

kek what subreddit was this on

No. 1165239

I met a woman who worked at a strip club. She didn't tell me much about it but said the men there were total pigs. Especially the rich business like men. What a total dehumanizer, empowering my ass.

No. 1165470

File: 1651745416211.jpg (369.85 KB, 1080x1608, IMG_20220505_110202.jpg)

Thanks reddit, for having such a shitty thread close to mother's day. While there should be more awareness about women's health issues, I feel like doomposting threads like this have an anti-woman element, because they don't suggest help or solutions but just shit on those "lowly women who decided to be mothers". I'm not a mother or pregnant btw, it just weirds me out because there so many women out there who went through that and are going on with their lives.

No. 1165473

These are personal experiences of these women, no one disrespects these who chose motherhood, if anything reading these accounts should make you respect them more. There should be MUCH more awareness to how having a child may be like, so no one makes this choice for themselves and most importantly the child uninformed.

No. 1165507

I feel like there’s a difference between making women aware of the reality of childbirth and painting it as something like demon possession or like you will inevitably have every single possible side effect of pregnancy. Tbh this reminds me of the “womanhood is horrifying and (laundry list of horrible things) WILL happen to you” brand of feminism that has a lot of young girls opting out of womanhood to be uwu gay boys instead

No. 1165516

I agree, and reading that post scared the shit out of me tbh… like I know about all of those possibilities separately but when they are listed off like that it feels so terrifying

No. 1165630

Bump, please be careful scrolling

No. 1165642

Pregnancy is objectively horrifying for human women.

No. 1165691

File: 1651759998875.png (614.76 KB, 2084x1378, Screen Shot 2022-05-05 at 10.1…)

Why are reddit teachers so whiny?

No. 1165694

It should. Being a mother is hard. Your partner is probably not going to be enough or be able to help enough. Your child is going to leak the nutrients out of your teeth and bones. Your tailbone might dislocate in labor and your doctor may not be aware enough to even think to fix it so you go weeks in pain. You can tear and need seven stitches (I did). I had a hemorrhage. I nearly died. No one could have predicted that. Breast duct infections while breast feeding can kill you and become severe in less than 24 hours. Motherhood is brutal and amazing and beautiful. But it’s Mother Nature and a lot of it is made worse by male doctors. Lying and hiding that doesn’t help women. It just leads a lot of women like me to no help and being silenced.

No. 1165707

The students sound like the whiny ones.

No. 1165713

The students sound like your average whiny redditor, no snapchat = literal suicide. If we expect teachers to be endlessly kind and listen to everything people with underdeveloped minds say then we are doomed to have kids with spoiled rich kid attitudes who aren't even rich.

But there are some real whiners on that subreddit sometimes, but that's just reddit.

No. 1165716

The OP isn't even in the wrong here. Banning phones from class is abnormal now? That's just common sense. No wonder zoomers attention spans are so fucked now.

No. 1165718

I think the teacher is right. Put your phone away, or learn to hide it better

No. 1165744

okay mr neuroscientist phd you must have the money and medical literacy, so why not get surgery for SMA syndrome? 80-100% success rate. or would you rather continue bitching about it forever? also i really like how his two main hobbies involve sitting or squatting for long periods of time despite the debilitating pain he apparently gets from sitting down. i hope his wifey learns how to google soon, maybe she’ll finally come to terms with the fact that her husband is totally bullshitting her

No. 1165750

Please, I'm on the teacher's side. social media has taken over stupid zoomer's every waking moment. I was in school before phones were widely obsessed with and this wasn't an issue. I can't imagine what it's like today for poor teachers. You should underaged

No. 1165754

In general, women's health NEEDS to be prioritized. it makes no sense that even after thousands of years of women giving birth, there isnt more to help ease their pain or make it safer for them. I'm pregnant now and trying to do all i can i stay safe, as well as reading a lot. In general, hospitals lack care for pregnant women and it's awful.

No. 1165770

We’re not supposed to birth on our back. We do because a rich king wanted one his wives held down so he could watch. You’re absolutely right and I wish you the best Noni.

No. 1165774

this. i cant imagine working around young zoomers for this reason, especially since so many of them pull their phones out and shove it in everyones face as soon as any form of disagreement, accident or whatever happens. You can literally correct something they did wrong and they'll pull out their phones and film while laughing regardless of how calm you are and ofc they only film women freaking out but magically forget their phones ever existed when men throw retarded tantrums

No. 1165780

I hate pregnancy doomposting. They always word it in a way that insults women as a whole. The kind of people who make these posts are always unhealthy themselves too, either obese or ana-chan, mostly very ugly and with bad hygiene and health themselves.

Reddit stop trying to make women seem inferior just for being women challange.

No. 1165891

I see nothing wrong with talking about the downsides of pregnancy/birth. It may seem prevalent on the internet but IRL people look at pregnancy through rose tinted glasses which is why childfree women get called cowards since it's "not that bad/your body is made for it uwu". Women should be aware of what can/will happen to their body even though it's scary to hear.

I didn't see any shaming language in that reddit post either, the poster only talked about things SHE found terrifying. If she called mothers ruined/broken/disgusting or something like that i would agree.

No. 1165927

True and the thing about most of it is with proper treatment and care. This stuff can be avoided or helped or treated. Like peeing yourself. You need pelvic floor and glutes. Most women never get told that though.

No. 1165928

It doesn't paint us as inferior but as really fucking strong in my opinion. If we pretended pregnancy was all peachy and easy there would be no reason to celebrate mothers for their sacrifice. They still aren't celebrated enough but I think if more people were aware of all the risks and complications they're risking to populate the earth they would be appreciated more.

No. 1165944

this, seriously. it only seems like "doomposting" when compared to the near toxic positivity of irl reactions to pregnancy. in poverty and dealing with an abusive father of the potential child? drugs and poverty? people will still congratulate you and discourage you from thinking realistically about the situation. there's nothing quite as delusional (except caping for like, obviously guilty men) that compares to the toxic positivity associated with pregnancy and refusal to acknowledge the dangerous, uncomfortable, or unexpected complications and conditions developed during or after pregnancy.

No. 1166211

You forgot the biggest downside: taking care of a moid once he's born

No. 1166568

File: 1651784702499.png (389.94 KB, 828x745, FR8cNrqX0AEBIVp.png)

So true

No. 1166808

All of those cons of pregnancy are very very shallow.
Vaginal tears? Those that happen much more rare than post partum depression which makes most women suicidal?
Teeth or hairloss which are only negative because women are valued for their looks?

Quit kidding yourself. Those childfree people don't care about the women, they simply hate children. It's similar to how pro-life retards don't care about the kids but only want to punish the woman. Women will always be used as an topic in politics, we are never allowed to speak up but every part of our lives get scrutinized in such disrespectful manner.

No. 1166822

>teeth or hairloss
I can smell the scrote malding over this post.

No. 1166829

frankly, i believe war games should be illegal

No. 1166843

Idk how to break it to you retard but vaginal tears are actually very painful and none of what you described is shallow

No. 1166844

I think post partum depression is more important of an issue than hairloss and teethloss, which can be fixed easier than suicidal tendencies or mental issues that affect women for a long time. I've seen women become suicidal because of post partum depression so maybe I'm biased, idk.

No. 1166849

A graphic rare complication being a spoken about more often than a more serious complication which happens more common. Do you understand what I mean? People use pregnant women's struggles as arguments, they act like pointing out women get tears is some sort of gotcha but you never see any of them try to solve the issues or complain about the health system. It's only paragraph after paragraph of how pregnancy ruins women's bodies, not how to support those women. Not how to helps them even emotionally.

No. 1166853

>easily fixable
Just so you know, actual women are grown ass adults who can't just regrow teeth.

No. 1166866

You can get implants or whatever they're called in English, though. I have friends who also lost their teeth but decided not to get implants too so that's also a choice.

I wish people spoke about issues outside of concern and sympathized with pregnant women instead of pointing out how their hair will fall, teeth will fall and how they tear ass to vagina, which again is very rare unless there's a medical malpractice - which is what we should talk about.

No matter how much you hate it, some women will want to become mothers and we should support and try to better the experience. Writing out paragraphs of body-horror doesn't help anything but let weirdos cope.

No. 1166875

Or you can just keep your teeth, hair and vagina intact based on that knowledge alone. Body horror helps because pregnancy is not about how your life will become uguu sparkles once the baby is out and you're letting all your maternal instinct flow up because of natural that shit for women is.

Naturally you have to estimate how these phenomenons might be and whether you want to take some dick multiple times to conceive, undergo terrible body metamorphosis, all for a kid that's going to bother you for 20 years and more and maybe become a rapist/molester if it's male.

No. 1166882

My grandma had to get dentures in her 20's due to pregnancies and implants are expensive af. It's traumatic either way to lose teeth. She always told me all the fucked up stuff that can happen to discourage me from having children. Especially how it's not worth it after seeing how the xy's turned out.

No. 1166913

No woman will change her opinion after those stuff, any woman who's going to have a child already knows about the health risks much or less and watching a birth makes it even more clear. Though I agree women should be informed, making it into a horror story is scrote-tier.

It's also very vile to speak about real stuff women go through in such manner. You can't use women's pain in your argument without caring for about them and act like what you're doing doing is somehow good for women.
That's fair and I understand you may not want to have children but saying those stuff online where a pregnant woman or a mother can see is very vile. I've seen redditor women boast about how their boyfriend's friends mocked their wives after pregnancy. She was saying she was somehow better for not ruining her body with pregnancy and that's such a weird mindset but there are a lot of childfree redditors who think that way.

No. 1166926

>any woman who's going to have a child already knows about the health
Scrotey, women's health is constantly being neglected.

No. 1166937

>Oh no! Women are starting to wake up to the horrors that pregnancy and motherhood entails! This hurts my precious fee-fees because I'm a mother and I want women to go into motherhood blindly because that's what I chose to do too!!

No. 1166939

I'm not a scrote for saying the way r/childfree women talk about other women's issues is inconsiderate, retard. I'm literally saying we should be talking about bettering the Healthcare, making suggestions to pregnant woman and supporting them instead of using their struggles as arguments. Why don't you get it?

You may not want to get pregnant but if other women do, they deserve support and information. Not some scrote horror tale.

No. 1166941

Doubleposting but I'm a 21 year old woman who doesn't want to have children myself. I saw mothers struggle and I empathize with them. I think talking about women's struggles in disrespectful manners is unhelpful to women as whole. I hope you understand. If not, have fun screaming about how pregnancy is evil and we should totally tell every woman they'll experience hell on earth instead of supporting or actually informing them on how to make better choices during and after their pregnancies.

No. 1166943

Nta but in my humble opinion pregnancy and risks and everything about women's health regarding it and just women's health in general should be a widely known thing, it isn't unfortunately. Still I don't see the need to be mean to pregnant women and mothers, if anything I'm sure they went into that situation without prior knowledge. They aren't the enemy, males and shit doctors and healthcare systems are.

No. 1166945

Oh quit it with the scrote horror tale. Men don't give a shit how the woman feels when she's pregnany and every body change she might be subjected to, since they're only a means for moids to get their offspring. As long as the one bearing 50% of their genome doesn't die in the process, they can neglect every aspect and cheat on their wife once she's bust taking care of the kid. Bonus if the kid is XY.

No. 1166947

>I think talking about women's struggles in disrespectful manners is unhelpful to women as whole.
This. We should just get more education on women's health issues and especially regarding pregnancy and reproductive health.

No. 1166951

I think both of you are correct and arguing for no reason

No. 1167100

are you that anon with the huge childish grudge against all teachers? you got dragged so hard last time you did this, why are you trying again?

No. 1167146

>are you that anon -
nta but stop this

No. 1167314

>kids will kill themselves if you don’t allow them on their phones during a 1 hour lesson!
Maybe it’s time to let them. Scrap the entire generation and start again.

No. 1167423


No. 1167634

Why do you hate teachers so much kek. Obviously they don't was their students on their phones when they should be learning.

No. 1168104

File: 1651849556713.png (293.72 KB, 561x627, islamicslavery.png)

How is this allowed
Every other right wing or conservative subreddit has been banned

No. 1168113

No. 1168138

This is so fucking full of shit

No. 1168282

File: 1651853772725.jpg (651.21 KB, 665x1579, I AM HOTTER THAN KYLIE JENNER.…)

Reddit women are so fucking insecure kek

No. 1168317

I swear to you that I don't mean to reveal myself this many times but I am 99% certain this was made by a pakistani or Indian muslim, they really cape for Islam more then any other group of scrotes on the planet, they would literally become slave of arabs and lets them fuck them in the ass rather then be free men

No. 1168323

Wtf pakianon just don't say "IM GOING TO REVEAL MYSELF, HERE I COME" next time

No. 1168334

Eh, they've got a point. I assume this is about Kylie Jenner? It's not going to suddenly bring them success to seethe, but she does look like a botched 40 year old.

No. 1168343

the cope of it
You're missing the point

No. 1168347

anon, but what is the point in humblebragging yourself for karma points on reddit? it really shows they are desperate for attention.

No. 1168356

Frankly i have seen this type of shit from basically all types of muslims
North African, arab, central asian, south asian you name it

No. 1168373

Reddit women often have some weird form of reverse body dysmorphia, but I guess you can claim whatever you want about your body when you edit the shit out of it for NSFW subreddits

No. 1168378

Hate how they act like looking older is the worst thing in the world. Female redditors sitting on their 250lb asses screeching because Kylie looks a few years older than her age. Looking like a sexy 30 year old is way better than looking like a 20 year old uggo.

No. 1168382

they probably look like disgusting overgrown, chubby toddlers which is why they keep getting mistaken for being younger and not a pretty teenager like they're trying to make it seem

acting like getting carded at 26 is an achievement is hilarious though considering most places will card you regardless of appearance

No. 1168386

I believe it's because the reddit admins don't have as much cultural knowledge to police these subs. For example there was an Indian subreddit that was like their equivalent of 4chan that took a long time to get banned compared to other right-wing subs. They probably mostly know about Western ideologies.

No. 1168389

ikr? They act like looking 40 is objectively bad. Looking like you're 40 and beautiful is better than having a round face at 26 because you're obese. There's women on this site that use "she looks 30" as an insult and it baffles the fuck out of me

No. 1168401

Dont need cultural understanding to call this bs out
This subreddit is full of this shit

No. 1168765

It's not the whinging about her plastic surgery, it's the
>How pathetic is this female celebrity when I, a mere peasant, look far more youthful and beautiful than her, even at a similar age! Ho ho!
OP was pointing out their blatant obsession with comparing themselves to other women in order to build their fragile egos and prove (to internet nobodies) how superior they are. It reeks of insecurity. No one who is actually confident in their own appearance does this.

No. 1170158

This shit happens in every subreddit its so embarrassing. I was in the subreddit for a reality tv show I like and there were so many women making comments about a 19 year old like "her tits are so saggy mine look better than that and im 30!"

Its straight embarrassing behavior but it just turns into a circlejerk. Like kylie is botched but theres a 99% chance you don't look younger than her if you're in your 40s lmao. I wish they would post a pic of themselves with their comments or shut the fuck up.

No. 1170540

If you want to trash talk a certain group on reddit just go to a non-American centric or religious (not Christianity obviously) subreddit and go nuts.

No. 1170547

nlob is a funny word I want to see it used more.

No. 1170573

I really wonder how many women are actually posting their own pictures on nsfw subreddits and how many of those accounts are just men stealing their gf's pictures. I know some people are promoting their OF but I just can't imagine that 90% of those accounts are actually attractive women grinding for male attention

No. 1170587

Obviously it would be better to be a hot 30 year old than an ugly 20 year old but… That is why it's obviously better to look your age than to look older than you are. Looking older doesn't make you look better, it just makes you look older. So if you are an ugly 20 year old but you look 30, guess what, you look like an ugly 30 year old.

I think the more lulzy part of this discussion is how quickly it went from "haha look at these dumb redditors, obsessed with some random woman's looks and age like beauty intrinsically matters" to "haha reddit women are fat and ugly which is relevant because physical beauty is of the utmost importance"

No. 1170766

>I just can't imagine that 90% of those accounts are actually attractive women grinding for male attention.
It's really weird since NSFW subreddits bodies seem weirdly more unnatural than most porn stars. They always have unnaturally round hard boobs, stick thin bodies and zero labia. It's even more harmful imo since men believe these are just everyday women who are just horny and believe it's perfectly normal for women to look like this and ofc all of them go out of their way to talk about how they don't have surgery or anything

No. 1170785

You're right, at least half of it are e-whoring scrotes who use photosets of random women to rip off each other.

No. 1170799

Yeah I agree with this it's presumptuous to assume all these women are fat, ugly, and have terrible dysmorphia and hygiene for commenting about Kylie's appearance. And women commenting on other womens appearances is typically less threatening than men doing it. It's unlikely that these women are all fat and ugly, just insecure and wanting their moment of haughty

Not to pardon internalized misogyny but women have an excuse for it and are actively pitted against one another by men, and other women. internally within the kardashian family, the reason why Kylie was compelled to botch her face to begin with. she was christened the other ugly sister pre surgery

No. 1170820

>"her tits are so saggy mine look better than that and im 30!"
internalized misogyny is ridiculous. I remember growing up random women would come up to me and let me know that their 12 yr old sister has bigger boobs than me or something along those lines. Weirdly enough it very rarely men who made those comments or they would just tell me how they prefer smaller ones. I also knew a lot of older women who would comment on younger womens breasts by saying stupid shit like how they're saggy, she has big areolas, etc unlike them who has perfect perky boobs forever

bashing bodies are trying to convince people that perfect/extreme = normal is one thing from men but very odd and a punch in the stomach coming from other women and then of course they get in relationships with porn addicted men who expect them to look exactly how they expected other women to look and wonder how they got there and are miserable

No. 1170823

So you're saying women are right to put down a woman and pit themselves against her because the said woman botched herself out of pressure to compete with with other womens beauty? What? Also everyone kept commenting on Kylies appearance before she got the procedures and although she used to be much more beautiful, she's still pretty and continuing the same thing that caused her to get the surgeries because she got surgeries is retarded.

No. 1170827

>Also everyone kept commenting on Kylies appearance before she got the procedures and although she used to be much more beautiful
I never understood this because her appearance was always bashed relentlessly before surgery, I think women are upset that she spent lots of money to improve her appearance because most women wouldn't be able to afford that even though these same women would've just called her ugly and gross if she didn't get surgery at all

No. 1170865

She didnt improve her appearance though. She looks like shit. She just proves that surgery doesnt help women or their confidence. she looks like a plastic monster

No. 1170875

It’s more common than you think that men run OF hustle for their girlfriends. The scrote do all the advertising, transactions and even talking with coomers. Some men even make a career out of doing that for multiple models. So yeah coomers do actually be sexting a man.

No. 1170877

I don’t feel bad for rich fucks who have deal with muh beauty standards. It’s bullshit, they are the only people who can AFFORD to not comply with said societal pressure. But no they CHOSE to not only actively reinforce those standards for the working class, they capitalized off oppression. I don’t give a fuck that any of these bitches are botched, hated and unhappy.

No. 1170879

This isnt Twitter/reddit.
Thankfully botched celebs nowadays mostly have filler abuse and if it's good quality, it can easily be dissolved. I wish she'd dissolve the filler in her lips and cheeks, she was a beautiful girl.

No. 1170880

This is the reddit hate thread not the celebrity simp thread who fucking cares what kylie whatserface looks like

No. 1170882

No u, simping for bourgeois slave drivers is peak stan/redditcore

No. 1170883

>so you're saying women are right to put down a woman and pit themselves against her because the said woman botched herself out of pressure to compete with with other womens beauty
Nta but I'm not going to lose sleep over women putting down some rich celebrity who is constantly being shilled in mainstream medias.

No. 1170886

>Unironically calling someone simp for not shitting on a random woman.
Ok redditor.

No. 1170890

>random woman
Whose gazillion dollar legacy is literally from using sweatshop labor to peddle plastic shit and self-loathing to girls and women. Very cringe of you.

No. 1170892

File: 1651951103408.png (757.85 KB, 1080x1879, 7wgb2s4cevw81.png)

r/arethecisok is a mockery sub for collecting transphobic shit in the spirit or r/arethestraightsok, but it inadverently just ends up as a compiliation of genuinely funny roasts. So here's my recommendation if anyone wants a few giggles.

No. 1170895

Win? The only thing he ever won was an autism diagnosis

No. 1171004

File: 1651957636110.jpg (316.87 KB, 1080x1253, Screenshot_20220507-230330_Chr…)

The comments on this are so weird, everyone is shitting on this woman and assuming crazy shit about her. Moid purposefully gives her a thing she hates but apparently she's abusive, childish, totally lies about everything, must have said she liked it during flirting, he should divorce her and so on?


No. 1171022

Why are the posters going "ask him why he bought sunflowers, they must hold special significance to him", when OP already answered that he got them because he's convinced she likes them. Men really think they can get away with anything in a marriage as long as they're running a very basic "nice husband" script even if they forget to ever update it

No. 1171031

you sound like youre from reddit

No. 1171097

You sound like you're terminally online

No. 1171332

anon it's in reference to the troon guy who won against women in a swimming competition

No. 1171959

The saddest part of this post is how it doesn't include any kind of reaction from him. He didn't even notice she threw them away instead of putting them in a vase.

No. 1172157

File: 1652033924125.jpeg (192.04 KB, 1170x712, BD356D18-7663-4912-8E3D-4CAEFB…)

Being called jailbait as a very underaged girl is a compliment guise! Also featured in this thread, women talking about getting hit one more when they were 15… but they still look very young and underaged hehe

No. 1172169

YIKES! Instead of seeing this as disgusting men who sexualize very young looking or actual underage women. Reddit is awful

No. 1172178

File: 1652034448867.jpeg (252.06 KB, 1170x964, CC5A9AA6-EB43-4626-8980-235214…)

They’re openly defending pedophiles all over that post in different comment threads. The post was just “what are the dangers with being attractive” yet this is what’s going on in the comment section. Sick world.

No. 1172184

kek what a retard

No. 1172189

Ah yes. The man calling paedos victims while ignoring the actual child victims has more empathy. This “paedophilia is a mental illness” twisted.

No. 1172191

He's right in that pedos do genuinely believe kids seduce them - just like how men believe any woman that looks at them want to fuck them.

So what should we do? Ideally, sending them away to a facility or even island so they can't hurt people. Pedos aren't victims, they're dangerous just like wild animals. You wouldn't victimize a tiger for mauling a child.

No. 1172196

Men who only have empathy for other men somehow think that's having 'better empathy'

No. 1172206

File: 1652035382325.jpeg (380.08 KB, 1170x1295, 5D11890D-7999-4491-B988-8E5A60…)


No. 1172209

File: 1652035440665.jpeg (701.79 KB, 1170x986, DD1FCEC5-AB28-4050-AB46-42C090…)

No. 1172218

>would you say there's a difference in raping a literal child and a literal child who happens to get me excited because I'm a bit of a pedo? I'd say there is, because one gets me excited so the men who hurt the said child is also in right.

No. 1172239

File: 1652036289890.jpeg (195.18 KB, 1170x587, 96870D7A-E3A2-40B8-AA1F-5C2598…)

Did someone just learn new buzzwords? False equivalence, misinformation, intellectually dishonest, all because someone said raping a 13 year old girl is just as bad as raping an 11 year old girl. “There’s a huge difference” biologically between two birthdays. Death to all pedos

No. 1172245

I can never get over how obsessed redditors are with wking pedophiles and foaming at the mouth the second someone hates them. A hit dog will holler, I guess.

No. 1172252

File: 1652036662597.jpeg (98.76 KB, 1170x341, 74A197FF-7FF9-4D50-8A71-3D7D80…)

You heard it here first ladies: it is a fact that being called jailbait is a compliment.

No. 1172258

Go call a kid jailbait 'as a compliment' in front of her dad and see if it's just women being emotional.

No. 1172318

wish men could separate their coom fantasies from logic

No. 1172375

>thinks women cant separate logic from their emotions
>cant separate logic from what gets his dick hard

No. 1172798

File: 1652080008542.jpg (363.72 KB, 1080x1346, 10years.jpg)

10 YEARS. This woman lived in a situationship and let a man live with her for free 10 fucking years, and he was.clowning on her.

No. 1172803

File: 1652080207312.jpg (9.89 KB, 342x397, 41ZRCMz6fHL._AC_UX342_.jpg)


No. 1172804

Pathetic behavior

No. 1172833

No. 1172843

File: 1652081091357.jpg (73.19 KB, 700x368, 1652030295632.jpg)

for real

No. 1172879

File: 1652081501351.jpg (37.57 KB, 540x438, 1505511995755.jpg)

The most beautiful sight in the world is that of a scrote getting slaughtered like a pig.

No. 1172931

File: 1652082497782.jpeg (100.95 KB, 612x612, 5BC18FBB-DE5E-4A83-AFE1-2C9749…)

I agree

No. 1172953

oh my god she’s so pretty

No. 1172962

File: 1652082940135.jpg (113.42 KB, 960x960, 8qejgfrb0wv81.jpg)

Damn, even a cow has better eyelashes than me…

No. 1172984

It’s so they don’t get flies laying maggots in their eyes

No. 1172997


No. 1173002

No. 1173007

File: 1652083557666.jpg (63.4 KB, 750x732, EvSRJ2QXYAcE-NJ.jpg)


No. 1173607

File: 1652107036792.jpeg (25.5 KB, 488x628, images (8).jpeg)

I also don't want flies laying maggots in my eyes. Oh, mother nature, where's my thick and luminous eyelashes?

No. 1174584

Oh my god.

No. 1174652

Feels like he was trying to bait redditards.

No. 1175910

File: 1652213457248.png (91.66 KB, 860x506, Screenshot (147).png)

the sexoffendersupport sub is beyond horrifying

most of it are spouses going
>it's sentencing day, wish us luck!
>my daughter misses her daddy so much
>my hubby is a veteran and a good person!
>he has no mental health support now uwu
>his "mistake"
>"the other side"
>shitting on little girls who claim to be 18 and are "developed"
>"war" = women against registry of sex offenders
or pic…

feel like vomiting

No. 1175954

I got peaked by troonies after I compiled a picture from the sex offender support sub where they were trying to figure out how to adopt kids, find women with kids and how to get cp without getting caught the second time.
I compiled it and posted it to one of the hatesubreddit stuff to report it and a post about a tranny got thousands of upvotes while mine got like, 30. Then I realized the troonies who were down voting me were probably same as the pedos

No. 1175973

Can someone here help me understand why any of you still browse Reddit despite hating it?

No. 1175977

I no longer use it. I stopped using it after my >>1175954 incident when I saw how many of them support pedos and rapists

No. 1175986

Men support men without question, even when it comes to childfucking.

No. 1175990

That question is obviously not for you then. But whole reason that this general exists is because people are deliberately going to a place they supposedly hate just to find outrage fuel.

No. 1176034

You can hide the thread. Popping into a thread to essentially question why it exists and why people partake in the thread.. usually catches you a ban.

No. 1176056

Being a male is life on easymode. The entitlement is moids is mind boggling, a woman would literally be murdered for this

No. 1176059

Why is every ask Reddit for men like "why are men poor victims due to women's abuse and how much money should women give men" and ask reddits for women is shit like "why do other women suck and what turns you on?"

No. 1176066

I use Reddit for its specific information hubs.
>outrage fuel
Ignoring the reality of male/pickme behavior doesn’t make it go away. Women who go outside are pretty much guaranteed to interact with a Reddit user every day. Good to keep up with certain thought trends and warning signs.

No. 1176071

For milk because I want to go to a place to slag them off

No. 1176091

Mainly to get news from my city/country. And also to find other interesting articles. There are too many different news websites for me to remember and keep up with. Basically I use Reddit for the original purpose it was created for which is news aggregation.

No. 1176315

Kek nonnie I almost posted exactly that earlier

I highly recommend blocking reddit. Its basically longform Twitter, you will feel emotionally lighter without it

No. 1176451

For news and events going around my city because I don't have any social media. Basically, I only stick around my city's subreddit and don't venture out much unless there's a very specific thing that's easier to find there than trying to google fu.

No. 1176634

File: 1652262533269.png (35.85 KB, 740x418, dykeconversion sub.png)

A dyke conversion sub moderated by a TIM who has a fantasy about sexually abusing lesbians into being straight. They complain about the ebil TERFs for kinkshaming and insist that "some lesbians enjoy and consent" to the content but those "lesbians" are all men, of course.

No. 1176641

Inshallah they won't actually get close to lesbians irl. This is literally a fanfiction about raping lesbians into straightness… So weird a trans woman would have such classic a straight male fantasy right?

No. 1176654

Indeed how strange! And I'm sure that them trooning out is definitely not an attempt to fulfil this fantasy of making lesbians suck their dick. (But seriously I hope these degenerates stays the fuck away from women IRL)

No. 1176709

Yeah you're right. Their mod is a proud "transbian" who keeps mocking women who stumble upon the subreddit.

No. 1176782

>you can't eat sushi during pregancy
Which kind of bs is this

No. 1176787

It’s true. Your spawn will become a weeb.

No. 1176800

Burgerfags think there’s a high amount of mercury in fish and based on outdated science from the 70’s shame women out of eating even cooked fish while pregnant despite the necessary DHA for fetal development. Most sushi is thought to be raw fish and raw meat or fish isn’t recommended because of the risk of food borne illness or parasite that could end with the termination of pregnancy.

No. 1176864

bioaccumulation is a very-easily observed process that occurs in a variety of organisms with a variety of substances. all first world govts' food safety agencies have current documentation about guidelines for ocean fish consumption based on each species' tendency to accumulate mercury. ignoring those guidelines and eating a ton of ocean fish results in mercury poisoning, which results in retardation.

No. 1177099

File: 1652293185208.png (276.76 KB, 720x759, 0F76DB94-7EDB-4821-B716-A823E9…)

I hope this wasn’t posted before me kek

No. 1177171

>Terminate pregnancy
So sushi helps abortion? Legit question

No. 1177178

I’m aware. But specifically in burgerland. Burgerfags shame and freak out when a pregnant women eats a slice of fully cooked low mercury salmon one time. Your missing the cultural shame coming from poorly educated men and concerned busy bodies who never bothered to read those guidelines, but feel entitled and “smart enough” to go off on women.

No. 1177188

i only responded to the part of your post that was bullshit. there's no need to take it personally or make a big thing out of it.

No. 1177203

And this is why the whole trans-ideology and gender special shit is further damaging to women. I guarantee she isn’t the first, last, or even the hundredth woman to feel this way.

No. 1177221

File: 1652298567831.png (105.37 KB, 770x685, bj.png)

Fucking kek, the angry replies. This reminds me of an anon (most likely an FtM) who seethed at me for saying transitioning is a bad choice for women

No. 1177247

It surprises me how much these sex stereotypes still have a hold on people. There's been so much work done to deconstruct them over the past few decades but it feels like it barely made a dent. Similarly it shocked me to see how homophobic people still are that they'd rather their kid troon out than have a gay kid. Basically I was naive and thought we'd already moved past these issues but apparently not.

No. 1177254

File: 1652299975786.png (73.66 KB, 676x848, 35253235235.png)

The r/askmen "what could women do to make you feel good" questions are posed by karmawhoring accounts and handmaiden, the reason female q&a subs started modding out "sexy sex" question is because men keep submitting them for fapfodder and cope.

No. 1177259

File: 1652300220274.jpg (80.85 KB, 800x798, 276951612_737225180967450_5000…)

>lesbians with nonconsensual fantasies about men
>moderated by trannies
imagine my shock

No. 1177383

i'm usually someone who wants to see people getting along, like men and women included, but these questions are making me mildly discontent with male behaviour to say the least

No. 1177406

As far as I'm aware no, it's just part of the long list of foods pregnant women 'shouldn't eat' even though they 100% can eat it as long as it's prepared hygienically, like every other food ever.

No. 1177429

I think it's just straight up insecure women desperate for validation rather than karma
>Men, do you like it when women do [objectively positive thing that men constantly fawn over and praise] and why?

No. 1177491

This. Being pregnant in America is hell because they're told not to eat things like fish, coffee, deli meat, pre-made salads, sprouts, herbs, you can't even get a lot of beauty treatments in pregnancy. It blows my mind Americans think eating sushi during pregnancy will literally kill them but have no issue with getting pregnant while being morbidly obese and continuing to down cheeseburgers and mountains of sugary soda but think alfalfa is going to cause the death of their baby, they think that coffee will kill their baby and not the fact they're reproducing with a 60 yr old man and living in a fema trailer with poison walls. Same with exercise too, it's funny how they think running will kill them but downing 25 different medications a day won't

No. 1177528

What do we feel about r/twoXchromosomes? Because I subscribed for them for a while but then realized that every post and poster is super fucking over dramatic.

No. 1177532

Pathetic tranny coddling libfems, you know something's horribly wrong when a sub named for literal female fucking chromosomes feels the need to pander to men

No. 1177533

Haven’t been there in several years. I remember I used to like the joke sub, r/TrollXChromosomes or something, but it also devolved into theatrics.

No. 1177534

This was written so well, I love it. Kinda poetic

No. 1177536

Because we failed to kill off enough men, there’s your answer sweet oblivious nonna we give birth to too much men, we give them too much influence and power and worth

No. 1177646

What is up with y'all vendetta posting teachers on here. There was already all the whiny pissbabies in the last thread that bitched about teachers being the scum of the earth for three days.

No. 1177687

I’ve been randomly seeing a bunch of hate for TwoX on other unrelated subreddits, basically saying they’re all mean man-haters who only talk about how much they hate men. It just seems so funny that the most libfem-y subreddit that always upvotes men is still too mean and man-hate-y for most of reddit. Any discussion of women’s issues is like a direct attack to some of these guys, absolutely depressing.

No. 1177689

It's completely ruined by being a default subreddit (even those with no account get it in their sub list). Otherwise it's a pretty depressing sub, because like you said, it's constantly full of outrage, there isn't one bit of positivity. I know that it's also because women do go through traumatic shit all the time, but there's zero levity. Also I still remember that when trannies started spamming it full of selfies, they handled it by letting them continue it for a full day instead of modding, even though the sub had a rule about not posting selfies.

No. 1177801

I browse subreddits to do with tv shows I keep up with, and subreddits that are particularly funny to read because of the seething and drama.

No. 1177805

Was r/twoxchromosomes ever gender crit? Or did it used to just be a space for women to post about women's issues?

No. 1177809

stop trying to turn children into troons

No. 1177824

I think it always was a space for women's issues. Back in the day it was more feminist and women usually talked about their trauma, which somehow made men view it as a hate subreddit and brigade to harass literal victims of rape.

Anyways it never was gendercrit and as soon as troonies became a thing they invaded the subreddit, because they were the same harasser guys, and fucked it all up.

No. 1177830

go back to filming retarded tiktok dances

No. 1177978

Or crying on twitter

No. 1178037

File: 1652365189922.jpg (392.15 KB, 1080x1212, surejan.jpg)

They are a bit overdramatic sometimes, like they have a thread up currently about men on public transport where they claim they're constantly elbowed, shoved etc. by men and how when two women sit down next to each they both sigh of relief they avoided men. Maybe it's a cultural thing?

No. 1178039

I can see why, in their warped view of the world, they would allow TIMs, but it deeply pisses me off that, even in a subreddit literally called twoxchrosomes, they have to be iNcLUsIve and let males post.

No. 1178056

>I concur
Anyone who says this deserves death pebalty

No. 1178061

So much main character syndrome in this screenshot.

No. 1178073

I'm surprised this was even posted, as far as I know trans topics were now banned in that sub.

No. 1178094

this sounds just like lolcow but with less imageboard slang and more redditor phrasing

No. 1178233

File: 1652374979976.jpeg (395.5 KB, 1169x1377, CEE9A622-0745-4D11-86BB-B813A9…)

Holy shit at all of the top comments saying it’s fine.

No. 1178240

Please I beg someone make a fakr reddit account and tell her to dump his pedo ass

No. 1178254

Reddit is really something else.

>My bf watches porn 5 hours a day, has anime figures of prepubescent girls and talks to 13 year old girls on discord, should I be worried?

Reddit: How DARE you, you're insecure and YOU'RE the problem1!!1!

>My bf and I decided to open our relationship instead of breaking up and now we run a pornography studio in our apartment where strangers can come and fuck one of us so we can have money to buy funko pops and iphones

Reddit: Yaaaaas you go queen! Do what you want to do! If you say you're having fun, it's healthy! woooooooo!

No. 1178258

When will women realize this is bullshit and peak???????

No. 1178260

It’s an unbearable 25/8 pity party, and not just that but the users are super toxic, too. I was never subscribed to it back in my reddit days, and if I ever needed to post there (example: asking if there’s a good way to use a menstrual cup in a country without access to clean water) they’d always jump down my throat for absolutely no reason. Getting super angry at me that I said I wouldn’t be able to build a campfire and bring a metal pot to boil my cup in, like why???

No. 1178263

I’m heavily convinced that reddit is the reason why we are in this hellscape to begin with

No. 1178269

Reddit and twitter

No. 1178284

File: 1652376236192.jpeg (124.35 KB, 1170x409, CAD3401D-3698-49A2-84BA-D46A1F…)

Like, these are the type of comments getting downvoted. Are you fucking kidding me?

No. 1178293

File: 1652376377331.jpeg (536.45 KB, 1170x1213, 9DA24601-3EDE-45F9-BFA9-DB5AC6…)

No. 1178477

File: 1652381627984.jpg (193.06 KB, 1080x796, IMG_20220512_195407.jpg)

Redditors are retards, I swear

No. 1178483

File: 1652381796989.jpg (296.37 KB, 1080x1405, IMG_20220512_200157.jpg)

No. 1178489

File: 1652381973662.jpg (307.26 KB, 1080x951, IMG_20220512_195953.jpg)

No. 1178493

Either teens that can’t see what’s wrong with it yet, or pedos.

No. 1178505

Ah of course the typical "jealous gf" trope. Because it's totally normal for a fucking 22 year old to be FRIENDS with a 14 year old.

>11 and dude was 23
What the actual fuck.

Yeah people of all ages can play games online together (for example in multiplayer games where you're grouped together and whatnot) but then just casually talking on the side? Absolute no.

No. 1178508

>she's quirky in a way I assume she gets made fun of at school for, but I like to encourage that behavior
So this person is making friends with a 14 year old girl because she seems socially isolated and easy to manipulate with praise?

No. 1178523

dear god, won't someone please think of the possibly pedophilic adult men interacting with female children online??? they have it so hard needlessly interacting with female children nearly anonymously online. why can't these jealous bitches just let them interact with their blessing, totally unsupervised??

No. 1178537

File: 1652383273294.jpg (7.49 KB, 275x273, 1652099147006.jpg)


No. 1178548

Nobody is saying that a man can never interact with a young girl without preying on her… but it's enough of a concern that it's by far better to just not tolerate it. The gain outweighs the loss if we all see it as sus and stop it when we see it. Putting trust in those men and expecting kids to recognise predatation is not the answer. There's no way around it.

Even in that post they said a couple of things about having no limits and being able to discuss ANYTHING, no shame etc. This is still some online fucker they haven't met. Eternally naive.

No. 1178558

File: 1652383632241.png (19.75 KB, 706x283, witch hunt.PNG)

this comment is just unbelievable. lost my shit with anger at "being cautious causes harm, you're only causing harm, OP"

No. 1178575

Don't protect kids… wait until they've already been preyed upon.. if you're lucky enough to actually find proof that is. ffs

Hundreds of over 50s, teasing each other over their ages.. who wants to tell this person that someone likely stroked it to the sound of their voice while innocently talking homework and teasing each other?

No. 1178764

All men are really just pedos, aren’t they?

No. 1178793

Chronically online redditors all are. They fried their brains with porn so it's the only thing that excites them now.

No. 1178867

File: 1652393832178.png (210.15 KB, 782x1104, pedo.PNG)

Triggered pedo literally wrote a thesis trying to justify a 22 yo scrote interacting with a 14 yo girl. There's so much word vomit I couldn't even fit it into one screenshot.

No. 1178923

Always interesting how men always have "innocent" relationships with teenage girls online yet you never see adult women develop relationships with teenagers over the Internet. Why do so many women come out about the amount of predators on the internet when they were younger if men only have innocent intentions with teenage girls then? Was it just a single grooming all of them repeatedly or? There's way too many young girls being manipulated, preyed on and abused especially over the internet, how hard is it to leave teens alone?

No. 1178926

Pedos are never done writing essays on Reddit to justify hanging around middle schools

No. 1178944

Times like this you only need a single short reply: ok groomer.

No. 1178993

Lmao he’s definitely a pedo. I feel so bad for the woman arguing with him. I wish she wouldn’t waste her time, but also I love her for it.

No. 1179035

Imagine if an adult woman frequently chatted up 14 yr old boys, they'd never shut up about how she's a pedo and groomer

No. 1179063

I think they're just scared that they'll actually have to budget instead of blowing half of it on rent on their shitty apartment in a major city because living in the burbs is for ~karens~ and spend the other half on Funko pops. Plus most redditors are being financially supported by their becky buzzing gfs so if she had to take off to heal from birth he might actually have to get a job

I do agree that there's a lot of people who keep having kids while being in no situation to have kids but a lot of redditors seem to be projecting their own stupidity on others by failing at adulting

No. 1179066

>intellectually dishonest

Have you ever been able to smell neckbeard dandruff, fedora sweat, sticky anime posters and Cheeto dust through the screen?

No. 1179070

talk about intellectual dishonesty. 22 year old women don't tend to groom, abuse, or go after 14 year old girls at the rate that 22 year old men do. i hate this guy.

No. 1179075

File: 1652408592903.jpeg (607.02 KB, 1117x1562, D2BFFF75-509E-4855-B689-05C4B8…)

Oh my god this sub is insane. Like this nice lady trying to work the system so her boyfriend, who is imprisoned on federal child porn charges, can get out of serving his time.

No. 1179078

Because they’re all men

No. 1179081

>bro what the fuck is this sub

I love the subs where it’s all degenerate moids larping as women and then occasionally an actual woman stumbles in like “…uhh wtf?” They are so comically inept at impersonating us kek

No. 1179082

>but people are friends with their siblings who are years younger than them!
Lmao this is such a weird comparison, talking to your little brother or sister is not the same as voice chatting online with an unrelated child. I’ve played online games with kids before since you get matched with random teammates, but I can’t imagine voice chatting for hours with some random 14 year old. Why anyone would try to defend that is bizarre.

No. 1179087

I'm glad this got so many upvotes! It made me smile

No. 1179097

It's so frustrating that so many legal systems, particularly in the western world refuse to accept that the only way to deal with these degenerates is to either lock them away or kill them. Granted the reason has to be because of pedos within governments holding power, but there are so many psychologists who fight the idea that these people can be healed and nobody listens to them.

I used to, but quickly stopped looking most subreddits because of the obnoxious talking style of redditors, blatant karma whoring and whiney men. After that, I only looked at r/rpdrcringe because they do a good job of documenting the lolcow behaviour of contestants and are genuinely funny sometimes. I haven't been there in months because i stopped watching the show.

No. 1179130

Let's see who they would trust their 14 yr old daughter with alone - a 22 yr old man or 22 yr old woman

No. 1179202

Interesting how all the 'I was 11 and my online friends was 23!' are young girls with older guys. Never older women chatting up boys.
I wish women didn't waste their time asking reddit this bullshit, she could just ask her mom or any normie and would get a normal answer.

No. 1179404

File: 1652431310989.png (225.87 KB, 1480x812, 74fd9ce2-6a83-5c73-a1fd-36bf80…)

Scrotes were a mistake, kek

No. 1179420

And men think women are the over dramatic emotional sex? Pure projection.

No. 1179422

What if my kink is hating men? If he's kinkfriendly, he should be fine with me wanting to choke him until he passes out, like most straight men actually do to their gfs, who they allegedly love and value?

No. 1179423

Hmmm, why are men hated… I truly can't figure it out.

No. 1179428

Women hate men precisely because they're violent twats towards women what an utter retard

No. 1179434

Why would a woman knowingly date a pedo? He will never be attracted to her.

No. 1179471

It's probably just men larping. I'm older gen z so unfortunately I grew up in the LDR generations and almost every girl I knew in middle school and high school on a personal level always have several adult men they were "talking to" aka flirting with or even in a relationship with. It's interesting that basically every single woman who was online growing up was groomed and surrounded by pedos yet now there's an influx of men and women claiming that it's perfectly normal for grown men to be obsessively chatting with 14 yr old girls. These people would probably also freak out if they found out their daughter was regularly talking to adult moids online. It's always fun to watch these same "men have innocent intentions with teenage girls" folks do a 180 when they're looking after their little sister or daughter

Also let's not forget how badly reddit fought to defend men to date teenage girls. "It's natural to be attracted to things that look fertile!", "Teens want to date adults!" etc. Did they think we forgot about all their "akshully it's ebephilia" arguments and now expect us to trust that all the little girls they're talking too is normal with no perverted intentions at all?

No. 1179480

Women are bullied into dating pedos because people keep trying to convince them things like "oh it was probably just unknowingly 17 yr olds" or something like that. Tbh even if it is ""an accident"" you shouldn't be looking at porn anyway while you're in a relationship, nevermind downloading and actively possessing it. This sub is just the next step over from the previous ones who swear that them talking to female children is normal and not weird at all kek Reddit unfortunately successfully manipulated women into accepting their pedo bullshit like there's no tomorrow

No. 1179494

>women are bullied into dating pedos
I've actually had women lash out on me when I exposed a pedo who was trying to hit on me on discord. I think those women are simply desperate and seem to believe they're competing with younger women by caping for pedos.

No. 1179520


No. 1179527

>it’s you whores fault that I want to be violent against you
You’d be fucking surprised… truly can not underestimate the level of brain damage turbo handmaidens have. Many instances they even become a pedophile-by-proxy.

No. 1179535

>It's interesting that basically every single woman who was online growing up was groomed and surrounded by pedos yet now there's an influx of men and women claiming that it's perfectly normal for grown men to be obsessively chatting with 14 yr old girls
This. I didn't know a girl who wasn't groomed on kik or tinychat in high school, I still remember how creepy the old men were on kik especially

No. 1179548

This. I don't know why, but it took me ages to figure out I was very much groomed by some. How did it take me this long to fucking figure out? I was sexually chatting with men when I was like 12 or 13. Like I simply chose to forget it or something.. Now that I did realize and spent some time thinking about it and coming to terms with it, I've gotten so fiercely and viciously protective of my younger cousins and any kids really.. I'm straight up furious. So glad I went through all that therapy and got better and rediscovered my emotions. They're all rage and anger.

No. 1179592

>i know i sound insecure and yeah i am lol
>Tia :) (mods don't ban pls I'm quoting the post)
Notice how she doesn't list her own age, and types like a child or teenager who's used to second-guessing herself? This is either a very naive woman, or a minor. In both cases, the "bf" is taking advantage. This is fucking sad

No. 1179783

Wow, I didn’t catch that. Very perceptive, anon. She very well could be under 18. Probably older than 14, I would guess.

No. 1179897

She is most likely a minor and knows how her bf is towards 14 yr old girls. She probably got involved with him around the same age and now that she aged out of his preferences by being 17/18. If it feels wrong, it probably is

No. 1180362

can i have one too

No. 1180374

File: 1652478870329.png (89.54 KB, 275x259, 1646418551096.png)

>generalizing men hurts muh feefees
>it's you manhating whores' fault that I started wanting to abuse women!!1!
Imagine being this retarded, like way to justify our manhate. He wants women to stop saying men are evil or toxic but he literally admitted he got interested in sadism towards women because some women talked about their lived experiences and it hurt his feelings.

No. 1180386

that comment creeps me out, it sounds like he was groomed and is now the groomer

No. 1180405

I've seen so many of the "it's totally okay for a grown man to interact with a 14 yr old" type go full overprotective dad when they find out their daughter was talking to an adult man online. If you're so confident that men aren't going to prey on teenage girls by just talking to them why are you upset?

No. 1180414

>the only way to deal with these degenerates is to either lock them away or kill them
Frankly I wish we could just kill 'em. I don't want my tax dollars paying for some childfucker's meals in prison. I'd gladly pay however much it costs to give him a lethal injection.

No. 1180495

Deathrow is also apparently costly. I think states which allow parents to take matters into their own hands are quite based. Most efficient option, probably satisfying too. Wins for everyone around.

No. 1180616

File: 1652500439313.jpeg (138.51 KB, 1170x779, FC760BBD-7C23-4488-A4CF-2D5D0A…)

something about men into femdom and findom actually makes me feel physically fucking ill. imagine holding societal power yet being so susceptible to coom desires. these men should truly just be put to death

No. 1180689

I hope you brought enough to share with the class.

No. 1180731

Hope he gets scammed by a fim/femdom scammer, only then those will go away.

No. 1180737

Males should be subservient to women

No. 1180738

I think its very telling of his reddit mentality that he classifies femdom as a "weird" fetish.

No. 1180740

Lmaooo semen retention is surely gonna fix your problems
Only because it takes them a thousand years to get to it for some reason? Just take the shit out back after sentencing.

No. 1180757

A bit autistic but degens and sexist coomers often post under a nickname that if you google it shows up with their actual name on some other site (quizlet, Pinterest…).
Today one guy deleted his whole account when I namedropped him (first name only, not dox) in a troll reply. He kept insulting people, calling certain races nonhuman, advocating for flaying and killing them and posting porn shit, being a real "tough guy". One namedrop and his whole account is gone in 5 minutes kek.
I'm gonna go on a mission to bully coomers off reddit.

No. 1180764

Same for this Chaderen, I only did a google search and did t bother clicking anything but came across quite a ton of info. I also did it with another guy and learnt all his info, sent it to him and he deleted all of his posts, as if I couldn't still see them via reddit archiving sites.

Coomers are super stupid. Their brains are so fried from cooming they can't imagine someone can actually doxx them easily by how much they overshare and share the same usernames for several accounts.

No. 1180790

File: 1652527181887.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.46 MB, 1749x4096, pt2022_05_14_13_15_07.jpg)

>warning, labiaplasty pic

I discovered there's a labiaplasty subreddit. It's so sad.
Imagine having a completely normal and quite pretty labia and mutilating yourself, losing all the sensitive skin and possibly causing yourself loss of sensation, pain during sex that doesn't ever go away, keloid scars and so on.
Just why? How can you be this insecure? Men don't even give a shit about labia irl. Is this female pornsickness?
Meanwhile look at fucking ugly dicks and scrotums. How non-offensive and pretty was her vulva compared to an average dick.

No. 1180793

File: 1652527518435.png (394.54 KB, 1440x1002, Screenshot_20220514-122239_Red…)

This guy is openly a pedophile, apparently works as a substitute teacher, openly admits that since his mother died he has no empathy for anyone and has a sadistic streak with girls. I reported all of his very openly pedophilic comments, of course Reddit saw nothing wrong with any of them. Fuck that site and the pedo defenders that use it. If you don't think someone like this should be locked up and away from children forever then I don't know what to tell you.
He frequently visits r/antilolitary which is a blatant pedo sub with how much they defend pedos. Why is that subreddit still up? Why is this comment, where he admits he's been attracted to real BABIES, not against reddit's rules?
It didn't surprise me, but u got very sad how apparently none of my reports were seen as valid.

No. 1180794

Relax anon. Plenty of these types of surgeries are done for comfort and there's subreddits for a lot of surgeries such as breast reductions, which are usually needed for medical reasons as well. I don't get the "perfect porn vagina" meme either since porn commonly has women with long labias

No. 1180798

>The truth prevails
Why do these brain dead pedos think the rest of the world is secretly a pedophile and they're just "speaking for the masses"? It always puts the cherry on top when a pedo writes out some creepy shit and ends it with some shit claiming that the rest of men are thinking what they think

No. 1180799

The rest of men? Likely

No. 1180805

File: 1652528831993.png (65.74 KB, 702x525, ssc.PNG)

Found OP's comment confirming she did it because she watched porn and felt insecure. A lot of additinal blablabla but she still says in the end she's doing it purely for aesthetic. Sad.

No. 1180810

Does the size of her labia looks even remotely as an uncomfortable length to you? Lmao you can't be serious.

No. 1180815

I feel it's weird to comment on this but before was perfect imo, symmetrical too. I heard of women losing their sensation and stuff after this surgery so hope it doesn't happen and I hope she didn't do it for a scrote. Also it'll heal to look better, I think. >>1180794
You sound like a retard. Most women in porn have plastic pussies because they're expected to look perfect down there. Also I'm an outie to a heavier extent and never had any discomfort, that's like saying that you got a nosejob because you couldn't breath, a blatant lie.
Stop pushing the narrative that any woman has to chop off a part of their pussy to please others or themselves, this is so weird.

No. 1180818

The before looked like a pretty flower, the second one is just horror and uncanny valley.

No. 1180824

> that's like saying that you got a nosejob because you couldn't breath, a blatant lie.
And you’re calling OP a retard. I would love to be able to breathe through my nose. There’s elongated labia and it causes discomfort and friction. I’m an innie naturally and I think my pussy looks weird and empty kinda like >>1180818 says.

No. 1180831

I'm pretty sure there are nose jobs to help fix breathing or other nose issues.
You're vagina is fine, anon. I hate the terms "innie/outie", but they're both fine and look good.

No. 1180833

File: 1652530501662.png (137.88 KB, 1152x654, brmom.png)

>my husband is a drunkard
>doesn't want to spend time with me
>it's women's fault
At least commenters tell her the logic is insane, but posts are getting removed because they have a "support don't scold" policy

No. 1180838

the reaching. what an idiot.

No. 1180840

If you're like that naturally, you're fine and it's probably mainly the blood and cauterization which is putting me off. I've been with women with all different kinds of labia, I've never been put off, but I don't know how I'd feel about unnecessary surgery like that.

No. 1180842

File: 1652531010603.png (57.56 KB, 683x321, pickme.png)


No. 1180844

NTA and what anon is saying is that while there are functional surgeries to breathe better, people often use it as a lie for a purely aesthetic surgery.

OP's surgery was for cosmetic purposes because she grew up on porn (as she said).
Having an outie doesn't mean it's uncomfortable unless it's really long, which is rare as fuck. Labiaplasty is on rise purely because of porn, don't even compare it to breast reduction because of back pain. Labiaplasty mostly causes pain instead of elevating it. Just read through that sub. They're all in pain while encouraging other women to do it too.

No. 1180845

Nah my vag looks cut off because it’s red and lacks any form of labia. Honestly there’s that “innie” that looks disturbing and mutilated, I’m unfortunately one of those “havers”, and then there’s that “outie” that looks like a what r9k calls, a bloody roastbeef. This entire discussion is r9k tier, nobody will ever see my vag so it’s not of any use, just wanted to comment on the one who said that nosejobs can’t fix breathing problems lol.

No. 1180856

File: 1652532268318.png (121.53 KB, 1074x1012, checkhiscomputer.PNG)

Anon, what the fuck is this sub? I can't believe women's subs get banned but this is allowed, all the users need their files checked. Look at this shit.

No. 1180861

Girl, you're the one making it r9k tier. No one was shaming labia, everyone is saying natural is pretty no matter if innie or outie and cutting it off bc of porn is sad. Then you come and pull out roast beef/mutilated innie bullshit.

No. 1180886

File: 1652534543504.png (123.3 KB, 764x643, What's the weirdest thing that…)


No. 1180887

File: 1652534586170.png (74.91 KB, 760x709, allwomenarebabysittersformen.p…)

It scares me that there are women like this.
I took a peek at OP's history and apparently she's an immigrant married to an US citizen, trapped in a shitty marriage.

No. 1180891

This. They're getting surgeries for aesthetic reasons so making excuses is stupid. A person can grt surgeries just to look better but being influenced by porn is another grade or unhealthy.
No one cares about your pussy. Stop oversharing.

No. 1180894

>women need to look out for each other
>shits on other random women because her husband doesn't support her

No. 1180895

File: 1652535728460.jpeg (683.66 KB, 1169x1997, 0DE732F5-5795-4559-B7F5-05A6E3…)

Daily reminder that scrotes are trash. I couldn’t get all of his essay in the screenshot, but I’m sure you get the point he’s trying to make.

No. 1180897

>how to communicate you don't give a fuck about your baby without saying you don't give a fuck about your baby

No. 1180898

>Got married after a year of knowing eachother
>Quick and unexpected pregnancy
>Moid is shocked and throwing tantrums that she stopped eating unhealthy food and wasting her time on whatever they are doing, focusing on her pregnancy
What a tragedy jesus. I already feel bad for the child. And you are telling me he's 27?

No. 1180899

A woman caring for her child is monstrous? Why was he even excited for the baby? He sounds so entitled

No. 1180901

File: 1652536232160.png (90.32 KB, 717x431, yhb.png)

Samefagging, I checked his profile and

No. 1180903

Gee wee maybe do the same thing and prepare for the baby you put inside her scrote? Maybe you could bond over the child you are expecting and both be prepared for the next 18 years of your life? But noooo, just cry that you girlfriend isn't mommying you anymore.

Reminds me of my exes dad who apparently divorced his mom because she wouldn't give him the threesome he demanded after the birth of my ex bc he felt lonely and neglected bc his wife had two young children to take care of and was still healing from the birth. The nerve of moids.

No. 1180906


even from this very biased and scrotish poit of view she actually sound like a great mom kek. I'm glad that she also got some female friends and I hate that he can't even concider that he is more boring than them

No. 1180908

I'm so glad I don't want kids because it's near impossible to find a man who's willing and capable of being a good husband and father. I genuinely feel sorry for women who want kids and have to deal with this shit. She sounds like a great mother.

No. 1180914

Surprisingly, the Muslims in that thread are sounding a LOT more reasonable than in the other one. They’re saying it’s normal and to chill out. Kek I think that’s why he must’ve posted in the other sub too. He wasn’t getting the reactions he wanted.

No. 1180915

File: 1652537006826.jpeg (499.86 KB, 1168x1459, 36BF3C27-CAF3-45AD-B34C-E6ABB9…)

No. 1180918

File: 1652537270550.jpeg (617.17 KB, 1169x1780, 35039A8D-A513-4B20-8F5C-77CDE6…)

This commenters in this thread make the ones in the other one look like the batshit misogynists.

No. 1180926

It's because islam values are mothers and wants all women to give up everything just to raise kids, which is what she's doing.

No. 1180930

Samefagging but there's also a saying in islam, heaven is below mother's feet, to give you an idea of how Islam values mothers.

No. 1180943

Interesting. Makes me wonder why he even bothered posting his rant in that sub since he likely knew how It would be received.

No. 1180952

Probably a Muslim diaspora who only knows how Islam sees women below men and because of that assumed everyone would agree with his wife being the eternal mommy bangmaid to him.

No. 1181139

He's mad that… She became a mom? Did he expect pregnancy and a child to completely unaffect them?

No. 1181140

Anon we've discussed this already. Anytime you search anything related to porn star vaginas the page is loaded with outtie vaginas, porn is shit but I have yet to see "all the plastic vaginas" in them

No. 1181219

Hey, how did you know he works as a substitute teacher? I'm trying to report this guy and gather as much info as I can

No. 1181246

File: 1652556323947.jpg (34.95 KB, 400x400, 1423b933c84b1eab977b07ad61d919…)

What the fucking fuck

No. 1181273

How is this not banned wtf

No. 1181290

No. 1181337

This is glow bait right???? Because someone dox this motherfucker and every single poster on that subreddit immediately

No. 1181356

what in the actual fuck.

No. 1181372

Please don't let him be alarmed, I suggest the original poster of this deletes the screenshot. I have already reported him. Apparently he has been reported in the past too and he is very careful now to not reveal his location

No. 1181385

you can't delete after 30 minutes newfag

No. 1181550

Women who want to punish other women for choosing not to have children are a special kind of evil. She's saying the only responsibility a woman can ever have is parenting…also, she's seething with jealousy

No. 1181662

yeah she meant to say 2020. it was part of the general wave of corporate wokery during the george floyd protests and a million subreddits got axed.

No. 1181905

File: 1652616040610.jpg (356.09 KB, 1914x858, trans_cancer.jpg)

It's more difficult getting diagnosed with cancer on time as an AYA than to get diagnosed with gender dysphoria and be put on HRT, so I don't even know what the fuck they are on about. Also chemotherapy isn't always the best course of action? You should be happy if you don't need it. And sometimes cancer patients are told they can't get chemo at that hospital, because they don't buy it because of insurance shenanigans. Some people do act like it's no big deal and want you to be positive all the time?

No. 1181981

File: 1652622107105.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 293.75 KB, 945x1241, BC76059A-FC81-4311-83C4-FDDC23…)

No. 1182675

File: 1652666792515.jpeg (124.88 KB, 1125x718, 7E14E0FA-CCA0-4B4C-A905-12744F…)

I genuinely think having children should be a choice rather than an obligation but the way r/childfree describes their reasons as to why is so unhinged. The way they describe the reasons they don’t want kids are always childish and stunted and laden with cringefail Reddit speak. It’s fucking embarrassing reading posts like this knowing they’re from full grown adults.

Thank god they’re not procreating.

No. 1182687


Oftentimes these surgeries leave women unable to feel pleasure because of how the clitoris nerves run through the labia. I don't think it's worth it.

No. 1182689

File: 1652668778676.jpg (152.45 KB, 1500x1500, 81IA1ezPlJS._SL1500_.jpg)

Ugly name. It's like picrel.

No. 1182690

It's surprising there people who are so deeply concerned with the appearance of their vagina that they care to have it altered.

No. 1182699

What the fuck, I get feeling annoyed if you live literally beside a school or a park since kids shout and such, but feeling an intent to kill is so alarming to say the least, I hope that faggot never approaches a kid irl.

No. 1182701

This kind of hate of literally anything that isnt outrightly offensive is crazy

No. 1182705


Well he says it's a condition, which is misophonia. I mean the way he phrased it is extreme but I don't think this person legitimately hates children. It's not that uncommon to have misophonia with screaming children.

No. 1182893

nta but wanted to mention that misophonia can be unbearable and if that's what redditor is dealing with, i can understand. i love my family but when they make sounds that trigger my misophonia i genuinely either want to kms or kill them KEK
it actually sends me into autism shutdown mode where i have to plug my ears and shut my eyes until it stops

No. 1182961

Kid is probably from Finland t. finnfag

No. 1183026

>how can I fight this struggle
Fucking MEDS!

No. 1183229

File: 1652699497944.png (671.09 KB, 796x416, redditarm.PNG)

>literal desire to kill
Meanwhile you know the guy writing it has these arms and couldn't kill an ant

No. 1183233

File: 1652699729521.jpg (267.32 KB, 1080x1169, Screenshot_20220516-055825.jpg)

This sub is a great source of pathetic cringe.

No. 1183234

File: 1652699750887.jpg (189.32 KB, 1080x950, Screenshot_20220516-061139.jpg)

No. 1183237

File: 1652699807545.jpg (1.14 MB, 1080x5185, Screenshot_20220516-061326.jpg)

And the big one. So much cope happening here.

No. 1183246

>typing (like this!)
>Experience really pays off!
>Y'all really know wassup

This post was written by a boomer male.

No. 1183279

I can smell his decaying sperms. This is written by a male. Probably a wagecuck at that.

No. 1183290

File: 1652702390423.png (1003.48 KB, 880x902, F893B229-B07B-425E-889A-F46A60…)

Yeah they have to stop every 3 minutes to pop a viagra because their dicks don’t work anymore

No. 1183293

Fucking kek.

No. 1183301

Midway through this depressing story about the OP's trash father being a sugar daddy who treated her mother terribly and ran off with 20 year olds, she says
>I am a SB myself and my SD is married
I hate generational trauma. I hate the antichrist. I hate pickme culture. I hate every shit-tier pop artist who's been shilling this stupidity.

No. 1183385

Reddit has so much potential for fandom spaces, but the behavior of the average redditor is so off putting it almost kills my interest in the original thing. How are redditors so perfectly smug, negative and hive-minded? And so much black and white thinking

No. 1183387

I'm past my sleeping around days but when I was still in the middle of it and sleeping with men from about 20 into their forties.. I remember reaching a point where I realised an awkward virgin I'd hooked up with was better than at least half of the experienced 40 year olds I'd been with. Right off the bat he did a better job than most because he didn't just assume he was rockng my world with everything he did, he wanted feedback and was good at taking guidance. Ime it's pretty hit and miss with guys and experience isn't a guarantee of quality by any means. Some men just have an ego and no woman has ever broken the news to them that her world wasn't effortlessly rocked by him. I had to tell more than one 'experienced man' that no just because I made some noise doesn't mean I came. How many orgasms had these men imagined and credited themselves for over the years?

No. 1183481

having a fandom space on reddit is like trying to have a book club meeting on a train platform during rush hour. i miss bbs forums.

No. 1183769

Moids really don't realise how faggotic they sound while trying to larp as women and (as expected) failing at it kek. If oldies are so good, why don't you just keep them for yourself dude?

No. 1183835

File: 1652724868298.png (960.57 KB, 804x5891, image8.png)

Found on my city's ASK subreddit and the OP was asking how they can make money fast without doing sex work, drugs, or OF. Here's the response…
reposted because I forgot to remove some names

No. 1183846

not a fandom, (well it is stupidly but) but i used to always browse the unresolvedmystery sub sometimes i do check it if i see some cold case update or something, i even posted a few times and always had nice interactions with others.. kek!!

No. 1183916

I don't think the fandom spaces are worth it. They are biased against female characters. The reaction towards female characters in the Succession subreddit for example.
I think this is askTO and that subreddit is just pathetic in general.

No. 1183981

Right on, anon. How did you figure out the subreddit so quickly?

No. 1184105

jfc they really got all riled up over her just saying she doesn't want to do a sexual job? Not every woman is okay with selling herself ffs, not to mention you'd make mere pennies doing it unless you already have some sort of fanbase like a celebrity

No. 1184207

That sub had so much potential but the usual moids who just want to victim blame women obsessively ruined it

No. 1184316

File: 1652759545953.jpeg (195.97 KB, 750x749, FA7E80E3-9CCA-4539-950B-23977F…)

>white men commit 95% of mass shootings
>b-but white women voted drumpf!! they’re just as bad

No. 1184323

Moids stop blaming their violence and failures on women challenge (impossible).

No. 1184325

Good ol' AskTO, an absolute dumpster fire of a subreddit. Full of pickmes, "rednecks", and other assorted weirdos. I have an entire folder of screenshots from that sub

No. 1184326

What a retard

No. 1184368

Post them

No. 1184383

This is also false. The highest demographic of trump voters where NOT white women, they where white men. A lot of white women did vote for trump but it’s extremely dishonest to say they where the highest demographic. Anyone with half a brain celll can admit that there is something about males that just makes them more prone to depravity and violence. Like chimps. It’s a survival strategy and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

No. 1184385

People just love perpetuating false information to shit on women.

No. 1184924

>it’s nothing to be ashamed of
Hard disagree with this part.

No. 1185199

File: 1652802462048.jpg (338.76 KB, 1080x1203, Screenshot_20220517-184251_Ope…)

A post by a bisexual woman who seems her girlfriend as a replacement until she finds a man to have an actual relationship with.

No. 1185203

File: 1652802525825.jpg (117.2 KB, 1080x420, Screenshot_20220517-184327_Ope…)

One of the replies, I think this is a scrote who fantasizes about raping lesbians until they're straight, given how he thinks all lesbians would go straight if they fucked men.

No. 1185205

This was 100% made up by a man

No. 1185221

If she claimed she was a lesbian I'd think this post was made by a scrote but the fact she said she was "demisexual" is possibly the most spicy straight female indicator

No. 1185237

I've dealt with a spicy straight like this in high school. In senior year, some girl claimed she was bi and we started a relationship but she couldnt tell her aunt (whom she was living with) and once we moved onto college, she found a bf immediately and got with him, saying it wouldnt work between us. Sadly, a lot of girls claiming to be bi pull this shit.

No. 1185262

File: 1652804114698.jpg (465.25 KB, 1080x1930, Screenshot_20220517-190803_Ope…)

Some posts from this incels post history, of course he believes women are inferior and just tools to be used by men. It seems like he doesn't have any luck dating, though. Kek.

No. 1185266

>obviously she's head over heels for me, super hot, fit etc
Hot, fit and crazy about you… what a well-developed character.

No. 1185276

Wonder if this is one of those trannies who fantasize about every lesbian woman actually being straight? >>1176634 posted a subreddit that had a dyke conversion theme, aka straight men wanting to rape lesbians into becoming straight.

No. 1185368

File: 1652809258220.jpg (102.18 KB, 1080x596, IMG_20220517_183932.jpg)

No. 1185414

It makes me laugh when moids pretend onlyfans is easy and fast money just because of belle delphine or something. It took belle delphine literally years to get where she is and you won't do well unless you already know and communicate with other OF, if even that. It just seems like a schemey way to get young girls to post constant nudes on the internet under the false promises of lots of money when in reality most of them won't make more than $20 a month the first year

No. 1185427

Sometimes I see shit like this and I think 'pretend schizos are getting engaged while I'm single' but then I try to remember their lives have to be a total shitshow.

No. 1185463

isn't onlyfans effectively just a MLM at this point? thought reddit hated those kek, guess it doesn't count it means they get an endless supply of freshly 18 year olds to masturbate to. also what's the bet most moids don't even pay for onlyfans and instead look for leaks?

No. 1185486

Literally it but the thing is that they don't even get off on it - they treat it like a bizarre body judging competition and enjoy the game of comparing women's bodies over actually imagining sex with the woman. Porn addict blogs go more in dept to this train of thought

No. 1185498

Of course that's what it's all about kek. It's about having access to women's bodies for the cheapest prices. It's precisely why scrotes get so pissed at Belle types because they are salty when women aren't desperate for their 20 spot and willing to do anything they ask. This behavior bleeds into their dating lives too where they expect women to simp and dispense sex because the moids paid for dinner.

It's always a transaction with men and it's best to remember that.

No. 1185506

>OF is MLM
I mean we can blame scrotes but we also have to give some credit to the very loud sjws who depend on the simpbux trying to legitimize cam work. Since they don't wanna use skills and sweat at a traditional job because they wouldn't feel special anymore. Sure they're not always recruiting young women but they do use deception to try to bolster themselves as living better than they actually do which tricks other women into thinking it's a good option. It's kinda sick tbh.

No. 1185517

yeah, i also see a huge overlap between sjws who would beg for help to pay bills/get diagnosed with EDS/Fibro/whatever else the newest munchie SSI/welfare scam is and those who support onlyfans. they're all lazy and desperate to feel special while still being able to support their hobbies and addictions without giving up a single ounce of their comfort or ability to post online 30 times a day

No. 1185535

There's this really annoying one on my socials–used to just be a sweet plus size girl in the convention scene back in the day–who BPDs between sperging about how shitty/cheap men and people treat her as a sex worker yet in the next post she'll be flexing about her collab trips she's taking with other OF hoes to photograph sticking dildos in themselves inside a hotel room.
Shudder to think how when ordinary people vacation, they can actually relax and not work. All while they have money to go do things and eat great food without having to beg a sugardaddy or subscriber to toss them tip scraps to go buy McDonald's.

No. 1185639


No. 1185828

I can't with OF thots, they're a new form of low self respect, even lower than most strippers/actual nude/lingerie models or even massage parlor ladies. At least those women have guidelines to follow, often need to take care of themselves and be presentable enough to perform, keep up hygiene and people often go to these place to spend money, where as with online 90% of your followers of no intention of spending money and will just jerk it to your promos and go on with their day. OF thots can be just random fat girls who don't shower and shit in a diaper and that's it, I can't imagine shitting your diaper for an audience where only a handful of people actually intend to spend money

On top of that online sex workers are the biggest target for scammers, the "send verification fee" sugar daddies, the fake tippers on sites like stripchat and so on

No. 1186175

They deserve all of it for screaming “swerf! Sex work is real work!” At people concerned about trafficking and cp being posted to pornhub.

No. 1186229

>Porn addict blogs go more in dept to this train of thought
I want to read about this, where can I find any?

No. 1186359

Kek, underrated

No. 1186552

File: 1652886356490.png (863.41 KB, 891x1402, Untitled5435.png)

ive noticed my mood is much better since ive been browsing lolcow more instead of reddit. picrel was the first thing i saw on reddit this morning.

No. 1186578

Me and this girl should change partners, I'm dating a moid and even though he's great truly in my heart I want to date a woman. Love with a woman is on another planet compared to a moid.

No. 1187007

File: 1652905248336.jpg (319.39 KB, 1080x1267, IMG_20220519_014631.jpg)

>The redditard typed with his fat cheeto fingers as he struggled to not die from shortness of breath caused by his obesity.

No. 1187021

In a comment he says they are both upfront about only being casual.
lmao so older ladies use him for no-strings-attached sex but he has to gas himself up like this since he's basically an easy booty call.
Probably a fanfiction anyway.

No. 1187028

Why do you even browse reddit.

No. 1187029

This reads like fanfiction.

No. 1187035

There are a lot of men interested in unconventional women. Overweight, old and other subcategories have men who chase for them but they never acknowledge those women as being unattractive. This post is probably written by an incel as the writing style doesn't mesh up with a genuine fetishist who seeks out older, fatter, etc. women.

No. 1187152

He's an obese uggo coping that he's pulling within his league.
>m-my tastes for long term dating of course is for attractive women only!!1
Men who can, do. Someone needs to tell this jabroni that attractive women aren't interested in him nor his flattery because he's fucking gross. Are we to believe he's wasting his own time out of charity? Kek, men would never.

No. 1187169

I saw this shit too this morning and assumed it was just a pornsick scrote fetishizing a native culture again. But holy fuck, looking at the picture does anyone else notice the nipple hook contraption rigged to her chest? Coomerism is everywhere.

No. 1187178

to get content for this thread

No. 1187233

reddit really is a disgusting website, they only ever ban incel/misogynist if it gets them bad publicity (but if you just call it a "kink" or fantasy then it's ok). i remember thqnordic got shit for hosting an "ama" on 8chan but celebs and other public figures have no problem doing ama's on a site filled with similar shit. so perplexing it has this "wholesome" rep but there are dozens of subs dedicated to rape porn and pedo sympathisers. i really wish someone would make an expose covering the history of reddit from the infamous "jailbait" sub to the childfree poster whose kid died after he left it in a hot car and the whole site would go under but people just don't care and they keep using it.

No. 1187241

This is the funniest shit i've ever seen kek, obviously written by a disgusting rotting old scrote.

No. 1187265

File: 1652923766939.jpg (26.7 KB, 350x468, 1434802325308.jpg)


No. 1187306

Men who fetishized overweight, or other types of unconventionally attractive women are often extremely insecure themselves and don't even try to hide the fact they like these women only because they're on their level "they'll feel so lucky to have sex with you bro, attractive women are so full of themselves, ugly girls will worship you" but these men want an actual attractive woman as their long term/public partner as a flex. This is why so many men will get in long term and serious relationships with very attractive women and cheat with ugly women. It doesn't have to be true either, they can have a hot girl that worships them but will flock to uggos just to brag or for more ego points. Their entire dating life is never about women they actually like but it always revolves on how they want to present themselves kek it's so fucking sad and juvenile, even funnier since men always try to praise the idea of "not caring what people think" when their entire dating life revolves around what other people think

No. 1187327

Deuxmoi sub is the next fundiesnark. People are already constantly complaining about microaggressions and how their voices are being silenced blah blah blah. With the new mod openings It’s gonna go the way of fundiesnark where it becomes so preachy and overmoderated all the fun gets sucked out of it. Also it has an influx of male posters now from the depp and kanye subreddits shitting every thread up.

No. 1187477

>the childfree poster whose kid died after he left it in a hot car
Never heard of this, can you or somebody else post receipts?

No. 1187479

This is false. I've had make friends who preferred older or fatter women genuinely, whether it be liking older women for being motherly or chubby women for being curvier/bigger.
Your ex might've cheated on you with a woman you perceive less attractive but you seriously need to stop repeating how men date hot women and fuck those women over with uggos, that only happens when the dude wants to cheat and the uggo is the only one who's down. It's not about him being insecure either, he just wanted to cheat. That's it.
This is like your third post I've seen or something and you seriously need to stop talking about how men totally cheat on hot women with uglier women and how beautiful women totally have it harder. They cheat on any woman with any woman, there's no set rule.

No. 1187536

File: 1652951270367.png (42.67 KB, 935x316, enbyles.PNG)

I have been cackling at the comments in this thread. Everyone is shitting on OP because obviously, this is stupid. People are saying she's a troll but going through her post history she's coming across as a terminally online wokie desperate for women to date her. She even mentions dressing very feminine but demanding people respect her she/they identity, yet posts in woman only subs.


No. 1187552

>Chubby women for being curvier/bigger
Top kek

No. 1187561

File: 1652953290982.jpg (82.29 KB, 1080x554, Screenshot_20220519-114045_Chr…)

New tranny mods?
What a shame, it was an actual lesbian sub for a while. Now it's full of troons.

No. 1187563

Tayrt and I'm thin but when I gain weight, it usually goes to my hips or breasts. It's also true pear or hourglass shaped chubby women will look curvier when chubby than skinny. Again I've known men who liked these bodytypes and I think it's stupid to act like the sidegirl was an uggo purely because you're blaming the woman instead of the man.
They're both guilty but a boyfriend promised loyalty to you, a random woman didn't yet you'd rather shame the woman and bring her down while telling yourself the dude only cheated because he's insecure. He cheats because he doesn't value his gf and thinks he can get away, which you proved him right by blaming the woman and only calling him insecure as if he didn't actively choose to backstab his girlfriend.

No. 1187564

AYRT it's funny anon, you say that but when you actually read through comments on this sub the GC dog whistles and alluding to not being trans inclusive is littered throughout the subs. It seems like while the moderation change, the lesbians in it have persisted.

No. 1187577

>lesbian fangirl
Doesn’t that induce dysphoria? Wouldn’t she feel like dying because people won’t see her as her true self?

No. 1187582

File: 1652956055912.png (70.97 KB, 733x747, 32901809327543059.png)

This was actually a sweet post by an older woman who never had sex or relationships with men and how she had a wonderful life doing her own thing. She even has a separatist attitude although she doesn't explain it like that (did her best to "steer clear" of men altogether). It was very well received by other women and had many saying they'd come to similar conclusions. I went back to read it and lo and behold, it was deleted by the mods. Kek. Feeling threatened that women are capable of feeling happy and fulfilled without them I suppose.

No. 1187588

1) I'm not that anon you were talking with, 2) curvy≠fat, this is like the oldest cope for fatties and nobody falls for it and 3) I can't believe you're seriously denying men tend to go for uglier women to cheat cause those women often have self-esteem issues and are easier to deceive into something like that

No. 1187589

Good for her if true, but honestly it seems like a very big cope. Humans are built to seek out companionship and family and there are not many people who find being forever alone fulfilling. If anything bad ever does happen in your life you will have no one to depend on. Part of having a life-partner is that you share your hardships together and always support each other. Many burdens in life are so much easier to bear if you are not alone.

No. 1187593

Companionship doesn’t have to include sex or marriage or romance, though. I sound like an acefag right now but she could have very fulfilling family and friend relationships. Not being tied to a moid doesn’t mean she’s alone.

No. 1187594

This kek, "Part of having a life-partner is that you share your hardships together and always support each other" as if men are of any use, ever

No. 1187598

could be real or fake, but I do think it seems kinda sad, a rich lonely old person is still ultimately a sad life and going to various destinations to fill a gap in your life doesn't seem she's happy either, my grandmother worked on a farm for 30 years after my grandfather died and while she loved him, she still found happiness through her work and her community

No. 1187599

I am happily married and honestly would never want to go through life alone again. We've been through hell and back together and I probably would have been completely broken by now if I had to go trough all those things alone and I'd also have a lot more vices because wanting to build a family has been a huge motivator for me to become healthy/quit drinking/overcome my ED. We also travel a lot together and building those memories together with someone else is a million times better than going places alone. No matter how rich you are and how many cool experience you have, it's not that great if you have nobody to share it with and remember it with.

I know that "man are useless and suck" is the popular rhetoric here, but it's really worth finding one who doesn't suck.

No. 1187603

you only say that because your birth family fucking sucks i GUARANTEE. people that actually have fulfilling families and other relationships don't jump to marry the first moid that gives them a crumb of affection.

No. 1187604

The fact that the only rebuttal to my post you can up with is to make up a bunch of fictional facts about my life really shows that you have no actual point against what I said. I have a wonderful family and a great relationship with both of my parents. I didn't get married until I was in my late twenties and not to "the first moid" either. Cope and seethe.

No. 1187607

Friendships and family can be as "fulfilling" and important as romantic relationships. I hate how people think that only a lover can full that endless void that somehow all of us have according to them. You may have been lucky, but how many women build their lives around their "perfect" moid, even cutting off and neglecting literally any other type of relationship and just to see the moid leaving at the first real hardship, as moids usually do? I'm happy your're happy, but just because you found your happiness in marriage doesn't mean that everyone who's not married and doesn't have a partner is depressed and miserable.

No. 1187609

i can smell your B.O and your moid's dickcheese from here. you talk as if "late 20s" is SOOO OOOLD lol so you did marry at the first crumb of affection. gotcha. and your family does clearly fucking suck if it took a dude to help you "uwu pull it together" from your eating disorder and your family ignored it for 20 years. nice.

No. 1187611

You will be divorced by 35.

No. 1187612

You seem extremely bitter, hope you get some help.

No. 1187614

nobody asked for your embellished life story and a blogpost about your nigel. men are not necessary and never will be. sorry you got married that sucks though.

No. 1187615

Lol you are absolutely seething, touch a nerve much?

No. 1187616

nta but thats very rude, Is that so bad? to rely on someone for help you with your struggles, be it moid or not

No. 1187617

Kek I'm sorry but you don't "overcome" EDs and drinking addictions with dick. That's just like those males who think pussy and a gf will literally fix everything wrong with themselves and their lives. It's retarded, he's good now but what if he turns into a piece of shit and you leave each other? Will your life go back to being a mess, because you feel that without him you can't overcome hardships?

No. 1187618

no one gives a fuck about you and your apparent happy marriage. give it another 20-30 years and maybe you'll have something to actually subtly brag about in the faces of women who weren't as perfect and sensible as you! just because he's giving you dick/the idea of a family doesn't mean that these experiences or closeness can't be shared with someone that isn't a moid/husband.
yeah tru poor girl, maybe she could come steal your husband and he'll help her into recovery and realising there's more to life than seething about dumb bitches legally attached to scrotum?

No. 1187619

Marrying a man is the greatest offense you could commit according to femcel.farm

No. 1187620

File: 1652958814052.jpeg (57.81 KB, 471x567, 4B1441E7-A9E2-45D6-B81B-812516…)

No. 1187622

ah the truth comes out. i knew you were a moid and larping as soon as you wrote your first post lol

No. 1187624

are you for real, of course her moid would have been giving her emotional support to help her, I swear some of you people really need to go out and talk to people

No. 1187625

>Ex alcoholic anorexic
Please don't have kids. You're deeply mentally ill and we've all seen how women like you treat their daughters.

No. 1187626

I never said that, I said the prospect of building a family helped me overcome my issues (on my own). Because I didn't want to die alone in my apartment and instead be happy with a family that loves me, it was the motivator I needed to pull myself out of a mess. Seeing how hateful and angry all of you are on here just proves me right that life alone is fucking miserable and you have to make up stories about rich jetsetting women to feel better about that void inside you.

No. 1187628

Whoops, suddenly all that kinship for a fellow woman goes out the window and you become a hateful harpy who wishes ill on other women and doesn't believe people can change and overcome their issues. Sisterhood amiright?

No. 1187630

Can we just all agree that everyone's values are different and there is no one/proper way to live your life? If you prefer friendship over romantic relationships, that's great. If you prefer romantic relationships over friendships, that's also great. Lots of weird judgement from all sides here and I don't really get it.

No. 1187632

>Seeing how hateful and angry all of you are on here just proves me right that life alone is fucking miserable and you have to make up stories about rich jetsetting women to feel better about that void inside you.
anonymous posters motivate major life decisions that you make are correct… based on…? how triggered you are right now? you're not even a woman lol and if by some chance you are, you're legit one of the most pathetic people i've ever seen blogpost on here. mentally ill, alcoholic, eating disorder, gets with an ugly moid instead of using the time to fix her brain. blogposts about how her moid wants to give her kids even though she should never under any circumstances have any due to the array of mental illnesses she listed. jesus christ

No. 1187636

You clearly hate other women as much as you hate men, hope one day you heal whatever caused this hate inside your heart nonnie. It's not healthy.

No. 1187639

>y-you hate women!! take that!
no anon. go to a mental health professional instead of preaching about how women are going to be bitter and lonely if they don't find a moid to divorce like how you did.

No. 1187640

I don't disagree with your but there are statistics on unmarried women living longer and having higher overall happiness than married women.

No. 1187641

You sound more hateful than any moid I have ever encountered.

No. 1187642

And again, you can't comprehend that not all people need dick (and a moid's """emotional support""") to feel happy. Also why are you assuming we're all lonely and miserable? You don't know shit about anyone here. It was also you who decided to write your wholesome life story your nigel while saying that the reddit post MUST be made up, because women can't be happy without family and kids.

No. 1187644

You having kids is ill on your future kids. Your alcoholism will come back with the stress of the new baby/kid and you'll project your body dysmorphia towards the child because anorexia never ever goes away. Also I'm not any of the previous anons and I don't blindly support women, especially ones like you.

You're literally the worst candidate for a mother. You obviously can't do anything on your own and think all women should rely on men, you easily became an addict and only stopped because someone forced you, you starved yourself just to fit a beauty standard.

Btw does anyone else think this girl sounds like skelly hands? That anon also kept bragging about their husband and was an anorexic who was hateful towards women who didn't marry and have kids.

No. 1187645

File: 1652959433328.png (18.64 KB, 1832x172, Untitled.png)

Why did you delete your post? You realize how unhinged you sound? Why don't you just tell me to kill myself next?

No. 1187646

You sound just like an incel

No. 1187648


Youre the scarepod ana-chan poster arent you, i can tell by your blog-posting and writing style.
What are you going to do next, post a fake picture of a guy claiming he is your boyfriend like you did in the celeb thread.

No. 1187649

I reposted after I added more stuff. I didn't wish ill on you, but I pointed out how mentally unstable you are and how you're unfit to be a mother. I think anyone who's not mental would agree an alcoholic whose identity revolved around starving herself is bound to be a terrible mother.

No. 1187650

File: 1652959610382.jpg (27.59 KB, 453x453, 3w1nx5mt5px11.jpg)

No. 1187652

Link to her posts? Kek I think I saw that fake bf post. It looked so weird.

No. 1187653

NTA but don't you have some shoe0nhead video to go watch or something?

No. 1187654

Nta but what's a harphy?

No. 1187657

>uwu why don't we all just live in a big commune in the woods full of women without evil moids? Women are so much nicer to each other and supportive of each other unlike men
>uhm I'd actually rather date a man


No. 1187660

jesus christ literally go to a mental health clinic you weirdo. what's your calorie intake for today?

No. 1187661

File: 1652959828718.jpg (69.94 KB, 960x679, 8doz6.jpg)

I'm on team #anachan on this battle!


No. 1187662

NTA but strawman much? No one's saying this shit about communes itt

No. 1187663

I never even said that I was anorexic, that is just another assumption anon made about me so she could justify in her mind how I don't deserve happiness and a family

No. 1187664

Tell us where we told you to kill yourself? You're the one who was starving yourself to death, kek.

No. 1187665

Harpies are mythological screeching women with wings, and the word is used as a derogatory term against women for being "hysterical."

No. 1187666

More like
>Oh this woman is happy even by herself! Maybe having a man and kids isn't always a woman's happiness!
>Actually I'm married and she's totally coping uwu

No. 1187667

I was? News to me to be honest. I mean, I know you want to say it, you've said everything else already, just go ahead. You'll feel better. Project all of your insecurities on to me nonnie, maybe it will be therapeutic.

No. 1187668

exactly this kek. she's pretending as if she's an innocent victim in all this as if she didn't straight up say unmarried women are seething and coping. it sounds just like out of an incel's mouth.

No. 1187669

You're the one projecting now. You also don't sound very stable.

No. 1187670

You said you had an eating disorder, perhaps you're a bulimic and the type to puke her guts out? You're the one who was attacking anons by mocking them and calling them femcels but when it's brought up how you're not exactly the ideal mother your trad-circle preaches, you act like we told you to kill yourself. We did not.

No. 1187671

here >>1178141 She used a fake picture of a gay gymbro man and claimed that was her boyfriend and blurred his face so anons wouldnt be able to trace it but anons found the picture.
Get help and gtfo.

No. 1187673

Stop replying to her (or possibly him)

No. 1187674

>overcome my ED
NTA but did you forget what you wrote?
Or were you talking about Erectile Dysfunction? Kek

No. 1187677

Your compassion for your fellow women is much greater than mine, I have to admit. I don't often support other women by wishing for them to starve themselves to death when they tell me that they overcame an eating disorder. Seems like something an empathetic and very happy person would do, I just can't relate.

No. 1187678

Right, that's how this shit started kek. A refusal to accept that that woman could be happy alone which turned into her saying
>Seeing how hateful and angry all of you are on here just proves me right that life alone is fucking miserable and you have to make up stories about rich jetsetting women to feel better about that void inside you
Like if you don't believe women can have rich inner lives, social circles, and overcome their own problems then just say that. Some anons were being dicks but it never would have come up without all the
>well I am married so cope seethe etc.

No. 1187679

Oh, sorry. #bulichan?

No, but for real I do think people can get better. Of course you have baggage you have to sort through, and you probably could use therapy / family counceling to help you along the way. Of course I think in general no matter what you do your kids will be traumatized in some ways, so having kids at at all is a stupid idea lol.

No. 1187680

Bulimics are still starving themselves of proper nutrition so it would still apply

No. 1187681

>or were you talking about erectile dysfunction?
No nonita. Years of starving her brain means she couldn't remember she admitted to being an ana-chan.

No. 1187682

Anorexia isn't the only eating disorder.

No. 1187683

I didn't wish you to starve yourself, you starved yourself on your own. Get help, xoxo.

No. 1187684

i think you are way too mentally unstable and sensitive to post here, maybe lurk from now on.
If you get this bpd mad at anons and hyperbole what they say then leave or get therapy.

No. 1187685

Bulimia is more disgusting, tbh. They're also more unhinged.

No. 1187686

I am honestly so baffled by the reactions to my post that I can't help but laugh. Honestly wish you all well and that you get some help, this sort of response to "I am happily married" is absolutely insane and unhinged.

No. 1187690

Post a pic of your hand anon. Or your husband with censored face please. Or else you're lying.

No. 1187695

>be me
>become an alcoholic because no man to love me
>puke up food so I get picked by men
>go on forum and tell women they won't be happy unless they do what I did and finally get picked
>cry when they mock me for being an unhinged alcoholic puke-chan

No. 1187696

You sound like a moid coming here to shit on mentally ill women bc some girl you liked didn't give you coochie, even though you took her to Taco Bell and all

Also, that anon never said the companion has to be a man btw, or even a romantic relationship

No. 1187698

>Also, that anon never said the companion has to be a man btw, or even a romantic relationship
Come on now, now that's a cope. She wouldn't have specifically blooged about her marriage and called anons femcels if she didn't mean a relationship with a man

No. 1187700

Stop samefagging. You must've damaged your brain from all those years of bulimia but she literally said it was a man and then got mad that anons here weren't competing hard to get a husband like she had to.

No. 1187701

babes you are literally claiming anons are telling you to die and calling them ''moids'' just because they disagree with you on marrying a man to be happy. The only unhinged person i see is you.

thats her lol, she is defending herself in 3rd person and samefagging.

No. 1187702

This. Pic of hand or husband.

No. 1187703

This was a nice read, I'm happy for her. Of course moids must've seethed about it and screeched among themselves about "the wall, muh spinsters, i-it must be a cope" or whatever. Reminds me of that study showing that single women are happier, while single men are more miserable. Figures men would try to reverse it and scare women into entertaining them, it's their attempt at self-preservation lol. Probably some pick-mes that didn't like it and/or feel bitter about giving their lives to some scrote that diminished their joy, too

No. 1187704

It was a nice read, I'm happy she's happy

No. 1187708

I agree. Though I'm not sure why it was removed as worse posts manage it to stay up in that reddit.

No. 1187709

File: 1652961028551.jpg (143.23 KB, 1000x1000, cat_lady.jpg)

So eating disorders are now pick me behaviour? Ok nonna

Maybe she articulated it badly, and just used herself as an example who just happens to be with a man


I'm not samefagging tho, I just feel bad for that nonna being attacked so viciously. Yeah maybe she sounded like "everyone should get a husband" (idk if it is what she meant), but attacking someone for their eating disorder and alcoholism is low and not very feminist of you nonnas (since eating disorders are disproportionately affecting women trying to cope with the pressures of patriarchal society). Idk you can report my posts but the farmhands can see I'm not her.

No. 1187710

>m-muh femcels
Did you come here from Kaitlyn's article? Kek

No. 1187711

As someone who did have ED in past they kinda are pickme behaviours if you think about it

No. 1187712

>im totally not her
post hand pic or husband.

No. 1187714

File: 1652961180738.jpg (33.97 KB, 600x524, 230114_908223010.jpg)

No. 1187715

Incel hand-fetishist?

No. 1187717

The anon getting mad at anons for liking being single and calling us femcels is so obviously a male, i wish you anons never entertained him with your replies.

No. 1187718

Women can have bad opinions too and disagree with you. Or well, at least I have not been invited to the great Female Hive Mind yet, when do I get my invite

No. 1187719

This is a gossip imageboard. Of course anons are going to take digs at her after she called them femcels and told them they needed men to be happy as if they were incapable of fixing stuff alone and needed men to support them. She's obviously mentally ill and relying on someone to be better so once a little problem arises, her eating disorder and alcoholism will come back and she'll traumatize her kids.
Some people just shouldn't have kids. She felt ok telling anons they needed to get married and have kids but when someone pointed out she would make a very bad mother, she had a meltdown.

How she acted like a disagreement meant anons were telling her to kill or starve herself just further proves how easy her mental problems came back. If an argument on an image board brought them back, imagine how it'd be if something irl happened.

No. 1187721

Who suffers from them? Young women and gays. Who do those to have in common huh?

No. 1187722

File: 1652961652145.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 2.8 MB, 3024x4032, TrannyHandss.jpeg)

Reminded me of this anon. Go to meta if you wanna read more but it's allegedly an anorexic woman who thinks any woman is a whore if she had premarital sex, even ones who were raped or minors. She was also against abortion and posted stuff about how her husband/boyfriend was using a speculum on her.
I think this might be the same poster.

No. 1187724

eww what the fuck

No. 1187725

File: 1652961725153.jpg (15.83 KB, 425x424, 628eddb12d0532d6a2b122c62d5cc7…)

This thread is embarrassing, puke-chan had a slight different opinion with you and you started insulting her character for no reason

No. 1187727

Yes and I got over tough parts of life with my friends who are like family to me. You don't need a romantic relationship with a man to be happy and fulfilled.

No. 1187729

I agree with parts of this because some anons were going really hard for no reason and I don't think that anon is a bad person for having ED or addiction, but are you seriously going to ignore her obvious tradthot posting about femcels and harpies? If someone wasn't like that they wouldn't jump to that shit immediately when they feel called out

No. 1187730

"puke chan" did not have a "slight different opinion". she said other women were coping and seething because they did not want to get into a (fairly young) marriage like she did. when people pointed out she is not the most stable person to be making such claims she went into a full meltdown.

No. 1187733

prime time to be a paypig

No. 1187735

File: 1652961954713.jpg (308.45 KB, 1080x1494, Screenshot_20220519-140438_Chr…)

It could also be the anon from celebricows who posted a stolen picture of some gay reddit gymbro as her husband while seething about lonely femcels kek

No. 1187736

Stop defending yourself.

No. 1187737

Paki-chan, maybe if you starved yourself hard enough you could become a coquette and get a slav bf like you want. Kek.

No. 1187738

I mean, that anon started off accusing another woman of coping, then said she had an eating disorder, was an alcoholic and needed the prospect of having a man and a family to get her on the right path. She didn't have to get angry about a random woman from Reddit she doesn't know, she didn't have to post her life story like it's the standard for women as a whole.
Anon was in mental collapse and clearly didn't have the strength to stand up on her own. It's great that she found something that helped her, but what does that have to do with other women? Why say they're coping if they don't need or want the same things? Because you were suffering? That's not all of us. It just sounds like she's the one coping because she saw a glimpse of a (happy) life she couldn't live, and it made her get weirdly defensive, so of course all the anons told her to fuck off and reminded her that her issues were abnormal. I feel somewhat bad for her, but she needs to self-reflect, honestly.
Also, it's funny to me that she said others were "making up stories about rich jetsetter women", I guess because that's just a random post with no proof, but here she is, also offering a random post with no proof. Why should we believe her more than others? 90% of the population isn't so mentally fucked with EDs and addictions they literally need a husband and kids or else they'll rope in a tiny apartment. Life isn't that bleak, sorry to that anon but please

No. 1187740

I'm sure a lot of us have been dogpiled by anons over a difference in opinion before and most of us can deal with it without screeching about how muh femcel harpies will die alone in their apartments kek

No. 1187744

File: 1652962194075.jpeg (304.13 KB, 707x644, 3D7118F3-040A-49EF-964A-C409CF…)

this is why I don’t even think women will overcome our own socialization and division because why do you need a man to solve all of the problems you used to have? it’s like you don’t want to think deeper beyond that it’s sad that you needed a man who is likely to have more resources and care towards him than you by default to solve your problems, but you obviously don’t care. i hate this world already when are the aliens going to come and zap your boney ass into mummy dust already

No. 1187745

Kek, the weird pickmes are always the most aggressive and wait for it… Hysterical when someone wrongs them. She literally told us we were telling her to kill herself just because we pointed out she had mental issues she needed to get fixed before she started a family.

No. 1187748

mental illness is also genetic and plus since she had an eating disorder her body is already damaged enough and pregnancy would probably kill her

No. 1187750

>i hate this world already when are the aliens going to come
This, I think this every day

No. 1187752

ily anon we’re on the same frequency

No. 1187780

nta but I think I can understand, unless you have a blood relative most other human beings can never show you that amount of devotion to truly care for you, unless they love romantically as well, I remember there was a book that actually talked about this mentality among upper class wealthy english feminists who looked down on working class women for being slaves to the patriarchy by marrying men, marriage does help in life and tasks, it has to be an investment by both partners

No. 1187801

>that amount of devotion to truly care for you
I know what you mean but sadly men just don't do that long-term. They'll be devoted for a 10 years or so (if you're lucky) and then get sick of you and cheat or be a burden. Or you'll get sick of them.
That's simply what most statistics say, where I'm from one in two/three marriages ends in divorce. Men tend to leave their sick partners much more than women if something happens too (2.9% women leave, 20.8% men).
There's also emotional labour being put on women, as well as domestic labour, even if you are both working. If you're pregnant your chance of being abused are higher and so on.
I wish movie-like devoted romantic love was more common but it's more of an exception than the norm.

No. 1187806

I think the amount of devotion to truly care for someone unconditionally is rare even in married relationships, just look at the high percentage of men who leave their wives or conduct affairs when their wives develop severe illnesses. And it's scary because you never know if that will happen to you, because it can happen even in relationships where everything seemed fine before and nobody ever expected to get sick.

No. 1187810

This. Women love their husbands. On the other hand men only do so until their wives' beauty fades away and she stops worshipping him. See reddit posts above where men grow to hate their wives simply because she took care of their child or even start to despise their wives because the poor woman got chronically ill.

No. 1187812

>No matter how rich you are and how many cool experience you have, it's not that great if you have nobody to share it with and remember it with.
I don't think that's neccessary true. Sorry for blogpost, but when I travel or experience cool stuff by myself I feel like I'm more "in the moment" and I can truly enjoy what I'm doing. Your predicament is pretty rare (ED plus alcoholism), I think most well-adjusted people think being by yourself is also worthwhile. Obviously we need family and friends when things get tough, but not everyone needs a romantic partner. It's confirmed by research that older unmarried women are the happiest demographic on Earth. Most of the unhappiness they experience comes from stigma against single ladies, rather than any innate need to procreate.

No. 1187814

anon darling that’s the problem that needs to be fixed. honestly a lot of poor women don’t just marry for resources men are more likely to attach themselves to poor, less fortunate women for free labor or housekeeping and rearing children, that’s why there was a statistic about married men either living longer than married women or being happier than married women. it’s because of our poverty that we don’t have the same freedom or luxury to stay single like those upper class feminists do and it’s a problem that needs to be fixed. you acknowledge the problem like many people do but you don’t think it’s something that can be fixed in the long-term. instead of promoting slavery to poor women, we should be advocating for their own liberation wtf?

No. 1187816

I think both men and women need to be taught the merits of marriage in terms of stability and fulfillment rather then romantic tensions, I disagree with aryn rand with a lot of stuff but she had the right idea about love imo
>man has free will, If a man wants love he should correct his flaws and me may deserve it but he cannot expect the unearned

No. 1187822

radical feminists are a truly a unique type of idiots are they, they use much jargon that no human being can ever understood but their solution are always comically simple and yet improbable
>lets kill the men
>we(a comically small minority of upper class academics) will stop having sex with men and have no children, this will surely destroy the patriarchy

its just pathetic, no throughout financial ideas, no support methods for single mothers, just pure retarded fantasy(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1187824

ntayrt and true, what you talk about is very observable in women who grew up in poverty and more financial mobility and opportunity for those women would mean they would be able to live more independent lives, it's tragic that there are so many women who marry young to horrible abusive men just to avoid starving to death. It's being stuck between a rock and a hard place, a choice without options. I don't fault a woman of any position who chooses to remain single, but I hear what you're saying.

No. 1187832

oh wow your still at it, i guess the mods are busy now but don't worry puke-chan you well get the ban you crave.

No. 1187833

the only retarded fantasy we're witnessing here is the one you've conjured about radfems
>lets kill the men
are you aware you sound like a ben shapiro owns triggered feminazis 2014 youtube video right now?

No. 1187846

File: 1652969074935.png (105.36 KB, 726x598, strotesapture.PNG)

old post but look at this pathetic moid be sad about not having sex with "hot 18-25yo" girls as an "average(read:uggo)" scrote

No. 1187851

I feel so bad for his girlfriend. Imagine thinking someone loves you only for them to be constantly comparing you to all the porn they watch in their head. At this point I wonder if men are even capable of actually loving someone fully.

No. 1187856

File: 1652969771948.png (147.53 KB, 583x1242, redditscrotepornure.PNG)

No. 1187859

I'm shocked he even has enough self awareness in his porn melted brain to realize that the "hot 18 year old" reddit accounts posting women's nudes are actually "probably" just men posting nudes they got from some poor women or bought off another scrote

No. 1187865

it's good that her first reaction was absolute disgust, she should trust that feeling. i genuinely hope she talks about this with irl female friends or relatives, to get some sane replies/advice too.

No. 1187866

samefag, but they have young daughters…jesus

No. 1187868

I'm annoyed by how many replies say it's just a fantasy they wouldn't go after those girls in real life. Like what? Of course they would if they could. That's why almost every single famous actor or whatever has a wife half his age. That's why the whole meme of DiCaprio dumping his girlfriends when they turn 25 exists.

No. 1187871

File: 1652970544871.png (147.65 KB, 1080x939, humantrash.PNG)

The fucking comments of men trying to make her feel like a disgusting person for worrying about her daughters' safety over this are repulsive. And they all say basically the same thing
>it's just a fantasy, I would be too scared to do it in real life
Okay, so what happens if you change your mind about being scared and want to make your fantasy a reality? Telling on their own disgusting asses

No. 1187876

Samefag, but the OP mentions in another comment she is not just worried about her own girls but the friends they will eventually bring over and it reminded me when I was in school there was this father of these two sisters who was statutorily raping their friends behind the back of the mother and daughters once the girls were teenagers. When the daughters found out from one of the friends it ruined their lives and they and the mom moved away. It's so sick that these redditors will just say "but that never happens!"

No. 1187879

Yeah my ex once gave me a compliment 'You are the first girl I don't ever imagine someone else instead of' like wtff moids are fucking crazy in the head

No. 1187880

File: 1652971146863.png (143.29 KB, 734x851, unwashedpp.PNG)

Scrote gets mad his gf won't suck his unwashed crusty micropenis. She asks reddit what she did wrong.

No. 1187881

File: 1652971267688.png (69.11 KB, 709x576, unwashedppeatersed.png)

redditeurs tell her to apologize to him for hurting his feelings and help him wash his pathetic worm like a good mommy gf

No. 1187882

Good lord this poor woman, you can sense the pain she's going through. I would be absolutely devastated if I had teen daughters with a husband who gets outed for enjoying teenager porn.

This entire post is a pile of bullshit but this part in particular
>Men's brains work very differently from women's brains in this regard. I can look at something in porn and compartmentalize it to porn.
Rape and sex crime statistics say otherwise you degenerate.

No. 1187885

Eww, just eww. Thankfully most of the comments support OP, even going as far as advising her to dump him, LC style lmao

No. 1187889

Like yeah that's why there's so many 'boohoo my dick won't work anymore because I'm not attracted to irl women' just like the post above that one. It absolutely fries their brain and they know but can't stop. Also all the trannies who cracked their egg by watching sissy hypno porn.

No. 1187893

>Apparently when im in the shower (i take a shower at almost the exact same time every night, kids…schedules etc) he was bored and watched a video of a beautiful black haired tattoo'd teen….in the shower. Im a beautiful black haired tattoo'd woman in the shower. He did this right in the next room.
This is so fucking heartbreaking. And this poor woman only speaks about how to accept it and how she is the one that will need therapy after seeing this… her pornsick, pathetic husband is the one that should be apologizing and getting help, even if it may be too late for that. I hate everything about this story.

No. 1187895

>I'm sorry for insulting your rancid dick, please allow me to bathe you and suck you off
The eternal reddit brain

No. 1187899

I love how her being turned off doesn't mean anything, only his pleasure is important and she should just power through not being into it anymore and suck him off

No. 1187910

File: 1652972771637.png (215.58 KB, 663x1204, deadbedroomsture.PNG)

>porn addict moid
>blowjobs only
>won't go down on her
>won't have sex with her
>complains about lack of blowjobs
>he won't do anything sexual unless he's getting off at the same time

No. 1187912

I read this to muh Nigel and he laughed at a dude not being able to wash his fucking dick (my lil moidie uses water, moist towelettes and paper to dry stuff off every time he even pees, AND WASHES HIS HANDS, bless him)

No. 1187924

How did you dig up 7 years old post?

No. 1187926

Damn that is a unicorn.

No. 1187930

Tagging this post from the pervious threads because its iconic >>1032978

No. 1187933

i meant *previous

No. 1187934

oh my god that post has me in tears (of joy for the very lucky anon of course)

No. 1187938

He sounds like a fag. Doesn't wanna touch her, doesn't wanna fuck her.
Uncircumcised dicks are disgusting and you can't change my mind. Most men hates washing their dicks and some get off of disgusting the girls, apparently as that's what this retard did. Ew.

No. 1187961

they’re able to see how women in sex work are pretty much locked into those jobs because they are provided money and resources from men who unfortunately have more status than her but marriage is such a freeing, empowering choice for women! yas girlboss go and give all of your mental energy and labour to some male stranger. a man will never be your best friend, comrade, and likely if he’s “investing” that much attention into you you are always seen as a bargain, not as something worthy. she’s mad that radfems are actually trying to remind her of the reality of female-scrote relations and that you actually have to dig a little deeper about the intentions about why someone would want to be in a relationship with you. most people on this dumb planet don’t think beyond their instincts or pleasures (including me! kek) and that’s why there are women who support johnny depp, there are women who hate their daughters but love their sons who do nothing, just it’s crazy out here

No. 1187964

>Uncircumcised dicks are disgusting because men don't wash
so it's the man not the dick that's the problem.

No. 1187971

This is my opinion. Also the dick is part of the man so idk what you mean? If he's uncircumcised, he should know to be extra clean and clean under his skin too.

No. 1187975

I love this post. I think about this a lot too

No. 1188026

Uncircumcised are better if he cleans properly.
Sex feels better, it's how nature intended

No. 1188092

File: 1652979229983.jpeg (22.12 KB, 520x344, FLo4GEHXMAIUJ9V.jpeg)

Nonnies, lets not start infighting over dicks…

No. 1188094

I mean that his behaviour (lack of hygiene habits) is the problem not the fact that the dick isn't cut.

No. 1188097

There are good men out there just like there are good women, both are rare, as you can see by this post and the type of person who'd write it. this new trend of pretending they hate men is mostly women who have made bad decisions and traumatised themselves to relationships or spent too much on internet cesspits like 4chan or reddit and saw the worst sides of men and now keep posting things and viewpoints that confirm this to themselves. Other women who have had bad experiences with men but not as much as the first type read these posts and connect the dots and start thinking the same way, after the first type of anons brainwash them with examples of the worst men they found on the internet. It's like pol showing images of black people during riots, or sharing crime stories of black people murdering innocent white people to sway them to their own side, or how incels post examples of women cheating on men to radicalise other men. Women are objectified and overly sexualised and it's a problem, but now you can't post anymore without these posters jumping down your throat for not agreeing with their viewpoint, it's very annoying to watch people posting about how the more they read about trannies and men the more they want to give up on the world when they're being confronted with examples of it on a site that was never intended for this.

No. 1188124

Supporting women's rights doesn't mean you have to support abusive women or women making bad life choices. I love how you spergs bring up "where's your sisterhood now?!?!" every time a woman exhibits problematic behavior as if it was some sort of a golden gotcha to shut everyone up because you don't understand that being
a feminist doesn't mean "supporting any woman's actions without question". It's not about individual empowerment.

Besides, if a woman with mental illness, history of substance abuse and an eating disorder is saying a woman living a happy, independent life "coping" because she herself can't survive without her Nigel that doesn't sound very sisterhood-ish to me either kek

No. 1188129

>It's not about him being insecure either, he just wanted to cheat. That's it.
>This is like your third post I've seen or something and you seriously need to stop talking about how men totally cheat on hot women with uglier women and how beautiful women totally have it harder. They cheat on any woman with any woman, there's no set rule.
no, this is the first time I posted something relating to this on lolcow. You sound unhinged and like you purposely target the cheating men with hot gfs
this. I knew a girl who posted online all about how she was curvy and her weight went straight to her ass and boobs and never shut up about how hard clothing and bra shopping was. I knew her IRL and she was built like a literal fridge, her boobs and butt weren't even big in proportion to her body, some weird form of reverse body dysmorphia. I think anon is proving our point about fatties having low self esteem "but but i have big tits and ass though! thats why men cheat with me! it's their choice don't blame me uwu"

No. 1188132

Oh. Well it's a preference and you have a point but I find uncut weird because it's very uncommon in my country.

No. 1188209

Do you really think men cheat because they're insecure? They're literally entitled to multiple women and that's why they cheat. Also funny how you accused me of being a mistress when I pointed out both the man and the woman is wrong, kek. Imagine caping for cheating men and saying they only cheat because they're insecure uwuu.

No. 1188211

Well I don't support groomers and the rest of the pack, however it appears most people have little control on their strong sexual urges
There should be a way to control those and keep them in check

No. 1188269

Insecurity = need an ego boost = cheating. People cheat for all sorts of reasons, wanting multiple women to amp up their ego is a main cause and they have no problem admitting this even in male-only areas. Given their insecurity is usually self awareness. You can point out the fact they're insecure and not be caping for them kek idk why you automatically assume that pointing out insecurity = caping for them

>Also funny how you accused me of being a mistress when I pointed out both the man and the woman is wrong, kek

Why would anyone deny the fact that men go for unconventional women because they believe those women are more desperate? Men aren't shy about this, anytime I've EVER seen men discussing why they date chubby and fat women or ugly women it's always "oh they're willing to do more, they make me feel better about myself, attractive women are just so full of themselves, they feel lucky to be with me". Never ONCE have a seen a man who dates unconventional women claim he dated them because he genuinely likes their personalities or appearance more. Except for "too skinny", flat and neoteny women

No. 1188285

>never seen a man willingly date unconventional women
What are you going to say for men who go for chubby women? Men who want milfs or other motherly women? Men only want perfect women when they want to show them off, especially to theit male friends. They only use those perfect women as trophy wives and most are actually attracted to any woman who comes their way.
Also stop thinking men are likr women and cheat because of insecurities. Most of them are going to say they feel entitled to hot young women and when they're already in a marriage they can't escape, they'll just try to get that without even caring about their wives. Also, how old are mistresses usually? Have you ever seen a 40 year old married man try to get with old ugly women? They rather harass younger women until one falls into their trap.

It's also important to note men don't cheat for emotional reasons unlike women. Men cheat because they can, women cheat because their relationship is falling apart. If a man cheats, it's his fault and from what I've seen if a woman cheats, it's her boyfriend/husband's fault. Most cheating women I know have been either abused or neglected by their partners while men can have perfect wives and still cheat just because they're obsessed with getting the most they can which is a hotter younger woman on the side.

No. 1188292

>Implying that you can support troons and not groomers when the venn diagram of male troons and groomers is basically a circle

No. 1188303

Men who genuinely like chubby or unconventional women are usually porn sick with niche fetishes, majority of men who go for these women just want an ego boost or someone who is desperate
>Men cheat because they can
I hate men but it's important to acknowledge that they cheat because they're insecure along with other many reasons this isn't caping for them are attempting to get sympathy for them, these men are self aware that they're lacking in appearance, finances and personality so go for women they feel like are below them because they think it will boost their ego. This is also why poor, ugly and bland men cheat the most

No. 1188306

My brother dates older and chubby (not overweight though) women, he is genuinely attracted to them (I guess because of mommy issues). I know some of my male acquaintances who genuinely prefer bigger/older/unkept girls (the whole "I can fix her" thing). Obviously most of them like small girls with small chests but there are some excpetions. It also might be because I live in a country where being thin/not overweight is the norm, so they are attracted to novelty since they aren't used to seeing fat girls. I gotta agree with you when it comes to ugly faces though. I have NEVER met a man who genuinely prefers girl with masculine (defined jaw, long face), ugly face. Which is ironic because I see girls worship average or genuinely repulsive guys all the time kek.

No. 1188312

>Obviously most of them like small girls with small chests
no, why would that be obvious? gross.

No. 1188313

Have you not been around guys or something? Most of them are kinda pedo, even my 30 something work colleagues leer ar short thin girls who look like they aren't older than 18.

No. 1188317

Usually men who prefer smaller women will justify their reasoning for aesthetic reasoning and that they're genuinely physically attracted to the attribute. Here's an example

Where as if you ask men why they like chubby or older women they always sprout stuff about how they assume these women to be desperate, more submissive, "better in bed", etc but nothing about actually being attracted to their appearance

No. 1188325

Men prefer bigger/older girls because they are… more submissive? I have genuinely never heard that from any man, be it online or irl. There are plenty of threads on /r9k/ about mommy gfs and how much those guys are attracted to taller girls especially. I'm sure some guys are targeting uglier and fatter women cuz they are "easier prey", but men who are attracted to conventionally attractive taller/older (or even chubbier) women still exist.

No. 1188327

File: 1652989509477.jpg (45.28 KB, 433x650, Candice-Swanepoel.jpg)

The idea that petite and small chested women look like kids is such a meme or that you have to have an extra mature face in order to not be mistaken for a teenager. Women's bodies don't magically turn into that of a Kardashian by the time we turn 21

No. 1188329

>Men are attracted to attractive women
>Men go for chubby and ugly women because they see them as "prey"
Correct, glad we're on the same page

No. 1188330

This is true and the anon blabbering about men using old and fat women seems like a pickme who gossips with her male friends about how unfortunate looking average women are. She's probably ugly irl too, whenever I see a woman act like uglier women get picked more than her she's actually the ugly and delusional one and finds little flaws to bringing other women down to justify them having a bfs as men using them.

No. 1188340

This. It's stupid when women judge women's looks and claim the only men who into them want to to take advantage of them simply because they don't look like models. There were anons in another threads who couldn't fathom men dating older women and said the women totally were sugarmommies. Some people really need to go out more and realize most couples are average people of varying ages and preferences, not stunning models.

No. 1188342

>You're probably ugly and a pickme
And you came to this conclusion because? I don't like the idea of men taking advantage of unattractive women but it's reality. I'm also using the words they say for themselves, if anything, screeching about how "but men are actually attracted to ME and not you!" makes you sound like the unattractive pickme. I don't care if men are attracted to me or not but it sure seems to sting you

No. 1188345

We aren't talking about niche attractions we're talking about what the majority find attractive, I even stated that there's a lot of men who are genuinely attracted to these things but they're just rare. Also that pic proves nothing since both body types are healthy and attractive/not fat

No. 1188346

Yeah, and that's why I added "who don't look over 18" (neotenous face).

No. 1188348

You're a pickme because you gossip behind women's back to your male friends and mock their looks. You're ugly because you feel the need to delude yourself into thinking men are totally using women they are actually dating, as you need to see them as inferior to overcompensate for your ugliness. I've known girls like you who would tear apart beautiful women and tell themselves men only wanted to use those women but they'd settle down with a proper girl like themselves. Didn't happen because nitpicking every woman and acting holier-than-thou isn't an attractive trait to normies.

No. 1188353

>acknowledging the Madonna/Whore complex in men is pickmeism
>denying it and claiming men have no ill intentions by targeting a certain group of women is based
some of you are so backwards, ofc when it comes to what men find attractive suddenly everyone drops the "I don't care what men think" act to rant

No. 1188358

We aren't, you said most men use chubbier/older women because they are "easier prey", but you can be chubby/older and have conventionally attractive characteristics like pretty face, good waist to hip ratio, etc., plus some men prefer those body types. Blog incoming, but personally I became insecure after reading various threads here and in other places saying how tall women are undesirable and "normal" men never want them, but irl I have never experienced that. Most men don't even notice my height or just don't care at all, average guy won't obsess over girl being older or whatever.

No. 1188362

By madonna whore complex, older and heavier women would be more likely to be perceived as a motherly figure rather than a prostitute. It even proves right with how men who seek out those types of women either by personality or looks see them as a mother and lover rather than a sexual object like they'd do to younger and sluttier women who they don't associate motherhood with.
You're a pickme for attacking unconventional women and acting like they're only ever going to be the other woman.

No. 1188364

You're absolutely right, but you're going to have a hard time convincing anons here because a lot of them are terminally online virgins. Whenever a topic like this comes up (and it comes up way too often), it becomes pretty obvious that most of the people bickering about it have never talked to a man who wasn't a looksmaxxing autist. These are not the opinions of properly socialized people.

No. 1188366

Your entire post and stuff you literally made up. I don't talk to males but I just look at what they post on the internet. Why did you feel the need to make that up? It's common knowledge men look for certain types of women to manipulate. I don't care about how other women look either but you're having a mental breakdown attempting to defend men, yet I'm the pickme? Kek
I'm not disagreeing with you at all. The entire point of my post is that male sexuality very rarely revolves around what they actually like, in fact, my first post was making it clear their dating lives revolve around how they want to present themselves and "show off". If other men all agreed they liked legbeards they'd dump their hairless gfs and get a hairy girl to show off, since men like the idea of having a hot "public" gf to brag about but also having a harem of desperate girls to brag about they get that too, and most desperate girls are usually ugly and fat which is why they go for that

No. 1188374

I'm attacking them by saying men prey on them for the wrong reason? Saying men aren't attracted to you isn't a bad thing, you sound extremely insecure, sorry I didn't gas up your "men worship you!!" fantasy

No. 1188375

Nta but as someone with a lot of n
guy friends who would share their crushes with me, that anon is so wrong. My male friends very often crushed on chubbier or tall women. Tall women are actually seen as more attractive, imo. Some chubby women even had apple body type with little curves and average faces but they were that guy's type so he liked her. I'm also bi and I'm attracted to unconventional women far more than conventional women. I don't think most people really seek out 10/10 partners, most couples I know look basic abd they're happy because they find each other attractive.

No. 1188385

A pick me is a woman that is willing to do anything for male approval. She will embarrass or throw other women under the bus to achieve this goal. The unfortunate thing about a pick me is usually the men they are trying to seek approval from are of poor quality and treat women badly, leaving little real benefit for the pick me.
Are you a pickme?
Find it out by posting in this thread

No. 1188388

And they worship you? Is that why you need to put down women irl to your male friends as you keep questioning why they didn't pick you instead? Kek. I don't care about men's attention me, no normal woman does to the extent you do but you're a special kind of pickme who spends hours seething on imageboards about how you're the only one who's hot enough to be taken seriously and all other women are just pump and dumps.
Go back to reddit.

No. 1188390

We aren't talking about attractive women, we're talking about unconventionally attractive women. Of course women can still be hot when they're older or chubbier (there's a limit obviously), most men who like chubby and older women would turn away from the mom who models or plus size models because it's very rare that men are attracted to these types. I don't see men who rave about how much they like chubby women simping for Ashley graham, they'll simp for acne covered, fried hair chubby women with 5 lbs of poorly done makeup because they see her as desperate. Men who like older women aren't going for Monica bellucci they're trying to fuck trailer trash tammys simply because it's easy access. This could apply for any guy who has a certain niche "type", they never go for the attractive women of that type

Again this doesn't apply to every situation, but this is mostly what I've seen. Attractive women are often ignored by men who claim to like their "type" but it's actually normie men who go for those attractive women

No. 1188395

Calm down, I obviously struck a nerve with you. I never said anything about my own appearance or how men treat me. Come back after you breathe for a minute

No. 1188396

> attractive women are often ignored by men
This is so wrong. If you think this way, it means you're not attractive. I've seen average chubby or older women get attention but never the unwashed looking ones. Quit this narrative that men will only use you unless you're a 10/10.

No. 1188398

>this is mostly what I've seen
I think this is the root of the problem - where are you getting these generalizations from? Isn't it possible that your sample is just biased toward liking thin women?

No. 1188406

>talks about how most women get used by men unless they're 10/10
>gets shocked when women disagree with her
You're delusional. It's obvious you care too much about male attention and don't actually have a real life. You even admitted to only reading stuff about men online and not having irl interactions. Even though at this post you said >>1188269 you've seen men discuss, it was actually reading random posts online where most of those men probably didn't even fuck the women in question and were making shit up.

No. 1188412

She already said she doesn't interact with men and only reads some internet posts. So that's her sample lmao.

No. 1188414

She wrote upthread she didn't interact with men in real life and only read this stuff online. She probably got this information on reddit or another incel site, kek. So hilarious she acts like she has men figured out and they only like her type when in reality no man even talks to her.

No. 1188417

Imagine spending hours arguing hoe you're the perfect girl and men use any woman who's not as thin, hot and young just to admit no man in real life even fucking talks to you. Pickmes are bleak, kek.

No. 1188418

I'm mostly just observing from what men post on Reddit, 4chan, Facebook, etc as well as male friends in the past
Attractive women of niche types are ignored by men. I don't see them posting older or chubby models on their pages or going after well kept moms and chubs. If this was the case suburban rich moms who take care of themselves religiously would have millions of simps and men would go milf hunting at whole foods, if men actually liked attractive chubby women instead of seeing them as targets they'd check out the local plus size model casting instead of telling unwashed neets on the internet to show their boobs

No. 1188422

Please point to me where I've ever tried to argue that I'm perfect and men want me

No. 1188424

>Doesnt talk to men
>Wants male attention
Make it make sense

No. 1188426

>only interacting with opposite sex on reddit and 4chan
Fucking kek. You're literally the legbeard you've been mocking the whole time. How did you even find this site?

No. 1188428

>Says she doesn't want men
>Spends hours trying to figure out what men like and hangs in incel spaces for crumbs of scrotes

No. 1188430

So wait…
>most men who like chubby and older women would turn away from the mom who models or plus size models because it's very rare that men are attracted to these types
but then you say
>Attractive women are often ignored by men who claim to like their "type" but it's actually normie men who go for those attractive women
??? Yeah this discussion isn't about weird coomers or incels, but about normie men. And like I've said most men (normal guys) don't really care if a woman is older or chubbier as long as she has some attractive features. Not model tier, just decently cute face etc. So to say men only use girls who don't fit into a certain mold (young, neotenous face, small, thin) because they aren't attracted to them is silly.

No. 1188436

Whats up with all the derailing here today, newfags or scrote baiters.

anons take your argument in another thread.

No. 1188439

It's because anon is one of those delulu ana-chans who think men are using women who they date and they'd only wife a woman like her. She reminds me of the puke-chan who got banned today.

No. 1188440

Saying overweight women totally attract non-manipulative men directly contradicts the fact that men themselves are very opportunistic, dishonest and couldn't care less about your beauty if they get to fuck. They just want sex, and you being their (unlucky) target is not a flex
>B-but men are attracted to me haha gotcha!!
Nigga please

No. 1188452

Handpic or shut up puke-whore. Stop.

No. 1188464

Didn't say it doesn't happen to skinny girls, i just don't understand why you are denying it happens to fat women too, and it happens more often considering men really don't respect anyone who doesn't fit society's standards
wtf is your problem? don't be calling me a whore

No. 1188483

File: 1652994866796.jpg (178.5 KB, 1080x1276, IMG_20220520_024014.jpg)

>Question directed at 'women of reddit'
>Actual 'women of reddit' getting downvoted for honestly answering and not giving asspats to moids

No. 1188486

Meds. Today.

No. 1188487

File: 1652994917930.jpg (104.37 KB, 1080x738, IMG_20220520_024000.jpg)

(2/3) these are one of the most downvoted replies on that post btw

No. 1188488

File: 1652994944269.jpg (143.62 KB, 1080x771, IMG_20220520_023925.jpg)


No. 1188491

Topic is anon spent too much time on reddit and 4chan readying bottom of the barrel men's posts and now thinks anyone who isn't a young looking starved woman will never have a healthy relationship because men will only prey on them or something. No idea why a reddit pickme chose to have this argument in the reddit hate thread. This started when she kept sperging ahout how men always leave their hot gfs for ugly women so she's probably mad the nigel didn't pick her.

No. 1188497

Do these men ever go out? Most women will move away or act displeased when someone creeps like that, it's almost like the only women they see are from porn or reddit posts made by handmaidens.

No. 1188508

Reminds me of that one time I responded to some AskReddit thread about how women feel about being hit up randomly on the street. When I said that I'm going to think that guy is suspicious as fuck, and will definitely avoid using that route for the coming few months if he mentions he always sees me around, and is glad to finally get the chance to talk to me and yada, I got a redditor stuck on me, trying to argue with me even in unrelated threads about just how a man was supposed to meet any new women then, if this classifies as creep behaviour.

No. 1188525

File: 1652996061905.jpg (1.01 MB, 3464x3464, Picsart_22-05-20_02-54-58-981.…)

Samefagging but here's the top replies and of course, they're everything a moid would like to hear.
>"A glance is ok"
>"Women do it too—No, in fact straight women are worse than straight men when it comes to this"
>"I'd rather you stare at my boobs like a creep than look at my eyes, aren't I so quirky and awkward? teehee"

No. 1188527

File: 1652996121025.jpg (106.06 KB, 1080x630, IMG_20220520_024943.jpg)

(2/2) I'm actually reposting because I accidentally messed up the numbers in my previous post, sorry nonnies.

No. 1188528

>straight women stare at tits
Hm… I've known some porn sick straight women who would maybe glance because they were brainwashed into viewing women like that but even they never stared. I feel like most of the unattractive female redditors, just like their male counterparts, think they're hotter and get more attention than they actually do. They probably didn't have women staring or checking them out but since having big boobs is the only cope for fat women and some pretend women are jealous of that characteristic, they'll lie along.

No. 1188536

Did a bit of searching on her post history and she's a 37 woman who admits to sleeping to imagining sex with her crush. I don't want to shame her but doesn't she sound a bit immature for her age? I wonder if she has autism and that's why she prefers this to eye-contact.

No. 1188562


incredible post. 10/10

No. 1188576

File: 1652997837055.jpg (157.39 KB, 720x962, Screenshot_20220519-185121~2.j…)

I was in a subredit of adult people with autism and I stumbled across this post of a woman who was anxious about her upcoming Adult asd assessment (mind you, she is scared she may turn out to not be autistic. Basically she wants to have asd), picrel is one of the responses she's got. It is me of they are literally suggesting to fabricate her symptoms so her feelings get validated?
Sorry if this doesn't belong here, but I didn't knew where else to post it

No. 1188590

The autistic community in reddit is full of cows, most of which aren't even autistic but simply dysfunctional failures. They'll use their self diagnosis to excuse weird behaviors or lie to get diagnosed. They also view themselves above other people and act like NT people don't have any sympathy just because they're tired of enabling the Xth tantrum they're throwing.
I don't have the image but some even argued a man couldn't possibly be autistic even though he had a professional diagnosis because he turned out to be a pedo rapist. It's like they don't consider it a disability but a cool guys club.

No. 1188630

>admits to sleeping to imagining sex with her crush.
am I living on a different world or did we completely forget that most people fantasize?

No. 1188635

most women are unlucky target for moids but for different reasons. "attractive" women get targeted because men want to use them for accessories to show off to other men, "unattractive" women get targeted because men are under the assumption they'll be easier to prey on and take advantage of. I don't know why anons are having a mental breakdown over people saying men are shit and use and abuse women for different reasons

No. 1188636

are you retarded?

No. 1188641

This is kind of hilarious considering all the bitching I've read on Reddit from men about how women aren't honest about what they want or what they're into and just tell men what they think men want to hear (which I admittedly think is a problem), but then when women are giving honest answers they're downvoted

No. 1188657

>when women are giving honest answers they're downvoted
I see this happen a lot on AITA or relationship subreddits, they'll post bitching about their wife or something and when other people come in and point out it was actually them in the wrong those people will get downvoted into oblivion. Only male posts though, if you pull the "plot twist, it was the woman whos wrong" thing everyone loves it even if there was no real reason she was wrong

No. 1188662

I know men love to believe that women secretly find all forms of attention 'so flattering' but at the same time men sure do freak out the moment they're dating a woman and they think that woman is soaking up any attention like that.. so they're being short sighted as they play this weird game of rewarding the women who give the sexiest answer.

I doubt many of these guys have any dating experience yet but lets see how they feel about totes casual and harnmless tit staring when they have a gf who is getting gawked at enough for you to notice it.

No. 1188684

it's hypocritical since men always claim how "they can't take hints" if a woman is interested but also assume all women are interested in them. what even is their motive behind this? are they trying to see how far they can manipulate women into humiliating themselves for attention?
>men sure do freak out the moment they're dating a woman and they think that woman is soaking up any attention like that
this is why dating never works out anymore, they want the hot extroverted girl with lots of friends but expect her to do a 180, cut everyone off and exclusively stay home and give attention to them. I've seen so many men claim they like shy, quiet girls but go for social butterflies expecting them to isolate themselves for him

>how they feel about totes casual and harnmless tit staring when they have a gf

probably not much or they think it won't apply to their gf until it does. Men in relationships are often the worst types and the creepiest fuckers around. It's unbelievable how many gropers, rapists, creepy internet commenters, discord teen groomers, all have whole ass girlfriends in real life, and the teens they groom and women they harass never know about their girlfriends either. I personally block and delete most men I know with girlfriends

No. 1188731

File: 1653003760312.png (167.41 KB, 1045x530, why.png)

this is absolutely disgusting, i gagged.

No. 1188735

No. 1188759

anon come on. this is obviously fake

No. 1188774


Honestly, shut the fuck up. Most of you ladies in relationships are absolutely miserable. I am so sick of women settling for nasty scrotes and constantly whinging about relationships they don't have to endure. People like you are why women out here are being morons and calling themselves femcels and putting all their worth into what men think of them. I welcome women abandoning males and romance and putting themselves first. Men are getting worse and worse every day as porn sickness destroys their brains and they get swept up by men right's "activism" and troonery. I'm sorry you were lied to, I'm sorry you moved out to live with a boyfriend who turned out to be abusive and your only option for leaving is to be homeless. The only one coping is YOU. And death to all pick-mes.

No. 1188775

based and pinkpilled

No. 1188786

could you take a break from being a boring misanthrope and stop shitting up the thread for a couple hours?

No. 1188798

File: 1653007374262.jpeg (310.29 KB, 750x790, 96485D8F-8432-4329-A21F-101350…)

I want to fucking a-log
>am I a sexist pig for wanting a mommy bangmaid who doesn’t want anything other than to mommy and bang??

No. 1188806

I like your energy

No. 1188831

File: 1653010931558.jpg (608.82 KB, 500x750, 94802342848.jpg)

Preach it nona

No. 1188837

Women call me a sexist pig who just wants a handmaiden. It's simply not true!!

Excuse me, it is fucking true. You literally said you wanted a wife whose existence revolves around pleasing him and child rearing, and to basically never leave the fucking house. You're a pig and a handmaiden is EXACTLY what you want. Men don't see their own contradictions, it's infuriating.

No. 1188839

I don't want to look but I bet there were handmaidens in the comments rushing to defend this

No. 1188850

This question is so annoying to me because I feel like men and women look at people completely different. A woman might notice if someone has an attractive figure, but we usually don’t gawk and eye someone up and down like a lot of guys do. The guys who ask if it’s okay to “look” are usually completely unsubtle and just want to be excused for being inappropriate.

No. 1188856

I've caught myself staring unintentionally at really large boobs on other women. I'm wishy washy on judging other people about it because of this, despite hating it when I catch others doing it

No. 1188950

I've met a good number of autists who are like this and it's always the ones who are very high functioning - to the point where most people probably would never know they were autistic unless they said something. I can sympathize to an extent with what they're saying here. If you have a diagnostic label to put to some of your more dysfunctional or antisocial behavior, you don't have to take as much personal accountability for it and you don't have a feel like you're crazy or a "freak". It gives you an explanation, and in a lot of cases, an excuse.
A friend of mine was talking about taking some autism test that gives you a number score and hers was super high and she can't believe she went undiagnosed for so long when she's basically superautistic. The way she described it was weirdly almost like bragging. When I actually looked up the test and read the questions, I find it extremely hard to believe she'd score that high. Obv I can't know what goes on in her head but just from observing her over the years of us being friends…there's no way she didn't exaggerate her answers to get a higher score. And of course she's extremely high functioning. She has little quirks here and there but holds down a well paying job, graduated from a prestigious university, has a decent relationship with her family, regularly hangs out with her small but loyal friend group, takes care of multiple pets without issue, handles most social situations with relative ease, I've only witnessed one meltdown and she was able to mask it til we got home, etc.
When I see people complaining about these things or talking about diagnoses this way, I can't help but think it's usually just very privileged people who are looking to be oppressed in some way. Or they just want a convenient get out of jail free card for their fuck ups despite suffering extremely mild symptoms of the disorder they're so eager to have.

No. 1189053

My general experience, as someone who is attracted to women and likes big boobs, is that it's hard not to look and easy not to stare. Yes I will glance and admire what's in front of me but I know where a person's eyes are. When I worked retail, the amount of times I'd see a man walk past a woman in workout gear, glance at her as he walks past (fine), then fully swivel around and stare like a little kid at her ass after she walks past…it's just embarrassing. You, as a grown adult, can't control your own gaze? Purely embarrassing.

No. 1189087

File: 1653038562419.jpg (147.39 KB, 828x1057, RDT_20220520_12204983262728941…)

No. 1189101

Who tf and why would want to photograph and record the birth???

No. 1189102

Why do women start with describing how good their husbands are before detailing how they raped/abused/etc. By the same husband?

No. 1189105

It’s a cope, partly out of the extreme shock of being betrayed by someone you trusted in the most horrible ways. It’s also embarrassing so many feel the need to explain that he didn’t seem bad at first. At least she left him.

No. 1189110

Maybe they don't wanna get victim blamed by handmaidens and incels who would told her she should've realized how terrible he was before he did this? You're right as most abusive men seem ok before their abuse actually starts. Poor woman.

No. 1189284

gotta love how these trad retards go for uwu ppl r so mean to me like shut your scrotehole moid

No. 1189290

cringe. never stick your mouth on moid ass. that is beneath any woman. only moids should eat your ass if you want to do assplay.

No. 1189305

File: 1653050992640.png (70.95 KB, 660x455, bpdCapture.PNG)

Self centered bpd wants support sub for victims of bpd abuse to be shut dows cbc it hurts her feelings. Notice how she'd have no remorse for hurting her sister, she only cares about how perople's reactions to her abuse hurt her. Not them in the slightest.

No. 1189320

My thought exactly. I KNEW she was gonna start gushing about the man who illegally posted such a special moment of her life online for other men to blow their loads on.

No. 1189321

kek this so unhinged. no anon on this site get to claim bpd anymore unless they're this cringe.

No. 1189331

To be fair most subreddits that center around diagnosing random people with mental illnesses like r/bpdgirlfiend or r/narcparent etc. are just filled with failed people who blame their issues on others who they self diagnose and act like they've abused them.
I read some posts on that narcmom or whatever sub and most of the time they're angry for such basic stuff like the mother telling them to clean up. Same for bpdlovedones, they usually think their girlfriends are bpd because she got upset when the retarded moid negged her or told her she wasn't enough.

No. 1189332

I remember stumbling across the bpdlovedones sub before and tbh there's a whole lot of posts that scream of men being assholes and armchair diagnosing their gfs and ex gfs with it just so they can endlesslessly sperg about them without being questioned. The same vibe pops up in another sub that's aimed at loved ones of narcs "everyone in my family is a narc except me" But you still have to have spaces for people to vent. It's a shame so much of it seems shady but if it's helping at least some genuine people too then it's a space worth keeping up.

No. 1189334

This. Men selfdiagnose their girlfriends with bpd if the gf isn't a doormat and diagnose their parents with narcissism if the said parent calls out how much of a failure he is.

No. 1189379

File: 1653055358311.png (38.55 KB, 1012x280, cesspool.PNG)

This is a comment a bit down on that post, this user says that she has actively seen subreddit mods deleting comments and banning women for trying to give each other protective advice

No. 1189380

I don't even know if BPD means anything anymore. Most of the people I've seen diagnosed with it have completely different behavioral patterns and personalities
It just seems like a catch-all term in the west for anyone the speaker deems annoying or kind of unhinged (which could be justified, or could just be their ex that they're angry at), shit is meaningless. When I started seeing anons here diagnose each other with it in arguments, it was confirmed for me. BPD = bad personality disorder

No. 1189383

This is fucking horrific, I have no words

No. 1189386

Words have lost meanings. Gaslighting, manipulation, narcissism, hysteria, etc. are all words people use when they're mad.

No. 1189399

File: 1653057166731.jpeg (120.98 KB, 838x732, 4A1394CA-08F5-4F20-9FD0-E356E8…)

What is this faggotry

No. 1189400

Men always think there's something wrong with women if we don't shut up and comply to whatever they want. I dated a guy who would shut down and act extremely distant/borderline ghosting me days on end anytime I had the guts to stand up for myself against him when he would attempt to use me as an emotional punching bag or doormat, claimed I was "acting different in a way he didn't like" or that there was something wrong with me because I didn't just do whatever he wanted. It's really pathetic how men think that there is something broken about a woman who doesn't give into their every demand and act exactly how he wants

No. 1189404

Reddit also bans users if you point out when male posters have a porn addiction. "Falsely diagnosing" I guess, never seen anyone banned for attempting to diagnosis female users with histrionic personality disorder though

No. 1189405

God, what an insufferable fucking pickme

No. 1189410

Every single woman I know who spends a great deal on her man financially was cheated on by said man. They'll learn

No. 1189415

kind of unrelated but I can't stand the use of "king" and "queen" in the context of dating/relationships, it's so corny and fake I can't take anyone who uses them seriously

No. 1189418

The way it's written is retarded AF but if personally if I let the man pay for everything I'm worried about things being unbalanced as some men like to believe they "purchase" a right to do whatever they want with a woman.

No. 1189421

Does this "man pays for shit" thing really exist outside of incel and FDS power fantasies? I've never seen a healthy relationship where the man pays for dinners, clothes, gifts etc all the time except for very dubious settings of an older man trying to groom a younger woman. I feel like the opposite happens way more, at least according to the amount of leddit pickmes who brag about financially supporting their spineless NEET boyfriends. I mean I thought it was common sense not to let the moid constantly gift you shit since he's going to expect payment and justify abuse with all the unsolicited money he's put into you.

No. 1189451

Have you never met a couple where the husband was the breadwinner? I'm older than my husband but he financially supports me so clothes, dinner, gifts, hobbies, etc. It's probably more uncommon for people our age but still happens

No. 1189455

File: 1653059679880.png (101.5 KB, 669x705, iwantmywifeto.PNG)

No. 1189465

When I've been in long term live-in relationships there's always been a splitting of various expenses but with the guy paying a lil more and paying for date nights more often than I did. Nothing extreme but not 50/50 either. The last guy suddenly wanted to change up how we split our expenses after years of us sticking to the same arrangement.. turned out he was one foot out the door and that's why he suddenly resented paying one cent more than I did on anything. Was counting every penny all of a sudden.

No. 1189492

He should get with a gay man. Only gay man want to genuinely fuck men in degenerate ways.

No. 1189494

Wanting someone to perform oral sex on you when all the signs point to them not enjoying it… he can talk about love all he wants but this ain't about love and he's not a sweet little emotional victim.

It is easier to stomach spunk when your sex drive and desire for someone is still in the honeymoon period. When that fades and you've maybe had some particularly unpleasant mouthfuls.. it can change. I'm not in a long term thing rn but with age I've def lost interest in the swallowing part and I'm not afraid to be very clear about it. No man wants to hear that and for some of them no reason that you give for that will satisfy them or shut them up because they just refuse to accept you have a hard limit.

This man is only going to nag his partner til she takes away his current monthly bj.

No. 1189497

Notice how he doesn't mention if he still goes down on her kek

No. 1189510

This was a gutting read. Very gutting. I realize that recording you giving birth is retarded, but holy shit no woman deserves this. This post is more gut wrenching than some gore videos.

No. 1189517

Late reply, sorry, but I looked through his comment history when I went to report his comments. Are all social medias this forgiving towards pedos or is this an especially Reddit thing?
Reddit has the most disgusting mods.

No. 1189542

I was with someone before where at the very beginning of our relatiosnhip he hinted about being into 'large insertions' I'm not up for anything like that so he dropped any mention of it pretty quickly. Fast forward a few years, we split, by then our sex life had become me being quite giving and him never being quite happy but also not telling me wtf was missing. I was jumping through hoops while not getting so much as an orgasm myself. I'd forgotten about that quick mention at the beginning. After we split I found a shitload of gape and extreme insertion related porn and there was shit about childbirth and the after effects on womens bodies. Talking about new mothers in the grossest sexual ways. Turning birthing injuries into a kink. I felt sick.

No. 1189546

OT and possibly dumb question since I've never given blowjobs before, but is it really common to look into your partner's eyes while sucking their dick? It seems like such a retarded and unsexy thing to do.

No. 1189577

It's a moid's retarded fantasy, they feel wonderful seeing a woman looking up to them while they facefuck her. Blowjobs are moids' retarded fantasy and they're fucking disgusting too. You will never convince me that it's the same as going down on a girl, it's much more violating and gross, especially because moids demand that you swallow their cum like it's delicious (and of course, it's not and it also upsets your insides). Not to mention that moids don't fucking wash themselves, so a woman giving a blowjob might be licking up fecal matter and other gunk. They see blowjobs as a domination thing and no woman should allow such a thing.

No. 1189618

Poor poor woman. I'm sure she's beautiful and her husband isn't. I hope she has a good support system and hopefully leaves him for someone who'll never let her feel insecure like this again.

No. 1189649

I feel like a few glances at the beginning is normal but anyone making crazy eye contact is putting on a whole performance for the guy. How long can you keep that up as your sex life. Cum swallowing and pretending it's pleasant is a performance too. Dudes really trying to dress that up as the truest form of intimacy.

If he took the pressure off when it comes to swallowing and staring and ticking all these extra boxes then maybe she wouldn't be so avoidant of oral. I mean he's making digs at her for finishing him off by hand at the end of already getting the bj. ffs you're finsihing either way. You made me cum the wrong way!! Man problems kek

No. 1189681

Don't tell me what to do

No. 1189687

In my experience, men who pay for stuff without ever asking or bringing it up have been the best boyfriends. Paying for things is simply one of the manifestations of his respect for me. Whereas all the men I dated during my "split the bill" cool girl phase were entitled af to my time and body.

No. 1189705

File: 1653066850777.jpg (Spoiler Image, 125.04 KB, 764x537, nLi1OdE.jpg)

There two types of moids who say they want that
a) those who have never seen BJ faces
b) pornsick abusers who get off to how degrading it looks (picrel)

No. 1189711

What a drag.

No. 1189735

File: 1653068674527.jpg (98.43 KB, 758x417, rdit.jpg)

The scrote really told on himself there. "Love" my ass. He just wants to cum in her mouth because he thinks it's hot, even though finishing somewheer else could be more intimate if both partners think so.

No. 1189754

I don't have a penis but I can kind of see the point, I think my orgasm would be ruined if a man was eating me out and switched to fingering at the last second. Maybe not quite comparable but the warmth is part of what makes it nice. I think most men want to cum inside mouth/vagina as their top preference and everything else is more of a compromise.

No. 1189760

Your warm wet mouth…. my skin is crawling. Men saying shit like this to women online is like casual harrassment. You dare to point out how creepy that is and they'll lose their shit but it's gross

When I come I get significantly wetter.. but I don't make the guy suck up all my juices post orgasm. In my mind that's the true equivalent to it. I wipe off after.

No. 1189770

>his username is sukmordik

No. 1189781

God what a disgusting coomer, focusing only on men's pleasure. He could have said that he's personally not interested in a compromise, but no he had to tell her that her bf is completely dissatisfied and making it sound like it's her fault, even adding the "warm wet" bit. You're talking to someone you don't know over the internet ffs, can he put away his dick for two seconds? I hope he gets an infection.

Let's be honest, men can't really tell the difference in sensation, they fuck and cum with everything. What's different is that he doesn't get to humiliate her by cumming in her mouth and doing something she clearly doesn't like.

No. 1189788

Scrotes have no issues constantly jerking off with their own cold dry hands so idk.

No. 1189806

This shit is just like the anal argument. Objectively it doesn't feel that good (not better than regular PIV sex at least), but they get off to the idea of hurting and making a woman uncomfortable. The same is with blowjobs.

No. 1189878

The difference is women don't ejaculate. You'll get wetter but in general giving head to a women doesn't include sucking on her hole, you suck the clit.

No. 1189929

I really wish I hadn't unspoilered this. Moids are so gross.

Just the fact that he talks to women in such a creepy way on the internet is proof the gf needs to run far and fast from him

No. 1189937

Yeah it's the psychological aspect of it and it bothers me when they claim that it "just physically feels better". They'd probably get as much arousal from a handjob if they put their mind to it.

No. 1189968

The fact that he post soomething like this under a name like "sukmordik" on a site like Reddit would be enough to break up with him.

No. 1190005

Samefag. I wish women had more confidence to set boundaries. She HATES sperm in her mouth, yet she did it because she wanted to make him feel "special". I don't mean this in a mocking way but this is so sad to me. No one should feel like they have to disregard their dislikes and boundaries for someone's attention. It's fucked up how this is seen as a romantic act for so many people. It's dehumanizing. Like you're supposed to sacrifice yourself for your partner and be used as a tool for their needs. The lengths women go through to please moids is infuriating.

No. 1190144

men pay hundreds for strange massage parlor ladies to jerk them off and cum on their own stomach, any man who claims you're wrong for not letting them cum anywhere else is a liar and manipulative

No. 1190154

>it's just a fantasy
great, can we tell men to stop trying to reenact porn? can we tell men to stop harassing women who fit porn categories? can we tell men to stop pressuring their gfs to try something they saw in porn? tell them to stop expecting womens bodies to work the way they do in porn? they call it fantasy like it's DND or something but too many damn men project this shit irl

No. 1190170

Most men are autistic compared to women, they will never fucking understand

No. 1190282

Men also defend lolis and stuff with this excuse but they always end up harming real children. It's a lie.

No. 1190310

I saw this post on another sub and couldn’t believe how many people were sympathetic to the husband for releasing her birth video without her consent, saying she sounded crazy and broke up her family for nothing, etc. Insane.

No. 1190313

Holy shit. Which sub? Also can't they realize the children will grow up and see their mother's birth porn videos? He fucked it up.

No. 1190316

this is so fucking gross, i am so uncomfortable. i feel horrible for this woman… i would be horrified

No. 1190321

I’m on mobile atm but I think it was one of those “best of reddit updates” subreddits that compiles all the OP’s updates. It was one of the top posts and had several “birthing” fetish subreddits linked in the comments.

No. 1190330

> you see mens brains work differently..
I'm a woman, I've watched, read and thought about things that I don't really intend to seek out in reality. I've used the fantasy to orgasm and then I got on with me day. This isn't some 'you wouldn't understand man brain' thing. It doesn't excuse men thinking about very young girls in their fucking forties. Certain fantasies shouldn't be entertained or played into. Do they ever shut up about how man-brain is the answer. It's their get out of jail card.

No. 1190340

File: 1653082132465.png (137.56 KB, 742x937, scrotesscrotingre.PNG)

Also another porn-fried brain scrote being sad that married women with children don't have the genuine desire to be anal gaping cum slut whores after wiping shit all day and won't thank him for presenting them his teletubby antenna micropenis to suck.

No. 1190348

The whole "male and female brains are different" helps the tranny narrative so idk if I believe in it. Or maybe they are different but if you are male you have male brain, no exceptions or "I have the wrong brain!!!!" Etc

No. 1190349

SpankmasterS understands sukmordik better than his wife… Maybe because they're both rotting scrotes addicted to porn.
Also men always humiliate sexual women like how he talked about a woman who wanted anal, and then wonder why most women only do vanilla stuff with their longterm boyfriend or husbands.

No. 1190350

There's no male and female brain. There is autism and porn addiction which is why they all become the way they are.

No. 1190351

File: 1653082605380.png (245.97 KB, 1547x880, moid.png)

Wow he really is a grade a scrote

No. 1190352

No. 1190359

There is definitely a male and female brain, thats why men are retarded and women are not. Trannies just fail to understand that their male body will always have a male brain, same as they won't ever have female kidney or a female lung. I dont think the brain having a sex same as the rest of the body does plays into troonism, I think its the opposite. How moronic can one be to think a female sexed xx brain somehow can end up in a male xy body?

No. 1190368

Just so fucking tired of society passively ignoring pornsickness..it's so bad now that literally no one knows how to even date anymore. This thread makes me realize this quite often

No. 1190369

what the fuck

No. 1190373