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No. 208781

Previous thread >>>/m/122979

Talk about webtoons, manhwas and manhuas here.

No. 208800

What did you all think about the ending of the blood of madam giselle?

No. 208833

Quimchee is being dragged in the comment sections for a while now because even after her 2y brake, having staff to help, diminish the amount of panels, and worsening the quality or the art the comic "I love yoo" is updated with no regular schedule.

She should just finish this story and move on with her life. Clearly she doesn't give a shit anymore and its not rewarding for her. I see no reason for a season two after…I don't even know, 5 years or so?

No. 208843

I used to enjoy this, it was nice seeing a cool and relatable mc that had personality in a drama/romance comic, but fuck me it got so boring what a waste, I had to stop reading because literally every episode was just sad ginger man with heavy drama such as should I work at mcdonalds or stay at my office job

No. 208857

Webtoons are the worst of all webcomics. Truly dredging the bottom of the barrel with 99% of them.

No. 208862

File: 1653427368839.jpg (765.57 KB, 1080x2091, IMG_20220524_232148.jpg)

Nice to see this thread is back. Truly need to rant about how Smythee is truly besting her shittyness with the latest Lore Olympus chapters.

No. 208865

Rant on, nonnie. I want to hear more about this trainwreck.

No. 208869

I can't even hate it anymore. It's like Euphoria, Twilight and other trashy drama-mongering material. You can acknowledge how terrible they are but you also can't look away. Something to be said for creating a morbid curiosity in people equivalent to watching a natural disaster.

No. 208873

File: 1653429792204.png (418.51 KB, 492x788, EP80.png)

I dropped it shortly after Quimchee did a short strip about how picrl would end up together and which was very cute and satisfying to see as I really like the dynamic where the boy is pining hopelessly after the girl. The male leads were uninteresting compared to him beside the typical tropes the male leads had that was a little different then the usual.

No. 208889

The art is super inconsistent and the FL often looks like a weird Disney child and the ML is a carrot nose mf

No. 208890

File: 1653434505636.jpg (27.25 KB, 334x334, 34920483290.jpg)

However could you find such a regal nose unattractive!?

No. 208893

File: 1653434971268.png (1.65 MB, 596x1581, 79403284903284.png)

But I will say Ares looked hot in the most recent chapter and him acting so slutty did things to me.

No. 208915

File: 1653450428875.gif (1.32 MB, 498x498, jermichael-no (1).gif)

Y'all need jesus

No. 208917

File: 1653451294152.jpeg (124.32 KB, 750x1000, A5AF36AC-42C9-4289-8EC8-891E49…)

Is he slicking his hair with spit? and you find that hot?

No. 208918

Waxing crescent lookin ass head. I missed this thread, I'm so happy it's back kek

No. 209011

Yes punish me more nonies kek the comment about Hades' nose was sarcasm tho

No. 209145

How can anybody be turned on by a drawing this shitty? Looks like 90% of the garbage drawn by 15 year olds on Tumblr.

No. 209146

>UwU I'm so depraved
You're not edgy, you just have crap taste in art. Go see an eye doctor.

No. 209158

The body types in Lore Olympus are super inconsistent and the character design is lazy. Artemis body was always more on the skinny side like Minthe but suddenly in chapter 193 she is thick with bigger hips & chest like Persephone. Hera is basically a yellow Persephone and there are almost no differences between Hera & Hebe.

No. 209184

3/10, not very original I preferred the images but I'll take verbal degradation too. Anyway does anyone actually have something to say about the story or are we just falling back on complaints about webtoons' subpar art? The plot has been slow for a while but I thought Demeter's punishment could be grounds for a more interesting dynamic between her and Persephone. Her mom really got the short end of the stick and I figured Persephone would feel at least some concern with her mother having to live as a mortal. Instead, of course, Demeter has not been mentioned whatsoever after the time skip and it just seems like a convenient way for Smythe to get her out of the way for an immediate Hades/Persephone reunion.

No. 209211

File: 1653601503328.png (317.51 KB, 512x512, lookism.png)

>several chapters hyping up an antagonist
>only for them to always job in favor of the the good guys
Lookism became so repetitive and pointless. Almost 400 chapters with this formula repeating again and again, I'm so sick of it. Does this story really needs that many chapters and antagonists? Just end it already.

No. 209228

imagine actually giving a shit about LO. get some taste

No. 209233

You're in the webtoon thread babe, none of the stories are high art but they can still be fun to discuss. I see you don't have anything to contribute though.

No. 209260

This garbage is still going? Rachael is smart. I'll give her that. pandering to brainless 15 year olds made her shit comic and herself rich.

No. 209359

lookism was fun the first 100 of episodes but after that it become so boring and had the same typical plot.
The author needs to put this out of its misery by finally finishing it.

No. 209801

How did you guys like the new LO chapter?

No. 209848

File: 1653845511583.jpg (212.62 KB, 846x829, IMG_20220529_193136.jpg)

lmao not Hades suddenly becoming the strongest god on earth now that his waifu has been banished

About the art, picrel speaks for itself

No. 212044

File: 1654463400189.png (1.47 MB, 797x1899, index.png)

can you recommend any webtoons for female audiences that have a pretty art style? i really love the art and the warm colors in i'm no heroine/i will politely decline the male lead. i feel like most webtoons have really imbalanced colors and wonky art styles that make the whole thing look rather tacky and cheap.

No. 212050

>pretty art style
There exists no such thing

No. 212310

File: 1654550856382.jpg (68.13 KB, 350x508, as-you-wish-prince-36451.jpg)

Its completed so ill be binge reading this.

No. 212316

Death is the only end for the villainess

No. 212323

I worry that a generation of kids raised on crappy fanfics will lead to an absolute tanking of the quality of fiction writing all around, and that Webtoons writing quality is an early manifestation of this. If you read a lot of good writing you’ll inevitably become a better writer. Maybe if you read a lot of terrible writing you’ll inevitably become a webtoon-grade writer.

No. 212326

there is just more content and different styles of comics from different asian countries than ever before.

Back when there was only mangas trust me there was just as much as shitty writing and stories as there is now, but people dont mind because of nostalgia.

No. 212475

File: 1654616945098.png (140.09 KB, 1112x632, grfdsde.png)

>releasing 21 new series all in one week
Didn't they say they were going to slow down new releases?

No. 212480

it looks as if webtoon is scared of stagnating. trying get as much content as possible to get another hit. very netflix of them kek

No. 212494

File: 1654623320289.png (7.79 KB, 512x512, 000001.png)

Does anyone know any good site where I can read raws?
There is this webtoon I love to read. I mostly go on Naver to read their raws but since they won't let me sign up (I am not from Korea) the fast pass raw episodes from naver I can't never read, even if I WANT TO PAY for them.

No. 212522

It's ended already?
I need to catch up, I loved the visual style and the main hunk

No. 212526

Spoiler she kills him in the end cold-heartedly alot of readers found the end disappointing.

No. 212553

it's a cute one. i enjoyed it and don't regret the read.

No. 212629

File: 1654675534396.jpg (123.68 KB, 716x1300, RDT_20220514_09224861551818333…)

I'm scared to see Hopeless Desires of a Witch's ending.

I saw screenshots where he dies of old age and leaves her. She doesn't look like she aged once. I was sad looking at the panel where she's pushing his wheelchair, to his deathbed, and then finally her sleeping at his grave. I really hoped she was going to find a cure for her immortality..

No. 212649

manhwa makers keep on having writer burnouts blockages and give shitty endings which are a total opposite 180 of the whole story.

No. 213245

File: 1654863242251.png (636.85 KB, 700x1149, 3ECBAAC7-0A68-48E8-95FC-DB0FF0…)

I hate how everyone praises this stupid teen mom webtoon as being brave and informative. The series is written by a clueless scrote, and wrote brainless shit like having the teenmom keep pregnancy tests filled with piss in a dresser.

No. 213492

Are some webtoons just poorly translated?

No. 213495

kek this looks like shit

No. 213504

Art styles that scream "this guy draws lolicon"

No. 213505

Does anyone know where I can get the Recovery of an MMO Junkie (Net-juu no Susume,ネト充のススメ) manga in japanese, not English?
Please? I've been looking for it online and I can only find sources that are in english. nyaa.si also does not seem to have the raw japanese version.

No. 213522

this looks horrible, post some panels, if you can

No. 213539

File: 1654993103831.jpeg (919.13 KB, 1125x1663, D9130EDA-BEB7-4D89-8BDE-B3633F…)

I can’t find the English version but this one was the first on google. Like what the fuck is this? No actual woman would collect her fucking pregnancy tests like this

No. 213600

If it's manga shouldn't you be asking in the manga thread?

No. 213603

oh, my bad. sorry.

No. 213673

What the fuck. yeah this is disgusting

No. 214314

lookism is so stupid and ridiculous but I keep going back to it every few months when curiosity gets the best of me.

No. 214970

File: 1655436028253.png (1.36 MB, 828x1792, 89139266-21AE-40D0-8D44-B78693…)

Name: Your smile is a trap
God this is one of my favorite manhwas because of the male mc falling first and the female mc having tan skin. It's a cute sappy love story about an exkpop idol trainee and a girl who is bullied. its available on the webtoon usa but I got the korean app to read it early. also the author doesn't stall and get to the point unlike -some- authors (cough cough quimchee)

No. 214972

idgaf if she had brain surgery its not excuse for her to be stalling the story like can kousuke and the girl fuck already or something? make it juicy

thought it was going to be about learning to love yourself and worki hard to get a glow up not about gangs and shit. after the arc about eli and his daughter i dropped it.

No. 215288

Curious how many non-artists are checking out the Call To Action Contest? It seems like everyone who was going to enter did already and they keep posting chapters to get their series higher on the submissions page, even though the rules say that won't help anything, but I don't know how webtoon can enforce that. Audience reception is part of deciding the winner.
Do you think webtoon is looking for more action series or is it just an easier way to find quality art since fight scenes take more effort to draw?

No. 215673

File: 1655688170654.jpg (217.85 KB, 1242x1570, media_FVh7gk9XwAAZqyE[1].jpg)

I'm kinda surprised how a very simple cutesy slice of life comic managed to get such strong reactions.

No. 215674

Do tell, I don't use twitter I read none of these dipshit takes

No. 215676

To be fair they are right. It's a ftms comic about how gay men totally act.

No. 215678

I'm not a Twitter user either, but I find similar stuff on other sites like Tumblr or Pinterest. I just find those reactions weirdly interesting tbh.

No. 215681

Poor fakebois, people are going to get redpilled on them over their cringey fujo bullshit a decade minimum before TIM degeneracy is recognized let alone condemned. Unfortunately for them, trooning didn't give them a shred more moid privilege than any other woman kek.

No. 215707

File: 1655703495321.png (1.02 MB, 792x1202, Screen Shot 2022-06-20 at 1.31…)

Anyone else disappointed by the ending of Edith? It was one of the few webtoons I enjoyed, but it took a nosedive during season 3 in both writing and art quality. I feel like the tone drastically changed and all the built up tension fizzled out.

how do you make 100 episodes of two characters for them to not address their breakup (which made no sense in the first place) beyond a couple sentences a whole year later? Also, Mitchell irritates me. We got no build up with him at all. If she was gonna end up with the second ml it should've been Jack. And career-wise, she 'made it' with virtually no conflict.

No. 215715

NTA, I don't use Twitter or read this comic either.
But some clips from the animated episodes were posted in the woke media cringe thread.

No. 215718

it was really bad. I think the author just wrapped it over ASAP without caring how or why in order to be paid and be able to move on with someone else. This whole last season it's been obvious she didn't want to keep writing this anymore, and already in the second season she stopped making any efforts with the art. What a waste of time.

No. 215731

Apparently, it's written by an indonesian fakeboi. It's a self-insert wattpad-tier story full of gay stereotypes, written by a person who obviously consumes nothing but BL fictional media. And people seem to hate the author for drawing BTS porn, being a shotacon, and a ''proshipper''?

No. 215733

File: 1655721936687.png (1.59 MB, 1080x2201, Screenshot_20220620-054442.png)

>quality art

I dunno about that…

No. 215828

this submission in specific was literally only made for the contest, I think it's a prequel to another comic, and it makes 0 sense when you read it before knowing about the previous comic

No. 215846

ayrt; when I read it I was too distracted by the Moon Over June faces to notice that the plot was, uh, thin. Somehow this one is currently the most popular entry.

No. 215858

From what I understand twitter and tumblr people hate it because it comes off as a self-insert story written by a fujoshi that fetishizes gay men and is clearly intended for straight women but then that statement is redacted when they find out the the creator is not a "straight woman". They then just scramble and say they don't like the art style or the stereotypical personalities and that other webtoons deserve more attention.

No. 216082

File: 1655844112636.jpeg (126.59 KB, 750x896, CC78566D-BEB0-4E4D-AFB9-B2F768…)

From what I can tell the "Popularity" rating for the Call to Action Contest is based strictly on views. I noticed something interesting on June 12. One of the contest entries busted the top 5 in the Canvas Hotlists: (Crystalized at spot 4)

No. 216085

File: 1655844338859.jpeg (154.22 KB, 750x800, 617B1416-58B7-4E08-B79F-78437B…)

these are the stats for Crystalized and the competitor below it in spot 5. I think Crystalized beat it out because it has a high porportion of subscribes and likes compared to its views.

No. 216086

File: 1655844374303.jpeg (116.43 KB, 750x673, 5AAC75AB-02CD-49FE-B4F0-E9A1D3…)

No. 216087

File: 1655844852661.jpeg (261.38 KB, 750x1126, 2C88D032-83F9-4732-867E-1F3D21…)

However, Crystalized was still somewhat down the top of the list in the contest submission page. I don't have the image for the stats of the comic just above it, but when i checked, the only difference was that it had a few more views.

No. 216129

webtoons and art quality generally do go together like water and oil

No. 217557

File: 1656408136260.jpg (3.56 MB, 3072x4096, pt2022_06_28_11_20_28.jpg)

I hated both of their new interests. The new blonde girl and Mitchell were both out of nowhere, too perfect, no bad sides to them.
I didn't like Edith's cinnamon roll character development either, in the first season she was very flawed. She was a smoker, a drinker who'd cry alone but still feel like she's better than other people. A bit unhinged, not over her unrequited love. She had dreams almost impossible to achieve and a dysfunctional relationship with Philip. She was interesting. Of course some of that was gonna be resolved but everything went away without much conflict or hardship and she became a totally different person. New Edith is sweet, cute, effortlessly beautiful and a model, (even though she was always a smoker who ate like shit and is never shown exercising), social with many friends who love her, wouldn't hurt a fly, accomplished writer with a movie coming out and every model-level boy she liked fell for her. She became Persephone basically. But even Persephone is more flawed than Edith was in the last season.
I wish she still was a bit mean, unhinged or depressed or whatever, this wish fulfilment slice-of-life fluff romance it ended in is so boring. I hoped for a bit more bittersweet dramatic shit and no her breaking up with Philip but getting another absolutely devoted model guy as her bf isn't bitter or sad. She's been apart from Philip for a whole season, who cared about it at that point.
I loved the first season and I'm sad about how it progressed. But I feel like it's good it had ended already or it would devolve even more.

No. 217564

The drop in art quality is actually depressing

No. 217576

File: 1656418168661.jpg (821.16 KB, 1000x1507, 9k=(3).jpg)

Sage for salt, but I still can't get over the time someone called me a snob for getting annoyed at the badly aliased 3D-rendered assets in Morgana and Oz and considering art quality when I read something.

No. 217582

All that time arranging the model but they wouldn't spare 10 seconds per object to add a smooth line to the knick knacks? Or in the very least they could learn how to export lines from sketchup without them scaling razor thin. Yeesh.

No. 217727

>fujoshi that fetishizes gay men and is clearly intended for straight women but then that statement is redacted when they find out the the creator is not a "straight woman"
Not even that. Usually what I see instead is "just because you're a gay man doesn't mean you can't fetishise gay men" so they still acuse the webtoon of being a fetishisation. I notice a lot with these more random cancelations that gen z will only suddenly remember the concept of internalized homophobia/misoginy/racism/etc whenever it's convenient and justifies the continuation of a bandwagon wichhunt

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