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No. 187625

To all the newfags and spergs shitting up other threads please take all of your Euphoria discussions in this thread instead.

What is Euphoria:
>>Euphoria is an American teen drama television series created and written by Sam Levinson for HBO. It is based on the Israeli television miniseries of the same name created by Ron Leshem and Daphna Levin. The series follows a group of high school students through their experiences of identity, trauma, drugs, family, friendships, love, and sex. It stars Zendaya, who also serves as the series' narrator, alongside an ensemble cast consisting of Maude Apatow, Angus Cloud, Eric Dane, Alexa Demie, Jacob Elordi, Barbie Ferreira, Nika King, Storm Reid, Hunter Schafer, Algee Smith, Sydney Sweeney, Colman Domingo, Javon "Wanna" Walton, Austin Abrams, and Dominic Fike.

>>The series premiered on June 16, 2019. In July 2019, the series was renewed for a second season, preceded by two one-hour specials broadcast in December 2020 and January 2021. The second season premiered on January 9, 2022, and in February 2022, the series was renewed for a third season.

No. 187635

i remember during first season no one really cared about this show and now it has all this hype around it that will go away soon.

No. 187637

File: 1646686755078.jpg (38.71 KB, 720x116, Screenshot_20220307-215831_Chr…)

No. 187639

more things to add
>>Euphoria is an American adaptation of an Israeli show of the same name, and all episodes are written by Sam Levinson (Assassination Nation), who also serves as executive producer. The series is produced in partnership with A24 (Lady Bird, Random Acts of Flyness, 2 Dope Queens, Pod Save America) and includes executive producers Ravi Nandan, Kevin Turen, Hadas Mozes Lichtenstein, Tmira Yardeni, Mirit Toovi, Yoram Mokadi and Gary Lennon. Ron Leshem and Daphna Levin, who created the Israeli series, also serve as executive producers.


No. 187641

>A24 (Lady Bird, Random Acts of Flyness, 2 Dope Queens, Pod Save America)
Talk about demographic targeting

No. 187642

Dude is literally mossad.

No. 187651

Eh, I remember first season was pretty hyped and people were talking about it. Now it seems to be way more popular though, must be all those tiktoks.

No. 187793

File: 1646742197081.png (88.48 KB, 600x796, Screenshot.png)

So has there ever been a test/exam storyline in the show ?

No. 187811

I guess it's common with teen drama/comedies, no one wants to see people do boring mundane shit, like in Sex and the City, they were more busy with their brunches than their jobs.

No. 187936

Which character do you nonas think would be this is just for fun so excuse my autism

>best in bed

>worst in bed
>most likely to be a cow and why
>most likely to be a farmer or secret terf
>have weird fetishes
>most deserves to be dropkicked in the face

No. 187943

Lexi is such a bitch. I don’t get why everyone likes her

No. 187949

omitting the first two because ew but
>most likely to be a cow and why
All of them have cow potential, Cassie would be a great cow
>Dependent on scrotes for validation, constantly getting sex tapes leaked because men take advantage of her and she doesn’t learn
>cheats on her bf when she finally feels like she’s in a stable relationship, constantly needing to self sabotage
>fucks her bestfriends boyfriend because he gives her one ounce of attention
Kats tumblr/porn persona would probably also be cow worthy, but this leads me onto the next point
>most likely to be a farmer or secret terf
Kat would probably lurk on LC probably found it during her tumblr days, she would make fun of girls bodies constantly because she loves to project. Would probably spam annoying shit on the off topic boards about media that she is into. Would also get offended when anyone calls her a seething fatty or something. I also think she would probably be a TERF, her quick brush with being a camwhore and seeing how scary it is makes her to start questioning liberal feminism, does some research and comes across gendercrit ideology but despite that would still believe there is such a thing as “true trans” and that Jules is that and that he is totally “not like the other trannies” and valid and would probably blog post about him saying how other AGPs make “true trans people” look bad etc etc
>have weird fetishes
Obviously Cal, but Nate most likely. Probably porn sick and considering his past and weird attraction to the tranny and performative femininity would most certainly veer into sissy porn, at first he is into sissies but he then probably develops AGP and you can guess what happens. Also probably will be one of those men(or agps) who thinks women should only serve as human incubators and nothing more. Also obviously the tranny, i don’t even think that one needs to be stated.
>most deserves to be dropkicked in the face
All of them

No. 187950

samefag >>187949 I also think Maddy has farmer potential. Probably gets into some petty twitter drama and finds this place, posts about Cassie, Nate, and everyone else she can think of in the personal cow threads. Calls herself a “Stacy” and constantly humble brags about how hot she is. Would most likely shit up the relationship advice thread and shit talk Nate to no end only to come back hours later to defend him when anons tell her to dump him or that she’s better off without him.

No. 187968

I disagree, despite Nate's many many flaws he is not really a coomer and is likely traumatized by porn, his older brother Aaron(who is a NEET) on the other hand is a massive coomer whose porn history even disgusts Cal
these include
>gang bangs
>cum funnels
>piss play

worst part was that people were actually defending him, saying "its not that bad" and "I watch the same content"

No. 187973

Cal was definitely lying to make himself look better. I wouldn’t even be surprised if it turned out he was into father/son incest porn at this point

No. 187974

lmao this, I honestly don’t even doubt that he molested the eldest son. It’s suspect that he went after such young guys and had them call him “Daddy” and shit

No. 188061

Hunter is so beautiful. He could have been this generation's 90s Leo whyyy did he troon out

No. 188063

He was gay and wanted to bang more men while the majority of men are straight or in the closet at best. Sadly, he only saw himself as a woman because he wanted to be used for fucking by other guys. Couldn't just accept he was a horny gay scrote, now he's a deformed degen.

No. 188064

That maybe, but still pissing people's assholes and 8 people gangbangs are way beyond normal

No. 188066

>pissing peoples assholes
I didn't watch euphoria yet but wtf? Did they find someone's history and like why did this coomer porn addict shit is a teenager show?

No. 188069

No, this was a minor character, Nate's older brother who is a NEET living with his parents who watches porn, this guy >>187968

No. 188070

File: 1646817727950.jpeg (242.2 KB, 1280x1280, 776E32C9-0713-403E-871A-9B3236…)

I agree. He reminds me of Bjorn Anderson. although not quite as beautiful

No. 188071

And unlike Bjorn, he won't age gracefully at all and look like a cool old man.

No. 188076

File: 1646819743836.jpg (114.81 KB, 640x862, Björn Andrésen adult.jpg)

okay but that pic of him is when he was 14 and was in a pedo-art film, he really hates it for obvious reasons
anyway picrel is him when he was only 19(4 years younger then Hunter) and looking like a developed handsome adult man, which is how wished people would start seeing him rather then from one pretentious pedophile art film from when he was only 13-14

No. 188079

Yep. He’s already starting to look disgusting. If he would just let himself be a man then he wouldn’t be.

No. 188090

I don't see it. I find him really unfortunate looking, like some random white boy plucked off the street.

No. 188097

When I said "cool old guy" I was thinking abou how he looks in Midsommar. I never watched the movie but his Japanese fangirls didn't recognize in that movie at first and it became kind of a meme to compare pics of him when he was 14 and pics of now. He's still popular kek.

No. 188136

Holymoly, he's in midsommar? I missed that

No. 188144

If I'm correct, he's the dude that claps at the retarded scrote, among other things. "Why did you do that?" lmfao

No. 188172

I hate that the creepy parts of this shit get justified because "well it's akshually Rue's narration", that doesn't make it any less gross because an adult men is writing this shit and trying to pass it off as ok because "that's totally what a teenager would think"
That and the stupid fucking part where they show jules being with grown men and they try to make the problem about him being trans "it's not bad because they're having sex with teens! It's bad because they don't respect their pronouns"

No. 188182

Its still from a pedo-art film and again he was a child in a very sexulized role

No. 188183

he was the old guy that jumped off the cliff but didn't die right away and got his head hammered to a jelly

No. 188184

I feel like it's unfair to tie him and his appearence to that pedo film forever. It's true that he was beautiful as a young man (even if sadly he was used in a pedo film in a sexualized role), it's true that he was handsome as an adult and a good-looking old man now. It's not a bad thing to say that he looked beautiful despite being in that shitty film.

No. 188188

I'm not saying you're wrong, it's not like I watched that movie either. And you don't make me want to watch it.

No. 188191

he was barely 14, that's not a young man in any regards, and it is sick he's going to forever be associated with that role and and had pedos from all the over world lusting after him, its sick really and that's why I hate people posting those pics of him, cause again he was 14
I wish there were a more adult pics of him that were open to the public that would get shared instead of the pedo pics

No. 188193

His Japanese fangirls (he doesn't mind they I've been told) circulated enough pics of him from Midsommar that I learned about him from this.

No. 188196

File: 1646848778564.jpeg (293.15 KB, 1920x1081, 1685529B-2CA6-480F-A8F8-0171AC…)

No. 188197

File: 1646848900568.jpeg (234.32 KB, 2000x1500, 0A58D792-7755-4172-82F1-56838F…)

No. 188198

File: 1646848994592.jpeg (59.57 KB, 800x760, B63BD20C-89BB-4B7E-85BD-C44D6D…)

No. 188199

Fuck you.

No. 188200

literally what is this supposed to be doing, can you please explain to me why your spamming this pics of a 14 year old boy in a pedo film and who does not want these photos shared
I really wanna hear your answer ?

No. 188204

Trying to piss off self righteous tards like you uwu(retard)

No. 188207

God stop being triggered by it. No one's praising the fucking pedo movie, we know he was 14 there but people are still alowed to say that he looked cute and then became an attractive man. Are his japanese fans supposed to just stop looking at and admiring him because he was abused by some pedophile? You sound like a retard too.

No. 188211

File: 1646851876971.png (480.07 KB, 593x597, 1646851790497-1.png)

okay but you could have just said post instead of posting those pics, the entire world knows he was a good looking boy but that doesn't change the reality that it was from a exploitative pedo film
>Are his japanese fans supposed to just stop looking at and admiring him because he was abused by some pedophile
yes they should imo, he has stated that he doesn't want those pics of him to be shared anymore and It is fucking creepy for adults to compare and contrast picture of a 14 year old, just cause Japan has an open pedophile culture doesn't mean its okay

No. 188212

it annoys me how often people confuse shocking with realistic, especially with regard to this show

No. 188213

The reverse is equally annoying, you'll see people saying that shocking, pessimistic, over the top works of fiction are by default more realistic than more positive, funny stories.

No. 188214

No one's getting triggered but it's super weird for you to spam pictures of a boy who was sexualized mostly by pedophilic men to own or trigger women. It's not funny or edgy, you just look like a pedophile because you're not claiming he's cute or whatever but instead trying to make people uncomfortable by shoving a child's abuse and sexualization into people's faces. Are you a male? If not why are you acting like this?

No. 188218

Not answering the first 2 because they are supposed to be minors

> Cow potential

Cassy and her need for moid attention;
Jules would be mod in a reddit troon forum
Kat advocating her obesity as empowering and sexy.

> Farmer potential / terf

Lex as she even call herself an "observer";
Maybe Nate

> have weird fetishes

Jules and Cassie

> most deserves to be dropkicked in the face

Rue because she is a cunt to everyone who cares for her

No. 188224

File: 1646854580574.jpg (33.31 KB, 430x519, CTxq_KhUAAAmm9d.jpg)

It's bad to even compare pictures? You're fucking crazy. His female fans are just being fans and comparing how he looked then and now. There's literally nothing wrong with that, and he hasn't shown that he resents his female fans. They're doing what people do with other celebrity photos, looking up how they looked as a child or teenager as opposed to now that they're adults. Because of some filthy pedophile you're coming at everyone who dares to say he was good-looking and posting stills of his face in a movie that's available to everyone.

Nta but it's literally just pictures of his face, anon's retarded but she's not shoving his abuse and sexualization in everyone's faces.

No. 188229

>okay but you could have just said post instead of posting those pics, the entire world knows he was a good looking boy but that doesn't change the reality that it was from a exploitative pedo film

Nta, it's just some pictures, he isn't naked, and this is not twitter. I saw you complaining on /meta/ and decided to come and see if the anon was posting underage porn or something like that to report it. But then this is absolutely nothing. This isn't fujo shit like you mentioned either so don't pin it on fujos. You're making this into a worse situation than you think it is. Btw, I don't even know who that guy is, I just find this constant complaining about NOTHING ridiculous.
I hate people like you moralfagging this website, and I bet you come from the fucking celebricows thread (worst fucking thread in /ot/) because of course this containment thread started there. I'm tired of this christian-like persecution of not being able to discuss shit on a website for adults because, oh no, things that are bad shouldn't be talked about. Pedophilia is bad. That movie as far as I know makes that statement too. Drugs and prostitution are bad too, but here you are on a thread from a show that glorifies those in a shocking, almost schlocky way. Stop being double standar. Stop being your gen x christian mom.

No. 188231

>No one's getting triggered but it's super weird for you to spam pictures of a boy who was sexualized mostly by pedophilic men to own or trigger women.
It's just pictures, calm down. It's not even porn. It's pictures you would find in any magazine.
>It's not funny or edgy, you just look like a pedophile because you're not claiming he's cute
If someone posts a cute dog, does that mean they are into fucking dogs too? What if they spam the dog? can you hear yourself being ridiculous?
>but instead trying to make people uncomfortable by shoving a child's abuse and sexualization into people's faces. Are you a male? If not why are you acting like this?
??????? You're one talking about it and making others uncomfortable. I see no child abuse here. Anon didn't post weird sexual pictures. Try to discern between reality and fiction next time.(let it go)

No. 188232

The director took 15 year old Bjorn to a gay bar and the film is some pretentious schlok about the ideal of beauty

No. 188233

Ok, and is that anon the director? She isn't, right? Then how is she in any way to blame for that shit. Get a grip, posting pictures of someone's face isn't abuse.

No. 188238

Of course the sane anon gets redtext over the fucking sperging twitterfag who believes posting a picture of a young boy actor's face is the same as literally being a pedophile posting cp.

Ok, and? Is he only "that pretty boy who got abused by the pedophile film director" to you? Because he was abused no one can look at his face?

No. 188241

>Of course the sane anon gets redtext over the fucking sperging twitterfag who believes posting a picture of a young boy actor's face is the same as literally being a pedophile posting cp.
My best bet is this anon has never seen when actual moids come here and spam very disgusting shit. I have had the sad experience of having to report those threads, and they're always so fucking disgusting. Compared to what actual moids post, a picture of someone's face is normal. And I guess I'm just used to people on lolcow having weird tastes, but I know they don't have bad intentions at all, nor are bad people
There's also the fact that a lot of teenagers and children are abused by hollywood. I'm pretty sure we still see their faces everywhere and might not even know what happened behind closed doors. It's fucking disgusting, but that's the fault of the directors, producers and etc, not some random anon who posts a dumb pic you can find on google that isn't even nsfw.

No. 188242

I was replying to her comment saying the film was portraying the paedophile as the bad guy which was untrue
Yes he is to more, I actually learn to read about his life and the pain that film caused him
I'm saying that posting pics from a pedo gazy film to "trigger" me is fucked up and scrote behaviour

No. 188243

>he has stated that he doesn't want those pics of him to be shared anymore
NTA, but where did he say that? Can you post a screenshot? I don't know his social media or anything, but I watched his doc and it was full of scenes, pics and references to the film, and I didn't see him say once that no one should share anything from it
I agree it's sad and fucked up how he was exploited, but I don't think anyone is praising that just because they post the images from that period. There's no need to virtue signal. Like, honoring this concept, we should probably also not post pictures of countless women and girls who were exploited like Judy Garland, Marilyn Monroe, Edie Sedgwick, Natalie Portman, etc, but good luck with that lol

No. 188247

File: 1646859331951.jpg (246.08 KB, 1080x1160, 275499736_165072412539160_7011…)

No. 188256

Anon posted other pictures (that are harmless, they're just face shots and they're literally the first images that show up on google) because you are sperging endlessly about this fucking pedo film. He also got popular because of the film and a documentary full of scenes from the film, so it's obvious that a lot of online pictures are going to be from there. And honestly I think it's good that we're looking at him out of that shitty movie's context, but of course you have to keep bringing attention to it, it's director and the boy's abuse.
Do you also do this shit for every single celebrity that's been abused?

No. 188260


No. 188261

Lmao based

No. 188262

In the rain or in the snow
got the got the funky flow

No. 188276

Are there any youtube videos of the cringiest/worst acting moments in euphoria without the retarded tiktok humor everyone uses to edit? Are there any videos like that that don't worship Hunter Schaefer's man penis? I won't watch the show but I am interested in laughing at it.

No. 188279

I don't know what you're talking about anon. Only people with truly big sexy cool brains can comprehend the depth behind Euphoria, I might hate him but even I know that if Hunter wasn't Jules he'd have gone to Harvard to do gender studies with woke takes like "I'm attracted to misogyny." i miss skins

No. 188307

Ok you’re just reaching now

No. 188313

Is fez a retard

No. 188315

just like every other teen show who cares? Actors are adults. This show is graphic and if it talks about sexual abuse or rape then it will show it. Thats like watching a show like GoT and complaining about the violence kek

No. 188317

Euphoria hate is basically misogyny. Every show that has a large female fanbse gets hate so im not surprised. Moids keep seething about euphoria

No. 188318

Yeah. His actor is retarded too. I think he got casted off the street

No. 188319

Euphoria literally sexualizes teen girls and pushes a tranny agende how is it misogynistic to hate it?

No. 188321

Who gives a shit hes attractive

No. 188323

You can say that about every teenage show ever. Cut the crap. Actors are adults. This show is hated by moids because its mostly like by women just like every show that is popular with women. Does GoT sexualize violence? This show has graphic scenes about sex because its an HBO show. Just like how the gg reboot has graphic scenes. Its still an amazing show thats realistic and tells stories of many teenage girls that exist irl and need help. If you get offended at grown adults showing their bodies then dont watch it

No. 188324

Its funny how many shows can show teenage characters having sex but suddenly people lose their mind at an HBO show kek

No. 188325

>Does GoT sexualize violence?
Yes, and it's also shit lol. You guys are gonna learn to stop defending horny moid content under the banner of feminism and politics. No one has ever been helped by the coomer director or producer putting his fantasies on screen. Like what you like, even if it's "problematic", but please stop beating us over the head with lies about how it's woke

No. 188326

AYRT, it’s not the fact that it’s a high school show that shows teens played by adults having sex or that it’s a show “enjoyed by teen girls” that makes it unlikeable and you’re just reaching. The show is directed by a perverted male who obviously gets off on the idea of these characters fucking, any other teen show that shows sex does not do it in such a glorified and porno style like euphoria. Also you saying moids hate this show is laughable because moids actually love this show since they get to see a titty every other second the only people who hate it are women. This show also has an arc of a teenage girl doing sex work and paints it as “empowering”, normalizes teen drug use since it’s making teens it’s “normal”. Gossip girl is another teen show I can think of that shows sex and drug use but it does it in a matter that shows it’s obviously exaggerated and fantastical while euphoria tries to be “relatable”. You’re caping so hard for a show directed by a moid purely for the purpose of stroking his wiener to it. Idc if you like the show but don’t act like it’s some feminist masterpiece.

No. 188327

Lol this has to be bait.

No. 188329

it’s not the fact that it’s teen or HBO show, most of my favorite shows are on HBO and none shy away from showing sex or murder is how the show goes about it

No. 188331

Literally this.
Even back in the day I couldn't stand shows like Buffy because oh she's a badass woman kicking ass!! Oh only that she also has to be a highly sexualized minor too. Oh big fucking surprise the director is a fucking predator that wasn't even alowed alone in a room with SMG at a certain point

No. 188332

Oh damn, that scene fucked with me.

No. 188344

Strong agree. The play had some pretty fucked up scenes to air out in front of the entire school imo.

No. 188346

Let’s rank the characters from most annoying to least
Faye- ugly as fuck with hideous lips. Holy shit such an eyesore, I want to a log her with the stupid obvious baby bimbo shit, she got randomly shoehorned in the show by the pedoscrote director who found her through a porn. She really thinks porn is liberating or some dumb shit. Can’t wait to see what she looks like when she is older, she already looks like shit. I was hoping her character would die, in every episode. She talks so slow, and I’m that one episode where she is ironing fez’s shirt, the shot of her flat ass with the shorts shoved up the crack made me wanna die
Elliot-honestly forgot about him, but I don’t care for this Manlet and his dumb song that went on for way too long.
Bobbi- wtf is that voice, those tiddies tho
Rue- no personality besides being a drug addict apathetic bitch, zendaya has little to no charisma. And she is a bad actor who plays the same “I’m in a hoodie I don’t give a fuck, I’m so aloof” girl in everything
Nate-sociopath who is not charming at all and a troon chaser asshole to everyone, even after showing his terrible family it’s hard to sympathize with him.
Jules- troon whore who tries to rope everyone else into spewing gendershit and promiscuity, cheater, annoying
Bb-background character who gets hailed as a queen on social media, annoying but irrelevant
Mckaye- not that relevant but a shitty bf
Maddie- pickme, psycho annoying loud and scary and unpleasant and hypocritical
Cal-I really hate him, and his random gay sex scenes, I hate how they tried making us sympathize with him boohoo you didn’t get to be gay as a teen aww Time to be a pedo I guess?
Lexi- stuck up and uninteresting, made her play that was supposed to be of her about how her sister and everyone around her is awful and dumb and self centered.
Kat- fat and how tf you that lumpy with no tits? She’s a know it all and not as annoying as the other characters
Cassie- dumb crybaby who will die without male attention, Honestly one of the least annoying on the show tho imo
Ethan-I feel bad because he was dumped by fatty mcewhore and I kinda found myself liking him
Size-funny and cool wino mom, has her flaws but mostly benign
Can’t really think of anyone else
Also I hate on Reddit when people excuse the characters and their actions because their”trauma” these people are rich upper middle class teens and face little to no consequences for accusing someone of rape, beating the shit out of someone, domestic violence, drug use, distribution of child porn, etc.

No. 188353

i heard that killing off ashtray was a last minute decision, and fez was originally supposed to die in the raid. also, apparently the character from the israeli series that rue is based on died from an overdose. i spent most of season two hoping that it would end with both fez and rue dying, because they are carrying the show and i feel like sam levinson is enough of a shit writer to do that.

No. 188362

i have nothing nice to say about the show itself but alexa demie is pretty and i like her

No. 188371

fez is the one who should've died don't wanna see that ugly redhead sperg anymore

would've actually been more compelling and unexpected if they killed one or two main characters off but levinson is too coked out and braindead for that, he can barely shoot a scene

have any of you read behind the scenes set drama regarding this show? they left actors outside for hours in the cold and wouldn't let them go to the bathroom, mainly because levinson reportedly never came to set prepared and would constantly reshoot

No. 188372

he has a brain injury from what was most likely a skateboarding accident, you can see the scar on his head. his voice sounds like he has or has had a TBI

No. 188373

i wish the leaks that said elliot would od and die were true

No. 188374

when he said that line "ill be in the front row shawdie" to lexi my insides almost contorted from the cringe, is it because im not american, why would he say that, i just dont know, im hurting guys this show is so bad

No. 188376

she can't act

No. 188377

yeah she is easily one of the weakest performance wise on the show. that scene with nate and her "ur scaring me" LOL

No. 188378

She only cares when it happens to males.

No. 188381

he said "shawty" (or "shorty") it's a term used towards a woman like honey or babe.

No. 188430

mandatory listening

No. 188455

I think he didn't get the snip, so all he has to do is get those bolt-ons out of his chest and get on T for a little bit to get a man voice again.

No. 188459

I feel like many actors in this show are just playing themselves. Like Maddie, Jules, Kat, in interviews their actors sound just like their characters. Or the Cassie actress who had a crying meltdown on instagram live because someone on twitter said she's not pretty.

No. 188517

i feel like many actors in tween tv shows barely put in effort into acting. Like Penn badgley acting just like his dead no-emotional self in gossip girl. Blake lively was shit too.

No. 188555

cassie's actress is gorgeous imo, she's a crybaby in the show and real life but still, very beautiful woman.

No. 188560

fun fact: aubrey plaza had a brain injury and seizure but can still be entertaining, what's the gingers excuse

No. 188561

Just another reason why she is the MVP

No. 188601

File: 1646961594970.jpg (282.07 KB, 1280x961, 20220310_191746.jpg)

this shit is disgusting, what the fug. this is the troon you guys were lowkey thirsting over?

No. 188603

Season 2 totally lost me. Why is lexi so retarded? Why would she put on a play blasting everyone's shit?

No. 188604

No one here has been thirsting over this creep. I'm glad people are passing around these psycho scribbles, I hope it peaks as many people as possible.

No. 188612

>my work bridging 2017 and 2018
>my work

I guess if someone took a dump on a piece of paper it would also be work as long as they had pronouns in their bio

No. 188616

Lmao did this moid just straight up say that he thought he was a woman because he likes vore. Why do we allow people like this to get famous

No. 188619

The answer is always because they're trannies who get everything handed to them by shills

No. 188705

Euphoria is a show full of pretty girls all glammed up while the one single attractive male is evil as fuck and all girls get abused over and over. That's literally a fantasy of the man writing the series. Girls like this show because of its aesthetics but the new pornstar character and the obvious tranny both being used as agenda to get girls to normalize sexwork and accept males into their spaces alone make this show misogynistic. Also the new blonde girl herself said she got those lipfillers and went anorexic because of the sexwork industry and the agents. Poor girl is a methhead and by giving ber platform like this and making her play into that stereotype, they're making her spiral down even more.

No. 188710

this isnt even the worst one he posted. he is basically an actual incel

No. 188712

File: 1647007384087.jpg (72.74 KB, 540x720, 1505411930916.jpg)

I haven't seen the show but whose the attractive male ?

No. 188715

File: 1647008279442.jpg (62.19 KB, 635x803, Schermata-2021-12-02-alle-16.3…)

I think they're referring to him. I think he's meh, and when he smiles he looks straight up goofy, but I don't know.

No. 188725

Do you have anything more? The one posted by other anon is pretty unhinged

No. 188727

He really looks attractive there, does he appear naked or half-naked in the show? I don’t want to watch it.

No. 188734

Huh he's actually pretty good looking, probably not everyone's taste but I'd be into him

No. 188773

>best in bed
The older woman Maddie babysits for
>worst in bed
Fez, sorry
>most likely to be a cow and why
Cassie or Kat. I don't think I need to explain. Jules could too but imo his would be a boring nitpick thread with no milk.
>most likely to be a farmer or secret terf
Lexi, 100%
>have weird fetishes
Jules and Nate, clearly.
>most deserves to be dropkicked in the face
Nate. Just pure evil.

I like Maddie even though I think she's not a great person. I do like her loyalty but it needs to be tempered by experience, she can't be loyal to every shitty person in her life. Needs to grow.

No. 188833

I get it's fiction but these girls stick out like sore thumbs on school grounds wtf

No. 188901

>I also think she would probably be a TERF, her quick brush with being a camwhore and seeing how scary it is makes her to start questioning liberal feminism
I really wanted this to be Kat's arc, I thought she was at least gonna be the LC fujo queen with her background in gay fanfic kek. And clearly she was traumatized by camming even though it was initially supposed to be "empowering" findom. Now she's been written off and barely gets a single word in episodes. Sucks because I found her more engaging than the Maddie/Cassie drama.

Well this is horrific. Troons really tell on themselves huh. Here I was holding out a little hope that since he apparently had input on the therapy episode (where he goes off hormones) he might detrans at some point.

No. 188933

Fun fact, he actually says some of the stuff in this note in his special episode where he talks to the therapist

No. 188983

He's too tall, he looks like a cryptid on screen.

No. 188986

Why do you guys like this show?

No. 188990

I didnt watch the show but the pornstar actress makes me so sad I wanted to get it off my chest. I read on celebricows she was shocked everyone disliked her lips and figured out people, aka men, around her, aka in sex work, probably egged her on so that she'd end up looking like a bimbofied child. I know she has her mind and made those choices herself bla bla but being a druggie who's been in that sector and developed eating disorders along with getting questionable plastic surgery is just so sad. I've seen so many girls praise her looks and especially her lips, this girl being used as an advertisement also breaks my heart because more girls will end up going that path.

No. 188992

I get where you're coming from but at some point parents need to take accountability and teach their kids to have some standards. It's not like it's impossible to avoid wanting bimboification just because you saw it on TV. It's ofc sad when some kids have no good guidance in life but spending your energy worrying about it seems like a waste to me.

No. 189007

I read that this woman is now getting more shit because her casting has exposed many of the younger audience to her past and i really think this was deliberate on behalf of the producer who has a sketchy past. All this talks about the virtues of this series showing the "harms" of porn while being pornagraphic itself is just hypocritical and the makers really think the vast majority of women are either gullible or stupid.
Also I checked out the 4chan threads and a lot of the guys there idolise the main scrote who abuses his GF so anyone trying to talk about the virtues of this series has drunk the cool aid.

No. 189009

This has got to be the biggest cope and awful attempt at wk i've ever seen. Most of the bases here are women, a lot teenage girls, and I take their analysis over someone who cant understand the difference between adults playing adult characters and adults playing underage characters in graphic scenes.

No. 189020

File: 1647137395324.jpg (229.53 KB, 1080x847, reffy.jpg)

For season 3 I think Rue should time travel to 2009 and hook up with Effy Stonem. Sure, Effy would probably be bad for her addiction problems but at least Rue would get to have sex with someone cute.

No. 189023

File: 1647138368113.jpg (52.69 KB, 600x633, 74839274925.jpg)

You know who was really hot? Young Cal and his best friend man crush. I would've liked to see more of their forbidden romance, alas

No. 189024

Agreed honestly, they picked some seriously hot actors

No. 189028

I thought he kinda looked like River Phoenix on the right.

No. 189070

>i miss skins
didn't skins have actual teenagers playing the characters though even during the sex scenes? it's almost similar to this shitshow but without troonery. idg the nostalgia for it

No. 189072

>>idg the nostalgia
its weird what nostalgia does to people because i remember when skins was still ongoing everyone thought of it as a trashy show that you watch secretly.

No. 189116

I don't remember the sex scenes being particularly graphic in Skins though. They had sex ofc but you didn't see body parts, like I can't remember ever seeing any of the teen girls boobs meanwhile I've seen more of Sydney Sweeney's boobs than my self esteem can handle.

But it's been a while and I only watched the first 2 gens so I might be wrong.

No. 189122

I remember that Effy was heavily sexualized, and the actress was like 14 at the time.

No. 189141

anons would you fuck old cal knowing he was once young cal y/n?

No. 189145

File: 1647216165310.jpeg (64.67 KB, 800x533, 97768A1C-E69D-4532-927B-093C15…)

What does twitter like so much about this Rachel Berry ass bitch? Don’t know if it’s because Maude Apatow is such an uncharismatic nepotism child but I can’t stand this character.

No. 189148

she’s the only true normie on the show so people project onto her and root for her
she’s my least favorite character so I truly dgi

No. 189153

This is definitely true. I don't know how bongs keep getting away with it

No. 189185

No I wouldn’t fuck old him, he’s gross and has sex with gays and grooms in seedy hotel rooms, young cats bestie in the other hand…

No. 189260

I liked her before the play, now I don't know. But I always found her endearing maybe because she looks like an old friend of mine, found her really nice in this video.

No. 189985

I like her because she's pretty much the only intelligent character with somewhat functional skills (directing, writing) as opposed to the host of pickmes hoping to become an abusive man's victim of choice and Rue just trying not to die 98% of the time. That being said, the play made me like her less. She kept saying she didn't intend to embarass anyone but certain things like the Cassie riding on the merry-go-round scene were just outright mean. And the Nate is a fag locker room thing but fuck Nate.

No. 189986

Hell nah even if he wasn't a gross pedo predator his days of being a cutie are long gone. Hit the wall hard

No. 190264

Anyone worried about the show exposing younger audiences to a porn star, should be more worried about the full frontal male nudity and casual talk about hard drugs in the show itself.

No. 190899

Don't disrespect Bjorn like that again…

No. 191146

>best in bed
Nate. Always respected how he was quick to go down on girls
>worst in bed
Lmao I’m sorry but McKay. Something about him says he’d be bad
>most likely to be a cow and why
Lexi tbh. I think Lexi thinks she’s a farmer but is so self righteous and lacks any type of introspection that would lead her to being a cow
>most likely to be a farmer or secret terf
>have weird fetishes
Cal. Ew

>most deserves to be dropkicked in the face


No. 191218

File: 1647908812188.jpg (129.39 KB, 1920x1080, Euphoria S01E05.mp4_snapshot_2…)

anyone else like the idea of nate and jules as a (gay) couple? i tend to mentally filter out the fact that jules is a troon as i watch the show and i think his dynamic with nate is pretty interesting.

really wish he'd just been an effeminate twink. that arguably could've been more of a statement (respectable gnc male) than tranny.

No. 191249

File: 1647919124606.png (Spoiler Image, 3.84 MB, 1556x2720, therealmbb.png)

Honestly feel like there is really no good way to write those two together. Jules being a troon comes off as tranny wish fulfillment already, if they were a twink it would come off like a bl doujin plot.

They maybe could work if they were to flesh out the characters more and make them an unexpected pair by like the 3rd/4th season, but they played their cards too early,and it feels like it's not really that kinda show anyway. Still uke/seme shit would have been more believable than what they had done already, either that or make Nate some some straight up degen chaser.

Anyone else feel like this season was just kinda meh? Only ambivelently kept up with the out of morbid interest in absurd degenerate plots. It seems like the drama on set kinda killed the tone of the show. Maybe it's for the best as the show would be even more damaging than it already is.

No. 191251

I have never watched the show but does Nate really go down on girls ?
what does Sam Levison have against attractive men who go down on women

No. 191252

I did but I guess the half-assed resolution to their relationship is all we're ever going to get because of personal drama between the actors. For as much as the creep director does what he wants he sure does cater to the cattiness of his actors. Personally I thought their relationship dynamic was the most interesting with both characters coping through hypersexuality despite having obvious trauma surrounding intimacy. They repeatedly stated they felt the closest to one another and that they had the deepest understanding between them, but like Kat's storyline it's just been ditched. I did like the idea of both of them jointly coming to terms with their homosexuality despite society pushing them to do otherwise, Nate realizing he doesn't have to be the hetero abuser jock and Jules realizing he didn't have to troon out, but that would've been too terfy for this show and society in general at this point.

No. 191284

>the drama on set
The what?

No. 191288

File: 1647934634780.jpg (51.63 KB, 900x900, 1635963001245.jpg)

wait Nate goes down on girl ?, what does Sam Levison against attractive men who are attentive in bed

No. 191302

Does anyone know if the scene with Cassie and McKay drinking shots with live goldfish in S1E03 was real? How was it shot behind the scenes? I haven't seen anyone talk about it or clarify, so I thought I'd ask
I just started watching this show and I don't want to continue if there's even mild animal cruelty kek

No. 191308

>>quick to go down on girls
i thought nate was gay??

No. 191313

from what we've seen in the show, he isn't necessarily depicted as 100% gay or straight, rather mostly likely Bi with a preference for femininity

No. 191437

Set drama mentioned here >>188371

>filming mostly took place at night

>levinson would overstay his welcome and come to set unprepared with no direction at all
>actors would be forced to stand out in the cold and dark conditions and weren't allowed to go to the bathroom
>numerous reports made to sag during this time
>hbo tried to deny all this
>multiple actresses complained about levinson making them do too many nude scenes
>pr and levinson made them turn around and spin this positively by saying "he let us cut nude scenes"
>as if filming too many nude scenes wasnt the problem in the first place?

in addition to that he cut the screentime for barbie ferreiras character and other characters, and is prone to favoritism. levinson showing up to set with no plan which is what kicked off the long extra hours of shooting.

No. 191448

its says the article was deleted.

No. 191473

he goes down on cassie multiple time yeah

No. 191477

most of my euphoria knowledge comes from imageboards and twitter but i have some predictions for season 3

>pregnancy storyline (possibly cassie and there's a nude pregnant scene)

>another porn star, onlyfans girl or troon (ftm) joins the show
>a terf villain is introduced
>cal does something unforgiveable

No. 191499

>>191477 we're the same nonnie but i don't think so, Jules character is pretty much Hunter playing himself/his actual life and he got almost total creative control about the story. I think is more plausible a grooming arc with a creepy chaser and/or an older "unpassing" tranny because lets be honest, Hunter is not only shilled as hell with total protection from the media, but since when Hollywood actors give a shit about what women say? Terfs are a nonissue for him. (look at the schizo ramblings on Instagram, you think that anyone that fears women would post that? He's tranny royality, untouchable and knows it. Rather don't give evul terfs any "entity" if they already don't have)

No. 191728

>a terf villain is introduced
Kek I actually hope this happens because as vocal as the tranny lovers are there is always a quiet subgroup that gets peaked when exposed to a logical, dissenting voice. Would be hilarious if the show unintentionally showed more viewers the light.

No. 191756

File: 1648096898711.jpg (168.95 KB, 1920x1040, Euphoria S02E06.mp4_snapshot_0…)

Okay so, I just finished the show – overall I think it's a solid 8/10. I went into it wanting something dumb and dramatic to enjoy as I pigged out on various snacks over spring break, and I got that. A few things though:


The troon. He was cute, I'll admit, but his character felt a little too blameless in a show full of terrible people. He and Fez, really, but even Fez is the guy who started selling Rue drugs in the first place.


I honestly didn't think it was trying to glamorize anything. Yes the show is very pretty and sparkly but it's obvious the things these characters are doing are pathetic. Take Kat e-whoring herself; I think if it were meant to be a "YASS QWEEN" thing the men she e-whored for wouldn't have been fat, ugly old men, and it wouldn't have almost ruined her IRL relationships. Or the fact that all of the women in show hate the pornified sex they have…it isn't displayed as a cutesy thing, it's like they're smearing glitter over a really obvious piece of shit (just like people do IRL) and you're meant to smell it.

>"Woke" shit.

Didn't notice any of this, either, outside of that one episode where Jules returns to the city with his qweer friends and kicks it for a bit. Still, they weren't portrayed as saints and it didn't feel too forced – just felt like your average conversation between terminally online Twittertards.

There's one conversation with Elliot about how Jules is navigating a ~straight, binary world~ but even then he's told to shut the fuck up, basically.


This is crazy long but I was poking through past threads related to the show and it's surprising to me that it's making people wish they were back in high-school/miss high-school? Maybe it's because I've been out of high-school for a few years (I'm 23 this year and almost out of university) but it made me fully appreciate NOT being a teenager anymore. Their struggles were retarded. Fun to watch. But retarded.

No. 191758

okay my question does anyone ever go to class, seen studying or worry about future exams in the show

No. 191759

No. 191760

Well actually – they ARE shown in class a lot but it's never about the class, it's about them sadly looking at someone who's across the room or showing that they're so traumatized by their lives that they're zoning out in the midst of a lesson.

No. 191763

okay then what's the point of having it set in high school then ?

No. 191766

It's easier to write stories around dumb, reckless teenagers and high-school is a period of life almost everyone can relate to. Not everyone goes off to university/college though.

This question makes me think you're one of the types that REEEEEE's at the characters being high-school aged despite being well above that in reality though.

No. 191770

If the show was really about the issues teenagers deal with, then test anxiety and academic pressure would be a major plot points cause those are what every teenager deals with

No. 191772

Who cares. It's a bit of dumb fun, don't think about it too much.

No. 191790

>Just consume media blindly and don't question about the morals and implication

No. 191802

The only attractive male on Euphoria is the black guy that was gangraped by those frat boys. Nate is ugly as fuck and looks zoinked out as fuck when he's smiling with those sharp boxy gapped front teeth.

No. 191847

no wonder you gave it an 8/10 lol

No. 191898

File: 1648147894627.jpg (190.91 KB, 1920x1040, Euphoria S02E02.mp4_snapshot_0…)

It's something you enjoy in your spare time for entertainment reasons. If I wanted to "question morals and implications" I would pick up something with actual artistic merit. Otherwise, I think critically about things that matter IRL, like my school-work or my job or my friends. I'm not going to expend (too much) mental energy on wringing my hands over an HBO show that I probably won't remember three years down the line.

And I don't care about watching media that deals with the ~actual struggles~ teenagers face, because it would be boring >>191770. I don't even remember saying the show was about that in my original post). It's an extremely dramatized series, and past the brief thoughts I listed here >>191756 I don't care to pearl clutch over it or moralfag or anything. Yes, it's an extremely graphic show set in high-school; no, none of the characters register as high-schoolers when you watch it. The setting was picked for emotional appeal (most people date in high-school) and ease of story-telling. Could this be an issue for actual high-schoolers that watch the show? Yeah. Is it the show's fault? No. It would be their parents. When I was young and watching Skins and Pretty Little Liars did I go into my high-school acting retarded because of those series? Absolutely not, because my mother raised me properly.

>the black guy that was gangraped by those frat boys
He wasn't gang-raped. They grinded on him and recorded it so they could have an embarrassing black-mail video for their little frat; none of the guys ever took off their pants.

No. 191900

Just ignore them, there are like 2 anons that have massive hateboners for this show yet have never actually seen it and obsess over the thread so they can feel play the morally superior keyboard warrior.

>his character felt a little too blameless
I thought Jules became more obnoxious as the show went on despite them trying to portray him as a sweet angel. Especially when he cheats on Rue without a single thought about her feelings because, "Well we weren't like, together together, right??" So thoughtless and self centered. I know Rue was no catch herself and caught up in puppy love so it was a needed reality check, but even so, harsh way to go about it. I was so glad that she broke up with him in the end.
>it's making people wish they were back in high-school
I'm with you, my high school experience was nowhere near this dramatic and debauched but even then I don't miss it in the least. The petty emotional arguments, lack of self determination and disconnect from "the real world" were all things I couldn't wait to move away from.

No. 191914

>she thinks there's only 2
kek look at the posts about it anywhere else on the site, you're in the minority

No. 191995

it works, you just have to highlight the entire url and copy it remotely, "toxic" is redtexted by lolcow

No. 191999

>And I don't care about watching media that deals with the ~actual struggles~ teenagers face, because it would be boring
do you hear yourself, you really simping for a show created by a insecure incel pedophile

No. 192002

You're coming at her statements with a really weird angle. Not speaking for her so forgive any misinterpretations but she's only discussing the content of the show rather than it's greater role in western culture or an assessment of where generational values lie. Yes the showrunner is creepy, yes it's the product of a lot of concerning trends despite letting the viewer come away skeptical. I'm sure she just wanted to make a post with different content than that grab bag of topics.

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