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File: 1653829869939.jpg (969.73 KB, 1920x1756, 20220529_144821.jpg)

No. 209791

A thread to talk about games of the Time management or simulation genre.

I put these into a combined thread because alot of people who play time management also play simulations.

No. 209811

I really wanna see that one anon who played Dwarf Fortress come back here. I still think she's cool as hell. Also I used to play Virtual Villagers a lot.

No. 209812

i used to play virtual villagers alot too. I still have all 5 games on my console and im thinking of playing them once i install cheat engine lol.

No. 209824

I think she’s cool too.

Anyway, Satisfactory is the fucking best!!! Would recommend to simulation enjoyers, solo or with friends. You go to an alien planet and your mission is to build the biggest most efficient factory.
At first glance it may look boring and nerdy but it’s actually so fun and satisfying. I’m literally addicted. I love that you can enjoy the game whether you’re into running around exploring the map or extreme spergtastic number crunching type of gameplay. There’s also lively modding community. Clocking in about 500 hours and no sign of stopping.

No. 209831

anons im going to go and make my villagers rich now.

No. 209838

File: 1653844026660.png (1.41 MB, 1028x682, eeeeee.png)

Before: they're doing really good for a new village.

No. 209849

File: 1653845673130.jpg (270.67 KB, 600x800, Heart's Medicine Time to Heal.…)

ily anon!!
Is there any new time management game anyone can recommend? I have played Heart's Medicine and enjoyed it. (surprisingly enough, the story was nice too! really indearing despite the cliches)

No. 209850

File: 1653846058771.png (454.97 KB, 1200x600, jjjjj.png)

im gonna give them almost a million of food lol

idk any recent but you should look at time management games made by gamehouse, playfirst and bigfish. Im sure you will find some of that you havent played before.

No. 209853

File: 1653846401586.png (592.73 KB, 800x604, keke.png)

Now they have enough food for a thousand of villager years to come.

No. 209856

Dang I played the first virtual villagers on my PC as a kid, the music was awesome

No. 209859

yh the music had a nice tribal and relaxing sound.

No. 209864

File: 1653848681720.jpg (424.44 KB, 1056x1504, 81vBl-aR0-L.jpg)

The IMPACT of this game was big that even big media corporations were trying to cash in by creating their bootleg versions of it.


No. 209871

I will never accept Penguin Diner is a bootleg. It's its own thing to me

No. 209872

File: 1653850716899.jpg (120.37 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

i was more thinking about things like pic related which are obvious bootlegs.

No. 209877

File: 1653851956789.jpg (37.4 KB, 401x256, 39355-1.jpg)

The Style Savvy games, are my favorite. I hope they make a new one. Or port them to switch. You manage a store, with made up brands (Goth Brand, Lolita Brand, Urban Brand etc.), the shops you can buy clothes to sell change with every real life day and offer different things.
There's also contests

No. 209879

File: 1653852117233.jpg (56.54 KB, 480x358, PopCutieInline_1223042777.jpg)

Pop Cutie Simulation for the NDS

No. 209881

File: 1653852186801.jpg (15.15 KB, 259x194, download.jpg)

and of course the Papa Games, My favorite is the Pancakeria. It just makes me hungry, IDK I think the food animation and pictures are really well done and attractive.
But I get Aniexty sometimes when too many people come in.

No. 209882

I love Wedding Dash, I always download once a year and play it. I've never been into Diner Dash games though.

No. 209941

hey i dont know if you know but you can get the papa games for IOS and you can find apk's for android too.
They're exactly like the PC papa games too.

No. 209973

Aren't they all on coolmathgames

No. 209992

File: 1653874501135.jpeg (59.46 KB, 464x348, 85270BE0-0A21-4446-8E72-BDAA6F…)

I will always remember this game holy shit, best one in the series

No. 209993

File: 1653874989109.jpg (55.19 KB, 436x282, cakemania3.jpg)

These games are my entire life and I'm in love with my beautiful cake girlboss Jill Evans

No. 210037

File: 1653883995874.jpg (57.09 KB, 500x449, 51tIzhVGcNL.jpg)

Imagine game dump incoming, I just had a huge moment where I remembered this game and I could'nt think of the name. I didn't think it was an Imagine game but it was. You worked in a mall and got to dress people up or something. Of course, I played it on a emulator, kek. I owned a DS later on in life but only played the Style Savvy Games on it.
Other then that I never played 98% of the games on the system. I just emulated them. I wonder if any nonnies recognizes any of them?

No. 210038

File: 1653884059258.jpg (30.79 KB, 500x333, 413ORQPVCjL.jpg)

I just remember the brand "Magic Jacket" I love fake brand names/fake brands period. logos all of that. The graphics were ugly and the clothes were kinda all recolors but it was really fun. I may download it and play it on my NDS emulator later today

No. 210039

File: 1653884129429.jpg (41.33 KB, 333x500, 51Y6Mik2ssL.jpg)

Imagine teacher was a game I could never finish, because there was a action I had to do, I didn't know how to get my emulator to do it. Plus it really lagged badly. Not as bad as Imagine- Baby Sitter did though.
Maybe I could fix it today?

No. 210040

File: 1653884156132.jpg (11.21 KB, 236x213, download (1).jpg)

No. 210062

File: 1653896413983.jpg (66.5 KB, 400x240, 2[2].jpg)

there's a similar game called Fab Style for DS and 3DS, Japanese only, but this one also includes a boyfriend mini-game

No. 210087

Thanks for unlocking my memories and reminding me of this game

No. 210095

I loved the background music they used in the game.

No. 210161

File: 1653922211671.jpeg (76.83 KB, 640x478, images.jpeg)

Omg this is my new favourite thread because I grew up with this genre. Restaurant, diner games were the best. I loved Party Down and spent too much time playing it back in the day.

No. 210165

I never heard of this game. Looks fun

No. 210201

File: 1653931957161.jpg (56.98 KB, 300x250, beautyresort.jpg)

i wasted so much time on these games

No. 210203

File: 1653932083494.jpg (78.84 KB, 640x480, family-restaurant.jpg)

same anon

also does love laser belong here as well?

No. 210214

I looooooved this one. I never played past the first I think five levels because afterwards it pushed me to buy some full version or something like that. Is there a crack version of this? lol

No. 210221

does anyone remember this kim possible browser game where you play as rufus and you put together restaurant orders? does that even count as a time management game??

No. 210222

Where do stuff like fire emblem go?

No. 210227

Isn't Fire Emblem a TRPG? That goes in the video game thread. I seem to recall FE having its own thread before the purge, though.

No. 210236

HOLY SHIT nonnies I have been trying to find this game for so fucking long THANK YOU LOLCOR

No. 210238

File: 1653942434674.jpeg (89.24 KB, 750x417, 35DB390A-45E6-4813-8EF1-B538F3…)

I played this one and I love it so much!! I wish there were more quality dress up games.

No. 210239

my and my sister used to love that game. it is funny because since she was a child my sister wanted to be a teacher, so she went to uni and is just about to finish her first year as one!

No. 210252

Anyone help me remember these games? Same era as diner dash and virtual villagers
#1 was a real estate tycoon type game, very relaxing. You got to upgrade houses and the view was basically looking down at a suburb.
#2 was a rpgmaker type game where you start off as a (elf?) Slave girl who breaks free. Think she had red hair.

No. 210263

Is anything similar to this or a full translation for the game? I played the partial translation but you can't recommend clothes easily since it's just a paragraph of Japanese text. I like the idea of a dating part, there's not many teen/adult focused dating sims on DS to my recollection

No. 211025

BUMP degen males are at it again.

No. 211029

File: 1654189858239.png (1.92 MB, 1680x1050, BA67C79F-1AB8-4621-BE4F-3DFFC0…)

Does Insaniquarium count? I loved that game

No. 211032

File: 1654190030628.jpeg (133.47 KB, 1280x720, FDBAB3DD-07E3-468C-8C81-B32E52…)

Also Lemonade Tycoon

No. 211041

omg I loved this game!

No. 211069

Me too. Best game ever

No. 211081

Is there anything like Style Savvy on switch? I loved these games on DS and I miss them

No. 211099

But flash got nuked so there's no way to play them now? Is there a way to play without flash player?

No. 211128

The closest thing that I know of is Selfy Collection

No. 211167

File: 1654228639981.png (375.63 KB, 592x386, Screen Shot 2022-06-02 at 11.5…)

nonnie they have them here i believe https://bluemaxima.org/flashpoint/ but you can't fully expand the screen or at least i couldn't i also have played them with a paid membership on shockwave https://www.shockwave.com/site-search?search_api_views_fulltext=diner+dash

No. 211170

File: 1654230289909.jpeg (97.74 KB, 592x578, 1653940862879.jpeg)

Okay but I actually liked this version too

No. 211317

Anon do you know where i could find the key's for those games so i can play them without a trial?

No. 211339

Nta but I think Y8 has one or two of the Diner Dash games, you have to download the Y8 browser to play flash games. I'm pretty sure you can expand screen but I'm not 100% sure

No. 211393

Try oldgamesdownload.com anon

No. 211551

File: 1654348625063.jpg (254.09 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Popcap games were absolutely fantastic. Insaniquarium was so fun, alongside Zuma, Feeding Frenzy, Pizza Frenzy, Chuzzle, and the Bookworm games.

No. 211553

I love Chuzzle, I spent sooooooooo much time playing them. I loved how their hair would move if you moved your cursor over them, and if you grabbed and shook a row/column their eyes would spin around like they're dizzy kek

No. 211555

File: 1654351908673.jpg (221.47 KB, 797x597, bigbiztycoon.jpg)

I used to like Big Biz Tycoon, it constantly froze but I played it all the time. I really liked the art for the characters and the decor. Also I'm annoyed because I really liked the intro animation to it. I downloaded it, but the version I have auto-skips the intro. Every youtube lets play of the game, they skip the opening cutscene as well. I'm seething

No. 212268

If you want to play any old flash games just download the numuki browser https://www.numuki.com/

No. 212295

i already have it nonnie,
I wish there was a option to minimize volume or mute volume when playing games because i want to listen to something else when playing, the y8 browser also has the same problem.

No. 213323

PC Building Simulator 2 looks good. If you play the free open beta you get a 15% coupon. Can’t wait to autistically and diligently work a fake job.

No. 213355

File: 1654910181137.jpg (45.76 KB, 480x358, BabyzInline_1194893219.jpg)

Imagine Babysitters was my shit as a kid. I wasted so much time on this game lmao

No. 213358

File: 1654910433254.jpg (41.31 KB, 500x451, 51yysMD5OdL._AC_.jpg)

Same anon as >>213355, but I also played so much of picrel but I don't think I ever beat it probably because of the fucking moths.


No. 213417

File: 1654945198731.jpg (62.4 KB, 640x480, R.jpg)

Omg this is the perfect thread for me lol. I was obsessed with these kinds of games when I was a kid, hell I still am, it's just harder to find good ones online nowadays. Do you guys remember the Big Fish Games website? Me and my sister spent hours playing all the restaurant and fashion dressing up games there. Great memories at my dad's house on the computer in his study with the huge clunky keyboard, downloading 5 games at once and hurriedly playing them before the 1 hour limit ran out lol.

Delicious Deluxe was my absolute fave. I found it so exciting as a kid when you moved up the levels and the restaurant got increasingly bigger and more tables were added. That was my dopamine rush kek

No. 213418

File: 1654946041746.jpg (31.94 KB, 600x450, Feeding Frenzy 2 Shipwreck Sho…)

Samefag, but did anyone else play Feeding Frenzy? This was some intense, nerve wracking shit lol, but I loved it

No. 213424

File: 1654947474833.jpeg (72.64 KB, 640x480, 2C191FE4-3961-45E8-B287-7031B8…)

You nonnies are unlocking some deep memories, fucking loved that game. Anyone play this one? snapshot adventures secret of bird island

No. 213426

is this related to the party down TV show?

No. 213430

YES, i think i even beat the game. I think there were 2 feeding frenzy games made but i always proffered this one.

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