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terfs idealize a form of femininity that is a white supremacist’s wet dream. they make fun of “TIMs” as men masquerading as women as evidenced by their broad shoulders, wigs, narrow hips, facial and body hair, musculature and even bone structure (phrenology, anyone?) as if those aren’t the very same characteristics i see on my indigenous and black cis aunties, mothers, and sisters. if you are not white, lithe, and barely hairy you will never fit into their idea of womanhood! the same rhetoric that excludes and polices trans women is a threat to all women of color, cis or trans.

terf ideology is incapable of examining the multitude of relationships we have to girlhood, womanhood, and motherhood because it is an ideology fueled and sharpened by white supremacy. it is an ideology with a terminal and suicidal end if you are not white.(back2twitter)

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